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ahnfeltIf I use Ubuntu One for backing up files, will they be encrypted before leaving my computer?11:59
ahnfeltSorry, I see it is in your faq12:01
ahnfeltIt's not really for me then, since there are parts of the code I work on I am not allowed to share with third parties, and setting up an additional encryption step is sort of inconvenient ;-)12:03
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jmlhello everyone13:21
jmlon the weekend I was trying to play around a little bit with couchdb, after statik did such a good job of selling desktopcouch to me.13:21
jmlI started following some instructions I found at http://books.couchdb.org/relax/, specifically, I tried running curl
jmlat which point, it cannot connect to the host13:23
jmlso then I tried running couchdb13:23
jmlwhich gives me an error and a crash dump13:23
jmlApache CouchDB 0.10.0 (LogLevel=info) is starting.13:23
jml{"init terminating in do_boot",{{badmatch,{error,shutdown}},[{couch_server_sup,start_server,1},{erl_eval,do_apply,5},{erl_eval,exprs,5},{init,start_it,1},{init,start_em,1}]}}13:23
statikhi jml, doncha love that error message?13:33
statikthe book talks about a system wide couchdb running on a fixed port13:34
statikdesktopcouch is per-user, running on a dynamically assigned port13:34
statikif you try xdg-open $HOME/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html you will be much happier13:35
jmlstatik, thanks!13:36
jmlstatik, for my second question, how would I find out that and other similar facts without asking you?13:37
jmlOops! This link appears to be broken.13:37
statikjml: btw the error message is due to your user not having permission to run the systemwide couchdb instance, i believe theres a bug filed already upstream about making it more sane13:37
jmlstatik, ahh, good to know.13:37
statikjml, aquarius will be writing some developer docs on desktopcouch soonish13:38
statikyour questions are welcome13:38
jmlstatik, heh heh.13:39
jmlstatik, thanks.13:39
jmlstatik, if I browse to that page in my ~/.local/share, I get redirected to a page that does not exist.13:39
jmland looking at my listening tcp ports, I can't see any likely candidates.13:40
statikjml: thats no good. got all the latest karmic updates to couchdb and desktopcouch? there are log files in ~/.cache/desktop-couch that might help13:42
statikjml: desktopcouch works as a demand-activated dbus service13:43
statikso the first time something tries to access it couchdb should be fired up for you13:43
jmlstatik, I'm running karmic, but it's a few days old.13:43
statikjml, there was a bug in the couchdb-bin package as recently as last week where couchdb would not start due to a not-yet-created log directory13:43
jmlstatik, ahh ok.13:44
statikcouchdb-bin 0.10.0-0ubuntu3 should have fixed that13:44
jmlstatik, I'll try updating.13:44
statikjml: you might have another problem, i'm just trying to give you as much info as I can about how it's arranged in case it helps you find the problem13:45
jml*nod*, thanks.13:45
statikaquarius or CardinalFang probably know even more places to look to see why it's not working for you13:45
aboSamoorcan anyone help me ? I lost all my files !13:46
CardinalFangstatik, that was a bug in the system-wide couch, not per-user.13:46
statikCardinalFang: ah, thats right13:47
CardinalFangjml, do you have any "beam.smp" processes running?13:47
jmlCardinalFang, no, I don't.13:48
CardinalFangjml, and what version of "desktopcouch" package?13:48
jmlVersion: 0.4.4-0ubuntu113:48
CardinalFangjml, there should be 0.5-0ubuntu1 available.13:49
jmlCardinalFang, it looks like apt is pulling that down.13:49
aboSamoorcan anyone help me to recover my files, ubuntu one is till buggy, this is the last time I am trying to use without success !13:50
CardinalFangjml, when it's done, make sure there are no "desktopcouch-service" running.  Then, we're ready to start.13:51
CardinalFangjml, we do not start desktopcouch/couchdb automatically when you log in.  Some people will not use it.13:51
joshuahooveraboSamoor: can you tell me what happened so we can better help you?13:52
CardinalFangjml, we start it up when the first program goes to look for it, but unfortunately, the local bookmark file access isn't smart enough to do that.  When a program wants to access it, it uses DBus to get the port number it's running on.  That starts it if it's nor running.13:52
aboSamoorjoshuahoover: for three times I upload my files from my laptop, then add my desktop to discover that adding the second machine wiped everything on ubuntu server and the same on my machines !13:53
CardinalFangjml, from a shell, you can do the same thing:13:53
CardinalFangdbus-send --session --dest=org.desktopcouch.CouchDB --print-reply --type=method_call / org.desktopcouch.CouchDB.getPort13:53
aquariusjml: hi13:53
jmlaquarius, hello.13:53
aquariusjml, ah, CardinalFang's already on top of it :)13:54
