jrwcoxCan i get some help with my printer?    Description: MFC240C00:00
jrwcoxPrinter Driver: Brother MFC-240C CUPS v1.100:00
jrwcoxPrinter State: processing, accepting jobs,  published.00:00
jrwcoxDevice URI: usb://Brother/MFC-240C00:00
FloodBot3jrwcox: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:00
jrwcoxNot printing00:00
njbairWhere does Ubuntu stash the ACPI settings? I set my Power Management preferences to never suspend and hit "Make default" but the login screen still suspends after a while of idle.00:00
jrwcoxDescription: MFC240C00:01
jrwcoxPrinter Driver: Brother MFC-240C CUPS v1.100:01
jrwcoxPrinter State: processing, accepting jobs, published.00:01
jrwcoxDevice URI: usb://Brother/MFC-240C                                                            not printing, using ubuntu 9.0100:01
FloodBot3jrwcox: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:01
lukeyPosted to (#ubuntu, #gnome, #radeonhd) Hello folks, apologies for the multiple post, but would anyone know howto force the gnome-panel to use the second monitor, I will update with answers which come from the other channels.00:01
jrwcoxCan i get some help? i have a brother MFC240C, printer driver has been installed, status is processing, accepting jobs, but won't actually print. I am using ubuntu 9.0100:04
lukeyhi jrwcox do you mean ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala?00:04
enovativi am using ubuntu 9.04, and how can I tell if my bluetooth is working in ubuntu ?00:05
enovativi have a gateway laptop00:05
jrwcoxlukey: no Jaunty...sorry 9.0400:05
lukeyjrwcox, ok.00:06
lukeyjrwcox, Have you seen; http://www.techsupportforum.com/alternative-computing/linux-support/385021-installed-printer-driver-mfc240c-does-not-work.html00:07
vr_mexPlease help installing ruby1.86 have this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/300133/00:07
lukeyjrwcox, the answer is put by the final poster.00:07
BookmanWhat is the current, fully updated Ubuntu 9.04 revision level?00:08
Bookmankernel level00:08
lukeyjrwcox, please let me know if this does not help and I can check further.00:08
bastid_raZorBookman: 2.6.28-1600:08
NerveClasp1Hello! I have a question: can I somehow run two separated windows of wine in ubuntu? two separated proceses of wine?00:08
Bookmanthanks bastid_raZor00:08
jrwcoxlucky: okay, I will try in just a sec00:08
lukeyNerveClasp1, hi there - what are you trying to accomplish? Running different applications and games?00:08
lukeyNerveClasp1, You could perhaps try running them as a different user?00:09
enovativhow can i test if my bluetooth is working on my laptop that has ubuntu 9.0400:09
enovativ ?00:09
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NerveClasp1lukey, frankly I want to run WoW in two windows in order to have possibility to play with two characters at the same time00:10
lukeyah I see.00:10
NerveClasp1lukey, so I don't think, that two users will be good, as I need to swith often00:10
lukeyHi NerveClasp1 you can run a command as a different user from the command line did you know?00:11
lukeyYou wouldn't have to make a seperate Ctrl-Alt-Fx session if that's what you mean?00:11
NerveClasp1ideal thing would be two windows of wine on separate workspaces00:11
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Itakuis it possible to make network logins that can sync with a USB flash drive?00:12
NerveClasp1oh! I didn't think of that!)) thnx!!!00:12
MarkGilReal obvious question time, but one I can't figure out.  How do I tell (from CLI) from version of a program I have00:13
MarkGilapt-cache search xxxx does not tell me00:13
usserMarkGil, most program have -v or --version switch00:14
vr_mexPlease help installing ruby1.86 have this problem with apt-get :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/300133/00:14
usserMarkGil, ie wine --version will tell you the version00:15
MarkGiland if it's PHP scripts and non executables?00:16
lukeyhi MarkGil, usser is correct also you can do: lukey@Lynysys:~$ dpkg -p xchat | grep Version00:16
lukeyMarkGil, usser this will show the version of the package.00:16
lukeyMarkGil, usser I hope this helps but if not please let me know.00:17
ctmjrlukey: : dpkg -l xchat does the same thing less typing more info00:18
Itakui want to setup my schools computer network to run on ubuntu, but i need to know how to make all the accounts on one server computer, make all the computers login to their account over a network00:19
lukeyctmjr, Ah yes - that's much nicer!00:19
Itakuanyone know how to do this?00:19
ctmjrlukey: : thought you might like it00:19
jrwcoxluky:Score....it's printing....ty so much00:19
lukeyjrwcox, no worries glad to help00:20
jrwcoxLukey: I have been trying to get help all day, and no one could figure it out....awesome00:20
lukeyjrwcox, I used "google.com/linux"00:21
lukeyjrwcox, and I typed "brother MFC240C jaunty" it was the first result :D00:21
Raydiationhow can i setup a wlan connection with my wlan router in terminal? essid: foobar, wpa200:22
vr_mexPlease help installing ruby1.86 have this problem with apt-get :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/300133/00:23
lukeyvr_mex, sorry do you still need help with the problem?00:23
lukeyvr_mex, sorry00:23
lukeyvr_mex, we typed at the same time I think00:23
lukeyvr_mex, Can you paste what happens when you do: Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] Y00:24
lukeyinstead of  Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] q00:24
vr_mexyes I need help with this please  http://paste.ubuntu.com/300133/00:24
jrwcoxlukey: go figure the one place I don't look:-D00:24
lukeyjrwcox, aint that always the way.00:24
Itakuwho here can help a 4500+ network administrator?00:24
lukeyItaku, hi there.00:25
lukeyItaku, I will research for you.00:25
vr_mexlukey, I would imagine it will install ruby1.87 since that is waht it says at the bottom of my paste...00:25
isabel575how can i remove/purge evolution?00:25
Itakuk so, im a technology directer at a school district, and i got passed to make all the computers linux, so how would i go about making a network login account for 4500+ users and make it automatically sync with a flash drive?00:26
isabel575evolution mail that is00:26
lukeyvr_mex, I understand that you are trying to install ruby1.87 instead of ruby1.86, is this correct?00:26
rjuneItaku, where you at in MI?00:26
ctmjrisabel575: sudo apt-get --purge remove evolution00:26
vr_mexlukey, no the other way arround i want ruby1.86 installed00:26
Itakudo i really have to say?00:26
lukeyvr_mex, ok thank you.00:27
rjuneItaku, I'm in northern, IN, kinda curious is all00:27
rjuneup by south bend00:27
Itakunot giving out that information00:27
vr_mexPlease help installing ruby1.86 have this problem with apt-get :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/300133/00:27
lukeyvr_mex, which ubuntu are you running, I will find a pacakge.00:27
rjuneYou'll want to use LDAP for the network auth stuff00:27
isabel575is there a list of apps that you can't delete from the ubuntu default or that you shouldn't or it'll cause damages to the system?00:27
Itakulol lukey is my quesiton too hard or something?00:27
rjuneflash drives *should* be formatted vfat, no user id syncing required00:27
Itakuthing is right now, we use god awful macs, and its setup to login via a network, and sync with the network and flash drive at login/logout00:28
vr_mexlukey, please read the post http://paste.ubuntu.com/300133 it is more involved than just looking for a pkg...00:28
powerjuceis there a way to work with raw files made with dd? i made a raw file of a disc, can i make it into an iso?00:28
Itakuand students can save work to their flash drive and take it home00:28
lunaticjoin #ubuntu-beginner-help00:28
rjuneItaku, sync what?00:28
Itakusync all data, desktop icons, history00:28
Itakuplain out everything00:28
rjunesyncs the user's home directory to the flash?00:28
lukeyItaku, yes for me I think :) I am glad more knowledgable folk have since answers because it is good to learn this too.00:28
Itakuagh, i got till jan 1st 2010 to get all computers in the district to ubuntu00:29
Itakuso i want to start ASAP00:29
rjuneif the kid does not have their thumb drive, do they still have full access?00:29
rjuneItaku, how many computers?00:29
Itakurjune, yeah, it uses network login, so it just wont get synced to the flash drive, but to the network, and next time they use their usb drive, itll get synced to it00:30
isabel575is there a list of apps that you can't delete from the ubuntu default or that you shouldn't or it'll cause damages to the system?00:30
Itakuand around 3000 computers00:30
rjuneInteresting setup.00:30
rjuneand you have until Jan 1st?00:30
rjunerunning on the Mac hardware? or are you getting all new hardware?00:30
bastid_raZorItaku: #ubuntu-server may help too.00:30
ItakuI got like 100 copys of ubuntu burnt already00:30
rjunehow many people do you have?00:31
Itakucounting all students K-12 and staff, 4,500 ish00:31
rjuneNo, I mean in your department.00:31
Itakuoh in the tech department00:31
Itakui got some voulenteers too so, it wont be too bad00:32
Itakuim pretty sure I can do it00:32
rjuneItaku, Look at network imaging, don't bother burning CDs or making bootable flash drives.00:32
rjunethat's for starters.00:32
Itakuwe're gonna just take all the computers down in december for the transition, theres a 2 week break there so its minimal time00:33
* laclasse seconds that00:33
Itakuaww really?00:33
doltekHow do I mount my blackberry?00:33
rjuneItaku, yes, really.00:33
Itakudoltek, just plug it in i do belive00:33
laclasseItaku, yes, what hardware? MAcs?00:33
Itakuit worked for me fine00:33
Itakuyeah macs00:33
Itakuthey can install ubuntu right?00:33
rjuneItaku, what do you use for central auth now?00:33
rjuneItaku, Newer ones probably, older ones, maybe not.00:34
laclasseItaku, so students currently save their work / desktop and have a mac home too? You realize that desktop linux will be different?00:34
rjunePPC might be problematic.00:34
Itakuyup we just got newest of the newest00:34
rjuneYou just bought 3k macs to run ubuntu on?00:34
Itakuand all students got a 2GB flash drive, 500MB windows formatted, 1.5GB mac formatted00:34
laclassehopefully its intell cause ppc version of ubuntu was dropped00:34
doltekThe Icons show up, but I try to open them and I get an errot message00:34
Itakuit's intel00:35
rjuneItaku, You just bought 3k macs to run ubuntu on?00:35
Itakuwe originally got mac's for mac00:35
Itakubut then, 2 months into the school year, we realize its crap00:35
rjuneso why switch?00:35
ack_synI hate ubuntu00:35
ack_synslackware rules o//00:35
Itakutakes about 10 minutes to sync 1MB00:36
rjuneItaku, You can setup a logout script to do rsync.00:36
Itakuso its a very long login00:36
rjunebut I don't think that syncing the desktop like that is a good idea.00:36
Itakuwhy not?00:36
rjunesorry, syncing hte home directory.00:36
Mavsanybody with experience on netboot?00:36
Itakuwell still why not?00:37
rjune1. Lots of irrelevant crap gets copied00:37
rjune2. the more it diverges, the longer it will take00:37
laclasseItaku, this sounds a bit crazy to buy new macs, but well it is a supported platform. Switching is fine, however reproducing the 'integration' of macs particularly if you were using some of their server software is going to require a fair bit of work. You need pxe / network deployment, clever dhcp setup, preseed and gold images, printer set up, LDAP everywhere ... possibly a few moddle servers ...00:37
rjune3. What happens when a file gets modded on both the server and the flash drive?00:37
Itakuoh im getting ubuntu server too00:37
rjunelaclasse, moodle is irrelevant, either he has it now or he doesn't. that doesn't factor into this.00:38
Itakurjune, then it gets modded on the server and flash drive00:38
laclasseItaku, look at ebox to automate and administrate things on the server side (its built on ubuntu)00:38
Itakuyou mean different modifications00:38
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laclasserjune, er sure, it does help making a good case for linux tho.00:38
rjuneItaku, try to sync them both. which one takes precidence00:38
Itakuright now, server wins00:38
Itakuwe realized thats a bad problem00:38
NerveClaspsorry, but how do I run commands from the name of another user?00:39
rjunelaclasse, does ebox not suck now? last I looked it was mostly useless00:39
rjuneNerveClasp, sudo; man sudo for help, I can't tell you more right now, involved with something else00:39
usserNerveClasp, su - <username> -c "command"00:39
rjuneor that.00:39
Itakui knew sending stuff to do on the computers at once wouldnt be a problem00:39
laclasserjune, for administering ldap, it has an ok interface, but if you know something better with ease of use in mind ;-)00:39
rjuneyeah, Novell00:40
laclassesure, $$$00:40
rjunecheaper then the macs00:40
laclassethen let's go OpenView ;-)00:40
usserlaclasse, rjune how about Mac server with opendirecory :)00:40
rjunethen likely cut his tech requriments in half.00:40
Itakuwe originally planned to use macs, but the macs suck00:40
rjunelaclasse, do you have any idea the cost of Novell?00:41
enovativhow can i test if my bluetooth is working on my laptop that has ubuntu 9.0400:41
Itakuim not really concerned about the macs00:41
lukeyItaku, they are good for a fashion statement I think.00:41
laclasserjune, erm, i work for canonical, so yes. I do.00:41
Itakuwe got a $$55 bond last year, we got the money00:41
rjunelaclasse, ok, then you know that for a school, Novell is dirt cheap.00:41
Itakuim not worried about in buying new computers, when these macs we got last summer work fine, except for what i need it for00:41
rjuneItaku, anyway, to solve your problem.00:42
rjuneYou'll need network provisioning, g4u might handle that ( laclasse chime in here if ebox handles any of this stuff)00:42
krummlaufi fixed my ubuntu00:42
krummlaufnow what do i do00:42
rjuneItaku, that'll let you dump out an image to all the systems.00:43
Itakui couldnt imagine its too hard to setup network logins on linux00:43
Itakuand im pretty sure theres a way to transfer over mac users to linux00:43
rjuneIf they're workstations, you'll want to use OpenLDAP for auth, eBox works for that, I use Gosa myself.00:43
Itakuor i'd just get a script to00:43
rjuneItaku, data is easy, scp. configuration... not so much00:43
laclasserjune, heh i used g4u in the past ... but now i like clonezilla too ;-)00:44
c4ptItaku: transfer mac users over with what utility?00:44
rjuneAdditionally, you'll want to setup profiles to restrict access to various things. are you using KDE or GNOME?00:44
laclasserjune, not sure bout ebox, i have custom pxe setup in the lab00:44
Itakuthe way im thinking how it is, just put all the computers on the domain, and setup the server to be where the usernames are00:44
rjunelaclasse, me too.00:44
rjuneand it's been 3 years since I was admin for a school.00:44
Itakuive been tech director for 5 years00:45
rjuneItaku, if you're using KDE, you need to learn about kiosktool.00:45
Itakuand right now, we're the first district in the country to use flash drives00:45
rjuneIf you're using GNOME, I think Sabyon is what you want.00:45
Itakuyeah im using gnome00:45
NerveClaspusser, thank you)00:45
ItakuKDE is too messy00:45
Itakuand gnome has that professional look00:45
rjuneGosa supports pushing some of that stuff out to workstations, don't know about ebox. I don't use that part myself.00:45
Itakuespecially 9.1000:46
rjuneYou'll probably want to look into cfEngine though.00:46
* laclasse likes preseed+puppet00:46
rjunethat'll at least let you run specific commands on the systems. you can do the fire and forget00:46
Itakuok and, please tell me i can set server permissions on all the computers right?00:46
rjuneItaku, cfEngine + Sabyon should do it.00:46
Itakubecause we've already had problems where students found out out to play halo on the computers somehow00:46
Itakuand had to block it00:47
Itakuso cfengine and sabyon?00:47
Itakuare those apt packages?00:47
rjuneItaku, cfengine is.00:47
rjunesabyon might not be the right tool00:47
usserItaku, jeez man, mount your client's home partitions with noexec, no need to reinvent the bicycle here00:47
rjuneusser, push access control profiles for GNOME.00:48
Itakuand cfengine has to be installed on the server right?00:48
rjuneand the workstations00:48
Itakuoh fun00:48
rjunethere's an agent that runs on the workstations.00:48
rjuneItaku, it's doable. I've done it.00:48
usserrjune, what access control profiles, to control what?00:48
Itaku3000 computers?00:48
Itakuby jan 1st?00:48
rjuneI had a network of 325 computers all by my lonesome.00:48
rjuneItaku, Give me a week, I could come up with a plan to do it.00:48
usserrjune, the way i have it here, is, fluxbox with a custom ~/.fluxbox dir with read only permissions, noexec for /home, and ssh to administer/push all the updates to the boxes00:49
rjuneusser, how many systems?00:49
Itakuright now im planning to take down the student network in the month of december00:49
Itakuand the last half of the month take down the entire network00:49
usserrjune, about a 10000:49
Itakubecause teachers still need to be able to do grading00:49
rjuneusser, he's got 3k00:49
raeldenkhi all00:50
rjuneItaku, I think you could get away with doing rolling blackouts as you migrate rooms / labs00:50
Itakuoh you think this is one building?00:50
Itakuits 7 different buildings00:50
Itakuand some schools, have like, 2 rooms with computers00:50
rjuneI think you're best off doing one building at a time as much as you can.00:51
raeldenkhow can i choose the file to download between all torrent files with rtorrent00:51
usserrjune, hm... ok, you could setup your own repository, set client to autoupdate, and push whatever updates you want through deb/apt-get00:51
Itakuthe K-2 grades dont need 5 computer labs00:51
rjuneusser, getting closer.00:51
usserrjune, can pretty much do whatever you want00:51
NerveClaspsorry again, but I need to run this "wine /media/GAMES/Games/WoW/Wow.exe -opengl" under one user from the name of the other.. I tried "su -c wine /media/GAMES/Games/WoW/Wow.exe wowdub00:51
NerveClaspunknown id: /media/GAMES/Games/WoW/Wow.exe"00:51
rjuneusser, he's asking how to do it00:51
rjuneItaku, he brings a good point I assumed and didn't mention.00:52
rjuneself host00:52
krummlaufso i got flash to work00:52
krummlaufand i have xchat00:52
krummlaufwhat else should i get?00:52
FloodBot3krummlauf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:52
Itakuis there an easy way to put cfengine on all the computers at once?00:52
krummlaufim in the club guys!00:52
Itakurather then going to each computer one by one?00:52
rjuneItaku, put it in your install image.00:52
Itakuoh theres a way to edit the image?00:52
rjuneUhm, ya00:53
NerveClaspcan anybody help?00:53
usserItaku, ssh -C `cat clients.txt` apt-get install cfengine00:53
rjuneItaku, another thing I've done is setup a dummy package that deps all the software I want. install it, everything I want gets sucked in.00:53
Itakuwell i have to clock out in 7 minutes00:53
usserItaku, ssh -C `cat clients.txt` "apt-get install cfengine" sorry00:53
Itakuhow would i add that to the image?00:53
rjuneOff the top of my head I don't know.00:54
usserItaku, assuming you have ssh with public/private keys setup on the clients00:54
carbm2I have a local server that runs Samba to share my home directory and my data directories.  I am making my TRUE switch to Ubuntu now with 9.10 but I'm slightly confused on the best method to mount my shares on my laptops.  I've used sshfs to mount my Documents but the overhead is a bit much.  I also know I could just smbmount the shared but is there a *nix type like NFS I should be using?00:54
redsnyperOk, I am having a hard time getting my sound to work on UBUNTU, anyone help me?00:54
rjuneItaku If you have any openings, I'm looking for new employment00:54
ussercarbm2, smb should be quite enough, with all due respect nfs is a little aged00:55
BlackFatecarbm2, samba is just fine00:55
redsnyperip address00:55
Itakuwe dont right now00:55
usserItaku, hey me too :)00:55
NerveClaspmy newly created user cannot mount images of existing ntfs filesystem.. how to do it?00:55
redsnyperI need help installing my sound on my laptop via UBUNTU.00:55
webbb82The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:55
webbb82  prism: Depends: xulrunner-1.9.1-dom-inspector but it is not installable00:55
webbb82when i try to install prism00:55
raeldenkhi guys00:55
rjuneItaku, If you were close to the Indiana border, I would have volunteered to help. like I said, I'm near SB00:56
Itakui'll tell you what you two, give me some kind of info, email msn aim or something and i can get in touch with you when there is one.00:56
Mavsanybody with experience on netboot?00:56
rjuneItaku, PM your way00:56
webbb82how do i fix broken packages00:56
BlackFatewebbb82, Synaptic> edit > fix broken packages00:57
carbm2Does anybody know if its possible to mount a SMB share without having to have my password in the script? Thats why I like the sshfs because I use keybased passwordless login.00:57
rjuneMavs, done some LTSP, what do you need?00:57
Itakualright guys im out, thanks a bunch00:58
BlackFate!anybody Mavs00:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about anybody Mavs00:58
BlackFate!anybody | Mavs00:58
ubottuMavs: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:58
Itakui'll be back tomorrow probably00:58
Mavsrjune, I'm trying to use netboot to install karmic00:58
rjuneMavs, ok.00:58
rjuneWhat's the failure?00:58
Mavsbut tftp is giving me file errors00:58
rjunewhat errors?00:59
MavsFile <ubuntu-installer\i386\boot-screens\stdmenu.cfg> : error 131 in system call ReadFile An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.00:59
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whodevilis there a doc on upgrading early?00:59
intlautopartsok why does my wireless card work with freespire with no config and xubuntu doesnt even see it00:59
iholstHow do I change the icon of a launcher to one of my own images?00:59
rjuneMavs, have you googled that error?00:59
rjuneI dont' recognize it straight off.01:00
rjuneMavs, windows server?01:01
rjuneAt first glance, it looks like it's a server can't find the file type of error01:01
LordQuackstarHas anyone tried to boot ubuntu using the PLoP boot manager?01:02
perlsyntaxDoes ubuntu 9.10 have a cpan in it apt-get?01:02
rjuneMavs, i have to go to dinner01:02
iholstdoes anyone know how to change the icon of a launcher?01:02
Samus_Arancan someone tell me what in the world Ubuntu's partitioner actually *DOES* when it sits there for minutes "scanning the partition table" ?  there is no scanning needed, fdisk -l takes 1 second for 10 disks, Ubuntu's magical partitioner takes 4+ minutes01:02
Mavsok, I'll try from ubuntu01:02
rjuneI would verify that you can download the file from the server manually01:03
perlsyntaxi mean for perl01:03
mazda01can someone please look in /lib/oss-compat/linux and tell me if there is a file that is symlinked to /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat.conf? i am getting a failure to install a new kernel image. here's a pic   http://img259.imageshack.us/my.php?image=linuximage.png01:03
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Mavsthe file is there01:03
charlie5hi all ... any ideas on why evolution 'send/receive' button shoulf 'faded out' ? ... the system installed a new kenrell yesterday, and today my mail is well an truly broken :/01:03
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: CPAN allows Perl modules to be installed from source.  there's no way apt-get can install source like that.  it does however have dozens of popular Perl modules that can be installed directly from apt-get01:03
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: you can run cpan yourself to install modules not available through apt-get01:04
charlie5hmm, never mind why ... how can i fix it ? ... :)01:04
perlsyntaxi look in apt-get andtype in cpan and nouthing came up.01:04
iholstdoes anyone know another good ubuntu help channel?01:05
perlsyntaxdo i have to install it?01:05
perlsyntaxi did this01:05
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: it's part of Perl01:05
LordQuackstarOk, does anyone know if using PLoP to load ubuntu on an external usb hard drive will give me write access?01:05
perlsyntaxmaybe i stay with fedora.01:05
durtiholst, there is #kubuntu and #xubuntu for those specific versions.01:05
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: what's the problem ?  CPAN is not a program, it's a Perl module, it is installed when you install the "perl" package01:06
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: same as on any other distro01:06
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: perl -MCPAN ...01:07
perlsyntaxi know what it is01:07
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: so then why are you asking for a cpan program ?01:07
raeldenkhi all01:07
raeldenkhow can i choose the file to download between all torrent files with rtorrent ?01:07
durtLordQuackstar, nothing to do with PLoP, IIRC. Depends on the grub options on the usb external.01:07
LordQuackstardurt: where does IIRC fit into this?01:08
Samus_Aranraeldenk: what do you mean ?01:08
durtraeldenk, BkSp, then tab to auto complete01:08
Samus_AranLordQuackstar: IIRC = If I Recall Correctly01:08
durtLordQuackstar, IIRC--If I Remember Correctly... :)01:08
LordQuackstardurt: and how do i configure the grub options on my external? Its just a straight boot that unetbottin made01:08
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raeldenkSamus_Aran, i want just one or two files in this torrent and would not downloads others !01:09
Samus_Aranperlsyntax: try: perl -MCPAN -e shell, then use "help"01:09
xociteIf I download 9.10beta can I easily upgrade to the final version?01:09
Samus_Aranxocite: in theory01:10
LordQuackstardurt: This is why i'm asking: http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#faq0. It says dos dosen't have write, but i was just wondering if the external linux would01:11
bastid_raZorxocite: yes, just do updates as usual and it will be up to date at final release01:11
Samus_Aranraeldenk: do you know how to get to the files screen of rtorrent ?01:11
raeldenkdurt, Samus_Aran  in the torrent there is 5 files and i just want two of them, so how can i disable the download of the 3 others ?01:11
raeldenkwith rtorrent01:11
chomwitt_what's the shortest routr in order to manage user accounts centrally  in a server in a lan ?01:12
durtLordQuackstar, hmmm, my usb flash drive has a grub stage....made with unetbootin01:12
Samus_Aranraeldenk: select those files with ctrl+click, then right click on one of them and set the priority to "do not download"01:12
durtraeldenk, highlight with up-down arrow and ctrl-d to stop, another ctrl-d to remove.01:12
bastid_raZorchomwitt_: #ubuntu-server may be the best place to look.01:14
Samus_Arandoes anyone know what in the world Ubuntu's partitioner actually *DOES* when it sits there for minutes "scanning the partition table" ?  there is no scanning needed, "fdisk -l" takes 1 second for 10 disks to gather the same information as Ubuntu's magical partitioner which takes 4+ minutes01:14
raeldenki'm using rtorrent there is not clicks01:14
chomwitt_bastid_raZor: thanks!01:15
javier__How i change mi nick?01:15
Samus_Aranraeldenk: however you set the priorities, set it to "do not download".  try spacebar01:15
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charlie5nm, evolution somehow switched to 'work offline' mode ... re-setting to 'work-online' and all is well01:16
CrawfordComeauxI'm planning on repartitioning my HD to dualboot win7. I have ubuntu in an ext3 partition and a separate partition for swap. How should I backup my data?01:16
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bazhangJ2bv16, hi01:16
CoUrPsEraeldenk, With utorrent active window, just use down/up to select your torrent, you will see 3 *'s along the side of the file to indicate which one is selected.01:16
durtraeldenk, open another terminal and read, 'man rtorrent' for the full scoop.01:16
bastid_raZor!backup | CrawfordComeaux ..take your pick>01:16
ubottuCrawfordComeaux ..take your pick>: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:16
J2bv16How are everyone here?01:16
raeldenkthe space work for the files !01:17
bazhangJ2bv16, did you have an ubuntu support question01:17
J2bv16Im here just for talk01:17
bazhangJ2bv16, random chat in #ubuntu-offtopic thanks01:17
Samus_AranCoUrPsE: they said rtorrent, not utorrent01:18
raeldenkthank you for the help it works :D01:18
Samus_Aranraeldenk: welcome01:18
CoUrPsEraeldenk, Ctrl+s will start a torrent, ctrl+D will stop, Ctrl+dd will stop/remove,  A limit 50, S Limit 10 D limit 1, Z Decrease limit 50, S Decrease limit 10, C Decrease limit 1, using Shift with the throttle fucntions will change upload throttle instead of download throttle.01:18
J2bv16im running Xubuntu with the kernel 2.6.3001:18
lunatichey anybody knows how to fix synaptic package manager in jaunty if it can't download updates? i can only use apt-get, bc synaptic has trouble connecting or downloading01:18
CoUrPsESamus_Aran, I know, this is why i told them how to use rtorrent, and not utorrent.01:18
xociteSamus_Aran: what do you mean 'in theory'?01:18
Samus_AranCoUrPsE: "<CoUrPsE> raeldenk, With utorrent active window..."01:18
bazhangxocite, it will be fine01:18
CoUrPsEahh right, i put wrong name in, i was talking bout rtorrent.01:18
J2bv16in a laptopt with a 192 ram and 800mhz p301:18
J2bv16And is very slow with the swap01:19
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BlehkSamus_Aran: I think that the ubuntu version is supposed to look pretty and lag so it feels more like windows01:19
Samus_Aranxocite: that means "it should".  upgrades in Ubuntu are not always perfectly smooth, though they are supposed to be.  my recommendation is before you do any distro-upgrade to turn off the repositories such as multiverse/universe/and other personal ones01:19
KnifeySpooneyIs there any way to align window titlebar text to the left using something in Gnome or a compiz plugin?01:20
CoUrPsEAnyone getting packages to update from synaptic called poppler or something, which are unauthicated ?01:20
Samus_AranBlehk: it is ridiculously awful how long it takes, and if you do almost anything in the partitioner, it again rescans for minutes01:20
Nikus_PokusHello everybody01:20
lunatic<CoUrPsE> i did01:20
Samus_AranBlehk: the last partitioner I used that was that bad was MS-DOS FDISK, which would slowly scan the partition table each time you did something01:21
CoUrPsElunatic, you know if they are trusted packs?01:21
Nikus_PokusI have a little problem: each time i start my computer I uncheck the wireless network. Anyone know how to fix it permanently01:21
lunaticCoUrPsE no idea only got them today=). what do they do?01:21
Samus_AranNikus_Pokus: I recommend using wicd for managing your network, it's way better than Gnome Network Manager01:22
J2bv16Spanish help?01:22
CoUrPsElunatic, Donno, was asking before i installed them.01:22
KnifeySpooneyNikus_Pokus: Which is your problem, the wireless network is getting unchecked by itself or you have to uncheck it to keep your adapter working on the next boot?01:22
make_up_yor_mindive got the source code to something and was just wondering what I should do with it01:22
Nikus_PokusMay be but i don't really want to unistall Network Manager01:22
Ryan_Can someone  help me find out why I can't install Ubuntu?01:22
durtJ2bv16, #ubuntu-es01:22
bazhangJ2bv16, in #ubuntu-es ; /join #ubuntu-es01:23
Samus_AranNikus_Pokus: okay, then be comfortable with things being unusable and broken on a regular basis ...01:23
BlehkAnyone have a suggestion on whether to use Mysql proxy (and lua), or sqlrelay (so I can use python! :D)? I'm trying to setup a proxy solution for my databases but I can't seem to find any really "real" suggestions. Most suggestions are about the way the app makes them "feel". And even that doesn't tell me anything.01:23
J2bv16you dont want me here01:23
bazhangRyan_, using which method01:23
lunaticCoUrPsE they have smth to do with pdf reader i think=). nothing crashed yet01:23
Nikus_PokusAll work fine, but i don't need of the wireless network all the time. So I want it to be unchecked at startup01:23
durtBlehk, if no one answers here I suggest #ubuntu-server01:24
Samus_AranBlehk: I would try a more general channel like ##Linux or possibly ##Networking01:24
BlehkThanks guys, I'm in the wrong spot.01:24
mazda01can someone please look in /lib/oss-compat/linux and tell me if there is a file that is symlinked to /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat.conf? i am getting a failure to install a new kernel image. here's a pic   http://img259.imageshack.us/my.php?image=linuximage.png01:24
Ryan_I made a boot disk, partitoned my HDD and then tried to install on reboot. When I try to install, it freezes.01:24
jrwcoxCan I get help for running a DVD on ubuntu 9.0401:25
bazhangRyan_, did you md5 the iso; burn at low speed and run the disk integrity check01:25
CoUrPsElunatic, I googled something about security vulnability to DoS.01:25
make_up_yor_mindive got the source code to something and was just wondering what I should do with it01:25
mazda01jrwcox, and what's your question?01:25
CoUrPsEBut couldnt get any results specfic to the updates that were done.01:25
durt!dvd | jrwcox01:25
ubottujrwcox: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:25
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind;  install it? hehe01:25
CoUrPsElunatic, Ta for the re-assurance.01:25
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind;  compile it?01:25
Ryan_md5? I used isorecorder at 25x speed.01:25
KnifeySpooneyNikus_Pokus: create a duplicate file of /etc/network/interfaces called /etc/network/interfaces201:25
make_up_yor_mindhow do you do that01:26
linuxman410does anyone here have trouble with the game yoville on facebook running under ubuntu01:26
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; What is the source for?01:26
lunaticCoUrPsE how do i pm someone by the way? been years since i used irc last01:26
mazda01linuxman410, i have issues with scrollbar in farm town and fish world, yes01:26
CoUrPsE/query nickname will open a empty query.01:26
make_up_yor_mindits for this01:26
KnifeySpooneyNikus_Pokus: Then type 'gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces' and comment out the line 'auto eth0'01:26
CoUrPsE/msg nickanme msg wil msg the user and it will open when they reply.01:26
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; for ubuntu?01:26
apparlelunatic: Type '/privmsg <username> <msg>'01:27
bazhangRyan_, did you md5 the iso and do the disk integrity check?01:27
Mondraboa noite a todos01:27
Ryan_What is md5?01:27
KnifeySpooneyNikus_Pokus: Or if you do not see the line 'auto eth0', comment the line 'auto lo'01:27
Nikus_Pokus<KnifeySpooney> Thanks, Im going to try01:27
linuxman410i can run everything but yoville and rollercoaster game01:27
erUSUL!br | Mondra boa noite01:27
ubottuMondra boa noite: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:27
bazhangmake_up_yor_mind, dont paste that here01:27
