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uboxis there anyone who knows how to turn off desktop switching via scroll wheel?01:01
avihaybthere was some guy, possibly you who asked how to turn on desktop switchin via scroll wheel just the other day01:06
uboxoh, maybe :) did you know?01:06
avihaybumm, no, sorry01:07
avihayb$ fortune01:07
avihaybI was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn't know.01:07
avihayb                -- Mark Twain01:07
uboxthat's ok, it's driving me nuts. i like the desktop cube thing but can't stand accidentaly switching as i am using a laptop01:08
uboxlater :)01:10
apparlehi guys01:26
|DiscoZohan|Hello, i have specific problem02:05
|DiscoZohan|so, schema - http://pastebin.org/4770702:05
|DiscoZohan|full code ( totally 60 rows ) - http://pastebin.org/4770802:06
|DiscoZohan|please read my comments at bottom of the script02:06
|DiscoZohan|so the problem - why query executes twice, is it bug ?02:07
|DiscoZohan|btw, if its not many to many - everything okey02:07
|DiscoZohan|if many to many - so getSqlQuery reproduce additional query ( as i found )02:08
BookmanI just upgraded to 9.10 and still no wireless support for my laptop!  Is this never going to be supported in Kubuntu?02:23
BookmanWorks great by default in Ubuntu.02:24
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localnnuser__did any one tried remastersys under karmic?02:30
apparleBookman: install wicd02:38
apparlethe network manager is growing,,,,,,,,,,, ut will take some more time02:38
Bookmanapparle, how do I install wicd if I have not network?02:40
Bookman*no network02:40
apparlewhich computer are you using02:40
lokpesthi, when does kubuntu stop suporting kde302:41
apparleI mean now02:41
BookmanDo you want brand/model?02:41
lokpestin 8.0402:41
apparleNo I mean how are you chatting with me02:42
BookmanSame machine02:42
apparleon same comp/ from live CD or  you have both DEs installed02:42
BookmanBoth installed02:42
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apparleI mean both work independently or you have install KDE over GNOME or vice-versa02:44
apparleI mean how do you switch between ubuntu and kubuntu..... by a restart or log off?02:45
lordganeshi can't install nvidia drivers02:46
apparlelordganesh: what do you mean you can't ............ tell your problem02:46
apparle in detail02:46
apparleBookman: you there?02:47
lordganesh i install package named nvidia-glx -180 ....but it doesn't work too02:48
apparleAfter you install nvidia-glx-180 you have to enable it through Hardware drivers02:49
apparleand did the package install correctly or gave any error02:49
lordganeshbut hardware drivers still doesn't show me anything...... package install correctly02:50
lordganeshganesh divekar02:51
Bookmanapparle, sec02:51
Bookmanapparle, sorry, family stuff02:51
apparleBookman: :)02:53
jamesjedimasterlordganesh: may be you have to reboot so the system can detect them02:56
rex_Hi everyone. great day I'll bet ^^03:03
Bookmanapparle, I installed Ubuntu first, then installed Kubuntu within that.03:05
CytoToxicDid you know a hard drive has over 1 sector03:05
apparleBookman: then install wicd in ubuntu .... it will be automatically installed in kubuntu also. but make03:06
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco03:06
CytoToxicban me03:06
apparleBookman: but make sure you remove the old KDE network manager before you install wicd.........Idon't remember its name03:06
Bookmanapparle, will this effect my current Ubuntu setup though?03:10
kohwjhelp, kopete freezes when i start it and takes up 95% cpu03:18
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hehehehehehi all i need help with read write access to my HDD's. I have like 6 to 7 hdd in my computer and I want all of them to have read write access on boot up03:20
heheheheheeverytime I start the computer or restart I have to enter a password before I can acess them can someone help03:20
Bookman_apparle, worked wonderful, thanks!03:32
Bookman_No need to delete old network manager.  Apt takes care of it all.03:33
hochhi there04:08
hochpeople here?04:08
hochwhat a boring chat users04:09
rex_hi hoch whats up04:24
rex_Hi everyone,just to check Kpdf = Xpdf or different application, source from Xpdf?04:37
zombineSo... I'm having a spot of trouble with flash... The video players just don't render at all. Reinstalling from apt didn't work, neither did copying the .so directly to the plugins directory for mozilla04:37
zombinerex_: They are different apps akaik04:38
rex_thanks I'll check it out04:38
luis_good nite 2 u all guys i need some help pls05:12
luis_i was trying to add the amarok repository on adept manager and adept mnager crashes now i cannot open it how do i undo this help pls?05:13
asobigwenviwer is atrocious for reading images05:15
asobiwhat's a good replacement05:15
luis_good nite05:52
luis_does anyone knows how can i install the latest amarok on kubuntu 8.04?05:53
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luis_hi again06:55
luis_i need help i just notice that i need xine-extraplugins to make amarok work but even when that xine-extraplugin appears on adept manager they are gray so it wont let me install it how can i turn it black so it can be inatallable?06:57
* ponting waves hello07:23
LamaChokCan anyone tell me how to open another terminal through an existing terminal07:48
shadeslayerMamarok: congrats :)08:12
dvinchiamarok suck08:17
dvinchiis pure sheet08:17
shadeslayerdvinchi: ?08:17
shadeslayerdvinchi: its fine imo...08:18
bashcahi there  any 1 can  help me ?? The backend took too much time to process the synchronous request - you need to fork !08:49
avihayblet me guess, a kpackagekit error?08:50
bashcaavihayb: ;)   do u have  the same  error !!08:50
avihaybyhe, sometimes08:50
avihaybI'm guessing it happens on an update08:50
morecrowWhat is polkit-kde-manager and why does it tell me it has crashed all the time, and why doesn't it seem to have any effect on anything, I just click OK and go on with my business, seemingly unscathed08:51
avihaybdo you want to select what to upgrade, or wanna let it upgrade everything?08:51
