ubottulstarnes called the ops in #ubuntu (NAVWOLF)00:02
ubottuXtreme_Great called the ops in #ubuntu (NAVWOLF)00:03
MenZasomeone, #ubuntu?00:03
MenZa!staff | (see above; NAVWOLF in #ubuntu)00:04
ubottu(see above; NAVWOLF in #ubuntu): Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)00:04
MenZagenii: May as well ban - staffers, pardon me :)00:04
MenZaAh, you did.00:05
geniiNo choice00:05
lJlwhois may provide information on which place the trolling was coming from.00:07
gordthats a little heavy handed MenZa...00:16
MenZagord: If he's unwilling to talk now, I'd like to discuss it with him in here.00:17
MenZagord: ANYONE who changes their nicks to indicate away reasons are asked not to do so.00:17
gordi agree, i just don't think its worth a ban00:17
* genii +b's all the away-spammers!00:17
MenZanor do I, but the alternative would be to ignore it00:17
MenZaso I've just forwarded him here so I can ask him again tomorrow.00:17
gordthe alternative is to ask him to come into here tomorrow, then if he's still not co-operating setup the ban forward00:18
MenZagenii, what do you think?00:18
MenZa(I'm not completely closed off to suggestions - thanks gord :))00:18
MenZamaybe I have a slightly short fuse right now because of the previous incidents in the channel, so any input is welcome :)00:19
MenZa(if people think so, I'll take a break for a while)00:19
MenZa(..anyone? :D)00:21
geniiMenZa: I'd usually warn about away msgs twice, then kick but not ban unless they came back in immedialtely after that and did another /away message, etc00:22
genii(but that's just me)00:23
MenZaIt was mostly because he's currently away now and I don't see why he ought to be in the channel if he refuses to obey the guidelines set out.00:24
geniiIf currently /away then how do you expect them to respond ?00:25
MenZaWhen he re-joins he will :)00:25
MenZaBut I think I'll lift the ban for now and catch him tomorrow00:25
MenZaThanks for your comments. :)00:26
* MenZa steps away from -ot for a bit.00:26
* genii makes more coffee00:26
gordit should be noted that i have no love for that guy and he's gonna end up getting himself banned one day if he carries on with his attitude...00:27
MenZaoh I concur, but personal opinion is generally to be avoided when judging bans ;)00:28
* MenZa goes back to Question Time00:28
* genii works on the $50,000 pyramid question00:32
gordthe answer is raspberry jam00:36
* genii ponders raspberry jam01:46
FlannelHi MakeUpYourMind, how can we help you today?03:42
MakeUpYourMindI was looking at commands and did / p i n g  #ubuntu and it came up with the enormous list, then I was banned. Could anyone help me with this?03:43
FlannelYou did ping #ubuntu, yes.  It's frowned upon to do anything like that to a channel03:44
FlannelBecause in this case, it pinged 1350 people and they all replied, which was your enormous list03:44
MakeUpYourMindok. i was just trying to get the server's response time actually.03:45
MakeUpYourMindFlannel: are you there still?03:47
FlannelMakeUpYourMind: I'm not sure how you can ask the server for a reply, but you can always ask ubottu for one.03:48
Flannel /msg ubottu ping03:49
Flannelthat'll start a query with ubottu, and the bot will reply, giving you a total turnaround time, etc.03:49
MakeUpYourMindok, sure thing.03:49
MakeUpYourMindhow do I get back into ubuntu?03:50
FlannelMakeUpYourMind: I'm going to go ahead and unban you, if you're unsure about how something works, a good way to find out would be to ask in #ubuntu-offtopic03:50
nickrudMakeUpYourMind, if you were wondering why it autobans, it's because it's a common troll technique for harassing a channel03:53
MakeUpYourMindhow does that harass a channel. I thought the users dont even see pings done to themselves.03:55
nickrud* Received a CTCP PING 1664779183 from MakeUpYourMind (to #ubuntu)03:56
nickrud* FloodBot3 sets ban on *!*@c-71-235-36-236.hsd1.ct.comcast.net03:56
=== MakeUpYourMind is now known as oed
nickrudanyway, Flannel's kindly unbanned you; and see the topic03:57
oedcan you please remove the ban so I can have my old nick back?03:57
oed<nickrud> * FloodBot3 sets ban on *!*@c-71-235-36-236.hsd1.ct.comcast.net03:57
nickrudyou are unbanned,  Flannel removes ban on *!*@c-71-235-36-236.hsd1.ct.comcast.net03:57
FlannelWas he changing to oed to avoid a perceived ban on MakeUpYourMind?03:58
FlannelOr did I misinterpret that statement03:59
nickrudI think his intent was in that direction.04:02