jmlaquarius, statik has asked me to be your documentation bug.13:54
CardinalFangHope so.  Carry on, aquarius, and I'll ping you if I need help.13:54
aquariusjml, yes. I plan to write much developer documentation very shortly. :)13:54
joshuahooveraboSamoor: that is a HUGE problem...can you file a bug report by right-clicking on the ubuntu one client and selecting "report a problem"? in addition to that, please attach ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log files from both machines and let me know once you've filed it so i can look into this right away13:55
jblountMEETING BEGINS14:00
jblountHi kids! Do you like meetings? Say, "me" if you are part of the Desktop+ team and want to give us a status report. TODO / DONE / BLOCKED is the preferred format.14:00
jmlCardinalFang, aquarius: thanks. sadly, things other than exploratory hacking have stepped onto the footpath of my life.14:00
aquariusjblount, we've got an hour yet, dude14:00
CardinalFangjml, We'll be here when you find time.  Laters.14:00
teknicojblount, you sure? :-)14:00
CardinalFangaquarius, has BST ended?14:00
aquariusCardinalFang, yep -- yestreday :)14:01
teknicoin the USA, DST ends later than in Europe14:01
teknicoso someone's got to give :-)14:01
jblountaquarius: Yikes! I hate time changes.14:01
aboSamoorjoshuahoover: bug 46110914:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461109 in ubuntuone-client "Adding new machine wipe ubuntu one contents" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46110914:01
aquariusjblount, yeah, I don't know when dst ends in the US, either, so you are excused :P14:02
jblountI'm happy to bow to our European hackers, does anyone care?14:02
joshuahooverthank you aboSamoor ...looking at it now14:02
aquariusjblount, I thought, blimey, is it 3pm already?14:02
teknicowere we already doing standups in March?14:02
aquariusteknico, nope, this is our first dst crossover14:02
aquariusso, now, or an hour from now? which is most convenient?14:02
aboSamoorjoshuahoover: within ten minutes I will reach my laptop and apport collect the ubuntu one there14:02
aquariusI'm happy either way14:02
CardinalFangI say let's stick to UTC.14:02
joshuahooveraboSamoor: were you able to copy ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log files from each machine to this bug? apport won't attach this log by default14:03
aboSamoorjoshuahoover: till now I attached the desktop log file, I will attach also the laptop one14:03
joshuahooveraboSamoor: thank you! i marked the bug as private so that only you and the ubuntu one team can see the bug for now14:04
jblountCardinalFang: I'm fine with sticking to UTC, does that mean now or in 1 hour?14:05
aboSamoorjoshuahoover: thanks, this is helpful because for ubuntu I don't think before I send my log and data files.14:05
jblountCardinalFang: In that case...14:05
joshuahooververterok, facundobatista: can one of you look at bug 461109 as aboSamoor just filed it...he says after adding files to his laptop and then hooking up his desktop to the same account, the files get wiped from the server...he's attaching syncdaemon.log files from each computer to help us troubleshoot14:07
ubottuBug 461109 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/461109 is private14:07
jblountLet's get this party started (again)14:07
jblountDONE: Got homepage graphic branch up with a few other small changes14:07
jblountTODO: More misc copy changes to get done before our cutoff of having it in trunk tonight for a early Tuesday rollout14:07
rtgQuick question - I have 2 laptops, one started syncing long ago and the second one started doing that only yesterday. The second one started syncing and failed to do it completely. I had 300 Mb of data but only 94 got downloaded. Several reconnects from the second one and... I have only 94 Mb of files ...14:07
jblountBLOCKED: Typing speed?14:07
jblountCardinalFang: Your turn14:07
rtgjoshuahoover, that's exactly what I got!14:07
teknicourbanape, vds?14:07
CardinalFangDONE: Wrote program to scan couchdb log files.  Made bugs for distinct errors.14:08
CardinalFangTODO: Turn it into a cron service to tell us of new problems.14:08
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None14:08
joshuahooverrtg: files got deleted off the server after you added another machine to your account to sync with?14:08
CardinalFangaquarius, go go go!14:08
aquarius⚀ DONE: help out kevinhuang with couch replication issues; investigate couch logs and find errors; admire cardinalfang for getting everything into karmic14:08
aquarius⚁ TODO: help thisfred work out why sometimes newly added tokens don't end up in couchdb, causing badarg error responses from u1couch; look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer14:08
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:14:08
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 0 (!!)14:08
aquariusteknico, you're up14:08
