afvwell, it started with addons disabled.. thanks00:00
afvshould have remembered it :p00:00
mesulaWTF there's an interruptible process named . which is using all my CPU.00:01
mesulaWith /etc/passwd as an open file...00:02
mesulaYay I killed the fucker. :D00:03
gh0ztpoor dot00:04
afvBUGabundo, looks it's all working again :s  thanks00:04
afvlooks like it's*00:04
BUGabundonow start enabling addons one by one00:04
BUGabundorestarting FF on each00:04
BUGabundountil I see which is causing it00:05
afvdone that already :p00:05
mbeierlBUGabundo: sorry to bug (hee hee) you, but aren't you an eeepc user?00:05
BUGabundoso what was it ?00:05
BUGabundombeierl: I'm not00:05
mbeierlBUGabundo: sorry - must have got you mixed up :)00:05
afvi don't know.. maybe there was some corrupted file00:05
hipitihopI'm running HMDI audio and each time I reboot I need to go into the mixer and reenable one of the switches.... how can I get things to stick ?00:06
afvi didn't enable all that i had enabled.. just enabled the ones i really use :)00:06
patdk-lapman, I really hate lenovo bios updates00:07
patdk-lapevery bios update wipes all settings in the bios00:07
afvgotta go00:08
mesulapatdk-lap: Yeah, and how often do you update the BIOS?00:08
patdk-lapevery few months00:08
patdk-lap4th time this year00:08
patdk-lapit's just annoying, download iso, burn a cd, boot of cd, then I have to go in the bios and reset everything :)00:09
afvoops.. BUGabundo.. :s00:11
afvabout:plugins:   No plugins are installed00:11
BUGabundoenable them too00:11
BUGabundoone by one00:11
afvi thought i just disabled the addons. lol00:11
afvtoo tired :p00:11
BUGabundome tooooo00:11
hvgotcodeshey when i add a ppa where do i find the package in the ppa?00:13
coz_hvgotcodes,   gnome?00:14
hvgotcodescoz_, yes00:14
hvgotcodescoz_, its the xserver no backfill00:14
coz_hvgotcodes,   open synaptic pacakge manager   hit the Search button and type in the name of the applications00:14
hvgotcodescoz_, yes i did that, then searched by version, but icant find the version with ~ppa1 on the end of i t00:15
coz_hvgotcodes,  did you hit the reload button first00:15
coz_hvgotcodes,   you may have to do that since that would be equivelent to  sudo apt-get update00:16
coz_be right back ...natu00:16
coz_nature call00:16
hvgotcodescoz_ yes i have done sudo apt-get update00:16
afvBUGabundo, all enabled now.. thanks again00:16
Scotchdoes anyone know if flash support has been improved in Karmic x64 or do the same hassles persist ?00:19
test34Scotch, it works a little better with flash 64bit alpha00:19
ScotchAbout that alpha, I think I don't get it. There's a script on the net that installs but the default version I have (on jaunty) is more recent, it's
coz_hvgotcodes,   can you link me to the ppa  ?00:20
hvgotcodescoz_, https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-weyland/+archive/xserver-nobackfill/+packages00:20
ScotchSoooo, I don't know if I should use the script00:21
Scotchwhere do I put this .so ?00:21
coz_hvgotcodes,  and  you are looking for the  "xserver-nobackfill" pacakges?00:22
coz_hvgotcodes,  and in the Search for synaptic you types   xserver-nobackfil   ?00:22
RoeyI have a tricky situation:   I have /dev/md0 (which is /dev/sd{a,b}1) that's this puny 100 MiB partition at the start of my partition table.  I want to boot off of /, which has its own /boot;  / is on /dev/md1 (that is, /dev/sd{a,b}2).  How do I do this neatly?00:23
hvgotcodescoz_, technically im searching for just xorg-server and trying to find it by verson00:23
hvgotcodesxserver-nobackfill yieds no results00:23
coz_hvgotcodes,  ok  and xorg-server 2:1.6.4-2ubuntu4  doesnt show up !00:23
test34Scotch, uninstall any current flash player version and then copy the .so to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/, /usr/lib/opera/plugins/00:24
Scotchtest34: ok, thanks but what if I don't use firefox ?00:24
Scotchtest34: say for instance I use chromium-browser or some software with embedded flash in it00:25
hvgotcodescoz_ that package does show up.  the one in the ppa has a ~ppa1 on the end of it, which i dont see in synaptic00:25
test34Scotch, copy it in your browser's plugin directory00:25
Scotchok let me try to find it00:25
coz_hvgotcodes,  what address for the ppa  did you actually put into software sources?00:26
hvgotcodescoz_ catting /etc/apt/sources is eb http://ppa.launchpad.net/launchpad-weyland/xserver-nobackfill/ubuntu karmic main00:26
hvgotcodesdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/launchpad-weyland/xserver-nobackfill/ubuntu karmic main00:26
coz_hvgotcodes,  ok hold on checking now00:27
coz_hvgotcodes,  I am not getting anything here eigher00:29
coz_hvgotcodes,  let me check a few things00:29
hvgotcodescoz_, thanx00:30
hvgotcodesi did make the mistake of adding the ppa in the gui program, and then doing it again directly in sources, but that shouldn't hurt it i would imagine00:30
hvgotcodesnote that the version on the ppa website is what i am looking for -- the version is there except for the ~ppa100:30
coz_hvgotcodes,  I do see the xserver-xorg-core with same revision numbers and no ppa00:31
hvgotcodescoz_, yep00:31
CPrgmSwR2How long does it take for someone to take a look at a bug filed?00:31
coz_hvgotcodes,  my best guess  is that the ppa version and the one listed in synaptic are one in the same00:32
hvgotcodesok lemme try it00:32
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: not to be sounding too harsh, but it can take any amount of time and the only way to speed it up is to volunteer.  generally I'd give it a few days00:34
hvgotcodescoz_, there are a lot of packages with that version -- which do i need?00:34
mesulaThis is why Ubuntu sucks: http://www.fewt.com/2009/10/i-give-up.html00:34
CPrgmSwR2mbeierl: I have no sound and if I know what to do to get it working I would00:34
CPrgmSwR2but I have no idea what steps to take at this point00:35
coz_hvgotcodes,  I would assume if you tick the xserver-xorg-core it will include the necessary pacakges required for minimal install00:35
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: sorry - sometimes it is like that.  I don't know myself, but I did want to attempt to answer the question about "how long".  What type of sound card do you have?00:35
=== gh0zt is now known as svpn
hvgotcodescoz_, thats what i did, it said 'reinstalling'00:36
hvgotcodesnot promising00:36
CPrgmSwR2NVidia MCP6700:37
CPrgmSwR2it worked in 9.0400:37
coz_hvgotcodes,  so that means it was already installed..mm.... unless you directly download fromm the ppa site I am not sure what the differences would be unless you looked into the package contents for comparison00:37
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: ooo.  sorry - way out of my knowledge realm.00:37
hvgotcodescoz_, why wouldn't the source url allow synaptic to pick it up?00:38
ByronAfter so much troubleshooting my on-board NIC, I put in a simple one I was running on my server and viola. No more network issues. Stupid mobo. Anyone know where I can find vintage mobos?00:38
coz_hvgotcodes,  that one is puzzling unless it is already the same version or there is nothing in the ppa to pick up00:38
hvgotcodescoz_, but it lists the packages when you click it00:39
coz_hvgotcodes,  mmm then I am puzzled for sure00:39
coz_hvgotcodes,  you might want to contact the ppa  owner00:39
hvgotcodesany fglrx users need this00:39
FeasibilityStudyWill anyone here on an x64 kernel please run this command and tell me what it tells you:  dmesg | grep NX00:39
coz_hvgotcodes,  you are having issues with your ati card?00:39
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: I presume you're bug #455912 ?00:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455912 in alsa-driver "NVidia MCP67 Audio Device - No Sound - Kubuntu 9.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45591200:40
CPrgmSwR2mbeierl: yes00:40
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: is the bug confirmed?  I'm not that familiar with launchpad, but I've heard it helps to get the bug into confirmed state00:42
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: no, sorry - I see the bug is just in new state.00:43
CPrgmSwR2mbeierl: and how do I get it into confirmed status00:43
hvgotcodescoz_ the standard slow resize/maximize issue from jaunty.  I was hoping that and my suspend/resume issues would be fixed with karmic, but i guess not :(00:43
mbeierlAny one here affected by bug # 455912 and can confirm this is the case?00:43
coz_hvgotcodes,  oh darn  I have no idea about the suspend issues at all since I dont use laptops here00:43
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: click on the state "New" and it'll show you can change it to confirmed - I think.  I'm not sure if you need someone else to confirm it00:44
CPrgmSwR2coz_: just for the record suspend doesn't work for me as well00:44
CPrgmSwR2but that I can do without00:44
hvgotcodescoz_ i had read that the latest catalyst driver fixed a bunch of suspend issues.00:44
CPrgmSwR2mbeierl: I need someone else to confirm it00:44
CPrgmSwR2I can't do it00:44
hvgotcodesand my laptops hibernates ok, i just doesnt resume from suspend ok -- but thats getting ahead of ourselves -- the slow maximize/resize is a real issue00:45
coz_hvgotcodes,  oh I see  mmm ok I am tell you right now that I know nothing about ati  however  I do know of two people in #compiz   that would    either adamk or soreau00:45
mbeierlCPrgmSwR2: I hate to say, but that might hold things up a little...00:45
mbeierlkeep asking around during different times of day (every couple of hours) if anyone else can confirm it.00:45
CPrgmSwR2Does driver support for various devices get deprecated over time?00:46
detI just did a fresh install of karmic and now I am hearing a random "boop" sounds every now and then when listening to music00:47
test34FeasibilityStudy, http://pastebin.com/f13cda1de00:47
CPrgmSwR2det: what kinda graphics card?00:48
detyou mean sound ?00:49
FeasibilityStudytest34: Looks like the 64 bit kernel is not enabling native hardware based NX00:49
detati graphics, integrated sound00:49
FeasibilityStudyInstead we are getting 32 bit NX emulation00:49
det00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller00:49
* BUGabundo /usr/local/bin/xfcre76 BUGabundo | tee /dev/sleep00:50
detmaybe the booping is just empathy notifcations , I just disabled them to see if it fixes00:50
CPrgmSwR2det: lol00:51
kaddihi is there a way to get gparted to merge free space with an already created partition?00:51
detthe booping is a replacement for system bell00:52
CPrgmSwR2det: I wish that was my problem00:52
rodenskyhello ppl =)00:54
test34FeasibilityStudy, does it affect performance or security?00:54
dpicso, uh, do we no longer have to add multiverse and restricted in karmic? i noticed that they're already checked off now00:55
dpicanybody know if that will stay true for the final release?00:55
FeasibilityStudytest34: It's a security feature built into most 64 bit CPU's.  I just asked an Ubuntu developer and they said it was merely an error in logging and that everything is OK..So no worries..00:56
test34ok FeasibilityStudy00:57
Fanfaregh0st: must be available as amd64 too as i have it installed...01:02
RoeyI have a tricky situation:   I have /dev/md0 (which is /dev/sd{a,b}1) that's this puny 100 MiB partition at the start of my partition table.  I want to boot off of /, which has its own /boot;  / is on /dev/md1 (that is, /dev/sd{a,b}2).  How do I do this neatly?01:04
Fanfaregh0st: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/universe cellwriter 1.3.4-1ubuntu1 [160kB] cellwriter_1.3.4-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb)01:04
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CPrgmSwR2It looks like the NVidia HDA audio drivers are pretty common among the hp laptop Pavillion modles01:11
CPrgmSwR2I would suspect this will get attention once 9.10 is official released01:11
bjsnidernvidia's out of that business anyway01:12
bjsniderbefore you invest in a laptop you might want to put linux on, compare it to what dell is offering to make sure you're not getting hardware that is unsupported01:13
patdk-lapheh, dell and their never ending broadcom wifi crap01:14
dpichaving multiverse enabled by default in karmic is a change from jaunty, right? is it going to remain that way for the final release01:14
patdk-lapeven the broadcom network card are a pain01:15
nick125I swapped my Broadcrap card for an Intel one...and it might not be completely smooth sailing with the Intel card, at least it's better than ndiswrapper.01:16
patdk-lapI had horrible issues with jaunty and intel 530001:16
=== gh0zt is now known as panikkk
patdk-lapit kept corrupting my ext3 filesystems01:16
nick125patdk-lap: Ouch.01:16
patdk-lapbut only happened in jaunty, and installing backports fixed it up01:16
nick125and I thought my issues with iwl3945 were bad.01:16
patdk-lapya, I couldn't even complete the install01:17
patdk-lapfinally disabled wifi in the bios and got it installed, installed backports, and enabled01:17
* nick125 's wireless connection seems to go to a crawl after 5-10 minutes01:17
patdk-lapso far in karmic, it's been solid01:17
crimsomBroadcom card detected and restricted drivers installed on Live CD session, but no success on fresh installed Karmic RC.01:17
panikkkick, i just tried to install karmic to usb key and now my hd won't boot, comes up with grub rescue is there a way to get my old partitions back?01:17
patdk-lapit kept getting random drops in jaunty with backports,but rarely01:17
quimkaosno inkspace in 9.10?01:18
Daiquimkaos: try inkscape01:18
patdk-lapI do seem to be saving about 3watts of laptop power usage on karmic though, that is nice01:18
quimkaosi did01:18
Dai!inkscape | quimkaos01:18
ubottuquimkaos: Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics drawing application - see http://www.inkscape.org/ for more01:18
Daiyou got letters switched.01:19
quimkaosit's on inkscape allright01:20
patdk-lapfirefox is the worst for battery life :(01:20
quimkaos-_- allways thought that was inkspace ... i think i'm going blind01:22
patdk-lapit's just sad that firefox uses so much more cpu power than vmware01:23
quimkaosis the hp F2180 multifunction no working in 9.10?01:25
ubottuEmpathy is an instant messaging and video chat client for GNOME. In !karmic, Empathy will replace Pidgin as the default IM client.01:25
ubuntnewi lost sound on my conexant chipset audio card on karmic upgrade.   I found an old driver for Jaunty kernel.  is there a way to make it work in karmic?01:26
Binky182I also had sound problems with karmic, back to running jaunty01:28
ubuntnewis karmic dumping alsa for pulse?01:28
Binky182i believe so01:28
nick125Not necessarily "dumping" alsa..01:29
kubuntuserHi everyone. I just installed kubuntu, and grub did not detect my windows partition.01:30
ChogyDankubuntuser: try running update-grub01:30
rippsubuntnew: no, it can't because pulse is just a layer that exists on top of alsa, if you mean that it uses pulse instead of alsa directly, than yes. They've been moving towards since 8.0401:30
johnjohn101will I be able to use ubuntu one from windows (sorry)01:31
kubuntuserChogyDan: I do not have that cmd01:31
ChogyDankubuntuser: hmm, maybe you are running grub1 and not grub2?01:31
ubuntnew_ok, so is there a way to make the jaunty driver work on the new kernel?01:31
* nameiner is away: Gone away for now01:32
rippsjohnjohn101: you can probably use it from the ubuntuone webpage, but I don't think there's an app to integrate it into explorer01:32
kubuntuserChogyDan: how would that happen?01:32
ChogyDankubuntuser: you upgraded from 90401:32
kubuntuserChogyDan: I had 904 installed, but this is a new install.01:32
kubuntuserChogyDan: I used the alt install cd01:33
johnjohn101i can't wait until thursday.  i've used the beta version and love it01:33
ChogyDankubuntuser: well, can you check to see if you have grub-pc installed?01:33
h00kHas anyone tried netconsole with Karmic?01:33
kubuntuserChogyDan: is that a command or package?01:33
ChogyDankubuntuser: apt-cache show grub201:34
rippsubuntnew_: file a bug with "ubuntu-bug linux-sound-base", it's really hard to diagnose sound problems without detailed hardware info, ubuntu-bug will compile all of that and file a bug report on launchpad01:34
ChogyDankubuntuser: oops: apt-cache policy grub-pc01:34
kubuntuserChogyDan: Installed: 1.97~beta4-1ubuntu301:34
ubuntnew_how do i file the bug?  first experience testing - but love the concept and the work!01:35
ChogyDankubuntuser: then you should have the update-grub command01:35
rippsubuntnew_: from the commandline type `ubuntu-bug linux-sound-base`01:35
kubuntuserChogyDan: I do XD. You said update_grub01:35
ChogyDankubuntuser: does it say command not found? or something else?  and did you use: sudo update-grub?01:36
ubuntnew_ok.  thanks ripps01:36
kubuntuserChogyDan: I am running update grub now01:36
ChogyDankubuntuser: ah, ok.  np.  run that, if it says something about windows, then it should be fixed01:36
ubuntnew_is it worth moving to grub2?01:36
kubuntuserChogyDan: Found Windows Vista (loader) on /dev/sda101:37
kubuntuserChogyDan: thanks for the help :-D01:37
ChogyDanyour welcome01:37
rippsubuntnew_: grub2 can hit or miss for upgraders, so for now, it will stick with grub1, you can install grub2 and and then chainload it from grub1 so that you make your system unbootable01:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:37
kubuntuserChogyDan: do you know what could have gone wrong?01:37
kubuntuserChogyDan: I figure I should see if I can help by submitting a bug report01:38
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:38
dooglusI have ubuntu 9.10 installed.  I want to try the KDE desktop, but don't want the whole kubuntu experience.  what package do I install so I can run KDE with my existing apps?01:38
ChogyDankubuntuser: I think its a known bug, something about /sys not being mounted during the installer.01:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about baka01:38
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde401:38
aprilharewill grub-pc (grub2) installation upgrade my grub config? i have configured windows in a multiboot manner01:39
aprilhareauto-update even01:39
kubuntuserChogyDan: cool :-). Thanks for the help.01:39
ChogyDanaprilhare: grub2 will autodetect windows01:39
dooglussudo apt-get install kde-core01:39
dooglushmm ;)01:39
patdk-lapgrub2 is nice, but slow :(01:39
dooglusE: Couldn't find package kde-core01:40
aprilhareChogyDan: will i be able to confirm stuff or is it all automated?01:40
rippsaprilhare: I don't think grub2 will replace grub1, it will create a chainload entry in your grub1 list, so you can test if it works, if it does, there's a command you can run to replace grub1 with grub201:40
dooglushttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE tells me to install kde-core for the core of KDE, but it doesn't exist?01:40
aprilhareripps: that sounds good - where are the details regarding this?01:40
ripps!grub2 > aprilhare01:41
ubottuaprilhare, please see my private message01:41
ChogyDanaprilhare: like ripps said, when you install it, it will be done as an entry in your grub1 menu, so you can ignore it if it doesn't work.  BUT, the next kernel upgrade will wipe that out01:41
ubuntnew_ripps: the bug report showed the sound card should work with snd-riptide.  how do i make sure it's loading?  the card isn't showing in sound prefs, but does in lspci.01:41
aprilhareoh ic.01:41
aprilharegunna try it then01:41
rippsubuntnew_: I don't know, you can check to make sure the sound module is loaded with lsmod, but otherwise, you should wait until someone more knowledgeble with sound stuff helps you, probably from your bug report01:43
StrangeCharmJordan_U, ls -l gives me 'error: no such disk'01:43
dooglusI have ubuntu 9.10 installed.  I want to try the KDE desktop, but don't want the whole kubuntu experience.  what package do I install so I can run KDE with my existing apps?01:43
ubuntnew_much thanks!  how do i find the report to follow it?01:43
ChogyDandooglus: pretty sure it is kde-core01:43
rippsubuntnew_: didn't you create a bug report with ubuntu-bug?01:44
dooglus!info kde-core karmic01:44
ubottuPackage kde-core does not exist in karmic01:44
aprilharewhy is the linux command line empty? went to install grub-pc  and it found the linux command line was empty.01:44
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dooglusChogyDan: does that shake your faith any?01:44
* gh0zt_afk is away: Gone away for now01:44
kubuntuserChogyDan: you still here? I am for some reason running grub 1.9701:46
ChogyDankubuntuser: yeah, that is grub201:46
kubuntuserChogyDan: ok. :-)01:47
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as panikkk
* panikkk is back.01:48
panikkkwhy the heck would the karmic installer write a loader to a hard drive if i'm installing on a USB key?01:50
Dr_Willisbecasuse its defaulting to sda which it thinks is the first hd on the system01:51
panikkki specified /sdb01:51
panikkkand checked the partition name vs the usb key size to make sure it was writing to usb01:51
ubuntnew_ripps: thx.  it wasn't sending it bc somehow it couldn't open my default browser.  sent now!01:54
ChogyDandooglus: I looked.  I don't know.  Maybe just install the dependencies of jaunty kde-core, like kdebase-workspace etc.  Maybe just that workspace package.  gl01:57
StrangeCharmusing the karmic server RC, after attempting an install with encrypted lvm (and an unencrypted /boot in a normal partition), grub tells me 'error: no such disk'. what have i done wrong?01:59
dooglusChogyDan: I could have sworn I installed kde-minimal, but it's not installed now01:59
dooglusI suspect I installed it on my 64 bit partition02:00
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=== away is now known as [31d1]
brianVHi all. I just upgraded from 9.04 to karmic, and the tool at System >> Preferences >> Keyboard is broken02:13
brianVFailed to execute child process "gnome-keyboard-properties" (No such file or directory)02:13
brianV^^ that's what it says02:13
EruditeHermithey, is it possible to connect to a wirless network from commandline?02:22
patdk-lapEruditeHermit, yep02:23
patdk-lapif it's encrypted, very annoying though02:23
EruditeHermitis there a commandline version of network manager02:24
patdk-lapiw, iwconfig, iw*02:24
EruditeHermitmy interface isn't listed in iwconfig02:24
bjsniderEruditeHermit, that means you don't have a driver loaded for it02:33
EruditeHermitI had to unplug it02:33
EruditeHermitfor some reason it wasn't detected02:33
bjsniderit's a usb stick?02:33
EruditeHermitbut unplugging and replugging made it work02:33
EruditeHermitUSB device02:33
bjsnidertry a different hub i suppose02:34
EruditeHermityeah it works now02:34
i_is_brokehey where would i look for the config system to add the driver for my sis video card.02:38
i_is_brokeSiSCtrl interface disabled.02:39
i_is_brokeTo enable the SiSCtrl interface, place02:39
i_is_brokeOption "EnableSiSCtrl" "yes"02:39
i_is_broke in the "Device" section of your config file.02:39
i_is_brokesorry for spam02:39
i_is_brokethat is what i get when i enter sisctrl02:42
IndyGunFreak9.10 doesn't use xorg.conf anymore.02:45
i_is_brokeIndyGunFreak, ok then how do i set my video?02:46
IndyGunFreaki really have no idea...02:47
IndyGunFreaki_is_broke, what i done.. cuz i needed xorg.conf for an nvidia dual screen set up02:47
i_is_brokeIndyGunFreak, well that makes 2 of us..lol02:48
IndyGunFreaki used an old xorg.conf i had from ubuntu 9.04... plugged it in to 9.10, and it worked perfectly02:48
i_is_brokeyeah well i have no back up of 9.04 cause it crashed and i wiped it out and started fresh with 9.1002:49
ByronHow do I restore my video. Now it freezes when X should start02:51
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StrangeCharmis the a manual for grub2 that will help me get out of the grub rescue prompt, given that i (think that i) know what's going on?02:55
mbtDoes anyone know where, if anywhere, there is support for lxc?  Is there anyone here that has used LXC with Karmic as both host and guest and gotten it to work with recent updates?02:55
mbtStrangeCharm, http://grub.enbug.org/Manual02:56
StrangeCharmmbt, not all the information in there seems to be correct02:57
mbtStrangeCharm, some info may be outdated. What specifically do you need to know?02:57
StrangeCharmmbt, i'm sitting at a grub rescue prompt. ls initially gave me a no such disk error. i set my prefix to another disk, and now ls works. i assume therefore that this is the right disk. i want to tell grub to try to load it's config from this disk, and proceed from there03:00
mbtStrangeCharm, have you tried the old commands that GRUB1 used to use to switch between listing files to see if that works at all?03:01
StrangeCharmmbt, i don't know those commands, let me try looking those up now03:02
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:03
IndyGunFreaki_is_broke, i have no real wayt o fix this for you, i just know what i done, and when I used my xorg.conf from 9.04, it done what I needed it to do... i'm sure there's a way to create one, i just don't know how.03:05
i_is_brokeIndyGunFreak, yeah im looking threw the forums and google now.03:06
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:08
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StrangeCharmmbt, looks like no: "unknown command `configfile' "03:08
mbtStrangeCharm, I can find no way to load a config.  You can "cat" the config and enter the lines to boot your system manually, and then fix the GRUB2 configuration after you've booted, however.03:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lxc03:09
mbtEh, it was worth a try.03:09
roeis karmic still the topic here?03:09
StrangeCharmmbt, sadly: "unknown command `cat' "03:10
mbtroe, if the topic line is to be believed, yes.  ;-)03:10
mbtStrangeCharm, eh?03:10
mbtStrangeCharm, can you "ls" your GRUB modules?03:10
mbtIf so, you'll need to load the "cat.mod" GRUB module to use cat, I guess.03:10
roeI am introducing a new user to ubuntu tomorrow afternoon, should I use 9.04 or go ahead with the 9.10 installer?03:10
jbuncherroe:  according to the topic, yup.03:11
mbtThat is at /boot/grub/cat.mod if you have /boot on a / partition; or /grub/cat.mod if you have a dedicated /boot partition.03:11
StrangeCharmmbt, where do the modules live?03:11
mbtStrangeCharm ^^03:11
roejbuncher, according to ubuntu.com the 29th is the release date.  Is stability going to chagne that much in 2 days?03:11
kubuntuserroe, the stability of the install will probabaly change. The stability after updates will probably not change much.03:12
jbuncherroe :  likely not, but you never know.  There were some issues with the RC if I recall, so you should take a look at the release notes and known issues to make sure you don't get bit by one of those.03:12
kubuntuserroe: I have so far seen 2 issues with the RC03:13
roeso as long as *I* can get through the installer (going to use ncurses installer anyhow) everythign shoudl be fine?03:13
jbuncherroe : I should clarify, issues with installing from the RC.  installing from the final release may well be more stable.03:13
jbuncherroe : read the release notes and known issues to be sure03:13
roesounds like a plan03:13
roeI'm not worried about installer issues03:13
kubuntuserroe: I had an issue where it did not immediatally detect my Vista on my dual boot03:13
kubuntuserroe: and I used the alternative install03:14
roeI can manipulate grub myself to add a boot option03:14
kubuntuserroe: although, thanks to some help here, that was solved quickly03:14
jbuncherroe : yeah, to be clear, the issue might not so much be the *installer*, but the set of packages included on the RC disc, which could cause issues.  There were some severe ones, though I don't remember any for x86 machines.03:15
kubuntuserroe: I personally would download it to beat the rush on the 29th03:15
kubuntuserroe: that is actually what I just did today. However, it is up to you if you want it. You seem to know what you are doing though03:15
roeUbuntu, especially karmic, has been getting some very nice press, congrats to all, great work.03:16
roekubuntuser, while I don't know everything, I fought my way through a lot of debian's growing pains over the years.  Common issues I can handle03:16
kubuntuserroe: it is a personal decission03:17
* kubuntuser fears the !worksforme police03:17
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kris_Hi. I noticed in the past couple of days that the karmic lpia live cd was removed. Does ubuntu intend to drop support for lpia?03:20
kris_That is, the image for the lpia live cd was removed from the mirrors.03:21
rippskris_: no, there was probably just something wrong with it03:22
kris_ripps: Thank you, then.03:23
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almoxarifeone more time, as anyone managed to fix the volume applet when alsa is the default sound?03:28
almoxarifeguess not03:30
IDWMasterHas anyone heard of the GlobalGrid package? Some things seem to be broken in version 3.9.03:38
IDWMasterI can't access my desktop icons or other programs while it is running in RA mode.03:38
IDWMasterSoftware version is03:39
IDWMasterSe arregla ax el necesita para ir a la03:39
VXxedIs anyone available that can help me with my laptop fan issue?  I have it fully documented here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130073303:40
IDWMasterI'm having trouble with the GlobalGrid package.03:40
IDWMasterIt doesn't appear to update the desktop properly.03:41
hansinHas anyone seen when using Compiz where windows and dialog boxes will *almost* disappear (get to like 90-95% transparent)? I know this isn't normal behavior. I think I saw this in Jaunty as well.03:42
IDWMasterI'm running version 3.9 and the desktop icons can't be accessed. I am also unable to access other programs outside of the virtual container while it's running.03:42
hansinNot sure what is the trigger.03:42
xxploithey all i just updated my packages and had 2 updates, one for xserver and xorg i believe. Problem is now im having a problem with openl or 3d. I was just playing my game while updating and decide to restart and now my game will not launch. Has the error Fatal Error: glxCreateContext Failed, and glxinfo has the same error within its info03:43
IDWMasterThe graphics X server problems might be affecting the GlobalGrid package as well.03:44
