vltlordganesh: When exactly is it set tu mute? Before or after login?00:00
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TreehHello, does anyone have any experience with KMix?00:00
vlt!anyone | Treeh00:01
ubottuTreeh: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:01
lordganeshvlt: i just check it....00:01
TreehI don't know how to open KMix.00:01
TreehI installed it, but see it no where.00:01
vltTreeh: Alt+F2, then type kmix <RETURN>00:02
andrilanyone know how to change the new spalsh from xubuntu to ubuntu?00:02
justfilwhen I installed vlc 1.0 on ubuntu 9.04 the program crashes with segmentation fault message00:02
lordganeshvlt: before login00:02
krummlaufi have a question00:02
knoppiesandril, have you tried looking on the ubuntu forums? They normally have tutorials there00:03
krummlaufhow do i get ubuntu to support my speakers00:03
andrilchecking now -00:03
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Treehvlt Alt+F2 doesn't seem to be working for me...00:03
knoppieskrummlauf, are your speakers connected to your computer with a USB interface? or are they just normal speakers with a stereo jack?00:04
Treehvlt I have a Mac keyboard, maybe that's part of it00:04
thijs_vlt, ok, i put a static address, however if i type sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart it tells me [OK], but when i right click on the network manager tool and look at the info it still puts everything at
tech_Hello everyone00:04
vltTreeh: You could open a terminal and run `kmix &`00:04
knoppiestreeh, from what I understand the mac keyboard is identicle to all other keyboards, except that they have different icons on them00:04
knoppiestech_, hi.00:04
VCooliolordganesh: maybe this helps you: http://tiny.cc/6QR4J00:04
Treehknoppies I opened the keyboard application and when I press my function keys, they aren't recognized.00:04
tech_is this a room that offers help to common problems?00:05
Treehvlt Great, it worked.00:05
knoppiesTreeh, seems as though im wrong then.00:05
krummlaufknoppies: usb00:05
Treehknoppies Any idea how to fix it?00:06
krummlaufdoes ubuntu not support usb accessories?00:06
mzawieskahello everyone00:06
knoppiesTreeh, no, I dont have a mac keyboard.00:06
krummlaufthats weird00:06
Treehknoppies Oh well. Thanks anyway.00:06
tech_Ok. So Does anyone have any wammu/gammu experience?00:06
Random832@Treeh, what function keys? F13 14 15?00:06
Random832or all of them?00:06
TreehRandom832 All of them00:06
Random832start xev in a terminal00:06
vlt!anyone | tech_00:06
ubottutech_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:06
aldaekIs there any way to get the startup to show what other distributions are showing. The load check [OK] [FAIL] on the right on nearly each line?00:06
knoppieskrummlauf, it does, but you need drivers for your specific USB accessory, I would search fr drivers for your model of speakers00:06
tech_will do. sorry about that00:07
RHorsetech_ I have used it on feisty is all00:07
SpudsterIs there any way to force ubuntu to re-detect the number of processors in a system?00:07
vltaldaek: Remove the kernel boot option "quiet" and "splash".00:07
tech_RHorse..thats great..do you still utilize it?00:07
aldaekOk. Thanks. I'll try that.00:08
RHorsesure, on occasion, tech_00:08
vltaldaek: Either in /boot/grub/menu.lst or, for just once, type "e" in the grub menu00:08
aldaekThank you.00:08
tech_thats awesome...ok so I'm having a bit of trouble launching the newest version of wammu....I have installed the latest verions of gammu wich 1.26 I belive..and wammu which is 0.3000:08
roger2hello, i have another laptop just installed ubuntu 9.04, Xchat is not showing up on synaptic00:09
TreehI can't get Ubuntu to recognize my Asus Xonar STX...does anyone have any ideas?00:09
tech_after installing wammu 0.30 i log in as su, type in wammu00:09
kirillhi ppl, could you please help me , I folowed some HOWTOs to install a video driver on my laptop and now I X will not start, I mean it starts but I cannot see anything. any advise how to go back to what it was before ? The last 2 command i ran were sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx (apparently this is driver) then echo fglrx | sudo tee -a /etc/modules, then sudo sed -i -e 's/"ati"/"fglrx"/' /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:09
tech_and i get a Can't access X server, Is your Display workign correctly error00:09
tech_you ever ran into this issue RHorse?00:10
vltaldaek: I think I wasn't clear: Type "e" and then remove "quiet" and "splash" from the "kernel" line ...00:10
MrSchmowhats the best bandwidth monitor for linux?00:10
tech_Unable to Access the X Display, is $Display set properly?00:11
tech_anyone ran into this error message before?00:11
trismroger2: do you have the universe repo enabled?00:11
aldaekvlt: it was clear enough for me. I just wanted to know the options to tell kernel00:11
tarelerulzI have doc file I need to find .  I know its some where on my Vista partition . I would use Vista ,but its broken .  How would you go about finding that . I don't really remember what its called. On vista you can just search by the tip of file and find all of that type is there anything like that on Ubuntu00:11
roger2roger2: how do i check/enable that00:11
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aldaekor not tell, depending on your viewpoint00:12
raviltech_, maybe you see this message when trying to run gui program from the root?00:12
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effeietsandersHi I'm trying to format a 4GB usb stick on ubuntu. Can someone help me? I already installed gparted.00:12
trismroger2: System/Adminstration/Software Sources00:12
tech_ravil this is correct...00:12
tech_when i do sudo under the regular user it works fine but at the wrong version...00:12
trismroger2: or just go to Settings/Repositories in Synaptic00:12
tech_in trying not to sound confusing...running wammu via the cli under su, prompts this error00:12
lordganesheffeietsanders: why gparted simply use mkfs00:12
effeietsanderslordganesh: if you can tell me how, that would be helpful too :)00:13
vlt!best | MrSchmo00:13
ubottuMrSchmo: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:13
effeietsandersI just tried to follow online instructions :)00:13
vltMrSchmo: iftop and ifstat are fine00:13
zcat[1]effeietsanders: open a terminal and dmesg to find out what your USB got detected as (eg /dev/sdb) then type "sudo gparted /dev/sdb" to start the partitioner.. you can do this by command line but gparted is much easier00:14
SpudsterQ for anyone: Ubuntu is only finding one of my six processors?  Ideas?00:14
vltSpudster: SMP kernel?00:14
effeietsanderszcat[1]: I already launched gparted00:14
zcat[1]well there will be a drop-down list of devices00:15
Spudstervlt: How do you change it to SMP?  Its just a default install00:15
effeietsandersand it is indeed /dev/sdb00:15
krummlaufok some advice00:15
vltSpudster: Default install should be SMP. Check `uname -a`00:15
zcat[1]right-click on the big grey rectangle then and choose 'new'00:15
effeietsandersthe disk is already "unallocated"00:15
Spudstervlt: ok00:15
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krummlaufit told me to type this in: asoundconf set-default-card 1  -- will that work?00:15
hare there any nice ubuntu icon buttons I can throw onto my site?00:15
Spudstervlt: Linux Node01 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 01:57:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:15
effeietsanderszcat[1]: ok00:16
hlike firefox has them etc00:16
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Spudstervlt: Looks like its SMP, but its not finding the other procs.... BIOS sees them00:16
tech_for any new people walking in..id like to see if anyone has any experience with wammu,gammu or more in particular X Display/$Display00:16
vltSpudster: Hwo do you know it only recognizes one?00:16
HalitechSpudster, run cat /proc/cpuinfo to see what the system is seeing00:16
Spudstervlt: top only shows one, even if I hit the number "1", and process monitor also only shows one00:16
Herryare there Ubuntu icons, such as what Mozilla has for Firefox, only for Ubuntu? so I can advertise Ubuntu on my site00:17
Herrywatch your mouth, nicholas_00:17
FloodBot3nicholas_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
maco!ops | nicholas_00:17
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effeietsanderszcat[1]: this is the point where I got lost :) which File SYstem etc00:17
nikonicholas_: can you read topic please ?00:17
mneptokniko: not now00:18
TwoDHow do I escape the Fn keys while using a screen profile? Killing something in htop with F9 won't work, nor will starting xdebug in vim with F5...00:18
zcat[1]effeietsanders: which do you want? fat32 is the most compatable with everything but has file size limitations.. ntfs may be a better choice if you plan to use the drive with windows, etx3 or etx2 if you only plan to use it with linux00:18
Zach_the_Lizarddoes anyone know if grub2 supports booting off an ext4 partition?00:18
tonyyarussoZach_the_Lizard: I believe so.00:18
macoZach_the_Lizard: it does00:18
macoZach_the_Lizard: im doing so with this laptop00:18
effeietsanderszcat[1]: the whole disk is 4GB, so file size is no problem00:18
Zach_the_Lizardthanks, all00:18
vltSpudster: Zach_the_Lizard Yes00:18
HalitechZach_the_Lizard, it better, it lets you install using ext4 in 9.10 and is using grub200:18
andrilanyone know hoe to configure the xsplash? i checked the forums - i don't want to customize just set it to ubuntu00:18
zcat[1]effeietsanders: I'd go for fat32 then00:19
mickster04can anybody help me with the unr?00:19
vltSpudster: Sorry00:19
linuxuz3rwhats the code name for the first release of ubuntu?00:19
Spudstervlt: I think I found it: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-552331.html00:19
zcat[1]warty warthog00:19
effeietsandersdo I need to give preceeding/following free space?00:19
Spudstervlt: Thanks for the help00:19
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases00:19
mickster04linuxuz3r,  badger00:19
effeietsandersdo I need to give a label?00:19
zcat[1]mickster04: no, warty came before breezy00:19
mickster04linuxuz3r, or it might begin with A? look under wiki?00:19
mickster04zcat[1], odd00:20
zcat[1]warty freaking warthog, mmk?00:20
Zach_the_Lizardwarty is the first I can remember00:20
linuxuz3rmickster04: im figuring out which A it is or if it is warty warthog00:20
mickster04linuxuz3r, by the sounds it is W!00:20
tech_cool there seem to be at least one gammu channel00:20
ubottuUbuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) was the third release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 13, 2007. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.00:20
tech_thats awesome00:20
zcat[1]gah, I am not 'guessing' it's warty warthog00:20
roger2hello, my sound is all jacked up...lspci shows me I have ESS Technology ES1969 Solo-1 Audiodrive(re v02), where can i get a new driver00:20
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:20
Zach_the_LizardI'm liking Karmic so far00:21
Zach_the_Lizardboots up faster on my laptop than my desktop00:21
TwoDHow do I escape the Fn keys while using a screen profile? Killing something in htop with F9 won't work, nor will starting xdebug in vim with F5...00:22
ubottuUbuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was the first release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30, 2006. See !eol for more details.00:22
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.00:22
effeietsanderszcat[1]: ok, I applied it without preceeding/following free space and no label, but that gives an error00:22
mzawieskanevidia x server setting when i set up X server Display confuguration two monitors and i click on save to X configuration I am getting error "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"00:23
ubottuUbuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) was the second release of Ubuntu.  End Of Life: October 31, 2006. See !eol for more details.00:23
aprilfunkwhen ubuntu official released on october?00:23
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:23
Halitechaprilfunk, supposed to be Oct 2900:23
mzawieskanevidia x server setting when i set up X server Display confuguration two monitors and i click on save to X configuration I am getting error "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"00:23
zcat[1]effeietsanders: what error?00:24
linuxuz3rHalitech:  does karmic koala is not stable mean the release in oct 29 my break?00:24
tech_for any new people walking in..id like to see if anyone has any experience with wammu,gammu or more in particular X Display/$Display00:24
Zach_the_Lizardit means it may have bugs00:24
macolinuxuz3r: it means its not finished yet00:24
effeietsanderswhere can I paste text?00:25
zcat[1]linuxuz3r: any release may break.. but no, it means the pre-release builds available at the moment are not considered production-ready00:25
Halitechlinuxuz3r, means right now its still in RC mode and may have bugs but hopefully on Oct29 when they upload the finished product, it will be bug free00:25
macolinuxuz3r: stability referring to # of changes more than likelihood of breakage00:25
Halitech!pastebin | effeietsanders00:25
ubottueffeietsanders: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic00:25
mzawieskacan some1 help me00:25
zcat[1]Halitech: bug free. lol!00:25
tech_I'm getting an "Unable to access the X Display, is $Display set properly?" error message when running a program from su...00:25
effeietsandershttp://paste.ubuntu.com/301662/ zcat[1]00:25
Halitechzcat[1], well, depends on what you compare to,a linux alpha is more stable then a MS product after 3 service packs ;)00:26
effeietsandersthanks, Halitech00:26
tech_vista was just the worst peice of nothingness00:26
tech_ill never get excited about an ms product again00:26
mzawieskanevidia x server setting when i set up X server Display confuguration two monitors and i click on save to X configuration I am getting error "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"00:26
Zach_the_LizardHalitech: not true! Ubuntu doesn't run my viruses as stabilily as I want!00:26
mzawieskaany1 can help me :/00:26
HalitechZach_the_Lizard, well there's the problem, you should be running them on MS products ~L~00:27
zcat[1]effeietsanders: go to Places > Computer and unmount the flash drive then try again00:27
Halitech!help | mzawieska00:27
ubottumzawieska: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:27
supermatthewso is Ubuntu 10.10 already being planned?00:27
tech_mzawieska, why not copy the xorg.conf backup file over?00:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 10.1000:27
poutineWhy does ubuntu only allow me to install libmozjs-dev if I uninstall firefox?00:27
poutinekarmic koala or whatever the name is00:27
ubottupoutine: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:27
Halitechsupermatthew, more then likely00:27
zcat[1]there's an LL release name already but I forget what it was00:28
supermatthewcause i know alot of companys already plan several versions ahead of whats out00:28
vltZach_the_Lizard, Halitech: xkcd.com/48100:28
Halitechzcat[1],  Lucid Lynx00:28
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.00:28
mzawieskatech check pw00:28
zcat[1]ahh, ok... so no name for 10.10 yet00:29
macosupermatthew: no. the 10.04 planning developer summit will be the week of 16 Nov00:29
mickster04anybody got experience with UNR00:29
Random832so do releases always come out in april and october?00:29
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:29
macoRandom832: yes00:29
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macoRandom832: 2006's release was delayed til june though00:29
zcat[1]mighty manx!!00:29
LEE20hey all00:29
supermatthewthe version numbers for ubuntu are YY.MM00:29
HalitechRandom832, normally except 6.06 due to unforeseen issues00:29
rukuSo I just got 9.10 rc installed and updated, yaaay! But I've lost my prior Windows install in the grub menu. Any tips on getting it back in? It looks like Grub's been changed around.00:29
effeietsandersok, that worked. thanks zcat[1]00:30
mickster04ruku grub 2.0 is used00:30
LEE20is there an  easy way to uninstall unbuntu 9.04 ...i have windows and ubuntu00:30
Zach_the_Lizardruku: they now use Grub 200:30
Halitechvlt, I avoid youtube like the plague00:30
rukumickster04, Zach_the_Lizard any news on how to fix it then?00:30
xTheGoat121xEvening everyone... is it possible to use the CD to upgrade Intrepid to Karmic?00:31
HalitechLEE20, you need to repair your windows bootloader with your install cd and then you can format the partition in windows00:31
tech_I'm getting an "Unable to access the X Display, is $Display set properly?" error message when running a program from su...00:31
HalitechxTheGoat121x, if you have the alt install cd then yes00:31
LEE20any instructions00:31
natsuI added the medibuntu and installed libdvdcss2, but none of my players (vlc, mplayer, etc) are linked to it (ie, ldd doesn't list) so I can't watch dvd's. what should I do?00:31
Zach_the_Lizardruku: Does you menu happen to have a Windows entry?00:31
rukuZach_the_Lizard: Newp. >:<00:31
xTheGoat121xHalitech, awesome, I almost exclusively use the Alternate00:31
Zach_the_Lizardruku: okay, let me try to remember how to add things to the new grub menu00:32
rukuZach_the_Lizard: Can you just check my syntax? I think I have it right.00:32
Zach_the_Lizardruku: I can try00:32
HalitechLEE20, do you have a windows install cd?00:32
LEE20how do i repair windows bootloader to unistall ubuntu00:32
tonyyarussoLEE20: You don't need to "uninstall" an operating system - just write over it.00:33
rukuset root=(hd0,5)00:33
rukuchainloader +100:33
LEE20yes i do00:33
rukuSorry guys. :<00:33
roger2anyone have any guidance how to make youtube, video is stuttering and audio is choppy00:33
HalitechLEE20, ok, boot your install cd, go into the recovery mode and run fixmbr00:33
roger2using firefox and adobe flashplugin00:33
CelrocHi all00:33
zcat[1]natsu: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade it'll update players and stuff to the medibuntu pachage versions I think.00:33
LEE20u mean windows cd00:33
HalitechLEE20, yes, your windows install cd00:34
LEE20then run recover mode00:34
zcat[1]Halitech: why are we helping people uninstall ubuntu? They can go get help for that on #windows00:34
mickster04roger2, check what flash player u have using systemdetails.com00:34
HalitechLEE20, yes00:34
LEE20no i like ubuntu00:34
LEE20when i installed it halitech didnt specify how much room should have00:34
Halitechzcat[1], to prove we are bigger people then they are and can appreciate that linux in whatever flavour may not be for them00:35
zcat[1]fair 'nuff...00:35
LEE20its telling ubuntu needs more room to install  stff00:35
HalitechLEE20, so you just want to give it more room?00:35
HalitechLEE20, ok, give me a second00:35
LEE20i got 1terrabyte dont know what i did00:35
Lopta|t_a|Hello is there any tool for the ubuntu which is more profound than the iostat, I mean I need more detaild statistic from the i/o activity which means that I want to see for the each process the i/o read/write activity?00:36
CelrocI seem to be having trouble with my Package updater in Ubuntu 9.04. It appears to be stuck installing 2 packages (OpenOffice.Org mailmerge and OpenOffice.Org Writer2latex, or something like that), and it did download the packages, but they won't finish installing.00:36
HalitechLEE20, are you using vista or xp on the windows side?00:36
LEE20windows os 7....and ubuntu side by side Halitech00:37
PoincareBotHi! I'm a bot written in perl.00:37
Poincare101my bot works!00:37
Poincare101don't worry he's not a spam bot :)00:37
jribPoincare101: please don't have talking bots in this channel00:37
natsuzcat[1]: nope, upgrade and update did nothing. (vlc isn't even in the medibuntu repos)00:37
zcat[1]Halitech: you could just run the install CD again, have it resize windows further, quit out of the automatic install and go back to the partitoner and remove all the ubuntu ones and reinstall in the 'bigger' free space... no need to fix mbr or anything, the installer will figure it out00:37
Poincare101sorry jrib, he won't talk anymore00:37
roger2mickster84: flash 1024*768 24-bit00:37
LEE20just need to give more room to Halitech ..say like 100 gig00:37
mzawieskanevidia x server setting when i set up X server Display confuguration two monitors and i click on save to X configuration I am getting error "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!   I am getting this error can Some1 help me with this ?00:38
menzzaHello anyone that uses freenas in here?00:38
HalitechLEE20, ok, not sure on windows 7 for the steps but you want to defrag windows at least twice, then use the windows tools to resize the windows partition then use the ubuntu live cd to resize your ubuntu partition00:38
Halitechzcat[1], that would work if he hasn't installed much stuff already00:38
CelrocBy the way, I've also tried sudo dpkg --configure -a, and that didn't do the trick either00:38
LEE20what happens to the original installation tehn00:38
andrilfound it!!!!!00:38
Halitech!who | LEE2000:38
ubottuLEE20: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:38
zcat[1]LEE20: yeah, only if you haven't installed much stuff already ;)00:39
mzawieskahelp? :<00:39
mickster04!tab | roger2,00:39
ubotturoger2,: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:39
HalitechLEE20, have you been using it alot and got most everything working?00:39
LEE20yes just the updates00:39
LEE20neees more rooms00:39
mickster04roger2, that should work00:39
LEE20ok..ill run fixmbr and start over again00:39
HalitechLEE20, do you have any kind of limits on your downloads?00:39
LEE20nope i got plenty00:40
CelrocHey all, what do I do if my package updater can't seem to install a couple packages? It downloaded them, but won't finish the install00:40
ax03dcHello. I have a question about perl and C. Under what occasions would it be better to use C than perl for network programming?00:40
zcat[1]'fixmbr' won't actually help you -at all- in your goal of making more space for ubuntu00:40
mzawieskaany1 good with nevidia configuration?00:40
HalitechLEE20, ok, reinstall isn't an issue then if you want to go that way but I would still defrag your windows partition before you do anything else and maybe make the free space00:40
roger2mickster04, so..how do i make youtube video/audio run smoother00:40
ax03dcHello. I have a question about perl and C. Under what occasions would it be better to use C than perl for network programming?00:41
innomenOk guys I installed xp, and then ubuntu, but the partition it chose ot make for ubuntu is tiny, i boot in live cd to rezie with gpart and it shows two drives sda1 and sda1, and i have 130 gigs of unallocated space on sda1, how do i move it to sda2?00:41
scunizimzawieska: are you using the ubuntu supplied nvidia driver ??00:41
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innomeni'm in livecd right now00:41
LEE20what about if i fixmbr .get back to original settings then start again00:41
mzawieskascunizi check pw :D00:42
zcat[1]LEE20: you could just run the install CD again, have it resize windows further, quit out of the automatic install and go back to the partitoner and remove all the ubuntu ones and reinstall in the 'bigger' free space... no need to fix mbr or anything, the installer will figure it out00:42
HalitechLEE20, you will still have your existing ubuntu install there, just not accessable00:42
scunizimzawieska: not sure what that meant..00:42
roger2im in synaptic package manager...when i search for xchat or gparted it doesnt find them00:42
roger2what am i doing wrong here00:42
mzawieskai msg u privet00:42
scuniziroger2: hit the update button00:42
LEE20Zcat u mean install cd ubuntu?00:42
LEE20Zcat u mean installer cd ubuntu00:43
HalitechLEE20, here is some info on resizing the windows 7 partition, I can't vouch for it as I don't have win7 running right now ... http://www.killertechtips.com/2009/05/05/how-to-resize-partitions-in-windows-7/00:43
Celrocroger2: There might be a setting to display All Open-Source Packages, if you are using the Add/Remove Programs package manager00:43
zcat[1]LEE20: I'd start by booting into windows and defragging, perhaps even resize the partiton using the windows disk management... then boot the ubuntu install cd and do a 'manual' partitioning, get rid of everything but windows NTFS partitions and remake the Ubuntu ones how you want them00:44
Halitechroger2, check and make sure universe and multiverse are enabled00:44
=== chevelle0202 is now known as chevelle
szia-hogyvagyis it legal to make and publish ubuntu-related things like this? http://users.hszk.bme.hu/~kz64700:44
LEE20ok thx00:44
roger2scunizi, there is no update button00:44
mickster04can anyone help me with the netbook launcher00:44
roger2Celroc, where is this setting?00:44
roger2Halitech, how do i enable this?00:45
davidstrigaHi! Does anyone know of any programs writtin in Python?00:45
CelrocHey all, the package updater for my system (Ubuntu 9.04) and it gets stuck installing a couple packages. It downloads them, but gets stuck installing them. What should I do?00:45
Halitechroger2, open synaptic, edit - repos00:45
Celrocroger2: One moment, please. Sorry00:45
zcat[1]szia-hogyvagy: there are some guidelines on use of the ubuntu logo on the website...00:45
zcat[1]szia-hogyvagy: I suspect what you're doing would be OK though00:46
roger2Halitech, they are checked and enabled00:46
Celrocroger2: Back, sorry. Don't know how to do it for Synaptic, but looks like Halitech got it00:46
Halitechroger2, did you reload?00:46
velkodavidstriga, apt-cache search python00:47
davidstrigavelko, thank you00:47
CelrocHey all, is there any way to very forcibly remove a problematic package? (Short of having to hunt down the files on the system)00:47
szia-hogyvagythx zcat00:48
zcat[1]dpkg -r --force-all00:48
rednammochi guys. what to do if i have dependencies by using apt-get install.00:48
rednammoc  libssl-dev: Depends: libssl0.9.8 (= 0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.8) but 0.9.8g-15ubuntu3.3 is to be installed00:48
Celroczcat[1]: Thanks!00:48
zcat[1]depending on how broken it is that may not help you though ;)00:48
roger2i just did a fresh ubuntu 9.04 install00:48
roger2Halitech, ok its reloading00:48
zcat[1]I've had to hack 'exit 0' into pre/postinstall scripts to fix up some package problems in the past00:49
rednammocCelroc: dpkg -r --force-all will reconfigure your whole system.00:49
roger2Halitech, i typed xchat in the quick search box, no packages show up00:49
rednammocCelroc: a lot of dialogs will apear. a lot of00:49
zcat[1]dpkg -r is 'remove' right?00:49
scuniziroger2: reload = update  sorry 'about using the wrong term00:49
kakebukehi there00:50
zcat[1]hang on.. check the man page for dpkg before you do anything00:50
LEE20bbl hope thx00:50
rednammoczcat[1]: whoops ^^ i check the man ^^00:50
kakebukei had a problem when updating to karmic, and i'm unable to find solution00:50
kakebukedo anybody can try to help me?00:50
Celrocrednammoc: I ran into an error message with that command. ' --remove needs at least one package name argument". Do I need to find the package names?00:50
kakebukeit's compiz related00:50
tech_well alright guys..its been great..have a good one00:50
roger2this is so odd00:51
kakebukedo anybody had any problems with visual effects after updating?00:51
Celrockakebuke: Sorry, but this isn't exactly the right channel for Karmic-related issues. Can someone post the name of the channel, please? I think it was #ubuntu+100:51
Halitechroger2, don't use the quick search, use the actual search button00:51
kakebukeis there any automatic setup command for the graphics thing?00:51
roger2got it thank you sir00:51
roger2Halitech, thanks00:52
kakebukeoh celroc, thanks, i've just read you00:52
zcat[1]dpkg  -r is 'remove' and --force-all  means ignore most 'problems'00:52
mzawieskaALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.00:52
mzawieska<mzawieska> Undefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".00:52
mzawieska<mzawieska> Segmentation fault (core dumped)00:52
mzawieska<mzawieska> mzawieska@mzawieska-desktop:~$00:52
FloodBot3mzawieska: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:52
zcat[1].. and follow that with a package name00:52
Celroczcat[1]: Alright, thanks00:52
rednammocCelroc: i didn't get the whole story. plz wait a minute and i see if i can help00:52
mzawieskathis is the msg i am getting guys when i sudo nvidia-setting and want to save to x configuration file00:53
rednammochi guys. what to do if i have dependencies by using apt-get install.00:53
rednammoc  libssl-dev: Depends: libssl0.9.8 (= 0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.8) but 0.9.8g-15ubuntu3.3 is to be installed00:53
Celrocrednammoc: Alright.00:53
mzawieskaFailed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!00:53
mzawieskathis is the msg i am getting00:53
lordganeshany body can tell me how to make wine look better like windows00:53
mzawieskaas of settting up two monitors00:53
jukenI have a fresh install of 9.10 on a Lenovo T61. The video card is nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M. I am using the recommended NVidia version 185 driver. When I alt tab between application my mouse cursor freezes for a second, this happens every time.00:54
rednammocCelroc: yeah. just fill in your package name00:54
Celroclordganesh: I think in Winecfg you can choose "emulate a virtual desktop" under the graphics tab. Might help00:54
chetnickif i have windows on /dev/sda1 and ubuntu on (extended /dev/sda2) /dev/sda5, which  partition should i set as boot (flag). sda1 or sda5, i will use grub as boot  manager. Thanks.00:55
=== Josh is now known as fuxxy
m_hi, as the new 9.10 coming, i have a question, how can i make a usb disk to install the new edtion, as my motherbroad just support usb-zip boot up function?00:55
rednammocdoes anybody knows how to clean up dependencies ?00:55
Celrocrednammoc: How do I find the exact names of the packages?00:55
MenZa!usb | m_00:55
ubottum_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:55
Celrocrednammoc: Nevermind, I think I know how to bring 'em up00:56
chetnickrednammoc: sudo apt-get autoremove00:56
rednammocCelroc: xD00:56
zcat[1]m_: System > Administration > USB startup disk creator00:56
rednammocCelroc: yeah. thats a pretty way00:56
Celrocrednammoc: Huh?00:56
velkorednammoc, = 0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.8 means that you have to have *exactly* this version of the package. the version selected for installation is newer. you have to find, download and install the older version. use dpkg or gdebi (not apt, aptitude or synaptic) for it. after that install the package you actually want00:57
m_guys, it seems most time it create a usb-hdd bootup disk, but my computer just support usb-zip function, this is the problem.00:57
Lopta|t_a|Hello is there any tool for the ubuntu which is more profound than the iostat, I mean I need more detaild statistic from the i/o activity which means that I want to see for the each process the i/o read/write activity?00:57
rednammocvelko: thanks :)00:57
jukenI have a fresh install of 9.10 on a Lenovo T61. The video card is nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M. I am using the recommended NVidia version 185 driver. When I alt tab between application my mouse cursor freezes for a second, this happens every time. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?00:57
Jarr0dHas anyone had any issues with Ubuntu Server 9.04 with SARG and it's report generating? If I run the sarg generate script, the htmlout is full of dead links. If I use webmin to generate the report, it is fine. The has only happened since I updated to 9.0400:57
mzawieskathis is the msg I am gettingf00:57
mzawieskaVALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.00:58
mzawieskaUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".00:58
mzawieskaSegmentation fault (core dumped)00:58
mzawieskamzawieska@mzawieska-desktop:~$ sudo nvidiap-settings00:58
mzawieskasudo: nvidiap-settings: command not found00:58
mzawieskamzawieska@mzawieska-desktop:~$ sudo nvidia-settings00:58
FloodBot3mzawieska: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:58
mzawieskaVALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.00:58
mzawieskaUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".00:58
rednammocCelroc: you want to uninstall an package without knowing the package-name ? right ?00:58
velkoLopta|t_a|, have you tried iotop?00:58
Celrocrednammoc: Uh.... well, no, I think I can find the package names00:58
Celrocrednammoc: I just needed to know the exact package names.00:59
mzawieskaCan some1 help me with my nevidia configuration00:59
mzawieskaI set up the other monitor everything is good but as soon as i turn off the computer and plug it in back again it doesnt work00:59
mzawieskaits like i have to set everything back again01:00
roger2is there a dvd player built into ubuntu?01:00
=== matteo is now known as Guest46329
CelrocOk, got the package names. Now I just put them after the commad you guys gave me?01:00
=== Guest46329 is now known as Teastro
xaxxonhow do you turn on/off networking?  I'm trying sudo service networking start, but that doens't seem to do anything and restart wants "name value pairs".. which I have no idea waht to specify01:01
tsunamiwhat package do i dl for apache?01:01
lstarnestsunami: apache201:01
m_hi, anyone know how to make a usb install media support usb-zip function?????01:01
Celrocrednammoc: I tried the command. It looks like it's stuck trying to remove the package01:02
tsunamicheers lstarnes01:02
lordganeshCelroc: i can't  change windows text font in wineconf01:04
velkoxaxxon, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart (if you use network-manager than replace networking  with netwokr-manager)01:04
kismethey there... anyone knows why banshee uses a lot of cpu... and if i go to next track it is up to 100% for almost 30 sex01:04
kismeti meant se01:04
Teastroi have a general problem, i don't understand why but my audio doesn't work anymore, i tryed to fix the problem installing a new version of alsa and pulseaudio, but it doesn't want work...any advice?01:04
Celroclordganesh: Hmm, I don't know how to fix that01:05
=== fuxxy is now known as Josh
Lopta|t_a|velko I tried htop I didnt tried iotop01:06
Lopta|t_a|let me check it01:06
mzawieskaI am trying to run two monitors in twinview off a single nvidia card. I can it up to work beautifully using NVidia X server settings, but when i try to save it, it tells me "Failed to parse existing x config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!". Still continues working nicely, but once I log out it reverts to a single screen so i have to start over with each new session. Have tried running "gksu nvidia-settings" and "sudo nvidia-xc01:06
mzawieskaonfig". Neither makes a blind bit of difference, I still can't save the settings. I'm still pretty new to linux so don't understand the code.01:06
thijs_how do i resume a update from CLI if the gui crashed ?01:06
mzawieskaany help?01:07
lordganeshCelroc: it seem not editable .....01:07
xaxxonveiko: thanks01:07
lstarnestsunami: sudo dpkg --configure -a then sudo aptitude full-upgrade01:07
velkomzawieska, have you tried renaming your existent xorg.conf to something else and after that trying to save the new configuration via the nvidia utility?01:07
tsunamilstarnes: what is that doing for me?01:07
lstarnestsunami: sorry, wrong user again01:08
shawn_Is there any way I can make it so that games that run in full screen will only do it in one monitor and not center between two?01:08
mzawieskaidk how to do that01:08
lstarnesthijs_: sudo dpkg --configure -a then sudo aptitude full-upgrade01:08
Celroclordganesh: Might want to try some of the options under Desktop Integration in Winecfg... other than that, I'm not sure what to do01:08
=== shawn_ is now known as Tiders
rednammocCelroc: sorry pal, need to get some sleep. hope you solve your problem :) @all: cya01:08
thijs_lstarnes, thanks01:08
Celrocrednammoc: np, Thank you for your help!01:09
kismetno one any idea why banshee is using that many of cpu01:09
mzawieskavelko how can i do that01:09
velkomzawieska, run in a terminal "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak"01:09
velkomzawieska, after that run your config utility01:10
velkoand save01:10
tsunamiwhat is root's pw, i never recall setting one01:10
LjL!root | tsunami01:10
