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mdkenewz2000: the image on the front page is very blurred on my screen (Windows + Firefox) - is it the same for you?22:35
newz2000let me check, but it wasn't blurry when I uploaded it22:35
newz2000my browser seems to have gone unresponsive :-(22:36
newz2000not blurry for me22:36
newz2000Are you using some service that speeds up your internet by compressing images?22:37
mdkenewz2000: I'm connecting through a vodafone dongle, but I don't know if it does that or not22:38
newz2000some ISPs do this22:38
mdkehmm, some of the other images on the site are a bit blurry too, maybe it is just my isp22:38
mdkenewz2000: ok, I had no idea about that. Fair enough22:38
newz2000The solution is for me to use smaller images of course. :-)22:39
newz2000So the ISPs don't compress them22:39
mdkei'm happy to blame the ISP for this one :)22:39
mdkethanks for the help22:40

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