JontheEchidnaoh my: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pube5Aynsls02:35
ScottKOne of those times I'm glad Quassel has web preview so I don't actually click on the link.02:46
JontheEchidnajust be glad the preview doesn't have flash support :P02:49
JontheEchidnaor does it? That'd be annoying02:49
ScottKIt doesn't.02:51
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* Sput thinks it does08:22
ScottKI probably fled in horror before it finished.09:30
Riddellmorning happy testers09:54
SputScottK: I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've seen flash in the preview (maybe there's some configuration for QtWebkit too?)10:00
Lex79ScottK: no svn found for kgmailnotifier, I sent an email to author hoping he responds today10:31
Half-LeftI've just logged results of the ISO testing and it's all good. :)12:27
ghostcubeehlo folks12:36
Tm_THalf-Left: nice (:12:36
Half-LeftWould be good to have a nice picture in the background, instead of a white screen while it's installing. :)12:38
ubuntu_hi. i want to contribute to beta testing the karmic koala RC12:46
ubuntu_I am backing up my old home directory while I am running from the live CD12:46
ubuntu_as the regular update just destroyed the systems ability to boot12:47
=== ubuntu_ is now known as worufu
worufuI did the update the day before yesterday (from 9.04 to 9.10)12:48
worufusind then it was kind of a lottery game when booting12:48
worufuevery 10th time or so it went through to KDM12:49
worufuwhen running almost everything was perfect12:49
worufubut today I never was able to get KDM running12:49
worufuit does some boot routine though.... but it is difficult to see what's going on... as there are many blank screens stealing the focus during boot process12:50
worufuis there any way I can contribute interesting data?12:50
worufuor shall I just proceed overwriting the existing install with an install from the live CD?12:50
worufuuhm.... #ubuntu-1 ?12:55
Riddellhi worufu13:02
Riddellif you have logs in /var/log/syslog that would be useful for a bug report13:02
Riddellgoing back to testing now but if you also are able to test installs that would be great13:06
* rgreening is a good looking developer.. ('notices topic')13:08
worufuRiddell: I have syslogs available. but I have no clue where to contribute and post them13:08
worufuRiddell: just printed the syslog on the screen and noticed that the last lines were full of not human readable bytecode13:09
worufusorry for starting off in the wrong channel... will hang around in #ubuntu+1 for a while13:16
worufugood luck with the upcoming release. I love your work.13:16
seeleScottK: you going to the md loco party saturday?13:22
EagleScreenis it expected to have video preview thumbnails in karmic?13:28
rgreeningwow.. kmail imap is crashy13:28
JontheEchidnaEagleScreen: if you install mplayerthumbs, yes13:29
EagleScreenanything else to do after installing it?13:30
JontheEchidnamight have to enable plugins for videos in dolphin config13:30
jussi01rgreening: use disconnected IMAP, works much better imho.13:31
EagleScreenyes, JontheEchidna, after changing configuration it is working13:32
rgreeningmmm... bluetooth mouse... makes the mini10v touchpad issues irrelevant :)14:35
jjesseyes it does :)14:35
* claydoh is jealous of y'all and your fancy netbooks :)14:38
claydohtho a 6 y/old laptop is nice enough for testing out kubuntu netbook :)14:42
agateauScottK: ping14:47
mcasafter the cd rebuild i'll start to test kubuntu i386 cd15:10
mcasone question about the iso testing...15:11
mcaswhy is the kubuntu testing organized here and not in ubuntu testing? only because of the "ubuntu"?15:12
rgreeningis random playlist generation broken in amarok?15:24
davmor2rgreening: it's only random it you have more than 1 track dude ;)15:29
rgreeningI have 500015:30
rgreeninghowever, the random population doesn't happen and repopulate is greyed out.15:30
neversfeldeagateau: the new plasma-widget-networkmanagment package breaks my wireless connection on two different laptops. They do not reconnect after suspend. It worked on both with 0.9~svn1029786-0ubuntu1.15:34
agateauneversfelde: oh, I thought it always "featured" this bug :/15:42
agateauneversfelde: can you test the packages from https://launchpad.net/~agateau/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_text=plasma-widget-networkmanagement&build_state=built to pinpoint which one did introduce the breakage?15:45
neversfeldeagateau: sure15:46
agateauneversfelde: thanks!15:46