IDWMasterI'm having OpenGL problems with rendering transparent surfaces as well.03:44
IDWMasterxxploit: Did you open a bug report on Launchpad?03:46
xxploitnah didnt no if u all just updated and had this problem also or not03:47
IDWMasterI had a similar problem.03:47
xxploitit was only 2 package updates to xserver i just installed03:47
IDWMasterIt wasn't with a video game though.03:48
gh0ztwould be useful to have something like windows system restore03:48
xxploitwell i only noticed it because i can no longer play my video game03:48
gh0ztsnapshot working system prior to updates03:48
xxploitmy desktop is fine except for the glx errors when trying to run 3d apps03:48
IDWMasterDid you disable Compiz?03:49
xxploitnever had it running to begin with03:49
natewiebe132anyone know how to set my default version of python?03:53
coordinadori have a problem with karmic03:54
gdfjklthe notifyosd messages are 1/4 the size they should be03:54
coordinadorthe screensaver works randomly03:54
coordinadori mean that sometimes works fine, sometimes doesnt start, sometimes the screen goes blank correctly, sometimes doesnt03:55
billyjoelhi.. java applets are freezing in UNR Karmic. already try several browser but no progress. help me! thanks :)04:02
almoxariferunning kubuntu 9.4 in virtualbox on karmic in seamless and no crash yet, why?? wanna see what kubuntu does04:04
almoxarifeis there a channel #kubuntu?04:04
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Hadihey ' whos working on developping Karmic04:13
cdm10My audio output is always muted when I start up the system. Anyone else having this issue?04:17
tiger2wandercdm10:: Sometime i have that problem, what kind of your audio card?04:19
dtchencdm10: is it muted prior to logging in via the greeter?04:19
dtchencdm10: i.e., check via tty1 what amixer reports for your card04:20
cdm10dtchen: sure, one minute04:21
cdm10tiger2wander: realtek integrated04:22
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jamieleshawHello, will menu icons be enabled by default in KArmic Koala?04:24
tiger2wandercdm10:: not same with mine :) I'm using ATI Azalia04:24
cdm10jamieleshaw: nope! stupid design decision.04:24
jamieleshawcdm10, So the menu's will continue to partially have icons by default04:25
cdm10jamieleshaw: afaik, nothing will be changed before launch04:25
porter1ysar, could you add a post on the forums or 9even better) in launchpad reporting it?04:25
jamieleshawcdm10, dang04:25
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cdm10dtchen: they appear to be muted04:27
Bluey1I am trying to default my printer to using the black only cartridge - trivial fix in 9.04 -- non trivial in 9.10 -- I can't find where to do this..04:28
d9500cdm10: have you tried setting your sound to a level you want it at, then running sudo alsactl store in terminal?04:28
Bluey1cups is way different04:28
dtchencdm10: before you run alsactl store, can you pastebin your /var/lib/alsa/asound.state, please?04:28
dtchenhmm, I bet doing an alsactl store on runlevel [06] as an upstart job is insufficient04:30
dtchenwe should do it whenever gdm is stopping04:31
cdm10...it's working fine now.04:31
dtchenrather, whenever gdm/kdm/xdm04:31
dtchencdm10: is it reproducible across a fresh reboot?04:31
cdm10it was set to 0 before i logged in, but login fixed it04:31
cdm10apparently not.04:31
dtchenwell, PA will restore stream volumes04:31
dtchenwhat I'm trying to debug is when the store and restore break04:32
dtchenand that's an alsa-utils issue04:32
dtchenI thought I had fixed it with my upstart job, but it was too late to make it into 9.10 final04:32
marco hi. sound is too low and i cannot find the audio mixer. where ist it. using 9.1004:33
tiger2wanderdtchen:: the startup sound is missing and greater sound also, but sometime it works :(04:33
tiger2wandermarco:: are you upgrading from 9.04?04:33
dtchenmarco: the same place it has always been.04:33
dtchenmarco: use a Terminal and alsamixer04:33
dtchentiger2wander: again, I need the results from troubleshooting that I just explained to cdm1004:34
tiger2wandermarco:: may you want try gnome-volume-control-applet on terminal04:34
marcoumm ... I already used it but i think sound is still too low04:34
dtchenalso, please understand that I won't be fixing this for 9.10. It's too late.04:34
dtchenmarco: that's really too vague. What does amixer actually report?04:35
dtchen(use pastebin as necessary)04:35
tiger2wanderdtchen:: do you want asound.state when sound is working?04:36
marcodtchen, there was a sound mixer on the top right corner of the desktop but now there is only a master volume control. there is no audio mixer there04:36
cdm10dtchen: sorry, i got distracted -- what do you need me to give you?04:37
tiger2wanderor I'll go to tty and get it when problem come then throw it to you04:37
dtchentiger2wander: no, only when it isn't, please04:37
dtchentiger2wander: file a bug; that's the best way04:37
dtchenmarco: yes, that's the new UI. I'm asking you to use a Terminal and give me either amixer or alsamixer output.04:38
tiger2wanderdtchen:: ok, then I'll catch it when its coming04:38
dtchencdm10: well, ideally when your symptom is reproducible: 00:28 < dtchen> cdm10: before you run alsactl store, can you pastebin your /var/lib/alsa/asound.state, please?04:38
marcodtchen : http://pastebin.com/m558f966e04:38
dtchencdm10: but, in light of the fact that I need to be @ work in a few hours, please just file a bug.04:38
cdm10dtchen: bleh, it's actually working just fine now :)04:39
cdm10dtchen: if it happens again, i'll report a bug.04:39
dtchenmarco: please use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log04:40
marcodtchen, thanks04:40
tiger2wanderHave Ubuntu plan to re-integrate desktop indexer like tracker or beagles again?04:40
dtchenI bet this new state is completely screwing up people04:40
dtchenmarco: I'm off to bed, so please just file a bug and include that output04:40
marcook dtchen. thanks.04:41
dtchenmarco: be sure to use apport-collect -p alsa-base #, where # is the bug report you file04:41
cdm10what's a good amount of time for a system to get from grub to login?04:41
cdm10well, a typical amount of time04:42
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JanCcdm10: that depends a lot on what system  ;)04:43
cdm10JanC: let's say... a decent desktop system?04:44
cdm10i have a friend running nearly the same components and he says he gets ~15 seconds on Jaunty, which I find hard to believe -- I'm running Karmic and getting 25 seconds04:44
JanCI run a lot of services in the background, and they obviously slow down my system04:45
JanCat bootup04:45
JanClike, 2 (or sometimes 3) webservers, 2 database servers, etc.04:46
JanCah, wel, 3 database servers these days it seems ;)04:46
DanaGthat's my issue.04:47
JanC(you get the picture ;) )04:47
cdm10JanC: I guess you're the wrong person to compare boot times with :)04:48
JanCcdm10: I still see about 15 seconds (20 seconds max?) from grub til login screen though, on karmic  ;)04:50
cdm10JanC: Damn. Are you running encrypted swap?04:50
cdm10maybe that's it..04:50
JanCI didn't meter it recently04:51
JanCand I have a lot of try-out services running in the background on my main desktop04:52
ShapeShifter499I installed itunes via wine and I want to get rid of it for a version most known to work (version 7+ or 8  ) how do I do this??05:01
coordinador:O netsplit05:02
zuggycaanyone have a doc for setting up a proper x vnc server on karmic?05:05
bullgard4[GNOME] System > Administration > Network Tools. DEB program package gnome-nettool. Synaptic: "GNOME Nettool is a network information tool which provides user interfaces for some of the most common command line network tools including: * ifconfig, * ping, * netstat, * tracepath, * port scanning, * DNS lookup, * finger, * whois." What is the underlying command-line command for this "* port...05:15
bullgard4DanaG: The problem is that I would like to know this more precisely than your question mark suggests.05:19
DanaGWhat I mean is, I'm guessing, but I'm not sure.05:20
bullgard4DanaG: Yes, I understand that well.05:20
DanaGfor me, the term "port scan" makes me think of the word "nmap"... but I've never actually used the tool.05:20
dtohi. how do i make the rt kernel the default with grub2?05:21
dtoor at least set it so that it goes to the menu with a timeout? right now i can't get grub2 to come up even if i press esc during the boot seq05:22
domohey there.. so im testing out karmic... installed samba and made a share.. when copying files to the share from a windows box, i get an error on random files "too many files are in use" so to confirm the 9.10 problem, i unstalled yet another fresh copy of 9.04 on the SAME box, made the same share and tried to copy and it worked05:26
domoso there is obv a problem with 9.10... any ideas or have you heard of anything like it?05:26
domoi installed **05:28
bullgard4domo: If there is obv a problem with 9.10 please file a Launchpad bug report.05:30
arielCoHello everyone. Why am I not getting any notifications about available updates? "Check for updates" is checked in Software Sources.05:31
bullgard4arielCo: What does System > Administration > Update manager show?05:33
arielCobullgard4: It runs fine, and if I tell it to Check it does bring new packages.05:34
arielCobullgard4: but it doesn't notify me automatically as it used to in Jaunty05:34
ShapeShifter499wrong channel05:36
bullgard4arielCo: With me, it does inform me at due time. But what Update manager thinks is an appropriate time has changed compared with Jaunty. If I was you I would patiently wait until Update manager will inform you.05:36
bullgard4that there are updates available.05:37
dtois there any interactive way to set the grub2 default?05:37
bullgard4arielCo: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview#New%20features%20since%20Ubuntu%209.0405:38
arielCobullgard4: Oh, so it's no longer daily? Maybe I didn't give it a chance. Still, a few days ago it updated approx 70 packages in one check.05:38
DocteharielCo: karmic comes out in like a few days, last minute rush with the updates ;)05:39
bullgard4arielCo: No. Rather weekly if I am not mistaken. (But security updates are still offered daily.)05:40
arielCoDocteh: I installed a few weeks ago, but now I see I didn't give it update-manager chance to tell me about the updates ;)05:41
arielCobullgard4: small wonder it didn't notify me - the longest time between prompted checks was 4 days :)05:41
dtohi all. i'm trying to get the grub2 menu to show, but the instructions for doing so seem wrong. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:41
dtorunning sudo update-grub asks me if i want to create menu.lst??05:42
dtodo i have the wrong grub tools?05:42
arielCodto: what did grub-install say?05:42
dtothis is on a system installed from the recent beta cd05:42
dtoi didn't do grub-install05:42
ShapeShifter499I do have a question though, I have two laptops, one is a apple powerbook g4 stays at home and my mom uses it, the other is a aspire one netbook and moves around a lot, both have ubuntu 9.10 on them(updated from 9.04), and I want to have a ssh server access to the apple powerbook, I set it up and put a no-ip dns server on it, I thought I was good but I cannot access it outside of my home...05:42
ShapeShifter499...network,why is that?05:42
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hanasakijust tried karmic, it says iso9660 is not supported when mounting a CD.  is there a way to add support?05:43
arielCohanasaki: huh? isn't that the typical format ?05:44
Doctehdto: that sounds odd, the grub that karmic is using makes a grub.cfg file05:44
hanasakiarielCo:  yes. that's why I was surprised05:45
arielCohow did you "mount" it?05:45
localnnuser__hanasaki: do you mean u want to mount the iso or the cd?05:45
hanasakilocalnnuser__:  the CD05:45
localnnuser__hanasaki: probably it wasnt recorded correctly05:45
Jeruvyhanasaki: did it not just auto-mount the cd?05:45
hanasakiworked fine in windows05:46
hanasakiworked fine on jaunty. just not on the new kaola05:46
ubuhantuhello, java applet is freezing on ubuntu NBR karmic. already post the Q tomorrow, hope that today i can get reply and solved the problem :)05:47
Jeruvyvery strange. Never saw that on any disc even unplayable ones ;)05:47
ubuhantuim sorry *yesterday05:48
hanasakiJeruvy:  I just did a mount /dev/cdrom t05:48
arielCohanasaki: open a terminal window, type "mount" to check it's not already mounted. If it's not, try "mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt" and see what you get05:48
hanasakithnaks brb05:48
dtoDocteh: i'm not sure what to do.05:49
dtothis is a fairly fresh install05:49
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arielCodto: see if you have the "grub-pc" package installed05:51
dtoi didn't, and installing it looks like the right thing to do05:52
arielCodto: if you try "aptitude show grub-pc" you should get Version: 1.97 or such. If it 0.9x it's GRUB105:52
dtoi'm guessing that that should be installed by default on a grub2 system ?05:52
JeruvyShapeShifter499: you may want to check your router settings and verify your ip address.  You may have to open ssh on the router.05:52
arielCoyes, it should05:52
arielCotry "aptitude search grub | grep ^i"05:53
arielCodto: that should tell you which Grub packages you have installed05:53
ShapeShifter499Jeruvy: I did05:53
dtoi saw that installing grub-pc regenerated a grub.cfg05:53
ShapeShifter499Jeruvy: this is my setup, phone line plug in wall>line from phone plug to dsl box>line from dsl box to wifi box>wireless line to powerbook g405:54
dtoarielCo: that was the problem. it's fixed now. so, was grub-pc not being installed a bug in the ubuntu beta i used?05:54
arielCodto: now you need to run "sudo grub-install"05:54
JeruvyShapeShifter499: I would guess your wifi box is the router05:55
dtoarielCo: it did that for me and rebooting shows that it picked up my config changes. I.e. now it displays the menu, whereas before it didn't, and i couldn't pick the rt kernel05:55
ShapeShifter499Jeruvy, yes05:55
arielCodto: I don't think so - maybe you accidentally told it not to install Grub05:55
arielCodto: :)05:55
dtoand yet, grub2 is and has been the bootloader.05:55
dtoi always saw GRUB loading, just never the menu05:56
Jeruvy!portforward | ShapeShifter49905:56
ubottuShapeShifter499: For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall05:56
arielCodto: traditionally, GRUB wrote one letter of its name for each step it did. If it only finished printing the letters, it was not properly installed.05:57
ShapeShifter499Jeruvy: I did setup a port 22 forward  on the wifi router for the ip address the powerbook sees before the no ip takes over05:58
JeruvyShapeShifter499: is the powerbook changing ips on you?05:59
ShapeShifter499jeruvy: the no-ip dns app05:59
JeruvyShapeShifter499: no I mean is the powerbooks lan ip changing on you?05:59
ShapeShifter499jeruvy: no,06:00
ShapeShifter499jeruvy: well what did I do wrong?06:02
JeruvyShapeShifter499: check using a port forwarding test site like http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/06:03
ShapeShifter499jeruvy: ok06:03
ShapeShifter499jeruvy: ohh, no-ip changed my main ip address to something other than what I had before06:06
JeruvyShapeShifter499: its always something :)06:06
ShapeShifter499jeruvy: what could it be if changing this to the newer ip don't work?06:08
JeruvyShapeShifter499: I'd just confirm each step as you move outward...make sure it's all working.  There isn't anything else to it.06:09
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ShapeShifter499Jeruvy: ok now I'm lost again, my LAN Port and my Internet Port  are way different, any sites that see the ip see the Internet Port ip, but my wifi router sees my computers as ip's similar(up to the last few numbers of the ip) as my Lan ports ip06:14
Jeruvyyou may need to reset the routers config to update it to current.  Keep in mind if the ips change you'll have to go through this each time.  You could look at reserving the IP's on the lan or opening up the port forwarding to the entire range on the lan.  Also limiting the IP's from the router will limit the change, but not really fix the issue06:17
Whittwhat is the minimum hardware to boot kernel 2.6.31?06:18
Jeruvy!specs | Whitt06:24
ubottuWhitt: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu06:24
Whittthanks Jeruvy, that raises questions cause I cannot boot a kernel higher than 2.6.2706:25
Ian_Cornewhat kind of harware do you have then?06:25
WhittP4 Northwood (3ghz) 1gb DDR400 ram, asus motherboard06:27
Whittunsure of the model of motherboard06:27
wgrant'cannot boot' could be more descriptive.06:27
JeruvyWhitt: you may want to ask in #kernel, karmic uses 2.6.3106:27
wgrantBest to tell us the error mesage first.06:27
Ian_CorneAnd have you tried the livecd?06:28
Whitt2.6.31 doesn't give an error message, it just sits at grub saying "booting hte system", and will stay there.  2.6.28 gives Bug init 1406:29
zcat[1]so are there any dailies since the rc?06:29
WhittI haven't tried the liveCD for karmic, but 9.04 does the same thing cause its 2.6.2806:29
wgrantzcat[1]: Yes, in the usual place.06:30
zcat[1]where are they usuallt? I was looking in cdimage.ubuntu.com and can't find them06:32
coordinadori have a problem with karmic06:32
coordinadorthe screensaver works randomly06:32
coordinadori mean that sometimes works fine, sometimes doesnt start, sometimes the screen goes blank correctly, sometimes doesnt06:32
Ian_Cornecoordinador: ubuntu-bug gnome-screensaver06:33
virtualdzcat[1]: testing.qa.ubuntu.com if I remember06:34
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zcat[1]http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ looks promising....06:34
coordinadorIan_Corne, now I am not in karmic, it is ok or I have to execute that command from karmic?06:34
Ian_Cornetry to create errornous behavior on karmic06:35
Ian_Corneand exectute that command afterwards06:35
Ian_Corneit gathers all the right logs and stuff and attaches it to the bugreport06:35
Ian_Cornebut i think there's already a few reported06:35
mercutio22Hey, are we able to get per viewport wallpapers now?07:02
psychuilHi guys, does anyone know how i can switch to the 2nd lang i need to type in?07:05
kostkonpsychuil, alt+shift?07:05
psychuilDoesn't work :\07:05
kostkonpsychuil, also you can add the language indicator applet to your panel07:05
psychuilIn keyboard -> layouts i've added hebrew.07:06
psychuilAny idea?07:09
virtualddo anyone else have compiz not focusing new windows?07:15
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: Are you still there?07:18
Jordan_UStrangeCharm: You need to re-install grub and make sure that your deivce.map is correct when you run grub-install07:22
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Jordan_UStrangeCharm: So if the prefix that worked was (hd0,1) and your /boot is /dev/sda1 then you would put "(hd0)/dev/sda" in your device.map You can also use super grub2 disk with my script to find and load grub.cfg files ( not yet in the released version of super grub2 disk, you can download the latest version from  http://jordanu.dyndns.org/sgd_cdrom_experimental.iso )07:30
martinjh99Morning guys - How do I mount a samba share?08:00
martinjh99sudo mount -t cifs  // tmp/ gives me an error -22 in the logs08:01
martinjh99I seem to remember I need to install a cifs package but not done it in a while...08:01
martinjh99Never mind think I have fixed it!08:05
om26erwhich package provides fonts to openoffice??08:11
yofeldoesn't it just use whatever fonts are available in the system?08:12
om26eryofel: no08:14
asranielhi there,is it a known bug that in KDM, sometimes (well, quite often) the login screen is not displayed, but only the progress splash you usualy see after login, and you can't get it away08:16
vivainio_Any idea why sound doesn't work in Kubuntu Karmic Koala08:23
vivainio_I've checked the usual stuff08:23
vivainio_it plays, but nothing is heard08:23
vivainio_I also tried removing pulseaudio08:24
vivainio_and logs don't show any "device in use" problems08:24
chazcoIs there any way to post a comment to a launchpad bug without registering?08:24
vivainio_and volume is turned up08:24
vivainio_[~]|3> lsof | grep /dev/snd08:25
vivainio_knotify4  1729   vivainio   12u      CHR      116,8       0t0    4041 /dev/snd/controlC008:25
vivainio_kmix      1760   vivainio   10u      CHR      116,8       0t0    4041 /dev/snd/controlC008:25
yofelchazco: don't know of one, you could try asking in #launchpad08:25
chazcoyofel - Thanks08:27
aboSamoor_I am starting to use evolution to notify me with the new emails, as empathy does not do that ! if I close the evolution window it quit ! and it is not anymore checking my inbox08:28
aboSamoor_any idea how can I solve that ?08:30
Ian_CorneaboSamoor_: that's normal behaviour08:32
aboSamoor_Ian_Corne: normal behavior ! it is annoying to have an open window for an application that is supposed to work in the background !08:34
aboSamoor_Ian_Corne: what is the use of the message indicator applet if that was the situation ?08:34
Ian_Cornei don't know but it's not programmed (yet) to work in the background08:35
Ian_Corneyou could just minimize evolution for now08:35
Ian_Corneyou could submit a bug report and report that you'd like it to be in the background when closing, like empathy :)08:36
aboSamoor_Ian_Corne: I don't know, but empathy + indicator + evolution < pidgin ! that was bad decision08:36
varanusafter some last updates, kde doesn't save the last configuration of widget position or plasma generaly ecc, and even now and then adds random activities by changing then the current ones. any1 know y? i have karmic with kde4.3.208:36
Ian_CorneaboSamoor_: i'm not saying empathy is good :p08:38
Ian_Cornejust saying that evolution was there before indicator applet and empathy business and it never went to the background when closing08:38
om26er1any 1 here having bad fonts in google chrome after installing ubuntu-restricted-extras08:40
om26er1how to change the permissions of a file??08:45
TheInfinitychmod / chown.08:46
om26er1TheInfinity: chown will change the owner i will go with chmod08:46
kaushalanyone here have tried samba with ldap on ubuntu ?09:08
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mfraz74where is the best place to report upgrade bugs?09:25
mfraz74ok, but i'm not sure the best way of reporting this one09:28
mfraz74i upgraded unr jaunty to karmic and the panel didn't have all the applets it should've had09:29
i_is_brokeanyone else having update collection issues with amarok?09:29
om26er1mfraz74: you can add man09:29
mfraz74i tried adding them manaully, but the background colour was white instead of black09:30
mfraz74in the end i renamed .gnome .gnome2 .gconf and .gconfd and restarte09:30
om26er1mfraz74: and?09:31
mfraz74that was the only way of getting the panel back to how it should look09:31
th1_hi I just tried updating my karmic but lots of packages can't be authenticated suddenly? any keychain changes? (none are in the upgradeable list)09:33
Ian_Cornemfraz74: which addons?09:34
Ian_Cornei know powerapplet is gone09:34
th1_I don't want to install unsigned packages on my system so this is a problem..09:35
mfraz74the two that were missing are indicator-applet-session and indicator-applet09:36
Ian_Corneha, weird09:36
Ian_Cornehave you tried adding them again, or were they uninstalled?09:36
mfraz74i tried adding them, but the colours were inverted09:37
mfraz74also found it very hard to find somewhere on the panel to click to launch the applet manager09:37
mfraz74yes, they had a grey/white background instead of black09:37
om26er1installing ubuntu-restricted-extras make the fonts off google chrome ugly09:38
om26er1why is this09:39
om26er1i think ubuntu-restricted-extras bring ttf-msfonts and that cause the problem09:40
vivainioI think I found out why wo sound doesn't work09:52
vivainioit was muted on pulseaudio side09:52
vivainioi.e. the volumes were ok on alsamixer etc09:53
vivainioand kde volume control didn't unmute pulseaudio "master volume"09:53
vivainio"just works", eh09:53
StrangeCharmi think that grub is looking at the wrong disk to read its config (&c) from, from a live environment that can mount /boot, on the right disk, what changes should i make to get it to look at the right disk/partition?09:59
cviorelHi! I have a question about some annoying bug.10:10
om26er1cviorel: go on10:10
cviorelWhen I boot up, I get the following:10:10
cviorelOne or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be mounted:10:10
cviorel(ESC for recovery shell)10:10
cviorelswap: waiting for UUID=19ec2898-8e83-4b1c-9b8f-8790d42fd56a10:10
cviorelSearch on ubuntu forums, no good solution found10:11
cviorelit's something about mountall10:11
cviorelalso, no info on logs about this10:11
cviorelI use Karmic RC with all the latest updates and all my partitions are ext410:13
om26er1cviorel: upgraded from jaunty or new install10:14
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cviorelit's a fresh install using alternate cd10:14
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:15
om26er1cviorel: y alternate cd10:15
cviorelalternate cd image10:15
om26er1use gui10:16
ActionParsniplternate cd installs faster as it doesnt have to boot a full x server10:17
cviorelbut this is not a gui-related issue10:19
cviorelActionParsnip, alternate cd does boot a full x server10:20
ActionParsnipcviorel: it boots to a text interface. this is the alternate installer in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAy-BD6KyHM10:21
ActionParsnipcviorel: it will install a full desktop, but the installer itself is text based so is faster10:22
afiefIs it just me or have the advanced options for the Login Screen been removed in Karmic? I wanted to remove the "beep" when the login screen appears10:22
GastonLaGafffHello. Is there a recent change on the behaviour of the ubuntu's firewall?10:23
ActionParsnipafief: di you blacklist pcspkr ?10:23
cviorelActionParsnip, I know this, but what does this have to do with the mounting?10:23
oldude67ugh i figured out why i was taking so long to boot...ugh lost my hard drive with the /home partition on it..now i have to start all over again...:(10:23
ActionParsnipcviorel: i never mentioned mounting, i simply said it was faster10:24
afiefActionParsnip: not that kind of beep, it's the nice ubuntu "beep" it goes through the sound card10:24
ActionParsnipafief: is it in sound settings?10:24
julian2hi all, i just installed karmic as update from jaunty. Almost everything works fine. But the big problem is, that every kde4 program crashes, (i want to use kile and amarok). is this a known issue? If not, i'll submit it10:25
ActionParsnipafief: if its not in there ten i am unsue. i uninstalled the ubuntu sounds package as i hate stupid system noises10:25
afiefActionParsnip: my sound settings are "sound theme: No Sound"10:26
ActionParsnipafief: hmmm10:26
th1_julian2, I use only "kdirstat" from kde but that works fine10:26
afiefActionParsnip: in the previous version I could change lots of things about the login screen, but now the login screen settings thing is too simple to allow anything10:26
om26er1afief: sytem sounds are disabled in the latest libgnome10:27
ActionParsnipafief: this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/disable-the-login-sound-on-ubuntu/10:27
th1_julian2, does "kdirstat" work for you?10:27
ActionParsnipafief: try System->Administration->Login Window->Accessibility.10:28
cviorelActionParsnip, so the workaround for my problem is to install using desktop cd?10:28
ActionParsnipafief: or Preferences/Sound/Sounds and "deselect" login10:28
ActionParsnipcviorel: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded and verify the cd you burned?10:28
afiefActionParsnip: that's what I'm saying there is no "accessibility" in system -> administration -> login screen10:29
julian2th1_  it starts, but its kde310:29
julian2th1_ also konsole, quanta works10:29
pietrubens(note: i'm an absolute beginner) my problem: recently installed ubuntu 8.10 dual boot with vista, however, in ubuntu the internet would not work. I tried to read in on a few forums, but did not come across one that resolved my problem. I tried to install the 9.10 beta then hoping that there would be no more problem. However, when installing it seemed that only 2 possibilities were possible: installing on the whole ha10:29
afiefActionParsnip: and I think the login sound in the preferences it's the sound that comes after you type the username and password, the sound i'm talking about happens when the login screen initializes10:30
cviorelActionParsnip, yeap, I did that. I also burned the cd image on another cd, same thing10:30
th1_julian2, ok I guess I don't use any kde4 apps then ;)10:30
julian2th1_ but kile and amarok are linked against kde4 libs10:30
th1_I would try to install it but right now I have a different problem: it won't authenticate any of the karmic packages10:30
th1_so I can't do aptitude upgrade10:30
ActionParsnipcviorel: ok thats good, many dont (annoying)10:30
th1_unless I want to risk infecting my system...10:30
julian2th1_ in jaunty that worked ... the problem is, there is no serious gnome equivalent to kile ;(10:31
th1_I dunno, I use amarok too on my media pc10:31
th1_I don't know what kile does10:31
th1_right now I just need to figure why its doing that keyring error stuff so I can install the 94 updates that are waiting10:32
ActionParsnipcviorel: whats your issue?10:32
julian2th_1 kile is a latex editor/ide10:32
th1_but I won't just click "OK" when I don't have any idea why it's suddenly not working ...10:32
ActionParsnipafief: then you may have to check your gdm settings, there may be a sound set there10:32
afiefActionParsnip: where can I find those settings?10:32
cviorelActionParsnip, when the system boots up, I get some messeges like this:10:33
cviorel(ESC for recovery shell)10:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm10:33
Light-lolwut, ubottu needs to upskill10:33
ActionParsnipcviorel: is that booting off the CD?10:33
oldude67!info gdm10:33
th1_does anyone know about apt / update manager and problem with signed in Karmic?10:33
ubottugdm (source: gdm): GNOME Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 655 kB, installed size 7280 kB10:34
prkos1Where in Karmic are the additional options that were under Login Window in jaunty? Specifically I need Security, allow TCP connections to Xserver10:34
