arandcjwatson: thank you, happy that it's being looked at, happy to provide more info if needed.00:02
JanCjaka: the official Gtk/GNOME/etc. channels are on irc.gimp.net, for the Ubuntu GNOME desktop, #ubuntu-desktop on this network is the right channel though  ;)00:03
Keybukpitti: around?00:03
Keybukwith sreadahead, 90s00:16
Keybukwith sreadahead modified to stay in the foreground, 73s00:16
Keybuk*without* sreadahead, 71s00:16
ogra bah00:17
ograthrow it away00:17
lifelessssd ?00:18
Keybuklifeless: slow laptop hard drive00:18
lifelesshave you considered getting blktrace traces and analysing for seeks ?00:18
Keybuk(ureadahead, for those paying attention, 57s :p)00:18
ograwhats *u*readahead ?00:18
Keybukogra: my little project00:19
ograah :)00:19
Keybuksreadahead -> super readahead00:19
Keybukureadahead -> über readahead00:19
ogralike über splash ?00:19
* ogra ducks 00:19
KeybukI thought that one was "userspace" :)00:20
Keybukstill not really maxing out the disk on throughput though :-(00:20
wgrantMaybe we need Unicode support in package names...00:21
cjwatson"ultra readahead" to avoid that question. :-)00:21
JanCfor reference: I booted CRUX with XFce on a Pentium MMX @ 166MHz and with 64 MiB RAM from a 3200rpm disk in < 1 min four/five years ago...00:22
KeybukJanC: that's utterly irrelevant, but thank you00:22
JanCit's relevant somewhat (I know Ubuntu provides a lot more convenience after that time)  ;)00:23
Keybukwhy aren't you still using CRUX with XFce? :)00:23
Keybukbecause it has roughly the same feature set as my fridge?00:24
JanCit lacked CUPS & auto-configuration of PnP-devices (USB, etc.), otherwise it wasn't that far away from what Ubuntu did back then...00:28
Keybuk*did back then* being the whole point here00:28
Keybukmore features -> bigger footprint -> more to load off disk00:29
JanCwell, it should only read more if more is needed, which is still an issue00:31
KeybukJanC: feel free to fix it :-)00:32
JanChehe, I wish I could00:32
Keybukif you don't know how to fix it, how do you know it can be fixed?00:32
ograpatches appreciated :)00:32
Keybukin fact, how do you even know you know what the problem is?00:32
JanCKeybuk: I can see a lot of "useless" stuff being loaded by default, I understand some things in bootcharts that show where booting is sub-optimal, and I can see where the things you work on help with all that  ;)00:41
JanCof course, booting an optimized kernel saved me a lot of time on that system, which isn't really possible on Ubuntu (currently)00:42
ograour only problem is that we dont still use linux 2.2 monolithic kernels00:45
JanCthat was a 2.6 kernel  ;)00:45
ogra2.2 would be even faster ;)00:45
ograand 2.0 even more00:45
JanCbut, mostly monolithic00:45
ograand would your granny have been able to set up the system you refer to ?00:46
JanCone of the problems is that sometimes the software seems to need more time than we seem to gain from the hardawre improvements  ;)00:46
ograwith say 10min intro from you00:47
JanCogra: obviously not, there is a reason why *I* (and probably you too) use Ubuntu00:49
JanCbut, I still consider it a reference, as that hardware was already outdated (4-5yo?) when I tried it 4-5 years ago00:51
JanCif we get the same boot times now with auto-configuration as hardware from 8-10 years ago with pre-configuration, there is a lot of space for improvements00:54
JanCthe only problem is to find how  ;)00:55
ograyou really cant compare the two00:55
JanCyes & no00:56
JanCyou can compare the extra features & what extra hardware resources it needs00:57
ograand you definately cant make up something like "space for improvement" from comparing two unrealted things00:57
ograthey are completely different by design00:58
cjwatsonto be honest, with that much difference in the software stack, you might as well just start optimising from scratch00:58
cjwatsonyou won't really get much out of a comparison00:58
JanCogra / cjwatson: I think that "magnitude improvements" by using a different software stack indicate that the current software stack is not optimal yet, even if it has improved a lot over the last 4 years  ;)01:13
