tommost__In #ubuntu Castawayz is spamming the bot.02:50
Flanneltommost__: Thanks02:51
tommost__Thank you.02:51
ubottuCytoToxic called the ops in #kubuntu ()03:06
ryanakcaWhat do you do in cases like those? (where they ask to be banned) Ignore them if they leave / don't come back?03:13
naliothryanakca: well, if they're just a single user in a single channel, you use your op skills to help minimize disruptions03:16
nalioththis (as you saw) was not the case here03:16
macoPrimorski_Lav in #ubuntu05:34
macotrying to pick up chicks05:34
macohas been told that channel isn't for that05:35
ubottumaco called the ops in #ubuntu (Primorski_Lav thinks this is a pickup channel)05:35
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ubottufool__ called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:40
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, tavish said: !! this is the first time ever ubottu replied08:07
bazhangnice part message on Tim-B09:42
bazhangerr hostname09:43
bazhangsertse looks familiar12:52
ikoniadon't know the nick12:54
ikoniaside note - be aware bacta is drunk and is in #ubuntu-offtopic, he's just sent me a few "odd" pm's, but just be aware he's drunk (or says he is)12:55
ikoniaI'm off out12:55
bazhangsee you later12:55
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (advanced)13:32
nikobash fork bomb13:33
Psineticwhy are the acronyms like "wtf" and "stfu" and "omfg" not allowed?13:42
jribPsinetic: because abrasive language in general is not allowed13:42
Psinetichow does anyone know what "wtf" means?13:43
Psineticwhat the fudge, white turtle fountain13:43
Psineticit's an acronym13:43
jribPsinetic: that's fine, please don't use it13:43
Psinetici'd like to see where it says that in the code of conduct13:44
jribIt also (and most of the time) means "what the f***"13:44
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/13:44
Psinetici have seen it13:44
Psineticit doesn't say anything about language13:44
jribBe considerate13:44
jribBe respectful13:44
Psineticnothing about language13:44
jribPsinetic: being considerate and respectful includes this13:45
jribPsinetic: besides, I'm sure someone gave you the !language factoid when you used it to inform you of the rule13:45
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:46
Psineticwhich family you talking about? mine or yours13:46
jribPsinetic: neither13:46
Psineticmy point is that that rule is relative and you should be more specific. my family says cuss words all day long, i personally don't curse, i use substitutes, and your family may not. but when enforcing rules, you should be more specific. heck, spell out the words you don't want people to say in the rules (make note of it being verbally graphic to warn users)13:47
Psineticthat's just how i see it, and that's the point i'm trying to make13:48
jribPsinetic: I understand your point.  And certainly there is a gray area of words that are considered offensive to some and normal to others.  When that happens, ops will let you know that the language shouldn't be used (e.g. "wtf"). It's impossible to create a list of all offensive words.13:49
jribPsinetic: to be safe, just avoid using those words, there's no need to use them13:49
jribPsinetic: to you, it may seem ridiculous but remember ubuntu is used by people all over the world coming from many different cultures13:50
Psineticwell, this is how it came off to me, and please let me apologize for sounding rude, i think i did come off a bit edgy. it's like i use the word "gay" to represent negative connotations for things. for example, i would say "man that was gay >_>" or something like that.13:51
Psineticsomeone one time really got angry at me for that13:51
jussi01I think a better way of explaining it is in our guidelines: All the #ubuntu channels are visited by people whose ages vary, and whose tolerances of language and subject choice vary equally as much. Please be considerate of everyone and keep all the #ubuntu channels friendly places for everyone.13:51
Psineticbut i didn't know why until they calmed down enough to explain it, but it still don't make sense to me13:51
Psinetici still use that expression, but i don't think acronyms should be banned from usage as they can be used to mean anything13:52
Psineticjust as someone my say "F*** You!" I could say, "Fudge you"13:52
