e3coTwigathy:  thats what private msg's are for00:00
BUGabundoI stop beeing on that list IONs ago00:00
e3cohigh traffice00:00
BUGabundoI just read (very few of them actually) list-changes on upgrades00:00
BUGabundoand have all of the sent to my local inbox00:01
billybigriggerBUGabundo, yeah i dunno i hadn't touched my box for awhile so i was just wondering00:01
BUGabundosome times I open Mutt00:01
BUGabundoand start reading00:01
* BUGabundo checks00:01
Twigathyno, the point I was making was that #ubuntu moves too quickly to be useful any more. By the time a question is asked, it's scrolled off the screen in a second or two00:01
BUGabundo---Mutt: ~/Maildir/ [Msgs:186 New:9 Old:164 3.8M]---(threads/date)-----------------------------------------------------------------(end)---00:01
BUGabundook that's scary00:01
* Twigathy uses pine, gmail and (at work) Outlook00:01
BUGabundoTwigathy: buy a bigger screen :)00:01
Twigathymaybe if I turned one of my widescreens sideways... ;)00:02
stpereTwigathy: that's what we do at work00:02
stpere2 widescreens in portrait mode00:02
Twigathyneat :)00:02
TwigathyAt home I like them landscape - nicer for TV and films :)00:02
TwigathyI can see how portrait could be useful for documents and scientific papers though00:03
BUGabundoTwigathy: does any of the current drivers support 90º rotation?00:04
BUGabundoAFAIK my NVidia doenst :(00:04
TwigathyI've no idea, not tried00:04
Twigathymy screens can't do portrait mode really, they are very cheap and have a fixed stand00:05
billybigriggerBUGabundo, are these the latest x64 drivers 185.18.3600:05
TwigathyBUGabundo: apparently you need some voodoo in your xorg.conf for rotation to work, specifically: "Option "RandRRotation" "True" "00:06
BUGabundobillybigrigger: let me check00:06
billybigriggerthought you might have the newest in a ppa somewhere :P00:06
BUGabundo  Installed: 185.18.36-0ubuntu800:07
sburwoodI'm very impatient about the release of 9.1000:07
billybigriggerpolicy on what package?00:07
BUGabundo*** 185.18.36-0ubuntu8 000:07
BUGabundo     185.18.36-0ubuntu1~karmic~ppa1 000:07
billybigrigger  Installed: (none)00:07
billybigrigger  Candidate: 180.44-0ubuntu100:07
sburwoodWhy can't we be Oct 29th already?00:07
BUGabundo$ apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-18500:07
billybigriggerBUGabundo, you must have that in a ppa00:07
billybigriggeri just did a fresh install 2 weeks ago and it's not in main repos00:07
BUGabundo  Candidate: 190.42-0ubuntu1~karmic~nvidiavdpauppa200:07
BUGabundobillybigrigger: its archive AFAIT00:08
billybigrigger180 comes with vdpau out of the box00:08
sburwoodI do have one question.  The versions that come out in x.04 don't seem to work, while the x.10 versions work perfectly.  Is there a logical explanation to that??00:08
BUGabundo~$ apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-185 | pastebinit  http://paste.ubuntu.com/300135/00:08
billybigriggerit's nice watching a 720p on 4% cpu in mplayer :P00:08
BUGabundobillybigrigger: according to the missing Sarvant ,why GPU has a bug00:09
sburwoodI've tried 7.10, 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 and only the .10s worked00:09
BUGabundoand enabling VDPau crashs apps00:09
Twigathybillybigrigger: vdpau magic is win00:09
wgrantsburwood: "don't seem to work" is not a useful phrase.00:09
TwigathyI've watched some 1080 content - wonderful :)00:09
billybigriggervdpau worked out of the box on this fresh install00:09
TwigathyI assume you have to specify the driver for mplayer to use...?00:10
billybigriggerBUGabundo, and apt-cache doesn't find any -185 package00:10
acusterkoala---the most painless install00:10
fcuk112anyone got x-fi working on karmic?00:10
acusterlovely, absolutely00:10
billybigriggerTwigathy, yeah just choose the vdpau output in smplayer, or gmplayer whatever you want00:10
sburwoodwgrant, I know, but I can just never get the .04 versions to work at all.  I have problems with the X, or something with the boot sequence, for example.00:10
Twigathyah, I use mplayer on the CLI ;)00:11
billybigriggergmplayer doesn't work worth a hoot, so i'm using it on smplayer00:11
BUGabundoacuster: installed in 8 min :=)00:11
sburwoodI always need to revert back to the .10 version00:11
Twigathyso it's some madness like -vo vdpau -vc ffmpegvdpau or something00:11
wgrantsburwood: I see. Anyway, you know you could install Karmic RC now, right?00:11
billybigriggerTwigathy, yeah edit your ~/.mplayer/gui.conf00:11
Twigathythen some other crazyness with -ao alsa:device=spdif >_<00:11
BUGabundobillybigrigger: no idea how! my archive just show it!00:11
billybigriggerTwigathy, you can add those flags in your gui.conf and not have to worry about it anymore :P00:11
BUGabundo!info nvidia-glx-18500:12
Twigathywell, most of the time I tend to use vlc and just live with the 50% CPU use ;)00:12
ubottunvidia-glx-185 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 185.18.36-0ubuntu8 (karmic), package size 8771 kB, installed size 26596 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)00:12
acusterBUGabundo, yeah, but to remember all the packages we need thereafter ...00:12
sburwoodyes, but I do have one or two concerns with RC.  During boot on the live CD, it sends error messages, starting with (I can only remember this one) Invalid PBLK length (5)00:12
BUGabundoacuster: I've got a list :)00:12
wgrantsburwood: File bugs!00:13
wgrantPreferably with photos or videos if you can't get a normal text dump.00:13
acusterBUGabundo, me too---i.e. we have identified a common use case; fresh install, gimme all the stuff I need00:13
sburwoodYes, and I have been unable to save letters without Open Office 3.1 crashing00:13
wgrantsburwood: Again, file bugs.00:13
sburwoodyes, but I hope that the bugs will be fixed in the final release version on Oct 29th00:14
BUGabundosburwood: I dougbt it00:15
BUGabundowe are on RC00:15
BUGabundoonly MAJOR bugs get fixed now00:15
BUGabundoand prob with post install only00:15
sburwoodI don't have a book nor do I have enough knowledge to mess around with the insides00:15
acusterbecause the upgrade, of course, is supposed to update all the packages00:15
wgrantLess critical bugs may be fixed in post-release updates.00:15
BUGabundolike the darn 3G modem lost support00:15
wgrantBUGabundo: Huh? What happened to 3G support?00:15
acusterif we are complaining about *modem* support, we have come a very, very long way00:16
wgrantI was able to use my phone as a 3G modem last week.00:16
sburwoodI've an Pentium 4 at 2.4G with AGP - in other words, I don't have the money to replace or to have someone fix my computer00:17
fcuk112anyone got x-fi working on karmic?00:17
BUGabundowgrant: many modems where lost due to kernel upstream bug00:17
wgrantsburwood: Why would you have to do that?00:17
BUGabundowgrant: let me find the bug00:17
sburwoodif I mess something up00:17
wgrantBUGabundo: Ah. Mine was a phone over BT, so I guess it wouldn't have been affected.00:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446146 in linux "Huawei E169 USB dongle not working with kernel 2.6.31-12.40" [Medium,Fix committed]00:18
sourcemakerI am trying to upgrade kubuntu via alternative install...00:18
Ademanmy Update Manager says "91 selected. Download size: 89." in case anyone cares00:18
BUGabundowgrant: for me (and many users) it's a critical bug00:18
sburwoodI have a lot of data on sdb6, I think that I am scared of losing.00:18
BUGabundohaving it as a *post* release update (aka SRU) is *not* an option00:18
BUGabundobut kernel devs don't agree :(00:19
sburwoodI'm just going to install Karmic on my sdb200:19
wgrantBUGabundo: Kernel uploads are dangerous.00:19
wgrantBUGabundo: Yes, it is a bad bug.00:19
BUGabundoI have no idea how are we supposed to update without internet00:19
sourcemakerbut the installer crashs via the error message: update-manager marked for delete but locked00:19
sburwoodkeep it simple.00:19
BUGabundoI guess Canonical is planing to ship CDs with updates for every affected user :p00:19
sburwoodwhat does anyone have to say for ext4?00:19
wgrantsburwood: ext4 is fine now.00:20
sobersabrevery weird problem with disk on key.00:20
wgrantBUGabundo: Download new kernel on another machine. transfer using USB mass storage device.00:20
sburwoodstable and secure?  Better than ext3, etc?00:20
wgrantNot optimal, but it is easy enough and works.00:20
sobersabreit doesn't get mounted.00:20
sobersabreI mean automagically.00:20
BUGabundowgrant: tell that to 1st time users00:20
sburwoodoh, well, it is getting late in my neck of the woods, so I'll just say, bye00:21
BUGabundoI'm tethering via my android00:21
sburwoodand thx00:21
BUGabundoor else I would have no internet for the past 3 weeks00:21
fcuk112humm i just restarted karmic and the top bars of my windows are gone.00:26
mzzeither your wm or if your wm is compiz gtk-window-decorator crashed, ~/.xsession-errors may know why00:27
td123wow, the ubuntu servers are getting hammered (dl is slowww)00:27
wgranttd123: Yeah, it's pretty bad this time.00:28
td123and it's only a week before 9.1000:28
td123i'm getting about 7KiB/s max :/00:29
wgrantTried other mirros?00:29
td123some, but they weren't much better00:30
wgrantI don't recall it being this bad a week before release before.00:30
fcuk112linuxtracker.org was pretty fast for me.00:31
Daiwgrant: with increased popularity comes increased bandwidth screwage.  9.10 is a fairly highly anticipated release00:32
wgrantTorrents are, fortunately, lightning fast.00:33
td123wgrant: oh, I'm talking about just the updates :P00:34
td123I would only use torrents to dl the cd00:34
mzzbah, I keep getting my shells mixed up. I should dig up one of those bashrc hacks that change the prompt color based on a hash of the hostname00:34
mzz(or roll my own)00:34
mzzpowering off the host instead of the guest yesterday was a bit stupid00:35
philsfubuntu-netbook-remix got installed when I upgraded Jaunty to Karmic. Is this expected?00:35
td123wgrant: ubuntu should switch distribute updates with torrents00:35
BUGabundotd123: there was a spec for it00:36
BUGabundobut was droped due to tme00:36
td123BUGabundo: they need this in 10.04 :D00:36
mzzI'm not sure torrents for updates makes as much sense as it does for isos (but I think that was mentioned in the spec)00:36
mzzthen again, the nl mirror is usually more than fast enough.00:37
BUGabundomzz: that and diff deb00:37
mzzyeah, I think some smart-ish diff format makes more sense than switching to torrents00:37
BUGabundoyeah I'm connected to a 100mbit and another with 6gbit00:37
BUGabundoso I'm fine00:37
mzzI need to set up a local apt-cacher-ng though.00:38
mzz(or something else? suggestions anyone? :)00:38
mzzI have a handful of systems on my little lan that run ubuntu now. I think a full local mirror would be excessive, but something like apt-cacher-ng would make me abuse the actual mirror less)00:39
wgrantmzz: I've tried the rest. apt-cacher-ng is the only one I've found to work reliably.00:39
philsfI'm having trouble with a broken package that I can't upgrade, install or remove. http://paste.ubuntu.com/300152/ This is the adobe-flasplugin from partner repo (archive.canonical.com)00:39
jimpopphilsf, that pkg has been removed from the repo00:39
mzzI really wanted to like apt-proxy because I generally like twisted but it tended to get stuck00:39
philsfjimpop, this shouldn't have any impact on my system, though00:40
jimpopnot until the next flash vulnerability00:40
mzzI haven't seen "very bad inconsistent state" yet00:40
philsfI can't perform any task with apt-get, aptitude, or any GUI. I can only get dpkg to work00:41
mzzjimpop: any clue how it got into that state?00:41
jimpopmzz, nope.  it happened lastnight sometime00:41
jimpopi suspect that the pkg was pulled (i.e. removed)00:42
mzzjimpop: I'd be tempted to just dig into /var/lib/apt and remove the remaining traces of it by hand, but I don't know how to do that without possibly making matters worse00:42
philsfjimpop, I don't think so. see http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/00:42
jimpoptry "sudo apt-get clean"00:42
mzzjimpop: alternative approach would be trying to get those scripts to run successfully by manually prodding update-alternatives00:42
wgrantOr just remove/comment the broken line in the prerm.00:42
mzzoh, that makes more sense00:43
wgrantHackish, but effective and safe if you know what you're doing.00:43
jimpopphilsf, interesting00:43
philsfwgrant, I don't, unfortunately, but I don't see any other option :)00:43
mzzand I meant /var/lib/dpkg, not /var/lib/apt00:43
uboxanyone figure out how to disable the desktop switch via mouse wheel?00:43
jimpopso it's in the repo, but not Releases00:43
wgrantphilsf: /var/lib/dpkg/info/adobe-flashplugin.prerm00:43
mzzphilsf: if I read this correctly he got it into that "very bad inconsistent state" at the same time as the package was dropped coincidentally00:44
philsfjimpop, it also appears in apt-cache policy <pkg>00:44
Jordan_U_ubox: Should be disabled by default in karmic00:44
philsfjimpop, oh wait, not anymore00:44
uboxmine was enabled by default to and i can't figure out how to turn it off jordan_u00:44
jbuncherubox, Install the compiz config settings, and uncheck "viewport switcher"00:45
wgrantDeleted in karmic-release 8 hours ago  (Reason: upgrade from jaunty causes update-alternatives breakage)00:45
wgrant(that is why adobe-flashplugin was removed from karmic)00:45
uboxjbuncher: but isn't that for compiz?00:46
philsfI upgraded this afternoon at work. had I waited to get home...00:46
jbuncherubox:  yeah, do you not have compiz enabled?00:46
uboxno i am using kde00:46
jimpopwgrant, interesting00:46
philsfwgrant, is there a bug report in this? maybe a workaround?00:46
td123ubox: you could be using compiz and kde00:46
jimpopwgrant, will it re-appear in Partner?00:46
jbuncherubox :  oh, sorry.  No idea then.  I haven't poked around in kde too much.00:47
wgrantjimpop: I presume so.00:47
wgrantphilsf: There are lots of bugs. I'm hunting for a workaround.00:47
uboxtd123 i could, but i am just using the kde desktop effects as they are quite nice on their own00:47
philsfwgrant, thanks00:47
jbuncherubox;  once I couldn't figure out how to get "shut down" or "restart" into the kicker/kickoff/whatever menu, I haven't used it much.00:47
td123ubox: ah, ok, just checking :P00:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459124 in adobe-flashplugin "package adobe-flashplugin failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:48
jaime__Hello, I'm using kubuntu 9.10 and while trying to modify the software sources with the Kpackagekit, my sources.list is all damaged. Could someone please give me alink or pastebin the original sources.list from kubuntu 9.1000:48
wgrantAs I suspected.00:48
uboxjbuncher: i had that problem too and found out it was because i had started x from command line00:48
uboxalso from rescue mode if that has an effect00:49
td123well, gl on the release! (I'm not an actual user :P)00:49
jbuncherubox:  I'm just selecting KDE from gdm on boot.00:49
darthanubisjaime__, just get the source.list file from your install disk00:49
uboxjbuncher: hmm, that is strange00:50
wgrantphilsf: See the comment I linked to above to get that package out of your system.00:50
darthanubisjaime__, and I would not use kpackageit, synaptic is the best imho00:50
uboxkpackagekit works great00:50
darthanubisapparently not00:50
uboxat least now it does, it didn't earlier in the month00:50
jaime__kpackagekit on 9.10 is definitly not stable yet00:51
uboxi dunno, seems stable to me00:51
uboxsorry, i'm multitasking, what is the problem being had?00:51
jaime__darthanubis: I just mounted the CD and I don't find the sources.list, can you tell me where it is?00:52
philsfwgrant, perfect, thanks!00:52
philsfseems an easy enough fix. it should be back in the repo in no time00:52
wgrantphilsf: That is in no way a fix.00:53
darthanubisjaime__, no my friend, boot from it in rescue mode. Then chroot into the running system. Find the file in /etc/apt/ and email it to yourself or soemthing?00:53
philsfis the 'set -e' necessary?00:53
Jordan_U_philsf: Yes00:53
philsfI thought it was used for debugging00:53
wgrantphilsf: Yes, or commands in the script can fail silently.00:54
uboxjamie__ /etc/apt/sources.list00:54
wgrantset -x is debugging.00:54
wgrantset -e is not.00:54
uboxsorry, my scroll bar got stuck00:54
webbb82im trying to install prism  but everytime i try i get xulrunner-1.9.1-dom-inspector is required but cant be in stalled what the heck00:54
jaime__Is someone here using ubuntu 9.10, if yes, could you please pastebin it for me??00:54
BUGabundohitting the pillow. gdnuit everyone00:54
jaime__I mean, the source.list00:54
uboxone second kamie__00:54
uboxsorry jamie__ :)00:55
philsfE: I wasn't able to locate file for the adobe-flashplugin package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.00:55
webbb82The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:55
webbb82  prism: Depends: xulrunner-1.9.1-dom-inspector but it is not installable00:55
jimpopwgrant, the jaunty prerm script has a bug00:55
jimpopset +x reveals:00:55
jimpopecho prerm called with unknown argument `'00:55
jimpopline 51:   echo "prerm called with unknown argument \`$1'" >&200:56
jimpopwhat's that tick for?00:56
uboxjamie__ http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/300163/00:56
webbb82how do i fix broken packages00:56
jaime__ubox, that's very nice from you, I tried to find it in google for a long time, without success!! Thanks a lot!00:56
wgrantjimpop: Just to look nice.00:57
wgrantwebbb82: What's broken?00:57
darthanubiswebbb82, it will tell you what to do00:57
uboxjamie__ no problem :)00:57
darthanubiswebbb82, synaptic has a "fix broken packages" button00:57
wgrantdarthanubis: It depends how broken things are.00:59
webbb82synaptic isnt finding any00:59
webbb82but apt-get said so00:59
wgrantwebbb82: Can you pastebin the whole error that apt-get gives you?00:59
webbb82wgrant: http://pastebin.com/m7e94e91701:00
linuxguy2009I installed 9.10 netbook edition and I dont see an option to change desktop mode from netbook to regular. Has that been done away with?01:00
BlackFatewebbb82, try sudo apt-get install xulrunner-1.9.1-dom-inspector01:02
BlackFateand paste the errors01:02
philsfwgrant, the workaround does not work for me01:03
wgrantphilsf: What does it do?01:03
philsfE: I wasn't able to locate file for the adobe-flashplugin package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.01:03
philsfwgrant, ^^01:03
mzzlinuxguy2009: it's probably just not installed by default. Try apt-get install desktop-switcher, iirc01:04
wgrantphilsf: Is that when apt-get removing it?01:04
webbb82BlackFate: http://pastebin.com/m2e72265401:04
philsfI think I got a way to dpkg force my way out of this mess01:04
wgrantBug #45665001:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456650 in prism "prism depends on xulrunner-1.9.1-dom-inspector which doesn't exist" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45665001:04
BlackFatewebbb82, i guess you have to wait then01:05
BlackFatewebbb82, or try another source01:05
wgrantwebbb82: For now, uninstall prism to unbreak things.01:05
philsfyes, I used --force-all to install the karmic version, apply the workaround and then force-remove01:05
wgrantphilsf: That's what I was going to suggest next.01:05
philsfso if the bug is in the jaunty version, I should be able to use the karmic one, right?01:06
philsfanswer: nope01:07
philsfubuntu-netbook-remix got installed when I upgraded Jaunty to Karmic. Is this expected?01:09
mzzphilsf: afaict only if you had desktop-switcher installed01:10
jaime__Does anyone know how to make kde faster, I mean removing all the special effects. I already removed extra desktops, contents are not shown while moving or resizing windows. What else can I do?01:10
philsfmzz, ok01:10
mzzphilsf: but I could easily be missing something upgrade-specific01:10
jimpopphilsf, i had to vi the dpkg status file and manually remove adobe-flashplugin section01:15
jimpopthen apt-get install libnspr4-dev, and then dpkg -i the karmic version01:16
jimpopthat seems to work... for me ;-)01:16
philsfjimpop, I did the force install trick twice, to be sure01:16
philsfI mean, not to be sure, I actually needed it, but now I'm sure it also works :)01:16
jimpopforce-all kept breaking for me01:16
philsfjimpop, the karmic package is also buggy01:17
jimpopkarmic itself is sorta buggy01:17
jimpopat least flash is working ;-)01:17
philsfoops, is this a versioning bug? the upgrade path for tzdata does not work01:19
philsf2009o+repack-0ubuntu0.9.04 > 2009o-101:19
frandieguezHi to all! Recently the new language packs have been released with some bugs I have fixed on the translations... but the interface shows the previous translations. I reboot the computer and try a lot of things but doesn't work. Want can I do to refresh the translation cache it this exists??01:27
frandieguezI try creating a new user but doesn't work too01:28
* mzz randomly comes across /var/log/gdm/xsplash.log and wonders if get_background_filename is off by one when comparing resolutions01:28
LeifSo, can anyone tell me how to upgrade from the beta, to the RC?01:31
fcuk112anyone got x-fi working with karmic?01:31
LeifWhenever I try to hit the upgrade button, it yells at me saying it can't do a full upgrade, and offers to do a partial one01:31
drs305Leif - Just wait until the packages are resolved, or see which ones aren't going to be installed - and take your chances (not recommended but done at times).01:33
gnuisancev4anyone have any experiences with electricsheep screensaver and karmic?01:33
mzzhmm, it *was* off by one, but the unreleased version of the code always uses the same high-res image. Odd.01:33
Leifdrs305: okay, although I have never been able to run the updater... is that a bad thing?01:35
drs305Leif: It's never done an update since you installed Beta?01:36
drs305Leif: You could look through the packages in Synaptic/Update manager and see which ones are unticked. Or run "sudo apt-get upgrade -s" to simulate the upgrade and again see which packages are beging kept back.01:37
jbuncherLeif, there's a known bug where the updates won't run automatically from the beta, you have to run them manually.  As far as the "partial upgrade", its likely that iether there is a dependency that hasn't been uploaded yet, or that a conflicts was added and apt wants to remove a package.  I had that earlier today, with some konquerer plugin packages.01:37
XVampireXI need some help, I'm trying to install this: https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa01:37
XVampireXBut whenever I try to install the nvidia drivers there, it wants me to completely wipe off my karmic install01:38
Leifjbuncher: ya, I ran in manuelly, but is there anything I can do about it?01:38
XVampireXCan anyone help me around?01:39
durtXVampireX, without looking at the ppa, could you just use gdebi instead of adding the ppa to your sources?01:39
XVampireXgdebi how... you mean download the packages?01:40
drs305Leif:  Have you read the Partial Upgrade sticky:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128630901:40
XVampireXI don't even know how to get the debs from the ppa...01:40
jbuncherLeif, just click install, don't worry about the partial upgrade.  Once all of hte packages are installed, you can run synaptic to try and upgrade the remaining ones and see what it wants to do.01:41
durtXVampireX, again without looking at what is involved, ya basically, click on the little arrows to get to the .debs IIRC.01:41
Leifdrs305: No, I haven't I will give it a look, thanks01:41
Leifjbuncher: Okay, will do, thanks01:41
XVampireXdurt, what arrows?01:42
Leiflol, I apperently have 713 MB of updates...01:45
LeifI could just redownload the RC, lol01:45
nemoaaaah yes. it's that time of evening when vlc is going to stutter every few seconds until I restart pulseaudio again :(01:45
nemokarmic RC indeed01:45
XVampireXhmm, well I downloaded the packages, I'll try now, sec01:45
jimpopnemo, yep.01:45
cxoI did an upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 dev and now the spellcheck doesnt work in openoffice and in thunderbird?01:45
=== Darkstar28 is now known as RedSky
durtXVampireX, sorry, click 'view package details' then select which package you want.01:48
stooshi made a upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 i386 on an old P4 Laptop with ati. I get a fully system freeze in the gnome desktop after about 2 min01:48
aprilharewhy is apport being disabled? karmic still has bugs i wanna report.01:51
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:51
stooshwithout starting X, i there is no freeze. and when i choose a different deskktop at the boot screen (gnome save mode or KDE) there is no prob01:51
jimpoptoo many bugs are being reported01:51
aprilharefirefox is a big bug imho01:51
stooshsomewhere here to help me?01:52
aprilharei'm getting so much instablility its not funny. some of it is the flash plugin (amd64).01:52
aprilharebut the rest is all firefox01:52
stooshwhat is stability?01:52
jimpopstoosh, you aren't really giving enough detail to know where the problem could be01:52
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jimpopwhat happens before the freeze?01:53
chu_Just installed emacs23! Very snappy. Also found out how to Make with emacs. Awesome.01:53
aprilharestoosh: a stable thing is something that stands up on its own. an unstable thing is something that doesn't.01:53
aprilhareand firefox is just falling down here01:53
stooshstill after the boot process01:53
stooshit makes no matter if i do anything...01:54
RedSkyI have a Dell Latitude D630 that has the Intel video chip set and during boot I get a motionless white Ubuntu logo before the animated bootsplash appears. Will this be expected in the final build? I've been testing this for 3 weeks and love it. Just curious about the splash.01:54
jimpopstoosh, have you check syslog, dmesg, Xorg.0.log, etc?01:54
hsarciis there a way to get firefox to have the same theme as the windows default theme? i dont mean the fonts i mean the theme01:55
bazhanghsarci, on karmic?01:55
stooshnot really... i have no idea what i should search...01:55
RedSkythere used to be an IE theme as an add-on01:55
hsarcibazhang, yes01:55
bazhanghsarci, firefox is not standard in windows01:56
hsarcibazhang, i think you missunderstood my questoin01:57
bazhangindeed. please clarify01:57
hsarcibazhang, have you ever used firefox in windows?01:57
hsarcibazhang, firefox in windows looks differnt then in linux...and i dont mean the fonts i mean the theme....i want the windows firefox theme on my karmic firefox...01:58
aprilharefirefox gives me Segmentation fault (core dumped)01:59
aprilharebut how do i capture the seg fault and rport?01:59
jimpophsarci, that's really an issue for #firefox, not karmic01:59
hsarcijimpop, i will check ther02:00
bazhanghsarci, check the mozilla addons. not really a karmic/windows issue02:00
aprilharei tried using "firefox -safe-mode -g", browsing to the website that causes the segmentation fault, but no report.02:02
jbuncheraprilhare, what site causes the seg fault?02:02
aprilharejbuncher: it has flash on it. i guess the flash clashes and causes seg fault02:03
stooshthe last entry in my syslog is from pulseaudio02:03
XVampireXSomething is wrong there >_<02:03
bazhanginstall flashblock. works fine here02:03
histolmao at the ballonboygame02:03
jbuncheraprilhare, does it crash while playing or just when opening up the front page02:03
XVampireXMaybe someone could help me get vdpau working, at least?02:04
aprilharejbuncher: a few moments after the flash game loads.02:04
XVampireXRight now I'm using 190.36 nvidia drivers (Official binary)02:04
XVampireXdon't know how to enable vdpau on it02:04
aprilharejbuncher: no human interaction required for crash, though.02:04
raeldenkhey there02:04
stooshit says "most likely there is a bug in the alsa driver "snd_intel8x0"02:04
stooshis this maybe my problem?02:04
jbuncheraprilhare, hmm, seems to be workign here02:04
aprilhareit should be noted i am using amd64 flash from adobe website02:05
aprilhareshould I switch back to wrapper flash?02:05
raeldenkdoes karmic really boot in 10 second ?02:05
jbuncheraprilhare, ah, I'm on a 32-bit install, so that may be the difference.02:05
aprilharejbuncher: then my crash may be a 64 bit thing02:06
aprilhareanyone else using 64 bit02:06
RedSkyaprilhare, I have flash from the adobe website on my amd6402:06
aprilhareRedSky: good man. how did you go with that website i mentioned02:06
stooshvar/log/messages/ is my the pulseaudio also the last entry.02:07
RedSkyaprilhare, one sec. I pulling up the link with the instructions I followed.02:07
aprilhareno worries02:08
stooshthere is another one: glxinfo: freeing invalid memtype02:08
stooshwhat does this means?02:08
raeldenkdoes karmic really boot in 10 second ?02:08
aprilhareraeldenk: try it for yourself.02:08
jimpopthat's funny02:08
jimpopkarmic has more startup apps ... no way it can start faster than intrepid02:09
raeldenka have a slow connection and can't download 700 Mo to try if it boot in 10 sec02:09
aprilhareraeldenk: usb stick version floating around?02:10
stooshcant find something in the xorg.0.log02:11
jimpopstoosh, what about .xsession-errors02:12
stooshwhere do i finde them?02:12
jimpopit's in your $HOME dir02:13
stooshis this only from the last session?02:16
stooshthere is no time stamp...02:16
stooshthere are some critical entries:02:18
stooshgnome-settings-deamon: Glib-CRITICAL ....02:19
jimpopthose (unfortunately) are normal02:19
stooshand a error from nautilus02:20
jimpopthat too is pretty common02:20
stooshmh, and where is my prob?02:21
stooshis there something i could try?02:21
jimpopwas this an upgraded system?02:21
stooshfrom 9.0402:22
jimpopcan you try creating a new user account and then reboot and login as that new user02:22
stooshok... thats an idea02:22
jimpopthat might help to determine if it's a system issue or a setting issue02:22
jimpoper, user setting issue02:22
stooshsorry... how is the command for creating a new user?02:24
stooshthe gui tool doesnt work02:24
jimpopsudo adduser stoosh202:25
jimpopor such02:25
stooshah thanx. i should now it02:25
aprilhareok reinstalling flash with script suggested by redsky didn't work02:27
localnnuser__is any one familiar with remastersys? is it working on karmic?02:27
stooshok... i logged in as the new user... lets see...02:27
RedSky    File name: libflashplayer.so   Shockwave Flash 10.0 r3202:27
aprilharestill getting segmentation fault02:28
aprilhareits a real bug folks02:28
stooshits so clean :(02:28
localnnuser__flash? ive just reinstalled all the os cause of flash02:28
jimpopstoosh, :-)02:28
stooshthanx! it really works!02:29
localnnuser__come on, no one tried remastersys under karmic?02:29
jimpopstoosh, wait a bit longer to be sure02:29
stooshoh no.. too early :(02:29
stooshand now?02:31
jimpop2 secs.. fire alarm going off here02:32
stooshthats hard02:32
AsgardBeastAnyone having audio problems?02:32
fcuk112i am getting no sound using my x-fi.02:32
localnnuser__AsgardBeast: i had, on my laptop because ubuntu turned off my audio card every 10 seconds02:32
RedSkynothing aside from a seriously loud shutdown beep that is intermittent.02:33
AsgardBeastI'm kinda baffled by this. The audio works for general system sounds and short audio files. But if I try and play a longer duration file it cuts off about 15 to 20 seconds into the file.02:34
AsgardBeastEverything worked fine in 9.04.02:35
aprilharethats interesting. i actually switched back to the wrappered flash and its even more unstable with the balloon boy game. reinstall 64 bit flash and at least it loads02:35
aprilharebefore crashing02:35
cxoI LOVE UBUNTU!!!02:36
aprilharei love days spent in the sunshine. your point cxo? :)02:36
cxoEvery new release of any other linux distro there is more crud, more unnecessary scripting and more buggy guis. With every new release of Ubuntu, its faster, more streamlined and cleaner than the last! Thats why I love Ubuntu02:37
aprilharelook. i want to report this firefox/flash bug. how do i go about it02:37
aprilharehow do i access the core dump from the segmentation fault?02:38
cxoflash is a bit wonky for me too, but not too bad, mainly to do with mouse input though02:38
aprilharei'll attach it to a bug report if someone will tell me02:38
nick125I hope Karmic doesn't ship with the broken Flash.02:39
aprilhareotherwise... it'll be a bug that'll exist forever02:39
aprilharenick125: 5 days - it'll ship with it02:39
nick125aprilhare: That's what I'm afraid of.02:39
cxocoredump is usually in the working directory of the application02:39
cxoor you could just run the sucker in gdb, but running ff3 in gdb is ugly business02:40
jimpopstoosh, ok, so it still froze?02:40
fcuk112anyone using evolution synched with gmail?02:41
* jimpop doesn't believe that cxo installed Karmic02:41
cxoi did a update-manager -d thing from 9.0402:41
stooshyes it did02:42
jimpopand you feel that karmic is "lighter weight" than other distros?02:42
aprilharecxo: i traid the latter, couldn't see where anything went anywhere. the former i looked in the current directory and found nothing02:42
jimpopstoosh, what kind of video card?02:42
aprilharefcuk112: you mean with imap02:42
aprilhareimap good02:42
stoosha old ati02:42
cxoits lighter than the previous release02:42
jimpopstoosh, on Jaunty were you using the proprietary drivers from ati.com ?02:43
fcuk112aprilhare: i guess, it added a [Google Mail] folder within the account which is empty.  what's it for?02:43
cxoaprilhare, i dont know man, check google or something, some programs cwd after executing02:43
stooshthink i don't02:43
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stooshused the normal jaunty driver02:44
cxothe ati driver that came with 9.10 just worked for me02:44
cxobridgman says catalyst 9.10 is more up-to-date than that release though02:44
aprilharefcuk112: sounds like you're not using imap right. that directory will synch to the directory structure of your gmail02:45
fcuk112which version of ALSA does karmic ship with?02:48
jimpopstoosh, run this cmd "find /usr/lib/xorg/modules/ -type f | grep ati" and for every file it finds run a "dpkg -S <file>' to validate that any xorg modules are the ones from karmic02:48
jimpopcxo: did you do an upgrade from Jaunty on the ati system?02:48
cxoyes boss, i had the catalyst.run install before02:49
cxojust worked, after the upgrade, havent touched it, was thinking of installing the latest catalyst, but there doesnt seem to be any changes that affect me, so just left it as it02:50
jimpopcxo gotcha02:50
cxoif it makes any difference, when i did the upgrade, i was using a non-ubuntu kernel, after the upgrade i switched to the newly installed one02:51
stooshfound only the ati_drv.so02:51
jimpopstoosh, and that wasn't in any pkgs?02:51
stooshdpkg says: xserver-xorg-video-ati02:52
jimpopstoosh,  it may just be that the newer driver doesn't work well with your older vidcard.02:52
jimpopdebugging that is beyond my skill level ;-)02:53
stooshthat woudn't be nice02:53
jimpopstoosh, i agree02:54
jimpopstoosh, just out of curiosity have you tried the older radeon driver?02:54
jimpopi think that's what it's called02:55
stooshso i should install an older driver?02:55
cxobut honestly if you have less than a HD4xxx use the open sauce driver, it has 3d and stuff02:55
jimpopstoosh, it might be in pkg xserver-xorg-video-radeon02:56
jimpopobviously remove the -ati pkg at the same time02:56
stooshi found my model... its a ATI Mobility Radeon 750002:56
stooshwith 32MB mem02:56
cxothats likely not to be supported with the current slew of ati drivers02:57
cxoi think they just commented out the pci ids or something, but its not listed in the support list anymore02:58
jimpopstoosh, at least try the xserver-xorg-video-radeon driver (but make sure to remove the xserver-xorg-video-ati driver)02:58
stooshin which file?02:58
cxono doesnt he need -ati? -radeon is for >HD4xxx cards right?02:58
jimpopcxo: think the xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd would be better?02:58
cxooh i see, radeon and radeonhd, in xgit, its ati and radeonhd02:59
johntramphi.  just installed ubuntu 9.10rc and it tells me the initrd is too big when trying to boot from grub.02:59