teknicoDONE: finished and landed the @subscription_required decorator needed by the /contacts/ URL (#458966); started investigating why the /contacts URL gives a 404 error for some subscribed users (#458446); reviewed one branch14:08
teknicoTODO: fixing the 404 error on /contacts URL for some subscribed users (#458446)14:08
teknicoBLOCK: none14:08
tekniconext: dobey14:08
dobey☺ DONE: Wrote script to help debug NM and attached to bug, Reviewed lucid auth spec, Branch reviews, Applied for Universe Contributor, Initial branch/code for central-services14:08
dobey☹ TODO:14:08
dobey☹ BLCK: None.14:08
dobeyvds1: ciao14:08
vds1DONE:working on adapting the watchdaemon to the new controller api #45817014:09
vds1TODO: propose this branch14:09
vds1BLOCKED: nope14:09
rtgjoshuahoover, the files started to download, so I thought that I will continue downloading later. But when I returned to my main PC I found that the files that were not downloaded by another machine are gone.14:09
joshuahooverrtg: do they disappear from the first pc you originally setup the account with?14:10
rtgjoshuahoover, yes, they have disappeared from the main PC and the web UI14:10
rtgjoshuahoover, I am searching for relevant entries in the logs14:10
joshuahooverrtg: can you file a bug report as well? right-click on the ubuntu one client, select "report a problem" and then attach ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log files from each machine to the bug report...i'll mark the report as private for you once you let me know which bug it is here14:11
jblounturbanape: I think you're up, if you're ready :)14:12
urbanapeDONE: Wrangled Bindwood through release. Yay, I'm on the control tower team.14:12
facundobatistajoshuahoover, ok14:12
urbanapeTODO: Help asac get Bindwood tested and uploaded.14:12
urbanapeBLOCK: None14:12
facundobatistaaboSamoor, hi!14:13
facundobatistaaboSamoor, will you upload the logs to #461109?14:13
jblountEOM (Thanks everyone!)14:14
rtgjoshuahoover, I will remove all pcs, reinit my ubuntuone account and get some non-private data so that it is ok to be made public. Then I'll file a bug report.14:14
joshuahooverrtg: ok, thank you14:14
joshuahooverfacundobatista: thanks!14:14
urbanapethisfred, ping14:15
thisfredurbanape: pong14:17
urbanapehey. I'm trying to work with asac to get Bindwood going. His is failing with the repetitive prompting for basic auth creds, which means that Couch and Bindwood disagree on the oauth tokens, right?14:17
urbanapeRunning python -c "from desktopcouch import local_files; tokens = local_files.get_oauth_tokens(); print ':'.join([tokens['consumer_key'], tokens['consumer_secret'], tokens['token'], tokens['token_secret']])" gets him the proper tokens, so I'm guessing that his .ini file is set up alright.14:18
urbanapewhat else could I have him check on?14:18
urbanapeOr should I have him wipe something out?14:18
urbanapedo we turn on that compulsory auth file by default?14:18
urbanapehe's running 0.5014:18
urbanape(which even I'm not)14:18
CardinalFangurbanape, compulsory auth file should be loaded by default.14:19
thisfredurbanape: all, very good questions. 1. 0.5 should be in karmic now, so upgrade! :) 2. I'm not sure, this is mostly one for CardinalFang and aquarius unless they are solidly unavailable/otherwise engaged. I could probably find it, but not quicker...14:20
philsfI reported Bug #460851 on U1 applet crashing on startup, but it was marked dup of a private bug. How can I keep track of the problem, and check if there's a fix or workaround?14:21
urbanapek, thx.14:21
ubottuBug 460851 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/460851 is private14:21
CardinalFangurbanape, what auth prompt are you referring to?14:21
statikphilsf, i'll check why that bug is private and make it public if i can14:22
philsfstatik, thanks14:22
urbanapeCardinalFang, for each of our AJAX requests that should be stamped with the oauth headers, he's getting Basic Auth prompts. Which means, for things like checking the existence of the db, for checking the views, for creating bookmark records, &c14:22
philsfstatik, mine was made public by the retrace system14:22
aboSamoor_joshuahoover:  can you give me please the location of that file again14:22
philsfBTW, is this the channel for desktopcouch problems also?14:22
philsfor only the U1 client and server?14:23
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: sure, ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log14:23
CardinalFangurbanape, oh, so it sounds like the oauth headers are computed wrongly.  Are the HTTP requests getting HTTP 401?14:23
statikphilsf, desktopcouch also14:23
statiki just marked the other bug public - looks like it's related to the webserver downtime we had recently (related to some deadlocks we hit in python bzip code)14:24
