JasonAYo people!00:35
JasonAAnyone here?00:35
JasonAAnyones here?00:36
JasonAGot a ps3 question >_>00:36
soreauI am having a problem with setting keybindings for xfwm4. When I go to the keyboard settings and try to add a new command, I type in the command, type a key binding but the new binding does not show up in the list there. Isn't it supposed to? Is this a known bug?01:10
eeincan someone help me with xfce keybindings particulary xfrun4 <alt>F2 is not working01:12
eein<alt>F4 still works to close programs but not xfrun401:12
soreaueein: What is the output of 'ps ax|grep xfwm4'?01:14
eein 4937 ?        Ss     0:00 /bin/sh -c xfwm4 --replace  4938 ?        S      0:02 xfwm4 --replace01:16
eeinhmm that doesnt seem right01:16
soreauSure it does01:16
soreaueein: Well if it makes you feel any better, it's broken here too01:20
soreauand now I can't even get Keyboard prefs to open via xfce settings01:21
soreaubut I see why and it's not xfce's fault01:22
eeinhow is that01:22
soreauanyway, I think xfce keybindings are broken01:23
webbb82can i use compz in xfce04:13
durtwebbb82, yes you can.04:23
arthurjohnsonwebbb82: The easiest way:  Applications - Settings - Session and Startup - Application Autostart. Add the command "compiz --replace"04:25
arthurjohnsonwebbb82: There is another way (some would argue better way) but I've always just done the --replace method.04:25
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raffles hola ahorita estoy usando xubuntu pero al momento de ver un video se traba o el reproductor se cierra (vlc totem xfmedia) pero segun yo solo me pasa con aquellos en donde las escenas transcurren muy rapido o el video va rapido, no son todos los videos solo algunos. alguien me puede ayudar aqui repito que ahorita estoy usando xubuntu05:25
raffleslos videos de youtube por ejemplo se ven bien y la musica tambien05:25
_Techie_!es raffles05:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about es raffles05:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:25
rafflesexcume thank you05:26
coastertalneed some help with sound not working05:33
lucijani downloaded the 8.04 image and now that i try to install it booting from cd fails with the message could not find kernal image: linux13:06
lucijanis there a way to see the list of available images?13:06
likemindeadDid you check the disc for errors/defects?13:07
lucijanlikemindead: you mean after burning checksum verification or something as like?13:07
likemindeadYes. When you boot a Ubuntu Live CD, there is a "Check Disc For Defects" (or something similar) option. Run that. It only takes a couple of minutes.13:08
lucijanlikemindead: i can13:08
lucijan't see a menu just a prompt "boot:"13:09
likemindeadThat doesn't sound good.13:09
lucijanmust say it's old machines13:10
likemindeadProcessor? RAM?13:10
lucijanand i bought the cd-r on a bazar in a small village in ukraine13:10
lucijanpentium III 866 mhz with 512 mb13:11
Sysithat should be ok13:11
likemindeadYep. I'm on a similar machine right now!13:12
likemindeadAre you trying Ubuntu or Xubuntu, lucijan?13:12
likemindeadIs the image you have the desktop Live Cd or the alternative Live CD?13:13
lucijanlikemindead: alternate13:14
lucijanno worlds about live tough13:14
lucijantested the same cd on a different machine same problem13:14
likemindeadYeah, that's an install only image. No Live Desktop environment.13:15
lucijani burned the iso with mac's disk utillities but that should be good normally13:15
lucijanlikemindead: installation is what i have in mind13:15
lucijanisolinux is not lilo, is it?13:16
lucijanyou think it's worth a try downloading 9.04 and testing again?13:16
lucijanit's just a bad internet connection so 500mb take about 4 hours to download13:17
likemindeadI'd go for 9.10 at this point.13:17
lucijanis that stable? i will set up an internet cafe here in a culture club and there is no one really good with computers so i think it's good to have something stable, because i will leave in maybe 3 weeks or a month13:18
lucijanalso i wonder if it is possible to create one setup (i will need some scripts etc.) and have that setup on some master disk13:19
lucijanlikemindead: should i go for alternate or desktop?13:19
