mzzhmm, probably not gnome-session, my grep isn't hitting00:00
mzzmight be gnome-panel00:00
tanathanyone else notice compiz interfering with fullscreen video?00:01
tanathi just get a black screen.00:01
DanaGanyway, check my comments on that eSATA bug.00:01
tanathstill hear audio though00:01
Bigshot_i am itchy to download 9.10 RC should i ? should i? or should i wait till 29?00:02
Random832so i'm going to set up karmic in a virtual machine - how much memory and hard disk space do i need?00:02
tanathcompiz also seems to be covering my desktop with blackness too00:03
macoBigshot_: wont be much changes between now and then00:03
macoRandom832: with or without a gui?00:04
Bigshot_maco: will karmic make my multitouch thingy work?00:04
Random832@maco, with00:04
macoBigshot_: i dont have your hardware, so i dont know00:04
Bigshot_@maco multitouch screen laptop00:04
macoBigshot_: try a live cd?00:04
macoRandom832: i think 384MiB min RAM and a few GiB disk00:05
mzzhmm, actualy was gnome-session. Must've messed up a grep.00:05
tanathanyone know what the deal is with compiz?00:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 153768 in hal "External SATA (eSATA) removable disk (formatted with Ext3) not mounted automatically: hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 1000" [Unknown,Confirmed]00:06
DanaGso... should I attach that to devkit-disks?00:06
Bigshot_maco can i upgrade from RC to final release? and how?00:06
mzzhey, I can't reproduce it. Perhaps it was fixed in karmic and I was remembering it from jaunty :)00:06
DanaG"          -------           Rejecting as INVALID.  If someone has a machine with working ahci external port marking, I have patches to test but given that most other controllers don't have such feature, I think we need hal whitelisting one way or the other."00:06
macoBigshot_: regular updates'll do it00:06
DanaGokay.... where are these patches?00:07
* DanaG slaps the kernel devs with an eSATA cable, too.00:07
eitreach_Icelandic smileys rule. :)00:07
DanaG"If someone has a machine with working ahci external port marking, I have patches to test but given that most other controllers don't have such feature, I think we need hal whitelisting one way or the other."00:08
DanaGHah, almost EVERY machine I've seen with AHCI eSATA... has done port marking JUST FINE.00:08
DanaGHow did they miss that?00:08
jimpopasleep? :-)00:09
DanaG" Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be many machines which actually use the facility." -- HAH!00:09
DanaGExcuse the ranting, but yeah, those kinds of conclusions really irk me.00:09
DanaG"I've never seen it; therefore, they must not exist."00:09
bjsniderDanaG, there's a kernel team channel here00:10
jimpopwill they address why they refused to support Poulsbo chipset ?00:11
bjsniderask intel00:11
jimpopi mean, it's only 50% of the netbook market so far00:11
DanaGThat's Intel's fault.00:11
Bigshot_can i use http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-904-persistent-install-windows/ to create a live usb for KARMIC?00:11
DanaGAnd PowerVR's fault.00:11
macojimpop: you're on that again? ugh. seriously, go whine to intel to fix their freakin drivers00:11
macorepeating your whining in here every few hours isnt going to help squat00:11
=== FeasibilityStudy is now known as BETA1
DanaGOr ask them to give you a refund.00:11
jimpopthe intel drivers work... i'm writing this on a AAO00:12
macojust annoy the fest of us00:12
=== BETA1 is now known as BETA-Stage
jimpopi have no other recourse but to spread the word00:12
macoWE ALREADY KNOW the drivers are broken00:12
jimpopit's unsupported in Karmic, but simple me made it work... the only hurdle was a stupid pkg error00:13
stperemaco: put him on your ignore list00:13
macoso submit a patch00:13
jimpopit's already in a bug report... that *still* gets ignored00:13
jimpopthus my complaining00:13
macoare sponsors subscribed to the report?00:13
jimpoplet me see00:14
macobecause patches attached to bugs without sponsors subscribed wont get touched00:14
macoalso, the patch has to be right00:14
macoif its just a dirty hack, its going to get ignored00:14
bjsniderhahahaa that is probably true00:14
jimpoplisted as "wishlist" https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-psb/+bug/33090600:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330906 in xserver-xorg-video-psb "MASTER: GMA-500 lacks driver for 8.10 and 9.10 (poulsbo works only on 8.04 and 9.04)" [Wishlist,Triaged]00:14
bjsniderthe patch has to not suck00:14
jimpopit's not even a patch, it's a build error00:14
macoa build error ain't a fix00:15
macosubmit a patch to fix the build error00:15
macoone that is *correct* then subscribe sponsors00:15
jimpophere's the gist of what it takes: http://mail.ale.org/pipermail/ale/2009-October/113618.html00:15
macothat's how you get things fixed00:15
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
macowhining does not get things fixed00:15
macoblogging does not get things fixed00:15
macodoing the fscking work gets things fixed00:16
jimpopapparently reporting bugs doesn't get things fixed either....00:16
maconot if there arent enough people to fix 'em00:16
maco10,000 users can file bugs but if there's only 50 people working on fixing the bugs, they'll be overwhelmed00:16
jimpopi doubt that is the case with the psb chipset... as you said earlier... *you* are stalled waiting on Intel to fix a Karmic problem00:17
macoi'm not stalled on anything. i dont have that hardware :)00:17
jimpopa Karmic *packaging* problem00:17
macoif you think its a packaging problem, submit a debdiff00:18
jimpopi've done my part, identifying the build issue... if it takes a debdiff or patch to move things along (on such a simple issue) then the whole cause it just lost.00:18
DanaG http://www.happyassassin.net/2009/01/30/intel-gma-500-poulsbo-graphics-on-linux-a-precise-and-comprehensive-summary-as-to-why-youre-screwed/00:19
macoglad to see you care soooooo much that you're willing to squat00:19
maco*do squat00:19
macowhen did this channel get so whiny?00:20
jimpopmaco: look at the build page https://launchpad.net/~lucazade/+archive/gma500 and see the 5 week old build error for the core piece00:20
jimpophow does a build error (a simple rm instead of rmdir) exist for 5 weeks00:20
jimpopi gather it's because Ubuntu *doesn't* want to fix it00:21
wgrantWho is lucazade, and why do I care about their PPA?00:21
macoubuntu is not a single entity00:21
Buuntucan someone help me with a failed upgrade to Karmic?00:21
Travis-42Should I be able to use the wine repository for jaunty? There is no karmic repository yet. Or do I need to compile it myself?00:21
BuuntuI can't boot up ubuntu now... :(00:21
macoubuntu is a collection of people VOLUNTEERING their time00:21
wgrantTravis-42: Why do you want to use their repository?00:21
jimpopwhich raises the question of Politics... couple that with all the "Get Intel to fix it" just smacks of ignorance00:21
wgrantTravis-42: There are 1.2 betas in the archive.00:21
Travis-42wgrant: oh really? I've just been using it for a while because the ubuntu repositories didn00:22
BluesKajTravis-42, install wine with apt-get or your package manager, no need to compile from source00:22
jimpopmaco Lcazade volunteered his time... and main stream dev gave up on him00:22
Travis-42't have anywhere near the latest00:22
macojimpop: the drivers themselves are in poor shape regardless of packaging. that part is intel's fault. sure the packaging is on the distro's side, but why are you so unwilling to just fix it if you know how to?00:22
wgrantTravis-42: See the wine1.2 package.00:22
ByronI've been rebooting everytime the network gives out as I'm trying to upgrade to Karmic. I know nothing has been applied yet as the download has only gotten to just over 500 packages out of 1318, but I'm in the process of copying things to my external HDD via USB. Things are looking good.00:22
jimpopmaco, all i can say is that the Intel drivers are working fine for me.00:22
Travis-42wgrant: thanks00:22
Jordan_UBuuntu: What happens when you try to boot, please give as many details as possible00:23
macoi'm sorry, i'm not  putting up with people who'd rather act like a baby than help00:23
jimpopi've helped00:23
jimpopI've given the right info00:23
jimpopit's people like you maco that just keep drinking the "Get Intel to fix it" koolaide00:23
BluesKajnever seen someone compain so much about complainers:)00:24
jimpopthe Intel drivers work... it's the Ubuntu packaging that is broken00:24
yofeljimpop: you have psb working with the 2.6.31 kernel?00:24
jimpoprock solid00:24
Byronspoke too soon :(00:24
jimpopyofel, see: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-psb/+bug/33090600:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330906 in xserver-xorg-video-psb "MASTER: GMA-500 lacks driver for 8.10 and 9.10 (poulsbo works only on 8.04 and 9.04)" [Wishlist,Triaged]00:24
jimpopthe only reason they won't work in Karmic main is due to a packaging build error (rm vs rmdir)00:25
greg-gquit your whining00:25
jimpopmeanwhile... all those (approaching 1m) new netbooks with Poulsbo chipsets will not be able to d/l and install Karmic00:25
jimpopit's a huge error for Ubuntu to ignore a new mainstream market00:26
jimpopi realize it may be too late to make it into the final release... but I well intend to leave a trail of my efforts to get it supported.00:27
Jordan_Ujimpop: If it's really that simple, since it's too late to make it into karmic for release, do you plan to make a ppa for it, and if not would you help me make one?00:27
* greg-g should note that I have no idea what conversation he just butted into and his comment should be taken as tounge in check00:27
Buuntuok, here is my thread, , I'd rather not have to repeat it all :P -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130071900:28
poutineWhy does ubuntu only allow me to install libmozjs-dev if I uninstall firefox? (This was not the case on the last major release)00:28
jimpopJordan_U, I don't know how to build pkgs to right way, but with the info I've already provide (and will do again) i will help *anyone* make whatever it takes to get this supported in Karmic.00:28
aciculaget source of package, make change, debuild00:29
aciculaor something along that line iirc00:29
jimpophehe...it's those last bits that are important in doing it the right way00:29
wgrantpoutine: libmozjs-dev is from xulrunner 1.8, which was Firefox 2.0. It is very much deprecated.00:29
poutinewgrant, I use libmozjs in my application, it's spidermonkey, it may be deprecated in firefox but afaik I'm not the only other person to use it for embedding and extending javascript00:30
aciculano debuild just takes the old package with your changes and packages a new one, pretty great if you need to make a simple change00:30
wgrantpoutine: Is there no xulrunner 1.9.x alternative?00:30
poutinewgrant, I don't even know what xulrunner is, all I know is that libmozjs is spider monkey00:31
BuuntuJordan_U: any idea?00:31
mmcjiany suggestions on what i can do the get proper resolution on lcd monitor?  everything looks short and fat.  best resolution i can get on external lcd is 1024x76800:31
Jordan_Ujimpop: One nice thing about PPA's is that if the source package is good, Launchpads build server makes sure it's built the right way :)00:31
m0r0nhttp://lifehacker.com/5388454/ubuntu-910-release-candidate-available-for-download       I thought it gets released on the 29th?00:31
poutinewgrant, http://www.mozilla.org/js/spidermonkey/00:32
poutine^ That's libmozjs00:32
poutinexulrunner is something different00:32
Jordan_UBuuntu: Were you connected to the internet when you ran apt-get upgrade?00:33
poutineand I was running firefox-3.0 on ubuntu 9.04 with libmozjs-dev installed just fine00:33
wgrantpoutine: libmozjs0d is built by xulrunner 1.8.00:33
aciculammcji: sounds like the default video driver loaded rather then the one appropriate for your pc00:33
jimpopJordan_U, with the Lucazade's ppa there is something (i'm not sure what) that breaks the build.. that something is a cleanup script that tries to remove a directory with "rm -f" which obviously won't work00:33
BuuntuJordan_U: oh... LOL00:33
greg-gpoutine: xulrunner provides libmozjs http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libmozjs-dev (see the right hand side for source package)00:33
BuuntuJordan_U: damn, my wireless doesn't work on the live cd, time to go get an ethernet cable I guess00:33
BuuntuJordan_U: thanks for pointing that out! ^^00:34
Jordan_UBuuntu: np :)00:34
poutinegreg-g, I'm unaware of any dependency in that regard, is there a package I can install so I can build my application like I used to?00:34
poutinethat will not uninstall firefox00:34
wgrantpoutine: Perhaps look in xulrunner-1.9.1-dev00:35
poutinewgrant, no dice00:37
Jordan_Ujimpop: Have you tried to contact Luca Forina to tell him what change needs to be made ( since he already has the ppa set up ) ?00:37
wgrantpoutine: I see jsapi.h in xulrunner-1.9.1-dev00:37
stperehi poutine00:38
jimpopJordan_U, I got no response (approx 3 weeks ago)00:38
stperenum num00:38
ByronI was looking into the netbook version of Kubuntu. Will it be a different upgrade than the standard one for Kubuntu desktop?00:38
bjsniderjimpop, create your own ppa00:39
poutineok wgrant, installing libmozjs used to provide a facility into pkg-config where i could do pkg-config xulrunner-js --libs00:39
jimpop<sigh>, i'm not the one to do that (various issues, including lack of correct knowledge)00:39
poutineand it'd show me compile flags00:39
poutinethis is no longer the case00:39
poutinein fact I see no pkg-config information for xulrunner or anything else anymore00:39
wgrantpoutine: Try mozilla-js00:40
wgrantRather than xulrunner-js00:40
Jordan_Ujimpop: It's not that hard once you have done it once00:40
poutineis there some rationale for the change (so I can adjust my autoconf macros)00:40
wgrantpoutine: I presume it's an upstream change.00:41
poutinebut it did work (thanks for that)00:41
jimpopJordan_U, $DAYJOB prohibits me00:41
bjsniderjimpop, knowledge is not a zero-sum game00:41
jimpopwithout much legal paperwork/proceedures/etc00:41
bjsniderudjumucate yourself00:41
Jordan_Ujimpop: If I create a ppa ( if I have time today ) and post a link to it in that bug report would you test it? ( I don't have any intel hardware )00:41
poutinewgrant, seems like xulrunner-js would be better if it's provided by the xulrunner package rather than mozilla, is this a change by ubuntu or mozilla?00:41
innomenOk guys I installed xp, and then ubuntu, but the partition it chose ot make for ubuntu is tiny, i boot in live cd to rezie with gpart and it shows two drives sda1 and sda1, and i have 130 gigs of unallocated space on sda1, how do i move it to sda2?00:41
jimpopJordan_U, yes. most certainly00:41
innomenits the same physical drive00:42
wgrantpoutine: I don't know; I avoid Mozilla stuff like the plague. Repeating: xulrunner-1.9.1-dev is the package name, mozilla-js is the pkg-config name.00:42
poutineanyways, that is what I was looking for exactly, thanks wgrant00:42
innomen(if that wasn't obvious)00:42
habananyhey guys I running karmic which comes with with f-spot, do i still need picasa?00:44
jschallwine fullscreen seems to disable my desktop effects in kubuntu, how can i stop that from happening?00:44
greg-ghabanany: that is a question only you can answer. They are two different programs00:45
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php00:47
habananyok to make it clear , i just want to know which one is better, keeping in mind that I'm newbe in linux00:47
innomenthis is insane00:47
greg-ghabanany: again, only a question you can answer. Try both, pick which one feels better to you.00:47
ByronAre there known issues with ext3 and 1TB hdd?00:48
shiretok0what can I expect to experience with the rc of kubuntu? should I wait for final?00:48
habananyyour answer make sense greg-g , thanks00:48
innomenWhy did karmic make a 3gb install partition when i had 130gb of unallocated space for it?00:48
thiebaudeinnomen: ubuntu needs at least 4gb for install00:49
innomenthiebaude, i'm looking at a a 3gb install00:49
innomenbut i want to expand it, obviously00:49
greg-ghabanany: no problem. :)00:49
qwebirc45876I was wondering what I can do to start learning for helping to develop for Ubuntu.00:49
qwebirc45876Any links?00:50
qwebirc45876Or tips?00:50
BluesKajinnomen, unallocated is just that you have to format it to ext3 or 4 for linux00:50
andrilhello all00:50
innomenbut gparted wont let it used unallocated space form the "other" drive sda1/sda200:50
innomenBluesKaj, i know00:50
BluesKajformat it then00:50
innomeni did and ended up with a 130gb ext4 parition00:50
innomenthat dosent help me00:50
yofelqwebirc45876: looked at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate ?00:51
innomeni dont need a third parition i need ot resize the first one00:51
greg-ginnomen: boot from livecd and resize the partition00:52
BluesKajinnomen, when you install use the manual partitioning option and make sure you choose / for the ext400:52
innomengreg-g, i'm in live cd, it wont let me resize it the unallocated space is on the "other" drive despite there being only one physical drive00:52
innomenBluesKaj, so its not possible to use unallocated space on one parition to expand another?00:53
blaz2hello! does 3d acceleration work for i915? (EEE PC 701), out of the box i seem to have software rendering only..00:53
BluesKajno it has to have a formatted space00:53
innomenBluesKaj, explain00:53
BluesKajI just did00:53
innomeni formate the unallocated space to X and then what?00:53
innomenno you didnt00:53
BluesKajinnomen, read above about the manual parttionin option00:54
innomeni'm not going to reinstall ubunut just to resize a parition00:54
wgrantinnomen: Run 'sudo fdisk -l' and pastebin the output.00:54
innomenthere has ot be a way with gparted00:54
wgrantLet's see what's actually going on here.00:55
innomenone moment00:55
yofelblaz2: it should, what exact chip do you have? (type 'lspci | grep VGA' in a terminal to find out)00:56
jschallkde seems to disable desktop effects when i run a fullscreen game and then it forgets to turn them back on when i stop running a fullscreen game, is there any way to disable that?00:56
xgurui saw an update about easy backup/recover.....what was that about?  I didn't see any new menus00:56
BluesKajwell then innomen , you might be stuck with 3G partition00:57
darthanubisanyone know of a bug where upron reboot sound is always back to zero?00:57
Jordan_Ujimpop: What file needs to be changed exactly?00:58
innomentrying to make pastebin work00:58
innomenso clunky00:58
blaz2yofel: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 04)00:58
yofelblaz2: fresh install or upgrade? Do you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf?00:59
blaz2yofel: glxinfo | grep render shows 'Software Rasterizer' and Extreme Tux Tacer is extremely slow (~0.5 FPS)00:59
yofelblaz2: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?01:00
blaz2yofel: no xorg.conf file. Installed from mini.iso few day ago and keep up-to-date01:01
jimpopJordan_U, I started here https://launchpad.net/~lucazade/+archive/gma500/+build/1243964 and then clicked on "buildlog" and dug through the errors.  I don't know what causes the error, but here is the error text from that log: "rm: cannot remove `/usr/include/drm-linux-libc': Is a directory"01:01
blaz2yofel: ok, just a moment, its on another machine...01:01
yofeljimpop: I looked at that log, and the actual build failure is 'checking for DRI... configure: error: Package requirements (libdrm >= 2.0 xf86driproto) were not met: No package 'libdrm' found'01:03
wgrant(-psb does some really revolting stuff with a modified libdrm; after seeing that error I ran away swiftly)01:04
jimpop yofel, yeah i see that too.  wouldn't libdrm be installed on the build env?01:04
stperethere is no DRM in linux :P01:04
blaz2yofel: heres Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/m29bdda2601:04
jimpopstpere, it's Display Resolution Manager (or something like that, but not Digital Rights Managment)01:05
stpereI know01:05
stpereI was kidding01:05
Doctehwhere would I get help on stepping through the init system?01:05
yofeljimpop: not if libdrm-dev or something like that isn't a build-dependency of the package. Only the packages that are necessary to build a package are installed on a build machine01:05
yofeljimpop: and the package itself has to tell the buildd what packages it needs01:06
jimpopyofel. i see.  That PPA also provides a libdrm-poulsbo diversion01:06
durt!upstart | Docteh01:06
ubottuDocteh: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/01:06
Doctehooo theres a wiki now01:07
Random832they're getting rid of sysvinit now? wow it's amazing how much has changed in the last ten years01:08
poutineubuntu's willingness to test out solutions that cause more issues than the problems they "solve" isn't a good thing imho01:09
* poutine is still butthurt over pulseaudio01:09
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Innomen2
Innomen2What was that command again?01:10
yofelblaz2: I'm out of ideas then since everything looks right to me :/01:10
Innomen2sudo fdisk -l01:10
Innomen2it takes forever when i have to reboot because i have to download xchat01:12
Jordan_Ujimpop: It looks like the rm -f was not the primary problem, so that should explain why this hasn't been fixed yet01:12
blaz2yofel: ok thanks for looking!01:12
Innomen2i guess w left01:12
jimpopJordan_U, so, what's the next step?  The dependency ?01:13
Innomen2How do i use unallocated space from one parition to expand another?01:13
jschallso if i run a game in wine and then try to start desktop effects in kubuntu, i get a lovely solid white screen until it times out or i hit esc01:13
jschallusing nvidia drivers latest version on an 8800gts01:13
Jordan_Ujimpop: Yes, and it's likely more complicated than just adding a build-depends. I am trying installing libdrm-dev now and building again01:13
poutineso where would I log a bug like, "running /etc/init.d/apache2 stop as a normal user reports [OK] even though it in fact does nothing"01:14
Jordan_Ujimpop: After installing libdrm-dev I am getting different errors at least01:16
Jordan_Ujimpop: But it's still failing very early01:16
jimpopJordan_U, is it possible for me to see the buildlog (not sure if this is a ppa yet or you are working local)01:17
yofelpoutine: report a bug against apache2.2-common with 'ubuntu-bug apache2.2-common' since it's the package that ships /etc/init.d/apache201:18
poutinethanks yofel01:18
Jordan_Ujimpop: I'm working locally, http://jordanu.dyndns.org/buildlog-current.txt01:18
jimpopwhat is $LANG on that system?01:19
jimpopJordan_U, what is $LANG on that system?01:19
blaz2yofel: I just checked that 3d accel works when I run as root. Some permission issue??01:20
Jordan_Ujimpop: en_US.UTF-801:20
Jordan_Ujimpop: I'm using typescript btw, that's why you see some control characters01:20
yofelpoutine: for future reference: you can find the package a file belongs to with either 'dpkg -S filename' or 'apt-file find filename' (the first only checks packages you have installed, the latter searches the whole database and lists all packages that ship the file)01:20
jimpopJordan_U, ok, i saw some weird chars in the buildlog01:20
jimpopJordan_U, googl'ing for xf86mm.h shows some issues everywhere ;-)01:22
yofelblaz2: what are your permissions for /dev/dri/card0? 'ls -l /dev/dri/card0'01:22
blaz2yofel: root video01:24
blaz2yofel: i added myself to video groups and problem solved:)01:24
ordinarydotjoin #ubuntu-classroom01:25
jimpopJordan_U, what pkg provided mm_interface.h ?01:28
Jordan_Ujimpop: It's part of the xserver-xorg-video-psb source package01:30
jimpopJordan_U, that's interesting... I can't locate that file on my system (which has the Juanty ver of that pkg)01:31
jimpopJordan_U, give me a few secs to d/l the PPA ver of that pkg and to investigate01:31
Jordan_Ujimpop: It's in the source package, apt-get source xserver-xorg-video-psb01:32
jimpopJordan_U, ahh, ok. ty01:32
Jordan_Ujimpop: np01:32
gaelfxI downloaded the UNR image via torrent and the md5sum was horribly wrong, so I downloaded directly from the site and the md5 was correct, but the liveUSB still fails to work at all, can someone give me advice about how to make it work properly, or at least tell me if this is a known problem/01:33
Jordan_Ujimpop: Realize that at this point it's not likely we are going to solve the problem given that at least I am completely clueless when it comes to building xorg drivers01:34
Jordan_Ujimpop: I'll still try, but don't get your hopes up :)01:34
StrangeCharmmanually trying to set up an encrypted lvm, grub is giving me an error at boot. what am i likely to be doing wrong?01:34
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: What error?01:34
jimpopJordan_U, understood, and same here... BUT together we should both be able to do it.01:34
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: And did you run grub-install after setting up lvm ?01:35
StrangeCharmJordan_U, no such disk, or words to that effect01:36
StrangeCharmJordan_U, allow me to clarify: i'm using the server install disk, but a manual partitioning scheme01:36
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: Is your /boot on lvm?01:37
StrangeCharmno, i have 100mb of /boot at the top of an unencrypted, non-lvm primary partition. / is on an encrypted lvm01:38
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: Do you have another machine so you can enter commands in the grub shell while on IRC?01:39
StrangeCharmthis is my other machine01:40
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: OK, can you boot your machine with the problem and run "ls -l" at the grub prompt?01:40
StrangeCharmJordan_U, I could, but I've just booted up the install disk to try and do it correctly. I don't mind resetting my partitions: I'm not sure that my initial configuration was correct.01:42
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: Ok, ping me if you have problems after re-installing01:43
StrangeCharmJordan_U, that would be now. i am certain of what i did, and after the third time, i am certain that what i am doing is not working.01:44
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: OK, can you boot and run "ls -l" at the grub prompt?01:45
StrangeCharmJordan_U, sure, stand by (warm booting is a slow process for this box)01:47
StrangeCharmJordan_U, the bios seems to be getting stuck loading the disk, possible because i was part-way through the installer when i rebooted, i will seek further setup advice, and return01:55
aprilharenice to see nexuiz got updated :)02:00
Bigshot_i just installed 9.10 but it's not showing the "Proprietary Harware drivers"?? not detecting!02:07
Bigshot_it did detect on the Live DVD02:07
aprilharei remember there were instructions as to how to update to grub2 but i can't find them02:09
aprilharetossing up whether or not to do it02:09
Jordan_Uaprilhare: sudo apt-get install grub202:09
aprilhareJordan_U: should I do it? :)02:10
aprilharei suppose it'd go with upgrading to ext402:10
Bigshot_does anyone know how can i "enable" ubuntu to detect my "Hardware Drivers"?02:11
aprilhareno idea about your problem sorry02:12
aprilharesh -c 'test -e /var/cache/jockey/check || exec jockey-gtk --check 60'02:12
aprilharethat might help bigdog?02:13
aprilharebigshot even02:13
Bigshot_ok aprildog02:13
Bigshot_doesn't work02:14
aprilharethat should have done something "Check for new hardware drivers" it was02:15
stpereah the dreaded "doesn't work" answer that doesn't say anything02:16
Bigshot_stpere: what do you want?02:16
Bigshot_i just installed RC02:16
Bigshot_on tx2z touch screen tablet02:16
stperejust recalling similar things from work02:17
Bigshot_it did detect Hardware on Live CD but not on harddisk install02:17
aprilharereport as bug02:18
Bigshot_oh c'mon there must be some way out of it02:18
aprilhareyes. of course. but i don't know it02:18
Bigshot_command to directly extrat the drivers from the cd02:18
aprilhareBigshot_: i don't know it all. unless paid to know it all, then I know it all.02:19
Jordan_UBigshot_: Graphics card drivers?02:19
Bigshot_yeah Jordan_U02:19
Bigshot_and broadcom driver02:19
Jordan_UBigshot_: Did you try to enable the graphics drivers on the liveCD before installing?02:20
Jordan_UBigshot_: Can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:20
aprilharesystem-administration-hardware drivers02:21
aprilharewhat do you see when you go there Bigshot?02:21
Bigshot_Jordan_U: i dont' have one02:21
Bigshot_it's not created02:21
aprilharemaybe the repos aren't set up right02:23
Jordan_UBigshot_: Can you file a bug report with "ubuntu-bug jockey-gtk" ?02:23
aprilhareBigshot_: check your repos02:23
Bigshot_nah too much trouble Jordan_U02:24
aprilhareBigshot_: ubuntu only improves with bug reports. but anyhow: did you check your repos?02:27
Bigshot_internet not working02:27
Bigshot_no repos02:27
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
jschallhow can i change which kwallet kopete uses?02:32
traskbryantHow do I cleanup /var/cache? It's holding up about 3gb of space.02:33
traskbryantSolved: "apt-get clean"02:35
ByronIf I want to separate '/' from '/home', how much space does '/' need?02:42
test34Byron, how big is your HD ?02:43
ransombyron: remember that most of your apps are stored under /usr02:43
ransombyron: so leave enough room in / to store all your apps02:43
DanaGhmm, 30 gigs is a good amount.  20 is a bit of a minimum for me, since I install lots of stuff.02:43
DanaGMight as well go with 50, if you can afford it, perhaps.02:44
ByronFrom running "du -sm /* | sort -rn", I just saw that /usr is 3.5GB02:44
ransombyron: if you play games under wine or some linux native stuff (enemy territory, unreal) then you need a little extra space02:44
test3415gb would be plenty for me Byron .. but since you have 1tb you might want to have a little more02:45
nxnn14Hi i have been running karmic for a while and update it daily. When I updated it today it asked me to restart and now the computer will not boot. The only way I can get it to boot is to go back to previous kernel 12, but there still seems to be problems. The error that i get for the 14 kernel says grep: not found as well.02:45
DanaGFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on02:45
DanaG/dev/sda6              22G   13G  7.8G  63% /02:45
ByronI don't think I have Unreal or Enemy Territory installed. Not sure why it's up so high. How about I give it 20GB?02:45
DanaGthat's my system with lots of stuff.02:45
webbb82is there anyway to get xorg.conf back so i can edit stuff02:45
DanaGPerhaps go 25.02:45
DanaGOr 22.02:45
Byron25GB sounds good02:46
webbb82its seems like alot of fixes have xorg.conf involved02:46
Byron\/home is currently just under 500GB02:46
ByronErr, my '/home' is currently just under 500GB02:46
test34the more space you have the more space you use02:46
ByronYeah, I've noticed. But it's hard to use it lately since the computer freezes.02:47
nxnn14Also, sometimes when I boot into the newest kernel instead of showing an error it simply hangs at the splash screen and it never moves past it02:47
takamarouHi.  I recently (accidentaly) updated to karmic.  I have a second HD that I have routinely mounted with the command 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/data -t ntfs-3g'  After upgrading to karmic I now get the error Failed to write lock '/dev/sdb1' : Resource temporarily unavailable     and two other similar messages.  Any ideas?02:47
webbb82so before what i did was just make a xorg.conf file but after doing that and a reboot i couldnt login to my computer it would just dump me out into tty02:49
ByronHere's my plan of attack. I'm currently on a LiveCD of 7.10. I want to partition a 25GB portion and set that as '/', then keep the current partition, but remove everything with the exception of /home as I will just copy over the 'byron' folder as the 'root' folder to this current partition.02:49
ByronWill that work?02:49
nxnn14Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot my problem of karmic not booting after my update today?02:50
Doctehand you're going to mount that as /home/byron?02:51
ByronDocteh: No, as just /byron02:51
Doctehah, you'll have to edit your user account somehow to reflect the new home direcory02:51
ByronWhat if I just do a fresh install without formatting what will be the future partition of /home/byron?02:52
Doctehif you make a file system you can mount it there02:53
Docteheither inside the installer or editing /etc/fstab afterwards02:53
Byronright now, I just wish I had another 1TB drive to do all of this and then just move everything over.02:53
ByronI have 1 HDD that isn't being used because of a bad formatting which I thought was successfully backed up.02:56
ByronI'm saving up to get that data restored. Mostly pictures from my trips, but they are found nowhere else.02:56
test34Byron, that sounds like a #ubuntu problem02:57
ByronWhich one?02:57
test34Byron, all your problems02:57
ByronYeah, they are, but I'm trying to figure something out for Karmic02:57
Byron6.06-7.04 were great on my desktop. I can't even load their LiveCD on my desktop. I can load 7.10, but USB xfer fails just as if I were on 9.04.02:59
test34byron, just backup everything and format everything02:59
ByronI'm just hoping that the new release will solve (at least) the constant freezing of my desktop. I can deal with the dropped network and failed USB xfers then.02:59
Bigshot_ok i blacklisted some b43 drivers and it is detecting broadcom drivers03:01
Bigshot_but from where will it install? from internet or cd?03:01
SpacePigeonwhat tells the system if a folder is the default documents folder or if it is not?03:01
Byrontest34: I can't backup to anything. USB and Network just drop randomly.03:03
aprilharewhat do i get if i install grub2? a splash screen?..03:03
aprilharewhats the inducement03:03
test34Byron, dvd burner?03:04
ByronIs there a way that I can determine if my hardware will be supported in Karmic?03:04
Byrontest34: Not enough DVDs to make a backup of 500GB.03:04
test34Byron, get the live cd03:05
