Gratz474what does nvidia drivers use by default exa?00:00
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jacquesdupontdthe -f1- means ? im discovering ?00:00
jonaskoelkerjacquesdupontd: fields 1 through <the last one>00:00
NAVWOLF} ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉ ҉̔̕̚̕̚҉ZA ~ L G ҉҉ ̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘Z̙̜̝̞̟̠� �̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌� �̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚� �# O҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠� �̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌� �̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚ ҉҉ ̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕00:00
NAVWOLF̚̕̚͡ # ̎̏̐̑ ̕̚̕̚ ̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉҉̔̕̚̕̚҉ ͡҉҉̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ A̎̏̐̑L̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉҉G̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉҉00:00
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jonaskoelkerjacquesdupontd: but you probably just want the "first" field (first after rev(1)ing, last before)00:01
Thocrunmt92, check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3248600:01
JAMD456Where can I suggest translations to Ubuntu?00:01
lstarnes!ops | NAVWOLF00:02
ubottuNAVWOLF: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:02
jonaskoelkerNAVWOLF: stop trolling, you'll get kick-banned00:02
MenZajpds my dear.00:03
mt92Thocrun: nono, i don't have an issue with MySQL.... I'm having problems connecting to the VPN so that I can SEE the MySQL database... it is firewalled00:03
Xtreme_Great!ops | NAVWOLF00:03
ubottuNAVWOLF: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:03
sourcemakerare there steghide users?00:03
mt92matalo@mt215ubuntuvb:~$ sudo route add -net netmask dev ppo000:03
mt92SIOCADDRT: No such device00:03
jonaskoelkersee also http://bash.org/?835030 for a witty comment about NAVWOLF00:03
Thocrunmt92, so your connecting over VPN to see the mysql?00:03
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Gratz474how can i tell if i am using xaa or exa or whatever i might be using ?00:04
mt92Thocrun: yes.. annoying i know, but thats how it is00:04
durtmt92, uh, shouldn't that be ppp0?00:04
mt92durt: : oh no... epic fail00:04
* genii sips00:04
jt76mt92: Fail!00:05
MrAlexandrohi guys. could i get help writing grub into mbr, also need help removing a logical drive with both the swap that ubuntu uses and slackware on it.00:05
* Xtreme_Great sighs. Feels sorry for these Windoze people.00:05
jonaskoelkergenii: thank you :)00:05
Xtreme_Greatgenii: You really saved our asses...00:06
Thocrunmt92, If you want to look for some help there are a few steps here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=23671000:06
pstefUSA FTW00:06
* Xtreme_Great is off for a nap.00:07
JAMD456Where can I add to the translations in Ubuntu? the Irish translated desktop is horrible00:07
ncfi1013_if i only want one instance of firefox to open do i delete the default profile of firefox?00:08
durtJAMD456, you might want to ask in #ubuntu-translators00:09
n8tuserncfi1013_-> were you even successful in launching two instances of firefox? how did you confirm this?00:09
JAMD456OK thank you very much for that :)00:09
KajrosWell atleast that Navwolf dude is gone00:10
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n00dleHas anyone got a PPTP VPN connection to to a windows server to work in Karmic?00:11
Gratz474is GLX a rendering mode?00:11
Jordan_U!karmic | n00dle00:11
ubottun00dle: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:11
n00dleThanks, Jordan. :)00:12
djbpythonI have a python script i run that has an infinite loop and I've been ending it by Ctrl-Z but this leaves orphaned processes. Whats the proper want to kill it?00:12
talulawhen i shutdown, i notice the following message, "Deconfiguring network interfaces... There is already a pid file   /var/run/dhclient.eth0.pid"... can i ignore this or can i fix it? it doesn't appear to be causing any noticable problem.00:12
Jordan_Udjbpython: ctrl+c00:12
GodfatherofEireGreat. FGLRX just broke my system AGAIN00:13
Gratz474this card is working good, but i need improved scrolling00:13
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: congratulations! :(00:13
djbpythonJordan_U, thanks. where can i read about ctrl-c and -z and others? what do i search for?00:13
ScuniziI installed FF3.5 from the repo in 9.04 but there isn't a launch icon anywhere.. if I use the regular icon I get the older version of FF.. what am I doing wrong??00:14
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, any ideas why its causing so many problems? not just later on in an install, but on a fresh one either00:14
MrAlexandroScunizi it is now called shiretoko00:14
bastidrazorScunizi: it should be a blue world icon called shiretoko00:14
bastidrazorScunizi: the actual binary is firefox-3.500:15
MorwindAnyone know of a cheat engine/art money/tsearch like program for ubuntu?00:15
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: the driver's a piece of ... and/or ubuntu's version of it is a piece of ...00:15
ScuniziMrAlexandro: bastidrazor thanks!  it's there in the menu..00:15
k-dubyaanyone know the cmd to hide the channel notifications for when people arrive and leave00:15
edwindoeblerI've installed 9.10 in a virtualbox VM, but i keep getting authentication failed messages, and can't log in00:15
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: I've had tons of problems.  After switching to the "ati" driver (IIRC), I've only had one kind of problem---the performance kind---and it hasn't really affected me00:15
MrAlexandromy computer: 4 partitions, 3 primary 1 logic:... primary 1 vista -- primary 2 win xp -- primary 3 ubuntu -- logical 4 slackware & swap. mbr : lilo \\ Need help installing grub into mbr & need help removing logical partition but installing the swap again for ubuntu, if possible00:16
edwindoeblerthis has happened with 9.04 as well, also in a virtualbox VM00:16
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Shawn-Is there any way to change the resolution on Xubuntu?00:16
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, You know when a CRT is set to a higher res than it can handle, and it displays the image a bunch of times, but screwed up and overlapping? thats what it looks like at the moment00:16
bobinoNothing is coming out of rythm box and yes my speakers are on! ;)00:17
ajhtiredwolfShawn-, what do you mean?00:17
Gratz474I am trying to fix slow scrolling in firefox00:17
durtShawn-, Settings->Display00:17
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Gratz474i know you guys have heard that a million times before but yea00:17
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jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: eek00:18
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: I don't really know how to make fglrx work, sorry00:18
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: how about using the "ati" driver?00:18
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GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, you mean the one off ATI's Site? The only other driver in the repos is fglrx if I remember00:19
w30Gratz474, have you tried the scrolling preferences in Firefox itself00:19
cyberwalk_rj-branyone know a way to test a cluster with LAM-MPI ?00:20
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, replace 'Driver "fglrx"' with 'Driver "ati"'00:20
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: no single quotes, but *with* the double quotes00:20
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: tabs vs. spaces doesn't matter, though00:20
nilsoncyberwalk_rj-br: ROCKS cluster?00:21
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, I'll give that a shot in a sec00:21
Gratz474w30, i have had this problem many times before on other cards00:21
Gratz474does nvidia not use exa?00:21
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edwindoebleranyone? i can't login to a fresh 9.10 install00:22
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: #ubuntu+1 for karmic00:22
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: np00:22
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, there is no line that has that.00:23
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: my xorg.conf --> http://pastebin.com/f13c919c300:24
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: maybe it'll be inspirational?00:24
Gratz474would i get any performance from running this in 16 bit color rather then 24 bit ?00:24
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, what distro are you running?00:24
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: ubuntu, 9.04 (jaunty)00:25
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: I'm pretty sure that's the xorg.conf I gave you :)  I have debian on my desktop box, but... I'm pretty sure I gave you the ubuntu one00:25
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, ok, just asking, because the last time I saw an xorg like that, it was in 8.04 or 7.1000:26
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:26
Gratz474would i notice any difference using 16 bit color over 24 bit ?00:27
trism!ask | noWAR00:27
ubottunoWAR: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:27
durtGratz474, with most modern cards, my opinion is no, the scrolling issue with firefox could be a memory issue.00:28
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, I'm gonna see if removing CCC helps00:28
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: CCC?00:28
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker Catalyst Control Center00:29
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: aka Weird Proprietary Thing? ;-)00:29
kjsdumb question this, but iv never done it before... can I comment a line out in crontab with a # ?00:30
tredif i am root, can i start plasma for a normal user?00:31
adaptrkjs: which crontab00:31
BodsdaHow can I run a command at 6:30am ?00:31
Bodsdaat does not seem to be playing nicely00:31
lstarneskjs: yes00:31
jribBodsda: use 'at'00:32
Bodsdajrib: it does not seem to work properly. I just did    at 12:31<enter>   >firefox www.google.com    >ctrl+d        and then waited till 12:31 and it did not run00:32
w30tred, I donno. I can su to a user from root though00:32
jribBodsda: what do you actually want to run?00:33
Bodsdajrib: pretty much that -- I need firefox to go to a youtube site then to wake me up in the morning00:34
jribBodsda: at probably runs in some limited environment (check)00:35
Bodsdajrib: check what??? do you want me to run at as sudo or something?00:35
jribBodsda: check what environment at is running your commands in...00:35
Bodsdajrib: /bin/sh00:36
jribBodsda: I mean save the output of "env" somewhere00:36
Gratz474durt, with an intel card using the uxa or what not they use now was useless, using exa with optimizations or using  xaa made scrolling flawless00:36
Bodsdajrib: http://pastebin.com/f7be0288200:37
jribBodsda: tell it to save stdout and stderr of your firefox command somewhere then00:38
wes32hi there. what would a sane way of adding a 'ppa:' link to my software sources through terminal be?00:38
trismBodsda: for your at command try DISPLAY=:0.0 firefox www.google.com00:38
trismBodsda: that worked for me00:38
durtGratz474, so you needed hardware acceleration turned on then.00:38
trismBodsda: or whatever the display you're currently using is00:38
krisdaalguien me puede ayudar00:38
jribBodsda: you ran env inside at right?00:38
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker: fixed it, removed fglrx, and used the backup xorg.conf00:38
krisda alguien me puede ayudar00:38
durt!es | krisda00:39
ubottukrisda: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:39
krisda alguien me puede ayudar00:39
Bodsdajrib: is there an easier way to do this? I just need an alarm clock and it is late here00:39
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: awesome :)00:39
Gratz474durt, in what?00:39
Bodsdajrib: no00:39
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jonaskoelkerI hope my gentle prodding helped :)00:39
Gratz474durt, it was an intel card00:39
jribBodsda: I meant for you too, but see what trism said anyway00:39
Gratz474durt, integrated thing, exa pwned it xaa it worked find00:39
GodfatherofEirejonaskoelker, a bit, saved me from re-installing it anyway00:39
Gratz474right now in this nvidia it works pretty well but i feel it could be better00:39
jribBodsda: you can just do something like: sleep [time to sleep goes here]; some command here00:39
Bodsdajrib: here is env from at http://pastebin.com/m3fefb63200:40
Bodsdatrism: unfortunately that did not work either00:41
durtGratz474, understood, xaa is the newest acceleration IIRC.00:41
jonaskoelkerGodfatherofEire: yay, I feel (a bit) useful ;)00:41
trismBodsda: what does echo $DISPLAY give you?00:41
fighterso, i just ran find . -size +0 -exec mv -i {} {}xxx \; and now i have a bunch of files that are named genericporntitle.avixxx, can anyone tell me how to get rid of the xxx's i just added to my files?00:41
Gratz474durt, i thought it was the oldest?00:41
Bodsdatrism: :0.000:41
durtGratz474, er, actually no, EXA replaced XAA, but UXA is the latest according to wikipedia00:42
Gratz474yes uxa is just pwned durt00:42
jribBodsda: does gedit work?  (setting DISPLAY properly)00:42
Gratz474durt, so what is my nvidia card running right now ?00:42
trismBodsda: odd, cause I just did at now, then DISPLAY=:0.0 firefox-3.5 www.google.com and it worked perfectly *shrugs*00:42
durtGratz474, I don't think nvidia uses Xrendering, it has it's own method.00:43
Bodsdajrib: trism -- sorry guys, it is so late. I am gonna go with a python   time.sleep((60 * 60) * 6)       to get up in 6 hours00:43
Gratz474durt, thats not what i wanted to hear heheh00:43
jribBodsda: just use the regular "sleep" command in bash00:43
trismBodsda: good luck00:43
Bodsdajrib: trism -- thanks guys00:43
Gratz474durt, it works perfect all but the scrolling00:44
durtGratz474, I thinkl this is why the whole restricted drivers thing exists.00:44
Gratz474i feel i can figure it out though but blah00:44
Cojimerowhat's up all you guys00:45
fighternot to much00:45
Gratz474how can i restart X without closing all the applications?00:45
bastidrazorGratz474: you can't.00:46
durtGratz474, you can't.00:46
jribGratz474: look into xpra00:46
trismGratz474: System/Preferences/Startup Applications, Options tab, remember applications when I log out00:46
CojimeroI did restart all the drivers today without rebooting00:46
Gratz474any tips for improving scrolling on a nvidia00:47
Gratz474i get 1000 fps in glxgears or what not per sec00:47
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Gratz474800 something actually00:48
Gratz474i should be able to have some good scrolling00:48
wes32could one decrypt my encrypted home folder with just my mount passphrase, or would one need my login passphrase as well?00:48
trismGratz474: no idea, I have nvidia too and firefox scrolls fine00:48
Gratz474everything else works perfectly00:48
Gratz474trism, how about on facebook?00:48
durtGratz474, that's fairly low, you should be getting ~5000, do you have the restricted drivers installed/running?00:49
trismGratz474: although, do you have smooth scrolling enabled?00:49
trismGratz474: I don't have a facebook account so I don't know00:49
Mind_Outburstpourquoi ubuntu français ne marche plus ?00:50
Gratz474durt, i am on a geforce 2 :) i was getting 80-100 with the intel00:50
Gratz474trism, i do not00:50
Gratz474i have the restricted drivers running yes00:50
trismGratz474: the only time scrolling is slow for me is on sites that put several flash applications on a page, but that is more of a flash issue than a firefox one00:50
Gratz474all effects work everything works fine00:50
Gratz474just want a better scroll00:50
durtGratz474, intel is not the right driver, nvidia 96.x is.00:50
Gratz474durt, i meant the intel integrated card i used before00:51
Gratz474it was horrrrible00:51
Gratz474100 fps per sec if i was lucky00:51
Gratz474in the demo00:51
Cojimeroya guyz windows crappy & came out today ...lol00:52
w3034141 frames in 5.0 seconds = 6828.139 FPS GeForce 7900/GT/GTO00:52
Gratz474trism, yea but i am sure you have a much higher one00:52
rorit's amazing the details people like. Of all the bits about ubuntu, the one thing that really convinced my friend that it was alright was the ability to re-order windows on the taskbar00:52
Gratz474w30, yhes geforce 2 here00:52
Gratz474w30, the intel i was getting 80-10000:53
wes32ror: best not tell him windows 7 finally has that feature as well00:53
Gratz474and the ephiphany browser was not even usable00:53
Gratz474what do they do different scrolling wise?00:53
Cojimeroyeah after so many years00:54
rorlol, well in the words of microsoft "time for a new pc"00:54
rorridiculous how that is supposed to somehow be a positive message00:54
Gratz474going from 24 bit color to 16 will there be a difference?00:54
trismGratz474: I don't know I only have a nvidia geforce 6800, it is kind of old00:54
Gratz474trism, yes, this is just super temporary00:54
Cojimeroyeah thats what I can see too00:54
rorI have a nvidia 6600gt, works well, what's the issue here?00:55
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trismror: Gratz474 is having scrolling problems in firefox00:55
Cojimerohey what yall guys know about the new USB 3.000:55
=== Guest28036 is now known as valeoelite777
rorhave you tried disabling smooth scrolling?00:56
rorabout:config then general.smoothscroll00:56
rorturning that off helps a lot if you're finding scrolling slow00:56
rorpersonally I hate "smooth" scrolling anywya00:57
valeoelite777valeo here what good00:57
Gratz474ror, its something to do with how the nvidia driver does scrolling00:57
valeoelite777my logitech go smooth scrolling if that what you mean00:58
BlackDoggmy 8500GT works fine too00:58
durtror, holy crap, disabling that worked for me, I NEVER KNEW!00:58
detrixI just came across a .jp2 picture file.  and my installation of ubuntu does not support it.  Is there any support for .jp2 (jpeg 2000 files)???00:59
trev_jsNeed advice:  I'm trying to use gpart to copy my partitions to a new hard-drive.  Currently trying to move an NTFS partition, and I can't tell if it is locked up or actively copying.  Should there be a progress bar?00:59
BlackDoggbut strangely i had that problem that i dont understand, like my os lost all graphics config00:59
Gratz474i still dont qutie understand this01:00
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Gratz474is going from 24 bit color to 16 going to change anything?01:00
trismGratz474: I doubt it01:00
durtGratz474, again, as far as FF is concerned, highly doubtful.01:01
Gratz474trism, i have experienced a performance improvement from going from 32 to 16 before01:01
trev_jsAnyone up for a gparted question?  Anybody used it recently?01:01
trismGratz474: give it a shot then, I haven't noticed any difference, unless of course it was through vnc or something, cause then smaller images to send over the network01:01
Chilaquileshey guys any ideas: is there any program in ubuntu for changing a image from jpg or any other kind of image and can convert them to bmp?01:03
PacketCollisiontrev_js: don't remember if it has a progress bar, is your disk light on?01:03
Chilaquilesand also to be able to do this01:03
Chilaquilesmetal.bmp bits per pixel is not 24: 801:03
trev_jshey chila, have you tried GIMP?01:03
PacketCollisionif so, it is probably actively copying.01:03
Chilaquilesis that good trev_js?01:03
Gratz474trism, i mean will i see a visual difference though with the quality of my desktop?01:03
trev_jsyeah, there is a progress bar, but it just bounces back and forth01:03
Chilaquilescuz i dont understand this error in my c program01:04
Chilaquilesmetal.bmp bits per pixel is not 24: 801:04
Chilaquilesso can i do that in GIMP?01:04
trev_jsChila: Gimp handles a lot of differant filetypes01:04
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
trismGratz474: probably not, there are differences, but they really aren't noticable most of the time01:04
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Chilaquilesand you say i can convert the filetype that i want right?01:04
Chilaquilesfrom jpg to bmp or whatever?01:04
Gratz474what does  sync to blank mean and allow flipping mean?01:05
trev_jsChila: You can open it up and save it in the format you want01:05
Gratz474trism, do you have any idea on that ?01:05
Chilaquilesok cool01:05
Chilaquilesi will try it01:05
Chilaquilesthanks trev_js01:05
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rabiespavucontrol wont open, it just gives an error message01:05
rabiesERROR:pavucontrol.cc:574:void StreamWidget::setVolume(const pa_cvolume&, bool): assertion failed: (v.channels == channelMap.channels)01:06
rabiesi mean i just installed ubuntu =(01:06
Chilaquileslooks like you have to do some programming rabies01:07
rabiesbite me Chilaquiles01:07
trev_jsBack to my gparted issue, trying to copy an ntfs partition, and I think GParted is stuck.  The hard disk light is off now actually01:07
rabiesif you want to help, help Chilaquiles, if not, keep your smart ass remarks to yourself01:08
=== Guest43516 is now known as randy_c_
Chilaquilessure rabies01:08
trismGratz474: the allow flipping is to allow opengl to page flip if possible01:08
valeoelite777not a lot of people on the chat lines01:09
Gratz474trism, let me do a restart01:09
trismGratz474: and sync to vblank means that opengl applications will swap buffers during the vertical retrace01:10
detrixhow do I view a .jp2(jpeg-2000) pic?01:12
Cojimerothere is any way you can set a dial up access to your home desktop and that this one share your home internet connection through ssh01:13
craigbass1976I need to get something from tape (cassette -- they were out before CDs in case nobody in here remembers them) to MP3.  What's the best course of action, after I have the tape deck plugged into the computer?  I have gnome-sound-recorder running and can capture.  To what format though, and then what's the best tool to convert to mp3 with?01:15
rordetrix, if your normal image viewer doesn't support it (and it should?) then you could try converting it with image magick01:15
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MK13anyone here that could help me get frostwire working?01:16
gnuisancev4where does the new tomboy in karmic save the *.note files... i'm trying to restore what i have saved in ubuntu one and it's a no go...01:16
trismgnuisancev4: might have better luck asking in #ubuntu+101:17
macognuisancev4: ~/.tomboy/ is where its always been. dont think its changed01:17
gnuisancev4thanks trism, but this is specific the new tomboy in karmic... even if i open the app and create a note, there's no ~/.tomboy directory.  There's a ~/.config/Tomboy/ directory but there's no *.note files in it from my test notes01:18
BaltazarI have a ssh server and i only want it to be accessible from lan, is it enough to set ListenAddress in sshd_config to the (ssh hosting) computers ip?01:19
BaltazarShould be from lan only01:19
wes32in an encrypted home folder: is it safe to give out my mount password assuming they will not retrieve my login password?01:19
gnuisancev4we32 -- no01:19
wes32gnuisancev4: what could one do with just my mount passphrase? the mount passphrase needs the login passphrase to be of any use, does it not?01:20
wes32i've been reading up on ecryptfs but I seem to be getting contradictory information on this specific issue01:20
gnuisancev4the whole point of encryption is so that if someone has physical access to the box they can't get to the data, even if they rebooted with a livecd01:20
Gratz474any of you guys know how to tweak the xorg?01:20
Gratz474how can i get it to start x server with 16 bit color?01:21
jaquerQuick Q: I'm currently using Intrepid and want to update to the Karmic RC. Do I have to install Jaunty first?01:21
craigbass1976MK13, what's the matter with it?01:21
trismjaquer: yes01:21
MenZajaquer: Yes, but I *highly* recommend you install it from scratch.01:21
wes32gnuisancev4: with all due respect, what does that have to do with my question?01:21
MenZajaquer: The update currently has an issue with the bootloader, which won't allow that specific part to be updated.01:21
wes32jaquer: considering the changes made in Karmic, I second MenZa's suggestion (new GRUB and ext4)01:21
craigbass1976MK13, I set up frostwire for the first time a couple months ago in hardy and jaunty; not a hitch01:21
jaquerSounds good. Thanks all.01:22
MenZaNp :)01:22
craigbass1976wes32, what's up with ext4?  What's new?01:22
jtmcgeeHey guys, I have a quick question needing advice. I have this really slow computer, and a really fast one. The slow one is miserable to use, but could I remote desktop (viewing) into a virtual ubuntu on the fast comuter, and would that be faster?01:23
wes32craigbass1976: it's like ext3, but slightly better in most regards :)01:23
MK13craigbass1976, it just gives an error when trying to start,  http://pastebin.com/d568a604d01:23
gnuisancev4wes32:  the mount passphrase can be used with a live cd, as long as someone has the mount passphrase, bypassing the OS and mounting it and retrieving the data isn't hard to do.  you asked if it was save, i said no and that's why01:23
wes32craigbass1976: the one thing i'm noticing is a minor speed increase, but that might be mentally01:23
MK13craigbass1976: i do notice the message about a corrupt frostwire.jar01:23
craigbass1976MK13, how did you install java?01:23
wes32gnuisancev4: ah I see. so my thinking of needing the login passphrase to decrypt the mount passphrase is rather bogus, then? because that's what many ubuntu-related websites are suggesting01:24
LeifSamba Error: Unknown enumerated value ads for security01:24
craigbass1976MK13, oh, and you're running 64 bit?  I've no experience wiht that01:24
MK13craigbass1976: yea, i am on 64 bit01:24
trismjtmcgee: I don't know about the virtual ubuntu part, but otherwise that's what I'm doing...vnc and ssh on the laptop to a faster desktop, works fine01:24
Leifcan some one help me with a samba error?01:25
jtmcgeetrism: cool, but if like even clicking a button, and a menu popping up takes a long time, would that also make the virt. server just as slow to use?01:25
trismjtmcgee: not with vnc, since vnc just sends pictures of the desktop back01:26
jhouseWhy do I have green checkmarks everywhere with 9.10?01:26
MK13craigbass1976: it isn't supposed to have a problem with 64bit, and i installed jre via : sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre01:26
jtmcgeeOkay... would VNC be the fastest option though? It was pretty slow when I used it for windows to windows.01:26
gOLDfeeshI had a question about Fluxbox.. is it as easy to remove it as removing xcfe? Or will it leavve a bunch of files behind?01:27
ntsasngI want to create a shortcut, as is how?01:27
trismjtmcgee: I can't really imagine much faster. there's freenx which is a faster remote x session, but I would think that would be slower01:27
craigbass1976My java was installed via the file on sun's site.  I can talk you through that, but it might not be the problem in the first place01:28
jtmcgeeokay, what about the built in Remote Desktop Viewer?01:28
IdleOne!java64 | MK13 try this01:28
ubottuMK13 try this: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava01:28
ChaorainI have seen Ubuntu netbook remix and want to try it but I don't have a netbook. Can I still run it on my desktop?01:28
ntsasngI want to create a shortcut, as is how?01:28
MK13idleone, thanks but not realated to my question01:28
trismjtmcgee: I use Gnome Remote Desktop for the server (System/Preferences/Remote Desktop) and xvnc4viewer on the laptop (it is a pretty fast vnc viewer for x)01:28
jtmcgeetrism: okay thanks, i am expierimenting with it now01:29
Leifntsasng: Right Click Make Link01:29
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craigbass1976I need to get something from tape (cassette) to MP3.  What's the best course of action, after I have the tape deck plugged into the computer?  I have gnome-sound-recorder running and can capture.  To what format though, and then what's the best tool to convert to mp3 with?01:31
trismgOLDfeesh: should be easy enough to remove with sudo apt-get purge fluxbox, and the user configs should all be stored in ~/.fluxbox01:32
ae86-drifterwhats a good way to completely wipe my ubuntu01:32
gOLDfeeshtrism, alright thanks a lot. I know when you install xubuntu and what not (xcfe) it leavevs a bunch of libs and stuff behind.01:32
gOLDfeeshae86-drifter,  delete the partition01:33
ae86-drifterrm -rf /01:33
IdleOneae86-drifter: please don't do that01:33
ae86-drifterbut i wanna keep my home folder01:33
xarislol dont do that01:33
trismgOLDfeesh: there are relatively few dependencies for fluxbox, and you should be able to remove those after you uninstall fluxbox with sudo apt-get autoremove01:33
=== YBH_1 is now known as ybh2
ae86-driftermy home folder is mounted in partition /01:34
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:34
ae86-drifteri dont have a home partition01:34
ae86-drifteri know what a home folder is01:34
IdleOnekeep reading01:34
ae86-drifteri know how to move it to a separate partition01:35
ae86-drifteri dont think i explained myself enough01:35
IdleOneso what is your question01:35
ae86-drifteri need to keep the conents of /home but sesize the partition so i can create a new / partition01:36
xarischmod +t /dir , removes delete permissions from files ?01:36
IdleOneuse gparted01:36
ae86-drifterwill i lose my data by resizing???01:36
trismae86-drifter: the idea is no, but it is always best to backup before you attempt it01:36
IdleOnebacking up is always a safe idea01:36
magikidok I may have deleted my /dev folder.  Where can I restore it from?  I've got an ubuntu CD laying around.01:37
wes32do I finally understand it right by saying only the mount passphrase is needed to decrypt the data in ecryptfs, but the login passphrase is needed to decrypt the file the mount passphrase is stored in?01:38
ae86-drifterur screwed01:38
macowes32: yep, believe so01:38
magikidae86-drifter, thanks for the help but there's got to be some way.01:38
wes32I knew i'd get there eventually. ;) ty01:38
omeddragonhow do I remove a file owned by root is a java folder01:38
macoomeddragon: sudo01:39
macoomeddragon: either "sudo rm" it or run "gksudo nautilus" and do it graphically01:39
xTheGoat121xI'm trying to get a bluetooth headset working for Skype... I can get the headset to pair but that's about it.01:39
ae86-drifteri think typing "sudo rm -rf /" will fix most problem in ubuntu?01:40
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:40
ae86-drifterthen type your root pw01:40
ae86-driftershould i not?01:41
ae86-drifteri was told its good01:41
magikidae86-drifter, wow, you are one of the most unhelpful people I've ever seen in this room01:41
LjLae86-drifter: stop being an asshat, will you?01:41
IdleOneae86-drifter: not being very helpful are you. troll01:41
ae86-drifterit optimizes01:41
LeifI am looking for some Samba/Active Directory information.01:41
* xTheGoat121x rolls eyes01:41
LeifI have kerberos working I just can't get the samba working with it.01:42
lwizardlcan windows scr screen savers be used on linux?01:42
Leifsudo net ads join fails01:43
LeifSamba Error: Unknown enumerated value ads for security01:43
gOLDfeeshIs there an app that i need to install so I can make themes for ubuntu?01:43
magikidok, here's a question.  If I'm reinstalling ubuntu and I've got a seperate / partition, do I need to install it any differently?01:43
OzFalconWhat firefox video player plugins are available other than "mozilla-mplayer"????01:44
bastidrazormagical: specify which partition is / .. and which is /home .. you'll be doing a manual partition option in the installer01:44
geniiapt-cache search plugin|grep mozilla01:45
kermitcan i hibernate and boot into a new kernel?01:45
trismgOLDfeesh: themes are usually just a collection of config files and images, so you really should just need a text editor and gimp for most of them, check out  http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/Tutorials01:45
kermitif i hibernate since there's been a kernel upgrade, i think ubuntu tries and fails01:45
trismgOLDfeesh: might try downloading a couple themes and playing with the configs to see what happens01:46
magikidbastidrazor, thanks, that's what I thought01:46
Baltazar3Hi all, How can enable automatic logon from the command prompt?01:47
bastidrazormagikid: if you have more than one drive be sure to know which partition / is on for the gurb set up and the last stage of installing01:47
bastidrazormagikid: grub01:47
xTheGoat121xIf I install Karmic RC... will there be an option to upgrade the full version once it's released?01:48
jmcantrelldoes anyone know how to install gstreamer0.10-plugins-farsight in jaunty?01:48
LjLxTheGoat121x: no option is needed. just stay updated, and you'll be on the final version without even knowing.01:49
gOLDfeeshjmcantrell, apt-get?01:49
magikidbastidrazor, thanks.  I think I've figured it out.  I still have access to links so I looked it up01:49
LjLxTheGoat121x: unless of course karmic breaks in the meanwhile, which can always happens!01:49
gOLDfeeshor aptitude..01:49
=== alele__ is now known as ale|fora
jmcantrellgOLDfeesh: it complains that it's trying to overwrite a file that's in gstreamer0.10-plugins-good01:49
jmcantrellhow is karmic? is it pretty usable at this point?01:49
bastidrazormagikid: good luck01:50
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:50
magikidbastidrazor, thanks a bunch01:50
xTheGoat121xLjL, thanks, I appreciate it. I was considering installing the RC but seeing as it's mid-semester... I'd rather not have to install twice in one week01:50
=== rashed2020 is now known as r2020
shadowblade1Hi all, my network connection on my other laptop suddenly stopped working. Rest of the network cannot see it and it cannot see out (nmap -sP [local network] sees this machine and some unknown other IP that no other machine on the network knows anything about, or me). I literally did not change anything and updates are not automatic. Please help./etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/m217def2401:55
trismBaltazar3: System/Administration/Login Window on the security tab01:55
trismBaltazar3: oh sorry I missed the from the command prompt01:55
smeeHi.  My ubuntu (9.04) screen goes black after the startup load screen.  Does anyone know what it might be?01:55
smee I tried using earlier kernel versions and the recovery mode, but I get the same black screen (with some strange color patterns in the upper part of the screen).01:55
shadowblade1Forgot to mention this is hardy01:56
matelotQ: Right clicking a USB device (thumb drive) > "Unmount volume" --- this is equivalent to Windoz's "Eject", right ?01:58
Kuifje111smee: something wrong with X server? did you try to login with a shell instead of desktop manager?01:58
bmwerksi dont have a gui for compiz because i have a onboard vidcard how can i turn off the redirect from the terminal01:58
=== SnakDoc_ is now known as SnakDoc
linxehmatelot: yes01:58
bmwerksthe redirect on fullscreen tht is01:58
linxehmatelot: since you cant eject a usb device.01:58
matelotthx linxeh - so after "unmount volume" - it01:59
matelotis safe to remove01:59
matelotthe USB01:59
matelotlike in Windows01:59
bmwerksi dont have a gui for compiz because i have a onboard vidcard how can i turn off the redirect from the terminal02:00
bmwerksthe redirect on fullscreen tht is02:00
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Kuifje111matelot: as far as I know you go to the right corner where those icons are and then 'unmount' the USB drive in windows.02:01
matelotlinxeh, right , that's how it is done in Win02:01
mateloti mean Kuifje11102:01
smeeKuifje111:  i don't know how to do that02:02
smeeKuifje111:  i tried pressing Ctrl-Alt-F keys, on the black screen, but that didn't help02:02
Kuifje111smee: what did you get with ctrl+alt+backspace?02:03
Kuifje111smee: you should edit the GRUB boot record.02:03
smeeKuifje111:  i got nothing02:03
shadowblade1Hi all, my network connection on my other laptop running Hardy suddenly stopped working. Rest of the network cannot see it and it cannot see out (nmap -sP [local network] sees this machine and some unknown other IP that no other machine on the network knows anything about, or me). I literally did not change anything and updates are not automatic. Please help./etc/network/interfaces :  http://pastebin.com/m217def2402:04
smeeKuifje111: i don't know what a GRUB boot record is or how to edit it.:-(02:04
Kuifje111GRUB is where you press enter to boot ubuntu02:04
smeewhere can i access it?02:05
Kuifje111you should press "e" if I remember correctly there.02:05
DaZsmee: /boot/menu.lst? :f02:05
Kuifje111when you boot your PC there comes a screen02:05
Kuifje111you should press "e" there02:06
Kuifje111then edit one of those lines02:06
smeeok..now what?02:06
DaZah, he can't log in :f02:06
Kuifje111and append "init=/bin/sh"02:06
Doonzhey guys, what does it mean when i can ping an ip but not a domain name02:06
Kuifje111yeah, there's no need.02:06
DaZDoonz: no dns02:06
BilliardDoonz: dns prob02:06
Kuifje111Doonz: means the DNS is malfuctioning02:06
smeeDaZ: actually i have hardy on another partition that i can log into and access the jaunty files02:06
Kuifje111smee: you could as well mount the HDD from there then.02:07
Kuifje111to edit files.02:07
HowDoIDoonz, sounds like a DNS problem02:07
DoonzOK, question 2. How can i remote desktop into a server located miles away but when i log onto the desktop the network icon says no active connection02:07
DaZsmee: doing what Kuifje111 said is faster02:07
Kuifje111take of care of the fact that it wont boot a desktop manager or/and login manager02:08
smee Kuifje111: does it matter what line i edit?02:08
DaZsmee: kernel line02:08
