lifelessvadi2: check the package was signed and that the changes file has a valid email address in it00:00
wgrantvadi2: Your Launchpad account does not appear to have any keys associated with it, let alone the one with which you signed the package.00:01
vadi2hm. I set it up yesterday, it said it should appear in an hour00:01
wgrantDid you through the email confirmation process?00:01
vadi2no, not this time.00:02
wgrantWhen you add a key to your Launchpad account, you should be sent an encrypted email that you must decrypt in order to confirm that the key is yours.00:02
vadi2When I add it, it says 'Launchpad could not import your OpenPGP key.Did you enter your complete fingerprint correctly?'00:03
vadi2I alreadyd did the send-keys yesterday evening00:03
vadi2But keyserver says 'Error handling request: No keys found'00:03
wgrantAre you sure you sent the right key?00:03
vadi2--send-keys command exists right away with no error, is it supposed to be this quick?00:03
wgrantMake sure you specified a keyserver.00:04
vadi2I only have one00:04
wgrantYou need to give --send-keys a key ID.00:05
vadi2can I decrypt the sent text without the browser addon?00:09
vadi2I use google chrome on ubuntu, doesn't seem like there is a plugin00:09
wgrantYou'll have to copy it into a terminal or use a less insane email client.00:09
vadi2how can I do it in the terminal?00:10
wgrantRun 'gpg', then paste the text, then Ctrl+D, then enter your passphrase.00:10
vadi2That's so much easier00:12
vadi2wgrant: thanks, I got the acceptance email now.00:15
vadi2not sure why was there no rejection one00:16
wgrantvadi2: If the package is unsigned, it cannot know for sure that any email addresses mentioned are legitimate00:16
vadi2I did sign the package though, I just didn't complete giving LP my key00:17
wgrantIf it just sent to the address mentioned in the changelog, I could spam people by uploading unsigned packages with their email address in the changelog.00:17
vadi2You can already do that by requesting passwords be resent00:17
wgrantThat needs a captcha now.00:17
vadi2So.. :|00:17
wgrantYou may have signed the package, but your key was only on your local machine.00:18
wgrantSo there was no way to verify it.00:18
vadi2and you can't do that while uploading?00:18
wgrantAnd even if the key had been uploaded to a keyserver, it could not be linked back to a Launchpad account.00:18
wgrantNot at the moment, no.00:18
wgrantThe FTP upload mechanism should eventually be replaced with a less dumb SFTP server.00:18
vadi2hm. oh well. at least you're here to help with that :)00:19
wgrantWhich could to inline verification.00:19
RomDif someone reports a bug on launchpad and I'm experiencing it, too, am I supposed to set it to "confirmed"?02:35
spivRomD: use the "affects me too" link02:37
RomDspiv: I did that. who is supposed to set it to confirmed? the developer?02:38
spivIt varies by project02:38
RomDso it's the best I just use "affects me too"?02:38
spivI think so, unless you know the project welcomes non-developers confirming bugs.02:39
RomDok, thanks spiv02:39
spivThe typical understanding of the statuses are given in this blog entry: http://blog.launchpad.net/general/of-bugs-and-statuses02:39
RomDthanks for the link02:40
alkisgHello. Package `usermode` contains translations, and when I build it with `debuild -b` locally they're included in the .deb, but (a) in the main Ubuntu archives and (b) when I tried to upload it to my PPA, the translations were stripped! Any clues?03:17
alkisg!info usermode03:18
ubottuusermode (source: usermode): Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.81-3.2 (jaunty), package size 78 kB, installed size 312 kB03:18
alkisgHello. Package `usermode` contains translations, and when I build it with `debuild -b` locally they're included in the .deb, but (a) in the main Ubuntu archives and (b) when I tried to upload it to my PPA, the translations were stripped! Any clues?03:19
alkisg!info usermode03:19
ubottuusermode (source: usermode): Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.81-3.2 (jaunty), package size 78 kB, installed size 312 kB03:19
wgrantalkisg: Can you point me at build logs for both the primary archive and PPA builds?03:23
* alkisg searches for the primary archive logs...03:24
alkisgwgrant: ^^03:25
wgrantThat's odd.03:26
wgrantThe PPA build at least doesn't have the translation stripper running.03:26
wgrantWhich is what I would expect.03:26
wgrantAnd the primary build didn't have any translations to strip at the time pkgstriptranslations was run.03:27
alkisgIt could be a packaging problem, but then again, why are they included when I build it locally?03:27
wgrantSo it is for some reason not building them in the first place.03:27
wgrantYou are probably missing a build-dep03:27