nickrudbut it's not open and shut04:02
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, twb said: !learn sag is https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/index.html04:12
bazhanghe doesnt have utf806:34
davidstraussHi, can I get ubottu to join #pressflow? We're a Launchpad-based project, and the automatic bug linking would be helpful.09:03
jussi01davidstrauss: usually these questions are asked in #ubuntu-irc. however, ubottu is really for ubuntu projects, and has a very heavy load already. If you have a server available, the source code of the bot is on LP and clones can be easily created.09:07
jussi01!botclone | davidstrauss09:07
ubottudavidstrauss: Ubottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://ubottu.com/clone.html09:07
davidstraussjussi01: You may want to update http://ubottu.com/, in that case. "This is the home of the Ubottu bot which you can find in various Ubuntu channels on the Freenode network. If you want him to join your channel ask in #ubuntu-ops"09:09
davidstraussjussi01: Thanks, though09:09
jussi01davidstrauss: hrm, maybe we need to update it to your ubuntu channel09:10
jussi01davidstrauss: thanks for the notification.09:10
jussi01davidstrauss: anything else we can help you with at this time?09:11
davidstraussjussi01: Nope, thanks. I just like ubottu in #bzr and wanted something similar in #pressflow. I'll try to set up the bot on my own server, though.09:11
jussi01davidstrauss: if you need a hand with setting up, just pop into #ubuntu-bots09:12
davidstraussI assume it's just Python.09:12
davidstraussjussi01: Does it work on Python 2.409:12
jussi01davidstrauss: Im pretty sure it does09:12
jussi01davidstrauss: but for further questions, please head on over to #ubuntu-bots (and see our topic here :) )09:13
jussi01!idle | davidstrauss09:25
ubottudavidstrauss: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.09:25
tsimpsonjussi01: done09:32
jussi01tsimpson: excellent. thanks09:33
ikoniaelky: you have a baccta fail - trolling windows13:11
topyligrrr so now alabd think i'm willing to give personal consultation in pm after i got tired of him on the channel13:15
MenZatopyli: I've asked him numerous times to seek proper legal counsel if he's looking to publish a book with free content in it.13:18
MenZaThere's nothing wrong with *asking* but repeated questions get very very annoying.13:19
topylii have done the same, many times13:19
topyliwell i have also explained how the free licenses work, many times. getting through to him seems a bit difficult13:19
MenZaand most of his queries seem to revolve around the question of re-licencing a work to allow him to re-publish it, lol13:23
voxwhy is xtream_great teaching his bot in #ubuntu?13:41
ikoniaI didn't see him13:42
ikonialets look13:42
voxhis bot is marcus_mpd13:42
ikoniaXtreme_Great: hey there13:43
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Hi13:43
ikoniathanks for joining13:43
ikonialooking in #ubuntu it looks like your playing with/teaching a bot in #ubuntu, is this the case ?13:43
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Actually, yep... Trying to...13:43
Xtreme_Greatikonia: It's megahal.13:43
Xtreme_GreatVery intelligent...13:43
ikoniaXtreme_Great: are you aware of the policy of no unauthorized bots in #ubuntu ?13:44
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Is that a problem?13:44
naliothXtreme_Great: have you read our channel guidelines and policies?13:44
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Sorry, didn't know that... I'll take him off the channel...13:44
ikoniaXtreme_Great: that's great, thank you13:44
ikoniaXtreme_Great: as nalioth pointed out it may be wise to have a quick look over the channels policy/guidelines13:45
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Thanks for lettin' me know... :)13:45
ikonia!guiddlines | Xtreme_Great13:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about guiddlines13:45
ikonia!guidelines | Xtreme_Great13:45
ubottuXtreme_Great: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines13:45
ikoniaXtreme_Great: have a glance over the guidlines when you get chance, thank you for joioning here and then removing the bot, I think we are all good now13:46
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Could you please tell me of a channel where bots are allowed? I really need to train the it...13:46
naliothXtreme_Great: you might read http://freenode.net to find an answer to that13:46