ubottutsunami: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:10
Lopta|t_a|@velko E: Couldn't find package iotop  sems its not available trough apt-get01:11
lstarnestsunami: there isn't one01:11
kismetwhy is banshee using up 100% of my cpu over 30 sec if i switch track01:11
tsunamimy issue is scp transfer to a directory i don't have write access to aqs a user01:11
velkoLopta|t_a|, i don't use ubuntu so i'm not really sure. it's installable trough apt-get in debian sid01:11
jukenQuestion: I have a fresh install of 9.10 on a Lenovo T61. The video card is nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M. I am using the recommended NVidia version 185 driver. When I alt tab between application my mouse cursor freezes for a second, this happens every time.01:11
CelrocHey guys, I'm stuck with this package in the terminal saying "Adding extension /usr/lib/openoffice/basis3.0/program/mailmerge.py..." (and there is one more doing it too). It get's stuck when trying to remove them, too. What should I do?01:11
Lopta|t_a|by the pictures on this page seems that this is the tool I asked for http://ubuntu-snippets.blogspot.com/2009/04/iotop-monitor-disk-io-by-process.html01:11
mzawieskayea that works01:11
dox_drumHello pl!01:13
CelrocHi dox_drum01:13
dox_drumHi celroc...01:13
dox_drumHave you tested Karmic?01:13
CelrocHas anyone else here had issues with the packages openoffice.org-emailmerge and openoffice.org-writer2latex?01:13
Celrocdox_drum: Me? Not yet01:13
Lopta|t_a|@velko I need it because this were the final stages of me dumping in the bin the ubuntu server, if I dont find the cause of the extreme load I will need to trash the ubuntu and to transfer to the freebsd01:13
Innomen2How do i use unallocated space from one partition to expand another?01:14
mzawieskaits save x configuration01:14
mzawieskabrowse where?01:14
Random832Innomen2,  gparted?01:14
thijs_apparently my laptop seems to crash when 'updating fontconfig cache'. Any suggestions?01:14
velkoLopta|t_a|, maybe you can compile from source?01:14
thijs_I mean, it freezes01:14
velkomzawieska, learn some english and social skills01:14
Lopta|t_a|yes I will see that now01:14
Innomen2Random832, nope, since the unallocated is on "sda1" it isnt availbale to "sda2"01:15
Innomen2despite being the same physical drive01:15
kismetwhy is banshee using up 100% of my cpu over 30 sec if i switch track01:15
Lopta|t_a|very strange that apt-get doesnt get such great tool, its one of the most important tools ever, something is crazy that someone decided not to include such great tool01:15
=== divx is now known as pbl_chai
Innomen2Lopta|t_a|, i think is silly that xchat isn't built into the live cd01:16
Random832Innomen2,  well you have to shrink sda1 and move sda2 to the left01:16
CelrocWell all, I'm gonna log out. Bye all, and thanks for the help01:16
dox_drumBye Celroc01:16
mzawieskaVelko well its asking me where should i save X configuration01:16
Innomen2Random832, i did i have 130gb of unallocated space after the shrink and it dosent show them on the sapce line to move, it treats the partion as if its already max size at a whopping 3gb01:17
GeekneeusI think it's great that xchat isn't built into the LiveCD, one less thing I have to uninstall01:17
Innomen2same line*01:17
Innomen2Geekneeus, clearly you use it01:17
Random832Innomen2,  are you sure it isn't unallocated? unallocated isn't the same as free space01:17
GeekneeusNo, I use IRSSI01:17
pwasekare there any packages for samba 3.3.4 for 8.0401:17
Random832*are you sure it is unallocated i mean01:17
Lopta|t_a|No but realy if you look whats available like iostat which is very obscure, what solution would user get for i/o monitoring, I dont know who decide which tool can and which cant be included01:17
velkomzawieska, /etc/X11/xorg.conf (the file you just backed up in order to free the configuration tool of parsing the existing configuration)01:17
Random832Geekneeus,  they could still have it built in to the livecd itself, and not install with the default install01:18
KorlisI have a Micro Innovations webcam, model # IC014C that I can not get to work on my Ubuntu 9.04 install01:18
mzawieskathank you01:18
Innomen2Geekneeus, *facepalm* you people... allow me to rephrase i think its silly the live cd dosent have X irc client of any sort on it.01:18
Innomen2Random832, yes unallocated, grey in gparted01:18
=== jay is now known as Guest98984
Random832so wait... you have unallocated space between sda1 and sda2?01:19
jribInnomen2: pidgin is on the live cd isn't it?01:19
Random832and you can't move sda2 to the left into it?01:19
Innomen2jrib, i completely forgot about that, never mind lol01:19
Innomen2pidgin to me is aimicqyahoo etc i forget that it sort does irc also01:19
mzawieskaUnable to open X config file '/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf' for writing01:20
VXxedIs anyone here?01:20
Innomen2Random832, not that i can see01:20
GeekneeusVXxed, nobody is here sorry01:20
KorlisInnomen2: if you want to move or resize anything you must first unmount it01:20
VXxedSorry, used to bug help and kernel rooms.01:20
VXxedUh so.  My laptop fan is on during grub01:20
Innomen2Korlis, i'm in the livecd, nothing is mounted as far as i know01:21
VXxedAnd shuts off as soon as Ubuntu boots01:21
kismetwhy is banshee using up to 100% of my cpu over 30 sec if i switch track01:21
kismethow can i get an older version of banshee01:22
Lopta|t_a|@velko And really over 300 people tried to convince me that I trash the ubuntu server, because of the freebsd, like its 5 times less demanding with over 10 times less load for the same job, and I'm stubborn for the ubuntu, I dont know what to do01:22
Korliswow kismet thats insane, what kind of cpu you got01:22
jatsIs there a good place to go to for Unetbootin help?01:22
Innomen2kismet, if you get fed up with banshee, (i did) exhail (sic?) is a good replacement.01:22
kismetpentium m 2.13 GHz01:22
GeekneeusKismet: If you installed it with apt-get, you may be able to select the version01:22
kismetyeah i did installed it with apt Geekneeus01:23
velkoLopta|t_a|, i always wondered why people install ubuntu on a server ;)01:23
GeekneeusIf there's a lower version available you can force the package version01:23
Korlisvelko: i use debian on servers and ubuntu on desktops01:23
kismeti exhail....??? Innomen201:23
GeekneeusRight click it in synaptic, and go to version to check01:23
kismetGeekneeus: how can i downgrade it? with apt-get01:24
Geekneeusit's in properties01:24
Innomen2kismet, gogole it, its a music player i have the spelling wrong, i cant open a browser, sorry :/01:24
kismetokay Innomen201:24
Geekneeuskismet : select package -> force version01:24
Geekneeuskismet: Package is on the top menu of synaptic01:25
WLUare there any problems with ubuntu installer 9.04 64 bit. After the first screen it stops responding and the screen goes to sleep. I tried two different download locations and 3 different burns (they are dvds I do not know if that is the problem)01:25
kismetGeekneeus: you mean at the synaptic package manager01:25
Geekneeuskismet: yes01:25
carbonishok i'm having a WEIRD issue01:26
Jarr0dj sarg01:26
Jarr0ddammit need more /01:26
carbonishafter 10-20 min i lose all ability to view web pages...however i can still use chat progs...if facebook is open it still updates, etc01:26
carbonishif i wait an hour or so i can surf again or i can do a hard reboot and it works for a while01:26
Geekneeuscarbonish: Firefox crashes?01:26
carbonishnope doesn't crash01:27
carbonishjust...firefox can't find server blahblah blah01:27
carbonishsame goes for konqueror01:27
knoppiescarbonish, could it be your router?01:27
kismetGeekneeus: how to force the version.. i think i am a little blind01:27
Innomen2carbonish, sounds like a plugin issue to me, have you tried to disable them all and see iof the problem persists?01:27
carbonishi thought router but my other computer seems fine...though two ARE acting up01:27
carbonishcould be the router01:28
kismetGeekneeus: i got it... i was blind01:28
Lopta|t_a|@velko what would be your choice, like by their words ubuntu sysctl is the worst default settings on the world with less performance even if you compare it with win2003 server or some newer, like worst possible on the world, like its made for kids, I'm just shocked01:28
carbonishInnomen(happens on different browsers)01:28
knoppieshard reset the router, and see if it still persists.01:28
Geekneeuskismet: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto#How%20to%20force%20the%20installation%20of%20a%20package%20version01:28
Geekneeuskismet: go to that link, it should explain it to you01:28
Innomen2knoppies, i hard resetted a router one time with a sledge hammer, i lost connectivity, but gained satisfaction01:28
kismetGeekneeus: thanks a lot hope a downgrade will resolve the problem of 100% cpu usage01:29
mzawieskanow i got my config messed up01:29
mzawieskai lost my nvidia drivers01:29
Geekneeuskismet: no problem, good uck01:29
mzawieskaand my main monitor is not displaying01:29
Innomen2ok just going to reinstall ubuntu01:30
Innomen2this si taking too long, thansk for trying guys :)01:30
itaihi, i have a DVD burnt with Vista, it is formated as UDF , Ubuntu (intrepid) doesn't even see it, it can play normal DVDs . I googled a bit and found a Linux UDF project but it seems to be geared towards BluRay which is not what I need, any advice?01:30
velkoLopta|t_a|, i don't understand. is this a question or you just need to let your feelings out? i don't use ubuntu at all. for a good reason...01:30
Geekneeusmzawieska: You can get the drivers from the nvidia website and it'll sort out your x configuration file too01:30
KorlisI have a Micro Innovations webcam, model # IC014C that I can not get to work on my Ubuntu 9.04 install01:31
Lopta|t_a|@velko I want to hear your opinion and what do you think what should I do01:31
Geekneeusvelko: What is your good reason?01:32
knoppiesKorlis, have you searched the ubuntu forums for a fix? I would assume you looking for drivers.01:32
velkoLopta|t_a|, in the short term - compile iotop and sort out the problems of the server. in the long term - replace ubuntu by debian or bsd01:33
Korlisknoppies: i looked on the forums, and it works fine on my laptop for some reason01:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:33
velkoGeekneeus, this is not the right channel for that01:33
knoppiesKorlis, so it works on one PC, and not another?01:33
GeekneeusKorlis, is your device supported by gspca01:34
Korlisknoppies: yeah, and i can not for the life of me figure out why, i know its probably obvious and im just missing it , but its bugging me01:34
mzawieskai messed up the configuration of nvidia x server01:34
mzawieskathe main monitor wont work :/01:34
KorlisGeekneeus: gspca?01:34
Geekneeuswebcam drivers01:34
StrangeCharmmanually trying to set up an encrypted lvm, grub is giving me an error at boot. what am i likely to be doing wrong?01:34
KorlisGeekneeus:  knoppies, i'll brb gotta put my daughter to bed01:34
knoppiesmzawieska, did you backup your config file?01:35
kismetsame problem with my downgraded banshee... 100% cpu usge... thats not normal01:35
carbonish1ok lets see if that does it01:35
Geekneeusmzawieska: the main monitor will not work? You should still be able to get into a terminal01:36
kismetanyone any idea....01:36
carbonish1next...is chromium just complete crap for everyone running ubuntu?01:36
carbonish1immediate crashes?01:36
knoppieskismet, the only problem Ive had with 100% CPU usage is with the Firefox plugin called gnash01:37
[-jon-]Hi, what does the "t" for permission on /tmp signify? It has rwt set for the others group01:37
knoppieskismet, I fixed it by uninstalling it, but if its your banshee thats using 100%, then I dont think they related01:37
Geekneeuskismet: does banshee have visualiztions while playing multimedia?01:37
itaicarbonish, yes01:37
stephansI am playing back video using vlc on 2 equivalent boxes (Windows 7, and Ubuntu) on the windows box the CPU is at about 2 -6% and on Ubuntu its 50 -80%.. Why? both machines use the official video drivers from the vendor... this is to big of a discrepancy to ignore..01:37
Geekneeuskismet: Perhaps try disabling them if it does01:37
carbonish1i can sleep easy knowing that =P01:37
Helios-bash: chkconfig: command not found01:37
Helioscan anyone help me?01:37
CarlHIf I have already done `eval ssh-agent` followed by ssh-add blah, I do not want to have to repeat it each time I start a new terminal session. How can I get around that?01:38
Helioschkconfig on my ubuntu01:38
Geekneeusinstall chkconfig Helios01:38
stephansdo linux drivers no allow the video card to do the work?01:38
voxstephans: is it High-def video?01:38
=== carbonish1 is now known as Carbonish1
stephanssame movie on both cases...01:38
Helios-bash: chkconfig: command not found01:38
Heliosdont work on my ubuntu01:38
=== Carbonish1 is now known as carbonish1
voxstephans: yeah, thats the graphics drivers. nvidia?01:38
Heliosubuntu 901:39
knoppiesstephans, Ive always noticed that VLC seems to use more resources than windows, never really looked into it.01:39
GeekneeusHelios, because it isn't installed by default. "sudo apt-get install chkconfig"01:39
=== carbonish1 is now known as Carbonish1
stephanswife calling... will return... NVidia yes...01:39
knoppiesstephens, I mean, use more resources on ubuntu, than on windowx01:39
pbl_chaihelp, my computer got tild 3 o4 timesa day, and when i reset it say in the startup, "warning now system is in safe mdoe please reaseating CPu frequency in the CMOS setup, press f1 to continue01:39
stephansvlc in both cases...01:39
voxstephans: yeah, you can thank nvidia for that. they dont include the hardware-decoding mechanisms on the linux drivers01:39
voxstephans: so your cpu has to do the decoding instead of being able to hand-ball it to the gfx card01:40
itaihi, anyone knows how to play UDF dvds on Ubuntu?01:40
velko!fr > suire01:40
ubottusuire, please see my private message01:40
[-jon-]what does the t in the permissions for /tmp signify?01:41
[-jon-]the other group has permissions rwt01:41
lstarnes[-jon-]: sticky01:41
[-jon-]any idea where i can find an explanation of that, lstarnes01:42
lstarnes[-jon-]: it means that anyone can delete or add files in there if they own them01:42
KorlisGeekneeus: looking up gspca right now01:42
lstarnes[-jon-]: man chmod01:42
stephansBack... OK what about the intel drivers for the intel cards?01:42
[-jon-]if permissions are set to 777, does that mean anyone can delete them?01:42
[-jon-]even if they dont own it?01:42
Heliosinsserv: warning: script 'connex' missing LSB tags and overrides01:42
Helioswhen i chkconfig myscript on01:42
lstarnes[-jon-]: it means anyone may read, write, or execute01:42
stephansDo they support the offloading of video decoding to the video card?  in Linux?01:43
kismetno it dosen't have visual effects or any... Geekneeus.. but if i run banshee -- debug there are some debug output like: TrackInfoDisplay RenderAnimation : 29.00FPS01:43
voxstephans: not certain, but im fairly sure it's the same thing01:43
[-jon-]lstarnes: but does that include deleting? =\01:43
kismetmaybe it has to do something with that01:43
lstarnes[-jon-]: if the directory containing it is not using the sticky bit, anyone may delete it01:43
lstarnes[-jon-]: if the sticky bit is there, only the owner may do that01:43
arand[-jon-]: and yes that also means anyone can delete them01:43
[-jon-]the owner of the file or the owner of the directory01:43
lstarnes[-jon-]: normally, write includes delete01:43
[-jon-]or either01:43
lstarnes[-jon-]: file01:43
stephanshmmm sux... if I want to watch movies on the plane; i guess i need to keep my dual boot and use windows.01:43
[-jon-]ok, thanks a bunch01:44
lstarnes[-jon-]: er, both01:44
kitty_anyone have a program that can burn directly from .mpeg4 to either iso or dvdr ?01:44
lstarnes[-jon-]: you can learn about all of this from man chmod01:44
n-iCeshould I trust in hddtemp lm-sensors temperatures?01:44
brianhermann-iCe: is your computer on fire?01:44
voxstephans: the reasons are entirely non-technical01:44
n-iCebrianherman: 60°C01:44
stephansvox, what do you mean?01:44
nikeIs there full disk ecnryption on the karmic installer?01:44
nikedm-crypt with LUKS?01:45
brianhermann-iCe: then its ok01:45
voxstephans: it's basicly the MPAA getting cranky that linux doesnt use digital-rights-management01:45
n-iCebrianherman: 60C is ok? when should I worry then01:45
kismetmy output where it stucks is[Debug 12:43:59.626] Player state change: Idle -> Loading [Debug 12:44:14.221] Player state change: Loading -> Loaded [Debug 12:44:29.801] Player state change: Loaded -> Playing [Debug 12:44:30.193] TrackInfoDisplay RenderAnimation: 29.00 FPS01:45
mikeblhi there.. i'd like to know how i can setup madwifi on my laptop, it's quite old..01:45
stephansvox, what does that have to do with playing my movie files that I have already riped?01:46
stephansi can get past drm...01:46
stephansit seems there is a lack of interest on the behalf of the oem's, presumably because of the small ration we represent of the market...01:47
ctmjrstephans: i use mplayer with nvidia vdpau driver and watch 1080p movies at 25% to 30% full screen with a 2.0 gig processor01:48
voxstephans: it's not about you getting past it, it's about the amount of clout that the MPAA have. nvidia/ati/etc have basicly been slapped around so they wont put the hardware-decoding instructions in their non-windows graphics drivers01:48
stephansctmjr - what option is that?01:48
voxstephans: it's entirely stupid and complicated01:48
assoguerozen_sxdamn that thunar is crap01:48
kismetGeekneeus: how to disable that01:48
nikemikebl: That's kind of an old driver.  YOu should try ath5k (or ath9k if your card is 802.11n Atheros)01:49
stephansvox, ok I get it... they win I guess...01:49
mzawieskathis msg appears when i type gksudo nvidia-settings in terminal01:49
d9500stephans: it's not so much that you'd have to crack any drm to play the hi-def videos, it's that the mpaa or other agents acting on behalf of the studios may have thereatened graphics card manufacturers with legal action if they provide hardware decoding of movie files on an operating system that doesn't verify "protected patch" (approved graphics card, approved connector, approved monitor, etc.) before playing hi-def content.01:49
mzawieskaYou do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.01:49
voxstephans: a solution is being worked on, but it's a while off01:50
d9500nonetheless, nvidia's binary driver does, i think, provide hardware decoding of h264 video, in presumably any resoilution, via the "vdpau" library, which should be present in the lastest nvidia binary driver packages.01:50
KorlisGeekneeus: my webcam is not supported by gspca01:50
itaimzawieska, most probably "sudo nvidia-xconfig"01:50
stephansctmjr - what option did you use to tell mplayer to use nvidia vdpau?01:50
hedkandianyone know about making a package for the revu?01:51
kismetideas about banshee useing 100% cpu while switching tracks01:51
stephansvox, how long do you think? will it be a drm implementation like WIndows?01:51
mzawieskaand how can i restart it01:51
voxstephans: hell no. :) not sure on an eta.. it's a difficult bit of kit to produce01:52
itaimzawieska,  ctrl alt backspace01:52
Hasbromy friend tell me to clean up my ubuntu by typing the sudo rm -rf / cmd it work really good and save me space but i cant login now did i do it wrong???01:53
LjL!danger | Hasbro01:53
ubottuHasbro: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:53
Hasbroi dont get it01:53
Random832Hasbro,  did you really do that command?01:53
Hasbrowhy it dangerous it clean my computer01:53
RebelZeroHasbro, you need better friends01:53
GeekneeusHasbro it delete your whole harddrive01:53
Random832Hasbro,  you have to reinstall now - it delete EVERYTHING01:53
ik3u erase everything01:53
ctmjrstephans: it is under preferences / video you need mplayer that has it compiled in it you can read about it hear http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDPAU01:53
Hasbroyes Random832 now i cant login01:54
Random832you have to reinstall - you deleted everything01:54
Hasbromy computer starts and no login01:54
Hasbrohow can i bring up the login?01:54
Random832put the cd in and start over01:54
Hasbrohow do i reinstall the login?01:54
Random832you have to reinstall ubuntu01:54
Random832you deleted it01:54
BlackFateits a troll01:54
Hasbrowhat do you mean i deleted ubuntu???01:55
LjLright - don't feed01:55
=== KnightWhoSaysNI is now known as Wowbagger
Random832that's what your friend was telling you how to do right?01:55
CupofDiceI am trying to move files off of my ntfs ext hd, and I am losing them. I was able to move some without problem, but dolphin gives me "could not read /media/disk/folder". When I autoskip, the folder and files disappears from the Ext HD, but they don't appear in my Home folder. Any ideas?01:55
BlackFateRandom832, dont answer.. its a troll01:55
HasbroRandom832 he tell me to save space to run that01:55
=== Xoop is now known as XStatik
CupofDiceasked that^ in #kubuntu btw, but quiet there as always, and i'm hoping there is a simple solution01:55
ubuntu_hey guys, EXTREME Ubuntu n00b here.....how the heck does one upgrade FF in Ubuntu.  I DL'ed the 3.5 file, but this is so different from Vista, im lost!01:56
stephansctmjr - mplayer -vo help, listed a vdpau option but no video actually showed up? If mplayer was compiled without it, would that option still be there?01:56
LjLubuntu_: you don't.01:56
Geekneeusubuntu_ : Install ubuntuzilla01:56
Hasbroi am happy i found this chat after my friend tell me to ask for help01:56
LjL!latest | ubuntu_01:56
ubottuubuntu_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.01:56
Hasbrobut i really need the help please01:56
hedkandiwhat's under /cmd01:56
kismethey anyone knows why banshe uses up to 100% cpu while playing music or especially switching to next track01:57
hedkandisurely it can't wipe the mbr and other partitions?01:57
ubuntu_so, i should stick with what i have then?01:57
LjLubuntu_: that is the recommendation...01:57
d9500ubuntu_: you want firefox 3.5, right?01:57
LjLHasbro, you've hosed your system. reinstall.01:57
ubuntu_and, compared to Vista, this is INCREDIBLY slow.  Any ideas?01:57
Geekneeusubuntu: I use the latest version of firefox, and the kernel just fine01:57
hedkandioh okay under /01:57
Hasbrowhat hose?01:57
hedkandithat would delete the whole partition then01:57
Geekneeusubuntu_: The choice however is yours01:57
hedkandiwhat a bizarre thing to do01:57
HasbroLjL what hose??01:57
knoppiesubuntu_, the slow is probably because you have a firefox addon called gnash01:57
LjLHasbro: (transitive, computing) To break a computer so everything needs to be reinstalled; to wipe all files.01:58
ubuntu_which is?01:58
hedkandiHasbro: I don't think you're being serious01:58
Hasbrowhat is a transitive?01:58
stephansah! so it can be done in linux! "VDPAU can be described as the X Window System equivalent of the Microsoft's DxVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) API for Windows" from the wiki... it just is not used by default...01:58
knoppiesubuntu_, gnash is a flash player for firefox, but it uses 50%+ on idle. I dont understand why01:58
Hasbroam just trying to login01:58
Hasbronot reinstall01:58
mzawieskaYou do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.01:58
knoppiesubuntu_, so uninstall gnash, and then install adobes flash player01:58
ubuntu_okay, i dont see that listed in my add-ons01:58
mzawieskastill getthing this msg01:58
d9500ubuntu_: if by "which is?" you mean what is gnash, it is a reverse engineered open source/free software implementation of adobe flash player.01:59
hedkandiHasbro: you shouldn't even be able to get a login prompt01:59
=== pauljw_vm is now known as pauljw
knoppiesubuntu_, open up system monitor01:59
ubuntu_d9500: thanks for the explanation01:59
ctmjrstephans: no you should have it open mplayer gui and go into preferences open the video tab and see if it listed under drivers01:59
Hasbrohedkandi i am on bios01:59
Hasbrohow do i get to login?01:59
ubuntu_where is that.....ive been running Ubuntu for litereally 10 mins01:59
hedkandiHasbro: have you got grub running?01:59
d9500ubuntu_: hit alt+f2 on your keyboard, and then type "gnome-system-monitor" (without the quotes)02:00
knoppiesubuntu_, system -> administration -> system monitor02:00
hedkandiso what happened before you wiped the partition then?02:00
Hasbroits just blue with words02:00
knoppiesor do that02:00
BlackFateHasbro, un-plug your pc from power...and wait for 24 hours and login will come back02:00
muajajaello guys, im tryin 2 resize my console screen ( i log in text mode, not usin gmd ) is there a way to resize my screen resolution at least 1024x, i would rather a 1600*1200 tho, i google it but no luck =S02:00
knoppiesBlackFate, your not helping02:00
hedkandiBlackFate: no it won't02:00
BlackFatehe is just a troll02:00
HasbroBlackFate i need to get my hw off the open office before bed though02:00
GeekneeusHasbro: it could take a week though02:00
BlackFatedont you get it?02:00
hedkandiBlackFate: I think he might be a troll02:00
Hasbroa week????02:00
knoppiesubuntu_, you still there?02:01
StrangeCharmdoes / have to have the boot flag?02:01
GeekneeusHasbro: Yeh, somtimes02:01
ubuntu_was just fixing to reply02:01
bruenigStrangeCharm: no02:01
hedkandiBlackFate: he's making me laugh anyway02:01
stephansctmjr - the wiki says that my GeForce 9400 GT is supported.02:01
ubuntu_system monitor is up02:01
knoppiesubuntu_, under processes, look for gnash02:01
stephansfor vdpau...02:01
Hasbroplease guys i need to turn my hw in tomorrow02:01
knoppiesubuntu_, I think it might be gnome-gnash or something02:01
=== muajaja is now known as muahaha
kismetstill 100% cpu usage02:02
Hasbroi spend all day connecting the printer to the ubuntu and it finnaly work02:02
kismetthats crazy... can't find anything over google02:02
hedkandiapparently, if I enter rm -fr ~/Projects I can spellcheck my homework02:02
ubuntu_nothing like that is listed02:02
hedkandiam I going to get a warning?02:02
knoppiesubuntu_, you using ubuntu9.04?02:02
Hasbrobut after i installed the open office i try to install game on wine and it says i have no room and my friend tell me to run sudo rm -rf in the terminal thing and now i cant login why??02:02
ubuntu_the live cd02:02
LjLhedkandi: you certainly are02:02
hedkandioh come on!02:03
ctmjrstephans: but the option is not there for vdpau in mplayer gui?02:03
LjL!ops | Hasbro is trolling and hedkandi isn't helping02:03
ubottuHasbro is trolling and hedkandi isn't helping: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:03
ubuntu_havent done a complete install yet, as i was unsure about what i was getting into02:03
knoppiesubuntu_, I was under the impression you had installed it to your HDD, then it might not be gnash, not sure if its on the live CD.02:03
CWinLxbasically, every time someone logs in(ssh) in I want to run a script. This should in Theory let me know if anyone unauthorized is getting on my system.02:03
CWinLxwhat should I edit to do this?02:03
ubuntu_i apologize for not saying that right off the bat then02:03
Hasbro? i dont understand02:03
stephansctmjr... err... did not look... just used the cli with the vdpau option...02:03
hedkandiokay well I'm leaving anyway02:03
d9500ubuntu_: if you're using a 9.04 live CD, you should probably go ahead and do the install before you try to upgrade firefox to 3.5, if that's what you're looking to do. otherwise, the new firefox won't be saved to your installed apps next time you run the cd.02:03
Hasbrohedkandi please help me02:04
ubuntu_i mainly just wanted to explore, and play with this OS before i committed to it 100%02:04
Hasbroi fixt it02:04
Hasbroi installed windows02:04
ctmjrstephans: mplayer -gui will open it02:04
HasbroJust kidding02:04
Hasbroyou're all homos02:04
Hasbrofor ruining the fun :D02:05
LjL!enter | Hasbro02:05
FloodBot3Hasbro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
ubottuHasbro: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:05
knoppiesubuntu_, there is a lot this OS has to offer, and the live CD is a little taster.02:05
KB1JWQ!ot | Hasbro02:05
ubottuHasbro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:05
ubuntu_so far, its not that bad, IMO02:05
Hasbro!ot | KB1JWQ02:05
ubottuKB1JWQ: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:05
stephansctmjr... ok did it. mplayer could not open the output device. sound plays though.02:05
stephansand my card is supported.02:05
zeus_having problems with sound in firefox, got skype sound working ok02:06
stephansaccording to the link you included02:06
Hasbrozeus_, use Internet Explorer through Wine02:06
knoppiesubuntu_, I think you gonna like it then. I dont like the default colors (the browns) but ubuntu is very customizable. If you looking for an OS that looks better than both MAC and Windows by a long shot, then install ubuntu and search up these:02:06
ubuntu_isnit possible to do a install to HDD, and NOT lose my vista.  For reverting purposes?02:06
HasbroIt's MUCH better then Firefox, seriously02:06
KB1JWQHasbro: Please stop trolling here.02:06
HasbroKB1JWQ I'm offering my suggestion02:06
stephansctmjr, do I need to do anything to the X config?02:06
jatsubuntu_ yes see wubi02:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:06
KB1JWQHasbro: Out of scope for this channel; see the /topic.02:07
zeus_please tell me it's possible to get sound working in firefox02:07
knoppiesubuntu_, I would recomend backing up any important data on your windows before trying.02:07
HasbroKB1JWQ, I love you02:07
ctmjrstephans: then it is not in mplayer you can compile it now or wait 4 or 5 days for karmic which more than likely will have a updated mplayer install02:07
ramxzerocan someone help me?02:07
Hasbroramxzero, KB1JWQ can help you02:07
=== sekrit is now known as charitwo
Geekneeuszeus_: It is possible to get sound working in firefox02:07
knoppiesramxzero, whats your problem02:07
ubuntu_what is a Wubi?02:07
d9500ubuntu_: yes, wubi will do that, or, should you choose to actually istall ubuntu from the live cd,in most cases, ubuntu's installer will automatically set up a dual-boot for you, provided that you do not try to install ubuntu on the same partition as your vista install02:07
ubuntu_i think my n00bness really shines on questions like that02:07
ramxzerothx hasbro02:07
wrapsterI have installed the nvidia-180-kernel-source and rebooted the machine.. yet when i try opening nvidia settings i get an error02:07
knoppiesubuntu_, I think it is a windows installer for ubunu.02:08
jatsubuntu_: wubi lets you install ubuntu from windows.02:08
stephansctmjr, I am on karmic.02:08
DaZwrapster: error.02:08
ubuntu_oh, ok....i understand now02:08
wrapsterDaZ: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.02:08
DaZdid you do it? :f02:08
ik3wrapster, try envyng-qt for installing ur nvidia drivers then try again02:08
KB1JWQ!pm | ramxzero02:09
ubotturamxzero: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:09
ubuntu_so, if i restart, and install it from the live CD to my HDD, things will be better.  AS LONG as i DONT put it on the same partition.02:09
wrapsterDaZ: its a 64bit machine.. so i need extra pkgs is it?02:09
knoppiesubuntu_, in the ubuntu installer, I think there is an aption to resize your windows partition, and then create a new one for ubuntu, but I would backup all the data on your windows install, or use a seperate HDD/partition02:09
jatsubuntu_: yes.02:09
knoppieswow, my spelling sucks.02:09
jatsknoppies, ubuntu_: I don't think you can resize partitions from the Ubuntu installer.02:10
ramxzerok im using ubuntu 7.04 and i need use test disk for fix my hard disk partition02:10
DaZwrapster: did you run nvidia-xconfig? :f02:10
ubuntu_okay, i will try and do that, and see what happenes02:10
soreaujats: You can02:10
ramxzerodunno what version have to download02:10
kismetwhy is banshee using up to 100% of my cpu over 30 sec if i switch track02:10
d9500ubuntu: right. if you have a second hard drive in the machine, then you can install ubuntu to that hard drive during the installation process. the gui installer will ask you what partition to install ubuntu on, and you can select the second hard drive. if you only have one hard drive, then you will need to resize your vista partition.02:11
HBXwhats the command to upgrade02:11
knoppieskismet, im not sure. look on ubuntu forums, if you cant find an answer, use a different player.02:11
ubuntu_thanks for the info guys.  Hopefully ill be back on shortly, provided i dont eff it up to bad.  Thanks again to all who chimed in!  :-)02:11
ctmjrstephans: well i guess not then here you go if you want to try this http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=13007902:11
knoppiesubuntu_, no prob, we all here to help/02:11
ramxzeronop im using live DVD my hard disk is without partition and i need recovery with that program02:11
Heliosguys how i can remove my script from init.d ? i have add it from chkconfig add and now i cant del it02:11
wrapsterDaZ: http://pastie.org/66954902:12
mQQshhey.. im trying to install a screensaver.  In the install directions it says to unpack the files to /usr/share/gnome-screensaver/.  The only problem I'm having is I can't locate the "share" folder in my user folder.  Any suggestions?02:12
stephansctmgr, ok loking..02:12
stephanswith 2 o's02:12
kismetknoppies: a nother player... i tried but amarok won't work either... no sound... rhythmbox... has no artist name and album aritst seperation02:13
GeekneeusmQQsh, the /usr/share should be there02:13
DaZwrapster: open it, find the device section and add  Driver "nvidia"02:13
IhateapacheGuys, ubuntu server is working great right now... its good on my 8 year old p3 computer02:13
Ihateapacheit only has 384 megs of ram02:14
Ihateapacheand it works perfect02:14
GeekneeusmQQsh, atleast generally it is on ubuntu, it's definately the /usr/share folder that's missing and not the gnome-screensaver for?02:14
SeaPhorIdleOne, you around?02:14
IdleOneSeaPhor: heh, yes02:14
mQQshgeekneeus, my username on the machine is Doug so im looking in /home/doug/ and the closest thing I see to share is Public.  I tried looking at the hidden folders and still not there02:14
wrapsterim downloading envyng.. lets see once its done ....02:14
wrapsterthanks DaZ02:14
GeekneeusmQQsh: /usr/share isn't in your home directory02:15
soreaumQQsh: It's /usr/share from your '/' or root directory. Not from /home02:15
CupofDiceAny linux app to tell me what is taking up my HD space?02:15
GeekneeusmQQsh: type cd /usr/share in your terminal02:15
d9500mQQsh: do the following. open a terminal. type "cd /usr" then type "ls" (minus the quotes) it should show a share directory among the others02:15
GeekneeusmQQsh: then ls -lart02:15
scuniziCupofDice: look in Applications>accessories> for Disk Analyser02:15
d9500Geekneus, you beat me to it.02:15
DaZCupofDice: filelight, baobab or listing by size in synaptic ;f02:15
CupofDiceThanks Daz and scunizi02:16
Geekneeusd9500: haha sorry :)02:16
SeaPhorIdleOne, could you give the link to where it says about OPs and their needing to be un-op'd and not be overbearing? I need someone in my channel to read it ;-) sorry for the OT just dont want to PM w/o knowing me02:16
mQQshd9500, geekneeus ok i did cd /usr then ls and it shows the share directory.. how can i open the directory through terminal?02:17
KB1JWQSeaPhor: It's on freenode.net02:17
GeekneeusmQQsh: cd /usr/share02:17
GeekneeusmQQsh: which directory do you want to open?02:17
IdleOneSeaPhor: msg me02:17
mQQshgeekneeus, the share directory02:17
GeekneeusmQQsh: You can also type nautilus /usr/share02:18
GeekneeusmQQsh: If you have nautilus installed02:18
mQQshgeekneeus, i tried cd /usr/share and it just moves me to the folder in terminal.  I need to get to the screen saver folder in it then drag a folder into it02:18
mQQshgeekneeus, oh i got it02:19
mQQshgeekneeus, thanks02:19
GeekneeusmQQsh, do you know how to use a file manager?02:19
mQQshgeekneeus, yeah but i wsa just looking in the wrong place.. thanks again though02:19
GeekneeusmQQsh: If you're using a file manager you will not be able to copy the file to the /usr/share directory without changing to sudo02:19
mQQshkeeneeus, i wont be able to drag it in?02:20
DaZ!tab| mQQsh02:20
ubottumQQsh: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:20
GeekneeusmQQsh: no, you can run your filemanager with the terminal with the correct permissions to do so. Just type "sudo nautilus"02:20
