rasiqGood night.. anybody alive?03:25
rasiqBug Report on installer -  Launchpad bug 460121 in ubiquity "ubiquity hangs on step 2 (Karmic RC)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46012103:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460121 in ubiquity "ubiquity hangs on step 2 (Karmic RC)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46012103:26
rasiqand my netbook has support for SDHC cards..03:26
davmor2evand, lool: on usb of unr I've given the drive a 1 gig persistence and also installed partimage to retrieve the xp image from back up.  However on the wubi menu now I only get the options of demo/full install and learn more.  I'm going to retry just using the default setting and see if the install inside windows option appears then11:18
davmor2lool, evand: showing up on a default now.  So what I'll do is go through the size inbetween and find out where the option stops showing up.11:33
davmor2evand: no slide show on unr ?12:04
xivuloncjwatson anything I can help with for 460192?12:12
cjwatsonxivulon: already uploaded :)12:12
cjwatsonit's in the queue for release team review12:12
xivulonah wanted to sneak in the patch in 46074012:13
cjwatsonI just uploaded that too ;-)12:13
xivulonnot really that important12:13
xivulonyou are too fast12:13
* davmor2 hands a tripple espresso to xivulon so he too can be this wired12:15
cjwatsondavmor2: actually only one coffee today so far, this may be an error ...12:19
* davmor2 quickly hands cjwatson a double espresso12:19
evanddavmor2: what's your screen resolution?12:37
davmor2evand: small 1024x576 was used to the square AAO12:38
evandyeah, it's hiding the slideshow because that's too small a screen resolution12:38
evandneeds to be >= 800x60012:39
davmor2evand: no worries then :)12:41
CIA-33ubiquity: mterry * r3561 trunk/ubiquity/components/ubi-timezone.py: always refresh timezone combos when entering its page13:47
mterry^^ was not actually to trunk13:48
cjwatson15:59 <Spads> cjwatson: can you verify that https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~nick/wubi-r160.exe is correctly signed?16:00
cjwatsonevand: ^- could you?16:00
cjwatson16:00 <Spads> (and that it's the correct binary)16:00
evandwill do16:00
evandbooting now16:00
evandcjwatson: works16:12
evandI'd show a screendump, but kvm was kind enough to segfault when I did that16:12
cjwatsonevand: ok, so happy for me to tell Spads that that's OK?16:13
davmor2evand: sounds about right :)16:13
evandcjwatson: please do16:14
cjwatsonevand: let slangasek know when you've put that in your people directory?16:15
CIA-33usb-creator: evand * r246 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Unmount the target device rather than calling sync (LP: #457510).17:05
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raffertySound from headphones but not from speakers on Thinkpad x200. I've tried every workaround I can find... any suggestions?19:17
kd35ahi everybody, I'm trying to get usb-creator to work under debian22:46
kd35awhat i get is this: http://pastebin.com/m8e1eb5d22:47
kd35aDoes anyone know what I can do to make it work?22:48
kd35athe folder /usr/share/usb-creator/ doesn't exist22:49
davmor2kd35a: evand will but he won't be back on till tomorrow now I don't think22:49
kd35adavmor2: ok, do you know what time+timezone he will be back?22:50
kd35aI'll try to catch him then, thanks :)22:50
CIA-33partman-iscsi: cjwatson * r34 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog debian/install-rc finish.d/iscsi_settings):22:55
CIA-33partman-iscsi: Work around netcfg/choose_interface not always being set, breaking our22:55
CIA-33partman-iscsi: workaround for network interface configuration issues when the root22:55
CIA-33partman-iscsi: filesystem is on iSCSI (LP: #457767).22:55
* cjwatson uncommits, slightly broken change22:56
CIA-33partman-iscsi: cjwatson * r34 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog finish.d/iscsi_settings):22:57
CIA-33partman-iscsi: Work around netcfg/choose_interface not always being set, breaking our22:57
CIA-33partman-iscsi: workaround for network interface configuration issues when the root22:57
