ScottKLaney: OK.  I'm game.  Accepted.  Please keep an eye on it and make sure it builds.00:06
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porthoseScottK, ping bug #460779 #460720, if you need anything else leave a comment on the bug, going to bed :)01:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460779 in libpam-blue "Sync libpam-blue 0.9.0-2.3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46077901:18
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ScottKporthose|afk: Nice.  Thanks.01:28
hedkandihello anyone at home?01:45
hedkandiI'm just putting a package together for revu01:45
hedkandiand so do I need to write an installation bit in the makefile?01:45
hedkandidh_make is saying something along those lines01:45
hedkandi$DESTDIR not ./01:46
ScottKhedkandi: Those of us who are here are pretty much focused on last minute bug fixing, so don't be suprised if you don't get an answer today.  Next week will be better.01:46
hedkandiwhen is the big day then?01:46
ScottKThursday is the release.  Last day for non-emergency uploads is tomorrow.01:46
hedkandiAre you guys in your offices in the usa?01:46
hedkandiworking for canonical?01:46
JontheEchidnaAll of us here are mainly volunteers, scattered across both Europe and the USA01:48
hedkandiI see. Which magazine will publish intrepid ibex first then?01:49
ScottKIntrepid was released a year ago.01:53
hedkandikola koala01:53
hedkandikarmic kocaine01:54
hedkandiis what I mean01:54
ScottKporthose|afk: Nice job.  Two for two uploaded and accepted.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.02:06
* ScottK notes he is fresh out of stuff to review for acceptance.02:28
zookoFolks: what are the commands to fetch the source, patch it, and build it in the same way that ubuntu builds it?04:01
zookoI'm narrowing down a segfault in a crypto lib on Karmic.04:01
ScottKzooko: apt-get source <packagename> to get the source04:02
zookoRight.  Adding sources to my sources.list now...04:02
ScottKPatching depends on what patch system, if any, the package uses.04:02
ScottKTo build it, you'll want to build in a clean environment, such as pbuilder04:03
zookoSo running apt-get source has a step where it says it applied a diff.  I think that's the "patching" that I meant.04:05
wrapsterall of a sudden im getting an error saying that libc.so.1 is not found.. even while compiling for 32bit ..anyone know why?04:14
wrapsterit was working fine all the wile.04:14
AnAntScottK: do you read the NM Reports ?04:16
ScottKAnAnt: Yes.04:16
ScottKAnAnt: Did you see I uploaded your sabily artwork changes?04:17
AnAntScottK: yes and bitlbee too I think, thanks a lot04:17
ScottKYes, that's right.04:17
ScottKYou're welcome and thank you for contributing to Ubuntu.04:17
AnAntScottK: so, you stopped working on debian ?04:18
ScottKAnAnt: No, took a break.  Working on it again now, but it hasn't gotten to the front desk to change my status yet.04:18
AnAntI see04:18
ScottKYokoZar: Where is this pk7zip-full that spring-engine needs?04:20
zookop7zip-full package?04:21
ScottKThere isn't one, but his package build-depends on it.  That's the problem.04:22
zookoCan I figure out exactly what version of g++ was used to build the libcrypto++-8 in karmic?04:22
zookoNot pk7zip-full04:23
ScottKzooko: It'll be 4.4, probably
ScottKzooko: Thanks.04:23
ScottKNow lets see if it was his typo or mine.04:23
zookoSo, I can't reproduce this segfault with the libcrypto++-8 from karmic, but I can reproduce it by building the upstream Crypto++ with the current karmic g++ 4.4.1-4ubuntu8.04:24
zookoSo I'd like to know more exactly what g++ was used to build the one that is currently in karmic.04:24
ScottKLook at when it was built and what version of gcc-4.4 was current at the time.04:24
zookoOkay thanks.  It is named p7zip-full btw04:25
wrapstercan anyone look into this weird issue pls04:28
zookoHm, how do I learn when libcrypto++-8 was built and how do I learn what version of gcc 4.4 was in use at that time?04:29
zookoI know when it was changed from the changelog: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/libc/libcrypto++/libcrypto++_5.6.0-3/changelog04:30
AnAntbtw, good news, we can sync (instead of merge) texlive from now on, they have the same changes now04:30
zookoBut I don't know when it was built.04:30
ScottKzooko: Launchpad's down for maintenance for 3 1/2 hours, but when it comes back you can find it there.04:38
zookoAha!  The pbuild automatically runs the test suite!  Great!04:39
zooko*and* it fails in the same way that I've been seeing.04:39
zookoSo there is a regression in the toolchain, maybe, since it was built.04:40
zookoI *think* this isn't really critical, as long as it doesn't get rebuilt before karmic goes gold.04:40
zookoBut it would, of course, be good to know what's going on.04:40
zookoTo reprodce: just rebuild libcrypto++-8.04:40
micahgI thought it was only supposed to be down for a half hour04:41
zooko(I did using pbuilder)04:41
zookoN.B. I've been saying "segfault" all this time, but Crypto++'s own self-tests don't seg fault, but instead they go into an infinite loop in the SHA or SHA-256 validation tets.04:41
zookoWell I need to get to sleep, but I guess I'll open a bug... launchpad's down?04:42
zookoOkay, I need to get some shuteye.  By for now.04:42
YokoZarScottK: It's a build dep (the build system makes a few .7z archives of its content and renames them)04:43
YokoZarScottK: oh god I misspelled it it's p7zip-full lol04:43
YokoZarI have no idea why dpkg-buildpackage didn't complain when I test built that04:46
YokoZarScottK: reject it, I'll reupload04:46
zookoScottK: any advice for me on pursuing this issue in libcrypto++8 and/or g++ tomorrow?04:52
zookoI would like to draw it to the attention of the relevant devs, perhaps after generating a minimal test case.04:52
zookoI'm concerned because Tahoe-LAFS depends on libcrypto++804:53
zookoI think I might fall sleep soon...04:53
ScottKYokoZar: You need to do an ubuntu2 as it's already accepted when you uploaded it.04:58
ScottKzooko: Let's chat tomorrow.04:58
micahgScottK: apparently, the new prism prevents usage of old files created with prism05:38
micahgI have an idea for a fix05:38
micahgwhen's the cutoff for non-emergency fixes?05:39
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wrapsterwhile building for 64bit im getting this error. http://pastie.org/66968006:23
wrapsterim very sure im running on a 64bit machine...06:23
wrapsterbut the checking host-- and target systems are defined as i386 so its causing errros..06:24
wrapsterwould like to know how i can change it?06:24
macothe machine may be 64bit, but is the OS?06:24
wrapstermaco: its nexenta06:26
wrapsterand yes the OS is 64bit06:26
macosol kernel + ubu userspace?06:26
wrapstersince it was a pkging que im asking..06:26
wrapstera total newbie here .. pls help06:26
macosounds like solaris kernel's reporting wrong...06:26
wrapsterisainfo --> amd64 i38606:27
wrapsteris there a way I can override it?06:27
wrapsterbut the surprising thing is.. on this machine i've already compiled it for 64bit a lot of times06:28
wrapsterits now that its cribbing!!06:28
wrapstermaco: if i chaange anything in anyother file apart from the rules file.. I get this http://pastie.org/66969006:50
wrapsterbut i do not know how to refresh it ..06:51
wrapstercould you please help me06:51
wrapsterhow to refresh that patch06:51
macoi dont see what change06:52
wrapsteri went into the configure script and added --enable-64bit.06:53
wrapsterthen when i try building i get this.06:53
slytherinAre bug fix uploads still allowed in universe?06:53
fabrice_spslytherin, according to last ScottK email, yes, with the ack of a motu-release "Bug fixes that are minimally risky or fix serious bugs (such as FTBFS) are still welcomed"06:59
slytherinOk. Mine is minimally risky and probably also fixes serious bug in the package. :-)07:00
