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fighterso, i just ran find . -size +0 -exec mv -i {} {}xxx \; and now i have a bunch of files that are named genericporntitle.avixxx, can anyone tell me how to get rid of the xxx's i just added to my files?00:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #458637 in samba (main) "samba has many issues" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45863700:51
qman__fighter:  ls > list; while read file; do mv "$file" "`echo "$file" | sed s/avixxx/avi/`"; done < "list"; rm list01:03
qman__there's probably a better way but that will work01:04
Jaggedsed s/xxx// would work as well01:05
qman__yeah but the string "xxx" is more likely to be in the title than "avixxx"01:05
fighterI'm willing to loset he xxx in the title01:06
Jaggedin that case:01:06
qman__then change it to sed s/xxx//g01:06
Jaggedsed s/xxx//g01:06
fighteri typed it but so far i'm still waiting, i'm checking the dir on my windows box and nothing has changed yet. any idea how long it should take?01:09
fighter226gb in 461 files01:09
qman__should be changing them as it goes01:10
qman__unless it's still waiting on the "ls > list"01:10
Jaggedps ax | grep ls01:11
Jaggedand see if ls is still running01:11
qman__and really it shouldn't take extra time based on size, since it's really just changing the name01:11
qman__no need to actually move the data01:11
qman__the time should be based on the number of files01:11
fighterah there we go01:12
fightergot it now01:12
fighterthank you for you help :)01:12
qman__no problem01:12
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smosererichammond, ping01:57
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smosersoren, mdz erichammond feedback on release criticalness of bug 458576 and my attached patch would be nice.02:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458576 in ec2-init "ec2: ssh public key fingerprint in console output does not match EC2 standards" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45857602:08
smoseri can definitely see an argument for it being fairly release critical.02:08
smosergood night all.02:16
smoserttx, soren, zul, erichammond you have mail from me. i will see you all on monday AM.02:16
zulsmoser: have a good day off02:16
erichammondsmoser: I don't have any specific examples of who/what has automated security checks of ssh host keys, how they are implemented, or how difficult it would be for them to adjust regular expressions to work with a different console output format.02:26
erichammondI'm sure this type of checking exists, but don't have any real insight.  So, I'd probably go with importance "Low" until somebody complains.  If it's going to be easier to fix now than after release, and you want to avoid complaints, then bump it up to a higher priority.02:27
twberichammond: are you talking specifically about checking for host keys generated during the Debian ssh-keygen entropy fiasco?02:27
erichammondtwb: checking for ssh host key fingerprints in the EC2 instance console ouptput.02:28
erichammondtwb: I think I know what you're talking about (a while back) and that's something different.02:28
twbOK, no worries.02:28
twbI was gonna say, that kind of host key scanning ought to be done by openssh-blacklist or whatever the package is.02:29
twbDunno if it's any help to RTFS that.02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about guide04:10
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com04:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sag04:11
twbGrr, I need to teach ubottu my mnemonics for the admin guide.04:11
twb!learn sag is https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/index.html04:12
poningruneed help with sshfs and fstab04:14
poningruhere is my situation04:14
poningruhmm hold on04:15
twbYou can't automount sshfs filesystems unless you're using passphraseless key-based authentication.04:15
poningruI do04:15
twbOK, carry on.04:15
twb(But I highly recommend you learn about passphrases and ssh-agent for most other ssh keys.)04:16
poningruI have server with username torrent that allows all the client to login04:16
poningruso on one of my client computers logged in as media I do: sshfs -o allow_other torrent@consus2:/home/torrent/data/music music/04:17
poningruand that mounts it properly04:18
poningrubut if I try to do it with fstab it does not work04:18
poningruhere is what I have on fstab04:18
poningrusshfs#torrent@consus2:/home/torrent/data/music /home/media/music fuse comment=sshfs,auto,users,exec,allow_others,reconnect 0 004:19
twbDoing A/V files over sshfs is gonna be pretty sucky.  If you're on a LAN, have you considered using NFS or CIFS?04:19
poningruI hate both of them04:19
poningrusshfs ftw04:19
poningruyou know I wonder...04:20
qman__what's with the comment=04:23
qman__something fuse specific?04:23
twbqman__: probably ends up in mtab or something04:23
twbponingru: what do you "hate" about NFS/CIFS?04:24
poningrutwb, too many issues04:25
twbponingru: such as?04:25
qman__NFS is difficult to secure, but that's usually not a problem on a LAN04:26
qman__can't see any problems with CIFS04:26
poningruok nfs: issues with reconnecting, crashing windows/osx etc.04:26
qman__I would never use NFS with windows04:27
qman__CIFS is ideal for windows04:27
poningrubut not for linux04:27
qman__it works fine on linux04:27
poningrutrying to setup samba on lin or osx is worse than pulling teeth04:27
qman__but there's no reason you can't use both04:28
qman__not at all04:28
poningruqman__, well my experience says otherwise04:28
twbSurely if your machine can use sshfs well, it can use NFS well.04:28
poningrutwb, its not a matter of processor power04:28
qman__the default configuration is pretty well set04:28
poningruoh god04:28
qman__adjusting it is easy04:28
twbI realize that.  I was speaking about the quality of the NFS implementation.04:28
poningruok if you guys wanna argue the merits of nfs/cifs vs. sshfs ...04:29
poningruI just want help with sshfs04:29
poningrutwb, look at the lkml discussions on nfs04:29
twbsshfs has its uses, but I think it's a poor choice for distributing large A/V files over a LAN.04:29
poningruwell I would like to disagree with you04:29
qman__I have to agree with twb, too much overhead04:29
poningrunot at all04:29
poningrutodays modern cpus?04:30
qman__it's not just CPU power04:30
qman__besides, why waste it on the network mount04:30
poningrumy 'old' pentium dual core with 1.46 I have maybe 1% overhead with sshfs04:30
twbIt'd be like riding a bicycle on an interstate highway04:30
* poningru rolls eyes04:30
poningruoh god04:30
poningrusorry I bothered you guys04:30
twbponingru: I don't think you actually describe the problem you're having with sshfs yet.04:31
qman__just saying, I wouldn't ever bother setting up sshfs that way04:31
qman__as such my advice is to not use sshfs for that purpose04:31
poningrutwb, uh...04:31
poningruqman__, point taken04:31
poningrutwb, <poningru> I have server with username torrent that allows all the client to login04:32
poningru<poningru> so on one of my client computers logged in as media I do: sshfs -o allow_other torrent@consus2:/home/torrent/data/music music/04:32
poningru<poningru> and that mounts it properly04:32