GeekneeusmQQsh: Be careful though02:20
GeekneeusmQQsh: I'm assuming you're using gnome and nautilus for that command as it's the default with ubuntu02:21
scunizimQQsh: use gksudo nautilus .. gksudo for all graphical programs02:21
soreauscunizi: That sounds horrible.. so now I should use gksu compiz because it is a gui prog? heh02:22
DaZGeekneeus: people here recommend gksudo over sudo for window apps :f02:22
Geekneeusscunizi: That wouldn't make any different, gksudo is mainly for menu items02:22
FlannelDaZ, Geekneeus: that's because sudo with graphical apps can break things.02:22
necr0tikwhat package has the md5 tool?02:22
FlannelGeekneeus: No, gksu(do) is for graphical apps02:22
HeliosServiceFactory unable to create Service of class jrun.servlet.jrpp.JRun\ProxyService02:22
DaZFlannel: what things? :f02:22
scunizisoreau: no.. that's a background process02:22
FlannelDaZ: File permissions in your homedir generally.02:23
justinlhey sorry for the dumb question but i have just a shell on my old linux box and have forgotten everything -- im trying to burn an ubuntu image on the command line. how do i do that?02:23
soreauscunizi: I'm just making fun of your out-of-context statement "gksudo for all graphical programs" ;)02:23
soreaujustinl: wodim /path/to/image.iso02:24
=== lance_ is now known as Guest11196
scunizisoreau: ok.. np.. but it gets the point across to those who are new.. you have to come at them using a point of reference they are use to then .. waahhaaahahah.. _change_ them :)02:24
soreaujustinl: You might want a -v in there somewhere too ;)02:25
justinli dont have wodim. this is an old gentoo release. ive seen the light and am trying to install it :P02:25
soreaujustinl: then why are you asking here in #ubuntu and not in #gentoo?02:25
Random832so i can't go to console mode after X starts, i just get weird flashing colored blocks - anyone know how to fix?02:26
justinlgood point02:26
justinlthanks lol02:26
soreauRandom832: You mean tty ie. Ctrl+Alt+F1-6?02:26
Random832soreau, right02:26
soreauRandom832: Which graphics driver?02:26
Random832it doesn't always happen - for example, right now it works02:26
Random832soreau, radeon_drv.so02:27
soreauRandom832: and version of ubuntu02:27
rockratwhich version of ubuntu is stable ?02:28
rockrat5.10 ?02:28
Geekneeusrockrat: 9.04 would be the latest stable version I believe02:29
a_hi. I need help please! I need to make my read only external ntfs HD to become read-write. I've tried logging in as root and using the gui to no avail.02:29
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
soreauRandom832: Can you reliably reproduce or does it happen only at a certain time? FWIW, there has been a lot of developments with the radeon driver since 9.0402:29
soreau! ntfs | a_02:29
ubottua_: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:29
Random832depends on what you mean by "stable" - the latest LTS is 8.04 according to the website02:29
rockratGeekneeus: thanks02:29
a_I have already downloaded ntfs-3g02:30
Random832soreau, it usually happens after i've hibernated at least once02:30
a_it still wont work02:30
keatonI'm trying to play a DVD in 9.04 32-bit and it's horribly garbled. I have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed, so it seems to me this shouldn't be happening.02:30
soreau! work | a_02:30
ubottua_: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:30
=== Psinetic is now known as Psibottu
a_it still acts as read only02:30
a_and I can't change the permissions02:31
soreauRandom832: That sounds about right. There have been a lot of fixes since 9.04 and 9.10 release is right around the corner. If it still is happening after you upgrade to karmic, ask in #radeon02:31
soreau! who | a_02:31
ubottua_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:31
soreaua_: How are you mounting the partition?02:31
a_soreau: I mount it using the gui02:32
soreaua_: What gui?02:32
Geekneeus!spammingbotmessages | soreau :P02:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:32
a_soreau: ubuntu 9.0402:32
soreaua_: Try sudo umount /dev/<partition> && sudo mount /dev/<partition> /path/to/mount/point02:33
keaton...Beuller? Beuller?02:34
traskbryantHow do I cleanup /var/cache? It's holding up about 3gb of space.02:34
renmqqqqwhen I try to execute an application, I get the following error02:34
renmqqqq"/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found"02:34
soreautraskbryant: Try apt-get clean.. IIRC02:34
renmqqqqi've googled this extensively, is this gcc 4.4 only?02:34
traskbryantsoreau, thank you.02:35
michaelgilchrenmqqqq, what application are you trying to run02:35
soreaurenmqqqq: What application?02:35
Bigshot_ubuntu is not detecting my proprietary drivers any command that i can use?02:35
renmqqqqthe thing is they just released a new version today, I can speak with one of the developers but he's not on atm02:35
soreauBigshot_: Do you have linux-restricted-modules package installed?02:35
a_soreau: is that what I type in exactly?02:35
renmqqqqhe does some of the ubuntu/debian maintenance of the application02:36
Timritcan someone tell me if i can use usb cable to connect to 2wire modem?02:36
a_soreau: I'm not used to the terminal02:36
marinaEscriba el texto aquí....hol02:36
renmqqqqanyhow, is it possible to update the version of libstdc++ to something that will satisfy that?02:36
soreaua_: No, you have to substitute <partition> with the name of your physical device in /dev like sda1 for example02:36
BobSappIve installed ubuntu after installing windows but it didnt recognise my dual boot setup02:36
marinaarguna les dominicana02:36
soreau! es | marina02:36
ubottumarina: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:36
michaelgilchrenmqqqq, seems like you need to go back a couple versions02:37
BobSappis there a graphical UI for grub.conf?02:37
BobSappin 9.1002:37
renmqqqqI don't want to risk breaking my system by installing gcc 4.402:37
soreau! grub | BobSapp02:37
ubottuBobSapp: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:37
Bigshot_soreau: on live cd it showed me about installing the Hardware drivers but not when i installed it on harddisk02:37
Iron_Chefhi, can you have different icons on each virtual desktop?02:37
soreau! karmic | BobSapp02:37
ubottuBobSapp: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:37
renmqqqqmichael: oh really?  I couldn't find it on google, thank02:37
renmqqqqwhich version?02:37
soreauBigshot_: Do you have linux-restricted-modules package installed?02:37
DaZ_renmqqqq: 4.4 doesn't break anything02:37
DaZ_or at least anything important02:37
Bigshot_how do i check that soreau02:37
marinaarguna lesbiana dominicana02:37
takamarouHi.  I recently (accidentaly) updated to karmic.  I have a second HD that I have routinely mounted with the command 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/data -t ntfs-3g'  After upgrading to karmic I now get the error Failed to write lock '/dev/sdb1' : Resource temporarily unavailable     and two other similar messages.  Any ideas?02:37
DaZ_or what i use :f02:38
soreauBigshot_: In your terminal type the following: sudo aptitude install linux-restricted-modules02:38
DaZ_!karmic | takamarou02:38
ubottutakamarou: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:38
tyler_d1takamarou: have you tried -f?02:38
renmqqqqrenmqqqq, seems like you need to go back a couple versions--  which package, if any, should i downgrade to?02:38
Bigshot_but i don't have internet soreau02:38
soreauBigshot_: Then you shouldn't be using linux :|02:39
keatonSoo, no one here can help me with my DVD problem..?02:39
soreauBigshot_: How are you here in this channel?02:39
Bigshot_soreau: it's restricted02:39
Bigshot_i have the live cd02:39
Bigshot_how can i install it from cd?02:39
takamaroutyler_d1, no.  I'll try it and let you know.02:39
a_soreau: do I need to include the path name too?02:39
FloodBot3nadeem: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:40
webbb82what is the best way to get a virtual hard drive for free   or virtual file system?02:40
renmqqqqumm so, do I need libstdc++.so.6?   I used locate and I already have it02:41
CupofDiceCan someone make sense of this? I get this in a folder with only 1 visible file.02:41
renmqqqqbut I still get the error about glibcxx_3.4.11 not being found02:41
soreaua_: The command I showed you is more or less pseudo code, meaning it only represents what you should do but is not actual syntax. You would have to know the name of your physical device in /dev and an empty directory in your file system on which to mount that file system02:41
takamaroutyler_d1, uhh.  I must be using the command wrong.  It's giving me some nonsense about the ntfs-3g command..  Is sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/data -f -t ntfs-3g    correct?02:41
knoppiestakamarou, sounds about right02:41
takamarouyeah, doesn't do anything..  gives me the options for the ntfs-3g command line tool02:42
renmqqqqIs it necessary to use rpm to install this particular gcc library?02:42
Billiardwebbb82: what?, CupofDice: what?02:42
knoppiesBigshot_, you still waiting for a response?02:42
a_soreau: how do I find that out?02:43
renmqqqqI'm going to have to repost this02:43
knoppiesBigshot_, in your bios, make sure that your boot order has your DVD drive before your HDD.02:43
webbb82or what is the best web site for online storage02:43
renmqqqqwhen I try to run an application, I get the error ""/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found"02:43
knoppiesBigshot_, do you have a HDD/partition that you can format for your ubuntu?02:43
alexander_Hey! I just installed (or tryed) XMMS2 using Synaptic Package Manager, can't find any menu entry for it!02:44
tyler_d1takamarou: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/data -t ntfs-3g force02:44
renmqqqqI'm not sure where to find this library, can someone please point me in the right direction?02:44
Billiardrenmqqqq: what application?02:44
DaZ_!find libstdcc++.so.602:44
ubottuPackage/file libstdcc++.so.6 does not exist in jaunty02:44
renmqqqqi used locate02:44
Bigshot_knoppies: i've already installed it on HDD02:44
DaZ_!search libstdcc++.so.602:44
renmqqqqand it says i have it in /usr/lib02:44
renmqqqqbut i still get the error02:45
=== Nightw0lf is now known as Nightwolf
knoppiesBigshot_, then what was your question? "how can I install it from CD"?02:45
Bigshot_yes knoppies  because linux=restricted-modules is not there in /lib/02:45
ryguyHow would I search all files of a particular filetype in a directory for a phrase?02:45
tyler_d1ryguy: grep -i "phrase" *02:46
knoppiesBigshot_, Im not sure what you asking, if you have installed it once, cant you just install it again, over the previous install?02:46
tyler_d1ryguy: grep -i "phrase" *.extensionoffileyouwanttosearch02:46
ryguytyler_d1: I need to serarch all ...oh okay =)02:46
Bigshot_why the heck would i do that knoppies02:46
ryguythank you02:46
=== adam is now known as Guest12738
evilaimThere we go02:46
knoppiesBigshot_, im not sure, Im not even sure what you want to get done. But I might have an idea02:46
keatonCheck, Check, 1, 2, 3, can anyone see this?02:47
tyler_d1keaton: no02:47
keatontyler_d: Good. :)02:47
Bigshot_knoppies: jockey is not detecting my hardware drivers02:47
knoppiesBigshot_, system -> admin -> software sources02:47
takamaroutyler_d1, I don't think that's right..  gave me the man page.02:47
tyler_d1takamarou: then tbh you need to ask the question in ubuntu+1 ...02:48
renmqqqqcmon fellas, I just need to know which library/package to install/downgrade to02:48
takamaroutyler_d1, ok, thanks.02:48
tyler_d1np mang02:48
knoppiesBigshot_, uh, then nvm. you looked under system -> admin -> hardware drivers?02:48
keatonI think my other client wasn't sending for some reason.02:48
tyler_d1renmqqqq: what was the question?02:48
Bigshot_yeah knoppi02:49
SpacePigeonis my uid my login name?02:49
renmqqqqGoogle is ambigious about it since it seems that I have a later version of GLIBCXX installed, but the library is still libstdc++.so.602:49
knoppiesyea Bigshot_ ?02:49
tyler_d1renmqqqq: what are you trying to install? or trying to do?02:49
ryguytyler_d1: Oh, Im sorry to bother you again man, but how would I have it search in all of the subdirectories as well?02:49
renmqqqqtyler_d1: I have libstdc++.so.6 in /usr/lib02:49
Billiardrenmqqqq: libstdc++6  is the package that provides libstdc++.so.602:49
webbb82karmic koala doesnt have a xorg.conf file but i=when i made one it made loggin into my computer brake02:50
Bigshot_knoppies: any ideas how to make jocket detect?02:50
renmqqqqan application needs GLIBCXX_3.4.11 and says it's not found02:50
tyler_d1ryuho: find -name '*.extensionyourlookingfor' | xargs grep -i "phrasetofind"02:50
knoppiesBigshot_: nope.02:50
tyler_d1renmqqqq: and then?02:50
renmqqqqi'm not sure if i need to downgrade or what to get that version of glibcxx02:50
keatonThis try this one more time... Can anyone help me with my DVD playback issue? I'm trying to watch my precious Mystery Science Theater 3000 disc, but Totem is playing it back all garbled up.02:50
ryguytyler_d1: Perfect man, you're a genius02:51
renmqqqq./skulltag: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found (required by ./skulltag)02:51
tyler_d1ryguy: fake it till you make it02:51
renmqqqqtyler_d: that's the error message i get02:51
headrxHello all, is there a way to setup a program - lets say gedit- to open at a certain size?02:51
headrxby default02:51
tyler_d1renmqqqq: so your trying to play doom?02:51
ctmjrkeaton: have you tried with a different player like mplayer or vlc02:52
itaihi, i'm trying to play a UDF dvd on Intrepid , but Ubuntu doesn't even see the disc (i can play normal DVDs ,no problem)02:52
keatonctmjr: I was hoping I wouldn't have to... But yeah, lemme give mplayer a whirl. One sec.02:52
sterlinOFF TOPIC: What tech podcasts would you recommend? ( I like diggation, this week in tech, security now). Thanks02:52
headrxIs there a way to have a program open to a certain size by default02:53
itaiheadrx, there is probabaly a config file you can define the size in. look for a dot file in your /home02:53
Jordan_Uheadrx: Devilspie02:53
a_soreau: I went into the file system and found some files in /dev. is that what I'm looking for?02:53
headrxitai: will do02:53
arquebussterlin: this is good if you like interviews:  http://www.se-radio.net/02:54
alexander_Hey, I'm using openGEU based off ubuntu 8.0.4. I tired to install XMMS2 using synaptic but it's not showing up anywhere02:54
renmqqqqtyler_d: should i install a particular package of libstdc++6 ?02:54
sterlinarquebus: thanks02:54
tyler_d1renmqqqq: so symlink your glibc env variable to what its looking for?02:54
arquebussterlin: np02:54
keatonctmjr: MPlayer looks just the same. The videos are all garbled up and the sound skips.02:54
renmqqqqi'll give that a shot02:54
Billiarditai: pastebin your fstab02:54
renmqqqqshoulda thought of that *doh*02:54
headrxitai: im not seeing any .file in my /home02:54
tyler_d1renmqqqq: do you have the latest version of glibc?02:55
itaiheadrx, ctrl h , i think02:55
keatonctmjr: And before you ask, yes, the disc is clean as a whistle. Mystery Science Theater 3000 discs are sacred. :P02:55
headrxitai: no dice02:55
renmqqqqlet me check.02:55
tyler_d1renmqqqq: the problem your having is a compile error, you should just be able to install glibc /glibc++ and go to town....02:55
headrxit didnt do anything02:55
renmqqqqi think i even tried installed gcc-snapshot to fix it02:56
Jordan_Uitai: Why are you still using intrepid?02:56
dukzHi guys, I'm trying to compile netatalk but have buid dependency errors, I can't seem to find the packages that I need. It says broken packages. Uname: Linux ubuntu-andrew 2.6.28-16-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 20 19:48:32 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:56
renmqqqqso it should be relatively up to date02:56
renmqqqqmaybe too up to date even.02:56
tsukasa_hey i have a ntfs partition that's been repartitioned via fdisk but not reformatted (eg the inodes should still be there)... is there a way i can remount the drive?02:56
itaiJordan_U, afraid of upgrading02:56
tyler_d1renmqqqq: skulltag is open source, and supported by a single guy.... so if it doesn't work I would say don't be 2 upset.. he prolly has a full-time job on top of it all02:56
renmqqqqerrrr... I don't believe it's OS actually02:57
headrxi want a full time job02:57
itaiheadrx, i mean like .gedit or something02:57
ctmjrkeaton: you installed all the media stuff from medibuntu?02:57
renmqqqqi know one of the devs and I've asked about the source02:57
renmqqqqthey use proprietary stuff for some of the game, although it's based upon zdoom02:57
keatonctmjr: I've got the repository added, ubuntu-restricted-extras installed, and all packages up to date.02:57
itaiBilliard, http://paste.ubuntu.com/301711/ thanks02:57
renmqqqqat least, last time I checked it was closed source except for perhaps the server browser02:57
headrxi UTFSE and it didnt find any either02:58
dukzpastebin: http://pastebin.ca/164335002:58
itaiheadrx, sorry, i'm wrong02:58
Billiarditai: idk your fstab has udf in it, do other udf discs work?02:58
itaiBilliard, if they were burned in Windows - no02:58
renmqqqqtyler_d1: my gcc version appears to be 4.3302:58
renmqqqqfrom gcc --version02:59
itaiBilliard, i dont actually know what UDF is , but i only have problems playing DVDs that were burnt using Vista02:59
a_someone please tell me how to find the name of my physical device in /dev and an empty directory in my file system on which to mount that file system02:59
Billiarditai: do you get an error when you attempt to mount it with the mount command?02:59
itaiBilliard, havent tried02:59
calebHitai: UDF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format03:00
itaiBilliard, let me try03:00
calebHitai: it's a file system (kinda a funky one too)03:00
itaiBilliard, erm...whats the syntax for the mount command?03:01
=== YungRipp is now known as Tommi
ctmjrkeaton: just double checking you have this installed libdvdcss2 and libdvdread403:01
renmqqqqwell, im going to try the skulltag irc.03:02
renmqqqqthanks for attempting to help03:02
bastid_raZora_: in a terminal type sudo fdisk -l   ..which one of those are you wanting to mount?03:02
Jordan_U_itai: You will have to upgrade eventually, if you don't like frequent upgrades you should install an LTS release next time03:02
itaiJordan_U_, maybe Xmas..03:02
Billiarditai: sudo mount /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom003:02
Bigshot_ok i blacklisted some b43 drivers and it is detecting broadcom drivers (jockey)03:03
Bigshot_but from where will it install? from internet or cd?03:03
keatonctmjr: Evidently I didn't have libdvdcss2 installed... I thought that was part of ubuntu-restricted-extras for sure.03:04
=== mixter is now known as nanana
keatonctmjr: Aaaand... Problem solved. Thanks mate!03:04
ctmjrkeaton: np enjoy the show03:04
=== nanana is now known as babamama
itaiBilliard, mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist03:05
webbb82is there anyway way to use a firefox addon if the web site says its not compatable with this  version03:06
icehawk78_Is it possible to back up a full copy of Ubuntu and everything I have installed to transplant the system onto a new machine with different hrdware?03:06
itaiBilliard, ok- let me check if the DVD-rom is not broken03:06
Billiarditai: k03:06
ctmjr!clone | icehawk78_03:06
ubottuicehawk78_: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate03:06
Jordan_U_icehawk78_: Yes, you can even take the hard drive and simply install it in the new machine in most cases03:06
mUrshEdstarcraftman:  wc03:07
Helioshow i can see my Services that running on my box?03:07
pingyadoes anyone know where empathy stores contact list information?03:07
icehawk78_Jordan_U_: Can't do that. Old machien was a laptop, new one will be a desktop with more space.03:07
icehawk78_ctmjr: Will that preserve all configuration and the like that I have for stuff like Apache, Ruby on Rails, etc?03:08
IdleOneicehawk78_: that won't save configs no03:08
mUrshEdfabian_:  wc03:09
icehawk78_Is there anyway to preserve everthing? Installed programs, config, etc?03:09
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:09
IdleOneicehawk78_: check those links03:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom03:10
icehawk78_IdleOne: Thanks.03:10
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:10
IdleOnemUrshEd: did you expect a different output if for you?03:10
fabian_hello all. I need help please. I have a 1TB USB drive that will not mount. It is a GPT thing. This is the output of 'fdisk -l' -> WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdb'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.03:10
fabian_How do I get 9.04 to automount this usb drive when it is plugged in. My 500GB usb drives automount.03:11
mUrshEdIdleOne:  dear bro. i'm finding wht is the best Messenger for yahoo CHAT03:11
fabian_Thank You in advance.03:11
mUrshEdIdleOne:  help me03:11
mUrshEdpidgin did't work BD03:11
IdleOnemUrshEd: you can try Pidgin or Empathy03:11
mUrshEdEmpathy and pidgin already install03:12
mUrshEdbut dnt work :(03:12
mUrshEdso i finding difrent03:12
IdleOnemUrshEd: install the version from the pidgin website. use the deb they provide03:12
mUrshEdi'm using 8.04 LTS03:12
mUrshEdhow's Gossip Messenger (u know?)03:13
knoppiesmUrshEd, Ive used pidgin with yahoo, and it worked fine. try what IdleOne suggests, if it still doesnt work, then you going to have to define what "doesnt work" means.03:13
IdleOnedon't know about gossip messenger03:13
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:13
mUrshEdok ubottu03:13
eVo-Quahog!omg ubottu thats gay03:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:14
fabian_anyone have a clue as to what mys issue is with automounting a 1TB usb drive in 9.04?03:14
IdleOne!ot > eVo-Quahog03:14
ubottueVo-Quahog, please see my private message03:14
mUrshEdi mean its not run or work03:14
eVo-Quahog!ot > IdleOne03:14
ubottuIdleOne, please see my private message03:14
knoppieseVo-Quahog, by putting a ! in front of your word, your refering to NOT. so !lol actually means NOT LOL, where as lol! would be exclemation03:14
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:14
xaxxon_I just installed ubuntu server and I typed "git" and it said to type sudo apt-get install git-core, but when It ype that it says "couldn't findpackage git-core".  I can get out to the internet ok, though03:15
IdleOneeVo-Quahog: I know what the !ot factoid is, thank you.03:15
bruenig!repeat | eVo-Quahog03:15
ubottueVo-Quahog: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:15
knoppiesmUrshEd, are you saying pidgin wont start?03:15
webbb82what do you like most   lauunchy  gnome-do beagle03:15
webbb82or any other03:15
mUrshEdyes knoppies03:15
xaxxon_oh wait..03:15
Jordan_U_xaxxon_: Do you have universe enabled03:15
eidofabian_, can you mount it manually?  does it show with dmesg |tail ?03:15
mUrshEdMSN Gtalk work03:15
thedude42fabian_, did it automount before?03:15
xaxxon_Jordan_U_, looks like I can't get out03:16
Psibottuhey guys, i'm on ubuntu 9.04. when i go to "places" and click on any of the options ranging from: "Home Folder, Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos" if i have a dvd or some kind of media in, it loads that instead of opening the folder. and when nothing is in the drive, it doesn't open the folder at all or do anything. it's only those folders (the first column) the rest are fine.03:16
fabian_eido: yes, I can mount it manually. The partition is clean. It is NTFS. I checked it in windows.03:16
IdleOneeVo-Quahog: don't dcc send me anything03:16
knoppiesmUrshEd, it might be your settings in yahoo, I struggled with mine. if your yahoo address is myaddress@yahoo.co.nz then use .com in the messenger03:16
mUrshEdknoppies my address is myaddress@yahoo.com03:17
thedude42fabian_, so when you plug it in, do you see it in dmesg?03:17
knoppiesmUrshEd, I cant remember if it is case sensitive, but try to match case with your yahoo account. And it might pay to log into your yahoo using a web browser, to make sure that the account details are correct03:17
zeus_i can't believe how fast ubuntu is, i tried vista then this and this thing is kicking it into next week03:18
Heliosi put /etc/rc.local there to run 2 programs03:18
Heliosand i cant loggin into my box from SSH03:18
Helioshelp me03:18
rasiqgood night..03:18
mUrshEdi'm ok knoppies. i'm try it my frnd PC who is use Win703:18
knoppieszeus_, ubuntu can look better than both mac and vista, so not only is it faster, it looks better.03:18
knoppiesmUrshEd, ok. sorry i couldnt help more03:18
mUrshEdand also he use Ubuntu 9.0403:18
Psibottuany uno?03:18
mUrshEdknoppies ok. lot of thanks dear03:18
HeliosHelp me please03:19
Psibottuditto what Helios said03:19
zeus_the wobbly windows are cool, but i am having massive sound problems.. got skype working but not youtube, tried switching to OSS now i lost ALL sound03:19
Heliosi edit /etc/rc.local and i put there 2 of my programs to be auto startup03:19
zeus_switching back to ALSA03:19
eidocan someone point me to instructions for mapping wacom tablet buttons?03:19
Heliosi reboot03:19
Heliosand now i cannot open SSH03:19
fabian_thedude42: yes. http://pastie.org/66957703:20
icehawk78_Would imaging a drive and then restoring the image on another system with different hardware work at all?03:20
zeus_try it and let us know03:20
* Psibottu deletes all messages except his own...THE BOT DESERVES HELP FASTER!!!! >_> :D03:20
icehawk78_zeus_: Was that to me?03:20
a_bastid_raZor: what does it mean when a disk has no valid partition table?03:21
knoppieszeus_, there is more to it than just wobbly windows install compiz-advanced-settings (or something) from the package manager. As for youtube, I think I fixed it.03:21
scunizieido: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom03:21
xiambaxU2 Going live on Youtube in ten mins. To inform everyone03:21
knoppiesPsibottu, what do you need help with? you tried looking on ubuntu forums?03:21
a_bastid_raZor: i'm trying to create read-write access to the disk, instead of read only03:21
Psibottuwell i was already in the irc so i figured i'd ask here first03:22
IdleOne!ccsm | knoppies zeus_03:22
ubottuknoppies zeus_: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz03:22
Psibottuhey guys, i'm on ubuntu 9.04. when i go to "places" and click on any of the options ranging from: "Home Folder, Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos" if i have a dvd or some kind of media in, it loads that instead of opening the folder. and when nothing is in the drive, it doesn't open the folder at all or do anything. it's only those folders (the first column) the rest are fine.03:22
Psibottuthat's the question03:22
FloodBot3Psibottu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:22
knoppiesyes IdleOne?03:22
PsibottuFloodBot3....how dare you instruct a greater bot!!! XD03:22
knoppieszeus_, you get that from ubottu?03:23
IdleOneknoppies: sorry was just sending you the factoid so you knew :)03:23
eidoscunizi, i followed that guide and it says make a https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom.fdi  file and it says "(replace the options with your own):" ok, what would my options be?03:23
knoppiesah, thanks. I knew it was something like that.03:23
a_bastid_raZor: will you help me please?03:23
thedude42fabian_, you can mount it manually?03:24
fabian_thedude42: yes.03:24
calebHxiambax: what is this about U2?03:24
eidoscunizi, actually I ddont even know if the buttons are working and are just not mapped to something03:24
xiambaxlive steaming concert online03:24
xiambaxstarts soon03:24
FloodBot3xiambax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:25
xiambaxfrom the rose bowl03:25
scunizieido: no idea.. sorry.. I have a graphire 4 and it functions mostly. I've always struggled with the 2 pad buttons and roller..I ended up just not using them.03:25
Psibottui guess no one knows how to answer my question...03:25
scunizieido: mostly.. the changes typically happen in xorg.conf . .then you have to restart gdm for them to take effect03:26
zeus_so is there a Mac theme?03:26
bastid_raZora_: can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l03:26
* Psibottu deletes mac. zeus_ not anymore :)03:26
eidoscunizi, thats unfortunate, it seems my left roller works on scrolling up/down webpages but i was hoping to make one cycle through the color wheel the other for contrast of color wheel03:26
cmwslwany recommendations for a netbook with ubuntu nbr?03:26
knoppiesPsibottu, Ive never heared of such a problem03:26
CupofDiceAny ideas on what to do when 'ls -la' shows that there are files in a directory, but you can't see them (even with trying root, show hidden files).03:27
knoppiesPsibottu, I cant think of any reason it would do that.03:27
eidoscunizi, doesnt do anything in gimp though03:27
scunizieido: you must have one of the newer ones..03:27
* Psibottu cries03:27
eidoscunizi, intutios 3, not very  new03:27
scunizieido: you have to setup gimp and inkscape in their properties section.03:27
pwasekare there any packages for samba 3.3.4 for 8.0403:27
knoppieszeus_, If you use compiz then you can customize your desktop to look like whatever you want03:27
fabian_thedude42: I am seeing weird stuff in the File Browser under "Computer" the "/" partition is showing up twice as "75.5 GB Media" and I also see it again as "File System"03:27
eidoscunizi, yeah the pen/eraser work flawlessly03:28
danni_can anyone please tell me what im doing wrong here? I have folowed all the steps but when i get to the last part it tells me direcorty / file not found it cant compile it please help guys its important for my sound card. here is the link http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-upgrade-to-alsa-1020-on-ubuntu.html03:28
eidoscunizi, just trying to figure out how to map the buttons on the pad03:28
knoppieszeus_, to find some nice desktop themes, you can have a look at http://gnome-look.org/03:28
thedude42fabian_, it should show up under /media03:28
calebHxiambax: sweet.  Thanks!03:28
scunizieido: for gimp File>Properties>Input devices03:29
knoppiesPsibottu, you still there?03:29
fabian_I know. But it does not.03:29
knoppiesPsibottu, have you had a look at ubuntuforums?03:29
fabian_thedude42: I know. But it does not03:29
fabian_I think hal is busted03:29
Psibottunot yet03:29
knoppiesPsibottu, try have a look there, it seems as though nobody here knows how to fix your problem (of if they do they havnt seen it)03:30
thedude42fabian_, do you have any other usb mass storage devices you have tested?03:30
Psibottueh, ok03:30
Psibottuthanks knoppies03:30
a_bastid_raZor: ok here it is. the disk I'm concerned with is the 1 Tb drive. http://paste.ubuntu.com/301725/03:30
eidoscunizi, yeah i have the pen working through there, on windows driver wacom has a gui that lets you define a command or sequence of key mappings when pressing a key on the pad03:30
* Psibottu gives you a special blessing under the table ;)03:30
fabian_thedude42: yes, 2 500GB. They mount fine. Same filesystem. NTFS.03:30
eidoscunizi, i was hoping ubuntu had something similar03:31
scunizieido: nice.. there's lots of references on the web. maybe the gimp channel will have more people with tablet experience03:31
Psibottughj, did you seriously just write "n"?03:31
Barridusi'm noticing an icon in the notify area (by where the wifi signal and battery meter) that looks like a padlock and mousing over it says something like "drop all elevated priviledges".  what does that mean and why did it go away03:31
thedude42fabian_, so if it's the size of the volume, you might try to see that by creating a smaller partition, but my guess is you already have data on the drive03:31
eidoyeah  in there currently no response03:31
scunizieido: also the inkscape channel03:31
xiambaxcalebi, they just went live with the feed.03:32
billybigriggeranyone aware of a good newsgroup reader that supports ssl and atleast 10 connections? possibly with a gui?03:32
fabian_thedue42: yes, I have data on it. I think it is because the partition is GPT. But in hal.03:32
eidoscunizi, thanks forgot about inscape, if i find something i'll let you know03:32
scunizieido: thanks03:32
Heliosguys anyone here who can help me with a command that i want to use my box when it starts?03:32
danni_can some one help me with alsa compilation of new drivers?03:33
danni_<danni> i follow steps and at the end when i get to comple the last pasrt with make install it tells me no such directory .. or file .. HELP anyone guys its for my sound card here is the site http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-upgrade-to-alsa-1020-on-ubuntu.html03:33
bastid_raZora_: do you have anything on that drive?03:33
a_bastid_raZor: yes about 700 gigs of stuff03:33
roger2hello, i have 256MB sodimm for RAM, but ubuntu only sees 181.2 on system info03:33
thedude42fabian_, were any of the other disks GPT?03:34
fabian_thedude42: no03:34
a_bastid_raZor: i'm sorry, more like 50003:34
danni_can any1 help me here please its compiling drivers from source for alsa ..03:35
d9500roger2: that actually seems normal on pretty much any OS i've used.03:35
d9500roger2: i think every one of them reserve a certain amount of the ram just to run the OS.03:36
d9500for example, of my 6 gb, the system only sees about 5.803:36
zeus_got my sound back in skype but still no sound in firefox 303:38
zeus_any ideas?03:38
bastid_raZora_: try installing ntfs-config03:38
BullHornwhat is it with ubuntu and sound03:38
xanguazeus_: do you use PULSE or ALSA ¿¿03:38
xanguatry pulse then03:38
zeus_pulse doesn't work at all, nor does oss03:38
fabian_thedude42: I am sooooo sorry. I just figured it out. There is no partition on /dev/sdb . Just data. I did it wrong.  :o(03:38
scunizizeus_: skype typically hogs the audio.. close it and killall alsa to retore typically03:39
ctmjrdanni_: which one will not compile03:39
zeus_ohhh, lemme try that03:39
bastid_raZora_: if ntfs-config can see the drive you shold be able to mount it.03:39
webbb82i am trying to install katapult but it says Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: kdelibs4c2 (>= 4:3.4.3-1)      but i already got that file03:39
fabian_thedude42: nevermind. I was checking the wrong drive. I do have a correct partition. The device is /dev/sdc103:40
roger2hello, so i have AC power and a battery that doesn't charge/doesnt work...if i have the battery in, ubuntu shutdowns due to low power even though the AC is connected...how can i change this03:40
zeus_killing skype didn't fix it03:41
thedude42fabian_, well my guess is that gpt is the issue, but i can't really be sure03:41
phrostbiteHey I am not sure which flash program to install to view flash things in firefox it shows 3 different ones. Is one better than the other or does it matter?03:41
scunizizeus_: I hate it when that happens.. sorry I don't know the answer.. skype is closed source03:41
BullHornthey are all horrible phrostbite03:41
xanguaphoenixz: adobe flash player will be more compatible03:41
fabian_thedude42: I agree. Well thank you for the help. I will just mount the damn thing in /etc/fstab .03:42
zeus_anyone know where the DSP config happens for firefox 3?03:42
fabian_thedude42: have a good night.03:42
phoenixzxangua: why, thank you! But I think you were talking to phrostbite..03:42
roger2phrostbite: i installed adobe, i am running ubunto on a 10yo laptop, video/audio is kinda delayed but catches up, i am a noob03:42
xanguaoh yes, agg stupid tab :P03:43
IdleOne!flash | phrostbite03:43
danni_ctmjr the alsa-utils will not sudo make no matter what i try it says no directory to file03:43
ubottuphrostbite: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:43
a_bastid_raZor: ok, I have ntfs config. how do I search for the application to run it?03:43
roger2phrostbite: but i wonder if there is something better than adobe flash in terms of performance03:43
roger2hello, do i have to worry about adaware/antivirus/firewall with ubuntu..just migrated from XP03:44
GodfatherofEireIs there any way to copy the data from a manpage to gedit?03:45
Deihmosis there a newsleecher type program ?03:45
scuniziroger2: nope03:45
bastid_raZora_: it is a GUi app.. look under system>administration03:45
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:45
eidohow can i capture the output of a key being pressed?  like if a funtion key and f key are pressed.  is there a way to capture to see if it sends a code?03:45
Decessusroger2, firewall is optional, but as for viruses and things, there aren't many made for linux03:45