wrapstergot it.. it was a bloody mistake of not including clean while configuring for 6407:02
dholbachgood morning07:10
fabrice_spgood morning dholbach !07:12
dholbachhi fabrice_sp07:12
wrapstermaco: i kinda got upto the stage where a copy is made of the genearted 32bit .so files and ran the configure for 64 bit  also successfully.. But now i got toatally confused in linking up the rules so that the same is created for 64bit as well..07:22
wrapsterCould you please help.07:23
wrapstermaco: http://pastie.org/66969007:23
wrapsteranyone who can help me?07:30
slytherinwrapster: what are ou trying to do exactly?07:54
wrapsterslytherin: im trying to generate 32/64 bit version of libnspr(and others).so from the same pkg...07:55
wrapsterI have gotten this far.. One moment.. i'll do a latest pastie07:55
slytherinwrapster: why, don't existing packages work for you?07:56
wrapsterslytherin: long story cut short, its actually a prerequisite for something else that we are doing.. I cannot discuss that unfortunately.07:57
slytherinOk. So where are you stuck now?07:57
wrapsterslytherin: http://pastie.org/66969007:58
wrapsterthats the entire pastie...07:58
slytherinwrapster: I have seen that, what I am asking is at what stage are you stuck?07:59
wrapsterslytherin: http://pastie.org/66968008:00
wrapsterthats where Im stuck.08:00
wrapsterthe pkg build comes along cleanly but I dont see the staging dir being created or any of the *.so files within it ,in 64bit versions.08:01
wrapsterI must be missing the logic that it directly goes to shlibdeps, after make, without running the cc -m64 <whatever>08:01
wrapsterslytherin: this will give you a better picture http://pastie.org/66972308:03
wrapsterits the complete log for 64bit build08:03
slytherinwrapster: I believe the prefix (in configure command) is wrong08:06
slytherinIt should be debian/ IIRC.08:06
wrapsterIIRC ?08:09
wrapsterslytherin: for the 46 bit configure u mean?08:09
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wrapsterslytherin: could you please explain?08:11
slytherinIIRC is - If I remember correctly. I was referring to line 37 http://pastie.org/66969008:13
wrapsterslytherin: no thats correct only. if your talking about indentation then it was messed up with the pastie... thats all08:15
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slytherinI was talking about the value. Shouldn't it be debian/usr instead of /usr? I haven't packaged any C app/lib in a while so I may be wrong.08:17
azeemslytherin: no, the --prefix must be /usr08:18
azeemline 88 makes sure the package is properly installed in debian/tmp08:19
wrapsterthat didnt make a change... as i already said.. When i compiled it as an individual pkg(only as a 64bit pkg) it all worked fine.08:19
wrapsterthis i386+amd64 thing all in one is causing issues.. Im doubting my logic here.. but got really confused looking around .. so pls help08:20
azeemline 4 in the second paste might be wrong; AFAIK dh_shlibdeps takes -l arguments relative to $(CURDIR)08:20
azeemor at least expects them08:20
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wrapsterazeem: i dont think so, coz it worked fine for 32 bit when i had written it the same way, and also while compiling the 64bit individually.08:23
wrapsterif you look at http://pastie.org/669723 as soon as the ./configure has done its job its jumping to dh_shlibdeps without running the cc -<options> thats why i said my logic could be worng but now im confused totally08:24
azeemI don't know what the issue is anyway, I arrived here mid-conversation08:24
azeemwhat is the thing after line 139 in http://pastie.org/669690 anyway?08:26
azeemwrapster: and why do you think it should run some "cc -<options>"?  I don't see a build_64 rule or anything like that08:28
wrapsterazeem: thats a sad pastie.. something went wrong.. one moment...pls08:31
wrapsterazeem: i dont know from wher its coming... before pastie it is nto there ...after i hit submit this pops up08:32
azeem09:28 < azeem> wrapster: and why do you think it should run some "cc -<options>"?  I don't see a build_64 rule or anything like that08:32
wrapsterazeem: buil_64 is not there coz im directly calilng build-stamp08:36
wrapstertahs the one right08:36
azeemthe one right?08:36
wrapsterinstall-stamp calls the buil-stamp twice08:37
azeemI didn't understand what you mean with "the one right"08:37
azeemit has the build-stamp rule as requirement08:37
azeemif the "build-stamp" file already exists at the second time, the requirement is fulfilled and the rule will not be run08:38
wrapsteroh sorry08:38
wrapsterdidnt think of that.08:38
azeemthe clean way to do this would be to have two build directories, and build/install in both, each as a requirement for build-stamp08:39
azeemlike (mkdir build-32; cd build-32; $(CFLAGS32) ../configure; make)08:39
azeem(mkdir build-64; cd build-64; $(CFLAGS64) ../configure; make)08:40
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wrapsterazeem: all of these that you said can be written as a single rule right.. instead of making more and more dependencies?09:19
azeemif you prefer09:20
azeemthat makes it harder to just build one or other other, though09:20
wrapsterok from what i've already written could you help me make it clean.pls09:21
azeemno, I don't have time right now09:21
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wrapsterslytherin: could i take your help pls?10:23
slytherinwrapster: regarding what?10:23
wrapsterslytherin: the build comes through successfully, i can create a backup of the 32bit files ,i can also see that the staging dir has 64bit files but its not being put under /usr/lib10:24
wrapsterunder the same rules file.10:24
slytherinhmm, can't help much. I usually work on java packages. :-(10:25
wrapsterok thanks anyway.10:25
wrapstergeser: are you around :)10:25
wrapstergeser: one moment pls..10:39
wrapsteri'll finish the build10:39
wrapstergeser: ok so here is the update .. individually i can build the 64bit versions but im not suppose to do so.. So i tried integrating both and this is what i could come up with http://pastie.org/66981510:43
wrapstergeser: I have a backup that will be created of the 32bit ones but when the rules file builds for 64bit , the 64bit (*.so) files are created in the staging dir no doubt(debian/tmp) but they are not transferred to the debian/libnspr4-0d10:44
wrapsterwhere they should actually reiside...10:44
wrapsteressentially what i want to say is debian/libnspr4-0d is missing most of the contents of the staging dir (debian/tmp) when the 64bit version is built.. for the 32bit one tehre is no problem... Again im guessing my logic could be worng.. or the way im placing the dependecies could be worng.. Could you pls help...10:46
gesercan you pastebin debian/libnspr4-0d.install (if it exists and I guess the filename right)?10:48
wrapstergeser: here is a pastie that will explain my problem very well..http://pastie.org/66982310:52
wrapstergeser: the file exists and it only had 2 contents...10:53
azeemwrapster: how do you make sure the 32bit and 64bit *.so are differently named?10:54
azeemdo you put them in different directories?10:54
azeemwhich are?10:54
geserwrapster: like I assumed. The .install files controll which files get moved over from debian/tmp to debian/$pkgname (from where the deb is build)10:54
wrapsterpls look at this http://pastie.org/669815 line no 7510:54
wrapsterthe copy_32 rule, will actually copy out all the *.so files to a named dir for future replacement..10:55
azeemwrapster: and then those get copied back to debian/libnspr4-0d/usr/lib in line 10310:55
azeemprobably overwriting the 64bit files10:55
wrapsterazeem: no10:56
wrapsterthey are acutally not being copied for some reason.10:56
geserwrapster: so debian/tmp contains both the 32bit libs and 64bit ones correctly? the first ones in debian/tmp/usr/lib and the second ones in debian/tmp/usr/lib/amd64?10:57
azeemwrapster: did you check the content of bkup_32?10:57