ograit hasnt "improved", its largely completely new or rewritten01:14
Moonraker12Can someone fix the gtk filechooser so that its possible to select a directory as well as a file in the same dialog ? / Its kinda unusable as is...01:16
ograMoonraker12, whats the bugnumber ?01:16
Moonraker12ogra: Im asking the people of this channel. Not sure if theres a bug on it yet... ?01:17
ograso you didnt file one ?01:17
Moonraker12To that regard.01:17
ogrado that first01:17
Moonraker12One more thing. I need a backup operator or network tech that wants to test some new additions to an application. One computer and another computer ith ssh is required to test it.01:21
Moonraker12Its a backup / Restore thing.01:21
Moonraker12(Puny screen:)01:22
ScottKogra: Did you see our Kubuntu Netbook on freescale pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/freeflying/4036438792/in/set-72157622515083587/01:37
slangasekapw: right - thanks for the dove upload01:39
ograScottK, nah, didnt see it yet, you didnt tell me the oem team tests for you ;)01:42
ScottKogra: Just on his free time.01:43
ScottKHe's been a Kubuntu user for a long time.01:43
* ogra didnt know01:44
Samus_Arandoes anyone know what in the world Ubuntu's partitioner actually *DOES* when it sits there for minutes "scanning the partition table" ?  there is no scanning needed, "fdisk -l" takes 1 second for 10 disks to gather the same information as Ubuntu's magical partitioner which takes 4+ minutes for those same 10 disks01:46
LaserJockI'm pretty sure it probes for other OSes01:51
Samus_Aranwhat does that even mean ?  that partition table specifies the type already01:55
Samus_AranNTFS, FAT32, Linux, etc.01:55
Samus_Aranand even if it uses something to check the start of each partition for known filesystems, that wouldn't take more than at most 2 seconds01:56
Samus_Aran4 minutes is enough time to read gigabytes of data01:56
LaserJockI'm just saying that it does more than fdisk -l01:56
Samus_Aranand it repeats this ridiculously long scan when you do almost anything01:57
Samus_Arannothing more than an fdisk -l comes up on the screen, so I don't see what use any other scanning is01:57
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Why dont you debug it and see if anything is actually wrong or if its acting securely ?01:57
Samus_AranMoonraker12: who said anything about security ?  I said it is mind-bogglingly slow01:58
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Do you code much Assembly and C btw ?01:58
Samus_AranMoonraker12: why do you ask ?01:58
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: "Securely" To see if it can handle the partition or disk in the intended way.01:58
LaserJockSamus_Aran: do you have this problem on the Desktop CD or Alternate CD?01:59
Samus_AranLaserJock: the gui installer, I don't remember what the text installer does02:00
LaserJockI think the gui installer does a bit more work, it could be something unusual is happening02:00
Samus_AranMoonraker12: what do you mean by "handle" the partition in the intended way ?  partition tables exist so that operating systems don't need to do any scanning, the partition table tells a possible OS what is already there02:00
LaserJockI've never had it take more than say 5-10 seconds02:00
Samus_Aranthis scanning takes mere milliseconds on a modern computer02:00
LaserJockwell, it does more logic than that02:01
Samus_AranLaserJock: then you've only ever used a computer with one hard disk and probably only 2-3 partitions02:01
Samus_Arantry a ten disk setup02:01
Moonraker12> Samus_Aran: No, i cant code but i can think (Spleesh:)02:01
Samus_Aranand it doesn't cache this ridiculously slow scanning, so any time you change anything, it's back to scanning it all over again02:01
LaserJockSamus_Aran: right, that's not a common setup I guess. I have no idea02:01
Samus_AranLaserJock: even with just 4 disks it takes about 30 to 45 seconds on a modern computer02:02
Samus_Aranthere is no benefit to the end user of these slow scans, and a great deal of downside/frustration02:02
Samus_Aranno other distros do this, they all work fine02:02
Samus_Aranthat's why partition tables exist02:02
