cellofellowhow would I check out an svn repository into a subdirectory of my bazaar branch without any ill effects? I want to still pull changes from the svn if needed, and also have the svn be managed by bzr.03:13
wgrantcellofellow: Why not use a bzr-svn checkout?03:22
wgrantcellofellow: That way you have a bzr branch that can cooperate with the svn repo.03:22
cellofellowI just did that, and it seems to work ok.03:24
fullermdphoenixz: Hey.  Did you figure out what you needed?05:39
phoenixzHi, yeah, more or less.. Im still toying a bit with it before I will transer all repos.. I need the different ideas of BZR to settle a bit..05:40
fullermdAbsolutely.  Much fiddling preceeds real work   :)05:42
phoenixzIts not so diffuicult I suppose, its like... switching querty to dvorak.. :) it sucks!05:43
fullermdDid the mainline stuff make sense?  That's probably a pretty big mental departure.05:47
phoenixzIt did actually, yes, its just something.. needs to sink in05:49
phoenixzI have 2-3 years of SVN / SVK stuff to squeeze out of my brains05:49
fullermdWell, don't squeeze it all out.  Otherwise we can't pressgang you into helping run the SVN User Reeducation Camps.05:51
phoenixzHeheheh, I doubt it will all sip away05:52
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BUGabundo$ bzr pull .10:44
BUGabundobzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~exaile-devel/exaile/exaile-0.3.0/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()10:44
BUGabundocan anyone elaborate on this?10:44
lifelessyou probably have a checkout10:46
lifelessover http10:47
lifelessand you can't do mutating operations - push/pull/uncommit/commit to a checkout if you can't write to the master10:47
BUGabundothanks lifeless10:49
BUGabundoso how can update my checkout?10:49
luksbzr update10:49
luks(very non-intuitively named command :P)10:49
* BUGabundo tries10:49
BUGabundoUpdated to revision 2567.10:53
BUGabundoseems to work :)10:53
BUGabundothanks lifeless luks10:53
lifelessBUGabundo: the rule to remember is:10:53
lifelessif you use it like svn, *use it like svn*10:53
BUGabundoI don't :)10:54
BUGabundobzr is my 1st cvs10:54
lifelessyou do if you use 'checkout'10:54
lifelessits centralised-style workflow, which is all that svn does10:54
BUGabundoI mean, I don't use it like svn10:54
lifelessBUGabundo: I think you mean 'vcs', ''cvs'' is the name of a tool10:54
BUGabundowhich one is better for single offline keeping?10:54
luksif it's your first vcs, you should read the manual10:54
BUGabundobzr branch or checkout ?10:54
BUGabundoluks been using it for a while, read the man long ago. much has changed since bazaar started :)10:55
luksbut not this10:56
BUGabundowhich one is better for single offline keeping? bzr branch or checkout ?10:58
BUGabundoseems to be CO10:59
BUGabundosince I don't need the history :)10:59
BUGabundospecially lightweight CO10:59
lifelesslightweight CO is very slow over the network10:59
* BUGabundo goes reading more11:00
GaryvdMHi Luks11:02
GaryvdMluks: I generated quite a bit of bug mail. So you may have missed my response to bug 42103911:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421039 in qbzr "Diff windows launched from qci are always in the background" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42103911:03
GaryvdMluks: Is that still a problem for you?11:03
luksGaryvdM: let me check11:04
luksGaryvdM: yes, the problem still exists in lp:qbzr11:06
luksthe commit window is always above the diff window11:06
GaryvdMLuks: ok - I'll get hold of that other laptop, and try debug it.11:07
GaryvdMAs I said, it dose not do it on my computer - And  I have an almost identical setup - so it is very weird.11:08
GaryvdMluks: What version of qt and pyqt do you have installed?11:08
luksGaryvdM: PyQt 4.4.3 and Qt 4.4.011:10
GaryvdMluks - Ah - I'm running Qt 4.5 - I'll try it with 4.411:12
GaryvdMluks: Asking you this cause you did qconflicts - do you think bug bug 174509 is important?11:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 174509 in qbzr "qcommit/qbrowse: Show conflict status in file list and an option to launch a merge tool to resolve them" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17450911:20
luksGaryvdM: I wrote qconflicts, but not for myself :)11:27
luksI don't really have an opinion on the bug11:27
luksI guess it's not 'important'11:29