afiefActionParsnip: gdmsetup gives me the same spartan options that I get from the administration menu10:34
cviorelActionParsnip, no, after installing is finished.10:34
oldude67cviorel, was that after a x freeze?10:34
ActionParsnipafief: System > Admin > Login Window   maybe10:34
julian2th1_ ok, good luck and thank you for your answer... perhaps they will fix the issue in the final release10:34
afiefActionParsnip: ain't there10:34
afiefprkos1: welcome to the club :) I'm looking for that too10:34
cvioreloldude67, I installed the system three days ago10:35
prkos1yes I see GMTA lol10:35
ActionParsnipafief: not sure then. I just use whatevers default but if there is a way to change it, the sound may be part of the theme or somesuch10:35
oldude67cviorel, ya but did yo have a screen freeze? then the boot to recovery mode ?10:35
vega-prkos1: that's too advanced, you are not allowed to touch that.. "gnome policy"10:35
prkos1vega-: I have intranet at home and I want to be able to work on my desktop from my laptop10:36
ActionParsnipcviorel: if you reinstall grub2 is it better?10:36
cvioreloldude67, no screen freeze, just those messages10:36
afiefActionParsnip: guess I'll file a bug report10:36
prkos1it worked in jaunty without problems, and there was the allow TCP under Login Window > Security10:36
th1_please help, I get "WARNING You are about to install software that can't be authenticated!" when I try upgrading from update manager on my karmic, since yesterday10:37
DamienCassouJava applications have visual problems: most widgets (labels, buttons...) do not appear at all10:37
cviorelActionParsnip, I did not tried to reinstall grub210:38
ActionParsnipth1_: can you use http://pastebin.com    to give the output of: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade10:38
ActionParsnipcviorel: might help10:38
cviorelActionParsnip, I don't think it will help because I had the same behaviour using two different images and cd-s10:39
cviorelActionParsnip, will try and get back in a sec10:39
ActionParsnipcviorel: tried any boot options?10:39
knarfhi, i get green circles in gimp when i go over with the mouse.10:40
th1_ActionParsnip, thanks but after apt-get update'ing again now it works10:40
cviorelActionParsnip, nope, no boot options. In early beta stages, I never had experienced this10:40
th1_I'm guessing I just downloaded the index at the wrong time10:40
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | cviorel10:41
ubottucviorel: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions10:41
ActionParsnipcviorel: try disablin acpi and/or dma10:41
ActionParsnipas well as others10:41
cviorelwill try this and come back with the results10:42
DamienCassouhas any of you encountered problems with Java applications?10:43
DamienCassougraphical elements do not appear at all10:44
knarfsome of the buttons in openoffice are distorted. is it a problem with my graphic card?10:45
knarfhi again, how does one disable karmic's notification?10:47
th1_hey julian210:48
th1_I did get the update fixed10:48
th1_now I will try to install kile ...10:49
topyliknarf, what's karmic's notification? do you mean notify-osd?10:49
knarftopyli: yes i mean notify-osd10:50
topyliif you want the 90s-style notification bubbles, you should install and use gnome-stracciatella-session10:50
julian2th1_ thx10:51
th1_it works kile for me10:52
th1_at least shows main 2window and "tip of the day"10:52
cviorelActionParsnip, no change10:52
cviorelalso reinstalled grub10:53
ActionParsnipcviorel: all i can suggest then is disable some hardware in ram and attempt a boot10:53
th1_julian2, what error do you get?10:53
ActionParsnipnot in ram, in bios10:54
th1_now I just installed amarok too, and it works aswell10:54
cviorelActionParsnip, thanks for your time10:55
ActionParsnipcviorel: i try, shame we couldnt get you the gold10:55
ActionParsnipcviorel: try later, different users10:55
julian2th1_ segmentation fault  ...10:56
cviorelActionParsnip, will try to debud this on my own.10:56
th1_did it generate a crash report?10:56
cviorelActionParsnip, thanks again! Will share my findings if I manage to fix this10:57
julian2th1_, my home was killed10:58
knarftopyli: is there a simpler way to disable those notification bubbles? Basically everything is fine on my pc, except that those bubbles show now text but lines11:05
squeHi, how can I disable network-manager on karmic? Are there different commands for upstart?11:06
topyliknarf, the stracciatella-session is the cleanest way to get rid of them. although it now sounds you don't actually want to disable them, you want to fix them11:07
knarftopyli: yes. seems to be a graphic card problem. I think I'll wait for a while and see if updates fixes that problem...11:08
ActionParsnipsque: bum can disable it from startup11:08
squeActionParsnip, doesn't seem to work11:11
squeActionParsnip, The network-manager seems already deactivated in BUM. Are you sure BUM is upstart aware? because network-manager in karmic has been migrated to upstart job.11:12
aguitelanyone have problem with gnome-power-manager?11:12
th1_** (gnome-power-manager:29609): WARNING **: Either HAL or DBUS are not working!11:13
ActionParsnipsque: not sure, i dont use any network manager apps11:13
ActionParsnipsque: could simply uninstall it i guess if you never need it11:13
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:14
aguitelth1_, what i need to do11:14
th1_aguitel, I don't know11:14
aguitelth1_, it will solve in final version?11:15
th1_aguitel, I don't know it already works on my laptop11:15
th1_just not on my desktop11:15
Rods_Tigerwhich "desktop image" should I choose? There's "Marvell Dove" or "Freescale i.MX51" - how can I tell which one to use?11:20
th1_which device is it for11:20
Rods_Tigerpretty much any11:21
Rods_Tigerjust for general trying out11:21
th1_Rods_Tiger, these images are specialized devices for certain embedded boards11:21
th1_you need the right one for the board you want to use11:21
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: looks like you'll have to know your board yu are installing on11:21
th1_if you want for a PC then you don't need either of those ...11:21
Rods_TigerBut it says right there "This type of image is what most people will want to use".11:21
th1_Rods_Tiger, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview11:22
Rods_Tigerno, here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/11:22
th1_Rods_Tiger, you need the CD11:22
Rods_Tigerbut which one?11:22
th1_not the Image as I said the image is for embedded boards11:23
Rods_Tigerdo most people use the embedded boards image?11:23
th1_eitger OC desktop CD or 64-bit PC desktop11:23
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: no, most use the desktop iso11:23
th1_Rods_Tiger, only if they have an embedded board(!)11:23
th1_tbh that page is well confusing11:25
th1_it shouldn't list the foreign architecture images in the middle of the PC images11:25
ActionParsnipforeign architectures?11:26
Rods_TigerI like the idea of trying it "without changing your computer at all" and if "This type of image is what most people will want to use" then that made it all the more appealing, if I knew how to choose between "Marvell Dove" or "Freescale i.MX51".11:26
prkos1ActionParsnip: update on the allow TCP, it's in /etc/gdm/custom.conf I added the line DisallowTCP=false and now it works (I also added the comment from jaunty for that option to make it more clear)11:28
th1_I dunno why they did remove it in Karmic11:28
th1_it was hard enough to find in jaunty11:29
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ActionParsnipprkos1: nice one :)11:29
Rods_TigerI think I'll stick to the image I currently have - the UNR11:29
Rods_Tigereven though every time I shut the lid the thing freezes and has to have the battery pulled out to use it again11:30
th1_Rods_Tiger, which pc do you have11:31
Rods_TigerAcer Aspire One11:31
kaddi__hi, I want to install win7 on a pc where karmic (and xp) is already present. Is there anything I need to be aware of? Eg does win7 remove grub adn replace it  with it's own bootmanager?11:35
th1_kaddi__, yes it does11:36
th1_its always better to install windows first11:36
kaddi__but it is fixable?11:36
th1_yes you boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD and reinstall the GRUB11:36
th1_kaddi__, in fact see here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows11:39
kaddi__thanks a lot :)11:39
StrangeCharmafter a fresh install of the karmic RC, with several, distinct encrypted disks, i'm encountring a problem decrypting them at boot: when prompted for the passphrase for the disk that contains /, all goes well, but when prompted for the phrase for md0_crypt, the message "* Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smdb only" appears on the same line, before I am able to completely enter the phrase. why is this happenning? how can I stop it?11:41
SwedeMikeStrangeCharm: does this affect your ability to enter the phrase?11:42
StrangeCharmSwedeMike, it seems so, attempting to enter the phrase befor the message is impossible. entering it afterwards has no apparrent effect11:43
phakowhy did you guys remove that "run wireshark as root" entry?11:47
mzzwhat entry?11:48
ActionParsnipphako: wasnt me11:48
mzzalso, don't run it as root11:48
th1_meh amarok isn't working11:49
th1_when I start Amarok it shows a popup with: "Phonon: KDE's Multimedia Library - The audio playback device Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server does not work. Falling back to default." and hten when I hit play nothing happens instead it prints "(<unknown>:30002): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_make_from_uri: assertion `gst_uri_is_valid (uri)' failed"11:55
th1_how can I fix amarok11:57
VagaI have a strange problem, the end key(the one over the arrow keys) dos not work.... All other keys work(home, ins and del). If I turn off numlock, the end on the numeric keyboard dos work....12:00
aguitelth1_, amarok is not installed by default12:00
cwillumzz, you know of a better way to run it with privileges to capture in promiscuous mode?12:00
th1_aguitel I know I just installed it from Ubuntu Software Centre12:00
th1_from Rhythmbox it works fine but Amarok is much nicer12:03
Vagath1_: I belive Exaile whants to be amarok for gnome.12:05
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs12:06
th1_Vaga, but shouldn't amarok also work?12:06
Vagath1_:yeah it should. But I got here a bit late, so I dint catch waht was wrong with it...12:07
th1_when I start Amarok it shows a popup with: "Phonon: KDE's Multimedia Library - The audio playback device Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server does not work. Falling back to default." and hten when I hit play nothing happens instead it prints "(<unknown>:30002): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_make_from_uri: assertion `gst_uri_is_valid (uri)' failed"12:07
knarfth1_  do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras?12:08
Ian_Cornewhy does the "eject" button really remove the device from the system now?12:10
patdk-laphmm, I found out suspend on my laptop fails horribly, worked find in hoary/jaunty/intrepid :(12:11
th1_shall I file a bug report for Amarok?12:11
knarfIan_Corne: because it unmounts stuff i guess12:12
Ian_Corneit does that but does more, you have to plug it out and in to get the device back12:12
C-S-Bmy acer aspire one isnt detected the power cable being removed, anyone else have this?12:12
knarfth1_ do other players work?12:13
th1_knarf, yes they do12:14
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup did not come12:15
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup did not come in ubuntu 8.0412:15
phakocwillu: chmod u+s dumpcap12:17
cwilluphako, that way _everybody_ can play!12:17
* cwillu blinks12:17
cwillu(please tell me that's not the default)12:18
* cwillu is relieved12:18
|ransom|does anyone know how to turn of the startup sound in karmic? it used to be in "Login Screen," but it has changed12:19
alankilaI think it's now in the general Sound settings.12:19
|ransom|hrm, i don't see it12:20
ChorcaHey hey12:20
Chorcahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/457996 can anyone else access this bug?12:20
ubottuError: This bug is private12:20
knarfsound theme: none12:21
knarfi think12:21
|ransom|knarf: won't that kill all my sounds?12:21
knarfdont know....trying myself :)12:21
th1_knarf, Vaga : I added a bug report for my amarok problem, at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/46190412:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461904 in amarok "Amarok playback not working on karmic Ubuntu (NOT Kubuntu)" [Undecided,New]12:22
legend2440|ransom|: open system>prefs>startup applications>uncheck gnome login sounds12:22
daviscActually, while we're on login sounds, has anyone else noticed the login sound playing about 5 or 10 seconds before the login window appears?12:22
|ransom|legend2440: ha ha! that's it. thank you12:22
knarf|ransom| there ia an option Enable window and button sounds12:23
StrangeCharmSwedeMike, any thoughts?12:23
mzzcwillu: don't use wireshark to capture, use something smaller (like dumpcap) and then open the resulting capture files in wireshark running as regular user12:23
C-S-Bmy /proc information about the battery is correct but gnome-power-manager isn't detecting when the battery is discharging12:25
C-S-Bwhich means my netbook just shuts off12:25
Prenticehey, I'm having problems with my memory stick it was loading fine but I clicked unmount and now I can't see it12:27
Chorcahmm.. private bug12:28
Prenticewhat do you mean?12:29
Chorcadid you unplug and plug the stick back into the computer?12:30
phako"Have you tried turning it on and off again"12:31
Chorcaand is it an SD card or USB device?12:31
ltspadminhow to creat an user in ltsp if unlock option is not work....12:31
Chorcaor something similar12:31
Dr_Willisive had issues with flash drives not auto mounting in 9.10 for age12:31
Dr_Willisit works some times.. but most of the time not. I end up mounting them by hand12:31
C-S-BDr_Willis, do you have karmic running on a laptop?12:31
Dr_Willislaptop and 2 desktops12:32
Dr_Willisnot noticed the issue on the laptop.. not really looked.12:32
C-S-Bdoes gnome-power-manger show an icon correctly when the battery start discharging?12:32
Dr_Willisor on the other desktop. but this main desktop has had the issue for ages12:32
Prenticeit is a USB12:32
Prenticeand is not a power thign12:32
Prenticeso I can't trn it off12:32
darkpeteranyone know how to force a screen resolution in 91.0 ??12:32
ChorcaDoes this happen when you plug it in? After you unmount a drive you need to unplug and plug it back in again to get it to show up.12:33
Chorcadoes dmesg show anything interesting when you plug it in?12:33
Dr_Willisbasically when i first log in. It normally 'works' i plug it in - see icon on the desktop.. but after a while. it just stops working. dmesg and the  kernel Do see it.. and i can mount it by hand.12:33
Dr_Willisoften if i log out/back in . it then starts working again12:34
Chorcawonder where you'd see info from the automounter.. syslog?12:34
darkpeter ?12:34
Chorcadarkpeter: there's an icon for screen settings in preferences or administration i believe, is that what you mean?12:35
Dr_WillisChorca:  not sure. I looked into it a bit.. but then gave up on it and just made me some icons to mount it manually12:35
darkpeteri want 1280x1024 but the system just purpose 1024x76812:35
ltspadminhow to creat an user in ltsp if unlock option is not work....12:35
PrenticeSO what should I do?12:35
ChorcaI haven't had any issues yet with USB.. though the Mini9 hates suspend.. locks it up solid.12:36
Prenticecause I've only just switched to ubuntu and don't know alot babout it12:36
ChorcaDo you know what filesystem is on the USB drive? Is it NTFS or FAT3212:36
ChorcaI don't think Ubuntu will automount an unclean NTFS system12:36
Dr_WillisPrentice:  dirty fix. log out/back in . see if it starts seeing it now.12:36
Dr_Willisif its ntfs  - yes that can be an issue12:36
PrenticeI really dunno12:37
PrenticeI will do a restart see if it's ok after that12:37
Dr_Willissee what 'sudo fdisk -l' shows the device is.12:37
Chorcaprolly fat32 then. Try Dr WIlllis' idea12:37
Dr_Willisor not..12:37
Chorcaso aparrantly someone marked my bug as duplicate to a  private bug12:37
* patdk-lap wonders if win7 lets you format flash/usb as ntfs, I know xp and vista won't12:38
ActionParsnip!windows | patdk-lap12:38
ubottupatdk-lap: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents12:38
ChorcaDunno, haven't had a reason to try lol XD12:38
patdk-lapActionParsnip, heh?12:38
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as zuggyca
ActionParsnippatdk-lap: if you want to know if win7 will do something, ask in ##windows12:38
patdk-lapI'm just wondering why someone would think flash/usb would have ntfs at all12:39
Chorcai think it's within the context.12:39
Chorcaif you were able to format as NTFS that could potentially cause more USB problems as they'd be unclean dismounts12:39
ActionParsnippatdk-lap: it can be any FS you like12:39
patdk-lapI know it can do any fs you like12:40
Chorcabut would our users formatting on a windows machine be able to do that, is the question.12:40
patdk-lapbut windows won't let you, and if you formatted it with ntfs in linux well12:40
patdk-lapand windows won't let you have more than one partition on it also :(12:40
Chorcaunless 3rd party util or fdisk maybe12:40
ActionParsnippatdk-lap: if you use fdisk you can afaik12:40
mzzwhat, windows doesn't let you partition usb mass storage? that seems odd12:41
patdk-lapeven with fdisk in wondows you can't, windows will ignore all but the first partition :)12:41
ActionParsnipgood ol windows eh12:41
patdk-lapI use it to hid stuff on my usb drives I don't want people to erase12:41
mzzI mean, it's just a block device, and they normally do have a partition table12:41
wirechiefmzz it is odd i have a usb hd with 3 ntfs partitions and it works fine.12:41
Prenticeok restart didn't work12:41
mzzI guess it could be a little confusing because in windows you can unmount the device via the drive letter12:42
mzz(so it's unclear if you should unmount all of those, or if unmounting one would actually unmount all partitions on the device)12:42
mzzstill, odd.12:43
Chorcak i need to poof12:44
JimmioHello all12:44
JimmioAre there any major bugs with the RC?12:44
Chorcathere we go12:44
JimmioI think I read somewhere about large files getting corrupted, is there any truth to that? If so, should I avoid the RC on my development system?12:45
wirechiefJimmio i would avoid it on a developement system for a while, better safe than sorry.12:46
Jimmiowirechief: Alright... *snaps fingers*12:46
wirechiefespecially with ati graphics12:46
Jimmiowirechief: I love using the new Ubuntus... I have Nvidia xP12:47
mzzJimmio: there's a bug open, but apparently not everyone is seeing it (I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it)12:47
patdk-lapI haven't seen it, largest files I'm using are a few 20gig ones12:48
wirechiefmine kept stalling, i had to re-configure the X system to get a workable desktop12:48
Dr_WillisI wonder what the definiton of a 'large' file is....12:49
Jimmiowirechief: ASUS P6T motherboard, Intel Core i7 920, 12GB OCZ DDR3 ram @ 1033Mhz, EVGA Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+... I think there won't be any issues with that... except sleeping of course.. nothing allows this PC to sleep xP12:49
patdk-lapnormally, >4g, but who knows these days :)12:49
Dr_Williswhen i got  Huge Hard drives.. :) 4gb files are trivial now12:49
Dr_Willisext4 can have some conditions  (from what i read on the wiki pages) where if you have power failure or somting at just the wrong time - you can lose a file.12:50
mzzI don't have many of those (well, except for a few vm hd images, I guess)12:50
patdk-lapya, but still the only *limits* are 4gb, I guess the next limit could be 2tb files though12:50
mzzDr_Willis: err, where'd you read that?12:50
Dr_Willisext4 wiki page12:50
Chorcamine just had issues booting from the USB.. did the whole "filesystem is out of space" thing12:50
mzzDr_Willis: you mean the thing where userland apps don't flush things exactly the way they're supposed to?12:50
* mzz hums12:50
wirechiefJimmio i dont know how you could put something like that asleep, its flying around at warp all the time., ;) sleep has and will be a issue for a long time.12:50
mzzI still wonder if it'd make sense to have a more transactional filesystem api. But I don't know enough about filesystems to know how possible it is to implement one of those.12:51
patdk-lapjimmio, that is the comuter I'm looking at getting, but the p6t7 workstation board12:51
Jimmiowirechief: Even Win7 can't sleep it o.o12:51
Ian_Corneanyone have an idea why flash "flashes" when playing? I'm on an atom 1.6ghz12:51
Ian_Corneis it just that my cpu isn't good enough or?12:51
Jimmiopatdk-lap: It's a great setup... but.. Avoid ASUS.12:51
wirechiefJimmio did you have any issues dualbooting win7 with Ubuntu ?12:52
ChorcaIan: haven't had that issue on the Mini 912:52
Ian_Corneavoid asus?12:52
Dr_Willismzz:  the issue is aparently  similer to that.. but the constant flushing - causes performance hits.. so  patches are being worked on to make it less of an issue.12:52
patdk-lapIan_Corne, many have reported issues with i7 asus boards12:52
Ian_Cornewe have 4 computers with an asus i7 board, no problems yet12:53
Ian_Cornedon't know the model12:53
Jimmiopatdk-lap: Asus has the SLOWEST BIOS times I've ever seen, also there's no boot options, you have to edit the bios settings to boot from a flash drive >_<12:53
Jimmiowirechief: No issues what-so-ever.12:53
ChorcaJimmio: Neither does Intel.. at least the 955XBK i have12:53
Jimmiowirechief: Just a simple chainload of the Win7 bootloader, and all is good12:53
ChogyDanJimmio: are you talking about a eee?12:53
mzzhaving to dive into the bios to change boot order wouldn't bug me (many systems I've used do it that way)12:53
JimmioChorca: Hmm... Maybe I'm just used to Dell and their easy to boot from BIOS.12:54
patdk-lapheh, using f12 is nice for that, but I never do that on a workstation12:54
Dr_Willismost of my pc's i hit F11 and pick usb drive (which appears in diferent submenus  depending on the flash drive. not sure why) :)12:54
Dr_WillisThese MB makers need to get together and decide Which F keys should do what for the bios stuff..12:54
mzzthen again, I use old hardware. One system won't even boot from usb.12:54
Dr_WillisIts F9 on this one pc.. F10 on another  F12 on the OTHER pc.. to pick the boot device12:55
patdk-lapmzz, I still have systems without usb :)12:55
mzzsame to actually enter the bios.12:55
JimmioChogyDan: eee? No, I'm talking about ASUS and their crappy decision to use that BIOS and the JMicron controller because it's so farging slow.12:55
mzzpatdk-lap: hmm, I don't think I have one of those. Except for the old 486 in the corner, but I don't even know if that thing boots.12:55
Dr_WillisJimmio:  but it was .05 Cents cheaper!12:55
patdk-lapjimmio, the dell r410 bios are slow also12:55
wirechiefJimmio well thats something i expected with grub2, i have a emachine that i will test first and will see what i need to do, putting karmic in the mix could raise some unexpected events.12:55
worufuis this the correct channel to contirubte to 9.10 RC testing?12:56
Dr_Willisworufu:  yes12:56
Dr_Willisthats what the topic says. :)12:56
worufugreat. thanks.12:56
Jimmiowirechief: Nothing unexpected. Just install Win7, boot Ubuntu LiveCD, resetup grub, all good.12:56
worufuhaha :)12:56
StrangeCharmhow can i (indeed, can i) reconfigure an existing dm-crypt partition that is currently mounted with a passphrase, so that it is instead mounted with a keyfile?12:57
worufuI installed 9.10 two days ago (upgrade from 9.04 with some KDE4 repos... can't remember exactly to 9.10)12:57
worufufrom the beginning there were problems during the boot process right after the install12:57
worufuonce kdm was running everything was fine12:57
JimmioAre updates working? I remember ubuntu NEVER updating properly..12:58
worufubut only every 10th time or so it would boot all the way through to KDM login12:58
JimmioI was about to burn and reinstall from scratch12:58
Dr_Willisi update every day... with no hassles...12:58
Dr_WillisUnless you mean 'upgradeing' from one release to the next. and having issues..12:58
JimmioI meant distribution upgrads12:58
mzzJimmio: I'd expect the apt-get kind of update to work and the firefox internal kind of update to not work, for obvious reasons (firefox itself not being able to write to its install dir, and you not wanting it to either)12:58
mzzerr, that came out of nowhere12:58
Dr_Willisupgrades - can be hassle free.. or full of hassles.. it just depends.12:58
worufuthat worked well until today (a bit inconvenient having to boot many times, but OK)12:58
mzzJimmio: sorry, I have this channel and #ubuntu-offtopic mixed up12:58
worufutoday I never was able to get KDM running12:59
worufuat the moment I am running from the live CD and backing up my old home directory12:59
worufuthink I will try to overwrite the existing installation with a new clean install12:59
worufujust wanted to drop by and offer some input if needed12:59
BluesKajhiyas all13:00
Dr_Willisrelease is in a few days.. its basically hold on and wait for the storm to hit now... :)13:00
Dr_Willis36 updates today for me.. weeee.13:00
worufu...the problem is not just that kdm would not start. the system in general freezes with a blank screen... no switch to tty1/2/etc. possible13:01
Dr_Willisnvidia, pulse, xorg, xsever -  thats scary... :)13:01
wirechiefworufu can you ssh in to the sick machine ?13:01
BluesKaja clean install of the live cd is prolly in order and you can save your data  if you use the manual partitoning option on your /  partition.13:01
worufuwirechief: at the moment I am running the live CD on the sick machine13:02
BluesKajYou may need to reinstall some apps  but their config files will have remained intact so your settings will be retained.13:02
worufuwirechief: backing up my home dir13:02
JimmioOfftopic (mostly), but, what are the chances of getting Nvidia hardware support into my own kernel? How'd it come about for X11?13:03
Dinknext time stick your home dir on a separate fs so then you can just reinstall without having to back it up again. Just don't format that fs on the new install and make it your home mount again.13:03
AlanSo, you probably hear this a lot...  Karmic RC, install or wait?13:03
Dr_WillisAlan:  flip a coin.13:03
AlanDr_Willis: haha :P13:04
AlanHmmm... the release is the 29th right?13:04
hylmanwill karmic moblin remix final released on 29th as well?13:04
Dr_WillisAlan:  when its released the torrents will be amazing fast.....   but the servers may be slow. :)13:04
Chorca I haven't had any issues with ATI card13:04
worufuDink: that is very good advice... I was just too lazy to repartition my harddrive... now it is haunting me :)13:04
AlanI suppose i might as well wait, now i've left it this long13:04
AlanDr_Willis: I've been syncing Karmic repos locally for over a month :p13:04
ChorcaIntel mobo with ATI 485013:05
Dr_WillisAlan:  so its YOU that have been taking up all the bandwith!13:05
Dr_WillisAlan:  i just use an apt-cacher server for my home lan. :) and i will update/upgrade tomorrow.. then wait  a week after release befor i update again i imagine. :)13:05
JimmioWho was it who said I can install the new Ubuntu but not let it format /?13:07
AlanDr_Willis: i'm using apt-mirror... thought it was better to sync karmic *before* the beta so I'm only getting the changes each night, and then i don't need to load the real servers at all when i'm installing fresh Karmic on the 4-or-so machines here13:07
JimmioWill that actually work?13:07
AlanDr_Willis: I don't like waiting on my net connection to download stuff, even the first time...13:07
bjsniderJimmio, what do you mean by the nvidia question?13:07
Alan(especially when one of my first things to install is all the LaTeX stuff13:07
Dr_WillisJimmio:  it may want to format / - but not formating /home is doable13:08
Jimmiobjsnider: I develop a kernel/OS for fun... and wanted to look into getting Nvidia hardware support for it... xP13:08
bjsniderJimmio, which nvidia hardware. graphics cards?13:09
Jimmiobjsnider: Yep.13:09
bjsniderwell it's like anything else that needs to be compiled into the kernel. you download the headers, compile it in, and reboot13:10
AlanJimmio: you mean beyond vesa mode?13:10
JimmioAlan: Yep. I want access to CUDA/OpenCL too.13:10
Alangood luck with that :|13:10
Alanwork out a way to harness the blob that nvidia provide for Linux?13:11
bjsniderJimmio, install dkms and then the 190 driver and it will be done for you13:11
Jimmiobjsnider: .... Do you miss the point that I'm developing a kernel FROM SCRATCH? with no relation to Linux at all?13:12
bjsnideryes i must have missed that13:12
* kklimond- is wondering what's thew point of developing kernel from scratch up to the point when you have opencl support.13:12
bjsniderthe Jimmio kernel13:12
Jimmiokklimond-: Experience. Fun. No GPL to deal with.13:13
bjsniderJimmio, if you think there are things wrong with the linux kernel then contribute to that. i don't think developing your own kernel is an efficient use of your time13:14
bjsnidersince there's already a perfectly good kernel available for your use13:14
Jimmiobjsnider: I don't even want to go there. I don't want my shitty code running on a real live kernel.13:14
bjsniderso now you think your kernel would be inferior to linux!13:15
kklimond-Jimmio, It's fun when you deal with well documented hardware13:15
Jimmiokklimond: IF you deal with well documented hardware.13:16
kklimond-trying to get opencl work on some custom kernel would be...a nonoptimal use of your time ;)13:16
bjsniderrolling a custom linux is a good use of time, but creating your own custom kernel isn't13:16
Jimmiorolling a custom linux isn't a good use of time13:17
Jimmiothere's millions of distros already13:17
bjsnidercustom linux kernel13:18
Jimmioand only one I feel at home with *hugs ubuntu CD*13:18
* mzz doesn't think cds are very huggable13:18
mzzalso, I second the folks here recommending you hack on linux (or a linux module) instead of your own kernel13:18
JimmioRaw OS Dev is more fun.13:19
bjsnidera custom linux kernel that only supports your hardware, which is a challenge to roll, can be quicker than the generic one we use in ubuntu13:19