jimpopyeah, they keep it confused ;-)02:59
cxoinitrd can never be too big, its lying to you johntramp02:59
cxojust give it a good smack across the head03:00
jimpopstoosh, "sudo dpkg --purge  xserver-xorg-video-ati; sudo apt-get install  xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd"03:00
johntrampso how do i get past that cxo03:01
stooshok try it.. wait a moment...03:02
jimpopstoosh, sure03:03
cxojohntramp,  did you upgrade or fresh install?03:03
jimpopjohntramp, how much mem does the box have?03:03
johntrampfresh install03:03
johntramp1gb ram03:03
jimpopshould be plenty03:03
cxoi think once extracted, initrd is like 30mb03:04
cxoyou can just skip the initrd altogether, depending on how dependent your box is to non-built-in drivers03:04
cxomaybe do that, and then debug it from a console03:05
cxogo to grub and hit Esc when it starts counting down to stop the timer03:05
cxothen go over the one you want to boot, and hit 'e'03:05
jimpopjohntramp, might want to first try "sudo update-initramfs -u"03:05
johntrampjimpop: cant boot into OS03:05
cxothen go over the line talking bout initrd and then hit 'e' again and use backspace and delete it03:06
cxoits just a temporary thing, once you reboot it will go back to its usual self03:06
johntrampjust remove the whole initrd line03:06
cxothen hit enter, and then 'b' to boot, should do i think03:07
jimpop'b' doesn't work any longer... it's Ctrl-X03:07
cxooh ok, i'm just going on memory here, i did my RHCE a decade ago :)03:08
wgrantThis changed in Karmic, with the switch to GRUB2.03:09
johntrampcxo: that kernel panic'd03:09
johntrampunable to mount root03:10
cxomaybe it couldnt find the hard drive03:10
cxothen it means your sata drivers are coming out of the initrd03:10
johntrampwhat would cause this problem?03:11
johntrampits a fresh install from the 9.10rc03:11
cxoi think grub doesnt know how much memory your pc has,03:11
cxoyou can explicitly tell it i think03:11
jimpopyep, add03:12
jimpopmem=768mb or such to the kernel cmd line03:12
johntrampdoes it have to be exact?03:13
cxoyou could do mem=999999999M wouldnt make a difference03:13
cxoi dont think the kernel takes it too seriously03:14
cxoits more for grub03:15
wgrantWhat are you trying to do?03:16
wgrantI haven't read back all the way.03:16
wgrantBut whatever you are trying to do, you're not doing it the right way.03:16
cxo:) "the right way"03:18
jimpopwgrant, johntramp is having initrd probs... won't boot03:18
wgrantWhat is the precise error message that GRUB gives?03:20
stooshjimpop: got the last?03:20
johntrampstill gave the same error...03:22
nekohayoanyone else lost sound with today's updates?03:22
nekohayo(no more devices are seen by gnome-volume-control03:22
GodfatherofEireanybody havin problems with Ubuntu Software Center, like installing things in it?03:22
johntrampwgrant: it says "error: initrd too big" when grub tries to boot03:23
johntrampthis is from a new install of 9.10rc03:23
wgrantjohntramp: Have other releases worked OK on that hardware?03:24
stooshnekohayo: my sound works fine sorry03:24
johntramphaven't tried03:24
nekohayohm, strange03:25
nekohayoeven after a reboot?03:25
stooshgood night and thanx again..:)03:26
aprilharestill looking for a way to get past the firefox bugs :)03:35
johntramp-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 7.3M 2009-10-24 01:50 initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic03:37
johntramplook normal?03:38
aprilharecan't see the file johntramp but the listing doesn't look unusual to me03:38
cxoTo be honest I think FF has always been buggy in Linux. It just feels so much faster on windows. I talk to my windows friends and they say Chrome is now the thing, maybe that might work for me if it had adblock and noscript, considering google made it, i doubt it03:38
cxoyes its normal03:38
johntrampaprilhare: but that is an expected size03:39
johntrampill try chroot in and update03:39
aprilharecxo: its *really* buggy though. not production quality even.03:40
aprilharedunno maybe i bring this upon myself running amd6403:40
cxoAdblock is a total must for me, noscript too is something i'm using more often these days03:41
altavatarI just installed Karmic and my digital-out audio stopped working. Ive checked the usual suspects (alsamixer, main volume is up, etc).aplay -l shows the digital out dev... not sure what to do, any ideas?03:41
aprilharebut somehow i expect flash and acroread plugins to work, and i expect my web browser not to crash all the time, and i expect to be able to deal with files i download properly without the functionality to be essentially broken. maybe its just me03:41
johntrampwill update-initramfs -u create a new initrd?03:42
jbuncheraprilhare, that could be, I've been running the alpha/beta/rc 32-bit and have been very impressed with the stability.03:43
arrrghhhdoes anyone use pulse to stream audio across their network?03:43
cxoi use jacknet arrrghhh03:44
arrrghhhcxo, jacknet... never heard of it.03:44
cxoits just an output plugin for jack03:44
mmcjihowdee, i am having problems with laptop with Intel GMA 4500 video.  unable to get widescreen resolution.03:45
mmcjiis there a best practices way to setup xorg for this video chipset?03:45
ademosUbuntu 9.10-RC: One SATA hard disk is being detected, the other is not. When I run "blkid" I only see my system hard disk, and one of the storage hard disks. But one of the disks refuses to show up. ----- Would unplugging and replugging in the disk help? ---- Any other ideas?03:45
arrrghhhah.  does jack replace pulse?  i don't really care how i do it.  here's my setup... server in the living room w/music hooked up to stereo in local output jacks.  separate machine in the bedroom, i'd like to stream the sound to that room as in sync as possible... i use mpd, i'm assuming that wouldn't matter?03:45
aprilharejbuncher: you tend to feel abandoned when it comes to 64 bit operating system in terms of support03:46
ademosaprilhare, agreed03:46
aprilharejbuncher: its bugs that should have been ironed out revisions ago03:46
km_cxo: adsweep for chrome: http://adsweep.org/03:46
jbuncheraprilhare, yeah, flash support is the main reason I haven't switched over03:47
ademosSo is there any other way to detect a hard disk? because auto-detection has failed...03:47
arrrghhhcxo, is there a simple guide on how to use jack?03:47
jbuncheraprilhare, the install base for 32 bit is just so much larger, much greater chance of bugs getting quashed.03:47
ademosjbuncher, I use 64 bit Flash. It's worked pretty reliably for the last couple months03:47
aprilharejbuncher: theoretically it should be fine. it was a couple of updates during karmic development that have essentially made it unstable03:48
aprilharevery recent updates03:48
ademosjbuncher, http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/64bit.html03:48
aprilharejbuncher: thats the plugin i'm using03:48
aprilhareits firefox though. firefox has grown unstable03:48
jbuncheraprilhare, besides, I don't have any machines with > 2 gig of ram, so 64 bit doesn't really net me any advantages I don't think03:49
ademosaprilhare, especially Firefox-3.7 >:)03:49
arrrghhhaprilhare, i have had 3.5.x crash a lot more than any other firefox i've ran in a while...03:49
aprilharejbuncher: ram isn't the only reason you use 64 bit. there are speed increases.03:49
chu_Or larger word sizes.03:49
aprilhareademos: i'm on 3.5.x03:49
ademosaprilhare, I'm on 3.7a1 :D03:50
arrrghhh64-bit isn't that much faster unless you rebuild all your stuff from scratch...  most of the stuff still seems to be built for x86 by default.03:50
ademosaprilhare, I love the new tab-loading visuals03:50
ademosaprilhare, do you have any idea about my issue I asked about?03:50
Tinasonhello, does anyone know how to get intel hda acl888 sound to work, at all ?03:51
aprilhareademos: question?03:51
ademosaprilhare, sorry03:52
aprilhareademos: oh the hdd03:52
aprilhareno sorry03:52
aprilhareeverything i own autodetects03:52
ademosaprilhare, well from 7.10-9.04 everything I own did too ;)03:52
faustoDoes enyone have a proble mith karmic freezing on boot (black screeen) untill you send the term signam (alt+sysrq+e)?03:53
filgyfausto: did you disable usplash and quiet to see the boot messages?03:54
faustohow can I debug a freeze on boot, there is nothing on the screen03:54
faustohow do I disable usplash?03:54
filgyfausto: press e in grub and remove 'quiet' and 'splash'03:55
webbb82what do you guys think about google desktop in ubuntu does it slow down your computer or wouold a differant app be better off03:56
Asa_Ahow do I get my tab completion back? "sudo apti<tab>" doesn't complete to aptitude even though I have it installed03:56
faustofilgy: I'll reboot and try it, be back in 5min03:57
webbb82i think you can find it in the  keyboard shortcuts app03:57
filgyAsa_A: did you try pressing tab twice quickly ?03:58
Asa_Ayes, it simply ignores the tab03:58
filgyweird... dunno03:58
Asa_A"sudo" seems to break it "apti<tab>" works03:59
johntrampany ideas what i can do about this initrd too big?04:03
webbb82is there a way to get yahoo widgets in ubuntu04:04
i_is_brokeis anyone else having issues with amarok or is it just me?04:04
wgrantjohntramp: Perhaps install 9.04 or another release that uses GRUB1 and see if that works.04:05
johntrampwgrant: this says it is grub 1.97~beta404:06
wgrantjohntramp: That's GRUB2.04:06
wgrant(well, a prerelease thereof)04:07
johntrampcan i chroot in and change to grub1?04:07
johntrampdoes lilo even exist any more?04:07
wgrantYou should be able to install GRUB1 (the 'grub' package)04:07
filgylilo exists but is not recommended04:08
wgrantlilo exists, but I haven't used it for a Very Long Time.04:08
johntrampwgrant: would you expect this to be fixed in a few days when karmic is released?04:09
filgyjohntramp: i'd say file a bug report04:10
wgrantjohntramp: Unlikely. I don't know of an existing bug about it.04:11
wgrantThings don't often magically get fixed; you need to file a bug.04:11
altavatarI just installed Karmic and my digital-out audio stopped working. Ive checked the usual suspects (alsamixer, main volume is up, etc).aplay -l shows the digital out dev... not sure what to do, any ideas?04:11
filgyaltavatar: if you go to system->prefs->hardware tab... does it show your sound card there?04:12
DanThirstBrasero isn't letting me add audio files keeps saying "Halloween Theme.mp3" is not suitable for audio or video media.04:12
wgrantaltavatar: Right click on the volume icon in the notification area, hit Sound Preferences, and make sure the right device is selected in the Output tb.04:12
altavatarfilgy:  yep04:13
wgrantDanThirst: Can you play that file?04:13
DanThirstits doing it for all files04:13
filgyaltavatar: try what wgrant said04:13
altavatarwgrant: yep Digital Stereo (IEC958) Output... I've tried the other digital output options as well04:13
filgyaltavatar: does alsamixer have an option for 'Analog/Digital Output Jack' or something similar.. make sure it isn't muted04:14
wgrantaltavatar: Not sure. You might have to file a bug.04:14
altavatarthe pulseaudio volume app shows output when i play an audio file. There's just no actual sound04:14
altavatarfilgy: it has an option for IEC958 (3 actually) that is not muted. Ive also set PCM and master volume to 10004:15
altavatarwgrant: thx anyways04:15
DanThirstany idea's or suggestions like maybe there is another program i could try04:15
filgyaltavatar: do you have latest updates?04:15
altavatarfilgy: just did a dist-upgrade a little while ago04:16
filgyaltavatar: dunno... sounds like definately an alsa issue though since PA isn't complaining04:16
webbb82ok i have empathy , and my status is set to available  but in the system tray next to my computer name the icon should be green but its blackish grey04:17
wgrantAll I can recommend at this point is 'ubuntu-bug alsa-base'04:17
altavatarfilgy: yeah, ive tried playing audio wih aplay and speaker-test, nothing :-/04:17
altavataranalog works though04:17
wgrantwebbb82: Icons to the right of the top panel should no longer be coloured.04:17
wgrantwebbb82: A solid dark grey speech bubble means Available.04:18
filgyaltavatar: file a bug report.. it worked fine in 9.04?04:18
webbb82is there anyway to change the color of tthat and the color of my wifi bar04:18
wgrantwebbb82: You can choose an alternate icon theme.04:18
altavatarfilgy: yep. gonna try the live cd now to make sure that the cable, etc are all good04:18
johntrampwgrant: will installing grub remove grub2?04:19
wgrantjohntramp: Very probably.04:19
webbb82that will change the wifi bars color?04:19
wgrantjohntramp: But note that installing the 'grub' package will not actually write it to the MBR.04:19
wgrantwebbb82: They are just another icon, so yes.04:20
filgyjohntramp: keep in mind changes bootloaders should be done with caution04:20
wgrantfilgy: It can't be broken any harder than it is now...04:20
johntrampwhat's the ubuntu way of updating the bootloader?04:20
wgrantjohntramp: Try 'update-grub' then 'grub-install hd0' (unless you know a better device name)04:20
Blueyhow do you know if you have grub or grub2 installed?04:21
filgyBluey: if you upgraded from 9.04 you should have grub104:21
filgyBluey: if you did a fresh karmic install it should be grub204:21
Blueyfilgy: I did a clean install04:21
wgrantYou will have GRUB2, unless you installed months ago.04:22
Blueyfilgy: i see no difference --04:22
test34I install less then months ago and I have grub 1.9704:22
Blueywgrant: no i installed a few days ago04:22
wgranttest34: 1.97 is the latest pre-release of GRUB2.04:22
filgyBluey: it's not meant for you to see a difference.. just like you may not notice the difference between one kernel upgrade and another04:23
wgrantJust like 0.97 is actually GRUB1.04:23
test34so you need to round up with grub04:23
wgranttest34: Right. Similar with X.org stuff.04:23
wgrantThey do things like for 1.7rc1.04:23
webbb82ok when i change the icon theme the wifi bar in the top corner still stays dark grey04:23
DanThirstbrasero is just hosed, can any one suggest any other cd burning software04:23
Blueyso grub2 still uses menu.lst?04:24
wgrantBluey: No.04:24
Blueyis there a grub2 page I can read up on ?04:24
wgrantwebbb82: Maybe you just chose an icon theme that was too similar.04:24
KnifeySpooneyBluey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Adding%20Entries%20to%20Grub%20204:24
BlueyKnifeySpooney: owm thanks04:24
test34wgrant, that makes sense04:25
johntrampok...fingers crossed04:26
KnifeySpooneyBluey: If you're like me, you'll like the idea of putting a calming splash image on grub2 for the other comp users :D04:26
wgrantKnifeySpooney: But in the default installation you do not even see GRUB2.04:26
wgrantThe menu does not show up by default.04:26
BlueyKnifeySpooney: I cn't find grub.d - and how do I set a splash image?04:27
KnifeySpooneywgrant: Showed up for me because i have other OSes04:27
jimpopwgrant, the menu still shows if you have 2+ OS entries04:27
scott_ino2hello, just installed karmic, will mediabuntu work for it04:27
KnifeySpooneyBluey: it's folder /etc/grub.d04:27
wgrantjimpop: Ah, yes. That will be fixed in Lucid.04:27
jdahmSo if anyone is interested, I'n running Karmic perfectly on a MBP 3,104:27
wgrantSee also /etc/default/grub.04:27
wgrantscott_ino2: Medibuntu? You will have to ask theme.04:27
BlueyKnifeySpooney: okay found that how do I set a spalsh screen?04:28
scott_ino2wgrant, alright... was just wondering if anybody knew if they updated their repository to include karmic already04:28
scott_ino2wgrant, this isn't a distro just a repo04:28
wgrantscott_ino2: It's still a third-party repo which Ubuntu does not control.04:28
scott_ino2wgrant, i know, was just wondering if anyone in here knew before i gave it a whirl04:29
KnifeySpooneyBluey: I added a splash image by following the tutorial on this page: http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20Splashimages.html04:29
KnifeySpooneyit's a great explanation page04:29
Blueyokay will look at that04:29
kuttansafter update and upgrade yesterday night my bluetooh audio headsets are unable to get bonded anyone facing the same problem?04:30
scott_ino2wgrant, just so you know it appears they already added it :)04:30
faustohi all, what do I need to press during boot to display the grub boot menu?04:30
kuttansfausro: shift key04:30
wgrantfausto: Hold down Shift.04:30
KnifeySpooney@all - I love Ubuntu Karmic's new add-apt-repository command! Makes it so much easier to install a gpg key04:30
wgrantKnifeySpooney: Also note that there is a GUI for that.04:31
KnifeySpooneywgrant: For add-apt-repository? what is it?04:31
DanThirsthttp://pastebin.com/d1425c797 - i tried to remove and reinstall the package and it gave some odd results04:31
wgrantKnifeySpooney: Well, specifically for PPAs.04:31
wgrantKnifeySpooney: You can just give 'ppa:USERNAME/PPANAME' as a third-party source in Software Sources, and it will do the magic keygrabbing for you.04:31
wgrantDanThirst: That looks OK.04:32
jdahmthe only complaint I have is that some of the menu icons don't show up.  Specifically under the "System" menu04:32
KnifeySpooneywgrant: Yeah, the terminal does that too. I did that to add the chromium-daily ppa pubkey04:32
wgrantjdahm: That's a deliberate GNOME design decision.04:32
DanThirstyeah still can't add any files04:32
jdahmwgrant: wow. really??04:33
wgrantjdahm: You can revive them in System->Preferences->Appearance->Interface04:33
KnifeySpooneyjdahm: Go to Appearance > Interface and enable "Show icons in menus"04:33
wgrantjdahm: Hopefully eventually the space where the icons were will disappear.04:33
wgrantAnd that will make it look a bit less damn awful.04:33
jdahmI don't so much mind that they are gone either.  But the space is ugly! hehe04:34
wgrantIt's worse than ugly.04:34
KnifeySpooneyi love having icons there04:34
jdahmoverall though, I give kudos to gnome and ubuntu for putting together a beautiful release!04:34
webbb82is there anyway to change the wifi indicator applet icon04:34
wgrantjdahm: It is pretty excellent.04:34
wgrantwebbb82: The icon theme controls it. eg. try changing to High Contrast, and you'll see the icon change.04:34
scott_ino2any way to change the indicator applet position?04:35
wgrantscott_ino2: Right click, uncheck 'Lock to panel'?04:35
DanThirstyou mean im going to have to use windows to burn this cd >_>04:35
scott_ino2wgrant, i meant the notifications themselves appear in the middle of the screen04:35
scott_ino2or well middle right04:35
scott_ino2instead of top right04:36
wgrantscott_ino2: You mean offset about one notification-height from the top?04:36
jdahmwhen will gnome fix their convoluted icon positioning scheme?  (Is it fixed in 2.28?)04:36
wgrantjdahm: Which?04:36
jdahmwgrant: for gnome-panel, whenver I switch dislays icons always move around04:36
jdahmat least in old releases they did, I haven't switched displays with this one yet04:37
Daiooh.  i always had that problem when i used different resolutions (for games and whatnot)04:37
wgrantAh, applet positioning.04:37
wgrantIt doesn't seem too bad any more.04:37
wgrantIt's certainly better than it was a couple of years ago!04:37
jdahmhehe yes very much so04:38
scott_ino2wow the restricted-extras package is 305MB now04:41
td123what was added?04:41
wgrantIt shouldn't be that big.04:41
scott_ino2wgrant, well im installing it now04:41
scott_ino2i can't see what's added as it's downloading04:42
scott_ino2id have to look it up04:42
td123lol 300mb is gonna take a while to install :)04:42
scott_ino2Ok, im on 64bit and i believe it's downloading all of the 32bit libraries04:42
td123I kinda have a hard time believing it is 300mb04:42
scott_ino2so that might account for the extras04:42
scott_ino2td123, that's why i was so shocked that's huge04:43
i_is_brokegod i love google...its my hero..fixed my amarok..:D04:43
i_is_brokeyeah me04:43
scott_ino2but yeah it's downloading all of the 32 bit libraries04:43
td123scott_ino2: wait.. is it a 300mb download or 300mb installed size?04:43
td123scott_ino2: oh04:43
wgrantAhr, right, good old ia32-libs.04:43
scott_ino2yes all of them04:43
td123scott_ino2: that makes sense then04:44
wgrant300MB is particularly bad at the moment, as all the mirrors are overloaded already :(04:44
Blueyno splash screen looks like the old grub04:44
wgrantBluey: Hm?04:44
td123scott_ino2: there's nothing weird about that then... you're on a 64bit install04:44
scott_ino2td123, yeah but what package in there needs 32bit libraries04:44
Blueywgrant: I think I have grub install not grub2 -04:44
td123scott_ino2: that's what I'm also thinking :)04:44
wgrantBluey: apt-cache policy grub04:45
td123scott_ino2: java and flash are 64bit04:45
wgrantAnd 'apt-cache policy grub-pc'04:45
td123scott_ino2: it could be one of the codecs04:45
scott_ino2oh well... it's going at 100k so not too bad04:45
td123that's pretty good, earlier i was getting a 1.5kb dl off the main server04:46
Blueylooks like old guy -- apt-cache policy grub04:46
Blueygrub:  Installed: (none)  Candidate: 0.97-29ubuntu59  Version table:04:46
Bluey     0.97-29ubuntu59 0  500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com karmic/main Packages04:46
scott_ino2td123, yeah i thought about changing it04:46
wgrantBluey: Note the 'Installed: (none)'04:46
scott_ino2I wanted to do the upgrade before things get too crazy :)04:46
wgrantBluey: Old grub is not installed.04:46
faustoHi all, as I mentioned before my newly installed karmic hangs with a black screen during boot (with not disk activity) and only continues if I send a sigterm (alt+sysrq+e). Now I tried changing the boot optins to remove usplash and quiet and then it boots ok. Anyone have any idea on how to find the problem?04:46
scott_ino2plus i had to do a clean install as i wanted ext4 and didnt wanna fool with doing it in-place04:47
Blueywgrant: what does that mean?04:47
wgrantBluey: GRUB2 probably is.04:47
Blueywgrant: why does it look like the old grub then?04:47
wgrantBluey: Because they look very similar.04:47
wgrantBluey: It should give you a version number at the top of the menu.04:47
Blueywgrant: I set up a splash screen but it ignored it04:47
Blueywgrant: Version table:    0.97-29ubuntu59 004:48
wgrantBluey: I've no idea about any crazy splash screen stuff.04:48
wgrantBluey: That's just the available version.04:48
wgrantThe important bit is 'Installed: (none)'04:48
Blueywgrant: again what does that mean?04:48
wgrantBluey: There is no version of grub installed.04:49
wgrantWhich presumably means that grub2 is.04:49
faustofilgy: I disabled quiet usplash and it boots ok, I couldn't see any error message04:49
Blueywgrant: okay I'll see if i can find something on installing grub204:49
wgrantBluey: It is probably already installed, or you would be unable to boot.04:49
filgyfausto: so it's not hanging anymore or anything ?04:50
faustono, if I remove quiet usplash it does not hang, it boots ok04:51
filgyfausto: cool... it would really be beneficial if you took the time to fill out a bug report with your system specs explaining usplash hangs system and system boots fine without usplash04:52
faustofilgy: ok, what kind of info should I include in the report04:52
faustofilgy: and what kind of title (I'ḿ not good at chosing titles)?04:53
RomDI have no sound in kaffeine. amarok and totem are fine. does anyone wether I need a certain codec or something?04:53
i_is_brokeRomD, are you running gnome or kde?04:54
RomDi_is_broke: gnome04:54
i_is_brokeRomD, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras loaded?04:55
i_is_brokethats what i had to add to get my amarok to work.04:56
RomDi_is_broke: just installed it, but still no sound :/04:57
RomDneither video files or dvb has sound04:58
i_is_brokedid you close out and reopen it?04:58
i_is_brokeoh you need ffmepeg04:58
Blueywgrant: i rebooted I have gnu grub v 1.97 - which is NOT 2.....at least I am not going out of my mind....04:58
wgrantBluey: 1.97 is 2.04:58
i_is_brokeoops ffmpeg...duh04:58
scott_ino2beta beta04:58
wgrantBluey: 0.97 is 1, 1.97 is 204:58
Blueywgrant: I see no chain loader menu04:59
wgrantBluey: Did you expect to?04:59
Blueywgrant: yes04:59
wgrantBluey: Why?04:59
Blueywgrant: because I thought I was still running v 105:00
RomDi_is_broke: seems to be a tough one. no success with ffmpeg either. I think I saw a demuxer error when I first opened a channel.05:00
wgrantBluey: Well, you're not.05:00
RomDmy amarok had sound out of the box05:00
_akahige_tried upgrading from jaunty and hit a wall. the new kernel does not load to the desktop. it reports a bunch of fs mount errors and dumps to a shell that flickers like the keyboard's gone berserk (which means I can't login). fortunately, I *can* get to desktop with the 2.6.28-16 kernel. am hoping for some advice.05:01
i_is_brokeRomD, well thats something i havent messed with, maybe someone else might have an idea then.05:01
RomDmaybe there's just the wrong device, but I can't find sound settings05:01
RomDin kaffeine05:01
faustothat software draws the fading ubuntu logo on a black screen before xsplash?05:01
wgrant_akahige_: 'sudo update-initramfs -u' once you've booted, then reboot. If that still doesn't work, file a bug against 'linux'.05:02
wgrantfausto: That's usplash.05:02
_akahige_wgrant: can I do that from X (where I am now) ?05:02
faustowgrant: but I thouth karmic wouldn't have usplash?05:02
gilos123I need help getting my grub to be the bootloader again instead of win7 that I installed to a separate partition after installing 9.10 (on  a new drive)05:02
wgrantfausto: It wasn't originally intended to, but it does.05:03
td123fausto: I also heard that05:03
wgrantfausto: It runs before X can be started.05:03
_akahige_wgrant: which kernel did you mean I should boot to for the update-initramfs ?05:06
_akahige_(or does it matter)05:06
osirisx11does anyone have any suggestions for boot-time enc? I'm a huge fan of truecrypt but i don't think it offers boot time enc for linux05:06
wgrant_akahige_: Any which boots, really. The command I gave will always update the initramfs of the latest installed kernel, regardless of which is booted.05:07
wgrantosirisx11: The Ubuntu alternate installer offers full disk encryption.05:08
wgrantosirisx11: The desktop installer only offers home directory encryption.05:08
mzzosirisx11: possibly see cryptsetup (which afaik is what you get if you tell the installer to encrypt a partition)05:08
_akahige_wgrant: thanks. (this is a bit over my head)05:08
mzzand/or ecryptfs, which is used by the homedir encryption offered by the installer05:08
wgrantRight, the alternate installer FDE uses cryptsetup. The home directory encryption in both installers uses eCryptFS>05:08
osirisx11no plausible deniablity though huh?05:09
mzzthe former operates at the block device level, the latter at the filesystem level. Both have their uses.05:09
mzzI don't think either offers that, but I haven't really looked into it05:10
osirisx11its a shame.05:10
wgrantNeither offer plausibility deniability.05:10
stone1343hi, is anybody else not getting sound with the RC? I have 2 machines, neither have sound right now...05:11
osirisx11stone1343: I had to edit my alsa config files in my home to use pulse05:11
wgrantstone1343: Fresh install, or upgrade?05:12
wgrantIf the latter, try a 9.10 RC live CD and see if it works.05:12
stone1343both fresh05:12
wgrantWhat type of sound card does each machine have?05:12
stone1343osirisx11 did you find howto somewhere?05:12
osirisx11i can pm you my config05:13
aprilharegrrrr the lack of support is irritating https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.5/+bug/45910805:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459108 in firefox-3.5 "firefox crash with flash 64 version" [Undecided,Invalid]05:13
stone1343wgrant one's nvidia, one's intel05:13
aprilharewhy do i bother using ubuntu with this lack of support?05:13
stone1343sorry notnvidia05:14
aprilharesorry but thats whats been going through my mind for a while now05:14
stone1343obviously not nvidia05:14
stone1343dunno what the other one is05:14
Polarinaaprilhare: We're sorry for not delivering the support you need.05:15
Polarinanot being able to deliver*05:16
wgrantaprilhare: I don't see why micahg rejected that bug, but that is in general a perfectly valid reason.05:16
wgrantI just can't see yet how it applies to this case.05:16
wgrant(but complaining that we do not support crap proprietary software is not reasonable)05:16
wgrantAh, I see.05:18
wgrant64-bit Flash, of course.05:18
wgrantaprilhare: We cannot practically support proprietary binary-only software at the best of times.05:18
wgrantLet alone when it is an early release of 64-bit Adobe Flash05:18
mzzyeah, without having actually read that bug: flash being a binary blob makes it usually pretty hard to supportc05:18
wgrantReport it to Adobe.05:18
faustoanyone knows how I can move the gnome panels to my secondary monitor on a dual screen setup?05:18
_akahige_wgrant: tried your update-initramfs suggestion, but still got the "general error mounting file systems" with the .31 kernel. booting into the .28 kernel fired some kind of mount error message, but it flew by so quickly I couldn't catch it05:19
mzzfausto: I don't know about moving them, but if you always have two monitors one way is to just create new panels there and put the desired applets on them. That may not do the right thing if you *sometimes* have multiple monitors though.05:19
wgrant_akahige_: ubuntu-bug linux05:19
_akahige_wgrant: thanks. will do05:20
stone1343ok, thanks that's pretty much all I wanted for now, to know whether it's a problem everyone has or just me...05:20
aprilharewgrant: you ever get the feeling there isn't a nice way to back report to adobe? :)05:20
wgrantaprilhare: That doesn't make it any less inappropriate to report it to us, when we can do nothing.05:20
aprilharewgrant: ok. fine. you can't do anything. we need to find a way to back report to adobe. any suggestions?05:21
wgrantaprilhare: I think they have a bugtracker somewhere.05:21
faustomzz: I think we have a regression, because on intrepid the panels would alwas go to the main monitor (the one on the left), so if I had my external monitor connected it would display there, otherwise it would display on the laptop monitor. Now it always display on the laptop monitor (even when it is on the right)05:22
aprilharewgrant: wouldn't it be nice if someone would tell people who report to ubuntu where to go to actually report their bugs?05:23
aprilharewgrant: after all, the runaround isn't helpful.05:24
wgrantaprilhare: Probably. But we have approximately one billion zillion bugs, so dealing with them swiftly is essential. It is most regrettable that they are sometimes handled suboptimally, but there is insufficient manpower to handle every one perfectly.05:24
DaijoubuHello, i just installed the RC, and found that PPPOE DSL does not work when configured from the GUI.05:26
wgrantDaijoubu: "does not work" is not the most useful description of the error. Can you elaborate?05:26
Daijoubui was able to connect with sudo pppoeconf in terminal05:26
Daijoubuwell in ubuntu 9.04 i just go to DSL tab then add new connection enter my user name and pass and then chose that connection and it connects05:27
Daijoubunow it just sayd offline05:27
Daijoubuand the second time i tryed it popped up a window asking for password05:28
Daijoubutyping the password again didn't do anything it pops that window again05:28
Daijoubuso i went to terminal and did it with pppoeconf and it worked ... same username same password ..05:28
Daijoubuthe steps i took were, Edit connections, then edited the eth0 and disabled auto connect on it so that DSL can autoconnect first, then went on DSL added new connection typed user and pass05:30
ixian_is the ubuntu 9.10 RC the same as the final version coming out in a few days?05:30
faustohow can I create a panel on another monitor on karmic?05:30
Daijoubuwgrant, btw after doing the pppoeconf in terminal, now i can't see the options that were available in the menu before, mening to select the default eth0 and DSL connection 105:32
=== naresh_ is now known as naresh
Daijoubuwgrant,  when i single click on the Network icon it says Device not managed now05:33
Hewixian_, it will be very similar, the only changes should be last minute bug fixes. You will be able to get these as updates.05:34
* aprilhare creates an account on bugs.adobe.com05:36
aprilhareyay for bug reporting!05:37
Daijoubudo i have to reinstall Ubuntu now ? or i can continue using my DSL with the pppoeconf from terminal ? Will this affect my system for updates and so on ?05:39
richardcavellixian_: don't know yet05:40
richardcavellixian_: if all goes to plan, yes05:40
johntrampwhat version of grub does 9.10rc use?05:43
faustothere is anyway I can call attention to an important bug report? Or I just have to let it follow its course?05:44
richardcavelljohntramp: GRUB 205:44
richardcavellfausto: you can upgrade the severityr ating05:45
faustorichardcavell: you mean the importance? I can't edit that05:45
richardcavellfausto: really?  I've been able to05:45
richardcavellmaybe it's my karma or something05:46
richardcavellI mean karma as in the rating you get from participation05:46
faustorichardcavell: anything to do with the fact that the status is new? or that i'm not the creator of the bug?05:46
richardcavellyou're not the creator05:47
richardcavellthat explains it05:48
johntramprichardcavell: any idea why i can boot the rc live cd fine but when its installed it complains about the initrd being too big?05:48
johntrampby 'it' i mean grub205:48
faustorichardcavell: no, it was originaly reported several months ago, but no one looked at it. And is quite a serious one because the system won't boot without manualy changing the grub parameters05:48
richardcavelljohntramp: jesus05:48
richardcavelljohntramp: you mean a clean install?05:48
richardcavellfausto: mate that just happens sometimes05:49
richardcavelljohntramp: that sounds serious05:49
richardcavelljohntramp: have you reported the bug?05:49
johntrampnot yet05:49
richardcavellfausto: welcome to my world... trying to get bugs fixed means bringing it to the attention of the developer of the sortware05:49
richardcavelljohntramp: do so.05:49
johntrampat bugs.launchpad.net?05:50
tonyyarussojohntramp: what architecture?  I know sparc is broken.05:50
faustorichardcavell: should I change the status to confirmed (because unfortunately I've been able to replicate)?05:50
richardcavellfausto: have you confirmed a bug filed by someone else?05:50
richardcavellconfirmed means confirmed by a different user05:51
johntrampits an intel atom n27005:51
johntrampan emachine05:51
faustoyes, I'm experiencing the same bug, so I'll change the status to confirmed05:51
richardcavellfausto: yes you can do that05:51
richardcavellfausto: add a comment just briefly describing how you confirmed the bug05:52
johntrampi guess i need to register before i can post a bug?05:52
richardcavelljohntramp: yes05:52
johntrampah does it use the same account as forums.ubuntu?05:53
richardcavellalright I'm gonna go defrag my hard disk now boys05:54
richardcavellgood luck with everything05:54
DaijoubuI have another problem, since ubuntu doesn't detect my sound card ALC888 in previous versions i needed to edit alsa-base.conf and add "options snd_hda_intel model=3stack-6ch" there05:54
Daijoubuafter reboot i could go to the GUI and enable my surround sound channels and unmute surround sound05:55
Daijoubuany idea how to get to these settings now ? nothing is there ...05:55
Daijoubuno where to select number of Channels or individual channel controlls ...05:55
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
kohlrakum... Would it be unusual for my laptop to randomly turnoff at 50% battery power?06:00
johntrampkohlrak: i would guess yes06:01
kohlrakany ideas what might cause it so that i could report a bug? =p06:01
Polarinakohlrak: How old is the battery?06:02
kohlrakonly a few years old, but i seldom actually use it06:02
johntramp...i cant even work out how to post a bug06:02
kohlraktruth is, it shut down about as soon as i plugged the power cord back in.06:02
Polarinakohlrak: That would explain it. It's getting old.06:03
Polarinakohlrak: Li-Ion batteries degrade over time, whether used or not.06:03
