ccheneyasac: nm looks weird for me with a intel 5350 wrt wimax?00:11
asaci havent been exposed to any wimax + NM00:14
asacwhat happens?00:14
ccheneyi'll have to take a screenshot00:24
ccheneyasac: ok got the screenshot where should I put it?00:31
asacwhy do you ask me that ;)?00:32
ccheneyasac: you do nm right? :)00:33
asacput it somewhere i can access it without going through multiple steps ;)00:33
asacmy question was about "where should I put it?00:33
ccheneyah i forgot i can upload to my webhost :)00:33
asacthere are many way ;)00:33
asacyou can also put it on rookery.ubuntu.com:public_html ;)00:33
ccheneyasac: http://cheney.ws/nm-wimax.png00:34
ccheneyone bug is that it says Intel(R) Intel(R) WiMAX Link 5350 (double Intel)00:34
ccheneythen the disconnected - available - auto wmx0 looks a bit weird00:35
ccheneyand the fact it is considered a wired network00:35
asacseems to be just a wired net for nm00:35
asacno the UI is as expected00:35
ccheneyaiui its a type of mobile broadband so probably should get lumped in that for display at least00:36
asacyou see auto connnections and configured connections under available00:36
asacccheney: does it work?00:36
asaci mean ... can you click on it?00:36
ccheneyi don't have wimax where i live, just happened to get that card when i bought the machine00:36
asaci would think it doesnt work ... and so, yes. its a bug that wimax isnt really supported00:36
asacand you are the first to file a bug iirc00:37
ccheneyah heh :)00:37
asacso yeah. bring that thing with you to UDS ;)00:37
ccheneyok, its in my thinkpad x200, will have it at UDS00:37
ccheneyiirc in jaunty it didn't show the wimax bit at all00:38
asacmost likely some driver improved a bit too much ;)00:39
lifeless]/win 4200:40
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mac_vAmaranth: what will happen to compiz when gnome-shell lands? will be still have the  cube and all the other fun stuff?07:09
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Amaranthmac_v: Nope, if we switch to gnome-shell compiz is gone16:04
Amaranthand they have about 3 effects :P16:05
hyperairAmaranth: lol nice way of putting it =p16:21
hyperairi honestly don't like their so called replacement for "scale"16:22
mac_vAmaranth: noooooooo! :(16:39
mac_vdamn it!16:39
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tgpraveen1anybody working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/459569 ?21:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459569 in evince "The current version (2.28.1) does not render some documents that worked perfectly under earlier versions." [Medium,Confirmed]21:15
tgpraveen1affecting many people21:15

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