cprofittpleia2, bodhi_zazen swoody Saj0577 you guys here?00:42
swoodycprofitt, nope ;)00:43
cprofittswoody -- can you offer an opinion?00:44
Saj0577sure am.00:44
cprofittyou to Saj057700:44
Saj0577yep sure can00:44
swoodycprofitt, yes, buy organic produce...00:44
pleia2cprofitt: hey00:44
cprofittwhen should a course for the UCLP be considered 'done'?00:44
pleia2swoody: no way, buy local :)00:44
cprofitthey pleia200:44
swoodypleia2, local *and* orgamic :)00:44
Saj0577cprofitt: when all the content is done, and its been tested, and everyones had a look over it for possible improvements etc.00:45
pleia2content done, tech and peer reviewed00:45
cprofittSaj0577, by content do we mean asciidoc, Moodle, pdf conversion?00:45
pleia2I think "done" is a poor term though, ubuntu changes00:46
swoody+1 pleia2 and Saj057700:46
cprofittI agree pleia200:46
cprofittI was just reviewing the pages... and it prompted me to ask00:46
cprofittas things are marked 'done'00:46
* pleia2 nods00:46
pleia2those are ones doctormo has taught in classrooms00:46
cprofittso if a person creates a Moodle course w/o asciidoc it would not be marked 'done' until it was converted?00:46
pleia2we can probably convert "done" to links to moodle content, acsciidoc, etc00:47
cprofittpleia2, but are those in asciidoc?00:47
swoodycprofitt, well I think 'done' and 'completed' can be two different things...00:47
pleia2so instead of done you say "link to moodle" "link to pdf" etc00:47
cprofittswoody, that is what I was thinking...00:47
cprofittI tend to ask 'open ended' questions00:47
cprofittto not poison responses...00:47
swoody'done' for when the info itself has been reviewed, and the course looks solid, and then 'completed' when it's been converted into whatever formats it needs to be00:48
Saj0577when it is a stage where it could be used my students00:48
cprofittI was thinking we should likely use a table -- have columns for in-person, Moodle, source (asciidoc) and complete00:48
swoodycprofitt, that would help keep things organized :)00:48
cprofittyeah... that is what I am thinking...00:49
Saj0577yeah +100:49
cprofittotherwise we will not know what 'parts' are done...00:49
cprofittperhaps add a column for peer review too...00:49
cprofittpleia2, mentioned that ... and that is important00:49
cprofittsome courses may end up being 'NA' for certain formats...00:49
cprofittas some courses will not work well in Moodle00:50
swoodyyes, but that shouldn't pose any issues keeping track of it's progress00:50
cprofittI agree...00:50
swoodyagain, just with 'N/A' where reqired00:50
cprofittbut if a course does not fit a medium we NA and it can be complete without that particular medium00:50
swoodyindeed :)00:51
cprofittsound good pleia2 ?00:51
swoodyso would this be on a completely separate wiki page for 'course progress'?00:52
cprofittI think so...00:52
swoodythen having the chart organized by each 'category' (i.e. use, maint.) and then have all the courses listed under them00:52
cprofittI think we have a page for course ideas... and a sub-page for each course...00:52
cprofittwith one page with a table of all current courses in production and development00:53
swoodycprofitt, that would work well. So you can leave notes/ideas/questions about that specific course on its own sub-page, and keep the chart nice and minimal00:53
* cprofitt nods00:54
cprofittI was just thinking about it after I saw Swoody's edits00:55
swoodycprofitt, happen to look over the revised Desktop User wiki?00:55
swoodycprofitt, ah, so you did see the changes :)00:55
cprofittI was reviewing them now...00:56
swoodyany feedback? Did I miss anything, or leave anything out?00:56
swoodyah, sounds good :)00:56
swoodytrying to use wiki. and help. more for references, but some Ubuntu pages are really lacking00:56
swoodyOO.o, Evolution, Piding, and some others00:57
redsnyperhello room!01:07
redsnyperi need help01:07
pleia2swoody: nooo, empathy! ;)01:07
pleia2redsnyper: we do ubuntu related course development here, regular ubuntu support is over in #ubuntu :)01:08
swoodypleia2, haha, I asked that the other day, but didn't get a response :)01:08
swoodyredsnyper, or #ubuntu-beginners-help :)01:08
redsnypermy apologies01:08
swoodyredsnyper, no problem :)01:08
pleia2swoody: people were muttering about the switched from pidgin a but at my lug last night01:09
swoodypleia2, but I'll change that. Minor detail ;)01:09
pleia2much "what's wrong with pidgin? :("01:09
swoodypleia2, yeah, I can understand that01:09
swoodynot a big fan of it myself01:09
swoodyand I still use Pidgin ;)01:09
* pleia2 has used bitlbee for about 4 years01:09
swoodypleia2, out of curiosity, what do you go by on the forum? (can PM if you'd like)01:10
pleia2prior to that I didn't bother with IM, prior to that I dabbled with gaim, prior to that I was probably on windows01:10
swoodyah, makes sense :)01:10
swoodyand I think I've seen you around a bit...01:10
pleia2I am pretty much just on loco forums and ubuntu women01:11
swoodyhmm... well it sounds familiar :/01:11
