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bryce__anyone know what causes xorg.conf to sometimes get truncated to 0?04:23
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tjaaltonbryce__: broken jaunty postinst06:23
tjaaltonhappens at least on a preseeded install06:25
bryce__tjaalton, mvo fixed the upgrader to handle this case, but anything else we could/should do about it so it's not a problem for folks?07:05
tjaaltonbryce__: for karmic, nothing07:58
tjaaltonsince karmic doesn't install one07:58
tjaaltonbryce__: btw, did you pull the changes from xorg git before releasing?07:59
bryce__tjaalton, I believe so07:59
bryce__tjaalton, did I miss anything?07:59
tjaaltonpushing, at least :)07:59
bryce__aha there we go08:00
tjaaltonthere was only one commit after the -vmmouse one, removing it from other archs than x86-based ones08:00
bryce__ok, different question08:00
bryce__am I on crack, or did we use to have -fglrx (and -nvidia) on the CD up through Hardy, but starting with Intrepid it is no longer there on the cd?08:00
tjaaltonit never was AIUI08:01
bryce__are you sure?  wasn't it in l-r-m, and that was on the CD?08:01
tjaaltononly the kernel module was in lrm08:01
tjaaltonbut the driver had to be downloaded08:02
tjaaltonI'm pretty sure, will check now08:02
bryce__what was the non-kernel driver package called?08:02
bryce__man, it's times like these I wish my memory didn't suck so bad08:02
tjaaltonnvidia-glx-new et al08:04
tjaaltonand yes. hardy livecd only had the lrm bits and drdsl from restricted, nothing else08:05
tjaaltonwell, at least 7.10 had08:05
tjaaltoncouldn't find the hardy cs08:05
tjaaltonbtw, I'm thinking about answering to the "xorg release process" thread about how they are going to schedule the server release(s)08:08
bryce__I hadn't been tracking the list this week08:09
tjaaltonsince it seems that x.x.0 is going to be released on late March/September from now on, it seems it's a bit late for us08:09
tjaalton_unless_ we get an exception like the gnome guys08:09
tjaaltonthat was discussed after XDC08:10
bryce__oh hell, yeah that's about a month late for us08:11
bryce__was afraid they were going to pick those two months, those are like the worst possible for us :-/08:11
tjaaltonalthough they are going to release a beta ~three months earlier, and the first RC a month after that08:11
tjaaltonand it seems like the last three months are going to be only for bugfixing.. we'll see how that works out08:13
bryce__so let me see if I understand the l-r-m thingee right...  so when it was built, it created debs for the kernel portion (which was included on the LiveCD) and some non-kernel portions (which were only installable from the network).  Correct?08:15
bryce__ok, wow08:16
tjaaltonl-r-m (the binary package) included all the modules08:17
tjaaltonbut not all of them were usable, like the nvidia/fglrx ones08:17
tjaaltonwithout the other part08:17
Alexia_DeathHm, Ill ask here, perhaps there is help.09:42
Alexia_DeathIm having a problem with karmics x09:42
Alexia_DeathIt starts in failsafe foe no apparent reason on most coldboots09:42
Alexia_DeathIm at a loss as to where I should even start debugging this09:45
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tjaalton|Alexia_Death|: the log would be nice10:25
|Alexia_Death|tjaalton: there was no other log than the failsafe I think10:25
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tjaaltoncheck the gdm logfile then10:27
Alexia_DeathI use kdm, but same thing. cheking10:28
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: http://pastebin.com/d4a32ad1110:33
Alexia_Deaththere is something there10:33
Alexia_Deathxinit:  unexpected signal 15.10:33
Alexia_Deathwhat does that mean?10:34
tjaaltondon't know10:35
tjaaltonit doesn't start without a conffile?10:35
tjaaltonI'm interested in that logfile10:35
Alexia_Deathmy KDM log?10:35
tjaaltonno, xorg10:36
Alexia_Deathfor the failes session?10:36
tjaaltonwhat failsafe do you mean btw?10:36
tjaaltonfailsafe KDE or xorg?10:36
tjaaltonso get the logfile _before_ failsafe10:37
Alexia_Deathyou know, the low rez screen10:37
tjaaltonthat's not necessarily failsafe10:37
tjaaltonif it's not forced to use vesa10:37
Alexia_Deathit says so on the top of the box10:37
tjaaltonwell, try to salvage the logfile which has the original failure10:38
Alexia_Deathand looks like warped garbage on my laptop pane10:38
Alexia_DeathI need to do it crom the command line sesson10:38
Alexia_DeathThe X log retantsion really should be longer than just the last session for a vt10:38
tjaaltonmaybe, but failsafe should save the old one with a different name10:40
Alexia_Deathit should10:40
Alexia_DeathLet me see10:40
Alexia_DeathWhat sort of different name? because theres certanly nothing in the Xorg.* variety that could be such a log.10:42
tjaaltonthere don't seem to be hooks for kdm10:46
tjaaltonso just remove the conffile and start over10:46
Alexia_Deathwhat conffile?10:47
tjaaltoncreated by failsafe?10:48
Alexia_Deaththat would then be10:48
Alexia_Deathsudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe*10:49
tjaaltonthe server is using xorg.conf10:49
Alexia_Deathyes. I need it.10:50
tjaaltonthose are backups created by failsafe10:50
Alexia_Deathnividia driver10:50
tjaaltonso most likely it's not installed properly10:50
tjaaltonmissing the kernel module etc10:50
Alexia_Deathno. i works10:50
tjaaltonand you claim it's using failsafe with vesa?10:51
tjaaltonit's failing most likely because of nvidia10:51
tjaaltonif it starts ok without xorg.conf, I'm right10:51
Alexia_DeathIt starts ok with it too10:51
Alexia_Deathin 4 cases out of 1010:51
tjaaltonso why are we discussing then?10:52
Alexia_Death4 cases that it does not10:52
tjaaltonwell, nvidia so.. meh10:52
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: there is no alternative that actually works.10:53
tjaaltonso if you restart kdm ten times in a row, it fails four times?10:53
Alexia_Deathand I doubt nvidia is the problem. It oly happens on colld boots10:53
tjaaltonblame kdm them10:54
Alexia_Deathinteresiting option10:54
Alexia_Deathbut just cold boots?10:54
tjaaltonno idea10:55
Alexia_Deathon cold boots, ive had about 5 since the upgrade, 4 have failed 1 worked10:55
Alexia_Deathkdm restart always works10:55
tjaaltonmy 8600gt works fine10:55
tjaaltonnever failed10:55
tjaaltonbut I use gnome10:56
Alexia_Deathi had the same wit GDM I think10:57
Alexia_Deaththe first sessions I used gnome after upgrade10:57
Alexia_DeathIn jaunty I used GDM but now KDE user switching does not work with GDM any more10:58
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: actually, it could be that the xserver tries to start too early, before the nvidia kernel module is usable11:19
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: it does have the feeling of a timing issue11:19
Alexia_Deathand with an heavily optimised boot thats entierly possible11:20
tjaaltonif kdm uses upstart, it could be caused by the upstart job11:21

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