ftabug 37017200:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 370172 in linux "Disconnecting/Reconnecting USB Hubs causes wierdness" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37017200:00
ftahow do i file a bug against the kernel? "apport-bug linux" says "This is not a genuine Ubuntu package"00:01
asacyou have a special kernel?00:01
asacsounds bad00:04
asacmaybe not the latest?00:04
asacworks for me  :/00:05
asaci used ubuntu-bug though00:05
asacnot apport-bug00:05
asacbut thats just a link afaik00:05
ftathen the man page is wrong00:05
* BUGabundo tests00:05
asaclet me upgrade to latest everywhere00:05
ftai'm fully up-to-date00:05
BUGabundo$ ubuntu-bug linux works00:05
asacfta: lets discuss the archive reorg tomorrow. and do that this weekend with some lag into monday if needed00:05
BUGabundo$ apport-cli -fp linux works too00:06
asacdidnt get a response on redirect yet.00:06
asacbut i dont think that should hinder any changes00:06
asacwe can push for that afterwards still00:06
asacthats old00:10
asaci am at -14 at least00:10
asacuname -a00:10
asacLinux tinya 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:10
asaccould be they prevent filing with old versions00:10
BUGabundoLinux BluBUG 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:05:01 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:13
asacfta: you have -1200:13
asacaccording to your paste00:13
asac*** Problem in linux-image-2.6.31-12-generic00:13
asacfta@ix:~ $ uname -a00:13
asacLinux ix 2.6.31-12-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 7 18:42:46 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:13
ftayep, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 11 not upgraded.00:14
asackernel not upgraded?00:14
ftai'm not a noob00:14
asaci know00:14
asacso you cannot file a bug with -12 running00:14
ftayes, kernel & epiphany00:15
asacwhy epiphany?00:15
ftaThe following packages will be REMOVED:00:15
fta  epiphany-gecko epiphany-webkit-data gstreamer0.10-schroedinger00:15
asacepiphany should be done00:15
asacthats oki  ... isnt it?00:15
ftai don't care, i don't use epiphany at all00:15
asaci dont see why your kernel isnt updated00:16
BUGabundofta: time for a $ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade   ?00:16
asacepiphany cant be the reason00:16
BUGabundobad mirror?00:16
asacwell. he doesnt really post everything00:16
BUGabundostaled due to major upgrades?00:16
ftaThe following packages will be upgraded:00:17
fta  epiphany-browser-data epiphany-extensions gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic xserver-xorg-input-all00:17
asacmaybe he has pinned it or whatver00:17
BUGabundothere you go00:17
BUGabundokernel upgrade00:17
fta(i jsut pasted the epiphany part)00:17
asacyou said you are not a noob00:17
asacso i thought you were really stuck00:17
asacso now you can update?00:17
asacfalse alert is better than real bustage ;)00:18
ftaassuming i've been using debian since 1997..00:18
asaci never assumed you are noob ... in no way ;)00:18
asacmy update gets new openoffice ;)00:19
ftaalready got it, that's why i said i was up-to-date00:20
ftai just didn't check the not upgraded00:20
asacbut it looks what you are running00:20
asacfor linux00:20
asacgwibber is stable now btw ;)00:21
BUGabundoasac: my old copy of gwibber 1.2 stop pulling feeds :(00:21
asacBUGabundo: 2.0 is now good00:21
asactry it00:21
BUGabundoI would file a bug, but since its outdated00:21
BUGabundono one is supporting it00:22
BUGabundoasac: I'm using it00:22
BUGabundobut has many bugs00:22
ftaasac, but upgrades should restart the daemon00:22
BUGabundotends to jam00:22
BUGabundoits very slow00:22
asacfta: we fixed that somewhat00:22
BUGabundoRefresh doesn't work00:22
BUGabundono Jaiku support00:22
asacwe stop the daemon now if you explicitly quit gwibber00:22
BUGabundoasac: FINALLY00:22
ftaoh; good00:22
asacBUGabundo: refresh works ;)00:22
BUGabundoI had to kill it manually00:22
asacBUGabundo: could be that some backend is broken00:22
asacwe want to know which backend it is00:23
asacBUGabundo: maybe you are not running the build from today00:23
BUGabundodaily build00:23
asacit was approved like 8 hours ago or so00:23
BUGabundo2.0 will not support Jaiku00:23
asacdaily might be too old00:23
ftait seems like if you upgrade gwibber without restarting it, it dies. at least until yesterday00:23
asacbut refresh and stuff is now solid00:23
asacall the threading is fixed ;)00:23
BUGabundo  Installed: 2.0.0~bzr476-0ubuntu100:23
asacfta: that might be a different thing. but gwibber died regularly00:23
asacjust because it was using multi-ple threads00:23
asacwithout ensuring thread-safeness00:24
BUGabundohow come daily is older?00:24
asacBUGabundo: k ... i think i know what you mean00:24
