TDJACRHow does launchpad implement bazaar commit control?00:05
lifelesseach user has their own file space00:06
TDJACRI mean, how does bzr+ssh:// only allow you to modify certain branches and stuff00:06
wgrantIt's a custom SSH server.00:07
TDJACRIs is, like launchpad, F/OSS?00:07
wgrantIt is00:07
wgrantSee lib/lp/codehosting in the LP tree.00:07
TDJACRI was wondering how bzr+ssh limited what a user could do with ssh.00:08
spivAlthough probably Launchpad could probably use OpenSSH if it didn't need to support sftp and using the Launchpad DB to get the public key(s) for a user.00:08
spivBecause apart from those things the bulk of the access control is done in a bzr plugin.00:09
spivA custom one :)  It's in Launchpad's source somewhere.00:10
TDJACRFor example, if I only wanted jim and bob to be able to commit to my server, but not execute any other command, how would I do that?00:10
spivWith OpenSSH, you can create an authorized_keys file on the server that restricts a user that auths with a particular key to only running a particular command.00:11
TDJACRspiv: So would I make that comman bzr?00:11
spivThere's even a helper script in bzr's source tree for that, just a sec.00:11
TDJACRspiv: Thanks so much!00:12
spiv(there's also a much more complex bzr_access script in that contrib directory)00:12
TDJACRspiv: But that one would make a protected SSH bzr smart server, correcy?00:13
spivDepending on what you mean by "protected", yes.00:13
TDJACRspiv: Users can't log on and execute irssi00:14
spivAssuming they authenticate to that account with that key.00:14
TDJACRspiv: How would I control which branches they may  commit to00:14
spivSo you'd want to turn off password auth, or make the account have no password.00:14
spivUse filesytem permissions.00:15
TDJACRspiv: So I ocould add the user to a group.00:15
TDJACRSounds good.00:15
TDJACRThanks so much00:15
spivAnd/or use the argument that bzr_ssh_path_limiter takes00:15
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spivIn the example it gives, command="bzr_ssh_path_limiter /home/foo/code" ..., the client won't be able to access any bzr data outside /home/foo/code00:16
TDJACRspiv: But I could make two branches in it, correct?00:17
TDJACRAnd limit them with fs permissions?00:17
TDJACRSounds awesome, thank you.00:18
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bp0what is the difference between https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tvtime and https://bugs.launchpad.net/tvtime01:58
micahgbp0: one is the upstream project and one is the ubuntu package01:59
bp0how are they used differently01:59
bp0what is different about the bugs that are reported for each one02:00
micahgbp0: bugs for the ubuntu package are reported against the package02:05
micahgtvtime actually uses sourceforge for bug tracking02:06
micahgbut the launchpad project would list bugs linked to sourceforge02:06
bp0so where should that bug about ekiga killing sound in tvtime be reported?02:08
micahgit needs to be triaged in Ubuntu most likely02:09
micahgbp0: did you add all those tasks?02:10
micahgand are you experiencing the issue?02:10
bp0i was trying to get it listed with the others02:11
micahgbp0: are you using Ubuntu?02:11
bp0now, i think i've figured out how02:11
bp0not this moment02:11
micahgwell, if you're not using Ubuntu, then sourceforge would be the place to file your bug02:13
micahgwith tvtime02:13
bp0oh, yeah, i am using ubuntu02:14
bp0but not this moment02:14
bp0so i couldnt test anything right now if you asked02:14
micahgok, then I suggest hoping in #ubuntu-bugs sometime tomorrow and hopefully someone can triage it for you02:14
micahgI don't know enough about tvtime to do it right now02:15
rasiqbug notify - urgent - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/46012103:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460121 in ubiquity "ubiquity hangs on step 2 (Karmic RC)" [Undecided,New]03:16
micahgrasiq: the place for this would be #ubuntu-bugs03:18
rasiqthanks micahg..03:19
rasiqwill post there.. bye..03:19
lifelessLP apis seem to write to world readable dirs their credentials03:41
TDJACRHow does launchpad automatically add pushes to the working tree?04:14
spivTDJACR: it doesn't; it runs loggerhead04:19
spiv(which is a web viewer for bzr branches)04:20
meoblast001how long is the downtime expected to be for?04:34
meoblast001is this a major server change, or just a minor one04:35
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spmmeoblast001: heh. timing. Shortly hopefully.04:35