azeemcp debian/tmp/usr/lib/*.0d bkup_3210:57
azeemthis might just copy over a symlink10:57
wrapsterazeem: yes the bkup_32 only has 32bit files10:57
wrapsterand within the debian/tmp dir10:58
geserazeem: I assume it's just the install file telling to move the 32bit libs into the package10:58
wrapsterthere is no lib/amd64 being created .. (coz ive not mentioned it...)10:58
wrapsterhowever the files will be created in debian/tmp/usr/lib only but these will be 64bit10:58
wrapsterim very sure and i ran a check on this to clarify...10:58
wrapsterso the summary being... I have the 32bits in bkup_32 and 64bits in debain/tmp/usr/lib at the end of my build.10:59
wrapsterbut there is nothing in debian/libnspr4-0d dir :(10:59
azeemsorry, but I'm not interested in debugging your rules11:02
wrapsterazeem: / geser : http://pastie.org/669829 this is the o/p at the end of my build.11:02
wrapsterazeem: ok np.. thanks for you help11:02
wrapstergeser: could you pls help me..11:02
azeemwrapster: also note that people will probably mock Nexenta if you push this into a release like this11:03
azeemit's really ugly11:03
cbx33hey motu peeps11:06
cbx33anyone using the bluetooth networking in karmic?11:06
geserwrapster: I assume that "install-stamp-64" installs the libs also to debian/tmp/usr/lib and overwriting your backup from line 103. Try moving the 64bit libs to the correct location (after you installed them) and only then copy back the 32bit libs11:09
Laneydh_haskell_configure doesn't support passing arbitrary flags through11:09
LaneyI fear I'll have to leave hsh for karmic11:12
wrapstergeser: ok11:18
wrapstergeser: i want it to overwrite the 64bit libs coz by the time the 64bit processing will start I already have taken the backup of 32bit files...(in bkup_32) so i will definitely have it in tmp/usr/lib/ but if i can somehow reflect it in libnspr4-0d then i can do further copy and so on... but thats not happening.. thats my worry11:27
wrapstergeser: this is how the makefile logic i created works... build everything for 32bit until you reach dh_installdep -a (coz thats when the tmp dir having 32bit is created)--> then copy all these to bkup_32--->clean-->configure_64-->build64-->install11:30
azeemdid you verify that the build is actually going like this?11:36
wrapsterazeem: and i think i resolved the issue one moment let me see..11:39
wrapsterazeem: no... :(11:47
wrapsternot working11:47
wrapsterazeem: / geser: yay yay11:48
sebnerhuhu Laney12:26
Laneyhi there12:26
sebnerLaney: anything wrong?12:26
LaneyI need armel to test a fix12:26
Laney(or sparc)12:27
hyperairLaney: qemu?12:29
sebnerLaney: NCommander not around?12:29
Laneyhyperair: dunno how12:30
hyperairLaney: manpage =012:30
Laneyits unhelpful12:31
Laneylooks like hassle too12:31
LaneyI would very much like one of those PPAs that builds for everything12:32
dinxterme too, armel, sparc, powerpc needed here:*(12:34
hyperairwell powerpc emulatable12:35
hyperairbut you can't debootstrap a powerpc chroot >_>12:35
hyperairrather, even if you did, you'd end up having to figure out a way to install the powerpc kernel and bootloader12:36
dinxterI'm sure I needed this before and did something, if only I could remember what.. old age12:39
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slytherinLaney: IIRC, revu is on sparc. So may be you can bribe revu admins for access to a chroot. :-P13:05
dinxterall i need is a build check in pbuilder rather than anything more13:22
slytherinLaney: Another solution is to bribe the MOTUs who are also DDs to test the fix bug for you. :-)13:25
Laneyslytherin: I thought of that one ;)13:27
* Laney looks at directhex 13:27
zookomorning folks13:36
ScottKWould someone that knows C please review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~simono/ubuntu/karmic/gnoemoe/fixes-bug-459164/+merge/1385413:43
joaopintoScottK, gint count = (strlen(no_ansi) - written); it could use just "len" no need to call strlen() again13:53
ScottKjoaopinto: Could you fix it and make a proper debbdiff?13:54
joaopintowell, it's a very small improvement, doesn't worth a debdiff at this time, the code looks sane13:55
zookoScottK: something looks wrong to me.13:56
zookoSuppose strlen(no_ansi) is 20 at the start.  written gets initialized to 0.  First pass of the loop, count  = 2013:57
zookosuppose partial write, written = 5, then13:57
zookosecond pass of the loop, count = 1513:57
zookoso far so good -- it invokes write(fd, no_ansi+5, 15)13:57
zookobut if there is a second partial write, let's say this time written = 613:58
zookoso 3rd pass of the loop, count = 1413:58
joaopintooh written is not cumulative :\13:58
ScottKOK.  Sounds like we should give it a pass for Karmic.  Maybe an SRU.14:02
* Laney is going to upload another armel/sparc fix, this time for darcs14:02
Laneysame caveats as before14:02
Teddy_I need a sync from Debian to fix a security bug #457709.  Who should I poke?14:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457709 in mandos "mandos-client adds unnecessary files to initrd" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45770914:12
ScottKTeddy_: You've come to the right place.14:22
zookoScottK: so, should we do anything about the fact that, on my machine at least, "pbuilder build libcrypto++_5.6.0-3.dsc" when it gets to the SHA validation suite and enters an infinite loop?14:26
zookoI'm glad to see that the tests get run automatically as part of pbuilder, since that means if it fails then it will *not* be uploaded to ubuntu, right?14:27
ScottKIt should fail to build, yes.14:28
sistpoty|workthe patch for gnoemoe should probably replace the first do-loop with http://paste.ubuntu.com/302087/14:28
zookoOh yeah, I was going to figure out which version of gcc was used to build it.14:28
ScottKAlthought pbuilder and the buildd's are not identical.14:28
Teddy_ScottK: Right then.14:28
* Teddy_ pokes the channel about bug #45770914:28
ScottKsistpoty|work: simon-o is online, so maybe you could discuss it with him14:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457709 in mandos "mandos-client adds unnecessary files to initrd" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45770914:28
ScottKTeddy_: I'm looking at it.14:28
Teddy_ScottK: Cool, thanks!14:29
sistpoty|worksimon-o: ^^?14:29
simon-osistpoty|work: yes14:29
sistpoty|worksimon-o: read the above discussion about your patch for gnomeoe?14:29
sistpoty|workgnoemoe even14:30
simon-osistpoty|work: yes, ScottK attached it to the merge proposal14:30
zookoWhere is there a history of when packages were built and/or uploaded?14:30
ScottKsimon-o: sistpoty|work had an additional suggestion14:30
zookoI'd like to understand if the difference between my pbuilt libcrypto++8 and the one in karmic is due to a slightly different version of g++.14:30
ScottKzooko: In launchpad.  What's the source package name?14:30
simon-oScottK, sistpoty|work: Ok I see, you mean http://paste.ubuntu.com/302087/14:31
sistpoty|workyes, boils down to the same as in the compileflags wiki14:31
sistpoty|worksimon-o: of course it'd also be worthwhile to check if the file descriptor in question is opened non-blocking. if so EAGAIN is also a vaild error14:31
zookoSource: libcrypto++14:31
zookoand Source: gcc-4.414:32
ScottKzooko: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libcrypto++/+publishinghistory14:32
ScottKSimilar for gcc-4.414:32
simon-osistpoty|work: Is your patch for the updated version of my patch?14:33
sistpoty|worksimon-o: yes it should replace the first do-loop14:34
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sistpoty|worksimon-o: the recipe in the compilerflags wiki would also work though14:34
zookook, how can i fetch the version of gcc that was used to build and see if building with that version yields a working libcrypto++?14:34
ScottKzooko: What architecture?14:36
bddebianHeya gang14:36
simon-osistpoty|work: I don't really get what you mean with ret. Where is that defined?14:36