mazda01Nikus_Pokus, NEVER comment out auto l01:27
mazda01Nikus_Pokus, NEVER comment out auto lo01:27
make_up_yor_mindbazhang: why?01:27
CoUrPsE/query nickname will open a empty query, /msg nickanme msg wil msg the user and it will open when they reply.01:27
Mondrahere is only in english?01:28
Samus_AranKnifeySpooney: I'm pretty sure Ubuntu hasn't yet fixed the discrepancy where Gnome Network Manager does not use /etc/networking/interfaces at all01:28
CoUrPsElunatic, ^^01:28
CoUrPsEGave up tying tyo make it readable.01:28
FloodBot3CoUrPsE: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:28
durtMondra, si01:28
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; So, OpenVPN?01:28
mazda01KnifeySpooney, never comment out the auto lo line, that's the loopback interface!01:28
KnifeySpooneyOh. Ok. Just worked off a thread and figured that was it01:28
make_up_yor_mindyes crohakon01:28
make_up_yor_mindi mean no01:28
make_up_yor_mindits their client01:28
KnifeySpooneyNikus_Pokus: actually do NOT comment out the 'auto lo' line!01:29
isabel575is it un-recommendable to uninstall firefox?01:29
Mondraok, my first time here, and my english is bad :-)01:29
Ryan_Bazhang, what is md5?01:29
make_up_yor_mindcrohakon: its called ultravpn01:29
mazda01can someone please look in /lib/oss-compat/linux and tell me if there is a file that is symlinked to /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat.conf? i am getting a failure to install a new kernel image. here's a pic   http://img259.imageshack.us/my.php?image=linuximage.png01:29
Samus_AranCoUrPsE: try to write complete sentences, rather than two word lines.  in a busy channel it is very hard to follow when people break their sentences up01:29
Nikus_Pokusif i comment auto lo in /etc/network/interfaces my network doesn't work anymore01:29
make_up_yor_mindbazhang: why not paste that here?01:29
bazhang!md5| Ryan_01:29
ubottuRyan_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:29
mazda01Nikus_Pokus, correct, that's the loopback interface, never comment that out!01:29
bazhangmake_up_yor_mind, dont advertise here01:29
KnifeySpooneyNikus_Pokus: actually do NOT comment out the 'auto lo' line! Some of the other people here told me that wasn't right01:29
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; Do you want the client or server?01:30
Nikus_PokusI just want my wireless network be uncheck at startup01:30
durtNikus_Pokus, a lot of things won't work if you do that...01:30
Ryan_Thanks, Bazhang.01:30
make_up_yor_mindshould i have posted a pastebin to the link, bazhang ?01:30
durtNikus_Pokus, have you removed the entry from network-manager?01:30
mazda01Nikus_Pokus, remove the word auto from your wifi interface. wlan0 or ath0 or something like that01:30
make_up_yor_mindcrohakon: I don't think we are on the same page01:30
Samus_AranNikus_Pokus: as I said, Gnome Network Manager is often broken.  also, the file /etc/network/interfaces is only used when you do not use one of the GUI network managers, e.g. on a server01:30
bazhangRyan_, sounds like a corrupt iso or a bad burn01:31
bazhangmake_up_yor_mind, what does this have to do with ubuntu support01:31
isabel575should i get rid of firefox? i want to, but i don't know if there are shared dependencies/libs and i don't want to mess up something, otherwise, how do i uninstall it?01:31
matthew1I know how to access my ext. hard drive as root but I hate doing it every time I want to drag and drop files. Is there a solution01:31
mazda01isabel575, sudo apt-get remove firefox01:31
make_up_yor_mindbazhang: because i don't know what to do with source code IN UBUNTU01:31
Nikus_Pokusmazda01, how can I do that01:31
Samus_Aranmatthew1: put your user into the group needed for hot-swappable disks01:31
Ryan_Do you have any suggestions for an optimal outcome for the whole thing?01:31
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; perhaps not. You want to use openvpn, as that is what you need to use on linux, correct? You have the source and you are not sure how to compile it?01:31
apparlemazda01: open it by 'gksudo nautilis'01:32
Samus_Aranmazda01: Gnome Network Manager doesn't use /etc/network/interfaces ...01:32
bazhang!compile > make_up_yor_mind01:32
ubottumake_up_yor_mind, please see my private message01:32
mazda01Nikus_Pokus, gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces  then inside the file, look for your wifi interface, it'll be something other than eth0, make it so the line doesn't have auto in the beginning o fit01:32
crohakon!compile > crohakon01:32
ubottucrohakon, please see my private message01:32
mazda01Samus_Aran, i don't use network manager, it's crap. i only use the interfaces file01:33
bazhangRyan_, certainly, once you get a good iso/burn should be okay; may take a bit (best to burn at less than 25x btw)01:33
make_up_yor_mindcrohakon: did you look at the link i gave you?01:33
Samus_Aranmazda01: right, but the person you're trying to help *does* use it01:33
Nikus_PokusSamus_Aran, I understood, but Network Manager store somewhere information about the activation of the wireless network at startup01:33
Ryan_Is isorecoder a good enough program to use?01:33
bazhangRyan_, sure01:33
Samus_AranNikus_Pokus: not in /etc/network/interfaces, it's a registered bug that it doesn't use it.  last I checked, this bug has not been fixed01:33
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; yes, and it is only for win or mac. It says if you want to install via source on other operating systems you need to use openvpn01:34
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: KDE is broken all the time. The only problem ive found with the gnome network manager is that it can land in limbo and require the user to click on it to reestablish the connection (Even if its the only connection)01:34
Ryan_And downloading ubuntu form the site is ok?01:34
apparleRyan_: what's the problem with brasero01:34
Nikus_Pokusin /etc/network/interfaces, there are only : auto lo \n iface lo inet loopback01:34
Samus_AranMoonraker12: what does Gnome Network Manager have to do with KDE ?  nothing ...01:34
bazhangRyan_, sure it is01:34
mazda01Nikus_Pokus, sorry, then I can't help you.01:34
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Sure it does.01:35
Samus_AranMoonraker12: I did not mention KDE vs. Gnome.  I said wicd is substantially better featured then GNM01:35
durtSamus_Aran, n-m has gnome and kde interfaces.01:35
isabel575mazda01, that didn't do it, i just opened firefox and it works01:35
make_up_yor_mindFor the other operating systems supported, there are no precompiled binaries. You will have to get the source code for UltraVPN and its required libraries and build them yourself.    *You can also directly get the source code .01:35
Samus_AranNetwork Manager is a broken POS.01:35
matthew1Samus_Aran...oh, lol, obviously. Thanks01:35
Ryan_Brasero is for Unix systems correct? I can only use a Windows system at the moment.01:35
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: You are anti one or the other, instead of anting the best from both.01:35
Nikus_Pokusmazda01, ok thanks01:35
bazhangRyan_, isorecorder will do it fine01:35
Ryan_K, thanks.01:36
Sia-any alternative for  KDiff3 under ubuntu-gnome?01:36
crohakonmake_up_yor_mind; Yes, the source you need to download is found at the openvpn website. Did you download the source from there?01:36
True_TBirdAnyone know of an alternative to HDD Regen I can run from an Ubuntu LiveCD?01:36
mazda01isabel575, are you using firefox-3.5? go into synaptic and do a search for firefox. make sure firefox isn't running first with pgrep firefox at the command line. if it's running, kill it with sudo kill the firefox process number that showed up from pgrep. good luck01:36
Samus_AranMoonraker12: huh ?  I don't care about Gnome vs. KDE in any way, shape or form.  someone had a problem with Gnome Network Manager and I suggested they try Wicd, which is less broken.  period.01:36
Moonraker12Samus_Aran: Such my giant Aran :)01:36
saliakI have an ubuntu box setup as my router.  all of a sudden, today, dhcpd seems to be giving out the wrong dns server addresses.. any idea how to fix that or why that would be happening?01:37
Ryan_Would any download process provide better results? i.e http vs. torrent01:37
jrwcoxokay, still no luck trying to watch dvd01:37
saliakmy server/router has the right dns servers, but my LAN clients have the wrong ones for some reason01:38
mazda01Ryan_, torrent will be faster!01:38
carbm2Ryan_,  torrent!!01:38
Samus_AranRyan_: better results for what ?01:38
afeijoI setup a virtual ubuntu to be my web server, everytime I run it, I have to login, and run sudo dhclient to get ip from my router :( what can I do to automatize it?01:39
Ryan_Yea, I meant about likelyness of corrupt data.01:39
jrwcoxerror: could not open this location, you may not have access to it.01:39
Nikus_PokusSamus_Aran, thanks for your advice, I will try wicd01:39
apparleRyan_: Then I think http is better.........01:39
erUSULafeijo: set up /etc/network/interfaces01:39
Samus_Aranafeijo: edit the file /etc/network/interfaces, then it will be done automatically01:39
=== Andorin is now known as AK|vape
Samus_Aranafeijo: add a line with this: iface eth0 inet dhcp01:40
Samus_Aranafeijo: and make sure there is also this line: auto lo eth001:40
erUSULafeijo: two lines would be enough 1) auto eth0 2) iface eth0 inet dhcp01:40
True_TBirdAny ideas on HDD Regen?01:40
erUSULafeijo: given that eth0 is the interface you want to be configured01:40
compintuitOhhh I hate it when mbr is killed..01:40
Samus_AranRyan_: HTTP offers no data validation, BitTorrent does.  however, there is often md5sums available for downloaded files, in which case it's just as safe as HTTP01:41
compintuitAnd your latest live cd won't boot01:41
erUSULTrue_TBird: what does HDD Regen do ?01:41
True_TBirdAlright then, how about this, how can I run chkdsk /R from Ubuntu LiveCD?01:41
erUSULTrue_TBird: chkdsk /R ---> fsck -options /dev/sdxx01:42
Ryan_I have to say, linux users are way friendlier than those I find in Windows forums.01:42
erUSULTrue_TBird: man e2fsck (to see the options aviable for ext3)01:42
True_TBirderUSUL: Its a bootable CD that doesn't even mount the filesystem and checks for corruptions on the HDD and repairs them01:42
Z41dwill the karmic koala have vlc as the default player ?01:42
bazhangZ41d, ask in #ubuntu+1 for karmic support01:43
True_TBirderUSUL: but does fsck work with NTFS partitions?01:43
nitemovzHello all01:43
Z41dit's not support just a question :P01:43
ZykoticK9Z41d, no vlc is not default player in Karmic01:43
jrwcoxokay, so I can watch a movie I burned, but can't watch one i bought....01:43
erUSULTrue_TBird: no is for linux filesystems. for ntfs is better to use windows native apps01:43
compintuitIt should be01:43
Z41dZykoticK9> oki thanks01:44
nitemovzI am looking for help on how to add another drive to my linux box01:44
Ryan_The ubuntu site only offers http. Where can I get a torrent?01:44
nitemovzI want it to mount to a specific folder, but that folder will have stuff in it.01:44
ubottuJaunty can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).01:44
nitemovzHow do I do this, without affecting the contents of the folder?01:44
bazhangRyan_, ^^01:44
True_TBirderUSUL: I would love to do that, I know how to do it from Windows, but the drive won't boot to the Windows partition01:44
Samus_Aranjrwcox: you need to install the DeCSS library and a video player capable of using that library.  it isn't including with stock Ubuntu as it is not legal in many areas of the world01:44
cxoI did an upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 dev and now the spellcheck doesnt work in openoffice and in thunderbird?01:44
bazhangcxo, support for karmic in #ubuntu+101:45
mazda01nitemovz, the folder you want it to mount to can01:45
mazda01't have stuff in it, it won't be there anyway01:45
erUSULTrue_TBird: the only tool i know is ntfsfix from ntfsprogs but its capabilities are not great01:45
Samus_Aranjrwcox: you can follow this guide to get DVD working: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs01:45
erUSUL!info ntfs-progs | True_TBird01:45
ubottuTrue_TBird: Package ntfs-progs does not exist in jaunty01:45
erUSUL!info ntfsprogs | True_TBird01:45
ubottuTrue_TBird: ntfsprogs (source: linux-ntfs): tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitions from Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 262 kB, installed size 672 kB01:45
nitemovzThis is a new webserver that I am setting up.01:45
Ryan_I hate being new to something. -01:45
nitemovzI am branching away from Mac X-Serve and want to start with the command-line server administration on linux01:46
stooshi made a upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 i386 on an old P4 Laptop with ati. I get a fully system freeze in the gnome desktop01:46
make_up_yor_mindcrohakon i sent you a pm01:46
stooshafter about 2 mins01:46
bazhang!karmic | stoosh01:46
ubottustoosh: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:46
True_TBirderUSUL: The issue is that I am not sure Ubuntu will be able to use the wireless card on this computer, its an old computer and uses a Cardbus wireless card01:46
True_TBirdDoes the LiveCD come with ntfsprogs?01:47
erUSULTrue_TBird: do not think so.01:47
=== Darkstar28 is now known as RedSky
apparle!info ntfsprogs01:47
ubottuntfsprogs (source: linux-ntfs): tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitions from Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 262 kB, installed size 672 kB01:47
Samus_AranRyan_: you're new to far more things than you're not new to.  :)  just relax and learn.01:48
adeelie42I have a desktop with Ubuntu 9.04 / windows xp dual boot connected to a windows laptop. The desktop is wired to the laptop, and the laptop wired network is bridged to the wireless. Windows / Windows works fine, but Ubuntu won't get a network connection: Won't browse web or ping, but it can get an ip address via dhclient. Any help?01:48
erUSULTrue_TBird: but you can run from the installed ubuntu ? the ntfs parition is umounted01:48
True_TBirdUbuntu is not installed, I am running it from the LiveCD01:48
erUSULTrue_TBird: you can install things in the livecd01:48
True_TBirdBut will it need to access the net?01:49
erUSULTrue_TBird: sudo aptitude install ntfsprogs01:49
bazhangTrue_TBird, to install? of course01:49
erUSULTrue_TBird: you are ircing from another computer...01:49
erUSULTrue_TBird: save the deb in pendrive ?01:49
True_TBirdmm, alright01:50
erUSULTrue_TBird: ntfsprogs should have no hard dependencies01:50
nitemovzso there is no way that I can provide more disk space for my server without setting up a brand new one?01:50
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mazda01nitemovz, mount the hdd somewhere in a random name, move the stuff from the folder you want to mount the hdd to, then once all is moved to the random name, change the mount point for the new hdd. get it?01:51
True_TBirdand and I can check for the presence of the Windows partition using fsck correct?01:52
mazda01nitemovz, mount the new hdd to the old folder you wanted to mount it to is what I am saying01:52
nitemovzmazda01, I understand that01:52
erUSULnitemovz: mazda01 nailed it01:52
mazda01nitemovz, good luck!01:52
LordQuackstarAre their any arguments for wubi in grub4dos? Wubi tries to load the menu.lst that powers grub4dos on hd0, not the menu.lst that powers ubuntu on hd2. How can i force it to look on hd2?01:52
nitemovzmazda01: thanks01:53
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mazda01nitemovz, glad I could help01:53
zoraelDoes the lpia port run slower than a normal x86 installation? Or just draws less power?01:53
hsarciis there a way to get the firefox theme to look like the one that comes by default in windows?01:54
nitemovza question for the community. I have a Dell Latitude LS Ultraslim laptop running a PIII processor... I have Ubuntu Jaunty installed on it, but the best resolution that I can get on it is 800x600... is there anything that I can do to make it use a better resolution so that I can actually see the buttons at the bottom of a window?01:54
apparleLordQuackstar: Wubi is I think a sort of Grub4dos and you can't put two grub4dos together01:54
mazda01nitemovz, what is the video card? lspci should show you01:54
True_TBirdnietmovz: Are you sure the screen is capable of a higher resolution?01:54
histozorael: Its designed for the atom cpu01:54
Samus_Aranadeelie42: how does your Windows laptop provide an Internet connection to the other Windows PC ?01:55
zoraelhisto: I have one of those. Would I benefit from the lpia port, then? (what's the difference?)01:55
histozorael: http://lwn.net/Articles/247003/01:55
apparlehsarci: search in firefox themes01:55
histozorael: thats an old article but should explain01:55
LordQuackstarapparle: then how can i put the boot options in the same menu.lst01:55
zoraelhisto: Thanks01:55
apparleby editing it ............as simple as that....... :)01:56
histozorael: nvm that link is horrible let me find you something better01:56
histozorael: http://snowulf.com/archives/605-Benchmarking-Ubuntu-9.04-i386-vs-LPIA-on-Eee-PC-1000.html01:58
nitemovzi am not sure what kind of video card it has.01:58
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True_TBirderUSUL: Thanks for all the help01:59
ctmjrnitemovz: try lspci | grep -i vga01:59
nitemovzit returns nothing01:59
erUSULTrue_TBird: no problem02:00
histonitemovz: lspci | grep VGA02:00
doc-saintlyHi all, is there a generic sound troubleshooting guide? I get sound in some apps but not others02:01
histonitemovz: is it possible that the max resolution on the LCD is 800x600 also?02:01
histo!sound > doc-saintly02:01
ubottudoc-saintly, please see my private message02:01
raeldenkdoes karmic boot in 10second ?02:01
nitemovzI get better resolutions on Windows when that was installed on it02:01
historaeldenk: no02:01
historaeldenk: #ubuntu+1 is for karmic discussion/supoprt02:01
histonitemovz: okay so most likely an issue with video driver.02:02
histonitemovz: If you open a terminal and type in lspci | grep VGA    it will show you the video card chipset02:02
fidohttp:// my radio 100% ubuntu02:04
KnifeySpooneyWhy can't Ubuntu just shut down back to GRUB instead of restarting the computer? Just curious02:04
doc-saintlyhisto: no dice02:04
d_bA question about editing flac tags. I'd like to add several genres and doing this by separating by comma isn't very good since the genre becomes "Rock, Pop" not "Rock" and "Pop". I think you could add several genre tags with Foobar2000. Does anyone know if this is possible with EasyTag or some other tag editor?02:04
bazhangfido, dont advertise here02:04
KnifeySpooneyfido: what song is playing right now?02:05
nitemovzokay, so I still cannot see anything about the videocard02:05
fidolove generation02:05
histodoc-saintly: no dice on what?02:06
KnifeySpooneycool use of video02:06
KnifeySpooneynothing, i've just always wondered02:06
bazhang!ot | fido02:06
ubottufido: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:06
apparlenitemovz: post the output of 'lspci | grep VGA'02:06
nitemovzI cannot connect to the internet on that computer02:06
mtheorE_anyone have ubuntu netbook on an aspire one d250?  if so does the external cdrom work out of the box?02:07
histonitemovz: what does it say when you run that in a terminal it should list your video card02:07
apparlenitemovz: It will only be one or two line result just type it02:07
histomtheorE_: a forum search might be the best option02:07
histonitemovz: nvidia or ati?  or something else?02:07
nitemovzit is nvidia02:07
histonitemovz: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers02:07
histonitemovz: install the restricted drivers02:08
mtheorE_histo: i have been checking google but all i am getting is "does not inlude an optical drive" but thanks02:08
nitemovzsorry, typed that into the wrong computer... the video/audio card of the latitude is a 2.5MB NeoMagic25602:08
mano-pce ai,beleza!02:09
histomtheorE_: Have you tried it?02:09
histomtheorE_: You can boot the install cd as a live cd and test your hardware out prior to installing.02:10
apparlemtheorE_: rather that searching for the netbook, rather search for the external drive you will be getting..02:10
n8tusermtheorE -> there is also another way, using unetbootin to install  no need for external cddrive02:11
apparlemtheorE_: and you can do it through a USB flash drive also02:11
bazhangmtheorE_, you wish to install Ubuntu on it?02:11
mtheorE_n8tuser and histo thanks for the help02:11
mano-pctem brasileiro aqui?02:14
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:14
mano-pccomo faço?02:15
mano-pcubottu/como faço isso?02:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:16
IdleOneanybody speak portugese to explain how to join a channel?02:17
erUSULmano-pc: escrive "/join #ubuntu-br" dalle ao enter02:17
IdleOnemano-pc:  /join #ubuntu-br02:17
lukushi - i'm trying to compile a wifi driver and i'm getting an error .. where would be the best place to get some help?'02:17
t_hey, I dont remember what word i used in term but when I did this while trying to diagnose chronic (a few systems and OSes) wireless problems it would say 342 WE wireless event too big.02:17
doc-saintlyAlright. so i've narrowed down that sound doesn't seem to work with flash. i tried to reinstall and it was no help02:17
IdleOnethank you erUSUL02:17
erUSULIdleOne: :)02:18
t_in linux it will take two minutes to connect to me wireless network.  some of my win machines wont connect at all02:18
Mark_im having a weird issue02:18
apparledoc-saintly: I have heard that setting flash sound to OSS does the trick but Idon't know where02:18
Mark_I accidentally took the battery out of my laptop while it was on and Noe02:19
xmonaderhi, is there some statstics on "how many free cds were ordered from ubuntu.com" ?02:19
Mark_Now I can't connect to myvwireless network*02:19
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=== venus is now known as iamtheobject
spidermy compiz stopped working - what can i do try to to fix it?02:20
Mark_can someone help me?02:21
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mano-pc"/join #ubuntu-br02:21
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tmai have several ntfs and hfs+ partition on my disk. if i click them in nautilus, they will mount the problems. but i wanted them to be mounted automaticly. Is there a why to just reset the fstab and have them all mounted automaticly?02:21
afeijoit didnt work :( my web server is a virtual machine, ifconfig show ip to lo, no eth0 until I run sudo dhclient02:21
IdleOnemano-pc: sin "02:21
BullHornCBdecompressing RAR and flash animations/games still are unusably slow :(02:21
Lenin_CatCan you delete a swap patition, create a extended partition and then create a swap partition wail using the installation?02:22
Lenin_Cator dose ubuntu need swap mounted02:22
mano-pcnão consegui,vou sair!02:22
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xyzhey can anyone help me resize my partition02:22
afeijoxyz install gparted02:22
erUSULLenin_Cat: you can run without swap02:22
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Mark_can someone help me??02:22
xyzafeijo; yes done02:23
spiderMy compiz broke! Anyone know what to do?02:23
afeijoxyz: if you want to resize in use part, you need to use livecd02:23
tommost__spider: You'll need to provide more details.02:23
xyzafeijo; i am on live cd too02:23
Lenin_CaterUSUL, if I delete a swap patition, create a extended partition and then create a swap partition will the installation know that I did this?02:23
afeijoxyz run gparted02:23
Lenin_Cator do I have to change fdisk02:23
afeijoLenin_Cat yes02:24
afeijono fdisk02:24
Mark_can someone help me???02:24
bastid_raZorLenin_Cat: no, you'll need to edit /etc/fstab and tell it the changes02:24
xyzafeijo; yes i started02:24
tmaLenin_Cat, it will know02:24
spidertommost_: It happened suddenly, and i don't think I did anything; didn't work since i booted today. I have an ati graphics card.. what else do you need to know?02:24
t_hey, I dont remember what word i used in term but when I did this while trying to diagnose chronic (a few systems and OSes) wireless problems it would say 342 WE wireless event too big.02:24
erUSULLenin_Cat: no you will have to swapon the new swap when you are done i guess02:24
afeijoLenin_Cat your linux will use a swap part if you have one02:24
tommost__Mark_: You'll need to just state  your problem.  We don't know if we can help you.02:24
Lenin_Catafeijo, but its ok if at boot it dosent find the old swap?02:24
afeijoxyz now click on the partition you want to reduce (resize), set the new size, and than you can create a new onw02:24
IdleOneMark_: I would try rebooting properly and see if that reconnects the wifi.02:24
bikedogHAI THER, guys!02:24
Mark_I did02:25
afeijoLenin_Cat yeah no problem, I removed mine and stay like that for 3+ month, than I recreated the swap and it resumed using it02:25
Mark_It doesn't02:25
afeijopretty rare my system use the swap btw02:25
tommost__spider: Were there any package upgrades?02:25
burntresistori just upgraded my motherboard and ive got no sound  do i need to use a windows driver to get the sound to work02:25
Lenin_Catafeijo, without editing fstab?02:25
spidertommost_: I'm not sure.02:25
xyzafeijo; this is my partition: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300195/  i need to increase the space in sda102:25
afeijoLenin_Cat yes02:25
Mark_any ideas?02:26
bikedogHI, guys!02:26
apparleburntresistor: Which MoBo02:26
afeijoxyz sda4 is available?02:26
burntresistorasrock p55 pro02:26
afeijoyou can delete it?02:26
bastid_raZorLenin_Cat: i think you need to edit the file to tell it what has changed. i could be wrong but .. try it without editing to find out. if it doesn't work you know what you need to do.02:26
xyzafeijo; ya its free02:27
apparleburntresistor: and what do you get when you run alsamixer in terminal02:27
afeijoxyz, just remove both sda2 and sda4, increase sda1, and then create the new swap with 2 or 3 gb02:27
bikedognobody wanstn to chat?02:27
afeijoxyz but I like to have a second part to /home02:27
afeijowith 40gb02:27
Mark_is there a way to see if my wireless card is enabled02:27
ctmjrMark_: see if there is a switch for wifi on your laptop removing the battery might have turned it off02:27
afeijoMark_ if it detect wifi networks...02:28
xyzafeijo; why a second part??02:28
burntresistorsound is up  to master . pcm front02:28
Castawayzi'm trying to make permissions of a partition of an external harddrive so i can store files in it, it is FAT3202:28
bikedogmark_: right click network icon, tick box should have "wireless enabled" ticked02:28
xyzafeijo; and in gparted i dont see any delete option02:28
afeijoxyz I have sda1 to /, and sda2 to /home, and sda5 to swap02:28
=== jeremy is now known as Guest70390
Castawayzif it can mount, and if it can read the harddrive space, is it safe to assume it then can be read and written to ?02:28
apparleburntresistor: check if it is muted........... you device is being detected to .....02:28
Mark_its checked02:29
afeijoxyz no delete? that is weird, what right click shows to sda5 ?02:29
afeijooops, sda402:29
Castawayzoh sweet this mount manager program is good02:29
Mark_is there a way to see if ubuntu can see the card?02:29
tommost__spider: I'm not really sure where to start.  Check whether the restricted drivers are in use?02:30
afeijoxyz if you accessed those partitions thru your file manager, as it is mounted, you might not be able to delete02:30
xmonaderfolks, statistics on ordered cds via shipit ?02:30
n8tuserMark_ -> try dmesg and search that long list02:30
burntresistornone are on mute02:30
mmcjihowdee, having problems with video resolution on a Dell Latitude E5500.  I have just the 10/22 RC for Kubuntu.  I have Intel 4500 video on the laptop, and i am not able to get widescreen resolution or desktop effects.  Does anyone know of a URL with information on this and how to resolve?  Thank you.02:30
burntresistorand i think its detected02:30
localnnuser__did any one tried remastersys under karmic?02:30
tommost__#ubuntu: Has Metacity compositing been disabled (not compiled in) in 9.10?02:31
apparleburntresistor: and the hardware is alright........ I mean the cable. speaker power etc.02:31
Minouhello do anyone know where can i get a free VPN i live in china and need to logon facebook02:31
burntresistoryes was 6 hrs ago when i started the upgrade02:31
dave305hola. alguien habla español?02:31
apparleburntresistor: I dunno then..... ask others02:31
C1S4n7que onda02:32
burntresistorthanx for the help02:32
erUSUL!es | C1S4n702:32
ubottuC1S4n7: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:32
C1S4n7entra al canal ubuntu-es02:32
Mark_what would it be listed under?02:32
user01how could i make a text file with a single line of all the file names in a directory?02:32
C1S4n7aslo de esta manera /join #ubuntu-es02:33
ZykoticK9user01, ls -1 > list.txt02:33
bikedogdid anyone try win7 yer?02:33
xyzafeijo; okk i have reallocated my / and now i am allocating new space for swap..do i have to assign any label for it02:33
user01ZykoticK9, it would go into one line?02:33
KB1JWQ!ot | bikedog02:33
ubottubikedog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:33
ZykoticK9user01, no that's one line per file02:33
afeijoxyz you might need to update your fstab02:34
user01ZykoticK9, yes i wanted all file names on one line separated by a space02:34
ZykoticK9user01, don't know how to do that one, best of luck02:34
Mark_still not able to see networks02:34
xyzafeijo; so how do i do that and why is it required??02:34
Mark_It says wireless is disconnected02:34
user01ZykoticK9, ill keep looking thanks!02:34
mazda01can someone please look in /lib/oss-compat/linux and tell me if there is a file that is symlinked to /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat.conf? i am getting a failure to install a new kernel image. here's a pic   http://img259.imageshack.us/my.php?image=linuximage.png02:35
afeijoxyz fstab inform your system which partitions exists, and how to mount it02:35
nitemovzhow do I display all system information?02:35
afeijoxyz: sudo nano /etc/fstab02:35
Mark_any ideas?02:35
Lenin_Catis there any program that places a list of your packages in your home?02:35
nitemovzsuch as system temp, uptime, processes?02:36
xyzafeijo; hey i haven't finished allocating space for swap..02:36
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw_vm
afeijoxyz how much RAM do you have?02:36
ZykoticK9Lenin_Cat, if you want a list of what's installed on your system "dpkg --get-selections > installed-software"02:36
xyzafeijo; 1GB02:37
Lenin_CatZykoticK9, no like, so when you do a fresh install, it downloads the packages on the list stored in your home02:37
afeijoxyz set 3gb to swap02:37
Castawayzhow can i make this partition so i can drag stuff in it.. partition in an external harddrive02:37
Mark_I cab see the connection under edit connection but it's not listed02:37
xyzokk and do i have to set any label for it02:37
afeijoxyz repartitioning can take lots of hours to finish02:37
xyzafeijo; okk and do i have to set any label for it02:37
afeijolabel? I dont think so02:37
buzzmandtwhat is the name of the program you install on windows to install ubuntu with, i can't remember02:37
ZykoticK9Lenin_Cat, first do what i mentioned above and move "installed-software" to new system then do "dpkg --set-selections < installed-software" the "deselect"02:38
Castawayz wow add/remove apps is still kicking it around02:38
mazda01buzzmandt, wubi02:38
buzzmandtthanks maz02:38
mazda01buzzmandt, or a virtual machine02:38
Lenin_CatZykoticK9, were is that folder?02:38
tommost__mazda01: I don't have that file on 9.04 or 9.10.02:38
ZykoticK9Lenin_Cat, what folder?02:38
Lenin_Catinstalled software.02:38
mazda01tommost__, are you talking to me?02:39
ZykoticK9Lenin_Cat, that's a text file02:39
SSantoswho I install the mysql??02:39
erUSUL!software | SSantos02:39
ubottuSSantos: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents02:39
ZykoticK9Lenin_Cat, if you want to backup/move your DEB files look in /var/cache/apt/archives02:39
mazda01tommost__, oh yeah, about the symlink. thanks. did you check out my picture? i can't figure out why I can't install the newest kernel image.02:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about toilet02:39
Lenin_CatZykoticK9, I know that already02:39
ctmjr!aptoncd | Lenin_Cat02:39
ubottuLenin_Cat: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline02:39
Max-PHi, I am having trouble with pulseaudio and Mixxx. I am getting really bad sound on my two soundcards02:40
tommost__mazda01: Yeah, I don't know what's going on there.02:40
mazda01tommost__, huh! darn it.02:40
tommost__mazda01: I do seem to have that kernel version installed, though (on my 9.04 machine).02:41
SSantoswho I install the php?02:41
afeijoSSantos, lol who or how?02:42
SSantoshow lol02:42
afeijoonly php or the whole LAMP ?02:42
SSantosapt-get install... tks02:42
afeijoSSantos, sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server-5.0 php5 php5-mysql phpmyadmin02:43
erUSUL!lamp | SSantos02:43
ubottuSSantos: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:43
afeijothat what I use02:43
Castawayz!women | afeijo02:43
ubottuafeijo: The women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.02:43
afeijolol wth?02:43
vladhi i have a small problem that i need help with-even though i turned off the "automaticly remember running apps when logging off" Ubuntu still starts a ton of crap whenever i login.02:43
Castawayz!wth | afeijo02:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wth02:43
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
afeijoCastawayz :p02:44
n8tuserCastawayz -> please stop that02:44
vladIt actually starts stuff from an older session02:44
Castawayz!name n8tuser | name02:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about name n8tuser02:44
Castawayz!anyone | n8tuser02:44
ubottun8tuser: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:44
tommost__vlad: Have you tried pressing the "Remember Currently Running Application" button with nothing running?02:44
ctmjr!msgthebot > Castawayz02:44
ubottuCastawayz, please see my private message02:44
Castawayz!ctmjr | beer02:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ctmjr02:45
Castawayz!beer | ctmjr02:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beer02:45
vladi thought about that but I want to stop te feature,not trick it into loading nothing02:45
Castawayz!beer | vlad02:45
Castawayz!botabuse | ctmjr02:45
ubottuctmjr: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".02:45
Castawayz!howdy | ctmjr02:46
ubottuctmjr: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:46
Castawayz!howdy | ctmjr02:46
Castawayz!howdy | ctmjr02:46
Castawayz!howdy | ctmjr02:46
FloodBot3Castawayz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:46
ctmjrCastawayz: you need to stop and welcome to ignore02:46
afeijoI changed my network here to dhcp, it was static.  didnt work, it is a virtualbox with ubuntu server 9.04, it get to loopback only02:46
Castawayz!howdy | ctmjr02:46
ubottuIt's ok, I am only a bot so I cannot stay mad at you. For apologising to humans though, take a read of http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2009/07/20/on-apologies/02:46
