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mdzhow do I go about requesting an Ubuntu Member cloak?12:43
erUSULmake sure your nick is set up and with a mail address12:46
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode12:46
erUSULmdz: also put the url of your launchpad here so they can check your memeber status12:47
mdzthis nick is registered12:47
erUSULnow; wait and be patient :)12:48
erUSULelky: Pricey jussi01 ping?12:49
jussi01hiya mdz12:57
jussi01mdz: As I understand it, we are not to give out member cloaks to Canonical staff, but you need to go get a canonical cloak from whoever the group contact for canonical is. I have a feeling that is James troup, but not certain of that at all.12:59
nhandlerjussi01: I know for a fact that Canonical employees can get ubuntu member cloaks. If you want to confirm that, just do a /msg nickserv info dholbach (who is a canonical employee)13:00
jussi01nhandler: noted, but still, Ive been informed otherwise for now. Untill Im told differently, thats what Im going with. (and is that a legacy one perhaps?)13:01
nhandlerjussi01: Well, I'm not sure what the real policy is, but I have seen *many* canonical employees with Ubuntu member cloaks. I have seen a few canonical cloaks for the LP people, as well as some canonical gateway cloaks, but most of them tend to have ubuntu/member cloaks. But, in the end, it is your decision13:04
mdzhmm, interesting13:04
mdzthe only documentation I found was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Cloaks and it states that all Ubuntu members are eligible13:05
jussi01mdz: Ive nothing against approving a cloak for you :) but I was told not to for canonical empoyees. However, until I get this checked, I dont want to go against it.13:05
mdzby the way, it would be nice if the explanation at https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc-cloaks linked to  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Cloaks13:06
jussi01mdz: so it does. Im curious to why its been told other wise.13:06
mdzjussi01, could you check into it and get back to me when you know more?13:06
jussi01mdz: absolutely. and I fixed the page for you :)13:08
mdzjussi01, thanks13:11
ubot2In #ubuntu-ir, Mohammad[B] said: !forget13:36
nikothanks ubot213:37
nikoalways usefull :)13:37
jussi01mdz: Sorry for the wait, Ive been corrected. Please set an email on your account, see: /msg nickserv help set email13:55
jussi01Pricey: nalioth other staff, please cloak mdz with an ubuntu member cloak.13:55
mdzjussi01, does it matter what I set the email to?13:55
nikojussi01: ok13:55
jussi01mdz: as long as its not a throwawyay email, I dont beleive so.13:56
nikoi just wait for the email setted13:58
jussi01mdz: did you get sorted?14:13
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erUSULis _IdiotObama_ a violation on nicknames rules ?15:08
bazhangit offends me..15:20
erUSULwell he left already...15:22
jussi01no, its not. IMHO15:25
LjLit's not like there *are* explicit nickname rules in the first place15:29
erUSUL\/nick jususchrist_is_a_dick15:30
erUSULok; reread ircguidelines thoought there was something about nicks there15:32
erUSULbut there is not :)15:32
bazhangsomething really offensive to all/most seems pretty clear cut15:33
bazhangeg very explicit nicknames15:34
LjLerUSUL, i didn't say that bad nicks *won't be acted upon*15:34
LjLi just said there are no explicit rules about them15:34
LjLsome things are best left to human interpretation, methinks15:35
erUSULLjL: ok; ok as i said i thought there was rules about what was a not acceptable nick... but in this case if someone had said obama is an idiot in the channel he would have gotten at least !offtopic XXDD15:36
LjLwell yes, but saying it is different from having it as a nickname15:37
LjLnote also that i didn't give my opinion on the appropriateness of that nickname to begin with :)15:37
LjLerUSUL: about jesus though, did you know anything containing "jesus" was banned from #ubuntu until some time ago, to begin with? do you see any problem with that?15:39
erUSULwell yes; i do not like/agree_with the aproach... but religion is a very sensitive issue so i can understan why someone may think that is neccesary to do that...15:40
LjLerUSUL: i wonder what all those people whose first name is "Jesus" thought of it, though15:41
LjLor rather Jesús, but there are no accents on irc masks15:42
erUSULLjL: lol. people from english speaking countries do not realize how comon that name is in latin countries XXDD15:42
erUSULmy brother in law is Jesus Manuel ;)15:43
LjLerUSUL: not realizing this sort of thing is the reason i think we should always very careful making rules about nicknames15:43
erUSULyep; true enough15:53
bazhanghe was just outright trolling15:54
LjLthat's a different issue if he was15:55
nikojussi01: mdz have no email for the moment19:06
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mdzjussi01, niko, I did /msg nickserv set email ... but I never got an email at that address to confirm21:18
jussi01mdz: sounds like a freenode problem. niko Pricey nalioth or other staff member should be able to help.21:20
jussi01mdz: what was the exact command you issued (minus the email address)?21:21
mdzjussi01, I just checked and it looks like it has arrived now, and was just delayed21:21
jussi01oh, ok :)21:21
mdzjussi01, should be verified now, can you confirm?21:21
jussi01mdz: ok, I see it. you may want to /msg nickserv set hidemail on21:22
mdzjussi01, good advice, thanks21:22
mdzI didn't realize it would be published by default21:22
jussi01mdz: ok, you are good to go.21:22
jussi01could a staffer please give mdz an ubuntu member cloak ?21:23
jussi01mdz: that should be actioned soon.21:23
mdzjussi01, thanks!21:23
jussi01mdz: any other issues just ask :)21:24
jussi01ok, laters all21:25
Priceymdz: hidemail is set by default. Your email shouldn't be public.22:55

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