LaserJockit does more than look at the partition table though02:03
Samus_Aranwhich it shouldn't do02:03
LaserJockyou can see if the Alternate CD gives you better performance02:03
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Yould like the possibility for the program to destroy disks instead of it taking you a few seconds longer Microsofty02:03
LaserJockSamus_Aran: well, it's doing things that most users will find useful02:04
Samus_Aranthis is a problem which everyone faces.  even 10 seconds (and that's very fast for its scan) is far too long, as it will repeat this scan every time you modify the partition02:04
LaserJockI've not experienced that02:04
Samus_AranLaserJock: name one thing it does which the user will find useful ?  (this does not include the regular partitioning)02:04
LaserJockwell, I believe it looks for what other OSes are installed so it can make recommendations02:05
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: And how would you have coded it, Oh wise one ?02:05
Samus_AranMoonraker12: how could it destroy disks ?  do other distros destroy disks ?  the answer is no.02:05
Samus_AranMoonraker12: by reading the partition table, like every other partitioning app out there.02:05
Samus_AranMoonraker12: no other distros have any issues02:05
* ogra points Samus_Aran to #ubuntu-installer 02:06
Samus_Aranis there a listing somewhere of all the Ubuntu channels ?02:06
Samus_Aranthere seems to be dozens02:06
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Well, would you rather have an extra check or would you like to rely on the retvals of the nibblers ?02:06
ograthere surely are02:06
Samus_AranMoonraker12: I would like the Ubuntu partitioner to behave like every other partitioning app out there.  which work completely fine.  in 18 years of x86 partitioning, I've never had an issue that a regular partitioning app doesn't handle02:08
ogrado other distros have tools like wubi or offer you to import settings from other OSes ?02:08
ograafaik partman scans the content of the partitions as well ... tht simply takes its time02:09
Samus_Aranogra: if it's taking so long because it's looking for settings, then it should ask the user if they wish to import settings before it spends a huge amount of time scanning02:09
ograwell, there is definately a very valid reason why it behaves as it does02:10
Samus_Aranand why would it rescan every time you change a partition ?02:10
Samus_Aranif it was looking for settings, its job is done after the first scan02:11
ograas LaserJock suggested, compare with the alternate installer, if the live installer behaves largely differently, file a bug02:11
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: And in those 18 years (3) you have managed not to learn coding hat so ever as you said.02:11
Samus_AranMoonraker12: I don't know what that sentence is supposed to mean02:11
ograSamus_Aran, its not done ... the partitions changed to be 100% safe it needs to scan again02:11
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: It means youre lying, you entered after 200302:12
Samus_Aranogra: it is the one that changed the partitions, it knows what the changes are, there is no need to rescan.  if hda1 had windows, and you erased hda1, obviously there's no more windows02:12
Samus_AranMoonraker12: I've been using x86 since the 808802:12
ograwell, talk to the devs02:12
Samus_AranMoonraker12: you don't know me, so stop lying02:13
ograthere is definately a reason why d-i/ubiquity are not using fdisk -l02:13
* Moonraker12 *Snickers*02:13
ograand there is definately a reason it needs to scan again02:13
Samus_AranMoonraker12: C=64 then 8088 with IBM DOS and Phoenix DOS and later onto MS-DOS02:14
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Say something you havnt said during the past 6 years that can convince me...02:14
Samus_Aranogra: what is the reason for scanning again ?  it is the one that changed the partitions, it knows the changes02:14
ograSamus_Aran, ask the developer of partman, i didnt write it02:14
Samus_AranMoonraker12: I don't even know you, why are you acting like you know me ?02:14
ograbut i know he doesnt do stuff without a very valid reason02:15
