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clustyi was wondering if somebody could suggets some tool to mass download all fine from a http server (disregarding apache dir showing links)01:06
clustylike reordering ...01:06
chomwitt_what's the shortest routr in order to manage user accounts centrally  in a server in a lan ?01:15
russlarchomwitt_: besides active directory?01:21
russlarchomwitt_: you can use ldap01:22
chomwitt_russlar: is there a tutorial?01:25
russlarchomwitt_: there's google01:25
chomwitt_russlar: for ldpa01:25
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer01:25
chomwitt_ok thanks!01:26
russlarand there's ubottu, aparently01:26
* russlar petts ubottu01:28
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-server's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:28
mathiazzul: right - may be related to NM01:55
mathiazzul: may be if the network interface is down01:55
zulyeah it might01:55
mathiazzul: however mysql is supposed to bind to lo01:55
zulit might be upstart as well01:56
mathiazzul: and loopback is not supposed to be handle by NM01:56
stimbledoes ubuntu have somethign similar to kickstart?02:01
mathiazstimble: yes - there is a kickstart implementation for ubuntu - kickseed02:06
mathiazstimble: otherwise there is the preseed option02:07
mathiazstimble: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/installation-guide/index.html02:07
stimblecool, thx mathiaz02:14
smackdaddywhen i load my site with apache2.. it wont display my images... any ideas?03:21
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arrrghhhdoes anyone use mpd on their servers?03:42
poningruarrrghhh, yes03:50
poningruin a vm03:50
poningruwith data mounted through sshfs03:50
StrangeCharmif i want to install karmic server, is there any benefit in downloading a dvd rather than a cd?06:23
jmarsdenStrangeCharm: Only if you will be installing it away from a fast Internet connection and will need packages that are on the DVD but not on the CD.06:32
StrangeCharmjmarsden, so the server version can be installed from the generic dvd?06:45
jmarsdenNo, you'd want a server DVD for that -- different kernel06:46
StrangeCharmjmarsden, do you know where the server rc dvd is on the site? i'm having some trouble finding it in the directory structure.06:48
jmarsdenI don't even know if there is one... your question implied there was... let me look.  I use the CD iso images for server installs myself.06:49
StrangeCharmjmarsden, i just don't own writable cds: only dvds. i figure that, it i'm going to use a dvd disk, i might as well give it 4.5gb of content06:50
jmarsdenSeems pointless downloading extra stuff you won't need to use :)  I don't see a server DVD image out there...06:50
jmarsdenBTW for stuff like this a few CD-RWs or DVD-RWs are nice to use, because you can re-use them when the rc is no longer useful... i.e. in a few days when the real thing comes out :)06:51
StrangeCharmi would conversely suggest that, since bits are cheap, and disks are noncheap, i maximise efficiency with a dvd image06:51
StrangeCharmsadly, i am not the one who controls which disks i have available, which does end up with a bunch of old leftovers, and some waste06:52
jmarsdenStrangeCharm: OK.  My time waiting for downloading and burning an extra 4 GB is probably worth more to me than the few cents a DVD-R costs (what are they, US$0.17 each or so?); but I recently grabbed a pack of 10 DVD-RWs just for stuff like this so even those few cents don't get spent now :)  And for testing, you can avoid optical media completely and download to hard disk and then run a test install in a virtual mac06:59
jmarsdenhine (using KVM or VirtualBox or whatever you prefer)... no optical media needed, very ecologically sound :) :)06:59
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Sinkro63Hi. Which FTP do You recommend to install?10:21
skuldcan any body help me get postfix working?14:10
skuldI need help with postfix please.  I'm trying to use SASL authentication, I'm getting a bunch of errors in my log file....posting a snippiti....15:46
skuldpostfix configuration:  http://pastebin.com/f687e7ef415:50
skuldI'm trying to use postfix (with dovecot later for that) and mysql user database.  SASL authentication to stop open relay.15:51
skuldI can send meail if I use telnet though.15:51
foxbuntuskuld, while I am unable to directly help, I suggest you checkout this channel: #postfix16:05
lamontand generally, for bolting large things (like sasl and sql databases) onto postfix, getting it to work with postfix not-chrooted is the first step16:07
JanClamont: and AFAIK postfix is protected by AppArmor in Ubuntu, so a chroot is less important?16:25
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lamontJanC: apparmor is a nice security blanket.  so is a chroot.16:51
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Noah0504Not sure if I should talk about Karmic here, but as anyone else had trouble getting Grub 2 to install on a RAID setup?17:18
Noah0504It won't do it at all.17:18
Noah0504Kind of stumped.17:18
JanCwhat sort of RAID?17:21
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Noah0504Well, in the past I had 4 HDDs partitioned into two.  I would mirror the first partitions and then RAID 5 the last ones... Then make the RAID 1 /boot and the RAID 5 LVM and /17:22
Noah0504That would work fine in 9.04.17:22
Noah0504Not so much now.17:22
Noah0504Then I thought I would try just 1 RAID 5 array...17:22
Noah0504No luck either.17:22
JanC/boot on RAID 1 should work, as long as GRUB2 is installed on the right disk (or on all the disks)17:23
