micahgasac: please ping me re bug 460860 as soon as you're up07:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460860 in prism "old prism apps just stop working after upgrade" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46086007:07
asackenvandif: ken ... IF ;) you are there, let me know.10:50
asacbindwoodish issue here10:50
asacnothing works10:50
asacat least none of the tests i suggested10:50
asacjdstrand: so i am not sure what to do for sqlite11:50
asacjdstrand: there have been SRUs11:50
asacif we want to roll something to security we would need two updates for each release?11:50
asacin jaunty there is one SRU https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/3.6.10-1ubuntu0.211:51
asacintrepid too https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/3.5.9-3ubuntu111:51
* asac sits and waits11:53
urbanapeasac, morning. I have to run my son to daycare. Should be back in half hour to forty-five minutes12:08
ftaseems i can't play videos on my dual core. sound & video are jerky. like here http://vimeo.com/490496512:31
ftaor here http://vimeo.com/660140912:33
fta20429 fta       20   0 1075m 386m  34m R  115 19.2 130:08.03 firefox-3.712:34
fta 1055 root      20   0  307m 165m  15m S   20  8.2  68:10.32 Xorg12:34
fta 1501 fta        9 -11  157m 7828 6556 S    2  0.4  35:21.16 pulseaudio12:34
ftait was fine a couple of weeks ago12:36
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urbanapeHi, asac. I'm back13:01
asaclunch now ... 30 minutes13:01
asacurbanape: ok13:45
asacurbanape: so ....13:45
asacwhere is the couchdb located?13:45
urbanapeasac, it's desktopcouch13:47
urbanapeit starts up on a random, unclaimed port. You can either query dbus for it, or you can go to a generated static page:13:48
urbanapeer, couchdb.html13:48
asacthat doesnt exist13:48
urbanapedo you have desktopcouch installed?13:48
asaci have couchdb processes running13:48
urbanapeis it the system couchdb? 5984?13:49
asacii  desktopcouch                         0.5-0ubuntu1                         A Desktop CouchDB instance13:49
asacthats the ps -eaf | grep couchdb13:49
asacfirefox    6706        asac   25u     IPv4    6542946      0t0        TCP> (ESTABLISHED)13:51
asacso seems ffox has a connection open to that port13:51
urbanapeweird. It shouldn't be falling back on the system couchdb.13:51
urbanapeWe took out that behavior a long while ago13:51
asacwho would startup desktopcouch?13:52
asacdbus activation?13:52
urbanapeyes, ffox with bindwood installed should start it up (the act of querying it for its port will start it if it's not already)13:52
* asac kills13:54
asackilling killed it13:55
asacnothing starts13:55
urbanapewhat happens if you start it manually: $ python /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service13:57
asacnow things are running with my user13:57
asacafter i restarted couchdb13:57
urbanapealso, incidentally, are you using the apparmor profiles for ffox?13:57
urbanapewe've had at least one report that bindwood doesn't behave very well in that environment.13:57
asacapparmor is enabled by default afaik13:58
asacOct 26 14:55:05 tinya kernel: [416505.927541] type=1503 audit(1256565305.801:72): operation="exec" pid=12797 parent=12796 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-3.5.*/firefox" requested_mask="::x" denied_mask="::x" fsuid=1000 ouid=0 name="/usr/share/bindwood/couchdb_env.sh"13:58
asacOct 26 14:56:22 tinya wpa_supplicant[1320]: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS13:58
asacOct 26 14:56:36 tinya kernel: [416596.256205] type=1503 audit(1256565396.133:73): operation="exec" pid=13148 parent=13147 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-3.5.*/firefox" requested_mask="::x" denied_mask="::x" fsuid=1000 ouid=0 name="/usr/share/bindwood/couchdb_env.sh"13:58
asacOct 26 14:56:54 tinya kernel: [416614.703574] type=1503 audit(1256565414.578:74): operation="exec" pid=13169 parent=13168 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-3.5.*/firefox" requested_mask="::x" denied_mask="::x" fsuid=1000 ouid=0 name="/usr/share/bindwood/couchdb_env.sh"13:58
asacOct 26 14:57:45 tinya kernel: [416665.533608] type=1503 audit(1256565465.409:75): operation="exec" pid=13206 parent=13205 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-3.5.*/firefox" requested_mask="::x" denied_mask="::x" fsuid=1000 ouid=0 name="/usr/share/bindwood/couchdb_env.sh"13:58
asacjdstrand: ^^ ... one more for you ;)13:58