mzzdealing with things at the kernel level mostly isn't my idea of fun13:20
mzzalso, customizing a kernel for your hardware is overrated13:20
bjsnidermzz, remind me to recommend you for the kernel team13:20
mzzthe boot system's smart enough to simply not load most modules that wouldn't do anything on your system.13:20
mzzbjsnider: background: I'm also running gentoo, where I do build my own kernel (and spend way too much time making the thing as small as I can get away with)13:21
bjsnidermzz, how small does it end up being?13:21
eagles0513875hey guys :)13:21
mzzbjsnider: currently a 2.2M kernel and a 1.2M initrd for a pretty splash screen and lvm.13:22
G_A_Cbjsnider: usually small enough to contain all bar one of your required modules/drivers, which you won't realise for several weeks ;)13:22
alankilathe modules themselves imply a small overhead, because the dynamic extension points can't be inlined.13:22
G_A_Cbeen there, done that (quite a few years ago, mine)13:22
bjsniderG_A_C, i guess thqat's why i've never gotten one to work13:23
alankilahowever, modern CPUs have very fast function calls, especially x86-64 fastcall is almost impossibly fast13:23
G_A_Cbjsnider: probably, I have had Gentoo working in the past (around 2005 I think) but the advantages of "learning about the innards of Linux" soon degenerated into just a weekly run of "emerge --sync && emerge -uDv world" and I just gave up on it :)13:24
mzzyeah, I'm shifting away from gentoo13:24
bjsniderno love for gentoo here13:24
G_A_CI still somewhat like the idea of a "rolling" release like Gentoo and FreeBSD (kind of), so I'm playing with ArchLinux in a VM at the moment13:25
G_A_Cbut I think source-based distros are a bit overrated, I never saw any speed advantage in it on my hardware13:25
mzzthe speed advantage is hugely overrated, ask any gentoo advanced user or dev13:25
G_A_Cjust meant I spent a few hours a week compiling the same stuff I could have had in a few minutes with yum update/aptitude safe-upgrade :)13:26
bjsniderthere probably is, but it's so minute that you wouldn't notice it13:26
G_A_Cwell yeah, quite13:26
mzzthere are certain kinds of tinkering it makes easier, because you can rebuild the rest of the stack if you change something in a lower-level library. But you don't end up doing that often, if at all.13:26
G_A_CI wasn't running it on bad hardware for the time, a P4 with 512 RAM, it may have been more pronounced on a lower spec. But then I'd have spent 10 hours a week compiling stuff instead of 1 ;)13:27
alankilabased on my measurements only a few options matter for GCC and you can't turn them on safely, such as -ffast-math. And of course, even those matter only for some specific number-crunching situations where you know 100% C compliant accuracy is not important.13:27
mzzand in some cases there'll be a speed *disadvantage*, depending on how good of a job the maintainer of a binary package does.13:27
mzzalankila: ugh, -ffast-math. Don't get me started.13:27
kaddi__i've had a huge slowdown in boottime for karmic over the last week. It no takes over 2 minutes to boot...13:27
kaddi__is there some way to speed things up again?13:28
mzzkaddi__: perhaps install bootchart and figure out what's taking so long?13:28
alankilaI never saw much benefit between -Os, -O2 or -O3. As long as you have any optimizing at all, it doesn't seem to really matter whether you optimize for size or speed. It's a mixed bag and it all seems to perform about the same in the end.13:28
G_A_Ckaddi__: install bootchart and remove anything that's holding up the boot13:28
joaopintowe need a debian based rolling binary distro :P13:28
ActionParsnipkaddi__: read:   dmesg | less     notice the times on the left13:28
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: arch?13:28
G_A_Cjoaopinto: would be nice, but a lot of work, that's why I'm playing with Arch out of curiosity13:28
joaopintoarch is Debian and binary based ?13:29
mzzalankila: what you can sanely do is tweak flags for specific packages or even files where you can do so safely and can test if it helps. That's actually *harder* on a source distro, where you can't assume everyone building the package uses the same version of gcc to do so, etc.13:29
patdk-lapyuk, bootchart is java13:29
mzzpatdk-lap: not necessarily13:29
alankilathe new gcc features like -ftree-vectorize pretty much never do anything substantial because C sucks and nobody flags all their pointers with restrict keyword which is required for that thing to really vectorize anything that matters.13:29
mzzpatdk-lap: if you --no-install-recommends it and manually install pybootchart you don't need java13:29
G_A_Cjoaopinto: no, it's not debian based. it is based around prebuilt binary packages though, rather than compiling everything from source13:29
mzzalankila: death to c! Let's all switch to, um, I dunno :)13:30
G_A_Cmzz: the feature removal was nice, I agree13:30
joaopintook, still would prefer debian, to reuse Debian/Ubuntu work13:30
mzzG_A_C: ?13:30
G_A_Cbut not nice enough for me to run Gentoo over Ubuntu/other binary distro, IMO13:30
G_A_CI mean per-package USE flags etc13:30
G_A_Cif I don't want X support in a package I can remove it, that sort of thing13:30
mzzI've done the feature removal thing to run linux on a *really* old laptop (most relevant spec: 48M of ram).13:30
ActionParsnipG_A_C: if you like emaerge you can use apt-build13:31
rippsAs someone that used to use gentoo, ubuntu works very nicely and is very fast.13:31
bjsnideralankila, what about flags that might take better advantage of multicore cpus?13:31
alankilafinally, C++'s new operator seems to have no way to allocate aligned memory suitable for using with SSE instructions, so it's really a double-fail. Not only is there not enough metadata for compiler to reason about correct optimizations, it will have to live with unaligned memory as well. So GCC can't make use of SSE / SSE2 except in trivial ways.13:31
patdk-laphmm, I really wish apt could download from the closest server, isntead of the first one13:31
mzzbut that's also overrated: where relevant ubuntu builds more than one version of a package, and if you don't like any of them you can build your own (yay ppas)13:31
G_A_CActionParsnip: I'm perfectly happy with binaries, but useful to know :)13:31
alankilabjsnider: I'm not familiar with such flags.13:31
joaopintopatdk-lap, it can, as long you set it up :P13:31
ActionParsnipG_A_C: its exactly the same :)13:31
bjsnideralankila, there aren't any?13:31
alankilabjsnider: none that I could identify as such.13:32
ActionParsnipG_A_C: excpet instead of cflags theres a simpler optomisation option13:32
mzzbjsnider: taking advantage of more cores is usually an actual code-level thing, not a compiler flags thing13:32
bjsniderwhat about sse4? is that automatically taken advantage of?13:32
mzzpatdk-lap: what do you mean? You can just pick an appropriate mirror in sources.list13:32
patdk-lapmzz, ya, that works, till I'm not home and it changes13:33
patdk-lapI don't want to pick everytime I go to a hotel13:33
mzzpatdk-lap: hmm, I wonder if you could have multiple sources.list files, with networkmanager swapping them around based on your location.13:33
patdk-lapsounds good :)13:33
alankilaSadly, I don't know what is in SSE4. The reality here is that the compiler does not, mostly, have sufficient metadata available to reason when some unusual SIMD instructions could be used. So they don't get used by automatic code generation, you have to use the intrinsics or assembly to use them.13:33
mzz(that could be useful if you move between a handful of locations)13:34
mzz(so you wouldn't have to measure mirror speed every time you move)13:34
patdk-lapI have a local mirror at home, and it perfers that even when i'm not local :(13:34
patdk-lapmy main issue :)13:34
mzzlibraries like pixman and certain media playback libraries know how to make use of sse and friends if they're available13:34
mzzpatdk-lap: yeah, I'm going to run into that (I have a local apt-cacher-ng proxy on my lan)13:35
patdk-lapsetup a local mirror for all the netbased installing and updated I started doing a year ago13:35
alankilamzz: yes. It all works by hand-crafted assembly and probably cpuid capabilities detection. I haven't looked too closely into pixman but I saw it has blitting loops that are based on mmx and probably sse, too13:35
mzzpatdk-lap: I may end up hacking up something like the automatic switch I just mentioned. Will have to see.13:35
mzzalankila: I don't know how many variations it has, but it has a couple, and I'm pretty sure it detects which it can use at startup.13:36
alankilait's a real bitch to detect at runtime whether a capability is available and then switch implementations to use them. It's easier if you can just compile support for something, though.13:36
patdk-lapmzz, I can only think of one issue with that, is the apt rebuilding it's database each location change could take alittle bit of time/cpu13:36
* BluesKaj wonders if this archecture and cpu discussion is really relavent to ubuntu/kubuntu13:36
mzzalankila: they're also a bitch to test, since you actually need old hardware to make sure your non-sse codepaths still work.13:36
kaddi__ActionParsnip: that's my output: http://pastebin.com/f46bc79c8 There isn't really a "huge jump" in there. It takes 5 seconds to  load the intel stuff, 5 seconds to load wifii, etc... it sums up13:36
mzzBluesKaj: yeah, sorry, I'll shut up13:37
mzzpatdk-lap: well, apt-cacher-ng is set up as a proxy here, so apt wouldn't really mind13:37
patdk-lapyep, I dunno, I didn't see apt-cacher-ng when I was setting this up13:37
patdk-lapand would have to look at it, wonder if it will solve my net-install issues13:38
mzzurgh, power lossage about to happen13:38
BluesKajpatdk-lap, alankila , mzz , it's intimidating to those who prolly have relavent to karmic question , if you know whay i mean13:38
patdk-lapI mainly setup a local mirror cause that was the only way I could do pxe boot net installs13:38
ActionParsnipkaddi__: then you need to work out some boot options or settings to reduce it13:38
patdk-lapBluesKaj, I have karmic questions, none have been able to answer, so :)13:38
BluesKajpatdk-lap, no reason to fill the text chat with musings that aren't tho13:39
patdk-lapsure it is, apt-get is annoying me in karmic :)13:39
BluesKajtry aptitude :)13:40
patdk-lapI hate aptitude text gui13:40
BluesKajaptitude has a gui ?13:40
patdk-lapthat whole menu selection thing13:41
G_A_Cit has a TUI BluesKaj, takes a bit of getting used to though :)13:41
BluesKajok , well i prefer it to apt-get due (from i've been told ) it's superior handling of required dependencies13:42
* mzz hasn't really noticed apt-get getting things wrong13:42
G_A_CI think aptitude does a better job of marking dependencies as deps, and cleaning them up again if you remove the package which installed them (and it's the only dependent package)13:43
G_A_Cbut I read that once a few years ago and have just used aptitude ever since, whether that's still the case, I don't know13:43
mzzless so, afaict.13:43
mzzapt-get has an autoremove13:43
patdk-lapI just use apt-get cause I only ever install stuff, and never remove13:43
BluesKajG_A_C, right , I was told however that apt-get has caught up lately in terms od orphaned packages13:44
patdk-lapthat or if really lazy (and on a desktop system) the gui pkg manager13:44
bjsniderdoesn't aptitude automatically install recommended packages?13:44
G_A_Cnot that I've seen, bjsnider13:44
mzzboth apt-get and aptitude are configured to do that by default.13:44
patdk-lapnot recommened13:44
G_A_Cit just lists them as recommended so you are aware of them13:44
mzzwell, apt-get is, and I'm pretty sure aptitude also is.13:45
BluesKajI like to use the package manager as a reference for supported drivers for HW , it's handy13:45
mzz"suggested" packages aren't, but "recommended" ones are.13:45
bjsniderapt-get doesn't install recommended stuff, it just lists it13:45
BluesKaji still use synaptic and adept13:45
patdk-lapya, suggested is listed as recommened though13:45
ActionParsnipif its a dep of an app it will be installed13:45
mzzbjsnider: apt-get installs recommended stuff by default on this system as well as my previous (jaunty) install13:47
ActionParsnipwhats the definition of a "recommended" package/13:47
sveinungdoes anyone know where I could ask for help about a KMS-problem (huge fonts) I got after I upgraded to Karmic?13:47
gh0ztohhhh man freenx is so amazing13:47
gh0ztthank you13:47
BluesKajive seen aptitude list recommended pkges without installing13:47
bjsniderActionParsnip, a recommended package is one that is listed as such in the control file13:48
mzziirc this is configurable, but I don't recall having to choose at install time.13:48
janhajhi.. i have HP Compaq 6735s (ATI HD3200) with installed ubuntu 9.10 RC.. i am running compiz fine.. but after a using computer, glxgears,video, xmoto starts blink and glxgears write to the terminal this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302787/ . Without compiz is computer slowler than with compiz.. what can i do for troublefree running compiz?13:48
mzzso I'm not sure what's up with you getting different results.13:48
ActionParsnipbjsnider: like a dependancy?13:48
rohanhi.. any leaked mirrors for ubuntu yet? ;)13:48
mzzActionParsnip: yep, but a "soft" one.13:48
patdk-lapActionParsnip, no, like if you install mailutils, it recommeneds exim, and installs exim13:48
mzzActionParsnip: something like "the package will work better if you install this too, but it'll run without it."13:49
patdk-lapbut what if I wanted postfix instead, or something even lighter13:49
ActionParsnipi see13:49
ActionParsnipdidnt know any of that13:49
bjsniderActionParsnip, if you look at a control file, there will be a "depends" line and also an optional "recommends" line.13:49
ActionParsnipbjsnider: mzz: thanks guys, will look into it13:50
ActionParsnipsuprised such a thing exists in ubuntu13:50
mzzActionParsnip: afaict the order is "depends" (won't run without it), "recommends" (see above), "suggests" (even softer, not pulled in by default)13:50
ActionParsnipseems ubuntu likes removing choice from the user in my experience13:50
mzzwhether or not "recommends" is pulled in by default probably depends on which frontend you use and how you configure it.13:50
patdk-laprecommends is like the, you need this software for it to work, but other software will also work13:50
mzzpatdk-lap: not exactly13:51
bjsnideryou can see all of this in synaptic if you look at a package's properties13:51
patdk-lapmzz, well, I have only had two cases where I didn't want the recomended :)13:51
patdk-lapbjsnider, ya, if I wasn't on a server without X :)13:51
mzzpatdk-lap: first example that comes to mind: bootchart recommends bootchart-java or pybootchartgui, but it'll run without either (if you want to process the generated dump on a different system for example)13:51
bjsnideralso, look on packages.ubuntu.com and it will show these details13:51
Veinornetbook-launcher is incredibly slow and compiz is crashing on update13:52
Veinorer, on launch13:52
patdk-lapmzz, I have the issue with mailutils, to get the mail command13:52
Veinorcompiz (core) - Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing13:52
janhajHow can i repair this? "Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate."?13:52
Veinoron an eee 1005ha (intel 945GME)13:53
ActionParsnipjanhaj: you need to add refresh rates to xorg.conf13:53
mzzpatdk-lap: debian-policy says "should list packages that would be found together with this one in all but unusual installations"13:53
mzzjanhaj: that's a feature13:53
alankilajanhaj: what exactly you want to change about that? Are you trying to use glxgears to measure performance?13:53
janhajActionParsnip: how?13:53
patdk-lapheh, I don't believe exim should be found with mailutils :) but my thought13:53
mzzjanhaj: what are you actually trying to accomplish/fix? Is there a word in that message that's a dirty word in your native language? :)13:54
janhajalankila: when i see this message, video is flashing.. when it isn't show, video is ok..13:54
mzzjanhaj: define "flashing"13:54
ActionParsnipjanhaj: i can how you mine if you wish. I use a 17" CRT13:54
mzzjanhaj: I'm going to wildly guess the message is from compiz or the like, and you're using a driver that can't do xv while compiz runs properly.13:55
janhajplease wait, i make a video..13:55
patdk-lapmzz, oh wait, it wasn't mailutils, it was smartmontools requires mailutils13:55
patdk-lapand I didn't want mailutils, I just wanted smartctl to check my drives13:55
patdk-lapmailutils depends on exim :(13:55
mzzpatdk-lap: yeah, that's one case where I'd consider --no-install-recommends (on smartmontools)13:55
ActionParsnipjanhaj: http://pastebin.com/f398096a413:56
NerveClaspI have a built-in realtek HD sound card on my notebook. the problem is that I cannot direct sound from my microphone to my speakers.. I can record it and then listen, microphone works well, but I can't "hear" the microphone directly through the speakers... any suggestions?13:56
alankilaNerveClasp: normally people consider that a feature. The echo from speaker-to-microphone loop is undesirable. Some recording software can do live playback of recording, like audacity. Maybe you could live with that?13:57
JimmioWell all, I'm diving into Ubuntu 9.10. See you all on the other side!13:58
alankilathere used to be an alsamixer setting that determines if the analog capture is mixed to the output, it's called "analog capture mix". But in brave pulseaudio world, I'm not sure if you are allowed to toggle all these settings anymore.13:58
Dr_WillisFeedback can be so fun in speakers/mics :)13:58
om26erwhat will happen to #ubuntu+1 after release?13:59
G_A_Cwe start talking about Lucid :)13:59
patdk-lapeveryone will upgrade to lucid :)13:59
mzzom26er: we'll all be force-moved to #ubuntu, #ubuntu force-moved to #ubuntu-1, etc? :)13:59
BluesKajom26er, it will be here for those brave souls who want to install 10.0414:00
NerveClaspalankila: I'll try.. but can't I do this without audacity? in 9.04 I could turn on/off the sound from microphone. there is even a slider to controll wollume of micro in 9.10, but the microphone is silent. no matter whether I use alsa, oss, or PulseAudio..14:00
janhajhere is the video of my glxgears http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNuF9I_j0a414:00
mzzNerveClasp: well, I'd expect that to be off by default, as mentioned above. I'm not sure if the pulse-based gnome-volume-control has a convenient way to turn it on temporarily.14:01
alankilaNerveClasp: well, try to use alsamixer to tweak settings. I still don't understand why you want to do this, though.14:01
topyliom26er, we will all stay hear and switch from saying "is it out yet?" to saying "are lucid repos open yet?"14:01
mzzjanhaj: are you running compiz? Does the flashing happen if you run a non-compositing wm (turn off desktop effects)?14:02
Veinorevery time I try to launch compiz I get "compiz (core) - Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing"14:02
alankilaoh yeah and try to use alsamixer -V all so you can see capture-related settings. The default shows only playback-related settings.14:02
mzzVeinor: pastebin Xorg.0.log, and make sure you're running the wrapper script, not compiz.real directly14:02
alankilaThe problem with the modern world is that pulseaudio will probably overwrite your favorite settings with the defaults it looks up from its hardware databases at every restart, so you'll have to get used to changing this if you find something that works14:02
NerveClaspalankila: for example to speak on Skype.. I really want to hear myself in headphones while communicating14:02
bjsnideri tried to use alsamixer to alter settings but nothing actually changed14:02
mzzNerveClasp: I'd look for a skype-specific toggle for that14:03
VeinorI'm running fusion-icon; this worked fine before I updated14:03
Dr_WillisNerveClasp:  that would be annoying if its like 2 sec delayed.. :)14:03
alankilaNerveClasp: okay. That's a good use case. Ideally, skype would just support that usage.14:03
mzzNerveClasp: also, skype is exactly something where I wouldn't want this, except possibly when setting up levels initially :)14:03
janhajmzz: when i turn off compiz, a video is not flashing, but when i want move for example nautilus, it cuts.. :/ with compiz it is fluently..14:03
alankilaNote that most people who don't use headphones absolutely don't want the echo loop.14:03
Veinormzz: /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?14:03
mzzjanhaj: it's possible your driver simply doesn't support running compiz and other opengl apps at the same time properly14:04
mzzVeinor: that's the one14:04
bjsniderjanhaj, what kind of graphics card?14:04
mzzalankila: I do use headphones and I don't think I want that loop14:04
janhajmzz: i am running only gnome-terminal, nautilus and glxgears..14:04
mzzjanhaj: that doesn't change your video card drivers14:04
* mzz needs to stop replying to people like this, it's driving him nuts14:05
janhajbjsnider: integrated ATI HD 320014:05
bjsniderthat's an awesome card with a great driver14:05
bjsniderif you use windows14:05
NerveClaspthank you all for advises.. I'll try something out now with realtek. but I have even worse problem: I can't record sound from my usb creative xmod soundcard((( levels of microphone just do not "jump"14:05
janhajmzz: so why sometimes compiz works fine and after while doesn't?14:05
thiebaudejanhaj: what graphics card do you have?14:06
janhajthiebaude: integrated ATI HD 320014:06
thiebaudejanhaj: my bad i seen that earlier14:06
mzzjanhaj: investigate logfiles, ask if others with similar hardware have similar problems, actually describe what problem you're having, since so far you've listed about three half-problems14:07
mzzVeinor: looks healthy at a glance, can you pastebin the output from "glxinfo" too?14:07
Veinoralso, netbook-launcher is running really, really slow, don't know if that's related14:08
* Blues-Man prints "Hello\n";14:08
* cybersplice returns void.14:08
bjsniderjanhaj, you have a choice between at least 3 drivers, radeon, radeonhd, and fglrx. one of them might not have that problem (but they will all have their bugs)14:08
Veinormzz: http://pastebin.com/m3f6c7aa114:09
Veinorlike I said, this only happened after I ran an update a few days ago14:09
janhajbjsnider: i install drivers, what can i see in jockey.. fglrx works, but it has a low performance..14:09
janhajbjsnider: and third drivers i don't know14:09
tormodVeinor: you are using x-updates PPA?14:10
mzzVeinor: bah, can you try that again with LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo, and make sure you get stderr pastebinned too?14:10
bjsniderjanhaj, so you're using fglrx right now?14:10
=== timmillwood is now known as Dwayne_Dibley
NerveClaspany suggestions why creative usb soundcard refuses to record the sound? I had no problems in Windows half year ago. all this time I haven't had an inspiration to record some song. and now, when I do, I have no possibility((14:10
mzzVeinor: I wouldn't expect to get "Software Rasterizer" here14:10
janhajbjsnider: no, i am using proprietary drivers from jockey14:10
Veinortormod: oh yeah, forgot about that14:10
mzzjanhaj: those are fglrx14:10
bjsniderjanhaj, right, which is fglrx. way to support them customers, ati14:11
tormodjanhaj: radeon in karmic does not have 3D hw acceleration (DRI) for your card, but you can try the xorg-edgers PPA14:11
=== Dwayne_Dibley is now known as timmillwood
mzzjanhaj: I don't know off the top of my head which generation that card is, but the "radeon" driver is frequently actually better than the proprietary one now, especially in compiz14:11
tormodbjsnider: ati is working hard on them opensource drivers14:11
mzzI don't know if exactly ati is working on them, but people definitely are14:12
bjsnidertormod, which one? it is difficult to keep track of their many drivers14:12
mzzjanhaj: ah, listen to tormod, he apparently does know what card thatis14:12
janhajbjsnider: so in jaunty package xorg-driver-fglrx is in the karmic koala in jockey right?14:12
tormodVeinor there is a bug in 7.6 branch and trunk ATM, fd.o 2473414:12
bjsniderjanhaj, that's what you're using14:13
Veinorhow can I get off the PPA then?~14:13
janhajbjsnider: ok..14:13
tormodVeinor: you can revert from a ppa with ppa-purge14:13
janhajtormod: so do you know, how can i run compiz properly without flashing all the time?14:13
bjsniderjanhaj, if you can believe it, you're using the driver that ati has created to support their customers14:14
bjsnidersorry, that should have been "support" in quotes14:14
janhajbjsnider: i believe, i only don't know that..14:14
tormodbjsnider: ati employs people working on mesa and radeon14:14
mzzespecially somewhat older radeons work pretty well using the opensource "radeon" driver.14:15
Veinorah, found it14:15
mzzI'm not sure if jockey is properly aware of that yet.14:15
patdk-lapI thought ati was gone, and it's all amd for awhile now14:15
bjsnidertormod, not dave airlie. red hat employs him14:15
bjsnideri don't know who employs alex deucher14:15
tormodbjsnider: I am not saying they are employing everybody working on Xorg :)14:15
tormodalex works for ati (or AMD if you want)14:16
Veinortormod: wait, where can I get ppa-purge?14:16
VeinorI'm on the launchpad site but can't find a download link14:16
mzzVeinor: iirc the x-updates description links to it14:17
mzzbut I lied14:17
Veinorhm, looks like I have to check it out with bzr14:18
mzzVeinor: I'd just do it by hand: remove the ppa from sources.list, apt-get update, reinstall mesa (apt-get upgrade might suffice)14:18
tormodVeinor: it is in the xorg-edgers ppa14:18
tormodVeinor: just get the .deb from there14:18
janhajbjsnider: so what do you recommend me to do?14:19
Veinorppa-purge isn't working, which package would I need to reinstall manually?14:19
bjsniderjanhaj, research the problem on the web and see if there's a solution. there probably isn't14:20
mzzVeinor: I'd expect that to be just the installed packages with "mesa" in their name (see something like "dpkg -l '*mesa*'|grep ^ii")14:21
Veinorah, thanks14:21
mrweswhere can I change my GDM login theme ? did they move that?14:22
orangeyAnyone here tried Wave by chance?14:23
Veinororangey: yeah, use chromium14:24
tormodveinor what do you mean "isn't working" ?14:24
mzzmrwes: can't conveniently.14:25
VeinorI fixed it.14:25
Veinorer, fixed ppa-purge14:25
mrwesmzz, Uh? they took that out? Used to be under System | Admin | Login Window14:25
tormodveinor, what you did you fix in ppa-purge?14:26
mzzmrwes: the gdm you're running is a rewrite, which can't even use the old themes you're used to. You can change the gtk theme it uses, but I'm pretty sure there's no ui for that.14:26
Veinoroh, I was doing it wrong14:26
VeinorCause I had already removed the ppa because I figured that was the problem, so I had to re-add it and apt-get update.14:26
mrwesI can live with it :)14:26
orangeyVeinor: what's chromium?14:26
Veinorchromium is google chrome for linux, basically. It's got a better javascript engine, so it's useful for ajax-y web apps14:27
Veinorsuch as, oh, gmail, google reader, and google wave14:27
mrwesnot to bitch, but the RC seems alittle sluggish to me :(14:28
Veinorchromium is also the name of a game, so that's really annoying14:29
=== tarzan_ is now known as tarzan
orangeyVeinor: do you know where I can find an invite?14:32
Veinorfor wave? sorry14:33
Veinorgave all mine out already :(14:33
BluesKajVeinor, that's why the linux version of chrome is called "chromium-browser"14:33
VeinorI was just saying how it's kind of funny.14:33
BluesKajdunno why itsn't just chromelinux or some such14:34
NerveClaspanybody here had a problem with sound recording from a usb-soundcard?14:34
mzzNerveClasp: did that last week, worked14:34
NerveClaspI have a Creative Xmod Digital stereo (IEC958)14:36
NerveClaspModel no sb072014:36
mzzbut I haven't figured out what the right way to do it in a pulse world is, so I think I temporarily suspended pulse14:36
mzzthat probably wasn't really necessary, but I was in a hurry and already knew how stuff works without pulse present14:37
NerveClaspso I should delete pulse audio?14:37
mzzso I just suspended pulse for a while and used audacity (pointing it at the right card in its preferences)14:37
mzzI just ran something like "pasuspender sleep 1d" (which is a silly hack)14:37
NerveClaspoh, I got it)14:38
mzzagain, chances are that's not really necessary, I was just in a hurry and pulse is still largely an unknown to me.14:38
=== gh0zt is now known as gh0zt_afk
mzzso I disabled it to simplify matters to only software I'm somewhat familiar with.14:38
BluesKajyes, some outboard and pci soundcards aren't working well with PA , I dropped it due to it jsut being another layer for the audio to loop thru and the sound was choppy and distorted..alsa does the job just fine for my setup14:38
mzzand I had a fairly convoluted setup going.14:39
mzz(laptop builtin sound unused, one external usb<->midi "soundcard" with a keyboard hooked up, one creative usb soundcard, jackd talking to those two, and *another* usb soundcard for audacity to record from :)14:40
* nameiner is away: Gone away for now14:51
tarzanwhen i disable my synaptics touchpad using an acpi event, /etc/acpi/asus-touchpad.sh is executed. however after i press a key syndaemon re-enables the touchpad. is this normal?14:52
huwenfeng9.10 is coming! soon!14:52
huwenfengi hope it will be a success!14:53
petsoundshi. how can i turning off wi-fi? thank you14:54
tarzanpetsounds: just rip the wifi card out and beat it repeatedly with a hammer14:56
tarzanno seriously, right-click on the network manager icon in the top bar and disable wireless networks should do it for most cards i guess14:57
petsoundstarzan : no options like u mentions14:58
petsoundsand thats why im asking14:58
BluesKajtopbar ? most refer to it as the panel15:00
petsoundsim using eee pc 1000he and i need to turn off wifi to save my battery life cos right now im using ethernet15:01
Memphisauis there a wireless switch on the unit itself?15:04
Memphisaufor many laptop's a combination of 2 keys; usually Fn+F215:04
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as gh0zt
MemphisauFn can usually be found in bottom left of keyboard15:05
petsoundssadly fn+f2 is not working15:05
