knomejarmenda, sorry, i lost myself in the world of internet00:07
jarmendaLOL it's Friday too (at least where I'm sitting)00:07
knomejarmenda, what does 'sudo apt-get check' say now?00:07
knomeit's been saturday a bit over 2 hours here already00:07
jarmendaE: The package adobe-flashplugin needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.00:08
knomejarmenda, and you did 'sudo apt-get remove --purge adobe-flashplugin' ?00:08
jarmendaDid that as well but I will give it a go once more00:08
knomewhat did that say then?00:08
jarmendaSame exact error message00:09
knomeokay, just a minute00:09
jarmendawhen I just did the apt-get remove...00:10
knomejarmenda, there seems to be a thread about you problem in the ubuntu forums (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8152309) solved a week ago00:12
knomejarmenda, search for message #8 or browse to http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8086156&postcount=8 without all the messages00:12
jarmendaGonna check it out.00:13
knomelet me know if it worked out00:14
jarmendait'll be a min as I have to install gedit00:21
knomeyou can use mousepad also00:22
knomeit's just basic text editor stuff00:22
jarmendaWell now00:29
jarmendaLooks like that did it00:29
knomegood to hear00:29
jarmendaadmittingly I didn't make a backup of the ststus file but then again I'm used to doing that with the Windows registry00:29
jarmendabad habit I know00:29
jarmendadomo arigato!00:30
jarmendaJapanese for thank you00:30
knomeah, you're welcome.00:30
jarmendahave a good one00:30
only1rockn1i need help configuring a marvell wireless card in a emachine celerond 512 ram 1044 swap 80 gig hd03:25
only1rockn1it wont see it03:25
only1rockn1under xubuntu but it found it under freespire03:25
only1rockn1any ideas please03:26
_Techie_good luck finding marvell wireless chipset drivers for linux (last time i checked, they dont exist)03:27
_Techie_however you can always use the windows drivers via ndiswrapper03:28
only1rockn1how did freespire find it and let it work03:29
_Techie_im not sure03:30
only1rockn1so how do i get the latest wine03:31
only1rockn1i am going to need it right03:32
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:32
IcedTeaManI need some help...03:56
IcedTeaManwith this...03:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:56
IcedTeaManI need to make it bootable. This program is really confusing though.03:57
IcedTeaManHelp, anyone?03:57
_Techie_what program are you currently using?03:58
IcedTeaManCD Burner XP Pro.03:58
IcedTeaManSomething like that.03:58
_Techie_are you burning a bootable ISO?03:58
IcedTeaManOn a CD.03:58
_Techie_if you want to use windows to do this i reccomend imgburn, as the inbuilt cd burner software in windows isnt very powerful03:59
IcedTeaManIt's not the inbuilt one.03:59
IcedTeaManIt's just something calling itself "XP".03:59
IcedTeaManI only have Windows and 5 gigs of SuSe Linux.04:00
IcedTeaManWhich is pretty useless by itself.04:00
IcedTeaManIt's asking me about emulation type.04:00
_Techie_well if you want to burn it in linux brasero should work peice of cake, in windows imgburn04:01
_Techie_neither will require you to change any settings other than burn speed if you wish04:01
IcedTeaManSounds good.04:01
_Techie_no problem04:01
likemindeadUse the program Ubuntu recommends, Infrarecorder.04:12
visitor1hi _Techie_ , thanks for yesterdays help, sudo apt-get remove xfce4-session && sudo apt-get install xfce4-session, did work fabously04:51
_Techie_visitor1, glad i could help04:54
=== __Techie_ is now known as _Techie_
cwickertwhere can I download the rc? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/9.10/rc/ only lists the alternate, but not the desktop cd12:05
_Techie_karmic is set to be released on the 29th, why not just wait it out?12:06
cwickert_Techie_: because I want to try the rc, not the final12:08
cwickertmeanwhile I found a mirror with the desktop image12:09
_Techie_well im gonna go to sleep12:11
_Techie_Night all12:11
St0n3-C0lAnyone uses Hamster here?12:53
knomewe don't interfere with animal here;P12:54
St0n3-C0lHamster - Time Tracker :D12:55
St0n3-C0lworks with GNOME though but not quite sure whether it works on XFCE or not and that too the XFCE version on Hardy12:56
knomeshould work12:56
knomehave you had problems?12:56
St0n3-C0lI am going to go for Xubuntu Hardy12:56
St0n3-C0lat the moment :)12:56
St0n3-C0lNo heard it few days back and on Ubuntu 9.04, it worked well12:56
knomehardy is old ;)12:57
St0n3-C0lI know but12:57
St0n3-C0lstill supported12:57
St0n3-C0lAnd I've reason to go on it apart from the codecs problem :(12:57
St0n3-C0lI have to recompile everything for Hardy then.12:57