asacok trying with disabled13:59
urbanapedoes that only stop system-installed extensions? I've been using Bindwood since, well, its inception and haven't had any problems.14:00
urbanapeI might not be running apparmor, though. I've got no logs in /var/log/apparmor/14:00
asacsystem installed are differenct14:01
urbanapeI mostly have been running Bindwood developmentally with a file in my profile's extensions directory pointing to the dev directory14:01
asacapparmor wise14:01
asacplease file a bug against apparmor14:01
urbanapewill do14:01
asacor move the bug you had there14:01
urbanapewe just want to add an exception for Bindwood's shell script?14:01
urbanapeIt's the only process we call.14:02
asacurbanape: i get a complain "login to localhost:49698"14:03
asacurbanape: if just ignoring that process error is a solution we can do that14:03
urbanapeare you getting it repeatedly?14:03
asacyes. with my real profile14:03
asacwhat kind of port is that?14:03
asacis that bindwood?14:03
urbanapethat's the desktopcouch port.14:04
asacyeah. seems its busted somewhat14:04
urbanapeIt picks a random, unused port to start the couch process listening.14:04
asacdo you check if thats taken already?14:04
urbanapedbus does14:04
urbanapedbus just picks an unused port for the process.14:04
asacbeam.smp  12910        asac   13u     IPv4    6549527      0t0        TCP (LISTEN)14:04
urbanapewe find out which port by querying dbus.14:04
asacso its taken14:04
asacthats a http thing, right?14:05
urbanapeno, it's a system process thing14:05
urbanapebeam.smp is the erlang process that's running CouchDB14:05
asacbeam.smp has something to do with couchcb14:05
asacshould be renamed imo ;)14:05
urbanapethought you were asking if dbus is an http thing14:05
asacbut why does firefox think it needs to connect using http?14:05
asaci know that dbus isnt http14:06
urbanapealright, here's how Bindwood works14:06
asacbut firefox gets a http auth14:06
asacon that port14:06
asacgo ahead14:06
urbanapewe start up, and we run that couchdb_env.sh, which gets us:14:06
urbanapethe port that CouchDB is listening on, and the oauth tokens from our personal desktop couch ini file.14:06
urbanapequerying the port has a side effect of starting up desktop couch if it's not already running.14:07
urbanape(that happens with anything that queries for our desktop couch, not just Bindwood)14:07
asacthats understood14:07
urbanapethen, we ensure that there's a bookmarks database in our CouchDB, creating if necessary.14:07
urbanape(using the AJAX couch.js libs)14:08
asacso why would firefox not succeed with that oauth ...14:08
urbanapethat should be using the oauth tokens14:08
urbanapeand it's not, so it's trying to fall back on HTTP Basic Auth.14:08
urbanapeyou'll get a prompt for each ajax request, and it will be misery if you've got a lot of bookmarks.14:08
asacso it means that ooauth failed?14:08
urbanapethe way we solved this before was ...14:08
urbanapeit means that for some reason, the oauth tokens it got were different from what couch was expecting.14:09
asacok. so where does ffox get that ooauth token from?14:09
asacalso ... does it safe that in profile?14:09
asacthat would explains it i guess14:09
asacas i created the couchdb with a different profile14:10
urbanapeno, doesn't get saved in profile, we read it each time firefox starts up.14:10
asacso why would that not work?14:10
urbanapeand all of your (asac's) ffox profiles share a CouchDB. We tag each Couch record with the profile associated with it, and filter for the currently running profile when dealing with the records.14:11
asacso the test i outlined wouldnt work anyway14:11
asacanyway. so lets focus on why oauth token can be invalid14:11
asachow do you get that token?14:11
jdstranderr, apparmor is installed and enabled by default in Ubuntu, but one must opt-in to the firefox profile, which is disabled by default14:12
urbanapejdstrand, aha, okay.14:12
asacjdstrand: oh. so i have it enabled because i enabled it?14:12
jdstrandI'm not sure the profile will ever be enabled by default, but we'll keep plugging away at it and making it better as we go14:13
jdstrandasac: yes14:13
urbanapeasac, this should give you four tokens joined with colons: python -c "from desktopcouch import local_files; tokens = local_files.get_oauth_tokens(); print ':'.join([tokens['consumer_key'], tokens['consumer_secret'], tokens['token'], tokens['token_secret']])"14:13
urbanapeyou don't need to paste them here.14:13
