stgraberchrisccoulson: it's working00:16
stgraberchrisccoulson: hmm, hang on a sec, testing something else00:16
stgraberchrisccoulson: confirmed, with the two packages you pushed to your PPA it's working00:21
stgrabergnome-settings-daemon only doesn't work but upgrading gnome-desktop as well fixes everything00:21
chrisccoulsonstgraber - that's expected, the gnome-settings-daemon package was just for some debug information for another issue ;)00:22
chrisccoulsoni probably should have mentioned that first00:22
chrisccoulsonthanks for testing though!00:22
chrisccoulsonstgraber - this is probably SRU material now. would you mind adding a karmic task to that bug, and i will add a karmic-updates milestone and work on the SRU paperwork now00:23
stgraberchrisccoulson: sure00:30
stgraberchrisccoulson: approved00:34
chrisccoulsoncool, thank you00:35
ari-tczewmdeslaur: now you can review attached debdiff in bug #43108002:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431080 in drupal6 "Fix critical security vulnerability (SA-CORE-2009-008)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43108002:15
zulokies dokie lets fix some ftbfs02:33
LaserJockquestion. I've got a package where upstream is dead, there is no patch system, the packaging is in git, and I'd like to patch it. Should I just do it in git or should I add a patch system?02:46
chrisccoulsonLaserjock - by "packaging" is in GIT, do you mean just the debian/ folder, or the whole debian source package (upstream source + debian/ folder)?02:48
LaserJockwhole thing02:49
LaserJockI have 3 branches currently02:49
LaserJockupstream, debian, and pristine-tar02:49
LaserJockI was thinking I could do the patch as a separate branch02:49
LaserJockbut I wonder if it's a pitfall to do that much in DVCS02:50
chrisccoulsoni normally always add a patch system, but i've touched quite a few packages where people have directly patched the upstream source without adding a patch system (outside of bzr / GIT)02:50
chrisccoulsonif it's in GIT, then it's probably ok without a patch system, especially if upstream is dead anyway02:50
wrapsterwhy is it ,that all of a sudden the build for 64bit complians that my machine is not 64 bit?03:38
lifelessbecause you've told it that03:40
lifeless--host=i386-pc-solaris2.11 \03:40
lifeless                    --build=i386-pc-solaris2.11 \03:40
wrapsterbased on dpkg-architecture... what needs to be changed?03:42
wrapsteri know i386 has to .. but where and how?03:42
wrapsterlifeless: dpkg-architecture no where shows that this is 64 bit03:43
lifelessseems fine to me03:44
lifelessperhaps you should try Ubuntu :)03:44
lifelessI have to assume that you, or another solaris kernel+ubuntu userland developer have patched dpkg or glibc or some other package wrong03:45
ScottKzul: I accepted your Ruby/LDAP upload.  Did you notice that it was ....build2 so it'll get automatically sync'ed over in Lucid?03:49
ScottKIf that was on purpose, fine.  Just wanted to make sure.03:49
wrapsterlifeless: thats really weird ... coz just about 5 hrs ago i built the a 64bit version of the same pkg and installed it on this very mahcine..03:54
lifelesswrapster: well, check you don't have any variables influencing it and debug dpkg-architecture03:56
LaserJockcan you put a specific exception in a watch file?04:15
bodhizazenHow do I update the standards-version ?05:35
jmarsdenbodhizazen: Check the package really conforms to the new version and then edit the Standards-Version: line in debian/control to the new number, and add an entry to debian/changelog saying you bumped the standards version to 3.8.3 or whatever.05:52
bodhizazenjmarsden, I bumped the line, but got errors when I did that05:55
jmarsdenbodhizazen: Be specific... what errors?  pastebin something I can read please?05:56
bodhizazenI tried to google the Standards-Version 3.8.3 - not much luck in finding something telling me what I am doing wrong05:56
bodhizazenW: <pachage_name> source: empty-debian-diff05:57
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
jmarsdenThat has nothing to do with standards version as far as I know... it suggests confusion over source vs packaging stuff, and failure to keep them separate, such that debuild creates a zero length diff file...05:59
jmarsdenbodhizazen: You do have an orig.tar.gz source tarball, plus your debian/ tree, right?06:00
