Peng_lifeless: The LP URL isn't stored anywhere. The code can usually guess it, but not always.00:13
Peng_lifeless: Plus, not every branch is mirrored on LP.00:13
Peng_lifeless: It's probably still do-able, but it requires a little thinking, which I haven't wanted to do. :P00:13
SamB_XPPeng: americans these days!00:14
wgrantWhy are the branches not hosted on LP?00:14
Peng_wgrant: Why don't I host my branches on LP?00:14
wgrantPeng_: Right.00:14
Peng_wgrant: Eh. If I did host them on LP, I'd only be using my VPS for ntp and irssi. How'd that be fun?00:15
SamB_XPPeng: it sounds better if you claim to be "testing" it ;-P00:18
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igcmorning (ish)01:41
pooliehow're the old positrons? :)01:41
offby1they keep annihilating the electrons.01:47
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igchi poolie!02:30
pooliehi igc02:30
igcpoolie: how's the email mountain? :-)02:30
pooliesubstantial :)02:31
jammwhudson: question about python for you03:54
jamIt seems that subclassing from tuple gives me an object that is 8-bytes bigger03:54
jamuntil I add an attribute, then it seems to grow a __dict__ and blossom another 140 bytes03:54
jamEven adding __slots__ = ()03:54
jamit still seems to have the extra 8 bytes03:54
jamdo you know why?03:54
lifelesspython type vs native type?03:55
jamlifeless: yeah, I was worried that the pure-python StaticTuple would have a __dict__ all the time, so I added __slots__ = (), only to find 0 change on normal instances.03:55
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jamanyway, I haven't found the code that handles subclassing builtins, other than "tuple_subtype_new"03:57
jambut that doesn't seem to indicate what 'tp_alloc' is set to for the new class instance03:57
spivjam: hmm, that does seem to be the key question03:59
jamspiv: anyway, I can live with 8 bytes overhead for StaticTuple instances when they don't compile extensions03:59
jamversus 28 for the ST instance if we wrapped a tuple instead of subclassing it04:00
mwhudsonjam: not off the top of my head04:00
spivjam: gdb says PyType_GenericAlloc04:01
jammwhudson: I thought you might have some inkling, as I thought you mentioned when 'tp_dict' is negative04:01
mwhudsonjam: i probably knew once :)04:01
jamspiv: right and that is just based on "tp_itemsize" and "tp_basicsize"04:01
jamso we need to figure out what is setting "tp_basicsize"04:01
* igc lunch04:02
spivjam: for me, the tp_itemsize and tp_basicsize are the same for a trival "class T(tuple): __slots__ = ()" and tuple.04:03
jamspiv: so I posted some testing here:04:04
jamcan you reproduce?04:04
jam(creating 1M instances of a child of tuple is 8 bytes more memory than 1M instances of tuple)04:04
jamwhich is 16 bytes more memory than 1M instances of _static_tuple_c.StaticTuple04:04
jamregardless of __slots__04:04
jamspiv: I *do* see that if you have "add_dict" set, then it adds a pointer to the end of the instance. And I think I see that add_dict should be set to 0 if __slots__ is set.04:07
jambut that doesn't seem to be what I'm seeing in practice...04:08
lifelesssure its not a type pointer?04:11
* lifeless is speculating04:11
jamlifeless: all objects in python have a type pointer, even 'tuple'04:12
jamso it should be able to just re-use that location04:12
jamsince it is fixed for inspection04:12
jamit could be a mro or something like that04:12
jamhowever, looking at "typeobject.c"04:13
jamessentially "type->tp_basicsize = base->tp_basicsize + (add_dict ? 1 : 0) + (add_weakref ? 1 : 0) + (num_slots)04:13
jamspiv: in my testing, I even see it if I comment out all of StaticTuple's implementation except for the __slots__ statement.04:17
spivjam: I see no memory difference under 2.6 between [tuple([n]) for n in range(1000000)] and s/tuple/T/, where T is that trivial subclass with empty __slots__.04:18
jamspiv: oddly enough, I *do*04:19
spivjam: I *do* see different results with zero-length tuples04:20
spivi.e. pass [] instead of [n]04:20
jamspiv: well there it is because 'tuple()' is a singleton04:20
spivjam: my testing method is pretty simple, I'm running this:04:21