jdstrandasac: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview#New%20profiles14:14
jdstrandasac: it will tell you how to disable it again if desired14:14
asacurbanape: yes. that works ... four things14:14
asacjdstrand: no. i know14:14
asaci did it14:14
urbanapek, so the couchdb_env.sh is getting *something*.14:14
asacjust thought we had it enabled14:14
jdstrandasac: ah, ok14:14
urbanapeLemme check with thisfred and see why your Couch might be using something different.14:14
asacjdstrand: so for sqlite3 update ... what do you think wrt SRUs14:15
asac12:50 < asac> jdstrand: so i am not sure what to do for sqlite14:15
asac12:50 < asac> jdstrand: there have been SRUs14:15
asac12:50 < asac> if we want to roll something to security we would need two updates for each release?14:15
asac12:51 < asac> in jaunty there is one SRU https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/3.6.10-1ubuntu0.214:15
asac12:51 < asac> intrepid too https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/3.5.9-3ubuntu114:15
* jdstrand nods14:15
jdstrandasac: so that is in -updates?14:15
asacyes. we have something in -updates14:15
asacbut we wwant the new update go to -security14:15
jdstrandasac: we pull from -updates for -security updates14:16
asacrolling two updates sounds hard14:16
asacjdstrand: ok. so its ok to base on top of -updates version. thanks14:16
asacthat fixes my issues ;)14:16
jdstrandasac: not only ok, it is how we always do it ;)14:16
jdstrandotherwise it the maintenance issues would just explode14:16
asacthats what i felt14:17
* asac continues to proceed on sqlite314:17
urbanapeasac, I'll let you know when I've got something for you to try or a question about your environment.14:22
urbanapeasac: if you start ffox from the command line like so: `BINDWOOD_DEBUG=1 firefox &`, we log more diagnostic output in the error console. It might be useful to see the errors you're getting from that point of view (if you can get past all the annoying basic auth prompts)14:25
asaclet me try14:25
asacno change14:25
asacno log14:25
asacnothing new14:26
asacecho $BINDWOOD_DEBUG14:26
urbanapenothing in the Error Console?14:30
asachad to uninstall bindwood14:43
asackenvandine: can you verify bindwood for me ;)?14:53
asackenvandine: it doesnt work at all here, but i dont want to block this upload just because it doesnt work for me14:53
asacof course if its still broken we shouldnt upload it, so would be nice if you could run the testcases i posted in the mail threads and confirm that they work14:53
urbanapeasac, it's very strange. I'm definitely using it in a different manner than by installing the package (though I will do that as well), but I haven't had any of these particular problems since we've corrected the oauth code after the last major release (0.4.0)14:55
kenvandineasac, it is working here14:55
urbanapekenvandine, are you on desktopcouch 0.5.0? I'm upgrading locally from 0.4.2, but it's taking a bit longer than I had anticipated.14:55
kenvandineasac, let me check my mail14:55
urbanapekenvandine, also check my followup14:55
kenvandineurbanape, i have 0.5.0 from your ppa14:55
kenvandinenot from karmic14:56
kenvandineasac, you emailed tests?14:59
kenvandineah... friday :)14:59
asackenvandine: yes. though we found out today that those arent going to work as they are filtered per-profile ... so instead of using a new profile it probably is dropping the .mozilla profile and ensure that its properly synched...15:01
asaci filed bug 461150 fwiw15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461150 in bindwood "when oauth fails, user gets spammed with HTTP authentication dialogs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46115015:01
kenvandineasac, good... that sucks :)15:02
asackenvandine: i am not sure why oauth fails here ... but its definitly bad ;)15:02
kenvandineurbanape, [object XULElement]15:18
kenvandinehow do you copy errors from the error console?15:18
asackenvandine: right click /copy/15:29
urbanapeor install Console215:30
kenvandineurbanape, there is definately a problem15:48
kenvandineasac, right click copy got me the object XULElement thing15:48
* kenvandine finds console215:49
urbanapekenvandine, hrm. I'm still going through my upgrade.15:49
kenvandineoh nm... i still have 0.4.1 installed15:50
kenvandinehumm... it got installed friday15:51
kenvandinei guess i did that :)15:51
* kenvandine removes and retests15:51