bashcaavihayb: i want  to upgrade what  i got  in notified08:52
avihaybIf you want to let it upgrade everything, you can just write "sudo apt-get upgrade" from a terminal, and answer the questions08:52
avihaybif you wanna select what to upgrade, I suggest you use another graphical package manager, like synaptic08:53
bashcaavihayb: thanks08:54
avihaybkpackagekit will probebly work ok next time you try it08:54
bashcaThe following packages have been kept back:   linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-generic 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.08:55
bashcaavihayb: i got  it  i must  to                             dits-upgrade09:08
bashcamust do ...09:08
brmassaguys, how can i set my 5.1 sound on kubuntu? settings > multimedia only shows the backend lib...09:09
avihaybbashca: I only got that message after I installed the experimental .30rc kernel09:11
avihaybI guess it will be that way, untill the mainstream kernel version will pass .3009:12
avihaybso, yhe, you need to dist-upgrade, but I'll wait till 9.10 officially comes out (9.10 comes with .31 krenel09:13
maurimy partition manager is not able to see correclty 1Tb usb hd09:16
mauriI need u gui utility to synch 2 folders09:17
taker0109mauri: thats allot of stuff09:22
mauritaker0109:  ??09:22
GNU\tkitoidoes anybody know about a program to display dialogs in kde 4.2?09:23
GNU\tkitoilike zenity for gnome?09:23
mauritaker0109:  i dont understand09:24
taker0109mauri: do you have all the hdd full of stuff09:24
mauritaker0109:  the program works with internal HD, only with the external usd HD (iTb) it is not able to works09:25
taker0109mauri: the reason i said that is because theirs a point to how much can be indexed and how much can be read off of that index09:26
avihaybGNU\tkitoi: if you do you mean creating them from scripts?09:27
mauritaker0109:  is there a solution09:28
GNU\tkitoiavihayb: yes indeed09:28
taker0109mauri: is it a 1TB mybook by WD09:29
mauritaker0109:  yes09:29
taker0109well thats the problem itself09:30
taker0109mauri: did it come with software etc.09:31
mauritaker0109: no, i partitioned it into vista09:31
mauritaker0109: now it has more than one partitions09:32
taker0109mauri: oh crap09:32
avihayband you are looking for something that will look like qt or are you not picky?09:32
GNU\tkitoiwell I'll take anything that works for now :-)09:34
taker0109mauri: does vista see ur 1tb in device manager09:34
mauritaker0109: of course09:34
taker0109mauri: do u have XP09:35
GNU\tkitoiavihayb:  this is only for testing purpose09:35
mauritaker0109: sorry, i have to go thanks09:35
avihaybGNU\tkitoi: well, useing the keywords "script dialog" in synaptic, the promising option right now is ssft. read the package description09:36
avihayb!info ssft09:36
ubottussft (source: ssft): Shell Scripts Frontend Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.11 (jaunty), package size 15 kB, installed size 152 kB09:36
avihaybthe full description09:37
GNU\tkitoiok thanks09:37
avihaybthere is also a ok, he left09:37
taker0109is kubuntu available for PS309:39
avihaybsurprisingly, the answer is yes!09:40
taker0109cuz im currently running YDL 6.109:41
avihaybthere is this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PlayStation_3  it's outdated.09:42
taker0109haha outdated09:43
pontingsorry i was disconnected...09:46
pontingis any one there to help me with my ntfs mounting problem ...09:47
* ponting unhappy with response in this channel09:52
* ponting says !!! help help help !!!!09:59
lore__Hi everybody10:16
JohnFluxif I immediately plug power in, it beeps, indicating that I plugged in power.  But 30 seconds later, it hibernates anyway10:19
JohnFlux^^ When my laptop runs out of battery I get a warning that it will hibernate in 30 seconds10:19
JohnFluxmessages in wrong order :-D10:19
JohnFluxThis is quite a bad bug :)10:19
Andreas1234i have a German kubuntu jaunty and I need to write some textxts in Chinese sometimes11:12
Andreas1234Now I was looking in google how to do it and found two ways:11:12
Andreas1234activating langugae support for chinese in k-menu -settings, language and regions11:13
Andreas1234or by installing skin-pinyin11:13
Andreas1234all I would like to know know is: which is the preferred method ?11:13
Andreas1234It should be as easy as possible, as comfortable as possible and as small as possible.11:14
galeoncan you suggest how i could make kubuntu faster in my computer?11:14
Andreas1234I need not have all my menus in Chinese, only wrioting in open office, etc11:14
r00t_ninjacan i have the panel disabled on certain desktops and if so how?11:29
amgarchIn9anybody using kde in 9.10? Do you have shutdown/reboot buttons in Leave-menu or on C-Alt-Del?11:30
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nicolasBonjour y q t  il quelqun ?12:08
GarthPSI am encurting an error during KarmicUpgrades12:10
GarthPSdoes some one know were i can find support? to help me to avoid being forced to make an clean new installl..12:11
Tscheesy_!fr | nicolas12:12
ubottunicolas: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr12:12
ikoniaGarthPS: #ubuntu+!12:15
ikoniaGarthPS: #ubuntu+112:15
Tscheesy_GarthPS: the upgrade should be done in the Konsole with x stopped - here you find a Link to the wiki : http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.10-rc12:15
GarthPSsorry but the link direct to here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu12:16
GarthPSand it is what i have done12:16
GarthPSIt is sayed nowhere to do it in a console..12:17
GarthPSwhat do i do know? I was in the installation of package stage..12:17
Tscheesy_did you do the proposed Troubleshooting (in the wiki)12:18
GarthPSI am encurting an error during KarmicUpgrades : I hav followed this  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu and the installatin is hanging .I am in the installation of package stage and the interface has frozen12:19
ikoniaGarthPS: join/ask in #ubuntu+112:20
GarthPSdone :)12:20
p_mashohow do I stop the "sounds", eg on click, cancel noises etc..12:21