luksmaybe just a way to launch qconflicts from qcommit would do it11:29
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nyulifeless: you're the author of cia_baz.sh ? this script runs on the server, right?  Savannah admins seem a bit confused about it, and I don't know what to answer them12:53
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dashHmm. I am getting an interesting error21:05
dash'bzr info' in my branch says 'bzr: ERROR: No repository present: "<branch url>"'21:06
dashpretty sure it never was in a repo, I branched it from a standalone branch on another machine21:06
fullermdEvery branch always has a repo, otherwise there's no place to store revisions.21:07
fullermdCan you access that branch locally, wherever it is?21:07
dashoh, of course21:07
dashnope, bzr info says that locally, it's a file:/// url21:07
fullermdWhat's in .bzr/ ?21:08
dashthere is indeed no repository directory21:08
dashwhat a curious turn of events!21:08
dashoh, there's checkout/21:09
dashanyway all i have is:21:09
fullermd'bout the only way you'd ever get bzr to produce that would be if it were in a shared repo, and then moved out somehow.21:09
dashbranch branch-format branch-lock checkout21:09
jelmerfullermd: fwiw, bzr-git now supports dwim revspecs :-)21:10
fullermdjelmer: So now all we need is bzr-nongit to do to  ;>21:11
lifelessnyu: I'm not the author21:23
lifelessnyu: but I'll do what I can to help21:24
nyulifeless: thanks!21:24
nyulifeless: the savannah admin said he thinks this script would have to be run in client side21:25
nyuis this correct?21:25
lifelessI don't know, I haven't seen it21:26
nyuuhm...  "Robert Collins contributed a client for Bazaar, using email delivery: cia_baz.sh."21:27
nyuthat's you?21:27
lifelessmust have been a long long time ago21:27
lifelessin a galaxy far far away ;)21:27
nyuhttp://cia.vc/doc/clients/ distinguishes between bazaar and bazaar-ng21:28
nyuI'm using bazaar-ng, right?21:28
nyuthis page looks ancient21:28
lifelesscia_baz.sh is for 'baz' which was a fork of tla21:28
nyucia_bzr.py instructions say "Copy this file to ~/.bazaar/plugins21:29
nyulooks like client side21:29
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lifelessI've just dropped micah an email21:31
lifelessto update the page21:31
lifelessjelmer write the cia plugin for bzr21:31
nyucia-clients - clients scripts for CIA commit notification on IRC21:31
nyuit's even packaged21:31
lifelessas for client/server - all bzr plugins get installed in the same place; whether they work on servers or not depends on whether they need all history or only the most recent commit21:32
lifelessI'd expect the CIA plugin to work on a server - but savannah are not running a server at the moment21:33
lifeless(sftp:// isn't a server,its a file system :))21:33
nyulifeless: ssh+bzr:// ?21:35
lifelessor bzr://21:35
nyuthey run that too21:35
lifelessor http:// with a server configured21:35
lifelessnyu: then you should use bzr+ssh!21:35
lifelessits much faster than sftp21:35
lifelessok good21:36
nyuthe script now lives in /usr/share/pyshared/bzrlib/plugins/cia/__init__.py21:47
nyuas provided by cia-clients package21:47
nyudo I still have to copy it to ~/.bzr ?  this one looks like a system-wide plugin repository21:48
nyu    config = branch.get_config()21:49
nyu    project = config.get_user_option('cia_project')21:49
nyumy modest python skills tell me this is a setting I need to feed into bazaar somehow21:50
lifelesssystemwide is fine21:52
lifelessand yes you need to get the cia_project option21:52
lifelesseither in .bzr/branch/branch.conf21:52
lifelessor ~/.bazaar/locations.conf21:52
lifelessor ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf21:52
lifelessbzr help configuration for an overview21:52
syncrondiHey all - quick question= Does anyone know what the BZR_SSH environment variable should be set to on win ?22:48
nyuuhm any idea what I'm doing wrong?22:48
nyurmh@thorin:/tmp$ bzr co bzr+ssh://robertmh@bzr.savannah.gnu.org/grub/branches/experimental/22:48
nyuNo handlers could be found for logger "bzr"22:48
nyubzr: ERROR: Repository KnitPackRepository('file:///tmp/experimental/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://robertmh@bzr.savannah.gnu.org/grub/.bzr/)22:48
GaryvdMsyncrondi: You probably just need to Pageant from Putty22:52
GaryvdMnyu: KnitPackRepository is a very old format.22:52