kenvandinei guess that explains why i didn't have to install it in my new mozilla dir :)15:52
kenvandineurbanape, asac: ok i have tested with a clean profile and it is populating my bookmarks correctly16:11
kenvandineand not spamming me with livemarks16:11
kenvandinebut let me run it for a little longer to make sure they don't come back :)16:11
urbanapenot getting the basic auth prompts?16:11
kenvandineworking fine16:11
urbanapegood deal16:11
kenvandinewhacked the profile, installed bindwood.xpi and verified Bookmarks->Desktop Couch with an unfiled bookmark appeared16:12
asackenvandine: and adding new bookmarks, moving and starting with fresh profile works?16:12
asackenvandine: please test system install16:12
kenvandinethat was the unfiled bookmark16:12
asacnot .xpi16:12
kenvandineasac, where can i  build the deb from16:14
kenvandinefound it16:15
asacCOPYING.BSD isnt in upstream btw16:17
urbanapeit should have been included during the last release.16:17
urbanape(or after)16:17
urbanapehuh. Guess it got overlooked.16:18
asacits in the packaging branch16:18
asacnot in the upstream tree16:18
asacoddly enough16:18
urbanapeyeah, just hasn't been backported. I'll file a bug for it and get it landed.16:19
asacok pushing the potential packaging release to ~ubuntu-dev/firefox-extensions/bindwood.ubuntu16:19
kenvandineasac, yeah it  works from a deb and clean profile16:19
asackenvandine: can you branch that ... use bzr bd to build16:19
kenvandineasac, i just merged locally and bzr bd16:19
asacbetter check the branch from above16:20
kenvandinei can do that too16:20
asaci dont want to have it fail because we did separate things16:20
asacsorry for not posting it earlier16:20
kenvandineno worries16:20
asac    - fix LP: #459068 - Create a proper folder for storing Couchdb/UbuntuOne book16:21
asac      marks16:21
asacso why does that fix livebookmarks?16:21
kenvandinethat was a separate bug16:21
kenvandinemildly related16:21
kenvandineslightly related rather16:21
asacso why do we get a merge reqeust for that bug and it fixes something else?16:21
kenvandineurbanape, ^^16:22
kenvandineit was initially the other bug fix16:22
asaci dont want to fix stuff that isnt release critical at this point16:22
kenvandinethen he branched that to fix the folder thing16:22
asacthats not nice16:22
kenvandineyeah, well without that fix it gets really ugly16:22
kenvandinebasically bookmarks you get synced all show up in your toolbar16:23
kenvandineso it gets huge16:23
kenvandinethis drops it into a folder of it's own16:23
urbanapeasac, it was a modification to the third fix I listed in my initial email16:23
urbanapeprevious behavior was to pull new bookmarks into the toolbar folder, which was bad. kenvandine's bug lists that as the bad behavior and the fix I added just redirects them to a known folder location inside the bookmarks menu.16:24
asacok doesnt matter i will upload that now16:25
asaconce bindwood is in main this needs to be done by adding patches i guess16:25
kenvandineasac, for sure16:28
kenvandineasac, ok tested from your branch and it works16:28
kenvandineasac, thx!16:28
asacyeah. had to uncommit and add new bug to changelog16:28
asacbut it should be same16:28
* kenvandine will be glad to have firefox behaving again :)16:28
asacthis oauth spamming needs to be fixed ;)16:29
asacbut well ... glad its not in main ;)16:29
asacbtw, the other bug was added after the grave bug in the branch16:30
asacso it was not really a reuse of the other fix ;)16:30
asacok off ... watching a potential flat16:30
asackenvandine: you might need to prod pitti or scottk16:31
asacto get this in16:31
asaci can do that when back16:31
asaci think archive is almost locked down ... so lets hope that still goes in16:31
kenvandinei'll talk to pitti right now16:31
urbanapethx, both of you16:31
kenvandineok pitti accepted it :)16:36
urbanapegotta reboot after dist-upgrade16:38
micahghi asac16:44
eagles0513875hey guys16:59
asacmicahg: hi17:30
micahgI'll be back in about an hour17:35
micahgasac: what did you think of my prism fix?18:29
micahgjdstrand: for the apparmor bugs, is there a process you'd like me to follow?18:34
jdstrandmicahg: in general, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingApparmor18:34
micahgwhat are we committed to having work in the profile?18:35
jdstrandmicahg: also, while I developed the profile, I won't necessarily be the one to fix it. aa profiling bugs are often easy to fix. however, feel free to subscribe ubuntu-security rather than directly assigning me18:36
