jammcqLaserJock: so.... not coming?00:15
jammcqsbalneav: ping00:15
LaserJockjammcq: I don't think so, no :(00:16
LaserJockyeah, totally00:17
jammcqI understand, things come up.  but... we'll be back here next year00:17
LaserJockyeah, hopefully things will be much more figured out then :-)00:17
sbalneavjammcq: pong00:25
sbalneavjammcq: Welcome back to #edubuntu :)00:25
sbalneavLaserJock: OK, if you're not making it here, would you be willing to spend, say, 2 hours on the phone some evening in the next couple of weeks to give me some private tutoring lessons on packaging?00:27
sbalneavMy dime on the phone call.00:27
LaserJocksbalneav: yes yes, of course01:08
* sbalneav hugs LaserJock 01:09
* LaserJock wishes he was in Maine01:09
* sbalneav slides LaserJock an iBeer01:09
OsKai'd like to try ubuntu ltsp, without the DVD download01:17
OsKasomebody point me in the general direction?01:17
LaserJockOsKa: you the Ubuntu Alternate CD01:18
OsKak, thx01:18
OsKais rc out?01:18
OsKado i wait till the general release?01:18
LaserJockor if you don't want to do that I think you can install ltsp-server-standalone01:18
LaserJockRC is out01:18
LaserJockit should be pretty much the same as the final release01:19
OsKaiirc, i did ltsp-server-standalone on the last install01:19
OsKai've always found beta stable, and everything else a mess :(01:19
OsKaserver install ?01:21
OsKaer, nm01:21
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alkisgI've switched my clients to using NFS homes, and now they're experiencing "grayed windows" every few minutes; like if the active window hangs for a few secs. Has anyone else experienced this with NFS?06:33
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DamegedSpySomeone there?17:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:47
DamegedSpyCan you please share tips in convicing a school to run linux?17:47
DamegedSpyI am doing a Pro cons comparation with Windows XP SP117:48
DamegedSpyCan someone redirect me to an irc related to linux in schools?17:49
alkisg#edubuntu *is* related to linux in schools, but in weekends not many people hang around here17:50
DamegedSpyYeah, I know. I mean for making a school change from Windows to Linux(Edubuntu)17:51
alkisgWell, it's a big subject... there are lots of stories for succesful migration of schools to linux in the internet, I'm sure you can find pros/cons there,17:52
alkisga few are: easier administration, no malware, cheaper, reuse old hardware,17:52
DamegedSpyOk, I mean for talking it with teachers or staff of my school.17:53
alkisg(xp sp1? that's unsupported)17:53
DamegedSpyI know a LUG near me.17:53
DamegedSpyNo sorry type wrong SP317:53
DamegedSpyThe LUG meats in another 2 months17:53
alkisgWell you can talk about the above pros with the teachers, I'm sure they'll be able to understand "cheaper" ;)17:54
DamegedSpy:P Well, the problem is that they need some software you know, the dumb excuse of always.17:55
alkisg...but I don't think you'll be able to find a full list of them in an irc channel...17:55
alkisgMost edu* software here in greece runs fine under wine,17:55
DamegedSpyGame maker17:55
alkisgand there are some educational apps in edubuntu, kde_edu etc17:55
DamegedSpyFlash(The editor)17:55
alkisgYou can search for them in the wine app compatibility list17:56
alkisgE.g. for game maker: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=296517:56
DamegedSpyI have already done that, and I am about to test them myself.17:56
DamegedSpyI am migrating this new old computer to Kubuntu :D17:57
alkisgBut it'd probably be a lie to tell them that they could switch to linux and keep using all their old software17:57
alkisgE.g. I had people here asking for office on linux... well, if they aren't ready to switch to openoffice, don't bother telling them about linux17:57
alkisg*microsoft office17:58
DamegedSpyWell, here they will change from M$ Office 2000.17:58
DamegedSpyThe IT department recieve hardly 2K CAD a year.17:59
DamegedSpySo they have no expectations of going Vista or 717:59
DamegedSpyIf I archive to convince an IT Teacher for testing in one unused old computer the rest should be easier.18:00
alkisgAlso, you could run windows in vbox for certain apps18:00
DamegedSpyI want to avoid emulators. I was thinking more a double boot.18:01
DamegedSpyAnyways, I need help with the following:18:02
DamegedSpy1)Network Users and avoid modifications or cracks to the OS.18:02
DamegedSpy2)For some reson they want no single application to be downloaded install(Maybe becouse of virus)18:03
DamegedSpySo if someone can help me in any of those I will thank you a lot.18:03
Ahmucki'd like to connect from the office to the computer lab (printign) and print on the computer labs printers18:12
Ahmucki know the ip address, is there a way to turn on ipp printing?18:12
DamegedSpyHAve you tried typing it to a web browser(Sometimes they show a configuration page)18:13
fasthanshi everyone18:14
Ahmuckhi fasthans18:14
fasthansFriday I asked my 15 students to start gimp and it started rela slow. does anyone have experience of running gimp in the chroot environment?18:15
Ahmuckusing ltsp server?18:16
fasthansyes. ltsp.18:16
Ahmuckalkisg: is ur man.  what type of network do you have?18:16
fasthansgb switch and 100mb clients18:16
fasthanshi alkisg18:17
alkisgHi fasthans18:17
fasthansshould I rather ask this in #ltsp?18:17
alkisgAhmuck: could you tell him the benchmarking method I told you the other day?18:17
alkisg(I'm in the middle of something...)18:17
alkisg...and the flow control link?18:18
Ahmuckum, if i remember it18:23
Ahmuckfasthans, essentially you need to check your switch, make sure flow control is off18:23
fasthanshow do I do that?18:24
Ahmuckthen you set each client into test mode with some command, server/client and it'll tell you the throughput18:24