bodhizazenwhen I change the Standards-Version back to 3.8.1 I do not get that warning , and the package builds06:00
jmarsdenand the orig.tar.gz has *no* debian/ stuff in it?06:00
bodhizazenit does have debian/stuff in it06:01
jmarsdenaha.  The Packaging Guide is pretty clear about not doing that... did you read that part of it?06:01
bodhizazenI read it, but it is long and I do not recall seeing that information06:02
bodhizazenlet me try fixing that06:02
jmarsdenIf you include the debian/ in the tarball then you are in effect building a "native" package, which is a different and somewhat unusual thing to be doing.06:03
jmarsdenThe bit in the Packaging Guide is: "If a package already contains a debian/ directory, do not repackage it. Ask the author(s) to delete debian/ and provide a diff.gz instead. This makes it easier to review their work, and it separates packaging from program source. "06:04
lifelesssomething I think is a bit bong if the upstream don't have a dvcs06:04
lifelesspackaging productises software, why shouldn't upstreams productise their code.06:04
jmarsdenlifeless: Feel free to suggest changes to Policy in an appropriate forum :)  But for now, I'm trying to help someone package something per the current policy and expected and documented approach, not debate it.06:06
bodhizazenjmarsden, well, I am building this package from scratch06:10
jmarsdenSo you are both author and packager.  OK... so you should still follow the guidelines and keep the two things separate, as far as I know.06:10
lifelessjmarsden: who was debating ? ;)06:10
bodhizazenI had to include /debian/pre and debian/post scripts , but remove everything else from the tar ball and it now builds06:11
bodhizazenwithout warnings06:11
lifelessjmarsden: btw, having debian in the upstream tarball doesn't make the resulting package a native package.06:11
bodhizazenis that a problem , to have some things in debian in the tar ball ?06:11
lifelessbodhizazen: as jmarsden says, its frowned upon06:11
jmarsdenlifeless: Per the packaging guide: "A native package is one that is specific to Ubuntu/Debian. It has the debian/ directory containing the packaging information and any changes to the source included in the tarball (usually <packagename>_<version>.tar.gz). "06:11
lifelessbodhizazen: the primary reason its frowned upon is that our toolchain shows a single diff from tarball to packaged source per source upload, and if there is packaging06:12
lifelessdata in the tarball, that diff becomes insufficient to tell what will happen when the package is built06:12
bodhizazenwell I do have a debian directory, but it does not contain that kind of information06:12
lifelessjmarsden: you have confused necessary and sufficient06:13
lifelessjmarsden: having a debian dir in the upstream tarball is not sufficient to make it a native package06:13
lifelessbodhizazen: what does it contain?06:14
jmarsdenQuite likely... I'm just going by what the guide said... perhaps it should be fixed to be more specific about the other things (version number style in debian/changelog?) necessary for it to be native?06:14
lifelessno, it assumes [rightly] full familiarity with the toolchain06:14
bodhizazenit contains 3 scripts06:14
lifelessbodhizazen: called?06:15
bodhizazenperinst postinst and postrm06:15
lifelessbodhizazen: re: changing the standards version. See /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz06:15
lifelessbodhizazen: those scripts are typically part of the packaging metadata; it would be much better for us if they were not there.06:16
lifelessbodhizazen: because otherwise a reviewer will see e.g. debian/rules and debian/control and not those scripts06:16
bodhizazenis it better to build with Standards-Version 3.8.1 then ?06:16
lifelessyou should read the upgrading checklist06:16
lifelesswhatever error you are getting is [probably] not related to having those scripts in the tarball06:17
bodhizazenwhen I update the Standards-Version to 3.8.306:18
bodhizazenI am getting06:18
bodhizazenW: <pachage_name> source: empty-debian-diff06:18
lifelessso, a) have you read /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz06:18
bodhizazenI do not get that when I keep Standards-Version 3.8.106:18