danni_can any1 help me compile alsa drivers from source new ones ... they are the only ones that work with my sound card03:46
a_bastid_raZor: does the drive have to be mounted for ntfs config to read it?03:46
=== xod is now known as onats
scunizieido: yes.. found it a couple of years ago but forgot the name.. it's typically used for configuring keyboards.. it's also in the repos03:46
danni_it goes all well untill i try and compile alsa-utils i get an error03:46
roger2what about malware? do i need to worry about this with ubuntu03:46
bastid_raZora_: no, ntfs-config will allow you to mount it.03:47
eidoroger2, weak passwords are usually the source of problems03:47
krummlaufwow ubuntu is so easy to used03:47
candykornHaving a few problems here....03:47
krummlaufhow to i blacken the text field03:47
candykornjust installed it03:47
krummlaufand the user list03:47
roger2so i should change my pw03:48
krummlaufalso how to change this awful color scheme of ubuntu03:48
GodfatherofEirekrummlauf, system > preferences > appearance03:48
Evitowhats the command to uninstall a program i have from terminal?03:48
roger2can other ubuntu users "hack" into/connect to other ubuntu users unknowingly?03:48
kruykazehi guys what do you use for gmail notifications ? (preferably push)03:48
eidoroger2, run updates and pick a strong password and you are pretty well off03:48
GerbilSoftlooks like someone's using an exploit03:49
krummlaufhow storng we talkin here03:49
scunizieido: found one of them.. there are several.. keytouch03:49
ctmjrdanni_: you do not really need alsa-utils to have sound as long as the driver installed what happens when you type alsamixer in a terminal?03:49
candykorni need adobe and other codec to watch movies online/ i've installed all the shit ubuntu offered but it's not working03:49
=== xod_ is now known as onats
Evitowhats the command to uninstall a program from terminal?03:49
candykornversion 9.0.403:49
scuniziEvito: sudo apt-get --remove <package name>03:50
billybigriggeranyone aware of a good newsgroup reader that supports ssl and atleast 10 connections? possibly with a gui?03:50
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, I assume you've restarted the browser?03:50
Deihmosis there a newsleecher type program ?03:50
candykornrebooted also03:50
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, which flash player did you install?03:51
d9500GodfatherofEire: are you trying to putput the text in a manpage to a standard text file?03:51
roger2do you need to defrag using ubuntu?03:51
GodfatherofEired9500, that'll do03:52
candykornthe one it suggested when i visited watch movie links03:52
ctmjrroger2: no03:52
SpacePigeonwhy is my sudo apt-get install not autocompleting on tab?03:52
scuniziDeihmos: you mean RSS reader03:52
Deihmosdownload headers from usenet03:53
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, It usually shows 3 that it can install: flash-player-installer, gnome swfdec, and GNASH or something like that03:53
eidoroger2, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/defrag-on-linux-331862/03:53
candykornright now installing gstreamer0.10 plugin03:53
candykornchose all three03:53
scuniziDeihmos: open synaptic package manager and search for usenet.. lots of references03:53
roger2ctmjr: there was a custom xorgconf for my video card...everything is perfect now03:54
d9500GodfatherofEire: here is how to do that, usig synaptic's man page as an example. open a terminal, then type man synaptic >> /home/yourusername/synapticinfo.txt03:54
onatshi, im trying to create a desktop shortcut for a shell script, but double clicking on it does not execute the script. what gives?03:54
d9500oops, don't know how i did that last one..messed up and hit the tab key too many time, i guess03:54
ctmjrroger2: cool glad to hear it03:55
=== zach is now known as Guest19339
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, only use one03:56
candykornGUess no help?03:56
d9500GodfatherofEire: the command I listed will output the information in synaptic's man page to a text file called synapticnfo, which will be created in your home directory. you can change the directory to, for example, /home/yourusername/Desktop to put the text file on the desktop03:56
GodfatherofEired9500, thanks03:56
=== maximus is now known as Guest39463
d9500then you can open the text file in gedit, kate, etc.03:56
candykornwhich one would you suggest?03:56
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, I'd suggest removing gnash, swfdec, and just keeping flash-player-installer03:56
danni_ctmjr: thx man i got it fixed i found it on google .. i fixed the error and compled it thx03:57
candykorngooseberry what?03:57
Guest39463hey, i updated ubuntu, it replaced menu.lst, and now i cant boot, but luckily i made a back up, only thing is, the partition is encrypted with luks, how would i got about decrytping the partition and replacing the new menu.lst with the back up?03:57
GodfatherofEired9500, thanks. Just tryin to explain to a friend exactly what the aircrack-ng suite entails03:57
Deihmosi tried eeebuntu and the software center had the ratings but the one in ubuntu doesn't03:58
candykornThis is very laggy03:58
candykornon  youtube03:58
FlannelGuest39463: When you boot, you get a grub> prompt, right?03:58
candykorndoes ubuntu support divx?03:58
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, after those 2 are removed, and the redundancy is gone, you shouldnt have a problem03:58
bastid_raZorcandykorn: vlc and mplayer will play it.03:59
Guest39463it says grub loading, then i get 9.01000 sd 6:0:0:0 [sdc] assuming drive cache write through03:59
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, yeah, it does, just install all the gstreamer plugins (good, bad, ugly, restricted, etc)03:59
candykornstreaming off the net?03:59
FlannelGuest39463: Oh, sorry.  Misread your question.  What you can do to boot successfully is (at the grub menu) hit escape, choose an option, hit 'e' and then you can modify that entry ot match your backed up menu.lst, and then that'll boot.03:59
ctmjrdanni_: your welcome but sounds like you found it on your own03:59
candykornwill itopen in browser or sepreate window?03:59
FlannelGuest39463: Once there, you'll need to make sure you fix your menu.lst properly, since whatever changes you made to it weren't done properly this time around (apparently, if its broken now)03:59
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, with those plugins it should allow you to stream it in the browser03:59
Guest39463Flannel, okay, but the backup is on the partition im trying to boot, which is encrypted with luks04:00
candykornunder sounds and video for removal?04:00
Guest39463Flannel, how would i go about reading the partition?04:00
FlannelGuest39463: Do you remember what changes you made to your menu.lst?04:00
xorwhyTrying to update kernel to 2.6.31. Would prefer to use Synaptic, Please help me  add the proper repository to apt?04:00
Guest39463Flannel,  no, it was automated, IE ubuntu update04:00
FlannelGuest39463: I'm not familiar with LUKS, sorry.04:00
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, just search swfdec and gnash in synaptic and they should come up, then search gstreamer plugins, and then install what comes up (and then install ubuntu-restricted-extras if you really want to)04:01
Guest39463Flannel, ic, me neither.. google dont fail me now, lol, thanks flannel04:02
Deihmosi tried eeebuntu and the software center had the ratings but the one in ubuntu doesn't. is there a way i can add that?04:02
candykornpackage manager?04:03
GodfatherofEirecandykorn, yeah, synaptic package manager, and i have to go, so somebody else will have to take it from here.04:03
candykornfor all the help04:04
nick_hEnvyNG says there are no drivers available that are compatible with my ATI video card. does that mean that the xorg-driver-fglrx package is incompatible?04:05
xorwhyHow do I upgrade my kernel using Synaptic?04:08
ctmjrnick_h: what card do you have and is there anything in system/preferences/hardware drivers04:09
=== kwinz is now known as kwinz`away
nick_hctmjr: i have an ATI Radeon Mobility X1600. nothing's listed in Hardware Drivers04:10
nick_h(it's in a MBPro2,2)04:10
=== kwinz`away is now known as kwinz
d9500xorwhy: what kernel and what ubuntu release are you currently using?04:10
=== Guest19339 is now known as zachtib|linux
xorwhyd9500: 2.6.28 jaunty 9.0404:11
Geekneeusxorwhy: to the latest kernel version?04:15
d9500xorwhy: and you want to upgrade just the kernel, not do a dist-upgrade, but it has to be done through synaptic and not by downloading the .deb files?04:16
xorwhyGeekneeus: yes/04:16
candykornwow irc on ubuntu is tooo diffrent04:16
xorwhyd9500: I will download the deb files if synaptic is difficult, I preferred synaptic incase of dependency requirements.04:17
Geekneeusxorwhy: You need to download the latest version from kernel.org, extract it.. customize it /compile install04:17
Kuroganeany1 knows where is the config  pure-ftpd.conf because here /etc/pure-ftpd/ is not there04:17
xorwhyGeekneeu by customize it, could I significantly improve performance?04:17
xorwhykurogan use the locate command04:18
Geekneeusxorwhy: It's possible, though you shouldn't really play around with it if you can't even install it :P04:18
d9500xorwhy: well, gdebi will tell you what dependencies you need, if you try to install the .deb by double clicking on it to open gdebi. so far, the only ppa i've found for newer kernels has no files in it.04:18
Geekneeusxorwhy: You can remove things from the kernel that you don't need, enable features that aren't default etc04:18
d9500xorwhy: you might try enabling jaunty-backports in your software sources, though unfortunately (or fortunately, if you happen to like bleeding-egde software) that may pull a lot of other newer pakcages too04:18
xorwhyGeekneeu it wouldn't be difficult.04:19
xorwhyd9500: the PPA is http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.31/04:19
xorwhyd9500 Can't do that, disk space nazi over here.04:19
xorwhyI'll just use the deb files, and install deps as or if necessary.04:19
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
aeubzhi, can anyone help my find a driver for my sound to work ?04:21
ctmjrnick_h: sorry could not find anything on your card here http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/xorg-driver-fglrx if you click on intrepid it list your card for the older version so it might work04:21
Kuroganexorwhy, the only 1 is /var/lib/dpkg/info/pure-ftpd.conffiles but i dont think that work04:21
candykornubuntus no 1 problem the drivers for audio04:21
xiambaxNET SPLIT!04:21
=== AndorinKato is now known as Andorin
merkothhi, another one with sound issues. _input_ though04:21
xiambaxIt must be all those youtubers :D04:21
user___my ubuntu seems to be freezing04:22
Geekneeusaeubz: what does "cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec" give04:22
xorwhykurogane perhaps the software expects you to create the conf file, I really don't know. Also it may be hidden?04:22
Geekneeusaeubz: In the terminal, without the quotes04:22
xorwhyI will install the kernel itself, and its headers. Is there anything else I should install?04:23
user___my ubuntu is freezing04:24
Geekneeusxorwhy: the sources?04:24
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit04:24
xiambaxbe more descriptive. What are you doing when it freezes?04:24
Geekneeusaeubz: please don't PM04:24
merkothbtw, is jackd part of the default install or something I installed pulled it?04:24
xorwhyWhy do I need the sources?04:24
pmccandhelp.  Can't find answer.  I downloaded Google Earth using "synaptic Package Manager" and installed it on the computer.  Now I am unable to find the program to run it.  How do I get the program to show up in the list of applications on the Ubuntu pull down menu?04:25
aeubzGeekneeus: sorry :)04:25
ramontayagcan you make the numpad control the cursor? My numpad suddenly stopped typing numbers and started moving the cursor. I don't know if I pressed something that changed it.04:25
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
candykornalright i have another question... is there anyway to launch windows from ubuntu and keep it open in another window04:25
xiambaxpmccand, refresh your menu04:25
candykornalso hideing folders or adding an encryption04:26
Geekneeusaeubz: you can download the drivers from http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsCheck.aspx?langid=1&pfid=24&level=4&conn=3&downtypeid=3 and use the install script04:26
merkothramontayag, maybe you pressed num-lock in your keyboard?04:26
ramontayagmerkoth: i tried with both num lock on and off04:26
user___my ubuntu is freezing and i am losing precious data04:26
xorwhyMaybe I'll just skip the kernel update for now. I want it because it supposedly has improved functions for xorg response time. Sounds lovely but, at what (disk space) cost.04:26
Geekneeusaeubz: download the unix/linux version, your device should be supported04:26
Random832where can i put a PATH setting so that the run dialog will pick up scripts in a dir under my homedir?04:26
bastid_raZorramontayag: shift+ctrl+alt+numLock04:27
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=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntuGr
pmccandXiambax, How do I refresh the menu?04:27
ramontayagbastid_raZor: yey!04:27
xiambaxone second04:27
bastid_raZorramontayag: oddly my desktop does the same thing. have no clue what started it.04:27
xiambaxtry killall gnome-panel04:27
merkothany ideas why my line-in shows input level but I can't hear anything?04:28
ramontayagbastid_raZor: haha lucky you're here then. i must have accidentally typed that04:28
xiambaxmerkoth, i had this issue yesterday04:28
Geekneeusxorwhy: For compiling some applications04:28
xiambaxis it your line in on the front of the pc?04:28
dealy663can anyone help me solve an Error 22 partition not found problem?04:28
merkothxiambax, nope, in the back04:28
aeubzGeekneeus: i clicked on accept >> next, then a screen pops up and says site moved to here and when i click on it, it just sends me back to the same site04:28
Geekneeusauebz: It's an issue with the site, keep trying and you'll get it eventually04:29
xiambaxmerkoth, do a "sudo apt-get install alsa-mixer"04:29
xorwhyGeekneeus: I only have to install one thing from source after, I think I'll try and do without sources if I do kernel upgrade.04:29
user___Geekneeus, why does my ubuntu freeze04:29
merkothxiambax, I do have alsamixer04:29
xorwhyOr just compile it and then upgrade lol04:29
xiambaxok then check your levels and make sure the device isnt muter04:29
Geekneeusxorwhy: ok :)04:30
Geekneeususer___: I don't know, why does it freeze?04:30
user___Geekneeus, not too sure but can you help me out finding out why04:31
Bluey1I know that openoffice can play back powerpoint presentations - but is there any linux software that will create them?04:31
Geekneeususer___: Not without more information04:31
knoppiesuser___, do you have awn installed?04:31
macoBluey1: OO does that too04:31
Bluey1maco: okay that's not obvious....04:31
AndorinAnother netsplit?04:31
merkothxiambax, the <line> bar is maxed. it shows MM instead of 00 as the other channels. also says CAPTUR04:32
user___Geekneeus, what info would you like04:32
xiambaxYup, it was huge04:32
macoAndorin: no....04:32
xiambaxmerkoth, check the mute buttons at the top04:32
xiambaxto make sure it isnt muted04:32
macomerkoth: MM means muted04:32
Andorinmm, freenode's being weird then.04:32
xiambaxmake sure its in the line in04:32
xiambaxnot the mic04:32
xiambaxcause if its in mic it wont route it through the speakers so no feedback is caused04:32
Geekneeususer___: Well, when it freezes (what applications are running) etc, anything to narrow it down to a cause04:32
macoBluey1: you just use OpenOffice Presentation (really called Impress) and then save as ppt...04:32
knoppiesuser___, do you have avant window navigator (AWN dock) installed?04:33
user___Geekneeus, transmission rythembox google chrome04:33
user___knoppies, no04:33
xiambaxchrome or chromium ?04:34
Geekneeususer___ what does your kernel, system logs say?04:34
Bluey1maco: where can I find some documentation on that?04:34
macoBluey1: ehhh? its one of the options in file -> save as04:34
ctmjrpmccand: what happens when you type googleearth in a terminal04:34
macoBluey1: why do you need documentation to use a save dialog?04:35
pmccandctmjr:  haven't tried.04:35
=== chevelle is now known as AyCarumba
Bluey1maco: I'm not seeing it...04:35
Harrison_Bergerohey, my 9.04 keeps freezing with proprietary video drivers04:36
user___Geekneeus, i will paste to paste.ubuntu.com04:36
pmccandctmjr:  it says, googleearth: command not found04:36
macoBluey1: file -> save -> filter: Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt)04:36
Harrison_Bergerocan i simply swap out my card for another one?  Will the OS automatically detect it04:36
macoBluey1: its in the little file type drop down below where you type in the file name you want04:37
roger2hello, am looking for "scandisk" equivalent gui n ubuntu04:37
Bluey1maco: okay I'll look again...04:37
Harrison_Bergeroor do i have to uninstall the proprietary driver before removing the card?04:37
ctmjrpmccand: try this /opt/google-earth//googleearth04:37
user___Geekneeus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/301756/04:38
merkothxiambax, fixed it, in a very stupid way04:38
xiambaxchanged inputs?04:38
GeekneeusHarrison_Bergero: You probably should as they're likely to not be the right drivers04:38
Bluey1maco: it's not in the version of oo I have I am running 3.1 and .ppt is NOT a save option04:38
Harrison_BergeroGeekneeus, so with the "stock" ubuntu graphic driver will i be able to use the "new" card?04:38
merkothxiambax, how on earth does one unmute a channel from alsamixer? amixer set Line 100% unmute did the trick though04:39
xiambaxSorry if im distracted, Im watching this concert. Its so sweet04:39
ubuntuGrguys i have a program on /opt/jrun/bin/ and always i do /opt/jrun/bin/jrun -start myprog  ( is any way to my ubuntu that script start authomaticaly ? )04:39
pmccandctmjr: it says googleearth:  now such file or directory.04:39
xiambaxmerkoth, there are labels at the top of alsa mixer. little buttons04:39
Random832so does anyone know - where can i put a PATH setting so that the run dialog will pick up scripts in a dir under my homedir?04:39
GeekneeusHarrison_Bergero: It really depends on your card, I can't answer that correctly.. with the generic driver any card should work04:39
Random832(i asked before but there was some netsplit stuff going on i think)04:39
SeanInSeattleHey there.  Does anyone know where to find the installer for the x64 flash plugin?04:40
Harrison_BergeroGreekneeus...so when i uninstall the proprietary driver the default is then used?04:40
macoBluey1: http://imagebin.ca/view/H3eka9.html04:40
pmccandctmjr: bash: /opt/google-earth//googleearth: No such file or directory04:40
macoBluey1: thats the kde save dialog, but the gnome one should look similar.04:40
GeekneeusHarrison_Bergero: That's usually the case04:40
xiambaxSeanInSeattle, http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html04:40
Harrison_BergeroGreekneeus...what im asking is this...i have two options for proprietary driver, but nothing i see reads generic04:40
macoBluey1: i am also using 3.104:41
xiambaxPre-Release of flash 10 64bit for linux04:41
merkothxiambax, maybe in the GUI version? I can't find anything similar in the CLI one, I doesn't matter though. thanks for your help :)04:41
=== __Techie_ is now known as _Techie_
xiambaxi think the letter m or maybe -/+ do it04:41
xiambaxi dunno04:41
Harrison_BergeroGeekneeus....last question then before i go.  I have a box full of graphic cards...64 to 128 large04:41
macoxiambax: m toggles mute04:41
Bluey1maco: yeah sorry that is not an option - so I will tell them it can't be done - thanks for your help....04:42
Harrison_Bergerowhat do zou suggest as a model best for Ubuntu04:42
xiambaxThere ya go merkoth04:42
macoBluey1: your stuff's broken then04:42
macoBluey1: its been able to do it for years04:42
xiambaxM is da trick04:42
SeanInSeattlexiambax =>  So, how to install the plugin?04:42
macoBluey1: did you try scrolling?04:42
Bluey1maco: could be -- yes I tried scrolling...04:42
merkothmaco, xiambax thanks :)04:42
xiambaxdownload the script and run it via terminal04:42
macoBluey1: i mean, theres an option in tools -> options to set ppt as the default format for presentations04:42
xiambaxprobably "sh ./pathtoscript.sh"04:42
ctmjrpmccand: then it did not install correctly you can try and remove it and reinstall or get it from here http://earth.google.com/intl/en/download-earth.html04:43
xiambaxor something along those lines04:43
SeanInSeattlexiambax =>  Its just a compressed .so file.04:43
Harrison_BergeroGeekneeus...gotta get breakfast, maybe ill catch you online when i have swapped out the cards and let you know how it went.04:43
GeekneeusHarrison_Bergero: I'm not an expert in graphics cards sorry ;)04:43
xiambaxyou mean so. or sh?04:43
macoBluey1: please dont lie to someone about the capabilities of the software simply because you cant figure out how to use it04:43
SeanInSeattlexiambax =>  so, is that a type of script?04:43
Bluey1maco: it just isn't there if I could take a screen shot I'd show you....04:44
xiambaxextract the tar .gz04:44
pmccandctmjr:  Thanks for your help.  i'll keep trying till I get this thing running.04:44
Geekneeususer___: I can't pin point the exact problem from that log file, next time it errors capture the time and if I'm here I will take a look04:44
macoBluey1: youre in the presentation app right now, right? not trying to save as ppt from within the word processor app (which would offer .doc)?04:44
xiambaxthen you should get a flash10_en.sh04:44
xiambaxthen you just need to sh ./flash10_en.sh04:44
ctmjrpmccand: ok good luck if it installs right it will be in applications/internet04:44
xiambaxand that should get you started04:44
Bluey1maco: I am in openoffice04:45
macoBluey1: *which* part of openoffice?04:45
macoBluey1: just like ms office it has a number of apps04:45
pmccandctmjr:  thx04:45
SeanInSeattlethx dude.04:45
Bluey1maco: open office writer04:45
xiambaxNo problem04:45
macoBluey1: thats the word processor04:45
macoBluey1: of course it cant save presentations04:45
macoBluey1: use openoffice impress04:45
macoBluey1: the one that does presentations04:46
Bluey1maco: let me see if I can find that....04:46
macoBluey1: its called "OpenOffice.org Presentation" in the menu04:46
Bluey1maco: got it!04:46
carlshello systems04:47
carlsque tal04:47
GeekneeusI might be smelling a troll somewhere04:47
xiambaxIm no troll04:47
tazzanyone able to get mozilla raindrops running on there install ?04:47
vigoIs there a way or script or GUI clicky/setting in Gnome to snap the mouse to Center of the screen?04:48
Geekneeusxiambax: I wasn't specific04:48
macoBluey1: told ya so!04:48
xiambaxOh, I can be a troll sometimes. I was when i was more cocky. But i stopped using linux 3 years ago and now im way behind04:48
Geekneeusvigo: Why would you want to do that?04:48
tazzxiambax, https://wiki.mozilla.org/Raindrop/ its supposed to be the "new" email killer or something04:48
Geekneeusxiambax: sorry to hear that04:49
xiambaxGeekneeus, I got a job for apple. So i bought a mac. Best investment ever.04:50
xiambaxBut i like linux too, but i love my mac04:50
vigoGeekneeus: Because I am old and the mouse gets lost or mispositioned over something, seems like a Ctrl-C or some key combo would or could snap/move the pointer to center?04:50
Geekneeusxiambax: Glad you're satisfied, matter of opinion I guess04:50
Bluey1maco: just like downtown - no wonder -- thanks!04:51
Geekneeusvigo: I don't think anyone has ever thought of such an application. Perhaps you could try making the mouse cursor bigger04:51
bastid_raZorvigo: compiz has a show mouse plugin.04:52
xiambaxGeekneeus, Theres and plugin in compiz as part of the accessibility features that points out your cursor04:53
xiambaxI think that may be what hes looking for04:53
vigoGeekneeus: That did not work, I also added the Ctrl shows Mouse, maybe I will write or collaborate on such a thing, really seems like a nice gadget for Accessibility purposes. could even use Speex or something to center mouse/pointer.04:53
Geekneeusxiambax: oh right. I didn't want to assume anything, he seemed cleared that he wanted it in the center :P04:54
vigobastid_raZor: so such a thing exists? neato.04:54
zetheroois there a way to send free faxes from Ubuntu?04:54
xiambaxGeek I know synergy puts the cursor center on the screen when you change screens04:55
xiambaxmaybe the code is there already04:55
IdleOnevigo: System > Prefs > Mouse has a check box for Show mouse pisiton when ctrl is pressed04:55
bastid_raZorvigo: you can customize the looks.. once enabled windows key + k will show you the location of the pointer04:55
vigoIdleOne: Thank you, looking now.04:55
Geekneeusxiambax: ok, I've never lost my mouse cursor before :P04:55
xiambaxvigo, do yo have compiz installed?04:55
xiambaxGeekneeus, Probably falls under the same category as loosing your teeth in the morning ;)04:56
=== cWex_iMutZz is now known as ce_aLL0N
vigoI do not think I have Compiz enabled. I have the effects and stuff, so I think it is in.04:56
yoophglupdoes anyone know how to enable 2 mouse cursors in ubuntu?04:57
xiambaxOk. Go into your compiz settings manager04:57
=== ce_aLL0N is now known as cE_aLLoN
xiambaxunder System --> Prefs04:57
Geekneeusyoophglup: why?04:57
xiambaxThen click under.... show mouse,vigo.04:57
xiambaxpart of the accessibility subset04:58
vigoWhoops, is not showing Compiz, let me put that package in.04:58
xiambaxcompizconfig settings manager04:58
xiambaxi dunno the exact package name04:59
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:59
yoophglupwell I have a multiple monitor setup and sometimes my wife would like to use the internet while I'm using it. It would be awsome to use 2 mice so I can use one screen while she uses the other. I've read about MPX but I can't seem to get it to work.04:59
vigoThats the one I am missing, thank you.04:59
xiambaxwait vigo, what happens when you hold down windows key + k04:59
vigoxiambax: Nothing,,,yet05:00
dustanwhat would be the cause of the dvd drive not working in my laptop i know the drive is good cause i just tried it in a diff machine and the laptop reads it cause when i put in the ubuntu disk it brings up the install screen05:00
dustanon start up05:00
brandonban6hello.... anyone know of the best way to encrypt a file and either email it or post it to a website in which the user will be using windows?05:00
stanleyHey all. Sometimes my audio works and sometimes it doesn't. I'll literally reboot 4 or 5 times before it starts to work. I'll go to bed, come back, and it won't be working. Any body have any ideas? It's driving me crazy!05:01
Geekneeusyoophglup: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221174&highlight=1+desktop+2+screen05:01
stanleybrandonban6: truecrypt works well05:01
Geekneeusyoophglup: maybe that will help05:01
xiambaxbrandonban6, truecrypt05:01
SeanInSeattlexiambax =>  Hey.  I've tried running this cmd "./libflashplayer.so", but I get a "Segmentation fault".  Running "sh libflashplayer.so" returns some gobbly gook of unicode characters.05:01
zetheroodoes efax allow you to send faxes through the Internet or is it only by using a fax modem?05:01
stanley!brandonban6 | truecrypt05:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about brandonban605:01
=== cWex_iMutZz is now known as cE-aLLnE
stanley!truecrype | brandonban605:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about truecrype05:02
xiambaxyou dont run libflashplayer lol05:02
=== [daemon]_ is now known as [daemon]
stanley!truecrypt | brandonban605:02
ubottubrandonban6: Truecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume05:02
stanleythere we go... finally05:02
=== cE-aLLnE is now known as cE-aLLoN
brandonban6stanley, thanks... does the end user need truecrypt installed in order to read the file?05:02
SeanInSeattlexiambax =>  I'm sorry, dude.  I'm pretty new at this.  What should I do with it?05:02
xiambaxyou dont run that one05:02
Geekneeusyoophglup: I think MPX is your best bet though, doesn't seem to be anything else05:02
stanleybrandonban6: yup05:02
brandonban6stanley, cool beans, thank you sir.05:03
vigoLooks like simple-ccsm is the way, will try this out, Thank you all.05:03
SeanInSeattlexiambax => is it supposed to go into a directory for firefox plugins?05:03
yoophglupyeah i've read that thread when I was choosing what type of multimonitor setup to use. I like twin view but until I figure out how to setup MPX then I'm stuck with one pointer05:03
stanleybrandonban6: NP, it works great. I use it to store files that i need protected on my hard drive. it's always worked like a charm05:03
centaur5With the terrible problems between the new xorg versions on Jaunty and Karmic and the radeon drivers does Ubuntu update new drivers every month or only every .04 and .10 release?05:03
SeanInSeattleAh, I think I found it, /usr/lib/firefox-#-#-##/plugins/05:04
Geekneeusyoophglup: indeed, it may be installed in 9.10 though05:04
xiambaxSeanInSeatlle, whats your email ill just email you the right sh05:05
yoophglupokay I'll update then and let you know. sounds like the best place to start anyways05:05
xiambaxno wait05:05
xiambaxSean, There should be a flash10_en.sh file05:05
Geekneeusyoophglup: 9.10 is still beta, and I'm only guessing05:05
yoophglupi thought it was already existing in the X system but maybe not...05:06
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:06
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:06
Geekneeusyoophglup: it will be eventually05:06
yoophglupits the same technology they are going to use for the multi touch i think05:07
xiambaxviro, did you get it?05:07
Geekneeusyoophglup: I wonder if humanity, when they're half robot will have windows or linux installed05:07
joustinwe will be safe if they are using Vista05:08
vigoAhh,,I need the Assisted Technologies or assistive , let me look.05:08
d9500SeaninSeattle: not meaning to intrrupt xianbx here, but what is it you're trying to do? install 64 bit flash plugin?05:08
AhadielGeekneeus, I think when that happens, we would've moved on from Linux/Windows05:08
yoophglupi just updated my generic kernel and I need to reboot, can I update to 9.1 then reboot or should I reboot then update to 9.105:08
xiambaxoh yeah.05:09
d9500xiambax: sorry, i wasn't actually asking you a question, just fixing my typo05:09
xiambaxI gave him the link to the flash labs flash 10 website05:09
yoophglupwhen humanity is half robot the will definatley NOT use windows, freaking blue screen of death would be a hospital visit05:09
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest19372
xiambaxhe download the tar.gz05:09
d9500xiambax: but i tried the same link and there is no script05:09
DigitalKiwiyoophglup: http://xkcd.com/644/05:09
Guest19372I have an issue... I just uninstalled chrome and installed chromium (being the open source lover i am.) anyway, i cant log into my gmail account. I get this message: You have been signed out of this account.05:10
Geekneeusyoophglup: I love the blue screen of death05:10
Guest19372This may have happened automatically because another user signed in from the same browser. To continue using this account, you will need to sign in again. This is done to protect your account and to ensure the privacy of your information.05:10
d9500xiambax: there's a tarball, and if he extracts in, and then copies the libflashplayer.so file to the mozilla plugins folder, it should work05:10
Geekneeusyoophglup: love it that much, I haven't used windows for years05:10
yoophgluphehehe digitalkiwi thats a good one05:10
stanleyyoophglup: Have you seen the latest windows advertisement? "I told microsoft that I didn't want an operating system full of bugs, and one that crashed all the time. I told them I was tired of it. They agreed, and they listened. Now we have Windows 7, the best OS yet"05:10
SeanInSeattled9500 => that's what I'm trying now...05:10
d9500SeaninSeattle: alternately, you could, if you want to just install it for your user and not all users, you could create a directory called plugins in /home/yourusername/.mozilla, and drop the libflashplayer.so file into the newly made plugins directory.05:11
Geekneeusstanley: From the company that has had a ton of bugs with every release so far, that's funny05:11
yoophglupI have not, have you seen the mac vs pc with the "promise it will be different this time" they go all they way back to windows 205:12
SeanInSeattled9500 =>  cool, dude.  thx for the pointer.05:12
andrew_I have an issue... I just uninstalled chrome and installed chromium (being the open source lover i am.) anyway, i cant log into my gmail account. I get this message: You have been signed out of this account.05:12
andrew_<Guest19372> This may have happened automatically because another user signed in from the same browser. To continue using this account, you will need to sign in again. This is done to protect your account and to ensure the privacy of your information.05:12
stanleyGeekneeus: What I found most funny was that it more or less was microsoft ADMITTING it was full of bugs and crashed05:12
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Thorsten11hello all05:13
Geekneeusheh, well they can't deny the truth05:13
GeekneeusThe latest version of windows scares me, well every version does.. but with all the latest big brother tools for msn and skype.. ew.05:14
Geekneeuscam, audio, messaging, email, spy tools05:14
Geekneeusanyway, wrong topic for the channel ;)05:14
xiambaxGeekneeus. Nothing is as bad as the NSA key05:15
Geekneeusheh, nothing suprises me with Microsoft.05:17
Geekneeusactually, with any operating system I'm always cautious05:17
Thorsten11Geekneeus: what big brother tools are you refering to?  I use skype regularily and you have made my eye brow raise05:17
yoophglupi like this advertisement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpOvzGiheOM05:18
GeekneeusThorsten11: http://www.megapanzer.com/05:18
stanleyWindows 7 is the best so far. I've moved to it from XP and can't be happier.05:19
stanleyWe can all hate on Windows as much as we want but it's a necessary evil for most of us to have a copy of it running somewhere.05:19
GeekneeusThorsten11: look at tools and sources and the images at the bottom05:20
Guest38316Tinyirc has no tab completion, neeeexxxt05:20
xiambaxGeekneeus, its call openBSD05:20
xiambaxTrue Security05:20
Geekneeusxiambax: no such thing:P05:21
xiambaxInstall a default install of openbsd05:21
TBirdi saw an irc app in the repo the other day that sounded interesting... had two halves so you could do bnc style stuff05:21
xiambaxand try to hack it05:21
macoxiambax: there is no such thing as perfect security. period. there is only risk assessment05:21
Geekneeusxiambax: I've used BSD before, but I also know nothing is 100% secure. The minute you believe you're 100% secure, you're insecure05:22
macoxiambax: well one of the tenants of security is "availability." i dont think installing OpenBSD prevents me from stealing the power cord05:22
xiambaxThis is true I suppose05:22
Geekneeusxiambax: where there's a will, there's a way05:22
xiambaxAre you guys conical employees?05:23
Geekneeusxiambax: no05:23
TBirdQuassel, was it05:23
macojust random folks05:23
macoTBird: im using it05:23
TBirdmaco: work well?05:23
stanleyxiambax: Besides. The biggest flaw in security for _any_ system is the human element05:23
TBirdi run mirc in a vm :(05:24
macoTBird: you can either use "quassel" as standalone or you can have a quassel core on a server and then connect to it with quassel client. thats similar to having irssi in screen and ssh'ing to it...except that you get a gui. but you get the irssi/screen/ssh benefit of being always online and always having scrollback05:24
stanleyDoesn't matter how secure your servers are, your people are generally the weakest link!05:24
xiambaxTBird, Whats wrong with x-chat?05:24
TBirdmore a matter of being what im used to05:24
macoTBird: im using quassel client and connecting to a quassel core on a friend's server. i like being able to see what i missed while i was asleep / eating / studying05:24
Geekneeusxiambax: What's wrong with irssi05:24
xiambaxor BitchX05:24
TBirdmaco: yeah, i run mirc in a vm at home and rdp to it for much the same effect05:25