kohlrakthat would be odd though, because it didn't happen until i just upgraded to koala... You'd think i'd've noticed something before.06:03
Polarinakohlrak: That's odd indeed.06:04
kohlrakthat's why i came in here before declaring another part of the lappy defective.06:04
kohlraki also have a strange graph to look at too... lemme take a screeny for you.06:05
kohlrakscreenshot of the power manager06:08
Polarinakohlrak: That's really weird.06:08
Polarinakohlrak: Something's draining the battery very rapidly.06:09
kohlraki'm guessing the dip in the peak is probably where it shut itself down.06:09
Daijoubuwhere are the old sound controls guys ? :(06:09
kohlrakactually, the battery isn't top of the line though06:09
Polarinakohlrak: The battery power is reducing while on AC.06:09
Polarinakohlrak: And increases while on battery power.06:09
kohlrakit isn't on AC until it goes red.06:09
Polarinakohlrak: Really? Because blue means AC.06:10
kohlrakseems like the power manager might be really messed up then, because that red line is right now, and i'm on ac right now.06:10
Polarinakohlrak: Wait. You got it right-to-left!06:10
Polarinakohlrak: You're confusing us with that. :P06:11
kohlrakum, whatever it's doing is default settings =p06:11
kohlrakright is newest, left is oldest06:11
Polarinakohlrak: All, right, this is not normal though, unless you got fast-charging cells (not common).06:12
Polarinakohlrak: No, left is newest at your screen.06:12
kohlrakthat can't be06:12
kohlraklook at the scale at the bottom06:12
Polarinakohlrak: Yes, they are inversed.06:12
Polarina0s is supposed to be at the left.06:12
kohlraki have no idea how to switch it again... XD06:13
kohlrakeither way, if you look though, apparently it shut down my system before it even hit as low as 50%...06:15
kohlraki'm gonna see what kern.log has to say about it06:16
kohlraksorry it's taking so long, but i have one of those stupid keycode things constantly in my logs06:23
kohlrakoh heck, it doesn't have anything to say about it..........06:26
kohlrakthe log suddenly stops there and picks up again where i turned the computer back on06:26
kohlrakthe "atkbd.c: Unknown key released" message did change though06:27
DaijoubuI'm trying to compile a driver for my DVB-S2 card, and it fails with two errors regarding the headers, i have installed build-essential, is there another package that includes full headers ?06:38
kohlrakmight be a dev package necessary for driver development, not sure...06:39
Daijoubukohlrak, http://pastebin.com/m66cee8a906:40
kohlrakyeah, that looks like the case. It could also be due to the lack of a specific parameter (like x11 programs often need -x11)06:41
Daijoubukohlrak, should i just install all the dev packs and hope for the best ?06:42
kohlrakdeffinately not06:42
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
filgyDaijoubu: do you have the package linux-libc-dev installed ?06:42
kohlrakotherwise you'll have an HD full of header files.06:42
filgyDaijoubu: and all the other linux-headers packages ?06:42
Daijoubufilgy, yes06:43
Daijoubuthe others not sure06:43
duncan_I just upgraded my windows partition to 7 which of course overwrote the MBR and grub06:43
kohlrakduncan_: are you asking for help? =p06:43
duncan_how do you restore grub using grub2?  only familiar with how to do it in 1.506:43
Daijoubufilgy, they don't come with build-essential package ?06:43
duncan_kohlrak, yeah :)06:44
filgyDaijoubu: dunno.... if you don't have linux-headers package installed for your kernel version, that is probably what's wrong06:45
kohlrakduncan_: Usually you can easily fix this within a grub prompt easily (in any version) with a really silly, kick-yourself-in-the-butt command that no one ever seems to remember. I'll google something real quick for you.06:45
Daijoubufilgy, i should search in Synaptic for linux-headers and install all of them ? I have all the 2.6.31-14 generic installed06:45
duncan_kohlrak, thanks :)06:46
filgyDaijoubu: what about just linux-headers not linux-headers-generic ?06:47
Daijoubufilgy, yes they are installed06:47
filgyDaijoubu: dunno then06:48
filgyDaijoubu: I think whatever you are trying to compile is looking for the headers in the wrong directory06:48
Daijoubuit's getting real hard for people like me to make everything work witht his new release :)06:48
filgyDaijoubu: it is looking in /usr/src/linux-headers-version when it should be linux-headers-version/arch or linux-headers-version/include or whatever06:49
Daijoubufilgy, i didn't have that problem with 9.04, actually in 9.04 i didn't install even build-essential and they compiled06:49
lucentI found a bug but I'm not sure what it is or how to report it... ha06:49
kohlrakduncan_: this might be what you're looking for (not sure if it's right or not since i can't test it since i've upgraded from jaunty): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover%20Grub%202%20via%20LiveCD06:49
kohlrakduncan_: just make sure you replace the drive names with the right ones...06:50
filgyDaijoubu: weird06:50
kohlraklucent: would it happen to have anything to do with randomly turning off your computer?XD06:50
lucentmount a luks encrypted USB flashdrive, then try to mount a btrfs volume, and it says "invalid superblock"06:50
duncan_kohlrak, aye thanks, I just stumbled upon that myself as well06:50
lucentif I unmount the luks volume, and then mount the btrfs volume, it mounts fine06:51
kohlrakduncan_: did you try it or hold off?06:51
filgyDaijoubu: sure what you are trying to compile isn't a newer version then the one that worked with 9.04?06:51
duncan_kohlrak, trying it now06:51
lucentkohlrak: that's the creepy part, "invalid superblock" are scary things to read06:51
kohlraklucent: surely scary, but what does it mean by superblock? I've purpously avoided studying filesystems.06:52
Daijoubufilgy, yep it's the same thing, i actually had the same problem compiling when i tried rpm distros, it fixed when i installed all dev packs lol ...06:52
Daijoubufilgy, it's a shame that i have to struggle with ubuntu the same way now :/06:52
kohlrakDaijoubu: It's the same problem with man pages... Not all sections of the manpages are installed when man is....06:53
kohlrakDaijoubu: iirc, sections 2 and 3 (ones i see most important) aren't...06:54
kohlrakDaijoubu: sad thing is, you'll deal with this with any package based distro...06:55
Daijoubuthis was not the case with Ubuntu until now06:55
Daijoubuthat's why i loved it06:55
kohlrakDaijoubu: you'd THINK someone would make a package to make this easy and include all the dependencies for you, but no one ever really does.06:55
DaijoubuI just installed ubuntu, tweaked alsa-base for surround sound, compiled my DVB-S2 drivers, installed Kaffeine and it all worked06:56
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Daijoubunow, no sound controls, drivers don't compile06:56
Daijoubuand who knows that's going on with Kaffeine for 9.10 haha06:56
kohlrakDaijoubu: Well, don't forget you're using a pre-release version of ubuntu too... However these sort of things don't get better. However, since alot of the packages are only barely modified before passed around, you'll get this sort of thing with all distros...06:57
Daijoubukohlrak, is the 64bit version worst in such cases ?06:58
kohlrakDaijoubu: it's really the fault of the people who are making the package files, and not declaring certain things dependencies when they really are, because they assume you'll go for the dependency on your own.06:58
kohlrakDaijoubu: honestly, never tried 32bit, but I assume that the cause of the problem wouldn't be different for 32 or 64bit, so either way you're still screwed.06:58
foormeaproblem with karmic and adobe-flashplugin06:59
Daijoubuoh well in that case installing all dev packs and hoping for the best haha07:00
foormeasudo aptitude dist-update says "E: I wasn't able to locate file for the adobe-flashplugin package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package"07:00
kohlrakDaijoubu: ends up being what most people do...07:00
foormeaand sudo dpkg --purge adobe-flashplugin says "Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should reinstall it before attempting a removal"07:00
foormeai just tried reinstalling the package, sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/packenameyadayada07:00
foormeaand it won't install07:01
kohlrakfoormea: ah, broken package...07:01
Daijoubukohlrak, sad :)07:01
foormeaany idea on how to fix this please? :)07:01
foormeakohlrak: yes indeed, broken package07:01
foormeai'm not sure how to fix this though07:01
kohlrakfoormea: Honestly wish i could remember. Lemme google, IIRC, a quick google always gives the answer.07:02
Daijoubukohlrak, i'm just an old PC user but always used windows and DOS before that :) i really wonder why linux is so hostile towerds people who just need to get their stuff working07:02
hechufoormea, I don't know, but maybe "dpkg-reconfigure -a"07:02
kohlrakDaijoubu: Actually, linux isn't hostile to people trying to get stuff working, just hostile to people who try to do things on their own.07:03
Daijoubukohlrak, searched 2 weeks and experimented 5 days after that to make my surround sound work with custom alsa-base configs :) same thing for my satellite card07:03
Daijoubukohlrak, well if it did detect my surround sound, and my DVB-S2 card, i wouldn't be ddoing any of this :)07:04
kohlrakDaijoubu: I'm actually an x86 assembly programmer, and i've seen some interesting things on linux. Mostly, the problem is hardware companies getting in the way, but occasionally someone ends up in the situation you're in.07:04
Daijoubukohlrak, i hope that with the growing user base for Linux they will start releasing drivers for Linux also07:05
kohlrakDaijoubu: try modprobing your way to force the right driver if it's already installed (i bet there's a package for it somewhere)07:05
Daijoubuno idea why no one considers Linux yet ....07:05
foormeahechu, kohlrak: googling up but not finding conclusive solutions so far...07:05
kohlrakDaijoubu: IMO, Linux is getting more popular than mac, get mac has greater support. The problem is, everyoen thinks open is evil.07:06
Daijoubukohlrak, the problem is everyone is greedy :)07:06
kohlraksorry foormea, got destracted... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto#How%20to%20fix%20broken%20packages07:06
Daijoubu"buy more linux games and we will release more games for Linux"07:06
foormeathanks kohlrak i'll give it a look07:07
foormeathanks hechu for your input also :)07:07
kohlrakDaijoubu: Eh, we need linux to be a little more stable before we're ready for it to become the gaming machine. The hardware must come first, because people like windows because the hardware always works (well, except with vista, which is why people still hate it)07:07
foormeathanks kohlrak but i'm under kde07:08
kohlrakfoormea: i think hechu's code'll work.07:08
hechufoormea, try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a", "sudo apt-get update", "sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin". you are welcome.07:08
foormeakohlrak: it doesn't07:08
foormeatrying some stuff now will tell you guys if i manage to fix and if i do, how07:09
kohlrakfoormea: what's the error?07:09
foormeadpkg-reconfigure -a works fine but the error is still there when i try to dist-update my system or purge adobe-flashplugin07:09
kohlrakfoormea: thanks, i'll have to remember the command you use too, as this happens alot.07:09
Daijoubukohlrak, i always thought that Linux users are the real deal, yet it seams that they can't compete with M$, i thought that Linux users were the people behind writing windows and making things work for windows, yet Linux is always far behind the new tech07:10
Daijoubukohlrak, for example have you seen a HD movie lately ? or used your Nvidia card to help rendering it ?07:10
Daijoubui know that Linux is not for Multimedia people and so on, but at the end 80% of PC users use the PC for multimedia07:11
kohlrakDaijoubu: Linux is actually often ahead in technology, but behind in hardware (because they get no help). Unfortunately, what linux is now was what M$ *WAS*07:11
hechufoormea, please refer to this URL, maybe help : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44636307:11
kohlrakDiajoubu: well, they need the hardware before multi-media gets good. And the hardware support just isn't there, because no one wants us to have it.07:12
Daijoubukohlrak, i guess so :/07:12
kohlrakDaijoubu: and if anyone says otherwise, tell them to do a highdef movie using vesa07:13
kohlrakDaijoubu: to play it i mean07:13
foormeahechu, kohlrak: trying a "sudo aptitude -f install" now, where a dist-upgrade would give me an error message it is now downloading packages. maybe that'll do the trick07:14
Daijoubukohlrak, btw how are Linux devs paying their bills ?07:14
kohlrakDaijoubu: There's actually a few people out there helping linux. Like IBM, plus lots of donators, and some are willing to pay for official support from the distro makers.07:15
kohlrakDaijoubu: Though, don't believe google when they say they're supporing open source. They're just doing it because they know which way the wind is blowing with the customers right now.07:15
hechufoormea, see the post No. 6, that guy clean apt-cache and then reinstalled package and the problem solved.07:15
_akahige_my x server log says reports "failed to load the nvidia kernel module" -- which is keeping the desktop from starting -- is there a way to fix that?07:15
kohlrakDaijoubu:even M$ does, which is why they wrote some drivers for linux actually.07:16
foormeahechu: i'll try if the aptitude -f install doesn't yield anything07:16
hechufoormea, good luck.07:16
kohlrak_akahige_: is that all it tells you?07:16
foormeadownloading updates now, slow connection here :|07:16
foormeayou guys running gnome or kde or xfce or other?07:17
Daijoubukohlrak, do you think that Linux will need anti-virus and so on soft when it gets popular ?07:17
foormeajust wondering what gnome and xfce are becoming like and lazy to try them out :) (i use kde)07:17
_akahige_kohlrak: there's more stuff in the log. do you want to know something in particular?07:17
kohlrakDaijoubu: ultimately yes, but not nearly as much as windows. Windows is hole city, AVs for linux will be low demand since there's not much viruses can do.07:17
foormeaohhhh also another problem that i've been experiencing. however i don't think it comes from ubuntu. with recent kernels (> 2.6.27 i think?), i have no desktop effects with kde (nvidia)07:18
kohlrak_akahige_: it'd help if you'd pastebin it, because what you're telling us is really, really vague07:18
foormeahad the same problem with gentoo07:18
_akahige_kohlrak: np. give me a sec...07:18
kohlrakfoormea: i've had a similar problem actually. My card lost it's 3d support.07:18
foormeahowever, i do have direct rendering07:18
foormeakohlrak: nvidia?07:19
kohlrakfoormea: no, ati, but it was a proprietary driver i was using.07:19
Daijoubukohlrak, well i hope things get moving with the hardware :/ it's so discouraging to wait with years for things to work :) but i'm sick and tired of windows and my HDD roaring with anti-virus soft every time i open something07:19
kohlrakfoormea: seems all the nonfree drivers are getting kicked out or something.07:19
johntrampwhere is the grub config on the live cd?07:20
foormeabut there's no free fully working driver for nvidia yet... dunno about ati07:20
kohlrakDaijoubu: Well, you may have to consider some sacrifices.07:20
kohlrakfoormea: nvidia used to release drivers, actually, but their support has been hell. ati's been getting better and is now releasing 2d support documentation (so joe shmoe is allowed to make drivers), but 3d is still out of the question.07:21
Daijoubukohlrak, i guess so :) but i just love to hack and slash like in the old days haha :) i guess that's why i keep coming back to linux07:21
foormeaso wait wait. all nvidia linux users out there, with recent kernels, no one has desktop effects?!07:21
Daijoubukohlrak, anyway sorry for turning this into chit chat not really for this chan :)07:22
kohlrakDaijoubu: certianly. I'm waiting for the day when all the big AV companies FP over a major windows executable.07:22
_akahige_kohlrak: http://pastebin.org/4777707:22
kohlrak_akahige_: if you look, it says to check your kernel log for more details07:23
_akahige_kohlrak: is the kernel log "syslog"?07:23
kohlrak_akahige_: nope, kernlog07:24
_akahige_kohlrak: that would be why I didn't see anything useful, then. let me check...07:24
foormeaok kohlrak and hechu, sudo aptitude -f install downloaded updates but cannot install. trying other things07:24
SnakDocanyone know why my boot screen shows a mouse ?07:26
foormeaSnakDoc: cause of the cheese07:26
kohlrakSnakDoc: which screen do you mean by bootscreen?07:26
foormeaarghhhh :( cannot find the adobe-flashplugin deb on the repo :( :(07:27
kohlrakyou're kidding me...07:28
_akahige_kohlrak: not quite sure what I'm looking for but the only thing that explicitly references the nvidia module says "module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel" (can pastebin kernlog if that will help)07:28
foormea_akahige_: no problem with that07:28
foormea_akahige_: had that for years with nvidia07:29
kohlrak_akahige_: odd, it said more details would be there. Double check the timestamps. There might be soemthing going on at the same time that you could use as a referance (incase it doesn't explicitly mention the problem)07:30
kohlrakmight say that a "module" didn't work for some reason07:30
foormeagosh :( i'm really clueless now07:30
SnakDocfoormea screen before gdm and after grub07:30
SnakDoc kohlrak screen before gdm and after grub07:31
foormeaSnakDoc: oh07:31
foormeamust be because you have the mouse daemon for console?07:31
SnakDocscreen before gdm and after grub sorry read wrong name07:31
foormeadon't remember what it's called though07:31
kohlrakSnakDoc: um... That IS weird....07:31
foormeaSnakDoc: in console, can you move the mouse and copy/paste?07:31
SnakDockohlrak think its where i had xubuntu-desktop at on point that created error07:32
SnakDocfoormea i use ctrl shift c and ctrl shift v07:32
foormeaSnakDoc: no, in console with mouse (*not* xterm or other graphic console), you select to copy and middle-click to paste07:33
foormeacan you do that in a real text console?07:33
SnakDocfoormea cool never used it07:34
kohlrakfoormea: if it's a real text console the mouse can't show up because the video card would be in text-only mode (and therefore can't show graphics)07:34
foormeakohlrak: yes it can07:34
foormeathe cursor under linux is just a colored box07:34
hechufoormea, can you try these command again and see what happend. "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a", "sudo apt-get update", "sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin"07:34
foormeaunder freebsd it's even a real-looking cursor07:34
_akahige_kohlrak: cross checking the timestamps from when syslog reported "maximum number of X display failures reached" with kernlog, I see a bunch of audit reports for nptd, evince, and cups stuff07:34
foormeahechu: downloading the deb now07:34
foormeahechu: i'll try reinstalling the deb07:35
kohlrakfoormea: ah, colored box then, but if you see a mouse it *MUST* be in some non-text graphical mode.07:35
hechufoormea, yeah.07:35
foormeakohlrak: try out freebsd and see07:35
SnakDocfoormea you getting error when updating ? about flash07:35
hechuis that 'mouse' means xfce's logo ?07:35
kohlrakfoormea: I actually program in text mode (in the process of making my own kernel) so i know it's quite impossible.07:35
SnakDochechu i think so07:35
foormeakohlrak: ok :)07:36
kohlrak_akahige_: looks to me like bad drivers....07:36
_akahige_kohlrak: is that something I can fix?07:37
foormeahechu: the .deb won't install. i'll do the sequence again and pastebin07:37
kohlrakfoormea: real text mode is actually really simple, it is an array of  a 2byte data type where the first byte is a color descriptor and the second byte is the letter itself.07:37
kohlrak_akahige_: not easily, unless you know the name of the package of your video card's driver.07:38
foormeahechu: !!!!!!!! IT WORKED07:38
_akahige_kohlrak: I think so. I'm getting it from a ppa07:38
foormeahechu: no idea why it worked just now when it didn't 10mn ago07:38
SnakDocfoormea https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adobe-flashplugin/+bug/371890 read this post Ryan wrote on 2009-07-28: think thats what you having trouble with07:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371890 in adobe-flashplugin "package adobe-flashplugin failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:39
foormeai also confirmed this bug07:39
SnakDocwell read thing from ryan its fixes it07:39
foormeaoh yeah.. i'm so stupid07:39
SnakDocfound it earlier today07:39
SnakDochad same trouble07:39
foormeaoh :)07:40
kohlrak_akahige_: well, the idea is to remove the driver and all configuration for it (anything that can go wrong with it basically) and reinstall it.07:40
_akahige_kohlrak: if it's a kernel module, how can I do that without running the kernel that's causing me problems?07:40
kohlrak_akahige_ text mode =p07:41
hechufoormea, haha, congratulations. I don't know why, but I guess maybe the DEB file you downloaded before was incorrect.07:41
foormeaok another question that i have is, how can i "disconnect" and "reconnect" my usb touchpad?07:41
kohlrak_akahige_ ever use the the terminal?07:41
foormeaneed to do so to make hal reload the configuration files...07:41
foormeaok thanks SnakDoc kohlrak and hechu for your help :) :)07:41
SnakDochechu i had same trouble with flash07:41
kohlrakfoormea: know the kernel module name?07:42
foormeausb is ehci right? not listed in lsmod... means is built-in kernel07:42
foormeai suppose07:42
_akahige_kohlrak: sure. I've used terms. (but this level of troubleshooting is beyond my experience)07:42
kohlrakfoormea: if you do, rmmod and modprobe it back07:42
foormeaso... cannot unload module and reload...07:42
hechuI am using "9.10 beta", it has a function to umount USB storage and CDs.07:42
kohlrak_akahige_: always a good time to learn. Never be afraid of the terminal just because it's mostly fancy symbols you don't understand. XD07:43
foormeaunmounting and 'disconnecting' is different :)07:43
hechubut for other USB device such as camera, I don't know how to control to connect and disconnect it in software.07:43
_akahige_kohlrak: not afraid of terminals, just don't know what I need to do....  :)07:43
foormeahal will reload apparently only upon disconnectiong/reconnection of device07:43
foormeanot very convenient for touchpad eh07:44
kohlrak_akahige_: well, really you just "sudo apt-get purge [name of package you think needs fixed here]" then "sudo apt-get install [name of that package again]"07:44
kohlrak_akahige_: in theory that'll delete all the config crap too, but that's not always the case, but it's worth a shot.07:45
_akahige_kohlrak: sounds reasonable. my question is this: wouldn't that apply to the RUNNING kernel?07:45
foormeakohlrak: system-wide config crap :) not user :)07:45
kohlrak_akahige_: yulp, it would be doing that to the kernel that's running at the time. Simply reboot (or do the modprobe crap) to make the changes take effect (preferably reboot because it's easier).07:46
kohlrakfoormea: aah, well in his case that should be the case.07:47
_akahige_kohlrak: problem is that when that kernel has issues with the video driver, it cascades into the shell -- flashing the display and making it unusable since it trashes the keyboard (which means that I can't login)07:48
foormeaok guys thanks a lot07:48
foormeahave a good day!07:48
kohlrak_akahige_: try recovery console? =p07:48
_akahige_kohlrak: that's the one thing I didn't try...07:48
kohlrak_akahige_: yea, it's essentually a regular terminal before loading all the fancy drivers. you'll want to drop down to the console instead of using the recovery options though.07:49
SnakDocis karmix web cam support suppose to be better ? far as i can tell mines still not working07:49
shadeslayerSnakDoc: did you try Cheese!07:49
kohlrakSnakDoc: Usually webcam support depends on the manufactuer.07:49
SnakDocshadeslayer  yes07:49
shadeslayer!webcam | SnakDoc : this too07:50
ubottuSnakDoc : this too: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:50
SnakDockohlrak its from sony07:50
_akahige_kohlrak: gotcha. I need to do some digging to find the right package and download it local, but this gives me something to go on. thanks for all your help07:50
SnakDocubottu read thanks07:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about read thanks07:50
shadeslayerSnakDoc: its a bot07:50
SnakDocshadeslayer lol yea its late anyway i read that07:51
kohlrak_akahige_: the idea is, you want to purge the package already on your system so that it deletes the broken driver and/or config.then worry about installing the right one.07:51
SnakDocshadeslayer problem was i couldn't find link to one i believe i needed07:51
_akahige_kohlrak: got it07:51
kohlrakSnakDoc: usually it's best to read the supported cameras (or any hardware for that matter) because many hardware manufactuers neglect linux support.07:52
kohlrakSnakDoc: and if they don't support linux, usually it's illegal to make that camera work for linux. =p07:52
shadeslayerSnakDoc: then its probably not supported :(07:52
SnakDocVGP-VCC2 says its supported by r5u870  just couldn't find that driver07:53
kohlrakSnakDoc: check sony's site if they have drivers. If they do, then you just need to find the .deb for it. If they don't have linux drivers, you can be sure your camera doesn't work with linux.07:53
SnakDocok thanks07:55
shadeslayerSnakDoc: even if they have a tarball,its possible to make it work07:57
shadeslayeralthough itll take some time :P07:57
SnakDocshadeslayer i don't mind compiling driver just want to find them07:58
* shadeslayer wonders why is the RC freezing up so much07:58
SnakDocshadeslayer my copy been running really good07:58
shadeslayerits more of a flash issue07:59
shadeslayerkohlrak: Release Candidate07:59
shadeslayerit hangs up while running flash07:59
kohlrakFlash has always been a pain in the rear end.08:01
shadeslayerSnakDoc: then there are these horrible memory leaks,idk how but after 3 hours or so i have like 400MB of RAM free :(08:01
kohlrakSounds like flash alright...08:02
kohlraki asume you're using the adobe version?08:02
SnakDocshadeslayer banshee only thing i have do that to me08:02
shadeslayerkohlrak: the one in the repo08:02
SnakDochilight_color = %R08:02
kohlrakshadeslayer: there's more than one...08:02
shadeslayerkohlrak: the maximum consumtion is by plasma08:03
SnakDocfor got / sry08:03
kohlrakshadeslayer: plasma? =p08:03
shadeslayerkohlrak: KDE08:04
shadeslayerkohlrak: plasma is the thing in which every widget etc floats08:04
shadeslayerits resposible for the entire desktop gui08:04
kohlrakheh, then i bet flash isn't closing itself properly =p08:04
shadeslayerkohlrak: hmm... its a possibility08:05
shadeslayerkohlrak: whats the name of the process that runs flash08:05
kohlrakhonestly, flash has always been a problem, even on windows. When adobe took over, they stopped caring. Windows users don't notice the problem though because windows has enough problems it's not big enough to notice.08:06
kohlrakshadeslayer: flash should be a shared object. Flash should be run within firefox or whatever you use for a browser.08:06
shadeslayerkohlrak: yeah it does,so itll just add to the memory of konqueror or something?08:07
kohlrakshadeslayer: maybe, maybe not. Technically it does, but often looking at memory taken up by any specific app in that viewer thing is going to be misleading.08:08
kohlrakThe only thing that's really good for is if you see a specific app's number constantly growing, in which case killing it is usually a good thing because either that app or something within that app is growing.08:08
shadeslayerhehe... im getting updates in waves,121 MB day before yesterday,70 MB's yesterday,and 32 MB's today08:09
shadeslayerkohlrak: i usually kill plasma after 2 hours and restart it,reduces consumption by about 50 MB's08:09
kohlrakeh, that's not even worth doing then08:10
kohlrakyou gotta find the culprit08:10
kohlrakand it's usually flash08:10
shadeslayerkohlrak: what im surprised by is that,i cant see my swap being used even once08:10
shadeslayerfree -m reports swap used == 0 at all times08:11
kohlrakusually just closing your browser fixes the problem (flash likes to lockup my sound card too so if i'm on a flash using page with a video paused and forget about it, i won't get IM sounds)08:11
fool__verytime you use flash god kills a kitten08:12
kohlrakGod doesn't need to kill a kitten to punish us...08:13
bazhangfool__, ??08:13
fool__i just hate buggy flash08:14
shadeslayerfool__: any replacements?08:14
kohlrakshadeslayer: silverlight ;)08:14
Dr_Willisjava :)08:14
kohlrakjava's not much better....08:16
kohlraki would't be too surprised if java used flash as a library for internet videos XD08:16
lucentwhat really irritatese me is the RTMPT protocol08:16
lucentirritates* even.   I throughouly made an effort to reverse engineer it and all I got was a lousy question about why and how it checksums data with single byte packets08:17
lucentkohlrak: RTMP but it is RTMPT for clarity because there was already an RTMP08:18
lucentanyhow it's an RPC realtime streaming prot for flash08:18
lucentnewer streaming videos are done using flash rtmp players08:18
kohlrakwell there's your problem08:18
lucentnot saying there was something better08:19
lucentbut I ......08:19
lucentwhat the hell my door just opened itself08:19
lucenthandle turning and everything08:19
shadeslayerlucent: or burgulars08:20
wgrantIt's a new Karmic feature.08:20
lucentwgrant: I hope not08:20
shadeslayerwgrant: haha08:20
kohlraklucent: that's nothing, my lappy turned itself off at 50% battery power... XD08:21
lucentmust not have latched properly08:21
lucentkohlrak: warm or cold off?08:21
kohlraklucent: it's as if i went to shut down...08:22
kohlraknot like complete death of power08:22
kohlrakit just... shut down normally08:22
kohlrakas if i told it to08:22
C-S-B_anyone having trouble with karmic detecting the ac power supply being removed on the acer aspire one?08:22
* lucent shakes head08:22
kohlrakC-S-B_: i had that kind of trouble with jaunty sometimes with my dell vostro08:23
lucentthe changeover from hal to devicekit was a bringer of many a strange thing08:23
kohlraklucent: oh really? I didn't read that change... no wonder i'm having these weird problems....08:23
kohlraklucent: still, the hardware problems i already have are still there. XD08:24
lucentkohlrak: yeah it is a very big deal08:24
kohlraklucent: we just added more, as usual....08:24
kohlrakwhy is it that every time ubuntu updates, things go bad and never get fixed?08:24
lucentthings go forward if you ask me08:24
lucentI never expect an Ubuntu box to be "stable" as in Debian stable08:25
lucentjust usable08:25
wgrantkohlrak: Because you don't file bugs.08:25
lucentright now I'm on a laptop that sold with Ubuntu installed from Dell computers, the 1420n model, and just with the Karmic release all hardware works08:25
kohlraklucent: well, i've only noticed two improvments since my update, and the weird turning off thing, unusual removing of anthy (when i didn't tell it to remove anthy when i did the upgrade), etc.08:25
lucentit's been 2 years at least08:25
Dr_Willisbug: People are not fileing bugs.. we should give them a cookie when they file a proper bug.. :)08:26
fool__has intel video got any better with karmic ?08:26
kohlrakwgrant: i'd love to, but most of the problems i have never seem to have a way to adequately get any sort of debug output or terminal output.08:26
wgrantfool__: Muuuuch.08:26
wgrantkohlrak: File a bug, and people will help you debug.08:26
equijunkieQuestion: I recently installed 9.10 and tried to burn a CD today and I can't get the CD-R to mount.  Any ideas why?08:26
wgrantkohlrak: File bugs, or you cannot complain.08:26
fool__wgrant: still running 8.10 b/c of that issue08:26
lucentequijunkie: bad CD?  how to debug this, hmm08:26
* fool__ so waiting for release08:27
lucentequijunkie: how did you write your CD-R?08:27
whatso... anyone got ssh working?08:27
equijunkieLucent: Using Bracero08:27
lucentequijunkie: what are you writing to CD? Individual files? an ISO image?08:28
kohlrakwgrant: ok... Tell me, my lappy shuts off at 50% power as soon as i plug my power coord in. none ofthe logs show any record of a shutdown except the weird unknown keycode messages suddenly stopping for a minute or two. How the heck do i report that?08:28
kohlrakwhat: was it ever broken?08:28
wgrantkohlrak: 'shuts off' meaning what? It immediately powers off uncleanly? It shuts down cleanly? It turns off immediately once you plug it in?08:29
equijunkieLucent: thread from the assistance I was given in #ubuntu-beginner is http://paste.ubuntu.com/300307/08:29
whatkohlrak: quite08:29
kohlrakwgrant: shuts down cleanly as soon as i plug it in.08:29
whatThough I should say ssh server side is busteded08:29
wgrantkohlrak: What if you log out and shut down gdm?08:29
equijunkieLucent: they sent me here since it doesn't appear in the traffic08:30
wgrantDoes it still happen then?08:30
wgrantwhat: WFM, and most of the rest of the world. What is broken?08:30
equijunkieLucent: ISO08:30
kohlrakwgrant: it only happened once so far, am unable to reproduce it...08:30
lucentequijunkie: I'm confused, but we can figure this out08:30
jamieleshawHello, what's going on with karmic menu icons?08:30
Dr_Willisjamieleshaw:  clarify?08:31
wgrantjamieleshaw: It is a deliberate GNOME design decision to turn them off in most cases.08:31
wgrantjamieleshaw: You can switch them back in Appearance Preferences, on the Interface tab.08:31
jamieleshawDr_Willis, Are they going to disable them properly?08:31
whatwell wgrant08:31
whati can telnet to the port and get the bit thats the header for ssh, but it will never connect08:31
whatnot even to itself - no firewall rules08:31
wgrantRun ssh with -v, and see what it does.08:32
jamieleshawDr_Willis, it looks a bit out of place having them partially enabled in particular menus08:32
Dr_Willisjamieleshaw:  i tend to turn them off anyway. :) no idea what they will do in the future.08:32
Dr_WillisI dont see them turned off here by default..08:32
jamieleshawDr_Willis, well, they are in a the beta08:33
whatwell ffs.08:33
Dr_WillisErr.. we are in RC now.08:33
Dr_Willisthe RC should in theoiry be identical to the final release08:34
wgrantjamieleshaw: The new policy is to have icons only for items that represent objects.08:34
lucentequijunkie: what ISO are you attempting to write? Do you know the md5sum for it? please verify the data08:34
wgranteg. bookmarks, disks, applications.08:34
jamieleshawDr_Willis, are okay so there enabled again08:34
Dr_Willisthey are here.08:34
Dr_Willisdepending on what icons you are refering to.08:34
wgrantThey remain disabled by default.08:34
Dr_WillisI have a applications menu full of icons08:34
wgrantDr_Willis: Right, those are always there. but check the System menu.08:35
Dr_Willisit may be my settings are set that way and NEW users may have them off by default08:35
HendriXXXwhy xchat and amsn dont go to tray on system startup. my system is karmic.08:35
jamieleshawDr_Willis, ahh okay08:35
Dr_Williswgrant:  yes those are gone. I dont recall them being there.. then again.,. i often turn off ALL icons in th emenus.. when i rember where that settings at08:35
whatok i'm happy to report after the last round of purges and reinstalls sshd is now operating optimally08:35
Dr_Willis'Places' has a few entries with No Icons also08:35
wgrantDr_Willis: They were there until Karmic.08:35
whatok how about 64bit flash?08:36
Dr_Williswave bye to them i gues08:36
Dr_Williswhat:  ive heard of people useing it.. but ive not tried it08:37
whatDr_Willis: yeah - its hit and miss - its still not understanding some scriptystuff08:37
jamieleshawI'm using 64bit flash now08:37
whathuludesktop works ok, but cannot hit any control in flash just about anywhere else if its a flv08:37
whathowever flash player controls + mp4 seem ok08:37
whatmm brb08:38