asacthe display doesnt refresh00:24
ftadamn: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/34297729/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.thunderbird-3.0_3.0~hg20091023r4223%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd4~intrepid_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz00:24
asacthats a minor bug compared to what we have before00:24
ftadh_install: thunderbird-3.0 missing files (debian/tmp/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0*/[LR]*), aborting00:24
BUGabundoasac: from user POV it stays the same00:24
asacbut you can just click on "messages" again and will see all the updates00:24
asacBUGabundo: well. not really ;) the same00:24
asacyou can at least get new dents/tweets00:25
asacusually update works00:25
asacbut sometimes not00:25
asacso you get used to it until we fixs that in SRU00:25
asacfta: tbird is a beast00:25
BUGabundoand why SOOO big delay between pulling it , and showing on notify osd?00:25
asacBUGabundo: thats notify-osd00:25
asacBUGabundo: so some backends take like 3-10 seconds to pull00:26
asacso you get the notifications at least with that delay00:26
BUGabundothat's plain bad00:26
asac+ you notify-osd also defers notifications like 10 seconds or so sometimes00:26
BUGabundoasac: so https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/446146 will just be SRU?00:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446146 in linux "Huawei E169 USB dongle not working with kernel 2.6.31-12.40" [Medium,Fix committed]00:26
asacnothing changed there as expected00:27
BUGabundoI guess Canonical is planing to ship CDs with updates for every affected user :p00:28
asacwe already talked about that yesterday00:29
BUGabundoand ?00:29
asacyou and me00:29
BUGabundothey plan to enfoce policy?00:29
asaci said all i think00:29
BUGabundoits a shame00:29
BUGabundoit really is00:29
asacno ... i didnt talk to any kernel folk, because i know the procedure. rerolling a kernel after RC is far off00:30
BUGabundoI know00:31
BUGabundoasac: so what can *I* do to00:31
BUGabundofix this for me?00:31
asacyou can grab the latest upstream daily ;)00:31
BUGabundoI'm tired of melting my android with tether00:32
asacBUGabundo: try http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.31.5/00:32
BUGabundofrom the kernel PPA?00:32
asacnot sure if its in there00:32
asacor if you need .3200:32
BUGabundoI'll test it00:32
asaci would install both and see if that works00:32
BUGabundo after upgrading to the newest kernel ( http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.31.5/  ), downloaded from another machine I finally found a way to connect  with my E220 using the mentioned00:33
BUGabundoquoted from the bug00:33
BUGabundoLooking at the changelog for (http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/ChangeLog-  it appears Ben H's fix is included.00:33
asacso verify that the .5 works00:34
BUGabundodownloading now00:34
lunatichey everyone i am running jaunty and have a problem with swiftfox - the browser resets all my settngs, and bookmarks/history are inacessible if i am not running browser as root00:43
lunatici have tried chmod and various solutions found on the forums, but alas00:44
lunaticanyone with a solution?00:45
BUGabundohitting the pillow. gdnuit everyone00:54
asaclunatic: we dont do swiftfox in here usually01:01
asacbut following things you find on forums usually makes it worse ;)01:01
asacthats all i can say:)01:01
asaclunatic: its most likely a packaging thing01:02
asacif you ever run a firefox/xulrunner as root01:02
asacyou will be busted01:02
asacat least on old branches you could never run it as user again01:02
asacso never ever run as root01:02
lunaticasac i had the same problem with firefox01:02
asacis the most important rule01:02
asacin the past that was an issue with firefox01:02
asacnot sure if its still an issue01:02
asaci hoped not01:02
asacbut running any mozilla as root is strictly destructive01:03
lunaticwell i read that ppl got to solve the issue01:03
asacso what you probably need to do01:03
asacis to remove the package ... find everything that is left behind01:03
asacin the /usr/li/... directories it used01:03
asacand remove them manually01:03
lunaticlike profile folders? ok got it01:03
lunaticand then get firefox 3.5?01:03
asaclunatic: well. most of those solutions are liek: "you need to run as root" ... you need to remove your profile from time to time ... you need to do x y z ... or something other ugly01:03
asaclunatic: yes. and if you ran it as root you might have now root only files in your profile01:04
lunaticasac i did notice that^^01:04
asacso you really should first cleanup all the stuff01:04
asace.g. remove package01:04