spivpython -c "T = type('T', (tuple,), {'__slots__': ()}); x = [T([n]) for n in range(1000000)]; print 'ready'; raw_input()"04:21
spivjam: and then looking at /proc/<pid>/status04:21
lifelessjam: what python version do you have?04:21
jamlifeless: 2.6.204:21
lifelessspiv: and you ?04:21
jamspiv: "trace.debug_memory()" on windows04:21
jamwhich looks at /proc/pid/status on linux04:21
lifelessI suspect its the __slots__ change which broken boost-python in 2.6.304:22
* lifeless handwaves furiously04:22
jamlifeless: that could be...04:22
jamspiv: on Python 2.4.3 under linux I see no difference with __slots__ and 8 bytes without __slots__04:27
spivjam: *nod*04:31
jamspiv: I just upgraded to python 2.6.4, and I still see the same thing...04:34
jamvery very strange04:34
jamw/ or w/o __slots__ it adds 8 bytes04:35
jammaybe an alignment thing?04:35
jamsubclasses not being as tightly aligned...04:35
jamanyway, the merge proposal is still good to have, as it helps somewhere (on spiv's machine. :)04:36
* jam wanders off to bed04:45
spivjam: I just hit approve, btw04:46
spivjam: in case you want to do a PQM submission from bed ;)04:46
igclifeless: do your changes in dirstate2 reduce it's size? IIRC, you were looking to take one of the 'columns' out weren't you?05:40
lifelessigc: I haven't done that05:56
wgrantWill anything blow up if I symlink a shared repo's .bzr into a subdirectory, in order to segregate my branches?06:29
pooliewgrant: the .bzr/repository directory?06:30
poolieit's not really supported06:30
wgrantpoolie: I was thinking the entire .bzr.06:30
pooliewhat exactly do you mean?06:30
wgrantpoolie: I have ~/launchpad/lp-branches with lots of branches in it.06:31
wgrantI have a particular line of work which will need about a dozen branches.06:31
wgrantI want this to live in a subdirectory.06:31
wgrantSo the related branches are obvious and separated from the rest.06:32
lifelessigc: I'd be delighted to brain dump/find my old notes on removing columns06:32
lifelesswgrant: it will work fine06:32
poolieso i don't think you need to do anything with symlinks06:33
lifelesswgrant: but its not need, just use a subdir06:33
wgrantlifeless: That's what I thought, but best to be safe. Thanks.06:33
pooliejust make a subdir06:33
lifelesswgrant: 'mkdir project'; bzr branch trunk project/106:33
spivwgrant: you can have an arbitrary number of subdirectories between a repo and a branch, though..06:33
wgrantspiv: Oh, it will look all the way up?06:33
lifelesswgrant: yes06:33
wgrantThat's convenient.06:33
wgrantdidn't know that...06:33
lifelesswgrant: we aim to please06:33
igclifeless: I think there was a bug report for removing a column. Maybe add them there?06:33
wgrantlifeless: You succeed.06:33
lifelessigc: are you considering picking up dirstate2 and running with it?06:34
lifelessI won't be following up for a while..06:34
igcwgrant: if there's somewhere in the doc I should change to make that more obvious, please let me know06:34
igclifeless: no06:34
igclifeless: I was just trying to understand some benchmark results06:34
wgrantigc: I haven't read the bzr docs in at least three years. I have no idea what they're like now.06:35
igclifeless: see #46165106:35
igcwgrant: I guess that answers that question :-)06:36
lifelessbug 46165106:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461651 in bzr "Implicit packing during branch is often suboptimal" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46165106:36
lifelessigc: yes, I saw that06:36
igc11M for a FireFox dirstate seemed large06:37
lifelessigc: getting rid of the the extra tree columns wouldn't shrink that any06:41
lifelessas its not a merged dirstate06:41
igclifeless: ah - ok. Thanks06:42
vilahi all07:10
pooliehello vila!07:10
vilawelcome back poolie :)07:11
pooliethanks, it's good to be back07:12
igchi vila!07:18
wgrantigc: So, I decided I should read through some of the docs. They really are excellent these days.07:24
wgrant(where do I file typos in them?)07:24
igcwgrant: the docs are genuinely a community effort but, hey, I'll take the credit :-) :-)07:25
igcwgrant: unfortunately, it depends07:25
igcwgrant: most of the docs are in the core but some, like the migration docs, are separate projects07:25