Memphisaunot sure how you'd convince it to turn off then15:05
tarzanpetsounds: which wifi card do you have?15:05
Memphisaushort of perhaps unloading the module it uses15:05
brianVhi all. Every time I try to stop MySQL on Ubuntu, it fails, and I get the following message in my syslog:15:06
brianVOct 27 11:05:20 brian-desktop kernel: [ 7348.911765] type=1503 audit(1256655920.058:62): operation="open" pid=4530 parent=4529 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/sys/devices/system/cpu/"15:06
brianVany idea why?15:06
BluesKajMemphisau, try the power settings15:06
petsoundstarzan : im not really sure but im using eee pc 1000he15:06
tarzanpetsounds: do a pastebin of lspci and lsusb please15:07
BluesKajer sorry petsounds , power settings15:07
petsoundstarzan : and how?15:07
=== |Myxb| is now known as Myxb
petsoundsBluesKaj : power management? no options for wifi there's only about AC Power and battery power :915:08
tarzanopen a terminal, type lspci <enter>, open pastebin.com, copy text to pastebin.com, type lsusb <enter>, copy text to pastebin.com, click send on pastebin.com, copy the url, paste it here15:08
BluesKajok, some laptops have the wifi module linked to power management15:09
petsoundstarzan : http://pastebin.com/m7547f9bb15:10
BluesKajpetsounds, which network manager ?15:11
BluesKajisn't there an option to use ethernet with wifi disabled in network manager?15:12
petsoundsBluesKaj : auto eth015:12
tarzanpetsounds: are you sure your wireless is on / your wireless card is ok?15:12
om26er1any develpopment new about LUBI.15:12
petsoundstarzan : yes the wifi lights is on.15:13
BluesKajthat's normally the way it works , the wifi is turned off when ethernet is connected'15:13
BluesKajthat just the internet light15:13
fabrice_spHi. I've just installed Karmic on a system with LVM, and all LVM partitions appears individually in Nautilus. Is there a way to desactivate that?15:14
sunshinepantsanyone have any issues with their numlock recently?  as in not working within a gnome session?15:14
tarzansunshinepants: works here15:15
om26er1sunshinepants: works fine15:15
graingertare the ubuntu partner repositories on karmic down?15:15
petsoundsBluesKaj : and how can i enabling fn+f2 key? i read on the web that i need to change the kernel into sth like array kernel. and i dont want to.15:16
Memphisauhey, does anyone know why my /dev/usb directory isn't being creating. also lsusb turns up nothing beyond the root usb hubs, despite the fact I am using my USB mouse on it fine15:18
graingertW: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/Release.gpg  Could not connect to archive.canonical.com:80 (, connection timed out15:19
BluesKajpetsounds, I think it's just your internet connection light that you are thinking is the wifi light , it works on both15:23
lucammanyone installed  ubuntu-netbook en karmic?15:24
Jeruvylucamm: just ask your question :)15:24
om26er1lucamm: yes ask the q15:25
petsoundsBluesKaj : ok i see and one more thing java applets is freezing, already post the question yesterday but have no answer, maybe u can help?15:25
lucammhow uninstall this package?15:25
draconisjure: use volwheel or an alternate mixer app15:26
om26er1jure: yes?15:26
lucammbecouse i use compiz15:26
BluesKajpetsounds, make sure you have (k)ubuntu-restricted-extras installed , dunno if you are gnome or kde15:26
Jeruvylucamm: 'sudo apt-get remove <package>'15:27
draconisjure: I thought the issue was not having a volume applet15:27
lucammand gtk-window-decorator no functionally15:27
om26er1i have a problem, installing ubuntu-restricted-extras install ttf-msfonts-installer and that makes the fonts of google chrome ugly15:27
blueglassesanyone knows if boxee has repositories for karmic?15:27
lucammyes i unistall this package15:27
juredraconis, om26er1: yes, that's the issue15:27
lucammbut compiz is buggy :S15:27
om26er1lucamm: no its not15:28
steveccchi all - is 9.10 a dramatic improvement over the last version or just a little bit of tidying and polish?15:28
EagleScreenmany improvements for me15:28
petsoundsim on ubuntu NBR karmic, i already install ubuntu restricted extras and install sun-java6-plugin like it said on the web. everytime i wanna upload photos on facebook/myspace there's only grey box.15:28
szilvihi :)15:29
arthas_dkanyone knows about the improvements of DeviceKit?15:29
EagleScreenpetsounds: using amd64?15:29
stevecccjust working out whether worth upgrading or wait for the next long life version15:29
szilvicould anyone help me apply a .patch?15:29
draconiswell, gdm just regressed in features15:29
om26er1steveccc: i say its far improved for acer aspire one15:29
petsoundsBluesKaj : im on ubuntu NBR karmic, i already install ubuntu restricted extras and install sun-java6-plugin like it said on the web. everytime i wanna upload photos on facebook/myspace there's only grey box.15:29
lucammdesktop-switcher where is in karmic???15:29
Italian_Plumberwhat are the minimum specs for karmic?15:29
stevecccom26er1: when you say that do you mean interface or more speel15:29
stevecccspeed even15:29
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:29
petsoundsEagleScreen : no, intel atom.15:29
BluesKajpetsounds, how did you install java , from the repos or source15:29
mbeierldraconis: I tend to agree about feature regression.  WHat are you hseeing15:29
om26er1steveccc: better drivers and better interface as compiz works great even no problem with video playback, faster boot, responsive apps15:30
szilvidid anyone get around the cursor theme issue?15:30
szilvii have compiz installed and I think it's not letting me change the theme15:30
petsoundsBluesKaj : from the repos. and i test sudo-apt-get install sun-java6-jre. it has the newest version15:30
om26er1petsounds: which browser15:31
draconismbeierl: well, all features regressed are due to gnome15:31
blueglassessteveccc, here karmic takes more time to boot than jaunty15:31
petsoundsom26er1 : from firefox, opera, to chrome. thats all the same :(15:31
EagleScreenKubuntu 9.10 is great15:31
mbeierldraconis: ah.  sorry - I was thinking primarily of gdm greeter which has issues with twinview displays now...15:32
juredraconis, i have two 9.10 installations - one's a standard desktop, the other a netbook remix. there IS a volume applet on the netbook remix version, so why would i settle with an alternative for the desktop version?15:32
szilvidoes anyone have chrome installed on ubuntu? where can i get it?15:32
blueglasseshave you check out the new gnome?15:32
om26er1petsounds: which page you are trying to open15:32
blueglassesszilvi, you can get it from google repositories or medibuntu15:32
draconismbeierl: well, I just switched to XDM, which is far more usable15:33
joaopintothere is a ppa for chrome, you don't need medibuntu15:33
szilviand about compiz not letting me change the cursor theme... anyone knows a workaround?15:33
petsoundsom26er1 : uploading photos on facebook and myspace. and yesterday someone from the channel give me a link which i forgot. i think it's for testing java. and firefox are freezing when i open that site15:33
om26er1szilvi: change the cursor theme and then reboot and see it will change15:33
draconisjure: well, settle with an alternative because it's BETTER. Gnome is not infallible law15:34
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
Memphisaukarmic seems to be fairly broken for me15:34
MemphisauUSB isn't working properly currently15:34
draconisthey can't write a DM, they can't write a volume manager...15:34
blueglassesanyone using google wave here?15:34
Memphisaubut that may be a result of the multiple upgrades i've done to get it from hardy->intrepid->jaunty and most recently to karmic15:34
szilviit didn't15:35
szilvii tried that already15:35
BluesKajpetsounds, try sun-java6-bin15:35
petsoundsBluesKaj : sun-java6-bin is already the newest version. sun-java6-bin set to manually installed.15:36
juredraconis, i get your point, all i'm saying is - if it works on one computer, why can't it work on the other, if the version number is the same? maybe some packages were removed? i remember apt removing empathy after an update and it reinstalled just fine. maybe it removed some packages related to sound this time?15:36
Memphisaumight give amd64 a go on this trouble computer, reinstall15:37
Memphisaunot too much to lose I guess15:37
draconisjure: are you running Pulseaudio?15:37
juredraconis, how would i know that?15:37
draconisjure: ps aux|grep pulse15:37
mbeierljure: sorry - to which volume control are you referring, as on my karmic laptop (gnome, 64bit) there is a volume control widget (or applet or?) in the notification area the allows me to control the volume15:38
juredraconis: then i am running it, yes.15:38
jurembeierl. i'm referring to exactly that volume control.15:38
mbeierland your is missing on ubuntu gnome, but not from nbr15:38
jureyes, exactly.15:39
jureand so are sound preferences.15:39
EagleScreenpetsounds: do you have sun-java6-plugin?15:39
draconiswell, gnome-volume-control should work. the mixer applet doesn't15:39
petsoundsEagleScreen : yes15:40
* Hillshum thinks that Karmic is having trouble properly scaling his cpu to manage haet15:40
juredraconis, mbeierl: ah. i removed gnome-media. because i wanted to remove the sound recorder, and it took the rest with it. that's it.15:41
jureyou know, i really hate these all-or-nothing packages.15:41
stevecccwhats the best virtual machine for 9.10?15:41
mbeierljure: oh!  Ok.  The one thing that I noticed was that the volume control only allowed me to manage the master volume, no double-click to get all the other mixers, and for a moment thought that might have been it...15:42
om26erirssi looks like a cool client15:42
arthas_dkAnyone knows about samba+kerberos+ldap integration on this version?15:42
joaopinto!best | steveccc15:43
ubottusteveccc: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:43
szilvidid someone get chrome installed... native linux chrome?15:43
szilvichromium is an emulator (or sthing like that)15:43
joaopintoszilvi, yes, there's a PPA for it15:43
blueglassesszilvi, check out this link: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-chromium-google-chrome-web-browser-in-ubuntu.html15:43
joaopintoI was talking about google chrome15:43
Hillshumszilvi: No, Chromium is native15:43
joaopintochromium is the native google chrome for linux15:44
szilviRun Windows applications like MS Office in Linux15:44
szilviCrossOver Chromium makes it possible to use Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Quicken, and Lotus Notes on Linux.15:44
szilvithis is the description15:44
joaopintoszilvi, that's CrossOver Chromium, not Chromium15:44
szilviah.. ok.. sorry :)15:44
HillshumAnd even that's technically not an emulator15:45
arthas_dkAnyone knows about samba+kerberos+ldap integration on this version?15:45
joaopintoszilvi, https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa15:45
joaopintoarthas_dk, repeating will not help15:45
slipshotanyone having any trouble with alsa sound being off at boot in 9.10?15:46
joaopintoyou mean, the mixer getting some sound levels to 0 after reboot ?15:47
slipshotyeah the sound is off and i have to turn it on and back up15:47
blueglassesslipshot, I do have trouble, but with sound changes on app start: too loud15:48
joaopintoI have the issue randomly but only for the mic15:48
joaopintosound is not the strongest point of karmic for me :P15:48
slipshoti tried alsactl store o  but it dont work15:48
om26ermy mic dont work if i change volume15:48
blueglassesslipshot, some apps, like skype or pidgin, sound gets impossible to set, due to lack of app on config pannel when not making a sound15:49
slipshotHome directory /home/slipshot not ours. <--- i get that when i try the alsactl store command15:51
mzzhow'd you manage that?15:52
mzzwhat does "ls -ld /home/slipshot" give you?15:52
slipshoti done a install from a ubuntu minimal and added the lxde desktop15:52
om26erslipshot, so u made lubuntu15:53
covSo networkmanager is still broken for wpa2 certificate authentication. This really sucks for college students (no more secure wireless). Anyone know anything about what's wrong or if this bug (#447145) is actually getting looked at?15:53
slipshotdrwxr-xr-x 33 slipshot slipshot 4096 2009-10-27 11:35 /home/slipshot15:54
* mzz frowns15:54
mzzslipshot: I wonder why alsactl is complaining then, unless it's actually running as root15:54
slipshoti think it is some kinda bug15:54
slipshotgot a clue how to fix it?15:57
mzzwell, I don't run alsactl by hand, and I don't see anything obviously wrong with your homedir.15:57
mzzmy guess is you're actually running it through sudo and it's not liking $HOME not being root's15:58
slipshotalsactl: save_state:1530: Cannot open /var/lib/alsa/asound.state for writing: Permission denied16:00
slipshoti get that without sudo16:00
FlynsarmyTrying to install the 9.10 RC...nautilus crashed 80% in but the installers still going.......is this a common issue?16:08
radicaljoeI just downloaded 9.10 netbook remix.  I can't figure out why  anyone would want a menu that takes up a whole netbook screen.16:09
om26erradicaljoe, i16:12
mzzI find myself usually using alt+f2 to start stuff16:12
mzz(on a regular gnome ubuntu)16:12
* Martyn is miffed16:14
Martynwe're just a couple days away from the release, and we've got -major- bugs still left in Karmic16:14
om26erMartyn, all t bugs can never be fixed16:14
pontingthere is a problem in kubuntu 9.1 .beta ..: before copying a file in flash or any media it doesn't ckecks the available space ..and in last..it says can't coppy disc is full..it must be fixed16:14
Martynthe php zlib bug that affects wordpress (zlib.so isn't found, and there's no gzopen) is going to affect a whole lot of people who use ubuntu-server16:14
Martynom26er: Yes, but some bugs .. especially ones affecting major packages (like the glibc error in Jaunty that prevented many people from upgrading the Gimp) should be critical enough to delay releases.16:15
JimmioHey all16:15
JimmioIs there a reason "Creating user..." is taking forever>16:16
Martynponting: I'm afraid that's Working As Designed(tm)16:16
JimmioIs it safe to press the Skip button?16:16
mzzJimmio: what, during install?16:16
Jimmiomzz: Yeah, right now.16:16
mzzJimmio: that sounds like a bad idea, because without a user how are you going to log in?16:16
Martynponting: It's not as much a "bug" as an "enhancement request"  .. it never checks space before copying.16:16
Jimmiomzz: Harddrive activity light is flashing repeatedly very quickly.16:16
* mzz wishes people would ask fewer silly questions16:17
Martynponting : Feel free to file it as a blueprint though, and see if you can get some developers behind it.16:17
mzzJimmio: I'm assuming you're asking because it actually *is* taking forever, so apparently there's a reason it takes forever16:17
Jimmiomzz: I skipped stuff in install in an emulator and it did it on reboot.16:17
mzzJimmio: you need at least one user account, because the root account is off by default, so without one regular account you can't log in to add accounts later16:17
Jimmiomzz: I think it's broken though x.x16:18
mzzJimmio: and I haven't seen this problem, and would be looking at logs or running a system monitor to see what's taking so long16:18
mzzcall me elitist but I'd expect people in #ubuntu+1 to try that kind of stuff16:18
JimmioWhere's the logs for the installer? I've never had to look.16:19
* mzz is probably just a bit grumpy for no good reason16:19
mzz/var/log/installer/ looks pretty promising16:19
JimmioIt finished.16:20
pontingMartyn: i thought if  it can be solved.16:20
JimmioIt's because of me wanting my home dir encrypted!16:20
mzzthat didn't take that long here16:20
JimmioIt took a long time here... something to do with 256 GB partition?16:21
Jimmiobe right back, all16:21
astrojpI still can't understand why the terminal will not let me 'Crtl-C' or 'Ctrl-D' out of the terminal without not work without having to forcing (killing) the process. Every since 9.04 it's been that way.16:22
omgxorzDoes anyone have experience with setting up a bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboard?16:23
frozenfoxxOkay, I just have a quick question before I get started, does anyone in this room currently feel like giving some advice on Distro choice of 9.10 types for a Eee 1101HA?16:24
AlDougI am using Karmic Beta Desktop , and I can't install the LAMP stack. Anyone have any ideas?16:24
frozenfoxxNobody in #ubuntu or ##linux wanted to help, so I figured I'd ask if anyone's up to it here before boring you.16:24
PiciAlDoug: Do you get an error when you try? What command are you using to install?16:25
BluesKajfrozenfoxx, depends on what your preferences are16:25
AlDougsudo tasksel install lamp-server16:26
frozenfoxxBluesKaj: Thank you, that's all I ask.16:26
AlDougError 10016:26
PiciAlDoug: Have you done an apt-get update since installing?16:27
frozenfoxxThe system has that POS GMA500 graphics chip so I understand up front that I'll have to do some working around to get that functional, but I'm wondering if full-blown Ubuntu, Ubuntu NBR, full-blown KUBUNTU, or Kubuntu NBR would offer me the most functionality out of the box16:27
AlDougon file 1916:27
hanasakiany known issues with memtest on boot for koala?  its in my boot menu on grub 2 however the image is not found when I select it...16:27
AlDougI did last week I think.16:27
frozenfoxxKey functionality is the ethernet driver working, preferably the wifi working, and if at all possible as little pain as possible getting the GMA chip working in 2D (mandatory), 3D (very nice, but not required)16:27
PiciAlDoug: Can you pastebin the exact thing that the error says?16:28
frozenfoxxI'm also having some trouble finding out from anyone if using 9.10 is best or if, for some reason, I should be using 9.0416:28
AlDougtasksel: aptitude failed (100)16:28
joaopintofrozenfoxx, that is user specific, it depends on your needs16:28
frozenfoxxjoaopinto: I was more meaning that it seems like some people are recommending 9.04 because there's no support for certain parts of the hardware in 9.10?16:29
frozenfoxxBut I didn't think that's how the distro moved forward (dropping hardware functionality that is)16:29
BluesKajfrozenfoxx, functionality seems tobe the fav word but it doesn't tell me what you do on your machine , what graphics card are you runing and for what you use your machine , work , home or both both ?16:29
apparlehow to install karmic from USB16:29
MartynAlDoug: Confirmed -- I also get error 100 downloading file 1916:29
Hillshumfrozenfoxx: NOt intentionally anyway16:29
AlDougPici: at first I though it was because I had Synaptic PM running, but I closed that16:30
AlDougMartyn: interesting16:30
MartynPici : That's all it says .. I belive that is the equivalent of "file not found in repository" when tasksel hits a 40416:30
joaopintofrozenfoxx, I am not awarey of hw support being dropped on 9.10, however any upgrade has the potential risk of regressions16:30
frozenfoxxBluesKaj: The graphics chip was described earlier (the GMA 500), I also listed out extensively what capabilities were paramount (2D graphics, 3D would be nice, and networking has to work)...what more did you want?16:30
MartynAlDoug: Try this first .. I just did it and succeeded- -- aptitude safe-upgrade16:30
frozenfoxxjoaopinto: Roger, that's what I needed to know16:31
joaopintofrozenfoxx, and that is not usually related to the distro per si, it's related to the kernel, or to vendor drivers, like ona specific version ATI decided to drop support for some models16:31
AlDougMartyn: OK, I don't have time to run it now, but I will later tonight I think.16:31
joaopintoand the disto can't froze in software versions just because some vendor decides to not support their customers :)16:32
frozenfoxxjoaopinto: Roger.  The reason I ask about distro is because I know I've seen differences in support between Kubuntu and Ubuntu in the past, I didn't know if the NBR was supposed to be just a new interface with the same backend or if it, also, would have diverging packages providing different levels of hardware support16:32
BluesKajtime for my daily walk ...BBL .. frozenfoxx . looks like you're in good hands to help with your questions16:32
frozenfoxxBluesKaj: Thank you, have a good walk16:33
joaopintofroze, afaik NBR is just a metapackage16:33
frozekarmic w/ ATI X300: installed RC and desktops effects worked, after system update and several apt-gets of preferred packages + restart, desktop effects not available. Any ideas?16:33
joaopintoops, frozenfoxx16:33
frozenp :)16:34
frozenfoxxjoaopinto: No problem, I saw it.  Thank you, that clears up NBR for me16:34
AlDougMartyn: You think it will work after the upgrade?16:34
frozetried installing radeonhd xserver package, but that dindn't work either :-/16:35
frozekeeps telling me no driver available??? if it works on install - how is that possible16:36
th1_radeon always craps out better use nvidia ;)16:36
frozeriiight, I'll just apt-get install nvidia-videocard :-P16:37
newbuntuin karmic, aplay doesn't find my soundcard, but it is visible in lspci.  how do i get it working?16:38
frozeanyideas on what actually kills it? If I  livecd boot and check the xorg logs for differnces is that all I should look for?16:39
Hillshumnewbuntu: what does cat /proc/asound/cards give you?16:40
newbuntuHillshum: "no soundcards"16:41
HillshumYou'll need to get the drivers to see the card then16:42
marijusdoes msn audio/video also work crossplatform in empathy?16:42
newbuntuHillshum: in jaunty it ran with riptide, which shows that it is still in modules in karmic16:43
Picialexis_: Done?16:44
newbuntuHillshum: how do i verify that it loaded?16:44
hanasakithe linux-virtual image does not seem to have isofs yet iso9660 shows in the config as a module.. how do I get cd support?16:46
newbuntuit's not loading - is there a way to force it and see if the card is detected?16:47
philsfI upgraded to karmic, and now emacs's fonts are huge. How or where can I set it to the default size?16:50
philsfBTW, it only seem to affect emacs23, not emacs2216:50
iktwhere is ubuntu party channel16:53
=== DJones_ is now known as DJOnes
=== DJOnes is now known as DJones
mzzphilsf: hardly surprising, since the font backend in 23 is very different. I forgot what the preferred way of changing font size is, try asking #emacs (what I have in my .emacs is probably not the right way to do it)16:56
skreechOK What's up with the hard drive?16:56
skreechWht can't I mount it?16:56
mzzbecause it's in my computer, and you don't have access to it :P16:57
skreechNo I took out my hard drive and put it elsewhere and it asked for a password to mount it?16:57
skreechI was never asked to supply it a password. What password is it asking for?16:58
mzzand it's not just asking for the currently logged in user's password?16:58
xenon_karmicwhere can i get the source for desktop-notifications which appear in top right corner?16:59
skreechI don' think so I supplied that password as well as the password for the main user on my hard drive and neither worked16:59
AlDougI am getting a lot of not found packages while doing my safe upgrade.16:59
skreechapt-get source ?16:59
xenon_karmicwhat is that called?16:59
mzzskreech: so what happens if you try to mount by hand (using "sudo mount /dev/whatevertherightpartitionis /mnt")?16:59
mzzskreech: you mean for the daemon responsible for actually drawing them, or for some app that requests that daemon to display a particular notification?17:00
mzzerr, s/skreech/xenon_karmic/17:00
mzzxenon_karmic: you probably mean "apt-get source notify-osd"17:00
xenon_karmicand the daemon?17:01
mzzthat is the daemon17:01
SIRprisehow can i create a second su? i need that because i access the printer port directly and don't want to type sudo every time17:01
xenon_karmicok :)17:01
skreechSIRprise: A what?17:01
mzzxenon_karmic: if that's not the source you want please rephrase your question17:01
skreechOh anyone where using kubuntu ?17:02
skreechmzz: I'm actually not sure I had other hard drives in the system and they would mount properly without fuss17:02
xenon_karmicbasically i want to change settings for notify-osd ..17:02
SIRpriseskreech: i use avrdude to program my avr with the parallel port and that is used in an eclipse script17:02
xenon_karmici think has many bugs ryt now17:02
mzzskreech: I don't know what the exact logic is for when you need to supply a password and when not (I suspect it depends on the filesystem and/or device type)17:03
skreechmzz: has something changed for KK that makes them require new parameters to be mounted by an older LInux kernel?17:03
skreechSIRprise: Right so what is the second su for?17:03
SIRpriseskreech: last time i started eclipse with sudo but than i have a workspace in root-home17:03
mzzskreech: think about it, being able to mount a partition with setuid root apps on it without giving the root password would be a security risk17:03
SIRpriseskreech: i want to have a second user which already have rights to access the ports low-level17:04
skreechmzz: I guess so but it did it for a pure data partition as well17:04
skreechSIRprise: right so enable the root user17:04
skreech!root | SIRprise17:04
ubottuSIRprise: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:04
mzzskreech: yes, but it can't tell those apart without actually mounting them. I'm guessing that to mount something with a proper linux filesystem on it you need to supply a password17:04
mzzSIRprise: I'd muck around with the permissions on the device so you don't need root to access it17:05
skreechok I'll take that under consideration L)17:05
mzzSIRprise: you should be able to do that via custom udev rules if you need to apply it permanently.17:05
SIRpriseskreech: thx, but i thought i create a new user which does not have network-connection and an own home-folder17:05
skreechSIRprise: You can do that as well17:05
SIRprisemzz: how can i change the permissions of printer port?17:06
mzzSIRprise: chmod/chown, if you're in a hurry (but that's not permanent)17:06
mzzSIRprise: dig into udev rules for a more permanent solution, or check if they're already owned and writable by a useful group you can just add the desired user to17:06
SIRprisemzz: ok, thank you, i will try that17:07
geniiWhy not add yourself to the lp (line printer) group17:08
mzzthat'd be the kind of group that might already have write access to the port, yes.17:08
timbercan you tell me if syndaemon isn't working on karmic?17:09
mzz(I don't have a printer hooked up to my ubuntu system, so I can't check)17:09
mzz!doesntwork | timber17:09
ubottutimber: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:09
timber!doesntwork syndaemon17:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:09
timbermzz: how i use this?17:10
mzzI was hoping for something a little more specific than "syndaemon"17:10
timbersyndaemon disable tapping on touchpad while typing17:10
mzzyes, that's what it does17:11
timberon jaunty it worked fine17:11
geniitimber: syndaemon does work, but only if your pad is using the synaptics driver and not being recognised as some generic mouse17:11
mzztimber: that's supposed to be a feature. Feel free to turn it off if you don't like it (system -> preferences -> mouse -> touchpad -> disable touchpad while typing)17:11
timbergenii: so do i have to install the synaptics driver?17:11
mzztimber: the synaptics driver is installed and normally used by default. The behavior you describe is supposed to be a feature.17:11
timbermzz: this option is checked and there's nothing disabled17:12
mzz < timber> syndaemon disable tapping on touchpad while typing17:12
ponting_in ubuntu 9.1 will that problme of ntfs mounting  will be solved?17:12
mzzdid you mean "syndaemon should be disabling tapping on the touchpad while typing, but it doesn't", or "syndaemon is disabling tapping on touchpad while typing, and that's my problem"?17:12
Memphisauwhat problem?17:13
timbermzz:  "syndaemon should be disabling tapping on the touchpad while typing, but it doesn't"17:13
mzztimber: I guess I'd start by hunting down the delay it's using17:14
mzzand/or running it by hand to see if it's logging anything17:15
mzzponting_: I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to mount ntfs partitions in ubuntu 9.10, like you could in 9.04. I'm not sure what this ubuntu 9.1 you speak of is, I'm assuming it's a typo :P17:15
frybyewhat to do when win7 fax+scan cannot see a fax modem that otherwise appears to be installed and responds to diagnosis commands etc...?17:15
geniitimber: Is package: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics    installed?17:16
mzzfrybye: this is #ubuntu+1, not ##windows :P17:16
frybyesorry - my mistake...17:16
skreechfrybye: That's bug #1 we are working on it17:16
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)17:16
skreechAnyone using Kubuntu?17:17
timbergenii: yes, it is.17:17
frybyeskreech: yeah - I agree largly - silly thing is the damn thing worked fine with the RC of win7 but not now with the rtm ah well... (my netbook has karmic!)17:17
skreechtimber: it turns up in the device manager then ask in ##windows. If it doesn't then upgrade the netbook to your primary machine :)17:18
timberskreech: ?17:19
jonneis there a way to assign multiple keyboard shortcuts to the same action in gnome's keyboard shortcuts thing?17:22
jonnei want to add a hotkey for 'next track', but it's already configured to use XF86AudioNext (which is the keycode my remote uses)17:23
geniitimber: the synaptics manpage has an example xorg.conf stanza which could be used, you need to know the /dev name of your current pad however17:23
timbergenii: how can i know the name?17:24
mzzjonne: I don't think so (I don't think the underlying gconf storage supports multiple keys)17:24
mzztimber: the /dev/input/by-id/ or /dev/input/by-path/ names should be stable17:24
jonnewell, that sucks17:25
=== gh0zt is now known as gh0zt_afk
jonnei switched to banshee from amarok17:25
worufuhy guys17:25
jonneamarok had its own global shortcut thing, so that was perfect17:25
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as gh0zt
worufumy koala does not like the nvidia 185 driver17:25
worufuit causes my system to freeze during boot17:25
mzzjonne: of course I could be wrong (for example your media player might listen for things like XF86AudioNext no matter what)17:25
kaheni'm thinking about reinstalling when karmic comes out. i want to move to having a separate /home partition and stuff... what's the recommended size of / (i.e. everything but /home)?17:25
