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surendraplease help me out07:50
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* hyperair wonders if it would be a wise idea to stick the zen kernel in ubuntu's repositories. say universe or something.15:38
Womble2Where is the udev package maintained in Ubuntu? I can see information about the upstream package on Launchpad, but no sign of a repository for the Ubuntu package.19:59
JanCWomble2: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/udev/ubuntu/changes probably?20:59
JanC(found from the link at the bottom of http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/karmic/udev )21:00
Womble2Thanks, I don't really know my way around Launchpad21:01
JanCWomble2: packages.ubuntu.com is often very useful in case you want to know something about a package  ツ21:42
JanC(and packages.debian.org for Debian packages)21:42
Womble2JanC: Thanks, I know Debian stuff as I am a DD21:46
JanCWomble2: cool21:47
JanCWomble2: udev is maintained by Keybuk in Ubuntu (who seems to be off-line currently)21:49
Womble2JanC: Yes, I worked that out - have sent him email21:57

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