thumpermwhudson: probably not tested02:07
mwhudsonthumper: do you think it should be?02:10
thumpermwhudson: yes02:10
mwhudsondamn :)02:10
thumpera simple click should be enough :)02:11
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al-maisanhello stub, did you have a chance to look at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~al-maisan/launchpad/psds-399186/+merge/13959 ?09:03
stubal-maisan: It looked fine. I'll do the real review now.09:04
al-maisanstub: thanks -- that's very much appreciated :)09:04
stubal-maisan: There is mention in the notes about renaming the tables to DistributionPackageSet and DistroSeriesPackageSet - is that going ahead at some point?09:19
stub(I'm quite happy with the current names myself)09:20
al-maisanstub: yes, but the renaming will occur later in a separate branch.09:20
al-maisanit is critical for this to go in and the renaming will increase the amount of work (particularly on the python side); that's why it's postponed.09:21
stubal-maisan: Can the same packageset in different distroseries have different names?09:21
al-maisanstub: the idea is to have a package set for each distro series i.e. we won't share package sets across distro series09:22
=== danilos is now known as danilo-brb
stubI'll rephrase that. Can two packagesets in the same packagesetgroup have different names?09:23
stubI'm just confirming that the name column should remain on the packageset table rather than move to the packagesetgroup table.09:23
al-maisanstub: yes09:23
al-maisanwe expect that package sets will get renamed over time09:24
al-maisani.e. each package set should have its own 'name' column independent of any others in the same group09:24
stubYup. Just got to that in the meeting notes :)09:25
=== danilo-brb is now known as danilos
noodles775Hi jml - if we've got a database constraint (say for a unique name), do we need to test that constraint?10:15
noodles775if so, what's the best way to do so... I'm having to do the following which looks ugly:10:15
noodles775(because the unique constraint isn't actually checked during the transaction until a subsequent db query is run).10:16
noodles775or stub ^^10:16
jmlnoodles775, from my pov, I'd want to know how the constraint itself is going to be used / avoided10:16
stubdatabase constraints are safety nets that don't need to be tested. The python code that protects these constraints from ever being triggered needs to be tested (such as your validators).10:17
jmlnoodles775, in an ideal world, you'd get a DuplicatePackageSet error or something.10:17
jmlnoodles775, which is kind of what stub is saying :)10:17
noodles775Great - thanks guys. Of course - given that this will be used via the api we need to raise an exception.10:20
bacgood morning10:28
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bacbring out your dead!10:28
bacfresh, hot reviews!10:29
noodles775jml, so next question. Previously I've raised an exception by first hitting the db to check for a dupe - but is there not a way to rely on the unique constraint itself (but without committing the transaction - ie. something that does what the ugly hack in the above paste does - just accesses the db)?10:29
noodles775hi bac :)10:29
bachi noodles77510:29
jmlnoodles775, what's the ugly hack in the paste above?10:30
noodles775jml,  see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302669/ line 13+10:30
jmloh I see.10:31
noodles775perhaps just reloading an object - but it's still not descriptive of what I'm actually trying to do (just trigger the unique constraint).10:31
jmlnoodles775, In other cases, we look before we leap10:32
noodles775Yeah, that's all I could find too... ok.10:32
jmlnoodles775, I wish I could think of something better10:32
noodles775Hmm... al-maisan just found store.flush() - looks perfect.10:33
bachi jtv10:36
al-maisanstub: could you please push the "approve" button if you are done (and satisfied) with the schema patch?10:37
stubal-maisan: Getting distracted with production issues10:40
al-maisanstub: oh, I see.10:41
stubal-maisan: So packagesets can have a different owner to their packagesetgroup and other packagesets in the same packagesetgroup?10:41
al-maisanstub: I guess this will be true .. different people/teams creating package sets over time10:43
stubal-maisan: So it is registrant really? Or does the owner get special privileges?10:43
al-maisanfor package set groups the intention was merely to capture who created them10:43
al-maisanstub: it's more of a registrant thing .. yes10:43
al-maisanno elevated privileges for the owner as far as I am aware10:44
al-maisanstub: sorry .. for package sets: the owner has "permission = 'launchpad.Edit'"10:46