vladhow do I purge all of gnome's stupid config files02:47
afeijovlad format02:47
tommost__vlad: You could start in ~/.gnome202:47
Castawayz!vlad | raptors02:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vlad02:47
tommost__My guess is you want ~/.config/gnome-session02:47
Castawayz!raptors | vlad02:47
ubottuvlad: Not as big as you thought they were. But just as dangerous. "... clever girl..."02:47
vladand also for some reason I can't shutdown compiz's stupid transparancy02:47
Castawayz!no pie | vlad02:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about no pie02:48
tommost__Castawayz: Please stop that.02:48
vladi tried using compiz s control panel but it doesn't work02:48
Castawayz!arabic | tommost__02:49
ubottutommost__: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية02:49
collenanyone here using the xorg-edgers ppa? i'm having trouble installing the open source ati drvier02:49
Castawayz!dash | collen02:49
ubottucollen: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash02:49
tommost__vlad: System -> Preferences -> Appearance, Visual Effects tab, None?02:51
vladyes i tried there and no it didn't work02:51
Castawayz!ontv | vlad02:52
ubottuvlad: Just because someone on TV said something offensive, it does not make it ok for you to repeat it here. It is still offensive. Please use common sense and be considerate of others.02:52
colleni've added the ppa to my repo list but cannot find any of hte packages after updateing02:54
vladi also tried compizconfig from the control center-just doesn't work02:54
aj_444how do I install applets?02:56
i_is_brokeugh amarok hates me, again..lol02:56
poseidonHow do I open a file from the command line with the program which is associated with the file extension by default?02:57
tommost__poseidon: gnome-open02:57
poseidontommost__, thank you02:57
johntramphi.  just installed ubuntu 9.10rc and it tells me the initrd is too big when trying to boot from grub.02:58
johntramphas anyone else seen this?02:58
afeijomy date is wrong, I'm runing ntpdate to update it, but didnt work02:59
ZykoticK9johntramp, ask same question in #ubuntu+102:59
johntrampZykoticK9: ok thanks02:59
xyzhey i have lost my grub and i tried to reinstall as per the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows but i get the errors as:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/300204/02:59
xyzcan anyone help me02:59
enzotibxyz: do you have a dedicated boot partition?03:02
ghostmanI fuck you all, Whhyy?03:02
xyzenzotib; i am not sure...how can i check this...i dont know much about these files03:02
bostongeek24i need elp03:03
bostongeek24for some reason the wireless on my msi wind laptop has stopped working03:03
enzotibxyz: i see you mount on /media/root, and after this, you mount the same device on /media/root/boot, this is not correct03:04
hhermanobig linu03:04
hhermanobig linux?03:04
bostongeek24i had accidentally removed the battery when the laptop was on when i put the battery back in and turned it on the wireless stopped working03:04
bostongeek24when i click the network tab it says wireless disconnected03:04
bostongeek24but doesn't show any of the wireless networks03:04
aj_444Hello, I downloaded an applet in the form of a tar.gz file and am now trying to add it to my panel. However, when I go to add applet to panel screen, it doesn't doesn't appear. How can I make it appear?03:04
=== ecanto is now known as edson
aryanI'm having trouble using a Logitech QuickCam S7500 with Skype on Jaunty 64-bit. It works fine with VLC using /dev/video0 as the source and the picture is great, but the same device on skype gives a very garbled picture which is not usable. Has anyone seen this before?03:06
zenoaj_444 did you install it?03:06
aj_444zeno: its saved to my desktop as a tar.gz03:07
zenoaj_444 system/appearance/install03:07
aj_444zeno: It isn't a theme. its an applet meant for the panel.03:08
zenowell is it not the same process?03:08
zenofrom there you'd probably customize and existing theme03:09
zombuhow s it goin03:09
ctmjraj_444: see if you have this dir and untar it too it on my system it is where gnome keeps the applets /usr/share/omf/03:12
UglyBear# ubuntu-9.04-alternate-amd64.iso.torrent03:13
UglyBear# ubuntu-9.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent03:13
UglyBear# ubuntu-9.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent03:13
UglyBear# ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent03:13
UglyBear# ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent03:13
FloodBot3UglyBear: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:13
UglyBear# ubuntu-9.04-server-i386.iso.torrent03:13
UglyBearHow do I know which of those torrents to use?03:14
kohwjhelp, kopete freezes when i start it and takes up 95% cpu03:14
bazhangUglyBear, do you have 32 or 64bit cpu03:14
zombutorrents??? you can download it from the ubuntu webpage03:14
UglyBear32, Also I am Ryan from earlier.03:15
zenoUglyBear that's the one you probably need03:15
rootI need help03:15
bazhangUglyBear, yea then you should use the i38603:15
=== root is now known as Guest85916
zombu@root what help you need03:15
Guest85916can somebody help me03:15
Guest85916I am new on back track03:16
canthus13How do you reconfigure X from the command line? I installed nVidia drivers and they freaked out and gave me a black screen.03:16
Guest85916and I wanna know how to use cowpatty03:16
Guest85916i cant use it03:16
zombuugh i know nothing about back track03:16
bazhangGuest85916, this is ubuntu support not backtrack03:16
Guest85916sorry guys03:16
FloodBot3Guest85916: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
canthus13Guest85916: all good. :)03:16
zombucanthus what did you do with your nvidia drivers03:16
bazhangbt4 support in #remote-exploit03:17
canthus13zombu: I was enabling them via appearances.03:17
zombuthgey should auto activate once you install em03:17
canthus13zombu: Enabled extra effects, it promped for the driver install. I rebooted, and X gives me a black screen.03:18
* canthus13 hugs irssi.03:18
pete_I've jsut installed the 9.10RC03:18
=== pete_ is now known as Guest43416
racerxanyone know how to stop a service in karmic since karmic removed sysvconfig?03:18
zombuuff you can get back into it by deleting the xorg file then reboot ubuntu will then use the standard driver and you can reinstall the nvidia driver03:18
=== Guest43416 is now known as skiwithpete
canthus13Ah. I was wondering. I couldn't find a backup of xorg.conf03:19
bazhang!karmic | racerx03:19
ubotturacerx: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:19
UglyBearWould a 6gb partition shrink be enough for Ubuntu?03:19
skiwithpeteI'm having problems installing add-ons for firefox03:19
zombuthere is a xorg.conf.bak in the same foloder03:19
canthus13UglyBear: Barely.03:19
skiwithpeteanyone else having this problem?03:19
canthus13zombu: Nope. no bak.03:19
bazhangUglyBear, for the entire thing including home?03:19
canthus13I'll be back in a few. :)03:19
zombuhmm just delete it then and reinstall nvidia drivers03:20
UglyBearFor just a basic install.03:20
scotty42Does anyone know how to disable the curses configuration gui that comes up when you apt-get install postfix?03:20
skiwithpetecan someone try adding a firefox addon and see if the servers are down or if there's a problem with FF?03:20
bazhangskiwithpete, which one03:21
zombui just installed downemall i can download firefox addons03:21
UglyBearTo jus tinstall the desktop version, is 6gb enough? The iso isny even 1gb.03:21
bazhangUglyBear, barely, as said above03:21
spideri suspect that some update yesterday broke my compiz--what can i do about this?03:21
zombu6 gig is not enough03:21
skiwithpetethanks zombu, bazhang I'm trying to get webmail03:22
UglyBearCan I just shrink it further?03:22
zombuhow about resizing the partition03:22
UglyBearThat is what i am doing,03:22
bazhangskiwithpete, you have the link, I will try to install it03:22
UglyBearI just need to know how much I need for Ubuntu.03:22
zombumake a 12-15 gig partition03:23
zombuit ll run fine with that03:23
bazhangUglyBear, closer in the 10-15 range03:23
zombu10 is pushing it03:23
UglyBearI dont have alot of space left on my Drive as it is, but I think I can manage that. I am dual booting.03:23
Edwardxpwho want's to abiword with me? over the collboration?03:24
bazhangskiwithpete, install fine here03:24
spideranyway to revert yesterdays updates or something?03:24
skiwithpetehere's the error I'm getting03:24
skiwithpeteFirefox could not install the file at03:24
skiwithpetebecause: Download error03:24
FloodBot3skiwithpete: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:24
zombuping addons.mozilla.org03:24
zombuor run a traceroute and see where it s stuck03:25
skiwithpetehow tracerout?03:25
UglyBearDo I need to make a new partition of just shrink the Windows partition?03:25
skiwithpeteyeah, pings it fine?03:25
skiwithpeteyeah, pings it fine03:26
zombuin a shell type traceroute addons.mozilla.org03:26
syam_I need help in my HDD rescue03:26
syam_can anyone help me?03:26
zombuwhats wrong with it03:26
Edwardxpanyone want to abiword share with me?03:26
syam_A big story.03:26
bazhangEdwardxp, what do you mean03:26
zombuwell i got time03:27
UglyBear Do I need to make a new partition or just shrink the Windows partition?03:27
Edwardxpabiword over a jabber account03:27
syam_I used to have a partition table for my 80GB HDD as follows:03:27
syam_/dev/sda1 - 35 GB - ext4 partition - Label:"Primary partition" - Flaged:'boot' - Ubuntu 9.04 Installed after formatting WinVista(NTFS)03:27
syam_/dev/sda2 - 20 GB - ntfs partition - Label:'Movies' - Flaged: None - Patrtioned with windows OS remained(Conatined data)03:27
syam_/dev/sda3 - 10 GB - ntfs partition - Label:'Music' - Flaged:None - Patrtioned with windows OS remained(Conatined data)03:27
syam_/dev/sda4 - 13 GB - ntfs partition - labelled:'Others' - Flaged: None - Patrtioned with windows OS remained(Conatined no-data)03:27
FloodBot3syam_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:27
racerxanyone ever got huludesktop running? I get the channel selections but when I want to watch it gives me back "retry" or "cancel" because it is taking too long.03:27
syam_Later I have installed 'gpart' application in my ubuntu. And formatted the 4th partition to ext4 format as:03:27
Edwardxpits a new feature collborate03:27
zombushrink the windows partition03:27
bazhangEdwardxp, is this related to ubuntu support ?03:27
Edwardxpits' ubuntu program03:28
zombudid you break grub?03:28
skiwithpetezombu, ran traceroute...03:28
skiwithpeteslow.. still only at 1003:28
relajoquick question03:28
relajosorry Hello everybody can you help me with something03:28
zombuskiwithpete did the traceroute tell you where it has a hickup?03:29
skiwithpeteit got to 11, then just started spitting out * * *03:29
relajoi have a 9.04 installation but i want to resize the partition but i cant03:29
relajohow can i go into single user and unmount the root partition and resized it03:30
zombuskiwithpete as long as it don t tell you destination unreachable it s ok03:30
skiwithpetethen what is my problem?03:30
zombuthe **** is just routers not returning icmp packets03:30
skiwithpetei stoped it, should I have let it keep going?03:30
zombuhmm firewalled apparmor can cause stuff like that too03:30
zombui had wierd stuff happening with apparmor03:31
wbmjrelajo: it is easier if you boot into a LiveCD03:31
UglyBearThere is an unallocated partition is that what linux will use?03:31
zombuhow big is it03:31
UglyBear5.86 right now.03:32
relajowbmj i know but i have a 8.04 cd and it doesnt read my ext4 partition03:32
zombuif you do an auto install ubuntu will use half of the free space for linux03:32
relajoUglyBear no thats why i want to resize it03:32
relajozombu its not the case03:32
relajoi have a full partition of ext4 and i need 50gb so i can install windows on it keeping linux03:33
zenorelajo why windows?03:34
relajobut i cannot do it because the "single mode" boot mode wont letme unmount the root partition03:34
skiwithpetezombu, it still won't install anything03:34
zombulemme have that link again03:34
relajoZeno im as excited about windows as you are but its not my pc03:34
canthus13zombu: Woo. it worked.  Used envy this time.03:34
zombuima check it from here03:34
zombucanthus you the guy with the nvidia driver right03:35
canthus13zombu: Yup.03:35
zombugood did you reinstall nvidia drivers03:35
zenorelajo so you can't install windows over linux?03:35
enzotibrelajo: you should use a livecd, or a liveusb03:35
canthus13zombu: Yup. Used envyng this time.03:35
UglyBearWhat should I do? I have a 71mb EISA Config partition, a 2.5gb primary partition, a 10gb recovery, a 130.62gb OS, and a 5.86gb unallocated partition. Which one wil linux use?03:35
zombuarighty then03:36
relajothat really sux i didnt want to download it03:36
relajoi have a very bad conection03:36
enzotibrelajo: i think it is the only option you have03:36
Taenonrelajo: I remember bumming live-cd's off my friends in High School :D03:36
=== SnakDoc_ is now known as SnakDoc
zombui checked the firefox addon and it installs for me03:37
relajoTaenon i have a very old one that but is VERY outdated and doesnt support ext403:37
skiwithpeteok, suggestions?03:37
UglyBear What should I do? I have a 71mb EISA Config partition, a 2.5gb primary partition, a 10gb recovery, a 130.62gb OS, and a 5.86gb unallocated partition. Which one will linux use?03:38
bazhangrelajo, what about 100mb gparted live cd03:38
relajoUglyBear the one you select it will use03:38
=== crohakon is now known as crohakon|zZz
UglyBearWill the installer let me choose?03:39
enzotibrelajo: you can also look for other livecd distros with ext4 partition editor support, and with smaller footprint03:39
anarki2004time to go shred some scales...03:39
UglyBearWill the installer let me choose which partition to use?03:40
TaenonUglyBear you have to tell it to let you choose on the appropriate screen03:40
skiwithpetehas anyone else fresh installed the RC/03:40
TaenonUglybear it is one of a handful of options03:40
UglyBearWill it be before/during/after the install process?03:41
Taenonthat should be a screen shot of the window03:41
relajoenzotib thanks03:42
skiwithpetethansk for the efforts03:42
KanerixI have a machine that only has USB 1.1 onboard. It has only a 24MB IDE partition available to it. I put a USB 2.0 card into it with a large flash drive on the USB 2.0 card. Is there any bootloader I can install on the small IDE partition to pass boot execution to the flash drive without installing a full kernel on the IDE partition?03:42
UglyBearSo is that after the installation?03:42
arrrghhhdoes anyone use pulse to stream audio across their network?03:43
enzotibrelajo: http://partedmagic.com/ it is "only" about 80MB, and support ext403:43
Taenonuglybear, that is part of the install03:43
mmcjihaving problems with laptop with Intel GMA 4500 video and ubuntu 9.10 RC1.03:43
bazhangmmcji, karmic in #ubuntu+103:43
UglyBearOk, I think I have all the info I need to install.03:43
emjaI installed Jaunty a week ago and found it to be very sluggish compared to Hardy (which I've got on the same machine - dual boot). I've had the same problem with Intrepid. I'm only running xfce without compiz. Can anyone advise me on what could be slowing my system down?03:43
mmcjiok, thanks03:44
ademosUbuntu 9.10-RC: One SATA hard disk is being detected, the other is not. When I run "blkid" I only see my system hard disk, and one of the storage hard disks. But one of the disks refuses to show up. ----- Would unplugging and replugging in the disk help? ---- Any other ideas?03:44
MonkeySilenti have unknown symbols when i try to insert a module how do i include these modules?03:44
MonkeySilentthese symbols*03:44
Taenonemja: weren't there intel chipset regressions in 9.04?03:44
bazhangademos, karmic in #ubuntu+103:44
emjaTaenon: no idea, but I am running an intel video chipset03:45
ademos+1 really?03:45
ademosbazhang, thanks03:45
emjaTaenon: can you cite a source for that?03:45
spiderubuntu "hardware drivers" is supposed to show your graphics card, right?03:45
bazhang!intel | emja03:45
ubottuemja: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.03:45
emjaubottu: awesome. thx03:45
=== soulnet-4 is now known as cwk_imut
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about awesome. thx03:45
emjafuck. bot.03:46
* emja is a dill03:46
bazhanglanguage please emja03:46
* emja nods03:46
arrrghhhspider, not really... it just detects if you need any "non-free" drivers, as in proprietary, can't be included with ubuntu.03:46
spiderarrrghhh: oh.. okay. Just because my Compiz stopped working today, and ive got no clue why!03:47
* Kanerix sighs03:47
arrrghhhspider, yea, i don't use compiz... sorry.03:47
KanerixIs there a channel I can go to to ask about complex bootloader configurations?03:47
soreauspider: If you come to #compiz, we may be able to help you there03:50
spidersoreau:  oh! good idea!03:50
zeyhi everybody03:50
zombugrr i hate when flashdrives crap out while installing linux from em03:50
zeyi'd like to ask something03:51
zombugo ahead03:51
zeyi have ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop03:51
Kanerixzey, it's sorta silly to ask if you can ask a question...03:51
zeybut now i cannot open shared file on other computer03:51
zombuwhat you mean03:51
ademosbazhang, no one is responding on #ubuntu+1....03:51
zeyerror message always comes out03:52
zeysomething like "unable to mount"03:52
zombuyou trying to see a windows share??03:52
zeyubuntu too03:52
zombuis smb running on it?/03:52
zeylike command "smbclient -L hostname"?03:53
zombugo to places then click computer then type smb://ipofcomputer03:53
zombusee if you see it there03:53
sdegutistestcoretext rocks.03:53
sdegutistestsimple as that.03:54
UglyBearDoes anyone know of a media player I can use from a porable HDD?03:54
zeystill cannot do it03:54
zombudo you have a firewall active??03:55
webbb82what do you guys think about google desktop in ubuntu does it slow down your computer or wouold a differant app be better off03:55
zombuheh to be honest i don t like any google apps they do slowdown the machine03:56
zeyon my laptop or other computer?03:56
Einherihi people, im new in this ubuntu stuff, and i got a few questions03:56
webbb82laptop  im on a netbook03:56
zeyjust a delault ubuntu fresh install03:56
cmdshftngoogle indexing is a resource hog03:56
mazda01can someone please look in /lib/oss-compat/linux and tell me if there is a file that is symlinked to /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat.conf? i am getting a failure to install a new kernel image. here's a pic   http://img259.imageshack.us/my.php?image=linuximage.png03:56
zombutry to disable apparmor03:56
zombulooks liek a faulty download03:57
leaf-sheepEinheri: Ask away.03:58
zeywhat is apparmor?03:58
mazda01cmdshftn, any indexing is a resource hog!03:58
zombuapparmor is a program that messes with anything my personal opinion is it s a bad program it causes all kinds of wierd stuff03:58
zombuapt-get remove apparmor03:59
leaf-sheep!apparmor | zey03:59
ubottuzey: For information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor03:59
zeyis ubuntu fresh install have apparmor intalled to?04:00
zombui usually remove it because it causes trouble04:00
UglyBearIs a  10gb recover partition really needed? Especially if I have all my stuff backed up on an external HDD?04:00
david__im trying to use firewire connection, with no luck04:01
zombuheh firewire is tricky04:01
mazda01UglyBear, no, who told you to make a 10gb recover partition?04:01
KanerixSo, um... Does anybody know a channel where I could get some advanced bootloader configuration assistance?04:01
UglyBearIt came with the pooter.04:01
david__i want to edit some video04:01
leaf-sheepUglyBear: What are you talking about? I think you're talking about the partition that came with the computer/laptop you bought.04:01
zombuit has the windows recovery on it04:01
GuidMorrowwhen I installed Windows 7, my Grub Bootloader got eaten, can I still reinstall Ubuntu?04:02
david__i am using kino, but it wont register it04:02
leaf-sheep!grub | GuidMorrow04:02
ubottuGuidMorrow: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:02
termanagot eaten :P04:02
zombufix the bootloader04:02
zombuthere is a good tut on the ubuntu docs04:02
rasstar can ubuntu be installed to a usb flash drive04:02
* Kanerix headdesks04:03
zombuthe question is why04:03
zeyas far as i know04:03
zeyapparmor is related with security04:03
GuidMorrowand I was wondering whether "Ubuntu Studio" can be used, because I don't have a driver for this capture cards in "Seven"04:03
zeyis that ok to turn it off?04:03
UglyBearLeafsheep, I am. I wa sjust wondering if its nesecarry. I have never used it.04:03
zeyto remove it i mean04:03
mzawieskahey guys I need help with samba04:04
webbb82is there a way to get yahoo widgets in ubuntu04:04
mzawieskai created share folder in empty104:04
mzawieskaits different partition in my computer04:04
mzawieskaand when i want to access it says04:04
mzawieskaunable to mount location file failed to mount windows share04:05
zombui still think it s being blocked04:05
mzawieskaany1 can help me ?04:05
Gummiare you going to do a windows → linux share?04:05
mzawieskanah linux to linux04:06
Gummiuse nfs04:06
mzawieskawell when i share the home folder folders04:06
mzawieskai can see it04:06
mzawieskabut i can not see the other one in different partition04:06
Gummithe only thing you need to do is download nfs server from synaptic, add one line to /etc/portmaps and add a line to the client in /etc/fstab04:07
bmwerksi dont have a gui for compiz because i have a onboard vidcard how can i turn off the redirect on fullscreen from the terminal?04:07
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:08
cosimo_shoult xfce4 be using 179+Mb of mem04:08
Gummimzawieska, just google NFS there are good tutorials, (I dont have nfs atm)04:08
bmwerksi dont have a gui for compiz because i have a onboard vidcard how can i turn off the redirect on fullscreen from the terminal?04:08
cosimo_with only a teminal window open04:08
zombuit could04:08
mzawieskajust google nfs?04:08
mzawieskanfs for ubuntu?04:08
mazda01can someone please look in /lib/oss-compat/linux and tell me if there is a file that is symlinked to /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compat.conf? i am getting a failure to install a new kernel image. here's a pic   http://img259.imageshack.us/my.php?image=linuximage.png04:09
zombuis iit reserved mem or actually used mem04:09
zombuget rid of oss04:09
bmwerksi dont have a gui for compiz because i have a onboard vidcard how can i turn off the redirect on fullscreen from the terminal?04:09
DaZ_get oss4 <:04:09
cosimo_zombu: mmm im just looking at the system montior application info04:09
zombuwell it could use that much04:10
cosimo_ok, its just htat i have herad of xfce using just about 40 mb04:10
=== patrick is now known as Guest9833
zombubut i m really not that savy with that desktop04:11
zombuwell it uses what it can get04:11
UglyBearDoes anyone know of a media player that can beinstalled on an external HDD?04:11
zombuvlc ugly04:11
Magnesium!nfs | mzawieska04:12
ubottumzawieska: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.04:12
humboltsomething is wrong with my laptop after resuming from suspention. I have tons of IO! What could be the source of the problem? Swappiness being set to some weird value by suspend??04:12
zombudid i mention that i hate apparmor yet04:12
zombuio errors usually indicate a hdd error04:12
mzawieskai have to install in both machines ubottu04:13
zombuu whatto?04:14
Cryptic_1onkeyhumbolt: Naturally i suspect that your hard drive is on its last legs.04:14
zombuyup hdd bad is my guess too04:15
humboltCryptic_1onkey: hdd almost full, true. but I don't see this problem on hibernation and I don't see it when I have plenty space on root neither.04:16
zombuwow the prerelease ud teh new ubuntu is very shiney04:16
zombuhumbolt io errors usually occour when the hdd is on its last leg and is trying to fix read and write errors04:17
zulianthanks zombu04:17
zombuswap it out04:17
zuliani can map shared file now04:17
zulianbut i have another problem04:17
zombuwow i m impressed with the new installer04:18
zuliani can not turn on my wireless on my laptop04:18
BlueyLinus Torvalds, while in Japan for a developers conference, gives an ironic thumbs up to windows 7. Before he had a chance to purchase a copy, he was unfortunately called away to battle Mothra. Film at 11.04:18
humboltzombu: I am not talking about io errors here. there is just lots of IO that I don't know, where it comes from.04:18
zuliananyone can help?04:18
humboltzombu: every app I start using again, produces tons of it.04:18
zombuheh ubuntu didn t flush the old stuff after suspend04:19
FlannelBluey: Please take that elsewhere, this is a support channel.04:19
humboltzombu: like it would have to rebuffer/recache all its files again04:19
webbb82is there anyway to change the color of the wifi bar from blackish grey to some other color04:19
KB1JWQzulian: How about a more thorough problem description?04:19
zombui got the same crap with my netbook is it goes to suspend and comes back it s slow as hell and hdd is constantly on04:19
al_is it normal that when I shut screen on my laptop, it doesnt completely reload Ubuntu, but it does seem to take a while to start04:19
UglyBearCan I combine two un allocated partitions?04:19
al_al_: I might have it in hibertnate vs standby or something?04:19
zombuwell linux always had a problem with hibernation and stuff not working04:20
al_zombu: ah04:21
al_did it04:21
UglyBearSo, can I combine two unallocated partitions?04:21
zombui turned all power management off04:21
zombuwhen i close the lid it just turns the screen off04:21
zuliananybody can help about wireless?04:22
zombuwhat chipset04:22
zombuand whats wrong04:22
KB1JWQUglyBear: As I said, formulate a decent problem description other than "it's broken."04:22
KB1JWQEr, that was to zulian04:22
zombushould work out of the box04:23
zombuwhats the problem04:23
zulian cannot tur it on04:23
zuliani can iwconfig it04:23
zombudoes it have a physical switch??04:23
webbb82ok when i change the icon theme the wifi bar in the top corner still stays dark grey04:24
zombuyou might have the infamous broadcom effect04:24
zombuyou might be forced to use a windows driver for it04:24
zulianmy wireless is atheros, not broadcom04:24
zombuyeah broadcom chipsets had a problem with the physical switch04:24
UglyBearIs 10x a safe write speed to make a boot disk?04:24
zombuyeah i m just saying it might be the same effect04:25
zulianwhat sould i do04:25
zombutry a windows driver04:25
zulianusing ndiswrapper?04:25
zombuwith ndiswrapper04:25
zombuyeah and see if it works04:25
zulianstill can't help04:25
webbb82zulian: of you can hard wire your internet you can download bwcutter in synaptic that fixed my wifi04:25
zuliani have try it04:25
zombuhmm did the card work in windows?04:25
Rubik_any acer revo users here04:26
webbb82wlcutter sorry04:26
webbb82after a reboot04:26
zombuthat could work also04:26
Pilif12pDoes ubuntu server have a GUI?04:26
zombushell only04:26
zombuwhat you try to do with it04:27
Pilif12pNothing, someone on Moznet is convinced that it has a gui04:27
zombuyou can install one if you want to04:28
zombubut that defeats the purpose04:28
zombuapt-get install gnome04:28
zombuor apt-get install kde04:28
Pilif12pBut why not install desktop and install apache and all those things, i'd think04:29
emberetherorbafternoon all04:29
zulian@zombu:yes, it works on windows04:29
zombuwell you can do the same stuff with ubuntu desktop04:29
zulian@webbb82:what is wlcutter?04:29
zombuhmm what atheros chipset is it04:29
UglyBearOk, I am going to try installing ubuntu. Wish me luck.04:30
zulianAR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter04:30
webbb82wlcutter will let you use your broadcom wifi in karmic04:30
rezdgood luck04:31
zombumadwifi does the trick04:31
rezdis there a cli sound volume control?04:33
zulian@zombu:but i have try it and still doesn't works04:33
zulian@webbb82:but my wireless is atheros and i use jaunty04:34
webbb82oh oops04:34
Kanerixmadwifi's the atheros chipset drivers04:34
zombuyeah it says to install the svn package04:35
zulianyes madwifi04:36
zombudid you use the svn package as said in the forum?04:36
zombusvn co https://svn.madwifi.org/madwifi/branches/madwifi-hal-
zombudid you blacklist the old driver?04:37
zulianlet me see04:37
zombuit might still use the old one04:38
=== paultag is now known as paultag_h1n1
yermanduhi guys04:39
Max-PHi, is anyone good with pulseaudio?04:39
zulianwhat driver should i blacklisted and not?04:39
yermanduMax-P problems with mic?04:40
yermandui need make a grub load another grub04:41
sarthorHi, Want to configure pppoe server for my Local area network users, That they can dial with login passwords, and can use my service (Internet),04:41
yermanduin installation i choice not install grub in mbr, beacuse i allready have grub04:42
somebody1. How do I find parallel devices like printers from the command-line?04:42
yermanduthen a need that the my Main grub load another with ubuntu04:42
ageyI want to ask something04:42
somebody2. How do I print to them from the Command-line using cat?04:43
somebodyUsing cat?04:43
yermanducat /file04:43
Magnesium!ask | agey04:44
ubottuagey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:44
* Strife1989 suggests dog. :P04:44
ageyanyone can help me? I have a problem in playing video I download from youtube04:45
zombuuse vlc04:45
Max-Pyermandu: nope, some hard config. I would like to make pulseaudio outputs to my 2 sound cards like if it was a single 4.0 soundcard04:46
ageyI have used vlc but sound  n video didn't work04:46
zombuhmm vlc plays anything04:46
ageybut I can play it from browser firefox04:46
yermanduMax-P try jack04:46
loshasomebody: It's been a long time since I had a parallel device. There should be a /dev entry for it e.g. /dev/parport0. Once you find the device, you should be able to cat files to it like so: cat file > /dev/parport004:46
zombuwhat file extension is it?04:47
zombuthats a flash file vlc should play that04:47
ageysome flv can play04:47
loshayermandu: do you have a file /boot/grub/menu.lst you can edit? You need to add an entry to that file for your new Ubuntu installation04:47
yermanduyes losha04:47
agI have two sound-cards. One is integrated with my desktop motherboard-Intel 946gzis and the other is bttv based 'Kworld tv tuner card sound output'. Now the problem is whenever I played tv with the tuner card I can watch videos of various TV channels but without any sound. Otherwise motherboard sound-card gives perfect sound and I have tested the bttv card sound output and found correct individually. But when its sound output jack is looped with motherboard sound 04:48
yermandubut this is my problem losha04:48
yermandui have two grubs04:48
ageyI used flv and timer works04:49
yermanduone is bootable04:49
gamerxhow can i shrink my linux partition to install windows on a seperate partition04:49
loshayermandu: edit the menu.lst for the bootable grub to add an entry pointing to the new kernel.04:49
ctmjrag: what tv app are you using?04:49
gamerxroot, hi04:49
=== root is now known as Guest76246
ageyI have smplayer, xine, vlc but none can play it04:49
gamerxagey, you tlking about dvd's?04:50
yermandulike kernel (hd0,5)/vmlinuz-blabla BOOT_IMAGE=?04:50
gamerxhow can i re-partition my linux04:50
ageyno, about playing flv video that I download from youtube04:50
=== jeremy is now known as Guest90508
bazhangagey, do you have all the appropriate codecs installed04:51
gamerxagey, sorry i know nothing, im needing help partitioning tho :s04:51
loshagamerx: you can boot from a live cd and use 'gparted' to repartition. Make sure you have backups of anything important before you try this...04:51
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php04:51
gtechI'm trying to run  a program called stripe snoop and the executable named ss is in my file path but when I enter ./ss it tells me the file doesn't exist04:51
ageyall extention can play but some flv format can't04:51
gamerxlosha, can i do it in normal linux?04:51
gamerxor somehow in the windows 7 install?04:51
macogtech: billy hoffman's code?04:51
gamerxi dont have any live cd's04:52
Max-Pyermandu: I don't really know about jack and Mixxx doesn't seem to be able to use jack anyway =/04:52
Guest76246what is a good program on backtrack 4 that cracks wep keys?04:52
macogamerx: you cant resize a partition that youre using at the time04:52
macogamerx: have to booted from either a cd or a flash drive04:52
gilos123I need help with grub and restoring it.  I started a new drive on my laptop with a partition for ubuntu and then installed win7 next.. now I want grub2 back so I can dual boot.  I'm currently booted off of a live CD.04:52
bazhanggamerx, you can dl the 100mb gparted livecd and do it that way04:52
macogamerx: well, or pxe04:52
ctmjrgtech: did you try sudo ./ss04:52
gamerxmaco, yes ok ill try this04:52
agctmjr, I am using 'Kworld' pvr tv tuner card which is a bttv application.04:52
gamerxmaco bazhang losha, how do i use gparted, is it a gui?04:52
macogamerx: yep04:53
bazhanggamerx, yes04:53
loshagamerx: it depends. You cant resize an partition while you are running from it, so if it's the root partition you need to resize, you have to boot a live cd. i dunno anything about windows 7, sorry.04:53
gamerx\maco, sweet04:53
gtechany ideas?04:53
bazhangagey, did you install the codecs?04:53
gamerxiits ok ill dl a livecd :D04:53
loshagamerx: yes, it's a gui, relatively easy to use. But please heed my warning about backups...04:53
gamerxio might have one here somewhere...04:53
ageywhat codecs must I install?04:53
gtechctmjr: yeah I did04:53
yermandulosha http://pastebin.mandriva.com/14775 how this files is my BOOT_IMAGE?04:54
ageyI think I have installed win32codec, essensial codecs04:54
bazhangagey, the ubuntu-restricted-extras package contains most of them, there also w32codecs from medibuntu.org04:54
UglyBearOK gaise. i tried installing Ubuntu, but it messed up at the partition stage, and now about 8gb is missing from one of the unallocated partitions.04:54
ageyI used ubuntu 8.04, does it have problem?04:55
alokitodoes ubuntu support the latest ati cards?04:55
loshayermandu: can you also paste your /boot/grub/menu.lst file? Hopefully we can copy an entry from that file.04:55
alokitoI mean will compositing work smoothly?04:55
gzyati card support poorly04:56
alokitoI bought a geforce 9500 gt recently, but its not working in my mainboard04:56
alokitoso have no choice but to switch to ati :(04:56
gtechmaco: I think so04:56
macogtech: nice nice :)04:56
ctmjrgtech: what is the extension of the file ie .sh .pl.04:56
rezds'ok found one, aumix, using android phone to connect to Ubuntu to play video using cvlc.04:57
gtechctmjr: there is none04:57
gtechmaco: heh yeah, now if only it'd run04:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:57
macogtech: check the first line in the file?04:57
macogtech: see what the #! has?04:57
paul928just did a reinstall of karma....I'm very disappointed04:58
maco!karmic | paul92804:58
