Bicchii wish to upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04 any instructions will be welcomed.00:08
Bicchii noticed that there is no alternate CD ?00:08
Bicchimust i burn the cd to upgrade to 9.10 or can i just mount the iso00:08
tgm4883Bicchi, I think* update-manager -d, but I could be wrong00:14
tgm4883i usually do clean installs00:14
Bicchitgm4883: but i already got the iso downloaded. do not want to download packages again.00:15
* tgm4883 shrugs00:15
hadsThere's no packages on the desktop CDs, you can't use them to upgrade.00:23
hadsWell, AFAIK you can't use them to upgrade.00:23
Bicchiso the only way for me would be to update-manager -dc00:23
hadsSo you either need to download the packages or reinstall00:24
ppwwwhat happens when you boot the cd? can't remember if there's an upgrade option there or not.00:26
ppwwwould recommend reinstalling anyway, or your system won't be upgraded to ext4 and grub2, if i understand the release notes correctly.00:27
Bicchii do not care much for ext4 since the main data is not using that FS00:29
Bicchiobviusly by main data i meant movies.00:30
ppwwyep, the *important* data. hehe00:30
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hadsYeah, ext4 is the only reason you would reinstall, unless you just like reinstalling.00:57
hadsYOu can install grub2 manually after upgrade BTW00:58
bobbiescan someone tell me where the livetv files are stored in mythbuntu?03:00
apaunaAnyone hear of linkedin?03:12
apaunaI was thinking of setting up a mythbuntu group in it.03:13
ourtvyou can't delete from the watch recordings menu anymore?  actually, i can't delete from the manage recordings screen either.  also, how do you delete a recording which has an empty file in .22?03:13
superm1ourtv, check with the guys in #mythtv-users03:19
superm1if no one in here is responding03:19
superm1i'm not sure either03:19
apaunasuperm1 - Would there be any objection to use the mythbuntu logo off the mythbuntu.org site for the logo for linkedin group?03:41
superm1na fine by me03:41
gbuttersourtv: Press the info button on the remote and it will bring a menu with delete as the last option you will have to scroll down to see it.04:17
gbutterssuperm1: ^^04:18
superm1gbutters, but that doesn't work if its a zero length file04:20
gbutterssuperm1: it works for me04:20
superm1hm i've only had a single zero length file since upgrading, and i had a hard time deleting it04:20
gbutterssuperm1: now that I think about it the file did not exist because of permissions problem so I aam probably wrong04:22
* ToeBee is playing audiosurf in wine on his TV04:51
ToeBeeit is pretty sweet04:51
EssobiToeBee: Really?  In wine?  Nice.04:58
ToeBeeon a 42" LCD :)04:59
mattwj2002hi everyone05:40
mattwj2002someone needs to update that topic05:41
mattwj2002the release candidate is out05:41
=== superm1 changed the topic of #ubuntu-mythtv to: Mythbuntu 9.04 released :: Please visit www.mythbuntu.org for more information :: Mythbuntu 9.10 RC Released http://www.mythbuntu.org/9.10/rc :: Paste logs @ http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com Please stick around for people to answer your question
ToeBeeit's true!05:58
superm1thanks mattwj200205:58
mattwj2002your welcome superm105:59
mattwj2002I am going to try it on my laptop now06:00
mattwj2002once it is done burning06:00
superm1if you've got a spare USB stick, usb installs are far faster06:01
superm1just need about 600 megs free on a usb stick06:01
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ToeBeeoh sweet. I think my whole mythbox just locked up hard06:03
mattwj2005you running the rc?06:03
ToeBeeinstalled from the daily build a week or so ago06:04
ToeBeejust did all the updates yesterday06:04
ToeBeeas I was sayaing... installed from a daily build last week. Did all the updates yesterday06:05
ToeBeehmm I got a couple seconds of looping audio then everything just froze. Seems kind of like a kernel panic but my keyboard LEDs aren't blinking06:06
mattwj2002is your computer over heating?06:06
ToeBeealthough I should install lm_sensors and get it monitored in my zabbix server just for good measure06:08