CIA-33partman-iscsi: filesystem is on iSCSI (LP: #457767).22:57
cjwatsonjust wrong set of files committed, the actual change works22:57
cjwatsonor at least I'm fairly sure it does, waiting for test to complete22:58
arandcjwatson: had/have any spare time to check on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-basicmethods/+bug/445067 ?23:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445067 in partman-basicmethods "ubiquity overwrites VBR of extended partition" [Medium,Fix released]23:00
cjwatsonarand: not yet, I'm afraid, but I'll put it on my sketchy list for tomorrow23:03
ramvi1I'm having a real hard time compiling wubi23:04
ramvi1I get wubildr error 7723:04
arandcjwatson: ok, just shout if/when more testing/info is needed...23:05
cjwatsonramvi1: looks like you need to install build-essential23:06
ramvi1cjwatson: I've got build-essential23:06
cjwatsonwhat's in config.log, then?23:06
cjwatsonpreferably try to avoid whatever happened to that paste, where it's cut off at 29 columns ...23:06
ramvi1Here's the config.log23:07
ramvi1cjwatson: yeah right. why is it cut off? One sec23:07
cjwatsondon't worry23:08
cjwatsonare you intentionally trying to cross-compile wubi?23:08
ramvi1here is it: http://pastebin.com/d5708f4523:08
cjwatsonactually ignore that23:08
* ramvi1 ignores that23:09
cjwatsonerr, well, your compiler is broken23:09
cjwatson/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.1/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc23:09
ramvi1wubi can't be compiled on amd64 maybe23:09
cjwatsonactually, I think you need to install gcc-4.4-multilib23:10
cjwatsonwubi wants to compile 32-bit code, and the ordinary gcc-4.4 on amd64 isn't enough for that23:10
ramvi1cjwatson: thanks!! That changed something23:13
ramvi1new errors though23:13
ramvi1tells me to upgrade binutils, but it's all up to date23:14
ramvi1maybe it's because I'm using grub2?23:15
cjwatsonI recommend against random guesses :)23:16
ramvi1that's why I need you cjwatson ;)23:17
cjwatsonwhat wubi branch were you using?23:17
cjwatsonURL please23:17
cjwatsonyou seem to be attempting to build the 8.10 branch on karmic23:18
ramvi1oh, is that a problem?23:18
cjwatsonit's workaroundable23:18
ramvi1thought it all was backward compatible23:18
cjwatsonbut it's why you're seeing this23:18
cjwatsonyou'd think :)23:18
ramvi1so the easy fix is just compiling in a virtual machine?23:18
cjwatsonbinutils changed in a way that all grub (legacy and 2) configure scripts had to adapt for23:18
cjwatsonI can get you a fix23:19
ramvi1that would be awesome. Thanks for helping me cjwatson23:19
CIA-33partman-iscsi: cjwatson * r35 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 723:24
ramvi1cjwatson: so what do I do?23:29
cjwatsonramvi1: wget -O- http://paste.ubuntu.com/302413/plain/ | patch -d src/grub4dos/trunk -p023:31
cjwatson(http://paste.ubuntu.com/302413/ if you just want to inspect the patch)23:31
cjwatsonentirely untested as I'm off to bed now, but that's a direct port of the fix from grub23:32
ramvi1thank you very much! Have a good night23:33
ramvi1didn't work :p23:33
cjwatsonoh, you need to update the generated configure script too23:36
cjwatsonramvi1: svn revert src/grub4dos/trunk; wget -O- http://paste.ubuntu.com/302417/plain/ | patch -d src/grub4dos/trunk -p023:37
cjwatsonthat's still not enough, one moment23:38
cjwatsonramvi1: svn revert src/grub4dos/trunk; wget -O- http://paste.ubuntu.com/302418/plain/ | patch -d src/grub4dos/trunk -p023:39
ramvi1cjwatson: Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] ?23:39
ramvi1you want me to bzr revert first?23:40
davmor2ramvi1: why do you need 8.10?23:40
ramvi1davmor2: I want a quickfix for avoiding all the gpg signing and md5 checksums23:41
cjwatsonramvi1: too tired to figure it out remotely, can you figure it out for yourself? the patch is pretty readable so you can figure out what it's supposed to be doing - "-" lines are removed, "+" lines are added23:45
cjwatsonI put the 'svn revert' in there for a reason, I think that's actually an svn checkout23:45
cjwatsonthat bit of the tree23:45
ramvi1cjwatson: sure. thanks again for helping me23:45

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