Kuifje111yeah, I guess you should do the second one02:08
=== ale|fora is now known as alele
Kuifje111ubuntu keeps you knowledgeless.02:09
Kuifje111about the basic stuff.02:09
sblunixKuifje111: I disagree :P02:09
Kuifje111well, except if you choose the server version.02:10
* DaZ agrees02:10
Doonzso nobody02:10
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
shadowblade1anyone got anything?02:11
smeeok.  now what should i do?02:11
LiteHeddedjust installed ubuntu for the first time since version 6. don't remember anything about it. what should I do FIRST?02:11
LjLshadowblade1: no, no one got nothing02:11
Kuifje111shadowblade1: all i've got is a PC.02:12
smee Kuifje111: i did. i'm in the shell i guess02:12
Kuifje111smee: ok then02:12
Doonzhey guys, what does it mean when i can ping an ip but not a domain name02:12
BilliardLiteHedded: do my homework lol02:12
DoonzOK, question 2. How can i remote desktop into a server located miles away but when i log onto the desktop the network icon says no active connection02:12
LiteHeddedbesides that...02:12
rigodeniim trying to get my unsupported Scanner working using VirtualBox, I have vistax64 on it now, drivers installed for it, but how do i enable the Serial Port?02:13
Kuifje111smee: go to /home/<your user>/02:13
LiteHeddedi remember i had to add servers to some list....that hosted applications I could install?02:13
LiteHeddedthat ring a bell to anyone?02:13
Kuifje111smee: try nano /etc/inittab as well.02:13
BilliardLiteHedded: what are you trying to install02:13
smee Kuifje111: ok02:13
DaZLiteHedded: LiteHedded don't they have any newbie guide on the forum or wiipedia? ;f02:13
jeez1234hi, anyone from India? whats the fastest mirror for india?02:13
smee Kuifje111: inittab is empty02:14
rigodenihow do i find out what serial port my scanner is using?02:14
Kuifje111smee: nano /home/<user you're using>/.xinitrc02:14
trismLiteHedded: all the default ubuntu repositories you want to enable can be set up in System/Administration/Software Sources02:14
DaZsmee: more likely you mistyped ;f02:14
LiteHeddedrepositories. there ya go that's what it was :P02:14
LiteHeddedi had to configure my wireless adapter manually with iwconfig. will i have to do that everytime?02:15
PacketCollisionDoonz: DNS error for first q02:15
Kuifje111smee: with this rate it's going to take to 10AM (3:15 AM now, my time).02:15
LiteHeddedgui didn't work02:15
trismLiteHedded: yes, unless you set it up in /etc/network/interfaces02:16
arancinoiao, buon giorno atutti02:16
PacketCollisionDoonz: second question, maybe network manager isn't managing the interface?02:16
Kuifje111smee: there's probably something wrong with your ati/nvidia drivers or/and desktop manager.02:16
smee Kuifje111: sorry, it's empty too.  i'm trying it again.02:16
mgv1where can i find the african safari ubuntu wallpaper?02:16
rigodeni how do i find out what serial port my scanner is using?02:16
Kuifje111"/etc/inittab" is not very likely to be empty.02:17
bastidrazormgv1: gnome-look.org is a goodplace to start looking.02:17
DoonzPacketCollision: if its not where do i look?02:17
Kuifje111~/.xinitrc can be empty.02:17
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:17
Blank__rigodeni, lsusb?02:17
jacquesdupontdhey guys i have a little problem that i can't pass it must be so simple02:17
PacketCollisionDoonz: /etc/network/interfaces02:17
mgv1bastidrazor, its there?02:17
rigodeniBlank__: yes its USB02:17
jacquesdupontdim making a function in bashrc and there's a wget inside and it never stop with ctrl+c02:17
DoonzPacketCollision: ok thanx02:18
jacquesdupontdi have to close the terminal02:18
Blank__that's the command, rigodeni02:18
Blank__in terminal, lsusb02:18
smee Kuifje111: the nano screen comes up, but there is no text02:18
jacquesdupontdbut that's the only command that repeats and can't be closed02:18
PacketCollisionjacquesdupontd: wget likes to capture some signals, check the man page02:18
DaZjacquesdupontd: why do you want to use wget in bahrc >:02:18
jacquesdupontdsomeone is following me ?02:18
Kuifje111smee: that is rather peculiar.02:18
LiteHeddedso just add 'iwconfig essid 'ssid of my network' to /etc/network/interfaces?02:18
mb_again_jacquedupontd: are you starting it backtground (&)?02:18
rigodeniBlank__: by bad, thanks, it returned "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 04a9:1900 Canon, Inc. CanoScan LiDE 90"02:18
=== kinto_o is now known as kinto
jacquesdupontdno i want to see the evolution of the download02:19
Blank__you're welcome02:19
kintocan someon give me some advice on installing ubuntu on PS3, the install is stuck at formatting swap and won't leave 0%02:19
trismjacquesdupontd: maybe http://rimuhosting.com/knowledgebase/linux/misc/trapping-ctrl-c-in-bash02:19
jacquesdupontdi'll show you my script pastebin02:19
Gratz474thought i would try out the onboard once more, i can't run glxgears i get Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".02:19
Gratz474Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual02:19
Gratz474 what does this mean?02:19
jacquesdupontdtrism, i was searching for this the trapping thing02:19
rigodeniBlank__: so now i need to activate that port on my virtual machine in vitualbox02:19
mb_again_jd: one sec ...02:19
smee Kuifje111: i can try looking at it from the other ubuntu partition02:20
Blank__rigodeni, not sure i can help there, last time i fiddled with usb in virtualbox it caused nothing but problems02:20
jacquesdupontdtrism but where do i put that trap thing ?02:20
Gratz474anyone got any suggestions?02:20
mb_again_jd: mine stops clean on a control c, is there anything else non standard about your setup?02:20
jacquesdupontdtrism, in bashrc function i just put trap ?02:20
Gratz474wooow using the onboard scrolling is soooooo much smoother02:21
=== naruto is now known as Guest1403
Gratz474i mean yea the onboard has to be able to have effects then02:21
DaZGratz474: ? ;f02:21
rigodeniBlank__: in this output "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 04a9:1900" what is the "IRQ" and "I/O Port" ?02:22
Gratz474DaZ, huh?02:22
Blank__no idea, rigodeni :(02:22
Kuifje111smee: I am off to bed, good luck solving your problem.02:22
smee Kuifje111: ok.  thanks for trying.02:23
Gratz474with an intel card do i have to turn on compositing?02:23
=== root is now known as Guest44151
Turk_hu's on?02:23
degeneratenot at the moment no02:23
trismjacquesdupontd: right I forgot you made this function in bashrc, not sure02:23
jacquesdupontdwe can't use ctrl+c in a bash function ? that's weird02:24
bastidrazorTurk_: please don't advertise02:24
mgv1where to i move fonts to?02:25
DaZmgv1: ~/.fonts02:25
canthus13mgv1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts02:25
mgv1what is ~ DaZ ?02:26
DaZmgv1: home directory02:26
mgv1DaZ, no such dic there02:26
DaZmgv1: so create it.02:26
LiteHeddeddo i need to put my essid in /etc/network/interfaces?02:27
LiteHeddedso far i just have this:02:27
LiteHeddedauto eth102:27
LiteHeddediface eth1 inet dhcp02:27
LiteHedded...below the loopback02:27
mgv1DaZ, dont know how to02:27
DaZmgv1: mkdir ~/.fonts02:28
jacquesdupontdtrism, i pastebined you02:28
necromniconhow do i change the modified date for a group of files in a directory?02:29
Gratz474Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".02:29
Gratz474Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual02:29
mgv1DaZ, haha thanks - ive alrady typed this code gksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype02:29
Gratz474what does this mean?02:29
fcuk112necromnicon: man touch?02:29
trismjacquesdupontd: it could be because you used & on wget and it is starting in the background02:30
DaZGratz474: /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:30
jacquesdupontdtrism, without the & the vlc comming next doesn't launch02:31
=== bennettj1087 is now known as bennettj
jacquesdupontdtrism, how to put the wget in the frontground ?02:31
trismjacquesdupontd: are you trying to launch vlc before the download finishes?02:32
LiteHeddedwhat's the command to restart networking?02:32
necromniconfcuk112: touch is kinda what i want but it only works for a single file... is there a command that works recursively?02:32
jacquesdupontdthe wget start, the vlc start the download of the wget but i would like to be able to kill all that if it's needed02:32
jacquesdupontdtrism, understood ?02:32
inurneckmsg nickserv register02:33
trismjacquesdupontd: yeah I get it, why not just vlc http://www.example.com/path/to/file.avi02:33
fcuk112necromnicon: it works for multiple files as well, e.g. touch *.pl02:33
jacquesdupontdtrism, i was always doing that before and my script as like 10 better things than this solution i could tell you, you have the file, you download it the fastest possible instead of using the buffer of vlc, you can pause many other reasons02:34
jacquesdupontdi managed02:36
jacquesdupontdtrism, just putted a kill $! on the end of the script02:36
trismjacquesdupontd: great, I was just about to suggest $!02:37
jacquesdupontdtrism, you should try my script it really works perfectly02:37
trismjacquesdupontd: I actually like to finish downloading before I try to watch any videos, I just queue them up in a text file and wget -i file02:38
jacquesdupontdand really better than vlc theurl that was freezing if your downloading speed goes down but not taking more data if it goes faster and when there was freezes you were missing the during time of the freeze of the movie02:38
trismjacquesdupontd: it is definitely an interesting idea though02:39
jacquesdupontdtrism, but i have to ask you something else to make it really perfect, in fact i would like that in the script if in my arg an ".avi" is inside take the name of the file instead of tempmov and if it's a directory do like i did02:39
tobiei went to a barnes and noble where they had a wireless repeater on their main at&t wifi connection.  i am using b43 from b43-fwcutter.  i was unable to connect to either ATT ssid.  is that a common occurance where repeaters are stationed ?02:40
jacquesdupontdbefore i did with the name of the end of the url after the "/" but doesn't works when the file is an url wich only finish by "/" with no file name02:40
jacquesdupontdtrism, you understand ?02:40
jacquesdupontdi'll show you02:40
n8tusertobie nope, its easy to connect02:40
jacquesdupontdi was doing with a variable call "name" the line was name=$(echo "$1" | rev | cut -f1 -d'/' | rev)02:41
jacquesdupontdit was taking just myavi.avi of http://url.com/myavi.avi02:41
viziouzHello guys!02:42
necromniconfcuk112: "find ./ -exec touch {} \;"  does what i want02:42
jacquesdupontdi just don't really know how to make some if in bash to say to use this solution if "avi" is in the url02:42
viziouzI need some help to compile usbserial for my Alcatel x030 modem02:42
jacquesdupontdlike if "avi" isin $1 do "myfirstsolution" else "do like now" how would you traduce that to my script trism ?02:43
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=== BD[Zzz] is now known as BlackDogg
vijay_my ubuntu all video player crashes when i open it with in 2 seconds i have updated all drivers Pls help02:43
viziouzanyone can help me to make usbserial settings for usb 3g modem? please02:44
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
dfr|mac_hi all. I am trying to make ubuntu work with my TV. The manual states it supports 852x480 resolution for 16:9 ratio.. but I seem to fail make it use that resolution02:45
dfr|mac_any hints on what to try?02:45
Billiarddfr|mac_: your tv supports this this resolution with another machine?02:46
dfr|mac_Billiard: what do you mean?02:46
dfr|mac_Billiard: that's the resolution I read from the manual...02:46
Billiarddfr|mac_: ok, just was wondering if it worked with a different computer02:47
dfr|mac_Billiard: i haven't really tried... I would imagine that if I plugged a regular monitor, it would work fine...02:47
ageebdfr|mac: assuming your trying the right procedure, have you tried any other resolutions? did the manual say that's the max resolution?02:48
dfr|mac_Billiard: I've played a bit with xrandr according to manuals online... but there're two caveats: 1) for some reason it only wants 856x480 resolution, not 852.... the other is that the "viewable" part of the screen is shifted right and up... and not sure how to tell xrandr to offset it02:48
jacquesdupontdtrism, pastebin for you02:48
vijay_my ubuntu all video player crashes when i open it with in 2 seconds i have updated all drivers Pls help02:48
dfr|mac_ageeb: it seems to work with regular 800x600 and stuff, but it's "wide".. basically it seems to display 4:3 in 16:9 aspect...02:49
dfr|mac_i get a working screen, just messed up the ratio02:49
viziouzplease, someone help me with my hsdpa modem, I have limit of 60KB/s download, while in windows I can reach 1.5mbps, I guess that it may be usbserial driver limitation.02:50
viziouzif someone has any Idea how to fix that, I will appreciate any help02:51
dfr|mac_any idea what to try? I am a bit nooby with xrandr configurations... =/02:51
dfr|mac_there's --pos but i am not sure whether it accepts negative x offsets02:51
ubuntun810anyone know how to resize a filesystem without changing the partition size (not ext2resize is not available on my architecture)02:51
Billiarddfr|mac_: what happens when you try the 865 res?02:52
Billiarddfr|mac_: 856*02:52
dfr|mac_Billiard: my screen is mispositioned, i think02:53
=== semperfi30 is now known as Tyler09
dfr|mac_and I am not sure how to rectify that.02:53
Tyler09Is this a support channel for ubuntu?02:53
Tyler09or is there another I should go to02:53
ageebdfr|mac: not sure the solution but have you poked around here? http://www.x.org/wiki/Projects/XRandR ?02:53
bobinoI do you get access to root? I always get permission denied...02:54
ubuntun810tyler09: this is it02:54
dfr|mac_ageeb: yea. But I haven't really found a spot where it talks about rectifying the screen position. There's mentioning of --pos when setting dual-head, but I don't think I can shift it "left"02:55
Billiardbobino: what are you trying to do?02:56
Tyler09I'm trying to get my Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 webcam to work with Pidgin02:56
bobinoI just want to know what it does02:56
Tyler09But Ubuntu isn't even picking up that it's connected to my computer02:56
Billiardbobino: what what does?02:56
ubuntun810anyone know how to resize a filesystem without changing the partition size (not ext2resize is not available on my architecture)02:56
bobinoBilliard: well I want to know whats in that file02:56
Billiardbobino: what file?02:57
Tyler09I went and tried to install the UVCVideo drivers but I run into issues when it tries to build the Debian Package02:57
bobinoBilliard: thr root file02:57
Billiardbobino:  the / directory ?02:57
eniacpxTyler09: Does syslog show anything when you plug it in?02:57
bobinoblilliard : yes02:58
m0r0nCan someone help me get spell check in OO Writer to work?02:58
Tyler09eniacpx how would I go to system log?02:58
Billiardbobino: you can view the / directory as any user02:58
Tyler09can I open it from terminal?02:58
bensmithcan someone please respond so in know im doing this right im a noob to irc02:58
m0r0nTyler09: Sstem>admin>log fiel viewer02:58
w30dfr|mac_, a program called xvidtune used to fix skewed screens. I haven't used it for a long time and don't even know if its maintained any more.02:58
eniacpxTyler09: In a console, type: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog, plug the camera in and see if anything pops up.02:59
m0r0nTyler09: System>Administrator>Log File Viewr*02:59
bobinoBilliard: I got an error when trying to access it02:59
Tyler09would it be more helpful if I showed you all what the log file says for the dkbg?02:59
dfr|mac_w30: lemme see if apt-get can get it02:59
bobinoBilliard: hold on02:59
eniacpxTyler09: sorry, the 'sudo' part is unneeded...02:59
CondouloWhere would Arora's configuration files be?03:00
w30dfr|mac_, it would print out a xorg.config file entry that you could paste into your config file03:00
Billiardubuntun810: resize2fs ?03:00
bensmithwhat is the topic or is it anything ubuntu related03:00
eniacpxbensmith: anything...03:00
ageebanything jaunty really03:00
w30dfr|mac_, last time I used it was on RedHat 5.0 duh...03:01
bobinoBilliard: I do cd / root03:01
ageeb... or older :)03:01
Tyler09Oct 22 22:00:25 Tyler-desktop kernel: [ 7166.461805] input: UVC Camera (046d:0990) as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.1/usb1/1-6/1-6:1.0/input/input703:01
Tyler09Oct 22 22:00:26 Tyler-desktop pulseaudio[3247]: alsa-util.c: Device hw:1 doesn't support 44100 Hz, changed to 16000 Hz.03:01
Tyler09Oct 22 22:00:26 Tyler-desktop pulseaudio[3247]: alsa-util.c: Device hw:1 doesn't support 2 channels, changed to 1.03:01
unop!ot | bensmith03:01
ubottubensmith: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:01
bensmithholy cow i can talk thanx if inally got this to work03:01
viziouzplease, someone help me with my hsdpa modem, I have limit of 60KB/s download, while in windows I can reach 1.5mbps, I guess that it may be usbserial driver limitation.03:01
viziouzif someone has any Idea how to fix that, I will appreciate any help03:01
bensmithwhat r u downloading03:01
bobinoBilliard : I get in...but when I ask to list the content it says prmission denied03:01
Billiardbobino: /root you are trying to access, that is different than just /03:01
Tyler09It shows that it realizes it's connected03:01
Tyler09when in pidgin03:01
Tyler09I go to media> then video all the options are greyed out03:01
dfr|mac_w30: seems like it's available... how do I use it? If I just run it, it says "Unable to query monitor info"03:01
Gratz474how can i see if i am running exa?03:02
Billiardbobino: /root is owned by the root user, you can view the contents using `sudo ls`03:02
bobinoBilliard: sorry03:02
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nickrudGratz474,  ps -A | grep exa03:02
=== lmedina is now known as luis_medina
bobinoBilliard: ok03:02
* Tyler09 awaiting a response03:02
nickrudGratz474, assuming that's the process name it runs under03:02
Gratz474nickrud, nothing, dont i check the xserver log?03:03
K_DallasHi guys! I have a GUI issue. How can I change Ubuntu9.10 default desktop, menu,task bars, ...into something like Windows 7/Vista (I hate having two bars on my screen, for one) or an Apple look? Also is there a theme which is neater than the default one (I have seen themes on the net but not sure hot to install them)? Thanks (many of the desktop-screencaptures I see from people, they are very nice but no guide how to get there)03:03
kermitmy cpu keeps getting stuck at it's lowest speed on a dell laptop03:03
Gratz474nickrud, how do i check from the log?03:03
stinkywith the LTS version, how long is the support? 6 years?03:03
=== luis_medina is now known as ubunter
bensmith3 years03:03
bensmithnot 603:03
Tyler09K_Dallas: I don't think there are any robust themes like that for Ubuntu03:03
BilliardK_Dallas: you can right click the panels and customize them03:03
Billiardyou can move everything to one panel03:03
Tyler09K_Dallas I picked a desktop picture I liked and changed the colors of everything to match it03:04
viziouzanyone can help me to make usbserial settings for usb 3g modem? please03:04
doc-saintlyHi all, i seem to not have any sound in firefox with flash03:04
Gratz474nickrud, in other words how do i check to see if i am running uxa or exa or whatever?03:04
K_DallasBilliard, changing the default desktop etc, has never been good enough03:04
sarthori tried on google to search some howto/manual etc, but no success, I want to install pppoe server for my local LAN (No Modem just in on building )on my Ubuntu 9.04 server, Any howto or Documentation?03:04
doc-saintlyt used to be that arestart would fix this, but it seems not to be th case this time03:04
nickrudGratz474, you'd do something similar :  grep -i exa  /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:04
Tyler09doc-saintly: have you tried updating your flash ?03:04
doc-saintlyTyler09: i just did a full synaptic update,03:04
mgv1does anyone knows what are the anoyying grey areas? http://yfrog.com/1272546176p03:04
Gratz474nickrud, yea thats not working, what do the new intel drivers use?03:04
* Tyler09 still awaiting a response for my issues mentioned earlier...03:04
nickrudGratz474, Ithink I spoke to soon, a sec03:04
bobinoBilliard : I am in root but when I try ls root it says permission denied03:05
m0r0nK_Dallas: First of all, '/join #ubuntu+1' secondly http://www.gnome-look.org/ Not sure if anyone has updated it for 9.10 yet though03:05
Ch3mtailWith the USB install mode that's now avaliable from the live CD, you will create a USB installation that retains changes made purely in memory until system shutdown, then writing them to disk to minimize device wear, correct?03:05
eniacpxTyler09: Have you tried accessing the camera with any other software, like Ekiga? just to see if it works?03:05
nickrudGratz474, you'd use the second one, try uxa if that's what you think is running.   man exa says it's a module, and module loading is reported in the Xorg.0.log03:05
doc-saintlyCh3mtail: i've never had any luck with it retaining files03:05
K_Dallasm0r0n, you right but my problem is not really 9.10. It is more general than that03:05
Tyler09doc-saintly: Hmm I'm not sure, I'm new to ubuntu but I've got a pretty good grasp of the majority of things. So your saying when you play flash movies like say youtube you have video but no sound?03:05
Billiardbobino: please read my last message again more closely03:05
Tyler09eniacpx: Is that standard on Jaunty?03:06
doc-saintlyTyler09: yep03:06
nickrudGratz474, and I have no idea what intel would be running, sory03:06
m0r0nK_Dallas: Try that site, there are some good icon sets and whatnot to do what you want03:06
Gratz474anyone else here know what intel uses?03:06
eniacpxTyler09: It should be. Applications > Internet03:06
Gratz474exa or uxa?03:06
K_Dallasm0r0n, thanks. Will do it right away03:06
Gratz474i can't find either in my log03:06
Tyler09doc-saintly: have you tried checking your sound settings? check the volume is turned up, also check your internet connection speed03:06
mgv1after the last installation everything goes so slow on ubuntu03:07
Tyler09eniacpx: i found it testing now03:07
bensmithis the karmic beta out yet03:07
Billiardmgv1: installation of what?03:07
doc-saintlyTyler09: i am able to get sound through mplayer03:07
nickrud!karmic | bensmith03:07
ubottubensmith: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:07
Tyler09eniacpx: how do I test the cam03:07
eniacpxTyler09: I am most interested to see if it shows as a camera in the preferences window03:07
bensmithdid they fix that really serious hardware freeze yet03:07
Tyler09eniacpx: roger checking03:07
nickrudyou'd need to ask there for up to date accuracy most likely03:07
Tyler09eniacpx: it shows as a UVC Camera03:08
Tyler09eniacpx: it doesn't detect the actual name of the camera though03:08
bobinoWhat directory to go to to fix the sound?03:08
Tyler09eniacpx: is this correct?03:08
bobinoI only have the beeps03:09
=== lucas_ is now known as I_was_lucas
JimmioCan I still decrypt my PGP encrypted files if I lost my public key?03:09
Gratz474or does intel use something completely other then uxa or exa?03:09
Tyler09eniacpx: it says: UVC Camera (046d:0990) (PTLIB/V4L2)03:09
BlehkCan anyone explain to me how you'd setup ldirectord to be redundant? I'm a little confused on the process. You have one internet connection, how do you guarantee that you either hit one proxy or the other? I mean, do you setup a load balancer infront of the two? And how can you guarantee that when one downs, that the other is the only one that's hit?03:09
eniacpxTyler09: Ah, V4L2... Video4Linux. Hold on a sec.03:09
jribJimmio: you have your private key?03:09
mgv1Billiard, ubuntu03:10
Jimmiojrib: That I do, yes.03:10
dsnydersHi all!  Do I need the avahi-daemon?03:10
nickrud!sound | bobino03:10
ubottubobino: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:10
jribJimmio: then I don't see why not03:10
Tyler09eniacpx: I tried updating the UVC drivers thinking that was the issue but I ran into issues at the end compiling the Debian Package03:10
Tyler09eniacpx: it installed succesfully but it wouldn't compile the package03:10
Billiardmgv1: perhaps your videocard isnt properly set up03:10
Tyler09eniacpx: Can we carry this over to a PM?03:10
eniacpxTyler09: Sure03:10
* nickrud is amazed that people are still trying to put debian in ubuntu03:11
bobinoThanks nickrud!03:11
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:11
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!03:11
bad_boyskt\j beltrao03:11
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:11
jodeI am trying to find a channel or channels best suited for programmind discussions?03:11
nickrud!msgthebot > bobino03:12
ubottubobino, please see my private message03:12
mgv1Billiard, ive followed a guide for my intel vc - i dont even know how to restore back03:12
Billiardjode: join the channel for the language you are using03:12
Gratz474does intel use exa or uxa? or do they use dri2 or what not ????03:12
dfr|mac_whatever.. maybe I'll just blame the intel graphics card and see if grabbing an nvidia will fix :)03:12
Condoulowhere does Arora store its plugins03:12
m0r0nGratz474: I have no idea what your talking about, but what is your main goal your trying to reach?03:12
BlehkIs there a better channel to ask web scaling questions in?03:13
Gratz474m0r0n, do you know what exa is? i so confused on what rendering method intel is using now03:13
m0r0nGratz474: No clue, but why do you want to know that?03:14
Gratz474m0r0n, because maybe i am not using the best and could get more performance using another03:14
nickrudGratz474, according to http://intellinuxgraphics.org/ , it uses exa03:15
nickrudGratz474, erm, wrong order - uxa replaced it03:15
Gratz474yes but i think that its not that way or something03:15
Gratz474if i grep uxa i get nothing03:15
IdleOneGratz474: UXA was disabled see !intel03:16
nickrudmaybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting will be helpful03:16
Gratz474IdleOne, so whats it using then?03:17
pblchaiholaaaaaaaaaaa jajajaj03:17
Gratz474from 9.04 performance has improved quite a bit and i am just curious why that is03:17
nickrudGratz474, you're running karmic?03:19
Gratz474nickrud, yes03:19
Gratz474nickrud, and performance has really improved with the graphics card stuff03:19
nickrudshame on you, troubleshooting karmic in #ubuntu ;) Try asking in #ubuntu+1 , maybe someone's awake03:19
Gratz474for intel03:19
Gratz474and i am just curious why03:19
nickrudthat page I gave has some reasons why03:20
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=== spine is now known as noFATE
dsnydersHow do I stop chipcardd4 from starting?03:24
viziouzanyone can help me to make usbserial settings for usb 3g modem? please03:24
=== GodFather_ is now known as GodFather
span12how come i cant get my desktop to work..03:24
viziouzplease, someone help me with my hsdpa modem, I have limit of 60KB/s download, while in windows I can reach 1.5mbps, I guess that it may be usbserial driver limitation.03:24
viziouzif someone has any Idea how to fix that, I will appreciate any help03:24
span12its says desktop in not enabled03:24
span12its says desktop effects could not be enabled03:25
n810debiani found the debian partition, umounted it, and need to change the filesystem size without changing the partition size, ext2resize is not available for my architect, any suggestions?03:25
Brack101I'm trying to downgrade from Nvidia 180 to 173 and it's stuck, the status bar isn't moving.  What should I do to minimize xorg damage?03:26
n810debianBrack101: backup your /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:26
Brack101last time this happened my video card stopped working alltogether03:26
span12how do i enable my desktop03:26
Brack101including VESA03:26
Brack101oh nm 63%03:26
squisherevening, can anyone tell me how I can instruct networkmanager to ask for a dhcp address from the command line?03:27
IdleOnespan12: what graphics card?03:27
n810debiansquisher: sudo dhclient -a03:27
span12nvidia 9800gt03:28
squishern810debian, thanks03:28
IdleOne!nvidia | span1203:28
ubottuspan12: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:28
IdleOnespan12: you probably need to install the proper drivers. see above link03:28
dsnydersHi all!  Where's the big list of services that start by init number?03:28
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:28
n810debiani found the debian partition, umounted it, and need to change the filesystem size without changing the partition size, ext2resize is not available for my architecture (arm maemo), any suggestions?03:29
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:29
loshadsnyders: see above re: bum. Gosh I love saying that...03:30
span12idleone..u used the hardware drivers option in ubuntu and intalled them03:30
span12but it still dont work03:30
IdleOnespan12: look at that link see if there is any info03:30
span12already tried that03:30
dsnyderslosha, Thanks... I think.03:31
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?03:31
MakeUpYourMindHow do you change the sensitivity of your mouse pad in Ubuntu03:31
n810debiani found the debian partition, umounted it, and need to change the filesystem size without changing the partition size, ext2resize is not available for my architecture (arm maemo), any suggestions?03:34
NullEntityI don't know what to do. 9.04 is booting into a terminal (no GDM)03:37
NullEntityAnd GDM says that it's not installed03:37
loshan810debian: do you have resize2fs instead?03:37
n810debianlosha: no, an apt-cache search resize did not show anything except libgparted files03:37
MunchkinguyIs there a way to set up a shortcut in GNOME so that if I press a certain command (Ctrl-G, for example) it spits out a string of text?03:38
NullEntityIgnore my previous question. Startx worked03:39
loshan810debian: not sure I'd trust any resize progs anyway. You may have to do this the old-fashioned way i.e. backup the filesystem somewhere, delete, recreate larger, then copy it back...03:39
n810debianlosha: negative03:39
n810debianlosha: not available for my system arch03:39
n810debianlosha: i have nothing important on it, i can delete it03:39
loshan810debian: my system (8.04) reports resize2fs is in the e2fsprogs package03:40
BilliardMunchkinguy: you could set up ctrl+g to run a script which ran a script that used xsendkeys maybe03:41
n810debiann810: using debian squeeze, no one in the #debian knows anything about it03:41
joseph_How do I get the UUID of my mounted partitions?03:41
BilliardMunchkinguy: only one ran a script03:41
n810debian!UUID | joseph_03:41
ubottujoseph_: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)03:41
thedude42joseph_, ls -al /dev/disk/by-uuid03:41
span12this is what iam getting03:42
span12You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:42
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)03:43
thedude42span12, did you try installing the nvidia driver from nvidia's site, or from ubuntu restricted?03:44
test349.04 isnt LTS?03:44
thedude42test34, no it isn't03:44
test34I thought it was supposed to be all .0403:45
span12i went to system>adminstration-hardware drivers from the menu03:45
matelotQ: gnome desktop here - I have, for example, PDFs on the Desktop - how can I make GNOME NOT display thumbnail but just icon ?03:45
MunchkinguyBilliard: What do you mean by "only one ran a script"? I tried setting up xsendkeys "blah" in Keyboard Shortcuts but it didn't work.03:45
thedude42span12, well, that sounds like the message you get when you try to run the nvidia configuration utility, and it's the message it gives when you aren't actually running the nvidia driver03:46
span12i went to system>adminstration-hardware drivers from the menu03:46
span12so what do i do now?03:46
tonyyarussotest34: every other .04 - ie, 8.04 and 10.04.03:46
thedude42span12, what are you trying to do?03:46
tonyyarussotest34: (with those examples - the scheme can change at any time)03:46
BilliardMunchkinguy: i said "ran a script twice" i was distracted03:47
test34ok tonyyarusso03:47
span12its telling i cannot enable my desktop03:47
n810debiani found the debian partition, umounted it, and need to change the filesystem size without changing the partition size, ext2resize is not available for my architecture (arm maemo), any suggestions?03:47
BilliardMunchkinguy: try making a script file that runs xsendkeys, and make sure it works, then execute the script in the keyboard shortcuts03:47
kb9zwjREGISTER <dierdre7>03:47
tonyyarusson810debian: You would have better luck asking in the Maemo channel.03:48
n810debiantonyyarusso: i'll try, thanx03:48
thedude42span12, 'enable my desktop' doesn't mean much to me, are you trying to do something specific like enable certain desktop effects, change the resolution of your display....?03:48
span12yes enable desktop effects03:49
span12like rotate cube etc03:49
jammin1I've installed Ubuntu in one partition on my laptop and then installed win7 in another partition.  How do I get grub(2) to be the bootloader again so I can choose which OS to run?03:50
thedude42span12, the only way you can enable certain effects is if you have proper 3d acceleration for your video card, so if you aren't able to simply select the 'extra' visual affects from system -> preferences -> appearance, then you probably need the correct driver installed03:51
nickrud!grub | jammin103:51
ubottujammin1: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:51
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:51
someonesimpledoes anyone know why my MountManger won't start, fresh install03:51
span12that what i did last time and i had no problems03:52
=== jony123_ is now known as jony123
kiamomy system freezes from time to time, in which log should I be looking in to try and identify the problem?04:01
optimizeris there an easy way to crak pdfs that require passwords?04:02
nickrud/var/log/syslog kiamo is the place hardware reports end up04:03
nickrudif you're lucky04:03
kiamohehe ok, thats the one im looking in and Im not getting any hints... :\04:04
valdis4kiamo: sometimes I just look at the last updated logs with ls -ltr /var/log | tail04:04
=== Blehk_ is now known as Blehk
joschtdoes anyone know why for some reason after the update of moonlight firefox is really sluggish/crashes?04:05
MunchkinguyBilliard: What should I put for the first line of the script? #!/bin/bash doesn't work.04:05
BilliardMunchkinguy: that will work04:05
BilliardMunchkinguy: you also need to make the file executable, otherwise it will need to be run as  `bash scriptname`04:06
Brack101Hi there04:07
brian__im about to do a system re install but i wanna backup my apps and pictures and stuff so would i just save my home folder and that will restore everything?04:07
Brack101what's the default apt repository for Ubuntu? I have this ppa launchpad deal and it's super slow04:07
kiamothanks guys, i dont see anything reported in them though :(  Ill just have to hope it stops happening04:08
brian__what do i backup inorder to get my systm back after a fresh install04:08
bastidrazor!backup | brian__04:09
ubottubrian__: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:09
MunchkinguyBilliard: It's executable, but when I type the command into bash, it does not display the characters.04:09
MunchkinguyIt just flashes, and starts a new line04:10
Brack101why is it so difficult to find out which repository I need?04:11
SirisianHave you guys ever heard of a module called "nopen"?04:12
bastidrazorBrack101: apt-cache policy packagename   will tell you which repo a package is in. but the ppa's.. those are a toss up for speeds.04:12
BilliardMunchkinguy: pastebin your script maybe04:12
Brack101bastidrazor: do I want deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty main restricted04:13
nichiyumebeen trying for 2 hours to start a new display from the command line with the new gdm config style so I can use x11vnc. about to pass out04:13
bastidrazor!info nopen | Sirisian04:13
ubottuSirisian: Package nopen does not exist in jaunty04:13
bastidrazor!find nopen | Sirisian04:14
ubottuSirisian: File nopen found in docvert, extrema, kde-icons-mono, kdeartwork-theme-icon, kpresenter-data (and 5 others)04:14
Tyler09If I'm using Pidgin04:14
Sirisianbastidrazor, I think it's a shorthand for something longer.04:14
Tyler09to log into msn04:14
MunchkinguyBilliard: http://pastebin.ca/163926504:14
Tyler09how to I get pidgin to establish video calls to msn contacts04:14
bastidrazorBrack101: what are you trying to install?04:14
Tyler09I try to go to media>video call04:14
Tyler09but it's greyed out04:14
Tyler09why is this ?04:14
Sirisianoh nvm bastidrazor04:14
Brack101bastidrazor: I'm trying to update all of my applications04:14
make_up_yor_mindwhat is the "Drag and Drop Threshhold" option in Mouse Preferences?04:15
* Tyler09 Awaiting Response to Query.04:15
kisukeTyler09: voice and video are not supported on anything but xmpp-based protocols yet04:16
=== comfnumb is now known as _FadeOut
Tyler09kisuke: So there's no way to get a webcam working with someone on an msn protocol on linux?04:17
Tyler09kisuke: not even with another application?04:17
_FadeOutQuick question: how do I add 2 lines to /etc/apt/sources.list in the terminal?04:17
kisukeTyler09: gimme a min gonna go see google04:18
Tyler09kisuke: I read about aMsn04:18
Tyler09kisuke: and Kmess04:18
Tyler09kisuke: kmess is for kde though :(((04:18
MunchkinguyTyler09, kisuke: amsn claims to have webcam support04:18
Tyler09Munchkinguy: I haven't been able to install aMsn cause I don't understand how to install it04:19
leandrodeassis_FadeOut: echo deb http://example.repository.to.add karmic main bla bla >> /etc/apt/sources.list04:19
Tyler09Do I have to compile it like tarballs?04:19
leandrodeassis_FadeOut: then repeat to add the other line04:19
kisukeTyler09: off of the top of my head i want to say msn messanger on wine04:19