poningru<poningru> but if I try to do it with fstab it does not work04:32
poningru<poningru> here is what I have on fstab04:32
poningru<poningru> sshfs#torrent@consus2:/home/torrent/data/music /home/media/music fuse comment=sshfs,auto,users,exec,allow_others,reconnect 0 004:32
twbponingru: ah, sorry, I missed the "not"04:32
qman__having never put an sshfs mount in the fstab, my first guess is that #04:32
twbponingru: the mount command is run as root, not as media.04:32
qman__second guess is the comment= on the options04:32
twbponingru: therefore, *root*'s .ssh/config must be set up correctly.04:33
qman__but I could easily be wrong about it04:33
twbqman__: the # means it's a fuse entry04:33
poningrutwb, right but thats what the uid and gid is for04:33
twbponingru: what uid and gid?04:33
poningruoh sorry that is old one04:33
qman__poningru, he's right about that04:34
qman__root's keys need to be set up too04:34
twbqman__: well, just tell /root/.ssh/config to use ~media/.ssh/id_%h or whatever.04:34
poningruwell add on uid=1001,gid=100104:34
poningruright but I remember setting this up a while ago04:35
poningruand putting it into root is the easy way out04:35
poningruI have it working like that04:35
twbponingru: that doesn't change who the operation runs as.04:36
poningrutwb, oh hmm04:36
qman__mounting a systemwide file share as root isn't exactly risky, considering that all your other filesystems are mounted as root04:36
poningruhow does one do that then?04:36
poningruqman__, I know04:36
twbponingru: you can't.04:36
twbponingru: mount -a always runs as root.04:36
twbponingru: if you want to mount a filesystem as some other user, you need to put -o noauto in its fstab entry, then add an init script or an entry in /etc/rc.local.04:37
twbAs qman__ says, it's pretty silly to try to restrict that, generally.  What are you guarding against?04:37
poningruI'm not04:38
poningruI'm trying to figure it out04:38
poningrutwb, there has to be a way for a user to not have to share his private key with the root04:40
poningruI mean technically the root can just view it...04:40
poningrubut still there has to be a way04:40
qman__you generate and trust another key04:41
qman__but using the key you already have set up is easier04:41
KurtKrautIs there a Unified Monitoring System that doesn't rely on SNMP to gather data? I find SNMP so hard to configure.04:41
poningruKurtKraut, what are you trying to configure?04:42
poningruerr monitor*04:42
KurtKrautponingru, the essencial is: if the host is up or down (by ping) and what services are reachable by the central node (httpd, irc).04:43
poningrueh go with something simple like bigbrother04:43
qman__KurtKraut, you could configure a script on the monitoring host with nmap04:43
twb14:40 <poningru> twb, there has to be a way for a user to not have to share his private key with the root04:43
twbponingru: if you can't trust root, you are fucked.04:43
poningrutwb, read what I said immediately after that04:44
KurtKrautqman__, that is possible indeed. By I think this is so essential for small scenarios that I'm impressed no one has already did it.04:44
qman__KurtKraut, I've been too lazy to set one up myself04:46
qman__nagios does this, but it may be a little bigger scope than what you're looking for04:46
poningruKurtKraut, bigbrother04:47
KurtKrautponingru, is it a package name?04:47
poningruno clue04:48
qman__flash? really?04:48
qman__I wouldn't use it on that basis alone04:48
poningruqman__, yeah you can turn that shit off04:49
poningrubtw another cool/simple one04:49
crohakonwhat is that?04:50
KurtKrautZabbix rely on SNMP. This single fact makes me think this cannot be pointed out as simple.04:51
poningruKurtKraut, you dont have to rely on snmp iirc with that04:51
poningruI remember setting it up to do just ping/nmap tests04:51
poningrucrohakon, network monitoring tool04:52
KurtKrautponingru, so I'll give it a try04:52
crohakonfor datacenters or something?04:52
qman__still seems like overkill04:52
poningrucrohakon, eh sure04:52
poningrucrohakon, you can use it for your home network too04:52
qman__nagios is pretty much exactly like those04:52
crohakonhmmm something to play with.. =)04:53
qman__and is in the ubuntu packages04:53
poningruqman__, absolutely nagios is a good one too04:53
poningruimho a little to much for us sys admins though04:53
poningrunot point and click install04:53
qman__dont' know if it requires snmp to work or not04:53
qman__I know it can use it04:53
qman__cacti is snmp based04:53
qman__still overkill for my taste, which is most of why I don't have one set up04:55
qman__eventually I'll write something up in php that parses a simple nmap output04:56
crohakonno ubuntu package for zabbix?04:58
poningrucrohakon, it should be there iirc04:58
poningruqman__, bb is for you then04:58
poningruif I recall correctly04:59
qman__I see 6 zabbix packages in my apt-cache04:59
poningruyeah same here04:59
qman__so yes, though it may be universe/multiverse/canonical04:59
crohakonSo can I install this on my server, and view it from my laptop?05:00
qman__looks like you install zabbix-server-??sql and zabbix-php-frontend on the server05:00
subZabbix has a web interface, yeah05:00
qman__and zabbix-agent on the systems you want to monitor05:00
qman__then you just browse to the web site05:00
crohakonwow, lots of little pieces.05:01
poningrusub, yo05:01
poningruqman__, yep05:01
poningrucrohakon, if you dont like snmp you may wanna try out spong05:03
poningruthough I have never used it05:03
crohakon<--- just getting into this stuff. Not really sure what the benefits or disadvantages are of snmp.05:04
qman__I'm not a fan of snmp05:04
qman__it's difficult to configure, and a cleartext protocol to boot05:04
qman__at least, the version everything supports is05:04
poningrucrohakon, eh its a little complicated unneccesarily and hard to configure05:04
qman__supposedly newer versions can be encrypted but it's just a mess05:05
poningruqman__, whats wrong with cleartext?05:05
qman__nmap is a better option05:05
poningrujust put it over ssh05:05
poningruqman__, nmap isnt super reliable though05:05
subhey poningru05:06
poningrudidnt know you hung out here05:06
subhere and #ubuntu-virt05:06
poningruoh cool05:07
subi do some light contributing to Ubuntu VMBuilder and triag bugs in server when I have the spare time05:07
twbI heartily support protocols that use cleartext, and a separate encryption layer.05:07
twbIt makes debugging far less painful.05:07
poningrusub, I've been meaning to get into vmbuilder05:07
poningruI wanna get into getting debian/rhel/suse build be as easy as ubuntu05:08
subit's a cool little piece of code, although about to go through a heavy refactoring or rewrite05:08
crohakonI want a static IP so I can host my own websites. But thats not going to happen. =)05:08
poningrusub, really?05:09
poningrudidnt soren here write that code?05:09
poningrusub, link?05:09
subyes, and he's the one who wants to rewrite it, hehe05:09
sublet me see if i can find the email05:09
qman__crohakon, dynamic DNS works pretty well for me, though my ISP filters ports 21, 25, 53, 80, and 445 for security reasons05:10
suboh it's lind of long, i'll see if i can find an archived one i can link you to05:10
subponingru: https://lists.launchpad.net/vmbuilder/msg00003.html05:10