joshuahooverrtg, aboSamoor: we're looking into bug 461109 right now...in order to better diagnose this issue, we really need to reproduce the issue with full debugging on...i'm going to try to do this now with some test environments...if you two would be willing to do the same, it would be greatly appreciated...please create a new config file ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf ...then add the following two lines to it:14:24
ubottuBug 461109 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/461109 is private14:24
joshuahooverlog_level = DEBUG14:24
philsfstatik, I also just reported a crash bug: Bug #46111414:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461114 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service crashed with RuntimeError in find_port__linux()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46111414:25
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: eid@TheOracle:~$ cp  ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf /home/eid/Desktop/14:25
urbanapeCardinalFang, I'd assume so, based on my experience with this particular behavior. I'm making sure he's running with BINDWOOD_DEBUG and can get us some diagnostics.14:25
aboSamoor_cp: cannot stat `/home/eid/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf': No such file or directory14:25
urbanapeCardinalFang, did they change between 0.42 and 0.50?14:26
urbanapeI'm upgrading now.14:26
rtgjoshuahoover, should we use /etc/xdg/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf and copy it to .config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf ?14:26
CardinalFangurbanape, nothing like that changed, I think.  Maybe we require auth now, regardless of config file of user.14:26
* dobey wonders how people always only type the first period in a version number when talking about it14:26
dobeyit's so confusing sometimes14:27
joshuahooverfacundobatista, verterok: see rtg's question above ^^14:27
joshuahooverrtg, aboSamoor_: are you both on karmic on both of the computers you are syncing?14:27
verterokrtg: if you are using an updated client that isn't needed14:27
rtgkarmic, latest14:28
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: no log on my laptop, both laptop and desktop are using up to date karmic14:28
verterokrtg: the ubuntuone-syncdaemon will merge the user config with the /etc/xdg/ config14:28
verterokrtg: but you can use that approach and it should work just fine14:29
urbanapedobey, to confuse you14:29
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: and is the laptop the computer where you originally placed the files?14:29
* dobey kicks apport retracer in the face14:29
urbanapeit's a Turing test. You're in danger of failing.14:29
dobeyphilsf: your proxy is broken14:29
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: yeah, the laptop is the source of the files14:30
philsfdobey, I don't use one, never did14:30
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: hmmm...do you have any log files in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/ ?14:30
dobeyphilsf: hrmm14:31
philsfdobey, if there's some wrong or corrupt setting somewhere, it is wrong, but it only affects the U1 framework, and only in this desktop14:32
philsfdobey, I can use U1 in my laptop, and desktop at my workplace14:32
rtgjoshuahoover, Found tons of lines like 2009-10-26 15:59:30,236 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.sync - INFO - -:-:- - [:d32ba442-62f9-49a7-80fb-d06f41c4e23d] ''-'' | Called delete_file (In: T:NONE:F)  in syncdaemon.log :)14:32
rtgokay, how can I delete all files from UbuntuOne Web Interface?..14:33
dobeyphilsf: oh. ok, it's a different error than the other bug where a proxy was the problem, i see... but SSL cert validation is failing in bug #46085114:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460851 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-client-applet crashed with AttributeError in from_token_and_callback()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46085114:33
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: I am trying to update the bug description but it fails, is it related for being private bug !14:34
philsfdobey, it also failed in Jaunty (I upgraded to karmic yesterday)14:34
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: eid@TheOracle:~$ ls  ~/.config/ubuntuone/14:34
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: i think you should be able to even though it's private...you should have control of that bug in terms of viewing and updating (i think)14:34
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302091/14:35
dobeyphilsf: yes i see that in the log (since the version number in the log went down)14:35
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: i'm modifying the description for you14:35
philsfdobey, I entered some information on this in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/37608714:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 376087 in ubuntuone-client "UnknownLoginError during request for OAuth token" [High,Fix released]14:35