ubottupaul928: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:58
ctmjrgtech: then leave off the ./ and just run ss see what happens04:58
=== pipegeek_ is now known as pipegeek
yermandulosha http://pastebin.mandriva.com/14777 is the last entry04:58
gtechctmjr: I have another program called ss that does something with networking and that executes04:58
kankan_how to show home folder and trash in desktop?04:58
pipegeekIs empathy likely to get message formatting eventually, or was it a deliberate omission?04:59
gtechmaco: how do i do that?04:59
macogtech: wait whats "file ss" say?04:59
macogtech: and is "gtech" georgia tech? as in where billy went to school?04:59
kankan_how to show home folder and trash in desktop?05:00
maykishortcuts? symbolic links?05:01
pipegeekkankan_: take a look in gconf config05:01
pipegeeklet me find it05:01
shavinderhow do i check which is the file system of a partition from CLI?05:01
loshayermandu: sorry, I don't know what to use for BOOT_IMAGE. It doesn't look like Ubuntu grub. Whose grub is it?05:01
pipegeekkankan_: run "Configuration Editor", then change /apps/nautilus/desktop/trash_icon_visible05:02
pipegeeket. al.05:02
pipegeekit's in the System Tools submenu of the Applications menu05:02
gtechmaco: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300239/ no it's a long story, that's interesting though05:02
shavinderi am running fdisk but it does not mention the ext2 or ext3 how do i get that?05:03
macogtech: oh! its a binary, not a script05:03
kankan_pipegeek:where is conf editor?05:03
rezdfile -s /dev/sda105:03
DigitalKiwishavinder: df fells filesystem type05:03
pipegeekkankan_: see above.  the gconf editor is called "Configuration Editor" in the applications menu05:03
gtechmaco: are scripts interpreted and binaries compiled?05:04
macogtech: yep yep05:04
gtechmaco: and what am I supposed to do with it differently?05:04
macogtech: when you "./ss" what does it do? (sorry i missed the first bit of this jsut saw a mention of billy's code and wnt "ooh!")05:04
gtechmaco: Well that and what am I supposed to do?05:05
pipegeekshavinder, if you just type "mount" with no arguments, it'll tell you the type of every mounted filesystem05:05
osirisx11Does anyone have any suggestion for boot-time encryption? (karmic)05:05
macogtech: whats its output?05:05
osirisx11I'm a huge fan of truecrypt but i don't think it offers boot time enc for linux05:05
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for karmic osirisx1105:05
osirisx11thank you05:05
osirisx11Does anyone have any suggestion for boot-time encryption? (jaunty)05:06
ctmjrag: you still here05:06
gtechmaco: well when I just run ss it runs a program that's already installed on my system05:06
pipegeekosirisx11, your other option is cryptsetup, though I haven't set it up for whole-disk encryption before05:06
pipegeekthere're howtos online05:06
macogtech: you have to use the ./ .... what happens when you do that?05:06
shavinderpipegeek thanks DigitaKiwi thanks05:06
agctmjr, yes, I am.05:06
gtechmaco: it says the file doesn't exist05:06
gtechmaco: even though I'm in the right directory05:06
macogtech: hang on...are you using proper capitalization?05:06
pipegeeknp :)05:06
gtechmaco: I can hit ls and see ss right there05:06
macogtech: cuz file says "SS" and you keep saying "ss"05:07
gtechmaco: yeah, I can play with other capitalization just for kicks though05:07
ctmjrag: ok what progam do you use to watch tv tvtime, kaffeine or ?05:07
Cryptic_DonkeyIntel gigabit nics kick Broadcom ass!!05:07
agctmjr, I use tvtime.05:08
Cryptic_Donkeypipegeek: 2wire only makes modems  and intell is the well known foir its server side equipment05:09
|Leech|I have a small question with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty. I am currently using a small, 10 gig IDE hard drive. Am I able to reimage my harddrive onto a 320 gig Sata harddrive and just resize the partitions?05:09
pipegeekhaha, don't actually have an opinion, just seemed like the right thing to say ;)  apologies05:10
ctmjrag: open tvtime then open a terminal window and type aplay /dev/dsp1 the sound should come through but out of sink05:10
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate05:10
DhuskiIs it true that Ubuntu 3 has been made for playstation 3?05:11
=== paultag_h1n1 is now known as p
yermandulosha can you post your grub.cfg to me try modify my?05:12
=== p is now known as paultag_h1n1
DhuskiSay something!!!05:12
DhuskiAnswer me05:12
DhuskiAnswer me05:12
DhuskiAnswer me05:12
FloodBot3Dhuski: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:12
DhuskiAnswer me05:12
|Leech|Thanks. I'm don't have that much installed and it might be easier for me just to reinstall with synaptic05:12
Pilif12pDhuski: Its The middle of the night for most of the world, you'll have to wait.05:13
FloodBot3waterloo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
vapQuestion: with a terminal window, how would I access a file on another computer on the network? For example, vap-desk on blmrzl/CSIS.05:13
adelie42how do I do an install of a version of ubuntu from a live CD other than the one on the liveCD?05:13
agctmjr, I did accrodingly but it says 'no such file or directory'05:13
Pilif12pfloodbot does his job :)05:13
DhuskiHow can I alter the programming for Floodbot?05:13
Pilif12pDhuski: Better not.05:13
Dhuskivap, telnet is a good way to go...05:14
|Leech|adelie42: Are you meaning trying to install, say, 8.10 from an 8.04 cd?05:14
DhuskiPilif12p, I reckon floodbot has been coded too strictly...05:14
adelie42|Leech|: yes05:14
Pilif12pHe just does his job.05:14
vapOK, I'll  try that05:14
Pilif12pProbably not as  bad as a bot on another network05:14
DhuskiPilif12p, I suppose.05:14
Cryptic_Donkeyvap: Atre you talking about a linux to windows transaction or visevursa05:14
Pilif12pIf you repeat yoursefl he kicks you05:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:15
|Leech|I think that you'll either have to burn a new cd or just install and upgrade05:15
Pilif12pand if you keep doing it he bans you05:15
Pilif12pif you come back with same nick on different IP, he glines you...05:15
ctmjrag: ok run this and see what output you get ls /dev/dps*05:15
adelie42|Leech|: or a way I can jus install ubuntu-minimal?05:15
=== shawn_ is now known as Tiders
DhuskiPilif12p, what if its a different nick and IP?05:16
ctmjrag: should be ls dev/dsp*05:16
=== elijah is now known as Guest6263
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about FloodBot305:16
Pilif12pthen, whoever is the oncall op gets the oncall sysadmin05:16
Pilif12pthe oncall sysadmin klines it05:16
|Leech|adelie42:I haven't used the minimal install and can't give any help on that. Sorry.05:16
adelie42|Leech|: what about the original question?05:17
DhuskiWhat's the difference between Debian and ubuntu?05:17
=== Guest6263 is now known as dineone
losha|Leech|: I would create new partition(s) on the new disk, then copy the old filesystem *contents* to the new partition, then reinstall grub to boot from the new disk....05:17
ctmjr!debian | Dhuski05:18
ubottuDhuski: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!05:18
agctmjr, yes it is dev/dsp.05:18
Pilif12pDhuski: Just the way it looks, etc.05:18
|Leech|adelie24:I'm not sure if that wil work. I am not the most experienced user and could be considered a newbie to most of the people on here. I know that you can boot a livecd, set it to manually partition during install and install it on a second partition, the upgrade.05:19
gtechmaco: heh intertubes clogged for a sec, last thing I saw you say was  gtech: cuz file says "SS" and you keep saying "ss"05:19
pipegeekadelie42: I believe if you want to do any sort of nonstandard install, you're going to need the alternate install cd05:20
pipegeekadelie42, unless you want to, like, partition the drive by hand, mount, chroot in, debootstrap and install by hand05:20
pipegeekbut I could be wrong05:21
ctmjrag: you should have /dev/dsp then /dev/dsp1 or some other number05:21
agctmjr, but I am having only /dev/dsp.05:22
adelie42pipegeek: cool! looks like debootstrap is exactly what I want. Whank you05:23
pipegeekoh! great!05:23
DhuskiHow much longer till ubuntu 9.10?05:23
pipegeekand yes, deboostrap is the shizzle05:23
losha!cn | yazi28205:23
ubottuyazi282: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:23
pipegeekDhuski just under a week05:23
yazi282thank you05:23
pipegeekI believe05:23
=== lmao2 is now known as Keystyle
DhuskiHow is Ubuntu better than Windows?05:24
jon5000anyone know how to get citrix xenapp receiver v11 working on 9.10?05:24
pipegeekDhuski, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule05:24
macogtech: well if you run "./SS" does THAT work?05:24
scuniziDhuski: #ubuntu-offtopic for that type of question05:24
pipegeekoh, and that's a kind of a difficult and subjective question to answer05:24
Pilif12pDhuski: You seem like someone i saw here before...05:24
macogtech: with the capitals05:24
gtechmaco: nope05:25
pipegeekdepends on what you want to do, and how you define "good" ;)05:25
gtechmaco: although SS gives me command not found, ss gives me no such file or directory05:25
adelie42pipegeek: looks like could just 'debootstrap karmic /mnt/disk' basically?05:25
macogtech: are you running "SS" or "./SS"?05:26
emergionI try to run this  command: cat /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin > /dev/sdd and I get permissioned denied does anyone know why?05:26
pipegeekyeah.  And there's a way to specify additional packages to include or exclude, though I'd have to look at the man page05:26
gtechmaco: both05:26
DhuskiPilif12p, What do you mean?05:26
emergionrunning from sudo btw05:26
macogtech: and they both say "command not found"?05:26
zuliankarmis release on oct 29th05:26
gtechmaco: yea05:27
DhuskiPilif12p, you have my curiosity flairing now, please do tell me.05:27
loshaemergion: that's not usually how you put an mbr onto a disk. Usually you use the dd command...05:27
pipegeekadelie42: so yeah.  debootstrap karmic /mnt/disk; optionally chroot /mnt/disk; mount /proc, /sys/ and /dev/pts, do any additional configuration you want, reboot, rinse, reuse05:27
emergionlosha: Ok05:27
emergionlosha: you have an example handy?.05:28
loshaemergion: just a moment, let me look...05:28
adelie42pipegeek: sweet! Now that sounds like the Linux I know :)05:28
DhuskiPilif12p, you have my curiosity flairing now, please do tell me.05:28
gtechmaco: scratch that sudo ./SS says command not found ./SS says No such file or directory05:29
ixian_is the ubuntu 9.10 RC the same as the final version coming out in a few days?05:29
loshaemergion: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-copy-mbr/ for example.05:29
pipegeekadelie42, oh and grub-install05:30
loshaemergion: should you be doing a grub install instead? You never said what you're trying to do...05:30
pipegeekcrucially important ;)05:30
pipegeekthough I suppose that should have gone without saying05:30
gtechmaco: the directory is /home/gtech/stripe if that makes a difference05:30
emergionI am trying to get gentoo running of a usb stick but I am running ubuntu05:30
emergiongentoo minimal05:31
macogtech: sorry, you got me confused05:31
ctmjrag: does it show up in aplay -l05:31
adelie42pipegeek: hehe, oh yeah. thanks  :005:31
loshaemergion: you're on your own then, sorry :-)05:31
emergionhttp://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Gentoo_minimal_CD_on_USB_stick following this05:31
gtechmaco: eh?05:31
macogtech: your errors arent making sense to me05:31
gtechmaco: What about?05:31
bigmack83_i have an HP dv7 laptop, it came with a remote control to use when playing music and dvd's in windows. doesn anyone know how to get them to work in ubuntu?05:31
gtechmaco: Haha join the club05:31
agctmjr, to run the tv tuner card I have to open a console and then I type 'rmmod bttv' and then 'modprobe bttv card=78 tuner=68 radio=1' and then I can watch the videos of channels with 'tvtime' but without any sound. I have tried other distros too but of no avail. This is the last major blocked I am facing with linux. Otherwise almost everything is going ok with ubuntu. So, I have to get a solve of this.05:32
pipegeekbigmack83_, have you seen http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=940777 ?05:32
Primorski_Lavany girl to chat05:33
scunizibigmack83_: also check out mythTV05:33
loshaPrimorski_Lav: so the wrong channel for that...05:33
macoPrimorski_Lav: this is a tech support channel. you are off topic05:33
pipegeekI can pretend I'm a girl05:33
* pipegeek looks down05:33
pipegeekoo, jubblies!05:34
agctmjr, No, it shows 'command not found'.05:34
agghhhhh!kick Primorski_lav in nuts05:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:34
bigmack83_pipegeek thanks looking at it now05:34
macohaha i am a lady, but i'm more interested in "what're you having trouble with in ubuntu?" not "cute young man"05:34
bigmack83_scunizi, no i havent. im primarily using vlc05:34
scunizibigmack83_: mythTV instructions often include how to get ir remotes to work05:35
macoPrimorski_Lav: please leave05:35
ixian_Primorski_Lav, try "any girl with ubuntu issues looking to chat with cute young tech support agent"05:35
ctmjrag: you run aplay -l and you get command not found?05:35
maco!ops | Primorski_Lav thinks this is a pickup channel05:35
ubottuPrimorski_Lav thinks this is a pickup channel: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:35
pipegeekPrimorski_Lav, #ubuntu-offtopic05:35
agctmjr, yes, this is I got.05:36
loshacute young man == middle aged husband on the family pc05:36
macopipegeek: uh, picking up chicks in #ubuntu-offtopic, also frowned upon05:36
stderr_Is there a way to skip guided partitioning in Ubiquity and jump straight to manual partitioning?05:36
macotonyyarusso: thanks much05:36
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scunizistderr_: there should be an option there.05:37
pipegeeksuppose that stands to reason05:37
richardcavellWhen does it become appropriate to discuss Karmic in this channel rather than ubuntu+1?05:37
scunizirichardcavell: after the official release05:37
tonyyarussorichardcavell: After Karmic is officially released (Thursday)05:37
ctmjrag: the l is a lower case L not a one 105:38
bigmack83_pipegeek, the thread didnt have any info i could use http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94077705:39
stderr_scunizi: Well dunno if it has command line options for that, I was reading this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopCDOptions05:39
agctmjr, Yes, I typed a lower case L and the answer came as 'command not found'.05:40
bigmack83_scunizi, in apt, should i install mythtv front/backend ?05:40
pipegeekbigmack83_, sorry to hear it :(  just a quick google05:40
stderr_scunizi: Thing is, I have like 3 800 GB ntfs partitions, and Ubiquity likes to run ntfsresize on those. Multiple times. And that takes... quite a long time.05:40
richardcavellAfter Thursday, will Jaunty be deprecated in the sense that the standard advice will be to install Karmic, or Intrepid for long term support?05:40
bigmack83_pipegeek, yea i googled and found a few pages but its all the same. it should work but it doesnt.05:41
ctmjrag: that is strange try it with sudo aplay -l05:41
pipegeekag: you may need to install alsa-utils05:41
scunizistderr_: stderr_ ubiquity doesn't do the resizing .. gparted does.. if you want get the gparted live cd and do it manually with that.. no matter.. you'll probably still have to resize since windows typically takes the entire hd05:42
richardcavellscunizi: to be perfectly correct, libparted does05:42
stderr_I mean, I don't want to resize.05:42
scunizibigmack83_: no idea.. never did an install of it.  I just pointed it out because often there are instruction on ir remote setups..05:42
scunizirichardcavell: yea... but new users can't relate to that05:43
richardcavellI know05:43
stderr_scunizi: I mean, I don't want to resize. I have free unformatted space for my install. It's just that Ubiquity always tries to calculate guided partitioning by default, and I don't want it to do that since it always takes a long time because of the size of my ntfs partitions.05:43
bigmack83_scunizi, yea. well thanks05:43
|Leech|Are Nvidia drivers organized by card number( 8800GT, 9800GT) or something else?05:44
richardcavellAnyone else here using Mac hardware?05:44
stderr_|Leech|: Legacy, Stable, Beta.05:44
scunizistderr_: in every live cd and alternate cd there is a portion where you can choose guided partitioning, manual partitioning and one other.  choose manual05:44
bostikforeverHello please I'm new to LINUX I use an HP 6735... I can't get sound or video drivers05:44
|Leech|stderr_:Would different brands of 9400 GT cards use the same driver?05:44
stderr_|Leech|: Yes.05:45
thedude42|Leech|, generally no, nvidia and ati use a unified binary for their cards, and sometimes have lower limits on the cards they support or specific features (like mobile chipsets and tv tuners) that other drivers support05:45
stderr_|Leech|: The stable branch for the Linux driver right now is 185.* I believe.05:45
stderr_Well, last time I checked.05:45
stderr_I was running the beta branch, 190.* drivers.05:45
richardcavellthedude42: mind you, nVidia have legacy drivers going back to the TNT205:45
|Leech|thedude42:I was meaning brands like MSI and Galaxy that both use nvidia chi[s05:45
pipegeekOh.  Then yes, they would05:46
stderr_scunizi: Indeed. But, _before_ it shows me that alternative, it tries to calculate how much free space it can squeeze from existing ntfs partitions by running ntfsresize on them, which takes up a lot of time.05:46
thedude42|Leech|, right, the brands rarely deviate from the reference design, the drivers support the chipset (GPU)05:46
|Leech|I have an integrated Geforce 6100 and plan on upgrading into something in the 9x series. I am debating the MSI N94GT-MD512 or the Galaxy 95TGE8HUFEXX05:47
scunizistderr_: I haven't experienced that.05:47
|Leech|thedude42:Okay, thanks05:47
pipegeek|Leech|, incidentally, the restricted drivers manager should handle the process of picking the right driver for your card and installing it05:47
stderr_|Leech|: Nvidia implemented an unified driver architecture so it doesn't matter if you have a card from a different vendor.05:47
pipegeeknot sure if that had been mentioned yet05:47
=== idiot is now known as Guest63370
|Leech|pipegeek:Yes, that came in handy when my 6100 was set to 800x600 on a 17 inch screen and didn't give any higher modes05:47
|Leech|stderr_:Thank you05:48
stderr_|Leech|: You're welcome.05:48
agctmjr, with sudo aplay -l it shows '**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****05:48
agcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: STAC92xx Analog [STAC92xx Analog]05:48
ag  Subdevices: 1/105:48
ag  Subdevice #0: subdevice #005:48
FloodBot3ag: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:48
stderr_scunizi: Well, do you have 1x 40 GB, 1x 60 GB, 1x 250 GB and 3x 800 GB ntfs partitions in your pc? That's what's taking so long in mine, it's running ntfsresize on each one of them.05:48
_akahige_I changed my wm from xfce to gnome and there are still some residual pieces of xfce installed (most noticeably the boot screen). can I just rip all that stuff out in synaptic or could that break something?05:48
|Leech|Do you know any good channels to get help on choosing different hardware05:48
Tracy-PI have just installed Desktop 9.01 to a box and can't get to the desktop. Adding applet 13 fails with a Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0 and throws me back to a login screen05:49
stderr_|Leech|: Google both card model names, they should have comparisons and reviews.05:49
pipegeekscunizi: here's a terrible idea: if there are entire drives you don't want it to consider, you *could* remove the corresponding device nodes from /dev before running ubiquity :P05:49
scunizistderr_: I have a 300gig, 500gig & 1terrabyte..05:49
rsbaskinHow do I open the proper ports in iptables for Samba to work on Ubuntu?05:49
=== patrick is now known as Guest48008
|Leech|stderr_:I am looking at both cards on Newegg and want someone else's opinion before I drop the money on them05:49
leaf-sheep!puregnome | _akahige_05:49
ubottu_akahige_: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal05:49
leaf-sheep_akahige_: Err. Hold.05:49
scunizipipegeek: yea.. or just pull the plug on them .. but that's for stderr_ not me.. :)05:50
pipegeekoh oopsie05:50
agFloodBot3, sorry, and thanks for the pasting advice.05:50
leaf-sheep_akahige_: Do try the second command --> http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome05:50
WisemanUgh, I don't think I have ever gotten Brasero to burn a DVD Video05:50
leaf-sheep_akahige_: Or depends on your distro.  ;o05:50
rsbaskinThis is for Ubuntu Server, so it would have to be from the command line.05:50
stderr_scunizi: But are all those ntfs? I have 3x 1 terabyte and 1... hey this is not an epeens discussion :S Anyways it takes a long of time to run ntfsresize on those so any ideas on how to make Ubiquity GTK UI skip calculating manual partitioning and go straight for the manual partitioning?05:50
alexgeehello everyone05:50
StrangeCharmwhat's the difference between the ubuntu cds and dvds?05:51
WisemanCan someone help me get this up and running?  I want to burn a movie to a dvd but Kmediafactory both fail to do it05:51
stderr_|Leech|: I'd say googling both cards is your best choice. That's what I normally do.05:51
loshaWiseman: brasero seems to be a real mess. k3b is much better...05:51
Wisemank3b eh?05:51
stderr_I pay for Nero Linux :S05:51
scunizistderr_: nope.. I wouldn't put ntfs on anything but a small partiiton for windows to play games.. I much prefer ext3, reiserFS etc.. havent' tried ext4 yet05:51
_akahige_leaf-sheep: I actually followed the psychocats instructions ... but it still left some stuff behind (gnome is running fine)05:52
|Leech|stderr_:Thanks for the help. I am going to do a little more research. I am used to having to find drivers in XP.The last time I had to find drivers was on an ATI Rage Mobility card in a laptop from ~200005:52
WisemanWhy on earth do windows partitions become so fragmented but every other file system doesn't?05:52
Wisemanlemme try this K3b05:52
loshaWiseman: when you say 'burn a movie to a dvd' what kind of file are you starting with?05:52
stderr_scunizi: I still use Windows sometimes so ntfs is my preferred choice for partitions full of music/vids/etc.05:52
Wisemanlosha: Avi05:52
agctmjr, as I pasted, it seems that ubuntu cannot recognize my bttv card.05:52
zirodayWiseman: better programming05:52
leaf-sheep_akahige_: I see. "aptitude show xubuntu-desktop" will display all XFCE-related packages. Copy and paste them. Remove/Purge the packages. Try that? :)05:52
ziroday!defrag > Wiseman05:53
ubottuWiseman, please see my private message05:53
leaf-sheep_akahige_: Also, what do you mean when you said some stuffs?05:53
scunizistderr_: then it looks like you're going to have to put up with ubiquity doing it's thing.05:53
loshaWiseman: so are you just burning the file, or do you need to convert it to dvd format for a dvd player?05:53
alexgeemy xp stopped booting and i tried 3 windows installs which all failed so i installed ubuntu studio05:53
stderr_scunizi: Funny. I should file a bug report :P05:53
Wisemanlosha: I want to play it on my home dvd player05:53
Wisemanburning it as data has never been a problem05:54
jaychouso what are you doing05:54
loshaWiseman: then unless your player has divx support, you need something like devede to convert the avi to dvd format...05:54
WisemanI've done it in windows all the time but I got rid of windows.05:54
stderr_losha: Most players come with divx support anyways.05:54
ctmjrag: ok thats just aplay try this sudo cat /proc/asound/cards05:55
_akahige_leaf-sheep: some stuff meaning... things like xfce settings, taskmanager, xfwm4, various libs and icons...05:55
WisemanI just want to watch it on my DVD player and I cannot for the life of me get this running right05:55
loshastderr_: Odd, I haven't found that to be true. Mostly philips players, and not all of those, and of those, not all perform well..05:55
Wisemantovid is supposed to convert to DVD format05:56
WisemanI don't know if that's what I need or what05:56
stderr_losha: I have bought LG, Samsung, Daewoo and Sony. All of those with divx/mpeg4 support.05:56
Wisemanand k3b doesn't say it can burn dvd movies05:56
scuniziWiseman: www.handbreak.fr05:57
loshaWiseman: tovid *does* convert to DVD format. k3b doesn't convert, it just does the burning part...05:57
Wisemanwell brasero burns fine, it just doesn't burn movies05:57
thedude42Wiseman, burning DVD movies is simply a matter of placing the layout of the directories and files in a way that the players expect05:57
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
emberetherorbI have found DeVdee to work great for transcoding avi to dvd format05:57
emberetherorbvery simply05:57
thedude42i concur, devedee is one of the most useful apps to produce DVD video disks05:58
cgrozahello, when i try to update its says internal server error05:58
pipegeekcgroza: ie, when you try to update your apt package list?  you could try switching to a different mirror; yours may be down at the moment05:59
pipegeekor just waiting05:59
loshaWiseman: so you actually need 2 programs, a converter and a burner. I recommend devede to convert and k3b to burn. If you'd rather use tovid, that's up to you. This is one area where windows does better than linux...05:59
pipegeekcgroza, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors06:00
cgrozapipegeek,ok ill wait06:00
stderr_Whoa, install from USB is speedy.06:00
pipegeekthat works too :)06:00
agctmjr, it shows '0[ intel      ] : HDA-Intel - HDA Intel  and  then HDA Intel at 0x70300000 irq 22.06:00
loshastderr_: got a favorite model among all those divx players? Do tell...06:01
stderr_losha: LG has worked fine for me always, and they are all dirt cheap. Although they sometimes have stuttering with high bitrates, but those (hurr durr legal backups of) regular 700 MB movie rips play just fine.06:02
stderr_losha: What do you need it for? Only DVD and divx/mpeg4 play?06:03
ctmjrag: ok see if you can load the module for the sound sudo modprobe saa7134-alsa06:03
stderr_losha: If you watch MKV stuff you should check one of those popcorn hour boxes. Dunno about them, though.06:03
leaf-sheep_akahige_: Oh sorry. I'm playing video games. If you're talking about the dot folders in your home directory (/home/aka/.xfce-goodies) and such. You can remove those.  It's configuration files.06:03
walkinginLAok thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark s06:03
walkinginLAhuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess p06:03
walkinginLAidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm going back to windows xp and fuck windows 7 toook thats it i tried kmess pidgin gaim amsn emesene fuck it i hate them all fuck ubuntu fuck mark shuttleworth fuck it i'm goi06:03
FloodBot3walkinginLA: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:03
_akahige_leaf-sheep: no. I'm seeing these in synaptic06:04
leaf-sheep_akahige_: What specific packages?06:04
somebodyHow do I find the parralel device in /dev06:04
loshastderr_: thanks. The philips play anything I shove at them, and they have a usb port so I don't even have to burn to disk, but I find the sound is often muddy when there is speech on music. It appears to be the decoder, as the same file sounds much better when I play it on a PC06:04
yoyonedsomebody: lp006:04
pipegeeksomebody, /dev/lp0, I believe06:05
pipegeekyou mean the parallel port, right?06:05
emberetherorblol, I have this sneaking feeling that walking lost his patience06:05
Richi_goodmorning, i would like to use msn messanger with my new installed UBUNTU, can anybody help me to get some information, i have non expirience with this system. Tahnks06:05
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:05
loshaemberetherorb: or went off his meds...06:05
xpistosoh man I am having a slight issue and I need some help real bad. I did a chmod on one of my folders and now I none of my files show up. Help06:05
emberetherorbtrue losha06:06
loshastderr_: so I'd like to find a box that plays avi's with superior sound quality...06:06
vikasapHas anyone here got Xen 3.3 installed for Jaunty ?06:06
_akahige_leaf-sheep: there's a bunch, but... xfce4-utils, xfce4-settings, xfwm4, etc. there are also some xubuntu packages, but some of them -- like the xubuntu-gdm-them -- are tied to ubuntu/gnome packages that seem like they'll hose me if I rm them06:06
stderr_losha: nettop + mythbuntu06:06
pipegeekxpistos: it's possible you made the folder unopenable by you.  chmod u+rwx the folder06:07
emberetherorbrichi I would suggest downloading the latest version of pidgin and setting up your account for msn using it.06:07
loshastderr_: yes, good idea...06:07
vikasapI have followed this link http://www.infohit.net/blog/post/running-xen-on-ubuntu-intrepid-and-jaunty.html06:07
agctmjr, it shows, 'WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/oss-compt, it will be ignored in a future release.06:07
xpistospipegeek: On my file server I ran "chmod -R 766 /folder"06:07
alexgeehello, i hit a little challenge here... i need to patch some c files part of a dkms package and then make, install, etc... if anyone has enough time to mentor me06:08
vikasapBut it fails to boot through the Xen hypervisor06:08
stderr_losha: Anyways, gotta go, nice helping ya buddy06:08
xpistospipegeek: Now, I can't see files in that folder from wither my remote computer or on my file server06:08
loshastderr_: thank you...06:08
VagueI was planning to finally upgrade to Jaunty. I have a question though. I did a lot of customizing the look of my Ibex, and I was wondering is there a way I can preserve all of my settings?06:08
pipegeekxpistos: kay.... that's kind of a weird mode.  Why 766?  you probably rendered the folder (and all of its contents) not openable by anyone but the owner.  The executable bit (1), for folders means "this folder can be traversed"06:09
ctmjrag: yea do not worry about that now run sudo modinfo saa7134-alsa06:09
loshaVague: why bother? Something you *need* in Jaunty?06:09
brandonc503heya.. so insted of trying to use two monitors on one comp,, can i use two comps for one ubuntu?  like two computers use same harddrive(s)  but two different desktops on two different monitors.. cause ubuntu has that multi desktop thing06:09
Vaguelosha, I just want to preserve all of my settings O.o the look of my desktop took quite a long time.06:09
pipegeekxpistos: 777 or 755 would make more sense.  If you wanted all files to be read/writable but not executable, then you could do something like: "find /path/to/directory -type f -exec chmod 666 {} \; ; find /path/to/directory -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;"06:10
xpistospipegeek: I tried to reset it to 777 but that didn't do it06:10
loshaVague: and my point was: don't upgrade if you don't need to, and save yourself the potential for a lot of headaches...06:10
somebodyI got an error with cat file > /dev/lp0 .06:10
Vaguelosha, ah, I figured there was fresh new stuff in Jaunty06:10
VagueNot so much?06:11
durtbrandonc503, how in the world do you connect a hardrive to two computers?06:11
pipegeekxpistos: ie, did you do "chmod -R 777 /the/folder"?06:11
scunizibrandonc503: there are some google links I read in the educational sector where they are doing just that.. been a while though06:11
pipegeekor just "chmod 777"06:11
pipegeek(no -R)06:11
loshasomebody: and you want us to guess what the error was?06:11
somebodyI can't determine if lp0 is really my paralel device06:11
joebodo_durt you can use a remote X session or a few other options06:11
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:11
pipegeeksomebody, what do you mean?  /dev/lp0 is defined as being the first parallel port.06:11
xpistospipegeek: yes06:11
ubottuxdmcp is the X Display Manger Control Protocol -- look at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ to find out how to configure it06:11
loshaVague: there's always fresh stuff, but if you don't need it or won't use it...06:11
xpistospipegeek: from the server06:12
Wisemanok, I am now encoding a dvd using tovid06:12
Wisemanso exciting!06:12
pipegeekkay, what were the permissions before?06:12
loshaWiseman: very good!06:12
syam1Hi, I need help in rescuing my HDD06:12
brandonc503so what would a linux cluster be for?06:12
syam1Can anyone help me out plz?06:12
somebodyI tried to print to a printer attached to the lp006:12
Wisemanlosha: it seems to be outputting to a single MPG file....is that right?06:12
ubottusyam1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:12
brandonc503syam1: maybe  <--- doest that count as help?06:13
somebodyBut I got acccess denied06:13
pipegeekxpistos, and, just for sh*ts and giggles, have you tried restarting samba now that the directory permissions are set correctly (assuming they are)?06:13
Wisemanthe encoding thing says "encoding video stream to video.m2v" but the only ouput file is a .mpg06:13
durtbrandonc503, parallel computing06:13
syam1I have a huge issue with HDD.06:13
=== yermandu is now known as Guest33356
yoyonedsyam1: such as06:13
xpistospipegeek: I am not using samba. I am using sshfs, but I can't see the files from the server.06:14
pipegeekxpistos, wait, you can't see them when logged in locally?06:14
jason____somebody, you almost certainly can't output to lp0 without using sudo06:14
pipegeekxpistos, can you cd into the directory and ls?06:14
syam1Yoyoned, Is there a way I can communicate with you separately from this window?06:14
alexgeei'm found instructions on a forum to solve my issue but I am a little bit confused over a few things, would someone want to read the post quickly and give me a few hints? i basically need to apply a patch to the source of a usb driver in a dkms package06:14
syam1I'm new,06:14
pipegeekxpistos, I guess what I mean is, "what do you mean you can't see them"06:14
xpistospipegeek: Let me see06:14
loshaWiseman: I think so. A dvd is basically just a set of mpeg files in a slightly customised format (,VOBs) with a few other files (.IFOs). Eventually you'll end up with a bunch of .VOB and .IFO files suitable for burning to dvd.06:14
brandonc503durt: thats what its called .. what i asked.. its kinda like having one drive networked.. i guess i can just use ftp window06:14
agctmjr, this is the outcome, 'ilename:       /lib/modules/2.6.28-16-generic/kernel/drivers/media/video/saa7134/saa7134-alsa.ko author:         Ricardo Cerqueira license:        GPL srcversion:     56777F4E2DF09B8AF9601F8 depends:        snd-pcm,saa7134,videobuf-dma-sg,snd vermagic:       2.6.28-16-generic SMP mod_unload modversions 586  parm:           debug:enable debug messages [alsa] (int) parm:           index:Index value for SAA7134 capture interface(s). (arra06:15
yoyonedsyam1: beter to eep in the chat.  more help06:15
Wisemanlosha: ok when my mpeg is done I'll go ahead and try to burn it06:15
Wisemansee what happens06:15
pipegeekxpistos: more importantly, can the user you're logging in as with sshfs ls in that directory06:15
Wisemaniirc I once burned an MPG file in brasero some years ago06:15