bachi jtv10:56
jtvbac: hi10:56
bacjtv: your in the queue.  is that accurate?  for your scale-message-sharing branch?10:56
jtvbac: seeing some question marks in the subject line... did you edit it in a non-utf-8-aware client?10:57
jtvbac: that's the one, yes.10:57
bacer, 'you are in the queue'10:57
bacjtv: really?10:57
bacjtv: i updated this client yesterday, so perhaps it is hosed.10:58
jtvbac: yes, I put emdashes in it (because I _can_, dammit!) and the question marks look like they might be what remains after deleting the respective first bytes of their utf-8 representations.10:58
bacjtv: why don't you fix and i'll see what it looks like here10:59
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bacjtv: originally i saw an a+hat10:59
jtvbac: are you getting an emdash?10:59
jtvwow, that's definitely an encoding mismatch.,  :)11:00
bacno, a with a hat11:00
bacjtv: why don't you reset it and perhaps my editor won't mess it up going forward11:01
bacjtv: i'll start your review now11:01
jtvbac: I did reset it... how doese it look now?11:01
jtvoh, sorry, missed your latest11:01
* jtv resets11:01
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bacjtv: your help message at line 67 says "remove some duplicates".  does it remove all duplicates?  if not, who picks?11:04
bacshould 'some' be deleted from the description?11:04
jtvbac: oh, I could've sworn I documented that.11:04
bacmaybe you did11:04
jtvThe "some" is shorthand for "a particular class that if found, would otherwise get in the way of merging."11:05
jtvThe class is: duplicates that are attached to "representative" potmsgsets.11:05
jtvThe messages from less-representative corresponding potmsgsets in other templates are then added to the representative potmsgset.11:06
jtvSince that addition also eliminates duplication, any duplicates there will vanish as a side effect.11:06
bacjtv: i don't think that's very well conveyed if a person looks at the help message.  if i saw "remove some duplicates" i'd be pretty worried about which ones.11:07
stubal-maisan: review in11:07
stubal-maisan: Still need jml's stamp11:07
jtvbac: I'll get on that right away11:08
al-maisanstub: thanks -- the next patch will be more readable -- I promise :)11:08
bacjtv: i see there is no action for that parser option.  doesn't it need a a store_true?  is there a default action it is using now?11:09
jtvbac: heh, hadn't even noticed, but it did seem to work this way.  I'll add the action.11:09
stubal-maisan: old habits - I understand ;)11:10
jtvbac: well, I mean it _did_ work this way... but then again I didn't look very closely at what was stored in that option.11:10
al-maisanstub: :P11:10
jtvbac: ah... it defaults to "take an argument and store it."  So "-D -vvv" gobbled up the -vvv!11:12
bacjtv: so it assumes it is a string option.  not what you want!11:13
jtvbac: and for the option documentation... how about just "Remove *problematic* duplicate TranslationMessage"?11:14
bacthat's better11:14
bacjtv: so if you run now with no action specified on the command line do you get the error message at line 95?11:15
jtvbac: "Select at least one action:" etc.11:16
bacjtv: at 141 was the txn.begin() not needed?  if not, why can you remove it now?11:18
jtvbac: it was never actually _needed_, and I had extensive discussions with stub about whether it was nicer to write it.11:19
bacjtv ok11:19
jtvbac: if I write it, the new transaction (probably) starts right away.  If not, creation of a new transaction (probably) gets deferred which may reduce transaction lengths a bit.11:19
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bacjtv: the assignment at 158 is not needed11:23
jtvbac: you're right, I think I should go back and extend my testing a bit.11:26
bacjtv: how do you test for a superfluous assignment?11:26
bacjtv: or did you intend to do something with it?11:26
jtvbac: this one would basically lead to the wrong superfluous message being deleted...  hang on, I still have to figure out whether that has any consequences at all11:27
bacjtv: really?  'representative' is just reassigned when the loop starts11:28
jtvbac: ahhh, I mis-read.  You're completely right.11:28
bacjtv: the comment at line 291 needs to be cleaned up.  there may just be an extra 'the' in it but it makes little sense now.11:32
jtvbac: yup11:33
bacjtv: r=bac with those changes11:33
jtvbac: just made.  Thanks!11:33
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bacjtv: unfortunately, i've written my comments referring to lines in the diff.  when you fix the branch and repush it, the diff will be regenerated and my comments will no longer make any sense, rendering this review useless for historical purposes.  :(11:34