lifelessb) clearly you have more than those three scripts in your upstream tarball!06:18
lifelessjmarsden: I seem to have taken over the conversation; sorry.06:19
bodhizazenthose are the only things I need to add to the tar ball in debian to build with the 3.8.3 standards06:19
lifelessbodhizazen: repeating your assertion doesn't move this forward06:20
jmarsdenlifeless: That's fine, I'm only a bugfixer and packager of a few things myself, not (yet?) a MOTU...06:20
lifelessplease pastebin 'ls debian' in a frest extracted copy of your tarball06:20
bodhizazenin the one that works ?06:21
lifelessyou have more than one release?06:21
lifelessbodhizazen: lets go back a step. Are you packaging this for inclusion in Ubuntu, or for uploading to your own PPA?06:22
jmarsdenlifelies: 22:10 <bodhizazen> I had to include /debian/pre and debian/post scripts , but remove everything else from the tar ball and it now builds06:22
lifelessjmarsden: thanks06:22
bodhizazenls debian06:22
bodhizazenpostinst postrm preinst06:23
bodhizazenlifeless, for now, ppa06:23
bodhizazenand I do not seem to have a /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/ directory, what package is that in ?06:24
lifelessbodhizazen: debian-policy06:24
lifelesswhich Ubuntu policy builds on06:24
bodhizazenthank you06:24
lifelessthe errors from lintian, which you are seeing, are about Debian policy06:25
bodhizazenis there a way to know where the error in policy is coming from ?06:29
jmarsdenYes, if you run lintian with the -i switch you get an explanation of each warning as well as the warning itself.06:31
jmarsdenalso you can do    lintian-info -t empty-debian-diff06:31
bodhizazenOK, thank you for your patience, I will look at this06:38
lifelessbodhizazen: ok, I think you should do your build with 3.8.3, and pastebin (that means http://paste.ubuntu.com):06:38
lifeless - the output06:38
lifeless - the zcat of the diff06:38
lifelessdebuild -us -uc 2>&1 > build.log06:39
lifelesspastebinit -i build.log06:39
lifelesszcat ../<the diff.gz path> | pastebinit -i -06:40
lifelessthen we can really see whats going on06:40
bodhizazenyou are very patient and I appreciate that06:43
bodhizazenwith your help I was able to sort it, as it turns out my tar was the problem06:43
bodhizazenI have removed the debian directory, re-packaged the source, and it now builds with Standards-Version 3.8.306:44
jdongbodhizazen: lifeless rocks :)06:45
jdongfor so many reasons too.06:45
bodhizazenthis packaging stuff is not easy =)06:48
macoonce ya get the hang of it it gets easier :P06:48
jdongthat it does06:48
jdongjust a lot of rules and exceptions to keep in mind :)06:48
macoonce you learn that debuild -S -sa is needed if you want to dput the orig tarball, that helps too :P06:49
jdongonce you've been through the drill a couple times, at least you know where to look to refresh your memory.06:49
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ari-tczewhow can I join to ubuntu-bugcontrol ?08:58
lifelesssee the wiki08:59
lifelessit has details for everything :)08:59
ari-tczewoh, this bureaucracy :P09:01
AnAntcan someone sponsor this: LP 45962909:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459629 in sabily-xsplash-artwork "FFe: Fix english verse translation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45962909:33
=== lionel_ is now known as lionel
ari-tczewdevs, is there a complete work on maven2?11:16
ari-tczewpeople says on launchpad that their problems has been resolved11:17
ari-tczewbut bugs are still open11:17
lifelessari-tczew: if the bug is open and shouln't be close it11:51
lifelessotherwise, the bug should be open:P11:51
ari-tczewI guess that developers are working on getting remaining packages libmaven* or libplexus*.11:54
lifelessari-tczew: we'11:55
lifelessre in deep freeze for the release11:55
ari-tczewI just only want to know what are doing in Ubuntu as proposed member to Ubuntu BugControl ;-)11:55
ari-tczewyes I know11:55
lifelessAsk on specific bugs11:55
lifelessI'm not doing anything in that space at the moment, the whole maven collection is basically just synced from Debian11:56
ari-tczewyes, I know... ;-)11:58
ari-tczewI think about jabref11:59
ari-tczew@launchpad is reported bug which says that jabref in karmic is broken11:59
ari-tczewwhere can I talk about security updates - SRU ?12:06