syam1The matter is that I have typed a lot of text trying to explian the exact situation with my HDD.06:15
Richi_thanks for support i will try it now :)06:16
somebodyI got permision denied06:16
loshaWiseman: well, wait till you have an VIDEO_TS directory with .VOBs and .IFOs inside it...06:16
somebodyWith sudo06:16
losha!ask | syam106:16
ubottusyam1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:16
xpistospipegeek: I am not able to see the files from the locally (on the server) or remote (my laptop using sshfs) in Nautilus, but when I use a command prompt I can see the files using ls06:16
syam1If I copy and paste it here, I doubt if I get muted automatically.06:16
jason____somebody, I don't suppose you could provide the command you're using, so I might be able to help you?06:16
loshasyam1: large amounts of text need to be pasted to http://paste.ubuntu.com06:16
syam1Ok. Here is my situation.06:16
yoyonedsomebody: pastebin  ls -l /dev/lp*06:16
pipegeekxpistos, that's a little odd... could you do ls -l in the directory and post the results on pastebin?06:17
ctmjrag: ok now do sudo cat /proc/asound/cards again just let me know if you have a new card no need to paste it all06:17
xpistospipegeek: server or remote?06:17
ubottusyam1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic06:17
pipegeekI mean, it doesn't matter---I just want to be able to see the permissions on those files, and on the containing directory as well.  If you can do that by sshing in (can't see why not), then go for it06:17
somebodyHere: sudo cat embossing/emboss\ test.brl > /dev/lp006:17
loshasyam1: try explaining something about your issue here first.06:18
jason____somebody, that won't work.  you're effectively doing (sudo cat file) > /dev/lp0 - the ">" is with your permissions.  Try using sudo -i.06:18
syam1I just pasted my issue in http://paste.ubuntu.com/300259/06:18
xpistospipegeek: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/300262/06:20
pipegeeksyam1, the data's probably still there, you just need to rebuild the partition table.  If you don't have the exact sizes of the former partitions in blocks, that may be difficult.06:20
vikasapI am not able to get the Xen installed on Ubuntu Jaunty , Could anyone help me with it ?06:21
pipegeeksyam1, deleting partitions doesn't delete their contents; it just removes all record of where they were on the disk (leaving you free to overwrite them at a later date, should you choose to)06:21
syam1pipegeek, that is exactly my problem is.06:21
xpistospipegeek: That is from my sshfs share on the entire Storage folder that I am having trouble with06:21
pipegeeksyam1, well, you could grep the disk looking for filesystem headers06:21
yoyonedsomebody: maybe you should use lpr instead of sendingig date directly to the device06:21
syam1Is there a solution to this?06:21
pipegeeka huge drag, but doable06:21
agctmjr, no, it shows 'command not found' and when I use the command as root it shows only one card i.e. the HDA-Intel.06:21
pipegeekxpistos, OK, checking it out06:21
Tracy-PI'll do a dist-upgrade and get back to this after some sleep.06:22
loshasyam1: Some people report success restoring a deleted partition table using the program 'testdisk' http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk06:22
somebodyHere: sudo -i cat embossing/emboss\ test.brl > /dev/lp006:22
syam1I have very imp information on the NTFS partitions which is needed to be recovered.06:22
somebodyI still get the error06:22
loshasyam1: see also http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Partition-Rescue.html#AEN10206:23
jason____somebody, no.  Run "sudo -i".   This will put you in a shell with superuser permissions.  Then run cat file > /dev/lp006:23
loshasyam1: note that it may not be possible to recover from what you've done...06:23
pipegeeksyam1, your pastebin says you installed gpart.  gpart is the tool you'll need to find the lost filesystems.06:24
pipegeeksyam1, it'll tell you where it thinks the filesystems begin and end.  You can then use fdisk to create new partitions at those locations, and see if they'll mount06:25
syam1How do I find it? I'm sorry. But, I'm new to Ubuntu.06:25
pipegeeksyam1, no prob.  So, boot from a livecd (if you don't have an installed system remaining), and sudo apt-get install gpart.  Then do sudo gpart /dev/sda.  This'll tell you what it believes your partition table probably should look like.  It'll take a longish time, as it's searching the whole disk06:26
pipegeekxpistos, sorry to keep you waiting.  Hold on06:26
frybyeHi - re WindowsEasy-Transfer system - anybody used it - how much does it manage automatically and how much does one still have to do by hand?06:26
frybyedamn it - wrong +06:27
frybye#  sorry..06:27
q0_0phow do i delete all files found using locate command06:28
syam1Pipegeek, ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install gpart06:28
syam1Reading package lists... Done06:28
syam1Building dependency tree06:28
syam1Reading state information... Done06:28
syam1Package gpart is not available, but is referred to by another package.06:28
syam1This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or06:28
syam1is only available from another source06:28
syam1E: Package gpart has no installation candidate06:28
pipegeekxpistos: OK, so I'm less interested in what sshfs has to say then the actual permissions.  I should have told you to log in locally.  And while you're at it, please tell me the permissions of every directory in the path to Storage/06:28
pipegeeksyam1: you need to add the universe and multiverse repositories, I believe.  This can be done from the "software sources" control panel06:29
xpistospipegeek: Ok let me get that06:29
pipegeeksyam1: right.  That's because the installer's not actually on the livecd, nor is it (likely) in the "main" repository.  Add universe and multiverse, then try again06:30
milo__does anyone know smthg like moviemaker for linux?06:30
Polarinasyam1: There's another process using dpkg.06:30
pipegeekI'm a big idio06:30
pipegeeksyam1: what Polarina said06:30
xpistospipegeek: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/300267/06:31
ctmjrag: ok what about arecord -l you might have to use sudo06:31
pipegeekxpistos: who is "x"?06:31
xpistospipegeek: that is my username06:32
LiraNunayou all read http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/index.cfm?entryid=2603&blogid=17 ?06:32
pipegeekoh, guess it doesn't matter anyway06:32
pipegeekdunno dude.  Sorry.06:32
q0_0phow do i delete all files found using locate command?06:32
pipegeekerr, wow.  This isn't a terminal06:33
LiraNunaif you're into FOSS humor, this is a great article06:33
alkisgI've switched my clients to using NFS homes, and now they're experiencing "grayed windows" every few minutes; like if the active window hangs for a few secs. Has anyone else experienced this with NFS?06:33
pipegeekq0_0p, locate | xargs -l 100 rm06:33
ltspadminhow to install display driver of thinclient on ubuntu 9.0406:33
henryCsome mountall error killed my koala VM.  I was about to install a new VM and I see that the Koala disc has an option to run inside Windows.  Is this better than running in VMWare inside Windows?06:34
pipegeekq0_0p: make sure to run locate with a filter, or you'll end up deleting everything on your filesystem ;)06:34
alkisgltspadmin: better ask this in #ltsp06:34
xpistospipegeek: ok how do I change the owner06:34
=== AK|vape is now known as Andorin
agctmjr, I found '**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices **** card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: STAC92xx Analog [STAC92xx Analog]   Subdevices: 3/3   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0   Subdevice #1: subdevice #1   Subdevice #2: subdevice #2'.06:35
q0_0ppipegeek, what if i do locate something > file.txt06:35
q0_0ppipegeek, and delete what file.txt outputs06:35
q0_0ppipegeek, ?06:35
pipegeekq0_0p, that works too06:36
q0_0ppipegeek, i dont know how to delete my output in file.txt06:36
pipegeekagain, make sure you run locate with a filter, or you'll end up deleting everything06:36
AzeotropeAnyone knows what are the variables I can put in a file name to be the actual date? in need something like backup-21-10-200906:37
pipegeekwell, just pipe the contents of the file into that xargs command above06:37
pipegeekq0_0p, xargs -l 100 rm < file.txt06:37
agpipegeek, I already installed  alsa-utilis. Thanks.06:37
pipegeekq0_0p, or, alternatively, if the file isn't very long, you could go with "rm `cat file.txt`"06:38
q0_0ppipegeek, thanx i learned something06:38
pipegeeknp :)06:38
pipiiI've been using ssh tunneling + local socks to proxify through my server, is there a package to easy setup an auth socks5 proxy, without needing to open the ssh connection everytimes?06:38
q0_0ppipegeek, -l 100 is for the first 100 lines06:38
ctmjrag: well am about out of ideas try this and see if this module get's loaded first sudo rmmod saa7134-alsa then sudo modprobe saa7134-oss06:38
pipegeekoh I'm a big idiot06:38
pipegeekhold on, q0_0p06:38
xpistospipegeek: I don't know what happened but it s working again?06:38
pipegeekq0_0p: no it's not06:39
pipegeekq0_0p: what it does is to parcel out the contents of the file06:39
xpistosI didn't get to do the chown on it though cause I didn't have the correct params06:39
pipegeekq0_0p: it removes 100 files at a time06:39
q0_0ppipegeek, oh06:39
pipegeekq0_0p: that way you don't end up with a really really really long command line that overflows06:39
q0_0ppipegeek, can i just do cat rm file.txt?06:39
q0_0ppipegeek, i dont have a lot of files i want to delete06:40
pipegeekq0_0p: doesn't file.txt contain a list of file?06:40
q0_0ppipegeek, yes06:40
pipegeekoh oh06:40
pipegeeksorry, misread06:40
q0_0pwhen doing locate search > file.txt06:40
pipegeek"cat rm file.txt" is meaningless,06:40
pipegeekbut you could do "rm `cat file.txt`" (note the backticks)06:40
q0_0ppipegeek, alright06:40
q0_0ppipegeek, oh so its like two commands in one06:41
pipegeek(the backticks mean, "substitute whatever I get by running this command for the command", so you end up with "rm file1 file2 file3" etc06:41
pipegeekhmm, actually, that's not safe06:41
pipegeekyeah, don't do that06:41
pipegeekjust do "xargs rm < file.txt"06:41
yaris123456789is it possible to "pause" a running process ? does it consume resource to remain in the paused status ?06:42
pipegeekor "cat file.txt | xargs rm" (which is equivalent)06:42
macoyaris123456789: ctrl+z pauses06:42
q0_0ppipegeek, cool06:42
q0_0ppipegeek, i guess i will start reading xargs man pages06:42
q0_0ppipegeek, to fully understand06:42
yaris123456789maco: possible to do it from command line ?06:42
yaris123456789maco: looking for a command06:42
q0_0ppipegeek, thx for guiding me in the right direction06:43
pipegeekq0_0p: xargs just takes whatever it reads on stdin and sticks it on the end of the command line06:43
q0_0ppipegeek, ah i c06:43
agctmjr, as adviced the first module loaded but the second one said 'FATAL: Module saa7134_oss  not found'.06:43
macoyaris123456789: to a process that isnt running in that shell?06:43
pipegeekq0_0p: so "echo 'bloop' | xargs rm" ends up running "rm bloop"06:43
yaris123456789maco: process runs in background06:43
q0_0ppipegeek, but bloop is not a file06:43
yaris123456789maco: perhaps pause it via its PID06:43
pipegeekor fleep, flort, foobaz as the case may be06:43
pipegeekright, that was just an example06:43
q0_0ppipegeek, ah06:43
macoyaris123456789: ooo hmm not sure on that. i know if its the foreground process, you hit ctrl+z06:43
q0_0ppipegeek, i understand now06:44
pipegeek"echo 'bloop' | xargs flort" turns into "flort bloop"06:44
q0_0ppipegeek, why dont i use || instead of --> | ?06:44
pipegeekq0_0p they mean different things.  "|" means "take the output of the preceding command, and tie it to the input of the next one", so that when the first one prints, the second one reads06:44
loshayaris123456789: yes, you can suspend a process by sending is a STOP signal, then continue it by sending a CONT signal...06:44
pipegeekq0_0p: "||" means "or"06:45
q0_0ppipegeek, gotcha06:45
pipegeekcompletely unrelated06:45
q0_0ppipegeek, cool06:45
q0_0ppipegeek, thx for helping me out06:45
pipegeeknp :)06:45
pipegeekif you were to use "||" instead, it would end up meaning "stop at the first command that succeeds".06:46
pipegeekshutting up now06:47
macopipegeek: so its: "try this. did it work? try this. did it work? how about this?"06:48
pipegeekyep :)06:48
hyperstation01hello i want to ask a question....do you know how to enable usb device on virtual box?? (i am not using OSE edition)06:48
CWinLxthe server is refusing my ssh key.. it was working before06:50
CWinLxwhat could have happened?06:50
IhateapacheI accidently deleted my apache site configuration files06:50
Ihateapacheand i get this error06:50
hyperstation01 hello i want to ask a question....do you know how to enable usb device on virtual box?? (i am not using OSE edition)--->plz answer the question...06:50
pipegeekCWinLx, is it possible the permissions on your key changed?06:50
=== xxx is now known as Guest53104
nevets04Is it possible to run a Program made in Visual Basic through wine?06:50
=== Guest53104 is now known as p35cam
pipegeekCWinLx, the server will refuse your key if it's readable or writable by anyone but you06:51
pipegeekchmod 400 ~/.ssh/id_rsa; chmod 700 ~/.ssh06:51
Ihateapache"apache2: Syntax error on line 281 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default: No such file or directory"06:51
Ihateapachedo i have to reinstall apache206:51
nevets04Is it possible to run a Program made in Visual Basic through wine?06:52
nevets04hi tonystark06:52
Ihateapachenevets04: yes with the proper ocx and dll files06:52
jason____nevets04, try it and see?06:52
tonystarksup nevets06:52
pipegeekIhateapache, or rebuild the missing files by hand06:52
Ihateapacheill just reinstall06:52
pipegeekit's not hard to reinstall06:52
tonystarkhey ppl what is ubuntu 9.04 i mean did any one try it cuz i didnt upgrade yet06:52
nevets04Ihateapache, Where may I find these ocx and dll files?06:53
Ihateapachehold on06:53
Ihateapachewhat version is it?06:53
Ihateapacheif it's .net06:53
Ihateapachei can't help06:53
Ihateapachebut 5 and 606:53
tonystark hey ppl ubuntu 9.04 ubuntu 9.04 i06:53
equijunkieusb in vbox  go to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74371106:53
alexgeeOk now i got the file hdjmod-1.28.dkms.tar.gz from the .deb and i think i need to do  hdjmod-1.28.dkms.tar.gz but the files need to be in /usr/src/hdjmod-1.2 .. do i just create that folder and extract the tar.gz there?06:54
pipegeekif it's .net, could it possibly be run on mono?06:54
CWinLxpipegeek, maybe06:54
alexgeei mean i think i need to do something like dkms add -m hdjmod -v 1.2806:54
CWinLxpermissions could have changed06:54
=== draco_ is now known as Jesi
Ihateapacheif you're running 606:54
loshaCWinLx: try ssh -v to get more verbose debugging from the client06:55
agcmtjr, I understand that you have tried a lot to solve my problem and for that a lot of thanks from me. Though it is not solved this time.  it may in the next. I shall come back again to you and everybody who has some solve for this problem. As I have already stated that this is the last major blocked which prevent me to switch over completely from the proprietary OS. So I have to have a solve for it. Thanking you again for wasting your time for me.06:55
CWinLxokay thanks06:55
pipegeekCWinLx, that was it?06:55
IhateapacheWhat command can I use to reinstall my lamp server without messing it up more (over a ~20Kb file)06:56
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:56
ctmjrag: your welcome i will research it and see what i can find it seems like a simple fix but it eludes me at this point.06:56
pipegeekIhateapache: back up your existing configuration, then apt-get install --reinstall apache206:57
Jesiwhat do youthink of Gnome Shell, I haven't tried it yet06:57
Ihateapacheill try that06:57
tzolkinhello, everyone :)06:58
Ihateapachehi tzolkin06:58
agctmjr, thanks again and bye till next time.06:58
tonystarkhi kota06:58
IhateapacheI tried to reinstall apache and I got this error06:59
Ihateapacheapache2: Syntax error on line 281 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default: No such file or directory06:59
kotahey tony i am looking for some help regarding ubuntu command line06:59
kotacan anyone here help me out06:59
emjabazhang: thx for the advice before (re suggish jaunty). the links you referred me to seemed to do the trick06:59
Ihateapachewhats up kota06:59
kotai am trying to acess gmail from the cmnd line06:59
Jesiwhats that red line for?06:59
pipegeekhaha, nifty06:59
pipegeekkota: I've successfully used mutt for that purpose before07:00
tzolkinanyone knows this function: 'Window Select_Window(Display *dpy)"? is it return the handle of a window?07:00
Jesiin Quasel IRC07:00
emjakota: use mutt, connect via imap07:00
soldatskota: you should use an app called mutt07:00
emjapipegeek: :)07:00
emjabut but but... this is the interwebs07:00
soldatsstranger things have happened07:01
kotawill it b a straightforward thing07:01
kotaor will i have to tweek things07:01
pipegeekkota: you'll probably want to screw around with your .muttrc a bunch until it's just the way you like it07:01
soldatsa few small tweaks but thats it07:01
pipegeekpeople have probably posted theirs online07:01
pipegeekthe man page is helpful07:01
kotathanks guys07:01
kotai will look in to it07:01
kotai have the whole night ahead to figure it out07:02
soldatsyou could easily set it up with a very simple config in about 10 minutes07:03
Ihateapacheill just reinstall the whole server07:04
Ihateapachethis is making me tired07:04
Ihateapachethere should be a command to rebuild site files07:05
Ihateapacheback to their defaults07:05
Ihateapacheand i guess07:05
alexgeeew, defaults :)07:05
Ihateapachedefaults > apache2: Syntax error on line 281 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default: No such file or directory07:06
Ihateapachewith defaults, it starts07:06
Ihateapacheim sure glad (yes i know you're all *nix fans) explorer.exe doesnt crash when I delete desktop.ini07:07
bfdhudI'm a little stumped, I have been looking but I can't find an answer.  I'm having a problem with my netatalk/avahi setup.  Avahi daemon starts before netatalk afpd daemon.  In order to get Avahi to broadcast the server I have to manually restart it with service avahi-daemon restart.  I guess my question is how do I change it so ubuntu loads afpd then loads avahi-daemon?07:07
bfdhudI've looked online and googled my butt off but I'm not exactly sure what I'm googling for and I'm kind of a nub07:08
vsrinathhow to install apache2 mysql5 php507:08
Ihateapachevsrinath: just run07:08
AzeotropeHi, anyone can help? I get this error when trying to install some apps with apt-get http://pastebin.org/4777607:09
Ihateapachesudo rm /etc/apache2/sites-available/default07:09
emberetherorbvery carefully vsrinath07:09
Ihateapacherestart apache07:09
pipegeekvsrinath, sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server-5.107:10
pipegeekalso php5-cli is handy07:10
soldatsAzeotrope: i didnt see anything on the pastebin07:13
hyperstation01hmm no one wants to answer it huh07:13
pipegeekAzeotrope, my guess would be ro.archive.ubuntu.com is down at the moment.... which wouldn't surprise me, as someone else was saying something similar earlier07:13
pipegeekyeah, looks like it07:14
pipegeektry switching mirrors07:14
Ihateapache.: 44: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars07:14
AzeotropeThanks pipegeek. I was affraid that there is no support for 64bit, for that apps07:14
pipegeekAzeotrope, that shouldn't be a problem :)07:14
tzolkinHow can I get the window's name from a 'Window' variable?07:15
AzeotropeHow can I switch mirrors?07:15
pipegeekAzeotrope, "Software Sources" control panel07:15
genshihebitzolkin, xprop07:15
AzeotropeThanks again, pipegeek07:16
pipegeektzolkin... err... what language?07:16
pipegeekok, then what toolkit?07:16
IhateapacheI'm making the problem worse07:17
Ihateapachei deleted the apache configuration07:17
Ihateapachethinking it would rebuild07:17
Ihateapacheonly to be left with07:17
Ihateapache.: 44: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars07:17
tzolkinthanks :) genshihebi07:17
Ihateapacheanyone think i should just run rm -rf and fuck it07:18
Ihateapacherm -rf *07:18
Ihateapachemake all the pain go away07:18
elkyIhateapache, please dont suggest that ever.07:18
CWinLxI'm trying to browse to a dir but I get Permission denied07:19
Ihateapache"rm -rf *" kills your hd, dont run it guys07:19
pipegeekI made the horrible horrible mistake of suggesting that as a joke in this channel two years ago.  never again.07:19
CWinLxshouldn't "su cd dir" work?07:19
CWinLx@Zeus01:~$ su cd ~/Unknown id: cd07:19
Ihateapachei removed apaches config directory07:19
Ihateapachehow does i rebuild07:19
CWinLx@Zeus01:~$ su cd ~/07:19
CWinLxUnknown id: cd07:19
CWinLxwhy do I get this probme?07:20
stewCWinLx: do you have a user named "cd" on your system?07:20
pipegeekCWinLx, su doesn't work that way07:20
Ihateapachesu -c (command here)07:20
CWinLxI'm trying to get into this dir07:20
CWinLxand permission denied07:20
Ihateapachesudo su07:20
Ihateapachethen enter your pw07:20
Ihateapachethen give it 77707:20
jason____I believe the standard Ubuntu solution to this is to use "sudo -i"07:20
CWinLx777 can't be good07:21
pipegeekCWinLx, also, cd isn't a program that you can just run as root---you need to start a shell as root, then cd in07:21
Ihateapacheit would be a last resort07:21
stewCWinLx: its not good07:21
pipegeeksudo su - like Ihateapache said07:21
CWinLxso why is he saying this07:21
pipegeekjust become root for the moment, then "exit" when you're done being root07:21
pipegeekok, beddie bie for pipegeek07:22
pipegeeknight folks07:22
CWinLxgood night07:22
johntrampwhere is the grub config on the live cd?07:22
johntramp-does it even have one?07:23
Azeotropehow much swapt do you need when you have 4 gb of ram? 8 gb??07:23
johntrampAzeotrope: that was always the rule-of-thumb, swap=2*ram07:23
monkeymanhow do i make packages that are available for backtrack available in ubuntu?07:24
Azeotropejohntramp, isn't that too much? i barely use 2%07:24
nickapaloozano, it's true07:24
fool__monkeyman: sudo aptitude install nmap etc....07:25
johntrampAzeotrope: it sucks when you run out of swap.... unless the hdd space is limited i'd use 8gb07:25
Ihateapacheif you have 4 gigs of ram, you just need 512, just in case07:25
Omen20hiffy, from what ive heard the 64bit version of Ubuntu has awful flash support. Anyone have any experience?07:25
Ihateapachei got flash working in 64bit before07:26
Omen20sorry that was supposed to be hi07:26
nickapaloozahey i'm running windows 7 lol07:26
monkeymanfool__: not all the packages i need are available in the repos07:26
nickapaloozachilling in ubuntu channel..07:26
jason____Azeotrope, Very little, unless you want to hibernate, in which case you need 4GB07:26
loshaAzeotrope: the old 2*ram rule doesn't scale to the modern, vast ram sizes. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq07:27
kkady32hi,i have problem with apt-get update :http://www.pastebin.org/4777407:27
fool__monkeyman: the devs of the individual package might maintain them in ppa or something, check each one07:27
monkeymannickapalooza: you should be kicked out then, lol07:27
fool__monkeyman: or manual install07:27
=== aprilhare_ is now known as aprilhare
monkeymannickapalooza: just kidding07:27
crazycan i get support here? i have hardy 8.04, and i cant click with the mouse outside of menus07:28
monkeymanfool__: it's a pain in the butt if i install it manually07:29
fool__monkeyman: there's the main repos, then ppa, then the dev/project's individual repos (like virtualbox)07:30
fool__that's about all that i've seen07:30
IoIoIoyou know what I don't understand about Ubuntu07:31
IoIoIois everyone thinks it is like this community pass the joint thing when it's actually a start-up company by a clever billionaire07:31
robot682I was just wondering if something is possible.  I have a wiki and a webpage set up on the same server for local access.  I was wondering if it is possible get them each to resolve to different names i.e.  entering "wiki" in the browser would go to the wiki and "home" to the website07:31
monkeymanfool__: thanks for the suggestions07:32
=== Until_It_Sleeps is now known as {|}
IhateapacheYour apache2 configuration is broken, so we're not restarting it for you.07:33
Ihateapachenow what?07:34
Ihateapachedoes that translate to "Your apache2 configuration is broken, so you're SOL."07:34
IoIoIoIhate: ISP?07:34
Ihateapacheits my own server i'm ssh'd into07:35
Ihateapachebeen trying to fix it07:35
IoIoIothat sucks07:35
IoIoIothere might be better channels for halp in that07:35
Ihateapacheit started w/ missing site files07:35
fool__Ihateapache: apache2ctl -t07:35
IoIoIobefore one of these blowhards throws a off-topic bot thing at you07:35
surendraneed help in printing07:35
IoIoIoor  my personal favorite07:36
ubottuJust because someone on TV said something offensive, it does not make it ok for you to repeat it here. It is still offensive. Please use common sense and be considerate of others.07:36
Ihateapachefool__:  apache2: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: No such file or directory07:36
IoIoIo!women | Ihateapache07:36
ubottuIhateapache: The women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.07:36
robot682 I was just wondering if something is possible.  I have a wiki and a webpage set up on the same server for local access.  I was wondering if it is possible get them each to resolve to different names i.e.  entering "wiki" in the browser would go to the wiki and "home" to the website07:37
fool__Ihateapache: what did you do to that file ?07:37
IoIoIo!cn | robot68207:37
ubotturobot682: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:37
IhateapacheI removed the whole /etc/apache2 directory. I was trying to get my default site configurations back07:38
Ihateapachethe ones that basically do what .htaccess do07:38
IoIoIo!o4o | Ihateapache07:38
ubottuIhateapache: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct07:38
fool__well you can try purge apache2 out and reinstall it07:38
fool__IoIoIo: please stop, you're desruptive as hell07:39
surendrahi i am using SAPGUI for Java 7.10 rev 9 (java), before updation to 2.6.28-16-generic i was able to print from SAPGUI07:39
fool__well you can try purge apache2 out and reinstall it << Ihateapache07:39
surendranow i am not able to print ..07:39
IoIoIo!nickspam | surendra07:39
ubottusurendra: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »07:39
Ihateapache!trolling | IoIoIo07:40
ubottuIoIoIo: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel07:40
IoIoIo!pm | Ihateapache07:40
ubottuIhateapache: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:40
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IoIoIooh man trolling ubottu is all i have to do in this sad world of mine07:41
kkady32hi,i have problem with apt-get update :http://www.pastebin.org/4777407:41
fool__ty Flannel07:41
IoIoIo!pl | flannel07:41
ubottuflannel: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.07:41
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nic1how to install skype on ubuntu?07:43
IhateapacheI'm going to have to reinstall ubuntu tomorrow07:43
ruby_on_tailshow can I open ftp-the konquerer style in FF ?07:43
fool__nic1: download the .deb from skype.com, then dpkg -i /path/to/file07:44
nic1i am getting this error now : "/usr/bin/skype.real: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv"07:44
Ihateapachei totally messed up my install07:44
=== Until_It_Sleeps is now known as UIS|Sleep
robot682I would like to set up a wiki and a webpage on the same server but, use different names to reach them.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  Thank you.07:44
fool__robot682: yes, look up apache2's virtual hosts07:44
UIS|Sleephmm, probably shouldn't have said that in here... oh well...07:45
nic1fool_, i am getting this error " dpkg: failed to open package info file `/usr/local/var/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory" when i did dpkg -f filename07:45
fool__nic1: dpkg -i to install07:45
_ohmim trying to shell script in bash and i can't increment my local variable, how do you guys do it? i checked various guides and nothing they said worked07:45
fool___ohm: /join #bash07:46
robot682Thank you >> Fool__07:46
Ihateapacherobot682: word of advice; back up your apache config files or youll have to do a complete reinstall07:46
nic1sudo dpkg -i skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.47-1_i386.deb07:46
nic1dpkg: failed to open package info file `/usr/local/var/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory07:46
Ihateapacheof the whole system07:46
crazyhello, im having trouble with 8.04, my mouse can move, but it only opens menus, moves/closes windows, but cannot click on any links or other functions in programs, does anyone know how to resolve this problem? thanks07:46
fool__Ihateapache: not really07:46
sadneophytehi I was planning a new ubuntu box, anyone have experience with dual headed hardware? what hardware specs should i look for at newegg?07:47
fool__Ihateapache: borking apache2 doesnt mean your whole system have to be reinstalled07:47
nic1fool_, i did dpkg -i, i get an error here07:47
Ihateapacheunless you plan on using it again07:47
fool__Ihateapache: i failed to see why not07:47
fool__nic1: what error ?07:48
sadneophytedoes dvi+sub-d mean dual head ready? or should i be looking for a dual dvi card?07:48
Ihateapache@everyone: im sorry guys for bringing in all the drama07:48
nic1dpkg: failed to open package info file `/usr/local/var/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory07:48
Ihateapachei only been trying to fix this for almost 3 hours07:48
nic1fool__: dpkg: failed to open package info file `/usr/local/var/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory07:48
fool__nic1: where did you download the skype files ?07:48
nic1fool__: in my home directory07:48
Ihateapachei wonder if he means from what site07:49
Ihateapachenot to07:49
nic1Ihateapache: skype.com07:49
fool__nic1: please copy what you did07:49
nic1fool__: i dint get , what to copy?07:49
nic1sudo dpkg -i skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.47-1_i386.deb07:49
Huffameghello! i have a problem with the transfer of music from rhythmbox to ipod. i've tried several times with an ipod nano (i think 4th generation) without any problem, but when i tried my newly bougth ipod nano (5th generation) i don't get acces to the content and if i try to transfer music onto the ipod the program quits. anyone who know what i can do with this? do i need an update of the plugin? how do i do that?07:49
Ihateapachei wish i could paste my failures07:50
Ihateapacheso you guys can laugh at it07:50
nic1fool__: any idea why i get this error?07:50
crazyhi, im having trouble with 8.04, my mouse can move but not interact with programs, any solutions?07:50
fool__nic1: one second07:51
Ihateapachei wasted 3 hours of my time to basically screw up my server to the point where it wont even attempt to start apache07:51
Ihateapache.: 44: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars07:51
Ihateapacheyes, i reinstalled apache, php and mysql07:52
Ihateapacheand im still gettting that07:52
teolicyHi. I'd like to enable automatic security updates on my Jaunty server. Is installing cron-apt with 'apt-get install cron-apt' the "right way", or is there a more specific tool for the task of software updates?07:52
lao5questions piped, but seems no replies07:53
crazyhi, im having trouble with 8.04, my mouse will move but not interact with programs, any suggestions?07:53
fool__nic1: dpkg -i Downloads/skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.47-1_i386.deb07:53
fool__(Reading database ... 544511 files and directories currently installed.)07:53
fool__Preparing to replace skype (using .../skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.47-1_i386.deb) ...07:53
fool__Unpacking replacement skype ...07:53
fool__Setting up skype ( ...07:53
FloodBot2fool__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:53
Ihateapachethis sucks07:54
Ihateapachei guess ill have to reinstall the whole server07:54
Ihateapachei reinstalled apache 5 times07:55
nic1fool_, i think my system has got that problem with status file.a ny idea how i can fix this?07:55
loshanic1: looks like you lost your status file. Any idea how that happened?07:55
HewHi. How do I modify the flags in apt that show some packages as 'manual' and others as 'auto removable' that I don't want to be?07:55
=== YUKI is now known as wet
nic1losha, i remember i did a mistake of downloading and ran ./configure of ubuntu package and then make of that gave errors while trying to instal skype..so how can i solve this now?07:56
nic1losha, please help me out in getting my status file back,..i think i have messed up things greatly..07:57
loshanic1: ls -l /var/lib/dpkg    See any files in there?07:57
nic1losha: yes, there are many files in that07:58
loshanic1: anything called status or status-old or some such?07:58
IhateapacheThanks guys, Ill just reinstall my whole server. That seems to be the best way to fix it.07:58
fool__Ihateapache: did you try purgethen reinstall ?07:58
Ihateapache5 times07:59
lao5Ihateapache:  u r welcome :-D07:59
loshanic1: what version of os is this?07:59
Ihateapachedo you wanna know where my apache problems started?08:00
Ihateapachei can almost write a country song about it08:00
Ihateapacheor the apache blues08:01
fool__Ihateapache: sudo aptitude purge apache2-common08:01
fool__Ihateapache: sudo aptitude purge apache2-common apache208:01
fool__then reinstall08:01
loshanic1: I notice your dpkg seems to be looking for /usr/local/var/dpkg/status. I don't have that on my 8.04 system. I'm wondering if your system used to have a link between  /usr/local/var/dpkg and /var/lib/dpkg and that you've lost your link. Can any 9.04 users confirm this?08:02
loshanic1: whats does ls -l /usr/local/var  say?08:03
fool__losha: no08:03
teolicy(parrot from 10 minutes ago) Hi. I'd like to enable automatic security updates on my Jaunty server. Is installing cron-apt with 'apt-get install cron-apt' the "right way", or is there a more specific tool for the task of software updates?08:03
loshafool__: can you be a bit more specific?08:04
nic1losha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300298/08:04
fool__losha: there's no var in /usr/local08:05
nic1losha: above is my ls -l /usr/local/var08:05
fool__status is there alright08:06
loshanic1: well it contains a status file. So why is your dpkg complaining it can't read it? And why are you using dpkg anyway? You shouldn't need anything except apt-get or aptitude or synaptic...08:06
nic1drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 2009-10-22 13:23 dpkg08:07
fool__losha: he's trying to install skype08:07
krummalufhow do i modify my desktop08:07
krummalufthis looks ugyly08:07
barteki like the look08:07
loshanic1: fool__ so did you maybe forget to type sudo with dpkg?08:08