Tyler09kisuke: well this is an obvious solution for any windows app on linux but an alternative would be best as I don't feel like buying Wine04:19
BilliardMunchkinguy: idk looks like it should work04:20
jiohdiare there some key programs that can be removed to make the system run faster?04:20
kisuketyler09 : where did you hear you buy wine?04:20
Tyler09kisuke: look at this: http://kmess.org/04:20
Tyler09kisuke: I've read several places that Wine isn't free?04:20
BilliardTyler09: wine is free04:21
Tyler09Billiard: do I have to run it on a seperate partition?04:21
BilliardTyler09: no04:21
kisukeTyler09: wine is in the repos04:21
Tyler09Billiard: Like a package installation?04:21
jiohdiTyler09: it creates a fake windows partition inside your home directory under .wine04:21
MisantropoTODO by <DATE> <ITEM>04:22
Tyler09oh ok04:22
jiohdicomplete with fake c:04:22
Tyler09Sooo yeah I had some other issues unrelated to Linux04:22
_FadeOutleandrodeassis: thanks!04:22
Tyler09are we all just familiar with Linux here? Cause while I'm here I figure I mine as well ask about some windows installation issues I've been having04:22
kisuketyler09: i havent tryed MSN under wine but let me check the appDB real quick04:22
jiohdiTyler09: there are programs called portable apps, designed to work straight from a thumb drive, which work very well under wine04:23
=== wfaulk_ is now known as wfaulk
Tyler09jiohdi: I'm somewhat familiar with those, like the BartPE environment?04:24
jiohdiTyler09: not sure about that one, but there is OperaUSB and firefox and a host of others which work very well under wine04:24
kisukeTyler09: look here: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1138904:24
Tyler09kisuke: It appears that the functions I'm wanting don't work without crashing the application04:25
Tyler09kisuke: or is that just one persons experience with the application?04:25
jrjacksohey,i just installed ubuntu on a medion 95081 (mim2050) laptop. The res won't go higher than 1024x768, likely due to drivers.. any suggestions on the best way to figure out how to approach this problem? I can't even seem to find specs on the gfx card in this thing04:26
MunchkinguyBilliard: I got it to work with gconf-editor, no script though. Thanks for the help with xsendkeys!04:26
kisuketyler09: several, should be settings you need to get it to work, 2 or 3 of them are gold, so works with a little tweaking04:27
Tyler09kisuke: gold?04:27
bastid_raZorjrjackso: lspci | grep VGA  ..type that in a terminal it will tell you the card04:27
Tyler09kisuke: I'm unfamiliar with the review system of the website you referenced, and Wine as well.04:27
kisukeTyler09: sorry getting tabs switch >_>04:27
Munchkinguykisuke: amsn is in the ubuntu universe repository. Maybe help him try that one first.04:28
Tyler09kisuke: Lol it's ok =]04:28
CastleFoxI had tired to set it up as a bootable ubuntu drive BUT I stopped the process because that program was paused for a very long time.  and now my jump drive says there is only 801mb on the drive even after I formatted it.  It is supposed to be 4gb.  I dont know what you else to do.04:28
kisukeMunchkinguy: prolly, i just started helping and kept going04:28
jrjacksobastid: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics04:29
_JacK_how to reboot process within program after process exits?04:29
Tyler09kisuke: if I can get away with it I want to install aMSN but I unfamiliar with the installation directives they give in the installation section. The installers are for Tcl/Tk 8.4 and 8.5 I don't know what this means? Maybe you could give some insight?04:29
Tyler09kisuke: http://www.amsn-project.net/linux-downloads.php04:29
jrjacksobastid: (thank you).. that's got to be a common gfx chip maybe a hardware acceld driver for it floating around?04:30
kisuketyler09: goto system>software souces04:30
jrjacksoflash video was even slow to the point that it couldn't play it smooth and netbooks can handle that :P04:30
Tyler09kisuke: Done04:30
kisuketryler09: make sure univere is checked04:30
Tyler09kisuke: it is04:31
=== bastidra1or is now known as bastid_raZor
kisukethen open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install amsn"04:33
pantsd_I went to go dist-upgrade, but update-manager is broker in the beta. Anyone else have this issue?04:34
kisuketyler09: open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install amsn" without the quotes then it will install04:34
Tyler09kisuke: Sweet I had no idea it was packaged already04:34
johntronwho here uses virtualization on their ubuntu server?04:34
* cwillu_clone puts up his hand04:34
bastid_raZorpantsd_: /join #ubuntu+1  for karmic issues04:34
Billiardjohntron: whats the prob?04:35
johntroncwillu_clone: do you use kvm or something else?04:35
kunjiHey everyone, I recently installed lxde onto an old toshiba running ubuntu 9.04 that was previously using gnome.  everything is working except the wireless, could someone help me with that, I don't know anything about troubleshooting a wireless connection.04:35
kisuketyler09: i've done it to xD04:35
johntronBilliard: no problem, just trying to decide what to do04:35
=== joseph_ is now known as spasticteapot
cwillu_clonejohntron, kvm and qemu on different machines04:35
Tyler09kisuke: =] Thank you for the help.04:35
_JacK_is there any easy way to self boot process?04:35
johntroncwillu_clone: so you have a xeon or an opteron?04:35
kisukeTyler09: np04:35
cwillu_clonejohntron, also have used virtualbox for one instance where I needed a working usb passthrough and didn't have the patience to figure it out04:36
cwillu_cloneJohnm_, opteronm, iirc04:36
Tyler09kisuke: do you know windows then? I have some other pressing issues I needed assistance with and I wager I mine as well ask about them here while I'm here.04:36
OwnersPerhaps someone can help me get this box online? The card is recognized but not obtaining a real ip from cable modem.04:36
johntroncwillu_clone: ok. well i don't have one of those, and i don't think i'm going to fork out the cash for one, but i'm curious. how hard was it to setup?04:36
secret901I have a black screen for my desktop background.  Anyone know how to fix it?04:37
Billiardsecret901: set the background?04:37
cwillu_clonejohntron, pretty simple;  libvirt + virt-manager makes it quite simple04:37
OwnersI've tried three nics now.04:37
secret901Billiard: that doesn't work04:37
BilliardOwners: set up for dhcp?04:37
Tyler09kisuke: This is even better than the regular msn :D04:37
kisuketyler09: /msg me and i'll try and help as well try #widows usually busy in there04:38
kisukeTyler09: xD isint that the way it usually works?04:38
OwnersIndeed it is04:38
johntroncwillu_clone: ok thanks. do you know if there is any way to run kvm on a processor that doesn't support virtualization (i guess you'd call it emulation)? intel xeon/itanium and amd opterons seem to be the only ones with hardware support04:38
OwnersDhcp client id is blank however04:38
cwillu_clonejohntron, you'd use qemu or something equivilent04:39
ZykoticK9johntron, kvm requires the virt support in CPU, qemu (which kvm is sorta based off of) does not.04:39
johntroncwillu_clone: i think that's what the OLPC folks use04:39
cwillu_clonejohntron, or in some cases you could use something like user-mode linux as a pseudo virtualization04:39
johntroncwillu_clone: hmm04:39
johntroncwillu_clone: ok, thanks a lot!04:40
jon5000hello, anyone familiar with citrix xenapp receiver?04:40
johntroni've got this old crusty athlon 3500 i'm using as a media server + bittorrent and to host a couple websites, and I need a way to load balance. ubuntu doesn't seem to have much there, but i'm pretty good at openbsd's PF04:40
_JacK_ how to self boot process after process exit abnormaly?04:41
johntronso i'm thinking of running a vm of openbsd/freebsd04:41
OwnersAnyone have any ideas?04:41
cwillu_clonejohntron, take a look at cgroups04:41
=== __Techie_ is now known as _Techie_
cwillu_clonejohntron, actually, you're looking at networking load-balancing, nvm :p04:42
BilliardOwners: does the card work on a different network, using either dynamic or static ip?04:42
fluxyHello, is it me or is there no release candidate available for xubuntu karmic yet?04:42
BilliardOwners: same machine04:42
cwillu_clonejohntron, I know there's a usermode app that can do it, and I think you could also do it with firewall rules, it's just a not a problem I've had to try hard to deal with04:42
cwillu_clonejon5000, just ask the question, don't ask to ask04:42
jwfoxjris there any advantage to upgrading to the karmic beta through update manager vs. installing fresh?04:43
cristianHi, I've a question regarding dual booting with windows XP. My XP installation is on primary drive as well as Grub, the problem is that when I try to boot windows the loader hangs and I've to reboot. I've tried using SuperGrub, but this restores windows loader and erase grub. Does anyone have any idea on what to do?04:43
OwnersHaven't tried a different network. 1 out of 4 cards worked but that went to a customer.04:43
johntroncwillu_clone: yeah, the ufw is just a wrapper for iptables. ufw doesn't do anything as far as load balancing. it can be done in iptables, but it's really really gross04:44
jon5000I installed citrix xenapp 11 and all the req'd libraries etc.  program works, except the option to save a new connection is grayed out.  not sure if i installed wrong or what (i installed before getting the reqd library)04:44
OwnersI don't have the resources to try the box on another network.04:44
cwillu_clonejohntron, it'll put hair on your chest :p04:44
DaZcristian: hangs? :f04:44
qcjnhi,i 'd need a little help with mount.cifs...i can see an external HD on the other computer, but i can't get to connect it via mount.cifs ?04:45
BilliardOwners: two cards maybe, see if you can talk to yourself?04:45
johntroncwillu_clone: hah, that's for sure. i don't need anymore of that04:45
kiqyou_vfhow do i find out what driver letter my thumb drive is?04:45
qcjnI see it via nautilus, samba,04:45
Jordan_Ucristian: Does windows boot when you use ntldr directly rather than grub?04:45
Billiardkiqyou_vf: drive letters are only in windows04:46
Jordan_Ucristian: If not, and windows is not on the first partition, you may need to use th map command in grub to trick it into thinking that it is on the first partition04:46
kiqyou_vfBilliard: i'm trying to decipher this: '# zcat eeepc_usb-v0.9.img.gz > /dev/sdX'04:46
OwnersCant without a network connection04:46
OwnersOtherwise id be doing it over loopback04:47
mehedii use dual boot. windows xp and ubuntu. can i use widows xp's net connection in ubuntu?04:47
OwnersIpv6 shows the address as a mac address so it looks ipv4 is
=== skoef_ is now known as skoef
joustinmehedi, no04:47
cwillu_clonekiqyou_vf, "uncompress the file and pipe the contents to the device /dev/sdX"04:47
DaZkiqyou_vf: it's usually the last one :f04:47
Billiardkiqyou_vf: if you have given your thumb drive a label you can use "ls -l /dev/disk/by-label" to see which device it is04:48
joustinyou should be able to use the same connection if it is ethernet or dial up04:48
kiqyou_vfi'm not sure i've given it a label. not intentionally atleast04:48
cwillu_clonemehedi, you can connect both machines, but it'll be a "different" connection;  I think you're confused about what that means, although I'm not sure what you're confused about exactly04:48
cwillu_cloneer, both operating systems04:49
Billiardkiqyou_vf: then just remove the thumb drive and see which /dev/sdX appears when u plug it in04:49
DaZsrsly? :f04:52
OwnersAnyone have any ideas of things I can try to get this working?04:52
lucas_does any one know how to make konqueror work with flash??04:52
DaZlucas_: install flash?04:52
kisukelook like had  a guy i was messiging and he spontainsly went offline04:52
kisukedaz: and same in whinhq as well04:53
lucas_DaZ: i have04:53
DaZlucas_: it works ootb04:53
lucas_DaZ: i can play videos on youtube, BUT, can see flash animations on web pages...04:53
durtlucas_, I believe it's a matter of intalling the plugin from the repo and then pointing konqueror to it's location04:53
BilliardOwners: why cant you try 2 cards in the same machine connected to eachother to see if they function correctly?04:54
=== semperfi30 is now known as Tyler09
OwnersThe cards work I've tested them.04:54
ajhtiredwolflucas_, get the latest  plugin from the flash website, then place the .so file in the plugin folder04:54
lucas_well, i can see youtube videos and other pages videos but cant see flash animations of webs04:54
snap-lHaving trouble logging into postgresql after upgrading to Karmic. I know there's a debconf message that needs to be followed, but I didn't get all of the info. Is there a way to get that info after the fact?04:54
BilliardOwners: i mean to see if they work in ubuntu, to see if it is a problem with ubuntu and the cards or the cards and the modem or what04:55
lucas_i have done all that04:55
bazhanglucas_, what version of ubuntu04:55
lucas_karmic koala04:55
Jordan_Usnap-l: #ubuntu+1 for karmic04:55
ajhtiredwolflucas_, have you tried the flash alternative plugins?04:55
snap-lJordan_U: tx04:55
qcjnok, got it04:55
bazhanglucas_, karmic support in #ubuntu+1 not here04:55
Owners3com should function correctly in 9.0404:55
mehediafter mistakenly erasing network manager tool bar from the panel i can not add it the again.what can i do?04:55
OwnersI have a feeling it's a configuration issue04:55
lucas_its not about what version of ubuntu im in, its just a question about konqueror and flash plugin04:55
OwnersHowever im no nix expert04:56
cwillu_clonemehedi, it's the "notification area", just right-click on the panel and re-add it04:56
bazhanglucas_, this is for jauntu and other versions still in use; #ubuntu+1 for questions about karmic04:56
ajhtiredwolflucas_, not necessarily out dated version might not have been patched04:56
cwillu_clonemehedi, or if it's really just the icon missing, alt-f2 -> "nm-applet"04:56
mehedibut i can not find it in ubuntu 8.0404:57
lucas_its the most up to date version of konqueror and flash04:57
Blueyhow do I kill the sounds in pidgin?  going into tools/mute sounds and checking that doesn't work...04:57
cwillu_clonelucas_, i.e., not the version that's in jaunty04:57
lucas_never mind, ill keep lookin on google04:58
DaZlucas_: 32 or 64? :f04:58
m0r0nCan anyone help me get the spell check in open office writer to work04:58
DaZlucas_: you can always switch to arora04:58
richardcavelljoin #ircopoly04:58
DaZor khtml to webkit04:58
RAWRjarHello everyone! I'm on a brand-spanking-new install of Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop 32-bit (running in VirtualBox with a Windows7 64-bit host), and I cannot install Subversion (SVN). I can access the internet just fine as far as google.com and searching, but most websites I cannot access. It looks like DNS isn't working properly, any ideas?04:58
richardcavellwoops mistell04:58
lucas_DaZ: its not good at all...04:59
OwnersI have half the mind to switch back to m$ Internet connectivity is necessary04:59
=== jony123_ is now known as jony123
ajhtiredwolfRAWRjar, with that type of problem you might have better luck in the windows host forum of virtualbox04:59
DaZlucas_:  Version        :
=== m0r0n is now known as Alpha
RAWRjardang. kk. any simple DNS tricks available? as I mentioned, have internet - I can google search and it works, just not other websites.05:00
mehedinow i m using ubuntu using virtual box in windows xp. but i can not use the whole screen of my monitor to run ubuntu.05:00
RAWRjar@mehedi - install guest additions (host + h)05:01
apersonis there a replacement for the gnome alt+f2 launch application dialog for someone who uses gnome without any panels?05:01
lucas_DaZ: yeah05:01
DaZlucas_: any console output? ;f05:01
BilliardRAWR: try manually setting up a dns server?05:02
ajhtiredwolf t05:02
mehedinow i m using ubuntu using virtual box in windows xp.do i need any anti virus for windows xp if i use net only in ubuntu?05:03
DaZmehedi: antivirus!=firewall05:03
DaZso yes, you need ;f05:03
m3onh0x84_mehedi: You installed ubuntu on virtualbox in win xp ?05:04
OwnersIs there another room where people help?05:04
RAWRjar@Billard: um, isn't that a crazy-complicated solution for DNS queries not working in a VM?05:04
joustinToo bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out. -Jack Handy05:04
DaZOwners: nope05:04
IdleOne!ot | joustin jack handy was never funny05:04
ubottujoustin jack handy was never funny: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:04
DaZeverywhere else they just laugh >:05:04
OwnersUgh so im pretty much stuck with a box that doesn't connect05:05
OwnersOr windows... Sigh05:05
durtOwners, can you restate your problem in full detail.05:06
BilliardRAWRjar: what?05:06
OwnersThis box refuses to attain an ip on 3 of 4 cards05:06
RAWRjar@Billard: sorry, I have no idea how to set up a DNS server05:06
OwnersThe one card that worked is in a customers computer now.05:07
RAWRjarand I'd think I don't need to run my own - the Windows guest gets it fine05:07
BilliardRAWR no dont run your own05:07
durtOwners, how many cards in the system right now?05:07
RAWRjarthen I misinterpreted you05:07
BilliardRAWRjar: i mean enter in the dns server ip manually05:07
cwillu_clone"manually setting a dns server" instead of "manually setting up a dns server" :p05:08
RAWRjaraaaaah lol05:08
durtOwners, does it show in ifconfig?05:08
RAWRjarwhere can I set that?05:08
OwnersI tried a linksys and a netgear from old pcs and now I have a 3com I just bought05:08
OwnersIt does but without an ip05:08
OwnersInet address area is not there and ipv6 is gibberish05:08
kermitmy cpu keeps getting stuck at it's lowest speed on a dell laptop, even hibernate doesnt reset it, i have to reboot05:09
durtOwners, and dhcp has failed?05:09
OwnersKermit: disable the cpu saver in bios05:09
BilliardRAWRjar: idk i dont use a gui you probably can right click the connection status icon and change the settings05:09
yaris123456789hi folks i am getting "Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration" , i ran a2enmod rewrite, and it says mod is already enabled....05:09
OwnersIt appears to be so. It's directly connected to the modem05:09
ubuntu_giantWhat's the deal with gnome?  With the last update my window paint really slowly! :005:09
kermitOwners: i havent seen that option05:10
OwnersKermit: perhaps in the power management settings05:10
bmwerksi dont have a gui for compiz because i have a onboard vidcard how can i turn off the redirect on fullscreen from the terminal?05:11
bastid_raZorkermit: install cpufrequtils and then cpufreq-info  .. what does it tell you?05:11
durtOwners, it could be the modem remembers the MAC of the previous card and won't lease another IP address thinking you're trying to connect two systems at the same time, or the cable could be bad.05:11
ajhtiredwolfbmwerks, having onboard video doesn't mean you shouldn't have a gui05:11
benHowdy all, anybody have time for a newbie's question?05:12
bazhangben, please ask the channel05:12
=== ben is now known as Guest58951
OwnersI've tried restarting the modem and it does on occassion have issues on an xp box but resolves itself05:13
ShapeShifter499I am running off a live cd trying to upload a bunch of files to a online file system so I don't loose them but I got a question if I needed a flash player, where  does it install to when I'm in live cd? the ram? or what?05:13
OwnersWhereas the ubuntu box never connects05:13
durtOwners, you could capture the dhcp request and response with wireshark to see what is happening (if you can get access some other way).05:13
ajhtiredwolfShapeShifter499, it won't replace anything in your existing installation it will be wiped when you reboot05:13
OwnersI've seen issues on the other box maybe 1 out of 30 starts05:14
Guest58951I'm trying to increase my swap partition's size because my system is running choppily, but don't have a clue where to start. Anybody know what I need to do?05:14
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^mNotIntelligenthi all05:14
^mNotIntelligentI'm trying to add a start up script this way:05:14
kermitbastid_raZor: a lot, what am i looking for?05:14
ShapeShifter499ajhtiredwolf: I know I but before I restart where do the files of the flash player go?05:14
KentukyNitemareIf anybody could pm me that'd help a lot. I have a hard time keeping up with the jumble.05:14
^mNotIntelligentI added a .bash_login in ~/ and then add "source ~/.bash_login" in ~/.bashrc05:15
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ShapeShifter499ajhtiredwolf: the ram?05:15
OwnersI could get the packages on the xp box but switching back and forth has been diving me nuts05:15
bastid_raZorkermit: governor.. what is it set to?05:15
^mNotIntelligentand in bash_login this is giving me errors: sleep(5) conky&   , this error message: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `('05:16
ajhtiredwolfShapeShifter499, no I don't think so, but im not really sure05:16
durtOwners, so this card works in XP?05:16
OwnersNo thats onboard05:16
kermitbastid_raZor: performance05:16
durtOwners, so there's two NICs05:17
OwnersOnboard on a win7 box didn't work either. Out of 3 machines and 5 cards only 2 work05:17
bastid_raZorkermit: can you pastebin the output?05:17
ShapeShifter499anyone know what happens when you install something before a restart of a live cd system, where do the installed files go?05:17
ShapeShifter499the ram for temp. or what?05:18
kermitbastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m674339ea05:18
adrin_jalalihi there, how can I switch my bluetooth state using # hid2hci -r hci -v 1d6b -p 0002 -m dell?05:18
OwnersI have tried 4 nics in the nix box. Only one works. I have a xp box with onboard which works. And I built a win7 box in which 1 of 3 nics worked and the onboard didn't.05:18
adrin_jalaliI get this error: Attempting to switch device 1d6b:0002 to HCI mode failed (Broken pipe)05:19
OwnersSo two seperate mac addresses have worked without issue.05:19
kunjiNevermind guys, problem resolved.05:19
BilliardShapeShifter499: ram05:19
OwnersThis one just constantly tells me it is disconnected after trying to connect05:20
bastid_raZorkermit: how are you determining that it is stuck at the lowest speed?05:20
ajhtiredwolfShapeShifter499, it loads into the memmory, i just googled it05:20
OwnersWired network - you are now disconnected05:20
ShapeShifter499all I needed to knwo05:20
kermitbastid_raZor: a dock applet thing and also benchmarks05:21
kermitbastid_raZor: the dock applet says 800MHz05:21
engineer_hello there everyon05:21
engineer_need help on grub having windows 7 and ubuntu installed...... anyone plz?05:22
kermitbastid_raZor: it always happens when it loaded... i think its some thermal throttling, except once it throttles it never unthrottles05:22
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, you need to be more specific05:22
danni__help guys how do i reset my login password and administrative password on ubuntu. i tried user groups but it sais too short even tho i know when u do a fresh install it should let u do short passwords anyway.05:22
bazhangengineer_, dual booting win7 and jaunty or karmic05:22
engineer_i have installed windows 7 and ubuntu, and grub shows both in its menu., but still windows7 doesnt load05:23
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, what happens when you try and boot windows 7?05:23
Brack101Compiz doesn't work and I keep getting this in messages "NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 180.51, but this kernel module has the version 180.44.  Please make sure that this kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version."05:23
Billiarddanni__: what do you mean you tried "user groups" the passwd command allows you to change users passwords05:23
engineer_on pressing enter on windows 7 option system simply restarts with nothing05:23
engineer_no error messges is displayed05:24
danni__billiard can you tell me how to use it05:24
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, give me a pastebin of fdisk -l and your /etc/fstab05:24
engineer_ok .05:24
Billiarddanni__: passwd username05:24
Shihanhi guys... im a little stuck, i got a machine with ubuntu 9.04 on it, running an amd cpu however the cpu is running at its lowest clock speed all the time... any suggestions?05:24
bastid_raZorkermit: the only idea i had was cpufreq wasn't set correctly.05:24
engineer_here it goes for fdisk -l05:24
engineer_   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System05:25
engineer_/dev/sda1   *           1          13      102400    7  HPFS/NTFS05:25
engineer_Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.05:25
engineer_/dev/sda2              13       12749   102297600    7  HPFS/NTFS05:25
engineer_/dev/sda3           12749       25497   102400000    7  HPFS/NTFS05:25
FloodBot3engineer_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:25
engineer_/dev/sda4           25498       38913   107764020    5  Extended05:25
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, don't paste things in here, use pastebin05:25
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engineer_ok sorry. i didnt new this05:25
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, www.pastebin.ca05:25
engineer_i am new to IRC05:25
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, that's fine05:25
danni__it tells me i have to choose a longer password on passwd command line and user groups . i only need a 5 character password/ how? anyone?05:26
ajhtiredwolfdanni__, if it says you need a longer password, just use a longer password05:27
Billiarddanni__: yeah just use a longer password lmao05:27
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danni__lobger password? howcome i can setyup a short password when i first setup my instalation by just clicking ok/continue anyway? is there a way to over ride it05:29
cfeddedanni__: just do it twice05:29
jiohdiwhen you first set up you can use a smaller passwd, but afterwards it will not allow it05:29
danni__is there any other way to set up a short password besides a fresh install?05:29
Billiarddanni__: did you try the shorter password, it might just be a warning05:30
ajhtiredwolfdanni__, there is a very good reason why it won't let you use a short password05:30
engineer_here is the fdisk -l05:31
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, u there05:31
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, yes05:32
engineer_so i posted fdisk -l05:32
engineer_now what more05:32
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, /etc/fstab05:32
engineer_ok wait.. how to do /etc/fstab05:33
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, sudo nano /etc/fstab05:34
engineer_ok wait. i am posting it05:34
boysenany help i want to install yahoo on ubuntu05:34
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, put that in pastebin then do the same with /boot/grub/menu.lst05:34
bazhangboysen, use pidgin ?05:34
engineer_check http://pastebin.ca/163938005:34
boyseni need to install yahoo on ubuntu :P any help :P05:35
ae86-drifterboysen: use a linux client05:35
engineer_here its for menu.lst05:35
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, thanks for considering05:35
boysenhow come i cannnot use the regular yahoo on ubuntu :P05:36
ae86-drifterboysen: as bazhang said, use pidgin05:36
boysenic :P05:36
bazhangboysen, it is many many years old05:36
Ownersboysen: Even if you could it would be much more effort than it's worth.05:36
boysencan i  that cam in pidgin?05:36
ae86-drifterboysen: if you really want the original Y! you will need to install wine first and make sure you have all the dll dependencies etc05:37
engineer_ajhtiredwolf u checkd the pastebin?05:37
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, how big is your windows 7 install?05:37
boysenwhat dll i need ?05:37
ae86-drifterboysen: goto winehq.org and it may tell u more info there05:37
jstrakeI'm having a hard disk space issue.  Have 25G allocated on the partition.  Show 1.3G free, but only several hundred Mb available.  Disk Usage Analyzer only shows 7.7G on the filesystem.  So what is eating up my other 14G?  Have tried all conventional cleanup strategies (deborphan, apt-get clean/autoclean, etc.)05:38
ubuntu_giantAnybody have trouble with gnome after the latest update?  Come on, 1331 people on here, at least one other person has got to have the problem. :)05:38
ae86-drifterubuntu_giant: must be a user error05:38
engineer_ajhtiredwolf , its 4.5 gb05:38
Jordan_Ujstrake: Can you pastebin the output of "df -h" ?05:39
bazhangubuntu_giant, which version of ubuntu05:39
ubuntu_giantUbuntu 9.04.05:39
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, you only partitioned 4.5 gigs for windows 7?05:39
Ownersboysen: Try gyachi05:39
MrSchmowhat name is the mic listed on volume control? cant seem to find it in preference05:39
ubuntu_giantBasically, the window repaints really slowly.05:39
ubuntu_giantCompiz doesn't work.05:39
engineer_no no. i have reserved 100gb for it05:39
engineer_4.5 is space it took05:39
ubuntu_giantIt used to work beautifully.05:39
jstrakeFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on05:39
jstrake/dev/sda5              23G   22G  137M 100% /05:39
jstraketmpfs                 489M     0  489M   0% /lib/init/rw05:39
jstrakevarrun                489M  224K  489M   1% /var/run05:39
jstrakevarlock               489M     0  489M   0% /var/lock05:39
jstrakeudev                  489M  156K  489M   1% /dev05:39
FloodBot3jstrake: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
bazhangubuntu_giant, sounds like a video driver issue; which card and driver are you using05:39
ae86-drifterubuntu_giant, have you got gfx drivers05:39
jstrakesorry, and thanks.05:40
ubuntu_giantI'm using ATI Radeon.05:40
engineer_ajhtiredwolf , also there is 100mb another drive , possble contanining boot files for windows7.05:40
ubuntu_giantae86-drifter: Yes.  I installed the drivers from the ATI site.05:40
webbb82the past few updates i did it says it wants todo a partial upgrade  , does this mean i messed somethin up05:40
engineer_ajhtiredwolf i have allocated 100gb for windows705:40
jph_just a quick question if i create the file 'robots.txt' and enter in on two separate lines enter in the text 'User-agent: *' and 'Disallow: /'  should that keep all bots and crawlers that chose to obey my request out of my site?05:40
engineer_u got any point?05:40
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, are you on a differnet machine?05:40
bazhangengineer_, when you are in grub, does it refer to the 100MB portion as windows bootloader and see nothing else?05:41
ae86-drifterubuntu_giant, goto system>admin>hardware drivers and tell me what it says05:41
ubuntu_giantjstrake: If you have vista on the other partition, it might be using that 14G as a backup drive.05:41
n8tuserjph_-> that is not an ubuntu issue, perhaps you can ask people in #apache ?05:41
happihippodoes robots.txt work on spam bots05:41
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, no i am on same machine.05:41
ubuntu_giantae86-drifter: I don't have "system > administrator > hardware drivers"  What's the executable?05:42
engineer_bazhang, it shows windows in boot loader, doesnt say anything about 100mb05:42
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, do this sudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst menu.lst.old05:42
ubuntu_giantae86-drifter: Ah, sorry, overlooked. :P05:42
ubuntu_giantOh! It's not activated! :P05:42
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, let me try.05:43
ae86-drifterubuntu_giant, theres your problem05:43
bazhangengineer_, couple of questions: which was installed first, what version of ubuntu and are they fresh installs respectively or upgrades from prior versions05:43
ubuntu_giantSorry about that ae86-drifter.  I just hate it if the problem is staring at me right in the face. :(05:43
ajhtiredwolfbazhang, you can tell by the pastebins that windows 7 was installed first05:43
engineer_but i have checked all this, even reintalled windwos 7 two times, it works, but when reinstalled grub ,windows 7 doesnt load, however appears in grub05:43
ae86-drifterwindows 7 boots fine for me05:44
jstrakeubuntu_giant: nope, XP.05:44
ae86-drifterin a vm05:44
jstrakeJordan_U: what do you think?05:44
webbb82in order todo the partial upgrade it wants to remove konquer05:44
engineer_bazhang, windows7 installed first, ubuntu is 9.04,  and they all are fresh installs,05:44
daevskiHow can I switch from Compiz to metacity? is it something I can do on the fly as a workaround for a bug?05:44
bazhangdaevski, alt f2 metacity --replace05:45
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, hang on one moment05:45
ubuntu_giantjstrake: Possibly backups like I said, but you might have also partitioned your disk incorrectly.05:45
KurtKrautFor some reason, on Jaunty the notify-send command is only showing messages that are set to --urgency=critical. Is there something wrong?05:45
magikiddaevski: install compiz-fusion-icon and switch it through that05:45
daevskibazhang: thanks! and then compiz --replace to get back?05:45
engineer_i am really sad for all this, however my core2duo system had ubuntu and windows vista, working perfectly, but now on core2duad i am unable to have both :(05:45
bazhangdaevski, or listen to magikid05:45
jstrakeWhat are possible partition mistakes?05:45
daevskimagikid: also a good suggestion, thanks you!05:45
engineer_i really appreciate your consideration and help.05:46
Jordan_Uengineer_: What is the problem?05:46
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, its not because of the processor, just one sec05:46
engineer_jordan_u,  the problem is that windows7 appears in grub but doesnt loads05:46
daevskibazhang, magiki: Thank you both for input :)05:46
engineer_system restarts05:46
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, are you able to get on another machine via irc?05:46
jstrakeubuntu_giant: does XP backup into restricted partitions as well?05:46
Jordan_Uengineer_: Do you get an error when you try to load it?05:47
accidhen installing ubuntu, it asks for a mount point, what do i select? options are  /dos /windows05:47
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, i mean get on irc via another machine*05:47
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, i dont know. but i am using irc from ubuntu,05:47
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, you are going to need to reboot05:47
engineer_oh ok.05:47
accidalso is it typical to use fat 32 file system ?05:47
engineer_but its ok if its restarts.05:47
engineer_i will be back again.05:48
LowninHello! I'm trying to set up ldap. I get to the part in https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html that says "sudo ldapadduser george example".  My console returns "You must have OpenLDAP client commands installed before running these scripts".  I can run OpenLDAP client commands I believe.  What is wrong? I've been working on this all day but I'm not that advanced of a user yet.05:48
engineer_tell me what to do. maybe i have tried it before05:48
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, alright open up sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:48
n8tuseraccid-> as minimum you need /, /swap and /home05:48
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, ok i have done it05:48
engineer_now what05:48
accidn8tuser should i use fat 3205:49
engineer_also  i want to tell u that i have checked all in chainloader +1,+2 +305:49
Billiardaccid: no use ext305:49
bazhanggksudo for graphical apps engineer_05:49
progesteronequestion: How can I make chm file to be opened by xchm?05:49
accidwhat mount point should i choose?05:49
jstrakeTo restate my initial query with updated info:05:49
engineer_bazhang, thanks05:49
engineer_what to do next05:50
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, change (hd0,0) to (hd0,1) in the 3rd to last line05:50
bigfootbuiltBaffled...I completely uninstalled Shockwave 9.0 plugin for Firefox and restarted the browser, and somehow I have upgraded to Shockwave Flash 10.0??? Can anyone explain this mystery? Thanks in advance05:50
accidBilliard ...05:50
accidwhat mount point should i choose?05:50
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, ok wait05:50
Billiardaccid: are you installing to fill the entire drive? no other os05:50
n8tuseraccid nope, use ext305:50
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accidi have win 7 on one HDD na dim installing ubuntu on a partition05:50
Billiardaccid: because maybe you should use the guided install05:50
Billiardaccid: ok05:50
accidBilliard... what do i choose for beginning or end ?05:51
Billiardaccid: do you already have your partitions set up05:51
n8tuser!who | accid05:52
ubottuaccid: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:52
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, i have tried this from (hd0,0) to (hd,1,2 and 3) and same problem, at and after (hd0,4) it says thats the device is incorrect or something like that. i think its says this because 4, and 5 are ubuntu drives05:52
accidBilliard... what do i choose for beginning or end ?05:52
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, you did (hd0,1) ?05:52
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, yes i did05:52
Billiardaccid: what is the question it is asking you, it doesnt only say "beginning or end"05:53
LowninHello! I'm trying to set up ldap. I get to the part in https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html that says "sudo ldapadduser george example".  My console returns "You must have OpenLDAP client commands installed before running these scripts".  I can run OpenLDAP client commands I believe.  What is wrong? I've been working on this all day but I'm not that advanced of a user yet.  Am I asking in the right place?05:53
preecheri had to do a re-install of ubuntu 9.04 earlier and now when i am listening to online streaming audio my volume is not as loud as it used to be---could this be because i need different mpeg 1/2 codecs05:53
