akgranerhow do you sign wiki pages using @sig@.. does anyone here know?15:06
cody-somervillejust put in the token and then save the page15:12
akgranerwhat do you mean by token..:-/15:14
akgranerI don't know all the jargon associated with wiki's..15:14
akgranerthere is away use that with having to type [[name | wiki name]] to get the link.. but I am just not remembering how to do that..:-D15:16
akgranerthat's all no worries.15:16
cody-somerville@@SIG@@ I think15:17
cody-somervillesee the wiki help pages15:17
inetproakgraner: perhaps you mean ~~~~ ? See: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Making_a_signature15:25
akgranerthanks.. that's what I needed..:-)  you all rock!!  Thank you!!!  :-D15:27
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