jagwire_hey, anyone around?03:32
jagwire_I've been searching for awhile regarding sound issues03:33
jagwire_I have a toshiba tecra m7-s7331 with (I'm pretty sure) a realtek alc262 driver codec03:34
jagwire_and I can't seem to get anything to work.03:34
hengdoes anybody know the best channel to get assistance on debugging a karmic suspend issue is? There's too much noise in #ubuntu+113:02
chsaedawg1Hey my mouse is moving on its own, without moving anything. How do i fix that?18:34
kroni__i ma lost20:11
kroni__can i aks u something?20:14
roscoeanyone know where I can find an up to date list of usb wireless network adapters that work out of the box?23:22
The_Jag1hi all23:26
The_Jag1anyone with a asus notebook?23:26

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