ari-tczewhere? or other channel?12:06
lifelessari-tczew: for universe packages here12:19
lifelessfor main ubuntu-devel12:19
lightnin_Hello. I wonder if there is someone here who wouldn't mind answering a few packaging questions...16:09
lightninGoodday, gentlefolk. I am wondering if it is possible to submit a source package to a ppa that will build on multiple Ubuntu versions (karmic and jaunty).16:26
dtchenI don't know offhand if you can do it with just one source package upload.16:27
dtchenYou certainly can do it with multiple source package uploads, one for each targeted version.16:27
dtchen(changing the distribution field in debian/changelog and regenerating the source package)16:27
lightninAh I see.16:27
lightninDo I need to setup pbuilder any differently? I am running jaunty, but want to build for karmic..16:28
dtchenit'll be best to have a separate Karmic pbuilder16:28
lightninThanks dtchen! Found a nice blog post about it.. setting up now...16:31
lightninAnother question... The ppa I'm working on is for Scratch, a programming language for kids developed at MIT.16:32
lightninScratch runs on a squeak virtual machine, so the package is mainly installing / configuring that.16:33
lightninRecently someone with a 64 bit system tried to install but couldn't because we haven't submitted an amd64 package.16:34
lightninBut when they forced the install, everything worked.16:34
lightninIs it acceptable to just submit the same package as amd64 and i386 compatible?16:35
dtchenlightnin: are there real constraints such that it can't run on ppc, ia64, etc.?16:41
lightninYes, because we are just installing a pre-built virtual machine binary.16:44
lightninWhen (if?) the squeak-vm package gets updated, we'll stop installing our own and just depend on the squeak-vm i386, or amd64 (or ppc if it exists).16:45
lightninSo, given that, I guess I should change the Architecture field in my control file to: i386, amd6416:49
lightninor rather i386 ia6416:51
dtchenyou could do that if you're certain that the vm binary works fine on amd64.16:52
ryanakcaShould manepages go in foo or in foo-data?16:54
lightninHmmm... just one user reporting on our forum that it does. Also - should I add i686 to architecture line?16:57
ScottKryanakca: foo-data17:00
ScottKlightnin: We don't have an i686 architecture.17:00
ryanakcaScottK: thanks17:00
lightninScottK: Ah, ok. Thanks. :) So just i386 and ia64, assuming there are no issues with the squeak-vm.17:03
ScottKlightnin: ia64 is Itanium.  Proabably not what you want.17:04
ScottKYou probably want amd64.17:04
ScottKThat's both AMD and Intel 64 bit.17:04
lightninScottK: Thanks! I got confused by all the tags that dpkg-architecture -L gave me...17:07
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* ScottK wonders where the last minute rush of MOTU uploading bug fixes went?18:03
* DktrKranz hidez18:06
ryanakcaIs the goal to get http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html fixed, or is it too late? (Noting also that the page is a month and a half old)18:12
ScottKryanakca: It's not to late.18:19
ScottKryanakca: The page is updated when packages are fixed, so stuff listed needs doing.18:19
ryanakcaI have the file debian/knmap.lintian-overrides that contains 'knmap: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/knmap', however, when I run 'lintian -IivmE knmap*i386.changes', lintian still complains that 'knmap: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/knmap' ... what am I missing. I don't see the lintian override getting included in the binary package19:25
ScottKryanakca: You shouldn't override that anyway19:29
ryanakcaScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300771/ ....19:31
ScottKryanakca: OK.  Makes sense.19:32
ScottKryanakca: You need to put exactly what lintian spits out as the error.  Usually when I've had problems, that was it.19:33
ryanakcaScottK: Copy pasted it :/19:35
ScottKOK, no idea then.  Sorry.19:35
ryanakcaAlso, if I don't manage to fix the LaTeX errors with libspe2 (one of the FTBFS packages on the above list), one way to get it to build would be to drop the -doc package (and comment out the couple of lines in Makefile that build the documentation for it). Not ideal, but imho, it's better than having no libspe2 nor the packages that are blocking since they have it as a B-D...  Would that be a possibility?19:35