igcwgrant: if you file doc bugs against the core, we can shuffle the assigned project if appropriate07:26
wgrantigc: 'Why Switch to Bazaar?' is the one I just found a typo in.07:26
igcwgrant: it's in lp:bzr-migration-docs07:26
wgrantigc: Thanks.07:27
wgrantigc: One other thing I noticed (horrible horrible nitpicking, I know) is that the migration docs don't seem sure on whether to use sentence or title case for various levels of headings. It just makes it look that bit unpolished.07:32
igcwgrant: the unwritten rule is Title case for document headings, sentence case otherwise07:33
lifelessigc: I'd be a lot happier if all the docs were in the core07:37
lifelessso the debian package would include them07:37
igclifeless: all the docs can't be in the core - many of them are built from plugins07:38
lifelessigc: I thought that was just the plugin guide one?07:39
igclifeless: other like the website and doc-website bridge multiple releases07:39
lifelessigc: well, the website is differnet07:39
lifelessits /docs/ I care about07:40
* wgrant will submit a couple of migration docs MPs later tonight.07:40
lifelessif the ReST were generated and committed to trunk, then it could be included in the deb package07:40
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GaryvdMHi lifeless08:21
GaryvdMlifeless: I'm looking at bug 320236.08:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320236 in bzr-search "Index authors" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32023608:21
GaryvdMlifeless: Would it be allright if specified the field that a term applies to in the document_key08:21
GaryvdMlifeless: e.g. for authors/commiter : ('r','a',rev_id)08:22
lifelessI'd hesitate to do that08:23
lifelessits not a good use of the index space08:23
lifelesseither index with a more appropriate term08:23
lifeless('author', 'fred')08:24
lifelessor query the matching revisions to filter more08:24
GaryvdMlifeless: Ok - I think I'll index with a more appropriate term08:24
lifelessGaryvdM: my advice though08:25
lifelessGaryvdM: post process08:25
lifelessaccessing revisions is fast08:25
lifelessand you'll already have a short list08:25
GaryvdMlifeless: Ok08:25
lifelessadding more data to the search index is likely to just slow things down08:25
lifeless*if* data shows that it would make a huge difference, then I'll happily drill into this in more detail with you08:26
lifelessconsider though - how many revisions would have a hit for 'Robert' and not have that be author/committer08:27
lifeless[remember that you won't be comparing against file texts here]08:27
GaryvdMlifeless: Yes - that makes sense.08:28
vilalifeless: you know there are still  3 test failures for loom ? (Related to switch)08:40
lifelessvila: no, I didn't08:40
lifelessunless, perhaps, I put up a branch for review08:40
vilalifeless: ./bzr selftest -s bb.test_switch trigger them all08:44
* igc dinner08:47
lifelessvila: have you filed a bug on loom? if not, please do so08:49
vilalifeless: ok08:51
vilabug #46174308:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461743 in bzr-loom "test failures related to switch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46174308:54
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hsnanybody have experience with bzr support in maven? it seems that bzr protocol is unsupported and sf.net servers does not provide http access to bzr repo09:36
GaryvdMHi igc12:27
igchi garyvdm12:28
GaryvdMigc: I've been thinking about rename/move for qbzr.12:29
GaryvdMI want to hear your ideas on ui.12:29
GaryvdMAnd bounce some of my own.12:29
igcbug 29824212:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 298242 in qbzr "New dialog for auto rename" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29824212:31
GaryvdMSo the idea I have is that from the treewidget (i.e. qcommit, and qbrowse) you can right click, rename, or you can drag and drop move12:32
igcgaryvdm: sounds great12:33
GaryvdMigc: Sorry - I forgot that you had the right up in the bug.12:33
igcgaryvdm:I like you ideas12:34
GaryvdMAnd the other idea that I have is that you can highlight a missing file, and a unversioned file, and right click, "Mark as Move"12:34