knomemy eeepc is the only machine still running jaunty, the rest are karmic12:57
St0n3-C0lI've got Intel dude12:58
St0n3-C0lintel video :)12:58
St0n3-C0lThe major reason for going back, otherwise love Jaunty as the memory footprint is quite low12:58
St0n3-C0lthough I use Linux Mint series ;)12:58
St0n3-C0lAnd we can upgrade XFCE's own version right in it?13:01
St0n3-C0lI mean13:01
St0n3-C0lUpgrade to 4.6.113:01
knomein hardy?13:01
St0n3-C0lthere were some PPAs I found13:02
knomeif the ppa's work, go ahead;)13:02
St0n3-C0land did that long time back. Was quite good but as the integration in the old LM and Ubuntu wasn't quite there as now, so thats what stopping me to D/Ling LM13:02
St0n3-C0lanyways thanks dude13:04
St0n3-C0lI can guarantee the work on those PPAs because I think they were by the XFCE developers themselves13:04
knomeyeah, that's possible13:05
St0n3-C0lSo will finally settle on Hardy again LOL13:05
St0n3-C0lLets just hope the compilation of codecs goes well, thats only one big PAIN otherwise all is well for me.13:07
knomegood luck13:07
St0n3-C0lThanks :)13:07
St0n3-C0lWill try to be regular in here :)13:07
knomehehe, great13:08
knomei think i am already way *too* regular13:08
St0n3-C0l1Thanks for the support knome :)13:11
St0n3-C0l1bye take care buddy.13:11
knomeyou too13:12
goldmanruHi to everybody!:)13:35
knome!hi | goldmanru13:37
ubottugoldmanru: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!13:37
goldmanruIt's pretty quiet here...:)13:38
knomeyep. nice and comfortable idling.13:38
knomeany way, feel free to make some noise13:39
goldmanruWell, in fact I;m really a beginner is matters of both IRC and Xubuntu...13:43
goldmanruDo you guys all use latest release of Xubuntu?13:44
knomeit varies13:45
goldmanruIt's just that I have problems with it...so would you please point me in the right direction for Xubuntu related solution13:45
knomegoldmanru, are you talking about 9.04 or 9.10?13:46
goldmanru:) things get worse since i use Xubuntu on IBM laptop. I was talking about latest stable release 9.04...sorry for being unclear13:47
knomeok, so what's the problem13:47
goldmanruIt's mostly related to the sound chip I have Cirrus Logic...13:48
goldmanruAnd since I've never tried any of the distros before it's so frustrating for me...13:49
goldmanruI don't even know how to install drivers here...:)13:50
goldmanruThough i managed to get my video working correctly, thanks to a faq i found on the net13:50
knomeso, do yo have sound at all13:51
goldmanruBut not a word about audio...it just seems that I'm the only one who have this problem13:51
goldmanruWell I sure have chip, but my laptop is deadly silent:-D13:51
goldmanruIBM T22 CS4625b/4297A13:52
goldmanruI dont even know how to define which chip i have onboard13:52
goldmanruI hope I'm not too daft for this :)13:53
knomehas your audio worked before on ubuntu?13:54
goldmanruNow I have OSS mixer and ALSA mixer installed at the same time. I dont even know whether it is right or not. And I'm sure that sound is not mute, but still when i try to play audio - it silent13:55
goldmanrusorry...a sec13:56
goldmanrushould I do "sudo" before this?13:56
goldmanruok, I did lshw and I see a list of something...:-)13:58
knomehttp://open.knome.fi/2009/07/05/panels-disappearing-and-other-frequently-asked-questions/ - see the pulseauio stuff from the bottom of the post13:58
goldmanruok, opening it...13:58
goldmanruBut...isn't it about pulseaudio....do I have it?14:02
knomeyou can run those commands14:03
knomeand then you definitely won't have it14:03
knomeand then we know it's not about PA14:03
goldmanruOk, I'm going  do some cleaning over here...:-D14:04
goldmanruOh, It says I don't have -purge package :-(14:06
knome--purge with two -'s14:06
knomei need to fix the post14:06
goldmanruPackage pulseaudio is not installed, so not removed14:07
goldmanruI guess I don't have it14:07
knomewhich media have you tried playing?14:12
goldmanruAudio CD, a couple of DVD movies14:12
knometry to play a .wav file14:13
goldmanruIt's playing now14:15
goldmanruI can see it playing, but I can't hear it:)14:16
knomeokay, just a moment14:18
goldmanrusure, no problem14:19
knomehave you checked alsamixer?14:21
goldmanruWell...hard to say14:21
knomeokay, so go to terminal and run 'alsamixer'14:21
goldmanruHow can I do it anyway?14:21
knomeit's a text-based mixer - let's check everything is okay there14:22
goldmanruI've tried to raise volume levels everywhere I could...14:23
goldmanruSome items are off14:23
knomewhat are the "card" and "chip" values in alsamixer?14:24
goldmanruCard: Sound Fusion CS46xx14:24