wgrantTry reproducing in pbuilder, sbuild, or another clean chroot.03:28
alkisgThanks, trying...03:28
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rowinggolferfolks.. I look at the page https://launchpad.net/bzr/+download with envy09:14
rowinggolferhow do I create such a page for my project?09:14
rowinggolferI just get https://launchpad.net/openmolar/+download09:15
rowinggolferwhich tells folks I have no available downloads, but I would like to use this as a place to put a source tarball.09:15
maxbrowinggolfer: Create series. Within series, create releases. Attach files to the releases.09:16
rowinggolfermaxb, thanks.09:17
rowinggolferjust found https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/FileDownloads?action=show&redirect=FileDownloadsOverview09:17
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rowinggolfermaxb, thanks - success! https://launchpad.net/openmolar/+download10:08
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qnixHi. if I want to copy all my jaunty package in karmic.... I will need to reupload all packages for a rebuild?13:51
beunoqnix, if there are no significant version changes between the two, you may get away with just copying them over13:52
qnixbut there are so many build-dependencies. can't really check everything to see if the ABI is ok13:53
beunoqnix, I think you can tell it to re-build on copy13:54
qnixah, think so too.. good then.13:56
sorenDoes the LP UI show anywhere how many people clicked the "me too" link on a bug?14:01
sorenIf not, what is that information used for?14:02
beunosoren, it doesn't at the moment14:05
beunoyou can get it through the API14:05
beunothe information is used to order bugs on lists14:05
beunothere's a "most affected" filter14:05
beunoeventually, jml will have a plan for us to use that information more14:05
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maxbqnix, beuno: Although you can never rebuild within the same archive - for good reason: you'd have two binaries with the same version number14:48
qnixmaxb: I can rebuild the package if I copy it in Karmic ?14:53
maxbYou can never rebuild a version (within the same archive)14:53
maxbBecause then you'd have two different binary packages with the same version number, and that would just be crazy14:54
qnixSo I have to reupload all my package manually?14:54
maxbWell, I don't see why you want to rebuild them14:55
maxbRemember that karmic itself started off as a copy of jaunty14:55
qnixyeah.. but if a build-dependency has upgraded... and that it is not ABI.14:56
maxbwhat do you mean?14:56
qnixif python version has upgraded..... that can cause problems14:56
qnixor any other build-dependency that is not ABI with the jaunty one14:57
qnixI cannot only place my binaries in karmic and assume that will work.14:57
maxbUsually you can14:57
maxbLibraries which change ABI are supposed to also change packagename14:58
maxbGenerally, if apt/dpkg consent to install the package, it'll work in most cases14:58
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Teddy_When defining an "upstream link" for a project, what are valid names for "Product Series"?15:10
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Teddy_I keep trying sensible things like "release", "trunk", "1.0", "Foobar 1.0", and it keeps saying it's "invalid".  I can find no examples of valid names.15:11
Teddy_It also says "Product Series: (Optional)", but it won't accept an empty value.15:14
cyberixOption "This bug is a security vulnerability" is under privacy settings. Why?15:14
sorenTeddy_: Depends on the upstream project.15:21
sorenTeddy_: Upstream projects have series defined. It needs to be one of them.15:21
sorenTeddy_: Just enter the upstream project name, and click the search icon.15:21
Teddy_soren: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mandos15:21
sorenTeddy_: What is the upstream project?15:22
Teddy_soren: So if the project isn't using launchpad, there can be no upstream link on the package?15:22
sorenTeddy_: Just add it to Launchpad.n15:22
Teddy_soren: "Just add it"?  But it's not using launchpad.15:22
sorenTeddy_: Add it anyway. It's just a placeholder. I do it all the time.15:23
sorenTeddy_: Think of it as a registry.15:23
soren(in this case)15:23
Teddy_soren: Uh, no.  I'll pass on that.15:23
sorenTeddy_: Uh, why?15:23
sorenTeddy_: You were about to tell Launchpad about the project anyway (by specifying the upstream project). This is no different, really.15:24
Teddy_soren: I don't like that launchpad wants to have everything in itself to consider it to exist.15:24
sorenTeddy_: I think you're reading too much into "have [...] in itself".15:24
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Teddy_soren: I already registered on freshmeat and Ohloh - those are actual registries.  There's no real need for LP to have its own except for its all-encompassing tendencies.15:25