Geekneeusindeed, I prefer irssi though05:25
coastertalanybody up for helping an uber-newbie?05:25
infidhow come i dont see 'gconf-editor' from the menu in jaunty?05:26
Geekneeuscoastertal: no sorry05:26
macoinfid: its not installed by default...05:26
macocoastertal: just ask your question05:26
macocoastertal: if anyone knows the answer, theyll speak up05:26
macocoastertal: and Geekneeus is joking (i hope)05:26
xiambaxI started with redhat 6, xchat was the first irc client i used05:26
aneeshinfid: You need to install it from synaptic or add or remove program05:26
yoophglupi use Xchat its cool05:27
coastertalwell i have no sound.  speakers work fine but they don't work in ubuntu05:27
infidaneesh: i have it installed, i can run it from the commandline05:27
macocoastertal: first check everything's unmuted. if it is, file a bug05:27
infidi manually added it to my menu now05:27
engineerhi to all05:28
macocoastertal: master, front, pcm, iec958 (or whatever thats called, i always get it wrong)....all volume up and unmuted05:28
aneeshinfid: Did you check the system tool in the start menu?...05:28
sarthorHiHI, i am dialing my pppoe-server on 9.06 ubuntu (LAN), from the xp client, so not connecting, only one user name and password can connect, not other,  Error is here, http://pastebin.org/4829805:28
GeekneeusI don't like too many GUI apps05:28
engineermy nokia 2630 some animated themes doesnt works? any idea whats problem?05:28
yoophglupcoastertal did you check your default sound under system->preferences->sound05:28
xiambaxIts weird to think iv been using linux for 10 years05:28
Geekneeusxiambax: longer than me :P05:29
xiambaxYeah. I lost touch though. I lost half my braincells doing drugs in my younger years lol05:29
Geekneeusxiambax: I've only been using computers for 8 years05:29
xiambaxSo im trying to catch up now05:29
neosimagohaving two boxes plugged into the same switch with a a local router at statically assigning each IP addresses. One box at the other at the 102 box pings 100 fine, but not the other way around. where should I start looking for why?05:30
yoophglupsound issues drive me nuts. I have a usb sound card and an internal one took me all day to get the sound to come out the speaker and skype to come out the usb phone05:30
Billiardneosimago: firewall on the 102 box?05:31
Geekneeusyoophglup: I had sound issues yesterday, after I uninstalled GDM, then I reinstalled it and sound came back.. no idea why05:31
macoyoophglup: so you eventually found pavucontrol, im guessing?05:31
xiambaxBlocking pings?05:31
* maco hides from the audio dicussions05:31
xiambaxRunning stealth ?05:31
* maco lives with the guy that handled ubuntu audio for years. hears the rants in person too often.05:31
neosimagoBilliard: 102 is running a default ubuntu with KDE4.05:32
xiambaxyoophglup, pulseaudio my friend05:32
Geekneeusneosimago: Why type of ping is blocked? what firewall do you use?05:32
yoophglupno i setup up one with pulse audio and one with alsa, works good except I can't record with sound recorder unless i use the sound card, i wanted to use the phone but oh well.05:32
Geekneeusargh 5:30 am tired ;P05:33
neosimagoGeekneeus: there are different types of pings? it's just in a local switch.05:33
Geekneeusneosimago: there are, pings/probes I wont go into them05:33
xiambaxI dont wanna go to work tomorrow :(05:33
xiambaxso i feel your pain05:33
neosimagoBilliard: portmap is running on the 102 box... would that block pings?05:34
krummlaufhow do i change this ugly screen05:34
krummlaufcolor scheme is terrible05:35
xiambaxyeah portmap may be05:35
xiambaxif its the only differing variable it could very well be05:35
ubottuScreen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen05:35
bastid_raZor!themes | krummlauf 9.04 and below05:35
ubottukrummlauf 9.04 and below: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:35
neosimagoThe reason i ask because it worked fiine before, and I use it to resolve hostnames through my router, which mounts local NFS4 directories.05:36
xiambaxkrummlauf, you can customize a lot. here is one of my screenshots http://i33.tinypic.com/20jrec7.png05:36
Geekneeusneosimago: if 102 pings 100, then either 100 may be blocking pings from 102, or 100 may be blocking pings. It's hard to say what the cause is though without knowing anything05:37
saracen1i got a homework sort of question if anyone wanted to help out, the task is basically to create a cron at 1am everyday to backup one folder to a tape drive using TAR, but i want to do it so that there is a script that will check if the drive exists etc, can someone help ?05:38
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neosimagoGeekneeus: what's even more strange is that 100 is not resolving local hostnames.05:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about homework05:39
neosimagolike it wont ping localrouter, or activebox2, box number 102.05:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Zombies05:39
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning05:39
xiambaxYou don't know anything about zombies?!05:39
neosimagohowever 102 resolves activebox, box 100 fine.05:39
neosimagoall connected on the same switch, with a DDWRT localrouter on
Geekneeusneosimago: I wouldn't think portmap is the problem. What is 100?05:40
Geekneeusneosimago: What kind of device?05:40
neosimago192.168.30.100 is a local file server.05:41
xiambaxthis youtube concert is amazing!05:41
saracen1vigo: thanks for the links, the main problem i am having trouble with is checking if the tape drive exists, and maybe write to a log file about the status05:41
Geekneeusneosimago: and you have no firewalls running?05:41
Geekneeusneosimago: just portmap on one?05:42
krummlaufi just redid the appearance05:42
krummlaufit looks slightly better05:42
xiambaxgripe gripe gripe :D05:42
saracen1for instance how do i check is /dev/sda is available for writing and then perform the backup ?05:42
neosimagosigh... resolv.conf05:43
vigosaracen1: Might be a cron job or startup type script to /ping the other box,05:43
ubuntuGrhow i can add a script to run auth by chkconfig ?05:43
neosimagobox 100 had it pointing to itself as the nameserver.05:43
saracen1its on the same box i think05:43
neosimagohow did that happen?05:43
saracen1actually let me paste it so you know what is asked, as you can see i am trying to do a better job05:43
Geekneeusneosimago: probably your network manager tool05:44
prince_jammyssaracen1: so what happens if it's not writable?05:44
saracen1give me a sec guys05:44
vigo !pastebin05:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fml05:44
Hetor`FML: Sorry - pattern match failed.05:44
DigitalKiwisaracen1: sudo fdisk -l|grep "/dev/sda4"05:44
xiambaxI need to educate our bot05:44
ubuntuGri wanna add in chkconfig a script with name flex05:44
ubuntuGrhow i can do that?05:44
macoHetor`: are you a bot?05:45
Geekneeusneosimago: WICD, network-manager both annoy me when they overwrite my resolv.conf05:45
ubuntuGrno i am not05:45
Hetor`maco: lulz05:45
macoubuntuGr: i didnt ask you....05:45
neosimagoresolvconf is the tool that configures resolv.conf. yea, where is the settings for setting resolvconf?05:45
xiambaxHetor', what is the time?05:45
xiambaxno botzenz05:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fml05:45
Hetor`FML: Sorry - pattern match failed.05:45
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct05:45
xiambaxSee, bot!05:45
Hetor`FML: Sorry - pattern match failed.05:45
Hetor`why you asking?05:46
maconeosimago: if you have resolvconf installed (which youdont by default), its in /etc/resolvconf/05:46
prince_jammysHetor`: turn it off.05:46
saracen1here you go guys http://pastebin.org/4830205:46
Hetor`wtf are you talking about?05:46
macoHetor`: your pattern matching. stop it05:46
saracen1i just need to create a solid script that will create the backup and store some information about the status in say a log of some kind05:46
Hetor`O_________o what?05:46
Hetor`I really have no idea what are you talking about05:46
saracen1DigitalKiwi: testing the command05:47
xiambaxBootzen the botzen see.05:47
macoFlannel: you around, mate?05:47
Geekneeussaracen1: you want us to make you a script?05:48
saracen1just some pointers like what DigitalKiwi said05:48
saracen1like the commands i need to use etc05:48
saracen1such as fdisk as he mentioned05:48
xiambaxis Digital Kiwi also go by Kiwi?05:48
math1979and the order05:48
prince_jammys"i want you to write it, and me to type it. That way I wrote it"05:48
saracen1or if you are up for it you can ofcourse help out and give me a quick script , hehe05:49
saracen1i wouldnt say no to that05:49
prince_jammys!ubuntu | saracen105:49
ubottusaracen1: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:49
prince_jammysmeh. "wrong channel"05:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fml05:49
DigitalKiwixiambax: I do but not on freenode05:49
Geekneeussaracen1: man cpio, man tar, man cron05:50
Hetor`FML: Sorry - pattern match failed.05:50
xiambaxI know you from somewhere05:50
DigitalKiwixiambax: where's that?05:50
saracen1Geekneeus: i got the cron part and tar, its only either tar or cpio that has to be used so i am going with tar05:50
xiambaxI have no idea, efnet, waffles, oswd?05:50
saracen1just the checking of the drives etc05:50
neosimagodarn. i think squid bind is affecting resolvconfig to resolving box 100 as a dns server.05:50
xiambaxor whatever was big before freenode05:51
xiambaxit was O something or other05:51
DigitalKiwifor irc I'm only on oftc in #awesome, freenode, and irc.nexuswar. the last is the only one I'm kiwi in05:51
xiambaxmust be another kiwi05:52
xiambaxprobably was oftc05:52
xiambaxmind you im old and change my handle every year05:52
xiambaxUsta go by SystemX05:52
xiambaxbleedapathy, i am ba, ba,05:53
Geekneeussaracen1: It seems you need to tar a folder, every day at 1 a.m and put it onto another device? except saturday and sundays05:53
saracen1Geekneeus:  yeah i got the cron part05:53
roger2how do i make VLC default player for DVDs05:53
Geekneeussaracen1: So what do you need to check drives for? Disk space?05:54
prince_jammysdon't check anything. attempt to perform the backup, and the tool will error out.05:54
saracen1Geekneeus: and it would probably be done using a one liner on the cron its self, like tar /dev/whatever /dev/sda  sort of thing05:54
saracen1but instead i thought ill use a script as a command05:54
Geekneeussaracen1: if you can make a script it should only take you 2 minutes05:55
krsnaWhere can i deactivate the  automatic updates? everybody says its in synaptic but i cant find it05:55
saracen1and in the script, it checks if the drive is mounted astleast, then if it is do the tar then write to the end of a log file success on date, if not write to the log failed05:55
prince_jammysattempt to perform the backup, and report error if tar exits with error.05:55
vigoroger2: System:Preferences:Prefered Applications05:55
prince_jammyssaracen1: don't check if it's mounted, there's no point.05:55
saracen1then what should i do05:55
saracen1its a tape drive05:56
neosimagothanks all who replied. .. . i forgot this box was used for dns some time ago, and resolvconfig would point to itself.05:56
prince_jammyssaracen1: tar it and report an error if tar exits with error05:56
Geekneeussaracen1: make it do the basic functions, then worry about what else you should do :P05:56
prince_jammysdon't waste time with pointless checks05:56
lstarneskrsna: system > administration > software sources > updates05:56
prince_jammyssaracen1: are you going to mount it if it's not mounted?05:56
saracen1ah ok, that seems more sensible then05:56
prince_jammyssaracen1: then there's no point.05:56
ShtlHello all05:57
saracen1ok prince_jammys ill do it the way you suggested then05:57
saracen1it does make more sense05:57
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Shtli want to download the ubuntu Karmic repositories only with deb mirror, how can i do this please????05:57
lstarnesShtl: #ubuntu+1 is for karmic05:58
saracen1thanks for the help guys i think i got it now05:58
krsnalstarnes thx. i was in this menu, but i cant find it even here. if i deactive "automati updates" in the window you indicated, still i am asked for updates... if i check "daily" i am still asked more than daily ...05:58
DigitalKiwisaracen1: can I see what you have?05:58
lstarneskrsna: so you never want to update or be asked for updates?05:59
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
GeekneeusI have trouble sleeping.05:59
krsnalstarnes (typo). yes. no asking for updates05:59
saracen1DigitalKiwi: i didnt write the 1 minute script yet, but i think i know what to do05:59
RabbitbunnyGeekneeus: #defocus05:59
hadeanCan someone tell if i can make a script that takes the focus to the Terminal and runs a command? Need it for saving time @ coding...05:59
lstarneskrsna: then uncheck the "check for updates" bnx05:59
GeekneeusRabbitbunny: heh, was waiting for a channel suggestion :)06:00
Rabbitbunnyhadean: You don't need a script, man gnome-terminal, specifically the -e flag.06:00
lstarneskrsna: but remember that disabling all updates may lead to huge security risks associated with outdated packages06:00
prince_jammyssaracen1: i wouldn't suppress tar's error message either, if you are using your own custom one. redirect both tar's stderr and your message to the log.06:00
hadeanRabbitbunny: thanks a lot06:00
saracen1prince_jammys: ok that seems like a good idea06:00
krsnalstarnes i have unchecked the "check for updates" box, thats what i am saying... this menu seems not to work06:01
hadeanRabbitbunny: Not a thing of my Window-manager (metacity) ?06:01
lstarneskrsna: what about it doesn't work?06:01
krsnalstarnes it still asks me06:01
lstarneskrsna: how often?06:02
hadeanlike ... changing the focus to another window?06:02
Rabbitbunnyhadean: Hmm, got me there, you're going to have to find what it uses instead of gnome-terminal, and finds its' -e flag.06:02
krsnalstarnes on boot-up, after editing sources.list and so on. and more often than daily06:02
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lstarneskrsna: which version of ubuntu are you using?06:03
SunilThahaHi all, is it safe to run fsck on '/' ?06:03
vigokrana: Not really relevant, but it makes sense as the question is posed: http://artlung.com/smorgasborg/C_R_Y_P_T_O_N_O_M_I_C_O_N.shtml  ,,, is a good read also.06:03
krsnalstarnes jauntyx06:03
lstarneskrsna: have you installed any of the updates?06:04
FlannelSunilThaha: You need to do it while / isn't mounted.  While booting is an easy way to do it.06:04
Flannel!fsck | SunilThaha06:04
ubottuSunilThaha: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot06:04
krsnalstarnes yes06:04
hadeanRabbitbunny: The problem is that i cant find any documentation of metacity that goes further than documentation...06:04
lstarneskrsna: it could be an issue with the cron scripts used with it or with the update notifier appler06:04
hadeanis compiz an idea?06:04
SunilThahaubottu: thank you, that was short and sweet :)06:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:04
krsnalstarnes i can see that avoiding this popup can only be done by deleting the updates lines in souces.list06:04
lstarneskrsna: there may be another way06:05
krsnalstarnes how can i repair the update nofifier appler06:05
lstarneskrsna: applet06:05
SunilThahaFlannel: is ubottu  a bot ?06:05
lstarnesSunilThaha: yes06:05
vigo!best bot06:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about best bot06:05
FlannelSunilThaha: yes06:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fart06:06
vigo!bot abuse06:06
ubottuPlease don't play with the bots, or else... Also see !behaviour and !msgthebot06:06
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:06
krsnalstarnes the cron jobs are crazy here anyway.06:06
vigoThere is also an online Ubottu.06:07
lstarneskrsna: right-click on the applet and see if the "show notifications" box is checked06:07
krsnalstarnes what applet?06:08
lstarneskrsna: the update notifier applet06:08
krsnalstarnes ? is this the window we were talking about?06:08
lstarneskrsna: no06:09
lstarneskrsna: the applet that displays the update popups06:09
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:10
knoppiesthat makes very little sense.06:10
krsnalstarnes. ok. ic. if i remember correctly it is the same window as the one we were talking about. i will go for the cronjobs rather06:11
lstarneskrsna: no06:11
SunilThahaFlannel: sudo shutdown -F -r now didn't force a fsck06:11
lstarneskrsna: it is not the software sources window06:11
SunilThahaany idea why?06:11
FlannelSunilThaha: What version of Ubuntu are you on?06:11
lstarneskrsna: check there before messing with the cronjobs06:11
krsnalstarnes so how can i see the update notifier applet?06:11
ubuntuGrguys when i am trying to do apt-get install fuser i get nothing06:11
FlannelSunilThaha: Interesting.  Try this: "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now"06:12
lstarneskrsna: update the package list.  if there are updates and the applet is working, it should appear in one of the panels06:12
FlannelSunilThaha: (that'll reboot)06:12
SunilThahalet me check06:12
=== Srpski is now known as Dannyboy
SunilThahaFlannel: is it safe to use ext4 ?06:12
krsnalstarnes  i am a linuxer. i do apt-get update and no popup :)06:13
knoppiesis there a way to search for a PID by process name?06:13
lstarnesknoppies: ps aux | grep name or pgrep name06:13
SunilThahaFlannel:  I read its faster, so chose that for my external HDD06:13
krsnalstarnes so how i see the update notifier applet?06:13
knoppiesthanks lstarnes06:13
lstarneskrsna: when updates are available it should appear automatically06:13
lstarneskrsna: it appears only when updates are available or when it detects another package manager working or when it finds update errors06:14
krsnalstarnes ic . well, thanks a lot for your help. it is really kind of you06:14
FlannelSunilThaha: ext4 isn't safe until Karmic really.  Jaunty users suffered dataloss occasionally06:14
SunilThahaFlannel: Ooops thats scary06:15
ubuntuGrFlannel whats the difference between Karmic and Jaunty ?06:15
SunilThahakernel ?06:15
lstarnesubuntuGr: karmic = 9.10, jaunty = 9.0406:15
ubuntuGraaa its name of version?06:15
lstarnesubuntuGr: they're different versions06:16
SunilThahaubuntuGr: the next version starts with the letter - L06:16
SunilThahaits incremental - j, k, ...06:16
SunilThahaFlannel: worked :), thank you06:17
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
AndorinWhen I run ls -l, I get columns... permissions, a username, a username, a multi-digit number, date of last edit of the file, and the file name. Can someone tell me what significance the usernames have and the multi-digit number? I don't see it in the man page.06:24
voxAndorin: the first username is the owner, the second username is the group06:25
Andorinvox: Alright, thanks... what about the number?06:25
voxAndorin: size in bytes06:26
trilokhello friends06:26
AndorinThank you.06:26
trilokcan any tel me how to install adobeflashplayer in ubuntu9.0406:27
speedxxxcoreWhat to type, to sync against ntp?06:27
krummalufwhats beryls official website?06:27
=== ender is now known as enderman
macokrummaluf: beryl doesnt exist anymore06:28
macokrummaluf: it merged with compiz maybe 1.5 yr ago?06:28
krummalufdo they still offer free themes and stuff?06:28
macono longer...2y at least06:28
hanzomon4krummaluf: it's compiz-fusion now06:28
krummalufwell well06:28
trilokcan any tel me how to install adobeflashplayer in ubuntu9.0406:28
=== enderman is now known as enderman401
macoyou can get themes for emerald, the beryl/compiz window decorator on gnome-look, yes...but emerald is unsupported upstream and tends to just crash a lot (like it always has)06:29
SandGorgonhi guys.. some urgent help required.. we have a rackspace windows machine that we connect to using linux tsclient. They recently switched to using RDP over ssl - can i use tsclient to connect to RDP+ssl ?06:29
crohakonIs there a program I can use to show me my computers specs?06:29
macocrohakon: umm "sudo lshw" will tell you everything about you hardware06:29
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how i can do servlets and jsp programming on eclipse editor...i just want to know what plugins are required06:29
crohakonsomething more gui06:29
krummalufgnome look eh06:29
krummalufyes i downloaded emerald06:30
krummalufits gonna chimp out on me?06:30
macokrummaluf: gtk-window-decorator and kde-window-decorator are the normal decorators now. they use standard metacity & kwin themes06:30
macokrummaluf: which, again... gnome-look.org, kde-look.org06:30
krummalufwhich one is better06:31
krummalufi dont got time to jibba jabba06:31
macokrummaluf: are you using ubuntu or kubuntu?06:31
krummalufjaunty jackalope06:31
macokrummaluf: then go to gnome-look06:31
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how i can do servlets and jsp programming on eclipse editor...i just want to know what plugins are required06:31
macoPerryArmstrong: i think there's an eclipse channel...06:32
krummalufi want this computer to look sexy06:32
krummalufu know what im sayin06:32
krummalufDEAD SEXY06:32
macoPerryArmstrong: there's definitely a java channel06:32
FloodBot3krummaluf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:32
macokrummaluf: id switch to kde then ;)06:32
=== enderman401 is now known as enderman
PerryArmstrongmaco; and there's definitely an ubuntu channel.. and I am on ubuntu06:32
macoPerryArmstrong: but youre asking a java programming question06:33
PerryArmstrongmaco; okk ya....06:33
krummalufkde is way sexier huh?06:33
macoPerryArmstrong: so it might make more sense to ask java programmers, not a bunch of people who just wanna get their printers working06:33
krummalufis it compatible with this software?06:33
voxkrummaluf: yes06:33
macokrummaluf: sure. apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:33
macokrummaluf: you can use kde apps in gnome and gnome apps in kde06:33
PerryArmstrongmaco; hehe the channel has many people but there seems noone to reply since long time06:33
voxPerryArmstrong: you'll need to wait for an answer or use some google-foo06:34
vigoPerryArmstrong: Is that a QT4 thing or JR6?06:34
PerryArmstrongvigo; i dont know whats QT4 and JR6...do you mean JRE6??06:35
julienanyway to enable xdmc easyly?06:35
vigoPerryArmstrong: Yes, my apologies, I was snickering at the xox google-foo comment.06:36
vigoIs still funny...06:36
macokrummaluf: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_D1EpnOVJuA8/So7qCpHFM1I/AAAAAAAACyk/D7aPAwq1DIY/s400/kubuntu_karmic_01.png heres a screenshot of the version of kubuntu thats coming out on thursday06:36
krummalufgood call then06:37
PerryArmstrongvigo; well i am learning servlets and jsp as part of my academics...in college we use eclipse, tomcat and jre6 on windows environment. I want to try it on my ubuntu...but then i have no idea06:37
macohaha at my school we werent supposed to use eclipse because its too hand-holding. we were told "go use emacs" but i used vi instead06:38
krummalufwhy is this thing asking me if im root06:39
krummalufof course im f***ing root06:39
fool__PerryArmstrong: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre eclipse tomcat606:39
knoppieskrummaluf, use prepend 'sudo' in front of your command. (without the quotes)06:40
PerryArmstrongfool__; whats next??06:40
exodus_mslol, I log into here and the 1st thing I see is "of course im f***ing root" ah, ubuntu irc help never changes :P06:40
fool__PerryArmstrong: open your browser, point to localhost:808006:40
vigoPerryArmstrong: Yes, is JR, http://www.javalobby.org/java/forums/t17843 that is a kind of Windows link/blog,06:40
PerryArmstrongfool__; since tomcat is installed i can see the page06:41
fool__PerryArmstrong: ok then everything's setup06:41
PerryArmstrongfool__; tomcat was already installed...jre and eclipse are still downloading06:42
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, im not sure if the repo has been updated - but the eclipse was really old when i tried it06:43
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, i went and downloaded from the eclipse site instead (after attempting to upgrade it without success - and many hours lost)06:44
xaxxonis there a "bloated"/ultimate version of ubuntu?06:44
xaxxonI"m kinda sick of having to load up each individual thing I want to use06:44
macoxaxxon: officially, no. on the internet, yes06:44
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; oh somehow i want to run servlets and jsp successfully06:44
xaxxonsorry, common-program-x is not installed.  run apt-get06:44
xaxxonsorry, common-program-y is not installed.  run apt-get06:44
xaxxonsorry, common-program-z is not installed.  run apt-get06:44
xaxxon...and on and on06:44
FloodBot3xaxxon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:44
xaxxonthat's EXACTLY how I feel, floodbiot06:45
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, you want the web developer version of eclipse - i recommend downloading the prepackaged version from the website06:45
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition06:45
macoxaxxon: ^06:45
vigoxaxxon: UbuntuStudio is a heavyweight. sorta.06:45
krummalufI AM ROOT06:45
macoxaxxon: so yes it exists, but...06:45
macokrummaluf: good for you?06:46
joebodo_krummaluf, you did "sudo -i" to become root ?06:46
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; whats that...06:46
macokrummaluf: the first user in ubuntu isnt root...and there is no root password...so usually youd have to sudo unless you set a password for root and then logged in as it06:46
icarus-csudo su -06:46
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, one sec - ill find the url06:46
krummalufi did sudo06:46
icarus-cmaco: there is root06:46
krummalufjust by itself06:47
krummalufis that bad?06:47
macoicarus-c: root is locked by default06:47
macokrummaluf: then you didnt run anything as root06:47
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)06:47
krummalufis that bad?06:47
macokrummaluf: youhave to tell sudo what you want to run06:47
macokrummaluf: otherwise it just doesnt do anything06:47
krummalufwell its installing kde desktop right now06:47
voxxaxxon: there's dvd releases. download that instead?06:48
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; okk06:48
xaxxonhrmm.. quite possibly06:48
voxeither way, you're downloading it at some point.06:48
icarus-cwhat is different between ubuntu and debian sid?06:49
xaxxonvox: web page says dvd is mostly just other language06:49
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/06:49
chilli0Hello , I updated yesterday and my graphics card now doesnt load or something. It a nvidia . Anyone know how to fix?06:49
voxxaxxon: fair enough06:49
oobeicarus-c, hmm why debian sid why not just debian?06:49
=== nxnn14_ is now known as nxnn14
fool__icarus-c: more spit n polish06:49
chilli0Also , how can i see what type of video card it is?06:49
xaxxonI want something that comes with editors and compilers and such06:49
icarus-coobe: coz ubuntu is based on sid06:49
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, you want to pick jave EE Developers version - that one contains the web tools06:49
xaxxonget the top 100 things people apt-get and put them with it06:50
xaxxonor something.  anyhoo, I'm fine.  just annoying a bit06:50
fool__icarus-c: and a few ubuntu specifics like one backup system, etc..06:50
voxxaxxon: that's not going to be installed by default - majority of people arent going to use them.06:50
xaxxonme and not having the software already06:50
babbioi  downloaded a film and a have some files like "name.z01, name.z02......,name.zip" how to uncompress them???06:50
oobeicarus-c, sid is really old06:50
macoxaxxon: install build-essential and youll have compilers06:50
vigochilli0: lspci , i think06:50
icarus-cchilli0: lspci -v06:50
vigoThank you06:51
fool__oobe: sid is bleeding edge06:51
krummalufso whats ur favorite sexy desktop theme?06:51
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; okk so because of my ignorance can i ask you: does jsp and servlets come under this J2EE or JEE06:51
icarus-coobe: um... afaik, ubuntu grab debian SID regularly and work there06:51
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; and suppose if i install this version and if i in future want to program php also...do i need to download another version??06:51
macokrummaluf: could you use a word other than sexy? because if you keep using that word, i expect playboy/playgirl models will be suggested06:51
oobeicarus-c, oh ok06:52
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, you should just be able to add the php related tools to your eclipse06:52
macokrummaluf: pretty? shiny? dark? bright? colourful?06:52
krummalufmaco: dark06:53
krummalufu kno real sharp look06:53
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; okk so you mean the one which i am downloading now is the normal eclipse with the j2EE plugin??06:53
macokrummaluf: oh! right so in kde there's a thing called Get Hot New Stuff. itll let you browse themes and download them 1-click install06:53
vigo!offtopic | ktummaluf06:53
ubottuktummaluf: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:53
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, the one from the repo was so outdated i did not try and develop with it -06:54
krummalufo ok06:54
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; okk so you are sure if i want to develop php.. i can just add this php plugin06:54
voxkrummaluf: seriously, stop that06:54
quaredscubeWhen 9.10 comes out, can I upgrade my previous version to it (I run 8.04)?06:54
chemjeffHello - anybody have time for an installation question?06:55
quaredscubeOr do I have to reinstall?06:55
trilokubutto can u please tel me how to connect gprs in ubuntu 9.0406:55
voxchemjeff: sure06:55
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, yes - you can add support for just about anything to your install06:55
XelticSoreehum hi guys.06:55
macoquaredscube: youll have to upgrade through the other versions06:55
XelticSorecan any1 tell me how to change an irc channel06:55
XelticSoresry, go easy on me - new to this stuff06:55
chemjeffOkay, well I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop on a system and it won't even get to the beginning, it bails out and gives me the Busybox shell.  What can I do?06:55
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; thanks...after downloading where do i need to put it??06:55
macoquaredscube: or reinstall. either one. skipping releases on upgrade is not supported except to go from one LTS to another. the next being 10.0406:55
voxchemjeff: use the -alternate cd06:56
chemjeffvox: I did, the same thing happens06:56
macoXelticSore: type "/join #newchannel"06:56
XelticSoreno i mean06:56
chemjeffvox: It says that it can't mount the CD-ROM06:56
XelticSoreHow to change the channel like blabla.blabla.com06:56
voxchemjeff: uh..06:56
macoXelticSore: oh the server?06:56
icarus-cXelticSore: /server06:56
XelticSoreoh ok06:56
XelticSorethanks! :)06:56
macoXelticSore: what client are you using?06:56
XelticSoreim using XChat06:56
voxchemjeff: what hardware?06:56
quaredscubemaco, so every 6 months I must reinstall?06:56
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, you can put it in either your home directory (like /home/xxxx/eclipse) or in /opt/eclipse06:56
macoquaredscube: you can upgrade06:56
icarus-cXelticSore: hit Ctrl+T06:57
macoquaredscube: but you cannot upgrade from 8.04 to 9.10 because 8.10 and 9.04 happened in between06:57
joebodo_PerryArmstrong, it'll run in just about any location you unzip it to06:57
macoquaredscube: you can upgrade through 8.10 and 9.0406:57
chemjeffvox: Intel Core i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe MB, 6 GB Corsair DDR3@1600 RAM, what else do you want to know?06:57
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; okk thats it right...thanks...i am leaving then as the xchat is taking much of my bandwidth06:57
macoquaredscube: or every 6 months upgrade as new versions are released06:57
macoquaredscube: or every 2 years upgrade as new LTS versions are released06:57
icarus-cchemjeff: why not xeon06:57
macoquaredscube: but distances > 6 months and < 2 years require more work06:58
chemjefficarus-c: Because I wanted the LGA 1366 socket06:58
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; cya then and thanks for the help...06:58
macoquaredscube: by upgrade through, i men tell 8.04 to go to 8.10, then tell 8.10 to go to 9.04, then tell 9.04 to go to 9.1006:58
voxchemjeff: thats.. very weird. i dont have an answer for that06:58
PerryArmstrongjoebodo_; i was hit by this problem for more than a week and i couldn't get a solution...thanks once again06:59
quaredscubemaco, does upgrading to the new 6 month version require manual effort on my part, or does Ubuntu include the necessaries when I use the update tools?06:59
chemjeffvox: I was able to install Gentoo on the same system but I can't install Ubuntu for some reason06:59
PerryArmstrongand thanks to others ....maco ans others who tried helping me06:59
macoquaredscube: its in the update tools06:59
chemjeffvox: I did an lspci and it is misassigning my PCI devices, it thinks my hard drive is a network card, etc. Could this be the problem?06:59
macoquaredscube: in system -> administration -> software sources, there is an option to either notify you about all new versions, only new LTS verisons, or not at all06:59
quaredscubemaco, thanks07:00
macoquaredscube: set it to the all new versions setting, and it should offer to go to 8.1007:00
macoquaredscube: er the second it = the update manager07:00
quaredscubemaco, why does it require more effort to upgrade to the next LTS?07:00
voxchemjeff: i'd wager that's a yes07:00
macoquaredscube: one LTS to the next LTS is a single upgrade. its easy07:01
chemjeffvox: Is there a way to correctly scan the PCI devices?07:01
voxchemjeff: might be something about the chipset that kernel doesnt like - check launchpad07:01
macoquaredscube: its when you want to go from 1 version to another where they are *not* both LTS and also not sequential that its more annoying07:01
macoquaredscube: the effort required to make skipping releases easy is somethng that is only expended for LTS07:02
* icarus-c loves rolling release distro somehow07:03
quaredscubemaco, what do you think of Mint?07:04
macoquaredscube: never tried it07:04
icarus-cquaredscube: it is ubuntu with more addons to enhance user experience07:05
_JacK_polling socket has returned, but read no one byte, what is the problem?07:05
quaredscubeI know07:05
quaredscubeBut do you disagree with its principles?07:05
icarus-cquaredscube: what principle07:06
icarus-cquaredscube: it is just ubuntu with a different skin07:06
quaredscubeIt includes closed-source stuff too07:06
U-b-u-n-t-uwhats the best way to find out the date a picture was taken with ubuntu?07:06
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: date -r07:07
macoicarus-c: how does that make sense?07:07
U-b-u-n-t-uicarus-c, will that show when it was taken or when it was uploaded07:07
icarus-cmodification time *may* tell07:08
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: does the picture got tags07:08
U-b-u-n-t-uicarus-c, I have no idea07:08
chemjeffWell I will try it with Ubuntu 9.04 and I'll see what happens07:08
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: i mean metadata07:09
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: what icarus-c said just shows today's date07:09
icarus-cmaco: man date07:09
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/07:09
icarus-c-r, --reference=FILE07:09
icarus-c              display the last modification time of FILE07:09
macoicarus-c: ah ok. was thinking of date -R07:09
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: the python exif tools may help07:09
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: lemme see how they work07:10
U-b-u-n-t-uicarus-c, if it was downloaded today then it will show the file as being todays date07:10
U-b-u-n-t-uI want to know if there is one that shows the actual date taken07:10
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: try right click on the picture then see properties07:10
U-b-u-n-t-uicarus-c, I did that07:10
U-b-u-n-t-ushows todays date07:10
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: gnome?07:10
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: look at the image tab07:11
icarus-cfrom nautilus07:11
icarus-ci mean when you look at properties07:11
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: ok got it07:11