goldmanruChip: Cirrus Logic CS4297A rev 414:24
knomewhich items are off? is there any bar with "MM" under it?14:25
goldmanruYes a few...14:25
knomealso, have you checked that the sound card is enabled in the bios?14:25
goldmanruI guess so...14:26
knomeyou should double check14:26
goldmanruCan I check it from OS?14:26
knomeno, you have to go to the bios14:27
goldmanruok, as you say14:28
goldmanrugonna reboot14:28
goldmanruHi, I'm back14:36
knomewelcome back14:36
goldmanruWell, I haven't found anything that could relate to sound in bios14:37
knomeso then it's probably enabled14:38
goldmanruI guess...14:38
knomegoldmanru, have you read through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting ?14:38
goldmanruThanks a lot. I haven't seen it.14:39
knomeno problem. most of the things aren't ubuntu/xubuntu specific, so most of the tutorials for ubuntu are good for xubuntu also14:40
knomebbl ->14:46
gcrazyHi, what's the difference exactly between normal and alternate installer cd isos?15:38
gcrazyOnly that the normal runs a graphical installation and alternate runs debian's text based installation?15:39
gcrazyWhat I want to know is if that's the only difference15:39
second_nickhow can i mount my second drive?16:57
=== second_nick is now known as Kokos
likemindeadOne second, Kokos.16:57
=== Kokos is now known as lailapas
likemindeadI know of a good article.16:57
lailapas2 commands16:57
TheSheep!mount | likemindead16:58
ubottulikemindead: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount16:58
likemindeadYes, TheSheep, I'm aware of what mount is.17:01
lailapasits ntfs17:02
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE17:02
lailapassudo mount /dev/sb1 /sb1 -t ntfs17:02
only1rockn1my wireless card is being ignored by the system17:39
only1rockn1please help17:39
Sysiwhat's model of that?17:40
only1rockn1 mavell17:44
only1rockn18300 ver 7817:44
only1rockn1ver 717:44
only1rockn1i had it working in freespire17:44
Sysihave you googled with "model name + ubuntu"?17:45
Sysii'm on very slow internet connection currently17:46
likemindeadDoesn't look good, only1rockn1. I don't think there are good drivers available for Marvell chips.17:47
likemindeadYou may be able to use ndiswrapper.17:47
only1rockn1why did it work in freespire17:49
only1rockn1freespire 2.0817:50
Sysithere are drivers17:50
only1rockn1what is the difference in configuration and it is based off u7buntu17:51
only1rockn1i gotta deal with the devil to get the driver i guess17:52
only1rockn1xandros and ms17:52
only1rockn1or is there another way out17:52
faciarI'm sure the right ppl know this, but the link to get 9.10rc from 'http://xubuntu.org/news/karmic/beta' is broken. It's supposed to link to 'http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/9.10/rc/' :)18:02
Gratz474is the rc of ubuntu 9.10 just as stable as the one for regular ubuntu?18:44
likemindeadXubuntu, you mean? I'd say so. I've been using Xubuntu 9.10 since Alpha 6 with no major issues. Loving it.18:45
Gratz474I am running standard ubuntu right now just installed maybe 3 days ago18:45
Gratz4742 days18:45
Gratz474but I really do prefer Xfce more then Gnome18:45
Sysiyou can install xfce to that18:46
likemindeadSame here. My laptop is an ancient PIII (700MHz) w/ 1GB DDR.18:46
Gratz474Sysi, yea but then ......18:46
Gratz474likemindead, how does it run xfce?18:46
Gratz474i got 2.6 ghz18:46
Gratz474I haven't used the new version at all18:46
Gratz474but ubuntu with compiz is pleasing18:48
Gratz474I do got a free 4 GB parition you think thats enough? hmm18:48
Gratz474probably now18:48
Gratz474well for my ubuntu setup only using 2.7 GB's18:49
likemindeadYeah, Gratz474, 4GB should be plenty.18:53
likemindeadAnd my old ghetto PIII is running fantastic.18:53
gcrazyI know for a fact that Xfce is a great desktop environment. I use it on my own labs, and I've never had a single problem. You want rock solid stability and elite support?, why think it twice?, go Xfce: "The professionals' DE".18:54
* gcrazy sets TV-AD mode off18:54
Gratz474gcrazy, lol19:09
Gratz474gcrazy, now the question is ubuntu a professionals os? heheh (debian_19:09
Gratz474Just kidding i do like the software included with ubuntu / xubuntu in general19:11
Gratz474likemindead, p3, i dont think I could go there heh19:12
gcrazyGratz474, Well I actually said Xfce, not xubuntu19:17
Gratz474gcrazy, hehehee19:45
hat0hi all - question about installing the rc.  if i install the rc now, will it be able to update itself to the final release in a week without problems?20:15
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froggerhow can i stop the tty terminals from automatically logging me back in after exit21:28