micahgok, sorry18:36
micahgso, what do you think the profile should support (so I know what's a bug and what isn't)18:36
micahgI've been watching the bugs18:36
jdstrandmicahg: 1st, remember the profile is opt-in, so none of the profiling bugs should be higher than 'Low' I would say18:37
jdstrandidea being that people who enable it should be able to file a bug/fix it themselves18:37
jdstrandin terms of what it supports, I would like it to support anything that is shipped in Ubuntu18:37
micahgdoes that mean allow entries for everything?18:38
jdstrandthe profile should generally be able to handle most people's extenstions18:38
jdstrandextensions that they download18:38
jdstrandwe can look at those on a case by case basis18:38
jdstrandmicahg: what I mean by 'anything that is shipped in Ubuntu' is that if there is an action within firefox or a shipped extension that doesn't work because of the profile, then we should look hard at fixing it18:39
jdstrandthe recent nautilus one is an example of that18:39
micahgam I better off subscribing ubuntu-security if the logs show an issue with the apparmor profile?18:39
jdstrandbeing able to run fsck is an example of one that we would not allow18:39
micahgrather than trying to fix it myself and possibly cause something unsecure to happen?18:40
jdstrandmicahg: feel free to subscribe us and attach a debdiff fixing it. we can review it and give feedback18:40
jdstrandor a diff if that is easier18:40
micahgis triaged still appropriate if the kernel log is attached?18:40
micahgok, great, thank you for your time18:41
jdstrandassuming it is just a profiling bug (eg, like the nautilus one, where we should just allow Ux access)18:41
jdstrandmicahg: np! thanks for your help with these :)18:41
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micahghi asac18:50
micahgor asac_18:50
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacmicahg: ok19:00
asacmicahg: so ... what was the prism branch?19:01
micahgstill waiting for the reporter to test19:01
asacmicahg: on bug folks say it didnt work19:02
micahgsay one person19:02
asachow is your fix supposed to work?19:03
micahgit's supposed to provide a fake xulrunner-1.9 binary that calls the prism binary and loads the webapp19:03
micahgthe command works for me19:03
micahgbut I don't have an old app created by prism19:03
micahgthat's what I needed tested19:04
asacso would Exec=xulrunner-1.9 /usr/share/prism/application.ini -webapp slimtimer@prism.app19:04
micahgi don't get what the guy posted19:04
asacso would Exec=xulrunner-1.9.1 /usr/share/prism/application.ini -webapp slimtimer@prism.app19:04
asacwhy not?19:04
micahgdidn't test that19:05
micahgI have it turning into prism-bin /usr/share/prism/application.ini -webapp slimtimer@prism.app19:05
micahgbecause currently it's prism $@19:05
micahgwhen the new prism writes out a shorcut19:05
asacshipping xulrunner-1.9 is too messy19:06
asacimo we can sell this as an acceptable breakage19:06
micahgthat's why I added a conflicts19:07
micahgand a comment in the changelog19:07
asacyes. but that gets messy. prism should push xulrunner-1.9 out19:07
asacor get pushed out because of xulrunner-1.919:07
micahgwell, it can't work with 1.9 anyways19:07
asaci think we can won't fix that bug.19:08
micahgI was thinking to write a migration script, but I don't know enough about prism to do it properly19:08
micahgI figured this could get us through release and then in -updates we could fix it properly19:09
asaci dont think we should fix it19:09
asacthe migration script would require either to replace xulrunner-1.919:09
micahgwell, that leaves people to recreate their apps19:09
asacwe can ship a xulrunner-1.9 link in xulrunner-1.9.119:10
asacthats all we can do19:10
asacbut not before updates19:10
micahglet me see if that does it19:10
micahgbut that's messy as well19:10
micahgas it builds on an initial bad practice19:10
asacyes. but messing with /usr/bin/xulrunner* is better to be done in a xulrunner package19:11
asaccant the user just edit the .desktop file?19:11
micahgI'm testing your fix19:15
micahganyways, I think I messed up a symlink in the package anyways19:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460860 in prism "old prism apps just stop working after upgrade" [High,Won't fix]19:16
asacmicahg: i think we hsould keep it won't fix as i said in the bug19:17
asacits inconvenient, but prism is a preview thing19:17