docmaxhello, i get a popup when a user is connecting to pidgin... can i change the way this popup looks? i think its not depending on pidgin...08:09
nic1losha: i gave sudo08:09
cyris|hey everyone. does silverlight work on linux atm or will it ever?08:09
nic1losha:, i get this error after installing from apt-get and when i try to use: /usr/bin/skype.real: symbol error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv08:10
emberetherorbdocmax: are you refering to when one of your alias is connecting to pidgin or when one of your contacts is connecting?08:11
bazhanghttp://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/ cyris| you mean this?08:11
loshanic1: that is because skype was built for a different version of the library that you have.08:11
icerootcyris|: moonlight08:11
nic1losha: so what can i do now?08:11
loshanic1: ok, try the sudo dpkg -i skype... again. Pastebin the command and it's output...08:12
docmaxemberetherorb, when a contact is connecting08:12
icerootnic1: why not using skype from the repos?08:12
cyris|bazhang, iceroot thanks08:12
docmaxthe popup is top right. i want it bottom right for exa.08:12
emberetherorbdocmax: I believe that it is controlled by pidgin and there may b a plugin that changes it08:13
nic1iceroot: skype from repos gives me this error: /usr/bin/skype.real: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv08:13
faragosHello everyone when comes a new LTS version of Ubuntu thanks from Croatian08:13
icerootnic1: on which ubuntu with which architektur?08:13
loshanic1: seems to be a known problem: http://lists.debian.org/debian-qt-kde/2008/02/msg00358.html  Why aren't other 9.04 users seeing it? Does no-one else use skype?08:13
icerootfaragos: 10.0408:13
faragosI am using Intrepid and good to me08:15
nic1losha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300308/08:17
sam_how i install games on ubuntu08:17
icerootsam_: depending on the game08:17
Dr_Willissam_:  fire up package manager - look for games..08:17
faragosThank you for having fun greeting08:17
loshanic1: one of the bug reports says: "I have seen several folks report similarly, and each case, they had a local/private copy of qt4 installed on their box somewhere.  Please double-check if that is the case." Does that apply to you?08:18
fool__something's really wrong with your dpkg nic108:18
sam_but a doing every step i could08:18
sam_i fell08:18
bazhangsam_, which game and installed from where08:19
loshafool__: that's possible, but unlikely...08:19
nic1losha: fool__ how can i check my qt4??08:19
Dr_Willissam_: claifyu what you are doing.08:19
sam_i am try to play call of duty 408:19
optimizeri have a program installed; i know it's at /usr/bin/fbsetbg how do I query apt or dpkg for wshat package provided this file?08:19
nic1fool__: i am understanding that something is wrong with my dpkg but couldn't findout what is the problem..08:19
loshanic1: try locate libQtXml for starters08:19
sam_its on iso(windows version)08:19
iceroot!wine | sam_08:20
ubottusam_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:20
sam_i triede wine08:20
Dr_Willissam_:  if you want to run windows games you need to uise WINE and theres no guarentees that any of them wil work with wine08:20
icerootsam_: then post a detailed question please08:20
Dr_Willissam_:  check the wine app database for the specific ga,e08:20
icerootsam_: in one line08:20
Dr_Willis!appdb | sam_08:20
ubottusam_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:20
bazhangsam_, check the appdb it may or may not work08:20
Dr_Willisnow we have the actual 'question' boiled down to the actual problem :)08:20
bazhangthough cod4 does work if memory serves08:21
sam_ok thanks for the help08:21
Dr_WillisLast game ive tried in wine is Plants Vs Zombies :)08:21
teolicyAs of late I've been getting hash sum mismatches when doing apt-get upgrade (and bzip2 error on apt-get update). Changing my source servers in /etc/apt did no good (tried 4), neither did apt-get clean nor  did borrowing the neighbour's wifi connection for the test. I tried both 9.04 and 9.10, and was totally at a loss for the reason (started thinking crazy things, like bad hardware in my ISP's caching server). Searching forums, I found 08:22
teolicysuggestion to switch from http:// to ftp://, and lo and behold, the problem disappeared. ANY half reasonable explanation for this insanity?08:22
Billiardoptimizer: `dpkg-query -S /usr/bin/fbsetbg`  fluxbox08:22
teolicy(a particularly notorious package was some recent version of samba-common, no matter what, I failed getting a straight version of it)08:22
sam_DR_willis play quack 3 arena08:22
teolicy(some packages worked fine)08:22
kassahis there a way to tell which way I am connected to my Wireless Router.. a, b, g or n?08:23
icerootsam_: quake3 is a native linux version, no need wine08:23
ZachK_yo yo yo all of ya's08:23
Dr_Willissam_:  that new 'quake live' works in ubuntu  (the browser based quake game just released a few weeks ago)  and see what iceroot  said.08:23
SahkolihaaCall of Duty 4 on Linux - I wouldn't even try it.08:23
Dr_Willissam_:  theres also several games out that use the Q3 source engine that are very nice08:23
SahkolihaaGuild Wars doesn't run that well.08:24
icerootsam_: go to the website from id-software, download the linux installer and put your pak-files into that dir. its running nativ08:24
sam_but sir i have a very week internet connection08:24
icerootsam_: installer is 20mb08:24
iceroot!who | sam_08:24
ubottusam_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:24
Dr_Willishttp://en.djl-linux.org/ -- a GPL 'steam like' front end for installing manyt games in linux. (gpl and other licenses)08:24
sam_can you tell is there any procedure to increse the speed of the internet08:24
icerootsam_: also tehre is openarena in the repos, its like q3 and free08:24
loshateolicy: dunno. Did the forums have any theories...?08:25
icerootsam_: buy a faster connection08:25
loshanic1: still there?08:25
teolicylosha: No, it was just what some dude says.08:25
sam_yes i will08:25
Dr_Willisdjl is worth grabbing if you like games :)08:25
teolicylosha: To be honest, it kinda strengthens the bad cache in ISP theory (ftp is less cached than http), but that's /so/ hard to believe.08:25
sam_but now this time i have to use this08:25
kassahiceroot, any way to get wireless N working...08:26
krummalufso uh08:26
krummalufwhat is gnome08:26
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.08:26
sam_what about my  question i have asked you?08:26
kassahiceroot, right now the stupid wireless is my bottle neck... rather than the internet connection08:26
nic1losha: ya here, trying to pastbin the output you asked previously08:26
krummalufdoes that mean i can change the look of my desktop?08:26
nic1but pastebin is not working08:26
icerootkassah: make a manual connection trough network-maager (add wireless connection) and choose the settings08:26
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  yes. the linux 'desktop' is more customizeable then you can imagine08:26
krummalufim using ubuntu08:26
loshateolicy: if the ftp repo is separate from the http repo, then that implies corruption in the http repo. The only other explanation, that http is corrupting downloads somehow, seems less likely, though stranger things have happened...08:26
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  and ubuntu used gnome for its default window manager/desktop.08:27
krummalufwell how do i change it then08:27
krummalufi hate this brown on brown08:27
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  you can install other window managers.., or play with gnome or compiz themes08:27
teolicylosha: That's the thing, I tried four repos. Four! (including us, uk and fr, I mean, they gotta be serious repos).08:27
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  explore the settings menus for starters.08:27
iceroot!enter | krummaluf08:27
ubottukrummaluf: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:27
Dr_Willistry, then ask :)08:27
kassahiceroot, nothing about speed or network type in Network Manager config for Wireless Networks08:28
teolicylosha: I don't even know how to approach my ISP with this. I mean, telling this to the entry-level support guy in the ISP... I'd die inside! :)08:28
krummalufi was trhyin to talk to drwillis08:28
Dr_Willis!info gnome-art08:28
ubottugnome-art (source: gnome-art): install GNOME themes from art.gnome.org. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-12 (jaunty), package size 26 kB, installed size 204 kB08:28
nic1losha: can i message you in personal window about the output?08:28
kassahiceroot, unless that's what a MTU is?08:28
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  the gnome-art tool also lets you install extra theme 'parts'  but theres a lot of themes i9n the repos by default.08:28
icerootkassah: hm, and your card support N? like the AP?08:28
kassahiceroot, the AP is N.. yeah they made me install it when I got the connection08:28
halegakrummaluf, go System -> Preferences -> Appearance and select a new theme08:28
teolicylosha: It has the bad keywords 'hash', 'corrupt', 'your fault', 'not sure' and (drums) 'linux'!! (/me runs away in fear, screaming "Oh no, just not Linux!")08:29
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  many of the 'looks' are handled by various 'theme parts' such as the icons, window decoration,  and widgets. yuou can pick and choose. and tweak all day long08:29
kassahiceroot, the card is an Intel ABGN integrated08:29
sam_some one tell me about slow inter net connection08:29
icerootkassah: i dont know if it is supporting n08:29
=== mab_ is now known as Guest97311
icerootkassah: dont know the card08:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:29
kassahiceroot, Intel 4965 ABGN08:29
Dr_Willissam_:  if its slow its slow. what sort of answer are you expecting?08:29
loshateolicy: well, they are all mirrors, so a bad file in the main one would just be replicated. Can you download the same file via http and ftp and compare them? Then you'd need to talk to someone running the servers I guess. ISP would be my last port of call..08:30
kassahiceroot, hmm08:30
loshanic1: you can PM me if you must...08:30
teolicylosha: that's quite a good idea. I'll see if I still have the URL.08:30
kassahwell I gotta install Windows at some point anyway... maybe I'll do that and see how the speed differs08:30
sam_dr_willis  i know that ,but is there any procedure to increse the speed08:30
kassahif it doesn't... then I know it's the connection08:31
icerootsam_: buy a faster connection08:31
nic1losha: libQtDBus is there in two locations on my machine08:31
sam_i am using mobile for connecting internet08:31
loshanic1: Aha. which two locations?08:31
Dr_Willissam_:  if the servers are only giving you stuff at 10k/s then it wont matter.. but theres not any magical trick to make your dialup run as fast as a T108:31
sam_i am a computer student , i dont have to much money for bying the expensive net connection08:32
loshasam_: and if there were, the isps that sell faster connections for more money would find a way to cripple it...08:32
docmaxwhats the correct packet name for adding the kde desktop env.?08:32
icerootdocmax: kubuntu-desktop08:32
sam_losha thanks08:33
Dr_Willissam_:  go to some place that has free wireless and use that I guess.08:33
Nitrodistor university08:34
loshanic1: Um, I don't think my client accepts PMs...08:34
nic1losha: you there?08:34
Nitrodistor cruise in your neighborhood for WEP routers/open routers08:34
nic1losha: ok forget about PM, my locate libQtDBus gives it as present in two locations, is that a problem??08:34
alyssumI'm looking for help on setting up LDAP in Karmic.  I have checked the docs already but they are out of date (filed a bug against them already).  I started a Ubuntu forum post but no responses.  Is anyone here running LDAP in Karmic??08:35
sam_dr_willis will you tell me ,how i open the mobile net configuration option from terminal08:36
loshanic1: I think so. I think that's exactly what the bug report was saying. You have two different versions of libQrDBus, one of which is missing something that skype depends on. Where exactly are the two files?08:36
icerootalyssum: #slapd and #ubuntu+108:37
nic1losha: /usr/share/qt4/lib/libQtDBus.so and /usr/lib/libQtDBus08:37
alyssumthanks iceroot08:37
nic1losha: you there? the above two are the locations? is that's what you are asking?08:38
Dr_Willissam_:  no idea. I dont use mobile networking.. i rarely use wireless08:39
loshanic1: yes, that's what I wanted to know. The error message you gave earlier says that skype.real is using the version in /usr/lib and that's the one that's missing the symbol. There's a way to make it use the other one, but I don't remember what it is...08:40
krummalufhow do i change the colors on this freakin thing08:41
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  system preferances appearances - customize your theme08:42
loshanic1: ok, try typing: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/qt4/lib skype with the repo version and see if that works better08:42
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  or select a different theme, and wallpaper08:42
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  try 'Hight contrast large invert' :)08:43
DougMDoes anyone know if Hamachi runs won Ubuntu?08:43
DougMim trying to setup a VPN through it to connect to a vista machine and was wondering if this was possible08:43
xiambaxIs there anyone available that knows a little info on video drivers08:47
xiambaxI installed ubuntu and all worked fine but my video drivers08:47
CountDeMonetintel video drivers?08:47
nic1losha: skype with the repo version meaning apt-get or from skype.com?08:47
JECHOxiambax whats wrong with them08:48
xiambaxso i have an MSI R4350 and installed the drivers08:48
xiambaxand when i rebooted my system is stating08:48
xiambaxinvalid enviroment block08:48
xiambaxat grub08:48
CountDeMonetAnyone know why karmic RC won't actually install. boots from the cd, but pressing enter on install does nothing08:48
JECHO<xiambax> that has nothing to do with the video driver08:49
xiambaxok so can i repair grub some how?08:49
bazhangCountDeMonet, #ubuntu+1 for karmic08:49
CountDeMonetok, thanks08:49
JECHOcountdemonet sounds like youve got a corrupted disk or something... try burning another08:49
JECHO<xiambax> yes, try googling how to install grub08:49
=== bobcat is now known as Guest15608
CountDeMonetJECHO: disk is fine in windows08:49
JECHO<xiambax> which version of ubuntu are you using?08:49
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:50
nic1losha: after giving the path also, i am getting the same error08:50
xiambax9.10 beta08:50
bazhangxiambax, karmic channel is #ubuntu+108:50
guntbertJECHO: please don't tell people to  "burn another" - they should !md5sum check their downloaded images first08:50
j1mp492skype for Ubuntu is so useless impossible to get the mic's to work.08:50
JECHO<CountDeMonet> read what gunbert said to me above.08:51
Dr_Willisgiven that skype is a closed source app.. its hard for the ubuntu people to 'fix' its problems. it did work for me last i tried it. i did have to move my mic to  the front input for some reason i recall.08:51
CountDeMonetJECHO: i did, i am08:52
j1mp492Dr_Willis: Okey, i tried to get my mic to work for some days then i gave up08:53
loshanic1: sorry, I'm out of ideas at this point. Maybe someone else can help....08:54
krummalufthis color scheme is terrible08:55
bazhangkrummaluf, then change it. gnome-look.org08:56
lunksHi, I am using Ubuntu in English, have an American keyboard, but would like to write in Portuguese. Unfortunately, I can't seem to use accentuated characters like I would do if Ubuntu was set to Portuguese. Is there someway I can enable accentuated characters on this scenario?08:58
manojmalikEnter text here...hi08:59
manojmalikanyone from delhi?08:59
Dr_Williskrummaluf:  then change it?08:59
bazhang!in | manojmalik08:59
ubottumanojmalik: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India08:59
Dr_WillisNot all themes let you change all colors however. :) but many do09:00
NoCodeIs there anyway to adjust usage of swap?09:01
TazManiachi guys.  need some help with screen res on a virtual machine.  Can anyone help?09:01
mojo_oTazManiac, you might want to specifify the VM your using, the host and guest OS also09:02
* mojo_o slaps self09:03
=== oMG is now known as Guest43127
DougMHey everyone.. just wondering how I can get all my system info on my desktop.  I noticed in a lot of screen shots people have this was wondering how it was done.09:03
bazhangdougm that would be conky09:04
bazhanglet me get you a link09:04
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5436679 DougM09:04
DougMbazhang: awesome thanks a lot.. really appreciate it.09:04
ltspadminone ltsp client hang after during the login time..09:05
bazhangltspadmin, which version of ubuntu09:05
ltspadminubuntu 9.0409:06
ltspadminand how to configure the serial mouse on thinclient09:07
Sparkiewould i get Mono2.4 or MonoDeveloper if i want to do some C# coding on my ubuntu desktop09:07
sam_#Beginner, #mIRC09:07
TazManiaccan anyone help with screen resolution on a virtual machine?  I only have 800*60009:07
guntbertsam_:  Do you have an ubuntu support question?09:07
ltspadminone ltsp client hang after during the login time..ubuntu 9.0409:08
sam_can you tell how to open the mobile broadband connection from terminal09:08
qwertz1230Hi! There is a bug that I think is still relevant, but it was set to "Fix Released" a while ago. Should I change the status to "New" or rather open a new bugreport?09:09
qwertz1230(https://bugs.launchpad.net/usb-creator/+bug/150872 , last comment)09:09
manojmalikis ubuntu experts availeble in delhi09:09
nemesis1911hey guys I having a problem with sound with my 150 hauppauge .... I foud this command that it says I need to run.. "usr/bin/v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video1 --set-audio-input=0" but I don't work when I type it in the terminal09:10
=== Guest43127 is now known as oMG
=== oMG is now known as oMG__
ltspadminany special help is there for ltsp user09:11
manojmalik is ubuntu experts availeble in delhi ?09:11
sam_JOIN SAM09:11
docmaxhow can i change the logonscreen? (i have the xubuntu screen right now)09:12
ltspadminany special help is there for ltsp user09:12
manojmalik is ubuntu experts availeble in delhi i need help?09:12
nrdbhaving trouble here with mdam... it won't reassemble an array :( all the component devices are labeled as spare.09:13
Billiardmanojmalik: just ask your question09:13
docmaxhello, how can i change the logonscreen? (i have the xubuntu screen right now)09:14
gianiazI have just upgraded from 8.04 tls to 8.1009:14
manojmaliki have problem 2 connect net09:14
gianiazand now on every boot I have the recovery menu that ask to me what to do09:14
bazhangmanojmalik, delhi users in #ubuntu-in09:14
gianiazI choose normal boot and everything works fine, but I can't remove this menu09:15
manojmalikok but i cant find a person who will help me09:15
bazhangmanojmalik, then ask here09:16
=== jackson is now known as jackson__
DougMbazhang: im reading that thread.. it mentions installing CURL and LM-SENSORS... are there commands I can type in terminal to install them?09:16
=== jackson__ is now known as jackson_
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto09:16
ltspadminhow to install display driver on thinclient09:16
bazhangDougM, ^^09:16
manojmalikproblem with net, i install it on dell 152509:16
deoDocmax: Go to System>Administration>Login Window09:16
DougMawesome thanks gus09:17
docmaxdeo, yeah.. i have 9.10. things have changed...09:17
bazhangdocmax, #ubuntu+1 for karmic09:17
ltspadminwhat is the use of iBus Preference09:17
manojmalikhi jitender09:18
bazhangltspadmin, iBus is in karmic09:18
jitenderhow we can scan ubuntu system09:18
manojmalikhi jitender09:18
=== r_ is now known as Guest87543
jitenderhello manoj09:18
ltspadminwhat is the use of it...09:18
bazhangltspadmin, this is not the karmic support channel; #ubuntu+109:19
manojmalikdo u know abt ubuntu?09:19
jitendermanoj u know the scanning system of ubuntu09:19
jitenderya i know ubuntu09:19
bazhangjitender, scan for what09:19
deoI've heard of it.09:19
ltspadminok...can i know..where is the ltsp support channel09:19
jitenderfor virus and recovery09:19
alin19hello guys09:20
bazhangltspadmin, /msg alis list *ltsp*09:20
sohrabhi all09:20
sohrabhow i can work with smbfs09:20
bazhangjitender, viruses are not an issue with ubuntu you can install clamav if you wish to scan windows partitions etc09:20
jitenderhellow sohrab09:20
ltspadmini didnt get u09:20
manojmalikhe jitender from where r u?09:20
sohrabi installed now09:20
alin19can you give me a chat room where i can ask somebody about an error that i'm having?09:20
jitenderclamav , link u have09:21
sohrabwould you chat me to help09:21
bazhangjitender, its in the software repos get via package manager09:21
jitenderthen what is09:22
es-webIm trying to get my laptop and my new tv to work together. The problem is if I start XBMC session the display get clones on lcd an tv but I'll like it just to be on the tv? Im using the Mesa driver for my ATI X1300 Mobile Readeon09:22
deoes-web:  do you have function keys on the laptop?09:22
bazhangalin19, with ubuntu? right here--which version of ubuntu09:22
es-web2 sec I'll try that, im not sure if they work09:23
deoes-web: have you tried using those to send the output to the tv only?09:23
jitenderdear all, anybody please tell me the path of evolution mail backup09:23
sohrabhwos know how i can work with smbfs09:23
psineticWhich one of these is the best video editor software in ubuntu:     AvideMUX, Cinelerra, CinePaint, Jahshaka, Kino, LiVES, recordMyDesktop, or Slideshow Creator?09:23
ageebhi all.... can anyone help me with some audio issues? i have a logitech g35 headset that doesn't seem to plug n' play, not sure what to do09:24
jitenderevolution mail storage path09:24
psinetici'm looking to make movies with this, full scale09:24
bazhang!best | psinetic09:24
ubottupsinetic: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:24
sohrabcan anyone help me about smbfs09:24
manojmalik he jitender i install ubuntu on dell 1525 laptop but cant able 2 connect net can u tell me ubuntu experts availeble in delhi09:24
Billiardsohrab: what is your question09:24
psineticWhich one of these software has the most available options for video editing?:     AvideMUX, Cinelerra, CinePaint, Jahshaka, Kino, LiVES, recordMyDesktop, or Slideshow Creator?09:24
DougMalright I installed lm-sensors.. now it says to run the mkdev.sh script where is that file?09:25
jitenderwhat is the issue in net ,09:25
popeypsinetic: none, try pitivi :)09:25
psineticpitivi....ok, google one sec09:25
manojmalikdont know how 2 conect09:25
jitendermanoj , its very simple to connect net in ubuntu09:25
bazhangsudo apt-get install pitivi psinetic09:26
manojmaliktell me09:26
psinetici was gonna look it up before i installed it09:26
=== fares is now known as invalidrecord
ShinkaIs it easy to update from the release candidate to the official release ?09:26
bazhangShinka, yes09:26
jitenderconnect net cable then enter ip and gateway of net09:26
Shinkabazhang: thank you09:26
bazhangjitender, that should not be necessary09:26
bazhangmanojmalik, are you using a router09:27
psinetichmmmm interesting. i wonder how well it's gonna stand up. I'm a profesional video editor and movie maker. I worked with the windows-based app called "Speed Edit" before i switched to ubuntu. i'll install this one. thanks popey!09:27
=== jeremy is now known as Guest50646
manojmaliki dont kno what is my ip n gateway09:27
jitenderya , i am using local lan09:27
popeynp psinetic09:27
jitendertalk to service provider for gateway09:27
manojmaliki have bsnl broadband09:27
bazhangmanojmalik, open a terminal and type ifconfig09:28
deoIf they don't supply everything automagically (dhcp)09:28
manojmalikand a wifi modem09:28
jitenderthen call bsnl09:28
jitenderbazhang , you know about Evolution mail09:29
bazhangmanojmalik, you want to connect via ethernet or wirelessly09:29
bazhangjitender, dont use it sorry09:29
nrdbI have a mdadm raid that isn't working :(  so I booted from a CD.. and now I can't seem to be able to use mdadm to do anything on the array :( wjy?09:29
bazhangmanojmalik, then open a terminal and do as I instructed09:29
psineticjitender, it might be best if you used Thunderbird for email09:30
bazhangpsinetic, he wants to get his backups09:30
es-webIs there a way to disable the laptops lcd for all sessions?09:30
psineticohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sry09:30
jitenderbut we are not able to install thunderbird09:30
jitenderin ubuntu09:30
Flanneljitender: Why not?09:30
bazhangjitender, why not? what version of ubuntu09:30
jitender9.04 version09:31
nrdbjitender: I use it...09:31
jitenderso how we can install09:31
psineticjitender, what is preventing you from installing it?09:31
psineticsudo apt-get install thunderbird09:31
bazhangjitender, via the package manager09:31
jitenderthunderbird have .exe09:31
jitenderand ubuntu not support this09:31
psineticno no no09:31
FloodBot2psinetic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:32
bazhangjitender, no need for that with ubuntu09:32
psineticthunderbird works in ubutnu09:32
jitenderthen wat is needed09:32
psineticjitender, go into terminal, and type this:09:32
psineticsudo apt-get install thunderbird09:32
bazhangjitender, you need to install your software from the package manager, not 3rd party web sites09:32
nrdbjitender: System->Admisitration->Synaptic .. in the search type "thunderbird" and install it.09:33
deoes-web: depends on the laptop manufacturer usually..09:33
jitenderpsinetic, next step09:33
bazhangjitender, synaptic package manager is how you do it, or via add/remove, or the command line via the terminal09:33
psineticjitender, what do you mean next step? it should install09:34
bazhangjitender, that is it. there is no second step09:34
psineticjitender, did it install it already?09:34
jitenderok its installing09:34
bazhangjitender, in future, use the package manager09:34
jitenderi will09:35
nrdbI hate pidgin... no history... I have a malfunctioning mdadm raid5 array, when booted from the CD, mdadm can't seem to do anything with it :( why09:35
bazhangjitender, ie dont download .exe from 3rd party websites as that is for windows09:35
waterloo nrdb: why hate pidgin?09:35
PSPis thier a way of making music in ubuntu??09:35
PSPlike fruity loops09:35
DougMbazhang: in that thread one of the steps is "Next, you should test that lm-sensors works correctly. Run the "sensors" command and check the output. Example output is below: "  How do I run the sensors command?09:35
nrdbwaterloo: not user friendly..  no history..09:35
bazhangDougM, cant remember let me check the link09:36
psineticjitender, also, if you can't find an alternative of the windows-based program that uses .exe, you can run .exe (windows based apps) emulated in ubuntu using wine09:36
psineticsudo apt-get install wine09:36
PSPhelloo.... is thier a way of making music in ubuntu like fruity loops in windows09:36
psineticif you haven't used it before, worth a try09:36
waterloonrdb: er.. like a little , keystroke is bad09:36
jitenderok , this will work (wine)09:36
jitenderi have intalled wine09:36
TTilusinstalled karmic, reboot after install and after "GRUB loading, please wait..." nothing happens09:37
psineticTTilus, use #ubuntu+109:37
nrdbI have a malfunctioning mdadm raid5 array, when booted from the CD, mdadm can't seem to do anything with it :( why09:37
TTiluspsinetic: okay09:37
docmaxi'd like to remove the startup logo and have normal console output... how can i do this?09:38
jitenderinstallation done , ldconfig defered prcessing now takinf place --after this on command prompt showing09:39
psineticjitender, now check in applications and thunderbird should be there09:40
jitenderunder which09:40
bazhangDougM, I ran sudo sensors-detect and answered Y to everything (as in the link)09:40
gianiazanyone here uses elisa?09:40
icerootdocmax: you have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst     remove quit and splash from your kernel09:41
tstebutI have a problem with evolution09:41
jitenderits showing09:41
docmaxiceroot, thanks09:41
bazhangDougM, you may also wish to install sensors-applet if you end up not using conky09:41
tstebutI can't reveive last day mails09:41
psineticjitender, no problem :)09:41
icerootdocmax: or better, from the grub-entry to your kernel09:41
jitendernow i can configure mails09:41
tstebut...but only today09:41
DougMbazhang: yeah i ran through that and answered YES to everything09:41
DougMbut after it says something about running hte command09:41
bazhangDougM, says what09:42
nrdbhow do I fix mdadm so I can use the array it is currently saying "md1 : inactive sdd2[3](S) sdb2[4](S) sdc2[2](S) sda2[0](S)"09:42
bostikforeverI'm having problem with my sound. It isn't working. I've followed all the instructions on forums... nothing works09:42
docmaxi have grub2 (karmic)09:42
psineticso who here does graphic design with Blender?09:42
=== HiTMAN is now known as Tim-B
bazhangdocmax, this is not karmic support channel09:42
icerootbostikforever: and we shoudl guess what ubuntu-version, which soundcard and which forum-entry?09:42
DougM bazhang: Run the "sensors" command and check the output. Example output is below: .. thats after I answer yes to everything09:42
icerootdocmax: #grub and #ubuntu+109:43
jitenderok , iam going for lunch09:43
bazhangDougM, okay, what is the problem then09:43
DougMbazhang: im not sure what the command is to run the sensors to check the output09:44
bostikforevericeroot: sorry. Jaunty Jackalope, AD198x09:44
bazhangDougM, you did also run sudo sensors-detect correct?09:46
DougMbazhang: yeah09:46
nrdbwhy does "# mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda2" give the error "mdadm: Couldn't open /dev/sda2 for write - not zeroing"09:46
DougMbazhang: and answered yes to everything09:46
DougMbazhang: now i wana test it and ake sure it worked and it says to type in the sensors command.. but i dont know what the command is09:47
hkuieagletype sensors09:48
psineticdoes anyone have a list of some good software that might not be advertised well on ubuntu? i'm taking a look at some decent stuff. to help clarify, networking tools are nice09:48
bazhangDougM, at the bottom it says you can do some modprobe'ing or simply restart09:48
bazhangDougM, the command is :   sensors09:48
ShapeShifter499I just reinstalled my system and I need to change all my files I copied from my old linux so I can freely change them as I like, how do I do that? use chmod? or what?09:49
indravenihi all09:49
indravenii created a windows NTFS partition and writen data to it from my linux system09:49
bostikforever_I'm having problem with my sound. It isn't working. I've followed all the instructions on forums... nothing works09:49
bostikforever_iceroot: sorry. Jaunty Jackalope, AD198x09:49
indravenilater tried installing windows in another free space09:49
indraveninow I am not able to find my data that was written to NTFS from linux09:50
psineticbostikforever, how is it not working?09:50
psineticdoes it give you an error?09:50
indravenicould someome please help me09:50
bazhangindraveni, you installed windows over it?09:50
_Narc_Hey everyone09:50
indraveninot over it, it was other partition where i installed windows09:50
indravenisay ,a, b c are partitions09:50
indravenia i have linux, b is NTFS created from a and copied data09:51
indraveniover c I installed windows09:51
bazhangDougM, are you clear there09:51
ShapeShifter499is it chmod or what?? I need to know, the permission of this files are for root, I want it set so I don't have to use sudo to change them, how do I do that?09:51
indraveniafer windows installation, the content of B is invisible09:51
DougMbazhang: yeah.. thanks a lot09:51
indraveniits not visible from linux and windows09:51
DougMbazhang: appreciate it09:51
indraveniis there a way to get my data back09:51
bazhangDougM, you saw the part about restarting, right?09:52
indraveniis my data safe or its been removed by windows?09:52
mojo_oindraveni, sure you installed to the right partition? did you mount them all and poke around?09:52
DougMbazhang: yeah09:52
indraveniyes i have mounted them all09:52
DougMbazhang: thanks again09:52
indravenii even remember the parttions with size09:52
mojo_oso it's blank?09:53
_Narc_Hi folks, anyone on Jaunty having the "Not all updates can be installed" error message with update-manager proposing a partial upgrade ?09:53
smoo2hello, having fstab issues, I've got a line which wont mount at boot, but does mount if I do "mount -a" what do I need to change?09:53
yoavsbg17join #ubuntu-il09:54
ShapeShifter499anyone know?09:54
mojo_oindraveni, i suggest googling for some ntfs recover software09:54
_Narc_smoo2: can you copy the line from your fstab file ?09:55
indravenishould i search for recovey software that run on linx or win09:55
mojo_oShapeShifter499, chmod would work09:55
=== __Techie_ is now known as _Techie_
yoavsbg17Hi all09:55
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: ok, like this------->    "sudo chmod -x 777"09:56
yoavsbg17I'm on Ubuntu09:56
smoo2curlftpfs#share:password@host /mnt/media fuse allow_other,rw,user, 0 009:56
mojo_oShapeShifter499, chmod 666 file09:56
smoo2_Narc_: it's an ftp share09:56
yoavsbg17somebody can tell me how i could to connect into my Skype accunt ?09:56
mojo_oShapeShifter499, yeah sudo if you need it and 777 is for execution09:56
Polarinayoavsbg17: You shouldn't be using Skype.09:57
=== fares is now known as invalidrecord
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: and this will change the permission of my files so I can change them and not have to be root right?09:57
_Narc_smoo2: Oh, I don't know about that then, I thought it was a partition you wanted to mount09:57
rimvishello anybody knows how to fix it i cant restart my PC09:57
rimvisN4N173 syslogd 1.5.0#5ubuntu3: restart.09:58
rimvisOct 14 21:48:48 N4N173 exiting on signal 1509:58
bostikforever_rimvis: fix what?09:58
mojo_oShapeShifter499, it will allow ALL users to change the file. not always the best idea09:58
rimvisbostikforever,  when i click on restart it dont restart09:58
smoo2_Narc_:  the parts about mounting at boot aren't any different are they? the share mounts ok, i just can't get it to mount without me doing somehting09:58
nrdbwhy does "# mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda2"  give me the error "mdadm: Couldn't open /dev/sda2 for write - not zeroing"09:58
mojo_oShapeShifter499, chown could be better if your special user was part of a special group09:58
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I just want my user to be able to change it09:58
schmukkkthe notifications are really small09:59
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: so what do I do?09:59
schmukkklike point 5 font09:59
mojo_oShapeShifter499, you could create a new group, use chown to change the group ownership of the file and add the user to that group :-)09:59
_Narc_smoo2: Well, maybe you made a mistake while writing the corresponding line in your fstab file09:59
yoavsbg17Polarina can you answer me in the praivate chat ?09:59