ryanakcaScottK: OK, thanks anyways :)19:35
ScottKryanakca: When you copied and pasted, did you copy the entire line starting with "W: " (or whatever type it was)19:40
ScottKryanakca: At this point I'm OK with dropping docs to fix FTBFS.19:40
porthoseanyone up for sponsoring bug #458600? :)19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458600 in rlpr "rlpr FTBFS" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45860019:41
ryanakcaScottK: No (I modeled it after the rest of the packages in debian-qt-kde's kde-extra's SVN repo)19:42
ScottKI may be wrong, but I think you need that too19:42
=== asac__ is now known as asac
ryanakcaScottK: OK, I'll try including it. In regards to libspe2, it may only be the PDF documentation that we need to drop (and keep the rest)19:54
arand_What is the real upgradeable package associated with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-basicmethods ??20:02
tonyyarussoHow should I deal with a bug report of the "please update package to $version" variety when $version is already in Debian unstable ready for syncing for lucid?20:06
ScottKtonyyarusso: Mark them wontfix with a comment that it'll happen automatically for Lucid.20:07
tonyyarussoScottK: gotcha, ty20:08
ryanakcaScottK: libspe2 uploaded to PPA (I don't own any powerpc nor ppc64 computers... and since the two archs aren't supported in Ubuntu, I wonder if I should bother spending any more time on the package)20:10
ScottKMaybe TheMuso could have a look if it's powerpc related.20:10
tonyyarussoScottK: err, does wontfix = invalid on LP?20:11
ScottKtonyyarusso: Not quit, but you may not have wontfix.  Invalid is fine with the comment.20:12
tonyyarussoYeah, I don't see a wontfix in my menu.  Must not be cool enough.20:12
ryanakcaHaha, PPA rejected libspe2 because "Cannot build any of the architectures requested: powerpc ppc64 all"20:13
ScottKtonyyarusso: I think you need to be in bugsquad (or whatever they call it now) or be MOTU.20:19
dbernar1Hi, can you explain please why this bug has the debian bug linked on the top?20:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456674 in phpmyadmin "giuseppe@ulisse:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart * Restarting web server apache2 apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName ... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName [ OK ]" [Undecided,New]20:26
macodbernar1: because its been reported upstream at debian too...20:26
macoso if they find a way to fix it, we get notified20:27
dbernar1But by another user, and afaict, it is a different issue, etc. Was this relation between the two bugs done by the system or by a human, and how can I tell?20:27
macoby a human, always20:27
dbernar1Where does it say?20:27
macosay what?20:27
dbernar1Where does it say who made the relation.20:27
macothe activity log20:27
macothe machine can do it, but it doesnt go find and lok on its own. itll link bugs mentioned in the report or comment20:28
dbernar1Where's that, I don't see those words on the page.20:28
=== dbernar1 is now known as dabaR
macoadd /+activity to the end of the url20:29
dabaRSo.... the debian guy made the connection between the bugs?20:30
dabaRIs the bug watch added the thing that made the link?20:30
dabaRIs the "bug watch added" the thing that made the link?20:30
dabaRHow does it work again, can anyone close bugs?20:32
dabaRyou know, your nick is funny...20:33
dabaRI mean, it is funny that you would have that nick.20:33
dabaRI use the word maco to mean kitty.20:33
dabaRAnd it is sort of a coincidence, I had a server called paco for a while.20:34
macoits derived from my real name20:34
dabaRpaco meaning doggy.20:34
macoin what lang?20:34
dabaRIt is a modification of the word maca, in Yugoslavian languages.20:34
dabaRCroatian, Serbian...20:34
macozdravo :)20:35
macoi think anyone can remove bug links, but only bug control & devs can close bugs20:36
macoat least as wontfix...20:36
maconot sure about who can do fix release and invalid20:36
ScottKAnyone with an LP account20:36
macowasnt sure if bugsquad membershi was needed20:36
ScottKmaco: Could you have a look at a lmms merge from Debian.  It got an approved FFe, but no one ever did the upload.20:37
macoi can try20:37