ikoniaXtreme_Great: you could make your own channel to train it, or as nalioth points out freenode has some helpful links13:47
Xtreme_Greatikonia: All right.. Thanks... :)13:47
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Actually I do have one. But no one joins it... It's about a hacker magazine that is about to be published...13:47
naliothXtreme_Great: just make sure you have permission from the ops of wherever you're runningit13:47
naliothfreenode doesn't really like unauthorized bots13:47
Xtreme_Greatnalioth: okay...13:47
ikoniathanks Xtreme_Great13:48
Xtreme_Greatikonia: :)13:48
MenZaXtreme_Great: Can we help you with anything else? :)14:11
naliothXtreme_Great: have you seen our channel /topic ?14:11
Xtreme_GreatMenZa: Oh no it's fine... :)14:12
Xtreme_Greatnalioth: Yeah, what about it?14:12
MenZaXtreme_Great: I think nalioth is referring to "Please exit the channel once your issue is dealt with." :)14:13
Xtreme_GreatMenZa: Oh... You mean this channel... :)14:13
MenZabazhang: for the record, he spouted the same nonsense in #freenode14:26
MenZaI'm lying14:27
MenZasomewhere he did14:27
bazhangwonder if that is Russian minus utf814:27
Picinalioth: fyi, that bot guy from above seems to have dropped his bot in #freenode.15:12
bazhang##linux as well as a few others15:12
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (ae86-drifter did that yesterday too)15:24
bazhanghave him in PM15:25
bazhangae86-drifter, hi15:29
ae86-drifterhello bazhang15:29
ae86-drifterhow are you?15:29
bazhangae86-drifter, that is second time in two days you recommended that command in #ubuntu ?15:30
ae86-drifterits a good command15:30
ae86-drifterthat way they can start fresh install15:31
ae86-drifteri thought its good for him15:31
bazhangactually its not. and some unsuspecting newer users might run it.15:31
* MenZa chucks a rock at ae86-drifter's car, just so he can spend lots of moneys getting a new one.15:31
bazhangae86-drifter, have you read the code of conduct and irc guidelines links I PM'ed you?15:32
* genii helps MenZa15:32
* Tm_T throws genii at ae86-drifter15:32
ae86-drifteryeah i read it15:33
MenZaae86-drifter: It doesn't sound like you've read it.15:33
ae86-drifteri have now15:33
bazhangae86-drifter, that was rather quick15:33
* MenZa is unconvinced.15:33
ae86-drifteryou pmed it to me 10 mins ago15:33
bazhangdescribing that as a 'good command' tells me you have not15:33
ae86-drifterits olny a page long15:33
bazhanglet me rephrase then15:34
bazhangin light of your having read said documents, you still think that its a 'good command'?15:34
ae86-drifteronly for the appropriate occasion15:35
bazhangae86-drifter, was there anything else you wished to discuss here today?15:36
ikoniahang on15:36
ikoniasudo rm -rf / is never appropriate15:36
bazhangof course its not.15:36
ae86-drifterwhy not?15:37
bazhangso there is nothing else to discuss wrt removing his ban15:37
ae86-drifteram i allowed to go back in #ubuntu15:37
MenZaae86-drifter: it does nothing useful but remove all your precious files.15:37
MenZaae86-drifter: which is never useful.15:37
ikoniaae86-drifter: 1.) it won't actually delete the core system thanks to coreutils protection 2.) there is no need to do sudo rm -rf / to re-install a system, that is what the installer15:37
bazhangae86-drifter, no.15:37
ikonia"installer is for"15:38
ae86-drifterwhat if it is from a livecd?15:38
bazhangthis is moot.15:38
tsimpsonthat's really not the point now, is it15:38
bazhangyou are very cavalier about all this.15:39
ae86-drifterwould coreutils work if you run the command from a live cd?15:39
MenZaae86-drifter: try it for yourself.15:39
tsimpsonhow you go about trying to destroy someone's data does not make destroying someone's data OK15:39
ae86-drifteri dont think it would15:39
bazhangae86-drifter, your ban will not be removed15:39
ae86-drifteri was trying to help15:40
ae86-drifterim just learning15:40
MenZano, no you weren't.15:40
bazhangthat was the diametric opposite of help15:40
ae86-driftersomeone told me it was good15:40
ae86-drifterso thats what i learn15:40
MenZaae86-drifter: unless you know exactly what you're doing, don't.15:41
MenZain this case, you're either trolling horribly, or you most certainly have no idea what you're doing.15:41
tsimpsonand definitely don't recommend others do something you don't understand15:41
bazhangI would guess the former15:41
MenZamy vote is on option #1, but that's not the case here.15:41