U-b-u-n-t-unice how?07:11
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: so if you want a way to script this, the exif package gets you the command exif. "exif -l file.jpg | grep date" will show you teh tags relating to the date07:12
icarus-cexif data is shown in Properties under image tab07:12
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: the 0x1234 thing on the left are what you need. "exif -t 0x1234 file.jpg"07:12
=== kb is now known as Guest44059
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: in the case of one of my files i had "0x9003 Date and Time (original)" so i did "exif -t 0x9003 file.jpg"07:13
U-b-u-n-t-uok trying it now one sec07:13
icarus-cwould exiv be a better tool?.....07:13
icarus-chex number is scary07:14
macoicarus-c: if you wanna script it to death....07:14
icarus-crun exiv2 without any option would just print all meta data07:15
U-b-u-n-t-uum it came back with does not contain EXIF data!07:16
icarus-cU-b-u-n-t-u: hopeless then07:16
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: so its not the original file from the camera? gimp'd or something...07:16
U-b-u-n-t-uits from my cell phone07:17
cycrosismIs there a terminal command to see how much ram/cpu I am using07:17
macocycrosism: "free -m" shows ram info07:17
macocycrosism: in megabytes07:17
h4ck3rzhi all07:17
cycrosismThanks crohakon and maco they both worked07:18
thecrushi'm a new ubuntu player07:18
velko_cycrosism, and "htop" is nicer than "top"07:18
Rabbitbunnywhen i run top I see compiz.real running. What is this and how do I turn it off?07:18
U-b-u-n-t-uthis was the error07:18
thecrushcan i ask somebody how to install ym here07:18
macoRabbitbunny: thats your compositing window manager07:18
U-b-u-n-t-uCorrupt data (ExifLoader):07:18
U-b-u-n-t-uThe data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.07:18
macoU-b-u-n-t-u: your phone must not set it then07:18
cycrosismnice htop lookes cool velko_07:19
U-b-u-n-t-uthanks for the help07:19
Rabbitbunnymaco: I don't want it. can I turn it off?07:19
macoRabbitbunny: system ->preferences -> appearance -> desktop effects07:19
crohakonnever knew about htop, just installed it. Nice, thanks velko_07:19
icarus-cRabbitbunny: compiz is a window manager, it is the thing that is doing all the 3D desktop effects07:20
Rabbitbunnymaco: Thanks.07:20
Rabbitbunnyicarus-c: I need my proc for other things, not making pretties.07:20
icarus-cRabbitbunny: turn it off if you like07:20
h4ck3rzthecrush as in yahoo messanger07:21
* Rabbitbunny gains + 1.3% proc!07:21
icarus-cRabbitbunny: have you ever consider going with a tiling WM ?07:21
icarus-cRabbitbunny: you know, a DE is heavy07:21
icarus-cand bloat07:21
Rabbitbunnyicarus-c: like xfce or lxde?07:22
icarus-cRabbitbunny: i mean like xmonad07:22
Rabbitbunnyoh. no, but i will now.07:22
=== nithin_ is now known as IamNutts
icarus-cxfce is still heavy comparing with tiling07:22
=== IamNutts is now known as nutts
=== nutts is now known as _nits
icarus-cRabbitbunny: if you want to squeeze performance further, consider compiling applications and kernel using optimized cflags for your machine.07:23
crohakonor just go command line...07:24
crohakonwho needs pretty graphics =)07:24
=== Tommi is now known as Tommi|zzz
Rabbitbunnyicarus-c: is there a built-in thing to do that?07:24
krummalufnice i got my speakers to work :)07:24
icarus-ccrohakon: yea... especially when you can even watch video in tty07:24
Rabbitbunnycrohakon: I'm modelling an ant colony, it's graphical.07:24
crohakonoh? can I see?07:25
crohakonAnd you can watch video in tty?!07:25
icarus-cah!! rabbit bunny07:25
icarus-cBig Bug Bunny huh?07:25
icarus-cteach me blender someday :P07:25
krummalufi feel very advanced07:25
icarus-ckrummaluf: you have finally plugged your speakers?07:26
crohakonkrummaluf; finally found the 3.5 jack, eh?07:26
Harrison_Bergeroi have a question about networking.  I want to move large files 700mb or greater to my PC in the cellar which is running winXP from this PC which is Ubuntu 9.04.07:26
Harrison_Bergerowhat is causing the transfer to "time out"07:27
icarus-cHarrison_Bergero: bad connection07:27
Harrison_Bergero3/4 of the way through the transfer07:27
h4ck3rzHarrison_Bergero ftp best off i think07:27
voxcrohakon: thats not helpful07:27
Harrison_BergeroIcarus-c....i can understand that if it happened all the time07:27
crohakonvox; was not meant to be07:27
Harrison_Bergerobut it only happens sometimes07:27
icarus-ch4x0rz shouldn't recommend people to ftp..07:28
noshelterHarrison_Bergero if ur ursing wireless I got that too often07:28
Harrison_Bergeroh4ck3rz....ftp across the LAN?07:28
crohakonHarrison_Bergero; what protocol are you using, SMB?07:28
Rabbitbunnycrohakon: http://imagebin.org/6916807:28
Harrison_Bergeromoshelter....its cabled07:28
Harrison_Bergerocrohakon...good question...i dont know07:28
h4ck3rzyeah ftp across the lan stop netdrops as easy coz u can resume them after netdrop07:28
icarus-cRabbitbunny: what the hell... you don't make use of multi workspaces?!07:28
_nitswhen my machines load average goes higher than 2.0, then the system will shutdown atm, any clues?07:28
vox_nits: possibly overheating07:29
Harrison_Bergerocrohakon...just went into the networking tab and found the windows network and clicked my way through07:29
crohakonHarrison_Bergero; wireless connection?07:29
Rabbitbunnyicarus-c: no, all the stuff fits at the bottom.07:29
crohakonHarrison_Bergero; tried setting up an ftp server on the computer in the cellar?07:30
noshelterHarrison_Bergero does only the file transfer stop, or do u loose all network connectivity?07:30
crohakonRabbitbunny; Nice, SimAnt? Is that some kind of game?07:30
Harrison_Bergeromoshelter...only file transfer07:30
_nitsvox: how can i improve performance, i mean wat i could do to avoid shut down?07:30
Rabbitbunnycrohakon: it's simulated ants.07:30
icarus-cRabbitbunny: http://imagebin.org/6916907:30
crohakonRabbitbunny; I once had a game called SimAnts for the SNES... man I miss that game.07:31
Harrison_Bergerocould it be that i cant connect simulaneously.....i have VNC running as well07:31
vox_nits: install sensors-applet and see if your cpu is overheating07:31
h4ck3rzcould just be a timeout feature in the server sounds weird07:31
Harrison_Bergeroone connected via VNC, second connection by network tab in ubuntu07:31
Rabbitbunnycrohakon: Well, I guess you could watch these... that could be exciting.07:31
crohakonRabbitbunny; Where does one get that program?07:32
Rabbitbunnycrohakon: I guess I could zip you a copy and put it on omploader... but you're talking to the developer.07:32
Harrison_Bergerodoes this mean i have a faulty CAT5 cable_07:32
noshelterHarrison_Bergero try to mount the share -- I'm not sure if u can do a windows share as CIFS, but try it out, Nautilus mounts with something but I have no clue with what07:33
icarus-cnoshelter: yes you can07:33
Harrison_Bergeronoshelter.....the share is on the desktop...i suppose its already mounted?07:33
crohakonRabbitbunny; oh? I have always had a bit of a love for ants. I spent three summers of my childhood watching a red ant nation grow and die in the woods behind our house. lol07:33
icarus-ccrohakon: hahahahaha07:33
crohakonicarus-c; don't judge me =)07:34
* icarus-c invites people to play sauerbraten07:34
noshelterHarrison_Bergero yes it is mounted, but there is a diff between smbfs and cifs, i think the latter is more relaible07:34
icarus-csmbfs is obsolete afaik07:34
icarus-cnautilus uses gvfs07:35
grawityicarus-c: smbfs has been obsoleted by cifs.07:35
noshelterthere u go07:35
Harrison_Bergeronoshelter...let me do a bit of reading on CIFS....bbl07:36
grawityicarus-c: and GnomeVFS/GVFS/GIO is a quite different thing.07:36
velko_icarus-c, it's better to say nothing than to say such nonsence07:36
grawity(GVFS is what GNOME uses now; GnomeVFS was the older thing)07:36
grawitynoshelter: Basically, CIFS is updated SMB. You can mount.cifs a Windows share and it will work fine.07:37
nosheltergrawity yup, i thought so, just haven't used a windows partition in over 5 years, so i kidna forgot07:37
Harrison_Bergeronoshelter....CIFS involves setting up a domain in windows.  Does this work better than workgroup networking?07:38
grawityHarrison_Bergero: No it doesn't.07:38
grawityHarrison_Bergero: CIFS can use workgroups just fine07:38
Harrison_Bergerogravity...here is what im referring to:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1230607:39
icarus-cHarrison_Bergero: why not man mount.cifs07:39
icarus-cHarrison_Bergero: you mean  that //server[or domain]/ * ?07:40
grawityHarrison_Bergero: I have used mount.cifs on my desktop PC, with Windows XP, workgroup.07:40
grawityHarrison_Bergero: I have used mount.cifs on my damn _phone_.07:40
grawityHarrison_Bergero: A domain is not required07:40
=== crohakon is now known as crohakon|zZz
chemjeffHey, it appears to be working with Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop.  So I guess Ubuntu 8.04 just doesn't support the modern system.07:41
indusconnect irc.quakenet.com07:42
nosheltercan somebody tell me if xlsfonts | less gives them any font that contains monospace in the name?07:43
roger2hello, i ran "sudo nano /etc/modules"..i am trying to setup my sound card...following a howto from ubuntuhelp, it says >>add "snd-es1938" to /etc/modules so that it would be loaded at boot time.07:43
noshelteri can't seem to set xft:monospace as the font for my xterms07:43
roger2i dont know exactly what to do, what line to add it to and how07:43
Harrison_Bergeroi need some help with this command line:07:43
Harrison_Bergerosudo mount -t cifs //<windows_machine>/<share> /<mount>/<point> -o07:43
noshelterlooks fine07:44
Harrison_Bergerois mount-point designation on ubuntu?07:44
noshelterwhats the problem?07:44
nosheltera folder07:44
FloodBot3noshelter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:44
knoppiesnoshelter, seems as though you type too fast.07:44
noshelterknoppies ha , yeah, my mistake, got used to msn type of typing07:44
knoppiesI was just teasing.07:45
zetheroo2ubuntu 9.04 is giving me such grief ....07:46
roger2what does "lp" mean?07:46
roger2its at the end of GNU nano etc/modules file07:46
knoppieszetheroo2, pls explain.07:46
zetheroo2kernel panics several times a day07:46
noshelterso can anybody run this at terminal: xlsfonts | less , then do a search on monospace and tell me if they get anything?07:46
zetheroo2knoppies: kernel panics07:46
knoppieszetheroo2, i know very little about the kernel, sorry.07:47
icarus-croger2: "print files" from man page07:47
zetheroo2knoppies: yeah ... that is the biggest issue around ... and nobody knows much of anything about it07:47
ActionParsnipnoshelter: why not pipe it into grep instead, the search is then done for you07:47
jitenderdear all07:48
jitenderplease tell me, how can i backup my ubuntu sytem07:48
noshelteractionparsnip or that, but I have already done it, and I can't find anything on my new system , but I had monospace as the font for gnome-terminal, so I am not sure what the problem is here ...07:48
icarus-cnoshelter: pattern not found07:48
ActionParsnipnoshelter: http://pastebin.com/f79d357b707:49
grawitynoshelter: 'Monospace' is not a font - it's just a ... symlink to whatever you chose in Appearance.07:49
grawitynoshelter: Usually, DejaVu Sans Mono.07:49
ActionParsnipnoshelter: thats the entire output07:50
icarus-czetheroo: any special drivers you are using?07:50
noshelteractionparsnip lol? for real, 6 lines...07:50
ActionParsnipnoshelter: of xlsfonts07:50
jitenderplease tell me, how can i backup my ubuntu sytem07:50
ActionParsnipnoshelter: s'all i got, what were you expecting07:50
ActionParsnip!backup | jitender07:50
ubottujitender: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning07:50
grawitynoshelter: http://sprunge.us/jUhL - xlsfonts|pastebin07:50
Harrison_Bergerook....that command line seemed to work....now its time to test it07:51
ActionParsnipnoshelter: ahhh, i use ms office 2k3 via wine ;)07:51
nosheltergrawity: that looks more like wgat I have, I just don;t remember what was set in gnome in aperance to get the terminal font07:52
eighty4Ok, Im really not sure if this is a ubuntu problem or a os x or a afp problem (everything was working last friday). When mounting a folder with afp using netatalk its .svn folders won't show up in os x. Checking the folder in Ubuntu they're there. Ideas on why this would happen?07:52
jitenderany applicayion available for backup07:52
nosheltergrawity: and now im on fluxbox, so I kinda have to find the right one and edit my stuff to work with it07:52
ActionParsnipjitender: ubottu just gave you 6 links on possible backup solutions07:53
grawitynoshelter: Run gconf-editor, find /desktop/gnome/interface/monospace_font_name07:53
jitenderbut i unable to open links07:53
ActionParsnipjitender: rsync is one possiblility, depends what you are backing up07:54
nosheltergrawity: don't have gnome anymore, using fluxbox, that's why i was hopping someone with gnome could share that with me07:54
jitenderi want to backup my full system07:54
ActionParsnipjitender: i you are backing up the OS i'd use partimage personally, if its just user data then rsync will be good07:54
grawitynoshelter: Share what exactly?07:54
alabdGood day everyone , would you introduce 1 or more biggest mailing list or forums for linux ?07:54
nosheltergrawity: what is stored in /desktop/gnome/interface/monospace_font_name07:54
nosheltergrawity: if that is the exact path to it, im lacking gconf-editor, so i have no clue how to check that07:55
jitenderhow i can find the rsync07:55
grawitynoshelter: "DejaVu Sans Mono 10"07:55
grawitynoshelter: Maybe you have gconftool-2?07:55
grawitynoshelter: And if not... wait a minute, I'm googling for something.07:55
psychuilHi guys.07:56
ActionParsnip!info rsync07:56
nosheltergrawity: yes i have gconftool-2, let me check it out07:56
ubottursync (source: rsync): fast remote file copy program (like rcp). In component main, is standard. Version 3.0.5-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 330 kB, installed size 664 kB07:56
psychuili'm unable to install flash on my liveusb for some reason.07:56
grawitynoshelter: Ah, edit ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and add: gtk-font-name = "DejaVu Sans Mono 10"07:56
ActionParsnipjitender: its part of a standard install07:56
ActionParsnipjitender: you have it07:56
ActionParsnipjitender: then run: sudo apt-get install rsync07:57
nosheltergrawity: don't have that file, and xterm doesn't use by default i think (since it;s not a gtk app as far as I know)07:57
grawitynoshelter: You can use .gtkrc-2.0 to set GTK themes too - gtk-icon-theme-name = "Mist" // gtk-theme-name = "Clearlooks" // gtk-toolbar-style = GTK_TOOLBAR_BOTH_HORIZ //07:57
Harrison_Bergerook...novice question regarding file transfers....if there is no error message, can i assume the entire file was copied verbatim?07:57
grawitynoshelter: Yeah, xterm isn't GTK...07:57
Harrison_Bergeroacross the LAN07:58
grawitynoshelter: And Xterm won't support DejaVu either, I think.07:58
grawitynoshelter: At least not the pretty antialisified version.07:58
icarus-cHarrison_Bergero: md5sum ,etc07:58
nosheltergrawity: yeah, that's the thing, tho I am not sure how fluxbox can make use of xft-fonts, and xterm can't07:58
jitenderis this Gadmin Rsync07:59
ActionParsnipjitender: not sure, its just rsync afaik07:59
nosheltergrawity: and i tried eterm and aterm as alt to xterm, but i couldn't get those to work with anything other than what xfontsel gives07:59
grawitynoshelter: Because fluxbox is written with xft support in mind, and Xterm is a pure X app, written way before Xft.07:59
Harrison_Bergeroicarus-c...where do i find the md5sumẞ07:59
grawitynoshelter: How about just using gnome-terminal? I use that on wmii.07:59
icarus-cHarrison_Bergero: maybe you stick with the classics : compare the size and total number of files08:00
jitenderthis application i have already installed, but unable to backup08:00
nosheltergrawity: neah, im gona be stuborn on this one, and figure it out :P08:00
Harrison_Bergeroicarus-c....yeah, size and file number are same08:00
jitenderhow this app work08:00
grawitynoshelter: In short, Xterm has no Xft.08:00
velko_Harrison_Bergero, you have to build them for yourself. for bot files. linux side:  md5sum myfile.avi08:00
velko_Harrison_Bergero, both*08:01
nosheltergrawity: but what about eterm/aterm?08:01
jitenderhello action , r u there08:01
grawitynoshelter: Those ones - I have no idea...08:01
jitenderguide me pls08:01
nosheltergrawity: and lol, xterm -fa monospace makes use of the xft monospace family of fonts08:03
velko_Harrison_Bergero, there are free tools for doing the same on windows. if you cannot install them on your win-machine, simply get the file back to the linux machine and build the checksum for it ;)08:03
grawitynoshelter: O_o08:03
nosheltergrawity: http://www.xfree86.org/current/fonts2.html08:03
* grawity notes08:03
zetherooicarus-c: special drivers?08:05
Harrison_Bergeroi noticed that without torrent running, the "connection time out" does not occur.  Perhaps my router was overloaded.08:05
Harrison_Bergerodamn...and as soon as i typed that, what do you know....a time out!08:05
nosheltergrawity: now i just need to find out how to set it to work by default for aterm/eterm ... which is surprisngly hard.. tho it's that easy for xterm lol08:05
ActionParsnipjitender: try tab completing names08:05
dansushii'm thinking of changing to kubuntu from debian, and i was wondering, is troubleshooting on kubuntu and more difficult that on ubuntu?08:05
dansushialso, is 64-bit (k)ubuntu supported very well?08:06
ActionParsnipjitender: see how my text highlights for you, thats not an accident08:06
ActionParsnipjitender: try typing actio then pressing tab, it will complete my nick08:06
velko_dansushi, it's the same. kubuntu is ubuntu with kde08:06
ActionParsnipdansushi: 64bit is supported very well08:06
dansushii've noticed that when people use gnome, many programs are integrated into it that are control main settings of ubuntu08:07
dansushiare they easy to get to in kde in kubuntu?08:07
velko_dansushi, the last time i checked kubuntu was one of the worst kde distros available08:08
dansushi*that control08:08
ActionParsnipdansushi: kde has kontrolcentre08:08
dansushivelko_: really, why do you say that?08:08
icarus-cvelko_: +108:08
ActionParsnipdansushi: fyi, you can install gnome desktop on kubuntu, its not a seperate OS in any way08:08
velko_dansushi, because this is my experience08:08
dansushioh, i know08:09
ActionParsnipdansushi: good08:09
babbio i  downloaded a film and a have some files like "name.z01, name.z02......,name.zip" how to uncompress them???08:09
velko_icarus-c, nope - #ubuntu-offtopic ;)08:09
dansushiActionParsnip: is it a good idea to install ubuntu, and then kde on that?08:09
ActionParsnipdansushi: makes no difference08:09
ActionParsnipbabbio: its also probably illegal08:09
dansushivelko_: well, i mean, what did you not like about it?08:09
velko_dansushi, the bugs08:10
babbioit is not because the film is a dvd backup08:10
=== bembmb is now known as babyrobbe
babbioof my friend film08:10
dansushiActionParsnip: would you recommend kubuntu for someone that is not a big fan of gnome?08:10
ActionParsnipbabbio: you tell the fcc that, anyway its offtopic here08:10
grawitybabbio: You'll have to do this: cat name.zip name.z[0-9][0-9] >> name.new.zip; unzip name.new.zip08:11
Harrison_Bergeronote to self....turn off virus scanner before making large file transfers!08:11
ActionParsnipdansushi: sure, or fluxbox or lxde can be added if you are a middle level user08:11
velko_dansushi, do as you please. if you don't like it - throw it away and move on. not a big deal. there are a lot of options for a gui in linux08:11
babbiothank you grawity....probably also you are offtopic ;)08:11
ActionParsnipdansushi: they dont have the same configs as some guides will mention but are good dEs08:12
iceroothow to replace foo with bar in vi to the complete document?08:12
grawityiceroot: :%s/foo/bar/g08:13
grawityiceroot: And use vim.08:13
fahadsadahgrawity: vi is symlinked to vim.08:13
dansushiActionParsnip: dEs?08:13
ActionParsnipdansushi: desktop environment08:13
grawityfahadsadah: Still, when it sees "vi" as argv[0], it turns on compat mode.08:14
fahadsadahfahad@infinity:~$ ls -l /usr/bin/vi08:14
fahadsadahlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 2009-08-20 13:03 /usr/bin/vi -> /etc/alternatives/vi08:14
fahadsadahfahad@infinity:~$ ls -l /etc/alternatives/vi08:14
fahadsadahlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 2009-08-20 13:03 /etc/alternatives/vi -> /usr/bin/vim.tiny08:14
FloodBot3fahadsadah: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:14
icerootgrawity: thx08:14
dansushiActionParsnip: ah, ok08:14
dansushiActionParsnip: also, do you think i should wait for Karmic Koala to come out before i download an iso to install from?08:16
ActionParsnipdansushi: your call, theres an rc-like karmi iso out afaik08:16
ActionParsnipdansushi: but its out in like 3 days tops08:16
Psibottui installed tor on ubuntu 9.04 and it's not working. I have Vidalia, but when i try to start tor either with Vidalia or via command prompt (psinetic@psinetic-desktop$ tor). it keeps giving me some error saying it can't bind it and that it might already be in use....but it's not working so how is it in use?08:17
fahadsadahPsibottu: Please !pastebin the output of ps aux?08:18
dansushiok, thanks for the info08:18
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic08:18
Psibottups aux?08:18
* grawity thinks Ubuntu should come with sprunge built in08:18
Psibottuis that a command?08:19
fahadsadahgrawity: pastebinit08:19
grawityfahadsadah: Not installed by default either, AFAIK08:19
fahadsadahgzip | xxd | mail08:19
fahadsadahThat's installed by default08:19
=== iamtheobject1 is now known as iamtheobject
fahadsadah(yes, I recognise the pointlessness of gzip|xxd)08:20
=== tanxxx is now known as tantjk
grawityfahadsadah: mail requires a MTA.08:20
Psibottufahadsadah, http://pastebin.com/m3d31030608:20
=== tantjk is now known as xuanfive
fahadsadahPsibottu: kill -2 304108:22
gogetafahadsadah: killall appname is a easer rough08:23
kj4hello all08:23
Psibottufahadsadah, thank you very much. dunno what i woulda done, still don't know unix command line XD. but as an added touch, putting "sudo" before that would help ;)08:23
gogetaPsibottu: killall appname saves looking fro the prosses id08:24
malomboHi there!!!!!!!!08:24
Psibottugogeta, what's that do?08:24
gogetaPsibottu: same as kill08:24
malombotesting X-chat08:25
gogetaPsibottu: but like killall firefox08:25
gogetaPsibottu: woud kill firefox08:25
alabdis there any way to find domain from ip in command line08:26
ActionParsnipalabd: domain's dont have IPs08:26
tapashi. i'm looking for a config file that could bring a hci interface up automatically when it's connected to the machine08:26
gogetaalabd: tractrt maybe08:26
tapasi see that it works out of the box on the new ubuntu release08:26
Psibottuhmmmm ok. Thanks a ton fahadsadah and gogeta08:26
ActionParsnipalabd: domain controllers do, and the network address that the domain resides on has an addrss08:27
tapasbut here at uni we also have some older machines where this doesn't happen automagically08:27
tapasso i wonder what's the difference08:27
asfjiohello, in my xorg i have such a row Identifier "nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]". what should be my Driver "" row look like? should i use driver nvidia or nv?08:27
ActionParsnipalabd: the domain is a software construct08:27
ActionParsnipgogeta: in linux its traceroute08:27
grawityalabd: 'host', but it isn't very reliable.08:28
=== Psibottu is now known as MasterBob
grawityActionParsnip: There are DNS domains, NIS domains, and Active Directory domains.08:28
ActionParsnipasfjio: if you have the proprietary driver installed and want to use it, set it to nvidia08:28
grawityActionParsnip: I have a feeling alabd is asking about DNS. (If he isn't, who cares)08:28
ActionParsnipasfjio: if you want to use the open driver (installed by default, unlike the proprietary) then set it to nv08:29
ActionParsnipgrawity: i'm assuming nothing08:29
gogetaActionParsnip: but if its not broken they just gotta fix it lol08:29
=== server-client is now known as kingtiger01-IRCI
ActionParsnipgogeta: they just gotta be more specific ;)08:29
kingtiger01-IRCIhey everyone, just testing out IRC-II cli\08:30
gogetaActionParsnip: a nivida that old oss drivers probly have 3d acell08:30
grawitykingtiger01-IRCI: You mean ircII?08:30
alabdgrawity: does it give dns domain only ?08:30
ActionParsnipgogeta: depends if you need 3d accel or not08:30
awayguymhm pidgin messenger works really fine, also for irc08:30
grawityawayguy: Just make sure you get the latest Pidgin, 2.6.208:30
gogetaActionParsnip: as in the bot broken fix and normaly end broken08:31
eighty4Ideas on why my .svn folder wont show up when mounting folders with afp using netatalk? Could afp/netatalk be hiding them? (It was all working nice last week but I have no idea what I've done to break it)08:31
kingtiger01-IRCIyes, but pidgin has had issues in the past sending debug messages to the channel.08:31
knoppiesawayguy, pidgin is not the best for irc, I use xchat instead, but pidgin does mxit, fb, AIM, google, yahoo, msn etc.08:31
ActionParsnipawayguy: i use it and have for a long while now (even back when it was gaim), works fine08:31
gogetaknoppies: pidgin ownz irc08:32
awayguyon windows i use mIRC08:32
asfjioActionParsnip: i heared that using nv i could experience low graphic rendering. the problem is that probably i was using nvidia driver before, but today i've got an error "failed to load NVIDIA kernel module" and i've tried to change it to nv.08:32
ahsanulhi, can somebody please tell me how i can force a higher resolution than the max in my system > preferences > display?08:32
awayguywell time to change to xchat XD08:32
gogetaknoppies: empithy fails hard with irc08:32
ActionParsnipasfjio: sounds like you need to reinstall the driver then as you sound like you got a new kernel08:32
knoppiesgogeta, I dont use empithy, never heared of it. I use xchat.08:32
grawityPidgin and Empathy are IM clients. They weren't designed for IRC.08:33
gogetaknoppies: 9.10 replaced pidgin with it due to having voice chat modes08:33
al_what do you need to do to make the command line (is it called shell?) available from other PC's? like via telnet?08:33
=== MasterBob is now known as Psinetic
cesarebuon giorno08:33
almoxarifeI use pidgin on irc, works just fine here08:33
gogetaknoppies: it whont even pass irc commands or tab names08:33
ActionParsnipahsanul: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga08:33
knoppiesgogeta, I still use pidgin. I agree with grawity.08:33
asfjioActionParsnip: new kernel? linux kernel or graphic if there is such thing?08:34
kingtiger01-IRCIhas anyone had any sucess getting martian driver for winmodems to work with hylafax?08:34
knoppiesgogeta, that sounds pretty pathetic for IRC support.08:34
gogetait is08:34
ahsanulActionParsnip: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)08:34
gogetaknoppies: removed it for pidgin pretty quick08:34
ActionParsnipasfjio: there is a kernel module for nvidia, it needs creating using dkms each time you get a new kernel. If you use the packages this is done for you, if you use the .run file i'm not sure it completes it. You may want to reinstall it so the new module gets made08:35
sebulbaHi all, I have an external monitor on my laptop with 1600x1200 resolution. It worked just fine before, but now with U 9.10 I can't get resolutions higher 1280x1024. I had this before but I don't remember what was the cause anymore. Ideas?08:35
ActionParsnipahsanul: ok and what is the output of: lsb_release -c08:35
ahsanulActionParsnip: Codename:jaunty08:35
ActionParsnipahsanul: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReinhardTartler/X/RevertingIntelDriverTo2.408:35
coz_asfjio,  definitly if you manually installed nvidia driver you need to reinstall it after kernel updates  no alternative :)08:36
ahsanulActionParsnip, thanks08:36
al_whats the diff between SSH and shell? are they the same thing?08:36
knoppiesIm trying to connect to my ubuntu desktop using tightvnc, Ubuntu 9.04 with tightvnc server, and xp with the client. I can connect from ubuntu to xp, but not the other way round, anybody got any ideas?08:36
kingtiger01has anyone got MARTIAN to work with hylafax?08:36
__kayessWhat's the difference between the linux-virtual kernel and the -server and -generic ones?08:36
ActionParsnipal_: ssh will give you a shell, but the ssh service is so much more08:37
dayoi've got an hp switch with a serial port. but i got no serial port on any of my systems. i do have a serial-to-ethernet cable. does anyone know how i can access my hp switch with this, to assign it an IP? is there a package i can install for this?08:37
gogetaknoppies: everything else in 9.10 is awsom they just decided to use a inferer im client in place of pidgin by defult at least i think so08:37
grawityal_: A "shell" is a program that reads your typed commands and executes them.08:37
grawityal_: Such as 'bash'  (the default).08:37
al_hey ActionParsnip. ok08:38
ActionParsnipal_: ssh can provide secure connection to services that dont have them, and allow remote x apps, file transfer using scp08:38
pinoyskullit's slow playing flash based games on firefox/jaunty08:38
grawityal_: SSH is both a program and a protocol for secure connection over the internet.08:38
pinoyskullany ideas?08:38
ActionParsnipal_: on face value, its a terminal08:38
al_open ssh best one for me to get?08:38
knoppiespinoyskull, do you use the gnash flash plugin for ff?08:38
knoppiespinoyskull, its pretty bad, hogs your CPU even when idling. I recommend you uninstall it, and replace it with the adobe one (or an alternative)08:39
gogetaknoppies: all oss flash plugins ae well not as good as the real ting08:39
pinoyskullknoppies,  im using adobe08:39
ActionParsnipal_: its an option. I use it08:39
knoppiespinoyskull, then I have no idea, sorry08:39
pinoyskullknoppies,  thanks08:39
kingtiger01gnash.... its ok if youre not planning on using it for anything heavy. use Adobe's Proprietary Flash-plugin08:39
ActionParsnippinoyskull: have you installed video drivers?08:40
gogetaor f your not x8608:40
gogetathats abought all you can get08:40
knoppieskingtiger01, gnash had my PC idling at 40-70%08:40
grawitygogeta: What, you mean no Flash for x64?08:40
pinoyskullActionParsnip,  no08:40
gogetagrawity: x86 intel amd08:40
ActionParsnippinoyskull: thats why then, get those installed and it will smooth out your flash a lot08:40
asfjioActionParsnip , coz_ : if we assume that this is right "nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]" what should i do to reinstall the driver?08:41
=== Guest72665 is now known as YDdraigGoch
ActionParsnipasfjio: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18008:41
gogetagrawity: your still a x86 your just a x86-64bit im talking like powerpc or arm08:41
al_ActionParsnip: so I dont telnet in, I SSH in? hmm, ok08:42
zetheroook, that's why I keep missing it when people talk to me .. my sound notification was off ...08:42
ActionParsnipal_: telnet is unsecured so all text and inputs are sent in clear text08:42
asfjioActionParsnip, coz_ : thank you for the help. hope i will handle it :)08:42
zetheroosorry guys ... did I miss anything again?08:43
knoppieszetheroo, read up and find out.08:43
al_ActionParsnip: yep08:43
ActionParsnipasfjio: try: gksudo jockey-gtk   first08:43
=== bobcat is now known as Guest51677
al_ok, so I know what SSH is, what shell is, whats bash then??08:44
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:44
asfjioActionParsnip: i'm afraind i run the first command :)08:44
knoppiesal_ do you know what a batch file is in windows?08:45
JDahlwhere can mounted folders on the Desktop (e.g., network drives) be accessed from the filesystem (e.g., from a terminal) instead of nautilus?08:45
ActionParsnipasfjio: thats fine, you'll find jockey just installs the 180 driver for you08:45
icerootknoppies: the same as a shell-script in linux08:45
MonkeySilenthow to check kernel errors? printk(KERN_ERROR etc08:45
knoppiesal_ I may be wrong, but from what I understand a bash script is the Linux equivalent of the batch file.08:45
asfjioActionParsnip: You must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.27-15-generic (i686) first. may be i need to run what you told me first?08:45
knoppiesiceroot, correct me if Im wrong.08:45
gogetaknoppies: thats a sh script08:46
al_knoppies: yes08:46
knoppiesgogeta, so then whats a bash file?08:46
ActionParsnipasfjio: its part of the postinst. If you dont see it you may need to add an extra bit to the command08:46
icerootknoppies: a file with commands08:46
gogetaknoppies: sh stands for shell script you can call it a bash file if you like i guess08:47
knoppiesthanks for the clarification. al_ you get that?08:47
ActionParsnipasfjio: if dkms doesnt complete run: sudo apt-get --reinstall install nvidia-180-modaliases nvidia-glx-18008:47
JDahlIn other words, can GVFS be accessed from a terminal?08:48
gogetaanything can08:48
grawityJDahl: ~/.gvfs/08:48
sebulbaHi all, I have an external monitor on my laptop with 1600x1200 resolution. It worked just fine before, but now with U 9.10 I can't get resolutions higher 1280x1024. I had this before but I don't remember what was the cause anymore. Ideas?08:49
gogetasome more advanced user prefer the term vs anything gui08:49
sebulbaThe higher resolutions are simply not visible in the drop down menu08:49
JDahlgrawity, thanks!  I have been scrutinizing the entire filesystem for mount points,  but it didn't occur to me to look in ~/08:49
knoppiessebulba, sounds like a driver issue08:49
gogetaand the system is just as powerfull08:49
knoppiessebulba, try get some good drivers for your card.08:49
sebulbaknoppies: Well I remember having this before, and I remember it was a configuration issue back then08:50
sebulbaI have the notorious intel laptop graphics adapter...08:50
grawityJDahl: Next time, cat /proc/mounts08:50
gogetamy gma 945 runs great abit 9.10 ut worked well in 9.04 to08:50
JDahlgrawity, good idea!08:50
sebulbaknoppies: any idea where to look for the drivers?08:51
gogetasebulba: you aruldy have intel drivers they suck in 9.0408:51
knoppiesI would have a look in the ubuntu forums, because I have no idea where.08:51
sebulbagogeta: ?08:51
knoppiessebulba, but you can look in system -> admin -> hardware drivers08:52
knoppiessebulba, see if they come up there.08:52
gogeta9.04 has crappy intel driver slow as hell08:52
sebulbaknoppies: alright, thanks08:52
gogetaif thats yor issue08:52
gogetafixed in 9.10 out soon08:53
osubuckme needs 9.10 now :(08:53
sebulbagogeta: well I don't mind the speed, the problem is that my external display could use resolution 1600x1200 back in 9.04, but now in 9.10 1280x1024 is the highest available option08:53
gogetacan get beta if you like08:53
osubuckbahhh i want final :P08:54
gogetai thnk this week08:54
gogetafor final08:54
knoppiesif I have a fx5500gt where should I be looking for the best drivers?08:54
geirhaSupport for 9.10 is still in #ubuntu+1 though, until the final is out08:55
knoppiesin grub, can I set it to default to a windows install?08:55
knoppiesor set it to wait indefinitly for user selection08:55
grawityknoppies: Just edit menu.lst as you wish.08:55
knoppiesthanks grawity.08:56
grawityknoppies: /boot/grub/menu.lst, that is.08:57
knoppiesIm sure I would have found it, but thanks.08:57
sebulbahow do I check which graphics adapter I have in my laptop?08:57
shaoHi all08:58
andysfilei have a question08:58
shaojust upgraded yay!08:58
knoppiessebulba, I can do it in windows, but not in linux08:58
indusandysfile: hi shao hi08:58
knoppiesandysfile, we cannot answer your question till you ask it.08:59
shaohas any body had any touble instaling flash08:59
jitenderhi dear all08:59
andysfileIf I make an Ubuntu start up disk, can I still use the USB for normal file storage08:59
geirhasebulba: sudo lshw -class display   # in a terminal08:59
shaocant seem to install08:59
Billiardandysfile: yes08:59
jitenderplease tell me about Rsync09:00
andysfileso I can have a portable ubuntu and a normal usb :D09:00
knoppiesshao, which flash plugin are you trying to install?09:00
indusandysfile: in my experience, i have run into problems09:00
jitenderhow i can backup09:00
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:00