macoive never done a merge before, though20:38
dabaRAnyway, I am considering turning this bug into a question.20:38
ScottKmaco: Use grab-merge from ubuntu-dev-tools20:38
macoalright thanks20:38
ScottKporthose: Looking20:41
ScottKporthose: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.20:53
porthoseScottK, ty :)20:53
ari-tczewScottK: maybe you know, what about lm-sensors-3 in karmic? Is it will not merged?20:55
ari-tczewbug #33641820:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 336418 in lm-sensors-3 "Please merge lm-sensors 3.1.1-4 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33641820:55
ScottKari-tczew: It's in Main, so unless it fixes a really serious bug, no.20:55
* ScottK looks20:55
ScottKari-tczew: It looks far to invasive for this late to me.20:58
ari-tczewubuntu's users says that 3.1.1 version supports more devices21:01
dtchenari-tczew: that's Lucid material, really.21:03
ScottKari-tczew: Yes, but it's a lot of change, so the regression risk is too high now.  Also it's more for #ubuntu-devel since it's in Main anyway21:04
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ScottKHello mirsal21:35
mirsalI need some insights about how to submit a patch against an ubuntu package in universe21:37
macois there a bug reported21:38
macois the patch attached to the bug?21:38
mirsalI actually uploaded a patched package to my ppa21:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401039 in xf86-input-evtouch "Add support for TouchPack family touchscreens (Clevo TN120 series tablets / ASUS eeeTOP and other devices)" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:39
macofor testing? attach the same patch to the bug, or, since you already generated a new source package, make a debdiff and attach that21:39
macothen subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors21:40
mirsalDidn't know about debdiff21:40
maco(debdiff just means run "debdiff oldpackage.dsc newpackage.dsc > newpackage.debdiff)21:40
ogramirsal, cevo120tn definately works since intrepid with that driver21:41
mirsalogra, Recent ones don't21:41
ogra(though all clevo 120s i have seen use ideaco touchscreens)21:42
ogradid clevo change the touchscreen ?21:42
mirsalogra, yeah.21:42
mirsalNew ones are supported by evtouch21:42
ograbastards .... they should at least indicate that in the model name :P21:43
ograold ones are too :)21:43
mirsalNew ones are *also* supported by evtouch :p21:43
ograi developed all changes i did to the evtouch driver in intrepid on a clevo 120tn21:43
mirsalthe package only lacks a fdi file21:43
mirsalogra, nice :)21:43
ScottKogra: Since you're at the very least somewhat familiar with this, could you review the change?21:44
ograsadly i didnt have the time to go on working on it in jaunty and karmic .... so it's a bit behind21:44
ograScottK, sure21:45
ogramirsal, btw, do you know bug 317094 ?21:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317094 in xf86-input-evtouch "meta bug to collect lshal touchscreen info" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31709421:45
mirsalogra, yes, I already submitted the needed info there21:45
ograwell, would be good if someone who understands how the fdi stuff works could go through it and create .fdi files from the collected lshal info :)21:46
mirsalogra, Actually my company is selling computers with these touchscreens, so we needed them supported on ubuntu real quick, so I also build a package.21:47
ogramirsal, can you attach the debdiff to your bug ?21:47
macoogra: are you the one that was poking at wacoms before?21:47
mirsalogra, I'll do that in a minute21:47
ogratablet != touchscreen :)21:47
macoi wonder who that was then21:48
ogratablets are wa more complex due to the additional input device you need21:48
macoyeah ive noticed21:48
macoi have one that half-works ;)21:48
ogramaco, i thought wgrant was on that a while ago21:48
macoah ok. i thought it was someone with a g* last name21:49
ogranot sure if he still is though ....21:49
macowgrant: ping21:49
dtchencontentless pings are bad.21:50
ograand lonely21:50
macothe context is 2 lines up!21:50
macook 521:51
ograso your ping cant hold hands with it :(21:51
dtchenand clients don't always have sufficient scrollback21:51
dtchenand it's a PITA to go to irclogs.uc, etc., etc.21:51
macofine fine21:52