IdleOneByron: make 250 Ubuntu One accounts :)03:05
IdleOneermmm no don't do that03:05
Byrontest34: LiveCD or not, USB fails and the network drops.03:05
ByronIdleOne: Not that I can. I have some files that are over 4GB in size03:06
ByronI have an account with adrive.com, but that's only 50GB03:06
test34Byron, ??? so what if you know your hardware is going to work, you still need to download it03:06
test34Byron, order a free dvd and wait 4-6 weeks if you can't d/l it anywhere else03:07
Byrontest34: I'm in the process of getting the packages. I was on 523 out of 1318 last time.03:07
SpacePigeonCan somebody tell me how should I specify a Documents folder in my home? (I want it to recieve the default Home Documents icon)03:09
DanaGByron: hmm, how was that data lost?03:12
DanaGIf it's just partition-table breakage, testdisk can fix that.  If it's been mkfs.ext3'd over, then that's different. :(03:13
jschallflash sound isn't working in firefox, kubuntu rc amd64. how can i fix?03:13
jschallalso flash isn't working reliably at all in konqueror03:13
ByronDanaG: I had data on a 500GB HDD which was shared with XP. I got this new 1TB for Kubuntu alone. I thought I had a successful backup as I saw files in the backup location. I put the old HDD to do a quick format of ext3 to NTFS. Didn't find out the backup files were all zero bytes.03:14
DanaGHmm, quick-format NTFS shouldn't be too horribly destructive.03:14
jschallactually wait, flash sound isn't working at all now03:14
jschallit was before03:14
DanaGTry running TestDisk on the thing.03:14
ByronI've taken my drive to one location and they want $1200 USD to restore the data03:14
DanaGThat is, you put ntfs over ext3?03:14
ByronYes, NTFS over ext303:15
DanaGThe other way around would be the bad one.03:15
DanaGAh, then try testdisk on it.03:15
DanaG!info testdisk03:15
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-1 (karmic), package size 1510 kB, installed size 4672 kB03:15
DanaGRun it from a place where you want to copy files to.03:15
ByronI think I'm going to buy two 1TB drives. One for the backup and the other for the storage of my video collection. I was using my desktop to keep my movie ISO's so I can load them remotely on my shuttle in my bedroom. My whole DVD collection at the touch of a button.03:17
jimpopJordan_U_, still around?03:17
jschallanyone else with flash sound issues?03:17
Jordan_U_jimpop: no03:17
Jordan_U_jimpop: :)03:17
ByronDanaG: Originally, I had an ISO of the drive stored on my 1TB, but that didn't work when I tried to use foremost on it03:18
DanaGah, testdisk works differently -- it tries to fix the filesystem, rather than the individual files.03:20
ByronDanaG: Thanks. I will try that tomorrow. Right now, I'm at 942 packages out of 1318. If i can get the last few packages downloaded and then upgrade to Karmic, I can see if maybe I'm just using old technology in my desktop.03:24
DanaGWell, I hope it goes well.03:24
jschallwhat's wrong with sound in flash?03:25
ByronMe too. For the past few releases, I hope they solve my issues. I'm guessing now it's just my old technology. If that's the case, I'll leave this desktop to my XP which I currently only use for my X-Plane flight simulator and Quicken for online banking.03:25
jschallwoah, if i run pavucontrol, i can see that there is playback from flash, but it's not getting to the speakers apparently.03:26
BullHornwhy does linux break so easily03:26
jschallhmm, my sound is completely screwed03:27
BullHornsudo alsa force-reload makes it work again03:27
BullHornbut i didnt do nothing in the first place to break it03:28
BullHornits good that we agree on this :<03:29
BullHornthis has to be some sort of bug,do you have the time to file it?03:29
jschallsomeone else already filed it i think03:29
jschalli found it a second ago03:30
BullHornoh, really? umm03:30
BullHornshow it to me please03:30
jschalli can't find it...03:32
jschallit was specific to flash anyway03:32
BullHornthis is definitely not specific to flash here03:33
jschallyeah mine isn't specific to flash any more03:33
BullHorneverything in lspci and aplay look okay but in the gnome gui for sound setting, it finds no soundcard untill i force-reload it each boot03:33
jschalli ran "sudo apt-get install pulseaudio" and then restarted and now all my sound is broken, so now i'm going to try removing pulseaudio03:33
Barridusi'm noticing an icon in the notify area (by where the wifi signal and battery meter) that looks like a padlock and mousing over it says something like "drop all elevated priviledges".  what does that mean and why did it go away?03:36
ByronIt's an odd moment, to say the least, when you 'sudo reboot' and the computer freezes as you hit Enter.03:36
jschallok, so my problem with flash was that my pcm volume somehow got turned down to 0 and amarok and other programs apparently ignore the pcm volume03:40
jschallbut flash didn't03:40
jschallso my sound is working perfectly now03:40
xiambaxahem, incase yall didnt know. U2 is live on youtube in 20 mins. youtube.com/u203:40
xiambaxi know its off topic but its hella neat03:40
DanaGThat "drop all privileges" thing bugs me too.... no matter which button you click it with, it does the same thing.03:41
DanaGDoesn't that violate all sorts of UI guidelines?03:41
Jordan_U_Barridus: When you enter your password for anything the authentication will be saved for 15 minutes by default so you don't have to enter it multiple times in a short period, that lock icon allows you to explicitly drop that saved authentication03:41
DanaGStill, it should do something different upon right-click!03:41
BarridusJordan_U_, i figured, but good to know for sure since i've never seen that before in previous ubuntus.  thanks for the response03:43
Jordan_U_Barridus: It's part of phasing out gksudo and replacing it with policykit03:43
Barridusoh really?  kind of a big change right?03:44
Jordan_U_Barridus: It requires signifigant changes to applications, but it's happening app by app. So it depends on what you mean by a big change03:45
Barridusoh, so gksu and policykit will co-exist for a while then (possibly forever depending on a user's needs)03:46
Jordan_U_Barridus: It's been progressing slowly for a while now https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/killall-gksudo03:46
Barridusalways interesting to get inside perspective on where ubuntu's going03:47
Jordan_U_Barridus: Yes, but hopefully soon all of the applications Ubuntu comes with by default will be using policykit03:47
Barridusright, and gksu will only be needed for legacy/unsupported things03:48
chu_620 updates :D Have the repos been frozen in preparation for the 29th?03:48
Barridusoh wait, Jordan_U_ , that was you that replied to my grub2 timeout post the other day, correct?03:49
DanaGstupid long URL.03:50
DanaGLots of "can't find interfaces if not run as root" there.03:50
DanaGAnd they say "okay, then run it as root".03:50
DanaGAnd now... they've removed the "run as root"!03:50
kenhi all, just a little confused over the ext 4 and grub2 upgrade . I have an ext3 system on sda and was going to upgrade sdb to ext4 with 9.10. If I clean install will this install grub2 and boot my sda drive.03:50
Barridusyes, it should.  however it's been said that you won't gain all the performance gains of ext4 if upgraded instead of wiped/clean installed (i can't confirm, i just read that somewere)03:52
Jordan_U_ken: If you do a clean install to sdb grub2 will be installed and have menu entries for sda, yes03:52
Jordan_U_ken: And ( though it's hidden under a small "advanced" button ) there is an option during install for which drive's mbr grub should install to03:53
Byronhow do I get the netbook version of Karmic?03:54
ByronI'm going to do the netbook upgrade to this netbook while awaiting for the desktop to get all of the packages.03:54
BarridusJordan_U_, i tried your grub2 tip you posted in response to my timeout/default issue and nothing changed at all ("echo "set timeout=${GRUB_TIMEOUT}"" etc)  any ideas?03:55
Jordan_U_Barridus: Can you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg?03:55
Barridussure, sec03:57
mersaultholy crap, I finally got my HVM guest converted to PV successfully!03:57
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!03:57
kenIs it recemended to do a clean install this time vs an upgrade. I took it that if I do an upgrade then ext4 and grub2 will not be used. Is this correct.03:57
Jordan_U_Barridus: You might want to figure out why /etc/init.d/grub-common isn't recording success ( or rather removing failure ) to boot03:57
Jordan_U_ken: If you upgrade you will not automatically be upgraded to ext4 and grub2, but you can do both yourself without reinstalling03:58
BarridusJordan_U_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/301740/03:59
Barridusi think figuring that out is beyond my abilities atm03:59
grodiushey where might i find where to change the animated bootsplash03:59
Barridusi'm considering going back to grub-legacy for a while and revisit grub204:00
kenthanks Jordan-u, I take it then a hard format  is not required to go to ext4. It is file system software upgrade.04:00
Jordan_UBarridus: You might want to figure out why /etc/init.d/grub-common isn't recording success ( or rather removing failure ) to boot04:00
BarridusJordan_U, any idea where to start?  or should i just retreat to grub-legacy04:04
jschallxiambax: well its a good thing i got my flash sound working again04:05
xiambaxthis is hella cool04:05
xiambaxbut my system is laggin04:05
xiambaxi dunno if its just me or all of youtube.04:05
Lapinuxanyone else have a problem browsing a windows network via "places -->network" ?04:06
kenwill grub-legacy boot an ext4 system04:07
kruykazein nautilus i can't select a folder by typing the frist letters in it's name . is it working for you guys?04:08
BarridusJordan_U, any idea where to start on figuring out the error/success retention?  or should i just retreat to grub-legacy04:09
cowbudken: only if someone backported support and it doesn't look like it, but in karmic grub2 is standard. The way to get it to boot is to put your /boot dir on a separate ext2/3 partition from what I see04:09
Barridusor rather, why even after clearing the error another one is generated next time?  (i think *that* is really what's going on)04:09
kenok, so if grub2 is installed in the mbr of sda, which will be the ext3 system, then all is ok.04:11
kruykazein nautilus i can't select a folder by typing the first letters in it's name . this started with karmic04:12
Jordan_U_Barridus: The idea is that every boot grub sets recordfail before loading the kernel, then during boot ( if the os boots sucessfully ) that recordfail is removed04:12
Jordan_U_Barridus: The upstart script that removes the recordfail flag is /etc/init.d/grub-common04:12
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billybigriggeranyone here installed kubuntu-desktop yet in karmic?04:13
Jordan_U_Barridus: If your grubenv currently has recordfail in it try running "sudo invoke-rc.d grub-common start" and see if that removes it04:13
billybigriggeri installed kde beside gnome, used kdm as my login manager, and now when i log into gnome it uses kde's mouse theme04:13
cowbudken: well if you are using grub2 you should be fine in general..04:15
Tamagotono_anyone know how to disable switching desktops with the mousewheel in Kubuntu?04:15
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Tamagotono_do I know how to kill a conversation or what?...  :)04:26
jschallkwin compositing occasionally (not always) switches to "temporarily disabled" when i run diablo 2 with wine. When i exit diablo 2, they don't come back. If i try to manually start them, i get a solid white screen and nothing else. is there a solution to this?04:26
nxnn14Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to go about fixing the error "/scripts/init-top/brltty: 19: grep: not found" when I boot up. If I got back a couple of kernels there is no issue. Further if I wait a long time an error comes up that says /dev/disk/by-uuid/(long id) does not exist. any ideas?04:27
Tamagotono_anyone here using kdevelop4?04:28
darthanubisanyone notice they are unable to browse the "windows network" in nautilus?04:29
nxnn14What is the difference between the kernel labeled 14 and the one labeled 12? Is there good reason to be able to boot in 12 but not 13 or 14?04:34
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darthanubisnxnn14, really?04:38
nxnn14darthanubis: really what?04:39
nxnn14darthanubis: my karmic installation was working perfectly for a couple of weeks now. Today I ran an update and now it will not boot using the 14 or 13 kernel, but it will boot and work fairly normally with 1204:41
darthanubisyou definately want the -14 kernel04:42
nxnn14darthanubis: i figured so, any suggestions on how to get it to work/why it wouldnt work after an update?04:43
Tamagotono_nxnn14: There are probably some needed packages that didnt get upgraded when you did the last update.  Give it a bit and try updating again, it will likely work properly in 14 again.04:44
ByronI can't seem to get past package 1293. Is there a way of seeing what it is?04:46
nxnn14tamagotono: interesting. thank you for the help hopefully it work again in 14, at least it works in 12 for now tho. The error that it ultimately gives has to do with grep not found and /dev/disk/by-uuid/(long id) does not exist...does that mean anything to anyone04:46
Jordan_Unxnn14: Probably means something is wrong with your initramfs, try reinstalling 14 which will regenerate the initramfs04:48
darthanubisanyone notice they are unable to browse the "windows network" in nautilus?04:49
nxnn14jordan_U: thank you I appreciate the suggestion...is that something I can do in synaptic or is there a command for it04:49
Jordan_Unxnn14: You should be able to do it in synaptic04:49
nxnn14Jordan_U: ok I tried removing and reinstalling it earlier and it doesnt seem to have made a difference although I could always try again04:50
darthanubismaybe we should be using smb4 instead?04:51
jschallmy pcm mixer setting keeps getting reset to 0 on reboot.04:54
ByronI have 21 packages left. 1293 to 1318. Package 1293 has taken up 53% of the current download.04:54
ByronAre bigger packages held onto the end? Can I find out what package 1293 is and its actual time/size left for downloading?04:55
darthanubisjschall, I just fixed mine. use gnome-alsa to set your levels, then paste this in a terminal "sudo alsactl store" reboot05:00
nxnn14Jordan_U: I tried reinstalling and also removing and then installing and it still doesnt boot into 14, thanks for helping though05:01
Jordan_Unxnn14: Can you try booting once with -14 replacing the root=UUID=uuid-string with root=/dev/sdxx ( where xx is replaced to match your root partition ). If it boots successfully please file a bug report with "ubuntu-bug linux" and make it clear in your bug report description that the root= change was temporary05:04
Jordan_Unxnn14: That is, run "ubuntu-bug linux" while booted into -14 if possible05:05
centaur5With the terrible problems between the new xorg versions on Jaunty and Karmic and the radeon drivers does Ubuntu update new drivers every month or only every .04 and .10 release?05:05
nxnn14Jordan_U: I am not great with this what is it exactly that you want me to do....sorry i am a noob05:05
cellofellowwhat happenned to the old gdmsetup, where I could specify things like the theme, the users that showed in the list, XDMCP, and all the goodies? Now all I can set is the auto login.05:07
Jordan_Unxnn14: np. Do you know about linux device names like /dev/sda1 ?05:07
Jordan_Ucellofellow: Complete rewrite of GDM05:07
nxnn14Jordan_U: yes that is actually the name for my root partition05:07
cellofelloware all those options gone, or do I now have to muck around in a config file?05:07
Jordan_Unxnn14: Good. When you get to the grub menu you can select an entry for a kernel and press 'e' to edit that entry, you want to specifically change what parameters are passed to the linux kernel.05:09
nxnn14Jordan_U: o, cool ya I am there05:10
Jordan_Unxnn14: Find where it says something like root=UUID=4321b754-1c79-4a3b-9f42-cd4075baaf12 and replace it with root=/dev/sda105:10
nxnn14Jordan_U: so edit the uuid to be /dev/sda1?05:10
nxnn14Jordan_U: thank you05:10
Jordan_Unxnn14: Remove the "UUID=" also05:10
ByronThe downloads are finally done \o/05:12
nxnn14Jordan_U: wow, nice work so it boots now with your changes and seems to be working fairly normally, my fan is going crazy but the computer is working fine05:12
ByronBut of course, the computer freezes now :(05:13
Jordan_Unxnn14: Please run "ubuntu-bug linux" so that this bug can possibly be fixed ( it will also give you usefull information for troubleshooting )05:14
ByronHow do I continue an interrupted upgrade?05:14
nxnn14Jordan_U: also boot time was much slower than usual...I didn't ltime it but you get the point05:14
nxnn14Jordan_U: in the process of doing that...what exactly is the bug I guess...like what should I title it and put in the summary?05:14
cellofellowoh, I see, there is no config utility at all in GDM anymore and the gdmsetup in Ubuntu is Ubuntu-specific. Well, lovely. I suppose the GNOME folks just assume no one actually configures their login screen or something?05:15
Jordan_Unxnn14: Does the directory /dev/disk/by-uuid/ exist right now?05:15
nxnn14Jordan_U: yup it does05:16
bullgard4Jordan_U: Yes it does.05:16
ByronI seem to be locked out from accessing a GUI and the TTY is of little help. How can I continue to interrupted upgrade via TTY?05:17
Jordan_Unxnn14: Ok, if you run ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid does it show a UUID string pointing to /dev/sda1 ?05:18
nxnn14Jordan_U: yes05:18
Byronwow. TTY freezes, too. :'(05:19
virtualdcellofellow: You'd run gnome-appearance-properties as the gdm user when you're logged out05:19
Jordan_Unxnn14: Ok, then name your bug something like "initramfs fails to find root filesystem by UUID since 2.6.31-13-generic"05:20
nxnn14Jordan_U: ok, should it be 12 though, because 13 wouldn't boot either just 1205:20
dm__What is DesktopCouch?05:21
traskbryantI was wondering the same as dm__ :\05:22
nxnn14Jordan_U: for some reason it will not send the report and I run ubuntu-bug linux...the progress bar fills u mainly but then it sits and does nothing for a while05:22
Jordan_Unxnn14: Make sure you mention that to work around it you changed root= to use /dev/sda1 instead of a UUID ( Otherwise they might be confused to see root=/dev/sda1 in the debug information sent by ubuntu-bug )05:22
nxnn14Jordan_U: ok I will include that05:23
Jordan_Unxnn14: Launchpad is down for scheduled maintainance right now, try in an hour or so05:23
Jordan_Unxnn14: And please tell me the bug number so I can follow it05:23
nxnn14Jordan_U: o, good answer I was worried it was me perfect. Thank you for your help! you are a lifesaver! Definitely i will post it here once it is filed later tonight05:24
traskbryantdm__, "This is Desktop Couch, an infrastructure to place a CouchDB on every desktop05:24
traskbryantand provide APIs and management tools for applications to store data within05:24
traskbryantit and share that data between computers and to the cloud."05:24
traskbryantSorry, didn't know that would past multiple lines >__<05:24
Jordan_Unxnn14: np, would you like to make that change permanent untill the bug is fixed?05:25
dm__ah cloud stuff05:25
traskbryantdm__, yeah. It sounded cool when I saw it update :P05:25
nxnn14Jordan_U: would there be any reason not to? in other words does it harm anything, bc i may as well be using 14 if there is not difference in the way that it loads05:25
Jordan_Unxnn14: No reason not to temporarily, it's just that device names can change during major upgrades or if you add a new drive / change drive order. UUIDs never change.05:26
dm__Anyone else having issues with hibernate and suspend still? 3 days to launch and its still crashing05:27
Jordan_Unxnn14: So you should go back to UUIDs when the bug is fixed ( and check every once in a while to see if it has been fixed by booting by UUID )05:27
nxnn14Jordan_U: gotcha ya if you could walk me through making it permanent that would be great. I should be able to change it back to uuid if that gets working at some point05:27
Jordan_Unxnn14: "gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub" uncomment "GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=true" save and run "sudo update-grub"05:28
nxnn14Jordan_U:hmmmm that file appears to be empty actually05:29
Jordan_Unxnn14: Did you upgrade from jaunty or was this a fresh install of Karmic?05:30
nxnn14upgraded from jaunty05:30
Jordan_Unxnn14: Ok, then you aren't using grub205:31
heshanI cannot still see my video drivers is correctly loaded ny 9.10, I did was, upgrade from 9.04, how can I fix video issue on my nx-7300 laptop?05:31
nxnn14Jordan_U:  should I/ how do I change that?05:31
Jordan_Unxnn14: I think there is a way to disable UUIDs in grub legacy but I can't remember how05:32
Jordan_Unxnn14: You can upgrade to grub2 but you don't need to05:33
nxnn14Jordan_U: is it worthwhile?05:33
Jordan_Unxnn14: I think so05:33
virtualdGrub2 is slower05:34
darthanubis4 ubuntu 9.10 machines can't browse the samba network but a virtual XP and a Windows7 can. The none of the Windows boxes are sharing. All shares are via the ubuntu boxes.05:34
nxnn14jordan_U: is that done through synaptic or how do I upgrade?05:34
bullgard4When booting I obtain the mesage: "ACPI: Video Device [VID] (multi-head: yes   rom: no  post:no)." What does 'multi-head' mean?05:34
darthanubisfindsnb sees the shares and they can be connected via ip address. But no browsing via Dolphin or Nautilus05:34
darthanubisI wonder if it is my router? But why would my router cause an issue with the linuxes boxes only?05:35
Jordan_U_nxnn14: You can upgrade by installing the package "grub2"05:36
nxnn14Jordan_U: simple as that? sounds good to me05:36
Jordan_U_nxnn14: One difference that's actually an Ubuntu thing and not a change in grub2 per se, with karmic grub is set to not show any menu by default unless you dual boot, so if you want to see the menu you need to hold down shift during boot05:38
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
nxnn14Jordan_U: ok thank you I appreciate the heads up05:38
Jordan_Unxnn14: np05:39
nxnn14Jordan_U: sorry to keep bothering but I install grub2 and now when I boot it says error 15 when grub is loadinf05:50
bullgard4When booting I obtain the mesage: "ACPI: Video Device [VID] (multi-head: yes   rom: no  post:no)." What does 'multi-head' mean?05:51
Jordan_U_nxnn14: Run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and make sure the correct drive is selected to install grub to the MBR of05:56
ByronI'm trying to upgrade to karmic, but these 2 packages are causing an issue of error code (1): libgnomevfs2-common_1%3a2.24.2-1ubuntu1_all.deb libgnome2-common_2.28.0-0ubuntu3_all.deb05:56
nxnn14jordan_U_: how do I get a command prompt to run that in?05:57
* Jordan_U_ should have realized that05:57
Jordan_U_nxnn14: Do you have a LiveCD?05:57
nxnn14I have a usb drive that has grml on it from testing something earlier would that work?05:58
Jordan_U_nxnn14: Yes05:58
Shtl i want to download the ubuntu Karmic repositories only with deb mirror, how can i do this please????05:58
Shtlonly Karmic05:58
hadeanCan someone tell me why i cant make a window taller than 1 monitor?05:59
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
hadeansince the karmic update *06:00
hadeanworked with jaunty06:00
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
hadeantwinview powered by the last nv driver06:01
* xiambax updates nightly06:01
nxnn14Jordan_U_: what command do I use within grml06:01
=== YDdraigGoch is now known as Guest72665
Jordan_Unxnn14: "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt && sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev && sudo mount -o bind /proc /mnt/proc && sudo chroot /mnt dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc"06:03
DanaGgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, why can't polkit remember stuff?06:03
alyssumI am planning to install Karmic on a dedicated partition, I already have Jaunty running on another with Grub Legacy.  I want to know if I should upgrade to Grub2 in Jaunty first before installing Karmic, or let Karmic do everything.  It's quite important that I do not corrupt my MBR because I don't have a CD rom to boot up from (I do installs directly from the HD).  Any advice?06:03
DanaGI don't want to have to enter my password every durn time I change governors with cpufreq-applet!06:03
Jordan_Ualyssum: You don't need to upgrade to grub2 on jaunty first06:04
nxnn14Jordan_U: it says unknown filesystem type 'ext 4'06:06
Jordan_Unxnn14: Shoot, that version of grml doesn't support ext4 yet I guess06:07
xiambaxwiiiiith or without you!06:07
nxnn14Jordan_U: I hate to keep asking questions but what else is easy to load onto a usb to boot live from or what other options to I have. I dont have an optical drive in this computer06:08
alyssumjordan_U: ok, does it matter if I have ext4?  i heard grub and ext4 have some problems?  because jaunty is on ext4, my home partition is ext3, and my karmic partition will be ext4 too.06:08
Jordan_Unxnn14: Don't apologize, I'm the one that got you into this mess :)06:09
Jordan_Unxnn14: Grub shouldn't have any problems with ext4 as long as you use a recent version ( doesn't need to be grub2, jaunty and karmic's grub legacy support ext4 )06:10
Jordan_Ualyssum: Floppy drive?06:11
alyssumJordan_U: i assume that msg was for me.  thanks.  well, then i'm going to jump straight in with Karmic...wish me luck!06:11
alyssumJordan_U: no...if this goes bad...my only option will be doing a PXE boot06:11
xiambaxKarmic is nice. trust me06:12
Jordan_Unxnn14: Do you have a floppy drive?06:12
nxnn14Jordan_U: no, unfortunately not06:13
xiambaxcould you not boot from usb?06:13
Jordan_Unxnn14: You can put the karmic liveCD onto a usb drive with unetbootin06:14
nxnn14Jordan_U: ok ill try that06:14
alyssumxiambax: i think nxnn14 has usb boot...but i don't.06:15
xiambaxyou installin on a netbook or somethin?06:15
bullgard4When booting I obtain the mesage: "ACPI: Video Device [VID] (multi-head: yes   rom: no  post:no)." What does 'multi-head' mean?06:17
alyssumxiambax: no, just an old laptop.  that's barely limping along.06:17
xiambaxdead whale down a beach06:18
xiambaxi get it :D06:18
xiambaxmac or pc?06:18
xiambaxif its a mac you could target disk it06:18
xiambaxwhat type of laptop is it06:19
xiambaxmaybe you can change the bios to allow boot from usb06:19
alyssumxiambax: no, it's pc (toshiba).  technically i can boot from SD disk but no driver support in linux.  i wonder if i can recover grub with it though?06:19
xiambaxyou should be able to boot to SD disk for the duration of the install06:20
alyssumxiambax: i did try to look for a bios firmware update before but don't think it's supports usb booting06:20
xiambaxjust make sure you write to internal hd06:20
alyssumxiambax: yeah, i'll keep that in mind.06:20
xiambaxi like macs06:20
xiambaxyou can put them into target disk mode06:20
xiambaxand connect one mac via firmware cable06:20
xiambaxand be able to access the disk drive and hard drive from it over firewire06:21
xiambaxits pretty neat06:21
Jordan_Ualyssum: You should be able to install GRUB2 to the SD card06:21
almoxarifeneed help with volume applet , sound is configured for alsa as default, volume applet no worky06:21
alyssumxiambax: cool.  ok, i'm off to try this.  Jordan_U: thx06:21
almoxarifeno takers06:23
almoxarifenot good06:23
xiambaxand this little piggie went wee wee wee all the way home06:23
xiambaxremove the applet and re add it06:23
xiambaxif that doesnt resolve the issue lemme know06:24
almoxarifedone it, no worky06:24
xiambaxalso check to see if your speakers are on and eliminate all obvious things06:24
almoxarifespeakers work fine06:24
Jordan_Ualyssum: Actually, grub would load fine, but I'm not sure how you would install it to the card without linux drivers06:24
xiambaxrun alsa mixer?06:24
almoxarifealsa mixer works fine06:24
almoxarifeI can control the volume fine, just not thru volume applet06:25
xiambaxhave you updated lately?06:25
almoxarifeyeap, updated06:25
xiambaxreboot after update?06:25
almoxarifemultiple reboots06:26
xiambaxdoes it lock up or just not work?06:26
almoxarifeproblem only exists in karmic06:26
almoxarifejust not work06:27
xiambaxim reading06:28
xiambaxsome people say they reinstall pulseaudio and it resolves it06:28
xiambaxdo i dunno06:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401294 in gnome-applets "sound applet and notification icon create duplication" [High,Fix released]06:28
xiambaxthats a duplication thing06:28
xiambaxbut it addresses some other things06:28
Jordan_Unxnn14: Still there?06:29
nxnn14but not for much longer06:29
almoxarifepulse is not uninstalled06:30
almoxarifepulse is not started06:30
localnnuser__hello guys, could someone help me and paste a default smb.conf?06:30
Jordan_Unxnn14: Ok, if you need more help I'll be here tomorrow, and #grub is very helpfull ( but they only support GRUB2 )06:30
nxnn14Jordan_U: thank you very much for all of your help I will update you tomorrow with my progress on getting everything working06:32
Jordan_Unxnn14: np06:32
almoxarifesending file localnnuser__06:33
xiambaxits a long shot but maybe try deleting a sound related file from .gconf/desktop/gnome/06:33
xiambaxtest with another user to see if its user specific maybe06:33
xiambaxif it is06:33
xiambaxthen you know for sure pulling a config file will resolve it06:34
julienany easy way to enable xdmc ?06:37
julienubuntu thinking of putting  pciehp as a module ?06:37
voxthis isnt meant to start a flame-war or anything, but does flash actually work/is stable in karmic?06:37
julieni have a laptop i always have to recomplite for my pcexpress cards06:37
lucentjulien: why?06:38
almoxarifeflash works fine on my toshiba laptop06:38
julienpciehp == pciE hotplug06:38
julienit needs a parameter to detect new card in hotswap06:38
lucentjulien: I reported a similar bug in launchpad06:38
julienwell it s not really a bug, but a feature06:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371434 in linux "PCI ExpressCard hotplug requires pciehp.pciehp_force=1" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:39
julienand why ubuntu disables xdcmp that s a greatest feauture of X11 ..compared to windows06:40
julieni use unix since 199506:40
julienX11 i mean06:40
julienthey are making it too much windows like06:41
julientoo many restrictions06:41
lucentjulien: please comment on the bug if you can06:42
almoxarifeanyone else tried the Option "AccelMethod" "uxa" , did you notice any diff?06:42
lucentalmoxarife: it's on by default now, no need to specify it - I think?06:42
lucentonly for Intel06:42
Jordan_Ualmoxarife: UXA is all there is in karmic06:42
Jordan_Ualmoxarife: EXA was killed upstream06:43
almoxarifeok, been using it since jaunty06:43
SandGorgonhi guys.. anybody know how to connect to a Win2003 server over RDP + SSL ? I can connect to non-ssl RDP machines just fine.06:43
lucentSandGorgon: good question to ask rdp implementation authors06:44
lucentnot here...  I don't think you would find an answer as quickly06:44
SandGorgonlucent, sigh... i'm badly stuck bcos of this.06:45
almoxarifehttp://thelazyadmin.com/blogs/thelazyadmin/archive/2007/01/26/Configure-RDP-over-SSL-with-SelfSSL.aspx ????06:45
SandGorgonalmoxarife, yup that is a WinXP based tutorial06:47
SandGorgoni would like to stay on linux06:47
lucentjulien: I am interested to find the cause of the pcie hotplug inconsistencies06:48
almoxarifeSandGorgon: I will admit it, I have no idea what you are trying to do, and I pulled a google search, good luck06:48
lucentjulien: how interested are you?06:48
julienwell it s not a bug, it s a feature that has to be put by ubuntu as a default06:49
julienits the same problem for all laptops06:49
=== nxnn14_ is now known as nxnn14
cowbudalmoxarife: it almost looks like yuo can compile rdesktop with ssl support..06:49
lucentjulien: it's not right what you are saying06:49
julienits like shipping a linux without pcmcia back a days !06:50
lucentjulien: the hotplug support is determined by a check against the ACPI tables06:50
lucentjulien: our laptop computers have bad ACPI data06:50
lucentso what can we do?06:50
julienmm ok06:50
julienpullout the guns06:50
almoxarifecowbud: SandGorgon is the one with the rdp issues, I would need to know what rdp over ssl was and did, then I might find a use for it06:51
julienwell enable the option for now,06:51
lucentI think more about a test to see if you need the option or not06:51
julieni have no time to progm i wok alot ...06:51
lucentand put that into some page with a list of affected models06:51
cowbudalankila: ah whoops sorry06:51
julienwell if its on and you dont need it, it wont hurt06:51
lucentactually it will cause data loss in a bad case06:52
SandGorgoncowbud, what is needed is RDP 5.2 protocol (which uses SSL). dunno if any client on linux supports it.06:52
julienso its a quick fix for now06:52
cowbudSandGorgon: yeah it doesn't look like it..06:52
julienwhat bothers me most its xdcmp disabled06:53
julienit s a shame06:53
cowbudSandGorgon: wine?06:53
almoxarifexp in a virtualbox on karmic?06:53
oldude67well i figured out what was wrong with the 2.5 gig celeron computer, the motherboard is dieing...thats why it was booting so slow.06:55
alyssumJordan_U, xiambax: well, i made it. karmic kubuntu installed with grub2.  funny thing, it said that it detected jaunty, but it's not in the grub2 menu.06:55
julieni am stking karmic on my router06:56
almoxarifekubuntu worth the install?06:56
julienkde is ugly06:56
julien(my taste)06:56
almoxarifenot sexy?06:56
oldude67julien, i run kde and i like it.06:57
juliento much shiny stuff that crash06:57
SandGorgoncowbud, most prolly use wine .. along with maybe a terminal services client06:57
almoxarifebut its shinny06:57
julienyes u can shine up gnome too06:57
alyssumalmaoxarife: this is my first time trying kubuntu.  i'm a gnome fan.  it's got a lot of eye candy but also a different philosophy on ui: more is better.06:57