zookoScottK: amd6414:37
ScottKzooko: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.4/4.4.1-3ubuntu3/+build/119550614:37
ScottKHeya bddebian.14:38
bddebianHi ScottK14:38
ScottKTeddy_: mandos sync'ed for Karmic.14:40
Teddy_ScottK: Wonderful!14:40
Teddy_ScottK: Thanks a lot.14:40
sistpoty|worksimon-o: oh, should be same as written... forgot to add that variable14:44
ScottKTeddy_: The binaries are failing to upload due to a known launchpad bug.  I'll do a direct upload to work around it, so don't worry.14:44
Teddy_ScottK: I was just wondering about that, thanks!14:45
sistpoty|work(same type as written14:45
simon-osistpoty|work: ok, this makes sense. I don't really see a benefit of using a for loop (I personally like for more, but I tried to keep this as close to the recipe as possible to make it easier for reviewing)14:45
sistpoty|worksimon-o: I only learnt that the recipe exists after I pastebin'd my solution ;)14:46
gaspaScottK (or some m-r) : python-poppler-dbg is uninstallable, I'd like to upload a fixed revision.14:46
sistpoty|worksimon-o: either one should be fine14:46
ScottKgaspa: Pastebin the diff please.14:46
simon-osistpoty|work: Ok, so would it be ok with you if I fix the my patch and use that one?14:46
gaspaScottK: yup, just a minute.14:47
sistpoty|worksimon-o: sure14:47
simon-osistpoty|work: ok, thanks for your help. I'll post a new diff soon.14:47
ScottKsistpoty|work: Do we care about 302003?14:49
* sistpoty|work looks14:49
* sistpoty|work looks closer at mxml14:53
gaspaScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302105/15:00
ScottKgaspa: Go for it.15:00
gaspathank you15:01
simon-oScottK, joaopinto, zooko, sistpoty|work: I updated the merge proposal at https://code.launchpad.net/~simono/ubuntu/karmic/gnoemoe/fixes-bug-459164/+merge/13854 based on your feedback. Here is the proposed patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/302107/ (LP seems to has some problems)15:01
sistpoty|workScottK: no, we don't care for bug #302003, as the shared object is already linked against the pthread library, and hence will draw it in when getting loaded (the only thing to fix here would be to add @PTHREAD...@ to Libs.private)15:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302003 in mxml "PTHREAD typo in .pc file" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30200315:02
ScottKsistpoty|work: Thanks.15:02
* sistpoty|work adds a comment to the bug15:02
joaopintosimon-o, it's still faulty, you can't use the cumulative value to exit the loop, that one needs to be based on the last write( return value15:03
joaopintoyou want to use "total_written" for the pointer, and "written" to break the loop due to a negative write( return15:03
simon-ojoaopinto: argh, sorry. I'll try it again. Thanks15:04
joaopintosimon-o, the fix for those unhandled writes( is not as simple as it looks ;)15:06
simon-ojoaopinto: yeah, that's true.15:06
simon-ogood to have someone who reviews it :)15:06
* sistpoty|work wonders why it uses write there in the first place, and not just the much simpler stdio counterparts15:06
ScottKgaspa: Accepted.  Thanks.15:13
gaspaScottK: cool, thank _you_ :P15:13
simon-ojoaopinto: next try: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~simono/ubuntu/karmic/gnoemoe/fixes-bug-459164/+merge/13854 I now use the total written bytes to decrease the counter and move forward in the buffer15:16
joaopintosimon-o, 2 errors15:18
joaopintoops, wait, let me look again :P15:18
joaopintosimon-o, well, there is a broken code path, but it get's discated on loop exit condition15:19
joaopintototal_written += written;15:20
joaopintoon error, written is negative, and you are decreasing total_* :P15:20
joaopintoI hope no one decides to re-use total_written out of the loop :P15:21
simon-ojoaopinto: that's right, but then the loop discontinues15:21
simon-ojoaopinto: ok, that's a good point I'll move total_written += written two lines up15:22
simon-othen it should be ok15:22
sistpoty|workno, if a signal is delivered during the write, written is negative and errno is EINTR15:22
sistpoty|workbut the loop continues15:22
simon-osistpoty|work: I thought errno is only EINTR before any bytes are written15:24
simon-ook I see, forget about it15:24
simon-osistpoty|work, joaopinto: I'll add a check if written > 0 and increase total_written only in that case15:25
simon-othat should be safe15:25
joaopintothat looks good15:25
* sistpoty|work has the suspicion that the code slowly migrates to what I pasted :P15:26
simon-ojoaopinto, sistpoty|work: https://code.launchpad.net/~simono/ubuntu/karmic/gnoemoe/fixes-bug-459164/+merge/13854 updated again15:33
ScottKdidrocks: Any luck on a quickly fix?15:37
quidnuncHow do I search for a package that might be a child of some metapackage?15:37
didrocksScottK: I didn't have the time to work on it, but currently doing it. It seems to be almost good15:37
ScottKdidrocks: Excellent.15:37
joaopintoquidnunc, a child ? you mean a dependency ?15:37
quidnuncjoaopinto: I thought that sometimes that a dependency might be listed but that dependency was not actually a package but was provided by the "real" package15:39
quidnuncSpecifically I want to know what provides "X11", if anything15:39
joaopintoah ok :|15:41
sistpoty|worksimon-o: almost good: for the second part, you don't clear errno, but have the write done in a loop that loops on errno==EINTR. iirc a write will not clear errno (only set it if things go wrong)15:42
joaopintosimon-o, I am not sure the second loop is safe15:42
joaopintowrite() can return 0, that is not an error, and you are not retrying15:42
joaopintomerge it with sistpoty|work comments :P, you only care about errno if rc<015:43
sistpoty|workexactly :)15:43
simon-osistpoty|work, joaopinto: ok, so while (e]15:47
simon-owhile (written <0 && errno == EINTR)15:48
* zooko has a fantasy of the Test Driven Operating System15:53
zookoSo anyway, I've installed gcc-4.4.1-3ubuntu3 and now I'm creating a new pbuilder chroot with it.15:54
simon-osistpoty|work, joaopinto: Here we go again: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~simono/ubuntu/karmic/gnoemoe/fixes-bug-459164/+merge/1385415:55
zookoThis should tell us whether there was a regression in gcc between 4.4.1-3ubuntu3 and the current 4.4.1-4ubuntu8, or whether there is something funny with my particular machine.15:55
didrocksScottK: Quickly fix uploaded in 0.2.615:57
ScottKdidrocks: Would you please pastebin me the diff.15:58
sistpoty|worksimon-o: looks good to me15:58
ScottKdidrocks: Any chance you could sponsor simon-o's patch ^^^15:59
joaopintosimon-o, looks good16:00
didrocksScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302134/16:00
didrocksScottK: joaopinto seems to be on it :)16:00
ScottKdidrocks: OK.16:00
ScottKI lose track of who is MOTU and who isn't.16:00
joaopintoI am not a MOTU :)16:00
didrocksoh ok16:01
didrocksreviewing so :)16:01
macoyou know im not ;)16:01
ScottKmaco: Yes.  You should fix something I can sponsor16:01
macohaz midterm tonight. then will do16:01
ScottKmaco: OK.  8AM our time tomorrow is the deadline.16:02
didrocksScottK: I don't have here a running VM with GUI (at work), but I can do it in let's say 4 hours, is it ok?16:02
macooh dear. ok youre a night owl, yeah?16:02
ScottKmaco: Also up at 5:45 to get kids off to school.16:02
zooko8AM in what timezone?16:03
simon-osistpoty|work, ScottK, didrocks, joaopinto: Thanks for your help16:04
sistpoty|workthanks for working on it, simon-o16:04
ScottKdidrocks: quickly accepted.  thanks.16:05
simon-osistpoty|work: This was a nasty one, but I learned a lot :)16:05
ScottKzooko: -0400.  Noon UTC is the deadline16:05
ograScottK, she should fix something you can sponsor ? i'D say she should fix her status and finally become motu rather :)16:05
ScottKogra: Right and if I sponsor something I can write a nice endorsement on her application.16:06