dbernar1Sorry, did anyone reply? My connection is flaky. Does the apport tag on a bug in launchpad mean the bug was reported by apport?21:52
ScottKdbernar1: Yes21:52
macowgrant: this is a ping regarding wacom support, wondering if you were still working on it21:52
ogranow thats a happy ping :D21:52
dbernar1_OK, well, I am trying to see whether I can resolve some bugs. I see several bugs, related to installing phpmyadmin, on launchpad, and I tried to install it myself. The error seems to be caused by the fact that mysql-server is not installed, phpmyadmin does not have it as a dependancy, and does not want to install without it.21:55
macosimple enough to fix. which version are you testing this on?21:56
dbernar1_Same as the bug21:56
macolemme see if its fixed in 9.1021:56
dbernar1_make sure you don't have mysql-server installed...21:57
macoi was just going to read the dependency list21:57
macoit says it suggests mysql-server21:57
macowhich means it wont automatically pull it in. are you saying one of the install scripts requires mysql-server?21:57
dbernar1_how do you read the dep list? apt-cache show?21:57
dbernar1_Well...I think, I am not 100% sure, heh, that the phpmyadmin is a php based mysql administration app21:58
mirsalogra, I attached the diff21:59
macodbernar1_: yeah21:59
dbernar1_And, it creates a mysql database for its config.21:59
ogramirsal, checking ...21:59
dbernar1_maco: So, yes, it seems that one of the install scripts requires it.22:00
ogramirsal, hrm ... why do you patch udev ?22:01
* maco tries toinstall22:01
ograi explicitly disabled that (in intrepid though) since it messed up a lot22:01
dbernar1_Ya, I did the same, it is quite simple to reproduce the error.22:01
mirsalogra, oh ok22:01
ogramirsal, does it work with just the fdi ?22:02
ograok, can you make a debdiff that has just the fdi ? the fdi looks ok and i'll hapily upload it right away22:02
macodbernar1_: this?22:02
macoERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket                 │22:02
maco  │ '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)22:02
dbernar1_maco, sure, it should even open up an apport for you.22:03
macodbernar1_: it does not22:03
macodbernar1_: it asks if i want to abort, retry, or ignore. if i choose ignore, it just finishes installing without being configured anywhere22:03
dbernar1_maco, well, it did for me, I tried a few times to retry.22:03
dbernar1_maco, so a feature, then? :-)22:04
macodbernar1_: is it possible that phpmyadmin can be installed on one system to configure a database on another system, so not having a local db isnt catastrophic?22:04
dbernar1_maco, I don't think so. I will see something22:06
mirsalogra, I attached the debdiff to the same bug22:08
mirsaldbernar1, maco Yes, I use phpmyadmin to administer remote machines, and even a NDB cluster behind mysql proxy.22:11
mirsalphpmyadmin definitely does NOT require a local mysql server22:12
ogramirsal, uploaded22:19
mirsalogra, Cool :) out of the box touchscreen support for new clevo tablets and Asus EeeTOP22:20
ograyeah !22:20
ogramirsal, its sitting in the queue now, waiting for a archive admin to approve it22:23
ScottKogra and mirsal: Accepted.  Thanks.22:23
ograthanks :)22:23
* ogra now can happily go and eat lobster :) 22:23
TheMusoryanakca: libspe2 is pretty much powerpc only. What are you trying to fix?22:36
ryanakcaTheMuso: FTBFS22:37
directhexis banshee okay on ppc now? it was meant to be moar better in 1.5.122:38
TheMusodirecthex: Really don't kno. What were the problems with it?22:40
directhexTheMuso, failing to run on startup. sqlite issues22:40
TheMusoryanakca: Its not on the FTBFs list.22:40
TheMusoryanakca: Ok, I'll have a look for you.22:40
TheMusodirecthex: sorry ^^22:41
TheMusoryanakca: sorry22:41
TheMusoryanakca: but I can have a look anyway.22:41
ryanakcaTheMuso: OK22:42
TheMusoryanakca: its built on powerpc.22:43
TheMusoand i38622:43
ryanakcaTheMuso: Hmm... OK... should http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html be removed from the topic? It doesn't match the qa.ubuntuwire.com one (possibly because it's dated 20090909)22:45
ari-tczewyea, old date22:45
TheMusoryanakca: I don't know.22:46
ryanakca... which would also explain why I thought libspe2 was FTBFS :)22:46
TheMusoyes but libspe2 doesn't show up on the list at all, and it should for amd64, armel, etc.22:46