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jstrakeTo restate my initial query with updated info: I'm having a hard disk space issue.  Have 25G allocated on the partition.  Show 1.3G free, but only several hundred Mb available.  Disk Usage Analyzer only shows 7.7G on the filesystem.  So what is eating up my other 14G?  Have tried all conventional cleanup strategies (deborphan, apt-get clean/autoclean, etc.)  df -h output is http://paste.ubuntu.com/299528/05:53
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, do u think its due to grub is unalbe to find windows7 boot loader?05:53
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, or windows7 boot loader is unable to get loaded?05:53
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, totally i have installed windows7, three times, and ubuntu two times, and its hectic now05:54
Brack101I've tried reinstalling my Nvidia drivers 5 times and reinstalling libgl....I keep getting this and nothing 3d works. http://pastebin.com/m28281e1d   - tried all suggestions in forums, nothing.  Halp plz05:54
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, i think i will have to throw away the QUAD, system05:54
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, well, what's strange is that it IS Set to the correct device05:54
Brando753anyone know how i can connect to my Hp p1006 Printer, i tried the Hplip, as well as that fojlis thing and it still dosent work05:54
n8tuserjstrake-> please paste results of  df -h and sudo fdisk -l05:54
jstrakeIf this is a partitioning error, I need to know what errors are possible.  I have not had any usage problems.  If it is XP messing with the partition, what's the resolution?05:54
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, but you know, lets try another just for the hell of it05:55
LowninShould I be asking my question about the Ubuntu Server OpenLDAP tutorial someplace else?05:55
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, ok so anyother suggestion? as i have searched alot on internet,05:55
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, hang on, be patient05:55
bp0hello, im trying to update my jaunty to the rc, with `update-manager -d` ... is there a way i can tell it to use packs from the cd instead of downloading? im only getting 100k from the server and its going to take hours05:56
engineer_ajhtiredwolf,  find all same thing, to reinstall grub and change from (hd0,0) to 1 and all that chainloader etc things05:56
bazhangbp0, #ubuntu+1 for karmic discussion05:56
jstrakesudo fdisk -l at http://paste.ubuntu.com/299532/05:56
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, but none works05:56
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, what happened when you tried hd(1,1) ?05:56
jstrakedh -h at http://paste.ubuntu.com/299528/05:56
engineer_it says something like that the device is not present05:57
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, you know what?05:57
seetherMI downloaded ubuntu and installed it but it didnt install drivers for my gforce 210 (nvidia) can anyone point me in the right direction?05:57
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, i have an idea, do you know how to go into your bios?05:57
seetherMso i can get all the cool effects etc05:57
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, yes sure.05:57
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, are windows 7 and ubuntu install on different hard drives?05:57
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, no . on one same hardisk05:58
engineer_tell me what to change in bios, i am used to it05:58
jstraken8tuser: any thoughts?05:59
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, never mind that if its all on one hard drive05:59
n8tuserjstrake on what?05:59
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, if windows 7 was installed first it SHOULD be on hd0,0 and according to your fdisk sda1 SHOULD be the correct device06:00
jstrakeon my query about my missing hard drive space.06:00
engineer_ajhtiredwolf,  yes thats right, and i know this,06:00
engineer_the problem comes after this06:00
engineer_all is correct, still its not booting06:00
seetherMI downloaded ubuntu and installed it but it didnt install drivers for my gforce 210 (nvidia) can anyone point me in the right direction?06:00
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, so lets see here, lets narrow the problem down, did you just install both?06:00
ajhtiredwolfafter installing windows 7, it worked until you installed ubuntu correct?06:01
bazhangseetherM, is there anything in hardware drivers (system administration hardware drivers)06:01
ajhtiredwolfdo you have any other windows versions?06:01
n8tuser!who | jstrake06:01
ubottujstrake: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:01
engineer_yes, windows vista06:01
ajhtiredwolfhow about xp?06:01
engineer_well, i havent got it at the moment, however its funny that i checked it with windows vista, two days before and SAME PROBLEM06:02
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, yeah the way they boot, win7 and vista is similar06:02
engineer_means vista and windows7 same issue06:02
engineer_so it means that its some problem with windows7 boot loader?06:03
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, no i don't think so, hang on, let me think06:03
bazhangengineer_, I had a similar issue, ended up using gparted to partition beforehand (gparted livecd) and the problem went away06:03
engineer_or grub itsnt able to find the windows7 loader?06:03
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, no grub found it correctly06:03
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, heres a thought06:04
engineer_bazhang, i have installed gparted, so what to do with that?06:04
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, when you installed ubuntu, how did you tell it to install, did you tell it to install side by side?06:04
engineer_its just for partiioning06:04
LowninWhere can I get help with the Ubuntu OpenLDAP tutorial?06:04
jstrakeubottu: what does "!tab" mean (sorry, pseudo noob).06:04
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:04
seetherMBazhang, do you know what i should do?06:04
bazhangengineer_, gparted livecd  was what I used06:04
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, first time i tell to install in free space, thats was created my me for ubuntu,06:04
Brando753anyone know how i can connect to my Hp p1006 Printer, i tried the Hplip, as well as that fojlis thing and it still dosent work06:05
bazhangseetherM, this is an older card?06:05
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, and the second time?06:05
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, 2nd time after formating all, and installing windows7 and then ubuntu, i told to install them by manual06:05
bazhangjstrake, type the first few letters of the person you wish to communicate with then hit the tab key to autocomplete their nickname, thus highlighting them06:05
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, here is what i would try. I would install iwndows 7, while installing windows 7 i would delete all partitions, then specify a partition for win706:06
engineer_bazhang. kindly tell me how can be gparted usefull, tell me more06:06
jstrakebazhang: thanks.  Got it.06:06
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, then when i installed ubuntu I would specificy the swap and root partitions myself06:06
seetherMits new06:06
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, that way you aren't telling ubuntu to touch any part of the win7 loader06:06
seetherMthe whole system is brand new06:06
seetherMit came with vista but i deleted it and installed ubuntu06:07
seetherMi'm good at using ubuntu just not good at setting up stuff...06:07
loshajstrake: !tab means to type those 4 characters as the very first thing on the line to see ubottu's recorded message about the tab character.06:07
engineer_same i did 2nd time, in manual telling, i created a swap for ubuntu and deleted partition and recreated for ubutnu06:07
engineer_windows 7 loader is already in another drive, of 100mb06:07
engineer_and its like that06:07
bazhangengineer_, gparted live cd is a 100 mb download (iso) burn iso to cd, boot from it, then format the disk into ntfs and ext3 (jaunty) or ext4 karmic; reboot and replace disk with windows 7 installer disk; install to ntfs partition; repeat with ubuntu cd06:08
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, you created the swap and main partition from free space?06:08
loshajstrake: I just looked at your df. You have 22G in use on /dev/sda506:08
engineer_and strange is that i cant access the files of windows7 boot drive from ubuntu????06:08
engineer_bazhang, thanks06:08
loshajstrake: do you want to find out where your space has gone?06:08
jstrakelosha: I know.  But I can only actually find files for 7.7G and only a few hundred Mb now available.  Do you know any whys?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/299528/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/299532/06:09
ajhtiredwolfbazhang, it sounds like that is what he has already done06:09
jstrakelosha: yes.06:09
ajhtiredwolfbazhang, ah well, he left06:09
bazhangengineer_, I had the same exact issue (not being to access the drive) before fixing with gparted method06:09
engineer_yes, i deleted the partitions that i had created for ubuntu, and then recreated them, reserving one drive for swap and other for ubuntu06:09
engineer_does it specify any problem?06:09
=== root is now known as Guest36714
bazhangajhtiredwolf, ah thanks06:09
bazhangoh wait06:09
ajhtiredwolfnever mind06:09
Guest36714wa!  you talk about  ubuntu  linux06:10
loshajstrake: ok, open a terminal, and type sudo -i06:10
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, give what bazhang said a try, if that doesn't work i can explain to you have to use the windows 7 boot loader to manage win7 and ubuntuu instead of grub06:10
jstrakelosha: okay.06:10
loshajstrake: now do cd /06:10
jstrakethen what?06:10
jstrakelosha: okay.06:11
loshajstrake: now do: du -x | sort -rn > /tmp/du.out06:11
engineer_really, how will that be done, i means loading ubntu from windows7 loader?06:11
bazhangseetherM, I'm not familiar with that card, its odd that there is nothing in hardware drivers for it06:11
Guest36714where is  this????????????????/06:11
Guest36714why   the question  all   about    linux  and  win706:11
bazhangGuest36714, #ubuntu , support for Ubuntu OS06:11
engineer_and also plz tell me how to fixndows7 boot loader?06:11
loshajstrake: it will take a few minutes, as it scans the whole 23G partition06:11
jstrakelosha: okay, processing now.06:11
bazhangGuest36714, random chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please06:11
engineer_i means how to fix windows7 boot loader?06:12
engineer_without reinstalling windows706:12
Guest36714fix  the  mbr06:12
Guest36714fix  the  mbr06:12
Guest36714you  can  fix  the  win7  load06:12
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, first give what bazhang said a try06:12
gogetawhos bein bad06:12
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, yes you can load ubuntu through the win7 lodaer06:12
engineer_hows that dones?06:12
bazhangengineer_, basically when I used the method described above, Ubuntu saw the entire Windows 7 partition as the bootloader (of 117GB)06:13
Guest36714go   google06:13
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, well idealy you will use grub so try this first06:13
loshajstrake: when it completes, the file /tmp/du.out will contain a listing, largest first, of every file and directory on /dev/sda5 in order of size. Hopefully it will be obvious where the space is going from the listing06:13
bazhangGuest36714, that is not helpful, please dont suggest it here06:13
gogetaryguy: and why are you tryin to hide lol06:13
engineer_ok . i will try.06:13
MK13engineer_, http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Recovering+the+Vista+Bootloader+from+the+DVD06:14
jstrakelosha: okay.  Thanks.  I'll check the file and probably report back.  Tried the disk usage analyzer GUI which supposedly does the same thing... but could only find 7.7G.06:14
engineer_MK13, thanks06:14
ajhtiredwolfengineer_, I dont know if it still works the same way but in xp and 98 you just had to boot to recovery mdoe and type fixmbr and ntfsldr or something like that, i forget06:14
Guest36714have   chinese   in  this  room   ???????????/06:15
loshajstrake: You aren't the first person to say that, I don't trust any of those gui progs. They seem to be really buggy.06:15
bazhangGuest36714, #ubuntu-cn06:15
MK13engineer_, if you don't have the cd, then EasyBCD has the files too06:15
Guest36714use  chinese06:15
gogetaso does supergrub06:15
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, yes fixmbr works for win98 and xp , i have tried it, but dont know for windows vista or 706:15
AtlanticGuaguasi[work] ÓÐÊÂÂð06:15
bazhangGuest36714, not in this channel; /join #ubuntu-cn06:15
gogetanewer ones support win706:15
bazhangAtlantic, english only please06:15
ae86-drifteri am hearing more about windows 7 than ubuntu in here06:16
SnakDocJust wanted to say system is running very well with karmic on it :)06:16
engineer_MK13, how to install boot loader from windows7 dvd?06:16
loshajstrake: feel free to paste the top 10 lines of /tmp/du.out if you need help06:16
ae86-drifterget the precracked torrent with the boot loader06:16
ae86-drifterthats what i did06:16
ae86-drifterbut i got rid of windows  its ghey06:16
gogetadam they cracked it aruldy06:16
ae86-drifteryes it has been cracked for about two months now06:17
jstrakelosha: okay.  pasted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/299544/06:17
engineer_ajhtiredwolf, and MK!3, and bazhang, thanks for all help, i hope i come with any solution06:17
MK13engineer_, the site should tell you06:17
ajhtiredwolfae86-drifter, ugh, dont start a OS war06:17
engineer_okies buddies06:17
engineer_farewell to me.06:17
engineer_but onething is for sure, the problems that comes to me, are mostly un solvable, :)06:18
ae86-drifterwindows only deserves a vm not an actual partition06:18
bazhangae86-drifter, piracy talk is not acceptable here, please desist06:18
ajhtiredwolfae86-drifter, asking and answering questions would be awesome06:18
gogetaae86-drifter or a vm on  a real paration06:18
loshajstrake: ok, 16G in /var, of which 15G is /var/backup. 3G in /usr, can't do much about that. Next is /home/jonathan with about 2G. Then each individual file in /var/backup. Is any of this making any sense?06:18
ae86-drifterlol anything on your hd is actually on a REAL partition :P06:19
ae86-drifterexcept for mbr06:19
jstrakelosha: yes.  Am I safe to delete the /var/backup files?  And what is best practice for doing so?06:20
gogetaae86-drifter i used a vm a real partation and some tricks ro make a usb xp06:20
ae86-drifteroh really, i have backtrack 4 on a bootable usb drive06:22
bazhang!ot | ae86-drifter gogeta06:22
ubottuae86-drifter gogeta: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:22
loshajstrake: well, it depends. What are they backups of? You probably don't want to delete them all. You might wanna keep, say, the two most recent. Do you even know what's creating them?06:22
ae86-driftererr yeah ubuntu....06:22
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »06:22
jstrakelosha: they are likely backups generated by SimpleBackup--an app I installed earlier and haven't thought of in a while.  I will play with the settings for a minute and post the results.06:23
ae86-drifterubuntu 10.04 is under development06:24
loshajstrake: well, it's good to have backups. But they *do* take up disk space. No thanks to whatever gui told you you're only using 7G, btw...06:24
jstrakelosha: no doubt.  Thanks for all the help!06:24
ae86-drifterset it to incremental backup06:25
ajhtiredwolfhas anyone had the problem of compiz not supporting composite transparancy under LXDE?06:25
loshajstrake: my pleasure. I really need to write this stuff up...06:25
ae86-drifterincremental backups will take up alot less space06:25
jstrakelosha: yep, and publish it and make some $$$06:25
loshajstrake: yeah, that's why I'm on #ubuntu. For the money. Half the time I can't even give advice away free....06:26
jstrakelosha: one more thing: would you mind pastebinning the two commands you showed me for how to find what was eating my drive space?06:26
loshajstrake: you mean: sudo -i; cd /; du -x | sort -rn > /tmp/du.out06:27
gogetalosha yea so mutch money in linux wait thers the repo man dam06:27
loshagogeta: :-)06:27
jstrakelosha: yep.  those are they.  Thanks!  Good luck with the advice and money!06:27
vadimУпс. Куды это я попаааал???06:27
bazhangvadim, #ubuntu-ru for Russian06:28
loshajstrake: don't forget, there's also the glory, the roar of the crowd, and the nerd groupies...06:28
losha!ru | vadim06:28
ubottuvadim: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:28
gogetalosha you mean the spam of email of people complaining06:28
loshagogeta: my favourite was being publicly berated by someone on this channel for advice I gave him (which was correct, btw) and being told by him that I wasn't fit to advise anyone. Big fun...06:30
iarpIs an if i yank 1 out of 3 drives in an LVM volumegroup, will everything run fine or is it now even close to a raid type fashion?06:30
macoiarp: bad idea06:30
gogetalosha i was there for that one06:30
loshagogeta: and I thought no-one else had even noticed...06:30
iarpmaco: any software tools to change a vg to raid?06:31
macoiarp: no idea, sorry06:31
vadimХочется что нить скачать. Большое и нужное (из ПО). Не могу придумать что скачать. Runtu, Ubuntu 9.04, Windows7 скачаны. Может Office 2009 стянуть?  :)))06:31
bazhangvadim, english only here #ubuntu-ru for Russian06:32
bazhangvadim, /join #ubuntu-ru06:32
gogetalosha the fun of being a coder and helping strangers lol rember we dont knoe how to fix anything lol06:32
vtec_Hello I'm trying to make my Ubuntu windows transparent, I have jaunty 9.04 and compiz, how can I do this? I've seen pictures of Ubuntu with transparent windows06:32
loshabazhang: my russian isn't what it used to be, but I think he's trying to sell something...06:32
web5|org|uawhy after closing app don't remember size and pos ?06:32
gogetalosha we just wrote the thing06:32
loshagogeta: :-)06:32
vadimenglish? :(06:32
bazhanggogeta, please take chat elsewhere06:33
bazhangvadim, yes, English here #ubuntu-ru for Russian06:33
web5|org|uavadim: íå, ïî àðàáñêè ìîæåøú ?06:33
gregHi folks.  I am at wit's end with an ubuntu wireless problem on an HP Mini 110.  It is Ubuntu 8.04, customized for HP.  When we log in, the wireless light on the switch turns from blue to orange.  Pulling on the toggle switch doesn't change it.06:33
macoweb5|org|ua: what on earth was *that*?06:33
macoweb5|org|ua: keyboard smashing?06:33
=== Legion is now known as Artmoney
web5|org|uamaco: yeah, only for russians !06:34
macoweb5|org|ua: that wasnt russian06:34
macoweb5|org|ua: those werent even cyrillic characters06:34
web5|org|uamaco: some people talk on this language !06:34
bazhangweb5|org|ua, utf8 and #ubuntu-ru for Russian06:35
web5|org|uamaco: oh, maybe problem with traslation !06:35
macoweb5|org|ua: uh....i studied russian for a year. thats not russian...06:35
vtec_Hello I'm trying to make my Ubuntu windows transparent, I have jaunty 9.04 and compiz, how can I do this? I've seen pictures of Ubuntu with transparent windows06:35
bazhangvtec_, should be in the plugins section of ccsm06:35
web5|org|uathis channel is drived on UTF ?06:35
macoweb5|org|ua: aye...ubuntu defaults to utf806:36
bazhangweb5|org|ua, please remain on topic; you need utf8 for characters to be read06:36
gregCould someone perhaps help me with a wireless problem in Ubuntu?06:36
bazhanggreg, which chipset on the card06:36
markmqis there an ubuntu help channel/06:36
gogetabroadcoms normaly work out of box06:37
bazhanggreg, does ifconfig see the card06:37
Billiardthis is markmq06:37
gogetayour in it06:37
web5|org|uabazhang: for english, doesn't matter.06:37
bazhangmarkmq, this is it06:37
gregIt did work out of the box.  But then after about a week, it stopped working.06:37
bazhanggreg, open a terminal and type ifconfig, do you see it there06:37
gogetagreg go in bios turn back on its some strange happning in 9.0406:37
gregIt says that wireless is disabled in (I think) iwconfig06:37
gregThis is in 8.0406:37
gregHP ships Mini 110-1000 with 8.0406:38
bazhanggreg, is there a wireless shutoff switch on the machine06:38
markmqokay then quick question.  when I launch ubuntu from disk it askes if I want to install hardware for my wireless card.  now that I've installed it doesn't see it or give me any option like this06:38
gregYes there is one, it has a little LED light on it.06:38
gregThat light is blue until I log in, then it turns orange.06:38
gregWhich means that somehow logging in turns off the wireless.06:38
markmqI figured plugging it in via ethernet might trigger something06:39
gregWhereas when it worked before, it stayed blue.06:39
markmqif I go to system -> hardware drivers.  nothing is listed06:39
web5|org|uawhy pos and size don't remember ?06:39
chetnickwhere is .bashrc file in ubuntu 9.04? It's not in home dir.06:39
gogetagreg turn it back on?06:39
markmqis there a way to make it prob or somethign to that effect?06:39
gregIt is a switch with a spring that slides back.  I have slid it dozens of times and nothing happens.06:40
harisundIs there anyway I can see a current Gnome desktop session from another machine, like Windows' remote desktop? (Aside from VNC ... unless I can change resolution through VNC)06:40
gogetagreg try sudo ifconfig wlan0 up06:40
loshagreg: still waiting to see your answer to bazhang's question....06:40
gregOkay I will get that laptop and see.06:40
gogetawlan0 is whatever your card uses06:41
web5|org|uaubuntu don't remember pos & size after closing apps !? Why ?06:41
gogetaa brodcom shopuld be that06:41
bazhangthis is 8.04 however06:41
vtec_Hello I'm trying to make my Ubuntu windows transparent, I have jaunty 9.04 and compiz, how can I do this? I've seen pictures of Ubuntu with transparent windows06:41
bazhangvtec_, do you have ccsm installed06:42
chetnickwhere is .bashrc file in ubuntu 9.04? It's not in home dir.06:42
gregYes it is wlan006:42
vtec_yes I do bazhang06:42
orly_owlI installed Jaunty on a Toshiba laptop and the left click does not work. It's not a hardware issue because I plugged ina mouse and it still didn't work. How do I fix this?06:42
Billiardchetnick: home dir06:42
markmqyes it is in your home dir06:42
bazhangvtec_, that is one of the plugins iirc you may wish to get expert advice in #compiz if no one here knows06:42
chetnickBilliard: do you have it there?06:43
Billiardchetnick: yep06:43
chetnickcause i dont have one.06:43
orly_owlSorry, IBM, not Toshiba.06:43
markmqgedit ~/.bashtv06:43
Billiardchetnick: it starts with a . its hidden06:43
markmqgedit ~/.bashrc06:43
chetnicki know. its not there06:43
Billiardchetnick: then you deleted it06:43
markmqopen up a terminal06:43
chetnicki only have .bash_history and .bash_logout06:43
markmqthen type : ls -al06:43
orly_owlI installed Jaunty on an IBM laptop and the left click does not work. It's not a hardware issue because I plugged ina mouse and it still didn't work. How do I fix this?06:43
gregOkay I ran ifconfig.  What am I looking for again?  Or what options to ifconfig?06:44
bazhanggreg, it is seen as wlan0 in ifconfig? do you have an AP to test it on?06:44
chetnicki have never deleted .bashrc06:44
gogetagreg sudo ifconfig wlan0 up06:44
chetnicki am using Januty, if that makes difference06:44
tntcI've got a rather odd problem: I have an external hard disk that shows up in dmesg, can be cfdisk, and can be manually mounted, but won't show up in Places, etc, unless it's mounted by hand.  Another disk, formatted with the same FS, shows up fine.  They are literally identical models of disk, both with NTFS on them.  Why would one show up and not the other?06:44
gregThere is a wlan0 paragraph in ifconfig.06:44
augtenchetnick: try "locate .bash" ?06:44
gogetagreg should tell it to turn the card back on06:44
Billiardchetnick: if you want it back `cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~/`06:44
gregHow do I tell it to turn the card back on?06:44
bazhanggreg, okay great; do you have a wifi hotspot to test it on06:44
gogetacommand i just gave you06:45
gregYes I have my own house wireless06:45
chetnickBilliard: thanks06:45
chetnickthat works.06:45
greggogeta  Thanks for that command!  Unf. it scrolled by and I am not used to this stupid IRC client.06:45
gregOh right06:45
gregsudo ifconfig wlan0 up06:45
bazhanggreg, normally sudo dhclient wlan0 if it is not encrypted, I will get you a link on how to set it manually if it is encrypted06:45
Billiardchetnick: np06:45
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 greg06:46
markmqokay if I live boot my ubuntu cd it identifys my wireless card and allows me to install the restricted drivers06:46
gregWell one thing is that that this system is running NetworkManager.06:46
gregYes my house wireless does have a wep key.06:47
bazhangmarkmq, install the wireless drivers on the livecd?06:47
markmqnow that I've installed I don't get that option from System -> hardware drivers06:47
gogetagreg as long as the light is blue again the gui should wrok from there06:47
gregifconfig wlan0 up reported nothing.06:47
greggogeta the light is orange06:47
markmqwell bazhang it automatically indentified my card for me,  I wouldn't know which driver or even begin to know how to do that06:47
gogetathen its on06:47
gregI ran dhclient wlan0 but the light stayed orange.06:47
greggogeta No orange means off.  blue means on.06:47
markmqbazhang, its not like there is a device manager type application that notices my uninstalled hardware06:48
bazhanggreg, well, with wep you should check the link I gave you06:48
tntcgreg: hp laptop?06:48
gogetagreg i think its off in the bios06:48
bigfootbuiltFirefox fresh install question...I had to completely remove all traces of Firefox, but anytime I try to do a fresh install, Firefox won't connect to any sites. When launching from the terminal, I get a long list of error messages that seem to suggest some libraries re missing...what is the first step in installing Firefox that I am missing?06:48
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: how did you install it?06:48
bigfootbuiltPackage manager06:48
gregbazhang Your link is very interesting, but it scrolled by a long time ago.  Could you repeat please?06:48
bazhangbigfootbuilt, which version of ff how installed06:48
bigfootbuiltTried to install 3.1 first06:49
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 greg06:49
uiohi.what package should i install for boost in C++?06:49
gregtntc yes, hp laptop.  netbook in fact06:49
uioim using ubuntu feisty06:49
gregbazhang Thanks!06:49
bigfootbuiltI hear we can't just install 3.5 first06:49
bazhanguio, that is no longer supported, get a more recent support version06:49
tntcgreg: I dunno about your netbook, but on my full size one, the wireless card light stays orange even when the card is working.06:49
uiohow about in dapper?06:49
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: you can go to 3.5 without going to 3.1 first06:49
bigfootbuiltThru package manager?06:49
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: 3.0 is the default in ubuntu 8.04-9.0406:50
gregttnc Well the thing is that this is a  modified ubuntu  for HP , and on the other one we have, it is blue.  Also for this one, when it worked.06:50
bazhanguio, also end of life06:50
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: What should I select first in package manager?06:50
tntchrm. greg: the wireless switch doesn't change the state?06:50
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: which version of ubuntu are you using?06:51
vtec_Hello I'm trying to make my Ubuntu windows transparent, I have jaunty 9.04 and compiz, how can I do this? I've seen pictures of Ubuntu with transparent windows06:51
gregbazhang the instructions at your link have an <interface>.  What do I use for that?  wlan0 or eth0?06:51
bazhanggreg, wlan006:51
gregtntc No it doesn't.  Not any more.06:51
gregbazhang thanks.06:51
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: look for firefox-3.506:51
bigfootbuiltvtec_ You can customize the terminal window to use transparency06:52
vtec_Bigfoot, I would like for ALL of my things to be transparent06:52
bigfootbuiltvtec_: there is an option in the terminal menus that you can make it transparent, not sure about the rest of the windows06:52
vtec_not just the terminal06:52
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: thanks, but I think I already tried that to no avail. There is some other files that seem to be missing06:53
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: there's also firefox-3.5-gnome-support06:53
Sirisianis there a command in ubuntu to list all the systemcalls?06:53
quimkaoscan anyone help me setup my scaner of na multifiuntion HP 2180?06:53
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: does anything else have similar errors?06:53
uiocan i install them manually somehow bazhang?06:53
markmqis there a dedicated ubuntu help channel?06:53
markmqor is this it?06:53
lstarnesmarkmq: yes06:53
lstarnesmarkmq: this is it06:54
=== vtec_ is now known as iCarly
markmqI'm bummed dont know how to go about gettin gmy wireless working06:54
fotoflohmm, how do i install libgd on ubuntu??06:54
markmqI can get it working via live boot06:54
gregbazhang.  I copied all of the commands.  It all seemed to work, but dhcpdiscover does not work.  And the light is still orange.06:54
markmqthis is frustrating06:54
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: Ya, I selected that, and the gnome package. I only removed the packages that were related to Firefox. Nothing else. But when I open firefox from terminal window, I see a long list of errors suggesting I am missing some type of library files06:54
markmqhow do I make it discover my wireless card ARGH!06:54
lstarnesfotoflo: check apt-cache search libgd06:54
bazhanggreg, sure, with wep it will not work unless you set the password (wep) per the link06:54
mdavidniCarly: Have you tried the compizconfig-settings-manager package?06:54
markmqgoing to try a reboot06:55
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: I will try again06:55
gregbazhang Yes I did the key line too.06:55
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: can you pastebin the erros?06:55
harisundDoes anyone have a Microsoft Remote Desktop equivalent for Gnome that automatically adjusts to the resolution of the client I am connecting from? VNC doesn't automatically adjust, it shows me the entire resolution of the server and that is irritating when connecting from my laptop06:55
gregbazhang Can't know if I did the key line correctlly.06:55
bigfootbuiltIt is on another computer, but I will see what I can do06:55
iCarlymdavidn, I have ccsm but idk where to go t make it like that06:55
bazhanggreg, if you paste.ubuntu.com with them we can check06:55
bazhangiCarly, could be the plugin opacify ; not sure though--best to ascertain in #compiz06:56
mdavidniCarly: unfortunately, I'm running in a VM and can't check now06:57
bazhangquimkaos, what does linuxprinting.org say about that printer? is scanning supported in Linux06:57
uiobazhang: the problem is i dont have sufficient memory at the moment to do an upgrade..you know what is the best workaround?06:57
gregbazhang unf. I have to first find a cable for what I am doing.06:57
fotoflolstarnes: too much info there -- to many choices06:58
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: Strange...See a minimized window that says "starting firefox browser" and it won't maximize. It sits there for a few seconds then disappears06:58
iCarlyno problem mdavidn06:58
bazhanguio, my apologies, I forgot what you wanted to upgrade on your box06:58
uiobazhang, i wanted the c++ boost but i do not have enough space to upgrade to other distros at the moment06:59
fotofloPackage libgd2 is a virtual package provided by:  libgd2-xpm 2.0.35.dfsg-3ubuntu2   libgd2-noxpm 2.0.35.dfsg-3ubuntu206:59
fotoflowhats XPM?06:59
gregbazhang well I am just going to have to give up for tonight.  Although you did give me some useful pointers.06:59
gregbazhang thanks anyway.06:59
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: The only error msg I get now is "/opt/firefox/firefox-bin: not found"06:59
bazhanguio, what is the package name? C++_boost ?06:59
lstarnesfotoflo: X PixMap07:00
fotoflodo i want that?07:00
quimkaoscan anyone help me setup my scaner of na multifiuntion HP 2180? hplip and hpoj are not working07:00
uiofor C++ use bazhag07:00
lstarnesfotoflo: it's an ascii-based image format07:00
jstrakelosha: jstrake here.  Yep, it was the Simple Backup (sbackup).  Reconfigured and ran it to wipe out old back ups and voila! gained by my 14G.  Thanks!07:00
the_gamerhi golks, i got jaunty and i need opera. can't find it in synaptic. how to install it?07:00
lstarnesfotoflo: it's optional; if you don't want/need it, don't use it07:00
lstarnes!opera | the_gamer07:00
fotoflo http://screencast.com/t/wjhmsAanmGMK07:00
ubottuthe_gamer: Opera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser07:00
bazhanggreg, this is 8.04 and broadcom; later version of Ubuntu (such as Jaunty have much better broadcom support)07:00
fotoflowhat do i need to fix this problem?07:00
fotofloin piwik07:01
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: The only error msg I get now is "/opt/firefox/firefox-bin: not found"07:01
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: I don't think firefox is supposed to be in /opt07:01
bazhangbigfootbuilt, the package manager would not put it in /opt07:02
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: I found out 2 things....07:02
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: what do you get from which firefox  and which firefox-3.5?07:02
bigfootbuiltlstrnes: If I type "firefox", it gets that error I showed you. If I type "mozilla", it says "mozilla not currently installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install seamonkey-browser"???07:03
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: mozilla is not firefox07:03
tootMy system crashes while playing sounds, randomly and intermittently. If I use a game in WINE, it will happen more, but it happens even watching movies and listening to music. I have memtest86+'d and although I am willing to take suggestions on where to look, i don't see anything in logs.07:03
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: have you ever heard of the "seamonkey"?07:03
bazhangquimkaos, did you check the link I gave you for scanning support with that all-in one printer07:04
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: it's a community-maintained fork of the mozilla suite07:04
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: what output do you get from "which firefox" and "which firefox-3.5" ?07:04
quimkaoswhat link07:04
tootWhen I say it crashes, it repeats a half-second of sound over and over again to infinity, and no response at all from anything. no numlock lights change.07:04
uiobazhang: any idea?07:04
bazhanghttp://linuxprinting.org quimkaos07:04
navapiarp: You there?07:04
bazhanguio, could you give me the exact package name (if you can recall it)?07:05
tootAny advice? It's driving me nuts07:05
uioc++ boost lib..or maybe libboost-dev07:05
lilzeus-webanyone know of a good top 10 apps site for ubuntu?07:05
jamiewanNeed help with samba, I have a private network setup with a friend but after latest kernel install i cant see my workgroup or shares on his box, can someone pls help07:05
bazhanglilzeus-web, which type of apps07:05
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: which firefox = /usr/bin/firefox...........which firefox-3.5 = /usr/bin/firefox-3.5"07:05
lstarnesbigfootbuilt: that seems sane07:06
bigfootbuiltya, it's insane that it is sane and it wont work lol07:06
bazhangbigfootbuilt, did you also install 3.1 outside of the package management system?07:06
lilzeus-webbazhang: well, someone recommended a site but I can't remember it...it had a pick for best wysiwyg webpage editor07:06
mdavidntoot: which audio card are you using?07:06
bigfootbuiltbazhang: not this time07:06
bazhangbigfootbuilt, ie in /opt ?07:07
bazhang!html | lilzeus-web07:07
ubottulilzeus-web: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/07:07
Guest36714ubuntu   too  hard to use07:07
bigfootbuiltbazhang: I installed everything thru package manager, so if it put it in /opt then it wasn't me07:07
Guest36714especially  chinese07:07
bazhangGuest36714, then dont use it07:07
bazhangGuest36714, please ask a support question if you have an issue07:08
Guest36714but  it  is  suit  for   college07:08
darkhamhow many shipments can be requested ?07:08
bigfootbuiltI think I am supposed to select an additional package. There are so many damn firefox packages07:08
tootmdavidn, 00:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2) i'm using the release drivers07:08
Guest36714who   make  frends  ?? i  am a chinese07:08
bazhangGuest36714, please; #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support chat07:09
Guest36714give  me  your  email07:09
Guest36714有 说  中文的么07:10
Guest36714谁 认识 这几个字07:10
iCarlyHow can I get my desktop just like that on ubuntu 9.04?07:10
bazhangGuest36714, as I have told you #ubuntu-cn for chinese, english only here07:10
darkhamhow many of you can't no more request cds from shipit?07:10
Guest36714the desktop  on  9.04 is rubbish07:10
Guest36714how  about  like  apple07:10
bigfootbuiltGuest: Then change it07:10
usseriCarly, install fluxbox+xcom instead of fvvwm07:10
mjsI'm using 9.04 can't get presentation to open .pps files, any suggestions?07:10
tck8anyone here use iperf?07:10
uiobazhang, let me know once you hav echecked them07:11
