jordan_well anyway, thanks for the info00:00
ograbut yes, atm the canonical arm team maintains only two images for teo platforms that re able to run an ubuntu desktop smoothly ... there might be more next release who knows00:01
SandGorgonanybody know if the novatel mifi is linux based?06:35
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dpbHrmm, is rootstock supposed to work with karmic? qemu-system-arm doesn't seem to exist in karmic...20:04
Meizirkkidpb, exists here..20:19
Meizirkkidpb, install qemu-kvm-extras20:20
looldpb: It does20:31
looldpb: Package is qemu-arm-static20:31
ogradpb, just install the rootstock package20:34
ogradpb, it pulls in everything it needs20:35
dpbah, there's a package for that too! :)20:42
ograindeed ;)20:52
dpbogra: why does rootstock use apt-get instead of aptitude in the second stage package install?21:54
ograwho uses aptitude ?21:55
* ogra knows nobody that uses aptitude and is actually no fan of it21:55
ograin lucid i'll switch everything to tasksel btw21:56
ograand knit a gui to sit on top21:56
dpbaptitude seems to have better detection on what to install, for example "xorg xserver-xorg-video-fbdev" <- apt-get doesn't care, it'll install ALL the non-used video drivers. aptitude is more sane and sees that video-fbdev provides all that's needed21:56
ograstill i wont default to aptitude ....21:57
ograi'll happily take any patches that add an option to use aptitude for people actually wanting that21:58
ograi dont really like software that tries to be smarter than the user21:58
ograthough apt-get or aptitude wont be a topic anymore once tasksel is the default ...21:59
dpbyeah, aptitude sees what I want, apt-get doesn't. it's more stupid than the user.21:59
dpbI don't even know what tasksel is... <.<21:59
ograsudo tsaksel22:00
dpband tasksel will run the graphical curses aptitude UI if I want to select my packages...22:02
dpbSo in future versions people are forced to use either a group of packages defined by ubuntu, or use the horrible curses aptitude UI?22:03
ograit will just offer you the list of avilable ubuntu tasks to select from22:03
ograit wont use curses22:04
dpbSo people can't give it packages they want anymore?22:04
ograit will get a gui22:04
ograright, not for the basic setup, ou can easily modify it later22:04
ograwith qemu-arm-static you can just chroot into the rootfs and modify it as if you would run it on an arm22:05
ogra(you can do that already)22:05
ograthe thing is that i want it to be as close to debian-installer as possible22:05
ograif i wouldnt have to jump through several hackish hoops to make that work i would even actually run d-i in a chroot22:06

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