froggerDO NOT WANT21:28
=== __Techie_ is now known as _Techie_
froggeri commented out a line in event.d for the ttys but it doesnt seem to take effect21:29
froggerid rather not reboot21:29
froggergnome-screensaver-command -l not locking, tty 1-6 automatically logs me in, fuck jewbuntu, you stupid tards have no concept of security, i have to search for hours to find out how to disable the extra shit you have to add21:46
_Techie_i wonder if frogger realised all he had to do to stop the auto login for tty was to add a password to his acount21:47
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likemindeadBigoted rednecks should stick to M$.21:56
gcrazyHi, how can I boot into console and then start the gdm (I think it's gdm that xubuntu uses right?) manually?23:00
_Techie_why the need for manually launching GDM?23:03
gcrazy_Techie_, eh... Not wanting to install X automaticly each time I boot xubuntu for starters?23:05
gcrazyThere are many reasons why somebody may not want to boot directly into X23:05
gcrazyBut why you want to know anyway?23:06
_Techie_you could un install gdm, that shoukd cause X to not load23:06
gcrazy_Techie_, No, I like gdm. And that seems like a windows solution23:06
_Techie_from there you could log into a tty console and issue xinit -- :023:06
_Techie_*sigh* if your not gonna listen to what i have to say then im not gonna bother helping23:07
gcrazy_Techie_, it's not that I'm not listening. It's that I'm listening, and I don't like the solution because that's not the way to go.23:08
gcrazyThere has to be a way to manually launch gdm23:08
_Techie_yes, but unless you want to have multiple WM's then theres no need for it as you will have to be logged in already to start it23:09
_Techie_my solution is to remove GDM, that should stop X loading at boot, then you can use xinit to launch X and then use startxfce423:09
gcrazyTrue that23:10
_Techie_does that still sound like the worng way to go?23:10
gcrazyBut launching x by its own wouldn't just give me the empty X screen with no programs at all?23:11
gcrazy_Techie_, no, sorry for being a jackass lol23:11
_Techie_when you start x by itself you will be given a xterm in the top left corner23:11
_Techie_run startxfce4 in that and xfce will load23:11
gcrazy_Techie_, but I mean, when I'm inside the empty desktop of X, I'm going to type startxfce4 where exactly?23:12
_Techie_well, open a terminal23:12
gcrazyI thought startx loaded only X with no terminals or anything like that23:12
_Techie_no, startx runs your X startup scripts23:13
_Techie_i take it you know how to switch VT's23:13
gcrazy_Techie_, yup, ctrl + FXX23:14
_Techie_to show yu what you will be displayed i will tell you how to start a display on :1 which should be either F8 or F923:15
_Techie_xinit -- :123:16
_Techie_run that in a terminal23:16
gcrazybut _Techie_ I'm already in X23:16
gcrazyWith Xfce loaded and all23:16
_Techie_no, this will start another session of X23:17
_Techie_this is just to show you what you will see when using this method23:17
gcrazy_Techie_ "X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting: Server  error."23:18
gcrazyShould I sudo it?23:18
_Techie_you may need to run it with sudo then23:18
gcrazy_Techie_ Ok done23:18
gcrazy_Techie_, It lead me to a black screen with a basic terminal23:19
gcrazyAs root thoug23:19
_Techie_from there for security you would su username23:19
_Techie_that would put you into your regular account for security23:20
_Techie_from there startxfce423:20
gcrazyOh nice trick, didn't know about su username :)23:20
gcrazyOk I get the idea23:20
_Techie_used to use that method untill i realised that theres a menu item that starts another gdm session23:21
gcrazy_Techie_, when I issue ctrl + alt + backspace the screen goes black23:38
gcrazyBut doesn't show me the console23:38
_Techie_yeah, i suggest you make sure you dont zap X23:40
gcrazy_Techie_, zap X?23:40
gcrazyHow should I end it?, and what 'zap' means?23:40
gcrazy_Techie_, I also tried ctrl + alt + f123:41
gcrazysame result23:41
_Techie_if you want to end it go to the terminal you launched xinit from and break the operation23:41
_Techie_i havent worked out a cleaner way23:43
gcrazy_Techie_, did it that way23:47
gcrazyNothing happens :(23:47
_Techie_odd if you break the xinit command using ctrl+c then the second X session should go poof23:48
gcrazy_Techie_ ctrl c?23:54
gcrazywhat's that23:54
gcrazyShould I issue it?23:54
_Techie_yeah, ctrl+c exits a running command23:57
_Techie_so when ised with the terminal/console that xinit is running in, it stops the second x session from running23:58

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