bbigrasI can't restart X with kdm with the RC.15:57
bbigrasare you guys aware of this?15:57
bbigrasalso, the facebook plugin makes Kopete crash on exit16:01
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Riddellbbigras: facebook plugin got moved to universe because of that crash and other issues16:09
Riddellbbigras: kdm's interaction with X seems to depend on X drivers as much as anything, what graphics card?16:09
bbigrasRiddell: nvidia16:09
Riddellbbigras: restarting from the kdm login screen?16:10
bbigrasRiddell: yes16:10
Riddellworks fine here with intel16:11
Riddellso I'd suspect it's an issue with nvidia drivers16:12
bbigrasRiddell: would .xsession-errors provide any hints?16:12
bbigrasOne of the last thing I saw in this file was kwin crashing. I'll try it again in 5-10 minutes16:13
rgreeninghey Riddell16:17
Riddellhi rgreening16:18
rgreeninghow are things coming along since Ive been away Riddell16:18
Riddellwell we fixed all the bugs and we're almost set to do a release :)16:18
rgreeningall the bugs :)16:19
rgreeningfunny man16:19
rgreeningeven bug #116:19
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)16:19
claydohhey, I can connect to my wireless, that must count for half the problems/gripes :)16:19
Riddellwell obviously that'll only get fixed after release16:20
rgreeningI think I have more converts since my trip to winnipeg. :)16:21
bbigrasWhy on my laptop (1920x1200) I need to set the font size to 96 ppp to avoid weird big font problem and not on the other computers (with lower resolution) I have?16:21
* rgreening spreads kubu love16:21
claydohRiddell: for the final release notes, should we try for a user-oriented type of format?16:21
claydohRiddell: I am trying to come up with something more fun and interesting than the usual version-number-is-now-bigger sort of thing16:22
claydohI converted a bud to Kubuntu this weekend :)16:23
bbigrasbtw I'm asking for the font size thing because the ubiquity is not really pretty with big fonts.16:23
Riddellclaydoh: what would be changed?16:24
claydohRiddell: dunno yet, brainstorming right now16:24
Riddellbut yes it should be user feature orientated as much as possible16:25
claydohmaybe just list the improvements and additions, highlight what those features16:25
claydohthat have changed/improved/benn added16:25
claydohI know I shoulda kept a jaunty somewhere for comparison :)16:26
bbigrasRiddell: I didn't see anything in .xsession-erros when trying to restart X. The last thing I see in that file is kwin crashing16:59
JontheEchidnathe kwin crash on logout is a known, separate issue that's been around since KDE 4.1 times17:01
JontheEchidna/var/log/Xorg.0.log.old may be of use17:01
mgraesslinkwin crash on logout?17:02
mgraesslinNVIDIA driver?17:02
bbigrasyes nvidia17:02
JontheEchidnayeah, nvidia17:02
bbigrasJontheEchidna: I'll check /var/log/Xorg.0 brb17:03
JontheEchidnaanybody want to take care of bug 460984?17:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460984 in language-pack-kde-nl "KMail Dutch: translator's e-mail in application" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46098417:08
Simeis there anything sinister lying in the 9.10 upgrade process that I need to be aware of before upgrading my machine here?17:26
smarterwell, the boot system now relies completely on upstart scripts, it's supposed to work reliably but you never know what could happen :p17:27
smarterGrub --> Grub2 transition could also potientially causes problems17:28
bbigrasJontheEchidna: I didn't see anything special in the log file except maybe "ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log" at the end17:28
JontheEchidnabbigras: yeah, X is crashing then17:29
Simesmarter: are the configs kind of the same?17:29
smarterSime: for grub2? not at all17:29
smarterit's in /boot/grub/grub.cfg now, instead of menu.lst17:29
Simeok, coz my grub config is pretty nutty17:29
smarterand it's automatically generated by scripts in /etc/grub.d17:30
bbigrasJontheEchidna: btw I'm able to log back in. only restart X don't works. do you have ideas where else I could also look?17:31
JontheEchidnanot really, sorry :(17:31
bbigrasthanks anyways for the help.17:32
Simeok, upgrade aborts if ubuntu-minimal is not installed...17:40
bbigrasI reported the X restart issue with kdm, should I link the bug on the iso testing website even if I'm using the RC iso which I guess is not the latest one?17:44
djsiegelseele: hey17:51