julienjust put a theme06:57
cowbudSandGorgon: yeah that seems like the best option unfortunately06:58
julienits more for no technical ppl06:58
julienlike a windows06:58
cowbudSandGorgon: it looks like even rdp5.1 isn't fully supported yet :(06:58
julienlieka vista lol06:58
julientry gnome with compiz and emerald06:58
juliencute and simple06:59
julienbesides, kde is QT06:59
julienand the real QT is not even GPL!06:59
SandGorgoncowbud, true.. sigh. this now is my second gripe with enterprise support in linux (along with VB macros in OO)06:59
julienyes windows decoration07:00
almoxarifetoo sexy for me, I might like it07:00
julienyes with its sranparent stuf... ;)07:00
cowbudSandGorgon: I hear you, but then again I really don't think it is up to an enterprise edition to support all proprietary protocols. If the spec was available it would already be implemented07:00
almoxarifewhat really would like to do is have a working sound applet07:01
julieni hate pulse audio for that07:01
julienpure alsa is just fine !07:01
julienpulse is a copy of ESD if u remember07:01
almoxarifesure, pure alsa with no sound applet07:01
julienpure trash07:01
julienyou can have it :)07:02
julienthat how it was before07:02
* lucent gets ready to silence the doomsayer07:02
heshanhow can add support graphic drivers on my HP nx-730007:02
heshanI cannot see its working once I upgrade from 9.407:02
julienlspci and see the card07:03
lucentjulien: I regret to inform you that you have been misinformed, and/or too lazy to check your facts. It's annoying to hear you repeat things which are untrue07:03
julienyeah yeah ...i just misunformed since the 90's thnx07:03
julieni use linux since .907:03
lucent1) QT is in fact fully GPL or LGPL, I forgot which one, and is dually licensed so you may pay a fee to use it commercially in a proprietary product07:03
julienno the full version of QT you have to pay to use07:04
julieneven just for u07:04
cowbudyou guys should battle this out in priv chat ;)07:05
lucentwell it's not a battle07:05
julienno ppl need to know07:05
cowbudno they don't07:05
julienoh so ppl dont need to know,? where the hell are from ?07:06
bullgard4When booting I obtain the mesage: "ACPI: Video Device [VID] (multi-head: yes   rom: no  post:no)." What does 'multi-head' mean?07:06
lucentbullgard4: many screens output...  but maybe you only have one connected?07:06
cowbudbullgard4: multiple monitors07:06
bullgard4lucent, cowbud It is a laptop computer, and it has its own display screen only. So what information does this message  convey?07:08
cowbudbullgard4: you also have a vga/dvi out right?07:09
julienu must yes07:09
julienanyhow its not an error07:09
julienjust info07:09
lucentbullgard4: TV-out is also a "screen output"07:09
cowbudit is simply stating that you have the possibility of multiple displays07:10
lucentbullgard4: some display chips are factory designed for multiple outputs but only one is wired07:10
lucentit's a chipset thing from the design07:10
julieni know its off topic, anyone got fc2 server on linux working?07:11
julienill go on priv.07:11
vigoIs Ubuntu 9.10rc the test version now, or is it about finished?07:11
lucenthaven't heard of another rc07:11
om26erfonts in google chrome becomes ugly after a dist-upgrade on RC any1 else facing this??07:11
* om26er thinks its not related to google chrome07:12
bullgard4cowbud: Yes, my IBM Thinpad laptop computer has a VGA output jack.07:12
om26erfonts become too light (dim)07:12
lucentbullgard4: okay so one screen is LVDS (your LCD) and the other is VGA external07:12
CountDeMonetim having poor quality sound issues07:13
almoxarifeanother alsa user07:13
bullgard4cowbud, lucent Thank you for explaining.07:13
vigoThank You.07:14
lucentCountDeMonet: first I suggest turning your mixer levels to half07:14
lucentover 80% most chipsets have distortion07:14
julienalmoxarife> pulse is on top of alsa anyway :)07:14
CountDeMonetlucent: if you mean volume levels they're at about 4007:14
julienpulse wont work without drivers (alsa)07:14
almoxarifepulse is not running on this machine07:15
julienweird ? wht distro/ver is that?07:15
julienpulse is installed with gnome :)07:15
julienshow me how to remove it cleanly07:15
almoxarifeuntil you strip it07:16
almoxarifeI can show you how I did it in jaunty, the upgrade to karmic did not break it07:16
CountDeMonetlucent: im going to copy the file to the computer, it might just be a stream issue07:16
lucentCountDeMonet: there's short sounds in /usr/share/sounds07:17
lucentI think07:17
julienwell just knowing its possible suffice me thnx for the thaught07:17
CountDeMonetlucent: i need long sustrained notes. it feels like the sound quality comes in waves07:18
juliencool my karmic is up on my router07:18
lucentstrange description :)07:18
julien30 minutes :)07:18
almoxarifehttp://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/ubuntu-904-jaunty-keeping-the-beast-pulseaudio-at-bay/ <- not sure that the results would be the same in karmic07:18
julieni hope ebox is not shot07:19
lucentCountDeMonet: with headphones also? I'm wondering, how do you diagnose that :P07:19
CountDeMonetlucent: watching star trek xi, the volume drops out and gets scratchy every other second. ive watched it on other computers, its a perfect copy07:21
julienanyone knows a msn client for linux other that amsn that supprts wabcam (other that kopete;) )07:21
lucentCountDeMonet: oh, that sounds familiar, like an ALSA dmix plugin issue07:21
lucentCountDeMonet: try directing audio to the hw:plug or something like this, I forgot the exact phrase07:22
topylijulien, you want an man client that supports a webcam, but you don't want to use any of those that do? :)07:22
CountDeMonetlucent: yeh, ill have to investigate it after i copy the file onto the laptop to see if it was a stream issue. im setting up the laptop for my grandma to use :)07:22
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: what player you using?07:23
julienlol yes, amsn doens support nautilus drag and drop07:23
julienkopete crashes alot07:23
cowbudbugs filed I presume?07:23
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: vlc07:23
lucentCountDeMonet: :)  and I note that grandmas really like facebook if you teach them that and get all their grandkids signed up07:23
julienno i dont do kde :)07:23
julienand for amsn its not a bug07:24
julienits TK not a gnome apps07:24
CountDeMonetlucent: ha! I had every over 30 yo in my family swear to never join fb07:24
cowbudjulien: im pretty sure drag and drop is a freedesktop standard that anyone can implement07:24
* lucent tires of julien's lies07:24
DanaGOh yeah, I can boot from SD card..... but the Ubuntu initramfs does not have the drivers to actually complete the boot!07:24
julienlucent sucks :)07:25
Jordan_UDanaG: /etc/initramfs-tools/modules07:26
almoxarifeI can't kill my facebook account because I can't remember my password, facebook is evil07:26
DanaGDoesn't help for the livecd.07:26
lucentDanaG: heh... I heard an Ubuntu dev on a ticket say that SD card booting is impossible so why acknowledge it07:26
lucentwas kind of wondering about that - what hardware will actually boot an SD card without an USB reader inbetween?07:26
Jordan_Ulucent: I've done it with a friends laptop07:27
DanaGSome laptops have bootable SDHC controllers.07:27
DanaGAlso, my SDHC controller defaults to having DMA off.  Ouch.07:27
DanaGI had to force it on to get it not-painful.07:27
om26eris nvidia vanta driver removed in later kernels07:27
om26eri tried ubuntu7.10 and its driver worked fine07:28
om26erbut in karmic the refreshrate is dead sloww07:28
almoxarifeis wireless n able to talk to a n router on karmic?07:28
om26erlucent: acer aspire one07:28
lucentom26er: no kidding, good info07:29
Jordan_Ualmoxarife: Depends on the card, if the driver supports n then yes07:29
om26erlucent: you have to add modules to initrd for that07:29
CountDeMonetis there anyway to have karmic automatically reconnect to a wireless network after hibernate?07:29
om26ermmc_core mmc_block sdhci sdhci-pci07:29
* Jordan_U still has the urge to call it "draft n"07:29
DanaGMine needs one more module:07:29
DanaGIt's a driver with the sole purpose of DISABLING one part of the chip... so you can use the more-standard other part.07:30
CountDeMonetfor some reason i have to remove the card, and pop it back in, and then manually try to connect to a network in order for the wifi to connect07:30
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: is it a usb wireless?07:30
om26erDanaG: why don't they add those in kernel??07:30
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: its a laptop card07:30
DanaGI don't need it in-kernel; I just need it in initramfs.07:30
om26erDanaG: ya that07:30
Jordan_UCountDeMonet: System > Preferences > Network Connections, set the network to connect automatically07:30
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: I made my wireless usb work after I did the ????? can't remember the utility07:31
om26erDanaG: people have wrote many tutorials for this and now they should be added07:31
lucentI wish there were machine profiles to deal with quirks like that07:31
lucentso a user can have a text file (their machine profile) and load it up, and it will configure modules for their machine07:31
almoxarifeor set to auto :)., I assumed07:32
om26erin new kernels do they remove some of the old drivers???07:32
lucentvery old drivers, yes07:33
lucentlike 1990's07:33
om26erlucent: i had a test machine i installed 7.10 and it was good with its video card but when i installed karmic it had dead refreshrate07:34
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: there's an "auto 'SSID'" in there but no option to auto connect. it just seems like it doesnt turn the wireless card back on after it resumes07:34
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: I think your problem is that the card does not awake from the hibernation07:34
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: bingo, thats what i was thinking07:34
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: exactly07:34
almoxarifewhat is the utility to load inf files?07:34
* CountDeMonet shudders as he just realized he just said "bingo"07:34
lucentom26er: that might be a bug with your monitor07:35
lucentom26er: try different monitors07:35
om26erlucent: i have a dell lcd and its quite new 2008 and the vanta can be causing problems due to this??07:36
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: my usb wifi and card wifi both had same issue07:36
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: how did you fix it?07:36
lucentom26er: try a different monitor, maybe a CRT screen if you can find one07:36
virtualdfsck's progress info flickers in usplash07:37
om26erlucent: ok thanx i am really gonna try ti07:37
lucentom26er: I had a similar issue with a dell computer and dell LCD07:37
lucentom26er: there was a workaround fix but I don't remember it, you need to find out if a real CRT monitor works with that07:38
lucentif it does then you can decide to find a workaround07:38
almoxarifeCountDeMonet: I don't remember the name of the utility, but its used ti load the xxxx.inf for the specific card/ubs driver from your windows system, assuming you have one07:38
om26erlucent: but also the point again comes 7.10 worked fine07:38
almoxarifedriver .inf file loader?07:39
om26erlucent: fyi that system is 600mhz 512mb 16nvidia vanta. i should have told you this before07:40
almoxarifewww.linuxquestions.org/​linux/answers/Networking/NdisWrapper_The_Ultimate_​Guide · Cached page <-- that's it CountDeMonet07:40
DanaGhmm, what's the functional difference between pciehp and acpiphp?07:41
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: going to take a look now07:41
om26erwho here is using a very slow computer and still karmic is working fine. plz give specifications07:42
CountDeMonetom26er: define slow07:42
om26erprocessor ram and video ??07:42
* ror still can't get gstreamer/ffmpeg to work in karmic :(07:43
om26erminimal requirements of karmic or even lesser07:43
CountDeMonetom26er: you defined what you meant by specifications, not by slow07:43
CountDeMonetim on a p4 M 2ghz with 512mb ram07:44
BonezAUHi, has sound recently stopped working for anyone? I have completely lost all audio even though the volume is right up high?07:44
rorI'm on similar and karmic runs well for me; runs better than jaunty did07:44
lucentBonezAU: "mute" randomly toggled on for me07:44
rorBonezAU, run alsamixer and check *all* sliders are up high07:44
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: im going to suspend the system and see if the card is loaded07:44
om26erBonezAU: i lost my mic after i changed mic volume07:44
rorsometimes master will be high but PCM won't be or similar07:44
lucentinverted "mute" behavior, also the volume for Totem misbehaves constantly07:45
BonezAUom26er, that fixed it for me, thanks heaps07:45
BonezAUom26er, i was using skype earlier and since i changed the output from "Analog Output" to "Analog Headphones" I stopped getting audio. Makes sense really :)07:45
om26erBonezAU: i am using built-in mic07:46
om26ersound recorder records but empathy don't send my voice. and sound preferences don't show any sound wasves07:47
CountDeMonetalmoxarife: so yeh its the card not being started07:48
almoxarifebtw, use the gui version of the utility, much easier CountDeMonet07:48
DanaGhandy tool: gamix07:50
DanaG!info gamix07:50
ubottugamix (source: gamix): Graphical sound mixer for ALSA. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.99.p14.debian1-4ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 38 kB, installed size 196 kB07:50
om26eris there any official lucid lynx forum??07:51
almoxarifegnome-alsamixer 0.9.7 is cleaner than gamix07:54
om26erdiscussion forum for lucid lynx'???07:57
almoxarife!info gnome-alsamixer 0.9.707:57
ubottu'0.9.7' is not a valid distribution: dapper, dapper-backports, hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, medibuntu, partner07:57
almoxarife!info gnome-alsamixer07:58
ubottugnome-alsamixer (source: gnome-alsamixer): ALSA sound mixer for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.7~cvs.20060916.ds.1-2 (karmic), package size 52 kB, installed size 588 kB07:58
om26erafter 20091028 this channel ubuntu+1 will become channel for Lucid Lynx  ??????07:58
psychuilHi guys, can anyone help me out abit?07:59
om26erpsychuil: go on07:59
almoxarifesure, lots of helpers07:59
psychuilCant' seem to install MonoDevelop.08:01
psychuilNo idea why.08:01
psychuilI click a link which links me to 'apt:monodevelop' but i get an error saying 'could not find package modevelop.something'08:02
almoxarife!info MonoDevelop08:03
ubottuPackage MonoDevelop does not exist in karmic08:03
psychuilTrying to get it from here: http://monodevelop.com/Download08:04
almoxarifehttp://packages.debian.org/testing/monodevelop <tried there?08:05
psychuilOh, this isn't a general ubuntu support chan?08:07
om26erpsychuil: i can install it using apt:monodevelop08:07
om26erchange you souce server08:07
dupondjesomebody knows whe 'Fast Search' is not availible here in my Synaptic ? :s08:07
om26erdupondje: you have to wait before it indexes08:08
psychuilBlah, i'll go back to windows for now, i'm too green for this :\08:08
mvodupondje: if its not shown at all you may check if you have apt-xapian-index installed08:08
psychuilAnd need to write this asap08:08
om26erpsychuil: sure08:09
dupondjewasn't installed :p08:09
dupondjecleaning up my system, working since 6.10 or so :p08:10
om26erdupondje: you never made a clean install since 6.10.08:11
mvodupondje: you can also check if ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-desktop are installed and run apt-get install --fix-policy to see what recommends are missing on your system08:11
almoxarifeI like my ubuntu broke, gives me a sense order to the universe08:13
almoxarifebtw, wouldn't re-installing ubuntu-desktop reload everything that one tried to cleanse out of the ole ubuntu?08:14
almoxarifelike ekiga?08:14
almoxarifewho uses ekiga?08:15
DanaGNTFS-3G really is a pain... it gave the computer a "heart attack".08:15
DanaGThat is.... it got the system so bogged down, that the hearbeat LED stopped beating for like 15 seconds.08:15
mvoalmoxarife: depends, if its missing recommends that it has seen before it will not try to reinstall them, for hard depends it will08:15
almoxarifebetter yet, anyone get packet8 8x8 voip fone working on ubuntu?08:16
almoxarifemvo: I didn't know that, thnks08:16
coz_almoxarife,   actually I personally have no idea about this one08:17
dupondjemvo: then I get brasero: Conflicteert met: nautilus-cd-burner maar 2.25.3-0ubuntu3 zal geïnstalleerd worden08:18
almoxarifedupondje: you want brasero if you are running karmic08:18
DanaGHah, now I can say that "ntfs-3g sucks so badly, it gave my computer a heart attack."08:19
dupondjeyea, but brasero is already installed08:19
almoxarifethen you need to un-install nautilus-cd-burner?08:19
dupondjeits not installed :p08:20
almoxarifesome part of it is08:20
almoxarifeI can't make sense of the dutch08:21
dupondjebrasero: conflicts with: nau-cd-burner but 2.25.3 will be installed.08:21
virtualdDanaG: How do I get a heartbeat LED?08:23
DanaGOne part is, you have to have some software-controllable LED.08:23
DanaGCheck in /sys/class/leds/08:23
virtualdi don't have that08:24
virtualdcan't it use the scroll lock led?08:24
DanaGI don't know on that one.08:25
almoxarifeyou could try the monitor? huge led aint it?08:25
virtualdwhy do x choose my second output as primary monitor?08:27
virtualdi use crt's08:27
virtualdthey have one led each, but they can only be controlled through sleep states :)08:28
DanaGhmm, looks like it's not possible to use the keyboard LEDs as software controlled LEDs.08:29
innomenHey guys, AWN manager starts, shows as running in the process list, and even lauches the configuration options on start up, running it via terminal shows no errors, yet there is no bar, in short it does everything but work08:29
innomenone post said something about reinstalling compiz, so i did, no effect, i'm installing the restricted video drivers now08:30
DanaGsorry, got an extra character in there the first time.08:35
=== Guest72665 is now known as YDdraigGoch
murlidharhi all ........how to use zsync ?08:47
murlidhari am on a jaunty and willing to download karmic using zsync08:47
murlidhari have the beta image with myself08:48
om26erdownload the RC simply08:48
murlidhardon't wanna download the whole thing and will want to minimize the bandwidth even if it is just by 1 mb08:48
yofelmurlidhar: do you mean rsync?08:49
murlidharnope zsync08:49
murlidharsee it's zsync not rsync08:49
CountDeMonetsweet, sound problems fixed. wifi remains, but thats for tomorrow08:50
murlidharom26er: how about this ? http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso.zsync08:51
om26ermurlidhar: great08:51
murlidhari would like to try zsync08:51
murlidharbut dont' know how to do that .......willng to learn it08:51
yofelmurlidhar: read the manpage?08:52
murlidharyofel: : ) sorry i almost forgot about it08:53
Ian_Corneanother option is to08:53
Ian_Corneinstall the beta08:53
Ian_Corneand update08:53
Ian_Cornethink that'll be even better on bandwith08:53
Ian_Corneas you'll have to update your RC iso anyways08:54
murlidharhmmm but the bandwidth is not that stable to update online08:54
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.08:54
murlidharjussi01: i know.....i haven't installed karmic yet08:54
Ian_Cornewait for the final release then08:55
Ian_Cornethat'd be my advise08:55
Ian_Cornethe RC still gets alot of updates08:55
murlidharIan_Corne: hmmm08:55
Ian_Corne3 day08:55
om26eryesterday only 4 updates were available08:56
om26ertoday none came up08:56
Ian_Cornei've had like 20 this morning08:56
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
XisdibikWould installing Ubuntu 9.10 off a alternative install (and selecting the standard ubuntu desktop) be less harddrive hoggy than doing an install off a live CD boot?08:59
filgyXisdibik: define harddrive hoggy09:01
Xisdibikfilgy: Using more space than the other :)09:02
Xisdibikfilgy: im wondering if the live CD install is the exact same as the alternatives install (if you select the standard ubuntu desktop)09:02
filgyXisdibik: a normal install is a normal install regardless how it is installed09:03
XisdibikI figured as much, just wanted to make sure though09:03
robotti^screen brightness adjustment does not work on karmic koala09:03
robotti^it works without nvidia driver09:04
robotti^on macbook 5,1 :)09:04
DanaGsorry about that... stupid Pidgin let me try to start it like 10 times at once, with no launch feedback.09:06
LSD|NinjaIs there a way to move the Growl^H^H^H^H^Hnotification box further up the screen slightly?09:06
DanaGYeah, go yell at Canonical.09:07
DanaG I was clicking "start pidgin" in avant-window-navigator, thinking it would pull up the buddy list.  And when it didn't... I clicked it again.  And it gave no feedback that anything was happening.09:09
robotti^LSD|Ninja: you are mac user09:09
LSD|Ninjarobotti^: and?09:10
robotti^LSD|Ninja: I just noticed when you say about Growl notification :)09:12
DanaGHeartbeat LED is very handy for telling when things are dead.   I was moving stuff from ntfs-3g to a truecrypt volume on the same ntfs-3g partition.... and the system essentially had a "heart attack".   That is, it got so far bogged down that the heartbeat LED stopped... for like 10 or so seconds.09:12
om26eris there any lxde based ubuntu cd expected?? i.e Lubuntu???09:14
om26erLubuntu 9.10 ?09:14
DanaGFor some reason the name "lubuntu" reminds me of some "nsfw" words.09:14
DanaGLike, perhaps the shape or sound of the word is the same.09:15
* DanaG goes off to bed.09:15
DanaGMon Oct 26 02:15:25 PDT 200909:15
om26er1any word on Ubuntu Moblin Remix09:19
om26er1and Lubuntu09:19
bullgard4In Ubuntu 8.04.3: '~$ users; detlef detlef detlef detlef detlef'. But in Ubuntu 9.10 on a similar computer: '~$ users; detlef'. What is the reason for the difference?09:23
shaojust upraded and a couple of isues09:25
shaono sound at all09:25
shaogui setings are no saved when i log out09:26
shaoand no metacity when i log in09:26
om26er1shao: do you have a live cd can you test if sound works from livecd?09:26
om26er1shao: if no metacity then what you see an xterminal?09:27
shaomy sound works in gentoo09:27
shaobut window decoration09:28
dupondjelol it works now, seems like I have TONS of old packages :(09:28
om26er1does gnash have hardware acceleration09:29
shaoom26er1, iguess sound is # 1 issue09:29
om26er1shao: how about a clean install09:30
shaoyeah thats what i thougt09:30
shaosad though these upgrades always break for me09:30
om26er1some upgrades go smooth and some break09:31
om26er1i never got a break09:31
=== helge__ is now known as vvizard
vvizardI have a software mirror-raid /dev/md0, set up to mount to /mnt/raid during boot through fstab. This works fine. But I get spammed during boot by messages like "/mnt/raid waiting for /dev/md0". As I said, it works fine, so maybe those messages should be oppressed from the regular boot-messages?09:51
DanaGI get the same thing even on my non-raid drive.09:54
DanaGIt waits for ALL my partitions.09:54
DanaGAnd fsck progress is silly, too.  It reports each step on a new line.09:58
DanaG0%.  0%.  1%.  1%.   .............  75%.   75%.   75%.   76%.   76%.09:58
DanaGYou get the point.  Yeah, and it does repeat.09:58
vega-what's wrong with karmic "lock screen" button in gnome10:07
vega-doesn't work anymore10:07
arjhello. I have upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 to help test, but software from official sources (skype 2.1 beta and virtualbox) have strange fonts. How do I fix this?10:13
=== Joeboy_ is now known as Joeboy
meta_Hi all folks10:26
meta_I have installed kubuntu koala rc, with ext 4 /10:26
meta_and with an encrypted /data10:26
meta_this partition will contains my /home too...10:26
fahadsadahI just give every user an encrypted folder in their home directory.10:27
meta_but the problem is that X isn't wait's for my password assked by dm-decrypt at boot10:27
meta_I just see the passwordprompt for a second then x comes up10:27
meta_How can i make the password prompt "blocks" until i give a pass?10:28
joaopintometa_, you should search for a bug report, that seems a critical bug, if you can't find it, report it10:30
meta_I was found one from 2006 some reboot ago...10:31
yofelmeta_: bug 445888 ?10:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445888 in cryptsetup "Can't enter password for encrypted devices at boot time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44588810:37
yofelmeta_: or bug 43423210:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 434232 in cryptsetup "cryptsetup prompt is overriden by upstart and xsplash in Karmic" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43423210:38
meta_i'm just in stuck with thunderbird which want's libstdc5 that is unavailable in karmic... to get my password... i wanted to log in to this launchpad stuff10:39
meta_btw i check it10:39
yofelmeta_: huh? why would thunderbird want libstdc++5?10:40
mzzwhich thunderbird is this? the packaged one should work fine10:40
meta_yes, but i don't use the packaged tb/mozilla cause of my bad experiences...10:41
mzzand huh, libstdc++5 really is gone?10:41
meta_so this is from mozilla.org one...10:41
pradeep_i was trying to install karmic from the iso i wrote to cd, when i selected the fresh install option i was getting the error saying cannot mount /dev/loop0 something like that10:41
meta_E: Package libstdc++5 has no installation candidate10:41
pradeep_wat's the problem??10:42
joaopintomzz, yes, it's gone10:42
mzzI'm a bit surprised the mozilla.org build uses libstdc++.so.5, but "bad experiences" also seems odd10:42
meta_this is not the latest version, it's pretty old so i need to downlaod the new one10:42
meta_maybe that will work10:42
* mzz mutters10:43
meta_i just don't like the ~25 mb xulrunner stuff and other modifications in mozilla stuffs in ubuntu10:43
mzz(don't run old geckos with known security vulnerabilities :( )10:43
pradeep_help please!!10:43
meta_you are true10:43
mzzthe thunderbird package isn't xulrunnerified10:43
ArkoldThossomeone here uses dolphin-emu?10:44
meta_oh and ther was some mess with the config directory (mozilla.org's one uses .thunderbird where the package ones something like .mozilla-thunderbird)10:45
mzzdo you have any actual concrete problems with the ubuntu packaged thunderbird? Have bugs been filed on those problems? :)10:45
meta_and a lot of little roar's is the reason:)10:45
meta_it's become my habit since edgy10:45
meta_and i did not checked since that...10:45
meta_i just download them and put them in /opt and that's all10:45
meta_no xul, no missing xpcom(the main problem was in edgy), no other specializations...10:46
mzz"no xul"?10:46
meta_but back to the password prompt, thats a bigger problem, this is only my fault/problem/idiotism:)10:47
meta_./thunderbird-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:47
gnomefreakour package uses ~/.thunderbird only for 3.0 and mozilla-thunderbird for 2.0.x  this is on purpose10:47
mzz"no xulrunner?" Neither the mozilla nor the ubuntu build use a separate xulrunner10:47
meta_with the latest downloaded mozilla.org's thunderbird10:48
gnomefreakmeta_: sounds like you downloaded tbird-3 from mozilla10:48
mzzerr, no10:48
meta_(because somebody wondered if mozilla.org sill uses libstdc5 iirc)10:48
mzzwait, tbird-3 from mozilla uses libstdc++.so.5? That'd be unfortunate.10:48
gnomefreakmeta_: we can not support 3.0 from upstream and we havent gotten it in Karmic10:48
mzzI just checked, thunderbird 2 does use libstdc++.so.5, but I'd expect thunderbird 3 to use a much more recent compiler10:49
meta_gnomefreak: oh sry, no, i downloaded 2.00.23 or what10:49
meta_    * for Linux i686, English (US) (10.9MB)10:49
gnomefreakmeta_: tbird 2 and 3 both use Depends: libstdc++610:50
yofelmeta_: the ubuntu version works just fine without libstdc++5 and doesn't need xulrunner...10:50
meta_okay, then i try it:)10:50
meta_no dependencies, awesome!:)10:51
meta_wanna say LOL on the conclusions found here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/43423210:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 434232 in cryptsetup "cryptsetup prompt is overriden by upstart and xsplash in Karmic" [High,Won't fix]10:52
heshanany one know why my graphic drivers in not loaded by Os?10:53
heshanit was supporting by 9.0410:53
heshanbut not the upgrated 9.1010:53
* gnomefreak wonders how we would know10:53
yofelheshan: what's your GPU? 'lspci | grep VGA' in a terminal if you don't know10:54
cbx33anyone tried getting bluetooth networking working in Karmic?10:55
psychuilI'm back, and my liveusb is broken :\10:55
psychuilInstead of loading gnome and all the shiny it only opens a terminal :\10:55
meta_can somebody explain me what does "echo 'CRYPTROOT=target=pvcrypt,source=/dev/sda1' > /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/cryptroot" do?10:56
psychuilAnyone able to help me?10:56
meta_i understand what does it do, but not what it causes...10:57
heshanyofel: intel11:02
heshanyofel:its a shared11:02
yofelheshan: and what's the model number?11:02
yofellike: 945GME11:03
heshanyofel: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator        950 with up to 224-MB shared system memory11:03
heshanyofel: is it still in dev phase?11:04
heshanmy laptop is HP nx730011:04
oldude67heshan, i have to use the i915 modeset for my 945gz so  you might have to as well.11:06
meta_Pray for me, i'm going to reboot...11:06
heshan oldude67: your saying it workd for you?11:06
oldude67heshan, ya i had to go in add it to the grub, but putting in i915,modeset=0 works11:07
Trewasheshan: gma950 is using other driver (poulsbo) than any other intel chip and AFAIK does not work by default on karmic11:07
Trewasbug 33090611:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330906 in xserver-xorg-video-psb "MASTER: GMA-500 lacks driver for 8.10 and 9.10 (poulsbo works only on 8.04 and 9.04)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33090611:08
oldude67Trewas, ya i know my way is a hack..but i thought it might help.11:08
yofelTrewas: 950 is a poulsbo chip too?11:09
Trewashrm, or am I messing up the numbers...11:09
Trewasheshan: ok, probably I messed up the numbers and I was thinking of gma500, 950 should work (or if not, then for some other reason than that bug)11:10
heshanoldude67: Thanks I will try it11:13
heshanoldude67: my sounds also not working,11:13
oldude67heshan, yw and let me know if it works for you...11:13
oldude67heshan, what type of sound card is it?11:14
oldude67heshan, are you running gnome,kde,or xfce?11:14
heshanADI1981HD High Definition CODEC11:15
oldude67and you have checked the sound to make sure nothing is muted?>11:15
heshanoldude67: not muted :)11:15
oldude67what desktop?11:15
heshanoldude67:this is a notebook, nx-7300 HP11:16
oldude67heshan, what wm are you using, gnome or ?????11:16
oldude67heshan, either way, go into system settings and multimedia, and test the system if it work click prefer.11:17
=== DaZ is now known as TempyNick
DegotHi, ALL. I`ve meet problem with Display brightness.. It goes dim on idle even if i disabled it with gconf. (Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop amd64)11:26
pradeep_I was trying to install a fresh copy of karmic rc. I got an error saying "could not mount /dev/loop0 ://filesystem/squash.fs something like that11:27
pradeep_anyone knows the fix please help11:27
mzzheh, ddebs.ubuntu.com seems to be ahead of nl.archive.ubuntu.com11:29
mzzpradeep_: I really hope that's not the only message11:29
pradeep_mzz: that was the message, i don know whether the cd is not proper i wrote..11:30
aguitelare grub2 instaled in karmic rc?11:30
topyliaguitel, yes11:32
pradeep_mzz: It said something BusyBox... i/o error11:32
aguiteltopyli, i synaptica is unmarked11:33
cleptojust curious. should i just do a straight reinstall from 9.04 to 9.10? or should i go with the the update-manager method?11:33
topyliaguitel, the package is 'grub-pc'11:34
topyliaguitel, as you see from the package description, grub2 is a dummy package11:34
mzzclepto: I don't think anyone can really answer that. Both have up- and downsides.11:34
cleptopeople over in the regular ubuntu channel told me to ask here11:34
mzzclepto: I wouldn't share a /home between the two (upgrading a /home should work, but I'm not at all sure about downgrading, if only because of the firefox upgrade)11:35
cleptomzz: yeah problem is i dont know the ups or downs11:35
mzzclepto: so if you do a fresh install and have the space for it you can have both installed in parallel, copy your /home over, and only drop jaunty when you're sure karmic actually works11:35
cleptomzz: i know having to reset everything up is a pain11:36
mzzclepto: but yeah, if the upgrade *does* work it's more work this way.11:36
mzzfresh install is also a good excuse to do a bit of housekeeping (by side-effect mostly) if you know what I mean11:36
cleptomzz: do you know if they use better drivers for the alfa 500mw wifi card in 9.10?11:37
chrism2671a recent update on my system broke the gdm login system. now when I login the screen goes blank and it re-cycles and comes back to the login screen. does anybody know how to disable the gdm login from the shell?11:37
aguiteltopyli, ok11:37
mzzI did the side-by-side install thing, but that was after the beta release (so fewer guarantees karmic would actually work) and it's relatively easy for me (not a lot of customization in my /home, and I use lvm so creating the extra partitions was pretty trivial)11:37
mzzclepto: no11:37
mzzchrism2671: ctrl+alt+f1 to a textmode login prompt, log in, "sudo stop gdm"11:38
chrism2671mzz: yep i've done that- what i'm looking for is a way to get rid of the login screen to so i can actually get into gdm11:38
cleptomzz: ahh thats the wifi i use... and the default drivers in 9.04 suck.11:38
mzzchrism2671: or perhaps it's a better habit to do "sudo service gdm stop", since "service" supports both upstart and sysv jobs, iirc.11:38