Psineticdoesn't mean it's a cuss word13:52
jribPsinetic: and some of the things those particular acronyms you mentioned mean ARE offensive13:52
Psineticso if i use, "FU" which one am i using?13:52
jribPsinetic: it's not clear, that's why you shouldn't use it.  Some people will take it as offensive13:52
PriceyPsinetic: As a guideline, I suggest that if you believe you need to obfuscate your message, your message is not suitable.13:52
Psineticalright. well, thanks for the clarification. might i request, or suggest, that this is clarified in the code of conduct as well? it has no mention of language at all, or even the point and idea of what ops say in the forums.13:54
jribPsinetic: what do you suggest exactly?13:54
Psineticyour explanation above.13:55
jribI think what jussi01 pasted was directly from the guidelines?13:55
jussi01it wsas.13:56
jribhrmm, not symmetric13:56
jussi01tis here.13:57
jussi01Psinetic: is there anything else you need from us?14:04
Psineticnot really14:04
jussi01Psinetic: then could I ask you pay attention to our topic :)14:04
* jussi01 waits for Psinetic to read it again....14:05
jussi01Psinetic: I mean /topic :)14:05
jussi01!idle | Psinetic14:06
ubottuPsinetic: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.14:06
Psineticah....sry, lol, i'm still getting used to irc's...haha, the topic doesn't mean what we're talking about as per se, rather, what it says at the top of the screen regarding the entire channel XD14:06
Psinetichmmmm ok14:06
Psineticthanks for your help14:06
bazhangbullgard4, how may we help you15:19
jussi01bazhang: ikonia's ban15:24
bazhangjussi01, right, just trying to see if he is responding or not15:25
voxwe should create an #ubuntu-pickups channel15:59
bazhangthat is not really funny in light of all the abuse that -women have had to endure, not to mention -ot16:00
voxit was aimed more at irony than humour16:00
bazhangubuntu_ seems to be trolling16:01
bazhangI know16:01
jussi01vox: youll find irc doesnt translate humor and irony too well..16:01
voxjussi01: well yes, this is true16:02
bazhangmasterbob/psinetic in -ot17:10
ubottuIn #ubuntu+1, russlar said: !me is goign to hell17:12
MenZabazhang: hm?17:39
KB1JWQAnwar is pasting repeatedly in #ubuntu18:10
KB1JWQHe's gone.18:12
bazhangassembly code :)18:14
KB1JWQSeriously.  That's... a little out of scope for most users here. :-)18:15
macobazhang: we've talked about that before actually...in #ubuntu-women18:15
macobazhang: about setting up like #ubuntu-hot-babes or #ubuntu-pickups and having an eliza bot or two in there18:15
bazhangtrue :)18:15
bazhangmaco, interesting18:15
macoand auto banning anyone who joined it from #ubuntu-women ;)18:15
macolike if you join that channel, youre banned from u-w18:16
bazhangmy initial response was probably knee-jerk, but then I was made op in -ru at the outset to combat some of the worst of it18:16
KB1JWQForget the Eliza bot, you could rename a pony bot and call it good, given most users who troll for that stuff on IRC.18:16
bazhanguntil -women opped every member practically18:16
macoi think about 1/4 of us have ops in ther18:17
xorredola all18:31
xorredcan I appeal my ubuntu ban here?18:32
xorredsince like ... 2-3 months?18:32
MenZaxorred: Someone with bantracker access should assist you shortly.18:47
* MenZa pokes bazhang 18:48
MenZaI can see you ban, but I can't see who set it.18:49
MenZa *** 313 - #ubuntu: ban *!*@unaffiliated/xorred [by douglas.freenode.net, 1290846 secs ago]18:49
bazhangikonia, is not around right now afaict18:49
MenZa(For the record, it's only been half a month since that was set)18:50
bazhanglooks like August 12th18:50
bazhangxorred, have you read the code of conduct and the irc guidelines?18:51
bazhang!coc | xorred18:51
ubottuxorred: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/18:51
bazhang!guidelines | xorred18:51
ubottuxorred: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines18:51
xorredthe reason I got banned is getting mad at someone, and my personal belief is he deserved it18:51
xorredthe way I reacted in the public channel was not nice... next time I'll just pm what I think18:51
bazhangxorred, please read through those18:51
bazhangxorred, have you read those documents?19:09