dobeyphilsf: did you not get a dialog popped up with the ssl validation error?14:36
philsfdobey, when I upgraded, and it still didn't work, I decided to try the karmic version, since the Jaunty version from the PPA was a higher version. Should I try the latest karmic version from the ppa?14:36
dobeyphilsf: no i don't think the problem is ubuntuone, but something else14:37
philsfdobey, I do get a popup everytime. Do you want me to post a screenshot of it to the bug?14:37
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: you mention in the last step you see on your laptop that all the files were named as conflicts...did this create zero byte files or something else?14:37
dobeyphilsf: it just says "SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed"?14:38
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: sorry if i missed this, but do you have any log files in your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log folder? (you should have a syncdaemon.log file there so i'm curious if any log files are being created there)14:38
dobeyphilsf: ok, good. though not sure why it's failing :(14:39
philsfdobey, yes, that's right14:39
philsfdobey, is there a debug mode?14:39
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: the new folder in my laptop is consists of empty folders 39 items, totalling 156.0 KB14:39
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: ls  ~/.config/ubuntuone/ the output is ubuntuone-client.conf14:40
dobeyphilsf: you could run it under pdb i guess, and maybe watch the http traffic with wireshark or something14:40
philsfdobey, is there a wiki page with isntructions for this?14:41
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: and did those empty folders have their original names, or were they renamed with ".u1conflict" at the end?14:41
dobeynot for ubuntuone specifically afaik14:41
philsfdobey, what do you suggest me to do then? I'm not familiar with these tools14:42
dobeyphilsf: i'm not sure it would provide any better information. and i'm not really familiar with pdb either14:43
dobeyphilsf: do you have 2 files named UbuntuOne*.pem in /etc/ssl/certs?14:43
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: http://pastebin.com/f436a7e8314:44
philsfdobey, yes UbuntuOne-Go_Daddy_CA.pem and UbuntuOne-Go_Daddy_Class_2_CA.pem14:45
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: and this is from your laptop?14:45
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: yes14:45
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: i see there are files in there as well as folders...is this after the problem occurred?14:45
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: the files are only in the folder that named to be conflicted and the new folder is empty14:47
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: ok, so, i'm trying to understand this completely so my apologies for all the questions...are all the files you had still located in the books.u1conflict folder?14:48
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: don't worry, my files in the books.u1conflict folder and I backed them up because in the past a mess happened bu having three partial groups of files among the server, laptop, and the desktop14:51
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: ok, well that's good to know and this additional info is helpful to as it gives a bit more details on exactly what is occurring...i originally thought the files were synced from the laptop to the server, you add the desktop to the account, files are deleted off the server and then files are deleted off the laptop14:52
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: this isn't better, but does give us more details to go on14:52
dobeyphilsf: very weird14:52
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: till now I can store my work on ubuntu one, because it is ambiguous in its merge algorithm14:53
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: then files are deleted off the laptop ---> the files named conflicted with the server and new folder made to pull down the empty folders from the server14:53
joshuahooverfacundobatista: were you able to look at the syncdaemon-exceptions.log file aboSamoor_ attached to bug 461109 a while ago? i missed that one originally14:54
ubottuBug 461109 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/461109 is private14:54
facundobatistajoshuahoover, yes14:55
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philsfdobey, please tell me if there's more information I can post to the bug. I'm going out for lunch14:58
philsfdobey, also, maybe the desktopcouch problem is related, do you think this might be the case?14:59
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: is it clear now ? I return to work :)15:00
joshuahooveraboSamoor_: yes, it is clear...i'm now working on reproducing with full debug on in my test environments...this may take a little while as it's kind of an involved test15:00