ograif fdisk -l would be enough he would use it, be sur02:15
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: It can be good for you.02:15
Samus_Aranogra: who is the developer of partman ?02:15
ograhe is hanging around in #ubuntu-installer02:15
ograall people contributing to partman in ubuntu are i belive02:16
Samus_AranMoonraker12: your English is very difficult to understand.  what can be "good for me" ?02:16
Moonraker12I piss on you02:16
Samus_AranMoonraker12: not on IRC you don't...02:16
Moonraker12Hard to understand ?02:16
ograthough there are plenty of debian devs contributing to it as well02:16
ograMoonraker12, please mind your tone02:17
Samus_AranMoonraker12: your English is very poor, and you assume you know me.  as far as I know, this is the first time we've ever met (other than earlier today in #Ubuntu)02:17
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Youre a notorious liar. Im sorry my mother language is poor. I feel rich myself.02:19
Moonraker12what an ass02:19
ograMoonraker12, please ...02:20
Samus_AranMoonraker12: how am I a "notorious liar" ?  we've never even met.  maybe you have me mistaken for someone else ?02:20
Samus_AranMoonraker12: and I didn't say your mother language was poor, I said your English communication is poor.02:21
Moonraker12No, from all i can tell youre an "IMCP" from Microsoft. Let me know if you can convince me of the opposite. Otherwise, please do not speak to me.02:23
Moonraker12Im not poor on any way.02:24
Samus_AranMoonraker12: what is an IMCP ?  I'm not anything from Microsoft.  I don't own or use any Microsoft products.  I have exclusively used GNU+Linux since 2001... look at my FreeNode cloak, given to me by lilo for helping out many hundreds of hours in ##Linux02:26
Moonraker12I have coded for the public domain etc since 1994. What as you previous nick then ?02:27
Moonraker12Bad keyboard02:27
Samus_AranMoonraker12: you don't know me at all.  why are you attacking me ?02:27
LaserJockok people, this is getting ridiculous02:28
Samus_AranMoonraker12: I have used Samus_Aran for the past seven years on here...02:28
LaserJockSamus_Aran: I would suggest trying the Alternate CD and seeing how that performs in comparison as a first step02:28
LaserJockSamus_Aran: and filing a bug would be good02:29
Samus_AranLaserJock: okay02:29
Moonraker12It is, isnt it. Samus_Aran: How come ive never seen you before on any irc network, having been on them 24/7 since atleast 2000 ?02:29
LaserJockas right now people are trying to fix critical last-minute bugs02:29
LaserJockand really don't have time to do the problem justice02:29
ScottKMoonraker12: It's really off topic for this channel.02:29
LaserJockbut a bug report will help them track the issue02:29
Moonraker12Done, as i said a long time ago.02:30
Samus_AranMoonraker12: that is ridiculous.  there are hundreds of thousands of people on IRC -- obviously you do not know all of them.02:30
ScottKSamus_Aran: It's off topic for you too.02:30
lifelessSamus_Aran: Moonraker12: both of you please stop02:30
lifeless /ignore each other if you have to, but let us focus on the release. Thanks.02:30
Samus_Aranlifeless: does Moonraker12 normally attack everyone that comes in this channel out of the blue ?02:31
Moonraker12We are ok no.02:31
jdongwhat on earth is in the last 3 pages of my scrollback?02:31
lifelessSamus_Aran: you're continuing the conflict at this point; that question is itself escalatory.02:32
chrisccoulsonjdong - you haven't missed anything important02:32
LaserJockSamus_Aran: we know Moonraker12 just as much as you02:32
lifelessso please, stop.02:32
Samus_AranLaserJock: okay.  they were talking like they were a regular here.02:32
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Settle down now. I didnt mean any harm, just probe you a bit.02:35
Samus_Aranlifeless: fine, but I really don't appreciate asking a legitimate question then being attacked and accused of being a Microsoft mole and only having used computers since 2003 and a liar.  it isn't easy to not respond to that crap.02:35
Samus_Arananyhow, I'm out of here now, #Ubuntu-installer is the correct channel for my question.02:35
