magciusmbiebl, is there no other easier way to get the jobs?00:48
KeybukWriting /var/lib/ureadahead/sda1.pack21:03
Keybuk508 files, 678 blocks (8425472 kB)21:03
Keybukquest src% sudo ./ureadahead --debug                            21:03
Keybuk/var/lib/ureadahead/sda1.pack: created Fri, 23 Oct 2009 20:02:59 +0000 for hdd 8:121:03
wasabi__Yeah Keybuk, how does readahead find the blocks that are most important?23:51
wasabi__i'm thinking about making something similar, and running it all the time.23:54
wasabi__to identify most important blocks on LVM volumes.23:54
wasabi__and move those to a faster PV (SSD)23:54
Keybukit's kinda hard to do it that way23:54
wasabi__It is, but the tools are present.23:54
wasabi__If I can just find blocks and map to PEs23:55
wasabi__Would love to add a 10GB SSD to my 500GB disk array, and automatically have the 10GB of data I use most on it23:56
Keybuk/sbin/sreadahead --no-fork  0.00s user 0.14s system 0% cpu 36.128 total23:57
Keybuk/sbin/ureadahead --verbose  0.01s user 0.17s system 2% cpu 7.718 total23:58
Keybukthat, is, what, we, call, a, BIG, difference23:58

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