p_mashohow do I stop the "sounds", eg on click, cancel noises etc..12:22
GarthPSTscheesy_: can't found it12:24
Tscheesy_GarthPS: opend a Terminal? try to run12:25
Tscheesy_'sudo dpkg --configure -a'12:25
GarthPSTscheesy_: 12:26
GarthPSdpkg: the area of the database state is locked by another process12:26
GarthPSTscheesy_:dpkg: the area of the database state is locked by another process12:26
Tscheesy_yes - try to close the kpackage* App and wait for the DB to get freed12:27
Andreas1234i have a German kubuntu jaunty and I need to write some textxts in Chinese sometimes12:28
Andreas1234Now I was looking in google how to do it and found two ways:12:28
Andreas1234activating langugae support for chinese in k-menu -settings, language and regions12:28
GarthPSTscheesy_:I found the bad guy... and  sudo killall -9 karmic resolve12:28
Andreas1234or by installing skin-pinyin12:28
FloodBotK1Andreas1234: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:28
GarthPSTscheesy_:now sudo dpkg --configure -a work12:28
Andreas1234all I would like to know know is: which is the preferred method ?12:29
Andreas1234I need not have all my menus in Chinese, only wrioting in open office, etc12:29
Tscheesy_try to resume the Dist-upgrade without reboot @ GarthPS12:29
GarthPSTscheesy_:but does the installation will well end up? like with all step of th gui?12:29
GarthPSTscheesy_:yep yep I know that ;)12:29
Tscheesy_GarthPS: yes - but use dist-upgrade12:30
GarthPSyes after sudo dpkg --configure -a has finished12:30
GarthPSTscheesy_: so if I pass through "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" it will be ok ?12:31
Tscheesy_GarthPS: the X-server should be stopped during 9.04→9.10dev upgrade12:32
GarthPSTscheesy_: so what does it mean?12:33
Tscheesy_GarthPS: CTRL+ALT+F1 sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop12:35
GarthPSTscheesy_: when? juste after 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' right?12:36
GarthPSTscheesy_: why all of this is NOT on the karmic upgrade page?12:36
Tscheesy_GarthPS: yes - after dist-upgrade reboot for the new Kernel12:37
MarcoPauhello, I don't have any entry for mass storage devices in systemsettings. am I missing any package?12:38
GarthPSTscheesy_: so to be sure (and really thanks for your help) I finish dpkg ,go to a virtual terminal stop kdm, distupgrade and reboot.right?12:39
Tscheesy_GarthPS:  before reboot - you could do another update/dist-upgrade12:39
GarthPSTscheesy_: (I feel that the gui had hanged on asking user for a change of congif file..)12:40
gmarzio_have a good linux day12:40
gmarzio_joint $nick12:42
gmarzio_Tscheesy_ how i can insert nick in messages?12:44
Tscheesy_gmarzio_: ?12:45
gmarzio_: yeah12:46
gmarzio_i want to automate it!!12:46
gmarzio_I use quassel12:46
Tscheesy_gmarzio_: may you ask in #quassel12:47
SunlessHalohola folks12:49
SunlessHaloplease, how shall i reenable sound if just dropped out, claimed to use PulseAudio instead of Intel HDA, but no sound is gotten?12:51
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iboui have libdvdcss2, libdvdnav4, libdvdread4, w32codecs, ffmpeg. I can read dvds with dragon player but not with kmplayer. Anyone have an idea ?13:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kmplayer13:06
ionut_does anyone knows why i cannot login on my yahoo id with pidgin ?13:09
S-man_Does anyone knows how cool programms for kubuntu?13:10
mattias_cheers, anyone here that can help me with a step by step upgrade from KDE 4.2.2 to 4.3?13:21
mattias_on kubuntu 9.0413:21
lordganeshhelp me on installing nvidia-drivers13:24
philipp__whats the problem?13:25
taker0109yo yo yo13:26
lordganeshi tried to install nvidia drivers from apt -get but hardware drivers don't show any available drivers to activate13:26
philipp__you have kubuntu?13:28
xevilhas anyone tried 9.10 Beta?  if so did you have any issues in the upgrade?13:28
philipp__aren't this driver in system/Hardwaredriver?13:28
lordganeshno i m using ubuntu 9.04.... previously they are working fine .... then i format pc..then i install all backup packages by dpkg....and activate drivers ..but they give low graphics error problem ..so i remove them....then install again by apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 .but it doesn't work13:32
philipp__have you tried to download it on the nvidia site?13:35
lordganeshno .13:35
philipp__then try XD13:36
lordganeshplease explain in detail. i don't know what xd is13:37
Cimmojust upgraded from hardy to karmic rc13:38
Cimmonvidia drivers fail to be loaded with: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!13:38
Cimmotried both 185 and 17x both fail13:38
Cimmoany clue?13:38
philipp__lordganesh: what card, serie do you have?13:40
lordganeshnvidia 8400gs13:40
MidMarkback again13:40
MidMarkso any clue about nvidia and karmic?13:41
MidMarkI know, but I wonder why karmic packages they do not work13:43
MidMarkI instlaled via jockey, module is compiled and everything seems fine13:44
MidMarkbut then does not work13:44
philipp__lordganesh: did you find your card?13:44
MidMarkI have 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M (rev a1)13:45
lordganeshit is nvidia 8400gs sorry for delay13:45
MidMarkphilipp__: ah you are not speaking with me13:45
philipp__MidMark: ? no i think not or do you have a problem?13:46
philipp__lordganesh: ok than search it on the site i wrote to you13:46
MidMarkphilipp__: I have issues with nvidia drivers, they worked perfectly on hardy, upgraded to karmic and now they are not working anymore13:47
MidMarkad said I got: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!13:47
MidMarkeven if the module seems compiled and correctly installed13:48
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lordganeshphilipp__: i downloaded it but i see it is .run file ..how to install them...13:50
philipp__MidMark: make modprobe nvidia13:50
philipp__MidMark: sry only write in the terminal:"modprobe nvidia"13:51
MidMarkwith sudo?13:51
philipp__lordganesh: open terminal write "sudo chmod +x (and drag and drop the file into the terminal and then click enter)13:52
lordganeshsorry next13:53
MidMarkuff, back13:53