cprofittI sent an email to the list to get more feedback01:12
swoodylooks good :)01:15
cprofittswitching computers...01:17
* cprofitt asks what the greatest Eagles song of all time is01:22
Saj0577no idea01:22
cprofittGoogle agrees with me -- http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Greatest+Eagles+song+of+all+time&btnG=Search01:23
swoodycprofitt, hotel california :D01:28
swoodycprofitt, oh and a big +1 to silly walks, but I think the Spanish Inquisition trumps it ;)01:29
cprofittYeah... that one is good too...01:29
cprofittLumberjack is awesome too01:29
swoodyhaha, yeah it is  :)01:29
swoodyoh wait no!!01:29
swoodyBest ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gpjk_MaCGM01:30
swoodywell, I'm off for the night, so take care all :)01:51
ZachK_later swoody's01:52
cprofitt_dt1anyone here?03:55
paultagyo cprofitt_dt104:06
cprofitt_dt1http://i37.tinypic.com/2mh7cxu.jpg -- what do you think paultag ?04:06
paultagcprofitt_dt1, powerpoint bg?04:06
cprofitt_dt1presentation -- OO04:07
paultagcprofitt_dt1, looks nice, I'll be sure to save that :)04:07
paultagcprofitt_dt1, Right you are04:07
cprofitt_dt1cool... I will upload it to an Ubuntu promotional material site as well04:09
paultagcprofitt_dt1, awesome04:10
paultagOh, well shucks. He is gone anywho04:34
pleia2heeeeello paultag!04:34
paultagoh hey pleia2 :)04:34
paultagpleia2, how are you?04:35
pleia2I just spilled a bottle of water on my couch :\04:35
paultagWell shucks04:35
pleia2but otherwise, good!04:35
paultagGood to hear :)04:35
paultagNot so good comrade pleia2 :(04:35
paultagpleia2, I have contracted H1N104:36
* pleia2 hugs paultag 04:36
pleia2oh, that sucks04:36
paultagMight not want to get too close :P04:36
pleia2yeah, I haven't been vaccinated yet!04:36
paultagBut other then that, good :)04:36
pleia2will on tuesday when I go in for a checkup if my doctor has it04:36
paultagpleia2, for sure. This sucks04:36
pleia2bad flu, or worse?04:37
paultagIt's a bad flu, but you don't get a stuffy nose04:37
* pleia2 nods04:37
pleia2I already caught a regular stuffynose+fever flu this year, flu season started waaaay too early04:38
paultagIt's not good _at all_04:38
pleia2you should be paultag_h1n104:38
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[V]ortex`how do i resize my desktop?10:47
ZachK_[V]ortex`, meaning the screen size?11:58
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[V]ortex`oops is there anyone alive here?15:03
paultag_h1n1Nope [V]ortex`15:04
[V]ortex`does anyone know if firefox 3.5 is supported by ubuntu jaunty?15:05
[V]ortex`cos it says 3.5 beta15:05
[V]ortex`but it's been 3.5 stable in windows xp for quite long15:05
paultag_h1n1[V]ortex`, this is not a help channel :)15:06
[V]ortex`oops ok15:06
[V]ortex`ignore that then15:06
paultag_h1n1[V]ortex`, it's ok15:06
paultag_h1n1[V]ortex`, you can head to #ubuntu-beginners-help15:06
paultag_h1n1[V]ortex`, or #ubuntu15:07
[V]ortex`ok thanks paultag_h1n115:07
paultag_h1n1[V]ortex`, np15:08
MenDanhello what's wrong about my nautilus :nautilus[17816]: segfault at 3 ip b7817046 sp bfb0e4e0 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2200.2[b77c0000+b400015:15
paultag_h1n1MenDan, this is not a help channel15:15
paultag_h1n1MenDan, for help please go to #ubuntu15:15
MenDanok thanks also15:16
paultag_h1n1MenDan, sure15:17
pleia2doctormo: "moodled" makes me giggle (I like it!)17:40
doctormopleia2: Thanks :-)17:48
doctormopleia2: How is your day shaping up?17:59
doctormopleia2: Are you really on a machine with 4GiB of RAM because Karmic was harmful to the swap with anything less?18:08
pleia2doctormo: no, my system has 2G of ram (and I'm not running karmic now)19:14
doctormopleia2: hmm, perhaps that comment I saw wasn't by you19:15
pleia2I commented, but not that one :)19:15
swoodyWell guys, I'm going to be away for the rest of today and tomorrow, so I'll see you all later :)19:22
swoodytake care19:22
pleia2have a nice weekend, swoody19:23
swoodythanks, and you as well pleia2 :D19:23
doctormohave a good weekend19:26
cprofittSaj0577, you here?23:33
doctormohey cprofitt23:33
cprofitthey doctormo23:33
cprofittI sent a message to the list...23:33
doctormoAye got it23:34
doctormoI wouldn't agree that your proposed status table would be a refinement, I quite like the existing system proposed by pleia223:35
doctormoIt's simple and splits things out nicely for each stage we need to work out23:35
doctormoOf course, I won't be focusing publishing on moodle, so my ideas are somewhat skewed towards development.23:36
cprofittbut can you point me to the log from the meeting in which the group adopted asciidoc officially23:36
cprofittI am sorry you do not agree with me on the refinement.23:36
cprofittWhere is Pleia's plan documented? Does it included courses or just sections?23:37
cprofittdoctormo, I hope you will focus on publishing in Moodle... as we have agreed to publish in all three formats; right?23:37
cprofittAs a board member I think we have to really try to support all the formats in the project...23:38