asaccheck that there is nothing left in /usr/lib/ etc.01:04
asacthat is remotely related01:04
asacto swiftfox01:04
asacmaybe check if there is something still in /usr/lib/swiftfox after removing01:04
asacthen fix your profile01:05
asacchown USERNAME -R /path/to/profile01:05
asacand hope for the bets01:05
asacnext time when it doesnt start01:05
asacdont try as root01:05
asacrather try disabling extensions etc01:05
asacthere is almost no way running mozilla as root will help ;)01:06
asacit will only cause more pain01:06
asaclunatic: if you hard core you can use things like strace -eopen -f firefox  ... and check what files it cannot open etc.01:06
asacthough it needs a trained eye to spot that among all the crap that comes out there ;)01:07
asachmm. did that sound like harsh words or why did he skip ;)01:09
lunaticyay i got kicked out of my session)01:11
lunaticokay i have --purge removed swiftfox, the SF dir in /usr/lib got deleted.01:14
ftaasac, i knew there was something weird with tb3... debian/tmp/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.1a1pre  it's no longer 3.001:53
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
asacfta: oh. so they made a final branch now?12:13
av`asac, you should receive a mail about http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=55218512:17
ubottuDebian bug 552185 in gnome-bluetooth "[gnome-bluetooth] read/write access to the /dev/rfkill device is" [Minor,Open]12:17
asacav`: are you gnome-bluetooth in debian?12:26
asacav`: you need to add a udev rule12:26
asacfor now12:26
asacthats what we did in ubuntu12:27
av`asac, yes, I follow gnome-bluetooth for debian12:27
av`asac, did you read that bug report?12:27
asacits kind of a temporary solution12:27
asacthats why putting it in gnome-bluetooth is right12:27
av`would you mind writing a rationale for adding it now?12:27
asacin the end it should be wrapped in bluez api12:27
av`in the bug report of course12:28
asacthe rational for adding it now is that otherwise nothing will work ;)12:28
asacat least not really nice12:29
asaci am running ... you can paste what i wrote here or i will answer when back later today12:29
av`ok, cya later12:29
ftaasac, no, i didn't13:49
ftamozilla 4662514:41
ubottuMozilla bug 46625 in Layout "<HR> tag overlaps left aligned images" [Normal,Verified: duplicate] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4662514:41
ftamozilla 46625014:41
ubottuMozilla bug 466250 in Graphics "build failure for cairo-gtk2 build with a directfb cairo" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46625014:41
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/300578/14:44
ftaasac, i've created a branch for tb 3.1 following comm-central, i based it on mozilla-central as obviously, it's what upstream wants15:25
ftai've updated tb 3.0 to follow comm-1.9.1, based on mozilla-1.9.115:26
ftai won't add 3.1 to my bot until we've reorganized the daily PPAs15:30
* eagles0513875 waves to fta and asac and anyone else in here16:14
ftadtchen, i think my problem with openarena is that it takes nearly all the cpu on my 2 cores, like 180% cpu, and p-a fights for the rest17:28
dtchenfta: yes, it's a SDL issue17:28
dtchenan SDL*17:28
dtchenit's on my queue for today17:29
ftaohoh, nice17:29
ftais stardict installable? for me, it has been unupgradeable for months :(18:05
ftaoh, nm. i remember now. scrollkeeper vs rarian-compat18:07
=== asac__ is now known as asac
dtchenfta: these SDL changes to PulseAudio themselves are _huge_21:32
dtchenfta: I haven't even started looking at the ALSA ones, though I expect them to be less invasive21:32
dtchenfta: Karmic's SDL driver for Pulse is horridly outdated21:33
ftadtchen, i have no doubts about that. let me know if you want me to try something21:33
dtchenfta: I'm afraid it will take more than 24 hours just to review the code changes21:34
dtchenfta: ...yeah, this stuff isn't going into karmic-updates at all. It'll be much better in lucid.22:01
BUGabundoit will always be much better :)22:01
dtchenfta: I should have something in the ubuntu-audio-dev soon after, if not by, karmic's release.22:02
dtchenthe 100% cpu usage is caused by both the pulse output plugin and SDL spinning in their respective loops22:02
dtchentwice the work for the fail22:02
dtchenand on top of that, it's not even progress; it's just busy spinning doing nothing22:03
ftadtchen, that explains a lot..22:04
dtchen...and the alsa output plugin just does buffering all wrong22:06
dtchenit looks like I need to keep an eye on libSDL, too :/22:07
BUGabundodtchen: thanks for the note. I'm realying it to joaopinto who is also suffenring from it22:11
ftait will probably help with vbox too22:12

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