meoblast001ok, i have some code i was going to push, and i'm getting tired04:35
meoblast001i was wondering if i should wait or go to bed and push tomorrow04:35
meoblast001well, i do have a small amount of studying to do, so i will be awake for probably 15 more minutes anyways04:36
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meoblast001spm: it's back up04:47
meoblast001at least the bazaar server is04:47
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al-maisanGood morning06:12
motionmangood morning :)06:12
mdkewhen trying to set ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com as the contact address for ~ubuntu-doc, I get this error: "ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com is already registered in Launchpad and is associated with Registry Administrators." Any ideas?07:53
* spiv wonders if kfogel really is the help contact still...07:54
wgrantmdke: Sounds like it might have been registered to a team that was merged away.07:56
mdkewgrant: could be07:56
mdkecan't you have more than one team with the same contact address?07:57
wgrantmdke: I guess your best bet is to ask a Question to have it removed or transferred.07:57
lifelessmdke: you'll need to file a request for the admins07:57
lifelessmdke: email addresses have to be unique07:57
mdkethat's a bit odd, I think07:57
lifelessmdke: also note that having a contact address means that users preferences for contacting, bug mail etc, all stop working.07:57
lifelessgenerally, I think its a terrible idea to set an external list as the contact details for an LPteam07:57
wgrantI think the current implementation of the team contact address idea is hugely flawed.07:58
wgrantAnd should be avoided wherever possible.07:58
mdkea good alternative for us would be to disable the "Contact this team" button07:58
mdkeit's a PITA for all team members to get those emails individually rather than through the mailing list07:59
wgrantNote that that button is only available to team members.07:59
mdkewe don't use that team for bugmail or branch subscriptions07:59
wgrantBut it's still crazy that it's not disablable.07:59
mdkewell, we get quite a few email from individuals interested in participating07:59
mdkeactually I don't think they are all members08:00
wgrantThey can only contact the admins, IIRC.08:00
mdkewe had an email recently from ~efsc70, who isn't a member, and I think the whole team got it08:01
wgrantI only get a "Contact this team's owner" link.08:02
mdkeok, that one must have only gone to me then, I guess. it didn't say that in the email08:02
mdkethe team gets them too sometimes though, I suspect it is people who join the open subteam, and then use it08:02
mdkeit really would make sense for such emails to go to the mailing list, I feel08:03
mdkeLaunchpad even suggests using a mailing list in the interface (although it's referring to a LP mailing list)08:03
mdkeanyway, for the original problem, do I open a question on the launchpad project?08:04
wgrantYou do.08:05
lifelessmwhudson: you wouldn't happen to know when merge requests via mail will work again?08:42
slangasekI wonder if it would be possible to prevent users from changing the state of the tasks on bug #368497, or lock it to a group somehow.08:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 368497 in acpid "/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh does not check for KDE 4" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36849708:56
wgrantslangasek: There is no such functionality.08:59
slangasekwgrant: then I wonder if the accounts of the people who are playing bug volleyball could be locked08:59
wgrantBug #7312209:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 73122 in malone "Need strategy for stopping pandemonium in individual bug reports" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7312209:00
* wgrant returns to messing with ddeb domination logic.09:02
wgrantOdd that that bug has been hit so many times.09:02
lifelessI think there is a good reason to have final states09:02
lifelessand a less crowd-approach for bugs09:03
slangasekwgrant: odd, but clearly not coincidental.  The bug was also given a nickname at one point, which I removed, hoping that would stem the flow of pointless state changes; someone, somewhere on the Internet, is telling other people this bug should be reopened09:03
lifelesshave you googled for it ?09:04
slangasekdidn't find anything except LP itself09:04
wgrantslangasek: But they weren't directly reopened.09:04
