* ckontros waves10:55
* thorwil waves, too11:15
knomedid somebody pass gas?11:20
ckontrosthorwil: Posts Fedora's art only reminds me that our community is not in charge. :(11:21
thorwilknome: always the one who asks ;)11:22
knomethorwil, ;)11:22
thorwilckontros: would the  "community" deserve to be in charge?11:24
ckontrosthorwil: Why do you have to be a downer? :)11:25
thorwilckontros: afaik Mairin is payed by redhat11:25
thorwilckontros: yeah, i have not much reason to be a downer other than my soul being a bottom-less black tar pit ;)11:26
ckontrosI do think that saying that "the community" would create the art for [insert release here] at the beginning of the cycle would bring out good folks. I think a big thing is people don't wanna waste their time.11:26
ckontrosI do understand all sides of the issue. Just is kinda a bummer sometimes.11:27
thorwilckontros: you be at UDS?11:28
ckontrosUnfortunately no. My new job and my monetary situation don't allow it this year.11:28
ckontrosthorwil: Side note, I've been really happy with dashua's "Hanzo" theme and kwwii's butterfly wallpaper.11:31
ckontrosI think I've never used 1 look so long.11:32
thorwili'm using a hacked karmic default11:33
thorwilcouldn't stand the scrollbars screaming for my attention :)11:34
* thorwil -> lunch11:34
* thorwil rubs his belly12:04
* ckontros waves17:21

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