GaryvdMigc: Cool12:34
igcwe could combine them by just showing the dialog I outlined, with ...12:34
igcthe relevant radio button pre-selected12:35
GaryvdMigc: I see12:35
igcdrag n drop would be really nice for move12:37
igcgaryvdm: it's my bed time - any other questions?12:39
GaryvdMigc: Nope. Thanks for your time.12:39
GaryvdMigc: Sleep well.12:39
igcgaryvdm: thanks!12:39
igcnight all12:40
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jammorning all13:53
vilamorning jam !!!13:57
viladid you intended to vote but forgot on the dwim revspec ?13:58
vilajam: the tone of your comment sounds like a vibrant approve but... :)14:00
jamvila: I intended to enter the discussion.14:01
jamthough I do approve the change14:01
jamvila: there, feel better :)14:02
vilalol, thanks for fullermd :)14:03
jamPeng: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.1-st-from-iterable/+merge/1402714:09
jamvila: I'll go ahead and submit his patch then.14:13
vilajam: I'm doing right now if you haven't started...14:14
jamvila: ah, please do14:14
jamI just didn't see it in PQM yet14:14
vilaI had some... weirdness-I-dont-even-want-to-start-looking-at14:15
jamrockstar: are you around for a bit of a chat?14:15
Peng_The question is, how do I mark my merge proposal as superseded?14:19
gioelemwhudson: hi, have you got a tarball of the generated bzrlib API?14:37
jamPeng_: you can mark it as "work in progress" and it will be hidden from the review queue14:58
jamor "Merged" if you want to treat it as merged into mine...14:59
jamI don't have a better way14:59
jamPeng_: Or just wait until the patch lands and see if lp marks it merged for you15:01
rockstarjam, hi15:09
jamgood morning rockstar15:10
jamI hope you've had your coffee this morning :)15:10
Peng_jam: I'm confident that LP will mark it merged.15:10
jamI'd like to pick your brain a bit about things that the bzr team can do to help you guys15:10
Peng_Huh, set(['foo bar']) is a lot faster than set(StaticTuple('foo bar'))15:10
jammost notably, things that *I* should focus on :)15:10
rockstarjam, great.  I don't drink coffee shop, but I'm about to head out to one.15:11
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rockstarjam, can it wait about an hour?  I have some branches to land.15:11
jamrockstar: absolutely15:11
rockstarjam, great.15:11
Bear10_when I do a bzr add dir it says it ignored 2 files but doesn't say which15:13
Bear10_any ideas how to find out which?15:13
jamBear10_: bzr ignored15:15
Bear10_see :)15:25
Bear10_woops wrong window15:25
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Peng_jam: Thanks for all of your help recently. :)15:40
jamPeng_: thanks for your interest15:48
Bear10_has anyone experienced problems where the icons just never update, and you have to manually update to see if your still on the same version as the binded branch?16:04
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Arcdoes bazaar support commit hooks such as buildbots, special handling of certain file types (ie, unzipping an ODF so it's contents are stored in VCS and diffed vs the zip as a binary blob, metadata checked and passed, etc)16:49
Peng_Bazaar does have good hook support, so they can probably be used for all of that.16:49
Arcdo the hook distribute to users?16:50
Arcor do they need to be manually installed by each committer16:50
Arclooking at bazaar from the mercurial model16:52
Arcespecially for hosting media16:52
Peng_Arc: Manually installed.16:54
Arcso we're not really better off with bzr over hg16:55
Arcexcept for perhaps the licensing issue, which hg is very sub-optimal for16:56
Peng_It is?16:57
ArcGPLv2 only vs GPLv2+16:57
ArcGPLv2-only is not AGPLv3 compatible16:57
Peng_Arc: I think they're working on GPLv2+.16:57
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Peng_Or already did it.16:57
Arcreally?  I thought their maintainer was dead set against it16:58
Peng_Arc: I think he suddenly and quietly changed his mind. I'm not sure, though.17:00
james_wIs GPLv2+ AGPLv3 compatible?17:02
james_wI wouldn't have thought that it would be17:02
Arcyes, because the GPLv3 is AGPLv3 compatible17:03