pradeep_mzz: i was dropped into the initramfs prompt when i was trying to install11:38
mzzchrism2671: "startx" to start X without gdm11:39
mzzpradeep_: my mindreading (and seeing what's on your screen) skills are pretty terrible11:39
* mzz rephrases11:39
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:39
mzzclepto: no, I don't know if they use better drivers (not "no, they don't use better drivers")11:39
pradeep_mzz: do u know how to write the iso onto a usb and make it bootable11:40
mzzpradeep_: there's a walkthrough for that on the wiki iirc, but I haven't done this myself11:40
cleptomzz: yeah i got that11:40
mzzclepto: just making sure you didn't interpret it the other way11:40
ActionParsnippradeep_: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-904-persistent-install-windows/11:40
cleptomzz: its 5am here and i havnt slept im kinda in ramble mode... i think im going to bed now :D catch ya later man11:41
* mzz considers rebuilding rxvt-unicode with 256 color support11:42
mzz(and without libafterimage support, which I don't care about)11:43
DegotHi, ALL. I`ve meet problem with Display brightness.. It goes dim on idle even if i disabled it with gconf. (Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop amd64)... How can i fix it?11:44
gartralalrighty.. it's a minor thing, but the copy of memtest on the beta iso reports my i7 860 as an "i5 860" anyon else seeing this (possibly on the x58/i7 9xx too?)11:47
amatux@pradeep_ : there is a nice tool on www.linuxliveusb.com. to avoid boot error for 9.10 rc (karmic)  initrd.lz has to be renamed to initrd.gz on the stick.11:48
chrism2671mzz: no luck there- any other ideas about how to bypass the gnome login?11:49
mzzchrism2671: I don't understand the question.11:51
mzzchrism2671: I'm pretty sure "sudo stop gdm" would stop the login screen. However, I wouldn't be surprised at all if "startx" just dumped you straight back to your shell too11:51
mzzchrism2671: that is: I'm not convinced your problem is actually with gdm11:52
mzzchrism2671: so what's your current problem?11:52
bigbrovar hi guys11:56
bigbrovaranyone experiencing problems printing pdf on ubuntu?11:56
bigbrovartried both okular (kubuntu) and xpp both failed to print. but same pdf printed fine on ubuntu hardy heron here is a i found on a similar issue11:56
=== TempyNick is now known as DaZ
chrism2671mzz: i don't think the problem is with gdm. the problem is specifically with the gnome login screen. i'm trying to bypass the actual login program, so I drop straight into the gnome GUI.12:00
chrism2671mzz: i had it configured to auto-login and then i ran apt-get update and a new login screen appeared that I've never seen before- now I can't get past it, it just comes round in a circle.12:00
mzzchrism2671: so does "startx" successfully get you into gnome?12:00
chrism2671mzz: sadly not12:01
Milos_SDWhy I can't start Ubuntu 9.10 RC in VirtualBox?12:01
mzzchrism2671: usually when people talk about the "login screen" they mean the gdm one (gdm-simple-chooser I think the actual binary is called)12:01
Milos_SDit starts, but picture is not pressent :S12:01
mzzchrism2671: so exactly what do you get when you use "startx"?12:02
chrism2671mzz: yep, i believe that's the one i'm having issues with it12:02
mzzchrism2671: if that's the one you're having issues with "startx" would work12:02
* mzz logs out to confirm that12:02
chrism2671mzz: sure thing, will just having another go12:02
oldude67Milos_SD, i know there was an issue with it not running right in virtual mode, but figured it was fixed by now.12:02
chrism2671mzz: one sec12:02
Milos_SDoldude67, Beta was working, but now RC is not :S12:03
Milos_SDI'll post a screenshot in a moment12:03
Milos_SDhere it is12:03
oldude67Milos_SD, ya would figure huh...one of these days i hope soon, the devs will get all there crap together..lets hope its before the release.12:03
chrism2671mzz: ok i've managed to get it to start with 'failsafe gnome'12:04
chrism2671will try killing gdm and running startx12:04
mzzchrism2671: I'm hoping "startx" will also fail, and ~/.xsession-errors will have clues afterwards12:05
DegotHi... I have problem with display brightness, it goes dim on idle  after 10 min =( how can i fix it? (9.10 desktop amd64)12:05
oldude67Milos_SD, ya thats pretty screwed up...lol...go figure.12:05
dogsonHai, i have problem with ubuntu netbook remix, in netbook-launcher there is no icons for changing themes or enable/disable compiz effects.12:06
yaccI'm trying to install 9.10 AMD64 onto an USB stick and it's failing when I try to install GRUB/LILO onto it?12:09
chrism2671mzz: startx completely hung the machine- it is completely unresponsive- EXCEPT- I can still access it just fine over SSH12:11
ActionParsnipyacc: can you do it manually afterwards?12:11
chrism2671mzz: i've left it in its frozen state and connected via ssh12:11
ActionParsnipchrism2671: then i'd read the last 20 dmesg lines and the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:12
ExElNeThmm i updated to karmic and now i cant login anymore via ssh... i modified the pam.d/kdm file correctly... any idea?12:16
patdk-lapkdm? I have no pam.d/kdm file at all in karmic12:17
chrism2671mzz & ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/m49a3ade6 (xsession-errors)12:17
ActionParsnipchrism2671: does ~/.config/metacity   exist?12:19
ExElNeTpatdk-lap: hmm thats odd12:20
ActionParsnipchrism2671: you may also want to run: sudo mkdir /var/lib/samba/usershares12:20
patdk-lapare you running kubuntu? not normal ubuntu?12:20
Dr_Willisno pam.d/kdm here either.. :) but i do have a gdm12:20
patdk-lapand ssh shouldn't be using pam.d/kdm anyways12:21
ExElNeTpatdk-lap: yeah both :=) , nope its the login that should use the ssh key12:21
* Dr_Willis is confused12:22
ActionParsnipchrism2671: sounds like your system is missing quite a lot12:22
patdk-lapkdm/gdm are graphical X logins, ssh won't use them12:23
chrism2671ActionParsnip: there isn't- i normally run compiz though12:24
ActionParsnipchrism2671: sounds like your system expects that wackily named file12:24
ActionParsnipchrism2671: i'd make it just to humour it12:25
ExElNeTpatdk-lap: well the goal is to login with your ssh key in your system. a session will get created and you dont have to auth yourself again with your ssh-key, thats what lib pam-ssh is for :=)12:25
patdk-lapwell, you never said anything about pam-ssh before :)12:26
maek0I have just installed some updates in Karmic ... and its asking me what to do about GRUB12:26
maek0what option should I pick ??12:26
* patdk-lap has no pam-ssh :)12:26
bazhangmaek0, what are the options12:26
ActionParsnipmaek0: grub will need updating so you can load your new kernel (I'm guessing its installed a new one for you)12:26
patdk-lapExElNeT, you probably didn't want to add it to kdm anyways, but like common-auth and common-session12:27
maek0it says "What would you like to do about GRUB ?" and it gives some options12:28
patdk-lapmaek0, we can't see your screen12:28
maek0keep the installed version is the first option12:28
hipitihopI'm trying to follow this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1175001 to disable usbhid grabbing my remote IR device. Identical device i.e. "Vendor=15c2 ProdID=0043 Rev= 0.02" however despite creating a 10-lirc.rules, usbhid is still listed as driver. Can anyone shed light ?12:28
bazhangpackage maintainer's version an option maek0 ?12:28
legend2440maek0: i  choose Maintainers Version12:29
patdk-lapdid you ever customize /boot/grub/menu.1st?12:29
ExElNeTpatdk-lap: normally its done by adding @include pam-ssh-auth before common-auth... but thats not working. debug says: debug1: No SSH login-keys directory.12:29
patdk-lapI'm assuming no, since you don't know what it is12:29
maek0bazhang, yeah .. I have some entrys in there for booting Windows .. will that remove them ??12:29
kavurtI need help with restoring my grub2. I installed opensuse after karmic. and now I want to restore karmic's grub2. I have karmic cd.12:29
chrism2671mzz & ActionParsnip: here's the .log http://pastebin.com/d4ccac30712:29
patdk-lapExElNeT, heh, finally the error message :)12:30
patdk-lapwell why doesn't that directory exists? if ssh doesn't have a ~/.ssh with authorized keys it won't work, heh12:30
bazhangmaek0, as legend2440 said I always choose the newer package maintainer's version12:31
ExElNeTpatdk-lap: yeah but it exists. ;/12:31
maek0so it wont overwrite my boot entrys ??12:31
patdk-lapanyone know how to remove drives from the places menu?12:33
om26ertell me is Lubuntu coming with 9.1012:34
om26erAmaranth: is lubuntu gonna release with 9.1012:34
bazhang!info lubuntu-desktop12:35
ubottulubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.7.1 (karmic), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc ia64 sparc lpia armel)12:35
bazhangom26er, ^^12:35
* hipitihop goes to bed wishing an answer will come forth by the morning12:36
om26erbazhang: no live cd?12:36
maek0bazhang, I chose that option and it found my other OS and installed them according to the command line view .. cheers12:36
bazhangmaek0, nice12:36
bazhangom26er, I'll keep looking12:36
mzzchrism2671: sorry, lost track of irc. looking at pastebins now12:41
ExElNeTpatdk-lap: fixed it. you need a login-keys.d dir in .ssh and the shipped pam.d/pam-ssh-auth file was wrong... key_files option seems to be invalid12:41
patdk-lapI couldn't find any documentation on pam-ssh12:42
=== rmcbride_ is now known as rmcbride
chrism2671mzz: np thanks12:46
mzzchrism2671: reads as if your X server locked up, but it's not providing a lot of clues about why12:47
patdk-lapcrazy, a rackmountable usb hub12:47
chrism2671mzz & ActionParsnip: i agree. as failsafe gnome seems to work properly, i can only assume that it is something to do with full gnome that is causing it o break12:47
mzzchrism2671: does dmesg have anything (I doubt it, but worth looking)? Is there anything interesting on the stderr of the X server?12:47
mzzchrism2671: most obvious guess would be compiz is involved somehow12:47
WazzzaaaI had my /boot on /dev/sda1. When installing a karmic I forgot to "say" install grub on sda1. I did an update-grub and something else. But sda1 contains the old grub. How do I install a new grub on sda1 ?12:48
patdk-lapin 8.04 (8.10 also I think) I had issues with compiz12:48
patdk-lapI never tried it in 9.0412:48
mzzWazzzaaa: are you sure you need to?12:48
patdk-lapbut I just turned it on in 9.10 and it seems tobe working (for me)12:48
Wazzzaaamzz: yes I want to...12:48
patdk-lapWazzzaaa, what partition is active in fdisk? sda1?12:49
Dr_Williswhy would ou want grub on sda1, and not 'sda' ?12:49
mzzWazzzaaa: also, do you mean installing the first stage of grub into the boot sector of sda1, or do you mean you want to put the extra modules onto that separate /boot partition?12:49
patdk-lapDr_Willis, if he has windows and doesn't want windows to always overwrite grub :)12:49
mzzWazzzaaa: (I am assuming the system currently boots, and am trying to understand what you are actually trying to change)12:49
WazzzaaaWell some1 in #ubuntu gave me a tip. I try that first before going in depth here...12:50
kavurtI can't restore grub2. can someone help?12:50
Dr_Willispatdk-lap:  id rather trust grub.. then trust windiows to chain load/boot :) but i guess ive been  bitten by windiws toomany times12:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cannot12:50
chrism2671mzz: yep, dmesg says that dropbox is having a seg fault12:50
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:50
* Dr_Willis likes grub212:51
patdk-laphmm, I don't believe I have grub2 installed12:51
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.12:51
St0n3-C0lAnnyone using Karmic and has i810 or D845 board?12:51
mzzkavurt: what ubottu just said12:51
mickster04hey how do i get grub2 to profile?12:51
Dr_Willis'profile' ?12:52
mzzto what?12:52
* Dr_Willis takes Mug shots of Grub212:52
mickster04i found a forum thread and it saud something about sreadahead but it doesnt seem to be on my system12:52
Dr_WillisTurn to your left...12:52
mzzmickster04: what are you trying to accomplish?12:52
Dr_Willismickster04:  no idea what you are refering to. :)12:52
mickster04yeah, in legacy if you added "profile" o the end after "splash" it would profile the boot to make it go faster12:53
mzzmickster04: sreadahead is reprofiled automatically when appropriate (trigger-based) afaict12:53
mickster04well it hasnt started then12:53
mzzmickster04: how are you determining this?12:53
mickster04can i manually get it to profile12:53
mzzmickster04: also see /etc/cron.monthly/sreadahead12:53
Dr_Willisits not been a month. :)12:54
mzzDr_Willis: yes, but guessing from the occasional output during apt-get runs it also triggers that on installing certain packages12:54
mickster04well according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1283722 i could delete something to force it to reprofile, but i dont have that thing to remove12:54
hengI'm trying to debug a suspend issue on my laptop. Can anybody describe to me the signal path that occurs when a suspend signal is issued, and how I might debug it? I'm not getting any kernel log messages which doesn't help.12:54
Dr_Williswow - look at all the /var/log/bootchart stuff i got.. I should remove that..12:54
ActionParsnipchrism2671: you could move all ~/.g* folders into a new folder then log in, new gnome config folders will then be created.12:54
mzzmickster04: is the sreadahead package actually installed?12:55
om26erand download manager for ubuntu that support multi threaded downloading like DAP and IDM12:55
Dr_Willisom26er:  ive noticed the normal package manager doing that  in some cases.. (or at least it looks like it is) when i am getting updates from different repositories.12:56
Dr_Willisbut not quite the same I guess as multi-threading.. :)12:56
mickster04mzz how do i find out?12:56
Dr_WillisIve seen it get the ubuntu updates, and the chromium updates at the same time at least. a few times12:57
om26erDr_Willis: download manager which i can use to download images from cdimae.ubuntu.com at a faster rate12:57
Dr_Willisom26er:  not used one of those in years.12:57
mzzmickster04: "apt-cache policy sreadahead" is one way12:57
Dr_Willisfilezilla perhaps.12:57
mzzor "dpkg -l sreadahead", I guess12:57
* Dr_Willis is polite and tries to not hammer the servers.12:58
mickster04mzz, its installed12:58
ActionParsnipom26er: it can only come down as fast as the connection you pay for from your provider12:58
Dr_Willis!info sreadahead12:58
ubottusreadahead (source: sreadahead): Read required files in advance during boot. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0-5 (karmic), package size 11 kB, installed size 124 kB12:58
mzzmickster04: ok. Does /var/lib/sreadahead/ exist?12:58
om26erActionParsnip: i get 80-90kb/s and my network gives me 20012:58
om26ermultiget is a multi threaded downlaoder12:59
om26erbut interface is ekh12:59
mickster04mzz, yes but only contains debugfs12:59
mzzmickster04: ok. Is there anything fishy about your boot process? Any initramfs (initrd) customizations, etc?12:59
ActionParsnipom26er: maybe but if you pay for a 10Mb line, your provider will not give you more than 10Mb connection speed no matter what software you use12:59
mzzmickster04: might want to boot with the splash off and check for suspicious messages, etc.12:59
mickster04mzz, its the default install...13:00
om26erActionParsnip: if you have a high network ping then these kind of softwares are very useful13:00
ActionParsnipom26er: true13:00
mickster04it says sumat about vga=788 or something but thats before the splash13:00
mzzmickster04: also, did you actually reboot recently?13:00
mzzmickster04: (because I'm pretty sure that packfile is deleted automatically if you upgrade certain packages)13:01
ActionParsnipom26er: secret is to buy a low contention link rather than some cheap garbage, most don't look at that13:01
mzzmickster04: so if you haven't rebooted since the last time you installed or upgraded packages, do so13:01
mickster04mzz, yes i have just turned on again, i can reboot tho seeing as i think i did update stuff13:01
om26ersome time my wireless stop working and dmesg says link not ready13:05
mickster04mzz, you were right13:05
chrism2671mzz: i updated dropbox, doesn't seem to have fixed it. i think i'm going to give up for the time being (and use XP!) and wait for the final release now13:06
bigbrovaris it possible to downgrade the version of xserver shipped with karmic to the version in jaunty which allows u to use EXA instead of the UXA which ships with karmic13:06
chrism2671mzz: in the past some errors have just appeared and then vanished the next due to subsequent updates13:06
* mzz doesn't know what dropbox is13:06
om26erbigbrovar: what's the problem with UXA. for me its faster than ever13:07
mzzbigbrovar: I guess that might live in some ppa somewhere, but it's supposed to be unusual to want to do that13:07
bigbrovarbecause my laptop running karmic is becoming unberable at least on jaunty i could enable EXA greedy mode which helped alot13:07
om26erbigbrovar: if you are using jaunty you should ask this in #ubuntu13:09
bigbrovarmzz> there is a bug reported on the issue, so am not alone intel X3100 really chobby on karmic13:09
bigbrovarom26er> am on karmic. I was wondering if its possible to downgrade to anm Xserver which supports EXA greedy mode (like the version shipped with jaunty)13:10
shadeslayertapia: hu13:19
tapiaam I wrong, or glade-2 has been removed in karmic?13:19
* shadeslayer gets ubottu to say hi13:19
shadeslayer!hi | tapia13:19
ubottutapia: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!13:19
ron273hi guys, on upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 the update manager crashed. Now I have a mounting error and it won't start13:19
shadeslayerron273: what mounting error?13:19
ron273one or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be mounted:13:20
shadeslayerron273: can you paste your fstab please?13:20
ron273it is the last post of this thread:13:21
tapiaIs there any way to install glade-2 on karmic?13:21
ron273here it is:13:21
ron273One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab/ cannot yet be mounted:13:21
ron273(ESC for recoveryshell)13:21
ron273swap: waiting for /dev/sda813:21
Lazytapia: glade-2 should be in karmic13:22
bazhangtapia, are you referring to libglade2-013:22
shadeslayerron273: ctrl+D in a shell..13:22
tapiathe application13:22
ron273shadeslayer: Where do I do Control D13:22
yofel!info glade-213:22
shadeslayerron273: in a terminal13:22
ubottuglade-2 (source: glade): Dummy upgrade package for glade. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.12.2-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 77 kB, installed size 300 kB13:22
yofeltapia: ^^^13:23
Lazyoh, it seems to be a dummy package13:23
tapiatry to install it :-)13:23
ron273shadeslayer: I cannot open a terminal13:23
tapiait installs glade-313:24
shadeslayerron273: ok,your update manager crashed,what did you do next?13:24
ron273I restarted ubuntu and ended up in Grub.13:24
Guest96296does anyone know how to boot using the windows 7 bootloader ? (i didn't and don't want to install grub in front of the windows loader and thus selected to not install a bootloader on setup)13:24
shadeslayerbtw cloud computing will make it in karmic right? somebody told me it wont :(13:24
ron273I started like I normally start and after the spashscreen it showed the error and freezes13:24
* Dr_Willis has yet to really heard a good definition of what 'cloud' computing even is....13:25
shadeslayerGuest96296: you can install grub from the live cd13:25
Guest96296shadeslayer, YAY for buzzwords; don't worry, karmic will be fully cloud and web 3.0 with lots of ajax and webapps n shizzle if you want13:25
WazzzaaaI want to re install grub on 9.10. But I cannot boot from that live cd... And even super grub isn't working. any ideas?13:25
Guest96296shadeslayer, as i said, i don't want it in my mbr, there must be some other way...13:25
shadeslayerron273: uh,um,dunno what to say13:26
WazzzaaaIt hangs on splash screen...13:26
ron273Would booting from Live CD help? And do Ctrl-D from there?13:26
shadeslayerGuest96296: i dont think so,the windows mbr cant boot linux i think (specially ext4)13:26
Guest96296shadeslayer, but an old grub can, which can be chainloaded from windows13:27
shadeslayerron273: you could boot from a live cd and chroot into the system and complete the upgrade13:27
Dr_WillisYou could put grub on sda4 or whever the linux partition is and some how chain load it i guess..13:27
shadeslayerGuest96296: thats more of a grub specific question... idk anything about grub :(13:27
ron273shadeslayer: I will try that13:27
Guest96296shadeslayer, can you give me full names of the files beginning with vmlinuz and initrd in /boot ?13:28
ron273shadeslayer: how do I chroot in the Live CD. Forgive me for beeing a noob13:28
shadeslayerGuest96296: just lemme pastebin them13:28
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)13:28
Wazzzaaaron273: sudo reboot13:28
shadeslayerron273: of course not,just hold on a sec13:28
Wazzzaaasorry, i red reboot, in stead of chroot :P13:29
Guest96296if i select to not install grub into mbr, will it at least get installed into the partition so i can chainload ?13:29
drs305Here's the chroot instructions for installing Grub2 from Live CD   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD13:29
patdk-laphmm, upgraded to grub213:29
Dr_WillisPhear da Grub2 goodness.13:29
shadeslayerGuest96296: http://pastebin.com/f4dbf44813:29
Dr_Willisi made a usb flash drive that boots .iso files with grub213:30
shadeslayerron273: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide13:30
Guest96296oh man, why does this have to be so complicated, why can't it just nicely add a entry to the windows bootloader >_>13:30
Wazzzaaakarmic live cd (RC) hangs during splash screen. any ideas how to get just a root shell ?13:30
ron273shadeslayer: thanks for that. I will give it a try.13:30
shadeslayerDr_Willis: Cloud computing+future of os : http://gadgets.ndtv.com/video.aspx?id=10929213:31
Dr_WillisGuest96296:  becuse ms dosent want it to.13:31
Dr_Willisshadeslayer:  whenever i read about cloud it reminds me of stuff we were doing 20 years ago.. with xdmcp :) but thats not quite the same i guess..13:32
Guest96296Dr_Willis, yeah, right...13:32
Dr_WillisGuest96296:  you could ask in #windows about how to add things to the windows boot loader/listing i guess..13:32
Dr_WillisI will stick with grub213:32
Dr_Williswubi does add itself to the window boot loader some how.. but ive no idea if it can boot a normal linux install13:33
shadeslayerme too13:33
Guest96296when i install and deselect the install to mbr, will it get installed to the partition tho ?13:33
shadeslayerGuest96296: wubi resides on the windows partition as well..13:33
* Dr_Willis finds it easier to just keep linux and windows each on theor own hard drives.13:33
Guest96296shadeslayer, i don't want that tho -_-13:33
Wazzzaaakarmic live cd (RC) hangs during splash screen. any ideas how to get just a root shell ?13:33
shadeslayerWazzzaaa: ctrl+alt+F113:33
Wazzzaaablack screen.. no prompt13:34
shadeslayerWazzzaaa: imho you should md5sum the iso and run a self check on the cd13:34
Guest96296shadeslayer, is that 9.10, and what did you originally install and upgrade to ?13:34
shadeslayerWazzzaaa: try F1-F613:34
Wazzzaaashadeslayer: ok, I'll do a check disk13:34
Wazzzaaaalready tried all...13:34
Dr_WillisWazzzaaa:  or try the single user/recovery  mode/option   perhaps?13:34
WazzzaaaDr_Willis: where?13:34
shadeslayerGuest96296: ive been on kubuntu from 8.10,then a clean install of 9.04 beta and then 9.10 alpha 413:34
Wazzzaaais there a line to just get root, no graphics...13:35
Dr_WillisWazzzaaa:  in the intiial grub menus you can edit and apped 'single' or 'recovery' to the end i recall.. also remove the 'splash' option I think13:35
Dr_Willissingle, or recovery = just the shell13:35
Dr_WillisUbuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic (recovery mode)"13:36
Dr_Willislinux/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=1e04193e-82d3-4283-989e-5411e0599690 ro single13:36
Wazzzaaatrue Dr_Willis, but my grub is defect. I need to install a new grub...13:36
shadeslayerron273: the link i gave you about grub,also contains info on how to chroot into the system,just run the commands as is and dont run the commands for restoring grub13:36
Dr_WillisWazzzaaa:  then use a live cd.13:36
Wazzzaaayou remember my initial question?13:36
Dr_WillisWazzzaaa:  not a clue.13:37
Wazzzaaa < Wazzzaaa> karmic live cd (RC) hangs during splash screen. any ideas how to get just a13:37
shadeslayerDr_Willis: lol..13:37
Wazzzaaa                     root shell ?13:37
Dr_WillisWazzzaaa:  on the cd.. use the 'single' option at the end.. and remove the quiet, and splash options.13:37
Wazzzaaaah thnx!13:37
Wazzzaaa~will try that, now it is checking integrety13:37
Dr_Willisif the live cd lets ya change that.. i forget. :)13:37
Dr_WillisI use Live usb flash drives. :013:38
shadeslayerDr_Willis: same here13:38
Dr_WillisI always keep a 'usb flash drive'  on the pc for rescue needs. :)13:38
Dr_Williskeep one inside the case, on a little keychain.. just in case.13:38
ron273shadeslayer: I did try the first part, only it came back with the error: can't find /dev/sda6/mnt in /etc/fstab or etc/mtab13:38
Dr_Willisron273:  you did a typo.. its /dev/sda6 /mnt13:39
WazzzaaaDr_Willis: I used to use supergrub....13:39
shadeslayerron273: ><13:39
Dr_WillisWazzzaaa:  i am making a uber-boot-flash drive with grub2 and various iso files. :) right now it can boot ubuntu, TCL, and 'systemrescue live cd' from iso files.13:39
ron273Dr_Willis: you are the man! Thanks13:39
shadeslayerron273: theres a space b/w sda6 and /mnt13:39
WazzzaaaI now can see why it hangs on startup13:40
shadeslayerDr_Willis: dude pastebin the instructions please :)13:40
WazzzaaaBuffer I/O error on device sr013:40
shadeslayerWazzzaaa: ah..13:40
Dr_Willisshadeslayer:  install grub2.. copy over iso.. edit grub.cfg as needed. :)13:40
Dr_Willisshadeslayer:  let me find my list of links13:40
shadeslayerDr_Willis: whats the line for booting the iso?13:41
ken_kohi all: the frequency control gnome applets works fine in my computer with 9.0413:41
ken_kobut it prompts me everytime when I change the profile or frequency??13:41
ken_koany one face the same problem?13:41
shadeslayerken_ko: uh this is a support channel for 9.1013:41
AceKingCan somebody help me to find a way to open websites that can only be viewed in IE? I tried installing User Agent Switcher in Firefox, but it didn't help.13:41
mickster04yo in FF i can use 2 fingers as a scroll, but i have to use 3 fingers as the scroll click...whats with that?13:42
shadeslayerAceKing: hmm.. most sites for ie work in ff as well13:42
mickster04AceKing, have u tried wine with IE?13:42
ken_koshadeslayer: oops sorry, i mean it asked for my root password after i'd upgraded to 9.1013:42
* shadeslayer doesnt go near wine13:42
Dr_Willishttp://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB   MultiBoot USB with Grub2 (boot directly from iso files) | panticz.de13:42
AceKingmickster04: I have Wine, but where do I get IE?13:43
shadeslayerken_ko: yeah you need to provide it with root priviliges...13:43
AceKingshadeslayer: The county site wont open in FF13:43
mickster04AceKing, theres sumat called PlayOnLinux which might work for u:P13:43
shadeslayerken_ko: theres a way to do that by reconfiguring the package and selecting to give it root priviliges13:43
Dr_WillisAceKing: what sites need IE in this day and age?>13:43
AceKingmickster04: Thank you13:43
ubottuies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!13:44
AceKingDr_Willis: http://www.co.charlotte.fl.us/clrkinfo/clerk_default.htm13:44
ken_koshadeslayer: That's wt i want to say13:44
ken_koi entered the command to reconfigure gnome-applets13:44
ken_koit has no response13:44
Dr_WillisAceKing:  that site is working here in FF for me.13:44
AceKingDr_Willis: If you notice, the pane on the left side doesn't load13:44
ron273shadeslyer: ok I am root now. How do I restart the upgrade process?13:44
Dr_WillisSo the site has a 'bug'  - not a 'requirement' for IE :)13:45
AceKingDr_Willis: The pane on the left should have a list of options to choose from13:45
Dr_Willistry the oprea browser.. or chromium13:45
AceKingDr_Willis: Ok13:46
Dr_Willissame bug in Chromoim here..13:46
Dr_Willisnot got Oprea handy13:46
shadeslayerron273: check your : /etc/apt/sources.list13:46
AceKingDr_Willis: Can I download Opera from the repositories?13:46
shadeslayerron273: just run : nano /etc/apt/sources.list : and see if every line has karmic in the end13:47
Dr_Willisno idea13:47
WazzzaaaAceKing: open synaptic and search for opera13:47
thiebaudethey have the .deb for it13:47
mickster04AceKing, that site u gave works in FF?13:47
Wazzzaaaafaik, you have to add a software source for opera13:47
ron273shadeslayer: OK, I found that Alt-F2 and then update-manager -d did the trick as well. It is now downloading the update13:47
AceKingWazzzaaa: Tried that and a bunch of stuff shows up13:47
shadeslayerron273: noo13:47
shadeslayerron273: that upgrade will be installed on the CD13:48
ron273shadeslayer: should I cancel?13:48
shadeslayerron273: yes,chrooting means you have the shell of the main machine13:48
ron273Ok, I canceled.13:48
shadeslayer(which in this case is your PC)13:48
AceKingmickster04: The site opens but I can't see the options under "Text Menu" in the left pane13:49
shadeslayerron273: ok,did you see the commands on the grub page link i sent you?13:49
ron273shadeslayer: yes I did. I am now root13:49
shadeslayerron273: ok please run : ls -la : to verify that youre in the root shell13:50
mickster04well thats true13:50
ron273shadeslayer: a whole lot of dir entries, all with root in front of them13:50
mickster04AceKing, well when i click on it i get the page as the menu options13:50
shadeslayerron273: there should be something like : boot,etc,dev.... etc13:51
ron273shadeslayer: yep. All with root in front of them.13:51
AceKingmickster04: Hmm. I tried it on both my PC and my laptop and it doesn't show menu options in the left pane13:52
ron273shadeslayer: and in /et/c/apt/sources.list are all lines with karmic instead of jaunty13:52
mickster04AceKing, nope but the page become a list of the options13:52
ArmageddonMy bluetooth under KK does not work, any idea ? dmesg lists it but lspci does not...13:52
shadeslayerron273: ok cool,now type : apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade13:52
shadeslayer!bluetooth | Armageddon13:53
ubottuArmageddon: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup13:53
Armageddonlet's see13:53
Armageddonshadeslayer, shutdown -h restarts the PC, any link for that too ?13:53
ron273shadeslayer: after apt-get update a lot of errors about not finding files and failed archive downloads13:54
shadeslayerArmageddon: maybe its aliased to it?13:54
shadeslayerron273: can you paste one line?13:54
patdk-lapArmageddon, why would bluetooth be listed in lspci? it's usb, not pci13:54
Amaranthom26er: That's up to the lubuntu people13:55
Amaranthom26er: afaik they are using ubuntu infrastructure for iso releases (so it won't be on releases.ubuntu.com)13:55
AceKingmickster04: Did it become a list of options on it's own, or did you set something to make it do that?13:55
om26erAmaranth: thank you13:55
mickster04no, the page showed all the options that would have been available13:56
Amarantherr, they aren't using it13:56
shadeslayerAmaranth: yeah itll be under lsusb : Bus 007 Device 005: ID 0a5c:4503 Broadcom Corp.13:56
om26erAmaranth: nor at cdimage.ubuntu.com13:56
Amaranthom26er: Right13:56
ron273shadeslayer: yes, it is in Dutch though: Fout http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com karmic release.gpg Kon 'nl.archive.ubuntu.com' niet vinden13:56
Amaranthom26er: I didn't even know there was a "team"13:56
AmaranthI think one guy just made an lubuntu-desktop package13:56
AceKingmickster04: Damn, I wonder why I can't see it on either computer?13:56
bazhangyet there is a lubuntu-desktop package in karmic13:57
ron273shadeslayer: it translates as: Error http:/// etc. Could not find nl.archive.ubuntu.com13:57
Amaranthbazhang: I just said that13:57
BuuntuSo I'm having problem with a Karmic upgrade.  I think part of the problem might be that I'm still using the old grub menu (although the install did have some errors, listed here -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1300719&page=2) with the old kernel.  How do I update the grub menu?13:57
bazhangAmaranth, I was repeating an earlier comment13:57
Armageddonpatdk-lap: build in bluetooth13:57
shadeslayerron273: ok,so some of the files can get updated but others cannot?13:57
Armageddonshadeslayer: just installed KK13:57
Armageddondidn't alias anything13:57
patdk-lapbuilt in bluetooth STILL USES USB13:58
shadeslayerArmageddon: just check with : alias13:58
Armageddonshadeslayer: nope nothing13:58
ron273shadeslayer: i did not execute apt-get  dist-upgrade yet. Should I do that first?13:58
shadeslayerArmageddon: bah... no idea then13:58
Armageddonpatdk-lap: doesn't work either with the link shadeslayer gave13:58
mickster04AceKing, ILL SEND U A SCREEN SHOT NOW13:58
mickster04oops sor13:58
patdk-lapBus 005 Device 002: ID 0a5c:2145 Broadcom Corp.13:58
patdk-lap my built in bluetooth13:58
patdk-laplspci -v | grep bluetooth13:59
shadeslayerron273: wait,tell me first do the other sources get updated?13:59
AceKingmickster04: OK13:59
patdk-laplsusb -v | grep bluetooth13:59
patdk-lapI mean13:59
Armageddonshadeslayer: nothing here !13:59
shadeslayerArmageddon: lemme see the man page13:59
Armageddonshadeslayer: dmesg shows it though13:59
WazzzaaaIm now in a root shell and try follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD .     But after "grub-install /dev/sda" I get the error: Could not find device for /boot: not found or not a block device13:59
Wazzzaaaany ideas?14:00
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic14:00
ron273shadeslayer: the last line of the command output states: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem14:00