alyssumI am trying to set up LDAP in Karmic.  Docs are out of date (filed bug against them already).  Started Ubuntu forum post but no response.  Anyone here running LDAP on Karmic??08:38
CoUrPsEI'm still on Jaunty, whats the success like with Karmic?08:39
lucentCoUrPsE: the guts are very different08:39
CoUrPsEIf aunty is running08:40
CoUrPsEIf Jaunty is running is running fine for me, should i update?08:40
lucentdepending on what hardware you run, means you may not notice any changes, or it could be broken08:40
BlouBlouif I update to ubuntu 9.10 beta, will ubuntu update to final version automatically or should I use any command? or reinstall?08:40
CoUrPsEOr not worth it?08:40
Dr_WillisBlouBlou:  yes. it SHOULD update to final. thats one of the main POINTS of the whole package manager system08:40
lucentCoUrPsE: depends on what you want, nothing like "makes you wealthy" has been implemented08:41
Dr_WillisBlouBlou:  i always do a clean reinstall about 2 weeks after release. becsuse ive been beta testing all this stuff and install tons fo things i dont need just to Test them :)08:41
BlouBlouDr_Willis: and it should update to final with normal updates or with another "total distro" update?08:41
CoUrPsEShame that, lol, Does it generally make the system more secure? any extra benefits from it?08:41
equijunkieLucent: I am burning the 9.10 disc to install on another computer.  MD5 hashes out08:41
Dr_WillisBlouBlou:  never noticeds which way it does it.   If its beta/rc i think normal updates do it08:41
wgrantBlouBlou: Normal updates.08:42
BlouBlouanother question: and will it update automatically to ext4?08:42
wgrantThat would be a very evil thing to do.08:43
wgrantYou could manually alter your /etc/fstab.08:43
BlouBlouThe new "ext4" filesystem is used by default for new installations with Ubuntu 9.10 RC  << so in beta it doesn't uses ext4, right?08:44
jamieleshawBlouBlou, To get the full benifits of ext4 your partition would need to be re-formatted08:44
Dr_Willisit does NOT force you to update to ext408:44
Dr_Willisif doing a clean install it will default to ext408:44
Dr_Willisit does NOT force you to chang4e ext3 existing filesystems to ext408:44
Dr_Willisbeta install defaults to ext4 also08:44
BlouBlouDr_Willis: and if I wanna update, will it be possible without losing data?08:45
Dr_Willisits not worth the effort to update ext3 to ext4 from wha ti hear08:45
Dr_Willisyou dont gain the full beinfits08:45
Dr_WillisIf you want ext4. backup, reformat to ext4 restore08:45
BlouBlouI'll do it08:45
BlouBloubut first I prefer ask few things08:46
lucentI have been less than ecstatic about my experiences with ext408:46
Dr_Willis9.10 Neat trick # 182 - You can set up Grub2 on a flash drive to boot the ubuntu.iso file from the flash drive. :) No need to use Unetbootin, or usb-creator-tool.08:46
BlouBlouI have got in firestarter too ports open, how can I save them and copyit to new version?08:46
lucentDr_Willis: whoa.08:46
Dr_Willislucent:  :) now if more disrtos would make theirselfs compatiable with that feature.. it would be nicer08:46
jamieleshawOr a floppy08:46
lucentDr_Willis: how the hell does that work?08:47
Dr_Willislucent:  if thg disrto is set up properly to read the right options the disrto can look for/mount the iso file.08:47
Dr_Willisso far Ubuntu, and TInyCoreLinux work for me with that trick08:47
lucentlinux booting linux08:47
Dr_Willisthats the whole thing.. you MUST have a disrto set up to do the feature.08:47
BlouBlouDr_Willis: I have got WiFi08:47
jamieleshawor GRUB booting A-OS08:48
BlouBlouDr_Willis: it's necesary firestarter?08:48
Dr_WillisBlouBlou:  I rarely mess with firewalls . my router handles it all.08:48
Dr_Willisand i dont run services i dont need.. :)08:48
BlouBlouDr_Willis: yes, my wifi has got firestarter, but just for block ICMP with firestarter08:49
BlouBloufirestarter no, firewall08:49
Dr_WillisErr.. firestarter is a gui to the firewall features of the kernel I thought08:49
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist08:49
BlouBlouyes, ufw seems cool, but how can I block ICMP with it?08:49
Dr_Willisso they all set up some iptables rules I belive.08:49
Dr_WillisI dont use them.. so id have to read their docs.. :)08:50
jamieleshawFirestarter is just a frontend to iptables08:50
CountDeMonethas anyone encountered an issue where the install cd boots but pressing enter on any option won't do anything?08:50
BlouBloutoday I'll have nice day (installing programms and programms) xD08:50
Dr_Willisso check for how to block icmp with iptables and see the commands needed is one way08:50
wgrantCountDeMonet: Give it up to a minute to load the kernel.;08:50
xiambaxI need a little assistance fixing my grub08:50
BlouBlouDr_Willis: okay, thanks a lot, I'll download it :)08:51
xiambaxits stating invalid block enviroment08:51
lucentCountDeMonet: bad RAM, bad CD, or bad CD drive.08:51
CountDeMonetwgrant: i figured as much. my impatience comes from the fact that i can still move the selected line up and down08:51
wgrantIt used to bring up a horrifyingly ugly progress bar.08:51
wgrantBut that finished a couple of weeks ago.08:51
guntbertCountDeMonet: did you !md5 check the image?08:51
CountDeMonetlucent: tried 2 different computers with the same outcome. ill do a md5 and see if its the cd.image08:51
lucentCountDeMonet: could be wrong for your CPU08:52
CountDeMonetlucent: nope, both are x8608:52
lucentbit errors are way more common than you think, I assure you08:52
lucenteven the correct image on a crappy CD-R can result in bit errors08:52
CountDeMonetof course, that's why im checking08:53
Dr_Willisone reason i use more and more flash-drives for my install media08:53
CountDeMonetill do a slow burn this time if it turns out to be the problem08:53
lucentah yeah08:53
lucentDr_Willis: what's the procedure to bootstrap from an .iso file anyhow?08:53
Dr_Willislucent:  install grub2 to the flash drive.. make a proper grub.cfg for it.   put isos in place the grub.cfg is pointing to.. reboot08:54
Dr_Willisbuggest issue i had was getting grub2 to install OVER a flash drive i had syslinux on allready.08:54
Dr_Willisi had to dd to 'zero' the drive to totally reformat it.. THEN installed grub208:55
Dr_Willissome how syslinux on it befor and grub2 was confluicting08:55
Dr_Willisand you can install grub2 to vfat flash drives08:55
CountDeMonetlucent: I actually have that done on my current main hdd. I have grub have 2 options, boot into windows (current os) and boot an iso of 9.0408:55
Dr_Willisor ext2/3/4 if you wanted08:55
Dr_Willisi made one of each :)08:55
Dr_WillisCountDeMonet:  i did that also. :) put  a reinstall option in my grub menus.. havent tried it yet.08:56
Dr_Willisand a TinyCoreLinux entry for kicks.08:56
Dr_Willisso i got 'normal ubuntu '  ubuntu ISO, and tinycorelinux08:56
lucentDr_Willis: oh okay I wasn't aware of an ISO module for grub208:56
Dr_Willislucent:  its a new feature that people have not noticed :)08:57
Dr_Willisit will be a BIG feature I imagine08:57
Dr_Willisi got bookmarks for the info at the del.ici.ous.com  web site under dr_willis08:57
xiambaxcan someone please help me repair grub?08:58
chris|hm, is it possible to have more that one notification bubble at a time?08:58
Dr_Willisis a script to automate it., (but its a little old)08:58
Dr_Willischeck the urls at the bottom of the script for more info08:58
Dr_Willischris|:  supposed to be possible. but there was some  bugs with the notification bubbles a few weeks ago. No idea how they are now08:59
wgrantchris|: Not any more, it seems :(08:59
Jordan_U_!details | xiambax08:59
ubottuxiambax: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:59
xiambaxMy grub boot is prompting invalid block enviroment09:00
guntbertDr_Willis: thx for the delicious hint - may I correct the link you gave? http://delicious.com/dr_willis09:00
xiambaxi can boot into windows 7 and stuff just not linux09:00
xiambaxthis happened after i installed my video drivers09:00
Dr_Willisguntbert:  works 4 me,. :)09:00
Dr_Willisi never can ermber how its spelt.09:00
CountDeMonetbrilliant, the cd is terrible. I'm going to burn a clean one at a slow speed and if all goes well I'll go into the channel from the livecd and give someone an invite to google voice09:00
Dr_Willisxiambax:  so the grub menu IS working.. but ubuntu is crashing at some time?09:00
CountDeMonetfor the hell of it09:00
Jordan_U_xiambax: Please give details, what happens when you try to boot linux?09:01
xiambaxno right after grub loads09:01
xiambaxi press enter on ubuntu09:01
xiambaxthen it takes me straight to bad block enviroment screen09:01
xiambaxcurrently im booted to live disk with command prompt open09:02
guntbertDr_Willis: the critical point in your link was *no .com* at the edn:)09:02
foormeayay desktop effects are finally back on kernel 2.6.31-14 on my box with nvidia09:03
Jordan_U_xiambax: The bug about failing to boot when grubenv is unreadable was fixed recently, try chrooting in and upgrading or press 'e' at the grub menu and remove the save_env line then press ctrl+x to boot09:03
foormeawow ibus for chinese input seems weird09:03
foormeahopefully it won't give as much trouble as scim09:04
foormeauh is ibus a fork of scim??09:04
xiambaxwill give it a shot now. thanks for the help. i will keep you update09:04
wgrantIt is an entirely new thing.09:04
foormeawgrant: ibus?09:04
wgrantfoormea: Right.09:05
foormea^e GRRRRRRRR09:05
foormeadead keys are still broken09:05
wgrantfoormea: Have you turned them on?09:05
xiambaxJordan, So just remove the save_env_recordfail?09:05
foormeamh, how? :D09:05
wgrantfoormea: Try System->Preferences->Keyboard09:05
foormealet me see09:05
CountDeMonetxiambax: remove the line save_env recordfail; Press TAB; Press Ctrl+X to boot09:06
foormeagosh if it works then 9.10 would be the FIRST fully functional ubuntu release for multi lingual users09:06
xiambaxYeah that totally did the trick09:06
xiambaxwell thats solved half my problem09:07
xiambaxnow i need help fixing my video issues09:07
CountDeMonetwhat video issues?09:08
foormeawgrant: with kde i have a few options in regional settings. i'll give it a try09:08
foormeawgrant: thanks for the tip09:08
xiambaxi installed my ati r4250 msi video driver09:08
xiambaxnow x wont load09:08
xiambaxand i cant get to terminal with command alt 109:08
wgrantxiambax: How did you install it?09:08
foormeawgrant: you use some CJK + need dead keys as well?09:09
lucentxiambax: ctrl+alt+1 ?09:09
lucentxiambax: my keyboard is for bollocks...  ctrl+alt+f1?09:10
xiambaxill will see if that was my bad09:10
xiambaxnope neither work09:10
xiambaxjust a black screen09:11
Dr_Willishmmm.. wheres this record fail line at? I got one  box thats always saying grub  booting into rescue mode., Even tho it boots fine.09:11
lucentxiambax: I don't know, contact ATI09:11
xiambaxis there anyway i can safe boot and remove the ati driver?09:11
InitHellook, so I'm trying to debug an issue with karmic and a wireless card allegedly using the atheros Atheros AR2414 chipset. It'll associate with the AP, and ifconfig shows ... an ipv6 address, but no ipv4 address. Any thoughts on what I should look at?09:12
lucentInitHello: the router?09:12
InitHellolucent: well, wireless worked fine before the upgrade to karmic. It's a netgear wgr614v9, if that makes any difference09:13
wgrantfoormea: I do not.09:13
lucentInitHello: which driver09:13
wgrantxiambax: How did you install it?09:13
BlouBlouit's ubuntu 9.10 RC avaiable in torrent?09:13
xiambaxyeah i installed the driver09:14
xiambaxand rebooted09:14
xiambaxnow this09:14
wgrantBlouBlou: Of course. http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/09:14
wgrantxiambax: *How* did you install it?09:14
InitHellolucent: looks like ath5k09:14
BlouBlouwgrant: hehe, thanks ;)09:14
xiambaxi downloaded it from ati09:14
xiambaxand ran the script09:15
wgrantxiambax: Ah... that's not the way to do it.09:15
* lucent facepalms09:15
xiambaxso how can i fix this :D09:15
wgrantxiambax: You should have used System->Administration->Hardware Drivers. I don't know how to undo what you just did.09:15
Dr_Willisthats proberly the worse way to do it. :)09:15
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment09:15
Dr_Willisthat url MIGHT have some uninstall docs.09:15
InitHellolucent: I take it I've done something monumentally ... ill-advised?09:15
maurimy partition manager is not able to see correclty 1Tb usb hd09:16
lucentInitHello: I just read what xiambax said is all09:16
Dr_WillisTherea a reason the ubunutuy people made the hardware-driver tool :)09:16
InitHellolucent: ah. That prompted a headdesk from me. No offense towards xiambax is intended.09:16
mauriI need u gui utility to synch 2 folders09:16
* lucent grins09:16
lucentInitHello: privmsg, let's battle09:16
InitHellolucent: hit me09:16
wgrantlucent: Headdesk battle?09:16
CountDeMonetxiambax: cd /usr/share/ati ; sudo ./fglrx-uninstall.sh09:17
xiambaxis there a way i can safe boot this then09:17
xiambaxor boot to install disk?09:17
wgrantxiambax: Hold down shift during the BIOS until the boot menu appears, and select recovery mode.09:18
ltspadminwhat is iBus Preferences09:19
lucentltspadmin: it's a transporter beam network (TBN) configurator09:21
lucentinstant travel between Ubuntu cloud pods09:21
lucentpretty cutting edge feature09:21
xiambaxbecause my grub is all messed up that shift thing wont work09:21
wgrantltspadmin: iBus is replacing SCIM as the preferred input method (eg. for CJK)09:21
wgrantxiambax: Why not?09:21
xiambaxand i cant fix grub if i cant boot in09:21
xiambax"<Jordan_U_> xiambax: The bug about failing to boot when grubenv is unreadable was fixed recently, try chrooting in and upgrading or press 'e' at the grub menu and remove the save_env line then press ctrl+x to boot"09:22
CountDeMonetxiambax: haven't you been using a live cd to edit the system?09:22
xiambaxso hold down shift to boot the live disk?09:22
ltspadminwhere can i use it..??09:22
Alexia_DeathIm having problems witht he failsafe09:23
Alexia_DeathX that is09:23
xiambaxok so now that we have that clearified09:23
Alexia_Deathit starts without any good reason on most cold boots09:23
Alexia_Deathis it a known issue?09:23
wgrantAlexia_Death: There is probably a good reason.09:24
Alexia_Deathwgrant: Terre is not. On some cold boots it works and restarting KDM aleays works09:24
Alexia_Deathwgrant: and there are no (EE) lines in any of the logs09:25
Alexia_DeathThere were some that were not fatal but I got rid of them09:25
Alexia_Deathwgrant: I have a distupgraded system from jaunty(that once up on a time was installed as edgy).09:27
Dr_Willisi think grub2 is going to have a LOT of neat features.. that no one is going to know about for a long time.. heh09:28
Alexia_DeathX does not even seem to try to load when the failsafe pops up. I have nvidia closed driver with splash on and I dont even see that.09:30
Jordan_U_Dr_Willis: LUA scripting is pretty amazing09:30
xiambaxok this should be my last stupid question09:30
xiambaxhow do i chroot09:30
Dr_Willisi was thinking that was disabled  by default.. Ive seen mention of it.. but no real docs yet.09:31
Alexia_Deathxiambax: say chroot /path09:31
Jordan_U_xiambax: First you need to mount your Ubuntu partition09:31
Dr_WillisI think the last i saw LUA used was for the front ends/guis to some of these MMORPGS :) if i rember right09:31
Dr_Willischroot /mountpoint/of/installed/system09:31
CountDeMonetok. going to try to boot from the live cd09:32
Jordan_U_Dr_Willis: In the Debian/Ubuntu package yes. As for documentation, it's severely lacking at the moment( I had to read the source to find what functions are available )09:32
lucentfiber to the house?09:32
lucentI am one jealous-ass panda09:33
InitHelloI had that once, then I moved back to the US09:33
xiambaxchri got a bunch of permission denied cannot create dev/null09:33
jamieleshawdid someone mention warp speed internet?09:33
InitHello10/10 fiber, it was sexy09:33
lucentxiambax: a few rules of chroot'ing, you need to be root rights, you need to have proc and dev and sys obind mounted09:33
lucentInitHello: hawt.09:34
Alexia_Deathxiambax: try to find some instructions on chroot enviromnets for mounting dev &proc to your  env09:34
Dr_Willisi always check the gentoo docs for how they chroot :)09:34
InitHellolucent: aye, it was. But living in the country I grew up in was more hawter09:34
Dr_WillisI had a script at one time to do it.. but i forget now. havent needed it in ages09:34
Jordan_U_xiambax: Where is your Ubuntu partition mountain?09:35
* lucent points to the mountain09:35
xiambax media/_09:35
xiambaxi have it mounted now09:35
xiambaxand chrooted09:35
lucentMt. Spellcheckfail09:36
Jordan_U_xiambax: What is the exact path?09:36
xiambax... /media/_09:36
xiambaxcurrently i am in /etc/share/ati09:36
Jordan_U_xiambax: An underscore? I've never seen that for a mountpoint before. run "sudo mount -o bind /dev/ /media/_/dev && sudo mount -o bind /proc/ /media/_/proc"09:37
TTilusinstalled karmic, reboot after install and after "GRUB loading, please wait..." nothing happens09:38
TTiluswhat next09:38
TTilusalready checked grub conf using rescue mode09:38
TTilusnothing wrong afaik09:38
Jordan_U_TTilus: Did you install from the beta or the RC?09:40
xiambaxok that worked09:41
xiambaxit booted in09:41
TTilusJordan_U_: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/09:41
qwertz1230hey all... Installing Karmic, I ran in to a bug that was set to "Fix Released" some time ago. Should I now reset it to "New" or open a new report?09:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 150872 in ubiquity "Installer should not list removable media in /etc/fstab" [High,Fix released]09:43
docmaxhello, how can i remove the ubuntu bootup logo?09:44
docmaxi want normal console output09:44
tgpraveenqwertz1230: if you are sure that09:44
Jordan_U_docmax: Remove "splash" from /etc/default/grub and run "sudo update-grub"09:44
tgpraveenit is the same bug then set it to NEW and add a comment explaining what happened to you09:44
docmaxJordan_U_, thank you09:45
Jordan_U_docmax: np09:46
TTilusJordan_U_: used "current" netboot image (dont have big enough usb-stick or cd-writer available)09:46
Snotty_i have been using 9.10 after alpha4 and have work brilliant but but.. now update wont work and programs cannot install ..hmm.. anybody else same kind of problems?09:47
Jordan_U_!details | Snotty_09:49
ubottuSnotty_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:49
CountDeMonetsweet, the live cd works09:51
CountDeMonettomorrow when I grab a new computer from the office I'm going to throw it on there09:51
CountDeMonetnow, like i said. if it works I give someone here a free invite to google voice09:52
CountDeMonetso first person after i count to 3 gets it09:52
InitHellopiffle, I have google wave09:52
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.09:52
InitHelloso nyaaah09:52
CountDeMonetnot wave, voice09:52
bazhangCountDeMonet, this is not the channel for it09:53
CountDeMonetbazhang: alright09:53
* lucent DO NOT WANT's09:54
rothchildHi I'm having trouble with compiz on an intel 915 gfx, shadows have just become big black boxes can someone point me in the right direction as to which package to report the bug against? (or better, to troubleshoot the problem)09:54
Jordan_U_TTilus: Do you have a floppy drive?09:57
TTilusJordan_U_: no09:59
CountDeMonetso desktop effects still don't work with intel cards?09:59
lucentrothchild: bugger10:00
lucentrothchild: does it happen on a livecd boot?10:00
Jordan_U_TTilus: You could try reinstalling grub to the usb drive10:00
TTilusJordan_U_: why?10:01
rothchildlucent: I've not tried that yet10:01
TTilusive got sata ssd as root and spindle sata as /home10:01
Jordan_U_TTilus: Was that grub error from the USB drive you were installing from or the installed system?10:01
rothchildI've also tried enabling uxa in xorg.conf but it doesn't seem to make any difference10:01
TTilusJordan_U_: no grub errors10:01
lucentrothchild: I'm rocking a Gx96x integrated Intel device here, no problems10:02
rothchildCountDeMonet: it was working fine until yesterday10:02
lucentrothchild: you may also want to disable any quirks you had in Grub10:02
docmax__i have a problem... i'd like to disable gdm, but i fail10:02
rothchildlucent: quirks?10:02
TTilusJordan_U_: after installation was completed, i removed the usb stick i booted from and rebooted (as instructed) and got to "GRUB stage1.5 .. GRUB loading, please wait..." and there it hung10:02
lucentrothchild: I would check a livecd to see if it's there10:02
Jordan_U_TTilus: You said grub wasn't loading, right?10:02
CountDeMonetrothchild: what happened yesterday?10:03
docmax__i removed gdm from rc.d but it still starts10:03
Jordan_U_TTilus: Ahh, the specific error helps10:03
TTilusJordan_U_: how do i find out "the specific error"10:03
Jordan_U_TTilus: The stage 1.5 part, it means that the carmic installer installed grub somewhere other than your hard drive10:04
TTilusJordan_U_: ?10:04
Jordan_U_TTilus: What you are seeing is the remains of a pre karmic install of grub legacy10:04
rothchildnot sure, there was a kernel oops when waking from hibernation (which I've filed a report for) and when it reloaded the shadows were broken (it also turned off my wireless which wouldn't come back up with the fn switch until I'd connected it with a cable?)10:05
Jordan_U_TTilus: All you need to do is boot into a karmic system and run grub-install10:05
shadeslayerheh,flash is killing my PC10:07
Jordan_U_TTilus: First boot from the usb drive you installed from, then get to a terminal and find the device name for your hard drive and run "grub-install /dev/device" most likely "grub-install /dev/sda"10:07
CountDeMonetim seriously impressed with the speed of karmic esp since its running off a cd10:08
shadeslayerits really really bad after the latest updates on KDE10:08
shadeslayerCountDeMonet: lets see what youll be saying after you install flash :P10:08
CountDeMonetshadeslayer: does it slow it down that bad?10:09
rothchildlucent: I've got the iso coming down now. Any ideas about how I might be able to fix this in the box?10:09
jhaigAre there instructions for doing an upgrade to Karmic now (ie, to the RC before the official release)10:09
lucentrothchild: not until you know of a situation where it works10:09
Jordan_U_jhaig: Yes, look at the release notes10:09
lucentrelease notes forget to mention sacrificing a goat10:10
jhaigJordan_U_: thanks.10:10
TTilusJordan_U_: thanks10:10
lucentvery important if you ask me10:10
rothchildlucent: fair enough, I may well be back in a little while then ;-) thanks for your help.10:10
jhaiglucent: :-)  I'll have one ready10:10
Jordan_U_jhaig: np10:10
Jordan_U_TTilus: np10:10
shadeslayerCountDeMonet: my laptop freezed as soon as i opened a flash based game,and unfreezed only after i killed the browser10:10
rothchildgoat?! Damn I just ordered a job lot of virgins.......10:11
Jordan_U_lucent: They added dead goats as a dependancy to ubuntu-minimal for the RC10:11
CountDeMonetrothchild: they come cheap in bulk, esp when you realize were dealing with linux here ;)10:11
Jordan_U_lucent: So it should work automatically, though some might be surprised by the mess10:11
lucentJordan_U_: I heard the super cow was slayed ;)10:11
* lucent ba-dum-pcha! @ CountDeMonet 10:12
CountDeMoneti wonder how much better android development will be on ubuntu10:13
JohnFluxWhen my laptop runs out of battery I get a warning that it will hibernate in 30 seconds10:16
JohnFluxif I immediately plug power in, it beeps, indicating that I plugged in power10:16
JohnFluxbut 30 seconds later, it hibernates10:16
JohnFluxThis is in Kubuntu 9.1010:17
richardcavellJohnFlux: is it correctly reading your laptop power level?10:17
richardcavellIt wasn't on my laptop a couple of months ago10:17
docmaxhello, GDM still runs at bootup allthough i disabled it from rc.d.. any ideas???10:17
richardcavellMy Karmic alpha CD is now a coaster for my Coke Zero10:17
JohnFluxrichardcavell: the icon shows the correct battery level10:17
lucentdocmax: uh...upstart10:17
richardcavellJohnFlux: okay, just a thought10:17
JohnFluxrichardcavell: even when the icon shows the battery fully charged, it will reboot10:17
JohnFluxthis happened because:10:18
lucentdocmax: "service gdm stop" not /etc/init.d/gdm stop10:18
lucentdocmax: no more sysviinit10:18
JohnFlux1) I got the warning that it would reboot.10:18
JohnFluxuh, hibernate10:18
JohnFlux2) I manually hibernated immediately, and plugged in power10:18
KyleS-workHey guys, anyone else having issues booting the 9.10 RC amd64 live CD?10:18
JohnFlux3) several hours later, I unhibernated, with full battery10:18
JohnFlux30 seconds later, it hibernated again automatically :-D10:18
ltspadminS32ltsp-client-setup what is the use of this command10:19
ltspadminin ltsp server10:19
CountDeMonetshadeslayer: flash works just fine. no slowdown at all or problems encountered10:20
sobersabrehi guys.10:20
sobersabreI have a h/w->s/w q.10:20
sobersabreI got koala on my thinkpad.10:20
sobersabreit works quite nicely.10:20
richardcavellJohnFlux: dunno man10:20
sobersabreI wanted to setup fingerprint reader, and got it working.10:20
ltspadminS32ltsp-client-setup what is the use of this command in ltsp server ubuntu 9.0410:20
sobersabreI can login via the term with my finger print,10:20
sobersabreI can run other auth. related stuff.10:20
sobersabrescreensaver is making me some trouble.10:21
sobersabreI am on gnome.10:21
sobersabrewhen I run screensaver, and it shows the login prompt,10:21
docmaxservice gdm stop prevents from start at next boot???10:21
sobersabreIf I give it the password, it doesn't log me in, but shows the "wait..." cursor.10:21
shadeslayerCountDeMonet: hmm... i have 64 bit10:21
sobersabreif I give it the fingerprint, it doesn't do anything.10:21
CountDeMonetso is there any good migration software now to move things over from windows to karmic?10:23
shadeslayerCountDeMonet: wubi?10:23
ltspadminThe hard disk can be used with LILO or GRUB, to load the Linux kernel and initrd. You can also load the Etherboot bootrom image from the hard disk, and it will act like a bootrom.10:23
sobersabreI have modified the /etc/pam.d/gnome-screensaver10:24
sobersabreI removed this line:10:24
sobersabreauth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so10:25
CountDeMonetshadeslayer: i mean something that automatically moves over preferences in common applications for you, such as all firefox add-ons/bookmarks10:25
sobersabreand I left the include @common-auth line.10:25
sobersabrethat one has been also altered by the thinkfinger-pam-enable script.10:25
sobersabreanyway, can anybody give me some kind of pointer ?10:25
sobersabreI want screensaver to read fingerprints OR a password.10:25
=== |Alexia_Death| is now known as Alexia_Death
shadeslayerCountDeMonet: hmm.. there should be something in ubiquity to do that stuff10:26
KyleS-workAnyone having difficulties with the amd64 Live CD?  After the initial 'try ubuntu' I simply get a blinking cursor10:26
TTilusJordan_U_: up and running10:27
Dr_Willissobersabre:  good luck with that. there MIGHT be some screensavers for linux that do it. but ive never seen any10:27
Dr_Willissobersabre:  there is a power setting thing to require a password to get back in.10:27
Dr_Willisbut i forget where. I always disable the thing.10:27
KyleS-workI have tried all manner of 'F6' and no dice10:27
TTilusJordan_U_: what do you think, should i file a bug, clearly installation guessed my boot disk wrong (and did not ask)10:28
sobersabreDr_Willis: according to the online manuals I have all the versions of s/w that are supposedly able to support what I need.10:28
jhaigOK, I have followed the instructions linked off http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910 for upgrading (which I note refers to upgrading to 9.04) and it does not give me the option to upgrade to the RC.  Is there something I'm missing?  (I haven't sacrificed the goat yet)10:28
Jordan_U_TTilus: Yes, please file a bug ( if one hasn't been filed already )10:28
TTilusJordan_U_: ssd which was supposed to be bootdisk _had_ previous ubuntu setup10:28
sobersabrejhaig: what do you mean "RC" ?10:28
TTilusJordan_U_: against what?10:28
docmaxservice gdm stop prevents from start at next boot???10:29
jhaigHmmm, I thought there had been an RC for Karmic.10:29
Jordan_U_TTilus: Debian-installer probably10:29
KyleS-workjhaig, there is :)10:29
Dr_Willisdocmax:  no it would not stop gdm at next boot10:29
KyleS-workWas released on the 22nd10:29
TTilusJordan_U_: hum, okay, yes10:29
docmaxDr_Willis, any ideas how to prevent GDM to boot on next boot?10:29
jhaigWell, that's what I mean by the RC10:29
Dr_Willisdocmax:  disable the gdm service  is one way i guess10:30
docmaxDr_Willis, i did update-rc.d gdm remove... doesnt work10:30
Dr_Willisdocmax:  thats because gdm is contriolled by UPSTART now. not the sysv scripts10:31
docmaxhow do i edit upstart?10:31
Dr_Willisit in /etc/init10:31
JohnFluxAfter hibernating, is there any way to get sound working again?10:31
Dr_Willisedit the gdm.conf or move it out of that dir perhaps10:31
JohnFluxor is this yet-another-pulseaudio bug?10:31
docmaxwhere is the upstart folder which includes the services to run?10:38
Dr_Willisit in /etc/init10:41
yoritomohello everybody10:44
yoritomohow to downgrade to grub1 under karmic64 ? this morning has been a grub update, and instead of 10sec "grub loading" now it takes about 25 secs :s10:45
Heikki123i have less than 1 sec grub loading10:46
shadeslayeryoritomo: same upgrade,no problem10:47
shadeslayermy grub boot is instant10:47
yoritomoyes but my grub was already not normal before, could it be coming from ext4fs partition ?10:47
Dr_Willisive noticed the time depends greatly on hardware10:48
Dr_Willisi got one bos that has 5+ hd's and takes like 30 sec10:48
yoritomode hdd working like a crazy on loading time, and looks like a cyclic task10:48
Dr_Willisthis is befor grub menu appears i forget the exact messages10:48
richardcavellshouldn't take 25 secs to load grub10:48
Dr_WillisI would stick with grub2 instead of trying to use grub1 -10:49
yoritomoyes "loading grub" on a black screen10:49
Dr_Willisits taking the time i imagine to scan the drives10:49
richardcavellI reckon it's looking for operating systems10:49
Dr_Willisive seen/heard my one flakey box.. each drive spinning up10:49
yoritomowith the same hardware i had not that problem under jaunty and grub110:49
Dr_Willisive had identical (and worse) issues on this box with Grub110:49
Dr_Willisbut its a fileserver mainly with 4+ weeks of upti,e10:50
yoritomoit is 3 hdd and about 10 partition on it10:50
Dr_Willisso a 40 sec delay at boot is not a big deal10:50
yoritomo40 secs :o10:50
CountDeMonetso if you have the RC installed on a system, come the 29th you can update it to the final?10:50
yoritomoit lose the benefit to have a fast computer10:51
Dr_WillisCountDeMonet:  yes.. thats a feature of the package manager10:51
Dr_Willisyoritomo:  oh the huge-manatee- a whole 40 sec! :)10:51
CountDeMonetDr_Willis: brilliant10:51
shadeslayerhi i have a weird problem,even after deleting 3 activities out of 4,i can switch to the other activities via the keyboard shortcut10:51
Dr_Willisgrub2 is still a work in progress. file bug reports help make it better.10:52
yoritomoi installed beta version 2 weeks ago, but keeping daily updated then it will be equal to the rc ?10:52
Dr_WillisI like some of the other new features in grub210:52
Dr_Willisyoritomo:  yes thats how it works10:52
Dr_Willisin theory :)10:52
Dr_Willistgere might be a little cruft left over. but proberly not much10:53
yoritomoi don't see grub-legacy on the 64 synaptic10:53
yoritomowhat to do to go back to grub1 ?10:53
yoritomoneed to grab a deb on a ppa ?10:53
* jhaig clicks "Start Upgrade" ...10:56
frandieguez Hi to all! Recently the new language packs for Galician (gl_ES) have been released with some bugs I have fixed on the translations but the interface shows the previous translations. I reboot the computer and try a lot of things but doesn't work. Want can I do to refresh the translation cache it this exists??10:57
frandieguez I try creating a new user but it doesn't work too10:58
shadeslayerfrandieguez: what DE ?10:59
frandieguezsorry, I don't understant... => DE???10:59
Heikki123desktop environment10:59
shadeslayerfrandieguez: what Desktop env.10:59
frandieguezKarmic with gnome11:00
shadeslayerfrandieguez: im on kde,so dont know the cache refresh command11:00
frandieguezI'm searching the bugs on launchpad. wait a minute11:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457001 in ubuntu-translations "Wrong translation on galician (gl_ES) to the app name" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:01
frandieguezand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/45700711:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457007 in ibus "Galician Translation (gl_ES) doesn't show the app name translated (dup-of: 457632)" [Undecided,New]11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457632 in ibus "Desktop entry needs the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain key" [Undecided,New]11:02
frandieguezI was looking on the mofiles with msgunfmt and the bugs are fixed11:02
KyleS-workSo...my computer will not boot to the live cd at all.  Even when I remove the 'splash' and 'quiet' at the end of the kernel line, it still fails.11:07
KyleS-workI get a blinking cursor with 0 output11:07
KyleS-workthat is, unless I try the EDD flag11:07
ikttried alternate?11:07
KyleS-workthen I get probing EDD ...then a blinking cursor11:07
KyleS-workI have not tried the alternate yet11:08
KyleS-workGuess I'll give that the old college try when I get home11:08
onatsit actually broke my system!11:11
onatsanyone encounter this issue:11:12
Polarinaonats: You wouldn't be the first one. ;)11:12
bigbrovarMy laptop performs very poorly for 2d graphics. For example, Docky's zoom effect and compiz effects are very choppy. In Jaunty, I was able to fix this by adding the following line under the "Device" section in my xorg.conf:11:12
bigbrovarOption "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"11:12
bigbrovaris there a way i can speen things up on karmic ? am using the Intel X3100 card11:13
lucentintel graphics are in a state of upheaval11:16
lucentit's mostly a good thing but there are a few places where it needs more testing11:17
bigbrovarthat is cherring news :(11:17
wgrantThings are pretty settled now.11:17
wgrantYou should no longer need to specify a MigrationHeuristic.11:17
wgrantIf things aren't working well, perhaps 'ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-intel'11:17
bigbrovarguess thats what i'll do11:19
aprilharewhat permissions should /tmp have?11:19
bigbrovarintel use to be a gurantee for a smooth graphic experience on linux .. sad to see it go the way of Pulse Audio11:19
aprilharedrwxrwxrwt  30 root root 90112 2009-10-24 21:19 tmp11:19
yoritomois grub1 compatible with karmic64 ?11:20
aprilharedoes that look right?11:20
aprilhareyoritomo: yes11:20
lucentbigbrovar: since recent Karmic updates, integrated intel gma965 works really really well11:20
lucentmodesetting kernel and all that11:20
lucentit just plain works, better than it ever did with the Ubuntu pre-installed on it from Dell many years ago11:21
lucentnot everyone with intel graphics gets to have that experience though :/11:21
wgrantbigbrovar: Most of the acceleration stack has been rewritten in the past year. It's not unexpected that some things are going wrong.11:21
bigbrovarucent>: well i guess that is relative cus karmic is not as smooth as "geedy moded" jaunty  on my pc11:21
wgrantHowever, Karmic should be better for everything, except perhaps i810 and i845.11:22
wgrantaprilhare: That's right.11:23
bigbrovarwgrant> definitely not better here and this is a fresh install. anyway to tweak UXA for better performance11:23
aprilharewgrant: firefox won't open a document automatically. it complains download failed - but the file is in /tmp11:24
wgrantbigbrovar: If you have to tweak, there is a bug. Which chipset?11:24
aprilharei wonder: could a problem with /tmp affect flash?11:24
wgrantaprilhare: What type of file?11:24
aprilharewgrant: pdf11:25
bigbrovarwgrant> integrated intel gma96511:25