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RiddellSime: there is a potential issue with upgrade caused by pykde, but it's a packaging issue and should only affect people with conf files that get upgraded after pykde which won't be many, I'm fixing it now18:01
SimeRiddell: does that mean I will have a bad evening??18:02
RiddellSime: it's very unlikely18:03
* Sime happily clicks on the next step of the upgrade process.18:03
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Sime"Error authenticating some packages"... mmm18:04
Riddelldo you have something strange in your sources.list ?18:04
Simeit has listed a mega-ton of packages18:05
Simeall of them I think.18:05
RiddellSime: is apt's gpg setup broken?  what happened when you installed ubuntu-minimal?18:06
Riddelldavmor2: can you say what you upgraded from when you report upgrade results in e.g. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/3313/8518:07
SimeRiddell: nothing exciting happened.18:08
RiddellSime: did it moan about being unable to authenticate?18:08
SimeRiddell: no, but I did have some network trouble with nl.archive.ubuntu.com.18:09
SimeAlso, is it normal that the upgrader be so slow at d/l'ing files?18:09
Riddellthat just depends on your mirror and internet connection18:10
Simeit is faster now (caching??)18:12
Riddellit's just an http connection, nothing unusual about it18:12
Simeit is now threaten to upgrade. ;-) There must have been a network "glitch".18:14
Simeit is now warming up my ADSL modem. :)18:16
Riddellif you have cats be careful, they'll go to sleep on it and it'll overheat18:17
Riddelldavmor2: the test machine I have with windows xp on it has had windows xp destroying the grub setup after it boots, this doesn't happen with jaunty's grub, have you seen anything like that?18:20
davmor2Riddell: I'll have a look in a minute though18:23
Riddelldavmor2: I suspect it'll be a feak issue with this windows xp install but would be a problem if it was a general issue18:25
davmor2Riddell: I has a new compaq110 with xp preinstalled I'm about to test kne and unr so we'll soon know :)18:27
jussi01Hrm, anyone got a simple way of discovering other linux machines on a home network?18:28
davmor2jussi01: walk up to the box?18:29
Riddelljussi01: avahi-browse -a18:30
Riddellzeroconf:/ will show if anything is advertising http or ssh but most don't unfortunately18:31
jussi01hrm. is there a way I can get it to advertise ssh?18:32
Riddellavahi-publish-service "crack me" _ssh._tcp 2218:34
jussi01hehe :)18:35
jussi011 last quick question, behind a firewalled router, thatll only advertise on the local network? (its my media pc...)18:36
Riddellyes it's local network only18:37
jussi01yay, thanks :)18:38
Riddellhi nookie^, how's that banner coming along?18:45
nookie^hi Riddell! hehehe actually im just now looking how to create it =)18:48
nookie^have been thinking now for an hour how i can create it =)18:48
Mamarokhm, I just had a look at the Software Center, so one can only select one single item, installs that and goes to the next? That takes ages19:46
davmor2Mamarok: no you install one move back select the next etc19:49
Simeupgrade got 404 on a couple packages. I'm guessing a mirror sync issue.19:49
Mamarokdavmor2: that is lame19:50
Mamarokno way to preselect and then isntall all in one go?19:50
skreechWait I should be using grub2?19:51
skreech I upgraded and I'm still on grub 119:51
skreechbbigras: hi19:51
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Simeshit, kdesudo crashed.20:27
Simehow now brown cow??20:29
nookie^Riddell: so far like this: http://imagebin.ca/view/wwWopm2.html20:33
skreechSime: sudo start it back?20:44
Simeskreech: I'm running dpkg configure manually20:45
macoanyone having issues with power devil on karmic? its timing seems off. i have it set to display dim after 1 minute of idle, but instead it dims immediately  (ie, not a full minute)21:03
dtchenreproducible with a fresh user account?21:03
dtchenI can't reproduce the symptom you describe in vbox with the 20091027 desktop image.21:04
dtchengranted, I don't know offhand if I need to run it on bare metal.21:04
Simeanyone know a simple way of updating grub and its config?21:06
LaserJockwhat are the menu steps to get to kpackagekit?21:06
macodtchen: mm nope. now i wonder whats wrong with mine21:08
macoLaserJock: kickoff -> computer -> kpackagekit21:08
LaserJockmaco: s/kickoff/K menu/ ?21:08
LaserJockmaco: it's for documentation21:09
dtchenmaco: looks like you have conffile cruft21:09
macoLaserJock:  or kickoff -> applications -> system -> kpackagekit21:09