jdongheh indeed....02:38
chrisccoulsonslangasek - i can't remember if i mentioned to you already - i uploaded a patched version of g-s-d to my PPA a few days ago, which might give some insight as to why you see frequent low-disk space warnings (i added lots of debug messages to it)02:42
chrisccoulsonwould you mind trying it at some point, and showing me the debug output?02:42
Moonraker12bryce, jdong: Sorry for that. It was required on a grander scale of things plus i dont like it when people say my English / American / Europeean etc isnt good enough for them. (Thats their first line of defence).02:46
Moonraker12As they dont have a second line ;)02:48
slangasekchrisccoulson: actually, at this point I'm not sure the frequent warnings aren't simply due to the frequency with which I have to restart g-s-d due to the xrandr bug; at least, /now/ I only see it once per restart02:52
slangasekchrisccoulson: so I'd much rather focus on that bug02:52
chrisccoulsonslangasek - that actually makes more sense. i've tried very hard to recreate the disk space warning problem here, and couldn't get it to break02:53
chrisccoulsondid you manage to run it through xtrace yet?02:53
slangasekwill try to do so this weekend02:53
slangasekI have pinpointed a reproducible sequence as well now, which might be enlightening; will post it to the bug02:54
chrisccoulsonthanks. i'll take a look at it then. hopefully it will show up something obvious02:54
chrisccoulsona sequence of events to trigger it will be useful too02:54
slangasekchrisccoulson: 1) boot, 2) plug in a VGA monitor with a higher resolution than the LCD, 3) hit the button :)02:55
slangasek(it always happens on the first time after plugging in the VGA monitor)02:55
chrisccoulsonquite simple then. did you also say you were having issues with resolution reverting to 1024x768 when opening the lid too?02:56
slangasekchrisccoulson: yeah, still having some sort of problem there; lower priority for me02:58
chrisccoulsonslangasek - i noticed this in the gnome-desktop code a few days ago, which might just be a coincidence:02:59
chrisccoulson* Pick some random numbers. This should basically never happen */03:00
chrisccoulsonoutput->pref_width = 1024;03:00
chrisccoulsonoutput->pref_height = 768;03:00
chrisccoulsonanyway, sleep time for me now!03:00
slangasekok, 'night :)03:00
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billisnicemy gimp will act like it is loading and then disappear.09:37
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slangasekccheney: hmm, just noticed (on upgrade) that the latest OOo-common also bumped xfonts-mathml from a suggests to a recommends... hoping that doesn't cause any space problems or introduce any regressions, since this wasn't included on the images at all before.11:59
doko_yup, it wasn't just bug fixes, but an ooo-build and debian merge as well :-/12:00
pengocan someone please re-open this bug as it's still getting reports? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/15087212:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 150872 in ubiquity "Installer should not list removable media in /etc/fstab" [High,Fix released]12:46
slangasekpengo: the latest comments in the bug talk about USB sticks, which would be an entirely separate bug and should be reported separately12:53
pengoslangasek: no, that's the same bug12:53
pengoslangasek: caused by the same fault anyway.. i'm pretty sure there are duplicates that mention USB12:54
pengoit's a very annoying bug12:57
pengooh well good night12:57
logari81totem user experience:13:37
logari811) u try to open a wmv file after a fresh installation of karmic13:37
logari812) u are prompted to install additional codecs "Windows media video 8 & 9"13:37
logari813) the installation of the corresponding packages ends successfully13:37
logari814) u get the following error message13:37
logari815) u try to reopen the file13:37
logari816) it works13:37
logari81is there any chance to get this annoying defect fixed until the end release?13:38
evandlogari81: please file a bug using `ubuntu-bug totem`13:44