aprilharewgrant: say you click on a pdf, as usual the pdf plugin doesn't work and it gives you a choice to save or open the document. you select open, it downloads then reports failure11:25
wgrantaprilhare: I think that sometimes if it can't launch the application.11:26
wgrantbigbrovar: File a bug.11:26
amgarchIn9anybody using kde? Do you have shutdown/reboot buttons in Leave-menu or on C-Alt-Del?11:26
bigbrovarwgrant> ok thanks I will11:26
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
aprilharewgrant: yeah that may be true. thats true of most files really. you save a file with firefox, try to open it in the download window and nearly 100% of the time whatever file it is fails to open. it claims the link needs to be opened with an application - and the default list of applications is empty.11:29
BUGabundohey bigbrovar11:29
bigbrovarBUGabundo> yo11:29
aprilhareso you either find the actual application using the 'choose an application' or give up. even if you find it, it won't load anyways11:29
aprilhareall mucked up11:30
yoritomoJokeur un petit dessin vaut mieux qu'un grand discours http://www.souslestoits.net/blog/public/billets/virtualbox.jpg11:30
yoritomoJokeur http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/virtualbox11:30
yoritomoet ca marche pour tout les périphérique windows non reconnus puisque tu peux installer tout les drivers comme en réel11:31
yoritomoheu sorry i mistake chan11:31
aprilhareno worries11:33
aprilharenever seen windows xp in a virtualbox in french :)11:33
aprilharewgrant: all that download handling functionality seems mucked up11:35
AnxiousNutim have Compaq mini 110 netbook, trying remix 9.10 rc, in ubutnu's previous release the wireless worked out of the box, but now it's not working11:36
jarnosIMO It would be worthwhile telling in the known issues that some remotes have stopped working by lirc in Karmic even if they worked in Jaunty, due to incompatibility between new kernel and drivers; see Bug #459021, http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=4AE07265.5070808%40umich.edu11:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459021 in lirc "Remote control commands not processed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45902111:36
yoritomoaprilhare hehe the only mean to get working paperweight printers fine and with the dump it is starting over 4 sec :)11:38
AnxiousNutwhere can i send bugs?11:41
BUGabundoAnxiousNut: launchpad11:42
BUGabundouse $ ubuntu-bug PACKAGE11:42
BUGabundo!bugs | AnxiousNut11:42
ubottuAnxiousNut: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:43
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lucentcrap... I can't mount scsi devices after N number of times11:45
lucent[702890.939332] sd 15:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through11:45
lucent[702890.939343] sd 15:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk11:45
lucentwhat kind of bug is that anyways11:46
KyleS-workIt's a scsi drive right?11:46
KyleS-workIs it jumpered correctly?11:47
lucentusb storage, or firewire, etc.11:47
lucentremmovable devices11:47
lucentI plug in, mount, umount, unplug11:47
lucentthen repeat11:47
lucenteventually it just stops working at all11:47
KyleS-workunload the module?11:47
KyleS-workreload it?11:47
KyleS-workrmmod usb-storage11:47
KyleS-workmodprobe usb-storage11:47
lucenthuh, I could try that I guess11:47
KyleS-worksudo if you're not root11:47
jhaigI'm trying to upgrade to Karmic RC but after downloading the packages I'm getting "Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libo/liboobs/liboobs-1-4_2.22.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb Size mismatch".  Can anyone help?  Thanks.11:48
lucentKyleS-work: that does the trick, sounds like a bug?11:48
lucentwhat kind of bug though11:48
KyleS-workNot sure honestly11:48
* lucent chuckles @ liboobs11:48
KyleS-worklucent, I did too :)11:48
kulighti cant get sound watching tv from a usb dvb device. any suggestions?11:48
lucentKyleS-work: in dmesg, now the number is up to 16:0:0:0:11:49
lucentthat's just ridiculous11:49
lucentplug/unplug usb storage, you'd hit some kind of limit rather quickly11:50
BlouBlouinstalled! :D11:50
BlouBlouI think all it's cool, but I prefer pidgin than empathy11:51
KyleS-workhehe, at least they kept the interface similar11:51
KyleS-worklucent, I'm not sure what you would bug it as though11:51
BlouBlouyes, but pidgin was littlbe bit more "advanced"11:52
dupondjewhen does the following Alpha releases start ? ;)11:52
lucentit is affecting any remmovable storage that appears as a scsi device11:52
lucentI have in fact usb storage and also firewire storage11:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about releaseschedule11:52
kulight!release schedule11:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:53
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases11:53
KyleS-workI wish I could just get 9.10 to boot myself11:53
KyleS-workthe live CD epic fails on my computer :(11:53
KyleS-workI'm going to try the alternate cd when I get home11:53
lucentis the pc well spec'ed?11:53
dupondjebtw; somebody worked with dmraid_nvidia module for GRUB2 ?11:54
KyleS-workThat's the forum post for it11:54
* lucent nods11:54
KyleS-workI've never had an issue like it11:54
lucentmight try nosmp acpi=bios11:54
KyleS-workI can't even verbose it11:54
KyleS-workI'll try that when I get home in about 2 hours11:55
KyleS-workI wouldn't have even thought to do that11:55
KyleS-workIf it gave me error messages, I'd love it11:56
lucentKyleS-work: would also suggest trying an 32-bit livecd for comparison11:56
KyleS-work32 bit works11:56
KyleS-workbut 64 bit won't load at all11:56
onatshelp, i upgraded my 9.04 to 9.10 but now i cant boot in. the boot sequence gets stuck when it starts to try mounting devices in /etc/fstab. it keeps on waiting for ALL the devices11:56
tobi_I can't start Empathy with Karmic Koala. I just get an Segmentation fault11:56
KyleS-work64 doesn't post after the grub in the live cd.  I just get blinking cursor11:57
onatshow do i recover/rollback it back to 9.04 again?11:57
KyleS-workonats, you don't unfortunately11:57
lucentKyleS-work: weird as it sounds, try unplugging all your USB devices and trying different ports or whatever11:57
onatsKyleS, so whats the solution?11:57
lucentI don't know why, but I saw that one time11:57
tobi_and I can't make an backtrace, because gdb can't find the debugging symbols11:58
KyleS-workomg...I didn't even think to unplug the usb11:58
lucentstill don't know why.11:58
onatsthis is the first time this happened to me on an upgrade on ubuntu!11:58
tobi_what packege do I need to install to get the debugging symbols?11:58
onatsi need my desktop!11:58
KyleS-workYou'll have to reinstall 9.0411:58
lucentKyleS-work: I saw the PS/2 driver in usb emulation mode cause an interrupt deadlock, that was freaky11:58
KyleS-workBut the weird part is i get 0 output11:59
Dr_WillisOf course if  a upgrade failed.. a clean install miught work better11:59
x-Nawhy not just boot with livecd and edit the fstab-file?11:59
onatsthat does not sound too good. what about karmic when it goes out? will it be better? also, can i have my home and root in different kinds of partitions?11:59
KyleS-workeven when disabling splash/quiet11:59
lucentthere's a race condition that persists in the Linux kernel and once in a while something freaky triggers it11:59
lucentit's a hardware related trigger11:59
lucentserial console would be helpful :)11:59
KyleS-workI'll try that out when I get home11:59
Dr_Willisonats:  you can use different fileysstems for /home and /boot.  Notsure what you mean by kinds of partitions. :) theres only 3 kinds.11:59
lucentKyleS-work: booting nosmp acpi=bios should help though12:00
Dr_WillisPrimary, extended, logical12:00
KyleS-workI'll try that when I get home :)12:00
lucentsick of FAT just use GPT already ha12:00
KyleS-workDr_Willis, that's with a dos partitioning scheme12:01
penguin42Dr_Willis: Ah yeh I alwys forget about the extended itself; I guess you could through fortune to the wind and use a different partition table format like GPT12:01
KyleS-workgpt <--different12:01
penguin42KyleS-work: Are you on a mac out of interest?12:01
TronicGPT support on Linux still sucks.12:01
bazhangskiwithpete, did you try switching mirrors12:01
KyleS-workworst part about owning a mac...having to tell your parents you're gay :)12:01
lucentit's fine, parted and grub212:01
penguin42KyleS-work: ah OK, it's just more common with EFI12:01
TronicE.g. you cannot resize XFS GPT partitions.12:01
dupondjeseems like nobody tried GRUB2 with DMRAID ? ;)12:02
TronicBut if you have disks bigger than 2 TB, you have to use GPT.12:02
skiwithpeteok, I get the wrong IP when I try to search gb.archive.ubuntu.com12:02
TronicPC BIOS partition tables don't work past that size.12:02
skiwithpetePING gb.archive.ubuntu.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.12:02
Dr_Willisone of the many reasons to be moving to grub2 I guess.12:02
skiwithpeteif you ping it, I bet you'll get a different IP for it12:03
dupondjeTronic: no ? 64bit LBA ?12:03
penguin42skiwithpete: Indeed I get
KyleS-worksame penguin4212:03
skiwithpetehow do I clear the IP table?12:03
dupondjeskiwithpete: its maby roundrobin ?12:03
skiwithpeteI had the same problem in Kubuntu with a nightly last week12:03
penguin42skiwithpete: That's really dodgy12:03
skiwithpetewhat do I do to clear it?12:04
penguin42dupondje: It doesn't show up as another IP on a dig12:04
KyleS-workskiwithpete, try a different dns server12:04
skiwithpeteI can't install addons in Firefox either12:04
KyleS-workcould be your dns lookup12:04
Tronicdupondje: I don't think there's a 64 bit LBA variant of PC BIOS partition table.12:04
skiwithpetehow do I do a DNS lookup?12:04
onatsi busted it, i guess its time to test out psystars rebel efi12:05
dupondjeTronic: there is. Don't need to use GPT for +2TB disks12:05
Tronicdupondje: Okay, then is that supported by anything?12:05
TronicAt least all the partitioning tools I used apparently failed.12:05
Hukka*sigh* You think you have it all, and then things just break after boot. Now I have no sound anymore... lshw still sees my nVidia NCP55 HDA, and snd_hda_intel is loaded.12:05
Tronic=> if it is not supported, you might just as well be using GPT.12:05
dupondjeTronic: not even need to partition a disk with XFS12:06
dupondjeyou can just format the disk as a whole ..12:06
HukkaBut alsamixer says there's no such file or directory and gnome-volume-manager doesn't show any output devices (except for dummy)12:06
shadeslayergah... 127 MB of RAM free.... out of 3 GB12:06
KyleS-workHukka, did you do a partial upgrade?12:06
Tronicdupondje: Not such a good idea. What if you actually do need partitions (e.g. boot or swap)?12:06
lucentshadeslayer: how much is cached?12:06
penguin42shadeslayer: Don't worry, most of it's probably cache12:06
skiwithpetei don't know what to do12:07
HukkaKyleS-work: This is a machine installed with Karmic beta cd12:07
dupondjeTronic: it depends what you do with it ofc :) but for example I have 4TB array12:07
dupondjejust 1 partition :)12:07
shadeslayer-/+ buffers/cache:        855       216212:07
Tronicdupondje: It will also confuse other OSes, prevent autodetection on Linux too, etc.12:07
KyleS-workHukka, the RC was released yesterday12:07
KyleS-worker..on the 22nd12:07
KyleS-workmaybe try upgrading?12:07
shadeslayerlucent: penguin42 how do i clear the cache?12:07
TronicI used to do that, though. Now I use GPT.12:07
lucentshadeslayer: why the hell?12:07
penguin42shadeslayer: Are you sure you want to - it's good!12:07
HukkaKyleS-work: And last time I used audio was on Thursday, and I don't recall audio related packages being updated since that12:07
bazhangskiwithpete, does normal browsing work fine12:07
shadeslayerpenguin42: the cache is good?12:07
guntbertshadeslayer: have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/12:07
HukkaCan't be sure about that though, there has been plenty of upgraded packets12:07
TronicAt some point I was even forced to use device mapper because some partition tool had made the partition begin at sector 32 and then I got past the 2 GB mark and things broke.12:08
penguin42shadeslayer: Yeh, it's holding stuff you read from disc previously; if it's needed for something more useful the kernel will throw some cache away automatically12:08
HukkaBut anyway, after checking the driver and lshw, I'm not out of ideas12:08
skiwithpetebaz, not really, some pages are broken12:08
dupondjeTronic: http://www.areca.us/support/download/RaidCards/Documents/Manual_Spec/Over2TB_Manual.zip12:08
skiwithpetesome work though12:08
skiwithpetebut its inconsisten which ones work and which ones don't12:08
Tronicdupondje: I don't think that really helps much.12:09
Tronic(I have read it, because I use Areca controllers)12:09
lucentlol @ linuxatemyram website12:09
lucentcan't believe that exists12:09
shadeslayerpenguin42: ah... nice page :D12:10
KyleS-worklucent, it's the internet12:10
skiwithpetecan't even think what the problem is,12:10
dupondjeTronic: what u need exactly ? I know fdisk doesn't support 2TB+12:10
KyleS-workof course it exists12:10
KyleS-work<--works at a Data Center haha12:10
shadeslayerpenguin42: why does it not use swap?12:10
KyleS-workI get more than my fair share of internet unfortunately12:10
* lucent falls over12:10
skiwithpeteis there a way to reset the IP table, because mine points at the wrong place for gb.archive.ubuntu.com12:10
dupondjeshadeslayer: Linux only uses swap when there is like 0bytes memory availible12:10
dupondjeswap = slowdown12:10
Tronicdupondje: I'm fine. I use GPT and my own partitioning utility (gptedit).12:11
penguin42shadeslayer: Swap's on disk so is slow; it's just using some of your spare RAM to avoid having to go to disc for things like config files that keep getting read or binaries you keep running12:11
KyleS-workdupondje, not exactly true12:11
KyleS-workdupondje, my Ubuntu likes to eat swap on occasion regardless of memory used12:11
shadeslayerpenguin42: oh,thanks for clearing that out :)12:11
penguin42shadeslayer: It might even decide to swap something out to make more room for cache if that thing is very rarely used12:11
lucentparted annoys me that it commits changes immediately12:11
lucentI wish it had a save mode12:11
Tronicdupondje: Had to write my own utility because parted wouldn't resize (grow) XFS partitions.12:11
KyleS-worklucent, if you want to recover partitions...12:11
KyleS-workone sec12:11
* penguin42 dislikes parted, I find it's mkfspart command way too complex12:11
KyleS-workhttp://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk <--I highly recommend this12:11
KyleS-workI use it at work to save customer partitions12:12
KyleS-workworks great in linux.12:12
lucentyeah I have run into work like that before12:12
lucentit takes a toll on your soul after about 15-20 jobs12:12
lucentlike you're cheating fate12:12
* lucent :)12:12
skiwithpeteok, so I went into sources.list12:13
skiwithpeteand changed the source to us.archive.ubuntu.com12:13
skiwithpetethen I ran the ping on gb.archive.ubuntu.com12:14
honkawould you please tell me equivalent to adobe professional in linux?12:14
skiwithpete64 bytes from gb.archive.ubuntu.com ( icmp_seq=8 ttl=55 time=42.5 ms12:14
skiwithpeteand it gave me the correct IP addy for gb.archive.ubuntu.com12:14
lucenthonka: none that I know of, maybe scribus12:14
lucenthonka: what kind of work do you need to do?12:15
KyleS-workskiwithpete if you want12:15
KyleS-workadd it to /etc/hosts12:15
skiwithpetewhat what?12:15
KyleS-workyou can make a host point to a certain IP12:15
Tronicdupondje: http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-parted@gnu.org/msg02791.html12:15
honkaI wanna read and write pdf files12:15
skiwithpetestill, loads of websites don't work and firefox won't install addons12:16
richardcavelldoes OpenOffice read pdfs?12:17
KyleS-workskiwithpete, I'd change your dns server12:17
KyleS-workdo this12:17
KyleS-workcat /etc/resolv.conf12:17
richardcavellhonka: OpenOffice definitely saves pdfs12:17
skiwithpeteI had this problem with the Kubuntu Nightly the other day, surely someone else is having these problems12:17
skiwithpeteKyleS-work, how?12:17
honkais there something smaller than of?12:17
KyleS-worktype the command cat /etc/resolv.conf12:18
skiwithpetepete@hp-laptop:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf12:18
skiwithpete# Generated by NetworkManager12:18
KyleS-workok, is that the gateway of your router?12:18
KyleS-workok, so it's routing through your router.12:18
KyleS-workcheck the DNS servers on your router12:19
Dr_Willisrouting through router. :)12:19
skiwithpeteKyleS-work, I know its not the router because of the experiment above12:19
Dr_Willisvs gateing through the gateway12:19
Dr_WillisI got the opendns ip's handy if you want12:19
KyleS-workmaybe try unloading and reloading the IPs on the router12:19
skiwithpetewhen I changed the sources.list to US it started using other IPs12:19
Dr_Willisfor open dns. (just if you want to test)12:20
GarthPSHI.I am encurting an error during KarmicUpgrades : I hav followed this  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu and the installatin is hanging .I am in the installation of package stage and the interface has frozen. what am i suppos to do?12:20
KyleS-workskiwithpete, if you want to do it easily, do this command12:20
KyleS-workecho "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf && echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf12:20
KyleS-workthen try your luck with the updates12:21
skiwithpeteKyleS-work, bash: /etc/resolv.conf: Permission denied12:21
KyleS-workok, this one then12:22
Dr_Willisgot to do it as root.:)12:22
KyleS-worksudo echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf && sudo echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf12:22
rothchildlucent: thanks for your help earlier, I've reinstalled from CD and it seems to have fixed my compiz problems12:22
skiwithpetepete@hp-laptop:~$ sudo echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf && sudo echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf12:22
skiwithpetebash: /etc/resolv.conf: Permission denied12:22
wgrant> is a shell operation. sudoing echo isn't going to do anything.12:23
wgrantTry piping into 'sudo tee' instead.12:23
KyleS-workthen sudo su - then the command echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf && echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf12:23
HukkaHmh, sudo alsamixer does find a sound card12:24
frandieguezskiwithpete, use tee12:24
HukkaBut sudo gnome-volume-manager doesn't12:24
wgrantPlease never 'sudo su -'. 'sudo -i' does the same but in a less awful fashion.12:24
frandieguezecho "nameserver" |sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf12:24
wgrantHukka: Why would you sudo that?12:24
frandieguezecho "nameserver" |sudo tee -a /etc/resolv.conf # to add another line12:24
HukkaBut there definately is hw found, since it has all info in /proc/asound12:24
Hukkawgrant: Better question is why do I need to do that12:25
HukkaI only know that alsamixer doesn't find the soundcard with my user permissions, and it did yesterday12:25
KyleS-workHukka check the /etc/groups12:25
KyleS-workmake sure you're a part of audio12:25
skiwithpeteok, I've dont that.12:25
HukkaAlas, still no sound, even though the volume levels are now unmuted12:25
wgrantIs PA running?12:25
skiwithpetesorry, done that...12:25
skiwithpete now what12:25
KyleS-workskiwithpete, now try your update12:25
KyleS-worksee if it gives you better results12:26
KyleS-workHmmm.....nvm Hukka, apparently Ubuntu does it differently12:26
KyleS-workpulse is the only member of audio12:26
HukkaKyleS-work: I'm not, but I wasn't before either. Only pulse is, and shouldn't all audio go through that?12:26
wgrantKyleS-work: policykit is magical.12:27
HukkaHm, I got a beep through the speakers12:27
HukkaA very, very annoying one, but still: sound12:27
wgrantHukka: In the default config, PulseAudio runs through your user, not the system user.12:27
HukkaBut no actual audio playback12:27
KyleS-workHukka, have you tried checking all the pcm settings in volume control?12:27
KyleS-workpreferably "fron"12:27
KyleS-workI've had that issue before12:28
skiwithpeteyeah, suddenly stuff is working better12:28
KyleS-workskiwithpete, seems like it was your dns then12:28
HukkaHm, adding myself to audio group helped with alsamixer. But how did it work before...12:28
KyleS-workWe've been having horrid DNS issues at work too.  Installing Plesk is a b**** with crappy DNS12:28
HukkaKyleS-work: In alsamixer, yes. But gnome-volume-manager doesn't show anything12:29
HukkaAnd it should, and it did12:29
wirechiefhmm lsof  /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*  that will show what is being used12:29
HukkaAfter all, alsamixer doesn't manage pulseaudio12:29
wgrantHukka: It does, actually.12:32
wgrantSort of.12:32
Hukkawgrant: Really? Because I've also always (with Karmic) had the problem that no matter what alsamixer settings I had, if sound was muted in gnome-volume-control, there was no sound12:33
HukkaSo it seemed like a lower level setting12:33
Sagacii think that the wallpaper for 9.10 is a tad bright on the upper right side12:33
wgrantHukka: It is rather convoluted.12:33
KyleS-workSagaci, I'm with you.  I'm not a fan of the background.  I absolutely love the color scheme of the windows though12:34
HukkaBut anyway, now I manage to get beeps, but nothing else12:34
SagaciKyleS-work: i think they would have been spot on if they just smeared into a paler orange but not the bright gold12:35
St0n3-C0lAnyone tried out Ubuntu 9.10 RC yet on Intel Video?12:35
KyleS-workSagaci, yeah.  I usually use a very bland background anyway.12:35
wgrantSt0n3-C0l: Yes. Lots of people.12:35
wgrantSt0n3-C0l: For most people it works very well.12:35
KyleS-workOne of the gname defaults haha.  The blue one.12:36
wgrantThere is the occasional case where it does not.12:36
KyleS-worksuch as my case wgrant :(12:36
St0n3-C0lwgrant: How's the response? I couldn't get the Live CD of Kubuntu 9.10 beta past the login screen, it freezed :(12:36
SagaciKyleS-work: i know i can change it and others can too but it's just a bit annoying, you can feel it in your right eye12:36
wgrantSt0n3-C0l: Which chipset?12:36
St0n3-C0lNot even login screen LOL sorry, the bootup.12:36
St0n3-C0li use i81012:36
wgranti8xx support has likely regressed somewhat.12:36
wgrantAs Intel doesn't seem to want to support them any more.12:37
St0n3-C0lThis is really nuts!12:37
wgrantOnly i8xx; >= i915 should be better than ever.12:37
St0n3-C0lWindows 7 I am sure would support it well.12:38
KyleS-workWindows 7 has very highly paid admins who don't volunteer their time :)12:38
wgrantSaying that here will make you no friends.12:38
St0n3-C0lWell, actually my friend I love Linux12:38
St0n3-C0lusing it for 7-8 years12:38
KyleS-workI won't lie though, I really like Windows 7 myself.  I just can't use it for every day use12:39
St0n3-C0lbut what is making me crazy is the attitude :( I know they're highly paid but what for those who've got old PCs and using Linux?12:39
St0n3-C0lI've got a 1GB Ram with 1.8ghz processor, I can very well run any new distro but what stops is the video performance12:39
wgrantSt0n3-C0l: file a bug. It will likely be fixed.12:39
wgrantVery few people are still running i8xx chips. They do not get much testing.12:40
wgrantAnd Intel does not really care about them any more, so it is up to the community to keep things working.12:40
SagaciI don't mind windows 7 but i'm not paying $400 for it12:40
St0n3-C0lYeah I can see why Intel won't support it :)12:40
KyleS-workMicrosoft is giving me a free copy :D12:40
St0n3-C0lEspecially when the markets are down.12:40
KyleS-workAll I have to do is sit for a 2 hr conference12:40
St0n3-C0lIf you get one, pass me on :P12:41
St0n3-C0lI am yet to test Windows 712:41
Sagacipeople will still buy windows 7 via OEM12:41
KyleS-workI like 712:41
KyleS-workI liked vista too though...but I liked vista for DX1012:41
* BUGabundo listens to more W7 lines then linux on this # :(12:41
St0n3-C0lIt is Microsoft's Make or Break chance but Linux has gained a lot of users with Vista disaster ;)12:41
KyleS-workVista wasn't as bad as they say.  It was released early without manufacturer support12:42
sobersabrehi. I'm a bit confused with pulse audio.12:42
St0n3-C0lIt was the jump that caused outrage12:42
KyleS-workI'll still use Linux as my main OS though.  I just can't like Windows multimedia12:42
St0n3-C0lI really want to12:42
sobersabreI like oss drivers, and i installed them by a habbit, but now the sound doesn't play properly.12:42
KyleS-workMplayer is just too grand for me12:42
St0n3-C0lshift to Linux12:42
St0n3-C0lfor my work as well. I want to try it out how it goes12:42
sobersabreis there a way to configure PA with oss ?12:43
Dr_Willismplayer grand? heh12:43
KyleS-workI loves me some Mplayer12:43
Sagacistill, i much prefer the ubuntu debian linux gnu than the windows lifestyle12:43
St0n3-C0lUnless the video performance improves, I don't have any option but to stick with XP which I love :)12:43
KyleS-workWe're about to move all of our workstations at work to Ubuntu12:43
Dr_Willissobersabre:  OSS is handled by alsa compatabilty layers now I think.12:43
KyleS-workthat's where I was different :) I hated, and still hate, XP12:43
Dr_Willisages ago there was OSS  then alsa came in.. and now pulse is on top of alsa. (I think i git that order right)12:43
St0n3-C0lAs long as it gets my work done, I am happy! :P I am sure the time will come for XP as well when software companies take the support out of XP as well.12:44
Dr_Willisolder apps that use OSS actually use some OSS compatabilty features of alsa.12:44
St0n3-C0lWas thinking of Debian Testing but they also moved to newer xorg LOL12:45
Sagacilol, will windows 8 have XP mode?12:45
macwindows will suck12:46
macat all12:46
St0n3-C0lYou use mac? :P12:46
Dr_WillisC64's rule12:46
St0n3-C0lThen I can really understand it :p12:46
Dr_Williswow the fsck messages in 9.10 are a little... annoying12:47
St0n3-C0lI don't want to move to Hardy as well.12:48
macDR_Willis:9.10 what?12:48
St0n3-C0lIt has another issues with it :)12:48
St0n3-C0lBut perhaps not a bad idea! I can try that out.12:49
St0n3-C0lOnly will have to manually compile codecs which I've done that before as well, was pain!12:50
Hukkawgrant, KyleS-work: logging into gnome fixed the sound...12:53
St0n3-C0lOk guys, anyone uses Hamster here?12:53
JDahlI am trying to write a DVD image (in .TOC format) to a DVD. When I double-click the .TOC file, and "Image Burning Dialog" pops up, but there's an error "Please replace the disc with a supported DVD. It is not possible to write with the current set of plugins".  What plugins do I need?12:53
HukkaAnd the output is now visible in gnome-volume-control12:53
SunlessHaloplease, how shall i reenable sound if just dropped out, claimed to use PulseAudio instead of Intel HDA, but no sound is gotten?12:53
HukkaSo there is something related to audio, that isn't right just by booting the computer, you need gnome...12:53
wgrantHukka: PulseAudio will only start once you log into your desktop.12:55
Hukkawgrant: It seemed to work fine before, I always use ion3 as my wm12:56
semaforanyone else having problems exiting tsclient fullscreen in karmic?13:02
Hukkawgrant: Oh yeah, and isn't there supposed to be a bootup sound when gdm finishes loading?13:02
Hukkawgrant: How can that happen, if sound is supposed to come on only after desktop loads13:02
HukkaI mean that quick "dupudup"-sound13:03
onatswhat are the contents of /root again? are all of my settings going to disappear?13:03
onatsi have /home in a separate partition13:03
onatsand /var13:04
Hukkaonats: /root is root's home13:04
onatsyeah, but what kinds of files will i lose?13:05
* Dr_Willis is confused13:07
Dr_Willistheres really not much stored in /root/13:07
Dr_Willis /home is all the users settings/data13:07
Dr_Willisworrying about 'applications' is windows thinking. :)13:07
Dr_WillisYou can have the system make a list of whats installed.. then reinstall everything from that list if you wanted to13:07
onatsok, but then i'd have to reinstall everything right?13:08
Dr_Willisyou basically ARE reinstalling everything anyway13:08
Dr_Williseverthing is getting upgraded.. if you have custome configs for a lot of things.. those may be wroth backing up13:08
onatsDr_Willis, the problem is, i lost my installation already, by trying to upgrade to 9.1013:08
Dr_WillisI never 'upgrade'  from one release to the next. I just do clean reinstalls13:08
Dr_Willissaves me hassles.13:09
wgrantUpgrading is fine.13:09
Dr_Willisits fine whenb it works :)13:09
wgrantAnd will make little to no difference if you are preserving /home anyway.13:09
onatsok, is the  9.10 beta safe now?13:09
Dr_WillisI have had some issues ages ago with gnome/kde having issues with the users older kde/gnome settings.. but ive not noticed that problem in the last year or so.13:10
XVampireXonats, yes13:10
wgrantonats: It's RC now, so it should be.13:10
onatsand, can i retain /home to ext3, but root is ext4?13:10
Dr_Willisits a 'rc' now  - not a beta13:10
onatsshoot, now my download restarted13:10
SunlessHaloDr_Willis: will you help me with my audio please?13:10
Hukkaonats: Btw, "root filesystem" is  not /root13:10
onatsHukka, I meant "/"13:11
Hukkaonats: Well, that isn't root's home, then13:11
Dr_WillisSunlessHalo:  ive rarely had any issues with audio.13:12
SunlessHaloi have them frequently :\13:13
SunlessHalojust it falls back to pulseaudio and no sound is gotten13:13
Dr_Willisive rarely had any issues with Pulse audio either.13:14
Dr_WillisBeen  learning to route pulse audio to the other pc's so i can  watchon one pc and listen on the one with the big speakers. :)13:15
Dr_WillisGot HuluDesktop for linux working also.. but it has some issues. :()13:15
natschildoes anyone know, off the top of their heads, whether nautilus in gnome will be able to paint a transparent background to allow the compiz wallpaper plugin to work properly?13:26
natschil(in karmic)13:26
Dr_WillisI thought to get the compiz plugin going - you had to prevent gnome from drawing the desktop13:26
Dr_Willis#compiz may know more.13:27
natschilDr_Willis: yes, you had to do that in previous versions of gnome, as nautilus wasn't able to draw a transparent background image...I was wondering whether gnome can do it in karmic.13:27
* natschil asks there13:27
Dr_Willisive never seen a way to draw a transparent background image.13:27
natschilDr_Willis: plasma was able to do it before kde 4.3, which broke everything13:28
natschilactually #nautilus or #gnome might know more13:29
Dr_WillisIm not even sure what you gain by the compiz 'wallpaper' plugin13:31
Dr_Willisbut i just use nice blue backgrounds. :)13:31
natschilDr_Willis: with the compiz 'wallpaper plugin' you can have *different* blue backgrounds on each viewport :)13:32
Dr_Williswow.. :)13:33
* natschil gets reminded of windows when he sees blue backgrounds though13:33
Dr_Willislet me do double back flips over to get that!13:33
xevilhave there been many issues with 9.10 Brta upgrade?13:33
Dr_WillisI set my grub, and xsplash, and gdm, and user logins to be the same basic wallpapers13:33
xevilBeta even13:33
Dr_WillisTheres a few people in here every day with Upgrade issues...13:34
Dr_Willisbut not a lot.13:34
natschilDr_Willis: it isn't that hard to get it to work, I hear... the x server has supported some sort of rgba for ages, and there are patches that exist to let this work http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2172/1903405791_2ec0c32000_b.jpg is a (green) example13:35
natschilof this functionality13:35
Dr_Willisi got 2 monoitors.. so i rarely even use the multi desktops any more.13:36
Dr_Willisused them back when i jad just the 1. :) but not so much now13:36
Dr_Willisof course I tend to always fullscreen the apps i am running.. so i never see the wallpaper either13:36
natschilDr_Willis: I just get attracted to the coolness of having a compositor with the cube effect *and* multiple wallpapers.13:37
Dr_Willisi find the cube about as usefull as the Sham-wow and Titan Peeler. :)13:38
onatsone more question guys,13:38
* Dr_Willis is watching late night infomercials...13:38
onatsi mistakenly created 4 primary partitions.. /, /var,/home, and swap... how do i convert some of them to logical?13:38
Dr_WillisYou have to make an extended that holds a logical.13:39
Dr_Willisyou need more partitions then 4?13:39
onatsdr willis, without losing my data?13:39
onatsim planning to put another OS on my free 250GB13:39
Dr_Willisswap would be easiest to delete/convert. but resizeing  may be the issue13:39
Dr_WillisYou could resize them now.. then find one to delete/remake as logical/extended13:40
onatswell ill only be able to do that once i finish downloading 9.10, and install it...:(13:40
Dr_WillisIve not seen any wasy way for example to move /home (primary) to a /home (extended(logical))13:40
onatshow about /var?13:40
Dr_WillisGparted from live cd. can do all sorts of things...  but i would suggest backing things up13:41
Dr_WillisI dont even bother with a /var/ partition any more13:41
onatsvar contains DB storage right?13:41
Dr_Willismove all of /var onto your / and  use the var space for a new partition. but then ya will have (primary)(extended +1 or more lgicals) (primary) (primary)  for the layout13:41
Dr_Willisthats a little.. odd.13:41
onatswhats a good partitioning strategy?13:42
Dr_WillisI forget whats in /var/13:42
cbx33whats the right way to change hostname in karmic?13:42
onatscbx33, you're on karmic already? what's the most significant diff from 9.04?13:43
guntbert!hostname | cbx3313:43
ubottucbx33: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab13:43
cbx33yeh I'm on Karmic13:45
cbx33very well done to the team13:45
cbx33that needs to be updated.....the gui no longer exists by default13:46
giles_hello I installed gnash, and managed to get it recognised by epiphany.13:47
giles_its version 0.8.6, and should play Youtube videos, but I just get a grey window.13:48
richardcavellAnyone here using a Mac?13:53
fcuk112anyone got x-fi working with karmic?13:54
Dr_WillisIve heard of it working.. but thats all i know on the topic fcuk11213:55
fcuk112mine is detected but i still get no sound.  i've tried alsamixer -c0 but no joy.13:56
tgpraveen!info rhythmbox13:56
ubotturhythmbox (source: rhythmbox): music player and organizer for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 0.12.5-0ubuntu4 (karmic), package size 1574 kB, installed size 15196 kB13:56
Dr_WillisI would have to say check the forums. I only recall seeing a few peopl ein here even mtnion the x-fi cards13:56
coz_hey guys...has anyone reported that mouse over audio preview has been broken with last updates?13:57
Dr_WillisI normally get creative cards for my machines. but with the x-fi disaster for linux they did.. ive not even looked at them recently.13:57
Dr_Williscoz_:  its working here.13:57
Dr_Willisfor my .mp313:57
coz_Dr_Willis,  just noticed that the last big update  it is broken here :(13:58
Dr_Willisone of those features that supises new users.13:58
Dr_WillisHmm let me update and see13:58
Dr_Willis44 updates installing13:58
ltspadminmy thin clients are getting hanged after loading the nbi.img13:59
=== mac_ is now known as mac
ltspadminwhat could be the problem..??13:59
coz_Dr_Willis,  just also noticed when opening  /system/preferences/sound   I get a dialot   "Waiting for sound system to respond"   sound works   though13:59
coz_dialog rather13:59
alinuxhi trying to update some software on karmic, however I am getting W: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com karmic Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> and I did do  sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 437D05B5 but I am still getting the error14:00
rysiek|plhi guys14:02
rysiek|plI have just updated my karmic-based laptop and now the NetworkManager applet in KDE doesn't work as far as connecting to a wireless network is concerned14:03
rysiek|plany info on that? anybody knows anything?14:03
rysiek|plit worked AOK an hour ago14:03
Dr_Willis44 updates.. and it wants a reboot..14:04