* ogra would have betted money on maco being motu ... why arent you yet ? 16:06
macoogra: wanna cheer for me on nov 13?16:06
macoim applying at that mc meeting16:06
ograaww, thats awfully close to UDS ... but i'll try to attend16:06
macoi think youre the second person to express surprise at my not-motu-ness16:07
didrocksScottK: thanks to you :)16:11
zookoHm.  pbuilder of libcrypto++8 hangs on the SHA validation suite even though I dpkg -i'ed gcc-4.4.1-3ubuntu3 before creating this pbuilder.16:26
ScottKAnyone with amd64 that could do a test build of klamav and tell me if/why it fails.16:26
* zooko tries to double-check to make sure that the g++ version in there is really 4.4.1-3ubuntu3.16:26
ScottKzooko: Did you install it on your system or in the pbuilder chroot?16:27
zookoI installed it into my system and then mv'ed aside /var/cache/pbuilder and created a new pbuilder.16:28
zookofollowing this howto https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto16:28
* zooko unpacks /var/cache/pbuilder/base.tgz16:29
zookoWhoops, it has g++-4.4.1-4ubuntu4 in it.16:29
zookoHow do I create a pbuilder chroot with g++-4.4.1-3ubuntu3?16:29
zookoAlso, could I interest someone else in..  Hey, maybe #ubuntu-motu isn't the best channel for finding someone who wants to help me worry about a regression in g++.16:31
zookoBut what is the right channel?  #ubuntu-devel?16:32
zookoAnyway, I was going to say could I interest someone in rebuilding libcrypto++8 and telling me if it hangs, segfaults, or passes its self-tests (specifically the SHA ones).16:32
zooko^-- very cool automated git bisect of performance regressions16:33
ScottKasac: accepted bindwood16:35
ScottKzooko: Use pbuilder --login and then install the .deb's in the chroot16:36
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
ScottKThen debuild -us -uc16:36
zookoScottK: thanks16:38
ScottKzooko: You'll also need devscripts and fakeroot installed in the chroot16:39
zookoScottK ok16:40
zookoUm, ScottK: this is a newbie question, but is there any easier way to get stuff into the chroot environment than uploading it to a web server and wget''ing it once I've chrooted?16:44
zookoI just finished adding it into the tarball when I realized that the resulting taball won't have the right mknod bits set...16:44
zookoIf I repack it with "tar cf"16:44
ScottKzooko: Yes.  The chroot lives in /var/cache/pbuilder/build after you login.  You can sudo cp stuff into it.16:45
joaopintoyou should be able to repackage a chroot with tar without problems16:45
sistpoty|workScottK: I'll give klamav a shot16:50
ScottKsistpoty|work: Thanks.16:52
zookoHrm, it says it needs libcloog-ppl0 libgmpxx4ldbl libppl-c2 libppl7 to install g++-4.4.1-3ubuntu3.16:52
zookoI don't suppose there is a comman d to tell apt-get to get all of those deps recursively but get the *older* ones that match this version of g++?16:53
zookoAlso I wonder why it didn't say that when I installed g++-4.4.1-3ubuntu3 in my actualy system.16:53
zookoHm, also libcloog-pp10 doesn't appear to be a real ubuntu package at all.16:56
sistpoty|workScottK: fails: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302162/16:57
ScottKsistpoty|work: It used to build.  Any ideas what would cause that?16:58
sistpoty|workScottK: not at the moment, let me dig a bit further16:58
ScottKWe can't accept any more uploads for packages that are seeded by Mythbunto or Ubuntu Studio.16:59
blackxoredScottK, I'm here ;)17:06
ScottKblackxored: What's the issue that needs this update?17:06
blackxoredScottK, is some lockdown in multiannounce torrents and suddenly all torrent sites started using the feature 2 weeks ago or so, so it will an annonyance for users17:07
blackxoredScottK, that was the long answer, the short one: #55136317:08
ScottKOK.  Looking.17:08
blackxoredthe changes are trivial so I don't think we'll break anything by this update17:08
blackxoredat debian bts17:09
ScottKThere's an existing Ubuntu delta.  Did you check to see if that's in the Debian package now?17:09
blackxoredScottK, no is not because it's related to hotspot and we don't experience the bug in debian17:09
ScottKOK, so what I really need is a merge, not a sync.17:10
blackxoredScottK, I never asked for a sync ;)17:10
blackxoredthe ubuntu delta is just for the launcher17:10
blackxoredbut it may be required for you17:10
ScottKI'm reluctant to drop it so close to release.17:11
blackxoredalthough is kind of weird since I'm running my build on karmic without problems, could even be dropped after some testing ;)17:11
ScottKWe're ~16 hours from our final, final freeze for universe, so I'm reluctant.17:11
blackxored  Installed:
blackxored  Candidate:
blackxored  Version table:17:11
blackxored *** 017:11
blackxored        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status17:11
blackxored 017:11
blackxored        500 http://cu.archive.ubuntu.com karmic/universe Packages17:11
blackxoredrunning without problems17:11
blackxoredok no problems for me but I'm just telling that probably it was a bug with the hotspot compiler that got eventually fixed, it was karmic alpha 5 if I recall17:12
ScottKI believe it works for you, I just don't know exactly what conditions caused it to be added in the first place.17:12
blackxoredScottK, a segmentation fault in the hotspot compiler for the class it's now excluded from compilation in the ubuntu delta17:13
blackxoredNo LSB modules are available.17:13
blackxoredDistributor ID: Ubuntu17:13
blackxoredDescription:    Ubuntu 9.1017:13
blackxoredRelease:        9.1017:13
blackxoredCodename:       karmic17:13
ScottKjdong: You around?17:13
ScottKI see.17:14
blackxoredwell but that's not exactly my point I want this bugfix to be used in ubuntu as well17:14
ScottKblackxored: RIght, I'm just about getting it in the safest way17:14
blackxoredScottK, that's both of us then ;)17:14
ScottKiulian: Can you look at this ^^^17:15
* ScottK has ETOOMANYPROBLEMS going on right now17:15
blackxoredalso you're at ubuntu1 revision??? wow you're missing two important bug fixes then17:15
blackxoredin Fix filename encoding UTF8 issues. Closes: #502879.17:15
blackxoredand now in - Fix multi-announce torrent issues. Closes: #551363.17:16
ScottKIf iulian doesn't look at it, I can look at it a little later.17:18
blackxoredScottK, that's fine I wanted you guys to know before everything is frozen ;) heheh17:18
blackxoredScottK, thanks for your help17:18
blackxoredBTW for you guys to check about the ubuntu delta, the bug that caused it it's LP#42851417:20
ScottKmterry: mseide-msegui accepted.  Thanks.17:28
mterryScottK: that's my big ftbfs contribution today.   :)  was busier elsewhere than I thought17:29
ScottKmterry: OK.  Thanks for that.  We're open for business for another 18 and a half hours, so keep them coming.17:29
asacScottK: thx17:30
ScottKNo problem.17:30
sistpoty|workScottK: my best guess is that a libtool build-dependency is missing for klamav, giving that a shot17:30
sistpoty|work(since when is libtool no longer getting drawn in from autoconf (or was it automake?)...?)17:31
ScottKsistpoty|work: Thanks.17:31
ScottKI have this bug in Debian too and no amd64 to work on it.17:31
sistpoty|workoh, looks like autoconf didn't depend on libtool in the first place... strange, I always thought that was the case17:33
ScottKIs there a MOTU in the house that can look at Bug #46123417:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461234 in jargoninformatique "FTBFS with GCC 4.4 and eglibc 2.10" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46123417:34
iulianScottK: Looking at azureus right now.17:35
ScottKiulian: Thanks.17:35
sistpoty|workScottK: hm, adding libtool to b-d didn't fix klamav.17:38
mptHi everyone17:51
mptThis week I am designing the Ubuntu Software Center v2, which will be dealing with non-application packages (like Synaptic does)17:51
mptso I shall be asking various strange questions about packaging17:51