mojo_oShapeShifter499, or.. :-) just use chown to make the owner the user you want to change the file :-)10:00
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: ok hold on10:00
trijntjehi all. My videocard seems to have died overnight, can someone help me debug this? I know absolutely nothing about hardware10:00
mojo_oShapeShifter499, sudo chown user:root file     ..user being the username10:01
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: could I do that to a whole directory worth of files needing changing?10:01
mojo_oShapeShifter499, ok, that's scary :-)10:02
mojo_oShapeShifter499, do you use the su utility at all?10:02
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: no10:02
mojo_oShapeShifter499, if the problem is having to sudo everything, try su. i can't even remember if the root account is enable by default10:03
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I copied these files from a old partition(things like the desktop) and they are stuck in root only permissions, so can I use chown on a whole directory?10:04
_Narc_Ok, Update manager is giving me the "Not all updates can be installed message" message proposing me a partial upgrade, and I'm on Jaunty, not Karmic beta which is strange, any idea anyone ? Thanks.10:04
BlouBlou_Narc_: surelly you tryed to update to 9.10, and update failed10:05
mojo_oShapeShifter499, ahh, then this is ok, yes you can use chown with wildcards, just be carefull you don't hit other things. perform the operation on these files from within a subfolder of your home10:05
BlouBlou_Narc_: now you have got 2 syestems repositories10:05
kbpdoes anyone know any "pdf editor" that is free? I just need to change a number and a date on the pdf page so I dont need a rich-features one. Thanx10:06
_Narc_No, that's the strange part, I read the thread on the forum and I'm sure I didn't tried to upgrade to 9.10.10:06
BlouBlou_Narc_: well, did you add anything to repositories?10:06
mojo_oShapeShifter499, chown username:users * ;#be carefull where you do this!10:07
_Narc_BlouBlou: I always wait for the final and do a clean install every time10:07
_Narc_BlouBlou: yes, a few things10:07
BlouBloukbp: openoffice can use pdf10:07
BlouBlou_Narc_: try to remove it10:07
_Narc_BlouBlou: Ok, I will, thanks. It's broken dependencies or what ?10:07
rtr_hi there, i have an bash question .) i want do echo all rar-files wich i need to unrar in a directory. So first, i do  "echo *.part{1,01,001,0001,00001}.rar" to find all multi-parts, but then i need a way to echo all wich dont have *part* in their filename. is this possible?10:08
=== secret is now known as Guest95728
BlouBlou_Narc_: no, ubuntu is searching programms in repositorie, what is not avaiable10:08
_Narc_BlouBlou: Ok, I'll remove thrid parties then.10:09
BlouBlou_Narc_: okay10:09
kbpBlouBlou: thank you just tried OO3 but it cannot open PDF, however I found pdfedit from repository :)10:09
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: ok was this ok?     I chowned the following dir:   ~/Desktop, ~/ Videos, ~/Music, ~/Documents, and ~/Pictures with this command "sudo chown -R"10:09
MrSchmowhen will 9.10 be release?10:10
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I mean this command "sudo chown user:root -R"10:10
BlouBlou!karmic | MrSchmo10:10
ubottuMrSchmo: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:10
mojo_oShapeShifter499, not quite10:11
_Narc_BlouBlou:  Thanks, it was indeed the repos for Awn and Miro who were messing things up.10:11
Guest65509hi all10:11
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: huh?10:11
BlouBlou_Narc_: you're welcome :)10:12
Guest65509i am new and i am from india10:12
Guest65509i need u r help10:12
BlouBlou!ask | Guest6550910:12
ubottuGuest65509: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:12
mojo_oShapeShifter499, if they are just for the user, use: sudo chown -R username:users ~/Desktop10:12
trijntjeWhere should I look to diagnose a non-functional videocard? X-server dies saying "fatal server error, no monitor found"10:12
mojo_oShapeShifter499, note the group is 'users'10:12
_Narc_BlouBlou: So, will it solve by itself with time because devolpers will add the missing packages ?10:12
trijntjeThe card worked fine yesterday10:12
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: but the way I did it was ok too right??10:13
Guest65509are there any traning partners in india for ubuntu course??10:13
BlouBlou_Narc_: surelly packet were in your pc database and in repository's, but it was not avaiable to download10:13
nic1there are two libQtDBus in my machine, which leads to problems in using skype. how can i remove one?10:13
_Narc_BlouBlou: Ok, I see. Thanks.10:13
BlouBlou_Narc_: no problem ;)10:13
ShapeShifter499mojo_o : or did something else happen?10:14
BlouBlou!bot | Guest6550910:14
ubottuGuest65509: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:14
mojo_oShapeShifter499, well you should be able to use them, but if it's in your home folder it looks a little messy with group root :-)10:14
Guest65509are there any traning partners in india for ubuntu course??10:14
mojo_oShapeShifter499, try it out ;-)10:14
yoavsbg17what is all the IRC comand ?10:15
BlouBlouyoavsbg17: use /help10:15
nic1there are two libQtDBus in my machine, which leads to problems in using skype. how can i remove one?10:15
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: its working ok now, files I couldn't delete or move I can now without the "sudo mv" command10:16
mojo_odoesn't pidgin emulate skype?10:16
mojo_oShapeShifter499, yep. it's all good :-)10:16
BlouBlou!spkype | mojo_o10:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spkype10:16
mojo_o!skype | mojo_o10:16
ubottumojo_o, please see my private message10:16
BlouBloumojo_o: no, it doesn't do it, you need download another programm10:17
mojo_oBlouBlou, :-(10:17
ShapeShifter499ok anyone know why this is happening?, I right click a file or set of files and choose delete or drag them to the trash icon, but when I go to delete they don't show up...but I do find them in "/home/myuser/.local/share/trash/files/"10:18
ShapeShifter499why is this happening10:18
BlouBlouShapeShifter499: try to don't use enter as putuation please10:19
=== RS-232 is now known as Pizarro2
ShapeShifter499sorry BlouBlou10:19
sam_$irc object10:19
sam_$conn object10:19
mojo_oShapeShifter499, i don't quite understand where you don't see them10:20
bazhangsam_, ?10:20
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I don't see them in nautilus trash shortcut10:20
ltspadminS32ltsp-client-setup what is the use of this command in ltsp server ubuntu 9.0410:20
mojo_oShapeShifter499, refresh?10:20
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest25323
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I did10:20
mojo_oShapeShifter499, nfi sorry10:21
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I'm sorry I'm not good with irc typing shortcuts, whats nfi?10:22
previouslyunnameno idea10:22
previouslyunnamewell, abbreviated10:22
ltspadminThe hard disk can be used with LILO or GRUB, to load the Linux kernel and initrd. You can also load the Etherboot bootrom image from the hard disk, and it will act like a bootrom. but how can i  do ???10:22
mojo_othe f can be interpreted in many ways. freakin' was my intent :-)10:22
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: oh..ok10:23
=== qdii_ is now known as qdii
previouslyunnamegiven that you can tell ubuntu 9.04 to simulate/do a dry run of an install in the command line, IIRC, is there a way to do the same thing in synaptic with multiple files?10:24
mojo_oShapeShifter499, what happens if you create a new shortcut to that trash folder manually?10:25
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: haven't tried10:26
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: I'll try now10:26
AscavasaionMy system feels as if it is running slower and slower as in the usual thing with Windows machines.  How can I see what is using resources, what resources are left, and tweak it?10:28
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: w8 whats the trash command?10:28
mojo_oShapeShifter499, trash command?10:29
previouslyunnameascavasaion, system monitor should do the trick10:29
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: yea like how to get it running...so I can make the new shortcut10:29
Ascavasaionthanks previouslyunname Will look now.10:30
mojo_oShapeShifter499, well i don't use gnome, no idea how to make shortcuts on it :o10:30
amartinhello everybody, I have upgraded 9.04 to 9.10 about 1,5 month ago and everything was ok. But about 1 month ago my eth0 dissapear on my MSI WInd. Can anybody here help me??10:30
previouslyunnamewhat's an msi wind?10:30
Huffameghey! what is the main differences between ubuntu 8.04 and 9.04?10:31
mojo_oHuffameg, 110:31
amartinpreviouslyunname, it's MSI Wind 10010:31
previouslyunnamestill don't know what it is10:32
nic1do anyone here use skype on ubuntu9.04. please help me out10:32
trijntjeXserver crashes on startup and i have to plug the monitor cable in the onboard videocard to get command line acces. How can i debug this?10:32
Huffamegmojo_o: so.. no reason to update?10:32
mojo_oShapeShifter499, i think i understand what you mean now, what i was thinking was maybe the shortcut to the trash is pointing to the wrong folder10:32
amartinpreviouslyunname, what data do You need??10:33
mojo_oHuffameg, i was just kidding 9.04-8.04=110:33
ShapeShifter499mojo_o: oh10:33
previouslyunnamedoes anybody know if it's possible to get ubuntu to reset and rebuild itself based off the distro servers?10:33
Huffamegmojo_o: yup, i got it.. but does that mean that you don't think there's any big difference?10:33
previouslyunnameamartin: is that the name of your computer, it's mother board, your network, your router?10:34
amartinpreviouslyunname, sorry, it's a laptop10:34
nic1any skype users here?10:34
mojo_oHuffameg, well it's always best to upgrade with linux if you're upgrading to something stable with security fixes and such10:35
amartinpreviouslyunname, a netbook to be exact10:35
damjan_When I make a new wired connection in network manager in edit connections, I cant see that connection when I left click on NM icon in panel, to switch connection10:35
previouslyunnamenic1: yeah, I tried but couldnt' work it out and gave up10:35
previouslyunnameand you've tried updating and or reinstalling the drivers for the ethernet device?10:35
subitohi, i have a flash drive of 1 Go that doesn't10:36
[V]ortex`hello how do i resize my desktop?10:36
subitohi, i have a flash drive of 1 Go for which the light doesn't turn on when i plug it. Is there something to do?10:36
previouslyunnamesubito: have you figured out if that's a linux problem?10:36
amartinpreviouslyunname, no, it just dissapear after one upgrade10:36
previouslyunnametried downgrading?10:37
subitopreviouslyunname: it is not; the problem is coming from the flash drive10:37
amartinpreviouslyunname, no, i didn't10:38
amartinit was working after first upgrade and couple of next ones10:38
ShapeShifter499I g2g10:39
previouslyunnameso revert your ethernet device back to that10:39
wideasubito, with 'fdisk -l' you can see if the flash drive is there10:40
tuanhi all10:40
jony123anyone here know alot about tcp/ip protocol can such and can i ask them some questions regarding host names and such10:41
damjan_When I make a new wired connection in network manager in edit connections, I cant see that connection when I left click on NM icon in panel, to switch connection10:42
tuani'm using backtrack 4 to hack wep key but card intel wifi 5100 agn don't monitor please help me10:42
onatshelp, i upgraded my 9.04 to 9.10 but now i cant boot in. the boot sequence gets stuck when it starts to try mounting devices in /etc/fstab. it keeps on waiting for ALL the devices10:42
enrteshello who know how to start scrolling with ibm trackpoint?10:43
tuani'm using backtrack 4 to hack wep key but card intel wifi 5100 agn don't monitor please help me10:43
enrteshello who know how to start scrolling with ibm trackpoint?10:44
=== Mattoni is now known as Juarez
damjan_When I make a new wired connection in network manager in edit connections, I cant see that connection when I left click on NM icon in panel, to switch connection10:47
ksnpcan anyone suggest how to install a supposedly .tar.gz  ubuntu - x86.deb file with the note "When you run the executable setup file, you will have the option to extract the .deb or .rpm package embedded in the executable setup file."10:47
=== mojo_o is now known as mojo__o
trijntjehi all. Windows vista works with the graphical card on my motherboard but with ubuntu the Xserver crashes with "Fatal server error, No monitor found"10:51
trijntjehow can i fix ubuntu?10:51
bigbrovarhi guys I was wondering if its possble to use greedy mode for X on karmic (it really made my intel card less a pain on jaunty) but xorg.conf is missing in karmic10:52
diogo_79this error "Starting Dropbox...I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/diogo/.compiz/session/10a28b45a8d4d369e4125637693495910200000040770021" is appearing in my .xsessions error file10:52
diogo_79anyone nows how to fix this10:53
Kris07Hello all, just wondering if anybody here could put videos on an iPod.10:53
diogo_79i think the file doest exists10:53
nic1does anyone know this error: "/usr/bin/skype.real: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv"10:53
diogo_79but how can i rid of this error10:53
ksnpany truecrypt users here ?10:55
ksnpany dmcrypt users ?10:56
_Space_Cace_can i have an Encrypted swap file? in ubuntu?10:57
YosAnyone familiar with pubuntu ?10:57
ksnpanyone kind enouth to spend a minute to help how to configure truecrypt ?10:57
c10ud8wtf is pubuntu??10:58
Billiard_Space_Cace_: why would you want one?10:58
Yosportable ubuntu10:58
c10ud8just wipe the swap partition10:58
_Space_Cace_for the same reason you encrypt your /home partition.10:58
c10ud8it will still work next boot10:59
trijntjehi all. Windows vista works with the graphical card on my motherboard but with ubuntu the Xserver crashes with "Fatal server error, No monitor found" How can i fix this?10:59
zirodaytrijntje: what video card do you have?10:59
sharperguyAnyone know how I can automount my external drive while in fluxbox?11:00
trijntjeziroday, Nvidia, i dont know the command to find out the full name. I'm a complete hardware idiot11:00
NerveClaspI have a question! why when I mount ntfs partition by one user I can't use it by another? standart parameters window does not change properties of access(((11:00
Kris07Anybody know how to put videos on an iPod?11:00
_Space_Cace_i belive there is some ipod stuff in the repos.11:01
Dr_Willisconvert with winff Kris07  then copy them over. is one way11:01
Dr_Willis!info winff11:01
ubottuwinff (source: winff): graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.45.1-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1417 kB, installed size 4008 kB11:01
NerveClasphow can I change access rights to mounted NTFS partitions???11:02
BilliardNerveClasp: do you want all users to have full rw access?11:03
c10ud8!info chown11:03
ubottuPackage chown does not exist in jaunty11:03
NerveClaspBilliard, yes!!!11:03
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:03
BilliardNerveClasp: add a mount option umask=00011:03
NerveClaspBilliard, em.. how and where?11:04
bigbrovarIntel x3100 graphic card is so slow on karmic :(11:04
onatshelp, i upgraded my 9.04 to 9.10 but now i cant boot in. the boot sequence gets stuck when it starts to try mounting devices in /etc/fstab. it keeps on waiting for ALL the devices11:05
BilliardNerveClasp: how do you currently mount yout ntfs partition11:05
c10ud8onats, how did you upgrade it?11:05
bigbrovarok not so slow but not as smooth as jaunty with greedy mode enabled11:05
NerveClaspI have gnome and it has a partitions applet, so I mount it in gui with oneclick11:06
Kris07Dr_Willis, I've tried converting the video but nothing seems to be happening11:06
BilliardNerveClasp: ok, do you wanted mounted on startup?11:06
Dr_WillisKris07:  that dosent really give us much to go on. :)11:06
Dr_WillisKris07:  run winff from terminal look for error/log messages11:07
Dr_WillisKris07:  and it can take a bit of time to convert videos11:07
NerveClaspBilliard: this too. I want partitions be mounted on startup and to be accessible to all users11:07
TheexpertsI have old pc it is 16 bit pc.. i have installed Ubuntu 8.04... i have display problem can any one help :?11:07
nrdbwhy does "# mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda2"  give me the error "mdadm: Couldn't open /dev/sda2 for write - not zeroing"11:07
BilliardNerveClasp: pm me11:08
NerveClaspBilliard: but now I need to manually every time click, type my password and all this stuff11:08
bazhangonats, karmic in #ubuntu+111:08
c10ud8Theexperts, what display problem are you experiencing?11:08
bazhangbigbrovar, karmic?11:09
bigbrovarbazhang> yep11:09
mojo__oTheexperts, as far as i know nobody has ported linux back to a 8086 or 28611:09
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for karmic bigbrovar11:09
Theexpertsc10ud8: i am getting login display.. after that i am not getting display......11:10
bigbrovarbazhang> oh ok hanks11:10
c10ud8is it a graphical login display or terminal11:10
c10ud8gnome probably will not be compatible with your hardware if it is a really old pc11:11
Dr_Willisi think he may of ment 32bit not 16...11:11
Dr_Willisi hope....11:11
BlessJahhi 4ll11:11
onatsbazhang, thanks11:11
BlessJahhow can i change menu button?11:11
c10ud8Theexperts, whats the specs of the PC?11:12
bazhangBlessJah, which menu? the gnome menu?11:12
Theexpertsc10ud8: ok, can you tell me compatible OS for old PC11:12
Dr_WillisBlessJah:  you mean the gnome ubuntu logo for the menu?11:12
c10ud8hi bazhang :)11:12
BlessJahbazhang: yep11:12
BlessJahDr_Willis: yep11:12
bazhangc10ud8, hi11:12
Dr_WillisBlessJah:  the tweak ubuntu program lets you do that easially enough11:12
Theexpertsc10ud8: 40 G.B. HDD ram 25611:13
BlessJahDr_Willis: can i without program?11:13
c10ud8Theexperts, linux should be fine, whats the specs11:13
Dr_Willisor was it called 'ubuntu-tweak' Its not official :) goitta get it from the ubuntu -tweak page11:13
c10ud8oh thats plenty11:13
BlessJahDr_Willis: i dont want tweaks xD11:13
Dr_WillisBlessJah:  its just an icon some where on the system. so yes.. but figureing out what one.,. is the hard part11:13
BlessJahDr_Willis: editing configs should be enough11:13
Dr_WillisBlessJah:  so go reserach it more i guess.. or use the tool and get it done in 3 min.11:13
Dr_WillisI dont worry too much about the icon :)11:14
Dr_WillisI just rember ubuntu-tweak having that and 100+ other neat tweaks it can do11:14
Theexpertsc10ud8: processor 400 Mhz11:14
Theexpertsc10ud8: 40 G.B. HDD ram 25611:14
BlessJahDr_Willis: probably i have to replace images somwhere in /usr/share11:14
kboihello. I've just bought a used Linksys NSLU2. I want to change it's os. I've seen that Ubuntu has an installer for it, but it's based on 9.04. Does anybody knows if there is a release for 9.10 planned?11:14
BlessJahDr_Willis: or edit somwhere gnome configs11:14
nic1hey can anyone help me in installing skype here??11:16
geurthi there11:17
BlessJahgeurt: hi here xD11:17
geurtyesterday I was repairing an ext3 filesystem. it turned into read only11:17
c10ud8geurt, lol11:17
geurti tested it with..touch this11:18
geurtthan MC hammer came in...11:18
geurtCan't touch this11:18
geurt30 minutes of fsck.ext311:18
geurt2 reboots11:18
geurtand my fs is up and running again11:18
geurthas one of you ever repaired a file system?11:19
geurtwhy is the reboot with secundairy check needed?11:19
mojo__oi always though fsck sounded nasty, not something that's going to repair a fs11:20
geurtwell it did repair it11:20
geurtthe cause was a degraded raid array11:21
krazyken04I'm trying to rebrand my wifi card, its a broadcom 4311 (DW1490) so I'm using ssb-sprom to do it. I think I need to get past more than just the sub vendor and sub device id's (I'd like to hit the Device and Vendor ID's) but can't seem to get it to work. Anyone have any experience with doing this?11:22
xerox1hi, is there a diff tool that is able to compare pdf files?11:23
Billiardxerox1: compare?11:23
nic1ldd: exited with unknown exit code (126), why do i get this error??11:24
damjan_Why I cant see my new network connection, when I left click on network manager icon11:26
=== mojo__o is now known as ghost
xerox1Billiard, like a diff11:26
bazhangdamjan_, does ifconfig show your devices11:26
=== ghost is now known as aa398
damjan_yes it shows11:27
=== aa398 is now known as mojo_o
bazhangdamjan_, are you trying to connect via ethernet or wirelessly11:27
nikorWill there be very much difference between the RC 9.10 and Final release due 10/29 ? ?11:28
nic1does anyone use skype here on ubuntu9.04??11:28
bazhangnic1, installed from medibuntu.org ?11:29
bazhangdamjan_, please keep it in channel11:29
damjan_network manager is allways connecting to auto eth0,11:29
bigcatwhat is "line disciplines"?11:30
bazhangdamjan_, and you wish to connect to wireless?11:30
thiensenits possible for me to use 2,2-2,7 channel on linux?11:31
damjan_nou, I can connect bouth with wireless and ethernet, But problem is to define two wireed connection, an switch between them11:31
thienseni mean wireless channel using atheros based card11:31
AmokPauleHello, how is the state of karmic atm? Is it stable?11:32
damjan_network manger cant see another configured connection, so I cant switch between them11:32
Makavelhi guys... is there anyway i can restore partion table?11:32
Makavelhi guys... is there anyway i can restore partition table?11:32
bazhangdamjan_, you mean unplugging one ethernet connection and connecting another?11:33
damjan_yes , from dhcp connfigured to static address11:34
laughzilla__hi. anyone know an easy way to create a mobile application that will work on most phones, and for iphones and android?  :)11:35
Dr_WillisAmokPaule:  its 7 days till release - so its in good shape11:35
AmokPauleOk ty , im setting up my server so i want to upgrade now.11:36
nic1i have two versions of qt, i want to remove one, how can i remove?11:38
lao5i dont know11:39
Dr_Willisproberly best to leave them both in....11:39
Pizarro2Installed 9.04 and found again that VPN PPT does not work well, installed everything as in 8.10 and nothing, any idea?11:40
Makavelhelp needed please. I mistakenly deleted my partition table. How can i restore it11:42
=== kb is now known as Guest28005
nic1i have two versions of qt, i want to remove one, how can i remove?11:43
oobeMakavel, if you didnt format them you should be able to easily recreate them using cfdisk11:43
oobebe sure to set it up exactly the same11:44
Makaveloobe... I did not format them11:44
Makaveloobe: exactly the same?11:44
matteo1990hi all anyone can help me really fast? I need to know how to make a single video with ffmpeg from 2, sorry for the wrong topic11:44
oobei mean same space allocated in same order11:45
oobesince the data is already there11:45
Dr_Willismatteo1990:  i belive ive seen the proper command line for that in either the ffmpeg or mencoder faq's   depending on the video formats theres some options that need to be used11:45
oobesudo cfdisk11:45
psineticanyone got a list of really good networking tools/hacking tools/ethical security tools?11:45
oobeshould show you unallocated space11:45
oobeMakavel, how can you accidentally delete your partition table11:46
Billiardmatteo1990: mencoder vid1.avi vid2.avi -o vid.avi i think11:46
_Space_Cace_if i was to mount /var as its own partition what would be a good size for it? 30GB?11:46
Billiardmatteo1990: i never got ffmpeg to do it well11:46
nalcomisAll, this is probably a very simple question, but I downloaded some data from a Usenet group and it is saved as .001, .002, .003, .004, etc files.  How do I unzip these?  I am used to rar files where the first one is named .rar and the rest are named with numbers....  Thanks in advance.11:46
Billiardmatteo1990: you might need to through in a -ovc copy -oac copy11:46
ksnpanyone familiar with truecrypt here ?11:47
psineticwhy doesn't ubuntu come prepared and ready with media players that work for anything and ready to play any kind of media without configuration?11:47
_Space_Cace_i think u need unrar?11:47
skiwithpetehi, has anyone else installed from the RC?11:47
Dr_Willisnalcomis:  unrar x (or e) filename.rar11:47
skiwithpeteam having problems with FF3.5.311:47
Makaveloobe: i opened gparted, i am not too familiar with it. I wanted to create a partion on an unallocated space. I dont know what i was thinking and i went to a different menu and clicked on create partition table11:47
Dr_Willisnalcomis:  or try unrar -e whatever.0011:47
nalcomisDr_Willis, let me give it a try11:47
grawityDr_Willis: unrar e is a Bad Thing. (See also: tarbomb)11:47
FiReSTaRTpsinetic: because most of that stuff is closed source and it goes against the open philosophy.. as long as you follow very simply instructions on the medibuntu page, you should be ready to play mp3's and dvd video in a couple of minutes11:47
Dr_Willisi consider Rar a bad thing,..,but i tend to use unp11:48
Dr_Willis!info unp11:48
oobe_Space_Cace_, i think you dont need a var partition but if you were to use one 30GB is too much maybe 10GB at most11:48
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (jaunty), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB11:48
oobe_Space_Cace_, and even 10GB maybe be wasting disk11:48
Dr_Willisassuming it even is a rar archive11:48
FiReSTaRTksnp: i've tried it out, but haven't really played with it.. what do you need?11:48
Billiardpsinetic: some codecs have licences and stuff i believe, ubuntu wants everything on the disc totally free i think11:48
nalcomisDr_Willis:  I just got this "1-3.7z.001 is not RAR archive11:49
oobeMakavel, and the / partition is gone too?11:49
RovanionHow do I detect which version of fglrx I'm running?11:49
skiwithpeteThis is the error I get:11:49
nalcomishow the hell do I find out what it was compressed as?11:49
skiwithpeteFirefox could not install the file at11:49
skiwithpetebecause: Download error11:49
FloodBot2skiwithpete: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:49
Dr_Willisnalcomis:  err  .7z is an archive format,..,,  :)11:49
psineticFiReSTaRT, i've been trying to get my media to work since i've been with ubuntu and i've ALWAYS got to tweak something. it's still not working. I still can't play dvd's simply by putting them in the computer and opening it, i still can't play one speicific media. one thing ubuntu sucks at, as far as i can see, is media. networking on the other hand, it's excillent at11:49
allel_azerg besoin d'aide11:49
nalcomisDr_Willis, How do I unzip those?11:49
Makaveloobe: the whole stuffs is just one empty disk right now11:49
Dr_Willisnalcomis:  try the 7zip archive tools11:49
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression11:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about archive11:50
bazhangallel_azer, #ubuntu-fr pour francais11:50
Dr_Willisnalcomis:  whuth the proper 7z tools or install them and use the archive manager gui11:50
oobeMakavel, how many partitions did yo have?11:50
FiReSTaRTpsinetic: install your system, follow the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu and you'll be able to play anything under the sun other than hi-def wmv media, but you can thank Brother Bill for that11:51
oobei think you may need to seek special  data recovery info advice11:51
nic1dpkg-query: failed to open package info file `/usr/local/var/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory...in what all cases will i loose that file???11:51
psineticBrother Bill? who is that?11:51
oobeit will be a hassle11:51
=== tytytyty is now known as moodoki
nalcomisDr_Willis, what command do I type to install them?11:51
Makaveloobe: I had a partion for windows, a storage partition, linux partition, swap and two unallocated partitions11:52
Dr_Willisnalcomis:  fire up the package manager and look for 7zip  or check the urls the bot gave11:52
Dr_Willis!fubx 7z11:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fubx 7z11:52
Dr_Willis!find  7z11:52
FiReSTaRTpsinetic: bill gates.. the big brother.. by keeping certain formats closed, microsoft doesn't allow certain other platforms to play their content.. with that being said, i think i have standard-def wmv files that will play without any issues11:52
oobeMakavel, are you booting in on that machine using a live cd or somthing11:52
_Space_Cace_what would be a better option? if i were to reinstall the os and did not want to download all the updates again should i manually back up the updates or mount /var on a different partition?11:52
FiReSTaRTpsinetic: but hi-def wmv plays with no sound11:53
psineticFiReSTaRT, that's pretty gay >_>. I hate windows anyways.11:53
Makaveloobe: yeah11:53
geirhanalcomis, Dr_Willis: p7zip11:53
bazhangpsinetic, please stay on topic and appropriate for this channel11:53
FiReSTaRTpsinetic: btw, install vlc media player (sudo apt-get install vlc).. i've been using that one on both windoze boxes and linux boxes because it has killer support for media formats11:54
psineticFiReSTaRT, vlc seems to be the worst out of the five i have installed. mplayer plays most anything, but vlc has not been working like it works on windows since i installed it11:54
Dr_Willisive founbd very few video files i cant play with vlc here.11:54
nalcomisDr_Willis:  I love you?  Your advice worked :) (kidding about the I love you thing, but I do appreciate it!)11:55
Dr_Willisthe vlc in 9.04 is a little old however..  theres PPA's of th newer vlc versions11:55
FiReSTaRTpsinetic: i find that VERY strange when it comes to video content, but then again, i mostly play mp3 music and avi/dvd video, so i haven't tried much exotic stuff11:55
psineticlooks like your ubuntu install is different than my ubuntu install. everytime i install ubuntu i get a different problem with the core OS.11:55
oobeMakavel, you will need to seek special instructions i dont know if its at all possible you will have to be more carefull in future with programs that are specifically designed to format disks11:55
FiReSTaRTDr_Willis: i am using the jaunty vlc without any issues11:56
Makaveloobe: Thanks... let me google a little bit if i can find anything11:56
Dr_WillisFiReSTaRT:  yep. it worked good for me also.. buyt the newer vlc's have some newer features ive noticed11:56
psineticdamjan_, wtf are you saying "ok" for? i don't see anyone talking to you XD11:56
Dr_Willisive found very few videos i couldent play with vlc or mplayer.11:57
bazhang!language > psinetic11:57
ubottupsinetic, please see my private message11:57
FiReSTaRTDr_Willis: the standard one has all the features that i need... move the window over to the big screen, double click, kick back and relax :P11:57
FiReSTaRTok time for me to meet up with a vendor.. have a good one guys :)11:57
skiwithpeteok, problem is much wider than originally thought11:57
damjan_Smdy , managed to change mac address with network manager11:57
Dr_WillisFiReSTaRT:  ive seen about 4+ people come in here all mad because the controlls arent attatched to the window.. or no controlls in full screen.. both of which are in the newer versions.11:57
skiwithpetei Can't connect to gb.archive.ubuntu.com11:58
psineticbazhang, i don't see how "wtf" is a cussword >_>11:58
bazhangskiwithpete, did you get that addon installed?11:58
skiwithpeteno bazhang11:58
bazhangpsinetic, it is. Please move on.11:58
ottoxfail ?11:58
skiwithpeteand now gb.archive.ubuntu.com can't be reached either11:58
themrbsup guys11:59
bazhangskiwithpete, go into software sources and change it11:59
ravenhi - what is the way in open opffice text to select a color to be the transpacency-color?11:59
ravenin an image11:59
skiwithpeteW: Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/Release.gpg  Cannot initiate the connection to gb.archive.ubuntu.com:80 (2a01:450:10:1::10). - connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 2a01:450:10:1::10 80]11:59
guntbertplease ask in #openoffice.org11:59
windwhinny #ubuntu-cn12:00
guntbertraven:  please ask in #openoffice.org12:00
skiwithpeteI had a similar problem in Kubuntu the other day when I tries installing that.12:00
sobersabrei want to limit java program's bandwidth.12:00
ksnpanyone familiar with truecrypt here ?12:00
sobersabreI have an app that eats up the bandwidth, and I want to enable the limit/choke on ANY java program.12:00
lao5for supper12:00
guntbert!anyone | ksnp12:00
ubottuksnp: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:00
sobersabrewhat's the best way to do this ?12:00
bazhangskiwithpete, ah you are on karmic. #ubuntu+1 for that12:01
skiwithpeteok, cheers baz12:01
ksnpguntbert, are you familiar with truecrypt ?12:01
sobersabreI looked at shaperd, wondershaper, and iptables.12:01
sobersabrethe i want to limit it.12:01
guntbertksnp: no, but please state your question, give as much details as possible (all in one line) and whoever knows an answer will step in12:02
ksnpubottu, i am trying to create an ext3 volume with truecrypt, i was able to create a fat based on the menu but i need permissions so need ext312:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:02
guntbertksnp: no, but please state your question, give as much details as possible (all in one line) and whoever knows an answer will step in12:02
ksnpubottu, would you know how do it ? do you use tc ?12:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:03
psineticis there a rulebook for this channel? like, what not to do or say? i'm sick of the stupid warnings i keep getting when i don't even know what i'm doing wrong. >_>12:03
oobeubottu, are you just a bot12:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:03
oobeoh you are12:03
ksnplol this thing is a real bot ha ?12:03
oobethought so12:03
oobeits just as much a bot as you are an idiot12:03
ksnpsounds like you are worse than a bot12:04
bazhang!coc > psinetic12:04
ubottupsinetic, please see my private message12:04
bazhang!guidelines > psinetic12:04
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:05
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/12:05
psineticwhy aren't those posted in the welcome message?12:06
psinetickinda hard to enforce rules no one knows about12:06
nic1i missed my dpkg/status file, what can i do now??12:06
geirhapsinetic: It's in the /topic12:07
psineticgeirha, ah, thank you.12:07
=== KIAaze_ is now known as KIAaze
psineticwhat channel can i join to make suggestions and ask questions about ubuntu?12:08
=== psinetic is now known as Psinetic
guntbertPsinetic: #ubuntu-offtopic12:08
bazhangPsinetic, channel policy?12:08
Psineticbazhang, no, i'm not asking about the irc, i'm asking about the operating system12:09
bazhangsuggestions at !brainstorm12:09
Psinetic>_> everytime i say something i get warned.12:09
ubottuPost your ideas for ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!12:10
preecheranyone can tell me how to install the enlightenment window manager to ubuntu 9.0412:10
ravenhi - what is the way in open opffice text to select a color to be the transpacency-color of an image?12:10
bazhangpreecher, e16 or e1712:10