macoLaserJock: dunno what its called elsewhere in docs, but it doesnt act the same as the k menu did...21:09
macoi think its "application launcher" or something21:09
LaserJockmaco: is it actually listed as "kpackagekit"?21:09
macoLaserJock: it says "KPackageKit" and then as a subtitle "Software Management" when you look in "Computer"21:10
LaserJockawesome, thanks21:10
macowhich is the name and which is the subtitle are reversed in System21:10
skreechOthers have the same issue with failsafe bombing.21:10
macoLaserJock: got that?21:11
LaserJockmaco: yep21:11
skreechand not being able to get to TTYs as well21:17
skreechKonsole doesn't work for failsafe21:18
skreechwell as x-terminal-emulator21:21
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Simewish me luck. [attempting reboot]21:25
macodtchen: i lied21:29
macoapparently when i dont sleep one night, the effects last > 1 day, because i was reading the wrong line21:29
davmor2Riddell: just to confirm that xp and grub work fine here21:29
macothough that was only 22 mississippis, not 50-70-ish whe the screen dimmed for the new user, so it was still odd21:29
macowell, my conffile doesnt look broken. and this started happening a few days ago without any changes to my configuration. so im confused21:31
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maco*shrug* works if i change it to 2min instead of 1. whatver.21:36
dtchenwhat in the world does "i lied" refer to?21:36
macodtchen: apparently that message didnt send21:36
macooh well21:36
macoi said that the new user dint have that problem but that the conf file wasnt updating when i changed settings in power devil. then i realized i was reading the wrong line of the conf file21:37
macoso then i said "i lied"21:37
dtchenok, that's only slightly less befuddling21:38
dmattscreech: your theory is not right, I could get to TTY before I attempted the failsafe login21:41
skreechdmatt: Then you couldn't afterwards?21:42
skreechWhen you tried to switch to TTY you get a black screen?21:44
dmattskreech: yes, without cursor21:44
skreechDid you try to get back to TTY7 ?21:45
dmattscreech: but session still existed, it promted me to close it when I went for restart21:45
dmattskreech, yes, I chose to restart there21:46
skreechYep me too21:46
skreechI did it again and got the same thing21:47
skreechI went through the motions of logging in then I touched a file in ~ and rebooted21:47
skreechWhen it came back up the file existed so I know that things are working but you just can't see anything21:47
skreechLogging in as failsafe throws a X driver error21:47
skreechwell it does for me21:48
skreechBut whatever Konsole is doing is messing with X pretty bad21:49
dmattscreech: you still can perfectly work and see everything, if you do not attempt any login and go straight to tty21:49
skreechdmatt: I know21:49
skreechand You can fix the failsafe pretty easy21:49
skreechwell for me it's a fix21:49
dmattskreech: (i finally got your nick right)21:49
skreechWorkaround for others I suppose21:50
skreechYay! :)21:50
dmattskreech: why does it work on that old computer then, even after failsafe login?21:50
dmattit has old ATI card with open driver21:51
skreechProbably it21:51
skreech9600 ?21:51
dmattIGP 350M21:52
dmattskreech: IGP 340M, sorry21:52
dmattit is notebook21:52
skreechHmm ok21:53
skreechI'm using nvidia right now I've not had any issues with my older ATI and the open driver21:53
skreechwhat video card are you using on the newer one?21:54
dmattATI 3400 (it is notebook HP 6930p)21:54
skreechWhich driver?21:54
skreechHmm that's not helpful then21:55
skreechKernel difference ?21:55
dmattboth are on 31-14, but old one is x86 and new one is 6421:57
dmattskreech: that might be something...22:00
skreechHmm ok22:05
skreechI'm x86 so maybe not22:05
dmattskreech: old one was installed while connected to internet, new one entirely from cd an later upgraded22:16
skreechThis is a straight upgrade from Jackalope22:17
skreechKpackagekit has the most aggravating errors22:17
skreechThere are broken dependecies on your system. Please use an advanced package manage e.g. Synaptic or aptitude to resolve this situation.22:17
Riddellnookie^: that seems good22:41
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RiddellSime: how was the upgrade?22:45
=== flacoste is now known as flacoste_afk
davmor2ScottK: I left you kne manual :)23:35
Riddellapachelogger: do I know Christopher Eberl ?23:55

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