crohakonyeah, charter blocks those ports as well. I sent an email asking what I need to do to get a static IP and those ports unblocked. They want me to pay $99/m for a 10mb down/1mb up connection with a static IP.... not going to happen.05:11
qman__hah, I have charter too05:12
qman__total rip05:12
qman__unfortunately there's no competition, no other options05:12
crohakon3 years ago I had a business account with verizon, and although DSL is much slower, I had a static IP for like 34/m and no ports blocked. Where I live now, however, charter is my only option.05:13
poningrucrohakon, that sucks05:13
qman__my 5M/512k service is $50 a month on top of the "bundle" discount for getting TV with them too05:14
qman__the only other option is a T1 at $400 a month05:15
crohakonCurrently with charter I have a 8down/1up connection with dynamic IP and ports blocked for 34.99/m... to get the same up speed and a static ip with no port blockage they want $65 extra a month.05:16
* crohakon his hand on head05:16
poningrucrohakon, work for cablevision05:16
poningruwith no vid05:16
poningru30down and 5up is about 65USD thats with a free domain, hosting, all ports open, static ip etc.05:17
poningrua cable company that services ny,nj,parts of ct etc.05:17
crohakondamn... I need to move.05:17
twbhttp://www.internode.on.net/residential/broadband/adsl/nakedextreme/pricing/ (annex M)05:18
crohakonSadly, I live in the rust belt... Michigan.05:18
Sorrellis anyonw having static ip issues with 9.10 ?05:18
crohakonNo one has work, and everything is expensive.05:18
poningruSorrell, my vm isnt05:18
poningruserver, install from iso05:18
qman__monthly download quota? that wouldn't work05:18
Sorrell:( dang, just me then.05:19
qman__I exceed 150GB every month05:19
Sorrellbandwidth cap = suck05:19
twbAnd in .au, all domestic lines are rate limited (or subject to hefty excess fees) after exceeding a monthly quota.  I get the impression that's uncommon in other nation-states.05:19
poningruyeah its sucks05:19
poningruqman__, comcast has a technical limit of 250gig05:19
poningruper month05:19
poningruI do exceed that time to time05:20
poningruthey dont care05:20
twbTheoretically our wonderful new center-left government will put in FTTH (FTTP) in the next ten years.05:20
qman__I used 450GB in august05:20
poningruqman__, hehe05:20
qman__though that's not typical05:20
poningruqman__, downloading ubuntu isos ;)05:21
qman__let's go with that05:21
twb"Download speeds of 100 mbps for 90% of Australia homes and businesses"05:21
twbOf course, that won't apply to anything hosted OUTSIDE .au05:21
twbAnd that's assuming they actually manage to build it, on time and on budget (har har har)05:21
qman__AT&T promised the US 100 meg lines to every home over a decade ago05:22
twbThe government said "the telco's bids don't offer value for money, so we're going to do it ourselves, for cheaper" (har har har)05:22
qman__in return for tax breaks05:23
poningruqman__, THANK YOU05:23
qman__not only have they not delivered on that, their service hasn't improved in years05:23
poningrubunch of dirty bastards05:23
poningruqman__, and now everytime net neutrality comes around05:23
poningruthey prop up the argument that 'we own the network we can do what we like with it'05:24
poningruno you dont you shit heads05:24
poningrutax payers essentially paid for it with tax cuts05:24
twbHave you ever gotten sick of hearing AT&T take credit for things that they didn't invent? You will.  -- Dave Hamilton05:25
crohakonI wish I had the resources to get a dedicated line just for fun.05:25
qman__I've seriously considered getting a T1 despite the ridiculous cost05:25
qman__charter has terrible service05:25
twbqman__: you could just get three separate DSL connections from separate providers, then multiplex them05:26
qman__can't get DSL05:26
qman__if I could, I would05:26
crohakonIn this area it is hard to get DSL from one provider... let alone three!05:26
twbSo you're saying that in .us, you can get fibre in places you can't get DSL?05:27
twbWTF, are your exchanges so far apart, or just lacking DSLAMs?05:27
qman__you can get a T1 anywhere if you're willing to pay05:27
qman__but you can't get FIOS in most places05:27
twbT1's a wire protocol.  What does it run on?05:27
twbExisting copper lines?05:27
qman__new copper, I'm pretty sure05:28
qman__it's a dedicated line05:28
twbI feel sorry for the kind of people who would lay new copper in this day and age05:28
crohakonAmericans like to live far apart from each other... which makes DSL difficult.05:29
qman__oh, the US is far from that05:29
qman__copper's not going anywhere05:29
twbcrohakon: you'll get that in ANYTHING that uses copper as a transport.05:29
qman__my choices are 21k dialup, 512k satellite, charter cable, or a leased line (T1 or better)05:30
twbcrohakon: it's just that DSL uses only the high frequencies (to leave room for voice), so it attenuates quickly.05:30
qman__I have no other possible service05:30
crohakonMaybe I should get a lease line and try to get my neighbors to use me as an ISP. =)05:30
qman__AT&T is too cheap to fix the phone lines05:30
qman__there's no way they'd lay fiber here05:31
twbqman__: not so much cheap as lacking competition (and antimonopoloy laws), I suspect05:31
qman__yeah, they're the only phone provider in my specific area05:32
qman__same goes for charter cable05:32
qman__only cable provider05:32
crohakonSo, how much more bandwidth do you get with a basic T1 connection?05:32
qman__less download, more upload, 1.544mbps full duplex05:33
crohakonas compared to a basic cable connection?05:33
qman__but, it's got a 99.999% uptime guarantee05:33
twbMy arse it does05:33
qman__as opposed to charter, which in my area is about 90%05:33
twbThat's like two minutes downtime per year.05:34
qman__that's what they advertise05:34
twbadvertising isn't the same as the contract05:34
crohakonMy only problem with charter in my area is that it starts to slow down after midnight (when I normally am trying to watch something on hulu or netflix05:34
twbMaybe they're only giving five nines that e.g. the cable won't explode, and not that e.g. the repeaters won't shit themselves.05:34
qman__but they will fix the problem05:35
qman__unlike charter, who waits around for a few hours first05:35
crohakonSo... if I wanted to host a few websites... would a T1 be any better then a 10down/1up cable connection?05:36
qman__company policy, they won't fix the problem unless at least five people make it to tier 3 and complain05:36
qman__even if they know for a fact that it's down05:36
poningruheh wow05:36
twbHere, if you report a problem to the ISP, and it's a problem with the physical line, they wait until the end of the day to queue up all the fault requests and then send them as a batch to telstra (who own the copper itself).05:37
twbAnd then telstra take days to get back to the ISP05:37
qman__charter's DNS is also totally worthless05:37
qman__I've had to run my own for years05:37
Sorellis there a special way to set the static ip in ubuntu server?05:37
twbSorell: /etc/network/interfaces (see "man interfaces")05:38
qman__Sorell, /etc/network/interfaces05:38
Sorell:/ that's what I have been doing05:38
twbSorell: purge NetworkManager05:38