sorenTeddy_: It's like wanting to refer to page 27 in a book that has no page 27. It makes no sense. That's simply the way the data model is.15:25
sorenTeddy_: In cases like this, Launchpad is nothing but a registry.15:25
sorenTeddy_: You don't have to tell it to use Launchpad for code hosting or bug tracking, answers or anything.15:26
sorenIt's just like freshmeat in that respect, except it offers to host all those things if you explicitly ask it to.15:26
Teddy_soren: And Launchpad is not the entire Internet.  It needs to learn this.  If it won't accept project pages outside itself, that is a problem with Launchpad, not the project.15:26
maxbNo, that means you disagree with Launchpad's design15:26
sorenTeddy_: You're being silly. Why do you accept that you need to register a project on Ohloh before it can analyse it?15:27
sorenTeddy_: This is the same thing, except Launchpad /offers/ (does not force, /offers/) more stuff if and only if you ask it to.15:27
maxbrockstar: Do you know if all the LOSAs are busy doing something mysterious? I've got two open questions that have been assigned to the LOSAs for 11 days without any reaction so far.15:28
sorenYou want to link an package to an upstream project, but you don't want Launchpad to know that said project exists. That makes no sense.15:28
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Teddy_soren: I want to link the page for an Ubuntu package to its *actual* upstream page.  Apparently that's not possible - "upstream" has been redefined to mean "Launchpad".  I, for one, do not welcome our new LP overlords...15:29
sorenIt's not a link to a project's home page. It's a link to a project.15:30
maxbTeddy_: So you link the Launchpad package record to the Launchpad project record and link the Launchpad project record to its upstream website15:30
sorenTeddy_: You still haven't answered why it's ok for Ohloh to ask for a project to be registered, but not for Launchpad. I don't understand the distinction.15:30
maxbSeems perfectly reasonable to me.15:31
sorenTeddy_: Launchpad claims no more ownership over the project based on this than Ohloh or freshmeat does.15:31
Teddy_Really?  So the project won't get bugs filed, questions asked, etc. via its Launchpad project if it registers?15:32
sorenIf Freshmeat had a way to relate projects (maybe it does, I don't know), I'm sure it would ask you to relate *project*, not relate a project to another project's home page.15:32
sorenTeddy_: No. I told you this already.15:32
soren15:26:07 < soren> Teddy_: You don't have to tell it to use Launchpad for code hosting or bug tracking, answers or anything.15:32
soren15:26:30 < soren> It's just like freshmeat in that respect, except it offers to host all those things if you explicitly ask it to.15:32
soren15:27:52 < soren> Teddy_: This is the same thing, except Launchpad /offers/ (does not force, /offers/) more stuff if and only if you ask it to.15:33
maxbTeddy_: Not unless the relevant "project uses Launchpad for ..." boxes are ticked (well..... except for the fact there's an open bug at the moment wherein the answers one doesn't actually disable filing questions)15:33
Teddy_soren: Yes, I saw that, but I didn't know if anyone else could start to use it that way.15:33
sorenTeddy_: Anyone else but who?15:33
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sorenTeddy_: when you register a project on Launchpad, it asks you what you want to use Launchpad for. You can point Launchpad at an upstream bug tracker, an upstream VCS repository (git, bzr, svn or cvs), etc. etc. It does not start providing those services unless specifically asked to.15:34
Teddy_soren: Anyone else but the actual upstream developers.  I mean, if they prefer their own BTS, they shouldn't be forced to check launchpad if it allows anyone to file bugs there.15:35
sorenLaunchpad is not out to own the entire world. Launchpad is out to improve cooperation between projects. One way it does this is by making it easy to correlate information. It does so by aggregating information from the authoritative sources (when asked to do so).15:35
sorenTeddy_: I've registerd probably 20 different upstream projects in Launchad that I am in no way affiliated with. Just like I can do on Ohloh.15:36
sorenI do this so that I can correlate bugs in Ubuntu packages with bugs in upstream projects.15:37
sorenLaunchpad knows how to look in upstream bug trackers.15:37
Teddy_soren: I'll see about creating a project.  It seems to require a "Title" - bah.15:37