MenZas/the case/relevant/15:41
ae86-drifteri didnt know it wipes your drive15:42
MenZathen how do you suddenly know now?15:42
ae86-drifteri thought it is like deleteing the temp files in windows xp15:42
ae86-drifterso should resolve some issues15:43
tsimpsonthis is getting off the point15:43
MenZaI don't really feel there's much point in discussing this.15:43
bazhangI concur15:43
MenZaYou gave seriously bad advice (if you can even call it that), and my judgment tells me you were very much aware of that.15:43
ae86-drifteri will sneak back with a different IP if u ban me and a different name so pls dont bother banning me15:44
ae86-drifteri wont do it again15:44
bazhangae86-drifter, ban dodging is not a good plan15:44
ae86-drifternow i know what it means15:44
ae86-drifteri havent ban dodged15:45
MenZaae86-drifter: ban dodging will only get you into further problems.15:45
bazhangyou just suggested you would.15:45
ae86-drifteri meant i could, not i will15:45
tsimpson"<ae86-drifter> i will sneak back with a different IP if u ban me and a different name so pls dont bother"15:46
tsimpsonthat's not a "I could"15:46
tsimpsonthat's a "I will"15:46
ae86-drifteri have provide this channel with good help cheif15:46
bazhangthat is debatable, at best15:47
MenZaae86-drifter: I didn't see you providing much useful help in #ubuntu.15:48
MenZaae86-drifter: Not that it really matters - we don't use a karma system that'll allow you to do a number of good things, in return for being allowed to break the rules and act like, frankly, a total asshat (pardon my French).15:48
ae86-drifteri help 100's of ppl15:48
ikoniaif you are in a position to help 100's of people you would know what rm -rf did15:49
ikoniaI suggest ending this hear rather than drag it on15:49
MenZaikonia: +115:49
ae86-drifteri help mostly with gui stuff15:49
ae86-drifternot terminals15:49
ae86-drifterits my thing15:49
ikoniahere even15:49
MenZaae86-drifter: According to my logs, you haven't. Like I said, the point is moot. Your ban will not be lifted.15:49
MenZaIf you insist on going higher, see the link from ubottu.15:50
MenZa!appeals > ae86-drifter15:50
ubottuae86-drifter, please see my private message15:50
MenZaThank you for your time.15:50
MenZaIf that's all, please part the channel.15:50
ae86-drifterso will i come back in 30 days15:50
MenZaNo. Follow the link ubottu sent to you.15:50
ae86-drifterits kool i h@x0rez like 5 wireless networks here so see u soon in a different costume15:51
ae86-driftertry and catch me15:51
MenZaWe will.15:51
bazhangnot a good plan15:51
MenZaae86-drifter: Please part the channel.15:51
ikoniaguys - if he choses to ban evade - that's his decision and freenode can deal with it - lets leave that here15:51
MenZaFor the record, I did speak to bazhang about me suddenly stepping in there, despite it being his ban. :)15:52
ikoniameaning "crack"15:52
bazhangto announce it here is strange to say the least15:52
MenZaOr just plain stupid.15:53
MenZaThat's my vote.15:53
bazhangI was being diplomatic :)15:53
MenZaAlmost too diplomatic, imo.15:53
bazhangit's Amaranth's (ban forward) btw15:53
MenZaHe had his chance to speak his mind, uttered rubbish nonsense. Ideally he should have been given a link to !appeals and /removed.15:53
MenZaOh :p15:54
MenZaBut eh.15:54
tsimpsonif there's no one here to /remove, that's difficult15:54
tsimpson*to do the /remove15:54
bazhangthought you had access tsimpson15:55
MenZaindeed, tsimpson15:55
tsimpsonnope, just +ViA15:55
MenZatsimpson: I'm sure !staff would have been happy to help, though :p15:55
MenZaMaybe elky's still around.15:55
ikoniabit heavey to call staff15:56
tsimpson(personally I would like to see all ops have +o here)15:56
ikoniajust use the !ops call in here15:56
MenZaI suppose.15:56
tsimpsonbut that's probably an issue for the next meeting15:56
MenZatsimpson: well, ideally we'd at least have access to *get* opped ;)15:56
MenZaI suggest you add it to the agenda.15:56
tsimpsonI meant the flag +o, so ChanServ can op us15:56
* tsimpson waits to get +o so he can take over the WORLD!!!15:57
AmaranthProper ban put in place instead of a forward15:57
* MenZa rocks tsimpson's world!15:58
bazhangthanks Amaranth15:58
MenZaman, launchpad people are slow15:58
* MenZa has had an open ticket for having his PPA removed for *ages*15:58
Amaranthcan't you just delete the packages?15:58
MenZaAmaranth: you can't remove a ppa yourself15:59
MenZayou can empty it15:59
