McNeverhey guys... i've got a little front end problem i believe... had some issues and ended up having to reinstall myth... after reinstall i dont have audio on any analog channels... i've got an hvr-1600 so its a diff. tuner but if i download the video from mythweb it has audio03:55
McNeverwow... nobody home...05:31
oobeMcNever, go to setup / utils / general page 2 or 3 then try disabled ac3 passthrough07:30
oobeonly 3 hrs later :P07:30
ripperdahi, I'm trying to change some keybindings on my frontend via mythweb, but they don't seem to be taking effect (even after restarting the frontend and rebooting)07:52
jeffjeffdejeffhi all.  having some problems after d/loading and installing updates yesterday.  running myth 9.04 with a hauppauge td500 card with latest firmware.  can't seem to get my ir device listed when i do cat /proc/bus/input/devices.  any suggestions as what to do?  i have the latest v4l drivers.14:37
ripperdahi, I'm having some trouble editing some key bindings15:16
ripperdafor some reason, key strokes that xev and xbindkeys sees, mythtv doesn't appear to be seeing15:16
jeffjeffdejeffgood luck ripperda.  i've been waiting for 30 mins. :)15:17
ripperdaheh, might be too early in the morning for help15:17
jeffjeffdejeffits 1517 here. :)15:18
ripperdaah, it's 9:17 on a saturday morning here :)15:18
jeffjeffdejeffreally wish i knew what i was doing with linux and how it worked in more detail.  my problem's really annoying me15:18
ripperdawhat updates did you do? if the device isn't showing up in /proc/bus/..., it sounds like a kernel module problem15:19
jeffjeffdejeffjust updates that came through update manager.  one of them was kernel update to
ripperdaso the most likely thing is that the kernel module for the ir device isn't being loaded: either it's trying to and failing or the config changed and it's not even trying15:24
ripperda(note: I know quite a bit about linux, but don't have a lot of experience with IR devices in particular)15:24
ripperdathe kernel has to recognize the device to show it in /proc/bus/..., which is usually handled by a device driver15:25
ripperdaI would normally check the output of dmesg and look for a failure, but since I don't know the IR driver, I can't tell you what text string to look for15:25
jeffjeffdejeffthere is no "IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver " when i do dmesg15:26
jeffjeffdejeffoh hang on.  selected previous kernel through grub and now it shows in dmesg.15:28
ripperdayou might try doing an "lsmod > kernel_modules" with the working kernel, then try with the failing kernel to identify which module isn't being loaded15:29
ripperdalooking at the web pages, maybe it's dvd_usb?15:29
jeffjeffdejeffok.  have now got remote registering with previous kernel.  showing outputs when i do irw15:30
jeffjeffdejeffdo you know how to make grub load the previous kernel as default in menu.lst?15:33
ripperdajust a sec15:33
ripperdaI think grub by default will select the first kernel listed. otherwise, there's usually a command that selects the first kernel15:35
ripperdait's been a while and my menu.lst has a lot of unhelpful comments15:35
ripperdayou can try manually reordering the kernels in the file (of course, keep the "block" of commands together (like "title" "root" "kernel" etc) when you reorder kernels15:36
ripperdaif there's an actual command to specific which is first, it would use the text in the kernel's "title" line as the identifier15:36
ripperdahmm, actually it looks like the command "default" will select the kernel numerically15:37
ripperda## default num15:37
ripperda# Set the default entry to the entry number NUM. Numbering starts from 0, and15:37
ripperda# the entry number 0 is the default if the command is not used.15:37
ripperdadefault         015:37
jeffjeffdejeffhave commented out the newest kernel details.  will try that15:38
jeffjeffdejeffhey, i appreciate your help by the way. :)15:40
ripperdano problem, good luck15:41
XiXaQI have an analog tv tuner card. It works very well with tvtime, and using cd-rom input for volume control. I have a 2.9GHz Pentium 4 with 2GB RAM. That should suffice to use it as a backend, right? As long as there is v4l drivers, it should work with myth?16:36
XiXaQand should I be able to use it as a frontend on the same machine? I also have a laptop which I'd like to use to watch and control the backend. Does it require major setups, or can I have it as a normal application in the normal ubuntu setup without changing much?16:36
mrandfrontend install on a normal ubuntu setup should work fine.  I would think that a 3 GHz P4 should be fine for analog standard def playback.16:42
XiXaQbackend is heavier than the frontend?16:43