sorenIf there's a bug in an Ubuntu GNOME package on Launchpad, I can tell launchpad "hey, this is bug 123567 over in GNOME's own bugtracker". That way, Launchpad can e-mail me if /the upstream/ bug changes, for instance.15:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123567 in launchpad-registry "Allow registration of both archive and release mirrors in a single page" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12356715:38
sorenI can also tell Launchpad that it's the same bug as #1235 in Debian's bug tracker and #87643 in SuSE's bug tracker, and it can show me the status in all those places at a glance.15:39
sorenIt's /really/ convenient.15:39
sorenAnyhow, I'm off for today.15:39
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Teddy_How do I delete <https://launchpad.net/guadalinex/buho/+source/mandos>?16:13
Teddy_I've looked around a little, and it seems that you can't delete anything in Launchpad, ever?16:34
intellectronicaTeddy_: that's the spirit of things, yes (though you can delete _some_ things)16:35
Teddy_So how do I get some things deleted that clearly should be?16:36
Teddy_Like this <https://launchpad.net/mandos/+packages>; the "Guadalinex" package should not be there.16:36
intellectronicaal-maisan_, noodles775: can you answer that? i don't know enough to be able to help16:39
Teddy_This is not exactly making me warm up to LP.  You can't delete anything, ever, you can't even delete your own user, LP only provides OpenID but requires registration itself and does not use OpenID...  I'm actually beginning to regret registering the project, but of course now i CAN'T DELETE IT.16:39
* al-maisan_ looks16:39
intellectronicaTeddy_: please allow us to try and help you before you get frustrated ;) there are simple solutions to many of the things that are bugging you (and complicated solutions to others)16:40
al-maisan_Teddy_: Guadalinex is actually a distribution16:40
Teddy_al-maisan_: Yes?  <https://launchpad.net/mandos/+packages> should not list a Guadalinex package.16:41
al-maisan_Teddy_: this is likely a bug, looking at https://edge.launchpad.net/guadalinex/buho/+source/mandos shows no releases16:44
Teddy_al-maisan_: I KNOW, I registered it to Guadalinex by *mistake*...16:45
al-maisan_Thus the Guadalinex/buho series should not be listed on https://launchpad.net/mandos/+packages16:45
al-maisan_Teddy_: so, can you de-register it?16:45
Teddy_al-maisan_: intellectronica says I can't16:46
al-maisan_This is probably a question for the registry team, sinzui ^^16:46
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sinzuiTeddy_: are you hoping to delete the accidental packaging information?16:48
Teddy_al-maisan_: What do you mean "de-register"?  I can't see any such link or button.16:48
Teddy_sinzui: Yes?16:48
sinzuiTeddy_: does this relate to mount-systray16:49
Teddy_sinzui: <https://launchpad.net/mandos/+packages> has a "Guadalinex" package, which was accidentally added by me.16:49
sinzuino it is not16:49
sinzuiTeddy_: am landing fix/feature that will allow you to delete the mistake from this very page16:49
Teddy_sinzui: Cool16:50
sinzuiTeddy_: The feature will be released next week. I am doing a data cleanup that requires this feature. I can remove the bad package tomorrow if my feature passes QA16:50
Teddy_sinzui: Nice, thank you!16:51
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sinzuial-maisan_: Teddy_ cannot remove the package at this moment because Launchpad only allows the deletion of package links from built packages (distribution source package). Since this is a mistake, the package will never be built, so we are co-opting the delete code from the DSP for the project +packages view.16:53
al-maisan_sinzui: right.16:54
al-maisan_sinzui: thanks for shedding light on this!16:56
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maxbrockstar: Do you know if all the LOSAs are busy doing something mysterious? I've got two open questions that have been assigned to the LOSAs for 11 days without any reaction so far.17:32
mthaddonmaxb: we have, sorry - release prep stuff - will try and get to it soon17:33
rockstarmaxb, not something mysterious, just swamped.17:33
maxbIt might not be a bad idea to spam all open questions assigned to LOSAs with an appropriate comment, if they LOSAs are temporarily not reviewing open questions assigned to them17:34
rockstarmaxb, good thought.  I'll do that as part of my community work.17:35
maxbI'm hoping it'll just be a few lines of Python for someone with the relevant perms17:35
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maxbthumper: Hi. Is your ownership of https://launchpad.net/cvs2svn in a registry-like manner, or do you have deeper interest in it?20:07
thumperhi maxb20:07
thumpermaxb: it was purely registry-like20:08
thumperno real interest20:08
maxbMay I have the project record, then, as I'm an upstream developer20:08
thumperI was going to reassign to the registry team, but I can never remember the actual name20:08