=== crohakon is now known as crohakon|zZz
lilzeus-webwhat is KDE?07:11
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde407:11
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lilzeus-webok, if I have an app that says "web development environment for KDE" can I run it on Ubuntu?07:12
lstarneslilzeus-web: yes07:12
lstarneslilzeus-web: ubuntu can use kde07:12
bazhanglilzeus-web, sure you can07:12
lilzeus-webis KDE something I can install?07:12
lstarneslilzeus-web: yes07:13
bazhanglilzeus-web, the package is kubuntu-desktop07:13
lstarneslilzeus-web: you don't need to install it to run its applications though07:13
lstarneslilzeus-web: just the base libraries used by it07:13
jamiewanNeed help with samba, I have a private network setup with a friend but after latest kernel install (Jaunty) i cant see my workgroup or shares on his box anymore, can someone pls help07:13
bazhanglilzeus-web, as lstarnes has said however you dont need to install the full kde suite to use some of its apps07:13
lilzeus-webjamiewan: don't use samba, lots of issues, use ssh07:14
jamiewanlilzeus-web: ok thanx will try that07:14
=== Guest53587 is now known as openess
mjsI'm using 9.04 can't get Openoffice.org Presentation to open .pps files, any suggestions?07:15
lilzeus-webcould anyone help me set up this filter I have so it runs either all the time or on a keyboard shortcut?07:15
tootHi, i'm back, sorry, i just had another crash07:15
tootwho was helping me with my crash issue?07:16
mdavidntoot: I was, but I'm not having much luck looking up your hardware.07:16
apersonI've drug a theme into appearance settings, where did that theme install to?07:16
apersonit's not in /usr/share/icons07:17
tootit's an nvidia board, geforce 6100SM-M07:17
tootthe sound card is integrated07:17
toot64 bit07:17
lilzeus-webblackpenguin: lilzeus: you could "wget http://linux01.org/~nlissne/filter" and use this to remove u+FEFF from the paste-buffer - you need to install xsel - and maybe put the script on a hotkey07:17
tootand 64 bit ubuntu07:17
lilzeus-webcan someone help me do that?07:17
iCarlyHow can i get my desktop to have transparent windows like that?07:18
darkhamhow many shipments of ubuntu are allowed by canonical?07:20
Jordan_Udarkham: It depends on what you want them for07:20
web5|org|uai need to ubuntu remember exact position of window before close !07:21
darkhamJordan_U, i only want one personal copy of desktop and server edition07:21
tootmdavidn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/299582/07:21
mjsdarkham, much easier to download07:22
Jordan_Udarkham: They should allow that, but you should read this: http://blog.canonical.com/?p=26407:22
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lilzeus-webwhy have all my package download through synaptic been so slow lately?07:23
=== r2020 is now known as rashed2020
macolilzeus-web: release candidate today. lots of people downloading install disks or upgrading to the next release07:24
lilzeus-webah, that would explain it07:24
lilzeus-webcuz I have super fast connection07:24
stuhlbeinhello! somehow i managed to screw up my root partition on ubuntu by doing a misconfigured installation of uClibc. and since i'm not able to boot it anymore (i got a huge bunch of ld.so-related assertion-failures, and a kernelpanic) i don't really want to rescue the root partition, but my /home partition. would i be able to do this with ubuntu 7.04, or should i grad jaunty instead? i really, REALLY don't want to lose my home partition. :(07:24
Billiardstuhlbein: you can reinstall without formatting your home partition07:25
Gratz474what does this do for your video?07:25
Gratz474the migrationheuristic when set to greedy uses07:25
navapiarp: You there?07:25
macostuhlbein: 1. 7.04 is end of life. hasn had security updates in a LONG time...so you should at least go to 8.0407:25
Gratz474its supposed to be a performance improvement?07:25
stuhlbeinBilliard: okay07:26
macostuhlbein: 2. 8.04 and newer can install on the same partition without losing /home directory. if you actually have a /home partition, any version is fine07:26
stuhlbeinmaco: yeah, i do have infact /home as a independent partiton, but i didn't see any option to use it in 7.04, that's why i asked... anyway, i already downloaded a copy of 9.04, so i think i'll try it with 9.0407:27
wolf39usI am looking for the linux drivers for RTL8192-E ... I'm looking all over google and can't find them.. any ideas?07:28
jkkahi. how do i change/ configure the ugly large fonts in the terminal/ console (not terminal emulator) like the ones used in SLED 11?07:28
wolf39usit is for a Toshiba Satellite P505D07:29
jkkacorrection : and use a small font similar to the one used in SLED 11?07:29
Gratz474Option “MigrationHeuristic” “greedy” would this improve performance?07:29
quimkaosstill no luck.... HP F2180 scanner dosen't work tho it prints fine...07:30
Blueyquimkaos: I had a similar problems07:30
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Gratz474does UXA support Option “MigrationHeuristic” “greedy” ?07:32
jkkahi. how do i change/ configure the ugly large fonts in the terminal/ console (not terminal emulator) and use the one like the one used in SLED 11?07:32
voxwolf39us: they're being written as we speak, should show up in the next kernel release hopefully07:34
DaZjkka: you can change resolution ;f07:34
kennkhow can i set my microphone to output to speakers without having to pull up a recording app and hit play07:35
wolf39ushere's another question...how would I go about updating the kernel release....without an internet connection? lol....would this be an ISO I can just burn...can I use a thumb drive?07:35
DaZwolf39us: download from the ftp and update locally? ;f07:36
jkkahi. how do i change/ configure the default large font in the terminal/ console (not terminal emulator) and use a smaller one?07:37
wolf39usah, sorry for the noob questions...07:37
Blueyjkka: just a sec07:37
DaZjkka: you can change the resolution ;f07:38
jkkaDaZ: i am talking about the linux console ... not the emulator we use in X07:38
DaZjkka: me too07:39
jkkaDaZ: you can change the resolution without X server running?07:39
DaZjkka: framebuffer07:39
=== vic is now known as Guest42232
jkkaDaZ: can you please elabrate?07:39
DaZjkka: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB#Framebuffer_Resolution07:40
jkkaDaZ: Bluey TY07:40
quimkaosi quit ... time to bed07:40
Blueyquimkaos: night07:41
bigfootbuiltlstarnes: thanks for the help earlier. I couldn't get it to work, but I still learned some shit07:42
=== jolia is now known as jolia`school
johntrongah, another late night thanks to hackthissite.org07:42
johntronso addicting07:42
jkkaDaZ: i will give this a try... also do you know any tiling window manager for the console? Without X server? like awn?07:43
jkkasorry not awn ... but ion307:44
DaZjkka: i'm not a console person :f07:44
prince_jammys!info screen | jkka07:44
kennkhow can i set my microphone to output to speakers without having to pull up a recording app and hit play07:44
apersonI've drug an icon theme into appearance settings, does anyone know where did that theme install to?07:44
ubottujkka: screen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-11ubuntu4 (jaunty), package size 590 kB, installed size 1008 kB07:44
prince_jammysjkka the hack they propose in that page for getting grub to prompt you can simply be done by using ''vga=ask''07:45
jkkadoes anyone here know any tiling window manager for the console? Without X server? like ion 3?07:45
web5|org|uaTwo-Panel file manager ?07:45
ActionParsnipjkka: awesome07:45
TehedraHey all! Just got a question i would like to ask.  Its more of an opinion though07:46
ActionParsnipjkka: its a WM07:46
TehedraWhich is better, KDE or GNOME?07:46
mdavidn"screen" can split the your console to display multiple shells.07:46
ActionParsnipTehedra: both and neither07:46
TehedraGNOME i understand is the ubuntu default, but KDE has more features? Though more issues?07:46
BlueyTehedra: that's a religious holy warmmm07:46
bazhangTehedra, #ubuntu-offtopic please07:46
ActionParsnipTehedra: neither is better nor best, they are just different07:46
TehedraHow is that off topic to ubuntu?07:46
web5|org|uamdavidn: mean graphical, not console !07:46
macoTehedra: this is a support channel07:46
bazhangTehedra, its not a support issue07:46
macoTehedra: not a chatter channel07:47
prince_jammysTehedra: this is a support channel, not for polling personal preference.07:47
TehedraWell then factual information?07:47
ActionParsnipTehedra: /j #ububuntu-offtopic    someone there will fill you in07:47
DaZTehedra: try both :f07:47
bazhangTehedra, which do you have installed07:47
BlueyTehedra: really off topic...07:47
wolf39usso I downloaded 2.6.31 from the kernel.org... I have to compile the kernel correct? and how do I view the current kernel version?07:47
ActionParsnipTehedra: like "My firefox (although a sucky browser) is running slow, can I speed it up"07:47
ActionParsnipTehedra: fixing broken stuff07:48
Blueywolf39us: why not get the beta for 9.10?07:48
mdavidnweb5|org|ua: I was responding to jkka07:48
engineer_hey all07:48
Tehedraofftopic was no help either07:49
Tehedrathanks guys07:49
wolf39usah, would this include the rtl8192e drivers...the latest kernel says something about it under "staging" drivers07:49
engineer_anyone knows hows to check my system info, wether its 32bit or 64 bit on ubuntu?07:49
ActionParsnipengineer_: uname -a07:49
DaZengineer_: arch07:49
Blueyengineer_: uname -a07:49
engineer_ok thanks let me check it07:49
ActionParsnipengineer_: x86_64 == 64bir   i686 == 32bit07:49
ActionParsnipengineer_: thats your linux kernel acrchitecture07:49
Blueyiirc cat /etc/issue will tell you what version of ubuntu you're running07:50
engineer_ActionParsnip; thanks dude. i got it07:50
ActionParsnipengineer_: if you wanna know if the CPU is 64 bit (64bit cpu can run 32bit OS) then run: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep name07:51
ActionParsnipengineer_: then get websearching07:51
bigfootbuilt9.04 is my first linux distro. When 9.1 comes out, do I have to do a clean install? Or just update it?07:51
bazhangbigfootbuilt, your choice07:52
Blueybigfootbuilt: your choice - personally I've found that a clean install is usually best...07:52
bigfootbuiltbazhang: Would package manager install it?07:52
eradicusbigfootbuilt, is there really a 9.1?07:52
bigfootbuiltUpdater I mean?07:52
Blueybigfootbuilt: however - you need to backup /home and /etc as a minimum07:52
bigfootbuilt9.10 = 9.1 sorry07:52
bazhangbigfootbuilt, sure it will07:52
DaZbigfootbuilt: you can update07:53
ActionParsnipbigfootbuilt: you can use the web just "upgrade" from 9.04 to 9.10. Or if you like you can clean install07:53
bigfootbuiltThanks guys07:53
DaZbut... it's ubuntu, it doesn't survive updates >:07:53
Gratz474does empathy have OTR?07:53
Gratz474i read it does but i can't find it07:54
macoGratz474: no07:54
macoGratz474: at least, i dont believe so. pidgin and kopete do07:54
Blueyare they going to deprecate pidgin?07:54
macoBluey: not including it as default anymore but its staying in Main07:55
Blueymaco: kewlness!07:55
ActionParsnipBluey: its in the kermic repos, just not in by default I think. I use carrier :)07:55
Gratz474maco, http://dannipenguin.livejournal.com/273699.html07:55
Gratz474oly reason i asked07:55
BlueyActionParsnip: that's what I am currently using....07:55
keithi'm looking for something I can use to open and extract rar files (like winrar)07:56
prince_jammys!rar | keith07:56
forceflowkeith: install unrar07:56
ubottukeith: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free07:56
ActionParsnipkeith: sudo apt-get install rar unrar07:56
ActionParsnipkeith: you can then use fileroller07:56
keithsweet ty07:56
ActionParsnipkeith: to extract at command line its: rar x <rar file>07:56
ActionParsnipsimple, no need for a slow ass gio07:56
macoGratz474: dd you actually click the link? http://resiak.livejournal.com/60614.html07:56
jamiewanHow do you burn .avi files to dvd so they can be played on most players?07:58
ActionParsnipjamiewan: sudo apt-get install devede07:58
bazhangjamiewan, take a look at devede07:58
ActionParsnipjamiewan: you can configure a DVD and it will spit out an ISO you can burn07:58
jamiewanyeah cant get it to work but if thats what you guys reckon i'll persist with it\07:58
ActionParsnipjamiewan: there are others07:58
macoGratz474: also, did you look at the date on that? April 1?07:58
ActionParsnipthats just one07:58
jamiewanActionParsnip: ok i'll try that too07:58
jamiewanActionParsnip:  so i can tell devede to iso an avi file then burn it that way08:00
ActionParsnipjamiewan: no, you make a totle page, each menu option plays an avi (or avis)08:01
ActionParsnipjamiewan: give it a background and some menu music if you want too, then tell it to run08:01
jamiewanActionParsnip: ok thanx mate08:02
ActionParsnipjamiewan: it'll take a while depending on how beefy your system is, my 1.6Ghz single core with 2Gb ram takes about 5 hours to do its thang08:02
ActionParsnipjamiewan: when its done you will have an iso you can throw at your favourite burning app and it will be good for any player08:02
jamiewanActionParsnip: ive got 2.4 ghz 4 gig ram any ideas how long roughly08:04
duckx0ris anyone else getting 404 errors while trying to download any linux driver from the ATI site?08:04
ActionParsnipjamiewan: probably an hour less maybe08:05
ActionParsnipmy guess08:05
jamiewanActionParsnip: cheers man08:05
ActionParsnipmulticore 64bit rocks at this sort of thing08:05
milligan_* 4 * * * /milligan/myScript.pl <- Shouldn't that entry in "crontab -e" as root execute every night/morning at 4AM?08:05
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm08:06
wenkosh necklace.pl > /dev/yourMom08:06
prince_jammysmilligan_: first * should be 0, likely.08:07
duckx0rcan anyone tell me if this link is working for them or is it something to do with my IP block being prevented (file should be 84 megs or so, but just let me know if it works): https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-9-10-x86.x86_64.run08:07
jamiewanduckx0r: not for me08:07
duckx0rjamiewan, thanks...08:08
ActionParsnipwenko: you should make a /dev/yourMom08:08
ActionParsnipwenko: sudo ln -s /dev/null /dev/yourMom08:08
ActionParsnipthatd be awesome08:08
wenkoActionParsnip: I would but she was sent do /dev/null when I was 1208:08
ActionParsnipbackhand.sh > /dev/yourMom08:08
milligan_prince_jammys, I don't have to run any commands after adding the entry? For some reason it didn't get run.08:09
voxtime and a place. this certainly isnt the latter :P08:09
ActionParsnipits your mom though08:09
prince_jammysmilligan_: how are you determining whether it ran?08:09
ActionParsnipduckx0r: bad link08:09
duckx0rActionParsnip, thanks man08:10
chris8hey room -- what do video cards look like now?  I looked at a few online tutorials and they looked like 3x5" circuit boards... but i don't see anything like that on the towers i've got open here... all i see are little red boxes by the monitor jacks :S ???08:10
milligan_prince_jammys, the script writes to a logfile when it executes.08:10
prince_jammysmilligan_: do you provide an absolute path to the file? if not, do so.08:10
voxchris8: depends on the card08:10
voxchris8: most low-end stuff is really quite small.. the high-end gear is huge.08:11
milligan_prince_jammys, /milligan/script.pl implies absolute, doesn't it? :)08:11
ActionParsnipduckx0r: read #29 on this page: http://blogs.amd.com/play/2009/10/22/ati-catalyst%E2%84%A2-9-10-driver-%E2%80%93-what%E2%80%99s-new/08:11
chris8vox: could they be really tiny and sitting underneath a component attatched to the printer port?08:11
prince_jammysmilligan_: it doesn't imply logfile.08:11
prince_jammysthat's the path to the prog.08:11
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:11
voxchris8: uh.. if it's an onboard gfx card, it'll be part of the motherboard.08:12
prince_jammysmilligan_: you shouldn't have to run anything after editing with crontab -e. beforev i'd guess it runs every minute from 4:00 AM - 4:59 AM08:12
milligan_prince_jammys, ah, the log file .. Well, it's the script that writes to the log .. and it has the correct path.08:12
master_doukarmic is great08:12
chris8vox: thanks that must be what i've got here... can't upgrade?08:12
master_douanyone who have try it?08:12
ActionParsnipchris8: http://www.techspot.com/articles-info/139/images/nvidia-geforce-gtx-295.jpg08:12
master_douhow can i upgrade 9.10 from 9.0408:12
milligan_prince_jammys, you are right .. it would run every minute.. I hope it didn't,hehe.08:13
voxchris8: depends on the motherboard. most allow you to disable the on-board and install an agp/pci-e gfx card08:13
ActionParsnipmaster_dou: i do but karmic isnt discussed here08:13
chris8ActionTurnip: thanks08:13
chris8vox: thanks so much!08:13
voxchris8: no probs08:13
duckx0rActionParsnip, thanks. looks like they haven't uploaded the driver yet.. unfortunately the previous one doesn't seem to be working for me either. I guess I'll just have to wait it out without it08:13
voxActionParsnip: those things are stupidbig08:13
ActionParsnipchris8: 1792Mb08:13
ActionParsnipvox: tell me about it, its prbably faster than my desktop PC too08:14
master_dousudo apt-get dist-upgrade gonna work?08:14
bigfootbuiltmaster: I am told the update manager will work08:14
aneesh1master_dou: Pls check the url http://www.ubuntugeek.com/upgrade-ubuntu-9-04-jaunty-jackalope-to-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala-beta.html08:14
voxActionParsnip: and require their own substation to power it.08:15
ActionParsnipvox: but people like shiny graphics and the gamers will buy them08:15
duckx0rhas anyone tried the kubuntu netbook remix?08:15
voxActionParsnip: heh not wrong. i cant justify anything over a 9600gt at this point.08:16
ActionParsnipvox: 6150 plays frets on fire just fine :)08:16
PranavAfter booting from Ubuntu to Xp or vice versa, I need to adjust the dislocated screen from the monitor display keys. Any solution guyz ... ;(08:17
ActionParsnipPranav: keep it so one OS is OK then adjust the screen position in the other OS08:18
PranavActionParsnip, Sry I didn't get ?08:19
=== Bruno is now known as Brunno
ActionParsnipPranav: well both OS have the screen a different way, yes08:19
duckx0rPranav, you need to configure both OS's to use exactly the same resolution, horizontal refresh and vertical refresh08:19
ActionParsnipso you leave the screen so it is ok for one othe the OSes08:19
ActionParsnipPranav: then use some grahical tool in the other to make it like the position the monitor is in, rather than manually moving the monitor08:20
ActionParsnipas well as what duckx0r says as that can shift the screen too08:21
PranavActionParsnip, tools like ?08:21
ActionParsnipPranav: i dont know any. I dont mess with displays or dual boot08:22
ActionParsnipPranav: windows may have one so you can shift the screen. I know nvidia have it08:22
ActionParsnipPranav: basically you need to play with software and settings so your image is right, rather than using the OSD on your monitor.08:23
duckx0rActionParsnip, that can only shift the screen within the actual viewing area anyway, so if the viewing area is off the edge of the monitor i don't think that any software can correct that08:23
mohitcs35hey can any one give me a run through to configure my atheros wireless on my samsung  notebook?08:23
duckx0rActionParsnip, i could be wrong though :P08:23
Pranavduckx0r, I have same resolution and refresh rate in both but I doubt about hor. Hz and Ver. Hz in windows..!08:24
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: what is the outout of: sudo lshw -C network       please use http://pastebin.com08:24
toothdecayHey all, maybe a question someone can answer quickly... How do I change the default kernel selected on bootup, I'd like to permanently use the real time kernel... I've tried to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst but it doesn't exsist. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 rc08:24
voxtoothdecay: join #ubuntu+1 for karmic support08:25
duckx0rPranav, maybe there might be some sort of windows tool you can download to tell you what the horizontal and vertical refresh rates are and more detailed specs about the monitor. I don't know though. If you find it, you could just configure your xorg.conf to be the same08:25
toothdecayvoc: ok thanks08:25
mohitcs35ActionParsnip: the output is as under08:25
mohitcs35       description: Ethernet controller08:25
mohitcs35       product: AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter08:25
mohitcs35       vendor: Atheros Communications Inc.08:25
mohitcs35       physical id: 008:25
mohitcs35       bus info: pci@0000:02:00.008:25
FloodBot3mohitcs35: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
prince_jammysmilligan_: if you have something like exim installed (which you probably do), cron will mail the script's STDOUT and STDERR to the invoking user. you'd find output in /var/mail/$USER. You may use that for debugging purposes.08:26
Pranavduckx0r, i generated and wrote the modeline myself in xorg.conf08:26
cdananybody knows why I can't ifdown the virbr0 iface though I see it configured and with a valid IP ? I get "ifdown: interface virbr0 not configured"08:26
bigfootbuilttest color08:26
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: i said use the pastebin, scrolling the channel is not cool08:27
bigfootbuiltcolor test08:27
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: imagie if 10 users did that08:27
maddogHello, would anyone here know how to mount a password protected cifs file share from the command line?08:27
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: how useless would the channel be?08:27
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: if everyone started pasting like that?08:27
bigfootbuiltcolor test08:28
=== root is now known as Guest74126
mohitcs35ActionParsnip: Dear new to interface. sorry for that08:28
Billiardmaddog mount.cifs08:28
bigfootbuiltIs there no way to change the color of my outgoing text in Xchat?08:28
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: well i did give you a link....08:28
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: please use pastebins in future08:28
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: http://ubuntumanual.org/posts/185/install-atheros-ar242x-802-11abg-wireless-driver-in-ubuntu08:28
icarus-cbigfootbuilt: what do you think08:29
bigfootbuilticarus: I guess "no"?08:29
bigfootbuiltI can change everything except my dark gray outgoing text08:30
icarus-cIt is yes08:30
frogzoobigfootbuilt: don't think freenode widely approves of ansi escapes08:30
Nemoderanyone know why my ubuntu jaunty would fail to resolve any hostnames?08:30
speedxxxcoreI'm looking for a tasklist app  (ticket system), with multiuser functionality.. preferably for the terminal, ideas?08:30
bigfootbuiltI would only see it on my end08:30
icarus-cNemoder: bad DNS setup?08:30
PranavActionParsnip, duckx0r, Is there some linux tools that can shift and resize the display at startup ?08:31
bigfootbuiltI can't see what the hell I am typing hardly08:31
frogzooNemoder: /etc/resolv.conf is fail, for some reason08:31
duckx0rActionParsnip, I don't know of any08:31
Nemoderfrogzoo: resolve.conf has the right dns server, but i ran a capture on the dns server and ubuntu never even sends to it08:31
frogzooNemoder: iptables in there?08:31
bigfootbuiltEveryone elses chat looks bright white. Mine is dull gray and I can't find a way to change it08:31
frogzooNemoder: or syntax error?08:31
Nemoderfrogzoo: the dns server works fine for other linux machines on the network, i think it's setup is ok08:32
frogzooNemoder: man resolv.conf for correct syntax08:32
=== bbalajirao is now known as hey_boy
ActionParsnipPranav: if you tweak refresh rates it should move around08:32
hey_boyHello room08:32
Nemoderfrogzoo: oh, yes the resolv.conf is right08:32
voxNemoder: can you ping a public IP from that box?08:32
Nemodervox: yes08:33
hey_boyI am using Karmic. My display settings has only two options for resolution 1024 and higher are not available. Any ideas?08:33
frogzooNemoder: if resolv.conf is correct, there's no firewalling, & you can reach a designated dns server, it just works08:33
Gratz474is there any UXA tweaks out there? i can't really find nothing on google08:33
voxNemoder: ...that makes no sense08:33
Gratz474hey_boy, do you have your graphics card installed?08:33
voxNemoder: are you using Network-Manager?08:33
Nemodervox: yes08:34
ActionParsnipNemoder: can you give us a pastebin ofresolv.conf try:
hey_boyI thought it is detected automatically.08:34
voxNemoder: do you have the DNS server(s) added in Network-Manager?08:34
Gratz474hey_boy, run glxgears from command line tell me what you get08:34
Nemodervox: no it's dhcp, and that part works fine and it gets the right dns server ip and assigns it to resolve.conf, i can paste it if needed08:34
lnostdalhi, i'm trying out 9.10 under virtualbox and i'm wondering what "Ubuntu Firefox Modifications" is? .. there is no information or homepage to be found as far as i can see08:35
NemoderActionParsnip: that link doesnt work08:35
hey_boyGratz474: I see three gear wheels08:35
ActionParsnipNemoder: bah, yeah just make sure the nameserver lines are on one line ;)08:35
qdbhello. how is it possible to move(shift?) screen (to left 2 cms) with glx 180 driver and ubuntu 904 when monitor has only power button?08:35
Gratz474hey_boy, how many fps?08:36
Gratz474hey_boy, in the terminal?08:36
ActionParsniplnostdal: ask in #ubuntu+108:36
hey_boyfps? what is that08:36
Nemoder# Generated by NetworkManager08:36
Nemoderwhich is correct, that's my dns server08:36
lnostdalActionParsnip, ok, thanks08:36
qdbframes per second08:36
Gratz474hey_boy, in the terminal where you ran it how many fps are you getting?08:37
voxqdb: sudo nvidia-settings08:37
voxqdb: you can adjust in there08:37
qdbthank you i will try08:37
elvtarsNemoder: try opendns08:38
hey_boydifferent values like 1096, 11752, 2019.08:38
ActionParsnipNemoder: try adding some web based ones08:38
qdbis not it that what is in system->administration menu? , vox08:38
Gratz474hey_boy, ok so most likely vesa08:38
Gratz474hey_boy, what kind of card do you have?08:38
voxqdb: it's the same, yes08:38
hey_boyintel 81008:38
qdbvox, i tried that , has not found there08:38
Shtlhello all08:39
Nemodervery strange, it started working again even though I changed nothing08:39
ActionParsnipNemoder: try adding: nameserver    and    nameserver
=== Administrator is now known as Guest97369
voxqdb: hmm08:39
ActionParsnipNemoder: maybe your provider is playing, those are the openDNS servers08:39
mohitcs35ActionParsnip: Doesn't work bro08:40
hey_boylet me check in the BIOS. I will be back.08:40
NemoderActionParsnip: I don't think so, it always works fine from other machines, it just cuts out randomly on the ubuntu box08:40
Gratz474hey_boy, you need to specify intel in your xorg08:40
qdbthank you, i quit from this channel08:40
Shtli have ubuntu-9.04 installed on AMD semphron 3000+, with 2GB RAM, the monitor is LG Flatron 16", but the OS has not detected the monitor what should i do???08:40
ActionParsnipNemoder: then have a few backup DNS servers incase the one you have fails08:40
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: works for everyone else I ever gave it to08:41
duckx0rwhat would cause my working ati drivers to suddenly uninstall themselves?08:41
NemoderActionParsnip: that's where I'm confused, the server doesn't even get sent anything, it's like ubuntu's internal resolver is broken08:41
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: you are compiling the diver for the card08:41
ActionParsnipNemoder: you could install dnsmasq to locally store the resolutions08:41
mohitcs35ActionParsnip: But didn't work for me.08:41
NemoderActionParsnip: that's what is what my dns server machine runs :)08:42
ActionParsnipNemoder: also makes browsing a little faster due to name resolves taking 0 time08:42
Guest97369a query regarding samba server. I have two users at the server aman and I am using security = user parameter. Now from vista I am able to connect to samba share by running this \\\staff   after this i am prompted for user name and password. The problem is after i have logged in i can ALSO access aman directory which in my view is a security breach. How do i fix this?08:42
Guest97369two user at server aman and staff08:42
ActionParsnipmohitcs35: thats all I got then dude, maybe someone else can advise08:42
mohitcs35ActionParsnip: Thanks for trying08:42
mohitcs35Any takers plz08:43
ActionParsnipGuest97369: in the smb.conf you need to tell the service to not allow the other user name08:43
NemoderThe only thing I could possible guess is that it's trying to use ipv6 but I thought I had that disabled08:43
Guest97369additionally I am not sharing the two share explicitly, i am using [homes] only08:43
=== Guest97369 is now known as shavinder
shavinderActionParsnip: how can i do that?08:44
ActionParsnipshavinder: in smb.conf like i just said08:44
shavinderActionParsnip: yes, which parameter please?08:44
shavinderguest = no?08:44
ActionParsnipshavinder: invalid user08:44
Billiardshavinder: are your home folders set so all users have read permissions maybe?08:44
ActionParsnipinvalid users =    ?08:44
theadminwho is .tgz and what is the difference between it and .tar.gz? Both are "Gzipped tarballs"...08:45
shavindershall i dpaste my smb.conf?08:45
shavindergive me a minute I shall do that in a minute08:45
magician11hi. I'm trying to import a CD into the mp3 format. In the preferred format list, mp3 is not there. However when I click edit, it is in the GNOME audio profile list and mp3 is marked as active. How do I get mp3 to show up as my preferred format? Lame is installed.08:45
ActionParsnipshavinder: you need to tell samba that the other user name is not allowed to access the data08:45
wolf39usI have the iso for 9.10, I do not have internet access on the laptop I would like to update on...is there a way to update to 9.10 without creating another ubuntu installation08:45
wolf39uslike can I go to windows and "upgrade" it...or will it overwrite my old install?08:46
theadminwolf39us: Use alternative install CD.08:46
ActionParsnipwolf39us: if you have the alternate CD , yes08:46
ActionParsnipwolf39us: ive read you can with a liveCD but its not graceful or pretty08:46
ActionParsnipand i dont advise it08:46
ha1331Is there way to crypt filesystem that already has content?08:46
wolf39usI probably have the wrong one...08:47
wolf39usI have ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso08:47
ActionParsnipwolf39us: if your CD boots to a graphical desktop with a mouse, then yep wrong disk08:47
=== bbalajirao is now known as heyboy
* Take0n kalimorning08:48
Take0ngood morning :p08:48
theadminwolf39us: And you need...  http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-rc-alternate-i386.iso08:48
Gratz474i think that actually made my graphics a little bit better08:48
ActionParsnipeasiest way, always download the alternate cd, it installs faster too08:48
shavinderActionParsnip: here is my smb.conf please http://paste.ubuntu.com/299619/08:48
wolf39usdownloading LOL08:48
wolf39usgood thing I didn't try anything yet08:49
Gratz474heyboy, did you get it fixed?08:49
ActionParsnipshavinder: thats just mine, but you commented out the lines at the bottom08:49
heyboyGratz474: no, vga is onboard.08:50
heyboynot able to determine make08:50
shavinderActionParsnip: yes :) but i have enabled homes share08:50
PranavWhen I try to run "sudo xvidtune", it says unable to query monitor. I am running the graphical system. But why ?08:50
Gratz474heyboy, its an intel right?08:50
Gratz474did you install the intel drivers?08:50
heyboyNot sure now.08:50
theadminwolf39us: If i were you, though, i'd wait for the final release.08:50
wolf39usmy main thing is getting the RLT8192-e working on the laptop...I know they are getting written currently, but doesn't 9.10 come with "beta" drivers for this chipset?08:50
heyboyI have not installed any drivers08:50
Gratz474heyboy, ok what version of ubuntu are you using ?08:50
macoheyboy: you dont need o install anything08:50
banister` what exactly is an icm file and where can i get them from?08:51
macoheyboy: intel drivers are and always have been included08:51
wolf39usmy friend can't get online with the 9.0408:51
wolf39usso he wants to upgrade...08:51
wolf39usfor the drivers08:51
shavinderActionParsnip: I enabled homes share,and set security = user. what else should i do?08:51
Gratz474heyboy, in the device section put Driver "intel" and save and restart08:51
theadminwolf39us: What is the method of connection? ethernet? Modem? Or via VPN like me?08:51
wolf39usboth ethernet and wireless are not available08:51
macoGratz474: intel devices dont even require an xorg.conf at all08:51
wolf39uswe want wierless08:51
heyboydevice section of what08:51
wolf39usit's a new Toshiba Satellite08:52
macoGratz474: its just some of the annoying proprietary drivers that require it08:52
Gratz474maco, they did for me08:52
macoGratz474: how old? 6 years or so?08:52
theadminwolf39us: Wireless... always been a problem with linux :( Saw so many people here go in and complain their wireless does not work.08:52
Gratz474maco, its not going to hurt anything08:52
maconothing 945 and newer should require effort08:52
Gratz474maco, he has an i81008:52
Gratz474and i had a 86508:52
ActionParsnip1shavinder: i've not done this with with more than 3 users and I define everything microscopically08:52
wolf39uswell it works fine on MY laptop...but I have a typical intel abg on board08:53
macooooo wow so yes like 6 yr old08:53
Gratz474heyboy, do you know what a xorg.conf is ?08:53
banister`hahaha Gratz474 makes friends on every channel he goes to :)08:53
wolf39ushe has a realtek one08:53
PranavI can't run "sudo xvidtune". It says "Unable to query monitor". Any Idea ?08:53
Gratz474banister`, you really do follow me huh?08:53
ActionParsnip1shavinder: i thought you meant you had 2 shares each with a single password but the password for one was also allowing access to the second folder08:53
theadminwolf39us: There was some realtek thingy in "Hardware drivers" on my comp. Installed it...... did you do so?08:53
Gratz474heyboy, put the driver part in your xorg and it will work just fine08:53
wolf39usuhm no I haven't08:54
wolf39ushardware drivers? hmm08:54
heyboyin place of "configured video device"?08:54
wolf39usin the synaptic manager?08:54
theadminwolf39us: System->Admininstration->Hardware Drivers08:54
Gratz474pastebin.ca your thing and link me heyboy08:54
theadminwolf39us: you'd need internet for that though %)08:55
shavinderActionParsnip1: yes that is what is happening. i type \\\staff and after giving password i can access the aman home directory but if i navigate upwards i can access aman user directory too!08:55
wolf39ushe doesn't even have eth available :-/08:55
Pranav ActionParsnip1 Can "xvidtune" help me adjust my screen position ?08:55
theadminwolf39us: Well, realtek drivers are propertiary, they won't be included in the release.... I think08:55
ActionParsnip1Pranav: not used it dude, give it a go08:56
heyboygratz474: http://pastebin.ca/163956308:56
ActionParsnip1shavinder: ok but are there only 2 user names or are there many?08:56
Billiardshavinder: do your home directories have read permissions for all users?08:56
heyboycontents of my xorg.conf08:56
wolf39usugh...I just want to get the wireless working...grr lol08:56
shavinderfor the moment there are two08:56
theadminwolf39us: Hm. Wonder if i can find drivers without this thing.08:56
Gratz474heyboy, http://pastebin.ca/163956508:57
Gratz474maco, and its 5 years old not 608:57
theadminwolf39us: Look trough this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33633808:57
macoGratz474: haha. my mom's 845 is 8 years old so i was estimating08:57
macoand my 945 is 3 years old08:58
Gratz474maco, it came out in late 04 i believe08:58
shavinderActionParsnip1: yes for the moment there are 208:58
wolf39uswrong chipset08:58
wolf39usI have a 8192e08:58
Gratz474maco, but computers all through early to mid 05 that were cheap had them08:58
macoGratz474: the 865 or 810?08:58
theadminwolf39us: Still a realtek ;) so might help08:58
chilli0Hello , im getting this error when trying to add a gpg. http://pastebin.com/d3a9b3cd8 Help me please =D08:58
Gratz474maco, it actually runs compiz flawless08:59
heyboygratz474: i need to restart my comp. let me see.08:59
Gratz474i have no complaints except thats its super old08:59
macoGratz474: of course  it does :)08:59
macoGratz474: the 845 runs compiz fine08:59
Gratz474maco, does it really?08:59
Gratz474maco, well it runned it better back in the days of xaa08:59
Gratz474but this is close enough08:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about addon09:00
Gratz474maco, although new comp next week09:00
chilli0Hello , im getting this error when trying to add a gpg. http://pastebin.com/d3a9b3cd8 Help me please =D09:01
taurusvan itt nagyon conkycube valaki?:D09:02
taurusups sorry...:D09:02
theadminchilli0: If anyone would be able to help, then they'd do it. We don't know sorry. Taurus: English plz09:02
chilli0k theadmin09:02
theadminchilli0: Ask guys on http://ubuntuforums.org , there are generally more people there :D09:03
Gratz474maco, why they could not have just left the old driver with xaa it beats me i think it was around 10 percent ish better09:03
hey_boygratz474: still the same options (800x and 640x) higher resolutions not available09:03
Gratz474hey_boy, you are saving the xorg right?09:03
Gratz474do this09:04
theadminoh. Kept forgetting to ask :/ i can't get any resolution higher then quite dumb 1280x800... i'm used to higher resolution.09:04
Gratz474cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep UXA09:04
coz_theadmin,  which video card?09:05
Gratz474hey_boy, run that see what it says09:05
hey_boyit says: (II) UXA(0): Driver registered support for the following operations:09:05