shadeslayerron273: then please run that command14:00
shadeslayerWazzzaaa: try : http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide14:00
mickster04AceKing,  http://imagebin.org/6919814:02
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto14:02
ron273shadeslayer: It is running now. The first line was however: 'could not resolve host ubuntu', but it is now setting up and upfdating a whole bunch of stuff14:03
shadeslayerron273: ok thats good14:03
AceKingmickster04: Did it automatically come up like that or did you do something to make it do that?14:03
mickster04AceKing, auto14:04
ron273shadeslayer: it is almost finished. It asks me if I should save hardware.conf or not14:05
shadeslayerron273: say yes14:05
ubuhantuhi guys. i have a problem with java on karmic. im uploading photos on facebook and java is not working. i have installed java correctly. thank you.14:05
vbabiyHey how can you move groups around in empathy?14:05
shadeslayerubuhantu: did you install : ubuntu-restricted-extras : ?14:06
ubuhantushadeslayer : yes and sun-java6-plugin14:06
thiebaudeubuhantu: sun-java6-jre14:06
shadeslayer!java | ubuhantu14:06
ubottuubuhantu: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository14:06
shadeslayerron273: done?14:07
topylivbabiy, you can't. they're in alphabetical order14:07
ron273shadeslayer: It stil runs but I have the feeling that some things generate an error. I see some socket connection errors running by.14:08
vbabiytopyli, is this going to be changed?14:08
om26erwhere can i preorder ubuntu moblin remix14:08
shadeslayerron273: we will have to deal with those later,we need the system fully upgraded first14:08
topylivbabiy, i doubt they plan to make it configurable14:08
bazhangom26er, are you referring to shipit14:08
om26erbazhang: yes14:08
shadeslayerron273: you are practically running on half a system right now :P14:08
ubuhantushadeslayer : i try several browser from firefox, opera to chrome. its all the same. sun-java6-jre is installed. and i test the JVM on java site, says it is working.14:09
AceKingmickster04: I installed PlayOnLinux.. It's pretty cool14:09
bazhangom26er, did you check their website, not aware that was an option14:09
ron273shadeslayer: yep, and I thought it would be fun upgrading a perfectly food working system :)14:09
ron273shadeskayer: food = good14:09
shadeslayerron273: i *always* prefer a clean install or a upgrade cd14:09
om26erbazhang: only desktop and server editition14:10
ron273shadeskayer: ok it now shows me a screen asking me what to do about /boot/grub/menu.lst14:11
shadeslayerron273: install package maintainers version14:12
ron273shadeslayer: keep my own version or intall the new one?14:12
ubuhantushadeslayer : is there any way to fix it? i used to have the same problem on jaunty but it's fixed with some update.14:12
ron273shadeslayer: Ok, done and stil running.....14:12
shadeslayerubuhantu: hmm... i have no idea14:12
ubuhantushadeslayer : ok thanks.14:14
ron273shadeslayer: aha, it says /proc/modules not found. Did I forget to mount a partition?14:14
shadeslayerron273: whut?14:14
mickster04AceKing, yeah its quite usefull in some cases14:14
ubuhantuanybody else can help me with Java problems?14:14
shadeslayerthat is out of my league..14:14
ron273shadeslayer: it is still running but along the way that error comes along a few times14:15
Wazzzaaaubuhantu: what is the problem>14:15
shadeslayerron273: yeah well have to ignore it as of now :(14:15
AceKingmickster04: Thanks for your help!14:15
shadeslayerron273: some of the packages are still missing14:15
Wazzzaaaif it's a programming question you better go to #java...14:15
ron273shadeslayer: It is done. The scipt ended14:15
Guest96296meh, can anyone tell me how to boot ubuntu 9.10 from the windows bootloader ?14:16
ubuhantuWazzzzaaa : i have a problem with java on karmic. im uploading photos on facebook and java is not working. i have installed java correctly.14:16
shadeslayerron273: sudo apt-get update and then dist-upgade14:16
chazcoJust tried 9.10, seems good (the TCP bug is finally fixed)... except that evtouch still crashes after a few taps. The bug report says this is solved, but the version listed is older than the one in the repos14:16
Wazzzaaaubuhantu: define correctly14:17
ron273shadeslayer: are you sure I do not need to mount another partition?14:17
Guest96296chazco, what tcp bug ?14:17
chazcoSince Ubuntu 7.10 certain websites were very, very slow. Could be fixed by changing tcp_window_scaling options introduced in 7.10. Guest9629614:17
chazcoBut it now works without the fixes :)14:18
ubuhantuWazzzaaa : when i click upload more photos, java window doesn't start.14:18
Guest96296took quite a while to fix then, chazco >>14:18
chazcoGuest96296 - Yep...14:18
chazcoOnce i get touchscreen support without crashes i'll finally have a fully supported system :)14:19
Wazzzaaayou restart your browser after installing java?14:19
mickster04yo in FF i can use 2 fingers as a scroll, but i have to use 3 fingers as the scroll click...whats with that?14:20
ron273shadeslayer: did you get my last question?14:20
ubuhantuWazzzaaa : yes, and i try several browser firefox, opera, chrome, it's all the same. :(14:20
Wazzzaaaubuhantu: type about:plugins in FF. do you see something like java ?14:21
Wazzzaaaor jre14:21
EagleScreenI need acrobar reader for ubuntu 64 bits14:23
ubuhantuWazzzaaa : something like Java(TM) Plug-in 1.6.0_15 ?14:23
icerootEagleScreen: enable the canoncial-repo (partner) and then install acroread (i think it was the canoncial repo)14:24
Wazzzaaayeah, that is what I have14:25
Guest96296how do i install grub2 to the partition (partition, NOT disk) and then chainload it from windows ?14:25
ron273shadeslayer: are you still there?14:25
* Dr_Willis wonmders what 'the partition and not disk' means in this case..14:26
Dr_Willisit can go to  the MBR of the drive.. (sda) or the  partion itself (sda1)14:26
Dr_WillisImnot sure the normal windows loader can chainload grub.14:26
Guest96296Dr_Willis, partition, how do i do that ? installer just let me disable the install to mbr14:26
EagleScreenthe unique package i see with medibuntu and parther is acroread-fonts14:26
Guest96296Dr_Willis, but it can chainload grub4dos which can then hopefully chainload grub214:27
Dr_WillisYou have to use the alternative installer cd i think.. or at the very end of the installer there may be some menu item14:27
ubuhantuWazzzaaa : what bout u? no problem in uploading photos?14:27
Guest96296ffs, thats some bs14:27
Wazzzaaadunno, never tried it on facebook14:27
Wazzzaaabut i can run applets though14:27
Wazzzaaaubuhantu: I cannot come into ubuntu atm, so I cannot help you much thouhg. Maybe in about an hour of so...14:28
Wazzzaaayou may pm me14:28
ubuhantuWazzzaaa : ok i will. merci beaucoup..14:28
ubuhantuanybody else wiling to help?14:30
EagleScreenI need the Adobe reader plugin for Firefox14:30
Wazzzaaaubuhantu: try another java applet and see if it has the same problem...14:32
Dr_WillisI was thinking acrobat reader was no longer at the Medibuntu repos...14:33
Dr_Willisk l m14:35
* Dr_Willis is trying to sell off some of his wifes guinea pigs.. they are taking over the whole house. :)14:37
patdk-lapsell off the wife :)14:37
Dr_Willistoo much of a loss for that..14:37
Dr_Williswow 5 people at the drop.io site14:38
VXxedIs anyone available that can help me with my laptop fan issue?  I have it fully documented here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130073314:41
HalabundHi!  I upgraded to the Karmic release candidate from Jaunty.  Now there is a leftover package, adobe-flashplugin, that cannot be removed because of an error.  Is there anything I could do about that?14:42
HalabundIt says:14:43
Halabund"E: adobe-flashplugin: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 2"14:43
thiebaudeHalabund: i had that problem before and i had to install my alternate cd again14:43
cassjhi. just installed karmic and having a play with the ubuntuone stuff. Files and notes sync fine, but I can't get my evolution contacts to work. Anyone got this working?14:44
thiebaudeHalabund: i bet it was trying to update adobe-flashplugin14:44
x1101_workhello all14:45
HalabundAnother strange thing after the update is that if I turn the volume up, there is a constant monotonous noise that wasn't there on Jaunty.14:45
thiebaudeHalabund: also after that error you get, there was no more flash content14:46
Halabundactually flash is working14:47
palodequesoI just installed the lastest Release Candidate of kubuntu karmic, and it seems that when I try to open a CMake project with kdevelop 4, it crashes, anyone else experiencing this?14:49
joaopintoI am not a kubuntu user :|14:50
Dr_Willisvery few people are :)14:54
* Blues-Man ciao14:54
oneirosFadeHey all.  Can't get Gnome to login - just dumps me back at the login screen. :(  Any thoughts?14:56
Dr_Willistry 'startx' and look for error messages?14:57
Dr_Willistry a new user.14:57
oneirosFadeHow can I startx if GDM automatically creates X sessions?14:57
Dr_Willissudo service gdm stop14:58
Dr_Willisor was it sudo service stop gdm14:58
Dr_Willisone of those14:58
x1101_worksudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop14:58
Dr_Willissince X works.. it sounds like it might be a gnome config issue14:58
Dr_Willisx1101_work:  that does not work with Upstart  and 9.10 any more :)14:58
x1101_workDr_Willis: sory, my bad I just started using 9.10 last night14:59
Dr_Willisone reason ive been trying to teach everyone to use  the 'service' command14:59
x1101_workDr_Willis: do you know anything about wireless issues after a suspend/resume?15:00
Dr_Willissuspend/resume = issues. :)15:00
Dr_Willisi never use suspend much15:00
menzzaDr_Willis: not always :)15:01
x1101_worki have a netbook, i like sus spsuend15:01
x1101_workoddly enough hibernate doesnt have the same issues15:01
=== Into_the_Pit is now known as Frickelpit
x1101_workso I take that to mean the suspend/resume is still a known issue that is being looked at?15:05
=== Fishie is now known as BartIsKut
=== BartIsKut is now known as Timo_Timo_Timo
oneirosFadeOk, so I stopped GDM, did startx, and the entire system hung.  Made a new user, tried to log in, same problem as my main user.15:06
Dr_Willisthat indicates its not a gnome user config issue then..15:08
Dr_Willishas this system ever worked?15:08
oneirosFadeYeah, it was working fine up until last night when I did updates, trying to fix a Skype problem15:09
cyberspliceI always tune in to find fun problems.15:09
h00kthree more days.15:11
Dr_Willisthen im taking 2 weeks off. :P15:12
uboxany news on easy internet connection sharing?15:12
oneirosFadeI'd be tempted to reinstall the system from go, except the only net connection I have available for the next 6 months is wireless15:12
uboxin kde15:12
Dr_WillisICS isent too hard to get goind.. but no idea onany kde specifc front ends to do it15:14
billybigriggeranyone here installed kubuntu-desktop yet in karmic?15:14
billybigriggeri installed kde beside gnome, used kdm as my login manager, and now when i log into gnome it uses kde's mouse theme15:14
SchneeSchwarzbillybigrigger: sudo update-alternatives x-cursor-theme will let you switch the theme15:16
billybigriggerupdate-alternatives: error: unknown argument `x-cursor-theme'15:16
billybigriggeror did you mean 'x-cursor-theme' as in whatever theme i want i need to enter15:17
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:   ive noticed when using kde + gnome - the 2 can get a little bit overlapped in some areas liek that15:17
topyliupdate-alternatives needs an argument, in this case --config15:17
oneirosFadeSo I'm guessing we collectively have no idea what the underlying problem is?15:17
billybigriggerDr_Willis, yeah that's no good :P15:18
SchneeSchwarzbillybigrigger: I forgot "--config", i. e.: sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme15:18
billybigriggeri don't know why every release i ALWAYS give kde a go, and i never last more than 10 minutes...i just need to face the fact that i hate kde :P15:18
billybigriggeranyone know what the default theme is set to? core or whiteglass?15:19
SchneeSchwarzbillybigrigger: DMZ-White15:19
billybigriggerawesome thanks SchneeSchwarz15:20
ubuntistasvolume in karmic is not optimized well15:32
PiciPlease clarify.15:32
patdk-lapworks good for me :)15:33
addisonjanyone have problems with flash (64bit) after upgrade?15:33
ubuntistaswell pici when i turn down the volume  it's going on mute before the output goes to zero.15:33
patdk-lapprobably cause your audio buffer is too large15:34
ubuntistasso what does that mean ? ubuntu's effort is to be optimized well in all kind of pcs15:35
Dr_Willisor its a quirk in the alsa or pulse setup.  and not ubuntu specific.15:36
Dr_WillisI dont notice the same problem here. but i proberly got a different sound card15:36
ubuntistasanyway i just wanted to refer my annoyance15:40
ubuntistasor bug whatever it is called15:40
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)15:44
bjsnideraddisonj, just the opposite15:46
dt3kkwill the RC be upgradable to the final?15:46
bjsnideryes, regular updates15:46
bjsniderjust do the daily updates15:47
chazcoHow can I solve a system crash that leaves the system totally unresponsive and nothing in the logs?15:48
h00kchazco: I'm having the same thing :)15:48
basixanybody tried installing Karmic on a MBP 5,5?? Is this installation report accurate? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Karmic15:48
h00kchazco: you don't happen to have a Dell XPS M1530 with an nvidia 8600mgt, do you?15:49
chazcoh00k - Nope... its the evtouch driver, but i can't pin it down any further than that15:49
h00kchazco: yeah, I can't even pin it down to driver15:49
h00kbasix: I would imagine thats pretty accurate15:49
x1101_workso I think I missed the answer to this already but is there a built in way to update the beta to RC to final?15:50
ByronHello everyone15:50
mbeierlchazco: I've got the same question - but for my 9.04 system.  The OS just hangs hard, no logs, nothing.15:50
h00kx1101_work: just do your daily updates15:50
x1101_workh00k: thanks, I shall15:50
h00kx1101_work: and it'll do its thing15:50
chazcombeierl - Yep, this happens in 9.04 too15:50
x1101_workbtw, has anyone seen the new method of adding PPA's? its amazing15:50
chazcoJust the touchscreen issue left before Ubuntu actually supports my system15:51
ck773there's a new method?15:51
ByronI've got no OS now. I'm stuck in limbo where I can't upgrade to 9.10 or downgrade back to 9.04.15:51
LogicalDashEmpathy isn't importing my Pidgin buddies. I click Import and it clearly reads the accounts.xml file, it displays all my account names correctly, but then I click Add and they don't show up in the Empathy buddies window.15:51
chazcoOnly tried 9.10 today but aside from that it's going pretty well15:51
porter1x1101_work? Which new method?15:51
ByronIs there something I can do to revert or force the upgrade?15:51
h00kLogicalDash: your 'buddies' are stored server-side, usually, make sure the accounts are 'enabled'15:51
patdk-lapLogicalDash, it shouldn't IMPORT them :)15:52
basixh00k, how? According to this ubuntuforums post, its not accurate. Here is the google cache link since the original one wont work (,5&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us)15:52
LogicalDashh00k, 'enabled' in Empathy?15:52
mbeierlwt...?  I just lost the ability to use my mouse in 9.10 here.  I can move the mouse, and see the pointer moving, but clicks no longer work, I cannot move windows, I cannot change focus...15:52
x1101_workyou can now just do add-apt-repositroy ppa:x where x is the app/team15:52
drbobbhello, my Karmic install is having problems restoring from hibernation. ie. it doesn't. no problem with suspend to ram, hibernation used to work fine in jaunty. Might grub2 be the culprit?15:52
LogicalDashbecause I go to the Empathy accounts window and don't see anything15:52
h00kbasix: well, I guess its not then.15:52
patdk-lapdrbobb, not a grub think15:53
patdk-lapthe kernel/initram handles hibernation15:53
patdk-lapgrub thing15:53
drbobbpatdk-lap: any suggestions about what to check?15:53
porter1Byron, what's wrong in this 'limbo' you describe?15:53
LogicalDashso yeah, Empathy isn't importing my *accounts*15:53
robin0800mbeierl: yes i've had that too no idea what causes it though15:53
mbeierlanyone else lose mouse functionality?!?15:53
LogicalDashnever mind buddies15:53
basixh00k, is there a definitive way of finding out if ubuntu works on MBP 13 5,5 ?15:53
mbeierlrobin0800: any idea how to get it back?  Tried restarting compiz, that's not the culprit :(15:54
h00kbasix: probably  either google or give it a shot, perhaps consider updating the page if you find otherwis15:54
LogicalDashI guess I could just transcribe them from the accounts file but I really shouldn't have to.15:54
patdk-lapdrbobb, make sure it's configured right, /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume15:54
basixh00k, i am planning to purchase a MBP and wont purchase it if Ubuntu wont work...15:54
drbobbpatdk-lap: in principle you're right, as concerns hibernation, but restoring does take a little cooperation from grub, doesn't it?15:54
patdk-lapit should point to your swap *partition*15:54
Byronporter1: I can't upgrade because of libgnomevfs2-common_1%3a2.24.2-1ubuntu1_all.deb and libgnome2-common_2.28.0-0ubuntu3_all.deb. "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"15:54
patdk-lapdrbobb, NO15:55
ByronIt always hangs there and I can't proceed with an upgrade. I have no GUI just root shell.15:55
porter1Byron, have you checked the logs for any other help regrafing the error?15:55
robin0800mbeierl: Hat to do a restart but it's like only once a day thing15:55
h00kbasix: I have no idea.15:55
basixh00k, i've googled a lot and very few posts have actually turned up. The main problem is that I can compile a custom kernel and put in the latest ALSA snapshot to get stuff working but I'd rather avoid it as future updates from Ubuntu might screw up the custom installs...15:55
Byronporter1: No, I have not. I tried 'aptitude upgrade' and it seemingly fixed dependencies, but I'm still back to square one with the upgrade.15:56
h00kbasix: are you going to get a mpb and dual boot it with OSX?15:56
basixh00k, yup...15:56
drbobbpatdk-lap: ok to add one more variable, my swap is on a lvm volume. might that be an issue?15:56
patdk-lapdrbobb, dunno, but probably15:57
Byronporter1: How do I check the log?15:57
drbobbit wasn't with jaunty15:57
patdk-lapnot sure when lvm is mounted, if it's not soon enough, and the kernel doesn't see the swap15:57
patdk-lapnever done a lvm swap + hibernation15:57
drbobbwhat might have changed?15:57
h00kubuntuforums is down, the server error page looks very windowsy15:57
porter1Byron, if you have access to a GUI, you can try looking in System->Administration->Log File Viewer15:57
Byronporter1: Nope, no GUI.15:58
patdk-lapno idea, I use a random encrypted swap drive, so hibernation won't work for me :)15:58
patdk-lapdrbobb, what was in that resume file?15:58
Byronporter1: I think its worth mentioning. My desktop froze during the upgrade. I rebooted and this is where I am now.15:58
drbobbhibernation happens to be a pretty key feature for me15:58
patdk-lapI find hibernation takes longer than to just boot15:58
drbobbpatdk-lap: yes but it restores state15:59
porter1Byron, ok, try first `sudo apt-get update` and then `sudo apt-get upgrade`15:59
patdk-lapyes, but I have too much ram, hibernation takes WAY TO LONG :)15:59
Byronporter1: Done that. Still back to the same error message with the 2 packages.15:59
drbobbpatdk-lap: if you look at the time needed to restore that state manually you're still saving15:59
patdk-lapplus, restoring state with encrypted drives is just evil, you don't want to restore it :)16:00
drbobbnot talking about a highpowered server of course, just a laptop16:00
patdk-lapya, my laptop, with a quadcore cpu and 8gigs ram :)16:00
porter1Byron, logs are stored in /var/log16:01
Byronporter1: Ok. Which log am I going for?16:01
tapiaI can't install glade-2 in karmic16:01
drbobbthe dir /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/ is empty on my sysem16:01
tapiaIs it deprecated or something?16:01
porter1You might see something more about the error in syslog, or messages16:01
patdk-lapdrbobb, defently an issue16:02
h00kbasix: I'd say give it a shot, feel free to update the documentation16:02
porter1Byron, user.log might also contain the error.16:02
drbobbpatdk-lap: if there was ever anything in it, i for sure didn't remove it16:02
basixh00k, i dont want to fork for a large wad of cash for a MBP which wont let me run Ubuntu16:02
h00kbasix: this is also a good point.16:03
patdk-lapdrbobb, i ONLY have two things in there16:03
patdk-lapresume and mdadm, I can understand why no mdadm16:03
basixh00k, so we dont have any MBP users in here? that speaks a lot...16:03
Byronporter1: The last few entries show from last night "hp: io/hpmud/pp.c 627: unable to read device-id ret=-1"16:03
h00kbasix: it looks like it might be a pain, yeah, some steps say they're required after every kernel update16:04
patdk-lapdrbobb, try making a file called resume in there, with one line: RESUME=/dev/VG0/swap16:04
porter1Byron, I'm noy sure if that's related.16:04
patdk-lapor whatever your swap is16:04
h00kbasix: perhaps consider getting an intel laptop and make a hackintosh16:05
drbobbpatdk-lap: ok I see what the resume file contains on my old install, i haven't nuked it yet16:05
patdk-lapthen do a 'update-initramfs -u'16:05
porter1Byron, you can also try `sudo apt-get -F install` and `dpkg --configure -a`16:05
basixh00k, i dont want to run OS X AT ALL!16:05
porter1I mean `sudo apt-get -f install`16:05
basixh00k, i'm not planning to purchase a MBP for OS X. I just want the hardware16:05
h00kbasix: oh, you just wanted that hardware16:05
basixh00k, yes :)16:06
drbobbpatdk-lap: it names the swap device by UUID, and i'm still using the same swap device, so i can just copy it over16:06
h00kbasix: well, you can get an intel laptop of considerable power for usually less cost than a mpb16:06
patdk-lapjust make sure that uuid exists in /dev/disk/by-uuid though16:06
basixh00k, i couldn't find a manufacturer who could give good build quality and warranty.. dell sucks16:06
h00kbasix: consider system7616:06
drbobbpatdk-lap: thanx for pointing me in the right direction, it may well be my prob. is solved16:06
basixh00k, what about the screen. can i get a great mac like screen?16:06
h00kbasix: http://system76.com/16:06
h00kbasix: perhaps specifically http://system76.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=8916:07
Byronporter1: `apt-get -f install` came back with the same error. `dpkg --configure -a` didn't really do anything. I see a list of a few packages, but I can't "scroll up" to see the reason for this list.16:07
h00kbasix: my next hardware will be from system7616:08
basixh00k, 4 cell battery? I'm on a 13" dell with a 9 cell battery...16:08
h00kbasix: you can get a battery  upgrade16:08
h00kbasix: Extra 8 Cell Smart Li-ION Battery16:08
basixh00k, how good is the hardware and the screen? I hate screens with dead pixels or  washed out screens16:09
porter1Byron, could you also try checking dpkg.log?16:09
Byronporter1: I just did16:09
h00kbasix: I haven't used one yet, I have heard good things16:09
Byronporter1: I was about to tell you it looks corrupted. I don't have a plain text output. I have weird characters and blocks.16:10
h00kbasix: I'm sure they have some sort of dead pixel policy, I don't know it, perhaps ask them16:10
basixh00k, its gonna cost me $1342. MBP costs about the same :/ Why go for System 76 then?16:10
porter1byron, the main dpkg.log, not the gzipped ones?16:10
nekohayo_anyone else getting apport wanting to report bugs to launchpad on each sleep resume?16:10
nekohayo_and more importantly, launchpad being unable to process the report16:11
Byronporter1: As a matter of fact, it's messed up my entire prompt. `cat /var/log/dpkg.log` is what I ran.16:11
h00kbasix: 1) you know for sure it will work, 2) you're not paying extra for an OS you won't use 3) they are very good to the linux (specifically) Ubuntu community16:11
porter1Byron, it's pretty long. You might want to use nano instead16:12
porter1if it's borked your terminal, press enter once and then use the command clear16:12
basixh00k, but its very costly. i can get the same hardware from dell for a lot less. Specifically $300 less with better GFX card16:12
h00kbasix: also, they have the sweet ubuntu logo on the back of the monitor :D16:12
basixh00k, hehe16:13
porter1`nano /var/log/dpkg.log`16:13
Byronporter1: Well, nano keeps it clean so that's a plus.16:13
h00kbasix: this is true, i suppose you probably could (from Dell)16:13
Byronporter1: How can I tail the last 20 lines to pastebinit?16:13
basixh00k, i'm worried about the screen... i cant even find reviews for it. any idea if they will match the price from dell?16:14
h00kbasix: not sure, you'd have to check from them16:14
h00kbasix: http://system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=2416:14
porter1byron, you can use the lynx browser and then paste it somehow16:14
porter1Sorry, someone else might know a netter method?16:15
drbobbok, gonna test hibernation.16:15
Ian_Cornetail -n 20 | pastebincommand16:15
Ian_Cornetail -n 20 <file> | pastebincommand16:15
h00kconsider ^16:15
Ian_Cornetail -n 20 <file> | pastebinit16:16
Ian_Corneshould do what you want to do :p16:16
porter1Ian_Corne, thanks :)16:16
porter1python to the rescue16:16
ByronIan_Corne: Thanks.16:16
basixh00k, how about heat issues with this laptop?16:18
h00kbasix: no idea, I don't have one, I haven't heard of anything regarding that16:18
reagleBRKLNi upgrade to karmic, also switched to using amd64, and one of (but not all) of my java apps won't work. it says java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /home/reagle/bin/sunrise-0.42j/libswt-pi-gtk-3206.so: /home/reagle/bin/sunrise-0.42j/libswt-pi-gtk-3206.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 (Possible cause: architecture word width mismatch)16:19
reagleBRKLNany idea how to fix?16:19
basixh00k, do you know anybody who has it?16:19
reagleBRKLNi have java-common and sun-java6-bin and sun-java6jre installed16:19
h00kbasix: specifically no, just in passing in some of the rooms, which: I won't remember16:19
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, change java providers16:19
reagleBRKLNbjsnider: any recommendation?16:20
reagleBRKLNi know very little about java, just use the odd app here and there16:20
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, how did you upgrade from 32 to 64?16:20
reagleBRKLNclean install16:20
basixh00k, i had considered it but i really want to avoid any manufacturer who uses horrible lcds. i'd rather recompile my kernel every time we had an update but i'd not use a laptop with a shitty lcd ( *hint* dell *hint* )16:20
h00kbasix: perhaps ##hardware, #ubuntu,16:20
patdk-lapheh, the dells I have used have much better lcd's than hp laptops16:21
h00kbasix: I have a nice LCD on my Dell, it depends on what you get16:21
basixpatdk-lap, lenovo < hp < dell < apple16:21
BluesKajmy elcheapo acer laptop has a great lcd screen , quite surprising really16:21
patdk-lapmy lenovo lcd is good, never had issue with it16:21
basixh00k, my dell had a good lcd until its warranty ran out. After the expiry it developed horrible dead ixels16:21
basixpatdk-lap, what model do u have?16:22
h00kI have an XPS M1530 and I like the LCD on it, I think I'm going to upgrade someday and get a system7616:22
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, you installed java after clean installing?16:23
h00kplus, I like where my money goes with the,16:23
reagleBRKLNbjsnider: yea16:23
Byronporter1: I don't have network connectivity to even pastebin.16:23
shadeslayerh00k: same system here :)16:23
reagleBRKLNinstall sun-java6-jre16:23
basixh00k, Is the LCD resting on the keyboard? :O http://system76.com/popup_image.php?pID=76&image=216:23
shadeslayerh00k: whats the make of the LCD? Samsung or LG ?16:23
h00kshadeslayer: good question, not sure16:23
basixLG is 100x better than samsung screen16:23
h00kbasix: perhaps there are pads, I don't kknow, ask them16:23
shadeslayerbasix: true16:24
h00kshadeslayer: do you have a problem with Karmic and having intermittend kernel panics?16:24
porter1Byron, your network connectivity broke?16:24
shadeslayerbasix: i have a SEC and its not that crappy16:24
porter1Or is internet not available?16:24
shadeslayerh00k: nope16:24
h00kshadeslayer: I'm having spastic kernel panics and I can't track it down.16:24
monte48lowesis anyone else having issues with Acer laptops and CPU fans while running karmic?16:24
shadeslayereverything works fine here16:24
basixshadeslayer, i ended up with a horrible lcd from lenovo made by samsung. then i got it replaced with a lcd panel which was better but had dead pixel. WTF!16:24
Buuntudoes an upgrade to Karmic also upgrade the kernel?16:24
basixkarmic's kernel has been stable for me though16:24
Byronporter1: Either that or I never had it.16:24
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, try this. install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package, which grabs ia32libs and so forth too16:25
shadeslayerbasix: lol.... well i had a LG panel and it got these Streaks all over it in 3 monts16:25
reagleBRKLNbjsnider: i have it16:25
basixshadeslayer, they are ****** losers16:25
h00kshadeslayer: I've resorted to ssh -X'ing from my netbook, it works fine, just when I start using it it freezes16:25
reagleBRKLNand java freemind works, but not the one i reported above16:25
porter1Byron, well, you can either try getting the errors copied by hand out, or you could try backing up the contents of your home folder and reinstalling16:25
shadeslayerh00k: whats the hardware?16:25
Byronporter1: I get a recovery menu, but pressing the down arrow just gives me the finger and loads the root shell.16:26
h00kshadeslayer: XPS M1530, 3gb ram, nvidia 8600m GT16:26
x1101_workByron: does it really give you the finger?16:26
shadeslayerh00k: exact same config... T8100 i guess?16:26
x1101_workByron: because that souds like a violation of the CoC16:26
porter1ASCII middle are all the new rage as error messages nowadays :P16:26
Byronx1101_work: Yes. It's high-def ASCII ;)16:26
h00kshadeslayer: hang on...I forget16:26
* basix loves Karmic16:27
shadeslayerh00k: how can you? :o16:27
shadeslayerh00k: i mean its the best notebook ever :P16:27
porter1Byron, which packages again did you say error?16:27
x1101_workByron: how do I reproduce this bug again ;)16:27
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, then you might have to manually start the 32 bit apps with the ia32libs java app16:27
shadeslayer(leaving out the crappy build...)16:27
h00kshadeslayer: except when it kernel panics all the dime, basically rendering it unusable except for headless stuffs.16:27
shadeslayerh00k: hmm16:28
Byronporter1: libgnome2-common and libgnomevfs2-common16:28
reagleBRKLNbjsnider: what is ia32libs java app?16:28
h00kshadeslayer: ssh'ing in to see proc16:28
shadeslayerh00k: okies16:29
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, which is probably something like /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-javaxxxx16:29
* shadeslayer doesnt know ssh..16:29
Byronx1101_work: I'm trying to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 and during the upgrade of necessary packages, the desktop froze. Haven't been able to do anything since then to upgrade.16:29
shadeslayerByron: try : ctrl+alt+F116:29
shadeslayerh00k: im running out of time!! quick :P16:29
Byronshadeslayer: I have no GUI. I'm already in TTY116:30
h00kshadeslayer: hang on, dang University and net login16:30
shadeslayerh00k: hehe :)16:30
shadeslayerByron: try : sudo killall gdm (for gnome)16:30
Byronshadeslayer: No GUI running.16:30
porter1Byron, have you tried removing and then adding libgnome2-common?16:31
h00kshadeslayer: T725016:31
bjsniderreagleBRKLN, it's likely /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-sun-java6-bin16:31
shadeslayerByron: ok then check your sources and replace jaunty with karmic,then : apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade16:31
reagleBRKLNbjsnider: no such file on my system16:31
Byronporter1: Yes. I was about to try again right now but didn't know if maybe you would have another thing for me to try prior to doing that.16:31
shadeslayerh00k: oh,i guess thats the problem... you CPU :)16:32
h00kshadeslayer: ...I hope not, actually. I should run CPUBURN or something16:32
patdk-lapI have always had better luck doing, apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade16:32
drbobbyep, restore from hibernation worked fine this time around16:32
porter1Byron, well, I've been looking for a related bug...16:32
uboxhas anyone got an hp with media remote? does it work?16:32
shadeslayerh00k: well all our h/w is same except for the cpu16:32
h00kshadeslayer: I know my memory is okay, the HD SMART status says its okay16:32
reagleBRKLNinstalling ia32-sun-java6-bin16:32
reagleBRKLNbjsnider: worked, thanks a lot!16:33
porter1Byron, it might fix a dependency issue with the package16:34
aim1159have anyone faced with the ext3 fs problems on 9.10?16:34
aim1159sda1, sda3 - ext4, sdb1 - ext3, sdc1 - ext416:34
h00kaim1159: thats a USB device problem, not necessarily ext316:35
shadeslayeraim1159: all of us probably use ext416:35
patdk-lapI'm using ext3, no issues16:35
uboxor maybe any ir remote?16:35
Byronporter1: They have been removed. Should I `apt-get install` them or try to upgrade?16:35
patdk-lapdunno when I will ugprade to ext416:35
reagleBRKLNah... got another ELF error, let me see...16:35
h00kaim1159: notice the I/O error, it could be a hardware problem.16:35
porter1Well, are you still connected to the internet?16:35
ron273shadeslayer: I finally got the system to boot into Karmic. Update process completed succesfukly. Only had to fix menu.lst to reflect proper drives. Thanks for your help16:36
Byronporter1: Let's find out.16:36
shadeslayerron273: yeah i was wondering :)16:36
shadeslayerron273: power outage killed my modem16:36