philipp__MidMark: i think this is not not necessary13:53
philipp__write sudo (and drop the file into the terminal)13:54
MidMarkphilipp__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300533/13:54
MidMarkphilipp__: which file?13:55
philipp__MidMark:  did you upgrade your xorg?13:55
philipp__MidMark: i spoke to lordgansh13:55
Cimmophilipp__: of course, I upgraded all hardy to karmic13:57
Cimmosorry back to MidMark13:57
Cimmosorry it continue to change my nick13:58
lordganeshphilipp__: gives errror command not foubd13:58
Cimmoanyway I'm MidMark13:58
lordganeshphilipp__: gives errror command not found13:58
philipp__pastebin your konsole text13:58
lordganeshphilipp__: what does it mean . i m really new to ubuntu14:02
philipp__open your browser and go to http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:03
philipp__and there you can copy and paste your text of your terminal14:03
philipp__lordganesh: do you understand?14:05
philipp__MidMark: ?14:06
philipp__lordganesh: did you open the browser?14:07
lordganeshya.. first i drag file in browser ..click paste ... and paste in terminal ...command not found..   then i paster teminal text in that window...then click paste ...and paste in terminal..same result14:09
philipp__? no14:09
lordganeshthen wht14:09
philipp__open the browser go to this side http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:09
lordganeshya next14:09
philipp__than you cope the whole text in the terminal and paste it in the site http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and save and give me the link14:10
rs_running 9.10 beta on a dell vostro 1520, the problem is that wireless does not work, the b43 driver is loaded, the firmware is installed, but no device is created, I only get eth0 and lo14:11
rs_any ideas?14:11
lordganeshphilipp__: sudo '/home/lordganesh/Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-185.18.36-pkg1.run'14:11
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Guest50355wie installier ich vcl in ubuntu14:12
philipp__lordganesh: ok?14:15
MidMark2philipp__: any other idea how to fix my nvidia drivers?14:15
MidMark2jockey log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300553/14:15
MidMark2xorg log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300554/14:15
philipp__did you do what i told you?14:16
MidMark2MidMark2: what you told me sorry?14:16
lordganeshphilipp__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300563/14:19
philipp__lordgansh give me the output14:20
lordganeshphilipp__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300568/14:22
philipp__you have to write chmod +x14:23
philipp__lordganesh: did it work?14:25
lordganeshok it works .. but it gives this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/300569/14:26
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philipp__did you have envy installed?14:33
mattias_hi, i am all new to linux. As i understand many different organisations and people programming the kde. Which one is best to get for a beginner (that might not program that much)14:51
mattias_i am running kubunty 9.0414:52
Ev0luti0n_you don't need to program to run linux14:52
Ev0luti0n_kubuntu 9.04 is fine14:52
Ev0luti0n_best eye candy you can get, and simple tu use.14:52
mattias_i already have had a couple of bugs and when i report it it says i not run latest kde14:53
mattias_when i check in dolphin the kde version is 4.2.214:54
mattias_as i understand there is a 4.3 version, but i dont manage to find a good installer14:54
mattias_good = easy14:54
SunlessHalohello folks15:10
BluesKajHi all15:17
SunlessHaloI've got a question: I've installed Karmic on default graphics... KWin works *nearly* fine, vlc&kaffeine as well, but other openGL stuff such as Tuxracer flickers unwithstandably15:18
SunlessHaloah, and the question is, shall I install catalysts or somehow configure the driver?15:18
SunlessHalomy videocard is integrated ATI Radeon Mobility X1450 (on centrino1duo chipset)15:19
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SunlessHaloBluesKaj: you're also sure radeonHD is the suitable driver for a 3y old integrated ATi Radeon X1450 videocard on centrino1duo board?15:36
BluesKajSunlessHalo, look in your package manager for ATi Radeon X1450 mobility, and you'll see the driver  xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd. check properties15:38
xorredupdated to 9.10 today, sound gone15:40
SunlessHaloanother question: amaroK consumes too much CPU and brings Xine to malfunction more than seldom... shall I somehow reconfigure it, or do you recommend me an other audio player? (if yes, which one?)15:40
xorredso bad I can't fix it in any possible way I could find15:40
xorredmy motherboard is p5q pro15:40
xorred00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller15:41
BluesKajSunlessHalo, I use VLC exclusively , it's not that amarok doesn't work on my system the version2 is clunky to use15:41
xorredbtw... any ops here who are also ops on #ubuntu?15:42
SunlessHalowhat about some other stuff such as audacious, xmms, banshee, rhythmbox? what are the recommendations?15:42
robin0800SunlessHalo: if you need replay gain the list is very short so what do you need?15:44
ign0ramushey all15:44
BluesKajSunlessHalo, I havent used xmms in yrs ,and I hear rhythmbox is broken on some setups, and banshee I have no idea15:45
robin0800BluesKaj: songbird is working for me15:46
BluesKajrobin0800,  SunlessHalo, wants a recommendation15:47
SunlessHaloat the moment i am using Totem as a temporary solution :\15:47
SunlessHalosince amaroK manages to disable my Intel HDA audio device once in two sessions, and except of that consumes pretty much resources15:48
robin0800BluesKaj: thats why I asked him what functions he needs/wants15:48
SunlessHaloshould be compact, clear, shortcuttable, some ODS would be nice15:49
ign0ramusSunlessHalo: some have said the Amarok sound issues are due to Pulseaudio, which you don't need if you're only running KDE15:51
robin0800SunlessHalo: try rhythmbox then but replay gain has been broken on this for ages15:51
xorredanyone on my non-working sound in 9.10?15:51