wgrantryanakca: The 20090909 one is the result of a test rebuild. It is somewhat useful even though it is old.22:48
ari-tczewafter final release karmic, fixing FTBFS is needed?22:51
macofixing FTBFS is needed now too22:52
wgrantAfter Karmic is released, everything will be retried in Lucid.22:52
ari-tczewbefore final I understand, but I ask what about after22:52
wgrantFixing FTBFSes in Karmic post-release is limited to cases where an SRU or security update would otherwise be issued.22:52
macowgrant: hmmm? so if theres no security patch, and it doesnt build...screw it?22:54
wgrantmaco: Right. Or we would have several hundred pointless SRUs.22:55
macoim not sure why theyd be pointless though22:55
wgrantLittle or no change to the end user.22:55
wgrantArchive bloat.22:55
macodoes the old version of the package get used instead? or does the package just act like removed-from-archive?22:55
wgrantDownload bloat.22:56
wgrantThe old version gets used.22:56
wgrantOr the current version, if it did build but no longer does.22:56
ari-tczewyhym so after final release we are go working on new development cycle e.g. lucid right?22:57
dbernar1_maco, what can I do with those bugs?22:57
macodbernar1_: which?22:58
macodbernar1_: phpmyadmin?22:58
macoon remove it does it too, but it gives the option to not try to configure a local db22:58
wgrantari-tczew: Right. Lucid should open a week or two after Karmic is released.22:58
macomaybe the bug should be that on install it should *ask* whether its a local db22:58
ari-tczewgreat :D22:58
macoblank line to you too!22:59
dbernar1_Haven't been using IRC for a while...:)22:59
dbernar1_maco: Is there a recommend instead of suggest level for dependency?23:00
dbernar1_maco: do you happen to know where that is documented?23:00
macodepend, recommends, and suggests are the 3 levels23:00
macorecommends are automatically installed23:00
macoin karmic it is still suggests23:01
macoinstall completes, but only if i tell it to ignore the error23:01
dbernar1See...it really seems like everyone would want to install mysql when installing phpmyadmin. Except if they are a expert user.23:01
dtchenit's documented at http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-binarydeps23:01
dbernar1dtchen: Thank you.23:03
dtchendbernar1: np23:03
dbernar1This is my situation: I have found several bug reports on launchpad of people not able to install phpmyadmin. Those are sent by apport. I tried myself, and was able to reproduce. The error points to the fact that mysql-server is not installed as part of the phpmyadmin installation, and the phpmyadmin install script guides the user to select the option for when a mysql server is installed on the host.23:05
dbernar1I would like to perhaps move forward toward a resolution of this issue, which would be to close the bugs, be it just by eduucating the users, or whatever. If you have a suggestion, please tell me.23:06
macoi think it ought to say "do you want to configure the mysql stuff now? y/n"23:06
macowhich i think it does23:06
macothen if you choose yes, it should ask you if its local or remote23:06
macoif they say local and its not installed, inform the user that they need to install mysql-server and tell them "once youve done that run dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin"23:07
dbernar1My thought on that is that it is not a sane default. But, let's say I wanted to do that, how would I proceed? Should I find out whether this is the same in Debian?23:09
dbernar11Sorry, did you reply?23:11
ari-tczewI see that generally Ubuntu needs more 'non-profit' contributors23:12
xiambaxim sure no ones cares but i have to brag23:16
xiambaxi just bought a bare bones mobo for 50 bucks with a proc23:16
xiambaxand had a gig of ram kicking around and a spare case and psu23:17
xiambax50 bucks and i now have a 4th computer23:17
xiambaxpretty rad23:17
dbernar12what does set -e in a bash script do?23:24
TheMusodbernar1: It causes the script to exit early if an error state is encountered, i.e a command exists with a value other than 0.23:34
TheMusoOff hand, does cmake respect CFLAGS?23:45
lifelesscmake is a Makefile compiler23:47
lifelessso check the Makefile it writes23:47
TheMusoah ok23:49

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