theadmincoz_: Uh, some ATI, can't be more precise. Can i somehow find that out?09:05
coz_theadmin,  yes in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga09:06
theadmincoz_: Looks like it's "01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RC410 [Radeon Xpress 200M]"09:06
Gratz474I can only and only will use a monitor in its native resolution09:06
Gratz474i can't stand stretched pixels09:06
Gratz474hey_boy, hmm09:07
Gratz474cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep intel09:07
hey_boygratz474: mine is - 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)09:07
Gratz474see if you see a bunch of resolutions09:07
coz_theadmin,  ok  the bad part of this is that I have very little experience with ati cards...I am generally nvidia..however if no one else can help here I suggest going to the #ati  channel      if you are not usre how to get there...where you type here  just tyep     /join #ati09:07
Gratz474hey_boy, you should see a bunch of resolutions supported09:08
theadmincoz_ Thanks. I know how to join, by the way, how on earth would i get here then?09:08
coz_theadmin,  or go to #compiz and talk with  adamk   althought I think he is not logged on right now  or not at his system yet09:08
hey_boygratz474: where09:08
Gratz474hey_boy, change intel in the xorg to maybe i810 if that does not work then i am not soo sure, as it always worked with intel for me but mine is like 5 months newer then taht one09:09
=== Brunno is now known as Bruce
theadminOh. What is the difference between "shutdown" and "halt" terminal commands?09:11
coz_theadmin,   actually I believe they all transition to runlevel 609:12
theadmincoz_ I think it's 0.09:12
theadmin6 is reboot :D, 0 is shutdown.09:12
coz_theadmin,  you are correct  and answered your own qutestion :)09:13
andrewfreeso I ran this command  "root@freekbox:/var/www# cp -Rf /var/www /backup"  and it looks like it worked when I viewed /backup but the command never returns a new prompt. It just looks like its working. but I know var/www is not bigger then 10MB so it cant take this long09:13
jimbeam12hey all wsup09:14
coz_theadmin,  I am going to guess that "halt" is an alias for reboot09:15
theadminandrewfree: What on earth are you doing running stuff as root? It's dangerous.09:15
theadminAccidentally scrolled up (a bug in pidgin does it automatically when i minimize the window and maximize it back)09:16
mikebeechamhi guys..I've just installed chrome, and I opted to use the gtk theme for it...can anyone tell me why it's purple?  I dont have a stitch of purple in my gtk theme?09:17
coz_theadmin,    http://www.debianadmin.com/debian-and-ubuntu-linux-run-levels.html09:17
CHESLYNhi everyone09:17
coz_theadmin,  instead of typing it out09:17
andrewfreeoh wow09:17
mikebeechamI want true gtk-compatability09:17
coz_theadmin,  so in this case halt is actually a shutdown09:17
andrewfreefound the issue, friend hacked fucking apache folder and filled it with shit09:17
andrewfreeso its huge now09:17
FloodBot3andrewfree: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:17
prince_jammysah, friends.09:17
CHESLYNcan ubuntu catch a virus?]09:17
prince_jammys!virus | CHESLYN09:18
ubottuCHESLYN: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2109:18
macoCHESLYN: none are known to exist in the wild09:18
coz_CHESLYN,  anything is possible...but  probably unlikely09:18
theadminCHESLYN: Thank god no, those stuffs are on windows.09:18
maxagazempathy is sip compatible ?09:19
wollexmoin moin09:19
theadminwollex: !?09:19
coz_CHESLYN,  however you can google  clamav  viruses ... they do have a virus report tools  and most likely a list of known viruses09:19
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:20
CHESLYNso NO Finnish09:20
ubottuTämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)09:20
theadminCHESLYN: Guess you messed the window up? What finnish!?09:21
theadminhm, i wonder...09:21
=== john is now known as Guest14354
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:21
theadminweee we have russian support :D09:21
coz_CHESLYN,  two of my nephews actually caught a virus on their systems but both were servers and its likely they didnt set them up properly09:21
Guest14354hey  help plz every time i setup linux os called navynos it says kernel panic09:21
theadminGuest14354: navynos has no relation to ubuntu imho.09:22
Guest14354hey  help plz every time i setup linux os called navynos it says kernel panic what does that mean09:22
CHESLYNcoz: not on network, servers like perhaps setting a usb storage?09:22
prince_jammysGuest14354: wrong channel09:23
=== theadmin is now known as theadmin_away
suigeneriscan I use mencoder to convert avi to mp4?09:23
prince_jammyssuigeneris: most likely yes.09:23
coz_Guest14354,  well I am not familiar with navinos  at all  none of us here will be able to help troubleshoot that...you go to the ##linux channel however09:23
prince_jammyssuigeneris: you will find many how-tos involving either ffmpeg or mencoder (or both) by just googling  mencoder convert avi mp409:24
prince_jammyssuigeneris: you  may also use an app called ''avidemux''09:24
coz_suigeneris,  there is also an application named   Handbrake that does this09:25
=== theadmin_away is now known as theadmin
lorenzosuHow to search for a file recoursively in a directory and all subdirectories from the terminal?09:25
prince_jammyslorenzosu: the ''find'' command09:26
chilli0k theadmin09:26
chilli0Hello , im getting this error when trying to add a gpg. http://pastebin.com/d3a9b3cd8 Help me please =D09:26
lorenzosuprince_jammys: Thanks.09:26
prince_jammyslorenzosu: eg  find . -name 'foo.jpg'   (there are many filters you can use)09:27
imyousufAnybody knows why my TimeZone got changed out of the blue, I am in  Bangladesh (+6/+7), it was +7 till yesterday and today after tzdata package was updated it is +6 :(, any body knows how I can revert back?09:27
Nikko006need som help with sound card in ubuntu09:27
theadminchilli0: Did you modify /home/chilli0/.gnupg/gpg.conf in any way?09:27
coz_lorenzosu,  maybe grep -r -n name of file  /name/of/directory   ?09:27
lorenzosuprince_jammys: would find . also do subdirectories recursion?09:27
chilli0theadmin:  I kinda did, after i got this error i then changed it.09:27
chilli0theadmin:  Then i changed it back.09:28
prince_jammyslorenzosu: yes, by default.09:28
prince_jammysgrep -r foo bar  searches the *contents* of files, not their filenames09:28
Nikko006can eny1 help me out? sound probz here.. tyed trobbleshooter.. diddent work09:29
Gratz474does this still work?09:29
jimbeam12Failed to set MetaMode (1) 'CRT-0: nvidia-auto-select @1280x1024 +0+0, CRT-1: nvidia-auto-select @1280x1024 +1280+0' (Mode 2560x1024, id: 50) on X screen 0.09:29
coz_grep -r -n should work09:29
theadminNikko006: Go to system->Admininstration->Hardware drivers. See if drivers for your card are available09:29
lorenzosuprince_jammys: Is the -name option case sensitive?09:29
prince_jammyslorenzosu: use -iname09:29
CHESLYNso how do u check if your flesh,usb and data storage have a virus?09:30
system4041hey guys since updating kernal via auto update feature my 9.04 keeps crashing how do i remove this kernal via live cd im in a live session now09:30
theadminCHESLYN: Go to avast.com and download their linux antivir.09:30
coz_CHESLYN,  is is very unlikely you have one09:30
chilli0theadmin:  I decided to just go and do it in root , so yeh.09:30
coz_CHESLYN,  what is happening with it that you suspedt a virus?09:30
coz_suspect :09:30
theadmincoz_ Yet, he might wish to check for WINDOWS viruses, just so he does not infect other comps09:30
lorenzosuprince_jammys: Thanks a lot. Turns out I was too superficial in reading the find man... had only seen the first bunch of options.09:31
coz_theadmin,  mm09:31
mikebeechamhi guys..I've just installed chrome, and I opted to use the gtk theme for it...can anyone tell me why it's purple?  I dont have a stitch of purple in my gtk theme?09:31
system4041how to rollback kernal via live cd09:31
imyousufAnybody knows why my TimeZone got changed out of the blue, I am in  Bangladesh (+6/+7), it was +7 till yesterday and today after tzdata package was updated it is +6 :(, any body knows how I can revert back? I missed a meeting for this :( (rerun)09:31
coz_mikebeecham,   mm  not sure did you restart chrome?09:32
theadminimyousuf: Just set the time to one hour back. Not a major problem.09:32
mikebeechamhey coz_yessir09:32
Jordan_Umikebeecham: Because it's still alpha :)09:32
CHESLYNcoz: i have i virus on a data storage and it broke my pc on windows xp09:32
theadminCHESLYN: It's not gonna break your linux. go to http://avast.com and download linux antivirus if you really wanna.09:33
prince_jammyslorenzosu: in ''less'', the pager used  by ''man'', use the slash ('/') to search. eg: /insensitive09:33
coz_CHESLYN,  ah I see  mm...well clamav might be able to to help  perhpas  rkhunter  maybe09:33
imyousuftheadmin: not so simple as I also have to check times of other places :(09:33
system4041hey guys since updating kernal via auto update feature my 9.04 keeps crashing how do i remove this kernal via live cd im in a live session now09:33
imyousufI would actually love to revert to the older tzdata package theadmin09:33
lorenzosuprince_jammys: Yes thanks I know.. Just too much in a hurry as usual and simply skipped the more interesting options ;)09:33
theadminimyousuf: Dunno if that's even possible09:33
prince_jammyslorenzosu: ah, ok.09:33
misse-sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata ? :o09:34
theadminCHESLYN: http://www.avast.com/eng/avast-for-linux-workstation.html09:34
lorenzosuprince_jammys: Anyways thanks again.09:35
system4041hey guys since updating kernal via auto update feature my 9.04 keeps crashing how do i remove this kernal via live cd im in a live session now09:35
CHESLYNcoz: thanks09:35
CHESLYNtheadmin: thanks09:36
Frickelpitsystem4041: just boot with an older Kernel and remove the new one09:36
system4041or maybe this would be easier can i edit out the old kernal from boot list forcing grub to load te old kernal09:36
system4041i cant just boot old kernal09:36
Xterm_does anyone know where screenlets settings (screenlets plugins) configs is stored? I have a problem with some of my screenlets gets resetet to default settings from time to time..09:37
system4041Frickelpit: my pc linked to tv grub dont comeup no screen until login just says unreadable video format09:37
system4041so i have to edit out old kernal vialive cd09:37
Xterm_I would like to make a backup of my settings (like color and placement) so I can overwrite default settings09:37
PranavHow do I open rar file in Linux ?09:38
Pranavsome software for .rar ?09:39
coz_Pranav,  right click the file   extract here   or make sure rar ins installed   sudo apt-get install rar09:39
lucentPranav: you need to add software to handle rar09:39
Jordan_Umikebeecham: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=2106509:39
imyousufURGENT: Anybody knows why my TimeZone got changed out of the blue, I am in  Bangladesh (+6/+7), it was +7 till yesterday and today after tzdata package was updated it is +6 :(, any body knows how I can revert back? I missed a meeting for this :( Users from my country need a urgent fix on this(rerun)09:39
lucentPranav: there's 2 types of rar software that  I know about, one is free and only extracts, the other is non-libre and such09:40
mikebeechamJordan_U - I have just added Chromium into my sources list, but it's asking me for a key...would you know anything about this?09:40
lucentPranav: if you just want the short answer though, you need to install 'unrar' and then the normal program like the archive program run by Gnome will handle it09:41
CHESLYNguys can a CPU fan run a pc with out spinning?09:41
Jordan_Umikebeecham: Yes, you need to add the key for that ppa09:41
lucentCHESLYN: what ?09:41
mikebeechamJordan_U yes mate, I got that bit :D.  I dont know where the key is, or how to add it.  I'm not experienced in this area09:41
coz_CHESLYN,  you mean can a system survive a fan that is not working?09:41
system4041how to edit grub in live cd09:42
Jordan_Umikebeecham: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa https://launchpad.net/+help/soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html09:42
lucentsystem4041: chroot is what you need to learn about09:42
coz_CHESLYN,  a pentium  can survive an amd will die  so the answer is no it will not run for long and certainly wont last09:42
coz_system4041,  hold on09:42
system4041lucent: i would jut like to edit grub so as to edit out the new krnal as it aint working for09:43
system4041coz_:  thanks09:43
coz_system4041,  well  in the live cd  open a terminal   sudo grub09:43
mikebeechamthanks Jordan_U09:44
CHESLYNcoz_: no because i had a pentium that runs with out a fan on the CPU09:44
coz_system4041,   I am not sure about editing it this way though09:44
system4041coz_:  will that open my distros grub though09:44
lucentsystem4041: sorry that the other help isn't correct :P09:44
coz_system4041,  well not sure you could try  sudo  gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst09:44
coz_system4041,  but you can do that in the system itself ...edit the file...then  restart x09:44
Frickelpitsystem4041: you can edit the menu.lst of your System by mounting your System-Device to /mnt/sda and then editing with sudo nano /mnt/sda/boot/grub/menu.lst09:45
lucentsystem4041: I suggest that you find help that tells you how to mount your partition, and use 'chroot' command09:45
coz_system4041,  generally I use the live cd to reinstall grub09:45
system4041coz_:  the system is crashing only have access via live cd09:45
coz_system4041,  ok then maybe  reinstall grub09:45
lucentsystem4041: if the help does not mention those two things, it's not what ya want09:45
Xterm_does anyone know how to ignore leaves/joins and such notice in Xchat IRC client?09:45
coz_system4041,    sudo grub..... then    find  /boot/grub/stage109:45
lucentXterm_: /set09:46
lucentXterm_: I think.09:46
coz_system4041,  then you will get a readout with (hdx,y)09:46
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Xterm_lucent: can't I do it from config menu?09:46
CHESLYNcoz_:so you saying a pentium 4 or 5 can run whit out it?09:46
coz_system4041,  then change that X,y according to the readout and   run   root  (hdx,Y_09:46
lucentXterm_: whoops wrong IRC client, I forgot you said xchat, and I said help for irssi09:46
coz_system4041,  then  setup 9hd0)09:47
lucentXterm_: sorry I don't use xchat09:47
coz_system4041,  then   quit and restart x09:47
coz_CHESLYN,  no I am saying the pentium can likely survive a broken fan for a short period of time09:47
coz_CHESLYN,  and amd processor will likely burn up09:47
Misantropo(2009-10-23 03:44:20) Misantropo: when i drag text from the pidgin conversation window to the pidgin message window it does not display it. But later when i maximize terminator the text is there, y guess the problem is gnome-do's docky09:48
DJonesXterm_: In xchat, right click on the channel name, from memory, its either an option on the menu that comes up, or a sub menu of the options that you can set to show/hide joins/parts09:48
imyousufURGENT: Anybody knows why my TimeZone got changed out of the blue, I am in  Bangladesh (+6/+7), it was +7 till yesterday and today after tzdata package was updated it is +6 :(, any body knows how I can revert back? I missed a meeting for this :( Users from my country need a urgent fix on this (rerun)09:48
system4041coz_:  that aint working09:48
lucentimyousuf: I changed it09:48
coz_CHESLYN,  also an cpu without a fan that is working can...with the heat buildup...burn up other chips on the board09:48
system4041i just want to edit my grub file thats all09:48
imyousuflucent: changed it means?09:49
lucentimyousuf: you repeated yourself a lot of times so I thought, maybe you forgot what time it was, and I changed your clock09:49
coz_system4041,   then I suggest going to  #grub channel  I am sure they can offer more options :)09:49
system4041how do i point the terminal to my grub file via live cd in order to edit it09:49
geirhaimyousuf: Theer was a mention of bangladesh in the changelog: aptitude changelog tzdata09:49
lucentimyousuf: now your clock is set so you can move on, it is better if you can think of other people in your life who listen to you repeat yourself, um, repeatedly09:49
system4041coz_:  ill try #grub cheers09:49
Frickelpitsystem4041: I wrote it, just mount your System-Partition and move to the Path, where the menu.lst is.09:50
imyousuflucent: Sorry but I can not follow you mean to say? changing the clock is *BUG*09:50
imyousufthe time zone in our country is UTC +709:50
coz_system4041,  just in case    http://www.speedyshare.com/205453325.html09:50
imyousufso lucent if the tzdata is updated as UTC +6 its a plain and simple *BUG*09:51
Xterm_<DJones> I got extra alerts -> blink in tray etc when I right click on channel name (in the left window of XChat?09:51
CHESLYNcoz_: can you maybe say how long approximately does it take to burn the chip?09:51
imyousufgeirha: Any idea where I can find the changelog?09:51
system4041Frickelpit: where is the menu.lst09:51
coz_CHESLYN,  depends on the cpu and how long you run it without a fan09:51
geirhaimyousuf: Type in a terminal: aptitude changelog tzdata09:51
DJonesXterm_: Give me a minute, I'm not using xchat, let me try and start it up and check on mine09:51
Frickelpitsystem4041: /boot/grub/menu.lst on your System-Partition09:52
coz_CHESLYN,  you are running the risk of overheating the    system and motherboard  exposing other chips to overheating and likely burning up09:52
Xterm_<DJones> will do... Take your time...09:52
Lint01how can I install grub from live CD? If it is possible, will it corrupt existing loader?09:52
vtec_i am looking to make my Ubuntu 9.04 windows transparent like in some pictures I have seen, I have compiz if that is helpful information...can anyone help? I'd like to have my windows open and see most of my desktop background at the same time09:53
DeFihi everyone, does anyone know how i can set the same interface to be brought up multiple times at boot? (a PPP interface)?09:53
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imyousufThanks geirha, yes there is a mention of it and I think its should fixed :)09:53
coz_CHESLYN,  although this is not a hardware troubleshooting  channel ....if the fan is not working...shut down the system...take out the fan.... get a bowl  deep enough to cover the fan   fill it wil alcohol and switch the fan around...there is a slight chance it is just dirty09:53
system4041Frickelpit: Could not save the file /media/disk/boot/grub/menu.lst.09:53
geirhaimyousuf: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tzdata/+bug/45632209:53
coz_CHESLYN,  just be sure the fan is completely dry before turning on the system,09:53
system4041need to open it from terminal with sudo do i09:54
DJonesXterm_: On 8.04 with xchat 2.84, if i right click on the channel name I get show join/part messages as an option on the first menu that comes up09:54
ActionParsnip1system4041: gksudo if you are using a gui app09:54
Frickelpitsystem4041: shure, you need sudo to save the file, just type sudo nano /media/disk/boot/grub/menu.lst09:54
Xterm_<DJones> Strange... Exakt WHERE do you right click on channelname?09:55
DeFiDoes anyone know how i can set the same interface to be brought up multiple times at boot? (a PPP interface)09:56
DJonesXterm_: On the left tab, you should have the server list and channels that are open09:56
lucentDeFi: apparently not.09:56
lucentDeFi: keep trying though, you're alienating anyone who might have the expertise to answer your question.09:56
DJonesXterm_: perhaps tab is the wrong description, its the left window pane09:56
Xterm_If I click on channelname in upper left Window of Xchat I get a menu with Channelname in blue | extra alerts | settings | remove from favourites | detach | close09:56
Lint01how can I install grub from live CD, keeping existing boot loader?09:56
DeFilucent: hopefully someone will, people are joining and leaving all the time... im not alienating anyone.09:56
Xterm_ok. Then we are probably loking at the same "server name" I would also describe it as the left pane09:57
imyousufthanks a lot geirha, commenting on the issue09:57
DJonesXterm_: Try clicking on the extra alerts, it might be that which will bring up an extra menu09:57
CHESLYNcoz_: you know what ? i had a pentium that was running with a broken fan for mouths now im not sure whats happening09:57
ActionParsnip1Lint01: grub is a bootloader so by installing grub you will install grub over the existing boot loader09:57
system4041Frickelpit: ive edited out the new kernal gonna reboot now fingers crossed i get no more crashes09:58
coz_CHESLYN,  mm  well I suggest cleaning or replacing the fan09:58
Xterm_<DJones> Extra alerts -> Beep on message | Blink tray icon | Blink taskbar09:58
Xterm_Nothing else there09:58
Frickelpitsystem4041: good luck :)09:58
DJonesXterm_: What about if you click on settings09:58
bazhangXterm_, right click channel settings09:59
Lint01all bootloaders can call another one way or another. Will grub backup present bootsector upon installation?09:59
bazhangXterm_, hide join/part messages09:59
DJonesXterm_: what version of xchat are you using? click on help and about09:59
CHESLYNcoz_: but i think it can still go for mouths or years like this ....mm wow ne09:59
bazhangCHESLYN, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic10:00
muszekhi... a mouse cursor is invisible (it works as usual, only I can't see it) after todays updates.  any hints?  I'm on jaunty.10:00
Xterm_<DJones> Oh.. there it is! Thanks! I must gone blind there!10:00
DJonesXterm_: At least you got there10:00
Xterm_now the channel calmed down :-)10:00
CHESLYNbaxhang: thanks gut i'm Finnish10:00
ActionParsnip1Lint01: dont think so10:01
ActionParsnip1muszek: are you using an nvidia gfx card?10:01
bazhangCHESLYN, this is ubuntu support; for random chat (ie hardware, etc) #ubuntu-offtopic10:01
muszekActionParsnip1: nope, intel x310010:01
Lint01ok, so how to install it anyway?10:01
CHESLYNbaxhang: i know toe10:02
ActionParsnip1!grub | Lint0110:02
ubottuLint01: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto10:02
Xterm_Ok.. my other question is about screenlets. I autostart thre scrennlets. But from time to time some of them gets its settings reverted to default. I have looked in .screenlets (because thats the place where they got imported to) but I can't find any config data (like placements, color etc) for them there. Where does this kind of data gets stored?10:02
muszekit happened right after dist-upgrade ("partial upgrade" in update-manager's terminology).  I rebooted (kernel was upgraded) and the cursor was gone.  I rebooted again just to make sure it's not a one-time thing.10:03
ActionParsnip1muszek: is it the same with all mouse themes?10:04
muszekwow... it just magically re-appeared (I didn't do anything)10:04
system4041woo it worked10:04
muszekActionParsnip1: I haven't gotten to changing mouse themes (although I changed the "generic" themes in hope mouse theme is reloaded as well)10:05
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icarus-cin bash, how to  assign the output of "  echo `date -r foobar.file +%d` - 7 |bc  "  to a variable ABC ?10:08
cesareciao a tutti10:10
bazhang!it | cesare10:10
ubottucesare: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:10
cesareok grazie10:10
[dmp]icarus-c: VAR=$(echo `date -r foobar.file +%d` - 7 |bc)10:10
icarus-c[dmp]: thanks, i just got that10:11
srinathI recently installed Ubuntu 9.0410:15
srinathall the things r working except sound10:15
srinathso can anyone help me with that?10:15
etfbsrinath: A common complaint (possibly the commonest, though I thought it had gotten better).  What have you tried so far?10:15
srinathtried downloading and installing some alsa drivers10:16
srinathbut did not worked10:16
lowlycoderi need something to carry my wallet & keys while I run (shorts have no pockets); and I don't want to wear a fanny pack; is there anything that wraps around the arm instead?10:16
manolohi to all. I'm creating a new presentation with images and notes but10:16
etfbDid you pray to the divine Google for guidance in your hour of darkness?10:16
henryCI've been running ubuntu 9.04 on vmware (host is XP).  After upgrade and reboot, I hit the same problem as this guy in the following link.  Any advice?? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=815052510:16
manoloi'm unable to see them10:16
manolo(sorry, rewriting) hi to all. I'm creating a new presentation with images and notes but i'm unable to see them10:17
Xterm_srinath don't meen to sound laike a dumbas but have you tried to google your soundcard (or laptop model if it's a laptop) + ubuntu... Usualy you get good hits and realy good tutorials.. I have solved all my sound problems like that10:17
srinathhelp needed10:17
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etfbsrinath: I agree with Xterm_ - that's how I found solutions (or, in the case of the Acer laptop I had, found out that there ARE no solutions).10:18
manolo_2(sorry, rewriting) hi to all. I'm creating a new presentation with images and notes but i'm unable to see them10:18
lucentlowlycoder: uh, Ubuntu 9.12 is due next year and includes support for fantom sewing machines that can order doublesided velcro when you command it to with your voice10:18
etfbmanolo_2: Don't repeat yourself.  Nobody's answering because nobody (yet) understands your question well enough.  Explain it a different way.10:18
manolo_2etfb sorry, I was not spamming... I just had some kind of error message as (NickServ registration) so that I thought my messages was not sent10:20
etfbmanolo_2: Fair enough; my apologies.  It looks like the channel had some kind of a hiccup just a second ago.10:20
manolo_2etfb: thanks for advicing that my question was not clear. Can I make it clearer? which part is not?10:21
etfbmanolo_2: So: explain.  What do you mean when you say you can't see anything?  Screen is blank, program is not running, eyes have been poked out...?10:21
hey_boyHow do I install proprietary drivers for my VGA (onboard Intel 845)10:21
etfbmanolo_2: Also: what software are you using?10:21
lucenthey_boy: good luck finding any?10:22
ActionParsnip1hey_boy: i suggest this if you are using jaunty: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReinhardTartler/X/RevertingIntelDriverTo2.410:22
lucentIntel drivers are open source and not proprietary10:22
lucentam I mistaken?10:22
hey_boyI am on Karmic10:22
ActionParsnip1hey_boy: the intel drivers are open10:22
ActionParsnip1hey_boy: then you are in the wrong channel10:22
ActionParsnip1hey_boy: /j #ubuntu+110:22
ActionParsnip1hey_boy: your release isnt supported here10:23
etfbhey_boy: Also: take a step back (when talking on the other channel) and explain _why_ you want to do that.10:23
manolo_2etfb: Using OO.org 3.1.1 build 9420 on Ubuntu Jaunty. The problem is that I insert IMMAGES and NOTES but I?M UNABLE to see them when I run the presentation pressing F5 key10:23
etfbhey_boy: It's like: you're trying to cook a cake, and so you go and ask "how do I set my flamethrower to 350 degrees?"  when really you should explain what you're doing and people will gently suggest you use an oven instead...10:24
indushey_boy: i will help u10:24
etfbmanolo_2: Do you see placeholders? What about other stuff - text and so on?10:24
manolo_2etfb: I just see a white page or a page with the template background, just in case10:25
manolo_2etfb: I do see text in pages10:25
lucentetfb: explain FAIL. An obvious use of a flamethrower is to bake a cake, but those bastards won't release the source code and this is not the place to discuss licensing issues ;)10:25
etfbmanolo_2: Might be worth asking on an OOO channel.  Does anyone know of one on freenode?  (Loading the channel list takes ages...)10:25
hey_boyindus: On Karmic, system with Onboard Intel845 VGA, resolutions above 800x are not available.10:26
etfblucent: Remind me to delete any birthday party invitations from you...10:26
ActionParsnip1indus: karmic isnt supported here10:26
lucentetfb: can't delete, it's a netapp trade secret10:26
indusActionParsnip1: iam supporting it10:26
* lucent ba-dum-spcha10:26
indushey_boy: ok lets go #ubuntu+110:27
ActionParsnip1indus: then i'd take it to +1 as it is offtopic10:27
jo__hello: an ubuntu server, five IPs with virtual interfaces configured like eth1:N in /etc/network/interfaces. Everything works very well except that on reboot I have to do a manually /etc/init.d/networking restart. What could be the most elegant solution for this problem?10:27
etfbindus: hey_boy is now on the ubuntu+1 channel, so you can probably pitch in and chat with him/her there.10:27
manolo_2etfb: sorry... I didn't realize it was not an open office channel... The openoffice "gethelp" page led me here... https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+sources/openoffice.org/+gethelp sorry and thanks10:27
ActionParsnip1jo__: could add the command in /etc/rc.local10:27
lucentjo__: rc.local makes sense10:28
jo__ActionParsnip1: but I thought there is auto eth1:N for10:28
ActionParsnip1jo__: maybe it needs the extra nudge, rc.local is processed last so should fix you up automagically10:29
jo__doesnt it work for virtual devices?10:29
jo__or do I misunderstand?10:29
ActionParsnip1jo__: auto ethX:Y   means the device should be up on boot10:29
ActionParsnip1jo__: i am unsure for virtuals10:30
srinathsomeone please help me with sound10:30
ActionParsnip1jo__: but if the command works then i'd just run with it10:30
jo__ActionParsnip1:, lucent: thanks, I will put it in rc.local.10:30
lucentsrinath: try to be more vague10:31
srinathhow to install sound drivers?10:31
lucentsrinath: install Ubuntu. Sound drivers are included.10:31
srinathI searched Ubuntu and google10:31
ActionParsnip1srinath: can you provice the output of: lspci | grep -i audio10:31
srinathwent to some sites10:31
srinathdownloaded few alsa drivers10:31
srinathtried installing10:31
srinathbut still no sound10:31
lucentsrinath: if it doesn't work, then it's not going to work. that's simple.10:31
indussrinath: output aplay -l10:31
icerooti have a directory called >> logfile 2>&1  how to delete it? rm -rf10:32
theadminA kernel upgrade?... Last one completely messed the GRUB up.10:32
lucenticeroot: niiiiiice10:32
icerootlucent: yes :)10:32
srinathit says this10:32
srinath00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JD/DO (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)10:32
lucenticeroot: I should invite you to all of my parties10:32
ActionParsnip1iceroot: sure, if you dont need any of its sub directories10:32
icerootActionParsnip1: rm -rf tells, its a directory....10:33
theadminI'll have to modify /boot/grub/menu.lst manually after every kernel upgrade or is it a bug?10:33
ActionParsnip1iceroot: thats fine, it will delete the directory for you10:33
srinathtell me now10:33
lucenticeroot: the double-dash tells commands to ignore trailing flags, and then wrap everything in quotes and escape the question marks10:33
srinath00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JD/DO (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)10:33
icerootActionParsnip1: rm -rf tells me it cant be deleted, because its a directory10:33
ActionParsnip1theadmin: sounds like a bug to me10:33
icerootrm -rf >\>\>\ logfile\ 2\>\&1/10:33
ActionParsnip1iceroot: can you delete it in nautilus?10:34
orion_rrors were encountered while processing:10:34
orion_ /var/cache/apt/archives/splashy_0.3.13-5ubuntu1_i386.deb10:34
lucenticeroot: i.e.  rm -- "rm -fr directory >> thing\? to delete\"it\'s true\""10:34
FloodBot3orion_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:34
=== cp is now known as Guest56376
lucenticeroot: rmdir if removing an empty directory10:34
theadminActionParsnip1: Seems to keep old kernel in list... I have to remove it with gedit.10:34
icerootActionParsnip1: only have a shell10:34
ActionParsnip1orion_: can you use a pastebin to provide the whole error and NOT flood the chanel. I think I know where its going10:34
srinathhello lucent10:34
srinath00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JD/DO (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)10:34
ActionParsnip1theadmin: then uninstall the old kernel10:34
benchikhello. after upgrading 8.04.3 LTS from kernel 2.6.24-24 to 2.6.24-25 my sound isn't working. please help!10:35
icerootActionParsnip1: ah ok rm -rf "the directory" was working10:35
ActionParsnip1iceroot: cool10:35
theadminActionParsnip1:... wait... It KEEPS the old kernel!? What... the... hell... for!?10:35
ActionParsnip1theadmin: as you install more new kernels you ill keep the old10:35
etfbtheadmin: Because nobody's perfect.  Not even the Ubuntu testers.10:35
ActionParsnip1theadmin: you can see what you have with: dpkg -l | grep linux-image10:35
karmichow to flush dns cache?10:35
ActionParsnip1karmic: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart10:36
ActionParsnip1karmic: if you run dnsmasq you will need to restart that too10:36
ActionParsnip1theadmin: the old kernels are kept so if you install a new kernel and it is bad then you can still boot to the original10:37
andhi all10:37
theadminThat's what i have.10:37
ActionParsnip1theadmin: it is not sufficient to simply remove the old kernels from grub, the old kernels are still taking up ~120Mb a kernel10:37
Dioshoruxme aparece este error amigos10:38
etfbI just got a new laptop battery, and it's still not quite calibrated properly.  It thinks it has 20% charge left, say, when really it's got 1%.  Thus, lots of sudden switch-offs.  How do I reset its "memory"?10:38
lucentcomputer janitor is a nice way to remove old kernels10:38
ActionParsnip1theadmin: thats fine, you have 2 kernels10:38
theadmin... i only need latest.10:38
theadmin"15" one works fine10:38
lucentetfb: sounds like battery fail or bug in reporting10:38
ActionParsnip1theadmin: then run: sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-2.6.28-11-generic; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove10:39
Dioshoruxamigos me aparece ssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection refused10:39
lucentetfb: you can set the lower limit for the percentage though10:39
etfblucent: No, it's pretty normal for a new battery.  It's getting better over time.10:39
ActionParsnip1theadmin: this will also autoremve it from grub during the process10:39
theadminActionParsnip1: Well, i have a new kernel upgrade loading in. Will say if it works fine and then see how to remove old ones10:39
ActionParsnip1theadmin: the 2nd command removes all the modules and header files for the kernel you just removed10:40
etfblucent: How do you mean?  As in, set the warning limit?10:40
lucentetfb: yeah10:40
lucentetfb: makes sense, doesn't it?10:40
lucentit's just a number, don't care what it is10:40
ActionParsnip1theadmin: you get people with netbooks on 4Gb HDDs with like 6 kernels and they wonder why they gots no space10:40
etfblucent: Trouble is that it's adapting: suppose there's a "real" amount of charge that we'll call X.  Today, it might think that's 20%.  Tomorrow, it will think it's 15%.10:41
theadminActionParsnip1: Well, i'd expect an upgrade to remove the old version of any soft.10:41
lucentetfb: if you don't want my help, ok.10:41
ActionParsnip1theadmin: its not an upgrade, its a seperate app10:41
theadmin...then why does it show up in upgrade manager!?10:42
etfblucent: Well, it wasn't quite the answer to the question I asked, is all.  I was kind of hoping there was a way to force the battery to reassess its own assumptions...10:42
ActionParsnip1theadmin: as it is a later version number but a kernel is a very key piece of softare so if you upgraded it to be the only kernel and you didnt have something to roll back yo you would be heavily screwed10:42
ActionParsnip1theadmin: its not some high level crappy inconsequential app like a browser10:43
ActionParsnip1theadmin: so they are kept10:43
theadminActionParsnip1: Damn. Can i opt out of kernel upgrades for a while somehow?10:43
etfbtheadmin: Indeed - ActionParsnip1 is 100% correct (my battery would say 140% correct).  One thing that breaks a lot is suspend/resume.  To debug it, it's useful to have old kernels around.10:44
ActionParsnip1theadmin: sure you can tell apt to lock the version number and the package will be ignored10:44
theadminActionParsnip1: Please tell me how.10:44
ActionParsnip1theadmin: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html#s-pin10:45
ActionParsnip1theadmin: not something ive done but i know it exists10:45
Lint01is there a PDF viewer for Gnome, except Evince?10:46
ActionParsnip1theadmin: you can override it with --ignore-hold10:46
ActionParsnip1Lint01: acroread10:46
tapashi, i have a dell laptop here and sometimes clicks just don't get through anymore10:47
ActionParsnip1Lint01: http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-READER10:47
tapasit seems as if a mouse button release [on the touchpad buttons] gets lost10:47
tapasthen one window is stuck with the focus10:47
tapasand nothing really works anymore10:47
tapaseven alt-tab, etc..10:47
ActionParsnip1tapas: are you running desktop effects?10:48
tapasActionParsnip1: nope. i think i turned them off10:48
tapaslemme restart X11 to check10:48
tapasActionParsnip1: visual effects: none10:49
tapasthey only ever bother me.. so i turn them off instinctively ;)10:49
ActionParsnip1me too10:50
ActionParsnip1that stuf can also interrupt mouse input, very annoying10:50
nigeli have an opensolairs nfs server, but for the life of me I cant get the ubuntu to client to connect10:50
tapasyeah.. but now i have just normal gnome, no effects..10:50
ActionParsnip1tapas: does the mouse click create an event in xev?10:50
theadminLike this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/299678/ ?10:50
tapasActionParsnip1: i can't check when it's stuck..10:50
tapasbecause i can't get focus to xev..10:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about why10:51