syncrondiGaryvdM: I've got that .. but I think I accidentally pointed my env var at plink instead22:53
GaryvdMsyncrondi: then just set BZR_SSH=22:53
nyuGaryvdM: why would bzr want to use it?22:53
nyuI didn't tell it to22:53
GaryvdMnyu: what version of bzr do you have?22:54
nyushould I create a shared-repo locally?22:54
GaryvdMnyu: That won't help (shared-repo)22:54
GaryvdMnyu: 1.5 should support packs - so if you run bzr upgrade on the branch it should work.22:55
lifelesshang on22:56
lifelessnyu: don't do that22:56
lifelessGaryvdM: _always_ gather more data before suggesting that22:56
GaryvdMnyu: bzr 2.0 is release - I would recommend using that.22:56
GaryvdMlifeless: sorry22:56
lifelessGaryvdM: you need to check that a) you won't break interop with the users community and b) that you're not going to be accidentically causing a rich-root transition22:57
lifelessnyu: bzr info -v nosmart+bzr+ssh://robertmh@bzr.savannah.gnu.org/grub/branches/experimental/22:57
lifelessnyu: that will tell use the actual format in use by grub22:57
GaryvdMlifeless: I meant that he should upgrade his local branch.22:58
lifelessGaryvdM: right, but its a shared repo22:59
lifelessGaryvdM: and if he has other projects in that repo22:59
lifelessGaryvdM: what will happen to them ? :)22:59
GaryvdMI c22:59
lifelessexactly, they will become incompatible with their upstreams22:59
lifelessits the downside of the waterfall transition that is 2a22:59
nyulifeless: it's odd, I created everything myself using this version :-)23:00
lifelessnyu: did you run 'bzr init-repo' at some point ?23:00
lifelessnyu: is there anything in your local shared repo?23:00
nyulifeless: am I supposed to have a local shared repo?23:01
lifelessnyu: you have one, or you would not have got that error23:01
nyuI don't think I have any, just a bunch of checkouts and branches23:01
nyulifeless: but I'm in /tmp23:01
lifelessrun 'bzr info' please23:01
nyuin /tmp?23:02
lifelesswhereever your cwd was when you got that error23:02
nyu$ bzr info23:02
nyubzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/tmp/".23:02
lifelessand /tmp/experimental was an empty dir ?23:02
nyuI removed it, then tried a checkout and got the error23:03
lifelesswhat bzr version? this could be a bug..23:03
nyu1.5 (from debian lenny)23:03
syncrondiGaryvdM: I cleared BZR_SSH, but I now I get the error saying that it isn't set. I set it to pageant.exe but it didn't like that either23:03
lifelessnyu: so, I /really/ recommend you upgrade and use bzr 2a23:04
lifelessit will be a lot faster, and I suspect that you have indeed found a bug in checkout23:04
nyuI see23:05
GaryvdMsyncrondi: sorry - I checked the docs - You need set BZR_SSH=paramiko23:05
lifelessnyu: sorry, the version is 2.0.0, the format name is 2a23:05
GaryvdMsyncrondi: see bzr help env-variables23:06
lifelessnyu: you don't need to use the 2a format23:06
lifelessbut the 2.0.0 client is more than a year newer23:06
syncrondiGaryvdM: In my frustration with the command line verison, I installed the full package for win because I've had that running before.. I'll take a look at that doc23:06
nyulifeless: will that switch to a new format?  I don't want to block access to 1.x users23:07
lifelessonly if you tell it to23:07
lifeless[or run 'bzr init' or 'bzr init-repo' somewhere - those commands create new projects]23:07
syncrondiGaryvdM: So it appears that I can use plink?23:08
nyuto create a local shared repo, I should use "bzr init-repo --rich-root-pack" just like i did on the server?23:08
GaryvdMsyncrondi: Ok - I've never used it myself.23:08
lifelessnyu: yes23:09
syncrondiGaryvdM: oh, ok. I just saw that it has plink listed in the doc23:09
nyuoh, in the shared repo the problem doesn't happen anymore23:13
syncrondiWell, instead of doing C:\plink.exe I set it to just 'plink' and its progressed a bit ( I think ). Now it says bzr: ERROR: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified23:13
syncrondiAny ideas on that?23:13
syncrondiI'm using bzr branch bzr+ssh://syncrondi@myhost.com:port/path/23:14
nyuI have a local tree which is used for the bazaar mirror (pulls from subversion and pushes to bzr).  should I move this into the shared repo as well?23:14
lifelessnyu: sure23:15
nyudo I need to re-create it?23:15
* lifeless shrugs23:15
nyuI can live with that, it's just 30min ;-)23:16
GaryvdMnyu: you can bzr branch form the old bzr standalone branch into the shared-repo, insted of branching from svn23:19
