gnuisancev4how likely is it that ubunutone lost my data? I synced over Tomboy data (by syncing to the ~/Ubuntu One folder, not by Tomboy Web Sync) and it is not there01:14
gnuisancev4actually my ubuntuone account shows i have no files01:14
verterokgnuisancev4: is the client connected?01:19
gnuisancev4verterok, on my jaunty box, yes it is.  Even when i browse my ubuntu one on the web, i see no files (except a folder i deleted that i put there last night that i deleted.. but that has nothing to do with this)01:20
gnuisancev4my "note" are still there from when i tested the web sync and i can access those on the "notes" tab of the web page, but that's not from the sync i did to the Ubuntu One mounted as a local directory01:21
verterokgnuisancev4: could you check if there are any errors in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log ?01:21
gnuisancev42009-10-23 20:08:29,254 - pyinotify - ERROR - The path /home/gnuisancev4/Ubuntu One/untitled folder-wrong-path of this watch <Watch wd=2 mask=3064 auto_add=False proc_fun=None path=/home/gnuisancev4/Ubuntu One/untitled folder-wrong-path dir=True > must not be trusted anymore01:23
gnuisancev4a bunch of those01:23
verterokgnuisancev4: /home/gnuisancev4/Ubuntu One/ exists? was ti renamed to /home/gnuisancev4/Ubuntu One.u1conflict?01:23
gnuisancev4$ ls -l | grep Ubuntu   gives drwxrwxr-x  2 gnuisancev4 gnuisancev4  4096 2009-10-22 23:15 Ubuntu One01:24
gnuisancev4nautilus says its connected, looking at the folder both in the cli and in nautilus show nothing's there01:26
verterokgnuisancev4: sorry, for the delay02:13
verterokgnuisancev4: please could you file a bug and attach: ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log and ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log02:14
verterokgnuisancev4: if you don't want to make public your file names, you can make the bug private02:14
gnuisancev4ya no problem02:15
artirI'm having some problems with U113:47
artirI can't delete folders on the webUI nor sync the files13:48
artirtomboy syncing does work13:48
Slam-er_hello, is anyone available to answer a question?17:36
mac9416Hey, y'all, how can I unsubscribe my 2GB account? Don't worry, I plan to resubscribe. :-)20:43
mac9416Trying to solve a few irritating little glitches.20:44
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