ArcGPLv3 section 13 makes it so17:04
james_wah, thanks17:06
Arcwe're building a web framework for our project that is licensed under the AGPLv3, and would really like to get mercurial integration17:07
Peng_Arc: See the thread in mercurial-devel "Re-licensing email", starting 2009-10-14.17:11
ArcPeng_: i just read, thanks :-)17:12
Takis there anything special I need to do to `import bzrlib` on windows, having installed with the default installer?17:14
Takaha, got it!17:17
Takdidn't think to look in the zipfile17:17
cjwatsonjelmer: can I interest you in what appears to be a bzr-svn data corruption bug? it's happening to the grub project, who are just looking at adopting bzr; unfortunately at the moment they're using the bzr/bzr-svn from Debian lenny (but could be persuaded to upgrade if I can demonstrate that some of their problems would go away with newer code)17:32
cjwatsonjelmer: jml took a look at it here and said "uh, this probably needs John or Jelmer" :-)17:33
Takanyone with python on win64 want to do a `python -c "import sys; print sys.platform"` for me?17:34
jmlcjwatson, I was _so_ much more eloquent than that.17:34
jmlcjwatson, I was using internal rhyme and everything.17:35
cjwatsonjml: :-)17:35
Peng_mwhudson: ping, if you don't mind doing some hand-holding.17:36
Peng_Tak: Maybe try #python.17:36
Peng_What OSes are used at Canonical? Just Ubuntu? :D17:37
Takor maybe not!!!17:37
Peng_Tak: Why not?17:37
GaryvdMPeng_: bzr is cross platform!17:40
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cjwatsonjelmer: bug 462109, if you're interested17:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462109 in bzr-svn "corrupted branch with bzr 1.5, bzr-svn 0.4.10, and roundtripping" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46210917:46
Peng_mwhudson: Semi-unping. (Sorry, I know that's not very helpful.)17:50
Takin case anybody cares, the result is "win32"17:55
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GaryvdMIs there a way to get a tree for NULL_REVISION without a reference to a repository?18:03
GaryvdMAh - nvm - I grep and I grep, but I could not find. I asked here, then switch back to my IDE, and it was right in my face :-P18:05
GaryvdMRevisionTree(self, Inventory(root_id=None), NULL_REVISION)18:05
BrianBatchelderI'm trying to figure out how to prevent the merging of a particular file whenever I merge between two branches.  We have a hierarchical branch setup, with branch "A" as our release branch, and "A.1", "A.2", etc. as development branches.  When a dev branch is ready to release, it merges to branch "A", and then that code is merged down to the rest of the development branches.  But I have one branch-specific file that can't be merged during this process. 18:30
BrianBatcheldermust be version controlled, because it is needed in checkouts of the development branches.  Any ideas of how to do this?  Thanks.18:30
maxbbzr revert it in between merge and commit, always?18:30
dashBrianBatchelder: revert it before you commit the merge?18:30
BrianBatchelderI'm not the only one who does the merges, so I'd like it to be automatic.18:31
dashshell script time :)18:31
BrianBatchelderIs there a simple way to hook the merge operation and automatically revert it?18:32
BrianBatchelderOr perhaps limit the users who can modify that file?18:36
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mwhudsonPeng_: good <time of day>19:15
Takjelmer: http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/1204/mdbzrwin32.png19:21
Peng_mwhudson: Hi. :)19:27
Peng_mwhudson: So anyway, never mind about the ping. I was trying to figure out loggerhead.wholehistory, and managed it well enough.19:33
mwhudsonPeng_: cool19:33
Peng_Not that I understand it, but I was able to accomplish what I was working on. :P19:34
Peng_The revision graph cache is one scary data structure. :P19:34
mwhudsonyes, and it should be fixed by deletion really19:43
mwhudsonotoh, we can't escape the need for revision numbering for now19:43
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jfroy|workjelmer: is the svn revno corresponding to a particular bzr revision available to hooks?20:03