joshuahooverrtg: any luck on your end reproducing this with full debug turned on?15:01
dobeyphilsf: i don't know what the desktopcouch problem is15:01
dobeyphilsf: i doubt it's related15:01
rtgjoshuahoover,  i am still setting up the fresh UbuntuOne directory on both machines15:02
aboSamoor_joshuahoover: ok, I will watch the bug report for any needed logs or information. Thanks for the timely response.15:02
joshuahooverrtg: ok, thanks for the update and helping us with troubleshooting this!15:02
adelie42how can I see how much bandwidth ubuntuone is using?15:40
dobeyadelie42: i'm not sure there's any easy way to monitor bw usage on a per-application level15:41
adelie42less than easy process level? I remember there being some cli tool, but I forget the name.15:42
dobeyadelie42: i think there might be a top-like tool for network usage, but i don't recall the name of it15:45
adelie42looking at firestarter atm. A firewall that includes application level bandwidth and connection monitoring in a gui, live and cumulative. looks promising.15:47
adelie42Also, is it in the works to be able to download directories from the ubuntuone web interface?15:48
adelie42I wanted to show off some web development yesterday and had to download each file one at a time :(15:49
dobeyi think there are plans to grab a whole directory as a .zip file, yes15:49
dobeybut it's not an easy problem to fix (we don't want to have the server consuming all the resources because someone decided to download a directory full of HD videos or something)15:50
* dobey goes to fix his "must get lunch" issue :)15:50
ScuniziI've just tried to manually upload a file to my account and am experiencing an "Internal Server Error" on ubuntuone.com.. Is there an issue currently?16:16
joshuahooverScunizi: i'm checking on this now16:21
Scunizijoshuahoover: thanks16:22
joshuahooverScunizi: sorry for the errors...we have someone working on fixing it right now16:23
Scunizijoshuahoover: thanks!  My first attempt at uploading manually from a (eeeek) windows box at work.16:25
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Scuniziwindow hide 218:37
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CardinalFangaquarius, thisfred, I put you two in the list for email when weird things happen to u1couch.18:56
thisfredCardinalFang: excellent!18:57
CardinalFangaquarius, thisfred, it runs twice per day, on two log files, so you may get at most 4 emails.  If you do get any, then run 'couchlogscan-cache' to associate a stacktrace with a reported LP bug, and you won't get it any more.19:00
Scunizijoshuahoover: server still showing "Internal Server Error".. any update?19:31
joshuahooverScunizi: yes, we think it may be related to a cookie issue and we have several people working on the fix as i type this :)19:31
Scunizijoshuahoover: :)19:33
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* CardinalFang boggles at Google Maps.20:09
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jcastromy desktopcouch page in my browser is now asking for login/pw, is that normal?23:35
aquariusjcastro, how are you getting to that page?23:46
aquariusthrough couchdb.html?23:46
aquariusjcastro, and is it asking you to *enter* a username/pw, or is it saying that it's going to log you in with a specific username/pw?23:47
jcastroI am going to file:///home/jorge/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html23:50
jcastrothen there's a link23:50
jcastroand then I get a browser login screen23:50
jcastrothe window looks like it's a browser generated one, not like, an html form or something23:51
aquariusjcastro, ok, that means that couchdb.html has forgotten your password, for some reason.23:51
aquariusor, rather, it's using an old one23:51
aquariusthat's not supposed to happen23:51
jcastroah nm23:51
jcastroit works in FF23:51
jcastrobut not chrome23:51
jcastroit looks like it genned some random-looking password to pass along23:51
aquariusright, then chrome doesn't support http://username:password@blahblah/ style URLs23:51
aquariusit is indeed a random password23:51
jcastrohey is bindwood supposed to work?23:52
jcastrolike, should bookmarks be syncing with my laptops and desktops?23:52
aquariusjcastro, can you file a bug about the chrome thing? Not that I think that there's a lot I can do about it, mind.23:57
aquariusbindwood ought to be working now, but I don't know if urbanape's latest patches have made it into karmic yet23:58
aquariushe will know though :)23:58
jcastroit just did23:58
jcastroI got the update a few minutes ago23:58
aquariusthat's *some* patches, not necessarily all patches ;)23:58
aquariusright, I am going to bed, since in two minutes I turn into a pumpkin23:58
jcastroI was getting crushed by the "sync livebookmarks every few minutes and thrash your disk for 15 minutes" bug23:58

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