jtvbac: oh well, it'll still be my mistake if something went wrong there.  :)11:36
leonardrbac: can you review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~leonardr/launchpadlib/wsgi-fake-launchpad/+merge/14021 ?12:09
bacleonardr: sure12:09
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bacleonardr: this looks great!12:29
bacleonardr: i'm still reviewing it, i'm just saying the ability to get rid of the browser interaction is cool.12:29
=== henninge is now known as henninge-lunch
* leonardr dislikes it, but it's better than letting everybody who hasn't thought out the security problem write their own code12:30
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bacleonardr: wrong channel.  what is a 209 response code?12:44
BjornT_deryck: maybe you'd like to review my windmill fixes? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bjornt/launchpad/windmill-problems/+merge/1402412:47
deryckBjornT_, sure.12:48
BjornT_deryck: cool, thanks12:49
leonardrbac: Conflict12:49
leonardrit means someone else changed the thing you're trying to change12:49
leonardror, in this case, _you_ already changed the thing you're trying to change12:50
bacleonardr: just curious, where is that  defined?12:50
leonardrbac: rfc 261612:50
bacleonardr: it's not here http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec10.html12:51
leonardrbac: oops, i put the wrong number. it's actually 40912:52
bacah, cool12:52
deryckBjornT_, in the updates for ensure_login, why didn't you use the timeout constants there?12:53
bacleonardr: i wasn't being coy, i thought there may have been an extension i couldn't find12:53
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
BjornT_deryck: mainly to keep the diff size down. i'll update it now, though :)12:53
leonardrbac: i think there is a 209 error code defined in an extension, but it's not conflict12:53
deryckBjornT_, ok :)12:54
leonardrbac: yes, it's Content Returned, defined as part of PATCH12:54
deryckBjornT_, also, line 38 of the diff has an extra space after the opening paren.12:54
bacleonardr: i wish we used the constants from httplib...but we don't.12:54
bacleonardr: the src directory is now empty and can be removed, right?12:55
leonardrbac: no, i moved it by mistake12:55
leonardrlaunchpadlib should still be in src12:55
leonardri have no idea how that happened. i just changed it back because the tests were failing12:55
bacso you'll move launchpadlib -> src/launchpadlib?12:55
bacok.  i was going to ask about impact on packaging but now that's moot.  :)12:56
leonardrin fact, i'm pushing that now12:56
deryckBjornT_, other than those two minors things, looks good to me. thanks for this! r=me12:56
bacand your import of the symbols from uris in launchpad.py for compatability.  that's just so they'll be exported, right?  if so would you add them to __all__12:57
BjornT_deryck: thanks. here are the changes: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302759/12:58
BjornT_deryck: the extra space was there because i had joined the lines by accident. there was supposed to be a line break there12:59
deryckBjornT_, ok, cool.  those changes look good too.12:59
bacleonardr: r=bac13:07
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abentleybac: Could you please review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/merge-directive-namespace/+merge/13867 ?13:40
bacabentley: yes13:42
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abentleybac: 13:42
abentleybac: thanks.13:42
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
henningebac: I'll fling a little 39 lines branch on top of the pile, if you don't mind.13:55
bachenninge: fling away13:56
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henningebac: cheers!13:56
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bachenninge: full stop on comment on line 814:15
bachenninge: is the message at line 34 correct?  is 'translated' the right verb?14:15
henningebac: lemme look14:16
henningebac: "have no translation" might be better as it is just a dummy translation.14:17
bachenninge: ok.  r=bac with those changes14:18
henningebac: thank you!14:18
bacabentley: the branch looks good.  curious as to why you requested an r-c but didn't get it cherry picked.14:22
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abentleybac: I don't understand.  I'm waiting on a code review (and test run) before I can land it on production-devel.14:23
bacabentley: i was just confused that you got r-c approval four days ago but just now sought code review.14:24
bacabentley: i was unclear whether you still wanted a CP for this.14:24
bacabentley: either way, it is approved.  thanks for the fix.14:24