Sorellgo in and change auto to static.05:38
qman__you don't change auto05:39
twbThere are copious examples in the manpage05:39
Sorellmaybe it's dynamic then05:39
SorellI was wondering exactly for 9.1005:40
SorellI had this working in 805:40
qman__it's the same as for every previous version I'm aware of05:40
qman__error upgrading, corrupted archive05:42
qman__wouldn't mind except that's the kernel05:42
crohakonomg... I so desire an OC-48...05:43
Sorelljust sign here in blood05:44
twbI don't know why, really.05:45
twbUltimately the bandwidth all goes to bittorrent, which never has anything good on it05:45
twbEven if you wanted to watch something by Joss Wedhon, it's probably cheaper in .au to walk to the store and buy a boxed DVD set than to rent an ADSL2+ line.05:46
crohakonAnyone know a good co-location host?05:47
twbWhat are your metrics for "good"?05:48
twbFast, cheap, unaccountable, ... ?05:48
crohakonfast and cheap mostly05:48
crohakoncheap... mostly.05:49
qman__I'm starting to regret the decision to upgrade my desktop to the RC05:49
qman__corrupt packages, dbus errors abound05:50
twbFortunately, you're gonna report those bugs so they're fixed for everyone else05:51
crohakonOkay, so the real reason I have been playing around with ubuntu server is that my employer wants to host his website(s) on sight. What kind of connection speed do you need to host 3-4 websites that get anywhere between 100-200 hits a day?05:53
qman__depends entirely on the content05:54
crohakonNo video05:54
qman__a few basic pages, half a meg ought to do fine05:55
qman__probably 384k05:55
crohakonmostly text and images. database heavy, though.05:55
crohakonYeah, I did not think it would take much.05:56
qman__100-200 hits per day suggests that you wouldn't have more than a dozen people loading pages at once05:56
qman__assuming your page downloads are small, a half meg should be able to keep up05:57
crohakonNow, this connection would also handle are merchant services, quickbooks services, etc..05:58
crohakonwould that have any effect? I don't see where it would.05:58
qman__well, if you have more than a couple users I'd suggest you throw in another 256k05:59
qman__nothing serious05:59
qman__"Could not install the upgrades06:00
qman__The upgrade is now aborted. Your system could be in an unusable state. A recovery will run now (dpkg --configure -a)."06:00
qman__bleeding edge ftw06:00
crohakonand having the mysql server and the apache server on the same machine should not be a problem?06:03
qman__not for that small of a load06:04
qman__you can always create another mysql server and move the databases if it becomes a problem, too06:04
qman__ok, I think I got all the broken packages sorted06:07
qman__time to cross fingers and reboot06:07
crohakongood luck06:08
qman__well, it booted up06:14
qman__but firefox overrode all my settings with defaults, lost my bookmarks and everything06:14
crohakonat least it booted...06:14
qman__I can get my 3.0 settings back, but I was using 3.5 before06:19
twbOne more reason to drop firefox06:20
crohakonAnd what do you suggest instead of firefox?06:20
twbWell, I use a combination of emacs-w3m, w3m, html2ps, midori and opera.06:20
twbBut obviously that is not for everyone06:20
qman__I was trying to get uzbl to work, but no dice06:21
twbWebkit is a featureful engine, but the downside is that it's a featureful engine06:21
qman__well, I only switched to 3.5 from 3.0 a few weeks agos06:21
twbJust like xulrunner, it takes like 3 hours to compile on typical hardware, and wants to use gobs or resources at runtime06:21
qman__so not much lost06:21
crohakonAnyone have desire for chrome to be released for linux?06:22
qman__not really06:25
crohakonI have been using firefox for so long the thought of using something else has not even crossed my mind...06:25
qman__I was really unhappy with firefox 306:25
qman__but 3.5 is much better06:26
qman__though still not ideal, it works well enough06:26
crohakonfirefox has never not met my needs.06:27
qman__3 was really, really slow06:28
qman__I had whole second UI delays06:28
twbqman__: you think that's bad?06:28
qman__and when flash would die, as it tended to do06:28
twbqman__: try ssh -Xf fs firefox06:28
qman__I basically had to kill it, wait five minutes, open it up, and wait five more minutes for it to reload my tabs06:28
twbopenoffice is even more hilarious to run remotely06:28
crohakonI guess I just did not notice... most likely at the time I blamed it on my internet connection.06:28
twbBoth of them basically abuse the fuck out of pixmap objects to fake their own "themed" widgets -- even more so than GTK2 does06:29
jussi01!language | twb06:30
ubottutwb: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:30
qman__it appears afraid.org's DNS servers are down06:31
qman__first time that's happened since I started using them...probably 5 years ago, now06:32
twbLinguistic apartheid!06:32
poningruwhat do you get from poningru.close.com?06:34
poningrucan you ping it?06:34
poningrutwb, I dont have any web sites here06:35
poningrujust mail06:35
poningrucan you ping poningru.close.com?06:35
qman__oh, looks like the domain my subdomain is on got pulled for some reason06:36
qman__guess I just have to wait it out06:36
poningruoh ok cool06:36
qman__nice site06:37
qman__man, if this domain doesn't come back, I have a lot of work to do06:38
qman__I have certificates to replace and everything06:38
poningruoh shit06:38
qman__might even have to trash my entire VPN setup06:40
poningruman that sucks06:40
jussi01poningru: Ive just asked twb to watch the language, if you could do same that would be great :)06:42
poningruoh shit? sorry06:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #458785 in likewise-open5 (universe) "can not unlock gnome-screensaver when password is near to expire" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45878506:46
altf2ojust wondering if anyone's ever used gitosis + gitweb. I have it running fine on my test virtual server, however i have everything pointed to /home/git/repositories/ , where all my repos including 'gitosis-admin.git' reside. The problem is when viewing: http://virtual_server/gitweb/ , it does show my test repos but also 'gitosis-admin.git' which is fully browsable and public keys downloadable. Surely this isn't desired, any ideas?06:49
altf2oOne link said to add:  [repo REPONAME] gitweb = no  , tried that, restarted apache2, no dice.06:50
nijabagood morning07:08
crohakongood night07:11
=== crohakon is now known as crohakon|zZz
* altf2o incase anyone else wonders: In /etc/gitweb.conf , setting: $project_list = "/home/git/gitosis/projects.list"; $export_ok = ""; $strict_export = "true"; , will only allow those repos listed in /projects.list to show up. In your gitosis.conf file: [repo gitosis-admin] gitweb = no , DOES then control if it's visible or not. Setting it to: gitweb = yes , will make it world viewable again.07:16
maxagazI have a chinese video capture card for which lspci returns "02:00.0 Multimedia video controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. Device 8200", what module should I load to make it work ?07:49
maxagazIs there a module for this card ?07:49
twbmaxagaz: google that string07:51
twbThe part after the colon07:51
maxagaztwb, I did it...07:51