slangasekwgrant: how do you mean/09:04
wgrantOh. Different tasks.09:04
wgrantI just saw lots of transitions in each block, which tended to indicate idiocy rather than malice.09:04
wgrantBut I see now that they were for different tasks.09:05
slangasekI guess alternatively, I could unsubscribe ubuntu-sru from the bug and make it Not My Problem, but I figured I should at least /ask/ before abandoning the bug to chaos09:05
slangasekwgrant: I'm pretty sure it is idiocy rather than malice; if it were malice, why would they all be focused on a single bug instead of reopening bugs at random :)09:06
wgrantslangasek: By idiocy I meant accidental state changing, which does happen sometimes.09:07
wgrantBut in that case it should hit other bugs.09:07
micahgwgrant: how often are merged branches hidden?09:12
micahgis it supposed to be instantaneous?09:12
wgrantmicahg: As soon as the branch is scanned (that is within a couple of minutes, when the new revisions show up in LP)09:13
micahgwgrant: this branch isn;t showing as merged: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/prism/prism-1.0b2-karmic09:18
micahgor rather, it's not being hidden09:20
wgrantmicahg: Ah, this mess...09:20
wgrantmicahg: A branch's status is set to Merged automatically only when it is merged into a series branch.09:21
wgrantmicahg: There are no series branches in that project.09:21
micahgso I need to manually set it09:21
wgrantThis is unfortunate.09:21
micahgok, I'll talk to someone about creating a series for it09:22
micahgshould I file a bug?09:22
micahgfor it not being marked merged09:22
wgrantIt's not a bug.09:22
wgrantIt wasn't merged, in that sense.09:22
wgrantSo it should not be marked merge.09:22
micahgif you say so :)09:22
wgrantI believe people are rethinking how all that works.09:23
micahgdoes lp linking branches only work for official branches with bug #s?09:27
wgrantLP will automatically link any branch to bugs that are referenced properly (that is, a 'bzr ci --fixes lp:123456', not just a textual reference in a commit message).09:28
micahgthat's what I need to do09:28
micahgand if it's multiple bugs?09:29
TDJACRHow does launchpad add all pushes to the mainline?09:30
wgrantmicahg: I think something like '--fixes lp:123456 --fixes lp:234567'09:30
TDJACREr, working tree09:30
wgrantTDJACR: How do you mean?09:30
wgrantLP doesn't keep working trees.09:30
wgrantAs was explained this morning, it uses Loggerhead to provide a web UI to the branches.09:30
TDJACRAh. How does it keep all pushes as the "working tree"09:31
wgrantI still don't understand what you mean.09:32
wgrantLp doesn't deal with working trees.09:32
TDJACRWhen I bzr push ./ lp:myproj How does it become the files, in the directory.09:32
spivTDJACR: you mean how is it that you can view the files in the branch via the web site?09:33
TDJACRIf I push to my own server, I need to ssh into it and bzr update it09:33
spivTDJACR: it uses loggerhead (https://launchpad.net/loggerhead009:33
wgrantTDJACR: Loggerhead is a web application which looks at the branch (not the working tree) and displays the file listings and gives you files. They don't exist in a working tree on disk.09:33
spivTDJACR: launchpad doesn't host any working trees09:33
TDJACRspiv: So, If I branched off of my server, I'd still get a working tree, but my server wouldn't have one?09:34
spivTDJACR: yes09:35
spivTDJACR: a working tree is where you can use a text editor etc to make changes that you can then "bzr commit".09:36
TDJACRWhen I push to my server I get This transport does not update the working tree of: bzr+ssh://bzr@....09:36
TDJACRBut not when I push to LP09:36
spivLaunchpad is configured to not create working trees09:37
lifelessspiv: there is also that bug09:37
wgrantIt will give you that message only if there is an existing working tree on the other end, IIRC.09:37
lifelesswith a spurious message09:37
spivYou can create a shared repository on your server that does the same thing (bzr init-repo --no-trees)09:37
TDJACRspiv: I'll try it.09:37
TDJACRNow, why doesn't branch remember the location when I push?09:38
spivAnd you can remove an existing, unwanted working tree with "bzr remove-tree" (run on the server in this case)09:38
spivIt should, unless it has already remembered a different location.09:38
spivIf you need to override an existing remembered location you can do "bzr push --remember your_location"09:39
TDJACROkay, cool.09:40
TDJACRWhat is the purpose of having a tree?09:42
spivIt's the place where you edit files.09:47
