gnuisancev4i synced my tomboy notes in ubuntuone in jaunty, i can't seem to sync them back in karmic    where does the new tomboy in karmic save the *.note files... i'm trying to restore what i have saved in ubuntu one and it's a01:21
gnuisancev4no go01:21
gnuisancev4he new tomboy in karmic... even if i open the app and create a note, there's no ~/.tomboy directory.  There's a ~/.config/Tomboy/ directory but there's no *.note files in it from my test notes01:22
meanburrito920_the ubuntuone welcome letter gives a link to known issues at this address: https://one.ubuntu.com/support/issues/02:03
meanburrito920_the page is a 40402:03
meanburrito920_i thought it was ironic :P02:04
statikmeanburrito920_: oops! will get that fixed now02:17
statikgnuisancev4: ~/.local/share/tomboy02:18
Technovikingwhat should I do if I still get 404 on contacts?03:46
wgrantTechnoviking: You commneted on the bug, didn't you?03:47
wgrantPresumably wait for a response on said bug.03:49
wgrantAh, bug #456988 is more relevant.03:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456988 in ubuntuone-servers "Unable to access contacts on ubuntu one web" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45698803:49
Slam-er__hello, is anyone available to answer a question?04:41
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j_afkreading over the ubuntu one spec i was missing the use case that one uses his own server. this could be for a business or a personal server, are there plans for that?10:52
j_afkanother question, is the data on the ubuntu one server (amazon s3) encrypted if not why?10:53
aquariusj_afk, your data is encrypted while being transported to Ubuntu One. We'd like to integrate with encryption on the Ubuntu desktop, rather than do the encryption at the Ubuntu One end of the chain -- there are Encrypted Private Directories in Ubuntu which should integrate nicely with Ubuntu One filesharing10:57
j_afkaquarius: so the data is not encrypted on your server?10:58
aquariusj_afk, if it's not encrypted on your desktop, yes10:58
j_afkwhich makes it not usable for confidential material10:58
aquariusAs I say, you can encrypt it on your desktop (which would be a good idea for confidential material anyway) and then it'll be encrypted at U1 too10:59
j_afkwhats the reason to not encrypt data before sending it to the server?10:59
j_afkonly files that would not work for contacts/bookmarks/passwowrds10:59
aquariuswe'd like to integrate with the Ubuntu desktop, as I say, and encryption makes sharing files at best difficult and at worst impossible10:59
j_afkor is there a way to get the couchdb part encrypted?11:00
j_afkdepends on what you define as sharing files11:00
aquariuscouchdb is only accessible by you, including your couchdbs at Ubuntu One. We don't have your keys.11:00
tizSharing of encrypted files is a solved problem, surely.  Encrypt the file with a random key.  Encrypt that key with the key of each user than has access to the file.11:03
j_afkwill there be an Ubuntu One server i can install on my own server?11:04
j_afkof a protocol spec so other can implement one11:05
aquariusj_afk, I'm not sure if the protocol is documented, but the code is certainly open so you could implement your own server from that if you wanted to. There aren't any plans to open the server side code at the moment.11:08
j_afki did not ask about open source, i asked if i can install it on my server, it sure is a major limitation.11:09
aquariusj_afk, I don't know about whether you could get the code from us under a commercial licence11:11
j_afkall in all i must say i dont like the way you bundle integration with a closed webservice with the release of 9.10 and use ubuntu, as a brand to promote a proprietary server software/service. this goes against so many ubunu values, of freedom, chose and openness.11:23
barlasj_afk, I am not sure if you can use it on your own server, but I think I read somewhere that you can build your own services on top of it. Well, something like that.11:29
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CardinalFangthisfred, kenvandine wants to know if there's information missing from the password file.  Will all unworking accounts begin working?14:12
thisfredpassword file?14:13
thisfredCardinalFang: as far as we know, there is nothing missing on the client, the tokens just don't end up in the couchdb local.ini on the server correctly. This is due to two systems on the server communcicating, not something the client does, or the filesync client would not work either: they use the same tokens14:14
thisfredaquarius: please confim ^^14:14
thisfredCardinalFang: since we do have all the information on the server for the subscribed users, we will make it work for all of them, even if it doesn't currently, without karmic changes14:15