SunlessHaloreplay gain?15:51
xorredI can give more details15:51
SunlessHalowhat does it mean?15:51
robin0800SunlessHalo: Itunes normalisation if you like15:52
xorredhere are all details15:52
SunlessHaloBluesKaj: was browsing adept for query "ati radeon" but unfortunately found nothing15:53
ign0ramusxorred: i don't think alsamixer is used in karmic15:54
xorredbut still, there is no sound15:54
xorredI set pulseaudio to be default of my system settings15:54
xorredstill no sound15:54
ign0ramusxorred: have you checked settings in System Settings > Multimedia?15:54
ign0ramusxorred: got it15:54
xorredI can also share screen or screenshots...15:55
ign0ramusxorred: can you test pulse or your Intel card? do either work when you test?15:55
xorredno working test15:55
xorredno sound15:55
xorredhow can I check from command line?15:55
=== patrick is now known as Guest3671
xorredactually, I have only one sound card, but it's shown in multimedia as HDA digital, HDA analog, and pulseaudio15:56
ign0ramusxorred: you can use "locate *.ogg"15:56
xorrednone work15:56
robin0800xorred: alsmixer15:56
ign0ramusxorred: then "mplayer <filename>.ogg"15:56
xorredno sound15:56
xorredAO: [pulse] Init failed: Connection refused15:56
ign0ramusxorred: if you're only using KDE, I would suggest removing pulseaudio altogether15:57
ign0ramusxorred: it has no use in KDE and can cause conflicts. Remove it.15:57
xorredapt-get remove --purge pulseaudio - no such package15:57
xorredwhat about skype?15:57
xorreddoesn't it use pulseaudio?15:57
ign0ramusxorred: "sudo apt-get remove --purge pulse" and hit tab button twice15:58
ign0ramusxorred: i have Skype using alsa15:58
xorrednothing found on tabtab15:58
xorredhmm I have esound installed too15:58
ign0ramusxorred: esound?15:58
xorredapt-get install pulseaudio suggests removing esound15:58
ign0ramusxorred: have you upgraded multiple times?15:59
xorredcheck that url out15:59
SunlessHalohow can I inquire which graphic driver is in use and what's its current functionality?15:59
xorredI'm typing my output there15:59
xorredno I upgraded just once15:59
xorredbut I installed esound long ago so skype would work...15:59
xorredSunlessHalo: lspci16:00
ign0ramusxorred: hmm... I would try 1)removing esound and then 2) moving your card up in preference in system settings.16:00
xorreddid move in pref.16:00
xorrednothing :)16:00
xorredremoving esound16:00
ign0ramusxorred: possibly a restart of X is necessary. and see if you get any message about a sound device failing.16:01
xorredI hear a pop in my speakers16:02
xorredthat's it on reboot or x restart16:02
xorredrebooting now...16:02
xorredhope you're still here then :)16:02
ign0ramusxorred: ok16:02
ign0ramusxorred: i hope someone can answer my grep question116:02
SunlessHaloxorred: some noob-friendlier output?16:02
robin0800xorred: hit shift at reboot16:02
xorredwhy shift?16:02
=== admin__ is now known as HTD
ign0ramusok, so here's why i popped in today... how can i use grep to chop off the output once i've got the output i need?16:03
robin0800xorred: to use the text boot thing16:03
SunlessHalook, I just want to inquire the name of driver my videocard is using now, and wether direct rendering and 3D acc are on... could anybody tell me commands for that?16:04
ign0ramusfor example, the commmand: "sensors -f -A coretemp-isa-0000 | grep +" gives me the temp, which is what I want, but some other info that I don't need or want. How do i get it to print ONLY the temp?16:04
mattias_hello, i have 1 question. Can i run applications in windows xp partition under Kubuntu or do i need to install it under kubuntu?16:05
ign0ramusmattias_: if you're accessing the XP partition from Kubuntu, you will need to use wine or otherwise to run win32/64 apps.16:06
xorredola again16:06
xorredso... no sound16:06
ign0ramusmattias_: if you're booting into your XP partition, everything will be as before16:06
ign0ramusxorred: :(16:06
xorredinteresting thing: my sound card in kmix shows as realtekALC120016:06
xorredbut it as HDA INTEL earlier16:07
xorredI'm sure it's not realtek...16:07
ign0ramusxorred: do you have more than one device?16:07
xorredonly the motherboard16:09
ign0ramusxorred: yeah, lspci definitely reported your card as HDA Intel, which is similar to the card I have16:09
xorredpreviously (prior to upgrade) I saw my front jacks & back jacks and hda intel16:10
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BluesKajSunlessHalo, open adept again and choose Sources, then 'editsoftware sources', make sure the boxes are all checked except the sourcecode , same for the 'other software tab' except for the cdrom box.16:18
xorredno  sound for xorred16:18
* SunlessHalo is using the new KgetIt packager, but probably will install adept soon16:19
SunlessHaloBluesKaj: how can i inquire how is my VGA being accelerated right now?16:19
shadeslayerSunlessHalo: kpackagekit : :P16:19
SunlessHalothat one, exactly :D16:19
BluesKajSunlessHalo, glxinfo16:20
BluesKajin the konsole16:20
SunlessHaloi dont understand the output16:20
robin0800SunlessHalo: you can adjust the software sources from that16:21
SunlessHalosomething simpler pls16:21
SunlessHalorobin0800: ok, I'm now just wondering WHAT is so far being done with my VGA :)16:21
robin0800SunlessHalo: see BluesKaj comment above16:22
SunlessHalorobin0800: understood, but i personally can't understand according to that output wether i get direct rendering, 3D acc or so16:24
robin0800SunlessHalo: pastebin it see topic16:25
BluesKajSunlessHalo, glxinfo | grep dir16:25
xorredpastebin.com the output16:25
BluesKajglxinfo | grep 3D16:25
BluesKajxorred, it should only be one line for the grep commands16:26
mattias_lol if you crash the kde and your desktop is black..how do you get it back?16:26
SunlessHaloBluesKaj: well, there is no evidence of 3D renering :\16:27
BluesKajSunlessHalo, do glxinfo | grep 3D , paste the output in here16:34
xorredcmon guys... please give a hand16:34
SunlessHalovladislav@vladislav-laptop:~$ glxinfo | grep 3D16:35
SunlessHalo    GL_EXT_subtexture, GL_EXT_texture, GL_EXT_texture3D,16:35
xorredthat is the correct one16:35