fasthansits attached to the wall and makes a lot of noise. I think it's a D-Link switch18:24
Ahmuckdo you have a way to access your switch via a web interface?18:24
fasthansI have no idea.18:25
Ahmuckr u the admin?18:26
Ahmuckwhats the ip address of the switch?18:26
fasthansno. and the teacher who does has no clue.18:26
fasthansI am simply hooking up to the existing windows network of the school. and using the computers as clients.18:27
Ahmuckheh, u might be out of luck18:27
Ahmucksearch google for angryip18:27
fasthansmaybe I bring my own switch and see it the switch is a problem.18:27
Ahmuckit's a good fast program that may help you find the ip address18:27
Ahmuckdo you have the server in your room?18:28
fasthansI cheked memory and cpu usage and it looks ok18:28
Ahmuckthat is one option, sever the server from the rest of the network, and then use a switch with flow control turned off18:28
fasthansyes the server is in the classroom. so is the switch (mounted at the wall below a table.18:28
* Ahmuck was going to write in the wiki how to test18:28
fasthansthere is not too much I can do, because I can not touch the existing windows setup...18:29
fasthansespecially multimedia makes trouble - its simply too slow e.g. when the kids play games over the web.18:30
Ahmuckhow does the exisiting windows setup factor in?18:31
Ahmucksounds like you have the same problem i do18:32
fasthansok. the school only had windows when I started.18:32
fasthansI show the head of school edubuntu using a laptop as the server and two of the clients of the classroom.18:33
fasthanshe allowed me to use the computer room but with the prerequisite not to change anything.18:33
fasthansso the only thing I changed was the boot sequence to have the computers boot via the network first.18:34
Ahmuckok, but you can still search for the ip address18:34
fasthanswhat I do before the lesson is to crawl under the table (don't lough please) and take out one kabel from the switch18:34
Ahmuckif the switch will respond to a ping, which it should, you should be able to locate it18:34
Ahmuckonce located connect to the web interface18:35
Ahmuckand look, dont' change18:35
fasthansthen I connect the edubuntu/ltsp server and boot the clients18:35
fasthansexcuse me but the switch has its own ip?18:35
fasthanshow do I get it?18:35
Ahmuckyour going to need to locate the ip using an ip scanner18:36
alkisgfasthans: do you have LDM_DIRECTX=true?18:36
fasthansok. I can do that18:36
DamegedSpyAngry-IP <---18:36
alkisgfasthans: also, check the CPU on the clients18:36
fasthanswhat should I CHECK18:36
alkisgfasthans: and, try to disable flow control on the server: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/FlowControl18:36
fasthansyes I have LDX_DIRECTX=true18:37
fasthansthe clients boot quite fast and work well, by the way18:38
alkisgWhat are the clients specs? CPU/RAM?18:38
fasthansthey are 512 pentium 4 clients I think (haven't looked for a long time)18:39
alkisgYeah, do put localapps on them18:39
alkisgfirefox + flash at least18:39
fasthansI had problems with firefox. it would not connect to the internet, so I removed it.18:40
fasthansusing epiphany18:40
alkisgOK, but you could also fix firefox, if you wanted...18:41
fasthansI also have the schools windows proxy in front of me which makes life more difficult.18:41
fasthansI tried fixing firefox and it would not work. and I have limited time I can be in school.18:41
fasthanstks for the flow control link. I will try it18:42
alkisgfasthans: you can set the proxy for all users with gconf mandatory settings18:42
alkisg(and for all browsers that respect the gnome settings)18:43
fasthansI went another way. tks.18:43
fasthansI am using squid as transparent proxy and dansguardian18:43
alkisgHow did you force squid to be a transparent proxy?18:44
alkisgDid you set it as the gateway for the clients?18:44
fasthansno by using iptables18:44
fasthansI found a very good article.18:44
alkisgfasthans: it'd be nice if you wrote a wiki page for that18:45
fasthansthat article made everything clear to me. you want the link?18:45
fasthanshang on... have to dig...18:45
fasthansher it is: http://www.zephyrsoft.net/filter and the download the pdf on that page18:48
fasthansI have another question though - to localapps18:50
fasthansI have my clients running a localapp. say GIMP or TuxPaint. how do I setup access to the users home folder and printing. these two would be the most important ones for me18:51
alkisgThe user home folder is automatically mounted with sshfs18:52
alkisgFor printing, I've heard of easy solutions, but I don't remember them because I don't need them. Maybe you should ask this one in #ltsp18:52
fasthansok tks.18:52
fasthansso in general the home folder is also available to any localapp I install?18:53
alkisgNot the whole /home, but $HOME, yes18:53
alkisg(i.e. only the user folder)18:53
fasthansaha. meaning your own home, right? what if I want to add another folder - lets say one to share between multiple users.18:54
fasthansdo I manually have to mount them from the chroot env?18:54
alkisgThen you need karmic, they supported that in the latest ltsp :)18:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375284 in ltsp "Add "-o follow_symlinks" to localapps sshfs?" [Low,Fix committed]18:55
fasthansI will try to test that if I find the time.18:56
alkisgNo, you don't need to manually do any mounting...18:57
fasthansicecream said my daughter.... I can no resist....18:57
Ahmucki'd like to connect to a printer on the ltsp server via ipp19:00
Ahmuckhowever i don't know a thing about ipp in linux19:00
sbalneavAhmuck: A printer on a thin client?19:07
Ahmucknope, on server19:09
Ahmucki know the server's ip address19:10
Ahmuckthe printer is shared19:10

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