micahgI"ll test an edit workaround and post that in the bug19:18
asacthats great19:18
asacnot sure if we put these workarounds for universe apps in release notes or somewhere19:18
asaci will check that19:18
micahgyeah, changing from xulrunner-1.9 to prism works19:19
micahgposted workaround19:20
micahgok, about the clean up bug, there were some makefiles left after I added the stuff in bug19:24
micahgdo I just add lines to remove those files in debian/rules?19:26
asacmicahg: make distclean should remove most19:27
asacdoesnt that do it?19:27
micahghow do I run that?19:28
asacmake distclean19:28
micahgat the top level?19:28
asaci would think so19:29
micahgno make target19:29
asacnot sure where it gets build19:29
asacbut whatever is used to build it19:29
asacshould be used to clean it19:29
asacmaybe you removed the top level Makefile already?19:29
asaclet me quickly build it19:30
micahgit's gone alreadt19:30
asacnot sure why its gone for you19:32
asactry again19:32
asacls Makefile19:32
asacthats after make clean19:32
micahgin / or in prism/19:47
micahgugh, I'll see if I can fix 3.7 daily tonight19:50
ftalol, i'm playing with windows 7, just installed an inti-virus, it's talking to me :)19:55
ftaand in french19:55
micahgasac: anything left to fix before release?20:15
asacyes. font problems ;)20:16
micahgI don't think I can fix that20:17
asacfor release there is not much we can do on mozilla front20:17
micahgdoes prism use b.m.o?20:18
micahgoh, I wanted to ask you about sqlite20:18
micahgdoes that have the possibility of breaking other apps20:19
asacdidnt i file removal bugs for firefox-3.020:19
micahgno, you transitioned it20:19
asacare there still rdepends on xulrunner-1.9?20:21
micahgthught we fixed them20:21
micahgI haven't checked since I added the tasks to the supercede bug20:21
micahgaccording to the bug we got them all20:22
micahgI can do a final check alittle later20:25
asachmm bfilter still depends on xulrunner-1.920:25
micahgasac: your bfilter upload was never pushed through20:27
urbanapehey, asac. So, there's this dumb developer we have on staff named me.20:27
asacurbanape: sounds good :-P20:27
asacwhat is broken?20:27
asacmicahg: ok so ... what was that transition bug id?20:28
micahgbug 45551720:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455517 in seahorse-plugins "supersede firefox 3.0 and xulrunner-1.9 in karmic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45551720:28
micahgalso, helix-player depnds on www-browser20:28
micahgthat's why I didn't report it20:28
urbanapefixed a silly typo and pushed it up. Since you mentioned before about cherry picking and so on, I wanted to check to see what would be better to do WRT versioning or tagging the branch.20:28
asacmicahg: yes. but we should upload it i guess ... can you try if it builds at all with 1.9.1?20:29
urbanapehttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~urbanape/bindwood/fix-lp461371/+merge/13986 is the merge proposal. It's fixed and pushed.20:29
asachelix that is20:29
urbanapeshould I propose that bug for targeting karmic as well?20:30
asacurbanape: what is the impact?20:35
asacits not clear from the bug20:35
urbanapewith that typo in place, changes made locally to bookmarks (titles, URIs, &c) are not propagated to CouchDB.20:36
asacnew additions not?20:36
asaci mean that works?20:36
urbanapenew additions work properly.20:36
asacor everything but the first sync is b roken?20:37
asacmicahg: apt-get source bfilter gives me the control with 1.9.120:38
asacdid that fail to biuld?20:38
micahgyes :(20:38
urbanapethe event handler for when bookmarks change, though, will fail early on with an exception and the change isn't pushed.20:38
micahglooks like an SPI change20:39
asacjavascript bustage20:40
micahg1I spun a test build of helix with xul-1.9.120:40
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
asacthat worked?20:40
asacso bfilter .... hmm20:41
asacdid debian port that yet?20:41
micahgI'll let you know about helix when the build is done20:41
micahgdebian had a depends on libmozjs1d20:43
asacso thats from xul 1.9.1?20:44
asacif so we should check what patch they added to bfilter20:44
asac... if any20:44
micahgI don't know how it even built on debian20:45
micahgthe latest I mean20:45
micahgpackages are missing20:45
micahgthey have libmozjs2d now20:45
asacit probably wasnt built20:55
asacis 1.9.1 in unstable at all?20:55
micahgas is xulrunner-dev20:56
asacmicahg: k20:56
asacmicahg: so heix?20:56