BluesKajSunlessHalo, looks good16:35
BluesKajgott arun some errands BBL16:36
xorredwtf... wrong again16:36
xorredhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299821 that one16:36
* SunlessHalo bbl16:36
ubottuAu revoir!16:36
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sven624so whats the problem ?16:47
* sven624 is bored16:48
xorredthat is :)16:48
=== russlar_ is now known as russlar
sven624hmm update not done ? connection broke while updating and the alsamixer fails ?16:50
sven624make a update again16:50
xorredupdate again?16:50
xorredI did run apt-get get update & upgrade16:50
sven624apt-get remove alsamixer && apt-get install alsamixer should repair it16:51
xorredE: Couldn't find package alsamixer16:51
sven624hmm thats not good16:52
xorredstill broken16:52
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=== sven624 is now known as bomber1968
* bomber1968 is bored again17:05
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=== GodFather_ is now known as GodFather
bomber1968@DerHorst irgendwie dummer spitzname17:07
DerHorst*kopfkratz* das sagt mir einer, der sich "bomber" nennt?17:07
=== bomber1968 is now known as sven624
sven624wieso ?17:08
DerHorstVerstehe nicht so ganz, wie Du da jetzt drauf kommst17:08
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:09
xorredplease gimme a hand17:24
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maurimy parttition manager is not able to mange usb external 1Tb hd, why?17:45
russlarmauri: which partition manager are you using?17:46
xorredsound not working - v17:47
maurirusslar: the one for kubuntu (koala)17:47
russlarmauri: I'm not familair with that one, but I know a great deal about partitioning and filesystems. What's the error you're seeing?17:50
kalpwhat is default keyboard shortcut for switching desktops on kubuntu?17:51
maurirusslar: no errors. The tool does not allow to see partition or modify them17:51
russlaris the disk mounted?17:51
russlarmauri: is teh disk mounted?17:53
maurirusslar: oh yes17:53
russlarmauri: unmount it17:54
maurirusslar: it work correctly. Yhe only thing im not able to do is manage the partition.... it seem that the problem is because 1Tb size17:54
maurirusslar: done17:54
russlarmauri: and you realize that repartioning a disk will likely wipe the data on it?17:54
russlarmauri: have you tried gparted?17:55
russlarI know it's a gnome app, but I've had good luck with that17:55
russlarand what are you trying to manage?17:55
maurirusslar: yes, gparted gives the same result. It see total size but it is not able to see the disk partition and so it is not able to manage then17:56
russlarwhat about the disk are you trying to manage?17:56
russlarare you trying to resize partitions?17:56
maurirusslar: extrenal usb WD 1TB size17:57
russlarmauri: yes, I gathered that. what exactly are you trying to do?17:57
russlarmauri: do you want to resize the partitions?17:57
maurirusslar: actually it has 4 partition (ntfs). What i wnat to do is remove one and resize an other17:59
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reagleBRKLNKDE4 kfmclient doesn't have a move command anymore, so how can you send things to the trash from the console? I used to hvae an alias for kfmclient move "$@" trash:/ 2> /dev/null18:00
russlarmauri: the disk probably had a windows label on it that parted can't understand18:01
russlarmauri: you may need to do this from windows18:01
legnaleurcdo you exprience the copy issue of klipper? i can't copy strings.(Karmic)18:01
maurirusslar: ohmm ... it strange18:02
russlarmauri: yeah, parted can work with the old ms-dos disk label just fine18:02
ilia_legnaleurc: I did with KDE 4.3 from PPA18:02
russlarmauri: I just don't know if that label type can handle a disk that large18:02
maurirusslar: with my internal hd (ntfs partitions too) no problems18:02
ilia_legnaleurc: after the last upgrade it works again18:03
russlarmauri: let's try this18:03
russlarit shows up in an fdisk -l, yeah?18:03
maurirusslar: what exaclty i have to do?18:03
legnaleurcillia_: crap ... it seems happens on all Qt application18:03
russlarmauri: get teh device name from the fdisk -l (/dev/sd?)18:03
legnaleurcillia_: is that fix merged to Kubuntu team?18:04
ilia_legnaleurc: do you use PPA?18:04
jhutchins_ltmauri: Is there any way you can copy the data somewhere else then repartition the drive and restore it?18:04
ilia_legnaleurc: IIRC, it was a problem with qt library18:05
legnaleurcillia_: nope. i'm using karmic rc without ppa source.18:05
maurijhutchins_lt: unfortunally no. I already thought to do that ut i dont have another disk as larger as that18:05
russlarmauri: yeah, that's the last resort18:05
russlarmauri: do you have the device name?18:06
maurirusslar: please if you have time, tell me the step to correct the problem18:06
russlarmauri: that's what I'm tryign to do....18:06
jhutchins_ltmauri: As russlar told you, even if you can get a partition tool to work, there's a chance you'll loose everything anyway.18:06
ilia_legnaleurc: if it's the latest version, you probably should opena bug18:06
maurirusslar: i have 5 partition on usd hd18:07
jhutchins_ltmauri: Have you tried the gparted live CD?18:07
ilia_legnaleurc: is this a fresh install or oan upgrade?18:07
legnaleurcilia_: i'm sorry about keeping typo your nickname :(18:07
russlarmauri: is id /dev/sdc? /dev/sdd/18:07
jhutchins_ltrusslar: I'll leave him to you.18:07
maurirusslar: sdb...18:07
maurijhutchins_lt: no yet18:07
russlarmauri: ok18:07
maurijhutchins_lt: i cant try after18:07
russlardo exactly this: sudo parted /dev/sdb18:07
legnaleurcilia_: upgrade form beta18:07
russlarmauri:  do exactly this: sudo parted /dev/sdb18:08
ilia_legnaleurc: try to install fresh or try to create new user and login with it18:08
maurirusslar: done18:08
russlarnow do this: print18:08
maurirusslar: nothing happen18:08
russlarpaste the output18:08
russlarmauri: nothing at all happened?18:09
ilia_legnaleurc: BTW, many IRC clients (e.g. Konversation) support TAB completion of nicknames18:09
legnaleurcilia_: ya, i'll install fresh after release. thanks for your information.18:09