maxagaztwb, but I go nothing07:52
twbWell, I got lots of hits07:55
twbI didn't look to see how useful they were07:55
Boohbahtwb: No results found for "Conexant Systems, Inc. Device 8200".08:00
BoohbahResults for Conexant Systems, Inc. Device 8200 (without quotes):08:00
Boohbahtwb: useless08:00
twbThe first three hits are ubuntu ones, for me.08:00
BoohbahYour search - "Conexant Systems, Inc. Device 8200"8 - did not match any documents.08:00
twbOops, no 808:01
twbBad copy-and-paste job.08:01
Boohbahooh, second link looks possibly good. video controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. Device 88808:01
twbBoohbah: are you in China?08:01
BoohbahDevice 888008:01
Boohbahtwb: nope08:01
twbMaybe you're logged into google?08:02
twbI don't know why else google would be filtering your search results08:02
Boohbaham i getting chinese results? i was googling for chinese pages yesterday08:02
Boohbahbut i am in the US08:02
twbBoohbah: Google filters its results within China08:02
maxagazi don't think they would filter results for such things08:02
maxagazanywway, i'm wondering if i can make this card work on ubuntu08:03
maxagazhow would you try to make it work ?08:03
maxagazat least, dmesg returns no error at the boot08:04
twbI would generally make it work by waiting for the revolution to put the MPAA against a wall and shoot it, since HDMI has more DRM than DVDs08:04
maxagaztwb, do you mean that there are no way to make it work easily ?08:05
qman__maxagaz, not likely08:05
qman__if it doesn't work out of the box, and google is no help, there probably isn't a driver for it08:06
twbmaxagaz: the whole point of DRM is to make it impossible for FOSS projects unable to use hardware that you theoretically "own".08:06
qman__did you try to see if it works?08:06
twbqman__: good question!08:06
maxagazqman__, no, I didn't08:07
qman__my tuner is pretty much dead, but I used to use tvtime with it08:08
kaushalis there a way to know in MySQL DB Server which query consumes more time ?08:54
_rubenthere's a slow query log config option08:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #292800 in vm-builder (universe) "run.sh shellscript doesn't accept parameters with whitespaces" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29280010:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #298109 in vm-builder (universe) "ubuntu-vm-builder is undocumented (no manpage, readme, etc)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29810910:17
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uvirtbotNew bug: #458904 in eucalyptus (main) "Adding nodes in several waves after launching VMs is not possible" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45890410:33
maxagazhow can can i check the number of kB uploaded and downloaded on a machine ? Is there a command to check the activity of my NIC ?11:48
sorenmaxagaz: ifconfig11:49
maxagazsoren, ifconfig ? how to check it with ifconfig ?11:50
maxagazsoren, i'd need a tool like htop11:50
sorenmaxagaz: By looking at it?11:50
sorenmaxagaz: It's right there in the standard ifconfig output.11:50
soren          RX bytes:3908829145 (3.9 GB)  TX bytes:69635931 (69.6 MB)11:51
maxagazwhat RX and TX stand for ?11:53
sorenOne is receive, the other transmit.11:54
maxagazand X ?11:54
sorenNothing, really.11:55
sorenIt's frm the old telegraph days.11:55
sorenThey abbreviated transmit-out as TX, and receive-in as RX.11:56
sorenIt's /very/ commonly used.11:56
maxagazsoren, ifconfig isn't very convenient to monitor the nic activity11:58
sorenYou never said anything about monitoring it.11:59
sorenIf you want to keep track of it, look at munin.11:59
maxagazsoren, yes munin...12:20
maxagazsoren, I just tried ntop, it looks good12:20
sorenmaxagaz: Well, if that's what you need, just stick with that.12:22
maxagazwhat i'm wondering now is, can i monitor the data flow coming the NIC of a machine and leaving the server from once of its NICs ?12:26
sorenWhat do you mean?12:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #458987 in php5 (main) "Segmentation fault when running Wordpress Multiuser" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45898712:36
alvinI have a problem with a fresh installation of Karmic RC1. (On same server, nog problem with Jaunty):12:46
alvinSometimes, the server boots fine, but most of the time the boot process halts when it can not mount the nfs /home because the network isn't there yet.12:46
alvinThat's not a big problem, but the network service doesn't even try to connect after that. Is this a known problem? Shouldn't it retry connecting?12:46
alvinI like the fact that you try to boot ubuntu faster, but actually, I don't find it very important on a server. Starting services one by one is ok with me. even waiting 5 minutes until the network comes online. But this is a showstopper.12:52
alvinok, another question: is there (experimental) boot logging yet?13:01
pmatulisalvin: what error messages do you see?13:06
kRocKodilehow many years of update packages has the ubuntu server?13:44
kRocKodile(my english sucks)13:45
soren8.04: 5 years. 8.10, 9.04, and 9.10: 1½ years. 10.04: 5 years.13:54
sorenkRocKodile: ^13:54
=== aubre_afk is now known as aubre
aubrewhen I try to attach a volume to an instance using SC I get bad input params to vnetAttachTunnels() followed by failed to attach tunnels for vlan 10 during maintainNetworkState() followed by network state maintainance failed - what am I doing wrong?13:58
aubrethat's in the cc.log btw13:58
aubrereinstalling didn't fix my problem13:59
aubreeuca-attach-volume -i i-4F8E099C -d sdb vol-329904A4 VOLUMEvol-329904A413:59
aubreI can get everything else to work, and I am anxious to show the system to the director, but this is a show-stopper for me14:02
alvinI'm going to reinstall Jaunty, because the network service starts before idmap/nfs. Is there anyone who will stop me and tell I can use Karmic, but have to change the configuration a little?14:19
sorenalvin: If there's problems with NFS in Karmic, we need to fix them. Can you please file a bug, so we can look at it?14:20
BilgeAre services meant to be started and stopped by calling init.d scripts directly or is there a utility that's intended to be used instead?14:21
alvinsoren: I don't know if NFS is the problem. If I don't mount any drives, the network service will not always start either. The NFS just halts the whole boot process if there is no network available at that time. Sometimes (rare), the server does boot.14:21
alvinsoren: Can I perform some tests? Any suggestions?14:23
alvinHmm, now the console says: 'Gave up waiting for root device'. That happens from time to time too, but only in Karmic.14:25
alvinThe question is: is bringing up the network and the rootdelay related?14:25
alvinsoren: I'd like to file a bug, but I don't know against what. Sometimes, root is not found, and sometimes the NFS server (shared home) is not found because the network isn't there.14:27
pmatulisalvin: take nfs out of the picture - use a regular home and test14:37
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
alvinafter a lot of 'giving up waiting for root device' and reboots: If the NFS server is not found, you can escape to a rescue shell. If you wait a bit, the network will come up and the server can be seen. Then you can mount by hand and continue the boot process. If you just continue, mountall stops responding and nothing can be done.14:37