thumperwhat's your lp id?20:08
maxbsame as my nick :-)20:08
maxbmany thanks20:09
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samokkhey, just wondering if there's a notion of "task" in launchpad to create smaller increments for a blueprint?20:35
beunosamokk, no20:35
beunosinzui, has mentioned a few times that something like that would be great20:36
beunobut there hasn't been any time to do anything with blueprints20:36
samokkbeuno, is this a "no by feature" or a "not yet" ?20:36
samokkin any case, I really like the graphs produced automatically in the dependency tree20:36
samokkgreat feature :)20:36
sinzuisamokk: I have been linking bugs to blueprints. Each bug is a deliverable, such as a diagram or a code.20:37
beunosamokk, it's a very uncertain "not yet"  :)20:37
sinzuisamokk: The bug is not a real bug of course, but it helps me see and scope each part that can be done20:37
samokkok nice trick :)20:39
samokkalso, I was wondering20:43
samokklaunchpad seems to support some kind of tracking of bug branches, and automatcally notify/mark as resolved whn the branch is merged (at least, I read something like that)20:44
samokkis this feature working when mirrorring git branches?20:44
sinzuisamokk: I do not know. abentley you may know the answer to samokk's question. I would like to the know the answer too20:46
abentleysinzui, samokk: We do not mark the bug fixed when we mark the branch merged because that may not be accurate, and we only import the head branch from git repositories, so we won't track the merge of two git branches upstream.20:55
sinzuiBut we do mark the branch associated with the bug as merged?20:55
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rockstarsinzui, yes, that is correct.21:16
rockstarsinzui, samokk, we don't mess with the bug because each project has their own definition of what each status means.21:17
lysiServer down,
rockstarlysi, what makes you say that?21:23
lysilaunchpad.answers doesn't respond21:24
rockstarlysi, I think it's slow, but not down.21:25
lysinothing at all here, it's loading since at least five minutes or longer21:26
lysiOne wanted to update Jaunty with and failed to fetch21:28
lysiI've tried the url of the packages and got 50521:28
lysiok, now the page finished loading, thanks rockstar.21:29
rockstarlysi, yeah, like I said, it looks like it's just slow.21:30
lysiSorry, it was 404 not 50521:30
BenalexIs launchpad down? or its just me?21:33
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lysiquote lp: Try reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know ...21:38
SensivaI tried , and checked using this site http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/bugs.launchpad.net and it says its down21:39
beunowe're experiencing connectivity issues, so please hold tight while we fix them21:41
Sensivabeuno thanks for confirming , Good luck! :D21:41
timoshin503 error on bugs.launchpad.net. sorry :)21:45
beunotimoshin, we're experiencing connectivity issues, so please hold tight while we fix them21:47
pmatulis/dev/mapper/miceserver2-root does not exist  apachelogger21:48
pmatulis17:30 >>>  alexanderwz      eggonlea         jkakar      menesis         Philip5       SteveA                                                                                          [B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B  apachelogger21:49
pmatulis17:30 >>>  alexanderwz      eggonlea         jkakar      menesis         Philip5       SteveA                                                                                            apachelogger21:49
pmatulis17:30 >>>  alexanderwz      eggonlea         jkakar      menesis         Philip5       SteveA                                                                                            apachelogger21:49
beunopmatulis, ?21:49
pmatulismy little boy21:49
pmatulisattacked my computer21:49
jkakarpmatulis: Hah, that's awesome. :)21:51
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xanguais there any problems in the launchpad web or is just me¿¿21:52
zookoI'm having a problem too.21:53
xanguamayme too many users updating to ubuntu karmic RC ¿¿21:53
zookoI assume the deafening silence here is launchpad hackers scrambling to fix it.21:53
reacocard16:42:03 < beuno> we're experiencing connectivity issues, so please hold tight  while we fix them21:53
xanguajaja :)21:54
mwhudsonaiui it's a networking problem, so the silence is sysadmins flailing at routers21:54
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zozilaunchpad not working :(21:59
dtchen17:54 < mwhudson> aiui it's a networking problem, so the silence is sysadmins flailing at routers21:59
mwhudsonzozi: is it better now?22:03
zozimwhudson: working now!22:03
mwhudsonzozi: cool22:04
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