asachelix ;)20:56
micahgstill working20:56
asacwant to paste a debdiff?20:56
micahgif it builds, I'll giv eyou the debdiff20:57
* micahg had to throw to ppa as I have no clean environment20:57
asacmicahg: maybe paste it already so i can prepare and wai for your confirm20:57
asacmicahg: oh ... close that bug like i did in the other uploads20:58
asaci mean: rememberto close it ;)20:58
micahgI'll attach debdiff to bug20:59
micahgmark as patch?20:59
micahgdebdiff attached to bug21:02
* micahg used the debdiff tool for the first time :)21:03
asacmicahg: what bug?21:11
asaci mean id ;)21:11
asacbug 45551721:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455517 in seahorse-plugins "supersede firefox 3.0 and xulrunner-1.9 in karmic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45551721:12
asacso next is python-hulahop21:13
asacok python-hulahop needs pyxpom21:18
asacthats not there anymore21:18
asacso hmm21:18
asacurbanape: no i uploaded it21:33
asacerr ... "ok i uploaded it"21:33
asacits a cherry-pick merge21:33
asacso please take care that that branch gets merged into the trunk branh21:33
asacotherwise i will get conflicts on next upstream merge in branch ;)21:34
=== stevel_ is now known as stevel
micahgasac: helix had a nonrelated build error22:22
micahgasac: apparently helix and python 2.6.4 don't get along22:32
urbanapeasac: again with the wonderful and the good and gentleman and all that. I'm keeping a running tally of beers owed at UDS22:33
micahgasac: helix is out of dayer22:38
micahg2 years out of date22:38
micahgand is no longer in debian22:38
asacurbanape: haha ok. i will remember that22:49
asacurbanape: maybe i can upgrade from a beer to a whiskie ;)22:50
urbanapeasac, we could do some serious damage to whiskey stocks in TX.22:51
asacmicahg: helix failed again=22:51
asacthat sucks22:51
micahgyeah, it also failed a month and a half ago during teh test rebuild22:51
asacit built here22:51
micahgdo you have python-2.6.4rc2?22:52
asacno clue22:52
asaci have current python22:52
asacok lets file a removal request22:52
asaccan you file the bug and i ack it and try to poke scottk22:52
asacxurl.cpp:864:6: error: #elif with no expression22:53
micahgwell, ubuntu's kept it for 3 releases past debian, doesn't that mean we should fix it?22:53
asacthats the build failure22:53
asacthats a code bug22:53
asacand gcc 4.4 related22:53
micahgoh, I had a python - ribesome build error in my ppa22:54
micahgbut I see that in the test rebuild22:54
micahgcan you fix it22:54
asaci dont know22:55
asacwhat build failure are you seeing?22:55
asaci only se the elif without expression on builders22:55
micahgTypeError: exceptions must be classes or instances, not str22:55
micahgso there are 2 problems now :(22:56
asacnot sure why python is a different verison for you22:56
asacwe have rc122:56
asaci think22:56
asacyour issue is amd6422:56
asacmost likely a different problem yes.22:56
micahgsame on i38622:57
micahgpython-2.6minimal is rc222:57
asaci think we should remove it if its removed from debian23:02
micahgasac: ScottK was more inclined to fix it23:02
micahgI can't find the reason for removal upstream23:02
micahgand realplayer is popular23:03
asacdo you know how to fix it ;)?23:04
asacok let me see what built here23:04
micahgno, but if I had a couple of days, I could build the new version :)23:05
asacnew version?23:05
micahgyeah realplayer 11 compatible23:05
micahgwe've got the equivalent of 9 right now23:06
asacthe problem is that we use py 2.6 on builders23:06
asacwhile it needs 2.4 i think23:06
asacthat complain about strings not being valid in exceptions feels like a thing likely to happen in 2.6 which became stricter afaik23:06
micahgI can make a build dep on python2.423:07
asacok fixed hxurl.cpp23:07
micahgit's already got that23:07
asaclets see how far it gets now23:07
asacpython: can't open file '/bin/pyar.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory23:08
asacok maybe it needs a full debian/rules build23:08
asacmicahg: anyway. put latest helix on your todo for lucid ;)23:09
micahgI can file a bug :)23:10
asacbug 46154323:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461543 in helix-player "new upstream version available" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46154323:11
micahgshould I assign to myself?23:11
asacplatform/unix/unix_net.cpp:1772:10: error: #elif with no expression23:11