alvinI will try with a regular home. (please stand by)14:38
alvindone, rebooting. Another thing: when booting, mountall says that the swap is busy every time the home can not be mounted. Swap is just a local volume.14:39
sorenalvin: File it against mountall. It may not be correct, but it's better to have it filed and then we can move it afterwards.14:55
heath|workapt-get seems to be struck. I ctl+c'd it and now I can't run it. How can I get it back?15:07
pmatulisheath|work: use the ps command to ensure it's no longer running15:15
pmatulisheath|work: kill it if it is15:15
heath|workpmatulis: thanks I got it15:15
alvinsoren: I will. It's certainly network related. If I omit all NFS mounts and just boots and I can log in. I can then start a ping to the fileserver. First, there is no network, then the ping is unanswered, and after a while, the ping will start responding. So, it's really the network. (side note: it is a static network)15:22
alvinHmm, my problem looks related to bug 431248, but that is reported to be fixed and I have all latest updates.15:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 431248 in portmap "NFS not mounted" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43124815:26
nijabasmoser: hello.  is the current karmic aki/ari to use on ec2 published somewhere?15:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #459101 in eucalyptus (main) "Relay denied from eucalyptus registration emails - source address is wrong." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45910115:37
zulnijaba: he is away today15:43
nijabahey zul15:44
zulhi nijaba15:44
nijabazul: would you have any clue where I could find that?15:44
zulyeah i think giime a sec15:44
alvinok, reported as bug 459134. Thanks for the help. Work on this will continue on monday.  I have permission to test this a little while further before going back to Jaunty for production use.15:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 459134 in mountall "karmic: networking is started too late in the boot process" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45913415:46
nijabazul:duh  I look in this exact directory, did not think of looking at this file15:47
zulnijaba: heh15:49
aubreI figured out my SC problem, my SC had registered itself (during the automatic UEC install) to use my public IP and interface, when I switched to a private IP and private interface, and subsequently created a new volume, everything works. Then the question becomes why did the UEC disk install register itself with my public interface instead of my private interface?15:57
aubrecould it be because it doesn't know about the private interface until the end? I changed my SC config in the web interface btw15:57
zulttx: ping16:04
ttxzul: pong16:04
zulttx: do you want me to upload the fix for 458576 if its not done already?16:05
ttxbug 45857616:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458576 in ec2-init "ec2: ssh public key fingerprint in console output does not match EC2 standards" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45857616:05
ttxzul: we have another required fix in that area16:06
zulttx: k16:06
ttxthat may or may not also be in ec2-init16:06
ttxI'd better make a single change with both...16:06
zulttx: agreed16:07
zulttx: let me know when you need my expert services16:08
eamanHello, anyone is aware of some problems with pam_mkhomedir.so (LDAP) script shipped in Karmik? Here it fails the UID of the user while creating the /home/dir (on NFS) at the first login (it goes to NOBODY).16:24
ahasenackeaman: pam_mkhomedir runs as root when creating the dir. On NFS, root on the client gets translated to nobody on the server by default16:38
ahasenackeaman: unless you have no_root_squash turned on16:38
ahasenackeaman: which is not generally a good idea16:38
ahasenackeaman: so, you shouldn't be using pam_mkhomedir with nfs mounted home directories. The home directories should be created on the server, not on the client16:38
aubrettx: since I figured out what was causing my problem in bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/eucalyptus/+bug/452185 , but it could present problems for people who set it up in the future, should I close that bug and open a new one about the interface binding issue?16:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 452185 in eucalyptus "can't access SC volumes in a UEC instance" [Low,Incomplete]16:39
aubrettx: because while my system is working now I guarantee someone in the future will have the same thing happen to them16:40
ttxaubre: just a sec16:41
heath|workI'm trying to use checkinstall to install git but the git docs need to be installed also. In the INSTALL file it states to use make prefix=/usr/local install install-doc. How do I tell checkinstall to do that?16:43
ttxaubre: the fact that you might need to adjust registration of components in the case of multiple NICs on your cluster controller is, I think, a known issue16:44
ttxaubre: but yes, feel free to invalidate the current bug and create another one16:45
ttxat the very minimum it will be a documentation wishlist16:45
aubreaubre: ok. That's what I will make it16:45
aubrettx: ok that's what I will make it16:45
ttxaubre: did you see the latest doc ?16:45
ttxfeel free to fix it based on your experience16:46
EtienneGttx, mathiaz, kirkland: the text of the eucalyptus/publicips debconf template is wrong; you cannot specify range in the form for the value of VNET_PUBLICIPS16:50
EtienneGeither that, or there has to be some logic in the postinst to expand that range into a list16:51
EtienneGor even, Eucalyptus should take it but don't16:51
EtienneGI am not sure16:51
EtienneGgotta report the bug, I guess it is a pretty important one16:51
EtienneGas it result in a non-working Eucalyptus setup16:51
eamanahasenac: Thanks, this make sense.16:56
eamanahasenack: And of course I'm not willing to use root squash on the nfs server16:57
=== mrchrisadams_ is now known as mrchrisadams
ahasenack*no* root squash, you probably mean ;)16:58
eamanyes sorry16:58
eamanSo now the problems is: finding a nice way to create the user on the server, as the user creation is trigged by a PHP script running on Apache16:59
aubrettx: ok16:59
ahasenackseems like you need to do one more thing in that trigger17:00
eamanIt comes to my mind making Apache (www-data) take some sudo priviledge in order to cast a mkdir and a chown on the new dir17:00
ahasenackand copy /etc/skel/17:01
eamanWell I could use a skell population as well I guess17:01
eamanYes :)17:01
ahasenacksounds reasonable, if done carefully17:01
eamanWell it could be the only way17:02
mdzsoren: ping17:07
mdzttx: thanks for testing the appliance, looks like we have some work to do17:07
ttxmdz: yes...17:07
kaushalcan i change catalina.out to catalina.log or something else. if its possible then how is it done ?17:07
kaushalI am talking about tomcat Application server17:08
eamanWeird things is that pam_mkhomedir.so is able to cast the right GID: it goes to 2000 here.17:09
ttxmdz: the other remaining issue is the UEC image / ephemeral disk automount one17:10