GaryvdMnyu - That should be quicker.23:19
GaryvdMsyncrondi: check My Documents\.bzr.log - That should give you more info.23:20
nyuGaryvdM: well, in fact it's a checkout rather than a standalone branch23:21
nyuwhich now that I think, seems a bit odd23:21
GaryvdMA heavywight checkout, or a lightweight checkout?23:21
nyudefault is heavy, right?23:22
nyuthen heavyweight.  sounds better now23:22
GaryvdMIf heavy - it will be the faster from the local bzr branch23:22
GaryvdM* checkout23:22
nyubut if I branch that checkout, it's not a checkout anymore, right?23:23
GaryvdMnyu: I think - a heavyweight checkout == bound branch23:23
GaryvdMso you can bzr branch23:23
GaryvdMand then bzr bind svn+....23:24
syncrondiGaryvdM: Thanks for the tip. I'm looking there now, but nothing appears obvious to me. I see this as the last line before the error:23:25
syncrondi  File "C:\Python26\lib\subprocess.py", line 830, in _execute_child23:25
syncrondi    startupinfo)23:25
syncrondiWindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified23:25
GaryvdMsyncrondi: please put the last section of the file in http://pastebin.org/23:26
nyuGaryvdM: ah, ok23:26
lifelessnyu: if you branch the checkout,t he new branch is a branch23:28
lifelessnyu: it doesn't alter the checkout to branch *from* it23:28
nyulifeless: but I want a checkout as result23:29
nyuit seems that "bzr bind" turned it into one, as GaryvdM said23:29
nyubut it still remembers the local dir it originated from as "parent branch"23:29
nyucan I make it forget that?23:30
GaryvdMnyu: if you do bzr pull svn+... --remember, it will change the parent branch23:30
GaryvdMnyu: or edit branch.conf23:30
lifelessnyu: then just make a checkout23:31
lifelessnyu: I suggest just doing what you wanted23:31
syncrondiGaryvdM: http://pastie.org/668389.txt?key=cqmpumyv5bm1lglmhidj7w23:32
lifelessignore all the hints about speed, they add confusion and complexity23:32
nyuso I rm -rf trunk, and check it out again23:34
nyuwhen removing stuff from a shared-repo, do I need to tell bzr to remove it, or may I do that by hand?23:34
lifelessjust delete it23:34
lifelessthe backing database will keep the revisions23:34
lifelesswe don't currently have a gc command23:34
GaryvdMsyncrondi: I'm sorry - I don't know how to solve that . Maybe someone else can help you.23:35
nyuok here we go23:35
nyucheckout in 1s!!23:35
syncrondiThanks GaryvdM23:35
syncrondiWould you recommmend perhaps uninstalling everything and reinstalling the standalone?23:36
lifelessits trying to run a process23:36
lifelessrun with BZR_PDB=123:36
lifelesswhen the error happens you will be put into a debugger and be able to confirm the program its trying to find23:37
syncrondilifeless: Ok, I'm not familiar with how to run with BZR_PDB=123:40
syncrondiDid a google, but nothing substantial came up; any hints? :)23:41
lifelessBZR_PDB=1 bzr ....23:41
lifelessoh, you're on windows23:41
lifelessset BZR_PDB=23:41
lifelessset BZR_PDB=123:41
lifelessbzr ...23:41
syncrondi> c:\python26\lib\subprocess.py(830)_execute_child()23:43
syncrondi-> startupinfo)23:43
syncrondilocals() ?23:44
lifelesstype that in23:44
lifelesshit enter23:44
lifelessshow the result23:44
lifelessits trying to run plink23:46
lifelessis plink on your path ?23:46
nyuif I commit in "trunk" (whose parent branch is in svn), is my commit pushed to svn as well?23:47
nyuor should I use svn for commits as usual23:48
GaryvdMnyu: In a hw checkout - it will push to trunk when you commit23:48
GaryvdMsorry - will push to svn when you commit23:49
nyuah, great23:49
GaryvdMnyu: with just a branch - it will push only when you do bzr push23:49
nyuand I take it that if I branch trunk foo, then commit in foo, then push in foo, it also goes to svn?23:49
nyu(trunk is a bzr checkout of svn)23:50
lifelesspush foo trunk23:50
lifelessyes, that will go to svn as well23:50
lifelessbecause of svn limitations I would not do that23:50
lifelesscd trunk23:50
lifelessbzr merge ../foo23:50
lifelessbzr commit23:51
lifelesswill behave better23:51
nyuyou wouldn't use bzr to commit to svn, or you wouldn't use branches?23:51
nyuah I see23:51
nyuthen I just do it in that tree23:51
syncrondilifeless: Wow, I think that fixed it!23:55
syncrondiI figured C: was in my path but I had to add it23:55

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