CardinalFangaquarius, do you mind answering this keyring complaint?  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/45908114:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459081 in ubuntuone-client "Desktop Couch user authentication creates multiple keys for ubuntuone client applet" [Undecided,New]14:58
CardinalFangI can try, but I'd do it poorly and unconvincingly.14:58
aquariusCardinalFang, do we still put DC stuff in the keyring?14:59
aquariusCardinalFang, I don't think we need to any more, do we/15:00
CardinalFangaquarius, I don't put anything there, no.  I do access it, though.  I may not need to.15:01
aquariusCardinalFang, where are you accessing it?15:01
aquariusI think this bug might be a larger one than just a quick answer15:01
aquariussince I don't think we need the keyring for DC15:01
aquariusreplication_services/ubutnuone.py accesses the keyring to get the keys for U1, of course, and that will stay15:02
dobeyj_afk: the protocol is built with google protocol buffers, and the definition files for that (along with the Python ubuntuone-storage-protocol package), are AGPLv315:02
CardinalFangaquarius, the applications usng it isnt his complaint.  I don't create those keys in desktopcouch.15:02
aquariusbut I don't think the keys for DC itself need to be in the keyring -- they're fetched (by both dc.records and couchdb-glib) by getting them from the ini file15:02
CardinalFangaquarius, the applications usng it isnt his complaint.  I don't create those keys inkeyring for  desktopcouch.15:02
aquariusCardinalFang, yeah, but I think either (a) we're putting keys in the keyring when we don't need to or (b) we used to do that and he has them left over from before we fixed it15:03
urbanapeaquarius, pretty cool on the raindrop stuff15:03
aquariusCardinalFang, but I don't want to fix this by removing the code that puts DC's keys in the keyring if it turns out that someone *is* relying on them being there15:03
aquariusrodrigo_, couchdb-glib gets the desktopcouch oauth tokens from the ini file rathe rthan from the keyring now, doesn't it?15:04
CardinalFangaquarius, I am relying on them for ubutuone replication auth.15:04
rodrigo_aquarius: no, from gnome-keyring15:04
aquariusrodrigo_, rly?15:04
rodrigo_aquarius: but I can change it to the ini file, if needed15:04
aquariusCardinalFang, are you? you need the oauth token for Ubuntu One, of course -- that's not what I'm talking about15:04
CardinalFangaquarius, that's what he's talking about.  Reread.15:05
aquariusCardinalFang, but you don't need the oauth token for DC itself from the keyring, do you? desktopcouch.local_files.get_oauth_tokens() gets them for you15:05
aquariusCardinalFang, my read of that bug report is that he's saying "there are three keys, 'Ubuntu One', 'Desktopcouch user authentication', 'Desktopcouch user authentication'", and there should be one15:06
CardinalFangaquarius, I'l go a-grepping.15:06
aquariushe misunderstands because they are two separate things: keys to access u1, and keys to access DC, so they can't ever be one key.15:06
aquariusbut...I think that we don't need to store the DC keys in the keyring at all15:06
aquariusexcept that we do, because rodrigo_ uses them :)15:07
CardinalFangMEETING BEGINS!  Who wants to participate in a stand-up meeting?15:07
aquariusso I shall answer the bug report15:07
aquariusI'm not sure why the DC keys are in there twoce15:07
rodrigo_aquarius: one is for the u1 site, isn't it?15:07
CardinalFangaquarius, they're strange.  One tuple, one four-ple.15:07
aquariusrodrigo_, correct15:07
teknicoCardinalFang, nah, I'll pass for today, but thanks anyway ;-)15:09
* CardinalFang bludgeons teknico.15:11
teknicome :-P15:11
jblountaquarius: Let's do this15:13
aquarius⚀ DONE: fix my unknown couch token (thanks jdo!); replication works (!)15:13
aquarius⚁ TODO: help thisfred work out why sometimes newly added tokens don't end up in couchdb, causing badarg error responses from u1couch; look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer15:13
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:15:13
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 0 (!!)15:13
aquariusthe j to the b to the l to the ount says jblount. Respec'.15:13
jblountDONE: Got copy changes for account finished and up for review15:13
jblountTODO: Get copy changes branch landed, get homepage new image landed, ask pfibiger for a rollout to production after all that is locked down, go hide away for the weekend15:13
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:13
jblountCardinalFang: Throw it down15:14
CardinalFangONE: face duty, ostensibly.  released d-c 0.5 and got updated packages into karmic.  testing karmic.15:15