iulianblackxored: As ScottK said, I don't want to drop that change from Ubuntu either, especially at this point.  How important are these two patches?17:52
ScottKWhat is a non-application package?17:52
ScottKiulian: I'd say just merge and update.17:52
mptScottK, one that doesn't contain an application with a .desktop file. Or more precisely but less enduringly, one that isn't represented inside app-install-data.17:52
iulianScottK: OK.17:53
ScottKOK.  Well there are lots of applications that don't need gui or .desktop files.  It seems an odd choice of terminology17:54
mptScottK, yeah, it's the least clumsy term I've thought of so far. If you have ideas for a better term, that would be cool, because there needs to be a toggle for it in the interface somewhere :-)17:55
mptMy first strange question is: Are any Ubuntu packages marked as "Essential"? (I don't see it mentioned in "apt-cache show libc6" for example.) If so, how would I see a list of which packages they are?17:59
ScottKlibc6 isn't essential.18:03
mptIt's "Priority: required"18:04
sistpoty|workmpt: bash is an example of a package marked as Essential: yes18:06
sistpoty|workmpt: you can see these in /var/lib/dpkg/available for example (^Essential: yes) might be a starting point18:06
sistpoty|workmpt: however essential: yes != required. it just means it's a package that provides functionality that can be used in maintainer scripts w.o. further thinking18:07
mptthanks sistpoty|work18:07
mptinteresting that dash and bash are both Essential18:08
joaopintohum, what's the criteria for that Essential ? part of the debootstrap process ?18:08
sistpoty|workmpt: because you'll want to call shell scripts and iirc there might be problems with /bin/sh being a symlink if not both packages are installed18:08
sistpoty|workjoaopinto: provide essential functionality for maintainer scripts (and dpkg)18:09
* mpt toddles off home18:09
alkisgHi, `usermode` is translated in a lot of languages (there are lots of .po files in its source) but *none* of the .mo files get installed if one installs the package. What could be wrong?18:12
alkisg!info usermode18:13
ubottuusermode (source: usermode): Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.81-3.2 (jaunty), package size 78 kB, installed size 312 kB18:13
iulianWhen running dpkg-buildpackage I get:18:14
iulianYou must specify a valid JAVA_HOME or JAVACMD!18:14
iulianmake: *** [ant-sanity-check] Error 118:14
iulianHow can I fix this?18:14
iulianblackxored, ScottK: ^18:14
ScottKiulian: You're building the source package?18:14
ScottKInstall the build-deps18:15
ScottKYou need one of them (I don't recall which) to make the source package18:15
ScottKI usually just apt-get build-dep and then autoremove when I'm done18:15
alkisgAlso, if I run `apt-get source usermode` and then `debuild -b`, the resulting package *does* have all the .mo files. How can that be?!!!18:18
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl
iulianScottK: Thanks.18:19
alkisgDoes the Ubuntu building process strip all the .mo files by default?18:22
ScottKFor packages in Main it does18:22
ScottKIt then puts them in language packs18:23
alkisgBut usermode is in universe...18:23
ScottKThis happens sometime.18:23
alkisguh, should I file a bug then?18:23
ScottKJontheEchidna: Any suggestions ^^^?18:23
ScottKdpm: ^^^18:23
ScottKLet's see if we can get it figured out.18:23
* ScottK has summoned people who know more about it than he18:24
* dpm reads...18:24
JontheEchidnaanything non-kde translation related is a bit out of scope for me18:25
sistpoty|workScottK: I didn't get too far with klamav. my best guess is that rerunning autotools might help, but it seems that acinclude.m4 could be the troublemaker (probably an old version copied somewhere from kde)18:25
dpmalkisg, if you are building a package locally, translations are not stripped by default.18:25
ScottKdpm: But they shouldn't be stripped for Universe packages either18:26
alkisgdpm: yes, but my problem is that I'd like it to be translated when I install it from the ubuntu repositories, so that I don't have to compile it myself...18:26
dpmScottK, yes, that's correct, and that's the other point :-)18:26
sistpoty|workScottK: but that's just guess, and probably not a very good one18:26
ScottKsistpoty|work: Thanks for looking.18:26
blackxorediulian, i was off18:28
blackxoredyou need ant for clean target18:28
iulianScottK: I've prepared a merge of azureus.  Are you OK if I upload it?18:28
ScottKiulian: Assuming you've built it, etc., sure.18:29
iulianblackxored: Yea, I've successfully built it.18:29
blackxoredI'll be off for another ten minutes so please pv me18:29
blackxorediulian, great ;)18:29
ScottKblackxored: It's about to go in.  Thanks for letting us know about it.18:29
blackxorediulian, what did you do about the ubuntu delta, you kept it, as you said a merge didn't you18:29
ScottKYes, we kept it.18:30
iulianblackxored: Yes.18:30
iulianScottK: Uploaded.18:30
ScottKWe can look at dropping it in Lucid18:30
blackxoredScottK, no problem at all, I would have done it myself, but I was kind of busy with an ecommerce app, also not quite confident to ubuntu procedures, since I came from debian18:30
blackxorediulian, ScottK: thank you guys, I'll soon go ahead and install ;)18:30
iulianblackxored: Cool, thank you.18:31
ScottKblackxored: We could really use more help from people who know something about Java.  Not to many MOTU do18:31
blackxoredScottK, I'm part of the debian-java team so I'll be around for any questions ;) hehe18:31
ScottKThanks even18:31
* iulian -> supper.18:37
wrapstergeser: I dont understand whats going on at all.. npsr i built successfully all the 64libs are installed yet when i try compiling nss i get this.. http://pastie.org/67043918:43
wrapsteri just want to get this up and working..pls help18:44
geserwrapster: is this from a libnss 64bit build?18:46
wrapstergeser: yes18:47
=== dpm is now known as dpm-afk
geserwrapster: looks like it's missing the flag to build a 64bit lib (the .o files got build for 64bit, yet it tries to link them to 32bit lib, that's what it's complaining about)18:48
wrapstergeser: here is the rules file http://pastie.org/67045818:49
geserwrapster: it18:50
wrapstergeser: it ?18:51
geserwrapster: hit the return key to early :(18:51
wrapsteri got it.. looking at the makefile in mozilla/nss/security... but dont seem to quite get it.18:51
wrapstergeser: thats ok..18:52
geserwrapster: while your build uses -m64 (from CFLAGS), it's missing in the linking stage (IIRC I saw it mentioned in your pastes where you got the linking a little bit further)18:52
wrapstergeser: no..18:53
wrapstergeser: no was for that -m64 flag18:53
wrapsteri have indeed used it.18:53
geserif the upstream Makefile honours LDFLAGS during the linking stage, try setting it to the flags needed to link a 64bit lib18:55
=== asac_ is now known as asac
geserI'm slowly losing an overview of what you have tried, what worked and what not18:58
wrapstergeser: i looked at the make file nothing like that specified19:00
wrapstergeser: oh.. well forget about that nspr thing for now.. its all working fine..19:00
wrapsterand in nss there is nothing much i changed apart form -m64 being added to the rules file.19:01
wrapsterthats all..19:01
wrapsterwith this im hoping that individually at least I can first build it then I will think about including both...19:01
geserwhat did you do that nspr linked a 64bit lib (instead of a 32bit one), or didn't you need to change anything for it?19:03
asomethingIf anyone from MOTU-Release is around and has time to look at Bug #460462, I'd appriecieate it.19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460462 in evolution-rss "evolution-rss no longer downloads new messages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46046219:06
ScottKasomething: Yes.  Please.19:15
asomethingScottK: Thanks!19:16
JontheEchidnaScottK: does opengtl need updating?19:31