ilia_legnaleurc: you're welcome18:09
maurirusslar: only : (parted)18:09
legnaleurcilia_: i simply forgot it ><18:09
russlarmauri: after the print, it dropped you to another prompt?18:09
maurirusslar: yes18:10
russlarmauri: then parted does not understand this disk label. you need to repartition it with windows18:10
kalpwhat is default keyboard shortcut for switching desktops on kubuntu?18:10
jhutchins_ltrusslar: Why do you think it's an issue with the label?18:10
maurirusslar: ok, but i dont nderstand which of 5 partitoons i have to rename18:10
jhutchins_ltmauri: I'd try the live CD.18:11
jamesjedimasterkalp: there is not, you define on system settings18:11
jhutchins_ltrusslar: I have yet to see a windows filesystem that Linux couldn't handle better and more safely.18:11
macontfs on vista or 718:11
kalpjamesjedimaster: how?18:11
macothat version of ntfs is not supported by ntfs-3g18:12
macoonly xp's version18:12
russlarjhutchins_lt: filesystems, yes18:12
russlarjhutchins_lt: disk labels are not filesystems18:12
jhutchins_ltrusslar: Right, and linux should be able to handle the partition regardless of it's label.18:12
russlarjhutchins_lt: aparently now18:13
jhutchins_ltrusslar: There might be some other problem than the label, which is just data within the partition table.18:13
russlarjhutchins_lt: I don't know fdisk well enough to walk someone through using it like mauri wants to18:13
avihayb__kalp: default shortcut to switching desktops should be ctrl+F<number_of_desktop>18:14
jhutchins_ltrusslar: It may be a limitation of the version of parted that's in kubuntu.18:14
kalpavihayb__: ctrl+F is for find18:15
jhutchins_ltmauri: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php18:15
jhutchins_ltmauri: Be sure to read the docs on the web site too.18:15
avihayb__ctrl-f1 ctrl-f2 ...18:15
donijoin #bandung18:15
jamesjedimasterkalp: system settings -> keyboard and mouse -> global keyboard shortcuts18:16
avihayb__and you can change it from system settings if you like, look under input actions or keyboard & mouse18:17
kalpjamesjedimaster: i have tried, desktop switching is not there in the list, but i got the solution from avihayb__, its ctrl+F1/F2..18:17
maurirusslar: ok thanks a lot18:17
kalpavihayb__: thanks18:17
jamesjedimasterkalp: and yes, ctrl f1, ctrl f2 are for each desktop you have18:18
avihayb__my pleasure18:18
maurijhutchins_lt: thank, i suppose that with gparted live cd no i wont have problems (I hope)18:18
=== avihayb__ is now known as avihayb_
FinnArildOn ubuntu 9.02 - I install kubuntu-desktop, but get kde 4.2.2 ... shouldn't I get a newer version?18:27
FinnArildthere's something about the Kola repos?18:28
evelinahi, I have a problem with Kubuntu 9.10 RC18:29
BluesKajevelina, ask in #ubuntu18:29
xorredhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299821 - I have the same version and a problem too ;) wanna swap? :D18:29
xorredBluesKaj: do you know any ops there? I'm banned since like 3 months in ubuntu18:30
BluesKajevelina, sorry ubuntu+118:30
BluesKajevelina, #ubuntu+118:30
xorredthere's nobody in that channel BluesKaj18:31
xorredmy mistake18:31
LjLxorred: #ubuntu-ops for appealing bans in #ubuntu18:31
BluesKajxorred, your behaviour got you banned ?18:32
xorredI got mad at a dude for dissing me18:32
xorredand cursed all along (but he deserved it really well)18:32
BluesKajwell, usually ppl who arouse my anger get put on ignore18:33
BluesKajyou want to curse the guy pm him and curse him in there18:34
xorredI'll ignore ... good idea18:38
macoBluesKaj: harassment via pm can earn a ban too, i think...18:40
Maltei have a problem with kubuntu i can not solve. Plasma workshop crash on login.18:40
BluesKajmaco , if they were cursing each other , it's better for them to do it privately :)18:40
xorredhaha true18:41
macoBluesKaj: but if its only one doing the cursing...18:41
BluesKajwell, cursing is grounds for banning in the channel text , pms can be defeated18:42
BluesKajanyway , ignore works for me18:42
Malteis it possible to restore kde to default? when i add a widget my screen went black. Now i get stuck at log in with Plasma workshop crash all the time. When i try to remove in console it doesnt find the kde4 folder.18:44
Ronis_BRdoes kubuntu need to be reinstalled to be correctly updated to a new version?18:49
BluesKajRonis_BR, no ,one can update with update manager18:50
Ronis_BRBlueEagle: but does it works?18:51
BluesKajRonis_BR, to what are you trying to update ...9.10 or just update jaunty to include the latest updated packages?18:52
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kalpi am getting an error on starting kate "could not start ksmserver. check your installation", what could be the prblem?19:03
jamesjedimastermaybe something you modify/insert on x11 config file19:09
jhutchinskalp: You've done an update and something in KDE is not in sync.19:21
jhutchinskalp: re-do the update and/or do a dpkg --reconfigure -a19:22
kalpjhutchins: it mus be  coz i installed gnome19:22
jhutchinskalp: Probably not, it's an an internal kde error.19:23
kalpjhutchins: dpkg --reconfigure -a is not a valid command19:26
jhutchinskalp: My apologies, it's --configure -a19:26
jhutchinskalp:dpkg-reconfigure is a different command.19:26
jhutchinskalp: Have you re-run the update?19:26
kalpjhutchins: no19:27
jhutchinskalp: aptitude update && aptitude upgrade - that might be all you need to do.19:27
kalpjhutchins: ok19:28
cherubaelHow to install MC in Kubuntu 9.10???19:28
jhutchinscherubael: aptitude install mc?19:29
cherubaeli make "sudo aptitude install mc - > NOT WORKING :((19:30
cherubaelHow to install midnight commander in Kubuntu 9.10???19:39
jamesjedimasterit should be sudo apt-get install mc19:42
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totix800I got two users user1 and user2. I want user2 two access users1s home folder with all permissions. What would be the best way to do that?19:57
vallhalla81totix800: as a perment feature or just sometimes?20:04
BluesKajtotix800, give him/her your user pw20:07
totix800Any real suggestions?20:07