Noah0504JanC: Can I hope the the installer will does this by default?17:24
JanCno idea17:24
Noah0504Well, I just ask because everything just seemed to work on 9.04, but can't get it figured out on 9.10.  Haha.  I can always go back, but I like newer things.17:25
* Noah0504 sighs.17:25
JanCNoah0504: might be useful to check it instals on the right disk and/or manually install grub on all the disks17:27
JanCit's not impossible that the drives are enumerated in a different order when booting from CD (or the network, or whatever)17:28
JanCalso, GRUB2 should allow you to boot anyway, it has a much more extensive shell environment than GRUB117:29
Noah0504Well, it tells me the installation fails in general.17:30
Noah0504So, I don't know if it is making it that far.17:30
JanCif installation fails, that's something entirely different  ;)17:30
JanChttp://grub.enbug.org/FrontPage has most of the information about GRUB217:31
Noah0504Yeah, it's always frustrating trying to get over a new problem.  I just set up my partitions again... with the flags all set... I'm going to give it one more shot!17:32
Noah0504If I can't figure it out now, I will just go back to 9.04 for the time being until I can mess around with it some more in a test environment.  Maybe that's part of my lesson learned.17:32
embrikI've installed ubuntu hardy server and dhcpserver and arno-iptables-firewall. The clients get ip-addresse and can log on to nx on the server. But they can't connect to the internet. The server connects to the internet via eth0, gives away ip-addresses on eth1. Can anyone give me a hint?17:57
embrikcan anyone help me getting my client on the internet? I get ip from the server, the server connects to the internet with eth018:00
embrikmy server is ubuntu hardy18:01
embrikhmm.. are you all busy or am I alone in here? Is it too early maybe? Should I be back in some hours?18:22
embrikcan anyone explain to me what this message in syslog means: Connection attempt (PRIV): IN=eth0 OUT= MAC= SRC= DST=
Noah0504JanC: Still there?18:38
JanCNoah0504: sometimes  ;)18:39
Noah0504So, I am still having problems.  The installer will not install GRUB on /dev/md0, which is my RAID1.18:40
Noah0504And when just trying to install it on sda2 (the actual partition), it fails as well.18:40
skuldDoes anybody in here have experiance with Postfix?18:50
embrikcan anyone help me getting my clients on the internet? The server (ubuntu hardy) is set up as a dhcp-server and gives out ip on eth1. It connects to the internet on eth0.18:53
Noah0504Bah!  I finally got it.18:53
embrikOr show me a howto - I've been googling some time now, ,and can't figure out what I am doing wrong. The client can't ping anything else than the server18:54
blue-frogembrik: is the dhcp server giving the gateway?19:00
embrikblue-frog, I'm not sure. I haven't anything about the gateway in dhcpd.conf. How should it give away the gateway?19:06
blue-frogembrik: option routers19:09
embrikblue-frog, option routers
blue-frogif it is your gateway to the world yes.  Missing ; at the en dthough...19:10
embrikblue-frog, but what is my gateway? eth0 (the dhcp-nic LAN is Eth0 to the internet gets ip from my ISP19:12
embriksorry first eth1 and then eth019:12
embriketh1 is
blue-frogembrik: on your server    netstat -rn19:13
blue-frogembrik: in your config i wouls say 1.5 is the gateway19:15
embrikblue-frog, how can I show you output from netstat -rn?19:16
embrikblue-frog, http://pastebin.com/d7ec0f1a519:17
blue-frogoption routers;     restart dhcpd and try19:19
embrikblue-frog, ok19:20
embrikblue-frog, error when I try to restart dhcp-server. Here-s output fron netstat on client: http://pastebin.com/m74a1c51a19:24
|preTnLvr4f|is there a way I can see what services are running (I just rebooted my server and want some confirmations)19:24
blue-frogpretn ps -ef19:25
blue-frogembrik: still fighting with dhcp?21:31
embriksome application is writing to my resol.conf. could it be networmamager?21:53
embrikis it safe to remove networkmanager on my ubuntu server. I have set up my nics in network/inerfaces21:56
blue-frogembrik: from a client can you ping your server eth0?21:59
embrikblue-frog, yes21:59
blue-frogok can you ping from a client
embrikblue-frog, Well, yes - There is a problem in resolv.conf I think. New lines are added without me doing it22:00
embrikblue-frog, but yes I can ping external ip from the client - but not hostnames22:01
blue-frogembrik: so when you were saying you can't ping anything on the internet you were trying to say you were not resolving anything in fact22:01
blue-frogshould you have started with that it would have speed up the processe...22:02
embrikblue-frog, no, when I said that I couldn't ping anything I couldn't22:02
blue-frogwhat's the resolv.conf of your client?22:02
embrikit has got the wrong (old) ip adresses for the dns. I don't know why. Whenj I fill in the rioght ones everything works for a while22:03
blue-frogdhcpd.conf      option domain-name-servers22:04
embrikthe line domain-name-servers is commented out22:05
embrikshould that refer to the dns server fro my isp?22:06
blue-frogyou have another dns server?22:06
embrikblue-frog, there are two addresses. Can I write them like this? option domain-name-servers;22:08
blue-frogone dns is enough anyway22:10
embrikok, what about ntp-servers and netbios-name-servers and netbios-node-type? Shal I just ignore them? I don't know what they do.22:12
embrikblue-frog, thanks a lot. I know how it is to give support to someone who doesn't understand more than half of it. I do it everyday at work. I really appreciate it.22:16
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