likemindeadI always go with Desktop.13:20
likemindeadThat way you can test the Live CD before you install.13:20
likemindeadAnd yes, 9.10 is quite stable. It is RC now and final release in three days.13:20
pjammergreetings and salivations13:46
likemindead!hi | pjammer13:46
ubottupjammer: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!13:46
pjammerjust downloaded xubuntu to hopefully ROCK my old compaq circa 200013:47
pjammer186mb of ram... should be fun!13:47
likemindeadI'd get on eBay and get some cheap RAM, as much as that old machine can handle. Makes a world of difference.13:48
likemindeadI'm on a PIII laptop circa 2002, but I upped the RAM from 128MB to 1GB. :-) It flies!13:48
pjammerdamn u left13:57
pjammerif a machine says it can only handle 256.. is that really it? without mod-ing it?13:57
pjammerby that i mean is it only a suggested limit, or that's all that little guy can handle.13:58
MoonTigeris this where i can ask about karmic rc?14:33
Sysiabout ubuntu karmic or xubuntu karmic?14:35
MoonTigerxubuntu :)14:35
Sysihmm, there is #ubuntu+1 but you can try :)14:36
MoonTigerok ... i don't want to ask in the wrong place and all but its a sound issue ... always starts muted14:37
Sysisame problem has existed also in jaunty14:38
MoonTigerdidnt for me14:38
MoonTigeris there a solution?14:40
MoonTigerawesome ... so basically they are saying if pulse audio doesn't start quit the init script ... genius14:41
Sysii dunno, works for me14:42
MoonTigerdid you apply the patch?14:42
Sysior i'm not sure, i don't reboot often14:42
MoonTigeri have to reboot in windoze for coding stuff so i reboot often14:43
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ron_othis is weird. I'm using Opera and I know my mouse was on a legitimate website without any ads, that I know of, and then all of a sudden a new page popped up with one of those "Google, work from home" scams.18:03
ron_othe question is how?18:03
pjammerjs? timers?18:05
ron_ojavascript ? and what's a timer?18:06
Pres-GasHey, all.  I cannot edit files in the RC of Xubu.  I have a file in my home and can "less" it to a terminal, but when I issue "vi" on the file, it comes up as a new file18:09
Pres-GasI have an encrypted home directory18:09
pjammerron_o: i meant maybe they programmed the javascript to open after 10 seconds or something18:13
pjammerdunno. i try to avoid dodgy sites18:13
ron_othat's just it. I was here: http://www.bartleby.com/73/1593.html18:14
ron_onot dodgy at all.18:15
ron_oand I had other video open, now closed, but it was sitting there idling for some time.18:15
ron_othanks. I'll figure it out. I was way too used to browser hijackers in windows. Don't want a repeat, you know.18:16
ron_opretty obvious it wasn't legit. Some people!18:17
Brian_i need a litle help  i was messing with the desktop effects and somehow there are no window borders as in to close or move a window  how do i get it back.  in gnome i could do compiz --replace  but what do i do in xfce18:21
TheSheepBrian_: alt+f2 and then type 'xfwm4'18:25
Brian_ya i got it thanks18:25
likemindeadI always had better luck with Emerald (rather than Compiz) for a window manager, Brian_.18:27
Brian_can you use emerald in xfce?18:28
Sysiof course18:28
Sysii didn't manage to get compiz work with xfwm18:28
Sysiat the end i decided that xfce composion was better :P18:29
Brian_so how do i get and use emerald in xf18:29
Sysiinstall it18:30
Sysiand set to compiz-settings18:30
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.18:30
likemindeadHmm... :-\18:31
Brian_whats the deal with http://goodies.xfce.org/start#xfce-goodies-project   is it a repo i can add18:31
pjammeri saw this cat on youtube run compiz on a similar old laptop... i'm stoked if it will work !18:39
Brian_what terminal does xfce use19:01
zoI'm a xubuntu user and I need help. My cd player does not work, i think that xubuntu did not identify it. Is there a command in order to resolve this problem?19:03
zo(beginning of the previous message) : I'm a xubuntu user and I need help. My cd player does not work (...)19:04
pjammerlspci doesn't have it. i think that is the command.19:09
PenguinoBrian_: xfce4-terminal19:11
craigbass1976What's the best GUI way to browse windows shares in xubuntu?19:15
