Keybukbootchart indicates those numbers are realistic00:34
Keybuk(boot is even longer with sreadahead if it goes in the background)00:34
Justin___Hi, I'm new to Ubuntu and (brand) new to upstart. I'm hoping to use upstart to launch a few shell scripts and I'm having a hard time02:50
Justin___Anyone on that could help me?02:50
mbieblJustin___: just ask your questions 02:57
Justin___First of several. This script will work when I run it manually from console, but it isn't (apparently) launching at runlevel 202:59
Justin___start on runlevel 203:00
Justin___start on runlevel 303:00
Justin___start on runlevel 403:00
Justin___start on runlevel 503:00
Justin___stop on runlevel 003:00
Justin___stop on runlevel 103:00
Justin___stop on runlevel 603:00
Justin___  cd /usr/share/atlassian/crowd03:00
Justin___  ./start_crowd.sh03:00
Justin___end script03:00
mbieblJustin___: which upstart version do you use?03:00
mbieblmultiple start on stanzas are not allowed in upstart 0.603:02
mbiebluse "start on runlevel [2345]"03:02
mbieblstop on runlevel [016]03:02
Justin___Q #2: similar theme, but this one doesn't work automatically or manually (but it claims 'started' and gives a pid)03:08
Justin___description "Starts JIRA when the computer starts"03:08
Justin___start on runlevel [2345]03:08
Justin___stop on runlevel [!2345]03:08
Justin___end script03:08
Justin___oops, got truncated03:08
Justin___description "Starts JIRA when the computer starts"03:09
Justin___start on runlevel [2345]03:09
Justin___stop on runlevel [!2345]03:09
Justin___end script03:09
mbieblJustin___: if it's a one time task03:20
mbiebladd the "task" keyword03:21
Justin___It is, yeah. (it exits when done)03:21
Justin___then make a separate job for the analagous shutdown.sh? (with start on 01?)03:21

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