worufuanybody experiencing something similar?17:26
mzzkahen: a couple of GB usually suffices. The number of GB depends completely on how much stuff you end up installing.17:26
jonnethat is a good suggestion, mzz17:26
bjsniderworufu, what graphics card?17:26
worufubjsnider: nVidia Corporation C68 [GeForce 7050 PV / nForce 630a] (rev a2)17:26
kahenmzz: got 6.4GB in /usr right now. i tend to install a LOT of .*doc packages17:26
Italian_Plumberanyone testing Karmic with 128MB RAM?17:27
worufubjsnider: 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G73 [GeForce 7600 GS] (rev a1)17:27
mzzkahen: yeah, du -sh-ing your current /usr and /var is a good way to guesstimate the right size17:27
kaheni'm thinking 10GB should probably be ok17:27
worufuhm... strange17:27
bjsniderwofmore likely it's your nforce chipset17:27
AlDougMartyn: Pici: I was able to do the upgrade, but installing the LAMP package still doesn't work.17:27
mzzkahen: just make sure you do take /var into account too, not just /usr. The other toplevel dirs should be much smaller than those two.17:27
kahen128MB RAM... it'll probably run, but not in any way that i'd call "well"17:27
kahenmzz: well. there's always sudo apt-cache clean17:28
jonnedamn, didn't work17:28
Italian_PlumberI am and so far the CD is not booting17:28
worufubjsnider: now I was confused... obviously the onboard card is nvidia too17:28
mzzkahen: sure, but it's still inconvenient, if only for things like a distribution upgrade17:28
billybigriggereveryone still have a bunch of PA packages being held back?17:28
worufubjsnider: the 7600 is an additional card17:28
bjsniderworufu, your mobo chipset is an nvidia nforce as well17:28
Italian_PlumberI had a white ubuntu logo in the middle of the screen for a rleally long time, now the screen is blank17:28
mzzbillybigrigger: please be more specific17:28
kahenright... need like... 2-3GB free for dist-upgrade iirc17:29
bjsniderworufu, not well supported on linux17:29
worufubjsnider: don't want to use the mobo graphics chip anyways... maybe I can disable it in the bios17:29
* mzz wonders if there's a convenient way to force a fetch of all installed packages (to "seed" his apt-cacher-ng proxy)17:29
billybigrigger^^^ these packages have been held back for me for over a week17:29
i_is_brokeis there anyway to b.s. a xorg-conf setup?17:29
billybigriggersame as the ubuntu-desktop package17:30
mzzbillybigrigger: can you pastebin "apt-cache policy libpulse0"?17:30
billybigriggerumm no17:30
worufubjsnider: and I have to check if maybe the output switches to the mobo card.... there is no screen attached to it17:30
billybigriggeryeah i can hold on17:30
billybigriggerbut maybe i shouldn't be complaining as sound is flawless here....17:31
mzzbah, I usually make comments like that to other people :P17:31
worufubjsnider: thanks so far... going to reboot and check again17:31
exitonnotify doesn't show messages without 3d effects just a white area wiht stripes. can i change that?17:31
i_is_brokeim having some minor issues with my sis onboard graphics and the only way it says in google is to make changes to the xorg config file.any one got any ideas?17:31
billybigrigger  Installed: 1:0.9.19-0ubuntu217:31
billybigrigger  Candidate: 1:0.9.19-0ubuntu417:31
geniitimber: grep /dev/input /var/log/Xorg.0.log     and look for a mouse device17:31
geniitimber: Apologies on lag, work requires me17:32
billybigriggermzz, how does it feel being on the wrong end of those comments? bahaha17:32
dtchenbillybigrigger: unless you like broken suspend/resume, it's a good idea to update to 0ubuntu417:32
mzzbillybigrigger: mmm, odd.17:32
billybigriggerdtchen, aptitude won't update them17:32
dtchenbillybigrigger: use 'why'17:32
billybigrigger$ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade has been holding those back for over a week17:33
mzzbillybigrigger: not sure what's up with that, and (unfortunately) not sure yet how to get it to give you more information.17:33
timber(**) Option "Device" "/dev/input/event10"17:33
timber(**) Option "Device" "/dev/input/event8"17:33
timber(**) Acer CrystalEye webcam: Device: "/dev/input/event7"17:33
timber(**) Power Button: Device: "/dev/input/event2"17:33
timber(**) Power Button: Device: "/dev/input/event0"17:33
timber(**) Sleep Button: Device: "/dev/input/event3"17:33
timber(**) AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: Device: "/dev/input/event5"17:33
timber(**) Video Bus: Device: "/dev/input/event6"17:33
timber(**) Macintosh mouse button emulation: Device: "/dev/input/event4"17:33
mzzbillybigrigger: it's possible a forced "apt-get install libpulse0" will give more information.17:33
timbergenii: the last is the correct?17:33
* billybigrigger sips coffee and watches genii work :P17:33
mzztimber: don't do that, and don't assume /dev/input/eventN names are stable17:33
Hillshumtimber: Please use paste.ubuntu.com17:33
mzztimber: find the /dev/input/by-id/ or /dev/input/by-path/ symlink that points at that eventN device and use that one17:34
timbergenii: don't worry about the lag17:34
timbersorry everybody17:34
mzztimber: also, "mouse button emulation" isn't your mouse17:35
mzz(your mouse isn't in that list)17:35
mzz(unless it's event10 or event8)17:35
timbermzz: platform-i8042-serio-4-event-mouse17:35
mzzthat sounds about right17:35
timbermzz: and this platform-i8042-serio-4-mouse17:36
mzztimber: the two are *not* interchangable. I forgot which the synaptics driver wants.17:36
drbobbhey something weird's up w/my karmic, it used to hibernate or suspend just fine, now all of a sudden it doesn't anymore - and I don't think i did anything to change that17:36
drbobbchoosing suspend or hibernate from the menu just locks the screen, no further action happens17:37
geniitimber: Yes, event417:37
timbergenii: what i have to do now?17:37
mzzerr, what?17:37
billybigriggerdtchen, i don't use suspend/resume so it's not that big of a deal :P17:38
mzzgenii, timber: what are you trying to do again? "macintosh mouse button emulation" really isn't the mouse device, at least not here17:39
mzzplatform-i7042-serio-4-event-mouse should be, though (I'd expect that to point at ../eventN with N not being 4)17:40
timbermzz, genii: i'm don't understanding what is this17:40
mzzdrbobb: I haven't had to debug that under ubuntu yet, but I'd start by looking at dmesg17:40
iktkeyserver down for anyone else?17:40
dtchenbillybigrigger: well, I'd still use 0ubuntu4, because I backed out a broken change17:41
mzztimber: I lost track of what you're doing now, but if it has to do with a mouse or touchpad you can usually ignore that "emulation" thing17:41
thiebaudeikt: no, but its slow17:41
timbermzz: ok17:41
thiebaudeas expected17:41
mzzI know my apt-get update is being strangely slow17:41
iktI guess my 1000 hops away is triggering it to timeout for me17:42
aurolacanyone using MSI Wind?17:43
thiebaudeikt: im doing my last 9.10 alternate cd today17:43
aurolacusb is still borked17:43
timbermzz: let me ask a question....the syndaemon disable *all* tapping, since small and soft tapping to harder tapping? because when i type with one hand and the other make a hard tap the click occurs.17:43
aurolaccam or usb sticks dont work17:43
billybigriggerdtchen, apt-get why or apt-cache why, shows nothing, what the hell is the why argument associated to again???17:43
billybigriggerdtchen, haven't used why in ages17:43
mzztimber: I disabled that feature because it makes no sense for me, so I'm not sure17:43
G_A_Cmzz: my update was slow earlier too, I put it down to people wanting to "beat the rush" by grabbing the RC a day before release and assuming that it's going to be almost identical to final17:43
drbobbmzz: yep already looked at dmesg, nothing there17:43
timbermzz: and while i type, the pointer disappears, and this is the normal behavior17:43
iktgpg: keyserver timed out17:43
iktgpg: keyserver receive failed: keyserver error17:43
thiebaudeG_A_C: yea i still have the Oct 21 alternate17:44
mzzikt: I'd try a different keyserver (many keyservers mirror each other)17:44
geniitimber: I think mzz may is right that event4 device is the button only.17:44
mzzI'm pretty sure event4 isn't your touchpad, and I wouldn't expect pointing the synaptics driver at it to do anything particularly useful17:45
timbergenii: ok, but do you know if what i said to mzz  is correct?17:45
iktsorry for a quite noobish question but where do I find a list of different keyservers?17:45
mzztimber: while you type where the pointer disappears?17:45
iktof the*17:45
mzzikt: try subkeys.pgp.net iirc17:45
drbobbmzz: just tried to invoke suspend again, seems nothing at all appeared in the system logs17:46
timbermzz: the pointer just disappears, only the marker for the word like '|' appears....then when i stop typing the pointer came where he was17:47
mzzdrbobb: fishy, but I don't know how to debug it. I guess ~/.xsession-errors might have something.17:47
drbobbmzz: looked also at /var/log/{messages,kern.log,debug}17:47
mzztimber: some apps do that, that's not necessarily a syndaemon thing17:47
exitonhow can i fix the notifications? they only work with 3d effects17:47
mzzexiton: they work for me in metacity17:47
timbermzz: i was using gedit17:47
iktYES! it worked! cheers again mzz :D17:48
mzztimber: yep, gedit seems to be hiding the mouse cursor (I don't run syndaemon)17:48
exitonmzz: without 3d effects there is only a white area with stripes17:48
mzzexiton: in gnome? I'm not seeing that.17:48
exitonmzz: gnome and fluxbox17:49
mzzno compiz or other compositing manager here.17:49
drbobbuhh choosing suspend from the menu that pops up when i hit the powerbutton has no effect either17:49
geniimzz: The syndaemon program only works for some dev which uses the synaptics driver, i had this issue another time as the pad gets seen as a mouse and the driver needs to be specified as synaptics in the xorg.conf stanza as shown in the example from the syanptics manpage. The prob gets to be what /dev to use (especially if it's a serial and not usb interface) . apologies again on lag. One sentence is taking several minutes to complete, as work calls me17:50
genii away from the computer right now every 30-90 seconds for a minute or 2 each time17:50
exitonmzz: i don't know, what ever comes with the ubuntu 9.10 update17:50
drbobbother than locking the screen that is17:50
philsfI use ecryptfs's encrypted Private dir since jaunty, now I see karmic has support for encrypted Home, but there's no corresponding command for doing this. Am I missing something, or is it only offered for new installs?17:50
timbermzz: hmm, that's ok, i'll try to take care when type again17:51
stevehI remember using the official Jaunty CD and having it blow away everything on my drive.  There was another distro of ubuntu, but I can't remember what it was called.  Anyone got a better rememberrer??17:51
thiebaudesteveh: kiwilinux17:51
mzzgenii: did you actually check if that's the problem timber has?17:52
mzzexiton: I'm not sure what's up with that, other than possibly your video card driver doing something weird17:52
steveh... (sorry, thinko) I mean another distro that loaded ubuntu and just over-wrote the system, without screwing with my loaded apps, etc., unless they needed screwing with, that is.17:53
mzzphilsf: hmm, not sure how you'd set that up for a new user, I just had the installer do it.17:53
exitonmzz: but it's only the notifycations17:53
thiebaudesteveh: i see what your saying17:53
Dr_Willissteveh:  im not even sure how it would do that. :)  theres just to much to go wrong.17:54
mzzphilsf: the ecryptfs-utils package might be installing documentation on this somewhere.17:54
Dr_Willisive even had issues in the past with kde  and gnome not liking user settings when ive kept /home seperate.17:54
mzzexiton: well, those windows are a little weird (nonrectangular, for starters)17:54
Dr_Willisgnome is much better now about that. but i still see it eveery once in a while17:54
Xs3s3why would installing 9.10 cause blockid issues?17:55
mzzsteveh: it shouldn't overwrite everything, but it'll definitely overwrite a bunch of stuff. I don't know what the list is.17:55
Xs3s3*causing my system not to boot properly*17:55
mzzXs3s3: try being more vague17:55
Xs3s3mzz, sorry, upgraded last night from 9.04 to 9.1017:55
Xs3s3now when I boot, it says blkid having trouble waiting for filesystem17:55
Xs3s3I have edited /etc/fstab it looks right..17:56
Xs3s3and / gets mounted.... but nothing ever happens17:56
Xs3s3no x, no gdm. etc17:56
mzzXs3s3: how far does it get? If splash is enabled: do you get up to the first splash screen? What's the exact message?17:56
mzzXs3s3: can you pastebin fstab?17:56
Xs3s3I even tried removing UUId in fstab with /dev/ paths17:56
g33kare there drivers for ATI Technologies Inc Radeon HD 3200 Graphics in karmic?17:56
mzzXs3s3: yeah, I was going to recommend that17:56
Xs3s3mzz, um, i will have to re-type it since that machine is kind of hit17:57
stevehDr_Willis: It was an official Canonical distro.17:57
Xs3s3mzz, i just need to get this drive to boot so I can DD it to my new drive.17:57
wohabjsnider: hi. nvidia problem is now gone17:57
Xs3s3but its not working right17:57
wohabjsnider: switched back to nvidia-glx-17317:57
billybigriggerdtchen, $ sudo apt-get install libpulse0 pulls in all those left behind packages17:57
Xs3s3mzz, it ends up with an unknown filesystem error.17:58
billybigriggerwonder why safe-upgrade was holding them back?17:58
=== woha is now known as worufu
Xs3s3mzz, and / is mounted read only per my /etc/fstab instructs17:58
billybigrigger  Installed: 1:0.9.19-0ubuntu417:58
mzzbillybigrigger: curious. I don't know what was up with that either (I've been using plain old apt-get)17:58
mzzbillybigrigger: it's possible it broke something, but I wouldn't know what.17:58
* worufu says goodbye...17:58
* worufu ...all karmic koala upgrade issues fixed for now17:59
mzzXs3s3: err, having "/" ro in fstab is unusual at best17:59
Xs3s3mzz, its remount read only...17:59
Xs3s3on errors.17:59
* mzz waits for an fstab pastebin17:59
Xs3s3mzz, ok. let me go retype that shit.17:59
Memphisauperhaps not so in embedded devices, having rw might be risky :P17:59
mzzXs3s3: shouldn't have to type. Does that system have any kind of network access?17:59
mzzXs3s3: usually preferable to boot off a livecd and pastebin the file18:00
Xs3s3mzz, alright. im burning a live-cd now ...18:00
mzzXs3s3: ok, I didn't know you had nothing bootable around :(18:00
Xs3s3mzz, i know how to use /etc/fstab18:01
Xs3s3mzz, this is very strange indeed.18:01
mzzXs3s3: well, it shouldn't be getting remounted readonly, and I don't see anything blkid-ish triggering that. I do see boot getting rather confused if / is getting remounted readonly halfway through it. Anything suspicious in dmesg (filesystem errors)?18:01
Xs3s3mzz, let me check.18:02
Xs3s3mzz, well. it says waiting or /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxxx18:03
billybigriggeris ubuntu-desktop broken?18:03
* mzz is getting confused though, first it was "blockid issues", then "blkid having trouble waiting for filesystem", then "/ is mounted read only per my /etc/fstab instructs"18:03
billybigrigger  Installed: 1.17118:03
billybigrigger  Candidate: 1.17518:03
Xs3s3mzz, lol, my / gets remounted read only on errors.18:03
mzzbillybigrigger: works for me18:04
Xs3s3you know ro option18:04
Picibillybigrigger: so... dist-upgrade then18:04
billybigriggermzz which one do you have installed?18:04
mzzXs3s3: errors=remount-ro? If that actually triggers you have a serious problem18:04
Xs3s3mzz, no dmesg errors18:04
billybigriggernow why on earth would i want to dist-upgrade?18:04
Xs3s3mzz, yea thats whats going on18:04
mzzXs3s3: but it's *also* mounted readonly on boot, and should be getting remounted readwrite later18:04
Picibillybigrigger: Why would you not want to?18:04
PiciYou should be using dist-upgrade to grab the latest packages.18:05
Xs3s3mzz, im using 2.6.28-16-server right this second.18:05
mzzXs3s3: are you sure that first remount readwrite actually happens? If it's the errors=remount-ro making it readonly again you should be getting information about that in dmesg.18:05
billybigriggerPici, since when?18:05
mzzbillybigrigger: 1.17518:05
Picibillybigrigger: always18:05
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed.18:05
Xs3s3mzz, it has network, what do you want me to run?18:05
billybigriggeraptitude safe-upgrade here18:05
Xs3s3mzz, i will give you ssh access even lol.18:05
Xs3s3i dont even care18:05
mzzXs3s3: well, "pastebinit /etc/fstab" might be useful, as well as "dmesg|pastebinit"18:05
Xs3s3mzz, ok18:06
Picibillybigrigger: That means you never want to install a package update if it has additional dependent packages.18:06
Picibillybigrigger: Which will happen with metapackages such as ubuntu-desktop and the kernel packages from time to time.18:06
billybigriggernever get a broken system, it works18:06
billybigriggerfair enough, i see your point now18:06
Xs3s3mzz, how do I remount it with read priveledges now?18:06
coz_hey guys   is libtranslate working on karmic?  it doesnt seem to translate anything here18:06
Xs3s3mzz, err write18:07
mzzPici: according to the manpage aptitude safe-upgrade isn't quite as conservative as never pulling in new packages18:07
mzzXs3s3: I'd start by looking for scary errors at the bottom of dmesg18:07
BluesKajPici, billybigrigger , one can always use the full-upgrade command if needed18:07
mzzXs3s3: if there aren't any then yes, I'd just "mount -o remount,rw /" by hand18:07
Xs3s3mzz, i really dont have any it says stuff about my wifi, my nvidia card. etc18:07
SnakDoc_is there a way to change xsplash position on screen or which screen it shows on with dual monitors ?18:08
Picimzz: looks like you're right, but it seems it will never remove packages.  The confusion is usually around whether dist-upgrade/full-upgrade brings you to the next release of Ubuntu or not.18:08
Xs3s3mzz, ok ill get it on a live cd in a minute18:09
mzzPici: you're almost certainly correct about needing dist-upgrade when running ubuntu+1 though (I know I needed to remove a package or two recently)18:10
Xs3s3mzz, ok that worked a charm18:11
Xs3s3mzz, installing pastebinit now18:11
mzzXs3s3: if you're on grub 2 (you should be) you might want to pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg too18:12
Xs3s3mzz, http://pastebin.com/f3c7e817b18:12
Xs3s3mzz, ok18:12
* mzz considers filing a bug on pastebinit to change the default pastebin18:13
mzzXs3s3: what's that last line doing there?18:13
Xs3s3mzz, i got a new harddrive coming sometime today and all i want to do is be able to dd a bootable drive.18:13
drbobbwhat's the iBus daemon, and associated iBus preferences, for?18:13
Xs3s3mzz, must have left it their last time i edited it, but I have removed it before with no luck, same events occur18:14
mzzdrbobb: "apt-cache show ibus" said it has to do with input methods (think inputting non-latin languages)18:14
Xs3s3mzz, thats the swap uuid18:14
mzzXs3s3: having a stray uuid in there like that isn't sane, although I don't know how it'd fail, if at all18:15
Xs3s3mzz, ok.18:15
Xs3s3mzz, do you mean menu.lst for grub ?18:16
mzzXs3s3: grub 2 has grub.cfg18:17
Xs3s3mzz, its not in /boot/grub ?18:17
mzzXs3s3: grub prints its version to the top of the screen at boot time. You should be getting grub 2.18:17
mzzXs3s3: it's possible grub 2 wasn't installed for some reason (I didn't upgrade)18:17
mzzin that case yes, pastebin menu.lst instead18:17
Xs3s3mzz, LOL yea it never installe18:17
sikor_sxeuhm, i just did an upgrade in ubuntu 9.10 rc, now the machine refuses to boot, did this happen to anyone?18:18
* mzz wants a factoid like "doesntwork" for "refuses"18:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about refuses18:18
Xs3s3sikor_sxe, me18:18
sikor_sxeXs3s3: "error 24: attempt..."?18:19
mzzah, now we're getting somewhere18:19
Xs3s3sikor_sxe, nope18:19
mzzsikor_sxe: that's grub 1, not 2, right?18:19
sikor_sxei have no idea :/18:20
sikor_sxethe look didn't change from grub118:20
sikor_sxehow can i tell?18:20
Xs3s3mzz, http://pastebin.com/f18e85e5518:20
mzzsikor_sxe: weird, I wonder how you managed that. I'd force a reinstall of grub, in case you're getting an old stage1.5 that doesn't handle ext4 properly (is an ext4 filesystem involved?)18:21
sikor_sxemzz: yes18:21
sikor_sxethe / fs is ext418:21
mzzsikor_sxe: or upgrade to grub 2 while you're at it18:22
reagleBRKLNi have an old dell desktop running Hardy with a working ndiswrapped PCI wireless card. Upgrading to subsequent releases has been impossible. Recently, I got further by learning I had to blacklist module  rtl8580. However, I still can't get wpa_supplicant to work, I have the same interfaces and conf file I have on hardy, but no go. Has anything changed?18:23
mzzsikor_sxe: (to upgrade: boot off a livecd, mount partitions and chroot in, apt-get install grub-pc, grub-install /dev/sda (or whatever the right drive is)18:23
djm62is there a workaround for the "ubuntuOne doesn't work unless NM is online, and NM doesn't work with my network adapter, so ubuntuOne refuses to connect" problem?18:23
mzzsikor_sxe: (I think, at least, I haven't actually done this from scratch)18:23
sikor_sxemzz: ok i was thinking about that18:24
Xs3s3mzz, grub 2 is chainloading now, but it always ends in same message of waiting for /dev/disk/uuid18:24
mzzXs3s3: what's the uuid it's complaining about? Does it match the one in grub.cfg?18:24
sikor_sxegrub-pc is grup 2.0?18:24
Xs3s3mzz, i changed grub.cfg to /dev/sda118:24
mzzsikor_sxe: yep18:25
Xs3s3mzz, it did, but it did not work18:25
mzzXs3s3: is that stray uuid still in /etc/fstab?18:25
Xs3s3mzz, no18:25
mzzXs3s3: what's the exact message? Perhaps grep through /etc for the uuid from the message?18:25
Xs3s3mzz, how do I get rid of uuid completely?18:26
mzzpersonally I don't care much about uuids (but I use lvm, so I have fewer reasons to want to use uuids), so I'd hunt down where it's getting the uuid from and tell it to stop caring18:26
mzzit's getting it from *somewhere*, and some basic grepping might tell you where18:26
Xs3s3mzz, im on a live-cd now18:26
Xs3s3what command should I run18:26
Xs3s3mzz, its not like my disks change to where I need to use UUID,....18:27
mzzthat depends on if you remember the uuid from the error message, and if you actually booted regularly since removing that stray uuid from /etc/fstab and modifying grub.cfg18:27
mzzyeah, same here18:27
mzzbecause I can actually imagine mountall hanging like that if you have that stray uuid in /etc/fstab (what was that doing there anyway?)18:28
Xs3s3mzz, ok im on the live-cd what do you want me to look for?18:28
ik3im getting this error:  Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A); when i try to configure iwconfig (network-manager does work though) any ideas?18:28
mzzif you know the uuid it was complaining about: "grep -r /mnt/etc partofthatuuid" (or wherever the actual system's /etc ended up)18:28
mzzik3: why are you trying to use iwconfig? A couple of wireless drivers are moving away from it (try the "iw" tool instead)18:29
* mzz discovers there's a pretty lame domainsquatterish page on linux-wireless.org (the right site is linuxwireless.org)18:30
Xs3s3mzz, ok hold on live-cd funky, getting on hd18:34
Xs3s3mzz, ebf1386a-d2a0-4023-996d-3574660e18:35
Xs3s3 is what it says its waiting for18:35
mzzXs3s3: ok, so grep through /etc/ for that18:38
mzzXs3s3: (and confirm it's not in /proc/cmdline)18:38
chaos2fuanyone else having problem with nvidia x server?18:38
Xs3s3mzz, how do I grep?18:39
Xs3s3mzz, sorry, not that much of an expert. just a user lol.18:39
chaos2fuIm using the VGA-output but when i restart the computer it wont start..18:39
Xs3s3mzz grep ebf13 /etc/ returns nothing18:42
mzzchaos2fu: I think I heard a few people say they had to downgrade the driver for some reason18:42
benjamimhey guys, after yesterday updates, the sound on my Karmic 64bits stop working18:42
* mzz doesn't have an nvidia card and didn't pay much attention18:42
benjamimI'm using a Intel ICH818:43
benjamimany sugestions ?18:43
chaos2fuok mzz..18:43
VXxedDoes anybody here know anything about possible acpi issues?18:43
mzzXs3s3: was that grep ebf13 /etc or grep -r ebf13 /etc?18:43
benjamimyep, chaos i tried install Backport alsa modules18:43
benjamimbut i doesn't work18:43
ik3chaos2fu, do u try to install the "recommend" driver on system/Administration/hardware drivers?18:44
chaos2fuik3 nop i havent..18:44
CrocoJetsomeone is getting to work webcam (amsn, skype, etc) with new kernel 2.6.31 ?18:45
chaos2fuik3 sorry correction, i have version 185 for nvidia!18:45
adelie42question: If you add several mirrors to your sources.list, are each of the files requested on the download distributed across those servers, or does it grab each file one at a time?18:45
CrocoJetwhats up?18:46
domjohnsonI just installed 9.10 rc (fresh install) along with, of course, grub...18:46
cdE|Woozydoes the totem youtube plugin work for anyone? I'm getting input/output error when I try to play a youtube video18:46
* mzz tries18:46
CrocoJetdomjohnson, and how is going?18:46
ik3chaos2fu, how do u install that driver? remember ubuntu its mean to be easy so just try the option that comes with it, i have that same driver installed via "hardware driver" and works fine18:46
domjohnsonMy problem is that it no longer shows either of the operating systems on my computer18:47
adelie42CrocoJet: The new video for linux 2 drivers for web cams are not included in karmic. Just recently recompiled my kernel with them and getting much better performance than whatever is being included in RC118:47
domjohnsonIt doesn't show windows or crunchbang18:47
CrocoJetdomjohnson, wow .. sounds bad18:47
apparle_has the support for the problematic intel chipsets improved in karmic..... and is UXA the default acc method of xorg18:47
mzzdomjohnson: try rerunning update-grub218:47
mzzdomjohnson: I think I had to do that post-install, not sure why18:48
VXxedSo should I take that as a no..?18:48
JimmioYay! Karmic is perfect except two issues. One: All the keys on my keyboard are STILL not supported... Two: When an audio application first starts there's an audible click18:48
CrocoJetadelie42, oh ok, thanks for information18:48
chaos2fuik3 i installed it with the original installation of 9.04.. since then i havent touched it! but in the update to 9.10 it updated the x server?18:48
domjohnsonwill try rebooting now18:48
mzzcdE|Woozy: fails differently (general supporting library error)18:48
Xs3s3mzz, im lost on this one18:48
Xs3s3mzz, can I just make you an ssh acct lol18:49
mzzXs3s3: did you run "grep ebf13 /etc" (which doesn't do anything useful) or "grep -r ebf13 /etc"?18:49
apparle_has the support for the problematic intel chipsets improved in karmic..... and is UXA the default acc method of xorg18:49
Xs3s3mzz, -r and it only found the one in /etc/fstab18:49
mzzXs3s3: which I asked you to remove, because I suspect it'd cause mountall to fail exactly like this18:49
CrocoJetadelie42, any reason to do not include drivers for webcams?18:49
* mzz must not be phrasing this clearly18:50
JimmioAre there any settings for the new messages applet? It now only displays one message and it's 100px or so from the top bar and rather annoying.18:50
Xs3s3mzz, i did remove the stray, only the uuid for swap remains18:50
mzzXs3s3: comment out that line and reboot (you may have to "mount -o remount,rw /" to be able to edit fstab)18:50
Xs3s3Xs3s3, what should I have in /etc/fstab18:50
ik3chaos2fu, install envyng-qt, run it in terminal first uninstall the driver, reboot, and install it again with this same app18:51
adelie42CrocoJet: I think it is just that they are ahead of the development cycle. They were also beta drivers, so those need to be tested, finalized, then packaged and all that good stuff which will hopefully be completed by 10.04 I'll guess18:51
mzzXs3s3: I don't see any uuid for swap in you pastebinned fstab18:51
ik3that should work18:51
Xs3s3mzz, um, it just booted18:51
domjohnsonWorked a charm!18:51
sikor_sxemzz: using chroot and bootcd i installed grub-pc, choosed chainloading, but then i get "Error 13: invalid or unsupported executable format." :/18:51
Xs3s3mzz, i dont know how, but it did18:51
mzzsikor_sxe: when?18:51
CrocoJetadelie42, ok, :)18:51
sikor_sxemzz: after i select grub2 from the grub1 menu18:51
domjohnsonXs3s3, try running update-grub218:52
adelie42CrocoJet: remember, nothing new and no upgrades for any software within the last two months before a release because they want to make sure everything actually works18:52
mzzXs3s3: did this involve waiting? Iirc there's a timeout on that message.18:52
Xs3s3mzz, i booted using the last kernel before the upgrade18:52
mzzsikor_sxe: pastebin menu.lst?18:52
CrocoJetadelie42, ok, I hope18:52
adelie42CrocoJet: sorry I can't remember the site, but the directions on how to get it installed were very simple18:52
mzzXs3s3: I've now lost track of what state you're in. You'll have to re-explain if there's a problem left.18:52
CrocoJetadelie42, dont worry, thanks18:52
sikor_sxemzz: should i try to install grub2 to mbr?18:52
mzzsikor_sxe: I would18:53
Xs3s3mzz, i think domjohnson just solved it.18:53
mzzXs3s3: how?18:53
Xs3s3mzz, update-grub218:53
mzzerr, weird18:53
* mzz wonders if the grub.cfg he looked at was being ignored18:53
blizzkidlo all. I'm trying to et my scanner working. sane-find-scanner lists my usb webcam and my usb scanner. same for scanimage -L, but when I try to scan with xsane (after selecting the scanner), I get an error "failed to set value of option br-x". Any ideas on how to solve this?18:53
Jaymacdoes anyone know how to change the default app that opens upon insertion of an ipod?18:54
adelie42If I have two mirrors of the same repository in my sources.list, will it try to distribute the downloads between them? I am noticing the US servers are being hit really hard.18:54
domjohnsonI can't believe i've solved 2 problems in the last 2 days!18:54
mzzJaymac: open a random nautilus window and go to edit -> preferences -> rightmost tab (I think it's "media")18:54
Jaymacit automatically opens banshee, but now that banshee doesn't pick up ipods i have had to siwtch back to rhythmbox18:54
Xs3s3domjohnson, i just spent forever and a year.18:54
Jaymacmzz, cool thanks18:54
Xs3s3if I boot the pae- kernel18:54
Jaymacmzz, hero :)18:54
Xs3s3it still does not work.18:54