andysfilewhat kind of problems09:00
shaoknoppies, well flash 10 player in general...09:00
indusshao: do you have a 64 bit system09:01
shaoyes i do.09:01
indusshao: excellent09:01
indusshao: i mean a 64 bit IS09:01
knoppiesshao, quick google gives http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-install-flash-player-10.html see if that helps09:01
knoppiesshao, nvm.09:01
shaome too09:01
jitenderplease tell me through Rsync app09:01
jitenderbackup and restore09:01
jitenderand about schedule backup09:01
indus!RSYNC > jitender09:02
ubottujitender, please see my private message09:02
knoppiesI like this bot minipulation. now I want to start my own IRC server just to play with them.09:03
knoppiesshao, see if this helps http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2008/11/25/64-bit-adobe-flash-ubuntu.html09:04
* andysfile test09:04
ahsanulhaquehi, i need some help forcing a higher resolution on my jaunty setup, any ideas?09:05
ahsanulhaquethe max is 1280x80009:05
ahsanulhaqueany way to force a higher resolution?09:05
andysfilehow do I get Xfire to work with latest pidgeon09:05
indusshao: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-
billsantosaHi, Im having problems with my client server app, i'm using beejs guide but trying to convert it from using forks to pthreads here is my attempt  http://pastebin.com/d1df85acd, here is the forked - http://pastebin.com/d746f33b0 I think im miles off with the change it seems to send the info fine but segfaults at the end09:06
jitenderhi ahsanulhaque09:06
shaowell ill be damed09:07
ahsanulhaquejitender, hullo09:07
shaoiy works09:07
jitendertell me about Rsync backup app09:07
jitenderhow this work09:07
engineerhey do any one has nokia 2630 i am suffering a small problem in it09:07
shaoindoo, thanks, but now i find my sound to be gone09:07
grawityjitender: magic09:07
jitenderand schedule backup09:07
andysfiledoes anyone have an Xfire plugin for 2.5.2 Pidgin?09:07
shaoindus, thanks, but now i find my sound to be gone09:08
knoppiesandysfile, shouldnt a quick google search find one?09:08
andysfilecouldn't do09:08
jitenderany body will help me09:08
Billiardjitender: you havent asked a question specific enough09:08
indusshao: hmm probably just went out of the house09:09
knoppiesbilliard, he asked you to tell him how to use rsync, and how it works09:09
jitenderhow Rsync application backup system09:09
shaoindus, no but really this kinda bad haha.09:10
Billiardjitender: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync09:10
indusBilliard: i gave him that link already09:10
indusjitender: go through the community docs and try09:11
jitenderdear Billiard, i am unable to open this link09:11
Billiardjitender: and why is that?09:11
indusshao: log out and log in again09:11
=== eli_ is now known as Elirips
jitenderdon't know09:11
induslink works fine09:11
EliripsHi there. Has anyone else problem with the current upgrade?I did an aptitude update; aptitude safe-upgrade and it fails to download tzdata_2009n-0ubuntu0.9.04.1_all.deb with a 404 not found.09:12
Eliripsis this because i'm using a mirror, and the mirror might not be up to date?09:12
infidin nautilus when i drag a color to a folder from the  'backgrounds and emblems' dialog, the color doesn't apply and  it just bounces back to the dialog. any idea why?09:12
indusElirips: possible09:12
indusElirips: many mirrors i find are just pathetic09:13
indusElirips: use some university mirrors, main canonical mirrors09:13
Eliripsindus: i'm using ch.archive.ubuntu.com till now i didnt have any problems09:13
Eliripsindus: i'll check again in a few hours09:13
indusElirips: ya mirrors take upto 2 days to sync sometimes09:14
shaoindus, sad to say no sound09:14
indusshao: open volume properties and try09:14
shaoalso metacity dose not load09:14
indusshao: no sound in firefox or no sound in nothing09:15
shaoin nada09:15
indusshao: dont expect spoon feeding here :) , open volume properties and see09:15
indusany‌thing muted , low slider levels etc09:16
asfjiohello, i spoke with womeone from the channel, but he is not here now. can someone help me, because my problem still exists. the problem is that i can't use nvidia driver in my xorg.conf, because if i write nvidia my resolution is getting very bad. i was adviced to do "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180", but i've got an error "You must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.27-15-generic (i686) first.". what can i do?09:16
shaothats what im doing09:16
asfjioi also do "sudo apt-get --reinstall install nvidia-180-modaliases nvidia-glx-180", but still no effect.09:16
indusasfjio: hmm09:17
indusasfjio: what iss the exact problem09:17
sun`why input/output error is coming.. it didnt use to come earlier.. i have installed from the same cd.09:17
andysfilei love linux09:17
indusasfjio: i think you are missing the restricted kernel headers09:18
asfjioindus: using nv as video driver in xorg.conf is okay, but my video render a bit slow. using nvidia it says "failed to load the nvidia kernel module" when starting.09:18
indusasfjio: what card is this model09:18
asfjioindus: wait09:18
sun`why input/output error is coming.. it didnt use to come earlier.. i have installed from the same cd.09:18
indussun` cd scratched maybe, or check cables inside system09:19
knoppiessun`, try re-seating your drive plugs.09:19
asfjioindus: i have this in my xorg and i think it should be right Identifier "nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]".09:19
indusasfjio: can i see output of uname -a09:19
asfjioindus: sure "Linux krb2 2.6.27-15-generic #1 SMP Tue Oct 20 06:52:09 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux"09:20
andysfilei can't find if gfire 0.8.3 works with pidgin 2.5.209:20
indusasfjio: hmm krb2 what kernel is this09:20
asfjioindus: this is the name of my computer :)09:20
indusasfjio: hehe ya ok gotcha09:20
sun`knoppies will it work?09:20
asfjioindus: hah and i answer doh.09:21
indusasfjio: ok can you open synaptic and search for.... mmmm wait09:21
shaoindus, cant find the issue regarding sound09:21
indusshao: which version of ubuntu09:21
indusasfjio: linux-restricted-modules 26 27 -15 is installed?09:22
shaoindus, 9.1009:22
indusshao: hmm #ubuntu+1 sweetheart09:23
indus!karmic | shao09:24
ubottushao: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:24
asfjioindus: linux-restricted-modules-common v2.6.27-14.20 installed as i can see09:25
asfjioindus: do i try to upgrade?09:26
asfjioindus: there is available 2.6.27-15.21.09:26
indusasfjio: you need the version corresponding to your kernel version09:26
indusasfjio: yeah that one i guess09:26
Bruchow do install ubuntu on windows os 709:27
asfjioindus: is it possible when i do this update my pc not start normally? i'm afraid of those kernel updates.09:27
Bruceverytime i do it ...it stuffs up09:27
BilliardBruc stuffs up?09:27
indusasfjio: well, you always have the older kernel versions to boot into09:28
indusasfjio: ok i have a question, did u install nvidia drivers before ? from the site?09:28
Brucit borked my drive09:28
asfjioindus: question: is that updating my kernel or it is just some helper script as it says?09:28
BilliardBruc: borked?09:28
indusasfjio: it installs restricted modules which handle nvidia or similar drivers09:29
Brucyeah it only allocates only 200 meg of files09:29
Brucof space i mean09:29
Brucive got one terabytes ..09:29
BilliardBruc, try the manual partitioning option?09:29
asfjioindus: so this is only assosiated with graphic update? and if something goes wrong i can boot, but just with no GUI?09:30
Bruchmm iam to worried it might happend again.09:30
indusasfjio: just install it09:30
indusbruc during automatic partition, move the slider to specify how much space you want09:30
Brucslider what slider???09:31
Brucok iam going to do it..only if u advise me Indus09:32
asfjioindus: understood. upgrading... :) its annoying when i start asking questions. sorry about it.09:32
Bruciam going on live cd.09:32
indusasfjio: i like people who annoy me09:32
indusbruc ill help, and so will others09:32
asfjioindus: okay it is not installed. should i try now "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180" ?09:32
indusasfjio: yeah09:32
indusasfjio: no first reboot09:33
bigmack83_i have a bunch of .avi files i want to convert to mpeg so i can burn them to a dvd and watch them on a dvd player. what would the workflow be in ubuntu to do so? I have tried using devede but it seems to only be able to put four ~175Mb files onto one dvd.is there a better option?09:33
Brucok cool let me boot of the live cd...09:33
asfjioindus: rebooting..09:34
Billiardbigmack83_:  devede should allow more than 4 video files09:34
bigmack83_Billiard, yea thats what i thought. the only thing i can think of is that its trying to put all the extra files on to the dvd/iso as well.09:35
bigmack83_would it be easier or better to use ffmpeg to convert them all to mpeg first then just use dvdauthor or similar to burn them to dvd with menu to select the episode?09:36
offsensehello, is there any way to install gwibber on hardy heron?????09:36
indus!info >  gwibber09:37
ubottu<indus> wants you to know: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>09:37
indus!info gwibber09:37
ubottugwibber (source: gwibber): Open source microblogging client for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu5 (jaunty), package size 185 kB, installed size 1360 kB09:37
indusoffsense: just install from synaptic09:37
offsenseaight, thnx anywy09:38
Billiardbigmack83_: i have used ffmpeg to convert, and devede to make the dvd (choosing the valid dvd format) option or something similar, so devede didnt do any converting09:38
bigmack83_Billiard, ok, ill check that out. thanks09:39
felipewebBom dia!09:40
ArabusHey, anyone know where to set the option where new windows on the gnome desktop are opened / positioned?09:41
cybichey everybody... looking for a hint (like everytime)  :) i altered my hal policy for x with the lines for maxSpeed and minSpeed like  <merge key="input.x11_options.MaxSpeed" type="string">4.0</merge> :) works perfect after restart/reboot but do nothing after resume... what could be the prob?09:41
asfjioindus: u here?09:41
indusasfjio: yes09:41
indusasfjio: i thought your PC exploded09:42
asfjioindus: i did "sudo apt-get --reinstall install nvidia-glx-180" and then "/etc/init.d/gdm restart" it says you need to update your configuration. new line. no device detected. running on low-graphic mode.09:43
indusasfjio: always restart after installing display drivers09:44
asfjioindus: may be i'm cursed :(09:44
indusasfjio: i think you are installing wrong drivers09:44
indusasfjio: wait 1 min09:44
indusasfjio: gx 5200?09:44
asfjioindus: GeForce FX 5200.09:45
jitenderdear indus , tell me about cron09:45
bigmack83_Billiard, ok each avi i have is 170mb and selecting one in devede takes nearly 25% of the disk space on a dvd. so how am i supposed to fit more than 4 avi's onto the iso to burn it09:46
indusasfjio: did you install nvidia glx 180?09:46
jitenderany body know cron09:46
bigmack83_maybe its an option im not seeing then that needs to be changed?09:46
asfjioindus: yes, then restart gdm, but no reboot the pc itself.09:46
indusasfjio: you need to install nvidia-glx-legacy09:46
indusasfjio: your card is not supported by the 180 drivers09:47
indusasfjio: install the older ones09:47
Billiardbigmack83_: the bitrate settings maybe09:47
indusasfjio: sorry wait09:47
indusasfjio: install nvidia-glx-173 somethinh09:47
indusasfjio: then reboot09:48
asfjioindus: now i need to remove nvidia-glx-180? apt-get remove nvidia-glx-180 is that?09:48
ArabusHey, anyone know where to set the option where new windows on the gnome desktop are opened / positioned?09:48
indusasfjio: it will be automatically removed09:48
indusasfjio: no wonder the card was not found09:48
indusasfjio: the 173 driver is what u need09:48
bigmack83_Billiard, well even then it shouldnt go from 170 mb to nearly over 1gb for one avi file.09:48
jitendercron cron cron09:49
asfjioindus: done, now going to reboot. hope it wont explode :)09:49
bigmack83_Billiard, heh, well it seems that the default bit rate is 5001 kbps09:49
indus!cron | jitender09:49
jitenderany body know about cron09:49
ubottujitender: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm09:49
indusasfjio: hello09:53
ArabusAh found it, there is a "place windows" plugin in the compizconfig settings manager09:53
asfjioindus: hello, i'm definately cursed. now i've got the same error as the beginning "failed to load Nvidia kernel module" " screens found, but none have a usable configuration"09:54
indusasfjio: ya thats ok09:54
indusasfjio: go to system>administration > hardware drivers09:54
asfjioindus: i'm there09:54
indusasfjio: what do u see09:54
asfjioindus: "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system" "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 173) [Recommended]" and button activate and close. another notice "this driver is not activated".09:56
indusasfjio: excellent, click on activate09:56
indusasfjio: it it says restart system , you are in luck09:57
asfjioindus: it done some things and now i'm again on that window. nothing changed and not asking for reboot.09:58
indusasfjio: what did it do09:58
indusasfjio: just press ATL-SYsrq- K09:58
asfjioindus: activate and then asked to autheniticate as user that have root access.09:58
indusasfjio: ok09:59
indusasfjio: did it start downloading?09:59
asfjioindus: in the dialog it was "downloading and installing driver" if i'm not mistaken09:59
indusasfjio: yes09:59
indusasfjio: then what happened10:00
asfjioindus: and bring me back to the same window. and still says this driver is not activated.10:00
indusasfjio: ok do one thing, remove that kernel we installed10:00
indusasfjio: remember >? restricted something10:00
indusasfjio: we start from beginning, but you must have realised,you were installing wrong driver10:01
indusasfjio: now atleast we have the correct driver version10:01
indusasfjio: so go to synaptic, and install the 173 driver10:01
industhen reastart10:01
indusalso dont forget to remove that kernel we installed, i dont think its needed anyway10:02
hipitihop_in aan ssh session I get following error "(users-admin:18738): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: localhost:10.0" suggestions ?10:02
elli222use X11 Forwarding10:03
hateballhipitihop: ssh -X to enable X forward10:03
asfjioindus: when i search for nvidia-glx-173 i've got "nvidia-173-kernel-source which says installed" and "nvidia-173-modaliases which is upgradable"10:03
hateballhipitihop: eg, ssh -X user@host10:04
indusasfjio: yes do it10:04
elli222Hmm, why is there only a i386 package of assaultcube in debian?10:04
asfjioindus: upgrade the modaliases package?10:04
indusasfjio: yes10:04
cybichey everybody... looking for a hint (like everytime)  :) i altered my hal policy for x with the lines for maxSpeed and minSpeed like  <merge key="input.x11_options.MaxSpeed" type="string">4.0</merge> :) works perfect after restart/reboot but do nothing after resume... what could be the prob?10:05
markyxyzhi all! can anyone confirm that Networkmanager (or its KDE counterpart) can't setup an ADSL connection properly?  my searches seem to point to WIDC.  :)10:05
asfjioindus: upgrading..10:05
NearsightHi #ubuntu, can someone help me with a package issue? I accidently manulay deleted some files in my ruby installation... I apt-get purged ruby and reinstalled it, which doesn't seem to lead to a clean new installation though10:05
indusasfjio: scroll down there is also a driver nvidia-glx-17310:05
indusasfjio: just open a terminal and do sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17310:05
elli222whoops, wrong channel :P10:05
asfjioindus: it was installed too. i forgot to tell about it10:05
indusasfjio: installed hmm ,10:05
markyxyzi don't wanna do pon dsl-provider all the time10:06
indusasfjio: have you upgraded your system?10:06
asfjioindus: no, but you told me to install 173 instead of 180.10:06
indusasfjio: ya thats true10:06
asfjioindus: i think its normal that now it is installed. ?10:07
indusasfjio: yeah10:07
indusasfjio: please upgrade the sytem first10:07
asfjioindus: okay the modaliases is upgraded.10:07
indusasfjio: it happens that some kernel modules have not arrived , so driver wont activate10:07
asfjioindus: what do you mean? what should i do?10:08
=== abuazzam is now known as ordinarydot
indusasfjio: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:08
indusasfjio: ill brbrafter a deadly cigarette10:09
indusasfjio: dont forget to reboot10:09
asfjioindus: then try to install again 173? sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-173? and then reboot?10:10
indusasfjio: no its already installed10:10
asfjioindus: okay.10:10
indusasfjio: upgrade whole system first before proceeding further10:10
theadminI got me the upgrade manager notification icon back, and now my question is: WTF!? Why was it disabled by default?10:11
arjhello. I have upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 to help test, but software from official sources (skype 2.1 beta and virtualbox) have strange fonts. How do I fix this?10:12
Madpilotarj, #ubuntu+1 for 9.10 questions10:12
arjok :)10:12
theadminthere is a kernel upgrade available. Should i install it or should i wait for Karmic? I mean, just 3 days left.10:13
aXaXinhello all10:14
theadminHi, AxaXin.10:14
aXaXini have a question concerning ATI drivers10:14
Madpilottheadmin, install it, your system will update itself before you upgrade anyway10:14
aXaXinshould i shout it here or is there other way of doing things10:14
theadminMadpilot: I'll better wait then, i heard it causes bugs on jaunty.10:15
theadminWell, aXaXin, say here, if noone helps ask the forums10:15
aXaXinalready been there lol :P10:15
aXaXinbut here it goes10:15
aXaXinit's about the fglrx drivers in 9.04 and above10:16
aXaXini'm stuck in 8.10 just beacause of that...10:16
=== nand_ is now known as nand
aXaXinmy ATI is a X70010:16
aXaXinIn a Toshiba10:17
aXaXin(what is the command to show the details of the chipset?)10:17
theadminhmnh. I'll look trough yesterdays logs10:18
AdamantaHi. Could someone please tell me which Ubunutu download I need to run it on the PS3?10:18
aXaXintheadmin: .. any ideas?10:19
aXaXinor anyone else?10:19
theadminWait, i'll... find it now. Wait a bit10:19
AdamantaCan I just use the desktop edition?10:19
theadminAdamanta: Probably not. Dunno.10:20
AdamantaInfo it pretty thin on the ground considering it's a popular thing to do.10:20
aXaXinAdamanta: that site shows everything about ps3 and ubuntu :)10:21
AdamantaI can't seem to get v9 for ps3 though10:23
AdamantaNothing in these folders: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/10:23
bugfixbug#join #c++10:24
aXaXinAdamanta: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/daily/current/10:24
aXaXinyou have karmic for ps310:25
Adamantaax-ax: Thanks10:25
aXaXinppl... c'mon... fglrx in 9,1010:25
aXaXinor 9.04....10:26
aXaXini've searched but it seams like ATI or ubuntu just fogot the older chipsets....10:27
Teastroi have a general problem, i don't understand why but my audio doesn't work anymore, i tryed to fix the problem installing a new version of alsa and pulseaudio, but it doesn't want work...any advice?10:28
theadminxorg-driver-fglrx - looks like one you need, aXaXin10:28
aXaXintheadmin: what's the command to see what driver i have installed?10:28
theadminaXaXin: Not sure, actually, but just see if that package is installed.10:29
Creap_how can I install a deb package (of a testing version) with the same name as a package I already have installed, without replacing the old one?10:29
itguruIf I'm building a gateway with multiple ISP connections, can I use iptables to prefer one route over another, only using the second route if the first one has failed?10:30
theadminCreap_: Not possible, i'd assume.10:30
joaopintoCreap_, you can't10:30
joaopintoUbuntu does not allow to install multiple versions of the same package10:31
zvacetCreap_:  testing version probably have higher number10:31
aXaXintheadmin: yes it's installed the problem is, is that driver available in 9.04 or 9.10?10:31
theadminCreap_: Just stick to the stable version.10:31
theadminaXaXin: I see it in Synaptic, so yes it is. I have 9.0410:31
Creap_I need both though.10:32
aXaXini'm concerned beacause when i start the update to 9.04 it's says that it no longer supports the fglrx driver that i currently have installed10:32
theadminaXaXin: Huh. Maybe it's not the one then.10:33
MadpilotaXaXin, 9.04 and onward have much improved Free drivers for a lot of ATI vidcards. You could well not NEED fglrx anymore10:34
TeastroI have xubuntu 9.04 and i don't listen audio anymore...and i don't understand why. Any advice to find the problem?10:34
aXaXinmine is the x70010:34
aXaXinis a x700 in a toshiba laptop...10:35
aXaXinM70 to be precise10:35
theadminaXaXin: Quick googling seems to give positive results. You will probably need to enable some commercial drivers though (System -> Admininstration -> Hardware Drivers_10:36
candykornIs there something like rainmeter or rainleder for ubuntu/ i would like time/weather displayed10:37
psypher12Hello all.10:37
rblsthi everyone10:37
psypher12I am just installing ubuntu server for the first time10:38
theadmin!hi | candykorn rblst psypher1210:38
ubottucandykorn rblst psypher12: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:38
aafuenteshi, when i do svn commit, it opens nano to write the log... then i press ctrl + x to leave but it promt me to save to a file the changes... i just want to change the log... what am i doing wrong?10:38
psypher12I decided to resize one of my partitions. Am I gonna lose all the data on that disk?10:38
icerootaafuentes: the logfile is the file which changed, so its normal10:38
psypher12You should use tortoise svn lol10:39
candykornIs there something like rainmeter or rainleder for ubuntu/ i would like time/weather displayed10:39
icerootpsypher12: normally now but make a backup!!!10:39
rblsti've done an update in my jaunty, and now there are network problems: my wifi connection is not shown, and if i plug in a wire, nothing happens, i need to manually get an ip10:39
theadminpsypher12: No, not likely. You will lose data from a deleted partition though.10:39
aafuentesiceroot, so the svn-commit.tmp is normal?10:39
icerootaafuentes: yes10:39
psypher12Thanks. I am really excited to use this server edition10:39
aafuentesthanks iceroot :)10:39
icerootaafuentes: containing the commit-message and so on10:39
theadminpsypher12: You're welcome.10:40
aafuentespsypher12, i just want to get used to the command line for svn ;)10:40
psypher12Do you think once I configure the network properties, you can check on your end my web server is running and responding?10:40
=== Ghoul_ is now known as Ghoul
icerootpsypher12: if you gave us the url, yes10:40
psypher12Ill just shoot you the url10:40
psypher12cool ( :10:40
psypher12Shouldnt take long to configure10:40
AdamantaDoes anyone know if you can play any-region blu-rays on the PS3 once you have Ubunutu installed?10:41
psypher12I believe i just need to edit the networking in init.d for my network adapter to be static10:41
icerootpsypher12: what???10:41
aXaXin(10:36:44) theadmin: aXaXin: Quick googling seems to give positive results. You will probably need to enable some commercial drivers though (System -> Admininstration -> Hardware Drivers_10:41
icerootpsypher12: /etc/network/interfaces10:41
aXaXinwell... what keywords have you used?10:41
psypher12I mean, the tcp ip properties yes, thats it10:41
theadminaXaXin "ATI X700 Ubuntu 9.04 driver"10:42
psypher12Lol this will take a long time. its only on 8 percent10:42
icerootpsypher12: this is the support-channel not a normal chat-channel, so please use this channel for support related questions10:43
psypher12brb... need to get some brewage10:44
rblsti've done an update in my jaunty, and now there are network problems: my wifi connection is not shown, and if i plug in a wire, nothing happens, i need to manually get an ip in terminal10:45
zhoujingruihi guys i want to know is there some good tools to though GFW?10:45
candykorntheadmin: pronz infected  mah ubuntuz10:45
zhoujingruitor is too slowly10:45
theadmincandykorn: Ehm... What does it have to do with me?10:46
candykornjust wanted to know what's a good anti-virus for ubuntu?10:47
candykornand was kidding on the std10:47
theadmincandykorn: You don't NEED one, Linux is safe by itself. However, you can install Avast, it will get you rid of Window$ viruses, if you're worried about infecting other comps10:48
NearsightHi, I accidently deleted some ruby-files: /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/ and /usr/lib/ruby/, a fresh install doesn't seem to bring them back... can anyone help me on that issue?10:48
jribNearsight: /usr/local is stuff you installed yourself without the help of the package manager10:49
Nearsightjrib: ok. that probanly came with rubygems then... what about /usr/lib?10:49
jribNearsight: purge the package responsible for the file and then install it (use packages.ubuntu.com to know what package)10:50
erUSUL!virus > candykorn10:50
ubottucandykorn, please see my private message10:50
peterretiefanyone had success running mumps10:50
Nearsightjrib: I purged and reinstalled ruby and any related package so often, I alrady forgot how many times... but I'll have a look at packages.ubuntu.com, to be sure10:51
zealiodhow can i find out what vlan tag is being broadcast from a vertain mac or ip?10:51
aXaXintheadmin: well10:51
aXaXini'll go for the update10:51
jribNearsight: you are probably not purging the proper package10:52
aXaXinand 3 days from now the new update to 9.10 lol crazy i know10:52
theadminaXaXin: Maybe it'd be a better idea to wait?10:52
aXaXini can't wait10:53
Nearsightjrib: I think so, but it's hard to lacte the right one...10:53
psychuilI think i fucked up my liveusb :(10:53
aXaXinwhat if i installed the beta10:54
psychuilCan anyone help me figure out what i did?10:54
jribNearsight: that's where packages.ubuntu.com comes in (you can search for the package that owns a file)10:54
aXaXindoes it update to the latest version then?10:54
theadminaXaXin: Yep, it will. But it won't let you install the beta unless you use -d flag10:55
candykorn!rainmeter > candykorn10:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rainmeter10:56
aXaXinshow me10:56
aXaXinthe command?10:56
aXaXinalt f210:56
aXaXinand then?10:56
aXaXinupdate-manager -d10:58
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:58
erUSUL!ask | psychuil10:58
ubottupsychuil: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:58
jcocowho use ubuntu 9.0410:58
psychuilMy liveusb is broken.10:58
psychuilInstead of loading gnome and all the shiny it only opens a terminal :\10:58
erUSULpsychuil: any error msg? something you did that could've coused it ?11:00
=== rml_ is now known as rml
psychuilHaven't noticed any error, just the stuff it always gives out when you open terminal.11:00
psychuilAnd all i've done is to install xchat there, and try to install monodev and flash.11:00
erUSULpsychuil: can you look into /var/log/Xorg.0.log or/and ~/.xsession-errors ?11:02
psychuilI'm on windows now.11:02
psychuilWhere would it be if i'm looking at the flash drive?11:02
erUSULpsychuil: if you can mount the flash drive in windows or from a livecd is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /home/youruser/.xsession-errors11:03
psychuilThere's no var or home dir there..11:04
=== carlos is now known as Guest93419
erUSULpsychuil: you will have to boot into the broken system...11:05
psychuilCan't do that now.11:06
r0berthi thar11:06
psychuilExpect me tomorrow, whining with all my voice.11:06
Nearsightjrib: Ok, as far as i can see, now its working... cross thunbs11:06
r0bertsince the latest kernel-update for hardy audio routiing is fucked up here on my soundblaster live soundcard11:06
r0bertany1 having experienced the same problem?11:06
Elias_ohhh I'm also having soundcard problems, in the sense that I don't hear a goddamn thing :P11:07
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:07
Elias_also an SB card, X-Fi11:07
Elias_sry been having partition/install/craziness drama all day already :(11:07
r0bertyer well, problem is, that everything worked fine for almost 1,5 years now11:09
Elias_the ubuntu FAQ didn't have much of anything useful on configuring it there are 3 options I've played with the controls for all 3 HDA Intel HDA HDMI and Realtek .. still no sound from Net video or a vlc DVD11:09
r0bertlast weekend they shipped a kernel/module update and now sound routing is fucked up11:09
r0bertno 4.1 here so far11:09
theadmin!language > r0bert11:10
ubottur0bert, please see my private message11:10
r0bertyer sorry, i am no from the united fucking states of america, so i am neither offended by porn nor by saying shit & fuck11:11
macothat was intersting11:11
theadminr0bert, YOU aren't but some of us might be, you know... Oh, he left.11:11
candykorni'm from th usa and he doesn't represent us all11:11
induscandykorn: noone said he did11:12
Elias_so uh any idea what to do to get more info about no sound in ubuntu?11:12
peterretiefdamn i took all my clothes off for nothing now11:12
theadmin!help | Elias_11:12
ubottuElias_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:12
Elias_I don't hear sound at all on this atm (had a working windows box not too long ago earlier today, the SB-XFi driver is listed atm)..the ubuntu FAQ didn't have much of anything useful on configuring it there are 3 options I've played with the controls for all 3 HDA Intel HDA HDMI and Realtek .. still no sound from Net video or a vlc DVD11:14
theadminElias_:...Most likely codecs. Type this into terminal: "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"11:14
candykorntheadmin: so how can i get ubuntu to display the weather for my area and maybe the moon cycles?11:16
theadminI mean, DVD and net videos most likely have an MP3 sound, and mp3 codecs are in restricted group.11:16
Elias_TY *theadmin* I am downloading now and will let you guys know what's up with it once I reboot and mess around :)11:16
erUSULElias_: SD X-Fi has no driver in jaunty afaik11:16
GRUBV1Big Problem. I have a root partition, a boot one (500 mb) and a ntfs (winxp). the thing is, i can't get to grub. If i boot from the hdd, i get DISK BOOT FAILURE. the boot partition has grub installed, all entries good and is flagged bootable11:16
aXaXintheadmin: thanks... :) i'll be back :)11:16
Madpilotcandykorn, for weather, use the gweather applets. Right click your panel, choose Add To Panel, look for weather11:17
Madpilotthen right-click on the new applet to pick your city and configure it11:17
icerooterUSUL: Elias_ correct, no drivers for jaunty(not 32bit, only 64bit) but for karmic11:17
erUSULGRUBV1: reinstall grub from a livecd ?11:17
GRUBV1i tried that11:17
candykornwhat about the moon cycle?11:17
GRUBV1erUSUL: i tried that. nothing11:17
Elias_erUSUL: strangely, when I go into system/device manager (something I installed from the add programs thingy) under pci bridge it says audio controller, SB X-Fi11:18
theadminElias_: Activate that.11:18
El-Duderinocan ubuntu support 1920*1080 res on an ATI onboard card?11:18
Madpilotcandykorn, search synaptic for 'moon' there is a moon-phases applet11:18
erUSULElias_: well linux can see the chip in the pci bus and can ask its name but that does not mean it has a driver for it11:18
erUSULEl-Duderino: i do not see why not11:19
Madpilotcandykorn, ah, it's Gnome Lunar Clock. Install it thru synaptic, then it'll show in the Add To Panel menu11:19
Elias_oh damn, ok, so what can I do about this? I don't mind reading and being lead somewhere to solve my own problem, btw11:19
=== DaZ is now known as TempyNick
El-DuderinoerUSUL: it was losta trouble with nvidia drivers11:20
bamballhi~ can anyone tell me a faster way to copy large files on the same physical disk?11:20
erUSULElias_: you can install a newer version of alsa at your own risk in the alsa site says   X-Fi --> Supported on 1.0.21 EAX and Advanced sound options like crystalizer not available11:21
saulusI dont listen the terminal bell. How can I turn it on?11:21
erUSULbamball: rsync is pretty fast11:21
candykornthanks Madpilot11:21
erUSULsaulus: on the preferences of the terminal11:21
bamballerUSUL: does it buffer?11:21
sauluserUSUL: There it is turned on, but I dont listen it anyways11:21
erUSULsaulus: turn it off then11:23
PerryArmstrongi have downloaded the eclipse IDE for java EE developers.....i have installed the sun-java6-jre..will that be enough11:23
erUSULsaulus: sorry brainfart... i was confsed. the problem is that you can not here it ?11:23
erUSULPerryArmstrong: well for eclipse you need the jdk ; don't you ?11:23
sauluserUSUL: It doesnt change: I cant hear the bell11:24
PerryArmstrongerUSUL; so sun-java7-jdk??11:24
ArabusPerryArmstrong: Indeed, you should install the jdk as it also includes the documentation for java11:24
icerootPerryArmstrong: there is not java711:24
erUSULPerryArmstrong: yep; karmic support in #ubuntu+111:24
pozicWith ntp I get: "no servers can be used, exiting". I configured at least 6 servers. Is it possible that a proxy is blocking it?11:25
erUSULiceroot: maybe in karmic ??11:25
erUSULpozic: or the connection is to unreliable to any of them11:25
icerooterUSUL: of course not11:25
PerryArmstrongerUSUL; why Karmic support?11:25
icerooterUSUL: http://java.sun.com/11:25
PerryArmstrongiceroot; ther wasn't any java711:25
Arabuspozic: you can test the servers with the tool ntpdc11:25
erUSULiceroot: ok; i stand corrected11:25
PerryArmstrongArabus; should the classpath be always set as in windows11:26
pozicArabus: how? I have the tool.11:26
zhoujingruiis there some free SSH id?11:26
icerootPerryArmstrong: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk11:26
viki26Hello , does it possible to use "grep" command in order to search string inside files recursive ? (to search in all folders & files ) ?11:26
erUSULviki26: grep -R11:26
aneesh1PerryArmstrong: Yes you have to set the java path11:26
erUSULviki26: grep -R string folder/11:26
erUSULPerryArmstrong: also you have to configure the system to use sun's java and no the default gcj iirc11:27
Arabuspozic: try ntpdc <servername> you should then get the ntpdc promp there you can type peers for example, if it works, your connection to that server is ok11:27
forkhandles_i've got karmic & jaunty on same hdd, whats the best (easiest) way to repartition to keep just one?11:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:27
erUSULPerryArmstrong: sudo update-alternatives --config java11:27
candykornno real luck in finding the weather applet11:27
erUSULcandykorn: please; language11:28
ArabusPerryArmstrong: normally upon installation the classpath should be set automagically by apt if not you can set it with export CLASSPATH=$CLAPPSPATH;<your/path/here/>11:28
PerryArmstrongso then sudo update-alternatives --config java will resolve of the gcj from interfering....11:28
erUSULPerryArmstrong: yep11:28
PerryArmstrongArabus; whats this your/path/here....11:29
cleptoso when 9.10 comes out how will i update my 9.04 install to it?11:29
ArabusPerryArmstrong: the path to the jdk11:29
cleptoshould i reinstall?11:29
jribclepto: update manager will ask you if you want to upgrade11:29
cleptoah ok11:29
PerryArmstrongArabus; ohhh where will it be installed....okk before i do that i'll check if the classpath is automatically set or not??11:29
ArabusPerryArmstrong: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classpath_(Java)11:30
jribclepto: ask #ubuntu+1 for more details though, because I don't think you'll get grub2 that way11:30
ArabusPerryArmstrong: sorry, got confused11:30
cleptoyeah... i did the default install of ubuntu so it did a single partition i think plus i have vista installed on this machine11:31
PerryArmstrongArabus; i know what the classpath is....but in windows we usually set it to bin and libs folder...in linux i usually find it confusing with the filesystem11:31
Elias_maybe too generic a question, but after a Ubuntu install and then a later Xubuntu install (think the Ubuntu install was corrupted), my NTFS WinXP64 partitiion won't load shows Disk Read Error but the directory structure is all solid there. Xubuntu also wasn't loading but finally got it to work after a few hours .. already tried FDISK and the partition manager from the boot cd for Ubuntu showed the right values for C:\'s size .. do I need to t11:31
Elias_ransfer the data from both partitions to another drive and reformat/repartition or do I have other options? I'm here after OS reinstall #511:31