eamanAnd UID goes to NOBODY, which makes sense17:10
mdzttx: right17:10
mdzttx: smoser is on that, yes?17:10
ttxmdz: yes, though he wasn't working today17:10
mdzah, right, he's off17:11
ttxmdz: I still think he is in the best position to find the right way to fix it in the less-intrusive manner17:11
ttxthat would increase our chances of having it pass release management17:11
EtienneGbug #45920417:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 459204 in eucalyptus "The text debconf template eucalyptus/publicips is wrong" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45920417:16
EtienneGttx, if you have a minute, you should look at the above17:16
ttxI don't have a minute, but I can have a look17:17
EtienneGttx, sorry, man!17:17
ttxEtienneG: yes you can !17:17
ttxEtienneG: what makes you think you can't ?17:17
EtienneGttx, huh?  I am afraid you lost me here.17:18
ttxEtienneG: specify
EtienneGttx, you can, it just won't work17:18
EtienneGttx, easy enough to test without reinstalling17:18
ttxhmm? works here, as far as euca-describe-addresses goes17:19
ttx(or whatever the exact command is called)17:19
EtienneGttx, change VNET_PUBLICIPS to", restart eucalyptus17:19
EtienneGttx, ah, ok, then it has to be something else17:19
ttxEtienneG: wht evidence do you have its *not* working ?17:20
ttxdoesn't show the addresses in euca-describe-addresses ?17:20
EtienneGttx, evidence?  the output of euca-run-instances, perhaps?  :)17:20
ttxEtienneG: you mean its not affecting any of the addresses you configured ?17:21
EtienneGttx, and yes, the addresses do not show in the the output of euca-describe-addresses either17:21
ttxhmmm... works here17:21
ttx(last time I looked)17:21
EtienneGttx, which Euca version?17:21
EtienneGand which VNET_MODE?17:21
EtienneGttx, fsck it, mark it Invalid17:22
EtienneGmy bad17:22
EtienneGVNET_PUBLICIPS did not correspond to a range actually in use by the machine17:23
EtienneGttx, that was a user error17:23
EtienneGttx, sorry for wasting a few minutes of yours you did not had!17:23
kaushalchecking in again for my query ?17:28
ruben23hi can i further optimize ubuntu..? for network- have anyone tried it..?17:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #459194 in eucalyptus "SC must be re-registered to the private NIC/IP after installation " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45919417:34
ruben23have tried it..?17:37
aubrettx: how's this ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/StorageController17:41
aubrettx: I need to make the command line stuff brown17:45
SyLruben23: what kinda of optimization are you looking for?17:55
gamla_kossanhi people18:02
gamla_kossanI seem to have isntalled some package which has broken my samba server...18:02
gamla_kossanand the samba server won't start by running /etc/init.d/samba start18:02
gamla_kossan(nothing happens)18:02
gamla_kossancan anyone help me troubleshoot?18:03
ruben23SyL:network and the system itself18:23
zulmathiaz: ping any reason why autofs would conflict with itself?18:30
mathiazzul: with itself or an *earlier* version of itself?18:31
zulwith itself18:31
mathiazzul: hm - that's a good question - I don'tknow18:33
zuldebian unstable still has it as well18:33
mathiazzul: I'd ask in #ubuntu-devel about it18:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #459204 in eucalyptus (main) "The text debconf template eucalyptus/publicips is wrong" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45920418:35
ninjahis there a difference between "apt-get dist-upgrade" and "apt-get upgrade"?18:53
Pici!dist-upgrade | ninjah18:53
ubottuninjah: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed.18:53
nijabasoren: if you are around I'd love to have your point of view on the following.  I've been trying to upload your mediawiki image to ec2 using http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/299939/ but ec2-register send me the error you'll see there as well....  any idea?18:54
nijabasoren: nm, sorted19:11
stephankHello! I installed 9.04 64-bit on an machine with an onboard 1GB/s intel network interface, and a broadcom 1GB/s pci express card. I bonded these two interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces, created VLANs on top of that and it all works peachy. But when I reboot, the interfaces don't come up saying "VLANs not supported on bond0".19:44
stephankWhen the machines it booted, and I restart networking, it all works fine again. I pasted my config here: http://www.pastie.org/667009 . I also added 8021q and bonding to /etc/modules. Is there anything else I'm missing?19:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #423289 in autofs (main) "autofs deletes directories but does not re-create them" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42328919:48
qman__stephank, sounds like a bug having to do with boot order to me, you could probably work around it by adding something to /etc/rc.local as a temporary measure19:50
stephankqman__: hehe, neat. I'll add a networking restart there. Let's see if this works19:54
EtienneGsmoser, re: uec official image, the bug about waiting for /dev/sdb, is that just a matter of fixing /etc/fstab?20:00
stephankqman__: trick seems to fool it. Thanks :)20:09
sorennijaba: Oh, good, because I had /no/ clue :)20:13
sorenmdz: Yes?20:13
nijabasoren: yeah, your mediawiki img is now instanciated in ec2 :P20:20
sorennijaba: Working?20:20
nijabasoren: quite well20:20
sorennijaba: Are you subscribed to ubuntu-devel?20:20
sorennijaba: ttx reported a failure, but I suspect he may have unintentionally have used an earlier version of the image.20:21
nijabasoren: I am, but not reading assiduously20:21
nijabasoren: I'll reply20:21
sorennijaba: I'm about to follow up there, mentioning the new version. Once I've done that, can you please post your results?20:21
nijabasoren: sure20:21
nijabaI even have it managed with Landscape :)20:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #369682 in autofs (main) "AutoFS direct maps not working with NFSv4 exports" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36968220:27
SyLis there a way to turn off ipv6 in ubuntu?20:43
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv420:43
geniiSyL: Second link from the bot20:44
* nijaba calls it an evening20:50
Zodlinganyone know if the iscsi install works in 9.10-rc ?20:50
ScottKZodling: I know there is at least one significant bug about that.  I don't know if it affects all iscsi or just some.20:57
BrixSatMy ubuntu wont start so many error's, i went to a live cd and i cant copy some files because they are under root! How can i copy root files?20:57
ScottKBrixSat: sudo cp20:58
BrixSateven on a live cd?20:58
Zodlingi managed to get it to install but.. it dont look to be booting right .. *i have rdp runing if anyone wants to look*20:58
ScottKBrixSat: I think so.21:02
BrixSatworked :) thanks21:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #458702 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder crashed with VMBuilderException in run_cmd()" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45870221:22
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toddobryanDoes anyone have a how-to for OpenLDAP with TLS/SSL support that actually works?21:44