xorredyes, and I don't see a point where one member insults the member 2, and member 2 replies and gets banned...19:09
bazhangxorred, you are aware of why you were banned?19:09
xorredyes, bad behaviour in channel19:09
xorredbut only one side of the bad behavior got banned, which is something I don't want to disput19:10
xorredhello, ikonia19:10
ikoniabazhang: you called19:10
bazhangikonia, I gave him the coc and guidelines to read19:10
bazhangwhich he has done19:10
ikoniaoh, xorred19:11
ikoniacan you give me 2 minutes please19:12
ikoniabazhang: please continue if you're happy19:12
bazhangikonia, no problem19:13
MenZaxorred: Sending someone angry messages in a /query is not allowed by the CoC either.19:15
MenZaxorred: I hope you realise this.19:15
bazhangxorred, having read the coc and the guidelines, you still maintain that your actions were justified?19:15
xorredI had a reaction to his words19:16
xorredand I don't think these were justified either19:16
xorredyes, I know the coc was broken by me19:16
xorredbut it was not caused by vacuum19:16
ikoniamy words ? the ones giving you the answer of how to do a server install on a cd19:17
ikoniayes, you ask a question, I gave you a working answer - how is that not justified ?19:17
ikonia"without" a cd I should say19:18
ikoniathen you started ranting about design flaws in ubuntu19:18
xorredI said again, I don't want to disput what happened then19:18
ikoniayet you are doing19:18
ikoniayou're telling people my words where unjustified19:18
ikoniawhen in reality I gave you the answer to the question you asked19:18
xorredikonia, that specific version I used was impossible to install from usb19:18
ikoniathe phrase you're looking for is "I'm sorry I was rude, my attitude was uncalled for"19:19
ikoniaxorred: then you where not using ubuntu - as all the ubuntu images worked19:19
xorredactually, I am not looking for anything except un-banning my account19:19
ikoniawell - then I suggest you look at your attitude19:20
ikoniaand instead of trying to make people believe your actions where justified, look at the facts, you asked a question, for some reason didn't like the answer and was rude19:20
ikoniatelling people in #kubuntu lies - also doesn't help19:22
ikoniano-one was "dissing you" so telling people you got mad because people where dissing you is nonsense - so I'll ask you again to consider your behaviour in general19:22
xorredI know  for myself, that my behaviour was not caused by a nice talking or a nice conversation, in "nice" being polite and non-humiliating19:25
ikoniaxorred: I'm happy to make the logs of the conversation available to you19:25
xorredyet if you ask me to fall on my knees to beg you for an unban - that will not happen19:25
ikoniaxorred: you can re-read them and see there was nothing rude or humiliating in there other than your own behaviour19:25
ikoniaI'm asking you to fall on your knees I'm asking you to look at your behaviour in general, in any of the ubuntu channels19:26
xorredikonia, there is no smoke without fire, have you heard of that?19:26
ikoniathats nonsense19:26
xorredok, nonsense19:26
ikoniaagain - I'll offer the logs to you to read them for your self19:26
ikoniathat way you can see you just didn't like the answer - and you where rude in the channel19:26
ikoniabut as I said look at your behaviour in the other channels, eg: your lies/mouthing off in #kubuntu a few minutes ago, while I understand you are frustrated, just stop for a moment and consider what you're saying to people19:27
ikoniaI can grab the logs for you if you want ?19:28
xorredI don't want to waste your or my time in reading logs and disputing them 2 hours more here or elsewhere19:28
xorredjust accept I have learnt my lesson19:28
bazhangthis seems to be going in circles19:29
ikoniayou don't seem to have learnt your lesson as you still feel your behvaiour is justified and you still seem to be offering non-factual information to people19:29
bazhangchecking the logs xorred you were out of line19:29
xorredyes, I could have just shut up19:30
xorredsorry for expressing emotions too far19:30
ikoniathats fine, everyone gets frustrated19:30
bazhanghappens to everyone19:31
ikoniaI'm more concered that you feel that it's justified (reading your recent comments in #kubuntu)19:31
ikoniaapprantly I deserved it and I was dissing you19:31