JontheEchidnain regard to bug 46034519:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460345 in opengtl "update to llvm 2.6 final release" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46034519:32
ScottKdoko_: ^^^19:32
ScottKHe'd know19:32
JontheEchidnalooks like 0.9.11 is required for llvm 2.619:33
JontheEchidnahttp://www.opengtl.org/Download.html <- as referenced here19:33
JontheEchidnaI believe that koffice2 and darkroom will need rebuilt for the new .so version19:34
ScottKdoko_: ?19:34
JontheEchidna(I did a gtl transition earlier this cycle)19:35
ScottKOK.  Hopefully doko answers soon.19:35
JontheEchidnadoko_: if need be, I can take care of opengtl and its rdepends19:36
JontheEchidnaI would have updated opengtl earlier on, but it's very finicky about what it considers llvm 2.6, and I did not have time to make the detection consider our snapshot 2.619:38
ScottKRight, well the 2.6 upload just got done today.19:38
fabrice_spScottK, what about bug #461286?19:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461286 in htcheck "FTBFS with GCC 4.4 and eglibc 2.10" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46128619:39
ScottKfabrice_sp: If you've tested it and think it's good, I'm good.19:40
randomactionGot a couple of FTBFS fixes: bug 461373 and bug 46137519:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461373 in kobodeluxe "kobodeluxe 0.5.1-4 FTBFS (const char*)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46137319:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461375 in knmap "knmap 2.1-3build1 FTBFS" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46137519:40
fabrice_spScottK, I'll test it. Test building now19:40
=== tag__ is now known as tag
ScottKrandomaction: Yes.  Please.19:42
ScottKAnyone around who can sponsor 461373 and 375?19:43
Laneybug 461373 bug 46137519:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461373 in kobodeluxe "kobodeluxe 0.5.1-4 FTBFS (const char*)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46137319:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461375 in knmap "knmap 2.1-3build1 FTBFS" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46137519:46
asomethingScottK: If you provide the motu-release acks, I'll test and sponsor the uploads19:47
Laneyalready looking at 37319:47
Laneyyou can take the other one, AndrewGee19:47
ScottKAck for both of them.19:47
Laneyasomething: *19:47
asomethingLaney: ok, i'll take 46137519:48
sistpoty|workScottK: I think I've got an extremely ugly you-don't-even-want-to-think-about-it workaround to make klamav build19:51
ScottKsistpoty|work: Cool.  What?19:51
ScottKextremely ugly don't want to think about it permeates the code19:51
sistpoty|workScottK: fiddling a bit with admin/ltmain.sh and removing some of the strange rpath logic there... let me paste it somewhere19:51
Laneykobodeluxe uploaded19:53
ScottKdidrocks: Are you still doing gnoemeo?19:53
didrocksScottK: I'm just back from work, so I can work on it now19:54
ScottKExcellent.  Thanks.19:55
sistpoty|workScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302267/19:55
sistpoty|workScottK: I think you need only the 3rd hunk from it19:55
sistpoty|work(the other ones were tries that didn't work)19:56
ScottKsistpoty|work: Building without the rpath defined is 'better' anyway, isn't it?19:56
sistpoty|workScottK: I hope it doesn't actually need rpath somewhere? then klamav would probably be broken by it19:56
sistpoty|workScottK: not if it uses private shared objects (e.g. in /usr/lib/klamav)19:56
sistpoty|workat least I think I've read something on debian-devel that it's ok to do that nowadays19:57
ScottKWe'll try it and see.20:02
sistpoty|workScottK: the 3rd hunk is indeed enough, just did a cleaner test-build again20:04
asomethingknmap uploaded. Thanks randomaction!20:06
randomactionthanks for quick acks and uploads :)20:06
ScottKJontheEchidna: If doko doesn't answer, use your best judgement about uploading stuff and let me know.20:07
ajmitchScottK: when's close-off for uploads?20:09
ScottKjwilk: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20090909/+build/1228820/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.python-goopy_0.1-3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:11
ScottKajmitch: 1200 UTC on Tuesday for unseeded packages in Universe/Multiverse.  For seeded stuff unless it's urgent enough for an ISO respin, it's too late.20:11
ScottKEventually got the right message on the right channel20:11
ajmitchScottK: it's ok, I'm in there as well20:12
ajmitchso pretty much just the next few hours20:12
ScottKOver 15.20:13
ScottKThat's not so bad.20:13
ajmitchyeah, stuff like that boost issue just came up in #nzpug after some people upgraded to karmic20:16
fabrice_sphtcheck uploaded20:17
* sistpoty|work must go home now... cya20:18
ScottKajmitch: Did anyone ever find a patch for that (it'll have to go to updates now)?20:19
ScottKfabrice_sp: Thanks.20:19
ScottKAny MOTU can look at 461300 and 461338?20:21
didrocksScottK: gnoemoe sponsored20:21
ScottKdidrocks: Thanks.  Can you look at ^^^20:22
didrocksyeah, taking first one :)20:22
* sebner steps in for the second one20:22
JontheEchidnawow, too fast :D20:22
sebnerLaney: ah do you do it?20:23
ScottKOK 46123420:24
ScottKWho's up for htat?20:24
ajmitchScottK: no I didn't find one yet20:25
ScottKurgh.  ok20:25
JontheEchidnaI can take 46123420:26
ajmitchyeah sorry, I'll try & hunt over the next couple of days so we can get a SRU ready for it20:26
sebnerIf sebner just would know how to work with bzr and branches xD20:26
LaneyI wonder how to sponsor from branches indeed20:26
ScottKsebner: There's a link to pull a diff20:27
Laneyisn't there a proper (bzr) way?20:27
sebnerScottK: Yeah, uploading the package is not the problem but merging the branch with the fix etc20:27
didrockssebner: I generally use: bzr bd debuild -- -S -k…20:27
didrocksoh, merging the branch. I dunno too :/20:28
asacScottK: is there a bfilter upload or something for a while in unapproaved?20:28
asaca while == 1 week20:28
ScottKasac: No20:29
asacok need to upload then i guess.20:30
asacyou said something about locked archive? isnt it manual review now?20:30
sebnerasac is *teehh* bzr hero20:30
asaci would think that its got rejected20:30
sebnerLaney: do you search for a proper solution or only care to get the fix into the archive?20:30
ScottKasac: For stuff on an ISO it needs to go to proposed.  For unseeded stuff there's 15 hours20:30
Laneysebner: what?20:31
ScottKsebner: Today get it in the archive.20:31
sebneraye aye20:31
asacScottK: 15 hours?20:31
asacthe archive gets locked down hard?20:31
ScottKasac: 1200UTC tomorrow is when we stop.20:31
sebnerLaney: do you do 461338?20:31
asacstop everything?20:31
asacis that new?20:32
Laneyif I set it as in progress20:32
ScottKasac: There's a 12 hour OMG window after that for Ubuntu Release, but MOTU Release won't approve anything else.20:32
sebnerLaney: so yes I suppose20:32
sebnerScottK: might delegating another sponsorship task to me?20:32
Laneychillax then20:32
Laneysebner: just do the list20:32
ScottKsebner: That's all I got.  Go fix some FTBFS.20:32
sebnerOk :)20:33
ScottKasac: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-October/000634.html <- Is actually later than we've done ever before.20:33
asacScottK: is that new? why do we prevent two days of universe fixes?20:33
ScottKasac: Normally we freeze on Sunday.20:33
ScottKThanks to security in soyuz though we don't need 3 days to copy the archive to dak.20:34
asacyeah. but freeze means for me: "manually approvable"20:34
ScottKThen we're frozen now.20:34
asaci think we have two more uploads then20:34
asacor three20:34
didrocksScottK: klogic uploaded20:36
JontheEchidnajargoninformatique uploaded20:40
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sebnerScottK: do you get to the approval list anyways or should we ping you?20:49