MenZabut that won't let me change my name on launchpad15:59
MenZaI'm ~menza now, wanting to change to ~lhavelund15:59
Amaranthhehe, I was thinking about doing that but I really don't want twatkins15:59
PiciMenZa: bug them in #launchpad16:00
AmaranthI made sure my gnome account was travisw instead16:00
PiciAmaranth: I'm truely sorry16:00
MenZaPici: I did at one point :P16:00
MenZatrying again. :p16:01
tsimpsonwhen is the next meeting?16:02
tsimpsonwell, it's not on the fridge16:59
ubottuIn ubottu, LjL said: !karmic =~ s/BETA/not yet released/17:10
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:12
tsimpson!karmic ~= s/BETA/still NOT stable/17:13
ubottuI'll remember that tsimpson17:13
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:13
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
geniiInteresting n= for them.19:41
=== Gary is now known as evilGary
gnomefreakthings people do for attention ^^^^19:46
guntbertthere still seems to be no factoid (neither si nor sl) referring to #ubuntu-si (for slovenian language)19:50
geniiPerhaps no slovenians have volunteered to help with phrasing the factoid, assuming #ubuntu-si exists19:57
guntbertgenii: it exists, I submitted a (google translated) proposal some time ago (being austrian myself)19:58
Flannelguntbert: Can you ping some people in -si to get a real one?19:59
guntbertFlannel: good idea - I'll try that20:00
guntbertbye for now20:01
ikoniahello CrazyLemon20:49
CrazyLemonhi ikonia20:49
ikoniahow can we help today ?20:49
CrazyLemonikonia well i came here to submit a factoid for international pointing channel (or something like that :D)20:50
ikoniawell, sounds interesting, please explain20:50
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)20:50
CrazyLemonikonia well guntbert explained to me that ubuntu-si hasnt got international pointing channel set on ubottu20:52
ikoniaahh yes20:52
CrazyLemonso..am i on the right channel or am i waaay out? :)20:52
ikoniayou're correct here20:53
ikoniaif you want to give us the info for your factoid20:54
CrazyLemonok.. here it is20:54
CrazyLemonKanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si20:54
CrazyLemoni hope utf8 is supported otherwise you'll see a lot of messy letters :D20:54
ikoniareads fine to me20:55
ikoniaalthough I don't understand it20:55
CrazyLemonwell..thats the point isnt it :))20:55
ikoniacould you translate that to english please ?20:55
CrazyLemonof course20:55
CrazyLemonChannel for support to slovenian ubuntu users is #ubuntu-si. If you need help in slovenian language please join us and we'll try to help.20:56
mneptok"Many years ago Serbian and Czech had a crazy drunken night of love. Slovenian is the result."20:56
CrazyLemonthe last sentence is in english :)20:56
* mneptok runs20:56
ikoniaCrazyLemon: sounds good,20:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about si20:57
CrazyLemonmneptok you are probably Serbian arent you ;)20:58
mneptokUS, actually20:58
mneptokbut one of those Americans that can find Ljublana on a map :)20:58
Flannelmneptok: We have maps in America?20:59
* CrazyLemon is very surprised 20:59
mneptokFlannel: yes. but they are somewhat crazy.20:59
CrazyLemonyou probably fell in love with a slovenian girl didnt you :D20:59
CrazyLemonikonia so ..are we good now? :)21:00
mneptokFlannel: http://strangemaps.files.wordpress.com/2006/11/800px-reagan-digitised-poster.JPG21:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about si21:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:00
mneptoksi is <reply>Kanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si21:00
ikoniayou are now21:00
mneptokubottu, wake up21:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wake up21:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about si21:00
Flannelmneptok: I've got a Reagan for Governor bumper sticker in my garage21:01
mneptokubottu: si is <reply>Kanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si21:01
ubottuI'll remember that, mneptok21:01
CrazyLemonlol..guess ubottu doesnt like "si" that much ;)21:01
mneptokhe thinks you're saying "yes" in Spanish, and is out getting his legs waxed before your big night together21:01
ubottuKanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si21:02
CrazyLemonhehe...anyways ..thanks for help guys ..my work here is done21:02
ikoniaCrazyLemon: thank you21:03
CrazyLemonmy pleasure.. have a nice night21:03

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