mrandnot really.  backend is slightly more disk heavy.  Frontend can be more display heavy, depending on machine and what you're trying to play back.16:44
mranderrr... front end can be more decoding heavy.16:45
XiXaQoh. But the backend has to encode the video on the fly, right?16:49
carpenikeHi all. I'm trying to boot the latest RC via netboot as it doesn't detect my CDRom drive during boot; is this possible? Didn't see a netboot image on the CD.16:55
mrandXiXaQ: hopefully your analog tuner encodes it.  If not, then yes, it would need to.  My pure guess is that 3 GHz P4 could keep up.16:58
XiXaQI doubt it does. It's rather old.16:59
mrandcarpenike: sorry, I don't know.  Might try Ubuntu forums, otherwise hopefully someone else will come along here and know.17:01
ripperdaanyone familiar with key bindings and mythtv?17:13
carpenikeok np.17:26
carpenikemrand: Going to tru using this Ultimate Deployment Appliance17:26
carpenikegoing to try*17:27
carpenikeIs there anyway to install mythbuntu without a CDRom drive and a PC that doesn't recognize USB sticks as bootable mediums?18:13
mrandWithout a CD drive and without USB option pretty much just leaves netboot I'm afraid.  I'm not specifically aware that doesn't work.18:15
mrandOr else move a hard drive or cd-rom drive between computers18:15
carpenikeyeah.... mythbuntu doesn't have a netboot image18:16
carpenikeI guess I could install ubuntu via netboot and then install mythbuntu on top.18:16
carpenikeany reason I shouldn't do that?18:17
mrandShould work just fine.  We've had a few isolated cases of gnome not playing nicely because of sound, but it's definitely worth a try!18:19
carpenikeok cool. Any reason there's not the netboot image included with mythbuntu?18:21
ToeBeehmm is serial console still pretty much the only way to diagnose a kernel panic?18:24
mrandcarpenike: not sure.  I assume that you can install mythbuntu or standard ubuntu then add the  mythbuntu-diskless-server-standalone package18:34
mrandToeBee : I'd go with whatever ubuntu forums or google finds for you.18:36
ToeBeeplaying audiosurf in wine seems to be occasianlly locking my mythbuntu system up but the nearest serial port to the mythbox is 30 feet away. Laptop only has USB18:40
ToeBeecould probably use a usb to serial dongle on the lpaotp I guess18:41
mrandUntil you try it, don't know how well that would work.  USB serial is real hit and miss18:54
mrandThen add kernel panic on top of that (where the USB drivers are)18:55
ToeBeewell the mythbox has a serial port18:58
ToeBeebut I need something on the other end to read and capture the output18:58
ToeBeehmm or get two of those serial to RJ45 adapters. I have a spare ethernet cable that would reach back to my other computers19:02
mrandoh, I misunderstood.  In that case you're putting usb serial on the other computer - that should work.19:03
ToeBeebah! there it went again. Guess it's time for a trip to radioshack19:09
XiXaQoh, I'm excited to try out mythbuntu. I tried to install myth in the normal ubuntu once, but had no luck. I hope this is a bit easier.19:10
XiXaQonly 6 hours to go! :)19:10
XiXaQthink I have to reboot my mobile.19:11
XiXaQhmm. No, seems good. Can the archive really be that slow?19:12
ToeBeeI just did updates. It was going kinda slow for those19:12
Eggheadin karmic beta, lirc doesnt wanna make a /var/run/lirc folder, does anyone know if this is a bug?19:44
ToeBeeseems like that should be created during install19:57
Eggheadtoebee, yea i would think so too, when i make the directory and run lircd all is working, after reboot the directory is gone again20:05
mrandEgghead: I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem, but karmic rc shipped with a new lirc, so maybe there hasn't been enough time yet.  If you can't figure it out (or maybe even if you can, but it is something that needs to be fixed at the distro level so others can take advantage of it), please file a bug on launchpad.21:07
ToeBeehmm I think the lirc init.d script needs to have a pause added to it when doing a restart21:28
ToeBeemost of the time when I do /etc/init.d/lirc restart it shuts down but fails to come back. If I run /etc/init.d/lirc start right after that it comes back fine21:29
ToeBeeyeah adding "sleep 1" between the stop and the start makes it work every time21:33
Seeker`hmm, is there a way of making SD sources play back with overscan an HD sources not?22:04
Mouser25I have a micro ITX computer with a GMA45 x4500HD graphics integrated hooked up to my tv but xrandr detects my tv incorrectly and I cant seem to figure out the correct cvt setting to manualy configure my screen22:35
hipitihopto log a mythbackend crash report do I use aaport ?23:49

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