mattwj2002just out of curiousity....06:09
mattwj2002did you update video card drivers recently?06:09
ToeBeehmm I didn't really look at the updates I did yesterday. There may have been an nvidia one in there06:10
mattwj2002I don't know what anyone else thinks....but if any updates would crash a system I would think video card drivers would do it06:10
ToeBeeespecially closed source ones at that06:11
ToeBeeheh sensors reports "temp3" at 81C. That's definitely not right06:14
ToeBeeoh yeah I remember back when I was running windows on this hardware the windows utils reported that temp too06:14
mattwj2002oh so over heating06:15
ToeBeenah just a whacked out sensor06:15
rhpot1991tmkt: ping, you awake?06:18
ourtvgbutters, nope, info doesn't have delete.  last item is Help(Status Icons)06:30
ourtvToeBee, did you try putting boxee on the 9.10 mythtv menu?06:31
ToeBeeno I didn't. I got distracted playing Audiosurf :/06:32
mattwj2002I like Boxee :)06:32
mattwj2002especially hulu :D06:33
ToeBeesee the recent news about hulu going for-pay?06:34
mattwj2002so in addition or instead of?06:35
mattwj2002you have a link?06:35
ToeBeeseen other rumblings about it before too06:36
ourtvthere's plenty enough free content for me.  i can live without hulu.06:37
ourtvthe blind swordsman isn't on hulu anyway06:38
mattwj2002yeah if hulu is paid for what will be the point06:39
ToeBeewell depending on the price and what you get for it I might consider it instead of cable TV06:40
ToeBeebut that would require probably 720p content without ads06:41
mattwj2002that won't work because of bandwidth caps06:41
mattwj20025 years ago it would have but not today06:41
ToeBeedepends on your plan and ISP06:41
ourtvi don't care the price.  if it can't be add supported, i don't want it.06:42
ourtvthat goes for tv too.06:42
mattwj2002if they had a ton more content06:42
mattwj2002no ads06:42
mattwj2002and a flat rebate and unlimited for cheap06:43
mattwj2002I might do it06:43
ourtv$1 per month would turn me off.06:43
mattwj2002but I don't see it06:43
mattwj2002$1 for no ads?06:43
ToeBeeourtv: hmm well you could install mythgame and create a "game" entry for hulu desktop :)06:53
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to74Hi folks! Trying to download 9.10-rc via bittorrent. Availability is at 16%. Somebody able to share? Thanks!18:08
tmktanyway to change the big clock in lcdroc to 12 hr format?19:34
tmkttried the TimeFormat parameter from other clocks without luck19:35
mrandSorry, I don't have an LCD, although I'd like to.  Looking at the strftime formats,  you tried %r, %I (upper case i), and/or  %l (lower case L) for TimeFormat?19:55
tmktyeah..they don't sem to affect BigClock21:33
tmktno matter, just disabled it21:33
rojhi i'm struggling to do a fresh install of 9.10 mythbuntu with a nvidia card from the livecd, my monitor goes out of range after the splash logo. I have tried safe graphics mode but this doesn't seem to work as in previous versions. Any ideas?23:14
mrandroj: are you using either the RC or daily disk?  Hopefully not the (month old) beta disk!23:16
rojno it was the rc from last night23:16
roji can alt ctl f1 and get to a terminal prompt23:16
mrandThat's a good sign.23:17
roji thought i might be able to edit xorg.conf but that has gone now in 9.1023:17
roji could always install 9.04 and upgrade but i'd be missing out on ext4 support23:17
rojand grub223:17
rojsafe graphics mode in 9.04 always worked before and then i could install the restricted drivers for my nvidia geforce 7600gs23:20
mrandDid you try booting with the "Start without making changes to my computer"?23:20
rojyes tried that and install23:20
rojits when the x session starts to load23:20
rojmy monitor goes out of range23:20
rojmy pc wants to run at 1280 x 768 at 60 hz23:22
mrandGoogle seems like it is turning up a number of reports related to this...  Xorg -configure ?23:22
rojsorry that should be my monitor :)23:22
rojyes but there is no Xorg now in 9.10 or am i missing something?23:23
roji'll have another google23:26
rojthanks for your help23:26

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