Byronporter1: Nope.16:36
ron273that's allright. I completed the task and consider myself a Ubuntu-ninja from now on, thanks to you! :)16:37
bjsnideraim1159, looks like a bad drive to me16:37
porter1Hm. Then try to install them normally using apt-get16:37
shadeslayerron273: lol.... everyones a ninja here,they just need to discover their power :)16:37
Byronporter1: How if I have no internet?16:37
porter1Byron, the packages should still be cached locally if they were tecently installed16:37
aim1159the problem is that I have two other drives with exactly the same problem. badblocks and mhdd see nothing16:37
porter1if not, you'll know :)16:38
Byronporter1: I deleted them just moments ago16:38
bjsnideraim1159, two other physical drives?16:38
porter1Byron, but they're still sroed in apt-cache of whatever it's called16:38
porter1regardless of whether you uninstall them16:39
Byronporter1: I deleted them from /var/cache/apt/archives16:39
aim1159bjsnider: yes. one small 2.5 and yet another one 5.2516:39
=== ronald is now known as ron273
aim1159all have ext3. don't think that they become broken at one same time16:39
bjsnideraim1159, did this happen when you installed or upgraded karmic?16:40
aim1159more over: they phisically placed in different locations - 2 at work and one here16:40
porter1Byron, at this point, I'd recommend you backup and reinstall, or you can try to bring the packages over manually using a flash drive. Unless someone here can help?16:40
h00kaim1159: I've had similar problems, they were bad drives, the I/O error is usually indicative16:40
darthanubisforums are down, and smbtree returns nothing16:40
aim1159this happen when i did  fresh karmic install a week ago (all updates for today installed)16:40
darthanubishowever my shares are working and seen by all PC16:40
aim1159h00k: i know - that's why I did mhdd test first, before asking here16:41
bjsnideraim1159, maybe your installation media had errors16:41
Byronporter1: How about this: I want to partition the drive from 1TB to have a 25GB for '/' where I can do a fresh install of 9.04 and then leave the current partition as /home without formatting. Do you think that will work?16:42
bjsniderByron, the 25gb has to be at the start of the drive16:42
* patdk-lap is still annoying and uses a <500meg boot drive, just incase16:43
bjsnideri think it's a grub2 issue16:43
porter1Byron, it might be pretty difficult. Is your current /home in a separate partition?16:43
h00kbjsnider: no it doesn't have to be at the start16:43
Byronporter1: Nope. I have it all on a single drive16:43
bjsniderh00k, i thought someone said last night that grub2 needs the boot partition to be at the start16:44
aim1159bjsnider: and how could it lead to disk errors?16:44
h00kbjsnider: oh, grub2 has to be on the mbr, i thought you were talking about /16:44
bjsnideraim1159, if the kernel you installed was damaged then there would be various problems16:44
bjsniderh00k, i was16:44
ByronI'm tempted to go out and get a new 1TB and then just xfer my /home from the current drive, then just use the current drive (after a successful backup) for storage.16:45
bjsnideri thought someone said last night that grub2 wants / to be at the start of the drive right next to the mbr16:45
mbeierlanyone here use pam group?16:45
h00kbjsnider: I could be wrong16:45
h00kbjsnider: I'm not very familiar with grub2 yet16:45
bjsniderh00k, so could i16:45
bjsniderthere might be an open bug for it16:46
Byronbjsnider: I didn't think it had to be at the start of the drive. What errors would arise?16:46
darthanubissmbtree returns nothing, but my shares are working and seen for now by all machines linux and windows. Windows sees the shares all the time, linux sometimes cannot browse the shares via nautilus or dolphin. Yet, findsmb and browsing using smb//ipadress always work?16:46
darthanubisI believe once the windows machines are down. nautilus and dolphin work fine. The minute a windows machine is on the network, they break. I wonder if the windows machines and linux boxes are fighting to see who the master browser actually is?16:46
aim1159bjsnider: i've said - installed updates. this mean the kernel updates too. this is a new kernel and new modules. not from the media.16:47
aim1159it's not a problem with main hdd with os - it's a problem with external ext3 drives16:47
bjsniderh00k, i guess there's no root requirement for grub2, at least i can't find a bug16:53
ByronI think I'm going to buy a 1TB drive right now and start over, then transfer thing over. Is there a way for me to obtain a list of my installed packages?16:54
bullhornso.. are sound issues common with 9.10?16:55
BluesKajdarthanubis, i suggest you try openssh , it uses sftp and works well between linux machines as long as you have their IPs listed in /etc/hosts16:56
kindofabuzzgetting odd cpu spikes (%100) at times for several minutes with nothing open16:57
darthanubisBluesKaj, I did mention I have a mixed network of Windows machines. Otherwise why use samba at all.16:57
bullhorni just checked the update manager, since yesterday there is a new pulseaudio updates16:57
EagleScreenByron: it may be in any Synaptic option16:58
yofelByron: try 'dpkg --get-selections | grep install'16:58
bullhornperhaps my sound issue is known? out of the blue for no reason, the sound was gone16:58
=== tj83_ is now known as shawn_
timberi'm having a problem with the screenshot program...no file is saved in the folder that i choose16:58
Byronyofel: Thanks!16:59
Barridusis it possible to go back to grub1 (grub-legacy?) if i'm running ext4?  and if it is, is it an easy thing to accomplish?16:59
timberall files are saved on the desktop16:59
EagleScreenBarridus: I think yes17:00
kindofabuzzhmm the high cpu was from a pic i had in print que to an offline printer... known bug?17:00
* Blues-Man thinking : Maven on a Celeron = Suicide17:02
=== shawn_ is now known as tj83_
bjsnidergnome-shell does not have immediate access to the preferences/administration menus17:08
erryi have this: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 04f2:b008 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd USB 2.0 Camera17:10
erryand it no longer works in ubuntu 9.1017:10
_akahige_I'm trying to sort out an audio control issue... the toolbar volume control button will control the output volume to my headphones, but not to my speakers. don't know if this is a bug, or some kind of setting I missed17:13
astrojpI wonder why my menu icons have disappeared after updating to 9.10? Like, when I right click on my Desktop to display my menu there's no icon beside the text, though some of Gnomes icons show up in other places.17:14
aim1159finally it looks like usb issue...17:14
IndyGunFreakastrojp, there was a setting for that, and i can't remember where it was17:15
_bt_akahige_: right click the volume button, hit sound preferences. select the output tab and then change "connector" at the bottom to reflect which output you want to control.17:15
BluesKajdarthanubis, samba can be used alongside ssh , that's how I connect to our windows machines , but I use ssh to connect between our linux machines , because it's more stable.17:15
hsarciwhat is the name of the package that has the fast user switch applet?17:15
IndyGunFreakastrojp, system/pref/appearances... then "Interface Tab"... then check "Show Icons in Menus"17:17
ubuhantuhello.. java applets are freezing on karmic, how can i fix it? thanks :)17:17
mbeierlanyone with advice on nvidia twinview and laptops?  I'd like to be able to easily switch between having both monitors enabled and just the laptop.  I used to do this through hand-crafted meta-modes in xorg, and then toggle with xrandr -s, but I'm wondering if there is a better way.  Since upgrading to Karmic, the meta mode handling is a little ... wonky.17:19
hsarcidoes anyone have any idea why rythmbox would open on boot eventhough i tell it not to?17:19
patdk-lapyou didn't threaten it?17:20
mzzhsarci: wild guess: some plugged in storage device is detected as a media player17:20
mbeierlhsarci: it might be set to auto open when music media is detected?17:20
_akahige__bt: thanks. one more question: if the device being controlled is the headset, there is much more of a volume range than if the headset is being used while the speakers are the selected output device. is that normal? and is there a more convenient way to switch between the two?17:20
erryi have this: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 04f2:b008 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd USB 2.0 Camera17:20
mzzhsarci: perhaps make sure nothing in system -> preferences -> file management -> media is set up to open rhythmbox without asking17:20
erryand it no longer works17:20
_btsorry i am unsure17:21
Etugeh... sitll having a bug with qtruby17:21
IndyGunFreakastrojp, did you figure it out?17:22
_akahige__bt: no worries. you were a big help. I'll do some diggin17:22
Etuhttp://pastebin.com/m41b2bc82 <--- The code I try to run is avibale here: http://cuby.m68k.se/17:23
mbeierlany nvidia and twinview users here?17:24
Buuntucan someone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130071917:25
IndyGunFreakmbeierl, i use twinview and nvidia.17:27
IndyGunFreakthe xorg problem?17:27
IndyGunFreakmbeierl, whats the prob w/ twinview/17:28
=== Adapter_ is now known as Adapter
IndyGunFreakmbeierl, whats wrong w/ twinview?17:32
IndyGunFreakeh, screw it...lol17:32
aim1159what does nominate for release launchpad bugtracker subsytem button do?17:33
xorreddiskcheck is broken in 9.10 rc!17:36
xorredI rebooted my sistem once, and now its hanging on 0% checking all the time17:37
mbeierlIndyGunFreak: sorry - testing different configs.  My problem with twinview is that the primary log in screen shows on the external monitor - have a laptop here17:37
xorredblinking at 0%17:37
mbeierlIndyGunFreak: and I want to be able to use xrandr to switch between having external monitor on and off.  I just can't get a config that works nicely17:37
IndyGunFreakhmm, well i'm not that familiar w/ it, i just set up my dual screens and everything works... isn't that a option there to make on of the displays "primary"? (I'm on my laptop right now, ,my PC is the dual screen)17:38
bjsniderdoes esata not work?17:38
jwfoxjrhas anyone here been experience epic failures with systems that have an ATI SB600 USB controller in them?17:39
mbeierlIndyGunFreak: yes, but the gdm login screen appears to ignore it :(17:39
jwfoxjrI've been having hit and miss problems with devices not showing up or timing out while in use.17:39
IndyGunFreakmbeierl, hmm, no logical explanation there, it always shows up on my left hand monitor no problem.17:39
alexis_hi! i cannot use my dvb usb card now with the 2.6.31* kernel compiled in karmic. (artec t1 with dvb-usb-dibusb-an2235-01.fw firware worked very well in hardy )17:47
alexis_how can i do to enable  DVB_USB_DIBUSB_MB_FAULTY in the kernel17:47
cbsdi have seen some ss about ubuntu 9.10 beta release, on every ss has a dockbar so, i was wondering is that dockbar included on ubuntu 9.10 or the user has to installed?17:47
leaf-sheepcbsd: What dockbar? Show the SS.17:48
coz_cbsd,   hey guy...if you mean  cairo dock or awn  no it is not by default17:49
cbsdok thanks coz_17:49
coz_cbsd,  do you have a link to any of the screenshots?  I can tell you which it is17:49
coz_cbsd,  you do have a choice   cairo dock...awn..kiba dock  or gnome-do docky  and they are in the order of complexity and configuration17:50
coz_cbsd,  although daniel is not back so kiba dock should be picking up real soon :)17:51
cbsdmmm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYgWE6Svpag17:51
coz_cbsd,  rather daniel "IS back :)17:51
cbsdon that video u can see the dock17:51
coz_cbsd,  hold on let me look17:51
cbsdi dont remember the links where i saw the ss17:51
cbsdok :)17:51
coz_cbsd,   I dont see him usin git so it actually could be any of them but not gnome-do docky... if you are wanting a highly configurable dock I suggest  cairo dock if you have an nvidia card  if not then go with awn17:52
coz_cbsd,  although cairo dock will work without opengl on any card17:53
cbsdnice :), thanks for the info coz_ :)17:53
coz_cbsd,  no problem if you want cairo dock you can meet me in #cairo-dock channel :)17:54
mbeierlok, so given the least painful config - for a laptop that I want to be able to easily switch between two and one displays, I have to have it configured to use laptop display only as its first meta-mode, with laptop and external as second meta mode.  This allows the login screen to show on the laptop so if there is no external monitor I can still see to log in.17:54
coz_mbeierl,  sounds right :)17:55
mbeierlonly problem is that the GDM display will pan through the full 3120x1050 on the laptop until I log in and toggle the display a few times17:55
mbeierlseems the new GDM is really not twinview friendly at all.17:56
patdk-lapheh? gdm load up with both of my monitors mirrored no issue17:56
coz_mbeierl,   I am not up to speed on this new  gdm  thing  and my nvidia card has blown up and I am using a lower end card right now.... I am not real keen on the gdm revision that comes with karmic   but that is due to Ghome developers17:56
mbeierlpatdk-lap: but... laptop or desktop?  I need to be able to toggle between external being present and not - I'm on laptop17:57
patdk-lapmbeierl, laptop17:57
coz_mbeierl,  which nvidia driver are you running?17:57
patdk-lapI'm not using nvidia though17:57
mbeierlstock from repos: 185.18.36-0ubuntu917:58
mbeierlcoz_: ^17:58
coz_mbeierl,  that should be fine....17:58
coz_mbeierl, well you could try asking in the #gnome channel ...although I cant guarantee a quck response there17:59
jwfoxjris anyone having issues with ati sb600 usb controllers running only in 1.1 mode or completely timing out?  Thanks.17:59
Picimbeierl: gnome's irc channels are on irc.gimp.net iirc17:59
Barridusneat, an absolutely terrible bug was apparently fixed today.  i can plug my netbook into a wired router without absolutely destroying the latency for everyone else17:59
mbeierlcoz_: thanks...  they'll talk about karmic there too?  Or d'ya think I'll get a "ask on #ubuntu+1" there?18:00
EtuI still having my bug with qtruby. I was here a week ago and it haven't been fixed., http://pastebin.com/m41b2bc82 <--- The code I try to run is avibale here: http://cuby.m68k.se/18:00
coz_mbeierl,  well this isnt really a karmic issue  it is a gnome issue  so they should  be able to deal with any questions about gdm18:00
coz_mbeierl,  but again  I cant guarantee their response18:01
mbeierlcoz_: k.  thanks18:01
coz_      mbeierl  no problem :)18:01
Barridusi've typically asked gnome questions here in beta 'buntu's18:01
Barridusafter all, gdm is officially supported package18:03
coz_Barridus,  that makes sense  although the new gdm is somewhat of a pain18:05
h00kbut it looks so god!18:05
h00k*good rather.18:05
coz_h00k,  but you now cannot theme it properly :(18:06
h00kthis is true18:06
h00kalso somewhat puzzling18:06
mbeierlh00k: Oddly, I preferred the 9.04 one.  It looked more "polished" with the 3d circle at the bottom...18:06
G_A_Cyup, 9.04's GDM theme was far nicer :(18:07
mbeierlanyone notice that the bongos sound a little early now?  They go off for me about 2 seconds before the username sign in is shown18:07
mzzmbeierl: I think that happens here too18:08
coz_mbeierl,  yes they do18:08
h00kIt did look pretty good, but I like the icons at the bottom of the new one, also the white logo18:08
coz_mbeierl,  this new boot sequence is probably the worst  since ubuntu 4.1018:08
mbeierlthe plain circle on boot is really ... well, plain18:08
h00kits simple, elegant, yet demanding of your attention18:09
coz_mbeierl,  it is indeed although in grub2 you could disable "quiet splash"   and see the run through in text18:09
h00ksimplicity isn't always a bad thing18:09
coz_below the symbol18:09
coz_h00k,  nope it isnt but plain white on muddy background .?18:11
h00kcoz_: its not muddy, its black18:12
mzzI think one of you is talking about usplash and the other about xsplash?18:13
Pres-GasHey, all.  I cannot edit files in the RC of Xubu.  I have a file in my home and can "less" it to a terminal, but when I issue "vi" on the file, it comes up as a new file18:13
coz_h00k,  mm  ok18:13
Pres-GasI have my home directory encrypted with ecryptfs18:13
coz_mzz,  yes  I think you are correct  :)18:13
h00k...er, yeah. Probably.18:13
h00kusplash is what I was referring to18:14
coz_both are still  out of place18:14
mzzPres-Gas: /w 5118:14
mzzPres-Gas: so is that just vi?18:14
Pres-GasNope, mzz, with nano as well.  I am trying other files...they seem to be only with recently created files...say 4 or less days ago18:15
mzzPres-Gas: anything scary in dmesg?18:16
mzzPres-Gas: my ~ is ecryptfs too (as set up by the installer) and I haven't seen this18:16
h00kso, I'm trying to set up netconsole to figure out why my kernel dies.  Its telling me to add an option to grub and /boot/grub/grub.cfg explicitely says *DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE*18:17
mzzh00k: /etc/default/grub18:17
mzzh00k: but you may not need to, do you still get to a shell before it dies?18:17
* Pres-Gas looks in dmesg and /var/log/*18:18
h00kmzz: no.18:18
mzzh00k: ok, /etc/default/grub then18:18
* h00k thumbsup18:18
[A]KangBHi people, before a year with kernel problems Karmic solved it, but now was my screen that crash. Ubuntu comes with a really high resolution, i want to take it lower but no NVidia configurator, when it click on "save changes to Xfile" it returns "cannot pharse xorg.conf file" thats my xorg file http://pastebin.com/mf5629d5 what have i to add to take my resolution as 1024*768?18:18
mzz(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT that is, probably)18:18
Pres-Gasmzz, do you have vim installed?18:18
h00kmzz: this sucks because the instructions I see (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Netconsole) are for grub, not grub218:19
ByronI got a new 1TB. I hope this idea works18:19
Pres-GasIt is a funny thing, while looking, I also decided to install vim...now the files I had trouble with are "seen"18:20
Pres-Gaschecking with nano asa well18:20
h00kmzz: I'm going to guess I need this line to say this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="debug"18:20
astrojpIndyGunFreak: Sorry, had to run an errand. I guess it was disabled during the upgrade. Regardless, thanks! That fixed it. :)18:20
h00kinstead of "quiet splash"18:21
mzzh00k: I'd just do that "quiet splash -> debug" thing at boot time using grub's builtin editor18:21
IndyGunFreakastrojp, np18:21
darrend[A]KangB: prb can't save it 'cos you're not running it as root18:21
mzzh00k: but yeah, that might work18:21
h00kmzz: I'll give this a shot18:21
Pres-GasI will have to look over my logs from yesterday to see what is up.18:22
[A]KangBdarrend, when i click on nvidia configurator, it s shown an Gksudo dialog asking me my roots pass18:22
addisonjhmmm, where did mixer functionality transport to in karmic?18:23
addisonjfor sound i should say18:23
darrend[A]KangB: suggest you move your current xorg.conf somewhere as a backup, then restart X without one (so it gets re-created).  Then retry what you wanted to do.  If it fails, put the xorg.conf back and we can think again18:24
[A]KangBdarrend, I only want to get low my screen resolution.. I did not touch xorg.conf file..18:26
tormoddarrend, xorg.conf is not recreated by restarting X, it will run without18:27
saxinIf I use a LiveCD, will Palimpsest Disk Utility recognise bad hardware?18:35
Wilthrilhi all18:36
cdinzHow is Karmic running on MacBook 1,1? Anyone?18:36
ByronNew HDD in place. 1TB hdd is in place. What is the suggested formatting? '/' will be 25GB, and then just make /home the rest?18:36
alankilaI'm using 5 GB/rest splits myself18:37
alankila5 GB is a tad tight, though18:38
Lazywith 1TB you could easily spare 25GB for /18:38
pnutproblem with karmic install, my wide screen wont display, keep getting Input Signal out of range18:38
alankilawell, the problem with "sparing" 25 GB is that there's likely no conceiveable use for that much for system. You could install the whole software archive in that kind of space, I guess. Perhaps many times over.18:39
alankilaalthough I'm not quite sure. There's certainly an awful lot of junk in the software archive. ;-)18:39
mzzshrug, depends on how much stuff you install18:41
mzzif you install lots of dbgsym packages or a few games with large data packages it may add up quickly18:41
Wilthrili'd like to know: is there any difference between i install the RC then i update, and i wait 5 days to install the stable version?18:41
pnutanyone have a quick fix for this issue?18:42
mzzWilthril: fewer upgrades initially, I haven't been paying attention to installer changes18:42
mzzpnut: not generally, no. But obviously check if you can still ctrl+alt+f1 out and if /var/log/Xorg.0.log has anything suspicious18:43
Wilthrilmzz: i mean if i install the rc today then i update&upgrade next week, my OS will be the same as if i wait next week to install the stable version no?18:44
bjsnideralankila, 3d games like ut2k4 and etqw take up lots of space18:44
pnutmzz, nothing suspicious at all...18:44
mzzWilthril: except for installer bugs, yes18:44
mbeierlWilthril: yes.  it will be the same18:44
Wilthrilok great thanks a lot :)18:45
mzzpnut: well, it seems to be getting the refresh rate wrong18:45
mzzpnut: at least part of the decision making process for that is logged18:45
pnutmzz, can that setting be forced on live cd?18:46
sun`input output error :(18:46
sun`can anyone help me with this error?18:46
mzzpnut: I'm assuming what gets it wrong is X, and things work if you just ctrl+alt+f1 out of it. In which case using /etc/X11/xorg.conf to fix it would be easiest.18:46
pnutmzz, on my way there now, thanks18:46
alankilabjsnider: true enough. I never kept that stuff on / back when I still gamed on linux18:46
mzzpnut: I don't know what livecds have to do with it, unless you mean running the X server off the livecd environment, which I can't help with because I used the alt cd18:47
alankilait's easy to blow tens of gigabytes to games like ut2004, quake4, doom3, nwn, and what others I had... don't recall.18:47
hsarcidoes anyone know why rhythmbox would open on startup even if I dont have it configured to do such?????18:48
nameiner_I have trouble getting my Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX to work. It worked fine out of the box under intrepid. Any ideas?18:48
yofelsun`: can you please give an exact description of when you get that error?18:48
* mzz doesn't feel like repeating himself about that18:48
IndyGunFreakhsarci, hmm, thats odd.. its not in startup applications is it?18:48
hsarciIndyGunFreak, no, definately not18:49
coz_nameiner_,  i am finding the same issues with my logitech web cam  here as well...although I have not found a solution18:49
IndyGunFreakhsarci, are you starting w/ an IPod, or something like that plugged in?18:49
hsarciIndyGunFreak, i have played around with different applets and also with plugins for avant (i dont use avant anymore)18:49
hsarciIndyGunFreak, no...nothing is plugged in18:49
IndyGunFreakhsarci, hmm, dunno... i definitely don't have that.18:50
hsarciIndyGunFreak, when i say different applets and avant plugins i mean ones that are for controlling rythmbox18:50
bjsnideralankila, well obviously you don't have to keep the games on root iffen you don't not want to18:50
IndyGunFreakhsarci, well, probably something is still working there obviously18:50
IndyGunFreaki don't do compiz or avant, so i dunno.18:50
nameiner_coz_, it's supposed to work with the spca5 driver which was included in intrepid. How can I find out if it's still included in karmic18:50
hsarciIndyGunFreak, i dont have avant installed anymore18:50
ysthloading a mysql dump file (using 5.0 server and client) with lines close to 1Mb in length, I'm getting syntax errors reported.  Somehow the data read seems to be getting corrupted18:50
hsarciIndyGunFreak, so im not sure how "something" is still working18:51
IndyGunFreakhsarci, i know, but obviously there's a setting or something there still working18:51
coz_nameiner_,  not sure as I said I have not found a solution for this myself   I am still trying  though18:51
hsarciIndyGunFreak, also, whenever I close rythmbox (right click on icon and exit) the rythmbox process is still running and i have to kill it in system monitor18:51
Berzerker-has anyone had a problem with hibernate not working?18:51
IndyGunFreakhsarci, i have no idea... like i said, its obvious some setting or plugin you've messed with, is still installed18:52
ysththe identical file loads successfully on jaunty.  it fails on karmic with both "pv dumpfile | mysql" and using "source dumpfile" at the mysql prompt18:52
hsarciIndyGunFreak, *sigh* how can a plugin for avant still be installed if avant has been purged?18:52
mzzBerzerker-: doesn't work if you ended up with encrypted swap. May also fail on specific systems, obviously18:52
IndyGunFreakhsarci, you clearly don't understand english, so take your sighs elsewhere, and ask soemone else18:52
hsarciIndyGunFreak, no processes related to avant start up or are running....ever18:52
ysthany suggestions for how I can narrow down the source of the problem?18:53
Berzerker-mzz, it worked before a daily build update about a week ago18:53
hsarciIndyGunFreak, you are clearly not an ubuntu guru so dont try to act like one when someone asks question18:53
mzzhsarci: well, *something* on your system differs from the systems of pretty much everyone else here (where rhythmbox doesn't auto-start)18:53
IndyGunFreakhsarci, i'm not the one here w/ problems,18:53
IndyGunFreakmzz, thank you.18:53
mzzhsarci: could be hardware (see my earlier question about plugged in storage devices), could be software (something one of those applets left behind)18:54
hsarcithats why im in here asking...becasue this is where ur supposed to ask for answer to complicated problems18:54
IndyGunFreakmzz, i asked him that, he said no18:54
Berzerker-hsarci, you can't come into a support channel and tell people they can't give good support, that's an ignorant thing to do.18:54
mzzIndyGunFreak: I did ask about it earlier, I was ignored :)18:54
hsarcifuck all of you18:54
IndyGunFreak!attitude | hsarci18:54
ubottuhsarci: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines18:54
* mzz rolls eyes18:54
IndyGunFreakhave to put him on a list of folks not to help..lol18:55
Jeruvybut a textbook example of 'how not to get help',  now back to our regular programming :)18:56
d9500i noticed the ubuntu forums were down earlier today. now it seems like they're back up but the ubuntu keyserver site is down. can anyone confirm? http://keyserver.ubuntu.com18:56
ysthwhen the keyserver site is up, it's so slow for me that I can hardly tell the difference when it goes down :)18:57
cdinz--- keyserver.ubuntu.com ping statistics ---18:58
cdinz7 packets transmitted, 7 packets received, 0.0% packet loss18:58
cdinzround-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 193.173/237.731/259.171/23.015 ms18:58
d9500ysth: i get "gpg: keyserver timed out" when trying to add a key18:58
thune3can someone explain what http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20091026.1/ is exactly18:58
ysthd9500: try subkeys.pgp.net instead18:59
d9500is there another way to import a key besides using the "sudp apt-key adv..." method? like maybe manually downloading the key and importing it via software sources?18:59
PurPurI think i have found an unusual behaviour if the new boot splash. Is this the right place to post the error?18:59
coz_thune3,  this would be the current build of karmic or testing build I would assume....I always saw it that way19:00
mzzPurPur: perhaps, but use a pastebin if it's more than one line and a bug report if you're sure it's a bug19:00
PurPurokay thanks. I think i will fill a bug report19:01
ysthd9500: I've copied a key from the keyserver website and imported it that way before; don't remember the syntax to load it.19:01
yofeld9500: there is, but if you get a timeout on the command line you won't get the key from the website too19:01
ysthyofel: not true; the command line times out quicker than a browser might19:02
d9500ysth: so, to use subkeys.pgp.net, I would run sudo apt-key adv --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net. --recv-keys "numberofkey" (replacing the "numberofkey" with the key number)?19:02
ysthd9500: yes.19:02
ystherr, without the . after net19:02
ysthno advice on mysql syntax errors?19:06
thune3does it mean that current rc is not gold and will rev ref:http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20091026.1/19:06
ysththune3: if you load the rc and then check for updates, you'll find lots.19:07
d9500ysth: thx, that worked.19:08
drbobbit seems my isp's dns servers are sluggish to respond at times, what would you recommend as a solution for caching dns data?19:08
scott_ino2will RC automatically roll into the final release or will I have to change repos ?19:09
raffertySound from headphones but not from speakers on Thinkpad x200. I've tried every workaround I can find... any suggestions?19:09
RediXeHas anyone had any issue's with xmonad not working with dual monitors?19:09
yofelscott_ino2: no need, installing updates is enough19:09
scott_ino2yofel, excellent19:10
scott_ino2yofel, I remember in the past i had to changed over19:10
scott_ino2glad they figured that out i would have done this months ago even if things were broken19:10
chazcoThis bug is the one that is marked as fixed but isn't - https://launchpad.net/bugs/368135 - can I reopen it without joining launchpad?19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 368135 in xf86-input-evtouch "X crashes after a few minutes or seconds (Jaunty)" [Undecided,Fix released]19:11
quentusrexI think I have a big issue19:12
quentusrexbut it might be my hardware...19:12
quentusrexHere is my setup: intel i7 860 cpu, with gigabyte p55-ud4p motherboard.19:13
quentusrexI lose ALL existing network connections every 30 minutes19:13
quentusrexand they 'wake' up again after about 4-5 minutes19:13
yofelchazco: no, to change anything you need a LP account19:13
quentusrexAll ssh connections hang, and all voip calls through the server hang, but all of them pickup after 4-5 minutes....19:14
chazcoyofel - Ah... thanks19:14
Doctehis mountall supposed to exit when its done?19:14
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, sure sounds like hardware.19:14
quentusrexIndyGunFreak, do you know of any software that will test network connections?19:14
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, unfortunately i don't19:14
Doctehtest in what way?19:15
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, do you have an old LAN card laying around by chance?19:15
quentusrexnope... :(19:15
Doctehquentusrex: is there anything in dmesg when it happens?19:15
quentusrexlast thing was: [   22.973256] eth0: no IPv6 routers present19:16
quentusrexand uptime:  12:16:35 up 2 days, 21:39,  1 user,  load average: 0.05, 0.07, 0.0819:16
quentusrexso that was from almost 3 days ago19:16
Doctehdo you have a monitor on that guy?19:17
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, never had a problem like that, that is strange... i know when my sisters onboard LAN took a dump, I put in a cheap Dynex LAN card, and it works perfectly19:17
quentusrexyes, there is a monitor19:18
nameiner_coz_, I just installed cheese and my cam works, so the driver is installed only some programs like skype don't work right with the cam.19:18
Doctehtry doing something with it while then network doesn't work, maybe whole computer is going to sleep for some reason?19:18
coz_nameiner_,   cool ... for me cheese didnt help the situation ..but real glad you have it working :)19:19
nameiner_coz_, camorama doesn't work either, I wonder why?19:19
coz_nameiner_,  I know and I usually relied on camorama  before19:20
Doctehquentusrex: probably wont be that though, so you'll want to try swapping network cable, the port on the switch its using, and the network adaptor itself19:21
TheInfinityspammer ...19:23
nameiner_coz_, ok, I have camorama working, it needs a workaround. You need to start it in v4l1 compatibility mode with the following command: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libv4l/v4l1compat.so camorama19:23
quentusrexDocteh, this motherboard has the smart dual nic feature19:23
IndyGunFreakhave you tried disabling that, to see how it works?19:24
Doctehwhats a smart dual nic feature?19:24
Doctehtape two network cards together and triple the price?19:25
IndyGunFreaklol, pretty much19:25
bjsniderhow cynical19:25
quentusrexit will auto failover19:25
IndyGunFreakobviously not.19:25
quentusrexyeah... I know...19:26
quentusrexbut I'm trying to find out if karmic is handling it wrong19:26
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, is there a way to disable that in the BIOS?19:26
quentusrexor the bios/hardware is broke...19:26
quentusrexIndyGunFreak, yes. and I did....19:26
IndyGunFreaki take it this machine doesn't dual boot?19:26
quentusrexnope, karmic only for now19:28
ArmageddonKK does not detect my webcam, it's a chicony, it is searching in /dev/video019:28
IndyGunFreaki'd be willing to bet this is a karmic issue.19:28
Armageddondidn't work cheese, nor other applications in Ubuntu Software Center19:28
quentusrexI've started to see similiar issues...19:28
Armageddonany idea ?19:28
quentusrexI've done:  ab -kc 50 -t 300 -n 90000000 http://therabbit/19:28
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, i'd try getting a cheap NIC card and use it.19:29
quentusrexwhich will basically slashdot plus digg effect the box19:29
quentusrexI'm on a gigabit network19:29
quentusrexdoing that command from 4 other machines too19:29
quentusrexI see small patches of the effect...19:29
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, i don't see any reason a regular LAN card wouldn't work on a gigabit network19:30
quentusrexit'd be fine...19:30
quentusrexI'm just trying to stress this one out19:30
nameiner_Armageddon, I'm working on thesame issue, cheese works for me, camorama only in v4l1 compatibility mode, skype doesn't work at all19:31
