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tiger2wanderHi all09:58
tiger2wanderAnyway to list all bundled images on S3 using EC2 command line?09:59
tiger2wanderI have registered an image on EC2 and can launch instance using it, today I back and launch another instance and it get failed10:00
erichammondtiger2wander: check out the s3cmd command line tools, or Tim Kay's "aws" command line tool.  Use these to list the contents of the buckets and look for keys ending in ".manifest.xml"10:00
tiger2wanderI'm trying with many ec2-* command but not success10:01
erichammondYou can't access s3 keys with ec2-* commands.10:01
erichammondIf you're looking for AMIs which have been registered, try: ec2-describe-images -a10:02
tiger2wanderI known it, but I need to list all AMI: registered and not yet registered10:03
erichammondtiger2wander: Then do what I said before.10:03
tiger2wandererichammond:: OK, I'm going to look around Tim Kay's "aws" command line tool, thanks10:04
tiger2wandererichammond:: I've just got Tim Kay's aws, perfect tool to working with amazon EC2 & S3, thanks you very much erichammond :)10:10
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