slangasekTheMuso: I don't see any explanation in 450214 of why e2fsprogs is thought to be misbuilt?13:47
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logari81evand: done #459772, I think it is the kind of detail the 101 papercuts project was thought about, it is a pity that a new user will have to confront with such an error message.15:00
evandlogari81: I think it's a normal run of the mill bug, not a usability bug, which is what the papercuts project is tasked with.15:03
logari81evand: ok, it is not a usability issue, u are right15:04
cjwatsonslangasek: 450214> TheMuso told me on IRC that after he'd fixed the swap problem he found that mke2fs failed in the same way, and that rebuilding e2fsprogs with -O2 fixed it for him15:23
flowerwhy does /etc/apt/preferences not work in Ubuntu (jaunty), at least this example doesn't work: http://pastebin.com/me179d8a15:52
flowerit works in Debian15:52
slangasekcjwatson: ack, accepted then16:06
Keybuksladen: still not around?16:22
flowerand nobody seems to be able to answer my question...16:36
Keybukflower: this isn't a channel where you ask questions, try #ubuntu16:36
flowerKeybuk: you're right, I asked it there... but they asked me if I meant /etc/apt/sources.list maybe :/16:38
ccheneyslangasek: oh :(16:38
flowerand if I'm right that it aint working properly in Ubuntu it seems to be more like a dev topic16:39
Keybukflower: no, see the topic16:39
Keybukif you think something isn't working right, file a bug16:40
flowermmh ....16:40
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apwpitti, slangasek, bug #422536 appears to not be a kernel issue at all, but an apport false positive ... pitti i wonder if you could confirm, and let us know if this can be fixed in apport easily18:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 422536 in linux "EDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42253618:07
bluefox_how much RAM do I need to run karmic?18:58
bluefox_Mem:   3800308k total,  1164784k used,  2635524k free,   115840k buffers18:58
bluefox_Swap:   787072k total,        0k used,   787072k free,   418048k cached18:58
bluefox_this is what I Get logging into Gnome and running xterm and top immediately.18:58
bluefox_Nautilus has a 780M VMA space with 149M resident and 22M shared, it's the most memory hungry process on the list; next is Xorg with 232M, 91M, 28M18:59
bluefox_so the top two make up about 250M of RAM usage.18:59
JanCbluefox_: if you have enough swap (and enough time), 64 MiB is enough  ;)19:24
JanC256 MiB should be enough for basic use19:25
bluefox_JanC:  Just logging in takes me 680MB of non-cache19:26
JanCand virtual memory includes mmap'ed files & binaries19:26
bluefox_JanC:  I know what VMA consists of19:29
bluefox_JanC:  lookat the used/buffers/cache numbers.19:29
bluefox_1164784 - (115840 +  418048)19:29
JanCbluefox_: mmap'ed files & binaries aren't included in "buffers" & "cached" AFAIK, while they can be "removed" from RAM if needed (as they exist on disk anyway)19:31
bluefox_IIRC "cache" is VFS cache and buffers are mmap() buffer cache19:32
bluefox_but point taken.19:33
JanCwell, the live-CD supposedly boots with 256 MiB RAM & no swap  ;)19:33
bluefox_memory management and analysis is crap on linux :(19:33
bluefox_it's like "there's X ram in use but we don't really know how much is needed and how much is stale crap"19:34
JanCwell, you certainly need more numbers than just those19:34
bluefox_JanC: I still say the real test is the Quake test.19:36
bluefox_I used to run Quake on 64M Windows 98SE o_o19:36
bluefox_32M was comfortable, I had a lot of ram :D19:36
bluefox_(Quake used to run on a 33MHz 486DX with 8M of RAM, though)19:37
JanCand memory management isn't that bad actually, e.g. Windows doesn't mmap libraries19:37
bluefox_JanC: the OOM is broke bt.19:38
hyperairwhat's wrong with mmap?19:38
JanCWindows will copy libraries to RAM and then from there to the swap file, thus you have 2 copies of the DLL on disk  :P19:38
bluefox_I made the mistake of leaving Evolution open for a few hours and it eventually ate several gigs of ram, then my PC froze19:38
bluefox_it froze after I noticed Evolution's RES in top, and started typing 'killall' :P19:39