Rods_TigerI'm having trouble with e-zipupdate - I find the documentation incomprehensible, and it's not working properly. It seems to be telling the world that my domain name links to 192.168.etc.etc11:32
ArabusPerryArmstrong: well if you store your programs in \home\username\workspace for example you should add that path to the classpath11:32
ArabusPerryArmstrong: eclipse will set that normally when you choose a workspace though11:32
zhoujingruiwho have ssh id?11:34
icerootzhoujingrui: what?11:34
icerootzhoujingrui: i know ssh11:34
icerootzhoujingrui: and you want what?11:35
Dr_Williszhoujingrui:  try typing a more verbose question.11:35
zhoujingruiis there some free?11:35
zhoujingruito go though GFW11:35
_CommandeR_Hi, I need help with memtest86+ 4.0 When booting my computer just read the disk and stops booting11:36
DegotHi, ALL. I`ve meet problem with Display brightness.. It goes dim on idle even if i disabled it with gconf. (Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop amd64)11:36
psypher12Whats a good way to free some space on my HD ( running debian )11:38
psypher12I am a noob obviously11:38
Dr_Williswell this isent #debian for starters. :)11:38
induspsypher12: wrong channel11:38
Dr_Willisapt-get clean   will clean the apt cache I recall...11:39
induspsypher12: use computer-janitor11:39
induspsypher12: it is super11:39
psypher12Thanks  (:11:39
Dr_Willisive had compute-janitor be a little TOO enthusastic in cleaning11:39
induspsypher12: but be careful what you select for removal, it will remove entire kernels11:39
psypher12lol ok!11:39
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:40
induszhoujingrui: what?11:40
indusActionParsnip: hi11:40
Dr_WillisFor some reason Computer-Janitor says that my 'vim-full' is unused.. when i use it all the time...11:40
indusActionParsnip: good day and welcome11:40
psypher12Can I use konquer somehow?11:40
FlannelDr_Willis: do you use gvim?11:40
usuariosuper pene11:40
usuariome mide muchisimo11:40
ActionParsnipindus: thanks :)11:41
Madpilotusuario, English here, please11:41
Dr_WillisFlannel:  i use them all.. but  it seems its became a transitional package now on 9.10 :)   that must be why11:41
usuarioI have a very long penis11:41
Dr_WillisFlannel:  at least its not trying to remove the kernel im using..11:41
psypher12df -h11:42
psypher12is that a good way to check disk usage?11:43
Dr_Willispsypher12:  thats what i tend to use.11:43
zhoujingruiwho can give me one for free thanks11:43
zhoujingruii want to go though GFW11:43
Rods_Tigerdoes anyone here use e.z.ipupdate?11:43
Dr_Williszhoujingrui:  perhaps ya need to rephrase the question.. I dont think anyone in hwere knows what you are really asking.11:43
psypher12Looks like my temps are pretty full. How does one go about flushing the temps?11:43
Dr_Williszhoujingrui:  and im not sure anyone knows what GFW is11:43
Dr_WillisI thought /tmp got cleaned out as needed.11:44
zhoujingruii just want someone to give me a ssh ID for free so i can go though GFW11:44
psypher12computer-janitor does not exis11:44
zhoujingruiwho know ssh ?11:44
Dr_Williszhoujingrui:  check google for free shell's11:44
hipitihop_hateball: sorry was away ... yes I do ssh -X already but still get the error, only on one user too11:44
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
Dr_Williszhoujingrui:  knowing ssh  means most people who know ssh.. know better then togive out  free shell accounts11:45
psypher12Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on11:45
psypher12/dev/sda5             5.5G  5.1G  115M  98% /11:45
psypher12tmpfs                 499M     0  499M   0% /lib/init/rw11:45
psypher12varrun                499M   68K  499M   1% /var/run11:45
psypher12varlock               499M     0  499M   0% /var/lock11:45
FloodBot3psypher12: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:45
psypher12udev                  499M  2.9M  496M   1% /dev11:45
Elias_TY all for the sound device suggestions gonna reboot and see what's up11:45
Dr_Willispsypher12:  thats a amazingly small partition for /11:45
Picizhoujingrui: This is a support channel for Ubuntu linux, we do not provide shells here nor proxies or anything of that sort. Please seek this elsewhere.11:45
zhoujingruiGFW IS great firewall in china11:45
Elias_*ty* Admin and erUsul especially11:45
psypher12Damn floodbot11:46
psypher12I guess its hopeless then11:46
grawitypsypher12: What else did you expect when pasting `df -h`11:46
Arabuspsypher12: normall the /tmp directory is cleaned upon shutdown - if not you can examine if a file in the /tmp is still in use by typing "lsof | grep /tmp" If you want to, you can the go about and delete the files NOT listed by that output. be careful though, since you could ruin the temporary files of running processes that did not lock their temporary files11:47
kurumin01alguem fala portugues aqui?11:47
Dr_Willispsypher12:  you filled up your hd with stuff.. delete stuff. :)11:47
soreaupsypher12: Not all is lost, there is always pastebin ;)11:47
grawityArabus: No, it's cleaned upon boot (AFAIK)11:47
guntbert!pt | kurumin0111:47
psypher12That really helps guys thnks11:47
ubottukurumin01: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.11:47
Dr_Willispsypher12:  also the command -->  df -h -x tmpfs -x devpts -x usbfs11:48
Dr_Willispsypher12:  gives cleaner output11:48
psypher12Oh! I will try that11:48
pozicArabus: they are blocking everything by default, but they are going to find out how to unblock it. Kind of silly restrictions.11:48
Arabusgrawity: you are right indeed, i just changed that behaviour on my computer and forgot XD11:48
Dr_Willispsypher12:  and yes.. i did learn that by reading the manuals. :)11:48
Dr_Willisalias showdisks='df -h -x tmpfs -x devpts -x usbfs'11:49
Dr_Willisthen use 'showdisks' :)11:49
psypher12cool, that is very helpful11:49
ActionParsnippsypher12: you may want to run: dpkg -l | grep linux-image    and delete old kernels11:49
Arabuspozic: try http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/use.html instead, there are a lot of open time servers in the net11:49
chrism2671does anybody know how remove the login screen on gnome (autologin) using the shell?11:50
ActionParsnippsypher12: dont delete the currently running one (can be seen with uname -a)11:50
psypher12Actionparnsip, will do!11:50
PerryArmstrongi have installed the jdk and eclipse but when i write a servlet it shows : The import javax.servlet cannot be resolved11:50
Dr_Willischrism2671:  that like 2 differen tthings.. If you want to stop gdm from starting? or stop it from auto logging in?11:50
ActionParsnippsypher12: you can also save space by removeing openoffice (500M) then installing Abiword (10Mb0 and gnumeric (12Mb)11:50
psypher12Good point. I should probably go through my package manager and remove any uneeded apps11:51
MagmaRuleshello there11:51
psypher12( :11:51
ActionParsnippsypher12: that too, if you dont use vnc, remove the client11:51
MagmaRulesanyone can tell me where i can see my pc hardware ?11:51
Lockalhave 19 Google Wave invites. First come first serve. Leave your email in irc PM11:51
ActionParsnippsypher12: there is also a lot of drivers in a default install you will never need which can also be removed11:52
PerryArmstrongArabus; any idea11:52
ActionParsnip!ot | Lockal11:52
ubottuLockal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:52
MagmaRulesi cant get the 3d support to work, which makes the ui sluggish11:52
psypher12Awesome! That is quite helpful.11:52
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga11:52
psypher12The reason the partition is so small is cause I only use BT4 for pentesting11:52
M4K4V3l1hi all11:53
M4K4V3l1how can I fix this The following packages have unmet dependencies:11:53
M4K4V3l1  libpcap-dev: Depends: libpcap0.8-dev but it is not going to be installed11:53
M4K4V3l1E: Broken packages11:53
PerryArmstrongArabus, erUSUL;  have installed the jdk and eclipse but when i write a servlet it shows : The import javax.servlet cannot be resolved11:53
MagmaRulesActionParsnip: VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 [Chrome 9 HC] (rev 01)11:53
ActionParsnipM4K4V3l1: you need to install libpcap0.8-dev11:53
Dr_Willispsypher12:  BT4?  You said you were using Ubuntu. :)11:53
psypher12well, I suppose its the same . lol11:54
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119683111:54
Dr_Willispsypher12:  no its not.11:54
psypher12its debian at its core11:54
soreau! via11:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about via11:54
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: you need to use xorg.conf to tell it to use the openchrome driver11:54
Dr_Willispsypher12:   amazing thing about 'BT' everyone that seems to use it that come in here.. seems to have very little linux experence at all.. makes me wonder why they decided to use it.11:54
M4K4V3l1ActionParsnip: I did it11:54
mQQshDoes anyone know the command line in Terminal for me to install Tor?11:55
psypher12lol yea11:55
psypher12Mostly script kiddies11:55
ActionParsnipmQQsh: sudo apt-get install tor11:55
Dr_WillismQQsh:  you have to go to the tor web site and get it.11:55
MagmaRulesok ty ActionParsnip11:55
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks11:55
Dr_Willistor is NOT in the repos on 9.04 and 9.1011:55
psypher12I installed it for pen testing our systems at work11:55
Dr_Willisthere is a tor wiki/ubuntu page also i recall with details11:55
mQQshalright htanks guys11:56
ArabusPerryArmstrong: you might have to include the according jdk fpr your project. afaik it can be toggled in the properties for you prject under libraries tab11:56
psypher12Its really quite scary how I was able to spoof and RFID badge from a cop and gain physical access to a building11:56
ahnfeltIs this the place to ask about ubuntu one?11:56
psypher12But you didnt hear that from me lol11:56
soreau! ot | psypher1211:56
ubottupsypher12: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:56
Piciahnfelt: No, please use #ubuntuone for that11:57
ahnfeltThank you11:57
Dr_WillisThere is a #ubuntuone ? wow. :)11:57
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PerryArmstrongArabus; i didnt get you11:57
Dr_WillisEveryone asking 'is it working for you?' over and over  :)11:57
ArabusPerryArmstrong: the error you get is either the result of a spelling mistake in the import (which afaik is not the case) or that eclipse can not find the appropriate package, meaning you have to configure it accordingly, so that it knows which .jar files to use for your project11:58
psypher12I need to re-instate my neural pathways with an ice cold beer. 0_011:59
PerryArmstrongArabus; so how do I do that??11:59
zypcumy firefox crashes randomly?11:59
zypcumy firefox crashes randomly.11:59
zypcuany idea?11:59
psypher12Update/ or re-install12:00
Dr_Willisblame flash?12:00
pozicArabus: ? The problem is that the whole protocol is blocked. Nothing else.12:00
induszypcu: any specific sites?12:00
zypcuyoutube.... streaming etc12:00
Arabuspozic: oh.. that is indeeed a problem ... but one that you can propably not resolve yourself... lest you have access to their firewalls :-912:00
tc1111i need to know who to contact about a missing deb package for linux-restricted-modules-2.6.28-16-lpia from the ports repo12:00
pozicArabus: yes, so I was just saying there was no problem anymore, because now it's Their Problem.12:01
PerryArmstrongArabus; so how i solve it12:02
psypher12Damn, this partition is taking forever.12:02
=== yariv_ is now known as yariv
ArabusPerryArmstrong: under Window -> Preferences there is an option java -> build path -> CLasspath variable12:03
psypher12l0l my friend drank a 6pack of beer, a bottle of wine and 2 cans of icehouse last night12:03
Picipsypher12: You've been asked before, please keep your comments on-topic.  If you're just looking to chat theres #ubuntu-offtopic12:04
psypher12ok... sorry12:04
Rods_Tigerwhy is it that e.z.ipupdate sets my domain name to point to my computer's internal IP address- 192.168.etc ?12:06
dafdui need assistance please12:07
WLUcan you install ubuntu through a dvd?12:07
erUSULWLU: the iso's burn just fine to dvd blank media12:07
erUSULWLU: wastes space though12:08
erUSUL!ask | dafdu12:08
ubottudafdu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:08
Picitc1111: I don't see any builds of linux-restricted-modules for lpia.  I'd try asking in #ubuntu-kernel or logging a bug on the l-r-m package itself.12:08
ArabusWLU: you can burn a dvd iso of ubuntu though, which will then include some more data like parts of the main repository to reduce your IC usage12:08
JohnJuniorQ: I am using Jaunty and I wanted to install Java6 RE. Also did that... shows up in Applications ---> Internet. But it is not included in the firefox-addons... can someone help me?12:08
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card drive instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:08
WLUerUSUL: I did this three times already, everytime it gets to a stage where the monitor stops receiving digital signals and it just goes dead.12:09
Degot Hi... I have problem with display brightness, it goes dim on idle  after 10 min =( how can i fix it? (9.10 desktop amd64)12:09
PiciDegot : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Karmic/9.10 support/discussion.12:09
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card driver instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:09
WLUArabus: please see my response to erUSUL. btw it is 9.04 64 bit12:09
ubuntunewbieI need help , just now ubuntu freeze on my other Pentium4 pc and I press the reset button and it cameout an error but all words are in square block\12:09
erUSULWLU: maybe it gets signals out of range... you can try setting some vga=... in the boot option of the livecd or try with the alternatecd12:10
erUSUL!boot | WLU12:10
ubottuWLU: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto12:10
erUSULWLU: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions12:10
ubuntunewbieWhat is the problem with square block character ?12:10
eggy_Using ubuntu jaunty, every program using xulrunner (songbird, firefox, google-chrome) is segfaulting12:10
tc1111Pici: its pulled from ports.ubuntu.com12:10
legend2440JohnJunior: did you install  sun-java6-plugin ?12:10
eggy_How do I fix this?12:10
itguruIf I'm building a gateway with multiple ISP connections, how can I get my system to prefer one route over another, only using the second route if the first one has failed?12:10
WLUerUSUL: thanks will look into that. The problem is that I am using firemv PCIE 2400, but Debian never had a problem installing on the machine12:11
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card driver instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:11
JohnJuniori think i did @ legend244812:11
Picitc1111: I still think the kernel team would be the best people to ask about it.12:12
JohnJuniori used this "guide" to install it: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu-904-jaunty.html  @ legend244812:12
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card drive instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:12
ubuntunewbiethe whole desktop character are in square block character ? how do I fix it ?12:13
ubuntunewbiethank you12:13
tasslehoffany guides on how I could/should setup git & git-daemon on Ubuntu?12:13
Psineticin terminal on ubuntu 9.04, how do i show a continuous feed of what ip's are connected to my computer, where they're going, what protocol they're using, etc. etc.?12:13
patdk-laphow can I remove items from the Places menu, I have two drives that it thinks aren't mounted, when they really are, and it's annoying12:13
ActionParsnipPsinetic: netstat -a12:13
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card driver instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:14
ExElNeThmm i updated to karmic and now i cant login anymore via ssh... i modified the pam.d/kdm file correctly... any idea?12:15
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: do you mean the fonts of the text under the icons?12:15
PiciExElNeT : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Karmic/9.10 support/discussion.12:15
PsineticActionParsnip, that isn't continuous :( I want a non-stop feed that i can leave on my desktop to show what's connected at all times12:16
ActionParsnipPsinetic: put it in an infinite bas script then, or maybe netstat has an option12:16
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip : yeh all are sqare block and an error message but I can't even understand the error message since it's sqare block12:16
PiciPsinetic: use the +c argument to netstat then12:16
tc1111Pici: thank you... i'll head over there12:16
Psinetic+c? so....netstat -a +c12:16
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: you should have saidthat then, your description was VERY vague12:17
PiciPsinetic: netstat -ac12:17
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: at one point i figured your desktop was a big block of text12:17
zetheroogadz ... any Windoz user who whines about using the terminal in Linux had better just get lost ... :-/ ... I just spent 4 hours haggling with an XP machine having to do about 80% of the haggling in command prompt ... utter agony ...12:17
PiciPsinetic: netstat -act probaby is better.12:17
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: try installing some fonts12:17
ActionParsnip!fonts | ubuntunewbie12:17
fbianconiubuntunewbie: is console working? perhaps a fonts issue12:17
ubottuubuntunewbie: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer12:17
Psineticpici, ActionParsnip, thank you :)12:18
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip :I can't even read those character how to install fonts>12:18
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: you may also want to check display settings so you use a font that exists12:18
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card driver instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:18
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip> now I am at terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+f112:18
Picidafdu: Why do you want to change it?12:18
dafducuz STA cant go at monitor mode12:19
WLUerUSUL: Thanks for the info, the vga option worked12:19
slowbuntuwhats up peps12:19
ubuntunewbiefbianconi : I can't click anything at GUI , it just show an error icon but all character are in sware and the taskbar cann'y be click12:19
dafdui have STA broadcom wireless card driver instaled and i wana change it with B43 ?????12:20
slowbuntudo any one know how to use the recovery console that is on an xp cd12:20
icerootslowbuntu: ##windows12:20
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: then read the guides, they will give you some font packages you can install12:21
ActionParsnipdafdu: installl the b43 and blacklist the other driver12:21
Picidafdu: I suppose you might be able to add a line to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf that says "blacklist sta" (or whatever the name of the sta module is), if that works then you're set. If you still need to type 'modprobe b43' before your wireless starts working then add module name to /etc/modules12:21
dafduhow can i know the name of the other drivr12:22
ActionParsnipdafdu: b43 IS a driver, you named it yourself12:23
rblsti've done an update in my jaunty, and now there are network problems: my wifi connection is not shown, and if i plug in a wire, nothing happens, i need to manually get an ip in terminal12:23
ActionParsnipdafdu: i think you need to research a little on what you are actually asking12:23
eggy_Could someone help me with http://paste.pocoo.org/show/147034/ ?12:26
dagosalguien para que me ayude con php12:27
eggy_Many of my apps are segfaulting for some reasons at startup. I also tried updating (apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade) but to no avail12:27
dagosalguien que hable en español12:27
bazhangdagos, /join #ubuntu-es12:27
dagoso gracias disculpa12:28
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip how to set the font type in terminal ?12:28
ActionParsnipeggy_: tr running them from terminal, hopefully you will get intelligent output12:28
eggy_ActionParsnip: I ran it from the terminal12:28
eggy_(see the paste)12:28
rblsti can't believe i'm the only one with this problem12:28
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: not sure sorry12:28
ActionParsnip!fonts > ActionParsnip12:28
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message12:28
MagmaRulesActionParsnip: by any chance you know where i can calibrate my screen ?12:29
RobLikesBrunchI'm having problems with getting flash to play audio in x64 9.04.  The PulseAudio Applet says that flash isn't even sending an audio signal. Anyone have ideas?12:29
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: try: sudo apt-get install gsfonts gsfonts-x11 msttcorefonts12:29
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: define calibrate12:29
eggy_ActionParsnip: the problem is firefox, chrome and songbird so far12:29
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip so do you know how to reset to default font in terminal ?12:29
MagmaRulesActionParsnip: in terms of color12:31
aafuenteswhats the lighter ftp server u know? i just want simple share a couple of files and user autentification if you want to change those files or upload something12:31
MagmaRulesActionParsnip: contrast and stuff12:31
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: all i can suggest is install those, or rename all ~/.g* folders to default ALL gnome settings to defaults12:31
icerootaafuentes: you are using ssh on the server?12:31
RobLikesBrunchI'm having problems with getting flash to play audio in x64 9.04.  The PulseAudio Applet says that flash isn't even sending an audio signal. Anyone have ideas?12:31
ActionParsnipeggy_: ok do you get any output in terminal?12:31
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: hmm, not on your OSD of your monitor?12:32
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip : could not find gsfonts-xll12:32
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: i know nvidia has a nice config for it12:32
eggy_ActionParsnip: yes, it was in this paste: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/147034/12:32
MagmaRulesActionParsnip: nop i cant callibrate in my screen =/12:32
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie: its x11 not x||12:32
eggy_ActionParsnip: at least, it should be, I can't view the paste myself, I uploaded it using a script12:32
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip : I can't even right click the folder , somehow I can only move my mouse but I can't click on anything12:32
eggy_ActionParsnip: unfornately I don't have debugging symbols, but I did try installing firefox-3.5-dbg and firefox-3.1-dbg12:33
eggy_ActionParsnip: should I also install debugging symbols for all libraries involved?12:33
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip : now installing , reboot12:33
ActionParsnipeggy_: whats the output of: lsb_release -c12:34
eggy_ActionParsnip: jaunty12:34
conb123Hiya winex is unable to find a library file libfreetype.o does anybody know which packages contains this file i already have libfreetype installed12:34
eggy_ActionParsnip: this is the stack trace btw (not incredibly useful): http://paste.pocoo.org/show/147037/12:34
eggy_conb123: apt-file search12:35
conb123eggy_: good idea12:35
ActionParsnipeggy_: looks like /lib/libpthread.so.0  is having an issue12:35
RobLikesBrunchCan anyone help me uninstall Adobe Flash?12:35
uczenDZIEN DOBRY:)12:35
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: sudo apt-get --purge remove flash* adobe*12:35
eggy_ActionParsnip: yeah, but it's really hard to tell whether it's really libpthread being the culprit, it could really be anything. Threads seem to work correctly in other programs12:35
jpdsuczen: Ohai.12:35
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip I used a x64 workout...will it still work?12:36
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip : still don't work, all still in square12:36
jpds!pl | uczen12:36
ubottuuczen: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:36
eggy_ActionParsnip: so we can assume libpthread is the culprit, what should I do? Reinstall?12:36
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: if you use the 64bit flash, simply delete the.so file you copied12:36
ActionParsnipeggy_: not sure, have you tried renamingg ~/.mozilla12:36
eggy_ActionParsnip: no12:36
ActionParsnipuczen: do you have a support question?12:36
WazzzaaaI had my /boot on /dev/sda1. When installing a new version I forgot to "say" install grub on sda1. I did an update-grub and something else. But sda1 contains the old grub. How do I install a new grub on sda1 ?12:36
eggy_ActionParsnip: and chrome also segfaults12:37
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip It didn't work.12:37
toabctli want to recover my encrypted private directory? can anybody help?12:37
eggy_ActionParsnip: and conkeror says xulrunner-bin segfaulted12:37
ActionParsnipeggy_: worth a shot maybe, can always be renamed back12:37
eggy_ActionParsnip: ok12:37
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip I followed this guide: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/install-flash-10-ubuntu-linux-64bit.html#comment-15088812:37
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip To install flash...I just copied the script and ran it...but sound doesn't work, so I'm going to try and uninstall it and reinstall it in a different manner.12:38
eggy_ActionParsnip: firefox now seems to be blocking for half a minute and doing nothing. Conkeror says this: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/147038/12:38
aafuentesiceroot, no need for ssh in the server, id rather not to create system account in my comp for the ftp... just some simple ftp atentification via password (i dont care if the pass is seen)12:38
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: ok then you need to uninstall nspluginwrapper and rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so12:39
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip using sudo apt-get --purge remove?12:39
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: all those links that were made need deleting12:39
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: no, some need mnually deleting as you manually made them with that wacky guide12:39
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip I have no idea how to delete any of it...12:40
ActionParsnipeggy_: if its being ran with no profile, its making a fresh one12:40
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip Should I simply navigate to the folders listed in the script and delete their contents?12:40
eggy_ActionParsnip: yes I know, but it's still blocking12:40
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: sudo rm <thing>   if you read the guide you will see what needs deleteing as you used the last 10 lines or so to add a tonne of symlinks12:40
eggy_ActionParsnip: shouldn't take /that/ long12:41
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: pretty much, this is a massively overly complex mess of a guide12:41
ActionParsnipeggy_: well, firefox is garbage12:41
eggy_ActionParsnip: I agree, but all programs using xulrunner seem to be failing12:41
ActionParsnipeggy_: could try killing it off and rerunning it12:41
eggy_And chrome doesn't work, songbird doesn't work. THis is getting on my nervers12:41
ActionParsnipeggy_: then uninstall xulrunner12:42
RobLikesBrunchOkay, just to get this straight. First uninstall nspluginwrapper, then sudo rm all of the file locations listed in the script?12:42
eggy_ActionParsnip: zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  firefox :)12:42
Ali_hi guys i'm getting this error in my logs and my log was a few gb!!! pulseaudio[2645]: socket-server.c: accept(): Too many open files12:42
Ali_lots of those messages12:42
Ali_can anyone help please?12:42
mickster04can anyone help me with grub2?12:42
Ali_couldnt find anytihing on google12:42
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: i would, i can give you 64bit native flash in 3 commands and it doesnt use crappy plugin wrappers12:42
eggy_ActionParsnip: I tried 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall libxul0d-dbg xulrunner xulrunner-1.9 xulrunner-1.9.1 xulrunner-1.9.1-dbg'12:42
Ali_any help will be appreciated12:42
WazzzaaaI had my /boot on /dev/sda1. When installing a new version I forgot to "say" install grub on sda1. I did an update-grub and something else. But sda1 contains the old grub. How do I install a new grub on sda1 ?12:43
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip That'd be great.12:43
eggy_ActionParsnip: if I want to uninstall it all dependencies will be gone :(12:43
ActionParsnipeggy_: why not try: sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox* xulrunner*; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get install firefox-3.512:43
eggy_ActionParsnip: ok12:44
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip Is there anyway I can just delete all of it at once...even if I have to delete FireFox?12:44
Ali_anyone got any ideas?12:44
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins; cd ~/.mozilla/plugins; wget http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-; tar zxvf ./libflashplayer-; rm ./libflashplayer-
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: done12:44
monouserCan anybody access http://www.mono-project.com/ ?12:45
eggy_Ali_: could adjust your hard or soft limits12:45
ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: i wouldnt do them all at once, i'd keep tabs on whats going on12:45
eggy_Ali_: or, you could not use crappy pulseaudio. It manages to not produce any sound at all for me. Just use alsa12:45
mickster04monouser, nope12:45
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ActionParsnipRobLikesBrunch: you will also have to remove any flash packages you have installed as they will cause issues12:46
Ali_but i thought pulseaudio is the proper way of doing things12:46
eggy_Unfortunately, they were so retarded as to decide that gnome depends on pulseaudio12:46
monousermickster04: Wow!12:46
akatsukihi everyone12:46
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip This is my second day using Ubuntu, so uninstalling all this stuff from a script I don't understand at all is somewhat intimidating.12:46
Ali_cos before pulseaudio, everything used to fight for sound :)12:46
eggy_Ali_: well, if it works it's ok. But if it doesn't, you're screwed12:46
Ali_RobLikesBrunch, haha12:46
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip is there any sort of uninstall guide for scripts?12:46
Ali_RobLikesBrunch, be patient though dude - it IS actually worth it12:46
ubuntunewbieActionParsnip : any help ? please ?12:47
Ali_RobLikesBrunch, albeit scary at first12:47
RobLikesBrunchAli_ I sure hope so.12:47
kavurtI can't restore grub2. Can someone help?12:47
RobLikesBrunchAli_ But I don't even know where to begin with this.12:47
Ali_RobLikesBrunch, wait till u run compiz and the cube and loads of other effects12:47
RobLikesBrunchAli_ I ran this script: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/install-flash-10-ubuntu-linux-64bit.html#comment-150888 and now need to uninstall ALL of it.12:47
Wazzzaaakavurt: maybe same problem as I?12:47
bazhangkavurt, in karmic?12:47
WazzzaaaI had my /boot on /dev/sda1. When installing a new version I forgot to "say" install grub on sda1. I did an update-grub and something else. But sda1 contains the old grub. How do I install a new grub on sda1 ?12:47
Ali_RobLikesBrunch, everyone around you goes WOW what's that :)12:47
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kavurtbazhang: yes12:47
akatsukiguys, what is that site that allows subdomain, choices are with urdomain.homelinux.net etc....12:47
bazhangkavurt, karmic channel is #ubuntu+112:47
RobLikesBrunchAli_ is that the 3D desktop thing?12:47
St0n3-C0lOk guys12:48
mickster04monouser, as in i tried it but it didnt work...12:48
sdfdgfi set up netcat -l -p 223 -e /bin/sh though i can only connect once else i get connection refused .. any ideas on how to be able to connect several time ?12:48
Ali_it's cool RobLikesBrunch12:48
eggy_Wazzzaaa: mount sda1 on /boot and reinstall12:48
moomeghello, have I joined the ubuntu chat properly?12:48
Wazzzaaaeggy_: how do I reinstall?12:48
mickster04moomeg, yes12:48
grawitymoomeg: Yep12:48
St0n3-C0lI know this question would have been asked a zillion times! But does Ubuntu 9.10 RCreally work with Intel video chipsets (for those who use i810)12:48
Dr_Willismoomeg:  yep12:48
Ali_RobLikesBrunch, i have a macbook pro and even that isn't as good as ubuntu effects-wise12:48
eggy_Wazzzaaa: apt-get install --reinstall12:48
Dr_WillisSt0n3-C0l:  it works for mine... on my AAO whatever chipset that is..12:48
Ali_ubuntu rocks12:48
Ali_[when u got it working ;)]12:48
eggy_ActionParsnip: still segfaults :(12:48
kavurtbazhang: thanks. I thought you were going to help :)12:48
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St0n3-C0lAnyone who has used it.12:49
mickster04monouser, have you heard of isitjustme.com(?)12:49
Wazzzaaaeggy_: thnx!12:49
WazzzaaaI'll try that12:49
RobLikesBrunchActionParsnip Sorry to be a pest...but I still have no idea how to uninstall it...can you provide me with some sort of general outline of the steps to take...because I'm lost.12:49
mickster04St0n3-C0l, i have karmicrc on an asus 90012:49
monousermickster04: No.12:49
bazhangSt0n3-C0l, karmic support/discussion in #ubuntu+112:49
St0n3-C0lDr_Willis : Knowing chipset is important, I heard that i810 support is slowly dropping off so Intel isn't concerned on that.12:49
indusmickster04: hello12:49
mickster04St0n3-C0l, they use intel chips i thought12:49
mickster04indus how do:D12:49
eggy_I'm really beginning to hate ubuntu, seriously, every few month some fucktard manages to screw up the python-qscintilla2 in a horrifying way, and now they managed to skullfuck xulrunner, so I can't run any browser12:49
St0n3-C0lOops, I am sorry! bazhang12:49
indusmickster04: how d12:49
Dr_WillisSt0n3-C0l:   i would say check the forums for the best answer.12:49
St0n3-C0lI tried Googling a lot.12:50
erUSULWLU: no problem; glad it worked12:50
eggy_Really glad I moved to this OS ... no12:50
mickster04monouser, google that site it might help u with that jind of query12:50
moomegphew. please help - I am having wireless problems and I've been all round everywhere. I have some expereince (of following instructions) and I've got several different cards going in ubuntu kubuntu & O.Susse but this one has beat me - I swapped to proprietry madwifi but still stuck.12:50
St0n3-C0lAnways, I am sure this question isn't related with Karmic, it's with Hardy. I've seen this problem with Hardy and 'intel' driver and not 'i810' driver. When I switch b/w Windows and Ubuntu, my H. Position of the monitor is slightly on the left side or on the right side.12:51
ubuntunewbiehelp my fonts are all in square block , how to I rest back to default font in terminal .Please help12:51
moomeg[sudo] password for onlythetony:12:51
moomeg  *-network:0 UNCLAIMED12:51
moomeg       description: Ethernet controller12:51
moomeg       product: Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network Adapter12:51
moomeg       vendor: Atheros Communications Inc.12:51
FloodBot3moomeg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:51
indusmoomeg: use paste.ubuntu.com for all long messages, paste output there, write name and press send button.then copy paste the link from address bar here12:53
eggy_Changed my sources.list to say 'karmic' instead of 'jaunty' as a last resort ...12:53
induseggy_: you have a question? or only complaint12:54
eggy_indus: my question was how to fix all my programs segfaulting :)12:54
akatsukiguys, what is that site that allows subdomain, choices are with urdomain.homelinux.net etc....12:54
asfjioindus: hello again. i have a bit of troubles with this video driver, but finally i've make it work. at the end i removed everything i've installed and follow the steps you told me. and now my resolution is okay and the driver should be working. i just come here to tell you that appreciate all your efforts and to thank you.12:54
indusasfjio: aah i was waiting for you12:54
moomegcan you look it over and tell me where to start - I' confuddled12:55
indusasfjio: so it works now hmm