abentleyAh.  I finished it up around EOD on a Friday, and I was OCR on Monday, and kinda forgot.14:25
bacabentley: that'll do it14:25
abentleybac: It's been sitting in the queue since Friday, but no one's taken the initiative to review it.14:26
bacabentley: nudges are useful, as you see.14:26
adeuring1bac: can I add another MP to your queue?14:26
bacadeuring1: sure14:26
abentleybac: indubitably.14:26
adeuring1bac: thanks!14:26
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bacadeuring: r=bac with one typo fix14:34
adeuringbac: wow, that was fast! thanks!14:34
abentleybac: Could you please review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/hide-numbers/+merge/13982 ?14:41
bacsinzui: is this ready to be reviewed?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~barry/launchpad/436503-privacy/+merge/1399314:42
bacsinzui: i think the 'abstain' knocked it off +activereviews.14:43
bacabentley: ok14:43
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sinzuibac: yes it is. These are the same images I reviewed yesterday.14:43
abentleybac: Thanks!14:43
bacsinzui: i don't understand.  you reviewed what?14:44
bacsinzui: oh, you reviewed the screenshots...14:44
sinzuibac: barry showed me these images yesterday. I requested a true private team image14:44
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al-maisan_jml: ready for the call?15:00
jmlal-maisan_, indeed I am.15:00
al-maisan_jml: please give me 3 minutes.15:01
jmlal-maisan_, their yours.15:01
al-maisan_jml: rrring15:04
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bacabentley: regarding your changes to the dev config for mpcreationjobs, should those settings not be in production too?15:11
abentleybac: They are already in the production config.15:12
abentleybac: Production has been running mpcreationjobs just fine.  I couldn't run them in devel mode because there was no config.15:12
bacabentley: i don't see values for the OOPS prefix in the schema or in production configs15:13
bacabentley: never mind15:14
bacabentley: forgot the production configs are in a separate branch15:14
abentleybac: Ah, cool.15:15
bacabentley: can you give me some help demoing this fix locally?15:24
abentleybac: Sure.15:24
bacabentley: how do i create a MP with diff on lp.dev?15:24
abentleybac: Do "make run_all", so that you have a local codehosting.15:24
abentleybac: Push up two branches, propose them for merging.15:25
abentleybac: Run "make sync_branches"15:25
bacabentley: can i just use a branch that mark owns in sample data?  one of the firefox ones?15:25
abentleybac: You can use a existing branches, as long as they have actual bzr branches.15:26
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
bacabentley: and i assume they do not.15:28
abentleybac: I don't know whether they do or not.15:29
abentleybac: You can certainly push branches to the firefox project as mark.  That's what I did.15:31
bacabentley: i've never tried that.  i assume i need to set launchpad-login to be mark?15:35
abentleybac: No, you should already be set up for that, and launchpad-login doesn't affect lp://dev15:36
abentleybac: Your .ssh/config should have https://pastebin.canonical.com/23897/15:38
bacabentley: yep.  i get connection refused on 502215:39
abentleydid you do "run_all", not just "run"?  Did it error?15:39
bacabentley: yeah, i did run_all15:40
abentleybac: And it's still running?15:40
bacabentley: rather than debug my setup, would you just confirm the toggly bits work with epiphany15:40
bacabentley: i need to move on to other reviews15:40
bacabentley: but i want to ensure webkit doesn't barf on the JS15:41
abentleybac: Checking...15:41
abentleybac: It works on Epiphany.15:42
bacabentley: ok.  it looks good. i'll finish up the review now.15:43
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leonardrbac: another branch from me16:05
bacleonardr: in your test at line 217 of the diff you say you're testing a script but you're testing the class the script calls.  i understand why but it would be nice if you stated that16:17
al-maisan_hello bac, could you please have a look at a branch of mine as well?16:19
al-maisan_It's here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~al-maisan/launchpad/psds-model-changes-399186/+merge/1403816:19
bacal-maisan_: yes, but i'm starting to wrap things up.16:20
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al-maisan_bac: thanks a million!16:20
intellectronicaleonardr: can i ask you for a mid-air review of my lazr.restful fix?16:32
leonardrintellectronica, sure16:33
intellectronicaleonardr: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302895/ (which is a fix for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/lazr.restful/+bug/438802 )16:34