bluefox_killa-- aww damn.19:39
JanCEvolution like to freeze from time to time, not related to RAM  ;)19:39
bluefox_no, my WHOLE MACHINE froze.19:39
bluefox_it became unusable19:40
hyperairwell livecds cannot be used as benchmarks imo19:40
JanCI have Evolution open for > 1 month sometimes...19:40
hyperairwhile they're meant to be somewhat usable, a significant portion of your RAM is used for storing files.19:40
bluefox_it takes me that long just to open Evolution....19:40
JanCwith > 3 GiB of mail in IMAP accounts19:40
bluefox_heh, it actualyl does take me 10-15 minutes to open evo19:40
macoJanC: wow. ive never had >1 month uptime. crap...3 days is a long time for me19:40
hyperairJanC: seriously? i'm always running evolution --force-shutdown.19:41
bluefox_I have more mail stored in Thunderbird, which opens quick19:41
hyperairJanC: stupids thing hangs whenver the network acts up.19:41
bluefox_two accounts in Evo, which takes 10-15 min to open19:41
JanCyeah, Evolution sometimes doesn't like network hickups19:41
JanCand it opens quick enough, closing it takes much longer  ;)19:42
JanC(syncing with the IMAP server first)19:42
bluefox_JanC: I can't get evo to open quick19:43
* bluefox_ maybe strace -t it, or strace -r, to get timing information and wtf it'sd oing.19:43
bluefox_JanC: lots of lseek() and read()19:45
JanCthat's normal, but shouldn't take 10 min  ;)19:46
bluefox_itpops up a box"Do you want to makeevolution your default mail client?" and I Click no, then the waiting begins19:46
JanCit has to download a lot of messages maybe?19:47
bluefox_and tons of disk activity19:47
bluefox_okthat was quick19:47
bluefox_14:43:49 to 14:47:3919:48
bluefox_so evolution's faster now than it was pre-karmic19:48
bluefox_MUCH faster.19:48
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arand_partman-basicmethods is part of the installer (udeb package), and I want to test a recent patch for it, can anyone hint me how?20:24
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evandarand_: anna-install openssh-client-udeb; scp your changes in.21:14
evandbefore you get to the partitioner, of course21:14
arand_evand: ok, cheers21:16
evandarand_: sure thing21:23
evandarand_: for what it's worth there's also #ubuntu-installer, where we handle installer development21:24
arand_evand: Yea... I just bothered cwatson into patching a partman bug and now I've no clue how to test the patch :/21:25
evandheh, I'm in and out tonight, but I can give you a hand if you run into any trouble and I'm still around.21:30
TheMusoThis is weird. Both a juanty and karmic box here have gone back to eastern Australian standard time, instead of being at eastern daylight savings time... Weird.21:45
TheMusohrm ok seems my phone is an hour fast, not my machines.21:53
lifelessTheMuso: its 080021:54
lifeless(well just before)21:54
TheMusolifeless: Yes, I know.21:54
lifelessTheMuso: cool; just offering external data21:54
TheMusoMy phone seems to have decided to act weird on me for some reason.21:55
macotheyre sneaky like that21:55
TheMusoIts to do with having changed the time on my phone manually due to $telco not doing it correctly via auto-update at the dayliht savings time. Now that has finally come through, and its put my phone out an hour.21:56
* dtchen frowns at libsdl/src/audio/{alsa,pulse}/ in Karmic21:58
lifelessTheMuso: are you with vodafone?22:00
TheMusolifeless: no telstra22:02
lifelessTheMuso: I wish voda would do times in .au22:03
lifelessthey epically fail here22:03
pgranerpitti: Bug 42253622:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 422536 in linux "EDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42253622:22
TheMusoslangasek: re hotkey-setup, it was inherrited. I can upload a new meta to remove it, if you wish to purge it from main etc.22:54
TheMusos/main/the archive/22:54
wamtyubuntu is a whole lot better when it doesn't ask you for the password every time you need to change something or install something.22:58
wamtywhy it does that?22:58
ahewamty: for security reasons but #ubuntu is a much more appropriate place to ask such questions23:02

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