spivAnd "bzr commit" those edits.09:47
spivAlso called a checkout or a working copy.09:48
TDJACRLet me refine that, why would I have a tree on my server? The pushes wouldn't appear as files.09:51
oSoMoNhi all10:24
oSoMoNI've requested a one time import of translation templates in rosetta, and the files are markes as uploaded by someone else in the import queue10:25
oSoMoNand this someone else (who used to be responsible for the translations on this project) received mails to confirm the upload10:25
henninge_oSoMoN: the branch owner, I think10:25
oSoMoNdoesn't seem so, the branch owner is a team10:26
oSoMoNand this person is not part of the team anymore10:26
oSoMoNcould that be a bug in rosetta, or some setting I need to change somewhere?10:27
henninge_oSoMoN: let me check10:28
henninge_oSoMoN: see the code ;) http://paste.ubuntu.com/301941/10:31
oSoMoNpretty clear indeed10:32
henninge_oSoMoN: so templates is the series driver or the series owner10:32
henninge_*for templates*10:32
oSoMoNbut where do I set the series driver?10:33
henninge_oSoMoN: on the series home page, I am pretty sure10:33
oSoMoNI don't seem to be allowed to set it (although I'm admin of the project, and it's already set to the team anyway, not this person)10:34
oSoMoNsee https://launchpad.net/elisa/1.010:34
henninge_oSoMoN: this *is* a bit strange, I don't see how Philippe Normand comes into play at all ...10:40
oSoMoNme neither!10:41
henninge_oSoMoN: can you please file a bug about it so we investigate the matter further?10:41
oSoMoNhe used to be part of the elisa-developers team and in charge of translations10:41
oSoMoNwhat project on LP should I file it against?10:41
henninge_oSoMoN: Please add that information to the bug report10:41
henninge_oSoMoN: rosetta10:42
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slangaseknice, bug #368497 reopened again10:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 368497 in acpid "/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh does not check for KDE 4" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36849710:51
slangasekuhm, interesting correlation10:55
slangasekeach of the last three accounts that reopened the bug was created on the day they did so10:55
oSoMoNhenninge: I just checked using launchpadlib, and Philippe Normand is the series owner10:56
oSoMoNthe thing is, I cannot find where to change this10:56
henningeoSoMoN: right, so the owner does not show in the UI any more?10:56
oSoMoNno, it doesn't10:57
henningeoSoMoN: can you search if there is a bug this? it should be in launchpad-registry10:57
henningeoSoMoN: I always thought Maintainer was another word for Owner ...10:58
* slangasek finds three more accounts listed on there that were created within a week of meddling with that bug state, nice10:59
oSoMoNhenninge: I can't find a bug for it, will file one11:01
henningeoSoMoN: please do.11:02
henningeoSoMoN: Maybe the owner is meant to be obosoleted but than the translation import code should not use it, either.11:03
oSoMoNI'll include this info in the bug report11:03
henningeoSoMoN: thanks11:03
henningeoSoMoN: please subscribe me to the bug11:04
oSoMoNhenninge: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/46098011:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460980 in launchpad-registry "Can't set a project series' owner" [Undecided,New]11:14
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oSoMoNnote that I manage to set myself as the series' owner using launchpadlib11:14
henningeoSoMoN: thank you. good job!11:15
oSoMoNthanks to you11:16
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LaneyCan I get a PPA which builds on armel/sparc please?12:11
LaneyI need to test some FTBFS fixes12:11
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simon-oHi, is this error known? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~simono/ubuntu/karmic/gnoemoe/fixes-bug-459164/revision/614:57
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PhilDickI've reported a few bugs in Launchpad for ubuntu.  Is there an easy/convenient way to get a list of bugs I've created or commented on?15:01
thekornPhilDick: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/people/+me/+reportedbugs15:05
thekornand .../+commentedbugs15:06
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kfogellaunchpadlib experts: what am I doing wrong in this?  project.getBranches(status="any")15:27
kfogelit gets a HTTP 400 "Bad Request"15:28
kfogelI've tried it without the status= too.15:28
kfogel(that is, with just "any")15:28