Xs3s3but the old server kernel does.18:55
mzzXs3s3: fun! compared the grub entries for both?18:55
domjohnsonDid i just give advice to someone using a server?18:55
Xs3s3mzz, in grub.cfg18:55
mzzXs3s3: in grub.cfg *assuming* you get grub 2 (check the version number at the top of the grub menu)18:55
mzzdomjohnson: meh, servers are just computers too18:55
domjohnsonYeah, but i could kill Google!18:56
* domjohnson smiles evilly18:56
maxbIs there any easy way to get back madwifi on Karmic? My hardware really doesn't like ath5k.18:56
domjohnsonThe new software center is awesome18:57
mzzhuh, the nl mirror seems to be suffering a bit too18:57
domjohnsonhello faemir18:57
mzzand that's two days before release, that's going to be painful :(18:57
* maxb is very thankful to live in London18:57
mzzwell, it's not like london is far away network-wise, so I could use its mirror18:58
mzzI just doubt it'd help18:58
blizzkidmzz: I hardly ever use Belgian mirror, but prefer Sweden for speed18:58
mzzperhaps I'll just switch to an nl mirror that isn't as obvious as nl.archive.ubuntu.com18:58
* poningru wonders when ubuntu is going to throw its weight behind apt-torrent18:58
blizzkidalthough I am in Belgium18:58
faemirHi, i'm on karmic and my fonts are messed up, I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303018/18:58
maxbIt amuses me that occasionally gb.archive is more up to date that archive.18:58
sikor_sxemzz: update-from-legacy grub made it work18:59
mzzfaemir: can you pastebin your /usr/share/perl/5.10/File/Copy.pm ? It reads as if that file got corrupted somehow.18:59
pontingcan u suggest best mirror for india ..in.archive.ubuntu is too slow..18:59
daf_I want to do a minimal install of karmic. is there a minimal image. I can't seem to find it.19:00
maxbA CD is pretty minimal for an OS these days19:00
Pici!repomirror | ponting19:00
ubottuponting: Go to "System",  "Administration", and "Software Sources" and choose "Other" from the drop down box. Then choose "select best server" and your system will choose the fastest mirror for you automatically.19:00
daf_lol... no I want a barebones install19:00
Xs3s3mzz, ok its booted on pae, kernel.19:00
Xs3s3mzz, good to go im guessing.19:00
mzzfaemir: or force a reinstall of the package owning that file19:00
poningrudaf_, you mean just a server install?19:01
maxbI don't think Ubuntu has any analogue to Debian's netinst19:01
daf_ponigru... well for jaunty for example there is actually an image called minimal19:01
Picidaf_: Its not released yet, so this is probably the RC, but you'll want mini.iso in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/19:01
maxboh, wow, there is one19:02
Xs3s3mzz, whats the update grub from legacy command?19:02
faemirmzz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/303021/19:02
mzzXs3s3: I don't know, I didn't. Probably what sikor_sxe just said though.19:02
daf_Pici ... thanks.... I'm looking for the amd6419:02
Picidaf_: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/19:03
kaddihi, I need help with grub and my 2 windows installations (since karmic is running fine :p ). Somehow my google-skills arent at their best today. :/ I have XP and Win7 installed and want to use grub as a bootloader, but I can't get this to work. I've got one entry for XP which takes me to the windows bootmanager (which I would like to get rid of) and one entry for win7, which is identical to winxp except that i adapted the partition number. When I select win719:04
kaddiI get an error message19:04
daf_Thanks Pici19:04
daf_so oct 17 is the latest image I take it.19:04
daf_is there a daily somewhere?19:04
daf_I guess it won't really matter.19:04
m0arI'm having slight trouble with some apps closing themselves without warning.. For now only Quod Libet, skype 2.1beta and wine-steam have done it. Any ideas?19:06
Moherojust wanted to say - big thanks for whoever decided to bring back the PPC version! you are my saviour!19:06
mzzfaemir: yeah, a bogus "`" somehow ended up in there (around line 235). I'd apt-get install --reinstall perl-modules.19:06
Moherowell, as long as it installs.... - it's nearly there :)19:06
mzzm0ar: anything interesting in either ~/.xsession-errors or dmesg (since segfaults show up in dmesg these days)?19:07
mzzfaemir: (I'd also run a hd check, like fsck and/or smartctl -t long, in case something's wrong at that level)19:07
faemirmzz, cheers, that worked.19:08
m0armzz: I don't recall even touching these, what are they?19:08
mzzm0ar: logfiles :)19:08
mzzwell, not really a "file" for dmesg, but still19:08
yoasifim getting segfaults when opening firefox19:08
domjohnsonOh, damn19:08
yoasifany ideas?19:08
domjohnsonI have no sound!19:08
faemirdomjohnson, me neither: )19:08
yoasifi completely removed it and reinstalled it19:09
yoasifno dice19:09
domjohnsonThis was the main reason why i did a fresh install19:09
domjohnsontry installing another web browser19:09
yoasifdomjohnson, hey19:09
domjohnsonSee if that works19:09
yoasifdomjohnson, but i want to run firefox19:09
yoasifswiftfox works19:09
yoasifi want to run firefox though19:09
domjohnsonIs it 3.5?19:09
faemirit's a custom compiled version for the particular processor you use19:10
yoasifhttp://getswiftfox.com/ not in repos19:10
domjohnsonDo you not like swiftfox?19:10
faemiranother problem I have is that my notifications are apparently in the wrong place unless this is deliberate http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/123683/Screenshot.png19:10
yoasifit's not about that -- firefox does not work19:10
yoasifthis is a problem19:10
domjohnson(I'm just buying time while someone tells you how to do it. I'm a linux noob :))19:10
faemiryoasif, just an idea, have you tried getting the static build of firefox from mozilla.com ?19:11
yoasiffaemir, also works19:11
yoasifthe one from the ubuntu repos does not work19:11
coz_can any one else confirm that libtranslate is not working?19:12
mbeierlfaemir: that is apparently deliberate.  Check what happens when you increase volume/brightness or change network state.  The notification appears in the "space" above the notification shown in your screenshot19:12
domjohnsonSo...will our sound problem be fixed in the final, faemir?19:13
faemirmbeierl, a-ha, thanks :)19:14
faemirdomjohnson, I don't know, what soundcard are you using? I'm on a soundblaster audigy19:14
yoasifis there a mozillateam irc chan?19:14
mbeierlfaemir: welcome ;)19:14
domjohnsonJust a built in one for the motherboard19:14
faemirdomjohnson, ah :( have you checked that everything is up and not muted in alsamixer?19:14
domjohnsonNo, just got it19:14
knarfixhi, how do i find out what graphic card the pc has?19:15
domjohnsonGot it working19:15
domjohnsonthanks faemir!19:15
faemirdomjohnson, now to fix mine D:19:16
Lint01after recent update both my mouse and keyboard stopped working. what the fuck?19:16
PiciLint01: Please mind your language here.19:17
kubuntuserknarfix: why do you need to know what graphics card you have? I would use lshw19:17
domjohnsonhmm....try running dmesg?19:17
faemiryay it worked19:17
domjohnsonLint01 - indeed.19:17
faemirand killed my eardrums in the process19:17
domjohnsonWhat worked?19:17
faemirmy sound19:17
domjohnsonSound control?19:17
faemirchanged the profile to digital stereo duplex19:18
faemirthough I would like my 5.1 support preferably19:18
knarfixkubuntuuser: wanter to see if i can get a driver for it........composit does not work...i get a distorted screen when i enable it in gconf editor19:18
domjohnsonTry installing Jackctl19:18
domjohnsonAnd starting that19:18
kubuntuserknarfix: did you try the restricted drivers manager?19:18
domjohnsonYou will have to close firefox and other web drivers and media players first, though19:19
mykolaso... anyone know how to stop modules from being loaded on boot in Karmic? Blacklisting doesn't work :(19:19
TheSeeker1Hi.  Any tricks to fixing the slow internet connection with 9.10 rc?19:19
kubuntuserknarfix: http://www.michaellarabel.com/index.php?k=blog&i=11419:19
faemirdomjohnson, okay started, now what?19:19
domjohnsonOooh cool! You can mute individual applications now!19:19
knarfixkubuntuuser: no not yet....will do it now :)19:19
mykoladomjohnson: O.o19:19
domjohnsonHang on...you downloaded and installed it and started it in that time?19:19
domjohnsonDamn i can't remember...19:20
faemirsudo aptitude install qjackctl, alt+f2 qjackctl :P19:20
domjohnsonSystem has 6 outputs19:20
domjohnsonSo thats for surround, but...umm....19:20
knarfixkubuntuser: thanks :)19:20
kubuntuserknarfix: I am exremely impressed with (k)ubuntu. The first time I installed it, I needed to use the cli to install the driver19:20
kubuntuserknarfix: the second time, I used the restricted driver manager and the new xorg safemode19:21
kubuntuserknarfix: this time, I was not even in safemode :-)19:21
hanasakiwhere do I set the gdm look and feel?19:21
domjohnsonHave you tried Gnome, Kubuntuser?19:21
knarfixkubuntuser: i tried the kubuntu live cd...it did not work....distorted bar at the bottom......19:21
mbeierlTheSeeker1: what slow internet connection?  Is there a specific known issue on that?19:21
knarfixnow using ubuntu19:21
kubuntuserdomjohnson: I used to use it19:21
mykolaSo I actually have this problem in 9.04 and 9.10 . I've got a picky broadcom card which needed it's own custom built kernel module. So I built it and modprobed it with http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txt19:22
kubuntuserknarfix: odd...19:22
kubuntuserdomjohnson: I have switched desktop enviornments as much as distrobutions. I at one point was even using icewm19:22
mykolabut now it won't *stay* loaded when i restart the box. I had Sorcerer and Slackware on this box before, and had no problems with auto loading the driver, but I suppose ubuntu (and possibly debian) uses a different system?19:22
* kubuntuser misses the speed19:23
mykolait keeps trying to load ssb all the time, though I've added it to a custom blacklist file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-custom.conf19:23
domjohnsonMy internet connection is about 3Mbs19:24
domjohnsonSo i usually  get a download speed of about 100KB/s19:24
TheSeeker1mbelerl:  When I try to surf with Firefox it just seems sluggish whether it's by wifi or ethernet.19:24
domjohnsonWhich SUUCKKKSSS19:24
Italian_Plumberwhat's the size of a fresh karmic install?19:24
kubuntuserItalian_Plumber: I installed a few things and I am using 3.7GB19:25
hanasakiwhere do files printed to the PDF cups printer go?19:25
Lint01why that junk stopped working with my keyboard and mouse?19:25
faemirdon't suppose anyone knows what this id3 tag demuxer is that rhythmbox keeps whining about getting?19:25
kubuntuserhanasaki: ~/PDF?19:25
hanasakikubuntuser:  ya that's what the docs say.. but the test doesn't go there :(19:26
knarfixkubuntuuser: guess i will have to wait for an update :)19:26
mykolaso... do you think that my problem has anything to do with Ubuntu's new init replacement?19:26
mykolaor maybe I'm just blacklisting wrong :(19:26
mykolathe thing is, right now i have to rmmod ssb, depmod, then modprobe wl and modprobe lib80211 before I want to use my wireless card. it's quite possibly the most annoying thing ever (and I'd rather not write a shell script and run it myself... I'd just like it to load the proper module on boot like it's supposed to)19:27
faemiralso, I can't use my mouse with flash plugin 64bit now, I have to use spacebar to pause.19:28
knarfixcant find /etc/X11/xorg.conf .....19:28
Italian_Plumberthanks kubuntususer.  My 8GB HD says its' full.. soemthing esle must be wrong19:28
mykolaknarfix: iirc, ubuntu stopped using one to set up it's default xorg stuff... I think you can make one and change what you need to19:29
kubuntuserknarfix: I did not believe that file exists anymore19:29
knarfixi see ok fine.....seems they changed a lot of things....pc is much faster19:30
kubuntuserSpectrumx: did you test that your internet is working at all?19:30
user_Hi everybody anybody knows why 9.10 does not recognize ANY usb thing in my netbook?19:30
NiteSnowSpectrumx, try installing firefox version 3.719:30
mykolauser_: you in the correct group?19:30
user_(I also saw another user with this same issue)19:31
SpectrumxYeah im using a windows machine right now and its working fine19:31
user_mykola: in what sense?19:31
mykolaas in user/group permissions sense19:31
kubuntuserSpectrumx: that was not my question. Is it localized to firefox or the OS?19:31
user_mykola: I simply upgraded to 9.1019:31
user_mykola: so what could be happened?19:31
NiteSnowSpectrumx, windows is alot differnt than Ubuntu GNU/Linux19:32
user_mykola: what should I do to check?19:32
kubuntuserSpectrumx: can you ping google in linux?19:32
SpectrumxI might just be firefox... I can ping the site just fine19:32
rquirehello I have switched from gnome to KDE... where do I find update-manager?19:32
NiteSnowSpectrumx, ill pm you19:32
mykolauser_: hmm... try this. go to System>Administration?Users and Groups19:32
user_mykola are you there?19:32
Lint01how can I fix my issue with mouse and keyboard?!19:32
TheSeeker1It's just weird that firefox runs slower on 9.10 than in 9.04.19:32
user_mykola ok thx19:32
darrendI cannopt suspend (at all - just blanks the screen) on a Dell M6300.  This worked flawlessly under Jaunty.  Any known issues?19:33
mykolauser_: (was trying to decide if i should give you terminal instructions or graphical ones :D decided on graphical)19:33
kubuntuserrquire: k menu -> applications -> system -> Software Management19:33
commander_will 9.10 work seamlessly w/windows 7?19:33
kubuntuserrquire: or just alt+f2 then type "software management" (no quotes)19:33
mykolauser_: once you are there, highlight your username, click properties, and go to the User Privileges tab19:34
user_mykola ok hehe :) I check what you said19:34
mykolauser_: is "Access external storage devices automatically" checked?19:34
kubuntusercommander_: they are completely seperate. They can both be installed on a machine, but not run at the same time19:34
NiteSnowSpectrumx, check my pm19:34
user_mykola yes it is19:34
knarfixTheSeeker1: firefox is real fast now.....maybe you could change .mozilla-firefox to -old and try.....guess some of your addons are creating problems19:35
mykolauser_: ok then. how many hard drives are in your computer? :)19:35
commander_i know i meant when i get the upgrade will i be able to install 9.10 inside it?19:35
kubuntusercommander_: however, the beta (at least for me) did not detect windows when I installed. All I had to do was run a command in ubuntu to fix that.19:35
mykolauser_: oh wait... ANY usb thing (not just portable media)19:35
mykolauser_: so, no USB mouse or anything like that?19:35
user_mykola: just one :) but i connect usb wireless pendrive, printer, and nothing works. they worked before19:35
MaT-dgis keyserver.ubuntu.com having trouble?19:35
kubuntusercommander_: you mean wuki or whatever it is called?19:35
kubuntusercommander_: wubi*19:35
kubuntusercommander_: you should be able to, I do not see why not19:36
user_mykola: yes I mean only usb devices to attach externally19:36
mykolauser_:  hmm... can you stick a pen drive in there and do "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt" for me? :)19:36
user_yes ok19:36
commander_ok. i just got to upgrade my HDD from 250gb to 500gb19:36
kubuntuseruser_: plug something in and tell me what happens when you type lsusb in the terminal19:36
TheSeeker1knarfix:  I don't really have any addons.  It just seems like it has to think about what it's doing before it actually goes to the website.  I just didn't know if it could be my computer or if there is a bug or something.  I've tried live cd, installed it and it's slow even with chromium, Opera etc...19:37
mykolauser_: that one also works (lsusb)19:37
yofelMaT-dg: if you get timeouts, yes, it's a bit unstable in the las few weeks19:37
=== gh0zt is now known as gh0zt_afk
dmattTheSeeker1: might be trying connection through ipv6 first19:38
mykolaan aside: the time for me right now is 13:37 ... I feel magical19:38
TheSeeker1dmatt:  how would I change that?  Or is that something that needs to be enabled?19:38
dmattsearch for ipv6 in config:about and change its value19:39
MaT-dgyofel: yes, trying to add a key in console and getting errors. Also not loading (or veeery slow) in browser19:39
user_mykola, kubuntuser: oh, right, i can't mount the things bcos are not block devices lol i forgot; however, they are not recognized by the dmesg command. neither by sudo tail -f /var/log/messages neither by lsusb19:39
TheSeeker1dmatt: what do I change the value to?19:39
mykolauser_: heh. oops. ok then, err... hmm... gunna have to do some research19:40
dmattwhen you click it it changes (i think it's true or false only)19:40
user_mykola, kubuntuser: seems like upgrading to 9.10 made usb unusable19:40
patcitodoes syncing notes and contacts work with kubuntu and ubuntu one?19:40
user_mykola tahnks19:40
TheSeeker1dmatt:  do I need to do that also in Chromium or Opera if I choose to use either one of those?19:41
patcitoby notes I mean knotes19:41
kubuntuseruser_: maybe you should submit a bug report? I am going to also try to look up why that would happen19:41
billybigrigger1anyone here using opera?19:41
user_mykola, look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1281046 another user with same issue19:41
nemobillybigrigger1: too buggy :-/19:41
yofelMaT-dg: try the mirrors here if you can't get a key http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127343719:41
dmattdid it help? it would be best to disable ipv6 completely in your install19:42
bjsnideropera is not supported by the canonical megacorporation19:42
yofelbillybigrigger1: from time to time...19:42
user_kubuntuser do you have the same issue then?19:42
mykolauser_: yeah, found a different thread. but you said that the usb device doesn't show in lspci, lsusb, or anything with dmesg?19:42
MaT-dgyofel: it's ok, it finally loaded in browser and added the key manually. thx :)19:42
TheSeeker1dmatt:  how would I disable it completely in my install?19:42
mykolauser_: check your BIOS maybe? :)19:42
nemobillybigrigger1: too buggy, too closed source, too opaque of bug reporting... :-p19:42
user_mykola yeah right does not show up neither with dmesg or something19:42
mykolauser_: the thread i found http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1250111.html19:42
kubuntuseruser_: I have no issues, but I did a clean install and have different hardware19:42
yofelnemo: but it has the best IE support *fg*19:43
dmattTheSeeker1: sorry, I do not know, try google19:43
user_mykola, why BOIS? :-? they wrked before i did the upgrade :/19:43
mykolauser_: kubuntuser: Clean installs are definitely easier to work with :)19:43
TheSeeker1dmatt:...will do.  Thanks again for your help.19:43
mykolauser_: heh, i know. But if ubuntu doesn't see the USB drives at all (not even a note in dmesg), something is blocking it before it gets to the OS.19:44
kubuntusermykola: or it is a driver issue19:44
mykolauser_: maybe try a clean install (back up home) and see what happens?19:44
user_mykola uhm19:44
mykolaaah wait.19:44
mykolawhat kind of netbook do you have?19:44
user_mykola: msi wind u10019:45
dmattTheSeeker1: :) just pointed possibility...19:45
user_mykola: because it seems strange to me that the bios is blocking anything... i dont think upgrading to 9.10 would touch somthing in the bios...19:45
mykolauser_: there's a known bug about this netbook19:46
mykolanot a bios issue19:46
knarfixi installed xubuntu-desktop. now when i log off i get the xubuntu login screen. how does one get the ubuntu log in screen back?19:46
mykolauser_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/45540819:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455408 in linux "karmic: USB-Devices are not detected" [High,Triaged]19:46
user_mykola: yeah thx for link i check19:46
user_*for the19:46
user_mykola thanks so much, man19:47
jbeitlerDid 9.10 turn into an LTS? Did I miss something?19:47
kubuntuserjbeitler: no19:47
ikt10.04 will be the next LTS19:47
mykolauser_: heh... thx, tho i did make myself look like a fool :P BIOS issues :P19:47
yofeljbeitler: it did not, 10.04 will be the next LTS19:47
jbeitlerI didn't think so19:47
iktdid you read about it on a lifehacker article?19:47
kubuntuser!helpersnack | mykola19:47
ubottumykola: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:47
user_mykola: hehe :) ;)19:47
jbeitlersomething like that19:47
mykola!hug | kubuntuser19:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hug19:47
mykolawe need to teach ubottu to love19:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emotionlessbot19:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about the_ladies19:48
jbeitlerI just thought maybe I slept through something.. ok I am better19:48
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:48
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots19:48
mykolano more abusing ubottu :P19:48
skreechAnyone using Kubuntu?19:48
mykolano... only a fool would use Kubuntu19:48
kubuntuserskreech: nope. Don't see anyone here19:49
skreechmykola: ubottu is female19:49
user_hehe funny people, men ;)19:49
kubuntusermykola: that hurt19:49
mykola!cookie | kubuntuser19:49
ubottukubuntuser: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:49
yofelskreech: some of us :P19:49
kubuntuserskreech: we are in the minority19:49
skreechCan I ask you to test something?19:49
* yofel slaps mykola with a Kubuntu logo ;)19:49
skreech it's slightly disruptive though :)19:49
knarfixskreech: dont worry19:49
mykolayofel: OW! that thing is spiky :P so many sharp edges19:49
skreechmykola: Only fools use LInux :)19:49
* user_ was talking about the ubottu thing obviously :)19:49
mykolaanyway... Any help with my module loading problem?19:49
kubuntusermykola: what is your problem?19:50
mykolacan't seem to blacklist stuff anymore and I don't know how the new system works :(19:50
skreechCan You log out and at the KDM choose a failsafe session and try and login19:50
skreech See if it kicks you back out to KDM19:50
mykolakubuntuser: using a custom compiled broadcom driver from their website. But ubuntu won't stop loading ssb (which doesn't work)19:50
knarfixmykola: been using linux since about 10 years. not an expert. but compared to my windows buddies i have lesser problems :D19:50
mykolaknarfix: ^_^ been a linux user for only 3 years now. Only really use windows to develop a Neverwinter Nights module19:51
user_skreech, why don't you like linux? what do you use then?19:51
mykolauser_: he's a BeOS user19:51
kubuntusermykola: you need to add blacklist ssb to a file in /etc/modprobe.d19:51
user_ah ok19:52
mykolakubuntuser: I did. /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-custom.conf contains blacklist ssb19:52
skreechmykola: Haiku!19:52
kh_pylonhow can I get 9.10 to set the permissions on /dev/nvidia* to 664 on start-up?19:52
kubuntusermykola: odd...19:52
mykolaskreech: bah. Haiku is for noobs. BeOS is where the real 1337 h4X0rz live19:52
mykola'n I'mma stop making myself look a fool now19:52
skreechIn Palm's Software division?19:52
skreechHooray and KDE can be ported to Haiku now :)19:53
mykolakubuntuser: the only thing I can think of is that the new upstart thing that ubuntu has switched to uses a different system19:53
exitonis there some way i can set the preference for the notifications?19:53
SensivaI tried the RC release of Karmic and would like to file few comments (I don't know if they are bugs, or just me stupid as usual)19:54
SensivaAny ideas where to file those comments?19:54
mykolakubuntuser: or maybe I have to chmod it to something wierd? right now it's owned by root:root19:54
mykolaand doesn't have executables19:54
mykolaexecutable* permissions19:54
kubuntusermykola: it does not need +x19:54
skreechSensiva: Here19:54
kubuntusermykola: and who owns it is irrelavent19:55
Sensivaskreech sure?19:55
skreechAnyone using kubuntu can do a 5 minute disruptive test for me?19:55
skreechSensiva: We can direct you better after hearinf the comments19:55
mykolakubuntuser: that's what I thought... so is modprobe skipping over it or something?19:55
mykolakubuntuser: I've also tried putting a symbolic link to a script i wrote (to automate the entire thing) into /rc.d/rc3.d (named it S99bcomwl) and chmodded it +x19:56
knarfixgoing to have a beer. cheers folks :)19:57
lsolesen1wanted to upgrade to karmic beta, but it cannot fetch some things. Got the following error: http://pastebin.ca/164554619:57
lsolesen1Anyone can help?19:57
mykolakubuntuser: though if ubuntu got rid of init, then i don't think that would ever work19:57
kubuntusermykola: init did not fall off the face of the earth. It still implements everything init does :-)19:57
mykolakubuntuser: cool... though I'm still confused about this issue :(19:58
Sensivaok, I tried both Karmic RC LiveCD and alternate clean install, both of them after restart gave me this error "[drm:intelfb_restore] *ERROR* Failed to restore crtc configuration : -22"  this error msg kept scrolling like crazy till I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL19:58
kubuntusermykola: first of all, you put it in rc3.d? not rc2.d?19:59
Sensivaone more thing, GRUB2 takes about 45 seconds to show the boot list, and about 30 seconds to load the kernel and making the hard drive spin so fast19:59
mykolakubuntuser: I don't think I should have to put anything into rc.d but yeah. runlevel 3 is what you usually run in ubuntu right? (some are 4)20:00
skreechSensiva: Umm ok you have a Motherboard driver issue20:00
mykolarunlevel 2 is singleuser, though I could see why you'd be modprobing stuff in there20:00
skreechI'm going to bet the Intel bus20:00
kubuntusermykola: no, runlevel 2 is normal20:00
mykolakubuntuser: O.o20:00
kubuntuserrunlevel 1 is single20:00
kubuntuser0 is shutdown20:00
mykolathought runlevel 1 just started everything?20:01
kubuntuser6 is reboot20:01
mykolagah... it's different for every distro :P20:01
skreechmykola: No it's not20:01
skreechThat's POSIX20:01
kubuntusermykola: runlevel 1 is ALWAYS single20:01
mzzSensiva: I'd file a bug with information about your hardware20:01
skreechit's the same for any UNIX or Linux or Mnix or somethingsomethingx20:01
mykolaCentOS was definitely not set up that way20:01
skreechmykola: It was and still is20:01
mykolaor maybe I'm going insane20:01
mzzmykola: the ones in the middle may differ, but the singleuser, reboot and shutdown ones tend to match, afaik.20:01
mykolai dunno, i definitely forgot half of my Zip Code just last week20:02
skreechmykola: 0 is shutdown 1 is single user 6 is reboot20:02
kubuntusermykola: runlevel 2 is normal in debian, 3 is cli in rh, and 5 is full gui in rh20:02
quentusrexIndyGunFreak, Docteh you still around?20:02
skreech2 3 4 5 are differnet20:02
buckyskreech, yes it is different.. because debian only goes up to runlevel 2 for graphic mode20:02
mykolak thx20:02
Sensivaskreech Its a Dell Optiplex 755 with Intel 82Q35 VGA chipset, and I am using Hardy (working perfectly), I tried intrepid and Jaunty, it was fine too, except it needed some mods in xorg.conf to enable high resolution, but I am sticking to Hardy20:02
mykolaok , got it now20:02
quentusrexI've been able to debug the system more... There is NO networking when the 'blackout starts'20:02
skreechbucky: No 0 is shutdown 1 is single user and 6 is reboot20:02
Sensivamzz Where to file this bug?20:02
mykolaanyway, that's really not the point. I don't think i should have to be putting any scripts into rc.d20:02
kubuntusermykola: the point is that 2 is normal. So I would look there20:02
skreech2 3 4 5 do whatever20:02
mzzSensiva: ubuntu-bug grub-pc20:02
buckyskreech, type runlevel   which runlevel are you at?20:03
mykolathe system SHOULD modprobe the correct module without me messing with the runlevel scripts20:03
kubuntusermykola: true :-P20:03
Sensivamzz you are assuming that Karmic is up, but its not, I wasn;t able to drop to shell either20:03
skreechbucky: Ubuntu isn't no longer a POSIX sysV system since they started using upstarrt20:03
buckyskreech, type runlevel   which runlevel are you at?20:03
kubuntusermykola: besides, rc.local runs on all of them :-P20:03
quentusrexGuys, where do I report possible major bugs?20:03
kubuntuserquentusrex: launchpad20:03
quentusrexI have a bug where every ~30 minutes the networking blacks out.20:04
quentusrexNothing in or out,20:04
mzzSensiva: I'm sorry, you're not allowed to file bugs. Well, you're strongly discouraged from filing bugs. At least that's the impression I've been getting.20:04
topylidebian always runs at runlevel unless you change it20:04
topylirunlevel 2 even20:04
quentusrexbut after about 5 minutes all connections come back up.20:04
blizzkidI'm trying to et my scanner working. sane-find-scanner lists my usb webcam and my usb scanner. same for scanimage -L, but when I try to scan with xsane (after selecting the scanner),  I get an error "failed to set value of option br-x". Any ideas on how to solve this20:04
mzzSensiva: if you go to bugs.ubuntu.com, click "report a bug" to the right, and then scroll almost all the way to the bottom, you'll finde the super-secret bugreporting link.20:04
mykolamzz: ubuntu has no bugs. If you report one, then you are a traitor to the state and must be eradicated.20:04
skreechmykola: It has one bug. Bug One20:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bugone20:04
kubuntusermzz: that is a joke bug20:05
mzzkubuntuser: I know20:05
blizzkidkubuntuser: that's NOT a joke!20:05
topylibug 1 is no joke :(20:05
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)20:05
Sensivamzz I don't get it why I am strongly discouraged from filling bugs?20:05
mzzSensiva: sorry, sore point.20:05
blizzkidit's a *very* serious bug20:05
[GuS]hi guys, today i've installed karmic RC1 and Inkscape does not work saying when i execute under a console: "bus error"20:05
kubuntuser!bug 120:05
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)20:05
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents20:05
mzzSensiva: just go to bugs.ubuntu.com and click "report a bug" to the right. After reading most of the wiki page you're taken to you may feel the same way I do.20:06
hanasakiin koala where do you set the gdm theme?20:06
skreechbucky: The discussion was not about runlevel 2 it was about runlevel 1 having GUI20:06