IndyGunFreaklol, then deal w/ it disconnecting every 30min19:31
IndyGunFreakthat'll stress you out19:31
pnutmzz, thanks bro, had to install nvidia drivers after ctrl+alt+f1 in order to get to desktop of livecd.  now it all works great, thanks again bro19:31
quentusrexwell, I'm trying to narrow down what the issue is...19:31
IndyGunFreakquentusrex, well, i think the issue is probably Karmic dealing w/ that dual NIC19:32
quentusrexbut what happens every 30 minutes?19:32
cousin_marioupdates aren't getting notified: what shall I check?19:37
addisonjcurious, after update my cdrom fails to mount19:38
Deihmoswhen the final release comes out do i have to do a reinstall?19:41
Deihmoscan it be updated without an install19:41
=== tag__ is now known as tag
tagWhen I try to configure an evolution-mapi account, evolution segfaults.19:41
adam__having a problem with s/w raid on koala - when it gets to grub install it gives a fata error grub-install /dev/md0  failed19:42
adam__md0 is boot raid1 and i have swap as raid0 and root as raid019:42
psquiddyHey folks!  Just wanted to say thanks for getting Canadian localization up and running.  Nice to see things spelled "our" way.19:43
addisonjyou running the alternate installer19:43
adam__everything else seems to install ok, just fails on the grub part19:44
topylicousin_mario, the update icon is disabled. security updates will pop up the update-manager window (or optionally security updates can be installed automatically) but you will only be notified about normal updates once a week19:44
addisonjcould just be an odd chipset that is not well loved19:44
SchneeSchwarzadam__: is grub2 really capable of booting from RAID0? grub 0.97 definitely isn't, just RAID119:44
psquiddySmall note:  clicking the irc link in Firefox 3.5 under Koala pointed me to a link that is apparently no longer supported (mibbit).  Might want to update that before the release!19:45
Picipsquiddy: Did you file a bug?19:45
cousin_mariotopyli: how do I enable it?19:45
psquiddyNo, just found it now.  Where should I file that?19:46
adam__so i need all three partitions as raid1 ? i thought i just had to have boot partition as raid1 and others as raid019:46
topylicousin_mario, there's a gconf setting, /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch. set it to false in gconf-editor if you don't like the default behavior19:46
=== adam__ is now known as adam_rrraid
Picipsquiddy: Probably on the firefox-3.5 package19:47
aguiteli have some problem with power management ,the display is not shut down ,anyone know about this?19:47
psquiddyPici: thanks19:47
cousin_mariotopyli: sorry, I don't understand. Do I have to disable the notifier in order to have updates shown as soon as they become available?19:48
Guest96296hmm, is ubuntu+1 recommended for home users ?19:49
PiciGuest96296: Not until after it actually releases.19:49
topylicousin_mario, no, you disable the autolaunch of ubuntu's default action and get the old orange update icon back19:49
thiebaudeGuest96296: yes19:49
ActionParsnipGuest96296: +1 is for users whom need support for the unreleased karmic19:49
SchneeSchwarzadam_rrraid: no, /boot on RAID1 is enough. But, as you've seen, you can't install GRUB on /dev/md0. Install into /dev/sda (or whatever your normal device is called).19:49
Pici3 different answers...19:50
Guest96296Pici, two to be fair19:50
cousin_mariotopyli: oh, thanks.19:50
Guest96296hmm, why the switch to empathy btw ?19:51
mzzPici: not quite released yet, but close enough to release to be pretty stable. So you could already use it, but you're expected to be cooperative if something breaks, if you know what I mean19:51
mzzwilling to debug a bit and file bugs etc19:51
mzzPici: also see the huge banner at the top of http://www.ubuntu.com/ :)19:51
Picimzz: You mean Guest96296 surely. I'm well aware of the testing stuff.19:52
mzzoh, yes.19:52
mzzmy bad.19:52
mzz(I misread "3 different answers..." as something the person originally asking would say)19:52
cousin_mariotopyli: may I inquire about the reason for such change in behaviour?19:53
quentusrexIndyGunFreak, Docteh The chipsets are Realtek 8111D19:53
sergiuszI have some basic questions about grub2 and where it is installed.19:54
adam_rrraidthe installation program is installing to /dev/md0 how do i froce it to the right place?19:54
sergiuszIs grub2 installed in mbr?19:54
topylicousin_mario, i guess the rationale is that critical updates should be applied at once, so we might as well launch  the update manager. normal updates are not something we should bother users with all the time19:54
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:54
cousin_mariotopyli: I see, thanks again19:55
DanaGmmmm, notify-osd.19:58
SchneeSchwarzadam_rrraid: When installing from the alternate CD, at the boot screen press F<don't know exactly> (F4 maybe) and select expert mode. You'll be asked much more stuff.19:58
i_is_brokehey got a bit of a techno question for someone, does ubuntu have kernel issues with using a sata hard drive with a regular ide hard drive?19:58
sergiuszPici, thanks for the link. However, it doesn't really answer my question which I feel is very basic. I've installed karmic on a separate partition on my computer. This installed grub2. The question is: in order to remove the karmic installation do I have to install grub2 on my current jaunty installation?20:00
i_is_brokethe reason i ask is i am running a amd sempron 3000 with 2gig of memory and it takes like 3 minutes to boot, with no errors..just hangs after grub with flashing cursor20:00
Picisergiusz: You just need to reinstall your bootloader for your stable version of Ubuntu, just like you would if you had installed windows and it overwrote your mbr.20:01
yofeli_is_broke: please install 'bootchart' and check what it takes the time for20:02
yofel!bootchart | i_is_broke20:02
ubottui_is_broke: bootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot20:02
sergiuszPici, ok I understand. Could I work around this by having a  separate boot partition? Would you recommend that for someone that installs and un-installs os's?20:03
i_is_brokeyofel, installing now and will shut down and reboot and see what it hangs on.20:03
=== dogson1 is now known as dogson
Byronwhat is the proper syntax if I want to copy things over using rsync?20:04
i_is_brokeok be back in about 520:04
Jordan_Usergiusz: I would definitely reccommend a separate /boot if you often install and uninstall multiple distros20:04
Picisergiusz: A separate boot partition wouldnt really help, the question is where you install grub to, the kernel images themselves are stored in your /boot.  Anyway I need to get going, but someone else here should be able to help if you have further questions.20:04
sergiuszPici, thanks for your help20:05
HalabundI upgraded to the Karmic release candidate this morning.  I need to use a VPN to access the internet here.  Since the upgrade, everything is very slow.  When an address is typed into the web browser, it waits for a long time (with the message "looking up xyz.com" in the status bar) before the page is loaded.  It is not only Firefox that's affected, but apparently any program that downloads things.  Do you have any idea what might have went wr20:06
Halabundong and how this could be fixed?20:06
Guest96296why empathy, kinda sounds like a stupid decistion to me, like the try to switch to epiphany for browser...20:06
sergiuszJordan_U: ok, I think I will try this. What size would you recommend for a /boot partition?20:06
bullhornstill have the sound issue. sound worked, after 2-3 reboots, sound was gone and now i need to sudo alsa force-reload after each reboot20:06
Guest96296i mean of course pidgin developers are nazi, but can't you buy them somehow ?20:06
Guest96296or are they owned by redhat or something ?20:07
HalabundThere are no problems with VPN performance when not using the VPN though.20:07
Halabund*with network performance, I mean20:07
HalabundIs there anyone else here who uses a VPN?20:07
Jordan_Usergiusz: Depends on how big your hard drive is and how many old kernels you tend to leave lying around20:07
Jordan_UHalabund: Try using opendns for DNS ( unless you also need DNS for other hosts within the VPN )20:09
ubottubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot20:09
Doctehcan someone do me a favor?20:10
sobersabrehi. any thinkpad users with fingerprint reader working in here ?20:10
sergiuszJordan_U: Ok, realised I can have a look myself in my /boot dir... ;)20:10
DoctehI need the /etc/init directory from karmic20:10
dajhornsobersabre: thinkfinger works on my T61.20:11
sobersabreDocteh: I don't think there is such thing as "/etc/init" in karmic.20:11
sobersabredajhorn: does screensaver work too ?20:11
Doctehsobersabre: its part of upstart20:11
yofelsobersabre: /etc/init is there, it's the upstart config dir20:11
dajhornsobersabre: Dunno.  Haven't configured thinkfinger to unlock the screensaver.20:11
mzzsobersabre: sure there is, but there is no single "the" /etc/init :)20:11
HalabundThat could be a workaround, but it would only treat the symptom, not the cause, Jordan_U.  Actually I was wondering if it is likely that something might have went wrong during the upgrade (and a fresh install could solve the problem), or PPTP connections are just broken in Karmic (which would be pretty bad for me...)20:12
mzzDocteh: what are you trying to accomplish?20:12
Doctehtar cfv givetodocteh.tar /etc/init20:12
Doctehmzz: i screwed up something in my copy20:12
sobersabrehm is there anything machine specific in /etc/init ?20:12
bjsniderDocteh, just reinstall all packages20:12
mzzDocteh: I'd reinstall the packages with files in /etc/init/ then20:12
yofelsobersabre: not really, the contents depend on what you have installed20:13
mzzDocteh: dpkg -S /etc/init will tell you what packages that are20:13
sobersabreyofel: ok.20:14
Doctehthats a lot of packages to reinstall :-/20:14
sobersabreANYBODY with thinkfinger working with screensaver ?20:14
bjsnideryou probably have them all cached locally though20:14
Doctehhow do i go about it?20:15
nameinerAny ideas why my webcam works under Kubuntu but not Ubuntu? Both are beta installations and fully updated per today.20:15
mzzDocteh: apt-get install --reinstall, afaik20:15
mzzcould even cook up a bit of sed to mangle the output from dpkg -S into something you can feed to apt-get20:16
mzzor perhaps there's a better tool for that job, I'm not sure20:16
yofelDocteh: if you want to do it all at once you could try: 'dpkg -S /etc/init | sed -s 's/,//g' | sed -s 's/:.*//' | xargs sudo aptitude reinstall'20:17
Deihmosi have one hard drive and i installed ubuntu. now i want to install windows. how can i get this done?20:17
Deihmoscan ubuntu shrink drives ?20:17
mzzyeah, that was pretty much what I was thinking too20:17
sobersabreDeihmos: you do the oposite: Install windows, and then ubuntu.20:17
Deihmosso you can't shrink drives in ubuntu?20:18
mzzDeihmos: gparted is probably easiest for the shrinking20:18
yofelmzz: was already working on it when you suggested it, but found out that aptitude is better than apt-get for this20:18
sobersabreDeihmos: it's unrelated.20:18
sobersabreyou can shrink.20:18
Deihmosi can shrink the drive i am using?20:18
mzzyofel: how so?20:18
sobersabrebut after you've installed windows you will need to mess with boot loader.20:18
mzzyofel: "aptitude reinstall" isn't that much less typing than "apt-get install --reinstall", or does it differ in other ways?20:18
Deihmosso better to install windows then ubuntu?20:19
mzzDeihmos: windows has an annoying habit of overwriting grub without being able to boot linux20:19
sobersabrebecause in the order win->ubuntu you won't even have to bother about setting up loader.20:19
i_is_brokehttp://pastebin.com/d1f056a80 , thats what bootchart says.20:19
yofelmzz: true, seems I did something wrong when I tried apt-get o.O20:19
mzzDeihmos: if you install ubuntu second it'll set up grub to chainload windows20:19
Deihmosdoes grub create an option to booot windows or ubuntu?20:19
Deihmosok cool20:19
sobersabreDeihmos: and it's not impossible to perform, but it's an overhead you can avoid.20:19
Guest96296Deihmos, thing is, grub will pick up windows when its already installed, windows bootloader will do no such thing with linux20:20
Deihmoswhen 9.10 is released will i be able to update without a reinstall20:20
scott_ino2Deihmos, yes20:20
Guest96296Deihmos, yes20:21
mzzDeihmos: also the ubuntu installer can shrink partitions (both windows and linux ones) while the windows one can't last time I checked. The windows installer is really pretty basic.20:21
Deihmosyou probably have not used windows in a while20:21
mzzDeihmos: I have used it, but I haven't installed recent versions of it20:22
Deihmosi tried to shrink the drive i was using in ubuntu and it wasn't possible20:22
Deihmosit can be done in vista / 720:22
mzzDeihmos: I don't think gparted is available on an installed system (unless you install it by hand).20:22
sobersabreDocteh: have you d/l the file ?20:22
mzzDeihmos: it should be on the installer though, and it should do the job if you install it by hand afterwards.20:22
mzzDeihmos: and do you mean that the vista/7 *installer* can resize partitions or that the installed os can?20:23
yofelmzz: both the installer and the os can afaik20:25
mzzah, that's progress.20:25
mzz(the only windows installers I've used recently were either ancient or oem recovery ones, so I'm pretty ignorant)20:25
DanaGstupid Empathy.20:26
DanaGTry to join an IRC channel.... segfault.20:26
DanaGsegfault.                    you get the point.20:26
Deihmosboth the os and diskmanager can resize partions even the partition the os is installed on20:26
scott_ino2my opinion is empathy sucks\20:26
kbmaniacdid an update on karmic, on reboot grub cant find UUID 'error: no such device ...' help, any ideas ?20:27
mzzI only tried it briefly but it didn't seem like a very useful irc client20:27
h00kis anyone familiar with netconsole?20:27
mzzso far really more messaging-oriented than groupchat-oriented20:27
mzzh00k: I've used it20:27
Deihmoshey why doesn't the rating show up in software center? i tried eeebuntu and it showed the ratings20:27
Guest96296DanaG, i also don't get why they switched from pidgin20:27
topyliempathy is not very good with any kind of multiuser chat20:28
DanaGYeah, Empathy sucks.20:28
Hobbyis there a reason why slim (http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/slim) isn't included in karmic anymore?20:28
=== Grasping_Kulak is now known as unGrasping_kulak
bjsniderDanaG, maybe empathy thinks you suck too20:28
DanaGFine by me.20:28
scott_ino2bjsnider, that was me said that20:28
DanaGI'd be surprised if it had that kind of intelligence.  =þ20:28
scott_ino2but same i suppose20:28
bjsniderempathy does suck20:28
h00kmzz: I'm having a problem because my university requires http login and I don't think netconsole is piping anything out even after I authenticate over http, does netconsole have to communicate to establish a connection or will it just pump errors as they happen?20:29
mzzI didn't actually have it segfault though, I just didn't like the ui much20:29
DanaGOut-of-the-box on the livecd... if somebody needs IRC, what are they supposed to do?20:29
scott_ino2install it i suppose20:29
DanaGStart empathy... ooh, first-run wizard.20:29
DanaGwhat the heck... no IRC?20:29
mzzh00k: it just dumps udp packets out iirc20:29
=== unGrasping_kulak is now known as Trotsky
DanaGAnd no guidelines of how to set up IRC.20:29
h00kmzz: I think i have it set up properly, then. okay. I'll just get it to kernel panic again and see what happens.20:29
=== Trotsky is now known as Trotskys_Icepick
mzzh00k: it really makes most sense to use it in an (ethernet) lan20:30
bjsniderirc is not so easy to set up in pidgin either20:30
DanaGYeah, but at least "Username" and "Server" are self-explanatory.20:30
mzzh00k: consider increasing the dmesg log verbosity if you haven't already and doing something innocuous that triggers dmesg spam, like plugging a usb device20:30
DanaGIn Empathy... what do you do?20:30
DanaGokay... "account".20:30
DanaGwhat goes there?20:30
bjsniderDanaG, does empathy have an irc feature?20:30
DanaGOh, and in first-run, it doesn't even offer IRC.20:30
bigbrovarthe graphic lagginess in karmic is starting to give me headace how did intel cards come to suck this bad :(20:30
h00kmzz: how does one increase dmesg log verbosity?20:31
Guest96296DanaG, don't use it for irc20:31
h00kmzz: I did try the USB device, it didn't pipe anything through the netconosole20:31
DanaGIt should at least give a hint that irc is nickname@server20:31
DanaGlike DanaG@irc.freenode.net20:31
mzzh00k: dmesg -n 8 iirc20:31
bigbrovarbeside that am loving everything about kubuntu.. but the graphic performance is just a huge deal breaker .20:31
DanaGI had to guess that.20:31
mzzDanaG: err, freenode is in the network list, isn't it?20:32
DanaGI didn't see a network list.20:32
mzzDanaG: I do20:32
h00kmzz: yeah, not getting it, I'll make sure I have it set up properly20:32
topyliDanaG, you don't have to try and use empathy for irc just to be able to whine about how bad it is. everyone knows it's no irc client20:32
DanaGaccounts->add new irc account20:33
DanaGbutton: "create"20:33
mzzDanaG: contact list -> accounts, "add...", create a new irc account, create20:33
DanaGGives me just a text box.20:33
DanaGAccount: [text box]20:33
mzzDanaG: I'm clicking the "add" button below the accounts list20:33
topyliDanaG, they're planning a proper multiuser chat interface for telepathy, better wait until it's ready. until then, you have good irc clients around20:33
* DanaG uses pidgin.20:33
DanaGI DID click that button.20:33
bjsniderxchat works best20:33
mzzDanaG: I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Is this an uptodate karmic with no unusual empathy/telepathy-related packages installed?20:34
DanaGempathy is Version: 2.28.1-1ubuntu120:34
mzzDanaG: yeah, empathy itself isn't that interesting, I'm guessing you're getting a different provider for irc (I think there's a libpurple-based one)20:35
mzzDanaG: hmm, actually I do also have that installed (I thought I didn't)20:36
bjsniderwhy use it when there's nothing appreciably wrong with pidgin20:36
mzzbjsnider: I'm not actually using it, I already have irssi. But I'm a bit confused by it being this much more broken for DanaG than it is for me20:36
DanaGI see... removing telepathy-haze gives me the other IRC UI.20:36
h00kbjsnider: I happen to find irssi works best for what I use it for.20:36
mzzDanaG: that's weird. I do have both telepathy-haze and telepathy-idle installed, but seem to be getting idle by default20:36
bjsnidermzz, what is irssi?20:37
ActionParsnipbjsnider: i use carrier but yes, pidgin is fine20:37
mzz!info irssi20:37
DanaGoh, "name in use" -- nice.20:37
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.14-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1120 kB, installed size 3024 kB20:37
DanaGokay, without haze, how do you do aim?20:37
h00kbjsnider: it works well on a server in a screen, you can connect from ahywhere and resume your session20:38
mzzDanaG: no, -haze should be fine, I just don't think you want to use it for irc20:38
DanaGIt's weird that it WAS.20:38
mzzDanaG: I think that's an accident, but I don't know what triggered it20:38
h00kwith Empathy as the default, I am hoping it gets lovin'20:38
bjsniderh00k, the only problem i have with xchat2 is the lack of emoticons, but i don't see why i should switch just for that20:39
DanaG"name in use" -- nice response there.20:39
mzzDanaG: huh, looks like "managers" are registered through /usr/share/telepathy/managers/, but I don't see a priority mechanism in there20:39
h00kbjsnider: yeah, I suppose emoticons are something extra, I don't find them necesary, but thats why we have choice :)20:39
kito0hi everyone20:40
mzzDanaG: oh, booo. Looks like there's specific logic in empathy that filters out "a haze implementation of something we already have"20:40
kito0i need some help pleace20:41
mzzstill no clue why that wasn't working for you though.20:41
yofel!ask | kito020:41
ubottukito0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:41
DanaGthat haze issue IS weird.20:41
jwfoxjris anyone having issues with ati sb600 usb controllers running only in 1.1 mode or completely timing out?  Thanks.20:42
kito0after the last update i've lost all sound20:43
=== |Myxb| is now known as Myxb
jonathan__In the Karmic RC, is anyone aware of a way around the password prompt I get every time I start-up and click to mount my RAID array?20:43
Doctehhuh, aptitude reinstall upstart isn't replacing files in /etc/init20:44
h00kjonathan__: do you have gdm logging you in automatically?20:44
Doctehtime for debootstrap20:44
mzzDocteh: what is actually broken?20:44
bullhornxhttp://pastebin.com/m2f4dad46 -- this is regarding my sound issue. sound worked and after a few reboots - it doesnt, untill i force-reload the ALSA driver20:44
crashsystemsI've noticed what looks like a boot experience bug that involves the encrypted swap set up with encrypted home directories. I could not find a bug on LP, though I did find a post on UbuntuForums (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8166845). Is this a known issue, or should I report a bug in launchpad? If I should report it, what package should I assign it to?20:44
joaopintoDocteh, /etc files are not reinstalled, since they are configuration files20:45
jonathan__the machine logs on as normal, and it detects my raid array, although when I click it, I have to authenticate every time20:45
joaopintoyou would need to purge/install20:45
mzzjoaopinto: err, that doesn't sound desirable for many of them. How do you override?20:45
joaopintobut purging upstart might not be a good idea :P20:45
joaopintomzz, you apt-get purge them20:45
mzzjoaopinto: purging everything with files in /etc/init/ sounds somewhat dangerous20:45
joaopintomzz, it purges package files, not directories20:45
Doctehif i could purge without checking dependancies sure20:45
joaopintoapt-get purce packaname20:45
jwfoxjrpastebin of lspci -nnvv and lsusb here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302299/20:45
joaopintoerm, purge20:46
jonathan__h00k: the machine logs on as normal, and it detects my raid array, although when I click it, I have to authenticate every time20:46
mzzjoaopinto: I know, but what Docteh is trying to do is recreate /etc/init/, which apparently he damaged (he hasn't told us how)20:46
mzzjoaopinto: he was asking for a tarball of someone's /etc/init/, but I was assuming just reinstalling the packages with files there was saner20:46
mzzapparently I was mistaken :(20:46
joaopintomzz, /etc/init is not upstart package specific, reinstalling the package would never fix it20:46
Doctehmzz: I was taking a hammer to it20:46
joaopintoyou would need to purge every package :P20:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457767 in open-iscsi "karmic: iSCSI root: boot hangs on starting iscsid" [High,Confirmed]20:47
mzzjoaopinto: /etc/init/ *is* upstart-specific. upstart itself just happens to be one of the packages owning files there.20:47
joaopintorm on /etc = restore or reinstall :P20:47
joaopintomzz, it's upstart specific, not upstart package specific :P20:47
mzzjoaopinto: (he's reinstalling more than just upstart, if that's what you mean. dpkg -S gave a list)20:47
DonaldShimodaseems like today updates to pulseaudio broke sound...20:47
DonaldShimodaanybody else with that ptoblem?20:47
mzzjoaopinto: this seems a bit odd, since there's quite a lot of stuff in /etc/ that I never edit, and apt is quite capable of doing something reasonable on *upgrades* for those same files.20:48
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, be more specific20:48
bjsnideri think there was a blutooth patch change but that's about it20:48
Doctehoh sweet20:48
bigbrovaranyone knows if its possible to downgrade the version of intel xserver driver which ships wtih karmic to the version in jaunty20:48
kito0DonaldShimoda: i have that problem since the past upgrade20:48
DanaGinteresting... adium theme support.20:49
DonaldShimodajoaopinto ubuntu karmic koala 64 bits, sound working fine for two days, today i run sudo aptitude safe-upgrade and get some updates on pulse audio20:49
bjsniderDanaG, in what? pidgin?20:49
DonaldShimodastop working the sound, is there, asi if it works, can change spund, mute, whatever, but stop output sound!20:49
DanaGin Empathy.20:49
jonathan__does anyone know a way of mounting my internal raid array without having to manually mount and password authenticate each boot...20:50
DonaldShimodakito0, great im not the only one20:50
DanaGDoes pidgin do adium themes?20:50
bjsniderit really should since adium is gaim20:50
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, knows every way to get the pulseaudio deb previous to the today upgrade?20:50
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, have you checked the mixer settings ?20:51
DonaldShimodaalsamixer, yes i do20:51
DonaldShimodaand also the gui one20:51
=== adam_rrraid is now known as gh0zt
mickster04whenever i open a new window it always does so maximised, how do i do that20:51
mickster04sorry, how do i turn it to normal20:51
joaopintoI have a PA upgrade pending20:51
joaopintolet me try20:51
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, dont do it...20:51
Doctehokay my problem is solved, i had done a debootstrap before20:51
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, i check rigth now my gui mixer20:52
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, tehres no soud devices, anymore...20:52
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, is gone now... :(20:52
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, I am installing the updates20:53
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, you brazilian kamikaze! LOL20:53
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, lol, nope, Portuguese20:53
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, ah, ok, im argentinian btw20:54
bjsniderami the only north american that uses linux?20:54
bjsnidersometimes i think so20:54
x1101_workbjsnider: not at all20:54
x1101_workbjsnider: im in the North East US20:55
Doctehbjsnider: the .ca people are in north america20:55
kito0DonaldShimoda: the sayme here20:55
kito0no sound device on hardware section20:55
Roeyhey all20:55
Doctehi think it stands for crappy arctic20:55
DonaldShimodakito0, i hope final version dont release with that bug!20:55
Roeyhello, I'm trying to upgrade from Intrepid to Karmic and I get this error:  http://pastebin.com/m2b851a5d   --  how do I fix this?20:55
DonaldShimodahow can we help?20:56
JeruvyDocteh: no, you've confused it with russia ;)20:56
TronicThe built-in crypto support is really nice :)20:56
mickster04whenever i open a new window it always does so maximised, how do i fix this?20:56
Byroncan someone help me with GRUB? It's somehow gone back to my XP drive instead of new SATA drive.20:56
kito0i've try everything y could find and nothing seems to work20:56
* Tronic just installed 9.10 rc with crypted home (on an SSD) and device-level crypted storage disk.20:57
Byrondisregard. thought of something else20:57
TronicSeems quick enough not to really be CPU-limited at any point.20:57
Tronic*to not20:57
DanaGoh heck, I've gone back to pidgin.20:59
DanaGAnyway, I don't see any PPA for pidgin-webkit, so phooey.20:59
DonaldShimodaDanaG, empathy auto close20:59
DonaldShimodaDanaG, is very uncomfortable20:59
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.20:59
DonaldShimodaDanaG, er.... yes, it close, alone21:00
DonaldShimodaDanaG, :P21:00
Doctehoooo neato21:00
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, howyou do with pulseaudio update?21:00
joaopintoit's still downloading21:01
DanaG"In contrast to earlier PolicyKit releases in Fedora 10 and 11, this version of PolicyKit does not include a graphical application to manage individual authorizations. Instead, policies can be defined in simple text files and by associated with Unix groups. The polkit-desktop-policy package contains policy definitions suitable for 'Administrator' and 'Standard User' roles on a standalone desktop installation. See the PolicyKit documentation for more 21:01
DanaGboooo, hisssss21:01
kito0DonaldShimoda: is your sound card the snd-hda-intel module?21:03
kito0with a Realtek ALC260 codec?21:03
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jmurmelhi all. I upgraded to Karmic and now I have a problem booting the system. Looks like the kernel does not recognize the hard drive. It starts loading but fails with the message "ALERT! /dev/hda1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!". The hard drive is OK, I can boot with liveCD and mount it...21:07
DanaGah, fixed my eSATA.21:08
DanaGJust edited the policykit files.21:08
=== Pricey_ is now known as Pricey
kulightany one have experience with dvb-t TV ?21:09
mzzjmurmel: hda1? are you sure the problem isn't simply that that drive is made available as sda1 by karmic's kernel and you need to adjust the fstab entry?21:10
mzzjmurmel: if not: dmesg may have clues21:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461442 in cryptsetup "Seeing "swap: waiting for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1" for several seconds while booting" [Undecided,New]21:14
addisonjyeah, i can't mount my cd-rom drive, doesn't recognize the FS21:15
addisonjworked before update21:15
slacker_nlanyone familiar with apt/pinning? I have apt-default release set to karmic, but now ppa's have 990 preferences..21:17
DaemonikIs there a way to apt-get i386 debs from repos that only have i386 packages with Karmic LPIA?21:22
joaopintoDaemonik, you could setup an i386 chroot21:22
RoeyDaemonik:  warning! warning! chroot handicaps your mental ability!21:22
joaopintouh ?21:23
DaemonikRoey, heh. Yeah chroot is a bit of work. joaopinto Is there a way that can be done easily? I just want to get the daily Google Chromium builds. Sounds like adding a shell script that does dpkg -i --force-architecture to root's crontab would be easier.21:24
RoeyI mean I'm sure there are times that merit it--like if you're sitting at a computer trapped in Siberia under six feet of snow and have a gun pointed to your head21:24
DaemonikRoey, Yeah, I see what you're saying.21:24
DaemonikRoey, Been there, done that.21:24
RoeyDaemonik:  it's just that you have to copy /everything/ and essentially make a new system in its own bubble21:24
mickster04whenever i open a new window it always does so maximised, how do i fix this?21:25
DaemonikRoey, I'll just have a shell script do this for me.21:25
joaopintoRoey, actually that is not correct, you dont need everything, you just need everything you want for the specific case you are building the chroot for21:25
Roeyjoaopinto:  ah21:25
Roeyjoaopinto:  in my case it's been mostly everything, at least21:26
joaopintowhich may be from 10% of your host system to 200% or whatever21:26
RoeyI did not mean to discredit your suggestion, I apologize21:26
joaopintobut yes, wget & dpkg -i is probably a better idea21:27
Roeyoh, hmm.21:29
* mzz pets mk-sbuild-lv21:30
Roeyjoaopinto:  http://pastebin.com/m6ad0473421:30
ubuntuLoverV2Hi everyone, remember me? :D21:30
jmurmelmzz: when I do cat /dev in initramfs, I do not see any *da at all, only console, null and ttyxx.21:30
mzzubuntuLoverV2: only your previous version, I'm afraid21:30
Roeyjoaopinto:  I forgot to do do-release-upgrade beforehand when I started upgrading from Intrepid to Karmic21:30
mzzjmurmel: fishy. Does the initramfs get mounted properly (do you see the usplash ubuntu logo)?21:31
ubuntuLoverV2mzz, well now I'm back with new eyecandy but still the same underlying problems ;)21:31
jmurmelmzz: no, not really, I do not see the logo21:31
mzzjmurmel: then it's possible something's wrong with your grub configuration, causing it to not load the initramfs21:32
ubuntuLoverV2mzz, or rather problem not plural21:32
nemojoaopinto: Someone's asking about 64 bit ubuntu build of hedgewars, don't suppose you made one?  Also, version on playdeb is still w/o those patches right?21:32
mzzjmurmel: I'm not sure if skipping that is supposed to work21:32
jmurmelmzz: I tried installing lilo, and the result was the same. what do you mean "skipping that"?21:33
ubuntuLoverV2mzz, I was gona try creating a boot partition at the start of the drive nd install Grub2 on that... is it even worth a try or am allucinating?21:33
jschallmy pcm volume keeps getting reset to 021:33
ubuntuLoverV2has my connection died?! everyone's gone quiet!!21:35
mzzjmurmel: what I said: not loading the initramfs and trying to boot straight into the system21:35
ubuntuLoverV2phew! I was feeling SAD.21:36
mzzubuntuLoverV2: as I said earlier I think there's a small chance that'll help21:36
jmurmelmzz: Not sure I understand. What happens is that during boot I am through into initramfs...21:36
jmurmelmzz: sorry, "I am thrown into initramfs"21:37
mzzjmurmel: you're thrown to a shell. Are you sure it's actually an initramfs shell?21:37
ubuntuLoverV2mzz, how small? is it a chance big enough trying? I guess it is when there's no other choice.21:37
covSo networkmanager is still broken for wpa2 certificate authentication. This really sucks for college students (no more secure wireless). Anyone know anything about what's wrong or if this bug (#447145) is actually getting looked at?21:37
jmurmelmzz: yes, I am. The prompt is "(initramfs)"21:37
mzzubuntuLoverV2: not sure what else to try, other than messing with grub in an attempt to make it noisier, which I really don't have the time for21:37
mzzjmurmel: ah. Then I'm not sure where to look next, other than possibly dmesg.21:38
* mzz isn't familiar with the internals of that initramfs21:38
jmurmelmzz: Thanks for your help. Will try more...21:38
ubuntuLoverV2mzz, no no I don't want to take a lot of your time either... I mean I went to sleep and had a full day's work and you're still here helping and infinite amount of peeps in one go... much respect and appreciation21:40
joaopintonemo, http://ftp.heanet.ie/disk1/www.getdeb.net/getdeb/ubuntu/pool/games/h/hedgewars/ , getdeb2, needs testing21:43