sebnerScottK: ah nuke python-happydoc please20:50
Laneykdbg done20:51
* Laney -> out20:51
fabrice_spI've fixed a FTBFS in a package (libcsfml). Should I upload it, and request review here, or create a bug report?20:51
sebnerfabrice_sp: just upload and ScottK will approve it20:53
ScottKfabrice_sp: That's fine.  If you can pastebin me the diff, that'd be nice too.20:56
fabrice_spScottK, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302306/20:57
fabrice_sp(for libcsfml upload)20:57
ScottKfabrice_sp: Ack.  Go for it.20:58
sebnerScottK: please reject python-happydoc :)20:58
ScottKsebner: Will do20:58
fabrice_spthanks :-)20:59
ScottKsebner: Somewhat interestingly I looked at that and thought I better test build it myself before accepting ....20:59
sebnerScottK: Now you can accept21:00
sebnerScottK: hmm? I fixed the changelog. testbuilt myself of course21:00
ScottKsebner: OK.21:00
sebnerScottK: you are free to give it another test of course :)21:00
ari-tczewhello, I need ask someone from MOTU21:00
sebnerari-tczew: just ask ;)21:01
ari-tczewI'm looking at packages.ubuntu.com for drupal521:01
ari-tczewthere is 5.15-1ubuntu1.1 on jaunty21:01
ari-tczewbut if I click on changelog21:01
ari-tczewThe requested URL /changelogs/pool/universe/d/drupal5/drupal5_5.15-1ubuntu1.1/changelog was not found on this server.21:02
ari-tczewnote: package built fine today21:02
ScottKI've seen at least one use of ${py_setup_install_args} not go well today, so I'm being careful21:02
sebnerScottK: ah, ok. np21:02
ari-tczewwhat is wrong?21:02
ScottKari-tczew: It takes some time to get there21:02
sebnerScottK: I usually testbuild stuff myself before uploading *anything* though ;)21:02
ajmitchjust look at the changelog on launchpad instead21:02
ScottKsebner: Certainly.  It's just I'm extra paranoid on the last day21:03
ari-tczew"software related to..." doesn't have this info too21:03
ajmitchhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drupal5 has it, I don't know how often the changelogs are extracted for the site you're looking at21:04
ScottKsebner: It's (as you expected) fine.  Thanks.21:07
sebnerScottK: heh, really np. Please stay that paranoid as it's really the last day. :)21:07
JontheEchidnacrap: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302311/21:08
ajmitchthat don't look so hot21:09
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ari-tczewI just wonder why these packages are not exist in my page on launchpad as "Software related to..."21:09
ajmitchmaybe because it's a sponsored security upload, there could be special stuff around that21:10
ajmitchyou'd have to find out from #launchpad21:11
JontheEchidnaopengtl is an optional dependency in both cases. If worse comes to worse we can drop them as build-depends from both darkroom and koffice221:12
ScottKJontheEchidna: Upstream have patches?21:13
JontheEchidnalooks like a 0.9.12 release is due pretty soon21:15
JontheEchidnaoh, no it's not21:17
JontheEchidnano patches upstream21:17
* JontheEchidna -> dinner21:17
sebnerScottK: do we prefer syncs still over manual uploads21:18
ScottKsebner: Generally.21:19
fabrice_spScottK, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302316/ ?21:19
ScottKfabrice_sp: Ack.  Go for it.21:20
ScottKsebner: If it needs a manual upload, let me do it.21:20
sebnerScottK: I just filed the sync request. Give me a sec to fetch the bug number21:21
ScottK461451, right?21:21
sebnergood catch ;)21:21
sebnerScottK: dpkg-deb: building package `pygopherd' in `../pygopherd_2.0.18.3+nmu2_all.deb'.21:22
sebnersaves you the time of testbuilding21:22
ScottKsebner: I've asked to have it sync'ed.  I'll do it manually later if needed.21:25
asacScottK: so sugar-hulahop and helix-player with xulrunner-1.9.1 switch uploaded21:27
ScottKasac: Thanks.21:27
asacScottK: also one more one line fix for bindwood ... thanks and sorry. i think thats it.21:33
asacfor me ;)21:33
sebnerScottK: another ${py_setup_install_args} for you to test :D21:35
ScottKsebner: Now that I saw one work, I'll believe you.21:35
ScottKasac: OK.21:35
sebnerScottK: Trust is good, control is better :) gnahh I testbuild so thx ^^21:36
ScottKDebian put out a DSA for nginx today.  Would someone check and see if we have the fix.21:36
ScottKsebner: Just pastebin me the diff21:37
sebnerScottK: hihi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/302330/  with  dpkg-deb: building package `pympd' in `../pympd_0.07-1.2ubuntu1_all.deb'.21:38
ScottKsebner: Ack.  Go for it.21:38
sebnerScottK: thx, We should have made a "Fix python FTBFS" too as most of them are not that hard to fix21:39
ScottKI'm off for a while.  Any motu-release can ack uploads and I'll accept them when I get back.21:39
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doko_JontheEchidna, ScottK: go ahead, it's better than having a non-working version22:08
JontheEchidnaGo ahead with which solution?22:09
ScottKdoko_: ^^^22:09
doko_ScottK: the opengtl update?22:14
ScottKdoko_: Except that didn't work.22:14
ScottKdoko_:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/302311/22:14
doko_ahh, ok22:16
doko_hmm, but supported by llvm ...22:17
JontheEchidnacome to think of it, things worked fine before the check, at least compiling-wise22:17
JontheEchidnanevermind, the check came 7 months ago22:18
vadi2Hi, I'm getting this error when trying to use debuild: "Enter passphrase: gpg: gpg-agent is not available in this session"22:26
vadi2Anyone know how to fix it?22:26
ari-tczewvaldi2: have you got installed: gpgv libgpgme11 pinentry-gtk2 ?22:41
sebnerScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302371/22:42
sebnerScottK: already uploaded of course ^^22:42
ScottKsebner: Ack22:42
micahgScottK: if helix-player fails to build with the latest python and is 2 years old, is it worth trying to build the latest version (also no longer in debian)22:43
ScottKmicahg: Depends on how hard it is.  Generally Python FTBFS aren't hard.  At this point I'd rather fix it than remove it.22:44
micahgwell, it was removed from debian 2 years ago, so I think Ubuntu chose to keep it22:44
vadi2ari-tczew: no, but I installed it now and the same thing22:44
vadi2ari-tczew: before, seahorse would pop-up a dialog for me... I reinstalled, and it's not anymore22:45
ari-tczewplease restart system22:46
ari-tczewand test again22:46
vadi2ok, brb22:49
vadi2ari-tczew: thanks mate, that worked. would it be a bug that devscripts didn't install that stuff?22:54
ari-tczewhave you got time now?22:55
ari-tczewwe need check depends22:55
vadi2I'm taking a break, yeah22:56
ari-tczewbut remember: packages in universe cannot depends on main22:56
ari-tczewvaldi2: have you got installed gnupg-agent now ?22:56
ari-tczewwhich packages you not have installed from: gpgv libgpgme11 pinentry-gtk222:58
vadi2I installed them all22:59
ari-tczewplease check separately them22:59
ari-tczewe.g. uninstall gpgv and test - reproduce23:00
vadi2uninstalling gpgv would remove too much stuff. it must have been already installed23:00
ari-tczewthis way we can learn which package is needed to work23:00
ScottKvadi2: It's by design that devscripts does not install everything needed for every script.  It would pull in a huge amount if it did.23:01
vadi2and removing libgpgme11 removes seahorse... but it was already installed.23:01
vadi2ScottK: but don't people have to sign packages normally?23:01
ScottKvadi2: Yes, but they don't need devscripts to do that.23:01
ScottKdevscripts just provides some wrappers that make it easier.23:02
vadi2eh. Well, the problem was pretty cryptic for me, just wondering about a solution for others23:02
sebnerScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302390/23:03
ScottKsebner: Ack.23:03
ari-tczewnormal user doesn't have time and skill to searching where is the problem :(23:04
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* ScottK wonders where all the FTBFS fixers went?23:59

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