asacplatform/unix/unix_net.cpp: In static member function ‘static HX_RESULT unix_net::get_host_by_name(char*, hostent*&)’:23:11
asacnext bug23:12
asacmicahg: already assign it ;)23:12
asacok one more build run23:12
asaclets see how far we get now23:12
asacso far ttwo #elif bugs fixed23:13
asacnot yet seen your python thing23:13
micahgasac: you probably won't see it...it shouldn't happen in the PPA either as the build-deps is for python2.423:13
asacit says its using python 2.6 here23:13
micahgthat's probably another bug we should look into at some point23:14
asacmicahg: well. i think it needs to explicitl yset the python version23:14
asacthe build depends is probably not enough23:15
asacmicahg: so why does the archive build fail different from your ppa build?23:15
asacthe archive thing failed similar to what i saw and fixed now23:15
micahgyeah, weird23:16
asaci think it will finish here23:16
asacdo you have a pbuilder where you could quick check if the debdiff i will do helps?23:17
asacbut lets first wait23:17
asacguess takes 5 more minutes or so23:17
asacso bbib23:17
fta(i can share my script to easily create/manager pbuilders for different dists/arches)23:20
micahgfta: that would be great :)23:25
micahgI should set that up on my server23:25
asacok try this debdiff23:25
asacdebdiff helix-player_1.0.9-0ubuntu7.dsc helix-player_1.0.9-0ubuntu8.dsc  | pastebinit23:26
micahgwhere should I try it?23:27
asacnot sure ... locally ;)?23:27
micahgI just use patch to apply to the folder?23:28
asacmicahg: yes apt-get source helix-player ... then cd hel*/23:28
asacpatch -p1 < /tmp/debdiff.diff ;)23:28
asacdownload from pastebin23:29
asacdont copy paste23:29
asacthat will bust23:29
micahgdid that23:29
micahgchangelog busted23:29
micahgbut that's ok23:29
asacthats your own?23:29
asaci used whatever i uploaded before i think23:29
micahgmy fault23:29
micahgworked no23:30
micahgmy funny ppa versions broke it ;)23:30
asacok also pushhed to my ppa23:30
asacbuildesr are empty23:30
asacso we should get results from there too soon23:30
micahgasac: also have bug 46100623:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461006 in prism "unable to run two prism instances same time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46100623:31
ftamicahg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/302412/23:31
micahgI can;t confirm but bd murray did23:31
asachmm i can start reader and mail23:31
BUGabundothis guys are totally lost!23:32
micahgasac: so can I23:33
micahgapplying patch 90-fix-gcc4 to ./ ... failed.23:34
micahgmake: *** [patch-stamp] Error 123:34
micahgthat's what I get locally23:34
asacdpatch is really my enemy no 123:35
asaci did nothing wrong :/23:35
asacerr it even builds here :/23:36
micahgI patched it twice, that's why I failed locally23:36
micahgugh, still failed on that patch23:38
asacok let me try fix umake to use python2.423:40
micahgok, now it seems to be working23:41
micahglocally at least23:42
asacwell ... it always works for me locally ;)23:42
asaci will try to run umake with python2.4 explicitly now23:42
asaclets check if there are other explicitly python invokations tha we should fix23:43
asacok that looks better ... lets try23:44
asacpushed to ppa again23:44
asac[#-00000001][2009-10-27 00:44:18][1075727472][INFO ] : Ribosome v2.4.823:44
asac[#-00000002][2009-10-27 00:44:18][1075727472][INFO ] : Using Python v2.6.4-rc223:44
asacso that might work ;)23:44
micahgthat was the same as before23:44
asacstrange ;)23:45
asaci run it with PYTHON = python2.423:45
asaclets hope that just umake.py is broken23:46
asacthats run with python2.4 at least23:46
micahgwe should know in 2.5 minutes :)23:47
asacyeah ... rounda bout23:47
asacbuilders are free23:47
asacwhich is kind of ingteresting23:47
asaclast time during release freeze they were really busy23:47
asacas nothing goes in folks usually go to ppas ;)23:47
micahgmaybe because of the late freeze, people got all their fixes in :)23:48
asacfeels odd for me that this time freeze was later23:49
asaci mean ... it was always zero for stuff for main after RC23:49
asacbut universe i thought i could upload till day before rleease iirc23:49
asacnow its getting interesting23:50
asacumake is in action23:50
asacfailed ;)23:50
asac  SDK named 'oggvorbissdk'. Please read documentation for instructions23:51
asac  on how to obtain and install this SDK.23:51
asachmm libogg-dev23:53
asaclets check that ;)23:53
asacnot hats not it23:53

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