ActionParsnip1theadmin: never dont it dude so yuo know more than me10:51
tapasand also it happens usually after like 1/2 hour of use10:51
ActionParsnip1tapas: then when it happens quickly open a terminal and run: dmesg |  tail10:51
tapasActionParsnip1: ok..10:51
ActionParsnip1tapas: should give a clue10:51
tapasmaybe i find something in /var/log/dmesg10:51
Avash! why10:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about why10:51
tapaswhat should i look for?10:52
Avash! botabuse ubottu10:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about botabuse ubottu10:52
tapasActionParsnip1: i guess it's probably a bug in the input driver missing a button release event10:52
ActionParsnip1tapas: just anything about mousey stuff or any hardware being disconnected10:52
Avash! botabuse ubottu10:52
mdcastroj/ #ubuntu-br10:52
tapasActionParsnip1: mouse movement still works though..10:52
tapasActionParsnip1: ok, will take a look10:52
mdcastrojoin #ubuntu-br10:52
Avash!botabuse Avash10:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about botabuse Avash10:52
ActionParsnip1tapas: worth a look, strange it still moves10:52
ActionParsnip1!botabuse | Avash10:52
ubottuAvash: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:52
tapasActionParsnip1: good call..10:52
Avash!botabuse | ubottu10:53
alabdGood day everyone , Is there any ubuntu/debian-base tutorial that some parts of it can be used in relicensed typographic book  ?10:53
tapasActionParsnip1: one moment.. brb10:53
ActionParsnip1!ot | alabd10:54
ubottualabd: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:54
tapasActionParsnip1: there's a msg about sync lost of the DualPoint Touchpad10:54
tapasActionParsnip1: will come here from laptop, so i can c&p one of the lines10:54
tapas[66755.956829] psmouse.c: DualPoint TouchPad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync at byte 510:55
ActionParsnip1tapas: sounds like a start10:55
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)10:55
Avash!ok fine. thanks!10:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:55
tapasActionParsnip1: then later there's messages about the drivers resyncing..10:55
alabdActionParsnip1: where can this commands be found ? like ot , .. ?10:55
Avash!botabuse | Avash10:56
ubottuAvash, please see my private message10:56
tapasActionParsnip1: oh found a bug report in the net, too..10:56
tapasseems to be an issue introduced with 2.6.2910:56
ActionParsnip1tapas: the wonders of dmesg :)10:56
tapasActionParsnip1: yeah i wonder why i failed to look there this time..10:56
ActionParsnip1alabd: how do you mean?10:57
ActionParsnip1tapas: can't see for looking dude10:57
ActionParsnip1tapas: no biggy10:57
alabdActionParsnip1: commands like ot10:57
tapasActionParsnip1: so i wonder if there's a workaround.. will do some more digging10:57
ActionParsnip1alabd: here is ubottu's brain: http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi10:57
tapasActionParsnip1: also i wonder if xorg might handle the error more gracefully ;)10:59
Avash! bots10:59
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:59
Avashhow to make bots10:59
ActionParsnip1tapas: you could use xorg.conf to set options so it doesnt choke11:00
ActionParsnip1Avash: thats offtopic here also11:00
tapasActionParsnip1: yeah, i guess.. finding out what options are relevant, etc, might be quite an undertaking.. found a hint that it might have to do with simultaneous use of trackpoint and touchpad [which can happen easily accidentally]11:01
tapasso i'll see whether i can disable the touchpad11:01
tapasthe damn thing annoys me anyways11:01
alabd#ubuntu-offtopic | alabd11:02
alabdActionParsnip1: how did you write that ot command  ?11:02
Xtreme_Greatmarkus_mpd: I got a problem.11:02
oversizehi, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome says OpenChrom is installed by default, but booting the 9.04 Desktop CD just gives me a flickering screen. Will the openchrome driver be loaded or do i have to use the alternate CD and manually install openchrome ?11:02
ActionParsnip1alabd: you use an exclamation point at the start11:02
ActionParsnip1alabd: !ot11:02
anvoHow can I find the "doc root" in my Ubuntu?11:03
alabdActionParsnip1: so where can command like ot be found ? in that link for ubuntu-offline has not said  anthing such ot11:04
phahey there - I am currently trying to fix acpi - but it keeps giving me problems.11:05
oversizeanvo: do you mean the official Documentation or the DocumentRoot of the apache webserver ?  try /usr/share/doc  for some (installed) documentation11:05
phasudo /etc/init.d/acpid stop -> sudo dpkg --configure -a ..... but then I get dpkg: status database area is locked by another process.11:05
Lint01ehem and why should I to install 150MB Adobe Reader for PDF documents?11:05
nablabecauce adobe loves you? :D11:06
anvooversize: not exactly... I'm trying to install phpmyadmin and it asks to unzip into "doc root"...11:06
phait was a fresh install, and everything seems to be working fine - except that.11:06
nablawell no sorry.. to be reasonable.. the reader has the best compability with obscure PDF stuff11:06
oversizeanvo: ok which should be the DocumentRoot setting of your webserver11:06
Lint01PDF is not 'obscure11:07
Lint01, it's a standard11:07
nablabut its adobes standard11:07
anvooversize: I have installed Apache2 via LAMP...11:07
oversizeanvo: see /etc/apache2/sites-available/default for the default vhost11:07
nablaI dont like the reader either.. awfully bloated piece of software.. but all other i tried once in a while couldnt read a pdf11:07
anvooversize: OK11:07
oversizeanvo: in it there should be a Setting: "DocumentRoot" pointing to e.g. /var/www11:08
oversizeanvo: and <Directory ""> Setting with the same path, and thats where you unpack phpmyadmin into, but use a folder for phpmyadmin like  /var/www/myadmin  ... which should make your myadmin available at http://localhost/myadmin11:09
Xtreme_Greatতোমরা কী বলছো?11:09
Xtreme_Greatউবুন্টু শবার শেরা!11:10
anvooversize: OK! So you mean, I should extract the tarball into /var/www exactly as it is? I mean, the tarball contains a folder, should I untar the folder, or its contents?11:10
oversizethe folder11:10
anvooversize: OK11:11
oversizeso you end up with the sources of myadmin in /var/www/myadmin11:11
oversizeyou can also unpack them in your home dir an move the folder to /var/www11:11
StresShello , where is the french chat please ?11:11
StresSthanks you :)11:12
StresSgood bye :)11:12
Xtreme_GreatGuys, is there any ubuntu bengali channel?11:13
Xtreme_GreatI gotta check this SCIM thing.11:13
phacan someone look @ this for me please -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/299692/11:13
phawould appreciate it.11:14
suigenerisis there any way to remove the word Avidemux from the title of the video files I converted?11:14
=== Mohero_ is now known as Mohero
oversizepha: you have acpi enabled in bios, right ?11:14
phayes, I just checked in the synaptic manager.11:15
phaonly one that isn't is acpidump.11:17
phashould I mark them for re-installation and see how that goes?11:18
oversizepha, yes, why not. but check in bios that acpi is enabled. synaptic manager is not able  (afaik) to alter bios settigns11:18
phayeah, i'm getting this -> E: acpid: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 / E: acpi-support: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured11:20
oversizepha: have you tried:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure acpi-support ?11:23
c0l2e/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume   what UUID should I insert here? the  / or the SWAP ??11:25
phayeah mate -> /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: acpi-support is broken or not fully installed.11:25
buzzomaticI've got this strange problem ... whenever I'm working in GEdit or Inkscape some keystrokes or mouse clicks seem to get repeated11:26
phaI can't believe this has turned out to be harder than a gentoo distro... and everyone says ubuntu is the easiest of them all... lol11:26
chrisa_hey  i'm a new ubuntu user and confused... my sound just stopped working  for no reason i am aware of11:26
buzzomaticSo I'll press Ctrl+Z to undo the last change, only it undoes 20 or so, or I'll press the down key to move an object and it'll jump half way across the page.11:26
boulbulhello, I am having a lot of trouble under ubuntu 8.04 and debian lenny..when browsing, it is too slow..I have checked every thing but can not find any process that is slowing the system...I was told about IPV6 I have disabled it but still slow...any one experiencing such a problem ...please help11:27
buzzomaticAny thoughts? :S11:27
oversizepha: you just have different problems with every operating systems  :)11:27
chrisa_hmmm...is this a ubuntu venting room? :)11:27
phalol - this is true.11:28
ActionParsnip1boulbul: tried a different browser?11:30
deoChrisa: where you in a browser at the time?11:30
oversizepha - anyhow, ensure acpi is enable in the bios, and then reinstall acpi-support11:30
oversizebtw. what version are you using11:30
diogo_79guys i have ati graphics card on ubuntu 9.04 and i have reinstall the open source driver ati but when i log on my screen appears with low color and all scramble dont know what to do next11:31
tester_!ot | alabd11:32
ubottualabd: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:32
=== |Myxb| is now known as Myxb
diogo_79my xorg.conf file doest have anything but i think the system autodetect the video card settings right?11:32
ActionParsnip1diogo_79: hal detects stuff as best it can11:33
ActionParsnip1diogo_79: you can still use the file though11:33
diogo_79my radeon card is x1950 pro11:34
phaoversize, one problem is mate -> this is a ovh server.11:34
diogo_79can i put this settings list in this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver in my xorg.conf file for my ati radeon x195011:34
buzzomaticAnyone? Having half your work destroyed because of a random Ctrl+Z is really damn annoying11:34
pha8.04 LTS 32, custom kernel ->
phaall I can check bios wise is vendor, version & release date via dmidecode.11:36
oversizepha, what is ovh ? :)11:37
oversizeah, well ... bad11:37
oversizethen i am through with my ideas ..11:37
phanah, that's fine - you have been great help mate, thank-you very much for taking the time to answer me.11:38
shyam_ki have something weird with pm-suspend and pm-hibernate. I have given pm-suspend as lid close action for acpi, so everytime i close the lid of my laptop, it suspends the system.11:41
shyam_kLately as i restart a suspended system, it goes back to suspend as soon as the system is loaded, which is avoided only if i constantly keyboard interrupts as it wakes up..11:41
shyam_know interestingly as i give pm-hibernate on a root prompt, it suspends the system!11:42
shyam_khmm now i remember that previously pm-hibernate was failing to regain the system, it just reboots as normal..11:43
* shyam_k have to go and does halt..11:44
nigelwhats wrong with ubuntus NFS?11:44
nigelI cant mount a share from ubuntu, but I can mount the same share from fedora / centos11:45
boulbulActionParsnipl: it is the same thing with any browser, or any software that needs to go online...with skype 4 example it take about 10 mins before it can see who is online11:45
boulbulActionParsnipl: by the way, I got the same result with different versions installed on different laptops11:46
MaT-dgI booted my desktop from a livecd. The machine has 2 harddrives in RAID 0. Ubuntu can't find the volume.11:46
sadsadsadHello people how do i extract the word "Cricket is not good from the string "fsaasd:x:671:505:Cricket Is Not Good:/home/games/fma:/bin/bash" usinf cut command `cut -f5 -d":" gives only Cricket .11:47
jribsadsadsad: cut should work (wfm)11:48
sadsadsadbut it gives only the first word of 5th field11:49
jribsadsadsad: not here11:49
sadsadsadI want even the shite spaces11:49
jribsadsadsad: pastebin what you are doing11:49
sadsadsadShowed you in the example11:49
jribsadsadsad: http://paste.ubuntu.com/299712/11:49
jribthere's a 3 at the end of the first line...11:49
jribsadsadsad: (so pastebin like I did what you are running and the output)11:51
sadsadsadjust a line and i want to Ya11:51
sadsadsadI got the output11:51
sadsadsadNo idea why it does not work for me11:51
sadsadsadonce more i will try11:51
tonyyarussosadsadsad: works fine for me as well...11:52
sadsadsadYeah for mr too11:52
probyhi guys11:53
sadsadsadi did     name=`echo $linia|cut -f5 -d:` and did echo $name and it shows all words in diff lines11:53
sadsadsadtry this guys http://paste.ubuntu.com/299716/11:54
VagaI have a realy strange problem with the latest ubuntu beta. The end key dos not work(home dos for those who thinks I should google it), and in vi, if I press END, 5 characters forward are switched from lover to upper case.... O.o11:54
Xterm_Does anybody know where screeenlets saves plugin configs (like color, placement, other properties for a screenlet plugin)? I have looked in ~/.screenlets but it contains the plugin but no userconfig?11:54
jribsadsadsad: I don't have a "test" file like you do11:54
tonyyarussosadsadsad: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/00111:55
sadsadsadthe test file in my case contains "fsaasd:x:671:505:Cricket Is Not Good:/home/games/fma:/bin/bash"11:55
tonyyarussoVaga: Karmic questions in #ubuntu+111:55
frogzoo"what is the sound of one hand clapping"11:55
frogzoooh, #ubuntu+1, right11:55
Vagatonyyarusso: thanx :)11:56
probyi have some problems with my ubuntu the xserver dont start i have removed some pakages i want to know if it is any way to update the sys with live CD [i tried apt-get install update and apt-get kde]11:56
=== bluebottle is now known as Guest42760
jribsadsadsad: if you replace the contents of your for loop with just "echo $linia", you'll see the problem.  tonyyarusso gave you the solution11:56
probyi have some problems with my ubuntu the xserver dont start i have removed some pakages i want to know if it is any way to update the sys with live CD [i tried apt-get install update and apt-get kde]11:57
probyany help pls11:57
JejegeAfter Ubuntu's last update sound is very strong! How can I fix it?11:58
tonyyarussoproby: Yes, but you would have to use chroot to load yourself into the on-disk system.11:58
tonyyarussoproby: But if X is your only issue, you should be able to reboot into "recovery mode" instead and run updates from there.11:59
probyi do this11:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg12:01
Lint01is there some usable text-mode editor available?12:02
sadsadsadI dont understand why the command cat test gives 1 line output and echo $ linia gives 5 lines12:03
aneesh1Lint01: Use gedit12:03
tonyyarussoLint01: nano is easy to learn.12:03
tonyyarussoaneesh1: text-mode he said12:03
Lint01gedit is wonderful, but it's for X12:03
aneesh1then it is better to use vi12:03
tonyyarussosadsadsad: because your for loop is splitting it up12:04
jribsadsadsad: because for reads in one WORD at a time12:04
Lint01"learn" a text editor? I said _usable_12:04
ActionParsnip1Lint01: i prefer leafpad, nice and light12:04
sadsadsadWhat do i do it to make it work ?12:04
tonyyarussoActionParsnip1: text-mode...12:04
jribLint01: nano, vim, and emacs are the more popular ones12:04
tonyyarussosadsadsad: read bash faq #112:04
ActionParsnip1nano then, nice and easy none of this command mode confusion12:04
sadsadsadsaw the link but got nothing usful , my bad :(12:05
aneesh1LInt01: I suggest vim12:05
Lint01vim sucked in 2002, I suppose it still does now12:05
aneesh1Lint01: Still I am using vim for all my coding without any problem.12:06
hateballYeah, nothing usually changes in 7 years...12:06
ttyXthats news for me vim sux12:06
ActionParsnip1hateball: mind you, doom is still a hugely easy game12:07
wayne_79I have a question where do we go for hardware support I am having some issues connecting to my cell phone through the USB port12:08
ziroday!cn | hlovpwei12:08
ubottuhlovpwei: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:08
pqrstuvWhat's the commad to compile .cpp file with gcc?12:08
pqrstuvgcc a.c -o a works for .c file12:08
=== j is now known as Guest62038
pqrstuvIt's .cpp file12:08
ttyXwayne_79: google?12:08
hlovpweiwhere are you from?12:08
ttyXand then ubuntu forums12:08
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
ttyXand then ubuntu irc channel12:09
wayne_79tried that and didnt much help12:09
wayne_79I cant find a driver for the phone12:09
ttyXwhat phone is that btw?12:09
wayne_79lg voyager12:09
ActionParsnip1pqrstuv: look into g++12:10
ActionParsnip1!google | ttyX12:10
ubottuttyX: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:10
ActionParsnip1wayne_79: what do you want to use te phone as, modem? storage?12:10
wayne_79I want to back it up for when I change phones and was tring to use bitpm and cant connect to it12:11
ttyXwell apparently LG Vogayer has a wiki12:11
PhillipHI, In gparted it wont let me format my second hardrive as NTFS, how can i sort this?12:12
pqrstuvActionParsnip1: g++ doesn't work12:12
pqrstuvActionParsnip1: It's mandriva12:12
ActionParsnip1pqrstuv: then you are in the wrong channel12:13
ActionParsnip1or #c++12:13
wayne_79I will check out the wiki page12:13
ActionParsnip1wayne_79: have you seen opensync12:13
ActionParsnip1i just bumped into it12:13
foundry871I'm going to demonstrate Ubuntu to my friends by doing the thing with no changes made to your computer, if I do that am I still able to install ccsm or any other program?12:14
PhillipHI, In gparted it wont let me format my second hardrive as NTFS, how can i sort this? can any one help.12:14
ActionParsnip1foundry871: sure but you will be limited by how much ram the system has12:14
foundry871I see, that should be fine12:15
ActionParsnip1foundry871: but you can install drivers and the like to get 3d effects if they are girly enough to be wowed by 3d effects12:15
aneesh1foundry871: Of course..12:15
win7friedmamoboinstalled windows 7 in vbox, when shutting it down the mobo got fried.. anyone familiar with this?12:15
wayne_79no I have not seen open sync what is it12:16
ActionParsnip1wayne_79: seems like an earlier development of some phone sync app12:17
* grawity wonders.12:21
ncpabout what?12:21
ncphow god made the world12:21
ncpor how i you can make a pretty big bomb? :)12:21
hylmanwonder why ubuntu cannot boot as fast as moblin12:22
grawitymsg nickserv identify deFRqKI312:22
Smittttttyanyone got a suggestion for alternate irc client to pidgin?12:22
grawitySmitttttty: Xchat, irssi.12:22
Smittttttyok thankyou :)12:23
ttyXgrawity: change the pass before someone else does12:23
Balsaqi would like to remove my home address from my introduction is that possible..or even add a phrase of my own like a few others have done? (under whois)12:23
Smittttttywill dl12:23
papulwhats the archive program used in ubuntu?12:23
ttyXSmitttttty: xchat?12:23
Smittttttyok thankies12:23
grawitypapul: The GUI is called file-roller.12:23
grawitypapul: But it doesn't do any archiving itself - it uses standard tools such as tar, gzip, and 7z.12:23
Ian_Corneanyone have a link to setup your own ubuntu mirror?12:23
ActionParsnip1!irc | Smitttttty12:24
ubottuSmitttttty: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines12:24
hylmananyone tried karmic rc yet?12:24
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Jaunty, and help keeping the servers' load low!12:24
ActionParsnip1hylman: running it now12:24
ttyXhylman: donwloading the iso12:24
=== alberto is now known as Guest36729
Smittttttyok thankyou very much for your help guys :)12:24
ttyX30 mins to go12:24
hylmani d/l the beta version last week, install it but found it actually boots longer than jaunty12:25
eighty4is there anything besides "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" I can run to reconfigure my screen? After chaning from a dvi to a vga cabel I just  get "random stuff" on the screen12:25
ActionParsnip1hylman: tweak it then12:25
hylmananyone experiences the same thing?12:25
ActionParsnip1hylman: bum can be used to reduce boot up services if you dont use them12:25
ttyXI tried the daily build and it went fine12:25
hylmanit should be by default, without tweaking....12:26
Hazelesquepc106:home# pycentral help12:26
Hazelesqueunknown action `help'12:26
Hazelesqueuse `pycentral help' for help on actions and arguments12:26
Hazelesque^ w... t... f...?12:26
hylmani remember reading some articles in the net re: ubuntu target to boot even faster...12:26
ActionParsnip1hylman: ubuntu cannot accommodate the vast array of hardware and settings a user may need so i quite bloated by defaul12:26
ttyXhylman: that's the next release12:26
ttyX10.04 LTS12:26
hylmancurrently running moblin on my netbook, and boot faster...12:27
ActionParsnip1hylman: so yes it needs tweaking to be more precise if you want it faster12:27
Guest36729Hello everybody12:27
hylmanoh, well... looking forward than 10.04 then...12:27
Guest36729How are you all?12:27
Guest36729I have a problem with firefox in Ubuntu Jaunty12:27
Guest36729Will you help me out?12:27
ActionParsnip1hylman: the kernel can also be very optomised past its current settings, but again the kernel is trying to give maximum functionality so stuff works out of the box more12:27
ttyXthat's why its called generic kernel12:28
ActionParsnip1ttyX: exactly12:28
aneesh1Guest36729: Tell me what is your pblm?12:28
lavishhi all. I've got a problem using visudo... this is the saved file, it looks fine to me but I still can't shutdown using my user "venav" -> http://dpaste.com/111022/12:28
hylmanwhen I tried karmic beta, there was still lines of CLI before the splash screen kicks in...12:28
ActionParsnip1hylman: is that ofensive?12:29
ttyXhylman: that prob was there for me also12:29
hylmanwhich seems to be a backdraw... as jaunty nicely omit this...12:29
ttyXbut didn't bother12:29
hylmanActionParsnip1: which part of that is offensive?12:29
Guest36729This is my problem: Whenever I click on any link, when the page loading ends... The URL in the address field remains the same.12:29
ActionParsnip1your system will boot a lot faster if you remove network manager and use the interfaces file with static ip12:29
leaf-sheepHeh. I love a text line -- let alone a text scrolling. I would take them over splash screen anytime. ;o12:30
Guest36729It doesn't let me go forward or back either.12:30
ActionParsnip1hylman: dunno you sounded like seeing some lines of text was a bad thing.12:30
jalmeidahiffy, is possible resize a partition ntfs with my ubuntu intaled ?12:30
Guest36729And it doesn't save my bookmarks or history12:30
Guest36729I can't access them.12:30
ttyXGuest36729: ru sure your partition is not mounted as read only?12:31
ActionParsnip1hylman: if boot times get you wet, try running xpud. Boots in 4 seconds from cold here on sata hdd12:31
hylmanActionParsnip1: I didn't mean that at all... but personally I prefer not seeing this scrolling text at all..12:32
Guest36729ttyX I think I do.12:32
papulcan i get the ubuntu theme as an archive?12:32
Guest36729How could I find out?12:32
welcomewhen i upgrade from jaunty to karmnic (using a live cd).. will the support period extend or only the packages will be upgraded??12:32
ActionParsnip1hylman: i prefer it, can see when and if things go wrong. this is especially needed during beta testing12:32
ttyXtry mkdir in a terminal for example12:32
RussellAlani just hopped off karmic koala well atleast the kde.12:32
gamerxhey got a question, from time to time ubuntu will ask me to put my wireless apssword in, and the **'s that are in the box look like they are a hash12:32
Guest36729ttyX It works12:32
RussellAlanlost taskbar support =D gnome now /12:32
Guest36729ttyX It creates the directory without any problem.12:33
ttyXwell then its not mounted as ro atleast :P12:33
=== zaggynl_ is now known as zaggynl
Guest36729What should I do?12:33
aneesh1Guest36729: Try to upgrade firefox using synaptic manager12:33
JuJuBeeWhy would I have blocked updates?12:33
hylmanyeah... well again it's personal choice... but I believe there should be option to disable this scrolling text... after all, splash screen is there to "hide" them anyway12:33
grawitygamerx: Maybe the password is just shown in hexadecimal?12:33
ttyXGuest36729: try full system upgrade12:33
gamerxgrawity, what?12:34
aneesh1Guest36729: No just the firefox and its dependencies ..12:34
Guest36729You mean, to the new Ubuntu release?12:34
gamerxgrawity, when i click show password it has "94a5e82c73555210686d86ebf84ffd64e50522c73cf5963553f532bc666e710c" in the box12:34
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: the app is ready but the deps have not being made yet12:34
ttyXGuest36729: no install all available updates for jaunty12:34
hylmanI thought this was a bug, i.e.: scrolling text... well, it seems that it's a feature... is it not? is it still in the rc version?12:34
ttyXsync and update12:35
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: so you will get updates held back until they are ready12:35
nurettinhello i can't use virtualbox-ose because problem is kernel update i cant find virtualbox-ose-modules-
Guest36729That's done using the update manager, right?12:35
Guest36729Visually, I mean.12:35
ttyXnurettin: you need kernel headers for vbox to work12:35
leaf-sheepgamerx: Displaying hashes for 'sillypassword123' is more safe and security than displaying the actual password.12:35
Guest36729How can I do that in a terminal?12:36
grawityGuest36729: apt-get update12:36
Balsaqi think i may have installed xchat twice,can anyone tell me how to get one back ouuta here?12:36
ttyXyes Guest3672912:36
suigenerisis there any way to remove the word Avidemux from the title of the video files I converted?12:36
nurettinttyX: how find ?12:36
ActionParsnip1Balsaq: you cant install an app twice12:36
gamerxleaf-sheep, yes but its kinda annoying that it keeps asking me for it in the begginning12:36
Guest36729Sorry for my english, I don't know very well when to use "in" or "on".12:36
ActionParsnip1Balsaq: you may have xchat and xchat212:36
Balsaqoh good thanks ActionParsnip112:36
ttyXsearch synaptic nurettin and install the package matching your kernel version12:36
hylmanbtw, anyone tried karmic moblin remix recently?12:37
gamerxGuest36729, your doing exeptionally well12:37
BalsaqActionParsnip1 how can icelan up my whois?12:37
ActionParsnip1Balsaq: if you analyse the output of: dpkg -l | grep xchat     you can see what packages you have installed relating12:37
hylmanwonder if karmic moblin is still buggy12:37
leaf-sheepgamerx: If you toggles on the AutoLogin, nm-applet will prompt for password.12:37
ActionParsnip1Balsaq: no idea, i dont use it12:37
athlancould anyone come into a private chat with me?12:37
JuJuBeeActionParsnip1:  Oh, thanks.  I thought maybe I had something installed that I shouldnt have12:37
daniel82lamanyone running on hp tx2000 here?12:37
BalsaqActionParsnip1 how can i clean up my whois?12:37
Guest36729Will you upgrade to the new release?12:37
gamerxleaf-sheep, and how do i go about cjhecking?12:37
Balsaqoh ok saw it now ActionParsnip112:37
nurettinttyX: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=virtualbox-ose12:37
whoisBalsaq: your question is off-topic in this channel, please join #freenode12:37
leaf-sheepgamerx: You don't know? When you boot up, does it bypass the User/Password login?12:38
Guest36729My system is 64 bit, I forgot to say it.12:38
gamerxleaf-sheep, no12:38
Balsaqoh thought iwas in freenode sorry12:38
gamerxleaf-sheep, HELL no ratehr12:38
nurettinttyX: the last package Package virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-24-generic12:38
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: whats up?12:38
athlanhave a problem with network-manager on jaunty12:38
nurettinttyX: but i need Package virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-25-generic12:38
Guest36729Isn't that a problem?12:39
Guest36729I thought it was.12:39
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: is what a prolem?12:39
JuJuBeeActionParsnip1:  The updates are for Linux-headers-generic- same for restricted-modules, generic and image-generic  is this normal?12:39
nurettinttyX: who is creating this packages ?12:39
Guest36729Using 64 bit O.S.12:39
daniel82lammy wacom pen is working fine on X, but touchscreen was poorly config. How do I get the touchscreen working according where i touch, where the pointer is?12:39
nurettinttyX: or can i create this package ?12:39
ttyXUbuntu devs offcourse12:39
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: no its no problem at all12:40
Guest36729When I try to upgrade, it asks me for the Ubuntu Jaunty CD12:40
Guest36729Is that normal?12:40
coz_daniel82lam,   try here   http://tnoergaard.wordpress.com/2009/05/09/ubuntu-touch-screen-setup-and-calibration/12:40
athlanthe network manager does not connect to vpn network, although it says "connection established"12:40
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: you can run: sudo apt-get install limux-image-     if you really NEED the kernel. If your system is fine then you dont need it12:40
hey_boyhow do I reconfigure the X server in Jaunty?12:41
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: can you tab complete my name at the start of sentances12:41
orzhello, is there any suggested terminal ?12:41
coz_hey_boy,   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh12:41
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: see how my text to you is highlighted, that ISNT an accident12:41
Guest36729ActionParsnip1 Ok, sorry12:41
nurettinttyX: and how can i use skystar2 pci dvb card ?12:41
orzi need a terminal support 256 colors12:41
leaf-sheepGuest36729: Toggle off 'Installable from CD-ROM/DVD' under Software Sources.12:41
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: you have your install CD marked as a repository in synaptic, you need to remove this.12:42
Guest36729leaf-sheep Thank you.12:42
nurettinttyX:  kaffeine menu is cant see dvb?12:42
ttyXnurettin: I guess you should search ubuntu forums first12:42
StrangeCharmif i'm currently using the karmic beta, will a <sudo su && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade> update everything to the stable version, once that's released?12:42
athlanthe network manager does not connect to vpn network, although it says "connection established"12:42
nurettinttyX: thank you12:42
Geinehi ubuntu guys, is there a command I can use it to view my Internet IP ?12:42
leaf-sheep!karmic | StrangeCharm12:43
Guest36729Ok, I did it.12:43
ubottuStrangeCharm: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:43
athlan? not sure12:43
Geineifconfig will show only local12:43
Guest36729ActionParsnip1 And now, what?12:43
L1nUX1z3Rhow do i turn on my bluetooth radio in command on jaunty?12:43
ActionParsnip1Geine: : wget -qO - checkip.dyndns.org | grep -Eo '[0-9\.]+'12:43
Geinedyndns.org blocked in my area12:43
athlanmay anyone come in a private chat with me?12:43
ActionParsnip1Geine: i have this in a script, dead handy12:43
athlani am totally confused here...12:44
cristi1hey! how can i find a package in the repository using the terminal?12:44
Guest36729ActionParsnip1 How do I update the whole system?12:44
leaf-sheepathlan: You are in a private chat with 1434 strangers.12:44
ActionParsnip1Geine: thats weird, "You shall not convert your own IP to a handy name"12:44
JuJuBeeActionParsnip1: so it will be "unblocked" when the deps are finished?12:44
MaT-dg1booted from livecd: I have 2 disks in raid 0 with NTFS but I see 2 separate disks in gparted (sda & sdb) with unallocated space and no disks in nautilus. How can I make ubuntu recognize my RAID?12:44
L1nUX1z3Rcristi1, aptitude search "package name"12:44
akappaHi all, the new GDM theme in ubuntu 9.10 sucks. There is a way to change it? I've launched gdmsetup but I only found a box that lets me autologin and nothing else...12:44
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:44
cristi1L1nUX1z3R: thank you!12:44
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: yeah, when its ready it will come down12:45
Guest36729ActionParsnip1 Both of them work?12:45
L1nUX1z3Rcristi1, yw12:45
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: no, its one command12:45
L1nUX1z3Rhow do i turn on my bluetooth radio in command on jaunty?12:45
JuJuBeeActionParsnip1: cool, thanks for the info12:45
Guest36729ActionParsnip1 Oh, ok. Thank you very much.12:45
ActionParsnip1L1nUX1z3R: sudo rmmod btusb12:45
athlani am using irc for the very first time...12:45
bensmithso am i as of last night12:46
aneesh1athlan: What is your pblm>12:46
bensmithit rrally easy like a massive chatroom12:46
L1nUX1z3RActionParsnip1, i get " the module does not exist"12:46
=== halega is now known as halega_
ActionParsnip1L1nUX1z3R: then run: lsmod   see which relates to your usb and rmmod it12:46
akappaso really I can't change my gdm theme?!12:46
GeineActionParsnip1, nice script but as I told you -- dyndns.org blocked from the ISP12:46
athlanhow am i able to respond in private?12:46
=== halega_ is now known as halega
cristi1L1nUX1z3R: and if i know the application's name and not the package name itself?12:47
L1nUX1z3Rcristi1, you can still write it12:47
ActionParsnip1Geine: you can do something similar with ipchicken  do they oppose that too?12:47
L1nUX1z3RActionParsnip1, what does rmmod do?12:47
Guest36729ActionParsnip1 Should I wait the new version to be released or try the beta release?12:47
aneesh1akappa: You can change12:47
akappaaneesh1, how?12:47
JuJuBeeActionParsnip1: I am currently running 64Bit on a core 2 duo 2.54  am I "really" benefiting by using 64 bit or is there not really much diff from 32 bit?12:47
geekAb 12:47
geekAb 12:47
GeineActionParsnip1, ipchicken ?12:47
geekAb 12:47
FloodBot3geekAb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:47
aneesh1akppa: go to this site12:48
ActionParsnip1Geine: https://forum.hackinthebox.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=17130&start=1012:48
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: You're taking advantage of your hardwares's processing power.12:48
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep:  but by how much really?12:49
ActionParsnip1Geine: uses www.ipchicken.com    which shows your WAN IP. That script just cuts out the info then shows it nicely12:49
geekAbi am facing a problem in my ubuntu system , after boot up the network manager is crashing , how to resolve that12:49
geekAbi am facing a problem in my ubuntu system , after boot up the network manager is crashing , how to resolve that12:49
JuJuBeeI have an app that I cannot get running on 64bit12:49
RussellAlanI was just in kde about 8 hours ago, lost use of my main file manager, like task bar, someone told me to install gnome-desktop, so now I'm on the other side, althought im liking it. I had 1024x1xxx12:49
GeineActionParsnip1, thanks12:49
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: how much ram do you have?12:49
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: What application?12:49
Guest36729I think my problem with firefox exists since I installed some skins and updated it to 3.5 wrongly.12:49
RussellAlannow all i have the option is fro 1024x72912:49
daniel82lamcoz_, you think its a calibration problem?12:49
=== starcraftman is now known as WikiNinja
JuJuBeeI have 6GB ram and the application is for a SmartBoard in a classroom12:49
aneesh1akppa: download the themes . And you can install it by 'System --> Preferences -- > Theme'12:50
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: apps like audio and video encoding / decoding benefit from 64bit12:50
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: you NEED 64bit as you have more than 3Gb RAM12:50
Guest36729I haven't been able to go forward or back in firefox since.12:50
cristi1L1nUX1z3R: didn't work, but it did with apt-cache search . thanks again anyway!12:50
coz_daniel82lam,   it might be  would you mind stating the issue again ...sorry  I am doing three things at once:)12:50
ActionParsnip1Guest36729: then rename ~/.mozilla   and rerun it12:50
L1nUX1z3Rcristi1, yw12:50
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: Does the application ends with .exe?  Is the application for Windows?12:51
JuJuBeeActionParsnip1: thanks for that12:51
aneesh1Guest36729: Just wait for 6 Days . You can install new ubuntu 9.1012:51
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: no, it is a linux native app12:51
JuJuBeeSmartTech makes software for their smartboards (interactive white board) and make for linux as well12:51
ActionParsnip1JuJuBee: max for 32bit + PAE is about 6Gb ram (i think) max for 64bit is 4 exabtytes12:51
akappaaneesh1, have you even read my question? I was talking about GDM themes!12:51
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: You might want to try chroot?12:52
leaf-sheep!chroot | JuJuBee12:52
ubottuJuJuBee: chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)12:52
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot12:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fsck.vfat12:52
athlanhow am i able to respond in private?12:53
Xtreme_Great!Ubuntu: markus_mpd12:53
leaf-sheepathlan: What IRC client are you using?12:53
Xtreme_Great!Ubuntu | markus_mpd12:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:53
ubottumarkus_mpd: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com12:53
markus_mpdubottu: I should invite you to participate in your xorg and it becomes confusing.12:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:53
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: the program is not distributed as source, but binary... I installed on a 32 bit vm of ubuntu and tried to copy over but did not work.12:53
=== WikiNinja is now known as starcraftman
benkong2when I apt-get update I get a message about using apt-get autoremove for several packages. Is it safe to use that command?12:53
voxbenkong2: yes12:53
athlan<athlan> hi12:53
athlan<athlan> are u there?12:53
athlan<athlan> have a really strange problem with network manager.12:53
athlan<athlan> i imported a .pcf profile, and added the passwords.12:53