vallhalla81well you could go in to user management and edit the user so it can access externall drives automaticly20:08
BluesKajadd the user to your group20:08
totix800I already added group user1 to user2 and modified some testfiles with chmod 770 in user1s home folder but if I try to delete these files for example I'm getting a permission denied20:09
reagleBRKLNhi, using kde 4.3.2 on kubuntu karmic. i've turned of shadows, but they stay on. even if i log out/in. they go away if i turn off all effect, or disable compositing20:10
SunlessHaloyo folks... please, is there a maintained editor for grub?20:11
BluesKajSunlessHalo, which grub , legacy or grub2 ?20:13
SunlessHalothe default one, i suppose some 1.97.kidna beta20:13
=== rosco_y is now known as rosco_away
BluesKajdunno if grub2 is default on jaunty yet20:22
SunlessHaloanyway, I only wanna comfortable editor for entries, splashes and settings20:24
=== rosco_away is now known as rosco_y
localnnuser__how much kde look has windows 7?20:35
=== rosco_y is now known as rosco_away
localnnuser__damn its very similar20:35
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lorena__me leeis?21:10
=== ubuntu is now known as guest
=== guest is now known as guest_kubuntu
guest_kubuntusomebody tell me one thing21:35
guest_kubuntuim on kubuntu 8.04 live CD now21:35
guest_kubuntui want to install it and... how long kubuntu 8.04 support will be?21:36
mfraz74officially support for kubuntu 8.04 ends at the end of this month21:36
JontheEchidnaguest_kubuntu: probably around 6 more days21:36
JontheEchidnasecurity fixes for common stuff with ubuntu will be available, but for KDE support there will be no more fixes21:37
guest_kubuntuwhat do you think about my choise?21:37
mfraz74might as well download 9.1021:37
guest_kubuntuhmm but i am user of ATI cards and with new Xorg i cant use frglx21:38
guest_kubuntubecause ATI dropps support of my cards21:38
JontheEchidnasucks, I had a similar situation in 8.10 with an older nvidia card21:41
JontheEchidnanot pleasant :(21:41
guest_kubuntuanyone use kubuntu 8.04 now?21:43
mfraz74there are a few on the kubuntu mailinglist21:43
guest_kubuntuqt3 is dead?21:46
mfraz74pretty much so i would say21:46
JontheEchidnayeah, Qt Software/Nokia no longer support it21:47
guest_kubuntuhmm there is no logic i think21:48
guest_kubuntuif it is stable stuff then why?21:48
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nevynI just updated my wife's machine to kubuntu jaunty.. kpdf, kghostview and kprinter all disappeared22:13
jamesjedimasternevyn: kpdf and ghostview were replaced by okular22:15
paul__hey, Just trying the new kubuntu 9.0422:16
nevynso okular prints my landscape pdfs centred in the incorrect orientation.22:16
nevynI hate printing.. so much.22:17
paul__where is the niffty "add and remove Programs"22:17
jamesjedimastercheck that in system settings -> printer configuration and in okular22:17
nevynI think that's kpackage kit22:17
paul__I've checked that, but it dosent have that nice list like Kubuntu 8.04 had22:18
FinnArildHm - I have installed nvidia-180 on my Acer REVO (nvidia ION) ... but I have problems with the display. When I start nvidia display settings the screen garbles and turns black. Any idea of what I could try?22:19
paul__Im trying to get firefox on here22:19
paul__and its harder than slackware22:20
paul__Can someone help me figure out how to get some simple programs onto this thing22:22
FinnArildpaul__: on what?22:23
paul__Kubuntu 9.0422:23
FinnArildpaul__: should be simple as putting on stockings22:23
nevynkpackagekit will work for that stuff22:23
paul__yea, should be.22:23
nevynjust put firefox in the search dialog22:23
paul__it was on Kubuntu 8.0422:24
paul__k let me try it22:24
FinnArildpaul__: Start applications, system and the package manager -and start searching.22:24
nevynwhere is kcontrol now?22:25
paul__FinnArild: I have t hat program running22:25
paul__FinnArild: but when I search "firefox" i get nothing22:25
paul__:o now its different22:26
FinnArildpaul__: don't use the search field, use the search button (or was it find?) ... anyway - the least intuitive :)22:26
nevynit is way less intuitive.. than adept was22:27
nevynI mean it works and all.. but...22:27
nevynI hate printing22:28
nevynso much hate.22:28
nevynconceptually simple things like landscape printing are a giant pita22:28
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paul__ok, so i got the updater finaly running thanks for the help FinnArild22:30
=== alexei___ is now known as amgarchIn9
_6502_yo ?22:59
drbobbhey anyone figured out how to make monitor power-saving settings actually work?23:09
drbobbno matter what I enter in system settings, screen lock and blanking still kick in23:10
drbobba little annoying when I watch a movie23:10
macodrbobb: maybe if you click the battery and choose the "presentation" profile?23:10
drbobbmaco: ok, will try23:11
drbobbmaco: but it looked to me as if i disabled autolock altogether in system settings23:11
duffmeanHey guys I have a question here. I am really new to Linux and I am having two major problems that i cannot solve because I am not able to understand the guides. Can anyone help me?23:25
nevynI hate printing.23:27
nevynso much hate do I have for it.23:27
duffmeanI need help to configure my monitor resolution and help to connect internet trough  wireless. Can anyone help me?23:28
duffmeanty bb23:30
localnnuser__can someone help me out with samba?23:31
localnnuser__come on i need help!!23:33
localnnuser__cant configure samba23:33
carpiilearn how to ask a question23:35
localnnuser__i do... sudo apt-get install samba kdefiles-sharing i configure everything on system preferences but i cant see the computers on samba23:36
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.23:37
carpiiwhat computers ?23:37
localnnuser__either mine23:37
* carpii shrugs23:37
localnnuser__i just cant see anythin on samba23:37
localnnuser__i dont know if its dolphin or what23:37
localnnuser__thats really old23:41
localnnuser__and for gnome23:41
localnnuser__where is samba configuration file located?23:44
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