bodhi_zazenWhat is the best way to contact a LP admin ?15:31
jmlbodhi_zazen, ask a question on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad15:32
jmlbodhi_zazen, or just ask your question here.15:32
bodhi_zazenjml: done, but I did not get an answer15:33
geserkfogel: I just noticed the API doc got now the toc, finally :)15:34
jmlbodhi_zazen, our admins aren't always able to answer questions as quickly as they'd like.15:34
jmlbodhi_zazen, this week they are unusually busy helping with the Ubuntu release.15:34
bodhi_zazenI understand15:35
bodhi_zazenmy request is over 2 weeks old =)15:36
kfogelgeser: yeah, saw that.  \o/15:37
jmlkfogel, o hai15:37
jmlkfogel, does it work with, say, status='merged'?15:38
kfogeljml: it's working now with no args (which means "any active status"), and that's fine for my purposes.15:39
jmlkfogel, ok.15:40
jmlkfogel, I think that the API docs are terrible wrt enums.15:40
kfogeljml: I haven't used them enough yet to form an opinion, but I'll take that as a warning.15:41
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jmlkfogel, well, you just bumped into that as a problem. :)15:41
thekornkfogel: you can also catch the HTTPError object and print error.content, this should give you all possible values15:42
thekornin this case: status: Invalid value "any". Acceptable values are: Experimental, Development, Mature, Merged, Abandoned15:42
kfogelthekorn: thank you for that tip!15:43
jmlalso (and I'm sure I've asked this before), but why isn't that included in the str() of the HTTPError?15:47
ChipzzHey people, my apologies for the spam, but for those that didn't see it yet, may I steal a couple of minutes of your time and draw your attention to http://www.fosdem.org/2010/distrominiconf ? :)16:07
ChipzzIMO the launchpad ppl could contribute a lot here :)16:08
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nekohayoanyone else having problems with apport popping up on each coming back from sleep/suspend in karmic, and then launchpad not being able to parse the stuff it sends?16:22
nekohayobeen like that for a week16:22
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bondHow do you run a receipt describing the bug and its status through the bot commands?17:36
rowinggolferreally love the new changes to the site.17:50
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Picibond: What bot are you referring to?17:57
bondPici: !bug #NNNN18:00
Picibond: if you mean ubottu....18:02
Pici!usage | bond18:02
ubottubond: Hi! I'm #launchpad's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots18:02
bondPici: I am interested in plugin that takes information about the bug on launchpad18:03
bonda plug encyclopedia I have already installed and functioning well. Or have you laid there in the encyclopedia? :)18:04
Picibond: That would be the bugtracker plugin, code is here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~tsimpson/ubuntu-bots/tweak .  Help can be found in #ubuntu-bots18:05
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tgm4883Should users always be able to ask questions in the Answers section of a project, even if the project unchecks the "users can ask questions" checkbox?21:07
tgm4883specifically, we disabled this function a while ago, and a user just asked a question though it https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/mythbuntu21:07
beunotgm4883, I think the shouldn't21:13
beunothere's a bug around for it21:13
beunothere are reasons why it's enabled, but it needs some thought21:14
tgm4883beuno, ok, thanks for the info21:19
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zoraelWhat does it mean when it says "Entity-body was not a well-formed JSON document" when I try to modify the description of a bug?22:52
intellectronicazorael: it's a bug22:59
malepthi, I think my PPA build needs to be kicked on bohrium22:59
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maleptthe PPA build in question seems to be stuck on unpacking the gettext package...23:26
wgrantmalept: I've seen bohrium get stuck several times lately.23:29
maleptwgrant: oh joy.23:33
vadi2Are launchpad PPAs affected by the slowdown? I uploaded a package, but I never got a confirmation email and it's not showing up on my PPA page.23:50
wgrantvadi2: PPA uploads are happening fine. You probably didn't sign the package correctly.23:58
vadi2but there is no error about it: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/147193/23:59

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