mupBug #438802: UnicodeDecodeError changing 'Assigned to' field when summary contains non-ascii <oops> <post-3-ui-cleanup> <ui> <lazr.restful:In Progress by intellectronica> <Launchpad Bugs:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/438802>16:34
leonardrintellectronica: ok, but what specifically was the problem? value.decode("utf-8") worked but unicode(value) didn't?16:45
intellectronicaleonardr: yes, because unicode() will not use utf-816:46
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intellectronicaleonardr: as a reviewer i would have asked me to add a test ;) any tips on where i should test this?16:47
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
leonardrsorry, i guess i thought an existing test was failing16:52
leonardryou have a change in the full HTML representation and in the field representation16:52
leonardri would change example/base/tests/field.txt and example/base/tests/entry.txt16:53
intellectronicaleonardr: cool. thanks a bunch16:53
leonardrthere should be tests in there that change a field and then verify that the new field shows up in the representation16:53
leonardrchange those tests so that you are setting the new field to a utf-8 value 16:53
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abentleyrockstar: Could you do a UI review for me? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/hide-numbers/+merge/1398218:53
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rockstarabentley, done.20:17
abentleyrockstar: Thanks.20:17
abentleybarry: could you do a UI review for me? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/hide-numbers/+merge/1398220:17
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
sinzuiabentley: barry is not available. I can do it though20:18
abentleysinzui: Cool, thanks.20:18
=== leonardr-afk is now known as leonardr
sinzuiabentley: sorry for taking so long. make schema is now past 10 minutes20:30
abentleysinzui: No worries.20:32
allenapjml, mwhudson: Before I go any further, can I ask you to have a look at something I knocked up earlier: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/303104/. It moves lib/devscripts into a package of its own, though still in the LP tree, and does some buildout tomfoolery to make it run with the right deps and python2.5.20:52
mwhudsonallenap: on a trivial level, the comment before boto = 1.8d should stick with the bzr = ... line20:54
allenapmwhudson: Ah yes, good spot.20:54
allenapjml, mwhudson: It also uses trial for tests. Maybe that's not a great plan, or maybe it is. I don't really know.20:55
mwhudsonallenap: for another, i think you need to do something about the utilities/ec2 and utilities/update-sourcecode entrypoints?20:55
allenapAt the time it just seemed a lot easier to get trial to work that to figure out the zope test runner.20:55
mwhudsontrial is a decent enough test runner i think20:55
allenapmwhudson: I think I did the utilities/ec2 one, but update-sourcecode I need to do. Another good spot.20:56
mwhudsonallenap: if you move the update-sourcecode entrypoint, you'll need to change the ec2 20:56
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
allenapmwhudson: Okay, I'll check that.20:56
mwhudsonallenap: in general, it probably makes sense to separate the devscripts code and the launchpad code a bit more20:57
sinzuiabentley: I do not know how to create a merge proposal to view your branch. I created two real branches to test this, but branch-scanner does not seem to find them, and update_preview-diffs does not see anything to do21:13
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thumperrockstar: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thumper/launchpad/bmp-inline-commit-message/+merge/13814 plz tick the ui review box :)21:54
rockstarthumper, ack.21:57
thumperrockstar: ta21:57
rockstarthumper, I still don't like the look of the unset commit message, but I don't know what to do about it.21:58
rockstarthumper, have you put any thought into it?21:58
thumperrockstar: yes, I thought best not to show anything if there isn't anything there21:58
thumperrockstar: the multiline editor doesn't support prompt-cues, although perhaps it should21:59
rockstarthumper, yea, but it looks crowded if there's nothing there.21:59
thumperrockstar: fyi a prompt cue is text in an empty field that goes away when it gets focus21:59
rockstarthumper, yeah, I think I've heard you use that term before.22:00
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jmlmwhudson, "decent enough test runner" indeed!22:55
mwhudsonjml: i'm full of faint praise22:56

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