PenguinoI use Nautilus19:16
PenguinoI'd like to use Nautilus as default file manager but I don't know how :(19:16
PenguinoThunar is pretty fast but I need some Nautilus features19:16
craigbass1976Penguino, Isn't installing nautilus going to bring a bunch of GNOME stuff too?19:17
Penguinocraigbass1976: Yup19:18
PenguinoBut it's the only way I know for doing that19:19
craigbass1976Penguino, mmm, that's what I wanted to avoid19:19
PenguinoI try to keep a free-qt desktop but I can't19:20
PenguinoDamn VirtualBox lol19:20
kaeserHOw do I disable screen lock when lid is close or when inactive?19:20
craigbass1976kaeser, settings -> screensaver19:21
kaeserApparently there is something else that is messing with it.19:22
kaeserCous I did disable those things over there.19:22
PenguinoI'll wait for final Karmic19:22
PenguinoHaving a clean install is the answer for everything :P19:22
pjammerxubuntu is loading up but the screen is dark..... hmm.19:33
MichielLHi all, since Abiword is the default wordprocessor for Xubuntu I thought I'd notify you that a new major release is out - version 2.8.019:39
MichielLIn case anybody wants to package it, the URI is http://abisource.com/downloads/abiword/2.8.0/source/19:39
charlie-tcaThank you. It will probably make it into the next release.19:39
charlie-tca9.10 will be released on Thursday, which is a little late to put that in.19:40
MichielLI understand. Well, thought you should have it anyway ASAP. It'll be out officially soon.19:41
PenguinoI uninstalled Abiword and installed OpenOffice :D19:43
charlie-tcaThanks. It may be a candidate for SRU19:43
MichielLI think indeed SDU would be in order - it is a major release and especially ODF interoperability has been improved a lot. Also, it has some nifty real time collaboration stuff which is really impressive.19:46
charlie-tcaI can try to do that after the sync next month. They just turn them down if we do it now19:47
MichielLGreat. I'm sure the users will be very happy about their - the office suite is so central to the way people think, and especially in interoperability the last 18 months have made a huge difference.19:49
MichielLWell, thanks for the help. Look forward to seeing it apt-gotten on my machine.19:50
charlie-tcaYou are welcome. Thanks for bringing it up19:55
RhysTMHi all, newbie question... What differences are there between ubuntu and xubuntu apart from the window manager?21:33
Sysisome programs21:33
TheSheepthe programs that are installed by default21:34
RhysTMi have been using ubuntu for a few years so apart from programs there is no difference in functionality21:34
RhysTMand i take it these can be retrospectively installed from the repo21:34
TheSheepthere is difference in that xubuntu doesn't have all the gui stuff that ubuntu does, but yes, you can install anything from ubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu, etc.21:36
Sysiit's mostly what you like the most21:36
Sysithere are other things that window manager actually21:37
RhysTMfunctionality over aesthetics for me21:37
Sysiwhole UI is bit different21:37
Sysiit's about what you like mostly21:37
Sysixubuntu runs with less ram but not big difference21:38
RhysTMOK thanks, i guess i'll install it tomorrow and see how it is.21:39
Sysiand you van insall all UI:s21:39
TheSheepI always end up with something in between ubuntu. xubuntu and completely custom21:39
Sysii have them21:39
Sysii get xubuntu, try others and use xubuntu21:40
RhysTMI am using mint at the moment on a dodgy laptop that locks up periodically21:40
Guest2906hello, can anyone recommend a virtual machine for installing linux on a windows XP pc? i already tried VMware player but i had troubles connecting to the interwebz.21:46
RhysTMvmware workstation?21:48
Guest2906hmm i think that since its from the same company the networking thingies will be handled the same way :-|21:49
Guest2906i guess i try virtualbox21:49
charlie-tcaVirtualBox from Sun21:49
Guest2906Yes, thanks :-]21:50
pjammer a #protip... when installing xubuntu on a POS laptop, make sure you get the alternate install.23:23
pjammer58% oooo!23:58
pjammerbeer time23:58
Penguino58% for what?23:59

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