coz_Dr_Willis,   I got it workin  with   /etc/init.d/alsa-utils  restart14:04
Dr_Williskernel updates   a week or so befor release.. scary :)14:04
Dr_Williscoz_:  A++ :)14:04
MidMark2I have issues with karmic nvidia drivers, I have an nvidia quadro nvs 140m14:05
MidMark2xorg fails to load with error: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!14:05
coz_MidMark2,  did you just install the driver?14:06
MidMark2of course, with jockey14:06
coz_MidMark2,  ok and did  you completely reboot the system14:06
MidMark2of course14:06
Dr_Willisdid you do backflips as it rebooted?14:06
coz_MidMark2,  ok :) just checking    and the driver version?14:06
Dr_WillisYou did see that in the EULA?14:06
MidMark2I can paste both jockey log and xorg, I tried both 173.14.20 and 185.18.3614:07
MidMark2both they fail :(14:07
Dr_WillisHmm.. I dident see any updates to X or nvidia in the laste updates i did14:07
Dr_Willisnvidia 8800gtsXXX video card here14:08
Dr_Willislet me reboot this box and see if theres any issues.14:08
kosmicbreak my system?14:09
kosmici hope you dont mean break the hardware14:09
jim_from_paon the beta, noticed that gdm themes no longer work, why?14:10
MidMark2jockey log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300553/14:10
MidMark2xorg log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300554/14:10
MidMark2any help?14:10
tgpraveen!info NetworkManager14:11
ubottuPackage NetworkManager does not exist in karmic14:11
tgpraveen!info nm14:11
ubottuPackage nm does not exist in karmic14:11
tgpraveen!info nm-applet14:12
ubottuPackage nm-applet does not exist in karmic14:12
joaopintoconnect(3, {sa_family=AF_FILE, path=@"/org/bluez/audio"}, 110) = -1 ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)14:13
joaopintoany idea why alsa would try to connect to a bt device wheren there is no bt hw ?14:13
frybyesorry re: upper case..14:13
tgpraveen!info network-manager14:13
ubottunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8~a~git.20091013t193206.679d548-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 296 kB, installed size 2184 kB14:13
MidMark2grr, no ideas?14:15
temporarytaohello, i'm one of those experiencing problems with usb devices not getting detected. can anyone point me to a workable solution/workaround please?14:30
Dr_Willisusb devices as in flash-media? or other type devices?14:30
alinuxhi trying to update some software on karmic, however I am getting W: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com karmic Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> and I did do  sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 437D05B5 but I am still getting the error14:31
ubottuGetting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <key> && gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »14:32
shadeslayeralinux: ^^14:33
temporarytaoDr_Willis, usb devices connected to usb ports are not detected. anything from usb thumb drives to usb mice14:33
Dr_Willistemporarytao:  Hmm..  thats odd.14:34
temporarytaoDr_Willis, yeah. been having this problem for a week now. there's a bug report on it at launchpad but its still triaged (#455408). someone said to downgrade usbutils. i'm not really sure if its the one that should be touched14:36
temporarytaoi'm thinking: what about the thing that replaced hal? maybe it has something to do with that.14:37
alinuxshadeslayer, did as advised..still getting gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 437D05B5 && gpg --export --armor 437D05B5 | sudo apt-key add -14:37
temporarytaowhy i think this is because the loss of USB detection also came with the loss of the sleep function14:37
shadeslayeralinux: gnome or KDE ?14:38
alinuxshadeslayer, KDE14:38
zoraelCan someone with updated KDE packages try forcing their screen to dpms? 'xset dpms force off; sleep 5; xset dpms force on'. Mine just turns turns back on instantly and displays the brightness OSD14:45
faustoHi guys, I installed karmic rc yesterday and found a serious bug, it won't boot without manually disabling usplash on the boot options. I wen't to report the bug but it was already reported (I added a few more comments and change the status to confirmed). But looks like that bug is lost in the noise of the bug tracker, there is anything I can do to call attention to it?14:46
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
DinkHello, Whenever I start up karmic I lose all access to other tty's. When I CTRL-ALT-F1 etc I get a screen with funky colors and no access to term, is this is a known bug? I know people been having problems with usplash/gdm could it be related?14:47
joaopintoDink, it's probably related to usplash, try booting without it14:48
Dinkremove splash from kernel line ?14:48
Dinkok will give it a shot14:49
Caldavienother than not officially released yet and "might break my system" any reason i shouldnt back up and install the rc yet?14:49
joaopintoCaldavien, no :)14:50
Caldavienand will i need to do a reinstall once final release comes out?14:50
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:50
Dr_Willis3We need to put that in the topic.. :)14:51
Caldavienahh, but once its released will it change the about info to read final instead of rc so i can feel all warm and fuzzy about it?14:52
gilos123I need help getting my grub to be the bootloader again instead of win7 that I installed to a separate partition after installing 9.10 (on  a new drive)14:54
gilos123I tried this, but unsuccessful:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows14:55
justin_I just upgraded to Karmic, but clicked "Keep" instead of "Remove" for unsupported packages.. how can I remove all of those now??15:01
peolAnyone else experiencing their F1-F12 not working as expected? It just started happening after a huge update I pulled in last night. Not sure what to search on, "function keys" doesn't give me any relevant hits15:06
peolxev registers the key presses (as Help, Undo, Redo etc.) but they don't work either in desktop, apps or games15:06
calmhi guys.. i'm trying to force a 120hz refresh rate for my monitor when i launch a game in 640x480.. anyone know how do this?15:08
i_is_brokewhy is it, that one of the main programs for gnome is broken? you would think this close to a release date that they would have something like that fixed.?15:14
calmanyone ?15:14
i_is_brokecalm, have you checked to see if that the monitor can even support them settings?15:15
i_is_brokeand there is no way to change it xorg?15:15
calmyes i have checked15:15
calmi can get 120hz in 640x480 only15:16
calmi need it to switch to that when the resolution changes15:16
BluesKajHi all15:17
i_is_brokewell i would google and see if there was a way to set it in a xorg config. would probably be my guess but someone else might have a better solution.15:17
x-Nai_is_broke, what is that "main program" your referring to?15:17
i_is_brokehi BluesKaj15:17
i_is_brokex-Na, ubuntu-desktop-environment15:18
waylandbillhello. is it possible to get broadcom 4312 going for a hdd installation?15:18
i_is_brokex-Na, i have kubuntu installed but i like some of the programs that gnome has, and usually install it as well, but with that package broken, it wont install all of it.15:20
BluesKajwaylandbill, pls explain ?15:20
Heikki123waylandbill: i have broadcom 431115:20
SunlessHaloyo, I have a freshly installed Karmic amd64 on centrino1duo asus laptop... video drivers are on defaults, Kwin and Mplayer work fine, but OGL applications such as Tuxracer flicker badly... shall i change something or install catalysts?15:21
waylandbillit detects the card to use broadcom STA driver during live-cd session, but not when installed to hdd.15:22
Heikki123waylandbill: install bc43-fwcutter from synaptics15:22
shadeslayeris it possible to retrieve deleted files?15:22
shadeslayervia rm -rf ?15:22
op65just updated to 9.10 :)15:23
BluesKajSunlessHalo, what graphics card ?15:23
op65nice boot splash15:23
SunlessHaloBluesKaj: integrated ATI Radeon Mobility X145015:24
SunlessHalofrom among the shitty old ones :\15:24
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment15:26
BluesKajSunlessHalo, install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd15:28
SunlessHaloare you sure it will get better, BluesKaj?15:28
op65hmm, trying to install the driver for my ati card and its not accepting root authentication?15:29
Heikki123waylandbill: did you get it working? :)15:29
BluesKajSunlessHalo, it's the recommended driver for your card.15:30
Heikki123op65: are you trying to use command su?15:30
waylandbillHeikki123: I got b43-fwcutter installed from CD. copying the firmware file it needs. only have wireless on that system.15:31
Heikki123waylandbill: ok15:31
op65no, just using the hardware drivers in sysyem/admin15:31
BluesKajBRB , gott areboot after all the updates15:31
op65system even15:31
SunlessHaloBluesKaj: how do I detect which driver & on what functionality level is being used now?15:31
Heikki123op65: and you gave your own password or something else (like a root password?)15:31
op65yeah, not accepting it?15:32
Heikki123which one15:32
op65will try again15:32
Heikki123you use the same password that you use to login15:32
op65tells me there is a fglrx driver, when I activate it asks for my root password and it rejects it15:33
op65yes, same pw15:33
Heikki123the password is not called root password ;) by default ubuntu does not have a root password set, but anyhow...15:34
Heikki123op65: is it asking a password when you log in to ubuntu?15:34
op65well a password to do the root stuff as allwed :)15:34
op65no, straight in15:34
Heikki123you have probably forgotten the password then... but there is a way to get it back15:35
Heikki123or to set a new one15:35
op65nah, not forgotten :)15:35
op65need the old one to reset that I guess :)15:35
waylandbillHeikki123: I got an unsupported phy error15:35
op65will try tho15:35
Heikki123waylandbill: i have never installed the driver manually15:36
op65nah, looks like the old password has got messed up?15:36
Heikki123so you can't plug a cable to the computer or something?15:36
op65will try caps or something15:36
eurythmiahas anyone else had any issues with mv freezing and "kill -9 <pid>" won't kill it?15:37
waylandbillHeikki123: the driver installed but doesn't look like it supports the card. I know on 9.04 it used sta, not b4315:37
Heikki123oh, ok15:37
eurythmiaseems to me that if it's a bug, it's pretty deep down in the process manager, considering the POSIX specification states that SIGKILL cannot be ignored except by the init process.15:38
op65nope, its messed up, no bother, will do a clean install when 9.10 is released, might be bug tho?15:38
waylandbillodd that the live-cd knows to use that driver, but installation doesn't detect it. maybe does not install kernel module. dunno15:38
Heikki123it just says in the info that "It's written for BCM43xx driver files"15:39
op65update went tickerty boo, no problems15:39
Heikki123op65: wait15:39
Heikki123you do not need to do a clean install again15:39
op65keyboard is ok15:40
Heikki123you can 1: start up with the livecd, 2: sudo su, 3: mount the root partition somewhere, chroot to it, passwd op64 (or whatever is your username)15:40
waylandbillinstalling bcmwl-kernel-source seems promising15:40
op65will try a reboot, never know15:41
Heikki123i don't think a reboot will do it ;)15:41
waylandbilland it worked. yeah!15:45
op65looks like password for sudo has got messed up somehow in the update?15:47
op65passwords for users are fine15:47
op65would have it been reset to a default during the update,15:48
op65np anyway, its not a production machine15:49
op65luckerly :)15:49
op65thanks all15:53
soreauTwo worst problems I have with Karmic so far: No volume control for gnome-panel (?) and No icons only in the System menu list15:58
soreauOtherwise, things are working great! :)15:58
penguin42soreau: The icons are switchable15:58
tgpraveensoreau: the second one is a new feature15:58
thiebaudesoreau, you can add icons15:58
tgpraveento change go in appearance menu15:58
kellihi all15:58
penguin42system->preferences->appearance->interface->show icons in menu15:59
penguin42soreau: And I think the volume should be gnome-volume-control-applet15:59
robin0800penguin42: why these are not turned on by default?16:00
tgpraveentry to go in add applet and add16:00
kellitrying to work out how to print the play list from a music disc as the songs appear16:00
penguin42robin0800: Apparently it was a decision gnome made - I agree it's odd, so do many others16:00
thiebaudeor drag and drop the sound from the menu to the panel16:01
kellican any one help16:01
thiebaudefro the system menu16:01
soreaupenguin42: thiebaude: Thanks, got my icons back16:03
soreaupenguin42: But I can't seem to locate the volume-applet package (or anything named similar to that)16:04
thiebaudesoreau, np,thanks also to penguin4216:04
chathurawHello. I installed Ubuntu Karmic RC. Later I installed windows. How can I recover the grub. The traditional method I used with grub 1.5 doesn't seem to work16:04
thiebaudesoreau, did you try to drag and drop that sound item from the menu to the panel?16:05
soreauthiebaude: What sound item? I went to 'Add items to panel' from right click after noticing there is no volume control and can't seem to locate it there16:06
thiebaudesoreau, system-preferences-sound16:06
robin0800soreau: if its there you can't remove it so i guess you can't add it either16:07
soreauthiebaude: Ok, what do I do there? (sound is working fine btw)16:07
om26ercan i install two ubuntus on the same partition16:07
thiebaudesoreau, right click on sound and drag it to the top panel16:07
thiebaudeleft click16:08
* soreau only has a bottom panel :)16:08
joaopintoom26er, if you mean different versions, no, unless one of them is virtualized16:08
robin0800soreau: do you have a notification area?16:08
om26erjoaopinto: 9.10-desktop and 9.10-moblin-remix16:09
SunlessHalohow can i inquire which video driver is in use and at what functionality level?16:09
soreaurobin0800: hmm.. maybe I don't16:09
thiebaudesoreau, add notifications16:09
robin0800soreau: add that then16:09
Polterge|stdoes anyone know if ubuntu will be getting the kFreeBSD kernel any time soon ?16:10
Polterge|stI was just wondering because Squeeze is getting it and ubuntu is based upon debian16:10
Polterge|stand the package is in the repos so ...16:10
soreauThanks robin0800 thiebaude ! :D16:10
thiebaudesoreau, great16:11
chathurawNo one has an answer to my question? :(16:11
Polterge|stsome questions are very elusive chathuraw16:11
chathurawAnyone have an idea to recover grub 2 after installing windows?16:12
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto16:12
robin0800chathuraw: some are easier16:12
Polterge|stI think there is a way you can do it from windows16:12
soreauchathuraw: Assuming you're using grub2? We could guess here all day or you could provide more details by being more specific in asking your question16:12
Polterge|stor ...16:12
Polterge|styou can do it from the live dvd16:12
om26erwhat does mean install side by side during installation??16:12
Polterge|sttry using the live dvd16:13
Polterge|stfind out where the partition is where you installed linux16:13
Polterge|stand then boot into the live dvd16:13
thiebaudeom26er, install ubuntu next to windows16:13
chathurawsoreau: Recovering grub after installing windows :) The usual method isn't working16:13
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:13
thiebaudeom26er, but on different partitions16:13
Polterge|stonce in the live dvd try opening a terminal and type "fdisk -l"16:13
Polterge|stit will list your partition table16:13
om26erthiebaude: can i install ubuntu and ubuntu on the same partition16:13
chathurawPoltergeist: Live CD asks for a username and password :|16:13
Polterge|styou can use that to maybe find where linux is installed16:13
Polterge|stchathuraw, just hit enter16:13
chathurawubottu: I'll check16:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about I'll check16:13
Polterge|styou don't have to use a user and pass16:13
Polterge|stand in order to use the terminal some commands will require sudo16:14
soreauchathuraw: That still doesn't tell which version of grub you;re using16:14
thiebaudeom26er, whats the purpose of doing that?16:14
drs305om26er: It means it will install Ubuntu and keep Windows. They will be side by side.16:14
chathurawDidn't work .. authentication faliure16:14
Polterge|sthe is using .97 probably16:14
Polterge|stchathuraw, hit enter on user16:14
Polterge|stand on pass16:14
chathurawsoreau: The version that comess with Karmic RC16:14
Polterge|stfor each hit enter16:14
om26erthiebaude: ubuntu9.10-desktop and ubuntu moblin remix16:14
* soreau upgraded and is still using grub116:14
yermandui was using grub097 then in karmic install i update16:14
thiebaudeom26er, i dont know, i never did a triple boot16:15
yermandubut can not bot another distros :/16:15
Polterge|stkarmic comes with grub 216:15
om26ercan i install grub1 on karmic16:15
thiebaudei have done many dual boots16:15
robin0800chathuraw: see grub 2 info above16:15
Polterge|stalthough previous grub was .9716:15
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:15
Polterge|stit gives you an option to do a chainloader upgrade of grub16:15
thiebaudeom26er, maybe that helps16:16
om26ercan i downgrade grub??16:16
Polterge|stI did that to my other machine16:16
Polterge|stif it doesn't boot just use the live dvd16:16
chathurawok. got the required info on the grub wiki16:16
chathurawthanks guys16:16
Polterge|stmount the partition from the live dvd and fint your /boot folder16:16
Polterge|stand then use the grub on it to boot your partition16:17
soreauIt's about time16:17
yermanduwow i will read16:17
Polterge|stonce you are in you should reinstall the old grub from repos16:17
chathurawsoreau: :P16:17
Polterge|stand then remove the new grub16:17
Polterge|stapt-get remove16:17
soreauok, time for me to go ;)16:17
drs305om26er: I don't recommend it, but here are instructions for "downgrading" grub   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Uninstalling%20GRUB%20216:17
soreauThanks for all your help guys16:17
Polterge|stand make sure you do not forget to reinstall grub16:18
Polterge|stthat howto shows you everything16:18
yermandubut in have problens try in isntall mount /boot (no format) in install16:18
Polterge|stI used it awhile back16:18
chathuraw<Polterge|st> : Yeah should try that16:18
om26erwhen is the final release of grub2 coming16:18
chathuraw<Polterge|st>: This is a pain in the a**16:18
Polterge|stmy other system would not boot into my distro with grub 216:18
Polterge|stit is kind of a pain16:18
Polterge|stI know16:18
om26erprobably near lucid lynx16:18
Polterge|stI really am hoping kFreeBSD will be ready sometimes soon for ubuntu16:18
Polterge|stI think it will become maybe the greatest distro around if they do that16:19
yermandui suggest put lynx in programs to install mode16:19
Polterge|stalso would not hurt to put an option to install from src code on the live dvd16:19
Polterge|stlike an autoscript that detects hardware or tries to16:19
Polterge|stand then compiles16:19
Polterge|stfor optimized base system stuff16:19
Polterge|stthis way ubuntu beats arch or gentoo at its own game "and" has more apps16:20
Polterge|stand even would have the kFreeBSD kernel ... making it the most logical distro choice16:20
Polterge|stit already is but ...16:20
penguin42Polterge|st: Building from source is a fairly big job, you can rebuild any package you like like that if you really want, and maybe if you really want to do that it might be you just do it for the libraries16:20
Polterge|stpenguin42, yeah I just meant if there was an automated script on the live dvd to compile the kernel from source automatically by hardware detection it would be pretty cool16:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic16:21
Polterge|stthat and all of the base packages  and apps since most of them have src code anway16:21
gilos123I'm having the same issue, installed win7 after ubuntu and when i try reinstalling grub I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/300646/16:22
Polterge|stin theory this could be done and it would mean an optimized ubuntu system that would run just as well as a gentoo box or arch box in terms of hardware speed. The main difference being that in ubuntu users would have much better hardware support and a huge support community for applications and a user friendly desktop environment16:23
bazhanggilos123, was win7 installed first16:23
Polterge|stit is just an idea anyway16:23
gilos123nope, did 9.10 first on a new harddrive16:23
Polterge|stlike an option16:23
om26eris there anything related with including grub2 beta and 10secs boottime in lucid lynx16:23
gilos123gave it about 100gb and then gave win7 about 100gb16:23
bazhanggilos123, bad reading skills my apologies16:23
bazhanggilos123, I had a similar issue when dual boot set up with karmic and win716:24
om26erhow much video memory will be good for just running karmic16:24
Polterge|stanyway though I will bbl. I wanted to find out about the kFreeBSD kernel but cannot find out anything anywhere about that regarding ubuntu16:24
Polterge|stom26er, 128 is good16:24
Polterge|styou don't need that much but that would be decent for compiz16:24
Pyrometheusthank god for karmic 9.04 was so slow for me =)16:24
Polterge|st64 I think minimal for compiz16:24
om26erPolterge|st: what about without compiz?16:25
Polterge|st32 maybe16:25
Polterge|stalthough I would still say if you had 32 mb of video ram you should run something like xfce or openbox16:25
Polterge|sta lightweight wm16:25
bazhanggilos123, the workaround I used was to boot from gparted livecd and create partitions for win7 and karmic, then install win7 followed by ubuntu16:26
Polterge|stom26er, if you can I recommend 256 mb of video ram or more for good performance with compiz16:26
Polterge|stif you can do that you will have no problems at all16:26
Polterge|stnot with video anyway16:26
bazhanggilos123, win7 likes to create a separate 100 bootloader partition16:26
om26erPolterge|st: thanx for the info16:26
bazhangerr 100 mb16:26
Polterge|stmy other machine had ubuntu installed with 512 mb of video ram16:27
thiebaudePolterge|st, thats how much i have16:28
gilos123well I'm booted on a live CD right now, I'm thinking about trying the super grub boot cd16:28
bazhanggilos123, you did this from the grub prompt, correct ?16:28
om26erPolterge|st: how can i know my video memory in ubuntu16:29
* om26er is using aspire one16:29
XiXaQthe last few days, I've been getting complaints about untrusted repositories. I haven't done anything with them. Is this a bug in karmic, or what?16:29
XiXaQperhaps I've been hax0red?!16:30
gilos123I also tried the other option of doing a mount /media/root and installing it that way as suggested in the !grub but that failed with the same errors16:30
om26erhow can i know my video ram16:32
* om26er is using karmic16:32
shadeslayer!gpgerr | XiXaQ16:32
ubottuXiXaQ: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <key> && gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »16:32
bjsnidergo up and strike up a conversation with it16:32
russlarom26er: what card type? or are you using an integrated?16:33
XiXaQshadeslayer, I haven't added any repositories. These are the standard ones.16:33
om26errusslar: its integrated16:33
shadeslayerbtw how do i find which server is best for me16:33
om26errusslar: gma95016:33
russlarom26er: it's sharing ram16:33
XiXaQhowever, after running apt-get update again, the problem seems to have been resolved.16:33
shadeslayerXiXaQ: then run the same command with key as 437D05B516:33
russlarI don't know of a way to see exactly how much it's reserving16:33
XiXaQshadeslayer, is this because karmic isn't released yet, or could it happen after release as well?16:34
russlarright forgot that16:34
russlar!me $ sudo make coffee16:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:34
shadeslayerXiXaQ: no this isnt because karmic isnt released yer16:35
thiebauderusslar, your too far away,lol16:36
gilos123om26er: try lshw16:36
Polterge|stom26er, which video card are you using ?16:37
Polterge|stis it an onboard intel chipset ?16:37
om26erPolterge|st: yes onboard gma95016:37
shadeslayerhow do i find the fastest server for me?16:37
XiXaQshadeslayer, then why does it happen? This would confuse and scare a lot of users.16:37
Polterge|stdoes it not say when you boot you computer ?16:37
Polterge|stor is it in a laptop ?16:37
shadeslayer(kpackagekit doesnt cut it)16:37
russlarthiebaude: wha?16:37
Polterge|stI have a similar chipset in my laptop om26er16:37
Polterge|stmine is like 1.5 gigabyte of shared memory with maybe 8 mb of onboard video ram16:38
Polterge|styours is probably similar16:38
om26erPolterge|st: yes its a netbook16:38
Polterge|stand compiz and glx should work by default if that is the case16:38
Polterge|stbecause they worked beautifully on my laptop16:38
XiXaQshadeslayer, <countrycode>archive.ubuntu.com?16:38
shadeslayerXiXaQ: it might be a small glitch,someone was experiencing the same thing earlier16:39
Polterge|stom26er, you might experience some window tearing16:39
om26erPolterge|st: yes the work great and far more better than jaunty16:39
Polterge|stthat is the worst thing I can say about using compiz with the intel-xorg package16:39
Polterge|stother than that it works great16:39
XiXaQshadeslayer, a small glitch? "Your computer can no longer be trusted" (which is how I'd interpret it), is not a small glitch.16:39
kevin123have a flash glitch, can anyone help? going to paste the error when i open synaptics: "E: The package adobe-flashplugin needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.16:40
kevin123E: Internal error opening cache (1). Please report." the package manager then shuts down16:40
shadeslayerXiXaQ: haha...16:40
=== russlar is now known as russlar_
shadeslayerXiXaQ: well idk since i dont maintain the servers16:40
mzzXiXaQ: I haven't seen that16:40
Polterge|stI am contemplating installing karmic again on my other machine16:40
Polterge|stit broke last time trying to do a dist upgrade16:40
Polterge|stthe laptop has sidux and it works great but I am contemplating putting ubuntu studio on my other machine maybe16:40
Polterge|stI dunno yet16:40
mzzXiXaQ: I'm guesstimating a mirror-side glitch16:41
Polterge|stthe machine is not a 64 bit system so it would not handle 64 bit I think16:41
XiXaQmzz, suddenly, all my repos were unknown. I didn't touch them at all. when I tried to install upgrades, I received that message.. I don't remember it exactly, but you know which one I'm talking about.16:41
XiXaQmzz, oh, ok.16:41
mzzXiXaQ: no, I don't16:41
Polterge|stthe other alternative is to install arch on it but I do like ubuntu alot16:41
mzzXiXaQ: but I'd expect the signatures to be in a separate file, and I'm not sure what apt-get update does if that file doesn't download properly.16:42
shadeslayerXiXaQ: yeah,im on the main server,no glitch here16:42
mzzXiXaQ: you're right though: don't mess around with what gpg keys are trusted16:42
Polterge|stanyhow bbl16:44
tmrolandguys, how do i update my kubuntu beta to rc ?16:44
bjsniderjust do the normal daily updates16:44
IdleOnesudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade16:44
bjsnideruse update manager16:45
IdleOneor use the update manager16:45
tmrolandits broken.. sometimes it crashes and sometimes it says : you dont have the right privileges to do updates or something like that16:45
shadeslayer!upgrade | tmroland16:45
ubottutmroland: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading16:45
rhosigmaneed help installing karmic, can anyone help me?16:47
|Dreams|is it still better to disable ipv6 for increased speed in karmic?16:47
russlar_tmroland: if you're already on kubuntu beta, all you need to do is a sudoaptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade16:48
rhosigmacan someone help me install please16:48
=== russlar_ is now known as russlar
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:49
mzzrhosigma: that was for you, sort of16:49
tmrolandguys, i tried apt-get update and upgrade , same with aptitude, all i get is Err http://ro.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/multiverse Sources16:49
tmroland  500  Internal Server Error16:49
om26er1is gnome-shell future of ubuntu???16:50
maconot 10.0416:50
macobut 10.10., i guess so16:50
robin0800om26er1: no gnome316:50
rhosigmaim using the "try without installing" right now, clicking the "Install Ubuntu 9.10" link on my desktop will not work16:50
rhosigmais there a command line?16:50
macorobin0800: i thought shell *was* gnome3?16:50
crashflowthe 9.10 kubuntu release candidate live dvd won't load on my computer. i have been running 8.10 since its release and it works fine. however, 9.10 just does not work. is my system no longer supported? (samsung r41 laptop, ca. 2007)16:51
om26er1robin0800: gnome-shell will be the user interface so16:51
robin0800maco: so gnome say16:51
bjsnidergnome-shell/mutter will replace gnome-panel/metacity in gnome 3 but it is available as a preview in 2.2816:51
om26er1at the moment gnome shell don't seem to be looking attractive16:51
tmrolandrusslar: i get Err http://ro.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/multiverse Sources16:52
tmroland  500  Internal Server Error when running apt-get update and same when doing upgrade16:52
macorhosigma: sudo ubiquity?16:52
robin0800om26er1: works OK here but its obvious its not finished yet16:53
russlartmroland: loks liek there's a problem with that repository16:53
russlartmroland: can you try another one?16:53
tmrolandyes trying16:53
om26er1robin0800: it should compete with win7 or mac16:53
lfaraoneWhen I run speaker-test, the sound plays, but gradually gets softer and softer until it falls below my range of hearing. Is this a pulse audio bug, and if so, how do I debug it?16:53
russlarbjsnider: great! y'all can have the same amount of fun KDE users had early last year!16:54
dtchenlfaraone: not enough context16:54
rhosigmaim using the "try without installing" right now, clicking the "Install Ubuntu 9.10" link on my desktop will not work, is there a command to run the installer?16:55
bjsniderrusslar, i don't think so, sir. gnome-shell is good. kde is not.16:55
dtchenlfaraone: first you need to bypass PA: speaker-test -c2 -Dplug:front:016:55
lfaraonedtchen: "Playback open error: -16,Device or resource busy"16:55
tmrolandrusslar: where can i see what is changed in rc compared to beta?16:56
dtchenlfaraone: pasuspender -- speaker-test -c2 -Dplug:front:016:56
rhosigmaim using the "try without installing" right now, clicking the "Install Ubuntu 9.10" link on my desktop will not work, is there a command to run the installer?16:56
oorahwhen will the array.org kernel be out for karmic?16:56
lfaraonedtchen: okay, like before, it starts out loud, but gradually gets quieter.16:57
rhosigmawow, great support16:57
lfaraonedtchen: rerunning the command immediately after killing it doesn't produce any sound, but when I wait a minute or so it repeats the above behavior.16:57
bjsniderdtchen, is there a known bug right now in nforce/nvidia sound chips, like a showstopper? somebody was in here a few nights ago complaining about it just after a clean install16:57
fwaokdaI'm trying to set up this Ubuntu One to try it out... is it possible to set it up to monitor a folder on my computer and upload any changes?16:57
drs305rhosigma: I'm booting a live cd at the moment to get you the command. hold on.16:57
lfaraonerhosigma: well, if it doesn't work, report a bug on it.16:57
macodrs305: i already told him it16:58
macoi think his cd's just fubar16:58
macoalso, is gone16:58
drs305Ok, well I think he's gone anyway.16:58
dtchenlfaraone: no, that's not a PA issue, then. That's either an ALSA issue or a hw issue.16:58
lfaraonedtchen: I see. How would I go about bypassing ALSA? :P16:59
russlar!rc | tmroland16:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rc16:59
russlartmroland: the RC is a stability upgrade to the beta16:59
dtchenlfaraone: build OSS4 :p16:59
russlartmroland: new features were frozen at the beta, the RC was about fixing bugs16:59
yermanduok i want install grub in another partition, how i can do this?16:59
dtchenbjsnider: really not enough context?17:00
oorahwhen will the array.org kernel be out for karmic?17:00
oorahubottu says funny stuff sometimes lol17:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:00
dtchenbjsnider: I mean, I have a ton of "nvsound bugs" in my head, but I have no way of telling which one is relevant17:00
oorahwhat is bot abuse?17:01
bjsniderdtchen, well basically he had no sound at all just after a clean install using an nforce board with an nvidia sound chip. he says he filed a bug about it. i just thought it was hard to believe the driver could be that bad17:01
BlouBlouhi, what can I do for be emapthy's logo in gnome's bar? like pidgin in ubuntu 9.0417:01
drs305yermandu: You are running Grub 2?17:01
macooorah: usin the bot in the channel for no good reason17:01
yermandusad, but yes17:01
lfaraonedtchen: basically, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound ? (purge pulseaudio, blacklist alsa, etc?)17:01
dtchenbjsnider: did he give a bug number?17:01
bjsnideryes, but i don't remember what it was. would have been filed only a few days ago17:02
dtchenlfaraone: if it's an install you don't mind blowing away, sure17:02
tmrolandwhat does 'uname -r' say in rc?17:02
lfaraonetmroland: 2.6.31-10-generic17:02
macobjsnider: nah, thats a common issue, but each "no sound" has to be investigated separately since theyll almost all require different fixes17:02
tmrolandwelll i got 2.6.31-11 in beta so hows that even possible17:02
lfaraonedtchen: uh, we're on  .14?17:03
yermandudrs305, y /dev/sda2 is my old boot, before the ubuntu instalation, i just want boot my other linux distro17:03
dtchenlfaraone: 14.48, yes17:03
macobjsnider: well..."unmute it" is one surprisingly common fix, but eh...17:03
bjsnidermaco, it is common to have no sound at all on a clean install??17:03
bjsniderthat ain't not no good17:03
lfaraonedtchen: something must be wrong with my install then...17:03
dtchenlfaraone: cf. /proc/version_signature17:03
macobjsnider: not common as in "majority" but as in "there are a lot of bugs filed for htat for various hardware"17:03
tmrolanddamn us server... i get under 100kbytes download17:03
dtchenlfaraone: RC or newer?17:03
lfaraonedtchen: well, yeah, I'm on the MIT karmic repos.17:04
dtchenif so, probably the "grub didn't update the kernel entries" symptom17:04
dtchendesktop systems should be running Ubuntu 2.6.31-14.48-generic17:04
lfaraonewell, that might explain my sound problem <_<;17:04
drs305yermandu: the command is   sudo grub-setup /dev/sdX   That puts it in the MBR. If you designate a partition it will issue a warning. It can be done but apparently the devs don't like it.17:04
bjsnidermaco, but the distro isn't supposed to start muted right?17:05
lfaraonebjsnider: it isn't, no.17:05
dtchenbjsnider: no17:05
macodtchen: there are still some codecs where a warm reboot from a muted windows will make the sound card stay muted, right?17:05
dtchenmaco: difficult to pinpoint whether it's just the codec at fault. Sometimes it's both the codec and the BIOS at fault.17:06
robin0800bjsnider: run alsmixer in a terminal see if any thing is muted etc17:06
drs305yermandu: I'll be back in half an hour if you have questions.17:06
macodtchen: lovely17:06
lfaraonedtchen: is there a workaround/bug number for that grub issue?17:07
dtchenlfaraone: don't know17:07
dtchenthere should be; it has happened to a bunch of people dist-upgrading from 9.0417:08
shadeslayeranyone on kde?17:08
macoshadeslayer: aye17:08
shadeslayermaco: ok try this : killall plasma-desktop;plasma-desktop;17:08
macolfaraone: could probably manually update menu.lst...17:08
macolfaraone: in the short term17:08
shadeslayermaco: then zoom out and click configure plasma17:08
lfaraonemaco: there isn't a menu.lst in grub2.17:09
macoshadeslayer: this wont work with me. i dont use kwin and that zoom in/out stuff depends heavily on it17:09
shadeslayermaco: do you have the "Have Seprate Dashboard" checkbox checked?17:09
macolfaraone: or whatever its called?17:09
shadeslayeranyone else?17:09