cprofittI want to work with bioselement this week potentially to see how asciidoc works23:38
doctormoAye, we've agreed to publish in all formats, so all considerations need to be made. This is why my statement is to admit that my proposals will not be as well rounded as required by the whole process. Those with more expertese are needed to help fill in the holes.23:39
cprofittdo you have a link to the proposed system from pleia?23:40
doctormowasn't it on the mailing list? i'll digg into the archives for it23:41
cprofittI have been looking for it...23:42
cprofittmy recollection is that it was a general overview of the entire process...23:42
cprofittnot for what I was discussing... the creation of 'classes' or 'courses'23:43
cprofittfor 'items' we adopt we really need to, as a team, document things on the wiki23:43
cprofittso that we do not need to go back to mailing lists, etc for things we adopt.23:43
cprofittdocumentation of the process is crucial to other people being able to  look at our project and decide to join... then become active23:44
cprofittThere was a long period in which I got nothing from the list as well...23:44
cprofittdoctormo, on a side not did you like the background? http://ftbeowulf.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/bckgrnd11.png23:45
doctormoInteresting, a technical problem perhaps23:45
cprofittit seems like it...23:45
cprofittwhen i switched from daily digest to regular I started getting them again23:46
doctormocprofitt: It's nice, only niggle would be the ubuntu logo, which seems like it's cut out of a white backgrounded raster image, instead I recomend making use of the svg images with semi transparencies for shadows.23:46
doctormoThe digest might be set wrong, it might ony send when it's gotten enough emails.23:47
doctormoAFAUS Class writing is pretty much a feature of wiki to asciidoc, even if it ends up going through odf or moodle first.23:47
cprofittI am not talking about 'just writing' a course...23:48
doctormoAs for team organisation, I think perhaps a page with all adopted things, ordered so we can reference them if required and amend them in further meetings.23:48
cprofittdoctormo, exactly...23:49
cprofittor perhaps place them in the applicable section.23:49
doctormoThe last this we want to do is become too officious, where everything revolves around what we've agreed on, using regulation as a way to beat people into line isn't always best for projects. I have a feeling that a certain amount of this is going to be a little random until we've been at it for a few years.23:50
cprofittI am talking about the 'course' design...23:50
cprofittas it seems like we are really writing 'topics'...23:50
cprofittand then we combine those topics in to 'courses'23:50
doctormoYes, so in development we have those 5 sections23:50
doctormoThis is why I didn't want us to get too hung up about those 5 sections. It's not like they'll translate into courses.23:51
cprofittwhat I was trying to communicate in the email was the process of 'designing a course' from the content.23:51
cprofittwe will need to 'mash it'23:52
cprofittthen convert it to a written media, Moodle format, etc...23:52
cprofittthe table was for that process... to be on the 'course' page23:52
cprofitteventually we may have 'content' that can be made in to a custom course...23:53
cprofittand already made courses23:53
cprofittwe may have a course in in-person format... that could just be transferred to Moodle23:53
doctormoIf course organisation needs to go on the wiki, then we'll need some new pages, I'm fine with you taking charge of that and proposing any sort of publishing status tables your happy with.23:53
cprofittwe need a way to organize all that...23:53
cprofittI will work on something to show as an example.23:54
cprofittI feel that we have such diverse experiences that it is a must to produce examples23:54
doctormoI mean, I want the classes to be very mashable, if someone takes from our sections and develops something interesting etc.23:54
cprofittso that we have a 'bridge' to what we are talking about.23:54
cprofittI find often that you and I are saying different things, but meaning things that are very close23:54
doctormoI was thinking, is there a simple import format for moodle books?23:55
cprofittand when we butt heads it is because neither can see what the other is really saying23:55
cprofittMoodle packages its courses as .zip files...23:55
doctormoAye, looking at different things.23:55
cprofittbut it is not a 'common' format by any means23:55
doctormoCould you email be a sample course zip file? I'll see how easy it is to put something together to generate them for bare bones importing.23:55
doctormoThat should help bridge23:56
cprofittit also works with the SCORM format... but I have not seen that.23:56
cprofittdoctormo, if you go to this course - http://learn.ufbt.net/course/view.php?id=623:57
cprofittand just hit 'backup' it should generate that zip file for you.23:57

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