CardinalFangTODO:  write report of packaging mistake.  testing.  help with u1couch account weirdness.  write program to watch couchdb logs for interesting errors.15:15
CardinalFangBLOCKED: u1couch is wonky.15:15
CardinalFangrodrigo_ use your underscore powers!15:15
rodrigo_• DONE: Looked at several e-d-s crashes related to evo-couchdb.15:15
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Tomboy shouldn't 15:15
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:15
rodrigo_teknico: pronto!15:15
rodrigo_CardinalFang: :)15:15
teknicoDONE: reviewed and updated my ubuntuone-karmic bugs; finished and landed the branch with fixes to the contacts web UI (#456267); worked on the @subscription_required decorator needed by the /contacts/ URL (#458966)15:15
teknicoTODO: finish and land the @subscription_required decorator needed by the /contacts/ URL (#458966); discover why the /contacts URL gives a 404 error for some subscribed users (#458446)15:15
teknicoBLOCK: none15:15
tekniconext: urbanape15:15
urbanapeDONE: Emergency room, Bindwood fixing, cajoling, &c.15:15
urbanapeTODO: Get latest Bindwood fix branch (#459068) through hoops. Write up my Incident Report on the /files/ UI.15:15
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:15
urbanapevds: you're up.15:15
vdsDONE:finally managed to landed branch PQM didn't like, code review15:15
vdsTODO: code review15:15
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:15
vdsdobey vai!15:15
dobey☺ DONE: Fixed #45756415:16
dobey☹ TODO: NM issue debug script, apply for ubuntu membership, Review lucid auth spec15:16
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:16
aquariusdobey, " apply for ubuntu membership"? nice!15:18
rodrigo_dobey: cool, let us know what you need to do for that, it's been on my todo list for weeks :)15:19
jblountdobey: Yeah, good on you.15:19
rodrigo_dobey: haven't had chance to look in detail on it15:19
dobeyrodrigo_: me either :)15:19
rodrigo_dobey: ok, let me know when you find out :D15:20
dobeythere :)15:20
rodrigo_right :)15:20
jblount(EMO by the way)15:21
dobeyjust because i dyed my hair, doesn't make me emo15:22
jblountI typed that twice and still did the typo, which proves my problem.15:29
chuckchas u1sync been renamed?  does not exist on my box, though the client is running16:54
teknicochuckc, try u1sdtool16:58
chuckcteknico, ok, i don't see an option to Authorize,  how do i do that now?16:59
teknicochuckc, what do you need to do?17:00
chuckcwell, i deleted the Ubuntuone key from Passwords Keys.  I deleted all authorized computers on the website and added my back.  Now i can't figure out how to connect, where i put in my password anywhere.17:01
chuckci think it used to be u1sync --Authorize17:01
teknicommm, I don't know, let me ask17:03
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CardinalFangthisfred, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/couchdb/+bugs?field.tag=couchlogscan18:39
thisfredCardinalFang: thanks18:42
thisfredthose are all cloudserver errors reported by d-c when talking to the cloud?18:42
thisfredCardinalFang: I am patching the cloudside couchdb as we speak: the config file reading was slower than it needs to be and broke under high load. This would account for all the timeout errors in that list at least18:44
CardinalFangthisfred, all those are from marang18:46
thisfredCardinalFang: ok did you file those manually?18:47
CardinalFangthisfred, file, yes.18:47
thisfredCardinalFang: remember that marang is not running what is in karmic18:47
thisfrednot even close18:47
thisfredI am working on packaging a patch from kocolosk for hardy-cat that should make things much better18:48
thisfredbut first walking the hound18:48
thomas001hi, is it possible to have a file like .ubuntuone-ignore to exclude some files from sync using a wildcard?18:52
CardinalFangthomas001, Not currently.  There are some weird edge cases, too.  What if there's a conflict on that .ubuntuone-ignore file?18:57
thomas001CardinalFang, a conflict? i thought simply any file which matches a pattern in there is ignored18:58
CardinalFangthomas001, I refer to replication conflicts on the file containing the ignored-files-expressions.18:58
CardinalFangthomas001, ignore my question to you.  The short answer is "no, there is no way to do that with this version."19:00
thomas001thank you ;)19:01
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=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Ubuntu One is now available and faster than ever. | File Sharing for Ubuntu | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 269, Protocol Revno is 73 | Release 1.1.0 (client) 1.0 (protocol)
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