tmrolandis there a faster better performance fs than ext4, usable on linux?17:09
macoshadeslayer: if youre checking a bug, you can try #kubuntu-devel17:10
shadeslayerapparantely the checkbox gets ticked all by itself17:10
om26er1tmroland: not usable still but btrfs17:10
mzztmroland: there are other filesystems. You'd have to benchmark to find out if they're faster for your workload.17:10
shadeslayermaco: im just verifying that the problem is not just with my system17:10
JackDwhy go for upstart and grub2 i wonder17:10
scott_ino2karmic is running pretty well only have two issues with it right now: something is causing my boot to hang a little, thus resulting in longer boot times from jaunty.17:10
dtchenlfaraone: /boot/grub/grub.cfg, which should populate the kernel entries via /etc/grub.d/10_linux17:10
mzztmroland: btrfs isn't really ready for primetime yet, but depending on your workload reiserfs or xfs might be faster or slower17:10
russlartmroland: I've heard that XFS can be faster, but it also has a reputatuion for being less stable17:11
fwaokdaI'm trying to set up this Ubuntu One to try it out... is it possible to set it up to monitor a folder on my computer and upload any changes?17:11
russlarmzz: I ran reiserfs for a long while. gotta say it's pretty killer17:11
macoshadeslayer: well ive already played with those checkboxes, so mine are unchecked. by zoom in/out doesnt work without kwin, i mean i cant choose which it'll zoom into when i choose to zoom in. itll just go to whichever it was on at login time. which it logs in on, however, varies17:12
mzzrusslar: yes, it can kill your data!17:12
* mzz ducks17:12
BluesKajscott_ino2, running a jaunty partition and a karmic partition ?17:12
soreauSo.. this version of firefox in karmic doesn't save flv (ie. youtube) videos to /tmp/Flash*..17:12
russlarmzz: but it will eventually tell you where it went!17:12
macosoreau: theyre just in /tmp17:12
russlar!me is goign to hell17:12
shadeslayermaco: do you have kwin at all?17:13
macorusslar: trying to retrain the bot to a misspelling?17:13
soreauOh, tab auto-complete wasn't showing them17:13
shadeslayermaco: maybe you can run kwin for the testing part?17:13
russlarmaco: no, but it did forward that to ubuntu-ops...17:13
macoshadeslayer: yes, but id have to log out to change window managers :(17:13
shadeslayermaco: ugh...17:13
macorusslar: yes.... all "retrain the bot" attempts go there17:13
BluesKajsoreau, install youtube-dl17:13
shadeslayermaco: ok then,ill wait for someone to come by and help me :)17:14
BluesKaj!youtube-dl | soreau17:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about youtube-dl17:14
BluesKaj!info youtube-dl17:14
soreauBluesKaj: heh, thx but I use it for other flash too17:14
yermandu!info grub217:14
BluesKajok ,but it works well17:14
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube.com. In component universe, is extra. Version 2008.03.22-1 (karmic), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB17:14
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.97~beta4-1ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 2 kB, installed size 264 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia powerpc sparc)17:14
soreauIs there a way to rearrange the order of the in-tray applets/icons?17:14
dtchenmaco: err, no, just kill xmonad and start kwin from Terminator17:15
soreauI want the wif to be to the left and volume to be all the way to the right17:15
soreaus/wif/network icon17:15
ernstpsoreau, no, pretty sure there's not17:15
macodtchen: really? restarting xmonad will be nasty though, wont it?17:16
dtchenmaco: potentially17:16
soreauWell is there a way to remove icons/applets from the notification tray?17:16
ernstpsoreau, it's based on the order they start17:16
robin0800soreau: no and no17:16
ernstpsoreau, startup applications?17:16
soreauThat kinda sucks17:16
soreauernstp: Thanks for that info though17:16
* soreau killall's nm-applet17:17
* yermandu killeverthing grub217:17
* robin0800 killall ubuntu RC17:18
shadeslayermaco: kdebase-workspace-bin17:18
soreauWhat is the name of the tray applet that tells you a hard disk is failing? :o17:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459867 in kubuntu-meta "plasma desktop does not follow users settings" [Undecided,New]17:18
shadeslayersoreau: HDAPS ?17:18
mac_vsobersabre: disk utility17:19
mac_vooops! soreau ^17:19
om26erwhat needs to be done to compete ubuntu with mac or windows visually. the software side of ubuntu is awesome and also the drivers17:19
russlarom26er: have you looked at KDE recently?17:20
shadeslayerom26er: sell ubuntu @ 1$17:20
shadeslayerthen use the money to market it more :P17:20
russlarshadeslayer: pre-installed on laptops in best buy17:21
om26errusslar: using kde means not using ubuntu to me17:21
Noah0504Anyone else having trouble getting Grub to install on a RAID array period?17:21
shadeslayerom26er: oh and KDE just beats the hell out of Win 717:21
om26eri love gnome17:21
om26ergnome is linux man17:21
russlarom26er: fair enough17:21
shadeslayerom26er: yeah,youll be getting gnome 3 soon17:21
om26ergnome cannot be compared to any WM17:22
lemonadeNoah0504: didin't have any trouble17:22
Noah0504lemonade: May I ask how your RAID is setup?17:23
C-S-B_is RC out yet?17:23
Noah0504C-S-B_:  Yes.17:23
soreaumac_v: Cool, thanks17:23
robin0800C-S-B_: yes17:23
C-S-B_(pardon my complete lack of googling17:23
C-S-B_thankyou Noah0504, robin080017:23
aurolacanyone using a MSI Wind?17:23
russlar!karmic | C-S-B_17:23
ubottuC-S-B_: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:23
lemonadeNoah0504: / = raid1, /home = raid117:24
C-S-B_Just wondering what state my install was in.17:24
lemonadeNoah0504: first one has grub, naturally17:24
lemonadegrub2, i mean17:24
C-S-B_So my dist-upgrade should bump me up to rc17:24
Noah0504I had a RAID1 = /boot and RAID5 = /17:24
Pyrometheusupdate-manager updates to rc automatically ?17:24
Pyrometheusoh k17:24
shadeslayerC-S-B_: lsb_release -a17:24
Noah0504Worked under 9.04, but .10 just won't install it.17:25
lemonadeNoah0504: did you try grub2?17:25
Noah0504lemonade: I think that's what it was trying to install by default.17:26
Noah0504Well, it did prompt me, but yes.17:26
ixian_Is there a known problem with the installation in 9.10 NetbookRemix? Once I get to the part where you enter your name/password, I can't type anything in the boxes. The system is not hung, and I can still click back, quit, etc. I'm on a Dell Mini 10v17:26
Pyrometheusanything good in grub 2 ?17:26
C-S-B_anyone know if theres a fix for the acer one not detecting the removal of power cord and not going into standby?17:26
lemonadeNoah0504: ok, perhaps you should try grub-legacy - i guess you could install it atleast from 9.04 livecd17:30
lemonadedunno if 9.10 has it anymore17:30
_akahige_if a ppa has been added properly, and I do an "apt-get update" should there be any indication that the ppa has been read during the update?17:30
Noah0504I'll give everything another shot and see how things go!17:30
lemonadeNoah0504: sure thing17:31
maco_akahige_:  ppa.launchad.net will fly by...17:31
lemonadegood luck17:31
Noah0504Ha.  Always fun to conquer a new problem!17:31
Noah0504lemonade: Thanks.17:31
_akahige_maco: I just mean looking at the scrollback in the terminal window. I'm trying to work out a video driver issue, and near as I can tell, my machine doesn't seem to want to access the ppa (thefirstm)17:32
maco_akahige_: if you see anything in the output of apt-get update referencing ppa.launchpad.net, its in there17:33
DanaGDang, I wish somebody had an R600-KMS ppa.17:33
_akahige_maco: okay. thanks. there must be something else going on, then17:33
om26eris intel driver at its best or still its a long way to go?17:34
httpdssjust installed karmic on an acer 5320 and im getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/300696 and as a results of that, the laptop turn off. any way i can fix this ?? other version of ubuntu worked fine (this karmic beta is a clean install)17:34
penguin42httpdss: Does it sounds like it's actually running the fan?17:36
httpdsspenguin42: nope, i just hear the sound of the harddrive but fan never activates17:36
om26erhttpdss: did u tried live cd boot17:37
penguin42httpdss: Well, assuming your machine was OK before I think you need to submit a bug17:37
httpdsspenguin42: is there any command to force that behaviour ?17:37
penguin42maybe but I dob't know it17:37
om26erdoes any1 here think that there should be only one media player in ubuntu for audio+video17:38
httpdsspenguin42: ok! i'll do that ... between the installation and until i did a dist-upgrade, just after grub started i could see a message saying something like... found acer 5320, BIOS not supported17:39
robin0800om26er: yes but not rhythmbox17:39
penguin42om26er: I think at the moment people use them differently; for example you tend to leave a music player playing tracks by itself, where video you select a track and play it and watch it17:39
=== C-S-B_ is now known as C-S-B
robin0800om26er: songbird audio vlc video17:40
macolunks: im filing a bug for karmic17:41
om26errobin0800: totem is great with a few new features if added17:41
macobecause i did have this working in jaunty17:41
om26ervlc cannot be given out of box17:41
lunksmaco, ok, could you lend me the link after you submitted it?17:41
robin0800om26er: totem replay gain?17:42
om26errobin0800: totem2.30 is expected to be a master piece17:42
robin0800om26er: will it have or has it got replay gain?17:43
om26errobin0800: i don't know about that but you should request it at bugzilla.gnome17:44
om26errobin0800: video seeking in totem when using gstreamer is realtime vlc is very slow in that17:45
fwaokdaI have a MSI WInd U100 and frequently Ubuntu gets in a state where it goes between two brightness settings until finally after maybe 3 mins it stops... anyone know of  a fix for this?17:45
maurimy parttition manager is not able to mange usb external 1Tb hd, why?17:45
robin0800om26er: rhymthbox has cept its broke and has been for ages and yes I did file a bug17:45
macolunks: set the compose key to altgr17:46
macolunks: er to right alt17:46
om26errhythmbox don't sync ipod17:46
macolunks: and unset 3rd level chooser17:46
om26erbanshee or amarok do17:46
* penguin42 has been using exaile for a while - it does work, not that fast though17:46
om26erpenguin42: exaile is default audio player in xubuntu17:47
russlarmauri: which partition manager are you using?17:47
robin0800om26er: ive just switched to songbird from amarok17:47
penguin42om26er: Oh cool17:47
fwaokdascratch that does it for like 5mins +17:47
lunksmaco, w00t, it works :) I wish I did not have to use it initially, but it seems it's the best option. :)17:48
om26erwhy does ubuntu not make a DVD with different desktop environments and different apps17:48
om26erlike fedora do17:48
penguin42om26er: Once you've installed one it's easy to install any others you want to try17:49
om26erpenguin42: downloading and then install time17:49
robin0800penguin42: esspecialy if you start with ubuntu17:50
shadeslayer22:18 < om26er> like fedora do17:51
shadeslayer22:19 < penguin42> om26er: Once you've installed one it's easy to install any others you want to try17:51
om26erwhich telepathy is used for yahoo accounts17:51
shadeslayersorry for that17:51
macolunks: thank dtchen ;) he told me to use compose17:51
* penguin42 confiscates shadeslayer's middle button17:51
shadeslayermy touchpad is going crazy17:51
* shadeslayer doesnt have one17:51
lunksdtchen, thank you ;)17:51
DonaldShimodaany karmi koala ruin my sound, but it stop in the middle of the update for nvidia packahe17:51
maurirusslar: no errors. fdisk -l recognize correctly the partition conteined in it17:51
DonaldShimodaso, where i can download a torrnte for the RC/17:51
shadeslayerpenguin42: synaptic touchpads are jumpy :P17:52
russlarmauri: let's keep this in #kubuntu17:52
penguin42shadeslayer: Yeh there are a whole load of setting syou can try on them though17:52
shadeslayerpenguin42: yeah,they supposedly support multi touch17:52
DonaldShimodaom26er, thanks, no torrent downlaod?17:53
shadeslayerDonaldShimoda: theyre on that site17:53
om26erDonaldShimoda: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/rc/17:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447837 in lm-sensors-3 "asus_atk0110 driver not enabled in kernel configuration by default" [Undecided,New]17:54
shadeslayer!torrent | DonaldShimoda : i think17:54
ubottuDonaldShimoda : i think: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P17:54
DonaldShimodatheres not for the alternate install17:54
jdsbluedevlhi, can somebody tell me when VLC is finally going to be fixed?17:54
DonaldShimodaand i need alternate because i use software raid, not supported by standard install :(17:54
bjvWhen i remove my old pata drive & reboot, my OS drive shifts from /dev/sdb to sda17:55
bjvrendering my system unbootable17:55
bjvdropping me to an initramfs prompt17:55
bjvso i need to edit my... grub config, then rebuild the initrd?17:56
DonaldShimodathe rc adn the final release are the same rigth? or im wrong17:56
yermandudrs305, ping17:56
om26erDonaldShimoda: i cannot open this page can u17:56
drs305hey yermandu17:56
bjvi dont see a /boot/grub/menu.lst   or the right file in /etc/default/grub17:56
DonaldShimodaom26er, yes i can17:56
DonaldShimodaom26er, but early today i cannot17:56
om26erDonaldShimoda: you got torrent17:57
om26erubuntu servers are very slow now a days17:57
om26ersince  beta i guess17:58
bjvany help here?17:58
DonaldShimodaom26er, i neede alternat install , the torrents there are the standard install17:58
bjvi'd like to be able to boot this machine.17:58
om26erany1 using ubuntu moblin remix17:58
yermandui was using grub 0.97 before the install ubuntu17:58
DonaldShimodai'm downloading the alternate iso at full speed, lucky me!17:58
yermanduand now im using grub2 (ubuntu install for me) drs30517:59
om26erand Ubuntu Moblin Remix user17:59
yermanduThe Problem is i can not boot another distros :(17:59
DonaldShimodaom26er, my update fails cause nvidia driver... it install but not sound and some problems17:59
om26erbut i am getting just 90kb/s17:59
CyberkillaHello, could someone direct me to the usplash irc channel, if one exists?17:59
CyberkillaI'm trying to get a bug report noticed, because it's years old and has not been assigned, in spite of it being confirmed and set to medium priority17:59
DonaldShimodaom26er, i will try a fresh install, and cross my fingersss17:59
yermandutake a look drs305 , see if can help me18:00
drs305yermandu: Have you run "sudo update-grub" since you installed it. Sometimes it works AFTER the install.18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 67826 in usplash "Boot starts with: "setting mode nnn x nnn failed"" [Medium,Confirmed]18:00
shadeslayeranyone whose been able to get a resolution in a tty by adding vga=vgavalue in grub 2?18:01
om26erwhy are there blinkin dots before and after usplash the boot should be clean18:01
DonaldShimodaom26er, i find a torrent for the alternate install!18:01
om26erDonaldShimoda: i was downloading UMR 2009102418:02
om26erDonaldShimoda: how many users are in this channel can you see18:03
Cyberkilla383 users18:03
om26erthey will increase to a 1000 in a month18:04
om26eror even before18:04
russlarom26er: nah, once karmic is released, they'll move to #ubuntu18:04
DonaldShimodaom26er, in this channel?18:04
DonaldShimodaom26er, 37918:04
om26errusslar: what will happen to jaunty ubuntu-1?18:04
russlarthat'll be for jaunty then18:05
CyberkillaAnybody know how to get bug reports dealt with? I don't know whether anybody is looking at this one...18:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 67826 in usplash "Boot starts with: "setting mode nnn x nnn failed"" [Medium,Confirmed]18:05
russlarand intrepid wil be teh #dude... upgrade already! chanel18:05
om26erempathy is lacking many irc features18:05
Cyberkillairssi is the best irc client:P18:06
shadeslayerom26er: irssi ftw18:06
om26erCyberkilla: empathy comes with karmic ha18:07
* DanaG uses pidgin with irchelper.18:07
IdleOneCyberkilla: status is confirmed and importance is medium. someone has looked at it18:07
frybyeom26er: which is no real problem - when "Konversation" is so easy to get + install..?18:07
DanaGOh yeah, and the first-run wizard in empathy... doesn't even OFFER IRC!18:07
DanaGHow are livecd users supposed to connect to IRC?  With pidgin, it was easy... start it, and tell it to create an IRC account.18:08
om26eri like it that they replcaed pidgin with empathy18:08
CyberkillaIdleOne: Somebody looked at it years ago:P But not recently, it seems.18:08
DanaGEmpathy sucks for my uses.  Too un-tweakable.  Too many missing features.18:08
CyberkillaIdleOne: It is not assigned to anyone. Shouldn't somebody from usplash dev have picked it up by now? I mean, it's years old! I suspect it is a bit depth issue.18:09
IdleOneCyberkilla: that is a 8.10 bug18:09
IdleOneprobably fixed18:09
zer0xWhere do I Re-enable the grub2 timeout? This is VERY annoying18:09
lemonadezer0x: /etc/default/grub18:09
CyberkillaIdleOne: It's not fixed though. There have been several comments added in the past month. I'd post another bug, but it would probably be flagged as a duplicate of this one.18:10
zer0xlemonade: is it GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true, to false? or 0?18:10
zer0xwhy they disabled the timer I have no idea!?18:10
om26erlucid lynx will include BTRFS as default FS??18:10
DanaGI'm glad Ubuntu disabled flat-volumes... the logic is horribly, horribly confusing.18:11
lemonadezer0x: for ex. GRUB_TIMEOUT=318:11
DanaGIn PulseAudio, that is.18:11
DanaGAnd if it claims to be "like Vista".... well, it's wrong.18:11
lemonaderemove the comment before it18:11
zer0xlemonade: its set to 10 allready! but it does not wait!18:11
lemonadedoes that line have # in the front?18:11
zer0xlemonade: nope not commented18:11
lemonadeah ok18:12
lemonadeso comment out that first row18:12
lemonadeto #GRUB_HIDDEN...18:12
om26eris there any forum official forum about lucid lynx18:12
lemonadeand then sudo update-grub18:12
macoom26er: not yet18:12
zer0xlemonade: ok, I'll give that a go, cheers :D18:13
bjsniderom26er, no it will not18:13
om26erbjsnider: even if its stable??18:13
zer0xlemonade: oh, could I not set hidden_timeout=0 to 10 instead?18:13
lemonadeit doesn't matter when you have it commented out18:14
zer0xI mean instead of commenting it out :D18:14
lemonadedunno :D i have it that way18:15
zer0xI don't mind the 10 second wait being hidden :D18:15
DanaG10 is a bit long... I have my (visible menu) timeout set to 4 seconds.18:15
zer0xtrue, less would be fine :D I'll try it now... I am quite annoyed that they disabled the timeout by default!18:15
zer0xwhat if you had issues on your first boot!?18:16
BluesKajwhere are the splash screen theme files located , I've tried installing several , but only 5 will actaully list in system settings>appearance>splash screen18:16
zer0xI am in a bad mood today though.. I should ban myself from human contact :D18:17
bjsniderom26er, it will not be stable18:19
bjsniderfor years18:19
Pyrometheusis 10.04 going to contain gnome 3 ?18:19
russlarPyrometheus: probably not18:20
russlarPyrometheus: 10.04 is goign to be LTS18:20
Cyberkilla: (18:20
Pyrometheustoo bad18:20
CyberkillaIs there a usplash channel?18:20
russlarand kubuntu 8.04 didn't include kde4, due to its newness18:20
russlarwell, my upgrade just crashed18:22
russlartime to go restore18:23
tarjahow is the karmic beta?18:27
Jeruvyits in RC now :)18:28
bazhangtarja, its RC now , see the /topic18:29
tarjayeah RC i mean18:30
evelinahere is the place where i should ask for help regarding ubuntu 9.10?18:31
evelina:) hello18:31
aj_444It is.18:31
evelinaso, i just installed the rc18:31
tarjahow is it?18:31
evelinaafter an installation of windows 7, updated grub, found the entry for windows18:32
yermandui desist of grubw18:32
evelinawhen i try to boot in windows18:32
yermanducan i remove grub218:32
evelinathe grub halts with "GRUB_"18:32
yermanduand install grub09718:32
evelinablack screen18:32
Pyrometheusno error msg ?18:32
Pyrometheustried windows recovery disk incase its windows?18:33
aj_444I'm running the beta of 9.10, and want to upgrade to the RC. How do I do that?18:33
evelinais not windows18:33
xorredsound problem on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299821 - 9.10 RC18:33
evelinai tried to recover the system from the dvd18:33
evelinait says there are no problems18:33
evelinabut grub2 can't boot into it18:34
evelinait's a fresh install18:34
xorredevelina: on the dvd of windows, recovery console, then recover from recovery console18:34
xorredopen the console and recover the boot record from there18:34
xorreddon't just use the GUI it doesn't work18:34
evelinai don't know very well how to do that on windows...18:34
xorredgoogle for restore vista boot record command line18:35
evelinai'll try18:35
xorredbcedit something... I forgot18:35
evelinai'll get back to you to tell you the result :)18:35
BluesKajoops bcdedit18:36
xorredNow type bootrec.exe and press Enter. This will rebuild the boot configuration data and hopefully fix your problem. You can also run the command with switches to fix just the master boot record (/fixmbr), the boot sector (/fixboot), or rebuild the entire BCD (/rebuildbcd).18:36
om26erwindow border in ubuntu should be flat?18:36
evelinaok, super, i'll try that18:36
evelinathanks guys18:36
xorredevelina, try all 318:36
xorredbootrec.exe, then with /fixboot and with /fixmbr18:36
xorredbootrec.exe /fixmbr etc18:36
xorrednow... if anyone could help me out :)18:37
om26erhuman theme window border whould be flat not round18:37
xorredsound problem on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299821 - 9.10 RC18:37
evelinagoing to try it out, i hate windows but i need it for work otherwise i'm ***18:37
Pyrometheusyou could always run windows inside ubuntu18:38
xorredtoo late18:38
k5ehxin 9.04 programs could minimize themselves into a sort of "tray" at the top panel. On upgrading to 9.10 this has disappeared. Where should I start for resolving this?18:38
Pyrometheusah :p18:38
lfaraonek5ehx: it's disabled since it's considered bad usability18:38
om26erhave any1 tried virtualization in aspire one18:38
lfaraonek5ehx: which application do you want to change, specifically?18:38
om26erwhich virtualization program is lite18:39
xorredaspire one - no virtualization18:39
xorredforget it18:39
k5ehxlfaraone: several, transmission, calibre18:39
Noah0504lemonade: Still around?18:39
k5ehxI also have no volume icon, can't figure out how to get that back18:39
KyleSugh, amd64 the bane of my existance :(18:39
om26erxorred: i tried it with virtualbox and it booted18:39
KyleSKarmic 32 bit boots fine18:39
lfaraonek5ehx: well, no idea for those two; I know how to do so in Pidgin18:39
KyleS64 bit won't get past a blinking cursor18:39
k5ehxlfaraone: ok, how do you do it in pidgin?18:40
xorredom26er: what about speed?18:40
lfaraonek5ehx: go to preferences, and set the "show system tray icon:" to "always".18:40
om26erxorred: better than windows Xp18:40
k5ehxlfaraone: that doesn't work on my pidgin18:41
k5ehxI think the problem is that whatever program is responsible for managing those tray icons is missing or broken, but I don't know the name of it18:41
lfaraonek5ehx: you're running Version: 1:2.6.2-1ubuntu7?18:41
lfaraonek5ehx: ah, the notifications applet.18:41
om26erlfaraone: indicator applet replace it18:41
k5ehxoh, called "notification area". I swear that wasn't there before the reboot. :-)18:42
lfaraonek5ehx: right click your task bar, do "add to panel", and select "notifications area"18:42
alyssumAnyone got LDAP working in Karmic?  There was radical changes to the slapd package and no documentation for it.18:42
yermanducheckin info (hd0,1) in grub2 is /dev/sda? Question18:43
lfaraoneyermandu: (hd0,0) usually refers to /dev/sda1, (hd0,1) to /dev/sda2, and so on.18:43
Dr_Willisactually if we are refreing to GRUB2 - they have changed that18:44
Dr_Williste drives start at 0. but the partitions start at 1 now.18:44
Dr_Willisso  thats somthing to watch out for when doing grub vs grub2 work..18:44
Dr_Willisa BIG somthing to watch out for.18:44
yermanduTnx Dr_Willis18:45
Dr_Willissda1 = hd0,1 in grub218:45
Dr_Willissda1 = hd0,0 in grub118:45
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub218:45
yermandui need install again then18:45
Dr_Williswell you still instsall the grub to the same drive/mbr (hd0) but the partition where it finds the info would be difffernt18:46
k5ehxok, so with the notification issue fixed, the upgrade to the RC went very well18:46
Dr_WillisNOTE: The new partition naming convention. Devices start counting from 0 as done previously. sda is designated as "hd0", sdb is "hd1", etc. However the first partition is now designated as sda1. Counting partitions does not start with "0". The fifth partition on sda is sda5).18:46
Noah0504Under Karmic, I cannot get GRUB to install on /dev/md018:47
xorredsound problem on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299821 - 9.10 RC18:48
KyleSAnyone here a live cd guru?18:50
KyleSI have a weird issue where the i386 live cd loads perfectly fine, but the amd64 version of it fails epically18:50
KyleSIt fails in such a way, it gives absolutely 0 output18:51
lfaraoneKyleS: run the livecd removing "quiet splash" as a parameter18:51
KyleSI have18:51
KyleSIt still gives a blinking cursor18:52
KyleSI've tried all manner of 'check boxes' as well18:52
KyleSI also tried a suggestion someone gave earlier of adding nosmp acpi=bios18:52
KyleSand no dice :(18:52
neoTheCathello.  does anyone know why my dvd and other video playbacks colors are all off?  i am watching a simpson's dvd, and they are all blue.18:53
lfaraoneKyleS: hm.18:53
lfaraoneneoTheCat: check your cable connections? :P18:53
KyleSlfaraone, exactly :(  I've never come across this before18:53
neoTheCatlfaraone: monitor cable?18:54
alyssumxorred: can you run "arecord -l" and then take the name from that output to run "asoundconf set-default-card <name of device>"18:54
penguin42sounds like a break in your red and/or grean cables18:54
penguin42green even18:54
lfaraoneKyleS: file a bug against linux, I guess.18:54
xorredarecord: device_list:223: no soundcards found...18:55
KyleSI'm reburning the amd64 cd18:55
KyleSI'm going to try one more time18:55
KyleSdesperation measure :)18:55
neoTheCatpenguin42: monitors are fine.  it's only during any kind of video playback.  in the window itself.18:55
tgpraveenKyleS: sure your system supports 64 bit?18:55
xorredalyssum: arecord: device_list:223: no soundcards found...18:55
lfaraoneKyleS: also, try verifying the CD too;18:55
Dr_WillisKyleS:  why not just make a bootable usb flash drive?18:55
fcuk112anyone had problems with crackling noise from their x-fi?18:55
KyleSLinux kyle-compy 2.6.28-16-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 20 19:48:32 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:55
Dr_Willis:) i never burn cd;s any more18:55
KyleSDr_Willis, problem is that the x86 works fine18:55
penguin42neoTheCat: Hmm OK, then you have a bug I guess - it's not impossible; the colour decompression acceleration some video cards profvide could be screwed up18:55
JorkI had two problems in karmic18:56
Dr_Willisfcuk112:  crackling while it plays sound? or just a popping every so often?18:56
BluesKajxorred, arecord  -L18:56
Dr_WillisKyleS:    I made a grub2 usb flash drive that can boot the iso files directly. :) i can have both isos on a single flash drive18:56
xorredBluesKaj: nothing18:56
Jorkfirst is Xorg problem with saving screen resolution18:56
xorredno output18:56
neoTheCatit was fine in 9.04, it didn't cause a problem until karma18:56
KyleSI was going to make a flash drive...but no usb stick :)18:56
KyleSthe one I do have doesn't support that >_>18:56
Dr_WillisKyleS:  yep. and all i got to do to upgrade the iso. is copy the new one to the stick18:56
KyleSeffing radio shack18:56
Jorkand second is with awn-manager. It won't start and gives me an following error ubuntu+118:56
alyssumxorred: i thought you said in your forum post that alsa recognizes the HDA-Intel card?18:57
lfaraoneKyleS: you can also use UNetbootin, by the way.18:57
fcuk112Dr_Willis: crackling when push the volume up.18:57
Jorkand second is with awn-manager. It won't start and gives me an following error http://pastebin.com/m64f6eacd18:57
xorredalsa recognizeD :) in 9.0418:57
lfaraoneJork: what language is that, exactly?18:57
shadeslayerhehe : http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/depth_of_field/ : is killing every browser18:57
lfaraone"glib.GError: Tip ne ustreza: Za klju&#269; int pri&#269;akoval `float' dobil `/apps/avant-window-navigator/bar/bar_angle'"18:57
BluesKajxorred, lspci | grep audio18:57
KyleStgpraveen, I've been using 64 bit exclusively for nearly a year.18:57
Jorklfaraone: slovenian18:57
Dr_Willisfcuk112:  you mean it crackles as you are adjusting the sound.. or only at high volume?18:57
xorredthat's in the forum post BluesKaj18:57
fcuk112Dr_Willis: only at high volume.18:57
JorkI setup it to english18:58
Jorkjust a moment18:58
lfaraoneJork: well, does it start if you run awn as a new user?18:58
alyssumxorred: oh, all that alsa output is 9.04...well then, i'm stumped too18:58
JorkI don't know. How can I do that?18:58
lfaraoneJork: well, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select "guest user"18:59
lfaraone(corner of the screen)18:59
BluesKajxorred,  Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller18:59
shadeslayeryet konqueror handles it fine 0.o.... even firefox cried when i supplied that link :P18:59
fcuk112Dr_Willis: it pops once in a while as well.18:59
BluesKaj!intelhda | xorred18:59
ubottuxorred: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto18:59
lfaraoneshadeslayer: that's not really a bug in Ubuntu, now is it.18:59
shadeslayerlfaraone: no,more like a bug in rekonq and firefox19:00
alyssumxorred: does audio work with the Karmic live cd?19:00
JorkIf  use as guest user awn-manager starts normaly19:00
scott_ino2i really hate comcast.. sorry just a quick rant19:00
shadeslayerlfaraone: im amazed how konqueror cannot handle gmail but can handle that!19:00
Dr_Willisfcuk112:  if it pops after being quiet for a while , right befor a sound is going to play. thats the sleep setting for th sound card/drivers that  basically turn off the sound card after so much time of inactivity. no idea on the other issue19:01
* yermandu hates grub219:02
Dr_WillisCool.. the 'SystemRescueCD' support being booted via ISO from GRUB2 also :)19:02
shadeslayeryermandu: yeah same here19:02
lfaraoneJork: well, that means it's probably a issue with the AWN configuration you're using.19:02
Jorklfaraone: How can I change that?19:03
yermandushadeslayer, how is your trouble?19:03
lfaraoneJork: " gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/avant-window-navigator" will delete all your AWN configuration.19:03
alyssumBTW, I'm still looking for help on LDAP in Karmic... surely someone is running it?19:03
lfaraone(according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=755467 )19:03
xorredalyssum: Didn't try...19:03
shadeslayeryermandu: cant get it to accept a vga res,small issue though,whats your grudge?19:03
xorreddon't have a cd burner19:03
lfaraonealyssum: if so, they seem to be elsewhere.19:04
evelinaok, i'm back with good news, that worked, xorred :)19:04
xorredhehe good19:04
lfaraonealyssum: I'm still running my LDAP setup on 8.04, taking no chances.19:04
Jorkcool lfaraone19:04
evelinathanks a lot guys, ubuntu's comunity is the best :)19:04
JorkIt works now19:04
xorredBluesKaj: thanks! I'll try that link19:04
lfaraoneJork: glad to be able to help.19:04
yermandui can note load my other distro19:04
alyssumlfaraone: very smart.  best wait until karmic+1 before LDAP will be sorted out.  but unfortunately i don't have as much flexibility.19:05
shadeslayeryermandu: which one?19:05
Jorklfaraone: just one more thing. Is it possible to setup curve dock in awn like os-x uses ?19:05
KhodokHi guys... I need some help after updating to karmic. The problem is that every package I install after updating is listed under "Installed (manual)" in synaptic. When I click Package -> Automatically installed, it becomes "Installed (local or obsolete)". I nearly ruined my whole system now by accidentally clearing obsolete packages from ubuntu-tweak :(19:05
shadeslayerJork: yep19:06
lfaraoneJork: Unfortunately, I don't really use awn.19:06
shadeslayerJork: see the trasher applet19:06
yermanduubuntu install grub, he maps my other distro, (mandriva, gentoo, others), but i can boot only ubuntu19:06
shadeslayeryermandu: hmm.. did you try installing grub from the other distro and see if it boots ubuntu?19:06
lfaraoneKhodok: we can't really support those kind of third party modifications.19:07
shadeslayerJork: add the trasher applet to the dock and in the settings of the applet change them to curve19:07
yermandumy other distros uses grub0.97 shadeslayer19:07
lfaraone!automatix | Khodok # see this for something similar; they tend to break your system in subtle ways19:07
ubottuKhodok # see this for something similar; they tend to break your system in subtle ways: Automatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported, or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubottu WorksForMe »19:07
Jorkshadeslayer_ you mean trash applet?19:08
Dr_Willisyermandu:  you will need to customuize the grub menu.lst to boot the other disrtos.  i not sure that  the ubuntu grub tools will auto-detect/setup other disrtos.19:08
xorredBluesKaj: how do I open ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz?19:08
xorredcan't tar -xzvf it19:08
Dr_Willisyermandu:   You could 'chain' load the other grubs. or hand edit  one menu.lst for one disrto to handle all of grub.19:08
Khodoklfaraone, I know, but it's not about ubuntu-tweak, the problem is that new packages are marked as "manually installed". I updated through update-manager -d19:08
lfaraoneDr_Willis: it should; if it doesn't, that's a bug.19:08
shadeslayerJork: no its called the trasher applet... afaik19:08
yermanduDr_Willis, this sound good19:09
lfaraoneKhodok: Update-manager disabled your third party sources19:09
Dr_Willislfaraone:  Ive only had it see other ubuntu disrtos..  ive never tried it with other installed disrtos19:09
Dr_Willislfaraone:  and given the varity of other disrtos out there.. i would be amazed if it could do them all.19:09
yermanduCan u help to do this Dr_Willis ?19:09
lfaraoneKhodok: if you want to continue using them, you'll have to enable them via the Software Sources dialog.19:09
lfaraoneDr_Willis: yes, but. Ideally we'd support everything under the sun; if there's a case where it isn't autodetected it should be reported.19:10
shadeslayerJork: http://wiki.awn-project.org/Stacks_Applet19:10
Dr_Willisyermandu:  You basicially need to learn grub and grub2.  and then  figure it out..  personally i suggest sticking with ONE distro and testing others inside virtualbox if you want to play with them.19:10
BluesKajxorred, tar -xvzf filename19:11
xorredactually it shold have been gzip -d19:11
xorredit's not a tar archive :)19:11
Dr_Williskeeping each disrto on its own seperate hard drive would make things a lot easier also. :)19:11
xorredgz tab tab... gzip -h :)19:11
Khodoklfaraone, thanks, I'll try that... It just seemed to affect too many packages19:11
lfaraonexorred: gunzip filename.zip19:11
BluesKajit's just a text file19:12
xorredBluesKaj: the link with the troubleshooting didn't help I can't find my model in the docs..19:12
alyssumxorred: check out the bug report.  may be workaround for you near the bottom https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/41862719:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 418627 in alsa-driver "[Regression] No sound in Karmic (HDA Intel ICH6 & Realtek ALC260)" [Medium,New]19:12
Dr_Willisyou use unzip for .zip not gunzip19:12
Dr_Willis!info unp19:12
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (karmic), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB19:12
BluesKajDr_Willis, thx for the unp tip19:14
Khodoklfaraone, I just checked it again, all new packages that I install from default karmic repos are listed as "manually installed"19:16