nic1hey can anyone help me with my issue??12:11
Psinetichow do i join a new channel in irc without closing this one out?12:11
bazhangPsinetic, /join #channel12:12
guntbertraven: #openoffice.org is the support channel for openoffice12:12
Psineticahhh that's what it was. i kept doing /channel #channel. thanks Bazhang12:12
bazhangpreecher, the search terms ubuntu e17 yield links to a post on using their repo, and a Ubuntu PPA12:12
preecherbazhang,  thx12:13
ravenguntbert, noone answers there and i have no time left12:13
jerknextdoori was playing around with different icon themes and now i have one folder icon that will not change with the rest of the theme.  any idea how to fix this?12:13
guntbertraven: I don't the answer myself, but I didn't see your question in there12:13
=== sale_ is now known as sale
guntbert*don't know12:14
ravenguntbert, how to select a color of an image which shall be transparent12:14
nic1how to come out of sudo mode?12:15
guntbertraven: I saw your question *here* but not in #openoffice.org - but I have no answer - sorry -12:16
guntbertnic1: ctrl+d12:16
ravensry im in the wrong chan i just saw12:16
StaRetjiis it safe to disable xinerama? how can I accomplish it?12:16
yanchoguys - i have a rather strange problem. Whilst playing in Full screen, sometimes the window goes out from full screen and window mode. The keyboard locks itself and the only way out is to restart. I can move the mouse but just to change the view .. no pointer to be able to close the window. Happened on many games. Removed compiz since I taught it was the culprit to no avail.12:18
=== sean is now known as irv
irvanyone help get a 3g usb dongle working?12:19
StaRetjiI only have one screen and will never use, two screens at the time. I have vga and dvi connections.12:19
tesseractI would like to real time monitor an ssh session onscreen on the remote host..12:19
icerootirv: yes12:19
tesseractIs that even possible?12:19
irvalptop appaers to have recognised the device12:19
machhey guys i need help with setting up a lanuage...12:19
machi want to use arabic12:20
irvcheers iceroot12:20
irvOct 24 12:07:28 irvlaptop kernel: [14993.522318] usb 2-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3   and some other stuff12:20
nic1i got problems regarding dpkg/status file, does anyone have an idea about this file?12:20
machthere are texts are not coded in arabic12:20
Dr_Willistesseract: monitor in what way? See what the person is doing?12:20
machplz any one?12:20
Dr_Willistesseract:  or just see that its up?12:20
Dr_Willistesseract:  ir see what they are typing in real time,..12:21
tesseractSee what the connected user is doing.12:21
irvI've picked t-mobile from the network connections but nothing seems to happen12:21
machplz plz anyone ?12:21
tesseractLike make the log file scroll on the screen?12:21
Dr_Willisif they are forwarding a X connection you proberly wont see much. But there are  some login replacements that let you see/spy on terminal sewssions12:21
irvwhat can I try now, or what should I check12:21
machi want to set up a lanuage12:22
machplz can anyone help me?12:22
Dr_Willistesseract:  or screen can be uysed to share a session so people can see what youi are doing for training/examples12:22
tesseractDr_Willis, can you point me in the right direction? I've been searching for over two weeks now..12:22
StaRetjiIs there a way to disable xinerama? I do not need dual monitor view. Thx12:22
icerootirv: i was download the vodaphone mobile connect client, which comes with a driver. before that it was not possible to use 1und1 here with there 3g stick12:22
Dr_Willistesseract:  ive never used them to spy. SO not sure what they are called. other then screeen. i rarely use the stuff.12:23
tesseractIdeal would be a pop up when someone connects and shows what they are typing in the terminal..12:23
tesseractThat can be done with screen?12:23
Dr_Willisttysnoop perhaps may be one12:23
tesseractThat sounds like what i'm looking for!12:23
Dr_WillisWe choudl share a session and you could see wha ti was doing so  you could follow along12:23
Dr_Willisbut ttysnoop may or may not work over ssh12:24
tesseractHave a go.12:24
mach:( anyone?12:24
Dr_Willistheres more to SSH then just commands you type :)12:24
nic1does anyone know this error?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/300461/12:26
machplz can anyone help me on setting up a lanuage?12:26
jribmach: system -> administration -> language12:29
machyes i done that12:29
machbut when i use programs such as XChat12:29
machi cannot see arabic12:29
jribmach: at the login screen, click options to select your language12:29
machits not coded in arabic12:29
irviceroot - there is no t-mobile equivalent12:30
coz_mach,   take a look here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10276012:30
irvsome people report doing what i've dome as jsut working12:30
irvbut it doesn't work for me12:30
* Szajbus is now away: www.szajbus.eu Se me There12:32
xorAxAxhi, how to trigger a notification message from the command line?12:32
grawityxorAxAx: notify-send12:32
Seether1is wireless internet easy to setup if your using a usb reciever...under ubuntu?12:33
xorAxAxthanks, grawity12:34
yd123hi Soundcard not working on 9.04 and tried the ALSA thing still got issues12:35
machcoz i done that12:35
machbut when i am using xchat12:35
machthe arabic cannot be coded12:36
machonly me when typing it12:36
jrib!who | mach12:36
ubottumach: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:36
machcoz: i done that12:36
jribmach: check launchpad.net/rosetta to see if it's translated (and if not you may consider helping out!)12:36
nic1hey someone pls help me..not able to instal any package12:38
=== raven is now known as Guest80293
jribnic1: pastebin what happens when you try12:39
nic1jrib: here is the error, does anyone know this error?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/300461/12:42
jribnic1: what did you type in to get that?12:42
nic1jrib, meaning? when i try to install any package, apt-get install packagename gives me the same error12:45
jribnic1: meaning tell me the command you ran12:45
yd123no sound problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/300473/12:45
nic1i ran sudo apt-get install tuxtype, just as a check12:46
jribnic1: thanks.  Have you been compiling things lately?12:46
nic1i actually need to make skype working on ubuntu9.0412:46
nic1compiling things lately means?12:46
icerootnic1: you are two days trying to install skype?12:46
jribnic1: what don't you understand?12:47
icerootnic1: its so easy, enable the right repo and then usdo apt-get install skype12:47
flowermy friend does have internet, but can't use firefox and sudo gives 'unable to solve host' back12:47
nic1iceroot: yes, 2days still no success, not only skype, i can't install any package12:47
icerootnic1: on jaunty?12:48
grawityflower: First, try 'getent hosts google.com'12:48
grawityflower: Then, 'getent hosts localhost'12:48
nic1iceroot: i have some problems on my machine..not only with skype, but with any package i have errors now12:48
grawityflower: Third, what entries are in /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf?12:48
nic1iceroot: yes i am on jaunty12:48
icerootnic1: and hwat have you done to get these errors?12:48
flowergrawity: thanks man, I work on it12:48
knomenic1, what's the error message12:49
nic1jrib: i dont understand how i missed dpkg/status file which is bugging me like anything12:49
tzolkinI need to know is the file a mp3 file in shell script, how can i do?12:49
jribnic1: can you just answer my question?12:49
iceroottzolkin: file12:49
jribtzolkin: use « file »12:49
nic1knome: this is error does anyone know this error?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/300461/12:49
grawityflower: The first command should give a few IP addresses belonging to Google; the second should output " localhost"; the first line of /etc/hosts should be " computernamehere localhost"12:49
lbtI'm looking for some help on dpkg and installing libs... shlibs, ldconfig and co... basically I'm not getting /usr/lib/libz.so.1 symlink being created and need to know why. is there an #ubuntu-mentors or similar?12:49
jribnic1: ... pastebin: ls /usr/local/*12:50
tzolkinthanks, iceroot12:50
flowergrawity: first command gives nothing back12:50
tzolkinanders_, jrib12:50
nic1jrib: i dint understand what compliling things lately mean?12:50
jribnic1: so ignore that and just pastebin: ls /usr/local/*12:50
flowergrawity: 2nd command: ::1             localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback12:51
Sertsewho's excited for some tech support!12:51
nic1jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300480/12:51
guntbert!ask | Sertse12:52
ubottuSertse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:52
jribnic1: so why do you have dpkg in /usr/local/?  You compiled dpkg?12:52
=== damar is now known as ce_scorpio
flowergrawity: http://pastebin.com/m2773697312:52
nic1i might have. how can i remove that now?12:52
SunlessHaloplease, how shall i reenable sound if just dropped out, claimed to use PulseAudio instead of Intel HDA, but no sound is gotten?12:52
grawityflower: hosts seems okay, what about resolv.conf?12:52
nic1jrib:  where am i supposed to have my dpkg??12:52
flowergrawity: http://pastebin.com/m651bb3f812:53
jribnic1: you aren't supposed to compile it.  dpkg is included in ubuntu by default.  Try "make uninstall" in the same directory you ran "make install"12:53
grawityflower: I guess is your router or something? Does 'host google.com' show anything? And 'host google.com'?12:53
nic1i do not remember where i ran make install, i am fully confused with everything now12:53
=== wertik_ is now known as wertik_rus
jribnic1: you ran it in the directory you exctracted dpkg's tar.gz to12:54
nic1shall i run make uninstall in /usr/local/ ???12:54
jribnic1: no12:54
jrib!who | nic112:54
ubottunic1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:54
nic1can you tel me the name of dpkg.tar.gz?? i wil search for it12:54
jribnic1: dpkg*.tar.gz12:54
flowergrawity: host google.com gives info12:54
ce_scorpiomlm......... leh gabung g???????12:55
jribnic1: you should remember doing this...12:55
nic1i do not have dpkg*. in my system12:55
SunlessHaloplease, will anyone advise me how to relaunch sound on Intel HDA if it just crashed?12:55
flowergrawity: both commands12:55
jribnic1: then just delete all the dpkg stuff in /usr/local/12:55
Dr_WillisSunlessHalo:  you could try 'sudo service alsa restart'12:56
the_dark_warrioI'm having sound problems with Jaunty. My audio card is Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family). Changing in Sound preferences to OSS make some sounds work, but firefox/youtube doesn't... any hints?12:56
erUSULSunlessHalo: try « sudo killall pulseaudio && start-pulseaudio-x11 »12:56
ce_scorpiohaiiiii leh gabung g?12:56
erUSULce_scorpio: ?12:56
SunlessHaloDr_Willis: alsa: unrecognized service12:57
flowergrawity: http://pastebin.com/m72c88b4812:57
nic1jrib:  there is no dpkg stuff directly in /usr/local12:58
jribnic1: delete all of the dpkg stuff in /usr/local/ that you see in your pastebin...12:58
ce_scorpiohai...... leh gabung g??12:59
guntbert!en | ce_scorpio12:59
ubottuce_scorpio: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:59
nic1jrib: deleted. /usr/local/var$ sudo rm -r dpkg/12:59
jribnic1: that's one of the instances...13:00
icerootnic1: can you tell me why were you compiling a new dpkg?13:00
ManDayWhat programs/drivers do I need to use an additional external monitor to the built-in one?13:00
SunlessHaloerUSUL: Connection failure: Connection terminated13:00
flowergrawity: any idea?13:00
nic1i did not complie dpkg intentionally, it was accidental13:00
semaforanyone else having problem exiting tsclient fullscreen on karmic?13:01
grawityflower: Does the first command (without return the same?13:01
iboui have libdvdcss2, libdvdnav4, libdvdread4, w32codecs, ffmpeg. I can read dvds with dragon player but not with mplayer. Anyone have an idea ?13:01
flowergrawity: yes13:01
=== ce_scorpio is now known as ce_scorpio_pro
icerootsemafor: #ubuntu+113:01
jribnic1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300480/ 3 things in bin, then var and lib13:01
Dr_WillisManDay:  for my nvidia systems  - i just install the nvidia drivers.  and on some of them i dont even need to do that - to get the external montior working. (depends on the video card)13:02
SunlessHalopease, anyone, I was running sound on Intel HDA (ALC660-VD), before it crashed (and is used to crash often) ... it claimed to fallback to pulseaudio, but no sound was gotten... how shall i relaunch the sound?13:02
nic1jrib: i removed all13:03
WiresAPI'm trying to install ubuntu netbook remix, and have gotten to the partitioning stages, and I am a little stuck. I keep reading about logical partitions online, but don't see the options to create one - is a single primary partition set to ext3, boot at /, 75 GB, enough to continue?13:03
jribnic1: try apt-get again13:03
=== oMG is now known as Guest2227
ManDayDr_Willis, its one of the infamous integrated intel graphics chipsets13:04
wirechiefWiresAP make a extended partition and then create logicals from it13:04
ManDay5 days to karmic, i just noticed :D13:04
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:04
SunlessHaloDr_Willis: didn't help, "unrecognized service"13:04
nic1jrib: works now..will my skype work now too??13:05
jrib!skype | nic113:05
ubottunic1: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga13:05
WiresAPwirechief: I am unclear on the steps to do so - I have created the partition I mentioned before, but see no option or button to create a logical within the installer13:05
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga13:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kmplayer13:05
Dr_Willis!intel | ManDay13:05
ubottuManDay: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.13:05
jribibou: how are you trying to play the dvd?  Have you tried more than one dvd?13:06
matasa tu jacys polacy?13:06
jrib!pl | mata13:06
ubottumata: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:06
Dr_WillisManDay:  on my netbook i just used the intel drivers from that ppa/guide shown above and used the toggle display keys13:06
nic1 skype13:06
nic1/usr/bin/skype.real: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv13:06
chucknorrisach halts maul13:06
=== chucknorris is now known as Guest72689
ManDaythanks willis13:06
FloodBot2Guest72689: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:06
wirechiefWiresAP: you make a extended partiton from your last primary (only 4 primarys are allowed) it will occupy all the remaining space, then you can resize the extended into smaller logicals .13:07
iboujrib: i open it through kmplayer. yes i tryed others13:07
ManDayDr_Willis, im aware of the intel problems, i am still hoping karmic will fix it13:07
ManDaysince nothing helped me so far13:07
jribibou: what version of ubuntu?13:07
iboujrib: 9.0413:07
jribibou: pastebin: apt-cache policy libdvdcss213:07
iboujrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/300495/13:09
jribibou: pastebin result of: mplayer dvd://113:09
nic1i have these errors when i tried to instal skype. can anyone please help me out? http://paste.ubuntu.com/300496/13:10
jribnic1: what version of ubuntu are you using?13:10
iboujrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/300500/13:10
Darkomenhey, having a problem, i have a webcam, but it doesnt support ubuntu. how cna i use my webcam13:10
flowergrawity: any ideas left?13:11
erUSUL!webcam | Darkomen13:11
ubottuDarkomen: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras13:11
eraldoI get the following error when pugging in my "Aiptek T-8000U" > [55720.222634] aiptek 2-5:1.0: Aiptek tried all speeds, no sane response >[55720.222679] aiptek: probe of 2-5:1.0 failed with error -1213:11
eraldowhy can that be? any ideas?13:11
Sagacinic1: what version of ubuntu are you using13:11
eraldonewest one13:11
jribibou: try with -vo x1113:12
WiresAPwirechief: the eeepc comes with 4 primaries already - /dev/sda1 is ntfs, /dev/sda2 was ntfs, is now ext3, /dev/sda3 is fat32 (?) and /dev/sda4 is not labeled, and I'm not touching it. When I try to lower the partition space of ext3, I end up with unusable space. How or when do I create logicals? Is it the next step in the installer? Or is there some piece of magic that I am missing?13:12
iboujrib mplayer dvd://1 -vo x11 ?13:12
eraldoI'm on 2.6.28-16-generic13:12
nic1Sagaci: ubuntu9.0413:12
jribibou: sure, I usually put the switches before dvd but I assume that works13:12
nic1jrib: i use ubuntu9.0413:12
Sagacinic1: have you tried installing skype through the medibuntu repositories13:13
jribnic1: so why are you using that intrepid pakcage exactly?13:13
iboujrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/300502/13:14
nic1Sagaci: not through mediubuntu13:14
nic1jrib:  i got that from skype.com13:14
gamerxhi i need to install a driver, but it is a .bin file, how do i install it?13:14
icerootnic1: we told you the whole time to use the repos (medibuntu)13:14
nic1jrib: i do not know what is intrepid??13:15
jribnic1: listen to Sagaci (the instructions are on the page ubottu gave you for medibuntu).  Intrepid is a different version of ubuntu13:15
gcorvalahi, I'm trying to install a bootp server to boot a Macbook over ethernet13:15
wirechiefWiresAP well i have a Acer aspire netbook sda1 and sda2 are windows junk, i defragged the sda2 then resized it,then i used the unallocated space as ext3 extended, then i made two smaller partitions from it as logicals, i used gparted to do this.13:15
nic1iceroot: medibuntu was giving me some other problems, so i tried from skype.com13:15
gcorvalasomeone can explain me how can I do it easyly ?13:15
grawitygcorvala: dnsmasq is the simplest, I think.13:15
nic1jrib: Intrepid is another version of ubuntu??13:15
grawitygcorvala: Has DHCP, PXE, TFTP...13:16
Sagacinic1: what kind of problems, do you know how to add a repository13:16
iboujrib: during the process in the console, mplayer shut donw as soon as it open13:16
icerootnic1: enable medibuntu, post errors here if there are errors and then sudo apt-get install skype  and be happy13:16
jribibou: try -vo x11 before dvd...13:16
gcorvalagrawity, and it works with mac ?13:16
jribnic1: yes13:16
wirechiefWiresAP i think there is a 5gb sdax not sure if it was sda3 or so i left it alone.13:16
grawitynic1: "Intrepid Ibex" is the codename of Ubuntu 8.1013:16
jribnic1: an older version13:16
grawitygcorvala: It's a Linux program, but can be used to boot anything.13:16
Sasuke\having problems with my webcam, it doesnt support ubuntu13:16
WiresAPwirechief: I seem to have the same sdax13:16
Sasuke\how can i fix it?13:16
gamerxhow do i install a bin file13:17
Sagaci!webcam | Sasuke\13:17
nic1iceroot: sudo apt-get instal skype works fine now also13:17
ubottuSasuke\: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras13:17
mikunoshi guys why I cannot see the SD-CARD when I plug it?13:17
WiresAPwirechief: I am still very unclear on this step - "then i made two smaller partitions from it as logicals"13:17
wirechiefWiresAP i used a livecd of gparted to resize and to make the extended and then the logicals from it13:17
jribgamerx: you avoid doing so.  What are you trying to install?13:17
Sagacigamerx: do you trust the source you got the bin file from13:17
Sasuke\how long is the installation proces of ubuntu?13:17
Sasuke\how long is the installation proces of ubuntu?13:17
mikunosthe DSMESG tells me: tifm_core: MemoryStick card detected in socket 0:013:17
iboujrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/300506/13:17
nic1iceroot: sudo apt-get install skype, works fine..does that mean i have medibuntu already?13:17
mikunosnut nothing appears13:17
gamerxSagaci, defs, i got it here, its for my wireless card and my mate did it too http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=213:17
WiresAPSasuke: if you don't know what you're doing, it takes forever - I've been working at this for two days13:18
ManDaySo, I got a netbook with a screen of 1024x600 pixels which I connected an external monitor of a native resolution of 1024x1280 px to. How can I make BOTH DISPLAYS keep there native resolution and span my desktop over the two displays?13:18
jribibou: try a different -vo then.  Maybe that doesn't even matter.  Research that error and see13:18
mikunoswhat have I do to enable the SD-CARD Reader?13:18
icerootnic1: seams so13:18
wirechiefWiresAP the extended is the free space from resizing the sda2, it is made into a extended, then you can make logicals from it.13:18
nic1iceroot: i ran medibuntu commands previously..sudo aptget install skype works fine..after that when i run skype i have an error13:18
Sagacigamerx: make it executable and run it13:18
gcorvalagrawity, the problem is that actualy I use dhpc3 and tftp-hpa and it works with anything, but with a mac, I seems not, do you know if it can be done with dhcp3+tftp ?13:18
jribibou: I'm referring to "The selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec." by the way13:19
gamerxSagaci, aha, okay its chmod 777 file?13:19
gcorvalamaybe pxe boot is not exactly the same than bootp ?13:19
grawitygcorvala: Wait. Doesn't DHCP include BOOTP anyway?13:19
gamerxSagaci, sorry thats not right13:19
gamerxSagaci, i forget, sorry13:19
Sasuke\WiresAP: lol, in just installing ubuntu? lol13:19
Sagacisudo chmod 700 file && ./file13:20
WiresAPwirechief: I already have it formatted in extended, and see no options for logicals anywhere - not in edit partition section, nor anywhere else13:20
nic1current skype status: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300508/13:20
gcorvalagrawity, I guess, but I don't know how to make it work with my macbook13:20
jrib!wifi > gamerx13:20
ubottugamerx, please see my private message13:20
WiresAPwirechief: is it safe to sinply hit forward?13:20
Sasuke\any guidelines on installing a ubuntu?13:20
gamerxjrib, i got it, my mates a linux "guru", and he gave me the link to that site...13:20
WiresAPSasuke: it may sound funny, but I'm pulling my hair out13:21
Sagacigamerx: did it work13:21
nic1iceroot: skype error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300508/13:21
jribgamerx: that's fine, but .bin's are to be avoided whenever possible...13:21
gamerxSagaci, jrib, okay thanks13:21
WiresAPtook me a day just to bloody get to the installer, because of problems with wubi13:21
Sasuke\any guidelines on installing a ubuntu?13:21
wirechiefWiresAP the extended free space from resizing the sda2 for me was about 25gb, i then made a couple 22 logicals and one swap from the extended.13:21
gamerxjrib, yes, but its draft-n and he couldnt work a way around it13:21
WiresAPwirechief: I have 60 gb fro, the resizing of sda213:21
SagaciSasuke\: don't install it to start off with, use the live cd to see if you like it13:22
n8tuserWiresAP-> lets step back a lil bit, you have 4 partitions already and they are all primary?13:22
nic1iceroot: can you pls help me out?? skype errror: http://paste.ubuntu.com/300508/13:22
WiresAPn8tuser: yes, there appear to be 413:22
wirechiefWiresAP you probably should google for a howto gparted there are all kinds of em out there and can give you different ideas on how to proceed.13:22
dariocarusoHi! Can i boot an ubuntu server distro, on a pc without video card??13:22
Sagacidariocaruso: try it, I don't see why not13:23
icehawk78dariocaruso: Try a live CD, but I'm pretty sure you can13:23
WiresAPwirechief: the idea of having to get another usb to load another program to be able to install ubuntu is depressing13:23
n8tuserWiresAP-> is one at least an extended partition or not? if not you are stucked.13:23
gamerxSagaci, it tells me bash: ./rt2860.bin: cannot execute binary file13:23
dariocarusothe bios allow it?13:23
icehawk78dariocaruso: Bios is hardware specific, not OS.13:24
Sasuke\Sagaci: live cd? what you mnean?13:24
n8tuserdariocaruso-> why not? but how would you see the results of the boot process if you need to interact?13:24
WiresAPn8tuser: as far as I could tell, /dev/sda2 was unusued, so I selected it, hit edit partition, changed the "use as" option to ext3 journaling system, checked format partition, and gave / as mount point13:24
SagaciSasuke\: what version of ubuntu do you want to install13:24
Sasuke\Sagaci: the latest one13:25
n8tuserWiresAP-> you have to first tell me, is one of the partitions an extended partition or not?13:25
iboujrib: thx a lot. Ill try differents output13:25
icerootnic1: removed the skype from skype.com fisrt?13:25
SagaciSasuke\: 9.04 that is. Are you looking to install the desktop, server or netbook edition13:25
Sasuke\which is more heavier? the windows or the ubuntu?13:25
Sasuke\Sagaci for my personal computer13:25
jribSasuke\: I imagine they weigh next to nothing...13:25
Sasuke\im gonna use it for desktop and a server13:25
ManDayCan anyone tell me why when I connect an external monitor to my laptop I cannot use its full resolution?13:25
wirechiefWiresAP: well i guess i did make it easier by using a external usb dvd player and a cd with gparted live. i dont think ubuntu comes with gparted, you would of had to install it.13:26
SagaciSasuke\: well you need the desktop edition then, have you got an ubuntu cd there13:26
WiresAPn8tuser: errr, if my answer didn't clear that up, I probably don't understand the question - how might I tell if one of the partitions is an extended partition?13:26
gcorvalais it a difference between the boot over network in mac and pc's ?13:26
WiresAPwirechief: I am poor - I cannot afford an external dvd player13:27
icehawk78Is there a certain point at which a more powerful processor and/or graphics card won't make a noticable performance difference when Ubuntu primarily as a personal server? (Running Apache, MySQL, RoR, PHP, SSH as well as XBMC on a TV)13:27
gcorvalamaybe another kernel image ? ( other than the pxelinux.0 )13:27
n8tuserWiresAP-> are you booted of livecd now?  at what stage are you on? i can advise you of what to do once i know where you are at13:27
Sasuke\Sagaci: i have it in my friend. im gonna get it later.13:27
Sasuke\Sagaci: how do i know that my friend downloaded the dekstop edition?13:27
wirechiefWiresAP: well i guess the best thing is get more knowledge, you can try google , you should be able to find some excellent howto's13:28
WiresAPn8tuser: I'm running an eeepc asus 1005HA, so I am running the UNR installer from a usb key, as per instructions found on the web13:28
=== mohi1_ is now known as mohi1
wirechiefWiresAP: n8tuser is willing to take you further into this, good luck....13:28
n8tuserWiresAP-> am not familiar with what a UNR is, did you boot off of that? ie booted off of the usb?13:29
WiresAPn8tuser: I was asked the configure the timezone and keyboard, and then asked which hard drive to choose - as I don't want to loose the windows partition I currently have, I clicked the advanced option, and have been trying to figure out what to do from there13:29
savage-new release comes out on the 28th still?13:29
SagaciSasuke\: try and boot from it, if you get an outdated no Graphical User Interface, then you've got the server or alternate CD. I recommend you get the Ubuntu Jaunty Desktop edition13:29
Sasuke\can the webcam can run even though it is not supported by linux?13:29
SagaciSasuke\: depends on the model13:29
WiresAPwirechief: thanks for the help (the reason I came here is because some of the how tos didn't explain certain steps, and I am currently stuck on the logical part)13:30
Sasuke\like a a4tech,13:30
WiresAPn8tuser: UNR - Ubuntu netbook Remix13:30
nic1iceroot: icerootnic1: removed the skype from skype.com fisrt? removing??13:30
icerootnic1: yes13:30
n8tuserWiresAP-> answer the rest of my questions13:30
macIs it good menuet13:30
WiresAPn8tuser: I am booted off a usb with the UNR usb image provided by the ubuntu img13:31
SagaciSasuke\: you have to realise that many manufacturers do not release source code or drivers for their hardware so it makes it hard for Ubuntu to support it13:31
WiresAPn8tuser: sorry; slow typer13:31
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:31
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!13:31
n8tuserWiresAP-> okay, now can you do ..  ctrl+alt+f2  and is there a console prompt there?13:31
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:31
Pax-ManI've downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Remix (unr) and through "imagewriter" maked a bootable USB stick. I can see the files and when I try to open it and run the .exe file with Wine it opens as it should but it's with Wine. However the files is there, and I've tried to boot from my stick and it just skips it as if it wasn't there. My netbook have Ubuntu 9.04 UNR installed allready.13:32
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:32
guntbertadvanced: stop that please13:32
nic1iceroot: i dint understanding what you meant by removed13:32
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:32
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:32
FloodBot2advanced: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:32
guntbert!ops | advanced13:32
ubottuadvanced: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!13:32
icerootnic1: now you have skype from skype.com ad skype from medibuntu13:32
Sasuke\damn., its gonna be useless if im going 2 use a ubuntu13:32
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:32
Sasuke\coz i cnat use my cam13:32
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:32
FloodBot2advanced: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:32
n8tuserWiresAP-> you need to prefix your responses with my nick, or i will not see it13:32
WiresAPn8tuser: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$13:32
icerootadvanced: stop that13:33
advanced:(){ :|:& };:13:33
wirechiefPax-Man you have to use the usb-creator in one of the ubuntu releases to make a bootable usb stick13:33
nikoplease don't type that13:33
Sasuke\http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors -> this one bro13:33
Sasuke\ubuntu alternate13:33
nic1ice_cream: ok..skype from skype.com never ran for me.i removed that tar file totally..tying to install from medibuntu13:33
gamerxniko, he should have...13:33
Sagaciniko: what would it do13:33
n8tuserWiresAP-> in that console, type sudo -i  to get a root prompt ie #13:33
WiresAPn8tuser done13:34
Pirate_Hunteri am somewhat confused doesn't the file authorized_keys get created when installing ssh? if so why wouldn't I have one and can I create it myself?13:34
Sasuke\Sagaci: is it ok if i install a ubuntu alternate?13:34
n8tuserWiresAP-> type    fdisk -l   and tell me what is listed, dont flood the channel here, you can pm me that13:34
Sasuke\ what are the differnecse of dekstop edtion and alnternate?13:34
nic1iceroot: ok..skype from skype.com never ran for me.i removed that tar file totally..tying to install from medibuntu13:34
WiresAPn8tuser how do I pm?13:34
SagaciSasuke\: yes but the installation process is more advanced than the GUI version13:34
nic1iceroot: please help me in making my skype up13:34
rasstaranyone ever tried ubuntu netbook remix? worse UI i have ever seen13:34
Sasuke\ohhh fuck me13:35
Pax-Manwirechief, I can't use imagewriter then? Okay. I'll try thank you for your help. And if that's the case you're right then http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/ should be changed.13:35
icerootSasuke\: alternate is a text-installer, with some more options + raid-support  but the result will be the sae, normal ubuntu13:35
Dr_Willisrasstar:  yep  but the variants on it just keep comming..  next will be  'moblin'13:35
n8tuserWiresAP-> i dont konw, it depends i guess on your chat client13:35
icerootSasuke\: and whatch your language13:35
WiresAPn8tuser bugger that's a lot of info13:35
wirechiefPax-Man i agree, it sux, i fought the issue myself....13:35
rasstareeebuntu is the best imo but it needs updating13:35
icerootnic1: installed qt by hand?13:35
nic1iceroot: no13:36
SagaciSasuke\: if you've got a spare few dollars, you could buy a linux magazine from your local newsagent, look for a mag that has Ubuntu 9.04 on the front13:36
n8tuserWiresAP-> um, if you wanted help, you have to do dirty stuff, copying things so i can assist you..13:36
icerootnic1: hm13:36
gamerxhow can i  install a bin, file Sagaci your way is giving me an error13:36
nic1iceroot: or i might have in the past13:36
icerootnic1: so you have?13:36
WiresAPn8tuser oh I know, I was just surprised13:36
natschilrasstar: you can change the UI though13:36
nic1iceroot: there were two inst, installtions of qt on my sys i removed one13:36
nic1iceroot: yes i think i have13:36
icerootnic1: removed??!!13:37
SagaciSasuke\: and if you have the time, you could wait a week until the new ubuntu 9.10 is released13:37
icerootnic1: removed with what?13:37
nic1iceroot: yes rm -r libqtdbus.so13:37
icerootnic1: ......13:37
icerootnic1: congratulation for destryoing your system13:37
nic1iceroot: oh..i destroyed it..what can i do now?13:38
gamerxhow do i install a .bin file13:38
jribgamerx: tell us what you are actually trying to accomplish13:38
gcorvalafor a mac, which cd need I ?13:38
gcorvalappc ?13:38
jribgcorvala: is it an intel mac?13:38
gcorvalajrib, yes13:38
Sagacijrib: he's setting up a wireless driver13:38
gamerxjrib, get my n wifi working, with the drivers on that site13:38
jribgamerx: then either i386 or amd64 (if you want 64bit support813:39
the_dark_warrioI have updated my Jaunty and at some point it said my /boot/grub/menu.lst was altered (I did change the order of some items). But I said to install the package menu.lst and now there is no windows item to select. How do I put that back?13:39
nic1iceroot: how can i check all qt installations and where they are??13:39
gamerxjrib 138613:39
Psinetichey, op, question? someone commented on my "language" earlier when i used a phrase like "wtf" or "stfu" etc. etc. They pointed me to the guidelines and code of conduct because i requested to know how that is bad language. i don't see anything in there referring to language. Any assistance please? i really don't want to be offensive to anyone just because i use acronyms13:39
icerootnic1: get that file from somewhere and restore it13:39
jribgamerx: "that site"? what wireless card?13:39
icerootnic1: or reinstall qt13:39
jribgcorvala: "that site"? what wireless card?13:39
jribugh I fail...13:39
gamerxjrib: http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=2, second form the botom13:39
jribgcorvala: then either i386 or amd64 (if you want 64bit support813:39
nic1iceroot: what is the command to reinstall qt?13:39
n8tuserPsinetic-> simple solution, just dont use those13:39
gcorvalaok thx jrib13:39
icerootnic1: install apt-file  then search for the deleted file. apt-file will tell you the package-name, reinstall that package with apt-get install13:39
icerootnic1: maybe someone here has apt-file and can search for you13:40
nic1iceroot: i remember what i did exactly..there were two instances of libqtdbus.so, so i removed one13:40
mailevCan you help me with 9.10 rc please - how do I freeze the gdm settings so I can connect via a kvm and not loose resolution when I reboot13:40
icerootnic1: and why?13:40
gamerxjrib, Sagaci any help here?