nemoI'll link him to it21:43
ubuntuLoverV2dmatt: welcome :)21:43
nemojoaopinto: ... that's patched or unpatched?21:43
ubuntuLoverV2joaopinto, portugues?21:44
nemogetdeb2 is the patched I guess21:44
joaopintonemo, patched21:44
joaopintoubuntulog, yes21:44
ubuntuLoverV2joaopinto, folgo em saber q ha mais portugeses nesta comunidade... especialmente a ajudar a malta :)21:45
joaopintoubuntuLover, let's keep english here, theres is a #ubuntu-pt ;)21:45
ubuntuLoverV2joaopinto, oops my bad21:46
nemojoaopinto: say, why do you have a getdeb2 for the data too? :)21:46
nemoisn't the whole point of a separate data build to avoid large downloads for small code fixes?21:46
joaopintonemo, because the package binary rules is source version based, which includes the debian version21:46
rwardanyone know how to get a public key for 9.10?21:46
joaopintothe option was to change that to a manual version rule, like > version21:46
joaopintoI mean, the option would be21:47
nemooh well.21:47
nemopatched release builds are fairly rare usually.21:47
Roeyjoaopinto:  hola again21:48
joaopintoit is fine, should I published getdeb2 ?21:48
joaopintoRoey, ola :P21:48
Roeyjoaopinto:  so I'm sort of in a rut right now21:48
ubuntuLoverV2joaopinto, I need help with a long lasting boot problem... it's something really obscure, mzz nd dmatt already tried helping, would the pt channel be able to help me?21:48
joaopintonemo, btw, for some reason I no longer have the 100% cpu bug with libsdl audio21:48
RoeyI don't know how to proceed with this (aside from simply nuking my existing install)21:48
Roeyjoaopinto:  http://pastebin.com/m6ad0473421:49
nemojoaopinto: it has been quite intermittent for me in the past21:49
nemojoaopinto: increased in likelihood to trigger if I was doing other things w/ PA, if I was running compiz and tabbing back and forth21:49
nemobut who knows, perhaps has been fixed21:49
nemojoaopinto: I can reinstall my old SDL lib (the none pulse one) and see if I can reproduce.21:50
nemo(compiz + tabbing + nvidia driver)21:50
joaopintoRoey, an horrible hack would be to sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/fuse-utils.postinst21:50
HillshumRunning at full CPU for too long makes my system crash21:51
nemoHillshum: overheating most likely21:51
nemoHillshum: laptop?21:51
Roeyjoaopinto:  what are the ramifications of that??  Couldn't I just apt-get install --reinstall it later?21:51
HillshumYes. But shouldn't it shut itself down gracefully?21:51
joaopintoRoey, yes you can, this will just install without running the posinst rule21:51
nemoHillshum: not if you triggered emergency halt21:52
nemoHillshum: what it *should* do is crank frequency down21:52
nemounless it did that and even that was not enough21:52
Roeyjoaopinto:  what about this: http://pastebin.com/m3096d40a21:52
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, what about your sound?21:52
dmattubuntuLoverV2: hallo:) I am reading through backlog21:52
Hillshumnemo: Any settings I can tweak or anything?21:52
nemoHillshum: with some laptop brands a BIOS upgrade is helpful - due to fan speeds being insufficiently aggressive in a vain attempt to cut down on sound21:52
nemoHillshum: emifreq-applet21:52
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, works fine21:53
joaopintodidn't reboot yet21:53
nemoHillshum: oh. and cpufreq-applet21:53
ubuntuLoverV2dmatt: sweet, d you get payed to do that, I mean do this. I mean help Ubuntu users? or do you do if for the fun of it?21:53
nemoHillshum: the latter is default, I happen to like emifreq-applet UI better is all21:53
Hillshumnemo: I've occasionally seen messages saying the fans could not change speed21:53
nemoHillshum: ah. that would definitely definitely be a problem21:54
HillshumSo I just change the speed with those?21:54
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, wow, then... where is the problem?21:54
nemoHillshum: You could try doing something like, if you have a  /proc/acpi/fan/FAN1/state21:54
nemoecho 0 > state21:54
dmattubuntuLoverV2: i was here yesterday for the first time :)) but I occasionally helped on other forums21:54
nemoHillshum: might be interesting to see what pwmconfig outputs too21:55
ubuntuLoverV2dmatt: woah what a coincidence! Yesterday was my first time too... I mean since about 3 years ago when I first got into Ubuntu21:55
nemoHillshum: also look into that BIOS update (which you can do using El Torrito CD image w/ DOS boot image if you don't have windows on anything you can boot the computer off of)21:56
dmattubuntuLoverV2: ...and it was fun... still no luck with your hdd?21:56
coz_hey guys... just now updated  and  nauitlus is not respecting chosen gtk2 theme21:56
ubuntuLoverV2dmatt, no... I don't know what else to try next21:56
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, ahhhh, just wait to reboot and you will see!21:56
nemoHillshum: also, you should make sure your fan outputs aren't obstructed. My mom would crash her laptop by using it on the bed where the blanks would muffle it.21:56
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, :P21:56
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, can't reboot now :\21:56
coz_let me restart x to see if it is just a glitch21:57
nemoHillshum: also (and this is really a desperate act) you could put a hot water bottle filled w/ cold water under the laptop as a heat sink :)21:57
Hillshumnemo: It might be that my legs are in the way of the intakes21:57
nemoHillshum: using emifreq-applet/cpufreq-applet to restrict CPU to lowest freq would probably work most of the time21:57
nemoHillshum: My S.O.'s laptop I keep propped up at a slight angle on her desk so there is air flow all about the case.  Don't know if it helps, but she likes it better that way for typing anyway.21:58
mzzit is pretty unfortunate that there's hardware out there that can't stand 100% cpu load like that even under pretty regular external conditions21:58
HillshumIt's worked fine under XP21:58
dmattubuntuLoverV2: you can try boot the same disc in different computer, reformat the disc, change/upgrade bios, use old ubuntu to actually prove it still can install functional grub etc... how patient is your girlfriend?21:59
mzzeven if left at 100% cpu load for a bit (using a tool like cpuburn)? If yes: any noticeable difference in fan management?21:59
nemomzz: yeah, the interesting thing is, my brother had this problem with his laptop.  And then... it went away21:59
nemohe has no idea why21:59
HillshumHmm. I have many friends with this same laptop, but XP. I'll ask them sometime22:00
nemomzz: he notes that around the time it went away he was blowing air into it to try and cool it off using a vacuum (!)22:00
nemohe wonders if the fan was just defective and now isn't22:00
nemoHillshum: his tended to blow up in Vista too...22:00
nemoHillshum: Toshiba Satelite A21022:00
nemoHillshum: and googling suggested they released a BIOS update that increased fan aggressiveness at cost of greater noise/battery drain, presumably due to overheat complaints22:01
nemoHillshum: anyway, until it went away, he used emifreq-applet on lowest setting to keep his machine usable.22:01
nemoin vista not sure what he did. crashed I guess, or the hot water bottle :)22:01
SpacePigeonhow do I restore the home default folders (with icons) in karmic?22:01
HillshumIs there a way to find my BIOS version without booting into it?22:01
nemoHillshum: sure22:02
nemoHillshum: sudo dmidecode -t022:02
nemoHillshum: t1 is neat too, but doesn't have bios info22:02
mzzor cat /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/bios_*22:02
yacc__Just wondering, after having enjoyed some defective debs, is the following feasible: 1) LVM snapshot the root fs. 2) change the UUID on the snapshot 3) make the kernel boot with the new UUID as root?22:02
yacc__That would allow one to test upgrades how stable they are.22:03
bbigrasI just started a java app (ps3 media server) and the screen started to do something I could describe as blink and the mouse was stuck. after about half a minute I was able to ALT+F1 and killed the app and now there's something wrong with the graphics, some windows are black. this is what my irc client looks like right now http://imagebin.ca/view/fMpLWBC.html22:03
nemoyacc__: erm. why not just test in a VM?22:03
joaopintoyacc__, I don't have experience with LVM, but I guess that should work22:03
mzzyacc__: one issue is that it's preferable to take the snapshot while the fs isn't mounted22:03
yacc__nemo, because the VM will not show me if the new nvidia driver makes the kernel train for oops olympics ;)22:04
joaopintomzz, what's the problem with doing snapshots from mounted volumes ? (except for changing data files which you don't care unless it's a db) :P ?22:04
mzzyacc__: so if you take the snapshot while the system runs you'll have to trust fsck and friends to do the right thing if you end up falling back to it22:04
yacc__mzz well, preferable, but all of our journaling fs should be capable of handling a power failure ;)22:04
yacc__mzz well, I take a snapshot, that's the "old-working" system.22:05
yacc__I modify stuff as needed.22:05
mzzyep, I know.22:05
nemoyacc__: hm. wouldn't nvidia driver only be loaded in graphical runlevel? can always revert in safe mode anyway.22:05
nemoyacc__: seems easier than mucking w/ UUID22:05
mzzjust saying you must trust the journaling as well as any data files open at the time you take the snapshot to cope22:05
joaopintoa lot can go wrong with real hw support that you will not detected on a VM :)22:05
mzzand yeah, I wouldn't mess with UUIDs, just tell it to boot the right named volume22:05
yacc__nemo, not really I had this weekend the situation where mountall was battling with the rescue menu => no text mode at all, let's fetch a boot CD "game" :(22:06
nemothat sounds easier too :)22:06
yacc__nemo, well, the UUID changes should be scriptable.22:06
yacc__nemo, e.g. this weekend I had a situation where the nvidia deb was bad for my hardware => I could with a number of tricks and well timed interaction (Esc + root password + open to mountall before rescue-menu comes up) to get a textmode box running => that does not solve the problem that my working nvidia driver is gone :(22:08
ph8hi all, i have a windows 7 partition that grub didn't seem to detect on install, any info on how i can add my windows entry to grub now?22:08
cohetewhat happened to hid2hci in karmic? I can't find it22:08
nemoyacc__: huh. the working driver wasn't in your local cache still?22:08
yacc__nemo, which cache? (apt => no)22:09
nemoyacc__: I had that happen to me a couple of times before, and someone here pointed out was a glib issue in compiling the new driver.22:09
nemoyacc__: luckily was all still in my cache so reverting was easy22:09
joaopintoph8, sudo os-prober22:09
yacc__Worse, nouveau did not work either, ...22:10
yacc__And vesa had problems setting up the display :(22:10
ph8joaopinto:  It found the windows drive thanks, has that cmd also added it to grub?22:10
joaopintoph8, run: sudo update-grub22:11
joaopintoos-prober only setups some config files22:11
joaopintoupdate-grub will use the output from os-prober22:11
yacc__nemo, in truth, this time it was the nvidia driver plus a number of other irritating minor issues like mountall, but having a complete "staging" box that one can test for an hour without risk would be probably worthwhile.22:11
=== yacc__ is now known as yacc
cohetei see hid2hci referenced in certain bug reports but can't find it on my installation. can anyone verify that /usr/sbin/hid2hci does or does not exist for them?22:12
ph8joaopinto++; // Thanks!22:12
Hillshumnemo: HP has a update available. I'll flash it once I finish watching jeopardy22:14
s1300045hey guys, has anyone tried building a wireless ap? isn't madwifi taken out of repo?22:15
almoxarife1one more time, anyone set alsa as default sound and managed to make the sound applet work correctly?22:16
nemoHillshum: good luck.22:16
almoxarife1that is use the volume applet to adjust volume22:16
nemoHillshum: you can also alter the temperature halt limits, but that could have bad effects - of course, running hot can be bad even if it doesn't halt.22:17
nemoalmoxarife1: heh. I can't get that applet to work even w/ PA as default sound22:17
almoxarife1nemo: did you previously have alsa as default?22:18
nemoalmoxarife1: not in Jaunty.22:18
nemomaaaaybe in Hardy22:18
nemobut I don't think so22:18
nemoI pretty much left that alone22:18
almoxarife1left alone??????????????? I can't do it, there must be an answer22:19
ubuntuLoverV2dmatt: too patient for her own good :D22:19
joaopintoalmoxarife1, the gnome mixer depends on pulseaudio22:20
almoxarife1joaopinto: I don't think so22:20
almoxarife1take that back22:21
joaopintoalmoxarife1, I don't think so, I am sure22:21
nemo"take that back" :)22:21
almoxarife1yes, you right, I am using alsa mixer22:21
gh0zthmm my visual effects are broken in karmic22:22
nemooh. thought you were telling him to take that back - "I" is such a useful pronoun. I neglect it at times too though.22:22
nemogh0zt: what graphics card?22:22
gh0ztATI 460022:22
almoxarife1"I" take it back22:22
nemogh0zt: I'm using 467022:23
gh0ztdoes yours work? i'm missing my wobbly windows22:23
almoxarife1gnome mixer is dependent, it sits and waits for something that is not there22:23
joaopinto4670 here :P22:23
nemogh0zt: System->Administration->Hardware Drivers - jockey doesn't list anything you haven't enabled?22:23
nemoprobably need fglrx22:23
gh0zthardware is green, says using proprietary driver22:24
mbeierlanyone ever had an asus eeepc that "won't turn on" ?  My daughter's eeepc - power is there but display remains blank22:24
gh0zti'll try a hard reboot22:24
ubuntuLoverV2ghzt: affect not effect... think of effect as in special effect ;)22:24
gh0ztit is effects muppet22:24
Termanambeierl - I have an eeepc, but mines never done that. Though I have seen people have it and resolve it, check out the eeeuser forum22:24
ubuntuLoverV2yes it is actually lol22:25
ubuntuLoverV2*hides into nearest dark hole*22:25
almoxarife1that eeepc seems to be buggy22:25
mbeierlthanks Termana... forgot about them ... will do!22:26
Termanayour mum seems buggy almoxarife122:27
nemombeierl: don't know anything about eeepc, but... can you determine if it is just the display, if possibly is a CPU fan failure (no whirring), do you hear any suspicious beeps...22:27
dmattubuntuLoverV2: wish me luck... I am going to test karmic on my main notebook... there is some spare partition22:27
switchgirl1MrSchmo: yes22:27
TermanaI'm from Australia we spell it mUm here, not mOm22:28
mbeierlnemo, nope - it's an SD hd as well, so no sounds usually anyway - but nope, no beeps, no sounds at all...22:28
switchgirl1its the adaptor usually but I don't know why it won't in this case22:28
dmattubuntuLoverV2: btw have you tried that small /boot partition that mzz advised yesterday?22:28
almoxarife1'we' leave our mums out of it here22:28
nemombeierl: no CPU fan sound usually? huh. nice.22:28
coheteanyone have bluetooth working? scanning very rarely detects devices, and pairing never seems to work for me22:28
nemombeierl: can you ping it? :D22:29
mbeierlnemo: not during post, maybe under heavy use it'll turn on ;)22:29
mbeierlnemo: won't boot - no hd activity22:29
gh0zthurrah, hard reboot fixed it.. got my wobbly windows back22:29
nemombeierl: ah. missed the no hd activity bit22:29
Termanaalmoxarife1: I didn't mean to offend you, was only joking - sorry :P22:29
mbeierlnemo: not sure if I mentioned it explicitly...  Tried boot with external display attached, no dice there either.  Going over the eeepc forums now...22:30
joaopintoDonaldShimoda, have you filed a bug report about the sound problem ?22:31
switchgirl1I have issues with ubuntu one in karmic taking up too much ram22:31
gh0ztkarmic is amazing, all my sound works out of the box <3 u developers22:32
Insomniac``Hey guys. I need a little help. I was upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 and it seems that my power went out during the upgrade. I'm now stuck in recovery console, and wanting to start networking, but "start networking" and "/etc/init.d/networking start" does not work. What do I need to do?22:32
DonaldShimodajoaopinto, no, because i not have any data to give22:32
DonaldShimodagh0st, heheheheh just dont apply the today update for pulse audio!22:32
mbeierlfyi: eeepc - from forums "if power and wifi are on it means bad ram"  Those are the lights we've got here... Trying a ram replacement ;)22:33
Termanambeierl - I also think people were having the same problem after a bad BIOs flash, but I guess you weren't doing one of those were you?22:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about archive22:39
DonaldShimodasmebody just lost sound today after installing the pulse-audio update???22:39
DonaldShimodaanybody knows how to revert to previous deb for pulseaudio?22:40
IndyGunFreakDonaldShimoda, no, but how does he know that pulse audio caused the prob?22:40
asteroidhello, running 9.10 I would like to disable (not uninstall) NetworkManager. I disable nm-applet in "preferences → start applications" and via gnome-terminal I did "sudo update-rc.d -f network-manager remove". I reboot. But NetworkManager still manage eth0 and run (seen in `ps`)22:40
asteroidCan someone tell me how to disable NM ?22:41
IndyGunFreakasteroid, are you wanting to do this for a specific user?22:41
asteroidIndyGunFreak, no. It's a laptop. At home, I run VM (with bridge) and outdoor, I need easy wifi (via NM it's easy).22:41
asteroidIndyGunFreak, there is only one user22:42
IndyGunFreakdunno the answer to that22:42
asteroidNM and bridge not work : NM still assing eth0 ip, but in bridge it's br0 which get the ip22:42
asteroidI just want to disable nm.22:43
Doctehthen do so22:43
asteroiddisable at boot22:43
asteroidnot at each boot22:43
almoxarife1is there a fix to firefox hogging memory?22:43
Doctehasteroid: apt-get remove it?22:43
Doctehor look in /etc/init.d for the script name and then fiddle with update-rc.d to delete it22:43
asteroid[23:40] <<asteroid>> hello, running 9.10 I would like to disable (not uninstall) NetworkManager.22:44
nemojoaopinto: I was reading https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/GlitchFreeAudio - would setting tsched=0 or 1 help in my issues you think?22:44
asteroidDocteh, i did all that22:44
nemoor is that obsolete/fedora specific22:44
Doctehso whats starting it?22:45
asteroidI don't know Docteh22:45
asteroida grep -i network /etc/init.d/*  say me pulseaudio "should start it"22:45
joaopintonemo, I am not sure it applies, per my readings Ubuntu's PA implementation is worse than Fedora22:45
asteroidbut I do not know if INFO BLOC is parsed or just here for hackers22:45
Doctehif its commented out its not used when actually running the scripts22:46
mbeierlfyi: eeepc - nope that was not the issue :(22:47
Doctehprobably for a tool to order the stuff properly22:47
nastasasteroid:did you try sudo update-rc.d -f network-manager-gnome remove? idk if it is right22:47
h00kWhere is the guy I was talking to earlier about a macbook and karmic22:48
h00knot here, apparently.22:48
h00kI see a lot of people having troubles on identi.ca rgarding brightness and such not working22:48
asteroidnastas, network-manager-gnome does not exists in /etc/init.d22:49
Doctehindenti.ca is twitter for canadians?22:49
rwwDocteh: identi.ca is twitter for people who believe that using open platforms for their microblogging is good.22:50
Fanfarewhat was changed in Xorg? i have problem with xinput device on my tablet...22:50
asteroidDocteh, when I wrote bash script, sometime I use comments for human and another script can parse the comment22:50
nemojoaopinto: ... worse??22:50
nemojoaopinto: odd. thought karmic was on the bleeding edge on this one22:50
asteroidvar=$(grep #comment-1: | cut -d : -f 2)  ← for example22:50
asteroidnobody on irc (freenode) can say me how to disable NM :(22:51
asteroidis ubuntu really open source  ? :)22:52
TermanaCome off it22:52
Doctehhaha open source doesn't mean without problems22:52
joaopintonemo, http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/pa-in-ubuntu.html22:52
Doctehasteroid: its probably the nm applet thats starting it22:52
nastasasteroid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager?action=show&redirect=WifiDocs%2FNetworkManager#Disabling%20NetworkManager22:52
asteroidDocteh, open source let me see who launch NM ;)22:52
TermanaOut of interest, why the hell do you want to disable the network manager?22:52
Doctehhe's trying to do a bridge22:52
joaopintoasteroid, mv /etc/init/network-manager.conf /etc/init/network-manager.conf.disabled22:53
joaopintoasteroid, oepn source is about reading, not about asking :)22:53
nemojoaopinto: hum. don't have much context for that22:53
asteroidnastas, thx but your link seems old22:53
joaopintonemo, the date is a good context :)22:53
nemojoaopinto: like why that flat-volumes thing was enabled. given my weird random volume problems, perhaps it fixes 'em22:53
asteroidjoaopinto, wow. Where did you read that ?22:53
nemojoaopinto: yeah, but that's just a developer rant. devs always think their stuff is perfect the way it is :)22:53
* asteroid go and try that22:53
dogsonwhat is up with the netbook-launcher in netbook remix, i have alot of missing icons in the "System" menu, power settings and appearance and alot more are missing, tried to delete .gnome* .gconf* but theyr still gone22:54
nemojoaopinto: heck. take our attempt at testing before latest hedgewars release :-/22:54
joaopintonemo, right, but we are talking about PA's developer22:54
* nemo shrugs22:54
nemojoaopinto: I have vague memory of some bug I was subscribed to mentioning something about flat volumes22:54
* nemo searches22:54
joaopintoasteroid, you need to read about upstart22:54
joaopintoasteroid, man upstart :)22:55
* jimpop wonders how far away upstart2 is22:55
nemojoaopinto: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/40385922:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403859 in pulseaudio "Karmic - sound level gets lowered when opening new sound files" [Undecided,Fix released]22:56
nemo    + 0090-disable-flat-volumes.patch: Many people seem uncomfortable22:56
nemo      with PA's new default volume adjustment routine, so disable it22:56
nemo      in favour of the existing behaviour known in previous Ubuntu22:56
nemo      releases.22:56
nemoooops. sorry!22:56
nemodid not notice that was 4 lines22:57
nemo"This addresses LP: #403859, #433209."22:57
nemojoaopinto: no idea what the other one is since either the link is bad, or the server he is linking to is having problems.22:57
asteroidjoaopinto, amazing, that's ok \o/22:58
Fanfaresomeone having karmic on a tablet running?22:58
nemojoaopinto: anyway, 0090-disable-flat-volumes.patch seems like it could only help my current problems, and since the other one mentions bluetooth probably unrelated to me too22:58
nemoguess I'll try the tsched thing and see what happens22:58
gh0zti'm trying it on my HP tablet later this evening22:59
gh0ztif 64-bit is available that is22:59
Fanfaregh0zt: could you please then let me know if your input device works correctly?22:59
gh0zti'll msg you when it's done23:00
mickster046 channel audio doesnt seem to work in karmic23:00
Fanfaregh0zt: Im having difficulties with tablet pen using apps like cellwriter23:00
mickster04is that known23:00
gh0ztwhat hardware you running it on?23:00
Fanfaregh0zt: asus r1f convertible23:00
Fanfaregh0zt: the prob seems like timing related... i cant get cellwriter to recognize 2 strokes as 1 char... like =23:03
gh0zti'll have it running shortly, sooner i get this vista crap off it the better23:05
Insomniac``does anyone know how to take a read-only filesystem and get it running properly again? >.<23:09
nemofsck? :)23:09
Insomniac``tried that, did nothing after a reboot and all23:10
Insomniac``is there something i'm supposed to do after a fsck? lol23:10
Fanfaregh0zt: i did the mistake to let win xp on it .-(23:13
gh0ztwell at least xp is better than vista, vista is such a resource hog but karmic wins23:15
nemoInsomniac``: you did run fsck w/ repair options right?23:15
Insomniac``fsck -p -c -f -v23:15
nemoInsomniac``: ummm. and the filesystem - is it perhaps read only due to privileges?23:17
dt3kkwill the netbook remix run on my laptop?23:17
nemoInsomniac``: like, is an ext3/ext4 set to be owned by root?23:17
=== dt3kk is now known as dt3k
Insomniac``ummmm how would i check that actually?23:17
Hillshumnemo: Still around? Don't think it was overheating23:17
Roeyhow do I REMOVE grub from /dev/md0?23:17
nemoHillshum: oh?23:17
nemoHillshum: and. was about to leave :)23:18
nemoInsomniac``: is this an external HD?23:18
Insomniac``nope, internal. it's a laptop.23:18
nemoInsomniac``: windows partition?23:18
HillshumI need write a script to log the temp for me, then try to crash it23:18
nemoInsomniac``: root partition?23:18
Insomniac``yeah. /. everythingi nstalledon /23:18
nemoHillshum: pretty sure temperature warnings should get written to syslog23:19
nemoInsomniac``: aight. well, unless you were really silly, only reason that should be read only is errors on boot23:19
Hillshumnemo: /var/log/ something?23:19
Insomniac``right. read-only on boot. i doubt there's any other issue, but there might be an issue cause of the fact i was doing the 9.04=>9.10 upgrade, and i think it was just waiting for a confirmation from me (then the power went out)23:20
Insomniac``i'm running another fsck to see if it'll work on a reboot again or starting gdm or something.23:21
asteroidthx folks, see you23:22
nemoouch :(23:23
nemoInsomniac``: UPS FTW23:23
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=== yofel__ is now known as yofel
Insomniac``yeah it is but my laptop is like, ok your power supply went off, four hours to go. i wasn't home for 3 more hours lol23:24
nemoInsomniac``: huh. you were doing an upgrade remotely23:24
Insomniac``nah was home, then had school23:24
Insomniac``hate it but gotta do it.23:24
Hillshumnemo: So far all I've found is lots of this http://paste2.org/p/48562023:24
Insomniac``ugh fscks are so slow on a 320 drive lol23:25
nemoHillshum: that appears like it would be unrelated to temperature, if indeed that was the problem23:25
nemoInsomniac``: much much much faster w/ ext423:25
Insomniac``hmmmm might need to look into that then lol23:25
nemoInsomniac``: I have a 500GB - happens in seconds23:25
Hillshumnemo: Should I test it without Compiz?23:25
Insomniac``you know what. lol23:25
nemoHillshum: compiz shouldn't cause your entire computer to power off.23:26
nemoHillshum: buuut, maybe disabling nvidia :)23:26
nemoI certainly have had panics due to nvidia in the past23:26
Hillshumnemo: :/ I did upgrade the BIOS23:26
nemooh. well. disable fglrx then :)23:27
nemoHillshum: logging could be a decent idea.  Also, if you are using emifreq it should display your temperature if your CPU supports23:28
nemoHillshum: can use that to see if it is steadily climbing higher just before a crash23:28
nemoor restrict the cpu speed23:28
nemooh well. gotta go23:28
nemoHillshum: good luck.23:28
Hillshumnemo: I both restricted the speed and watched the temp last crash23:28
HillshumAnyone else know what could be causing the problem of hangs during heavy CPU usage?23:30
Hillshumgh0zt: I'm pretty sure I've ruled that out23:31
mesulaForget Karmic, it's Lucid Lynx that I've been looking forward to these last few months.23:31
gh0ztsounds pervy23:32
yofelHillshum: heavy cpu usage from /what/ ? Does it also hang if you just use stress to hog the cpu?23:32
joaopintoHillshum, kernel hang ?23:32
Hillshumyofel: Compiling, games, other things too23:32
Hillshumjoaopinto: Maybe. The screen will blank and the system becomes unresponsive23:33
joaopintoit could be a "regular" kernel lock23:33
Scotchhi there23:34
Hillshumjoaopinto: as in...23:34
joaopintosorry, i need to sleep :\23:34
nameinerAfter installing nvidia drivers skype doesn't show any video anymore. It just shows a white screen where the incoming video should be. Any ideas how to fix that?23:36
ByronNew HDD, new install of 9.04 and network dropped while getting the new packages.23:38
ByronIs there a way of knowing if I'm somehow using a bad driver for my network?23:38
mesulaByron: Burn another Live CD.23:39
mesulaByron: That's what I'm going to do to test my Wi-Fi problem.23:39
Byronmesula: the thing is that I've had this issue for the past 2-3 releases.23:40
HillshumOkay. Just crashed it using stress. Made it to 100C before it went.23:40
mesulaByron: 2-3 Karmic releases or 2-3 Ubuntu releases?23:41
mesulaHillshum: That's excessive for a CPU.23:41
Byronmesula: Kubuntu releases23:41
mesulaByron: Kubuntu=Ubuntu23:41
Hillshummesula: Okay.23:41
ScotchI'm so exited about Karmic, I soo can't wait. I know I have 2 days to go but I want it soo badly because all my IDEs get updated but I'm so afraid to do it now. Last time I tried (about a month ago) I had many error popups popping from everywhere. Is it stable enough now ?23:41
mesulaHillshum: You risk causing permanent damage.23:41
Byronmesula: I know.23:42
mesulaScotch: It's much more stable now than it was a month ago.23:42
mesulaScotch: I've been tracking stability over the last couple of months.23:42
mesulaScotch: ecryptfs is still causing my system to crash, though.23:42
mesulaScotch: But it hasn't hard crashed for a while now.23:43
Scotchmesula: I don't think I use ecryptfs. Don't know what it is though or if it used by the kernel.23:43
mesulaScotch: File encryption.23:43
mesulaScotch: I use it to encrypt my home directory.23:43
xrandrok. what could cause sound to arbitrarily work23:44
Scotchmesula: But I so badly want to upgrade my computer right now just to get GCC 4.4, Netbeans 6.7 and all other stuff without having to download those through something other than aptitude23:44
mesulaScotch: It's the best newish feature of Ubuntu IMO.23:44
xrandri mean, sometimes i boot up, sound works fine23:44
xrandrother times, not so much23:44
mesulaxrandr: Pulseaudio?23:44
mesulaScotch: I can't really help you there. Sorry.23:44
xrandrmesula: not sure if it's using pulse audio or not.23:44
* xrandr likes alsa23:45
mesulaxrandr: I had to disable Pulseaudio on one of my PCs.23:45
mesulaPulseaudio is promising, just not ready for my uses.23:45
mesulaIt's semi-incompatible with Wine. :(23:45
xrandrand how does one disable pulse audio?23:46
mesulaAlso, it hates my motherboard audio.23:46
mesulaxrandr: By uninstalling it.23:46
Scotchmesula: I know all this stuff is present in Karmic. But I don't want to end up with lots of error popups like it did a month ago23:46
mesulaScotch: Wait two days and 13 minutes for the official release, then?23:46
Scotchmesula: but as we are just 2 days from the release, is there still lots of bugs to fix ? I mean, huge bugs ?23:47
mesulaScotch: No idea.23:47
mesulaScotch: I'm just an end user.23:47
* xrandr attempts a reboot23:48
Scotchmesula: last time I asked they answered me like "go ahead Karmic is perfectly stable and just minor bugs left." well it didn't look like this lol23:48
gh0ztFanfare: karmic works fine on my tablet so far23:48
mesulaScotch: When creating LUKS encrypted partitions, some earlier versions of cryptsetup did not wipe out any pre-existing filesystem metadata on the partition.  The current version of blkid used in the Ubuntu 9.10 RC will refuse to export a UUID for a partition containing more than one type of metadata signature. This means that encrypted disks may fail to be decrypted at boot time, possibly preventing the system from booting at all. Users of LUKS system-level d23:48
mesulaScotch: Empathy's MSN messaging support is provided by telepathy-butterfly, the version included in karmic advertises it supports Audio/Video chat however for stability reasons it has been disabled in Karmic. If you wish to test MSN AV support in Empathy, please install telepathy-butterfly from https://edge.launchpad.net/~telepathy/+archive/ppa and report bugs so we can make it as solid as possible in Lucid. (437828)23:49
mesulaScotch: Installing on Marvell Dove boards requires a network connection.  This will be fixed immediately after RC. (457536)23:49
Fanfaregh0zt: did u test celwriter? how did u install? what tablet driver?23:49
mesulaScotch: Source: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview#Known%20issues23:49
Scotchmesula: Thanks :)23:50
mesulaScotch: A lot of win32 applications don't install and run properly. :(23:50
mesulaScotch: You're welcome.23:50
mesulaafv: Hello.23:51
afvi need some help with firefox-3.7. it just "died" and won't start23:51
mesulaafv: You don't really need to say "hi" in a channel with so many people present.23:51
mesulaafv: Try 'killall firefox' before starting it again.23:51
afvit isn't running23:52
mesulaafv: Are you sure?23:52
afvand debugging just says Program exited with code 01.23:52
afvyes, i am23:52
mesulaafv: I thought the latest Firefox was 3.5?23:52
gh0ztFanfare: live CD default driver whatever that is23:52
afvi'm using 3.723:53
gh0ztFanfare: i don't have celwriter23:53
mesulaafv: WTF? There is no 3.7.23:53
afvmesula, development...23:53
mesulaafv: I thought it was 3.6 that's in development?23:54
hvgotcodesi just added the no backfill ppa but cant find the actual package23:54
hvgotcodesso the question is where is the package?23:55
afvthere's 3.7 for some time already..23:55
Hillshummesula: there are both23:55
Fanfaregh0zt: so not installed yet... ok23:55
afvi've been with 3.6 for some weeks/months and just went to 3.7 last week23:55
* Hillshum thinks it might be overheating after all23:55
yofelmesula: think of it as like debian: 3.5 - stable, 3.6 - testing, 3.7 - unstable ;)23:56
BUGabundo3 days for bunny killing :) w00t23:56
afvok, just found this at dmesg: firefox-3.7[4598]: segfault at 0 ip 00f6a050 sp bfd0bad0 error 4 in libxul.so[dbc000+c47000]23:56
mesulayofel: Roger that.23:58
gh0ztFanfare: cellwriter is i386 i can't install it23:58
BUGabundoafv what addons?23:58
afvsome.. :p23:59
BUGabundolet me guess, xmarks?23:59
BUGabundostart in safe mode turn them of23:59
BUGabundoand then bysec23:59

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