DanaG!info dtrx19:17
KhodokIt's not because of third party repos19:17
ubottudtrx (source: dtrx): intelligently extract multiple archive types. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.5-1 (karmic), package size 22 kB, installed size 132 kB19:17
DanaGhandy for dealing with archives that expand all to current directory.19:17
lfaraoneKhodok: do you have the normal repos enabled in the sources.list?19:17
Dr_WillisBluesKaj:  yea. i use that all the time. its so overlooked19:18
BluesKajI'm wondering, can the older numbered linux image rt patches be deleted from the the grub menu ?19:19
yermanduand about grub legacy?19:20
BluesKajDr_Willis, in place of tar -xzvf command or ?19:20
lfaraoneBluesKaj: sure.19:21
Dr_WillisBluesKaj:  i try it on everything :)19:21
BluesKajlfaraone, all except the latest rt ?19:21
lfaraoneBluesKaj: sure, but theres no real reason to.19:22
ToxinPoweAnyone can tell me how install chrome in Karmic?19:22
BluesKajlfaraone, it's cluttering  up my boot menu , I want to see the W7 partition in the list19:23
lfaraoneBluesKaj: okay then.19:23
BluesKaj!chrome | ToxinPowe19:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chrome19:23
BluesKaj!chromium-browser | ToxinPowe19:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:24
KhodokToxinPowe, it's in third party repos19:24
KhodokToxinPowe, https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa19:25
ToxinPoweok ;)19:25
ssnhow do I disable gdm from startup in karmic?19:26
ssnthe usual update-rc.d does not work19:26
Khodoklfaraone, all default repos seem to be in order19:26
Khodoklfaraone, packages install from them19:26
JackDssn: use the server iso ?)19:27
lfaraoneKhodok: odd, no idea.19:27
Dr_Willisssn:  it uses upstart. its controlled by /etc/init now19:27
ssnDr_Willis: so how do i disable it19:27
ssnI know how to stop it19:27
Dr_Willisdelete the proper file from /etc/init19:27
Dr_WillisLOOK in the directory19:27
ssnDr_Willis: but if i remove the init script, how do i start it when i need it?19:28
Dr_Willissudo gdm   is one way19:28
ssnwith init.d?19:28
Dr_Willisor try the init.d way19:28
Dr_Willisor just use 'startx'19:28
ssnthe init dir contains just gdm.conf19:28
Jon5000anyone know why citrix receiver 11 will not let me save a connection I have created?19:28
Dr_Willisssn:  yes.. and thats the init file now that starts gdm19:29
Dr_Willisit defines what run levels it starts on an dothe rthings19:29
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:29
ssnDr_Willis: thx19:29
Dr_Willismost services are being moved to upstart /etc/init 'scripts'19:29
BluesKajssn ,usually you can stsrt a script in the cli , nameofscript start19:29
Dr_Willisthe things in init are not really 'scripts' however.19:30
BluesKajlinks to rc.d19:30
JackDi have deleted files in rcS.d for gdm and it still starts with upstart ;)19:30
localnnuser__kde vs gnome19:31
ssnalso, nm-applet disappeared. I have no idea how to start the NetworkManager applet without sudo or being root19:31
Dr_Willislocalnnuser__:  tomatoe vs tomato.19:31
* thiebaude tomato19:31
BluesKajtomahto vs tomaeto :)19:32
thiebaudeDr_Willis, french fries19:33
localnnuser__niiiiiiiiiice jub ubuntu developers........ im loving karmic19:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spellings19:34
tgpraveen!info enchant19:34
ubottuPackage enchant does not exist in karmic19:34
tgpraveen!info hunspell19:34
ubottuhunspell (source: hunspell): spell checker and morphological analyzer (program). In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.8-4ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 69 kB, installed size 176 kB19:34
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
localnnuser__is symphony gonna be available for karmic?19:36
lfaraone!info symphony | localnnuser__19:37
ubottulocalnnuser__: Package symphony does not exist in karmic19:37
jimpoplocalnnuser__, debs are available from IBM19:37
thiebaudebug 119:38
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)19:38
localnnuser__thanks jimpop19:38
localnnuser__oh one more thing, which is the best web browser for kde?19:39
localnnuser__i mean qt web browser19:39
ausimageHello... I am looking for help in solving gphoto mount situation in Karmic... which makes it unsuable for my kodak dx7590 camera :/19:39
jdahmI had to convert my partition format to GUID, so I ended up uninstalling everything.  Now when I try to install, I get the error "attempt to mount /dev/sda2 to /boot failed".  Is this maybe a scratched cd/bad burn?19:39
* Dr_Willis wonders how many 'qt' web browsers are out there...19:39
Dr_WillisOpera uses qt dont it. :)19:39
ausimageI am interested in how gphoto handles things in karmic... so I can fix it...19:40
xorredBluesKaj: seems I am affected by the audio bug too19:40
xorredbut my card is a bit different - not 1260, but 120019:40
ausimageI think the issue lies with the fact that I have an extra flash card in the camera...19:40
localnnuser__i dont like opera at all quite big web browser, aint fast and its completly un-usable with laptops because of touchpad...19:40
ausimageThe situation seems to be ignored on LP... as my Jaunty bug was not touched :/19:41
jetsaredimanyone here use vuze/azureus?19:41
David-Tjetsaredim: sometimes...19:41
jetsaredimi cannot seem to get it working on 9.1019:41
David-Thmm, the package works fine for me...19:42
ausimagebut now it is much worse.... whereas before I could still get communication... now it seems it is very miss or hit :/19:42
David-Talthough if you've got eclipse installed that could cause difficulties getting the package to install19:42
jetsaredimDavid-T: it fires up, but when I attempt to open a torrent it just hangs19:42
BluesKajxorred, sorry but I'm not realy well versed about intel probs19:43
ausimagehttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gphotofs/+bug/381531 <== is the bug19:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 381531 in gphotofs "Unable to mount Kodak Co. DX7590" [Undecided,New]19:43
David-Tjetsaredim: which jdk are you using? (what does ls -l /etc/alternatives/java point to?)19:43
jetsaredimDavid-T: I tried with both openjdk and sun-java19:43
David-Tah, ok. I'm running openjkd with no problems19:44
David-Tjdk, even19:44
thiebaudeDavid-T, sun-java6-jre19:44
raindogRan latest updates today, one of my partitions won't mount.  fsck.ext3 is running, checking it for errors i presume.  Is there a way that I can monitor the status/output of this operation?19:45
jetsaredimyea I've tried with both and have the same issue19:45
David-Tother than deleting your ~/.azureus folder to see if that helps, i don't have many ideas.19:45
jetsaredimDavid-T: yea did that too19:45
jdahmwow well thats a bug19:46
Blueyi am getting this annoy messages in the log - every 5 minutes - what the hell does it mean?  Oct 24 11:43:40 Homer kernel: [47071.114100] lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions19:48
David-TBluey: http://lwn.net/Articles/14294/ it's normal.19:51
jimpopnormal like a hooker hanging around outside your house at dawn?19:52
BlueyDavid-T: to techinicl for me  I'll take your word on it - thanks19:52
mac_vlanguage | jimpop:19:53
mac_v!language | jimpop:19:53
jimpophooker isn't a bad word19:53
ubottujimpop:: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.19:53
jimpopi just wish that more time went into improving karmic than writing neat little irc bots19:54
LogicalDashI am using Netbook Remix. When I open EMACS, the minibuffer does not show. I can make it show by unmaximizing the window, and when I maximize it again the minibuffer's still visible. I really want it to be visible whenever I open EMACS though.19:54
arand_What is the real upgradeable package associated with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-basicmethods ??19:56
David-Tjimpop: you're free to divide your time between improving karmic, writing neat little irc bots, and ineffectually moaning as you wish...19:56
jimpopobviously i choose moaning.  but I could also choose OSX19:56
jimpopthe real issue is what does the moaning get ignored along with the bugs, or does the borg moveon with established release dates19:57
nzzehi i always get an Hash Sum mismatch while upgrading to 9.1019:58
nzzesome ideas?19:58
Dr_Willistry a differnt server.20:00
jimpopnzze: upgrading via CD or how?20:00
Dr_Willistheres been some others mention some hash issues20:00
Dr_WillisI think some pacjages dident get updated right on all servers20:00
nzzeiam just using do-release-upgrade -d, how can i change server20:01
ktwohi, if i now install the RC iso of 9.10 can i update to final status easily when the final comes out // would it be better to reinstall the final ?20:01
nzzechange sources.list?20:01
Dr_Willisktwo:  thats a  yes. You can.20:01
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading20:01
Dr_WillisHmm..wha twas thast other factoid...20:02
Dr_Willis rc -> upgrades to final20:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about RC20:03
webbb82ok so you know if you highlight some text then goto where you want to paste the text and do the middle click it will automaticly paste the text you highlighted  but i dont have a middle mouse so i have to use the first and last mouse button at the same time to do a "middle click" is there anyway to change what mouse button to use?20:03
dholbertDoes anyone know if enrypted swap still breaks hibernation in Karmic?20:04
BluesKaj!schedule | tgpraveen20:05
ubottutgpraveen: A schedule of Karmic Koala (9.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule20:05
traskbryantAnyone have a fix for installing prism? (missing dep: xulrunner-1.9.1-dom-inspector)20:09
xrandrso in 4 days, 9.10 is going to be released,right?20:12
jimpopapparently so20:13
arand_Has the making of daily-live images stopped by now?20:13
BluesKajxrandr, 5 days20:14
arand_Blargh, I want to test a new patch in the installer, which I seem to need a prebuild iso for... bleh20:14
benstewhich package contains the IWL3945 wireless driver -> I want to file a bug20:16
nzzei cant fix the Hash Sum mismatch, not even by changing mirrors20:23
silentnightshi All, I try to build wifi driver but it fails and give me this error: No rule to make target `kernel/bounds.c', needed by `kernel/bounds.s'.  Stop.20:23
silentnightsthe problem is that I have kernel source in /usr/src and extracted20:24
silentnightsAlso linked to /usr/src/linux20:24
macowhy are there only kubuntu rc dvd images, no cd images?20:24
silentnightsI don't know why he gets into the kernel header instead of kernel source20:24
lfaraonedholbert: yes, which is an innate property of encrypted swap.20:25
dholbertlfaraone, what do you mean?20:25
=== Enlik is now known as Enlik_
benste1lfaraone: you're not talking about encrypted swap error on bootup ?20:25
dholbertlfaraone, you mean encrypted swap by definition breaks hibernate?20:25
=== Enlik_ is now known as Enlik
lfaraonedholbert: yes, if your swap is encrypted with a random key each time you boot, it defeats the purpose to save the key to disk,20:26
penguin42can't it be a passworded key rather than random?20:26
lfaraonebenste1: no, I'm not.20:26
dholbertlfaraone, http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/02/jaunty-encrypted-home-directories.html says that they were trying to fix that for karmic20:27
dholbertlfaraone, quoting that page: "In either case, however, you will not be able to hibernate your system (but suspend will continue to work just fine). It is for this reason that the option is hidden in the default installation. We're trying to fix the swap issues for Karmic."20:27
dholbertlfaraone, see also https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-karmic-encrypted-swap-as-an-option20:27
arand_maco: might be a "bug", as usual, bad that it's on the rc though..20:27
benste1lfaraone: just thought cause I've had seom problems with it yesterday which has been patched only to disable encrpted swap - and no one knew against which package a bug should be filed http://benste.blogspot.com/2009/10/problems-in-karmic-due-to-use-of.html20:27
dholbertlfaraone, (the end of the summary there says "The primary development item around this specification will be ensuring that hibernate-to-disk and resume-from-hibernate continue to operate as expected.")20:27
benste1@all does someone know which package contains the by default installed Intel Wireless drivers ?20:28
lfaraonedholbert: well, it doens't seem to have been implemented.20:29
macobenste1: the kernel20:29
lfaraonedholbert: anyway, it does defeat the security benefits of encrypted swap to hibernate your machine.20:29
dholbertlfaraone, I'm not sure, though.  it says " Milestone target: karmic-alpha-5"20:29
dholbertlfaraone, I understand that20:29
macobenste1: package name is "linux"20:29
benste1I'll do20:30
dholbertlfaraone, My question is, if I hibernate, will I be able to turn on my machine and not have it asplode?20:30
macodholbert: that means they wanted to do it at alpha 5. doesnt mean anyone got a chance to do it20:30
arand_partman-basicmethods is part of the installer (udeb package), and I want to test a recent patch for it, can anyone hint me how?20:30
lfaraonebenste1: I get that too, you just have to wait for it to pass20:30
lfaraonedholbert: no idea. try it out.20:30
macoarand_: you want to patch the package and rebuild it?20:30
lfaraonedholbert: the disk will be unmounted cleanly, at least.20:30
benste1lfaraone: I know but it slows down system boot, you already have my link on how to deactivate it, be aware that this may be a security risk if you're working in an serious environoment20:31
dholbertlfaraone, well, if my swap isn't being utilized (which it might not be, since I have plenty of RAM), it might work sometimes and not others20:31
arand_maco: It's a compnent of the installer, which seems to make things more complicated20:31
macoarand_: youd probably have to rebuild the iso...20:32
lfaraonebenste1: which is why I don't care to disable it. The "fix" for your bug would be to tell the kernel/loader to wait a bit longer for cryptswap to mount.20:32
arand_maco: "Warning: This package is intended for the use in building debian-installer images only. Do not install it on a normal Ubuntu system."20:32
mzzdholbert: last time I tried hibernate with encrypted swap it didn't resume, it just did a regular boot (with the implied fsck run etc)20:32
arand_maco: I was afraid of that...20:32
mzzwhich makes sense20:32
benste1lfaraone: could you file a bug that this may be solved ?20:32
silentnightsCan anyone help me with my wifi driver problem??20:32
silentnightsI can compile it but can't install it :(20:33
mzzI'm pretty sure what's happening is it writes the image to the encrypted device, and when you reboot there's no way for it to mount that device, because the key used is random20:33
DonaldShimodaok, there we go, i will try a fresh install qith the alternate cd20:33
webbb82this mite be a dumb question but where do i find the GNOME Control Center20:33
Strogg_i'm having at every boot a message on xsplash : wainting for mapper/cryptswap1 to mount, is there anyway to slow down ubuntu startup ? :)20:33
lfaraonebenste1: run "ubuntu-bug linux" and describe your usecase in the report.20:33
DonaldShimodathe upograde ruin my system...20:33
DonaldShimodasee you later friends20:33
DonaldShimodaif all go fine... he20:33
lfaraoneStrogg_: it *is* slowing down, hence the waiting.20:33
benste1lfaraone: I know how to file a bug - that's the only thing i did the last 3 days :-)20:33
lfaraoneStrogg_: it's not a problem, just wait for it to go away20:34
benste1lfaraone: but I've already changed it so if you'd be so kind to report it and subscribe me as well - and you already know what to do - I didn't20:34
mzzStrogg_: I suspect you're just getting that because it takes a while, and there's no reliable way for the boot system to detect if it's going to finish in a bit or if it got stuck20:34
Strogg_ i dindt find a bug submited, having that on my eee since kernel -1420:35
silentnightsI am getting this error with make install : No rule to make target `kernel/bounds.c', needed by `kernel/bounds.s'.  Stop.20:35
BluesKajsilentnights, which wifi card ?20:35
skiwithpeteguys, I'm having some crazy problems with 9.10RC20:37
benste1mzz: did you read - concerning my yesterday cryptswap error lfaraone knews the reason - do you remeber the other one hanging arround with that problem ?20:37
skiwithpeteweb addresses are all messed up20:37
silentnightsBluesKaj: I got the driver from here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/40112620:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401126 in linux "Realtek RTL8192SE WLAN Card Fails to work on Medion Akoya E1312 Netbook" [Undecided,New]20:37
mzzbenste1: so was it actually an *error*?20:37
skiwithpeteso earlier today I had problems connecting to Firefox's add-on engine20:37
mzzbenste1: I lost track of what was going on halfway through20:38
skiwithpeteand I had problems with connecting to gb.archive.ubuntu.com20:38
silentnightsBluesKaj: When I could not get it to work ini ubuntu i tried it on another distro running same kernel version and it worked20:38
benste1mzz: lfaraone told that kernel needs to be patched to wait longer for cryptswap20:38
silentnightsit always fail when i do make install on ubuntu20:38
mzzbenste1: err, what?20:38
Strogg_mzz, the system looks like to wait for the partition to be mounted, and show the message, but i can't find the message in dmesg or syslog, is there a new logfile where i can find this message ?20:38
silentnightscomplains about file which should be in kernel source.20:38
skiwithpeteI switched to us.archive.ubuntu.com20:38
BluesKajsilentnights, is the driver a windows.exe file that needs ndiswrapper,if so check this tutorial http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/NdisWrapper_The_Ultimate_Guide/20:38
lfaraonebenste1: well, not exactly.20:38
skiwithpeteand it started working.  Now20:38
mzzStrogg_: I have no idea. I haven't seen this message (it didn't exist when I disabled cryptswap)20:38
benste1lfaraone: so try again that mzz: and I understand :-)20:39
skiwithpeteNow I type in webaddresses into FF and it takes me weird places20:39
lfaraonemzz: it's not an error, just a "This isn't mounted yet. Waiting for it to mount, press esc to cancel" message.20:39
mzzStrogg_: still, from the sounds of it it's just a status message and can be completely ignored20:39
silentnightsno the driver is a linux driver20:39
mzzyeah, that20:39
skiwithpetesenschirp.ca takes me to google.ca20:39
skiwithpetewhat the hell am I meant to do?20:39
mzzlfaraone: someone (probably benste1) had me confused earlier and I thought it got stuck there forever20:39
benste1lfaraone: but it's a bug isn't it ?20:39
mzzbenste1: probably not, if it's not getting stuck forever20:39
silentnightsI can't use ndiswrapper cause there is no xp x64 driver version for this card20:39
skiwithpeteanyone had similar problems?20:40
lfaraonebenste1: well, there are a few things we can do. A) increase the wait time, B) change the message to something more user-friendly, C) something-else20:40
mzzbenste1: afaict the only bug is that it'd be nice if it went faster20:40
lfaraonemzz: if anything, it should be a string fix.20:40
silentnightsI tried to do make install when i boot from live cd and it work !!20:40
mzzlfaraone: I don't see what's wrong with the string20:40
lfaraonemaco: would this be a bug against linux or cryptsetup?20:40
silentnightsIt should be something about the ubuntu installation on hard disk, should not it?20:40
mzzlfaraone: I was just assuming people wouldn't complain unless that string was visible for a long time20:40
lfaraonemzz: It's causing people to be confused.20:40
silentnightsI tried reinstalling it and got same problem20:40
skiwithpeteI typed this in earlier " echo "nameserver" |sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf20:40
skiwithpete" and it made it work for a while... but its not working again20:40
lfaraonemzz: well, it appears on my computer for less than 5 seconds20:41
* mzz suggests patching the people, not the string20:41
benste1lfaraone: you knwo what to do, why can't you at least post it with the tech detail we need? - I don't know what it is about20:41
silentnightsBluesKaj: Sorry if am noisy.20:41
mzzbenste1: afaict it's simply informing you what the system's doing. Think splash screen.20:41
skiwithpeteis there a way to refresh nameservers?20:42
lfaraonebenste1: or when Windows XP is "preparing your desktop"20:42
mzzbenste1: so imho the only oddity is that setting up swap is slow enough to trigger that message and/or the timeout's short enough20:42
benste1mzz: lfaraone I think for normal users this is very confusing and looks like an serious error20:42
mzzbenste1: how is "waiting for something" a serious error, unless it does it for more than a few seconds?20:42
hat0hi all - question about installing the rc.  if i install the rc now, will it be able to update itself to the final release in a week without problems?20:42
lfaraonemzz: well, key generation probably takes some time.20:42
lfaraonemzz: the best thing to do would be to mount the swap asynchronously.20:42
mzzbenste1: again: when I tried to debug your startup earlier I was assuming this took much longer (think minutes)20:42
benste1mzz: for me everything which comes up multiple times is loking as a serious warning20:43
lfaraonemzz: that too; it does display on the screen three or so times.20:43
mzzif it's seconds imho it's a complete nonissue, but I'm not stopping you from filing a polish bug20:43
pac1how do I access the karmic repository?20:43
benste1lfaraone: more than 520:43
skiwithpetepac1, ?20:43
lfaraonepac1: are you running karmic already?20:43
lfaraonepac1: or are you trying to upgrade from jaunty?20:43
mzzlfaraone: I'm guessing swap isn't mounted asynchronously because it has to check for a resume image before it can mount other partitions20:44
xorredso, after upgrading to 9.10 I am still with kernel 2.6.28-15 (server) - how do I install the default kernel in 9.10 and still keep my 6 gigs of ram available?20:44
lfaraonemzz: but I thought we already decided that cryptswap doesn't support suspend-resume20:44
mzzlfaraone: it would appear that with the current encrypted swap setup you'll never actually find a resume image is swap is encrypted, but I don't think the boot system knows that20:44
pac1no I just need one of the packages  from karmic20:44
lfaraonemzz: this is happening after the early boot.20:44
skiwithpetepac1 and youre in uk?20:44
lfaraonepac1: that's generally a bad idea, but search through http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=squashfs-tools&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all20:45
mzzI'll leave it to the people who still use encrypted swap and are annoyed by this to debug it, frankly I've lost interest20:45
lfaraonemzz: the "checking for resume image" happens much earlier.20:45
skiwithpetepac1 and youre in uk?20:45
* benste1 is very conused that a warning which appears multiple time should be ok cause of slow hardware20:45
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.20:45
* mzz groans20:46
mzzbenste1: iirc it was added because in some circumstances a mount or fsck can take a significant amount of time, and people were assuming the system had locked up20:46
Strogg_mzz, can we use the system without swap file ?20:46
pac1skiwithpete: no usa20:46
Heikki123Strogg_: yes20:46
Heikki123but some features such as hibernate will not work (if i'm right)20:46
mzzStrogg_: sure, but usually there's no point (swap normally doesn't hurt and sometimes helps)20:46
skiwithpeteok, are you able to ping us.archive.ubuntu.com20:46
pac11:3 vs 1:4.020:47
mzzStrogg_: a bit of swap is usually a good idea, although imho more than about a GiB is pointless, since if all that's used the system's unusable anyway.20:47
benste1mzz: so it woun't hurt if I revert the things from yesterday20:47
mzzStrogg_: well, more than about a GiB or 3/4 or so of your ram, whichever is more.20:47
rigodeniok when plug in my MP3 player its not automatically mounted (not shown in Nautilus), what do i do?20:47
mzzbenste1: as I was trying to explain at that time: I was mainly curious to see if your system would boot noticably faster without encrypted swap20:48
webbb82 i installed picasa but no matter what i do it wont run   i dont get a error or anything it just doesnt run  if i try threw the terminal nothing happens what should i do20:48
benste1mzz possibly seconds :)_20:48
mzzbenste1: when we first started talking I was assuming your system wasn't booting in a reasonable time. It was only about the time I got your bootchart image that I realised it was booting pretty much normally and the problem was just cosmetic.20:48
arand_rigodeni: have you tried mounting using the comand line?20:48
silentnightsis the rc release different than the beta?20:48
pac1actually I think i have it.  I did an add in synaptic and deduced http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic main20:49
pac1That got me squashfs 4:020:49
benste1mzz I'm sry that I didn't say earlier - the overall karmic boot speed is slower so I first thought this error might be realted to it, but I know lucid will try to fix it20:49
rigodeniarand_: no20:50
mzzI'd like it if hibernate still worked, probably through asking for my login password or a special one I enter when suspending on resume, but I can imagine that's a bit tricky to implement20:50
rigodeniarand_: not sure how20:50
mzznot impossible, just lots of components that need to work together to make that happen20:51
Strogg_mzz, do the system need swap on boot ? when we use the crypted home folde this should not slow down the boot ?20:51
* mzz groans20:51
eitreach_Am I just missing something, or has mouse gestures been removed from Compiz?20:51
rigodeniarand_: i shouldnt have to, on 9.04 it mounted automatically20:51
mzzI distinctly recall saying something about this a few minutes ago20:51
mzz< mzz> I'll leave it to the people who still use encrypted swap and are annoyed by this to debug it, frankly I've lost interest20:51
mzzget back to me when resume from hibernate works with encrypted swap20:52
arand_rigodeni: true, but in finding the problem, it might be worth checking what works and what doesn't20:53
rigodeniarand_: im willing to try20:53
Pelohow is the RC doing ?20:53
jemarkok here20:54
arand_rigodeni: first, use the command "lsusb" and make sure the usb device shows up there.20:54
arand_rigodeni: then create a directory in your home: "mkdir ~/usbmount"20:55
* benste1 thanks mzz and lfaraone explaining ones again https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/45998520:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459985 in linux "cryptswap timeout on bootup is too small" [Undecided,New]20:55
rigodeniarand_: k, made directory, it does show up "Bus 002 Device 013: ID 0781:7434 SanDisk Corp."20:56
arand_rigodeni: then find out what device name the usb is: "sudo fdisk -l" this will list partitions, if you only have one harddrive, the usb will probably be the second letter, like /dev/sdb with a single partition /dev/sdb1 ??20:57
Heikki123rigodeni: and arand_: dmesg also shows the device name20:57
Heikki123[108771.347711] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdc] 7831552 512-byte logical blocks: (4.00 GB/3.73 GiB)20:58
rigodeniarand_: here is what i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/300813/ i have 2 HDDs20:58
rigodeniarand_: in Gparted i noticed it doesnt show my MP3 player either20:59
arand_rigodeni: that might be the problem right there...21:00
rigodeniarand_: yes thats what i suspected21:00
rigodeniarand_: was surprised Gparted didnt see it21:00
rigodeniarand_: this is a big problem for me, i need to be able to manage my music on there... may have to put windows back on now21:02
pac1apt-get install system-config-lvm does not seem to find anything.21:03
arand_rigodeni: Yea, temporary solution would be to boot a 9.04 livecd..21:03
philsfI have no sound. It appears karmic does not have a driver for my sound card, since there's no hardware detected in the mixer GUI. how can I debug this? I have an intel soundcard, and module snd_hda_intel is loaded. sound output worked fine in jaunty21:03
rigodeniarand_: is this a known problem with karmic?21:04
frederic_I installed 9.10 UNR on a eeepc. Wired connection works just fine. WIFi does not connect: ping works, but browser does not work and system update cannot connect. Any hint?21:04
rigodeniarand_: strange, because it mounts my USB thumb drive fine21:04
Strogg_any problem to upgrade sytem ?, it takes ages to generate grub file :/21:04
arand_rigodeni: Heikki123's suggestion might be worth a try, plug in the usb and the run "dmesg" and see what kind of erros, if any, it prints.21:04
rigodeniarand_: and my MP3 player operates as a thumb drive basically21:05
arand_rigodeni: first time I've heard of it.21:05
rigodeniarand_: that dmesg command output is massive21:07
rigodeniarand_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300818/21:07
arand_rigodeni: yea, but it should only be the last 20 or so lines which are relevant to the usb-plugin-event21:07
dtchenphilsf: please use ubuntu-bug alsa-base21:08
dtchenphilsf: then, tell me the bug number21:08
philsfdtchen, ok, thanks21:08
Strogg_any ideas how much time it takes to generate  grub.cfg ?21:09
Strogg_taking 10 to 15 minutes is normal ?21:09
dtchenStrogg_: definitely not.21:10
pac1Where does the config file for Software Sources live?21:10
rigodeniarand_: hmm i dont think i see anything unusual there, except maybe "Sense Key : Illegal Request [current]21:10
rigodeni[ 1974.919858] Info fld=0x1c21:10
rigodeni[ 1974.919858] sr 7:0:1:0: [sr0] Add. Sense: Logical block address out of range21:10
rigodeni[ 1974.919861] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 112"21:10
Strogg_something i can do to check why it take so much time, and why system upgrade does it twice ?21:11
guntbertpac1: /etc/apt/sources.list21:11
rigodeniarand_: oops21:11
arand_rigodeni: the [ 3607.240467] usb 2-2: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 13 is something I don't get in my dmesg with a usb, as well as the [ 3607.832693] scsi 15:0:0:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery21:11
rigodenii have no idea what it means21:12
rigodenimaybe they will release an update by the time the full release is out that will fix it?21:13
philsfdtchen, Bug #45999721:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459997 in alsa-driver "no sound outputafter karmic upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45999721:13
pac1is there a command to reload my sources, without running symantic in the gui21:14
Strogg_is there a way to see what application is using the hard_drive ?21:14
philsfbtw, these new apport hooks are nice, good work21:14
dupondjepac1: how you mean ?21:14
ktwohi, do you know why some software isnt in the packet manager on 9.10, for example i am trying to install aircrack-ng but the package isnt there21:14
ktwodo i have to add some older repo? if yes - which one21:14
traskbryantAnyone know a fix for installing plasma in 9.10?21:15
dupondjektwo: aircrack is still in repo's21:15
ktwohm i cant find it for some reason on 9.10, i ticked all of them21:16
dupondjektwo: in universe21:16
arand_rigodeni: and the things you pointed at might also be a clue... to be honest, I'm not really sure either... At this point a bug report would probably be in order...21:16
pac1I'm in a chroot and need to get something from universe.  I uncommented the universe repository in /etc/apt/sources.list  and did apt-get install system-config-lvm.  package not found.21:16
Strogg_pac1, apt-get update21:16
dupondjepac1: why did you uncomment it then ?21:16
dupondjeah nvm :p21:16
dupondjeaptitude update ;)21:16
pac1if its commented out, you can't get anything from it.21:16
arand_rigodeni: so that would be "ubuntu-bug linux" and also attach the output from that dmesg there.21:17
dtchenphilsf: are you trying to use Speakers or Headphones via the hp jack?21:17
frederic_I know I don't have a hw or network problem because wifi work ok when booting from windows21:17
pac1apt-get update made it  work. thanks.21:17
philsfdtchen, speakers21:17
ktwoanyone else noticed that the mouse cursor freezes sometimes when typing with the keyboard ?  especially annoying when you need to press a key while navigating with the mouse21:17
dupondjektwo: didn't notice something like that :s21:18
dtchenphilsf: can you mute Headphone, please? In a Terminal, amixer set 'Headphone' mute21:18
rigodeniarand_: ive never done a bug report21:18
ktwocan you please try ? whilst typing (for example here) move the mouse , does it run smooth ?21:18
ktwoon my notebook it stands still - maybe it is normal but it doesnt seem to me21:18
mirdahaving problems disabling emulate3buttons in 9.10 Karmic. wrote a .fdi file for that purpose, but still no dice. Anyone that may be able to help?21:19
rigodeniarand_: im just trying it on my friends laptop with windows on it, if it works on there it should work on here right?21:19
rigodeniarand_: to make sure its not my MP321:19
dupondjektwo: can't reproduce :s21:19
ktwook :|21:19
philsfdtchen, no effect21:19
ktwodupondje did you use a mouse or touchpad?21:20
ktwocoz it seems an attacked mouse doesnt to that, only the touchpad21:20
dupondjeneither with touchpad tho :s21:21
dtchenphilsf: does the following command give you audible sound? pasuspender -- speaker-test -c2 -Dplug:front:0 -l221:21
ktwook.. can u pls tell me if it is a synaptics touchpad?21:22
arand_rigodeni: booting a livecd, either karmic on the win machine, or jaunty on the karmic machine, would be an indication as to wether or not it's the mp3, but since it already is shown to work, at the moment, on windows, I think that we can assume it's karmic.21:22
philsfdtchen, no sound21:22
philsfit appears to have tried 4 times, twice each side21:22
rigodeniarand_: ok yep it works on windows vista :P21:23
dtchenphilsf: do you have any custom model quirks that you added yourself in /etc/modprobe.d/* ?21:23
arand_rigodeni: reporting a bug is not complicated, register for a launchpad.net account and then just do "ubuntu-bug linux" and follow the instructions.21:23
philsfdtchen, no I don't. It always just worked21:24
ktwoook dupondje i just figured out :D " disable touchpad while typing " was activated by default it seems now, now it is fine21:24
mirdahaving problems disabling emulate3buttons in 9.10 Karmic. wrote a .fdi file for that purpose, but still no dice. Anyone that may be able to help?21:25
dupondjektwo:  :P21:25
dupondjedidn't even know that was availible :p21:25
rigodeniarand_: strange, i can browse it on windows but it doesnt show my music that i copied on linux... yet it shows its almost full capacity... cant see it though21:25
philsfdtchen, I just added two screenshots of the GUI. I find it strange that it appears not to have detected my hardware.21:25
mirdaktwo: what?21:26
mirdadupondje: what?21:26
dtchenphilsf: ah, ok. Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log21:26
dtchenphilsf: let me know when you have uploaded it21:26
ktwothe touchpad (maybe only synaptic) will be disabled when typing by default21:26
arand_rigodeni: hmm, suspicious that, if I were you I'd use a jaunty livecd to copy the music off it (provided you're able to access it) and then reformat it...21:27
mirdaam I in the wrong place asking for help on 9.10 Karmic perhaps?21:27
tavastimirda, right place21:28
rigodeniarand_: i already got the music from it on my drive, i was wanting to put some new stuff on it, so im formatting it now, in the MP3 itself theres a formatt option21:28
ktwomaybe just no one knows it21:29
mirdawell, then I would like to elaborate:21:29
mirdaas a default option in Karmic, it seems that it activates emulate3buttons, regardsless wether you have a 2 button, 3 button or 20 button mouse. It's always on.21:30
mirdathis is ofc silly, since todays mice are never less than 3 buttons, unless u use an old max21:30
arand_rigodeni: might be that the mp3 spontaneously corrupted, if the issue remains after reformat, it's bug-time though ;)21:30
philsfdtchen, I just uploaded it now21:31
rigodeniarand_: ya its formatted now and still wont mount