ZachK_bodhi_zazen, please add me to the learning team19:47
cprofittpleia2, doctormo paultag swoody starcraftman21:00
* starcraftman hides.21:01
cprofittCheck out "Free Moodle for Teachers (M4T) Workshop" on Classroom 2.021:01
cprofittThere will be live online workshops every Monday and 4 weeks of online classes on Integrating Technology Moodle.21:01
cprofittgreat event for us to learn how to use Moodle from teachers21:02
starcraftmancprofitt: my Uni uses moodle ya know, a nifty service. Though it's use varies from teacher to teacher. Some use it alot, others ignore it like my java teacher who has his own personal hosted site.21:03
cprofittstarcraftman, yeah... I agree. We have chosen Moodle as our LMS though and it would be good to go through a four week course on how to use it.21:05
cprofittyou here?21:05
starcraftmanI guess I can make it, got mondays off usually.21:06
* cprofitt nods21:07
cprofittits not mandatory - just thought I would pass along the opportunity21:07
doctormocprofitt: heh21:44
pleia2cprofitt: neat!21:44
* doctormo wonders how cprofitt could make it manitory to a volunteer community.21:44
* cprofitt wonders what doctormo is talking about22:02
cprofittpleia2, are you here?22:31
pleia2eating dinner over the keyboard, again22:34
pleia2yes :)22:34
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pleia2cprofitt: what's up?22:40
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