ikoniawhich is nonsese19:31
ikoniawhich is why I'm suggesting you re-read the logs to actually look at your behaviour19:31
ikoniaeveryone slips up - no question of it, I'm more concerned by the fact that you see things such as people "dissing you" where that is not the case, and then feel it acceptable to react to that19:32
xorredikonia, if somebody speaks nicely to you - smiling, etc - can you spit them in the face in anger?19:32
xorredwhich is overexpressed again, but you get my point19:33
ikoniaI don't know what you mean or how that's relevent19:33
xorredI mean that there is no possible way on earth I could have started feeling this way if it was uncalled for19:33
ikoniaI understand that, which is why I'm asking you to read the logs so that you can see it was totally uncalled for19:33
xorredas I said, I overreacted19:34
xorredbut it wasnot an overreaction on vacuum19:34
ikoniaI don't know what that means ?19:34
xorredI don't want to continue this arguement19:34
ikoniaok - then we'll leave it there19:34
xorredyou'll keep my account banned?19:35
xorredor you want to continue the arguement19:35
xorredwhat do you want ikonia19:35
ikoniaI'm not arguing with you, I'm expressing concern that if the ban is lifted you'll re-join the channel, take offense at people helping you again and over react again19:35
ikoniaI'm concerned that you're seeing people insulting you where no-one is19:35
ikoniaand you may over-react again19:36
ikoniawhich based on your comments in #kubuntu you see as fine if people deserve it19:36
xorredlet's ban me again if I insult someone first, ok?19:36
bazhangxorred, no19:36
ikoniaI'm afraid I'll need to step away for 15 - 30 minutes, but I just wanted to explain my reasonings to you19:38
ikoniabazhang: thank you for the hilight19:38
bazhangikonia, no problem19:39
MenZaxorred: Can we help you with anything else today?19:55
xorredI still dont understand will you guys unban me on #ubuntu19:56
MenZaxorred: If not, please note our no-idling policy.19:56
MenZaxorred: As far as I can tell, you've already had this discussion with bazhang and ikonia.19:56
MenZa!appeals | xorred19:57
ubottuxorred: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.19:57
xorredthe discussion was me understanding that I was wrong, but they never told me will I get unbanned or not19:57
MenZaPlease see the link there if you insist on having your ban lifted.19:57
MenZa[2009-10-24 18:36:13 UTC] < xorred> let's ban me again if I insult someone first, ok?19:57
MenZa[2009-10-24 18:36:18 UTC] <+ikonia> no19:57
MenZaYou won't.19:57
xorredok, I'll follow the process19:57
* jussi01 coughs in MenZa's direction....19:58
MenZajussi01: Hello.20:19
jussi01MenZa: you dont have bt access?20:22
* jussi01 eyes MenZa20:22
MenZajussi01: Wait, I do?20:22
MenZaOh wait, tsimpson *did* give me access.20:22
* MenZa hides from jussi01 20:22
ubottuIn ubottu, tonyyarusso said: no, kompozer is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for easily creating web pages, and the continuation of the dead Nvu project.  It is available in !Universe on !Gutsy and later releases.  Note that there is a GTK incompatibility in !Intrepid and !Jaunty, so users of those releases should use the !PPA at https://launchpad.net/~giuseppe-iuculano/+archive/ppa instead.20:23
tsimpsonactually, I don't think you have access20:23
tonyyarussostupid bot20:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:23
tonyyarussono, kompozer is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for easily creating web pages, and the continuation of the dead Nvu project.  It is available in !Universe on !Gutsy and later releases.  Note that there is a GTK incompatibility in !Intrepid and !Jaunty, so users of those releases should use the !PPA at https://launchpad.net/~giuseppe-iuculano/+archive/ppa instead.20:23
tsimpsonMenZa: try @btlogin20:23
MenZaI mean20:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:23
ubottuError: You don't have the bantracker capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.20:23
tsimpsondidn't think so20:23
MenZaso hah, jussi01!20:23
tsimpsonas long as someone on the IRCC says it's ok, I'll give you access20:23
tonyyarussoMenZa: try your btlogin again - it seems to have a bit of a lag20:24
tsimpsonit won't work20:24
tonyyarussowell fine then20:24