bventuraDNS ?: is it OK to have two A records that with the same IP?   When I google this it says it's not recommended but nothing about why21:48
jpdsbventura: Two different domains?21:51
bventurajpds: no same domain21:52
jpdsThat seems a bit redundant.21:52
maswanbventura: yes, perfectly fine21:52
bventuraok cool maswan21:53
maswanthe PTR record should probably only be to one of these though21:53
guntbertbventura: of there are CNAME records too, but don't use one for your mail server21:53
guntbert*of course21:53
maswanBut "kermit A 10.0.01" + "mail A" + "smtp A" + [in the reverse zone file] "1 PTR kermit" is perfectly fine21:54
maswanIn fact, there is sufficient weird corner cases for CNAMEs that I wouldn't really recommend them for most places21:55
bventuraright guntbert, that's what got me here, I can't use CNAME to map my mail server21:55
maswanSince an IP can have lots and lots of A records.21:55
guntbertbventura: but as maswan already pointed out: use two differnt A records21:56
bventurai just wasn't sure when I google it, 2nd result says "When the domain name system was designed it was recommended that no two A records refer to the same IP address."21:56
maswanthe second paragraph of that is probably "but these days, ..."21:57
guntbertbventura: that must have been before mail admins decided not to accept CNAMEs any more21:59
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blizzkidLo all. does anyone have experience in taking exams for a linux course?22:23
bventuraOK i think I've put all this DNS stuff together , would anyone be kind enough to critique my config, it is here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1d75d68322:38
stimblebventura: r u from Ventura?22:43
stimbleI live in a town named ventura22:43
bventuracool in CA?22:43
bventuraI used to live down there but ithat's actually my last name22:43
bventurai gre up in newbury park22:43
stimbleoh, right next door22:43
stimblesmall world on the internets :-)22:44
bventuraah i miss that southern california weather tho, i'm in sonoma now22:44
stimblewell, good wine and near San Fran at least (2 good things in my book)22:44
bventuraoh yeah22:44
bventurathat other recreational substance is readily available too hehee22:45
stimblebtw, whats your dns config for, just an example?22:45
bventuraat this point yes, I'm just trrying to figure out how it's supposed to work but eventually I have to replace my company's primary DNS and mail server22:46
bventurawe have an anicent xserve running OS X server and I hate it.. I want ubuntu22:47
stimbleyeah, i have been considering getting an automated dns setup for my ec2 deployments22:47
stimblebut i hate dealing with bind, soo... havnt done it22:47
bventurayeah it's a bit challenging22:48
guntbertbventura: just a reminder: use a LTS for that purpose22:48
bventuraguntbert - I have been wondering what you just mentioned can you tell me why?22:48
bventuranot trying to argue I just dont think I get it22:48
bventuraLTS = more secure?22:49
ScottKNo, LTS = having to upgrade less often.22:49
ScottKActually we've introduced a number of hardening features after Hardy, so the newer releases are 'more' secure.22:50
alex_joniLTS = Long Term Support .. so you get upgrades for longer22:50
guntbertbventura: In my experience such servers will be put into service and the "forgotten"  - so .. ^^^22:50
bventurai'm not sure what you mean by 'get' i thought they all were free?22:50
bventura'get upgrades' *22:51
guntbert!eol | bventura22:51
ubottubventura: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases22:51
bventuraeureka!  OK I gotcha now I get it22:51
bventuraso 8.04 LTS is the way to go i suppose22:52
JanCif you want to run BIND for serious purposes, buying a book about BIND might be useful...22:53
stimbleor, perhaps run tinydns22:53
JanCor at least read all the docs22:53
bventuraI have been chewing thru the docs on isc.org22:53
JanCstimble: still, reading about how DNS works is very useful  ツ22:53
stimbleor if you dont need all the bind power, i have found dnsmasq to fill most of my LAN needs22:53
stimbleyes, true22:54
bventurai just wanted to get a 2nd pair of eyes on what I have so far22:54
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bventurai'm in a 1-man IT department over here ;p22:54
stimbleI have a fresh 6 nodes UEC cloud/cluster and am getting internal IPs of  Anyone have hints to troubleshoot this?22:55
JanCfor a LAN, dnsmasq is absolutely great (it just does what you need without all the complicated stuff)22:55
mathiazstimble: internal IPs? do you refer to NC private IPs or instances IPs?22:57
stimbleJanC:  yeah, thats what I have found.  And it even does tftp and dns and dhcp together, which makes for a pretty nice integration, as in nice to have dhcp update your dns etc22:57
stimbleinstance ip22:57
stimbleim using managed mode22:57
JanCyep, I used it for that (and so do many "home routers")22:57
mathiazstimble: MANAGED-NOVLAN?22:57
mathiazstimble: is your network VLAN aware?22:58
stimblei guess i can switch to novlan and try it again22:59
mathiazstimble: not necessarly22:59
mathiazstimble: just making sure of your configuration22:59
stimblebut i checked it for vlan support a while back and was pretty certain it came up positive22:59
mathiazstimble: what does euca-describe-addresses say?22:59
stimblei have VNET_SUBNET=""22:59
stimbleit lists the public_ips i have in my eucalyptus.conf23:00
stimble192.168.2.100 - 11023:00
stimble192.168.2.100 is assigned to the one running instance23:00
mathiazstimble: is there another dhcp server running on the network?23:00
stimblebut i cnat ping it23:00
mathiazright - is the dhcp server on the same vlan as the NC?23:01
stimblewell, it is plugged into the same switch23:01
stimblebut, i would think it should not be on the same vlan23:02
stimbleits a pfsense box23:02
mathiazstimble: have you checked that you have multiple VLANs and set the switch correclty?23:02
stimbleits an unmanaged switch23:02
mathiazstimble: if the dhcp server is on the same vlan as the UEC nodes, then there is a chance that the instances got their IP from the external dhcp server rather than the UEC dhcp server23:03
stimbleyeah, but then it should have been in the network23:03
stimbleits, which just seems bonkers23:03
mathiazstimble: how did you notice that the instances had
mathiazstimble: could you pastebin the output of the command?23:06
stimbledoing that now23:06
mathiazstimble: command == euca-describe-instances23:06
stimble_mathiaz: http://pastie.org/66727223:07
stimble_im working from 2 machines (hence the 2 irc handles)23:07
stimblecommand output is at the bottom23:08
stimblehello Burebista23:08
Burebistai try to install a kvm server. the host server are done, but how can i install a virt machine/23:08
mathiazstimble: could you paste the output of: grep ^VNET /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.conf23:09
stimble_updated pastie23:10
mathiazstimble_: hm - well - I don't know - sorry23:12
stimble_just updated again with the full uncommented eucalyptus.conf23:12
stimblewhen UEC installs a eucalyptus node, it never asks to create a username, password.  Anybody know how to still log into a sudo capable account on a node controller?23:35

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