athlan<athlan> when attempting to connect, everything seems to work. i get no error message12:53
athlan<athlan> the connect-animation is showing as well12:53
FloodBot3athlan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:53
daniel82lamcoz_, sorry. I got wacom pen working on this tablet pc model hp tx2032au (tx2000). but not the touchscreen. when i uses my hand to touch the screen, the cursor seems not at where it suppose to be.12:53
coz_daniel82lam,  oh yeah  it probably is... did you read that link I gave you???12:54
aneesh1akappa: Yea. Thats what i am saying.Did you check that url. It is all GDM themes12:54
coz_daniel82lam,  did that give any clues for calibration?12:54
JasseTbenkong2: yes12:54
Xtreme_Great!Linux | markus_mpd12:54
ubottumarkus_mpd: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux12:54
markus_mpdubottu: Information on the system.12:54
Dr_Willis!bot | markus_mpd12:54
ubottumarkus_mpd: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:54
oversizeaccording to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NC20 i can install openchrome while running from the live CD. but i after booting, i dont have an xorg.conf in /etc/X11 ... where is it ?12:54
suigenerisin avidemux preferences, I have dmix for ALSA device but sound cannot be played back. what do I need to put there?12:55
coz_daniel82lam,  it definitly sounds as though it might just be a calibration issue   I dont have a touchscreen here to test it though so you may be on your own with googling on this unless someone pops up here with touch scren12:55
akappaaneesh1, but you can't change gdm themes goind to "apparence", there you can change your "desktop" theme12:55
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: You have the .deb ?12:55
Dr_Willisoversize:  X is supposed to autoconfigure. i have several systems that dont need a xorg.conf at all.12:55
akappaaneesh1, before the new gdm, you've to go to system -> administration -> login screen12:55
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: http://paste.ubuntu.com/299743/  these are directions I tried to follow.... and no not a .deb it uses autopackage12:55
daniel82lamcoz_, alright... let me test this calibration, hope that settle this12:55
=== alberto is now known as Guest58035
markus_mpdElena is a light, portable screen usually circular and supported on a core 2 duo 2.54 am i "really" benefiting by using 64 bit ubuntu.12:55
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Updating didn't solve the problem...Any suggestions?12:55
akappanow the "login screen" configuration windows is amazingly empty12:55
aneesh1akappa: You mean login screen?12:56
coz_daniel82lam,  I have the wacom tablets  but of course those are pretty well set up in ubuntu  "almost" :)12:56
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: i dont know what you problem is12:56
akappaaneesh1, yes, it's the gdm theme12:56
hachelhello, I'm trying to create an alias for my bash for this command: sudo sh -c 'echo "SOURCE" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'. How would I do it so that whatever I type after my alias would substitute for SOURCE?12:56
coz_daniel82lam,   the other options before installing any thing is go to the ##linux channel to see if anyone there has experience with touch screens12:56
oversizeDr-Willis: ok how would i change the video driver being used then? i have a via Chrom 9 which is not working out of the box12:56
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 My problem is firefox doesn't let me navigate back or forward, it doesn't save history nor bookmarks.12:56
ActionParsnip1oversize: ive wondered that12:57
Dr_Willisoversize:  in theory you install the driver. and restart X. (without rebooting the machine)12:57
jribhachel: write a script, not an alias, but do you really do that that often to warrant a shortcut?12:57
daniel82lamcoz_, not with this one. I am using ubuntu jaunty. Sad12:57
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: have you tried renaming ~/.mozilla12:57
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 The folder?12:57
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: Is that all of the instruction?12:57
coz_daniel82lam,  are you saying that tutorial doesn work?12:57
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: yes ~/.mozilla is a folder12:57
daniel82lamcoz_, wacomcpl seems not working12:58
calmi was using evhz.c to check my current USB mouse polling rate in 9.04... it doesn't seem to work now in 9.10.. any ideas?12:58
coz_daniel82lam,  mmm12:58
ActionParsnip1!9.10 | calm12:58
ubottucalm: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:58
coz_daniel82lam, that's a bit distressing for sure12:58
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: for installing on 64 bit yes...  They assume it is running already on 32 bit...12:58
athlan@ leafsheep: i am using XChat12:58
leaf-sheepathlan: Let's talk here instead of PM.12:58
daniel82lamcoz_, i actually followed the guideline at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103894912:58
markus_mpdGreetings and salutations to thee and thine.12:59
coz_daniel82lam,   and that is not working properly?12:59
daniel82lamcoz_, its working on the pen but just the with your hands12:59
athlan@leaf sheep: how? Just write?12:59
coz_daniel82lam,  oh I see now12:59
daniel82lamcoz_, its working but not completely working12:59
coz_daniel82lam,  mm  damn  I wish I had a pen tablet to test this with    it may be that you have to ch oose between to the two but again i would check in other channels like ##linux   etc12:59
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: You might want to try installing 32-bit libraries.12:59
daniel82lamcoz_, should i get back to slackware? hehe (:12:59
leaf-sheep!info ia32-libs | JuJuBee13:00
ubottuJuJuBee: Package ia32-libs does not exist in jaunty13:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libgtk13:00
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Could you please tell me the whole path?13:00
coz_daniel82lam,  mm  I not sure about that one :)   if slackware had better support for this  then I might say yes if the touchscreen and tablet functions are real important13:00
MBD123I know this is a noobish question, but here goes. I'm trying to cp a file from one directory to another, but it says that it can't open the file for reading because permission is denied. How might one remedy this?13:00
coz_daniel82lam,  they are to me13:00
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: /home/$USER/.mozilla   OR $HOME/.mozilla   OR (as I actually did give you the path)   ~?.mozilla13:01
athlan@ leaf-sheep: I have a problem with the network-manager in Gnome, ubuntu 9.04.13:01
coz_daniel82lam,  it is nice that ubuntu has finally gotten wacom to work more or less but it is still lacking in advanced features   and I am sure that touchscreen may be that same13:01
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit#How%20to%20make%2032-bit%20work%20on%20a%2064-bit%20machine13:01
ActionParsnip1~/.mozilla is the full and complete path13:01
=== Antaranian is now known as norayr3
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: it seems that ubottu is broken, they do exist and are already installed13:01
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Thanks very much, indeed.13:01
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Which name should I set?13:02
daniel82lami had past back my experience back to the "internet", i came back to *nix after more than 8 years until today. I even forgotten some basic commands13:02
gamerxword of warning: dont uninstall your default video driver :s13:02
athlan@ leaf-sheep: although it clearly states, that i am connected to vpn network, i cannot ping out13:02
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: anything you want, just make it different13:02
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: I don't think ubottu index anything more than main/restricted -- That's my guess.13:02
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: I do have a vm installed and have this app working there, but it is awkward using a smartboard control from within a window of vm...13:02
daniel82lamcoz_, its working. I saw it on youtube13:03
leaf-sheepathlan: OpenVPN?13:03
oversizeDr_Willis: according to aptitude the openchrome driver is installed, but X fails to succesfully show a screen, how can i check what driver the running X is using? (and possibly alter that) ?13:03
athlan@ leaf-sheep: vpnc13:03
coz_daniel82lam,    ah ok   ...you might be able to contact the youtube video person  that did that video for some troubleshooting sruff13:03
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: once you rename it you will get a stock profile when you next run the browser13:03
jacquesdupontdi have a very bashrc script to offer cause i passed all my night on it and i think it can be usefull to many people aournd here13:03
athlan@ leaf-sheep: how do you make your text appearing in red colour?13:03
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Ok.13:04
leaf-sheepathlan: Because my message contains your nickname.13:04
leaf-sheepathlan: Do you have network-manager-vpnc installed?13:04
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: if its ok now, the old profile is corrupted13:04
daniel82lamcoz_, the touchscreen really works which i saw it on youtube. What tempted me is the beryl and that's why I come back to linux13:04
athlanleaf-sheep: yes13:04
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: There is another website with instructions http://www.crucialthought.com/2009/08/05/how-to-install-smart-notebook-software-on-a-64-bit-ubuntu-machine/  but they didn't work for me...13:05
PiciMBD123: What are you trying to copy and to where?13:05
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Why are there hidden directories in my home directory?13:05
coz_daniel82lam,  ok  I have seen touchscreen with compiz running it is  quite interestingn to watch   but I dont know about the combination of wacom and touchscreen drivers13:05
coz_daniel82lam,  I wouldnt mind playing with touchscreen + compiz :)13:05
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Because that directory doesn't appear doing a "ls"13:05
daniel82lamcompiz is new to me13:05
athlanleaf-sheep: in fact, i once had a fine connection with network-manager. But for some reason, all my profiles were deleted 3 days ago.13:06
daniel82lameven beryl13:06
coz_daniel82lam,  well dont worry about it...compiz 0.8.4  is just recently released and it is stable13:06
harisundGuest58035: ls -a shows hidden directories13:06
daniel82lamback 7-8 years, there's not about compiz (:13:06
coz_daniel82lam,  if you install ubuntu karmic 9.10 you s hould  get 0.8.4  compiz by default13:06
Guest58035Oh, ok. Excuse my ignorance.13:06
athlanleaf-sheep: i re-imported the profile, andsince then, it just "does as if it was connected"13:07
coz_daniel82lam,  well  beryl and compiz joined together.    it is much more reliable than beryl was13:07
daniel82lamwhat i understand beryl is the rolling cube and compiz, effects13:08
Guest58035ActionParsnip1 Is this correct? ----> sudo rename \.mozilla \firefox ?13:08
athlanleaf-sheep: the strange thing is that the connection works via the terminal command "vpnc profile"13:08
daniel82lamcorrect me if i am wrong13:08
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep:  when I try to install the package using 32bit mode I get this... # Checking for libxkbfile.so ... failed13:08
grawityGuest58035: No, mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla.old13:08
jacquesdupontdok here is my script give it to anybody http://pastebin.com/m7d33e85613:09
Guest58035grawity Thanks a lot.13:09
athlanleaf-sheep: do you read?13:09
Guest58035grawity How do I type the "~" character. My keyboard "is spanish".13:10
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: You could install Ubuntu 32 bit -- Install the server kernel (with PAE support) so you can use all the 6GB ram.13:10
grawityGuest58035: I don't know. Type $HOME instead, or /home/your-username13:10
leaf-sheepathlan: Yes I have received your messages. I do not know the solution to your bizarre issues.13:10
psinetichey, can someone help me with playing a dvd movie in ubuntu? I put the DVD in the drive, it shows up as the icon on the desktop and in the media folder. I open it in Totem and it greys out, I open it in vlc and it doesn't do anything at all, and mplayer gives me a "seek file" error.13:10
Guest58035grawity One last question... I have just installed Compiz... How can I make it work now?13:11
iceroot!libdvdcss | psinetic13:11
ubottupsinetic: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:11
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: Id rather not do that.  I would rather leave my machine alone than do a complete re-install...13:11
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-4gb-ram-limitation-solution/13:11
leaf-sheepJuJuBee: That is fine. I'm supplying you with choices.13:11
athlanleaf-sheep: not only the network manager profile was deleted, but the clock applet was also set back to default13:11
grawityGuest58035: Activate it in the Appearance Settings, on the Effects tab.13:11
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla_old13:11
pqrstuvIs anyone here?13:12
grawityGuest58035: Also, install CCSM - this will let you configure Compiz a lot.13:12
ActionParsnip1Guest58035: you can copy and paste to the terminal13:12
athlanleaf-sheep: 12 hour format etc13:12
grawitypqrstuv: No, as you can see this channel is completely empty. -_-13:12
grawityGuest58035: And find that ~ key, you might need it often in Linux...13:12
leaf-sheepathlan: What were you doing when that happened?13:12
Blank__haha beat me to it grawity13:12
=== pqrstuv is now known as bbbbbbb
Guest58035grawity I will :)13:12
grawity!ccsm | Guest5803513:12
ubottuGuest58035: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz13:12
athlanleaf-sheep: i was downloading a file from rapidshare, using JDownloader13:13
athlanleaf-sheep: meanwhile, i was away, and when i came back, the profile was deleted13:13
athlanleaf-sheep: the room was securely locked though :)13:14
=== bembmb is now known as robbe
leaf-sheepathlan: Lies. The fly could fly in and h4x0r your machine.13:15
OleMoudihi! I installed 9.04 on my laptop several days ago, and Im since noticing the cpu fan is just taking his job too seriusly, it doesn't stop once it starts cooling, is there any known issue with laptop power management?13:15
leaf-sheepathlan: That could be a weird bug. Are you using Jaunty?13:16
athlanleaf-sheep: when "connecting" with Network-Man, and type vpn-disconnect in shell, it says no vpn running13:16
athlanleaf-sheep: yes13:16
athlanleaf-sheep: sorry, english is not my natiye language. What do you mean by fly?13:17
=== robbe is now known as babyrobbe
leaf-sheepathlan: Run "killall nm-applet; nm-applet &" and see if the problem still occur.13:17
coz_OldFred,  there is something called  laptop-mode-tools  and also you may want to read here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107918013:17
JuJuBeeleaf-sheep: I appreciate the help... reading about chroot option now....13:17
leaf-sheepathlan: The fly == The winged bug.13:17
Guest58035ubottu Shall I shutdown first?13:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:18
Guest58035ubottu Reboot I mean.13:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Reboot I mean.13:18
JuJuBeeDoes chroot option install an entire 32bit version of ubuntu into /srv/chroot ?13:19
grawityGuest58035: Ubottu is a _bot_ - a program.13:19
Guest58035ubottu I mean reboot.13:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about I mean reboot.13:19
gamerxGuest58035, i lolz13:19
leaf-sheepathlan: Or you're talking about the second phrase -- 'could fly in' as in -- 'Superman is flying over the building'13:19
gamerxGuest58035, you cant ask the bot lol13:19
Mikii would like to know how to transfer  the contact from a windows mobile  to evolution on the ubuntu pc13:19
athlanleaf-sheep: ok, i ran that command13:19
indusGuest58035: its a robot13:19
gamerxGuest58035, indus, lol13:19
Guest58035grawity Is my english so crappy?13:19
athlanleaf-sheep: i will however have to disconnect13:19
psineticiceroot, i looked at that. I'm still having trouble. Totem refuses to play it entirely. I got vlc to play it, but it's all choppy and doesn't play right, mplayer keeps giving me an error. so i ran the dvd through terminal with mplayer, and here was the outcome:    http://pastebin.com/m54c929f513:19
Guest58035Ok, I understand, my english suck.13:19
leaf-sheepathlan: That is okay.13:19
Guest58035But I'm not a bot. I'm spanish.13:20
indusGuest58035: you can address ubottu like this  !hi13:20
athlanleaf-sheep: cu in a few13:20
grawityGuest58035: I was talking about ubottu, not you -_-13:20
indus!hi | Guest5803513:20
ubottuGuest58035: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!13:20
PiciGuest58035: We know you're not a bot. ubottu is a bot.13:20
Mikii would like to know how to transfer  the contact from a windows mobile  to evolution on the ubuntu pc ?13:20
Guest58035Oh, I misunderstood then.13:21
PiciGuest58035: We also have spanish channels here if you would be more comfortable there.13:21
Guest58035Sorry about that.13:21
PiciGuest58035: Nothing to be sorry about.13:21
Guest58035Pici Thanks, but I rather stay here and improve my english at the same time as I learn Ubuntu.13:22
PiciGuest58035: Okay :)13:22
Guest58035Shall I reboot the system after installing Compiz?13:22
gamerxGuest58035, yes13:22
=== marko-_-- is now known as marko-_-
athlan_leaf-sheep: doesnt work13:22
Guest58035Ok, I'll be right back, then.13:23
athlan_leaf-sheep: ping returns apsolutely nothing13:23
Guest58035See you in two minutes.13:23
gamerxGuest58035, kk13:23
athlan_leaf-sheep: after 5 mins it returns "unknown host"13:23
extorDoes linux-image-virtual include built in PAE support? Or does only linux-image-server have built in PAE support?13:23
icerootis there a way with CLI to push the current date + 1 day? i want to test a script for every day in the year with a loop and need to push the date13:24
leaf-sheepathlan_: I see. I don't know what I can help you with. :\13:24
llutziceroot: date/hwclock13:24
athlan_leaf-sheep: however, vpnc-disconnect worked this time. netw-man- disconnected too13:24
icerootllutz: command? i only know date -s 2009-10-2313:25
ActionParsnip1iceroot: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-unix-get-yesterdays-tomorrows-date.html13:26
albertoHello, I'm back13:26
psineticiceroot, here's an updated pastebin link where i did alot more troubleshooting, it doesn't seem to be a DMA problem at all...but i can't figure out what it is.   http://pastebin.com/m5a237d6513:26
=== alberto is now known as Guest51698
Guest51698I'm back13:26
llutziceroot: make §mydate created within your loop, then "date -s $mydate"13:26
Guest51698No compiz tab appears in System/preferences/appearance13:26
Guest51698I can't start compiz...13:26
Guest51698By the way... Does compiz do the cube thing?13:27
gamerxGuest51698, system - prefs - compizconfig13:27
icerootllutz: i dont want to create all valid days, i want something like currentdate+113:27
LiteHeddedwindows key + tab isn't working anymore. can someone help me with this?13:27
icerootllutz: if i create it by hand i have to check if 29-02-2009 is a valid date13:27
Guest51698gamerx Thank you, you're right, I see it now.13:27
gamerxGuest51698, no probs i got it too13:27
psineticGuest51698,  i've noticed with compiz, anytime i enable compiz, it disables all my graphics in the appearance menu, and when i select ANY graphic selection (whether none, normal, or extra) it cuts off compiz entirely. i haven't found a fix for this yet, and no one on launchpad has mentioned or commented on my bug report.13:27
icerootActionParsnip1: thx, that is working13:27
icerootllutz: i got a solution frim ActionParsnip113:28
gamerxpsinetic, i dont know, it works fine for me13:28
icerootllutz: date --date="next day"13:28
llutziceroot: maybe this helps "date+1day = date +86400 seconds"13:28
psineticgamerx, well, my graphics are fine with compiz enabled, but it's like....nothing is selected under the appearance tab at all. it's not like the "none" selection is even selected, none of them are at all. it's just really odd13:29
LogomachistHi room.  Sound worked fine right after installing Ubuntu but then cut out on me one time after I opened the terminal using an alt + F1 key combo.13:29
icerootllutz: yes, that is another solution, thx13:29
llutziceroot: when using unix-timenotation13:29
gamerxpsinetic, dont know13:29
Guest51698How do I rotate the cube?13:29
psineticActionParsnip1, would you be able to help me with my problem? i'm trying to play a dvd and the system isn't working. iceroot shot me some helpful guides, but none of them are working. here's the pastebin:   http://pastebin.com/m5a237d6513:29
Guest51698I have already activated that option.13:29
Guest51698But I don't know how to rotate the cube13:30
gamerxpsinetic, you need to install restricted extras13:30
qoswhy does nautilus when ran as root automatic mounts all my drives? and without root it does not ... ?13:30
gamerxpsinetic, search it in synaptic13:30
psineticGuest51698, check your key binding, mine is set to "ctrl+alt+[right] or [left]13:30
psineticgamerx, i did that already13:30
jussi01Guest51698: try pressing and holding ctrl+alt then dragging with the mouse13:30
psineticstill not working13:30
gamerxpsi, i forget how i got mine working13:30
icerootGuest51698: ctrl + alt + left mouseclick = cube-rotate13:30
Guest51698Thank you very much indeed.13:31
ActionParsnip1psinetic: you dont play a mount point, you play a raw device, so mplayer /media/cdrom0 is nonesense13:31
psineticoh....uh....how do i play it then?13:31
vald0rI have a general open source question? Im an educator in a private school who personally use Ubuntu and open source software. We have report cards comming up which were normally hand written on a card stock. Now we need to make a template to type in the data. Would an app like scribus or open office work well for this.  the text areas would need to print vertically. and we would need to align it like the card stock using trial13:31
ActionParsnip1psinetic: mplayer dvd://113:32
mohan1Hi Friends, Presently I am using Artha word Dictionary but it doesn't support word pronunciation Is there any software other software with word pronunciation.13:32
ActionParsnip1psinetic: or if you run vlc you can click file -> open disk13:32
jussi01vald0r: scribus should work well, but also open office I could imagine doing it.13:32
psineticActionParsnip1, so far so good :D13:32
ActionParsnip1psinetic: mount points are only for block devices which have files like usb sticks and partitions with user data on13:32
ActionParsnip1mplayer ules all13:33
psineticActionParsnip1, THANKS A MILLION!!! now i just gotta figure out how to get it to do this automatically from now on >_>13:33
mohan1waiting for someones reply.13:34
ActionParsnip1psinetic: script maybe or set the autorun for a DVD disk to use mplayer13:34
PranavHow to position and size the monitor screen using the software, rather than monitor keys (OSD) ?13:34
Pranavgrawity, How to position and size the monitor screen using the software, rather than monitor keys (OSD) ?13:34
psineticActionParsnip1, hmmmmmmm.....i'm sorry, simple silly questions :P, how do i set the autorun? just right click properties?13:35
ActionParsnip1not sure really13:35
mohan1some wake up answer me please.13:36
Pici!patience | mohan113:37
ubottumohan1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.13:37
Gus2Whenever I boot up without a monitor plugged in sshd dosent start at boot, If i plugin the monitor it starts. How can I make sure sshd always starts? (9.04 Server edition).13:37
PranavI need to adjust my monitor position without using the OSD keys...any idea anyone plz :(13:38
mohan1@Pranav use default display manager settings.13:38
Pranavmohan1, where is it /13:38
Pranavmohan1, I mean which program ?13:39
eighty4is there anything besides "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" I can run to reconfigure my screen? After chaning from a dvi to a vga cabel I just  get "random stuff" on the screen13:39
=== Pranav is now known as trap2
psineticActionParsnip1, how do i set the mplayer to have english subtitles?13:40
Xtreme_Great!Debian | markus_mpd13:40
ubottumarkus_mpd: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!13:40
markus_mpdubottu: I want to get my car back any different than i gave you :) i have debian on my architecture.13:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:40
ActionParsnip1psinetic: i think you will need an sbt file in the same folder as your video13:41
mohan1@ubottu Thanks for you suggestion.13:41
psinetichmmmm ok, thanks13:41
Guest51698Why does Oppenoffice run when I click on aMsn link to hotmail?13:42
=== ghabit is now known as GH
=== GH is now known as ghabit
ikoniaXtreme_Great: could you join #ubuntu-ops please13:42
Xtreme_Greatikonia: Sure13:42
trap2psinetic, goto file->options->outputs and then choose a direct show renderer that needs to show subtitiles13:42
mohan1@gamerx talk politely.13:43
gamerxmohan1, yes but seriously, 5 people in tha lat hour!!!13:43
psinetictrap2, goto file from where? this is commandline13:43
trap2psinetic, ok sry13:43
gamerxpsinetic, cd /file/path13:43
Guest51698ActionParsnip1 Why does Oppenoffice run when I click on aMsn link to hotmail?13:44
mohan1@Guest by default it won't run like that.13:45
psineticgamerx, hmmmm i don't see an sbt file at all, but the dvd case says it has english subtitles...13:45
ActionParsnip1Guest51698: ask the channel13:45
lunaphyte_hi.  i'm  trying to add a key with this command: apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 67265eb522bdd6b1c69e66ed7fb8bee0a1f196a8.  it fails though, and says keyserver timed out.  it's been doing this for a day or so now.  how can i troubleshoot, or is there an alternate method to accomplish this?13:46
trap2I need to adjust my monitor position without using the monitor inbuilt keys ....any idea guys ?13:46
grawitylunaphyte_: Use pool.sks-keyservers.net13:46
psinetic0/ Vox13:46
gamerxpsinetic, try installing xine13:46
psineticgamerx, sudo apt-get install xine ?13:47
gamerxpsinetic, no hard trying i would use synaptic tho13:47
gamerxpsinetic, harm*13:47
Guest51698Why does Oppenoffice run when I click on aMsn link to hotmail?13:47
psineticah ok13:47
mohan1@trap2 what is the display card you are using? I mean nvidia..13:47
trap2mohan1, nvidia has a software for it I know. But I am using intel inbuilt graphics card for 845GLLY13:48
lunaphyte_grawity: thanks.  it seems to be doing the same thing.  what protocol is used for this?  i'm wondering if a firewall may be causing problems.13:48
=== marjomercado is now known as marjo
mohan1@trap please be patience I will give terminal command to change screen settings.13:49
grawitylunaphyte_: HKP - basically HTTP on port 11371. If pool doesn't work, also try keyserver.noreply.org13:49
trap2mohan1, my resolutions and refresh rates are all same and ok for both the OS13:49
grawitylunaphyte_: keyserver.ubuntu.com is down very often, don't worry about that one.13:49
psineticgamerx, hmmmm i'm looking at synaptic and i never really got the hang of it. how do i know which package to install?13:49
mohan1@trap2 Okay.13:49
IBallI can't renable wireless in Hardy from Network under Administration Under System13:49
IBallCan anyone help13:50
mohan1@trap2 But what is the actual problem you are facing?13:50
trap2mohan1, I generated the modeline and used it pretty well13:50
Christoph_vW1mksquashfs in Karmic seems miss -le and -be options :/13:51
Boohbahpsinetic: sudo apt-cache search xine13:51
Christoph_vW1but "man mksquashfs" displays them as valid options13:51
lunaphyte_grawity: ah, yes, i'm certain a large number of outbound high numbered ports are blocked here.  is there a method i can use to obtain the key manually and provide it to apt-key?13:51
trap2mohan1, When I boot from linux to XP or vice versa, my display is slided and I have to use the monitor OSD buttons to place it correctly on position. But when I place it correctly for one OS I lose the position in the other OS :(13:52
grawitylunaphyte_: I think keyserver.noreply.org and some others support port 80 too. (The HKP protocol is basically HTTP with predefined path names.)13:52
=== Christoph_vW1 is now known as Chris_vW
psineticis xine a media player itself or is it a plugin to other media players?13:52
grawitylunaphyte_: So try http://keyserver.noreply.org/ and get the key.13:52
Dr_Willistrap2:  last i saw somthing like that - i had the refresh rates different on each os.. but i only saw that issue with VGA CRT monitors. Never LCD, and never dvi13:52
Boohbahpsinetic: xine is a media player library13:53
Boohbah      xine is a free13:53
Boohbah      multimedia player. It plays back CDs, DVDs, and VCDs.13:53
Boohbahoh, my bad13:53
lunaphyte_grawity: thanks, i'll see what i can figure out.13:54
Dr_Willisxine uses the xine library proberly. :)13:54
mohan1@trap2 you have to save the screen settings after you made changes  xorg13:54
BoohbahIt also decodes multimedia files like AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP3 from local disk drives,13:54
psinetic>_> should i just click every little box in synaptic then? cuz i have no idea what i'm doing in here. i'm too used to windows .exe packages that just install it all for you.13:54
mohan1@trap2 still I am looking to solve your problem.13:54
Dr_Willispsinetic:  or learn some linux.. Ive missed the original question. :)13:54
Boohbahpsinetic: sudo apt-get install xine-ui13:54
trap2Dr_Willis, yes CRT. I don't see any software to use the same modeline in XP13:54
qetuRHi! I have two disks in my server, and I would like to make them show as one. They dont have to be raided, but could i LVM them together during the installation of the OS?13:55
LiteHeddedhow can i create an image of my drive for backup?13:55
Boohbahpsinetic: you will find that reading the output of 'sudo apt-cache search xine' to find out which package to install13:55
Dr_Willispsinetic:  use the search feature to  search for xine. Now why you WANT xine - ive no idea13:55
Boohbahpsinetic: vlc is good, 'sudo apt-get install vlc'13:55
psineticDr_Willis, i'm trying to play a dvd, ActionParsnip1 helped me figure out how to do that, and now i realized it's in Danish language and i need to enable the english subbies.13:55
Dr_WillisI perfer vlc, or mplayer to xine.. but most all of them are better then totem.13:55
psinetici have vlc, it won't play13:55
psineticneither will totem13:55
qetuRBoohbah, no, vlc is very bad for ubuntu13:55
qetuRno fullscreen controllers?13:55
BoohbahqetuR: not for me13:55
qetuRi mean, hey?13:56
Dr_Willispsinetic:   there is the !DVD factoid/web site with some info you may want to read.13:56
BoohbahqetuR: your experience may vary13:56
qetuRyou never have fullscreen?13:56
trap2Dr_Willis, by the way I have choose this modeline in ubuntu after days of hit and try to prevent flicker so I dont want to mess up again with xorg.conf13:56
psineticyeah someone sent that already13:56
psinetici already read it, no help13:56
BoohbahqetuR: yes, i can get vlc fullscreen13:56
Dr_WillisqetuR:   thats  not really an issue any more. :) vlc 1 in the ppa have it.. and 9.10 has them.13:56
mohan1@trap2  Try this command and get back to me. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg13:56
qetuRDr_Willis, really?13:57
* Dr_Willis just uses the keyboard shorts to controll things in fullscreen..13:57
Dr_WillisqetuR:  yes. really. :)13:57
Guest51698Something similar occurs when I try to set mythtv to fullscreen13:57
Boohbahpsinetic: apt:ubuntu-restricted-extras?section=universe?section=multiverse13:57
qetuRaa, cool, noticed now13:57
Guest51698Taskbars are visible.13:57
qetuRthen, VLCs good! :D13:57
Dr_WillisqetuR:  someone was asking about a month ago.. and   i found the PPA repos for vlc 1.0+ that had  a lot of tweaks.. as far as ive been able to tell it was the VLC guys that moved the controlls arounhd. Not ubuntu.13:57
qetuRHi! I have two disks in my server, and I would like to make them show as one. They dont have to be raided, but could i LVM them together during the installation of the OS?13:57
psineticboohbah, gave me an error >_>13:58
Guest51698I can't run it in fullscreen mode13:58
mohan1@Boohbah Restricted format only applicable for Fresh ubuntu.13:58
BoohbahqetuR: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem13:58
trap2mohan1,  but I think It will just replace my custom modeline in file xorg.conf with the default one thats flickering13:58
BoohbahqetuR: i haven't personally tried that13:59
Dr_WillisTheres diffrent ways these players can do 'fullscreen' also.  Its amazing how tweakable vlc and mplayer are.13:59
psinetici'm seriously about to just pop the dvd into the playstation three and say screw it >_>13:59
mohan1@trap2 save your screen settings to xorg.conf that's it.13:59
Dr_Willispsinetic:  i just use dvdrip to rip them to avi and then put the disk away...13:59
Boohbahpsinetic: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras13:59
aokiis there anyone use qq here?13:59
nickbaababaIs anyone here?13:59
Dr_Willisnickbaababa:  No. :)13:59
psineticboohbah, done it13:59
psineticdoesn't work13:59
Dr_Willisnickbaababa: 1450 people are in the channel.13:59
mohan11449 users here14:00
Guest51698I'm leaving14:00
Guest51698Bye, bye.14:00
Dr_Willispsinetic:  theres also the decss stuff you have to isntall from medibuntu14:00
Boohbahaoki: there is eva - a KDE IM client using Tencent QQ's protocol14:00
Dr_Willis!dvd | psinetic14:00
ubottupsinetic: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:00
NeoCicakhello... i'm having problem with my gnome panel... if i display its properties (right click, properties), i always get this error "the folder contents could not be displayed. Error statig file '/home/myuser/.themes/Mac4Lin': No such file or directory'. Admittedly, i tried to install this theme a while ago, but i've uninstalled it14:00
psinetic*slams head on desk*14:00
]Spectre[Hi,sorry for the banal question: from windows xp I do the following: start>execute> //server  ,how can I do the same in ubuntu-gnome ?thanks14:00
BoohbahDr_Willis: hence the 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'14:00
psinetici just want to watch the movie, i don't want to spend three hours FIXING ubuntu just to get it to play the stupid dvd14:00
Boohbah!medibuntu | psinetic14:01
ubottupsinetic: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:01
Boohbahpsinetic: if all else fails try medibuntu packages14:01
alabdGood day everyone , How to change owner of a file ?14:01
psinetic*continues to slam head on desk*14:01
Blank__alabd, chown14:01
grawityalabd: Using 'chown' (which needs root privileges)14:01
trap2It seems there's no solution for my case here. :) Is it that hard to shift the screen positon from the software14:01
Boohbahalabd: chown alabd: ./some/file14:01
Blank__psinetic, i know what you mean14:01
psineticyou know what, it's way too much effort just to play a damn dvd. i'm using PS3, thanks for the help guys, really :)14:01
Banana1Howto disable automatic update?14:01
BoohbahBanana1: auto update is not enabled by default, is it?14:02
BoohbahBanana1: do you mean update-manager?14:02
mohan1@trap2 send me screen shot I will solve your problem completely14:02
aokii no, but eva‘s function are incomplete...so i perfer to use wine14:02
psinetichonestly...can i just vent...a little bit...please?14:02
Banana1Boohbah: YEs thats what i mean14:02
Boohbahpsinetic: about DVD encryption?14:02
NeoCicakhello... i'm having problem with my gnome panel... if i display its properties (right click, properties), i always get this error "the folder contents could not be displayed. Error statig file '/home/myuser/.themes/Mac4Lin': No such file or directory'. Admittedly, i tried to install this theme a while ago, but i've uninstalled it14:02
mohan1@trap2 Everything you can do with ubuntu.14:02
psineticboohbah, dvd isn't encrypted, plays fine, just can't find an sbt file for english subs14:03
BoohbahBanana1: you can turn it off with right-click > quit14:03
=== jmrodri-gone is now known as jmrodri
IBallI can't renable wireless in Hardy from Network under Administration Under System14:03
IBallCan anyone help14:03
trap2mohan1, the screen shot will capture just the screen that is displayed. It will not capture the black shifted part. It will look absolutely normal and I have tried that already14:03
Banana1Boohbah: Thanks but i just dont want it to popup on every new update14:04
psineticok, i'm gonna vent now. i'm just frustrated, so sorry if i offend anyone. But really....wtf is the problem with ubuntu? I had to reinstall it three times in four weeks, each because there was an OS problem with the install causing various different problems. i FINALLY got an install that is stable and smooth-sailing, except for this dvd thing everything has worked perfectly so far. but really...it makes no sense to me why i should spend three weeks t14:05
psinetico a month LITERALLY FIXING the FRESH ubuntu operating system because it didn't install itself right the first time or it isn't setup to "work" correctly upon initial setup.14:05
trap2mohan1, thanks for those searches. I think I will now do some hit and trial with the vsync and hsync in the xorg.conf modeline and check will they move the postion. :) !14:05
psinetic*sigh*...ok done14:05
FloodBot3psinetic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:05
trap2mohan1, you might not have such problems is you use CRT14:06
Dr_WillisHmm.. so the problem has gone from 'dvd not playiong' to 'i just cant find subtitles' :)14:06
trap2mohan1, sry *LCD14:06
mohan1@yeah i am using CRT monitor.14:06
psineticDr_Willis, yes.14:06
llutzpsinetic: stop whining, take an OS of your choice which works for you.14:06
bazhangpsinetic, please take random chat to #ubuntu-offtopic