jfroy|workI'd like to write some sort of post-revision-push hook (if that's possible) that would need to know the corresponding svn revno (and possibly the push URL) of each pushed revision.20:04
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samokkhey. wondering about something simple : I see that bzr 2 has a new repository format 'nearly as efficient as git', and also supports the import of git branches. if the 2a format is only nearly as efficient, then why not use git repo format by default ?20:46
dashgit doesn't support all of bzr's features20:46
samokkoh ok20:47
faheemcan anyone point me to large public bzr repos for testing? i'm using 2.0.120:56
hsnfaheem: mysql21:02
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maxbfaheem: Launchpad's own source is pretty large21:21
lifelessfaheem: what sort of testing21:30
lifelesshsn: mysql haven't upgraded their branches, so aren't a very good test case for testing - still performs slowly21:30
bob2drizzle otoh is about to upgrade21:41
lifelessbob2: cool; I only lurk in IRC, you're in the list?21:49
apm121mysql migrate from ? svn or cvs ?21:52
bob2they came from bk21:53
wgrantbzr-git doesn't seem to be able to branch over HTTP yet. Is that the case?22:25
mwhudsonwgrant: it is22:28
wgrantmwhudson: I guess I'll do a local clone and branch from that. Thanks.22:29
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mwhudsoni have this vague notion that bzr plugins can't be in eggs22:48
mwhudsonis there something fundamental about this, or could it be fixed?22:48
lifelessmwhudson: it could be fixed I guess22:52
lifelessmwhudson: plugins are just packages that we do 'import bzrlib.plugins.package'22:53
lifelessmwhudson: plugin loading is thus in two phases: setup an appropriate python path on bzrlib.plugins.__path__22:53
lifelessscan manually for all packages in that path22:53
lifelesscall 'import bzrlib.plugins.package' for the resulting names22:53
mwhudsoni guess it's the "scan manually" part that goes awry with eggs?22:54
lifelessnow, things keep getting tweaked there22:54
lifelessI mean to go into the code, delete all the cruft and make it simple again22:54
lifeless(for instance, I believe bzr in a .zip is handled differently, for no good reason)22:54
mwhudsonso if i were to focus very narrowly on what i'm thinking about right now, which is launchpad, i could probably put (say) bzr-svn in an egg and import it by hand22:55
lifelessoh yes22:56
lifelessI'd expect that work fine22:56
lifelesssee also IRC log for me chatting with vila about allowing specifications of individual plugins on BZR_PLUGIN_PATH22:56
mwhudsonBzrError: Attempt to escape test isolation: 'file:///var/tmp/codeimport/data/worker-for-branch-1/bzr_working_tree/' [u'/tmp/testbzr-MThLsv.tmp/', 'file:///tmp/testbzr-MThLsv.tmp/', u'/tmp/testbzr-MThLsv.tmp/lp.codehosting.codeimport.tests.test_worker.TestSubversionImport.test_import/', 'file:///tmp/testbzr-MThLsv.tmp/lp.codehosting.codeimport.tests.test_worker.TestSubversionImport.test_import/', 'file:///tmp/testbzr-MThLsv.tmp/']23:21
mwhudsonwhat is this trying to tell me?23:21
mwhudsonoh, i see23:23
mwhudsonnot the most helpful error message23:23
spivNo, I guess not.23:23
johnfjelmer: you about?23:24
spivSome text like "is not inside one of" between the url and the list of acceptable locations would probably help.23:24
spivAnd maybe "Attempt to open BzrDir outside test isolation" would be better too.23:26
johnfanyone know if there is a solution to this problem when running bzr check "reason: Parent not in inventory." It is from a branch that was originally branched from SVN23:26
mwhudsonspiv: yeah23:26
spivHuh, PQM is only just now playing my merge requests from yesterday.  I wonder where they got stuck.23:28
pooliehello spiv, igc, mwh23:36
igchi poolie23:55
pooliehi there igc23:57
igcpoolie: can you review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ian-clatworthy/bzr/filtering-revert-bug/+merge/14022 today? Given you're not working on the content filtering bug, I'm going to take it back on board. This is step 1.23:58
poolieok, i'll try23:58

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