tonyyarussoYou be all up in your "oh, I have access to the list, look at me!"20:25
tsimpsontonyyarusso: it needs a special privilege to get access, separate from editing factoids20:25
tonyyarussotsimpson: Yeah, but I have no idea who has that priv or not - you do ;)20:25
* tsimpson is all knowing20:26
* MenZa cowers in fear20:26
tsimpsonI just want someone to say it's OK, don't want to go over some ones head20:26
tsimpsonprocedures, procedures, procedures20:27
jussi01tsimpson: not yet.20:27
MenZaI don't need bt access if I'm not a member of the ircteam. ;)20:27
* MenZa is the debating type, not the banning type.20:27
tsimpsonyou see, that's why I ask :)20:27
MenZaWell, mostly. :P20:27
MenZaSpeaking of, jussi01 - how are my records?20:28
tsimpsonmaybe it's an idea to separate access by channel for BT220:28
ikoniatsimpson: can you update my bot access privs please, the last restore of the ubottu database lost them20:28
MenZatsimpson: the more modularity, the better.20:28
jussi01MenZa: records?20:28
MenZajussi01: I told you to notify me if you had any comments about any of my actions. Any? :)20:28
jussi01MenZa: well...20:28
MenZatsimpson: could do groups - a bt group, an editfact group, etc.20:29
MenZatsimpson: flags, even.20:29
tsimpsonikonia: what privileges are you lacking?20:29
tsimpsonMenZa: there already is that20:29
ikoniafactoid edit20:29
MenZatsimpson: oh.20:29
ikoniamust dash20:29
MenZatsimpson: so what's the problem, in that sense?20:29
tsimpson@capability add ikonia editfactoids20:30
ubottuError: The command "capability add" is available in the Admin and Channel plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "capability add".20:30
tsimpson@Admin capability add ikonia editfactoids20:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:30
tsimpsonMenZa: I'm just thinking maybe an op in one channel doesn't need to access bans for another channel20:30
tsimpsonright now they are all lumped together20:31
jussi01tsimpson: given that bt2 will be open to all...20:31
MenZatsimpson: From a theoretical point of view, I agree. From an #ubuntu* point of view, well...20:31
tsimpsonMenZa: I intentionally added "maybe" to that sentence ;)20:32
jussi01see with bt2 _everyone_ can see _everything_20:32
tsimpsonit'd need some discussion on practicality, implementation and design if it's needed at all20:33
tsimpsonwith bt2 we can (theoretically) access the LP group(s) a user is in, and change what a user can see20:34
jussi01tsimpson: wait a sec. as Ive said, bt2 will be open to the public. why would we need access control like that?20:35
tsimpsonjussi01: just for privacy issues, for non-logged channels20:36
tsimpsonwith publicly logged channels there is no issue20:36
jussi01ahh, good point.20:36
tsimpsonbut then we need to decide about how public operator comments should be20:36
guntbertyou might want to have a look at WanHouse aka  Tjohejs in #ubuntu - random comments,....20:56
FlannelMeh.  BTs broken?20:56
guntbertFlannel: ?20:57
Flannelguntbert: Not you, I'll take a look.20:57
guntbertFlannel: ah - got it :)20:57
=== evilGary is now known as Gary
FlannelCan anyone confirm BTs not working? or is it something funky on my end?21:15
FlannelIf it's working, do you have one or two slashes after ubottu.com?21:15
Flannel(not that I need to remind anyone, but just in case: don't paste your login URLs here!)21:16
jussi01Flannel: wfm21:19
jussi01and 121:19
Flannelhmm, I guess I'll try deleting my cookies21:20
maconote: reklama = spammer (just spammed #ubuntu and then left)23:18
guntbertits me again - reklama is repeatedly spamming #ubuntu channel on entry and leaving23:21
wgrant#ubuntu+1 has been hit just once so far.23:22
guntbertwgrant: yesterday it was the same (at least in #ubuntu)23:22
ikonialets see23:27
ikoniais it always the same guy ?23:27
wgrantikonia: Thanks.23:28
guntbertikonia: always reklama23:28
ikoniaok, so lets see what/how he deals with that23:28
ikoniathanks for the heads up23:28
guntbertand the last times the same IP too23:29
guntbertbye :)23:29
ikonialets see what happens23:29
ikoniathanks !23:29
guntbertyou are welcome :-)23:30
ubottuIn ubottu, erUSUL said: hostname is Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.23:40
nikohi erUSUL23:59

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