mykolakubuntuser: speaking of the rc scripts... any idea why other distros would get rid of them sometimes? O.o I was running Sorcerer and a slackware-based distro called Wolvix, and every few weeks every custom thing that I put into the rc3 vanished (those two just happened to drop GUI login into rc3)20:06
mzz(seriously, "Use the menu - try this first!" when your system won't boot is somewhat insulting, imho)20:06
mykola(or at least when I put the scripts into rc3 they would work at least)20:06
kubuntusermykola: no idea20:06
skreechSorceror is source based?20:06
mykolaskreech: yeah20:06
mzzmykola: ask their support, that's almost certainly package-manager-specific.20:07
mykolaheh i'm not messing around with those now20:07
topylimykola, slackware uses bsd init not sysv20:07
mzzmykola: and/or they have some utility that they want you to use to manage that directory20:07
kh_pylonhow can I get karmic to set the permissions on /dev/nvidia* to 664 on start-up? they always come up 66020:07
mykolasorcerer just randomly decided to kernel panic one day (don't remember changing anything)20:08
skreechmykola: Wow 3 years into Linux and running source based? that's pretty neat20:08
mykolawolvix was nice, but karmic is better for me20:08
lsolesen1wanted to upgrade to karmic beta, but it cannot fetch some things. Got the following error: http://pastebin.ca/164554620:08
mykolaskreech: heh. I got a pretty good environment going. though i was depressed when it randomly started to kernel panic on boot and I lost 2 months of tweaking/making it work20:08
mykolaskreech: learned a lot about linux O.o20:09
skreechYou would20:09
skreechand about computers20:09
skreechI lioves my Linux :)20:09
* kubuntuser loves his linux20:09
mykolaskreech: aye. It's actually a REALLY fun source based to get into, though support is next to none... their project suffered massive fragmentation into 3 distinct distros... I'm pretty sure that I was 1/20th of sorcerers userbase20:10
bjsniderkh_pylon, that should have been done by the nvidia installation package20:10
mykolaI'm just not ready to spend 2 more months of my time setting it up perfectly again :P20:10
skreechmykola: tried Sourcemage?20:10
mykolaskreech: yeah, it's one of the fragments. I liked the original sorcerer better though20:11
buckyslitaz is better and it's in unetbootin20:11
mykolaskreech: lunar linux is the other one20:11
kh_pylonbjsnider: the devices don't exist until dkms runs during boot20:11
mykolaANYWAY... so I'm stuck with ubuntu trying to load that damned ssb module every time it boots?20:11
bjsniderkh_pylon, dkms does not run at boot time20:11
kubuntusermykola: I have used too many distros to count20:12
bjsniderkh_pylon, try reinstalling the nvidia driver package (nvidia-glx-185)20:12
buckymykola, put it in /etc/modules20:12
skreechAnyone using Kubuntu?20:12
mykolakubuntuser: heh... when I just started i swear i tried like... 10 before i settled on ubuntu20:12
bjsnidermykola, which 10?20:13
buckymykola, maybe someone in #kubuntu does20:13
kubuntusermykola: I used to change every 6 months. And I am not 16 :-)20:13
kh_pylonbjsnider: dkms has been running here when I boot into recovery, after I come out of the single-user shell.  I'll try reinstalling20:13
robotti^anybody here who knows about screen brightness systems on ubuntu using laptops?20:13
mykolabucky: wrong user with the #kubuntu comment20:13
robotti^using screen brightness keys20:13
bjsniderkh_pylon, that's the smart move20:14
robotti^nobody knows?20:14
mykolabjsnider: in order, ubuntu, fedora, CentOS, SuSe, PCBSD (not a linux distro but it's on the list), FreeBSD (Same), Gentoo, Ubuntu again :D then later on I had a Gentoo box for a week. When I got my new laptop half a year ago i had FreeBSD on it for a month, then I switched it to Sorcerer until it broke last friday. Now that laptop is on Ubuntu/Windows Dual boot (windows for Neverwinter Nights scripting)20:15
khazilrobotti^: it works here20:15
mykolasuppose it's not 1020:15
mykolawhatever :)  At work (summer job in IT) I managed some red hat servers20:15
robotti^khazil: you are using macbook with karmic koala?20:15
robotti^khazil: :)20:15
bjsnidermykola, what the bloody hell is sorcerer?20:15
mykolaa fairly cool Source based distro20:16
khazilrobotti^: you said "using laptops" which was... vague20:16
robotti^khazil: okay20:16
robotti^khazil: what gpu you are using?20:16
robotti^khazil: I have nvidia20:16
bjsniderrobotti^, the 9400m?20:16
khazilintel, that shouldn't affect it though20:16
mykolabucky: put it into modules, but ssb is still being loaded and used by default20:16
robotti^bjsnider: I have that20:16
khazilsorceror is long dead but there are a few modern derivatives20:17
bjsniderrobotti^, why don't you like the mac osx?20:17
robotti^bjsnider: I cannot set screen brightness after I installed nvidia driver20:17
robotti^bjsnider: I like mac os x, but me likes too ubuntu :)20:17
mykolabucky: lsmod shows that putting the modules into /etc/modules worked, but that the old one is also being loaded20:17
bjsniderrobotti^, i think there are ubuntu wiki pages for crackbooks20:18
robotti^khazil: I think it does not work on nvidia closed source driver20:18
robotti^that screen brightness thing.20:18
robotti^bjsnider: I have read those.20:18
khazildoes it work on the open source driver?20:18
bjsnideryou can always use nvidia-settings20:18
robotti^I have not seeing information about concerning about screen brightness20:19
robotti^khazil: it works without nvidia driver20:19
dmattskreech: I am on kubuntu20:20
skreechcan you do a 4-5 minute disruptive test for me?20:20
kh_pylonbjsnider: nope, reinstalled and still perms on /dev/nvidia0 and /dev/nvidiactl are 66020:21
robotti^khazil: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Karmic#Screen%20brightness%20adjustment20:21
robotti^Oh I found information20:21
gnd_hello ubuntu ... can i ask what happened with the package ttf-bitstream-vera in 9.10 ? is it replaced by some other package ?20:22
mandrewanyone that know how to fix broadcom w-lan in buntu 9.10?20:22
robotti^needs manual install20:22
robotti^where to brag about that20:22
dmattskreech: I have karmic on another partition, what would you like to test?20:23
mandrewanyone that have time to help a noob?20:24
mykolamandrew: ask away20:24
topylimandrew, better to just ask a question20:25
* Blues-Man hi20:25
mandrewi did :P20:25
mandrewanyone that know how to fix broadcom w-lan20:25
mykolayes actually :D20:25
robotti^hey are there somebody who knows how to send support information for developers?20:25
robotti^about my issues20:25
topylialso, newbies aren't supposed to run development versions :)20:25
mykola(i've been messing with the one in my laptop for a while now)20:25
robotti^mandrew: what is your problem?20:25
mykolatopyli: the full version comes out in 2 days :P20:26
mandrewi cant get the w-lan to work on my netbook20:26
robotti^mandrew: you cannot reload that module?20:26
mykolamandrew: which netbook exactly?20:26
xrandrok,  if i download libflashplayer.so  from adobe's website, where do i put it?20:26
mandrewi have a compaq mini 730e20:26
robotti^mandrew: restricted driver?20:26
mykolamandrew: do you know the broadcom chipset? :^)20:26
robotti^I have same problem with macbook two days ago20:27
robotti^I have also broadcom chip20:27
mykolarobotti^: restricted driver manager never works for these damn broadcom chips... i had to compile one myself :P20:27
robotti^I updated system20:27
robotti^and then it worked20:27
mandrewdont know mouch about ubuntu or the terminal :(20:27
robotti^and then wlan worked20:27
mandrewbut im a happy learner :P20:28
mykolamandrew: terminal is nothing scary really20:28
mandrewim not scared of i just dont know the comands20:28
mykolamandrew just going to check to make sure the instructions i'm going to give you will actually work or not :P brb20:28
dtchengnd_: see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=46130820:28
ubottuDebian bug 461308 in ftp.debian.org "RM: ttf-bitstream-vera -- RoM; superseeded by ttf-dejavu" [Unknown,Closed]20:28
robotti^mandrew: do you have network connection on that netbook on ubuntu karmiac koala netbook remix?20:28
maxbHm. Karmic really dislikes old-ish ThinkPads. Compiz is broken and so is wifi.20:29
dtchenmaxb: which model(s)?20:29
mykolamandrew: k. do an "lspci | grep  -i Network controller"20:29
dtchene.g., 600E?20:29
mandrewim on the desktop and yes i do20:29
mykolamandrew: best to copy and paste it.  lspci gives a list of hardware, grep is a search tool, i put too many spaces in that command hold on20:29
mykolalspci | grep -i Network controller20:29
mzzbad gnome-panel! don't do blocking dbus calls!20:30
robotti^mandrew: you can use ethernet on netbook?20:30
maxbdtchen: I said old-*ish* :-)20:30
mandrewok ill install irc on it and surf in here to20:30
mykolamandrew: bah. forgot quotes20:30
robotti^mandrew: try to update system to newest?20:30
mandrewhave don that20:30
mykolalspci | grep -i "Network controller"20:30
gnd_dtchen: sorry to disturb .. i found that allready too :)20:30
virtualddid canonical recently grease their pipes?20:31
dtchenvirtuald: guh?20:31
virtualdthe intertubes20:31
mykolaplease tell me what the output is when you do that ^_^20:31
mandrew2im in20:32
dtchenvirtuald: no idea, I mirrored the entire repository in anticipation of release and zsynced the isos to be used at an installfest on Friday20:33
virtualdi haven't been to an install fest since i was 1520:34
virtualdten years ago20:34
cemcI have a strange thing on 64bit Karmic, with 32bit java and eclipse. the 'Next' button won't click20:34
mykolamandrew2: so... lspci | grep -i "Network controller"20:35
cemcif I press tabs + space, it works. with the mouse it doesn't20:35
mykolamandrew2: need to know what kind of broadcom chip you have :D20:35
bjsniderkh_pylon, who owns those two files?20:35
kh_pylonbjsnider: owner root, group video20:35
skreechdmatt: When you get to KDM unders sessions select Failsafe and login20:36
skreechSee if it kicks you back to the KDM20:36
bjsniderkh_pylon, join the video group20:36
mykolamandrew2 you there? :)20:36
mandrew2im here'20:37
bjsniderkh_pylon, did you upgrade from another distro or did you clean install?20:37
mandrew2i have copied to a chat window to you20:37
kh_pylonclean install20:37
virtualddtchen: i think i'm coming to the london release party. i'm going to london tomorrow night anyway20:37
dtchenvirtuald: excellent20:37
mandrew2you cant see the window?20:38
darrendWTF has karmic done to suspend/resume??  I have a laptop that worked *flawlessly* under jaunty which is now completely incapable (so it seems) of suspending to ram.  It will hibernate to disk, but resuming is flaky.20:38
dtchendarrend: are you running absolutely current Karmic?20:38
bjsnidervirtuald, will there be champaigne and cheese?20:38
virtualdi guess if you pay for it20:38
bjsniderthat's no fun20:39
dmattskreech: I need some time, let you know the result20:39
darrenddtchen: last upgrade this morning.. is there a more recent fix?20:39
virtualdbjsnider: http://www.salvadorandamanda.com/main.html20:39
dtchendarrend: just info and checkbox, I think20:39
dtchendarrend: should be orthogonal to your suspend/resume issue(s), regardless20:40
bjsniderthere was a xorg update of some sort20:40
kh_pylonbjsnider: that worked; thx.  really wanted to do it using udev, but at least I can access it now20:47
dmattskreech: yes, it throwed me back to kdm and also access to ttys (CTRL-ALT-Fx) did not work (I tried twice, second time with tty1 on)20:51
kindofabuzzbeen doing updates since alpha 4 or so and everything is just getting sluggish. would i be better off reinstalling the RC or a Daily?20:51
kindofabuzzor better off going back to intrepid? =)20:52
frogletDoes upgrading jaunty to karmic work or should I do a clean install?20:52
kindofabuzzclean install always seems better, but yeah it works20:53
frogletkindofabuzz, ty20:54
mbeierlfroglet: from all I've heard it works, however there are a few advantages to the clean install: 1) ext4 on your root partition and 2) grub2 - these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head20:54
robotti^     mbeierl hello20:54
mbeierlrobotti^: hey!20:54
robotti^mbeierl: My networking is good now20:54
frogletI had forgotten about grub2 but I want to stick with ext320:55
robotti^but battery life is worse than os x20:55
bjsniderkh_pylon, yes...at least you can...yes20:55
mbeierlrobotti^: excellent!  So wireless mod works... but battery is no good20:55
robotti^mbeierl: yep, on os x I have 4-6 hours, and on karmic I have 2 hours20:55
mbeierlrobotti^: I think there is a bug with reporting battery state, but that should not decrease the reality20:55
mbeierlof how long it actually lasts...20:55
robotti^I think it is about, screen brightness is always full on karmic20:56
kh_pylonalso, occasionally the LMB on USB mouse stops working; have to unplug/replug mouse to get it back??20:56
frogletI will wait and see how ext4 works before installing it on the desktop machine20:56
robotti^mbeierl: screen brightness is not working on karmic yet.20:56
robotti^I cannot set it those keys20:57
mbeierlrobotti^: that's not good.  it works for my dell, but that's basic stuff20:57
robotti^mbeierl: yep, it works on intrepid20:57
robotti^but not on karmic yet, I am waiting updates.20:57
robotti^Or I install intrepid packets.20:58
mbeierldid you file a bug?20:58
robotti^mbeierl: where to file  bug20:58
mbeierl!launchpad | robotti^20:59
ubotturobotti^: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/20:59
AlienPenguinhi ppl, i am trying kk server and i noticed that when ssh is started it takes forever to accept a character if at all, hence typing the passwd is a daunting task?20:59
AlienPenguinany hints?20:59
dmattrobotti^: MMV, mine brightnes works20:59
cemcis there a really big stinking bug in Karmic that causes mouse clicks not to register in different apps?20:59
robotti^mbeierl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Karmic <-- look here. if it there documented. Maybe people are informed20:59
robotti^mbeierl: for example known issues on there21:00
mbeierlrobotti^: k, well I've gotta run for now.  Good to hear wireless is working again.  I'm sure the other things will come in line quickly enough :)21:00
cemcI have it in GNOME (on the taskbar), in flash player (basically can't click any buttons), in eclipse (can't click 'next')21:00
robotti^mbeierl: # Short battery life (less than 2,3-2,5 hours!) under Ubuntu comparing with OS X.21:00
robotti^mbeierl: :)21:00
robotti^thank you21:00
mzzcemc: there's a bug on eclipse, but I was assuming the packaged eclipse worked around it properly21:01
mzzsee bug 45870321:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458703 in eclipse "GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 still required for some dialogs" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45870321:01
mzzI don't know about the other two21:01
robotti^how to submit bug?21:01
mzz(probably, see bugs.ubuntu.com -> "report a bug")21:02
=== stephen__ is now known as kubuntuser
ActionParsnipyo yo yo21:02
robotti^mzz: if it noticed on some of support sites does it then matters?21:02
cemcmzz: that may be, but the eclipse versions from their site won't work (I need eclipse 3.3 for example, that GDK var exporting woodoo doesn't seem to fix it)21:03
ActionParsnip!info eclipse21:03
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 7 kB, installed size 72 kB21:03
domjohnsonHow do you get the desktop cube to work in Karmic?21:04
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: install video card drivers and compizconfig-settings-manager21:04
cemcmzz: but I sense there is a bigger issue here, same simptoms occur in flash, can't click buttons21:04
mzzcemc: where?21:05
domjohnsonHow do you install video card drivers21:05
domjohnsonis that an actual package?21:05
cemcmzz: karmic 64bit firefox+flash player (for example youtube site, can't control the videos, clicks do nothing)21:06
mzzdomjohnson: sane ones are usually installed by default, but for certain cards system -> settings -> hardware drivers is required21:06
mzzcemc: I'm not on 64bit so can't really test that21:06
mzzthe eclipse thing is known and should be fixed properly in eclipse21:06
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga21:07
cemcmzz: it is, but older versions still don't work with that fix21:07
cemcmzz: scratch that with flash, it seems to work now (??!)21:07
mzzcemc: they should, unless there's another bug I'm not aware of (which is entirely possible, it's not like I use eclipse)21:07
skreechdmatt: Yep I have that problem as well :(21:07
domjohnsonVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400] (rev b2)21:08
skreechdmatt: upgrade or full install?21:08
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: ok then run: gksudo jockey-gtk21:09
dmattfull install21:09
Roeyhello, can anyone help me with this booting/grub issue?  #grub seems to be in lurk mode...21:09
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: if you arent offered any drivers let me know21:09
RoeyActionParsnip: hello again ;)21:09
domjohnsonI did that before21:10
domjohnsonBefore you said :)21:10
dmattskreech: I am testing on spare partition before I plunge into real thing21:10
silverdrake11help! grub2 error: "no such partition" what do I type in to the "grub resuce>" prompt to fix this?21:10
skreechdmatt: So clean install?21:10
Plughdmatt, I'm doing the same thing on my machine.21:10
dmattskreech: yes21:11
ActionParsniphi Roey21:11
silverdrake11How do I fix my grub error "no such partition" on karmic? Someone please help me.21:11
PlughI was totally impressed with Ubuntu 9.10 beta when I installed it on my laptop so I'm planning to stop using (the old copy of) Fedora on my desktop and only use Ubuntu.21:12
PlughI ran into one issue when installing Ubuntu for the desktop as it has drives configured for RAID1.21:12
bjsniderPlugh, not happy with fedora's constant security prompts for every little thing?21:12
PlughI had to modprobe dm-raid4 before the partiioning step so the install CD recognized the raid drives. When I tried to reboot after install was complete, it couldn't mount the root partition. I think the raid module(s) may be missing from initrd.21:14
aliendude5300SeySayux: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and set the timer to 0. The GRUB menu will then be skipped21:14
silverdrake11grub2 "no such partition" error. Please help my rescue by grub.21:15
Plughbjsnider: I tried Fedora 11 on the laptop. Had to manually edit a sound configuration file to get speakers working. WiFi wasn't working (I could probably have fixed that), and couldn't get the accelerated video card drivers installed. I also wound up with Thunderbird 3 beta installed on the machine as part of F11 and that is flagged as not for general use. Not to mention dependency issues (ie. apparent bloat), and 21:16
aliendude5300silverdrake11: you could have file system corruption or and invalidly configured menu.lst file.21:16
PlughUbuntu 9.10 worked out of the box (almost) on the laptop.21:16
skreechdmatt: Thanks21:16
cemcmzz: found the bugreport and updated it. thanks21:17
silverdrake11aliendude5300, all I did was delete my Jaunty partition, and that happend.21:17
ActionParsnipPlugh: ubuntu has its fair share of bloat21:17
aliendude5300Thats because your /boot folder was stored on your Jaunty partition.21:17
dmattskreech: did you file a bug for it?21:17
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: better?#21:17
nxnn14Hi, i have a grub error 15 when I boot with a recently updated from grub legacy on karmic. I booted into a live karmic cd and I was wondering what the commands would be to fix or reconfigure grub21:17
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: great, makes life easier when that thing works21:17
domjohnsonHow do you add desktops?21:17
aliendude5300Reinstall GRUB to another partition and your MBR; you should be able to boot again.21:18
PlughActionParsnip: Won't be too bad as I'm used to that from Fedora. At least upgrading to new releases will be a lot easier.21:18
skreechdmatt: Not yet. I know what the issue is I'm just trying to figure out how to formulate the bug21:18
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: for compiz or gnome desktops?21:18
Roeygrub issues.l21:18
ActionParsnipPlugh: im leaning towards arch due to rolling updates rather than releases21:18
RoeyI'm currntly in a bad sitch with that too.21:18
RoeyError 15.21:18
silverdrake11aliendude5300: basically I'm asking how I rescue grub2. I know for grub1 all you had to do was type in grub, then find /boot/grub/stage121:18
Roey#grub is mostly dead21:18
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: alt+f2   run: ccsm21:18
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: general on the left21:19
silverdrake11aliendude5300, but for grub2 that doesnt work. so how do I fix this?21:19
domjohnsonYou like terminals and stuff too much!21:19
domjohnsonIm on it :)21:19
domjohnsonThankyou, by the way :)21:19
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: then general options again, desktop size tab, crank to 421:19
Roeysilverdrake11: I have the same problem btw.21:19
PlughWhat needs to be done to update the initrd to include the dmraid modules? I seem to remember something about a mkinitrd command.21:19
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: np man21:19
dmattskreech: i see you opened it on kubuntu-devel21:20
domjohnsongeneral options? How do you get into that?21:20
silverdrake11Roey, have you figured out a solution?21:20
domjohnsonno worries, im on21:20
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: its on the left21:20
skreechdmatt: Yeah I brought it up a few days ago but since I'm kinda a corner case I was tring to see if anyone else could replicate it21:20
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: then in the main panel you'll see general options, click that21:20
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: then at the top you will see desktop size21:21
nxnn14Ya i have the same issue updated to grub 2 and now need to rescue it because it wont boot and says error 1521:21
domjohnsonIm on that21:21
domjohnsonbut i cant change theNumber of desktops21:21
skreechdmatt: konsole is set as the app for x-terminal-emulator which somehow doesn't like failsafe and crashes X21:21
domjohnsonNo worries21:21
domjohnsoni got it now :)21:21
aliendude5300silverdrake11: I think you have to boot from a live CD...21:21
Roeysilverdrake11: I think maybe grub-setup /dev/sda21:22
Roey(I have a softraid1 btw)21:22
Roeytwo drives, sda and sdb21:22
ActionParsnipdomjohnson: cool21:22
dmattskreech: I try it on an old computer, just to be sure21:22
RoeyI boot off of /dev/md1 which is /dev/sd{a,b}221:22
domjohnsonthanks :)21:22
DoYouKnowHi... where can I get the latest wubi?21:22
DoYouKnowfor 9.1021:23
domjohnsonDownload wubi, and put the 9.10 rc iso in the same folder21:23
domjohnsonthat's right, isn't it?21:23
silverdrake11aliendude5300: I tried booting from a live cd. But the commands I usually type in to locate grub1, dont work for grub2.\21:23
RoeyI'll try rebooting...21:23
Roeywatch this fail.  One sec.21:23
nxnn14I have booted to a live karmic cd, but what command do I run to reconfigure or fix grub 2 and what options do I choose if I am reconfiguring for it to work21:23
skreechdmatt: See if the TTY is still messed up21:23
DoYouKnowdomjohnson, hmm... ok21:23
Roeynxnn14: grrrrrrrr I'm wrestliong grub2 too from a livecd21:24
skreechI had that messed up for me but I upgraded the kernel and did the failsafe fix so I don't know which one was the issue21:24
Roeynxnn14: brb21:24
skreechHi Roey21:24
silverdrake11nxnn14, I think that, that is what the "grub rescue>" prompt is for. So you don't have to boot from a liveCD. but as for what you can type in there, I have no idea. The only command that works is 'ls'21:25
nxnn14how do u get to the grub rescue promt21:26
Brownoutwill karmic UNR be available as an install image as the previous releases? I can see only an ISO in the RC21:27
silverdrake11nxnn14, for me its just default when you boot. It says grub "error: no such partition" and then it displays the prompt21:27
dtchenBrownout: yes.21:27
nxnn14silverdrake11: i c...ya when I boot I just get "grub error 15" and then nothing else21:28
dtchenBrownout: it now fits on a 700 MB CD, because many people requested it.21:28
silverdrake11nxnn14, and are you sure you are using grub2?21:28
nxnn14silverdrake: yes that is the problem. I updated to it last night and now it will not boot from it21:29
Brownoutdtchen: so when the final release will be published we will have also the .img21:29
silverdrake11nxnn14, have you tried the suber grub disk?21:30
nxnn14silverdrake: is there no way to reconfigure or fix grub from booting to a live karmic cd?21:30
dmattskreech: !! failsafe does not work, but I can get into TTY's21:31
dtchenBrownout: no, only the iso.21:31
dtchenBrownout: it doesn't matter; Karmic's usb-creator works just fine with it.21:32
skreechdmatt: ok I think that was a kernel bug the failsafe issue shouldn't really affect anything with the ttys but I wanted to be sure21:32
silverdrake11nxnn14, lol well I have the same problem. that's why I'm here. But a temporary workaround  I have been  using is the suber grub disk to boot into ubuntu, then just never shutdown your computer (just sleep_21:32
dtchenBrownout: just write it to whatever mediuw and boot it21:32
Brownoutdtchen: it works just fine if you have ubuntu installed somewhere21:32
nxnn14silverdrake11: o i c I didn't realize you were in the same boat sorry about that. Ya it is annoying isnt it. :)21:33
Roeysilverdrake11: hi21:33
Roeydidn't work.  Grr.21:33
Roeydidn't work.  System boots, Grub says "GRUB loading." and then halts.21:33
RoeyI've done the following:  grub-setup /dev/sda; grub-setup /dev/sdb; grub-setup /dev/md0; grub-setup /dev/md121:33
silverdrake11Roey, did you find a solution?21:33
dtchenBrownout: it works fine even if you don't have Ubuntu installed somewhere. You can use dd to write the image out. I did it earlier in Windows XP.21:33
dmattskreech: that's funny because the old comp with P4 actually has some problems with 2.6.3121:33
Roeyskreech: hola21:34
Roeynot yet.21:34
silverdrake11Roey, oh i see21:34
Roeysilverdrake11: what's your setup like?21:34
PlughRoey: You are booting on a machine with drives configured as RAID1?21:34
RoeyPlugh: yes21:34
Brownoutdtchen: dding the iso to a flash drive?21:34
silverdrake11Roey, what do you mean?21:34
=== arrrgh is now known as Light-
dtchenBrownout: yes21:35
PlughRoey: Let me guess... during boot, it winds up dropping you in to a shell after saying it couldn't find/mount the root partition?21:35
Brownoutdtchen: I'll try that, thanks.21:35
silverdrake11Roey, i'm using karmic if thats what you mean21:35
Roeysilverdrake11: Plugh:  my old /boot was on this tiny 100-meg /dev/md0 and maps to /dev/sd{a,b}1;  my / (and /boot, now) are on /dev/md1 which maps to /dev/sd{a,b}221:35
RoeyPlugh: GRUB says "GRUB loading." and then the machine halts.21:35
nxnn14roey: same with me except it says error 15 after GRUB loading and then it stops21:36
Roeydtchen: hola, long time no see :)21:36
PlughRoey: what is the kernel line you are using in grub?21:36
Roeykernel 2.6.31-*14*21:36
Roeythe kernel line21:37
Roeyhey monte48lowes21:37
Roeyone moment21:37
leogermanijust upgraded to 9.10 and my audio and video playback broke.. apparently it does not recognize any audio card... anyone has a clue?21:37
monte48lowesI have only recently starting using grub 2.21:37
silverdrake11Roey, well I had 20gb partition of Jaunty then the 1GB swap partition. Then I installed a 20GB karmic with a 1GB swap which overwrote the old grub. And I never had any problems until when I deleted my jaunty partition. I get Grub error:"no such partition" then it goes to the "grub rescue>"21:37
PlughRoey, I was asking about what you have set in grub.conf. What are you passing on the 'root' line and what is on the 'kernel' line?21:38
Roeyok, I'm mounting the drives21:38
PlughRoey, I'm trying to boot off RAID1 but my issue may be a bit different from yours.21:38
Roeybut first I hav eto apt-get install mdadm.21:39
RoeyFor that I am apt-get updating21:39
RoeyPlugh: ahhh21:39
Roeyone sec21:39
monte48loweshave you tried the super grub disc?21:40
Roeyoh what's that?21:40
RoeyI'm on a kubuntu karmic livecd at the moment21:40
silverdrake11monte48lowes, I tried the suber grub disk21:40
monte48loweshere is a guide on the kubuntu forums http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3106368.021:41
silverdrake11monte48lowes, I have the same problem.21:41
PlughRoey: I got Karmic when it was t-6 days. For install I found dmraid package was already available during set up but I had to do a modprobe to get RAID configured HD's recognized. My problem is the install went fine after that, grub tries to boot Ubuntu, but boot fails as it can't mount drives.21:41
monte48loweshow do you whisper? I haven't figured that out yet... new to quassel21:41
silverdrake11monte48lowes, and with the suber grub disk, I am able to boot into karmic; HOWEVER when I remove the disk, Im stuck with error" no such partition" again. Basically, I cant shutdown, only sleep.21:42
RoeyPlugh: ah.  Modprobe... do you use softraid?  What's your raid setup?21:42
dmattscreech: oh i used wrong channel21:42
Hans_Henrikhow can i make permanent aliases? (that wont go away when i restart~)21:43
PlughRoey, I think it is softraid. I told the bios of the machine I wanted the two drives in the machine to act as mirrors of each other. They have been working fine in Fedora (I'm currently running F8).21:43
WizzupHi - I am currently upgrading to 9.10. It has downloaded all packages but three.21:44
skreechdmatt: use tab :)21:44
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:44
WizzupThe packages' site seem to return 404's.21:44
WizzupAnd then the entire upgrade process stops...21:44
RoeyPlugh: oh that's not os-level raid, that's bios-level then21:44
drbobbfolks, suspend/hibernate stopped working on my machine overnight. Has anyone seen the same? Any ideas?21:45
dtchendrbobb: not without a lot more detail21:45
drbobbdtchen: wish I could give more21:45
Geoffrey2if I'm running the RC now, will update and upgrade get me up to the full release when it drops in a few days?21:45
RoeyPlugh, monte48lowes, silverdrake11:  what was that one of you asked me earlier about the kernel line?21:45
hggdhGeoffrey2: yes21:45
WizzupI'll what happens if I remove them21:46
PlughRoey, I asked21:46
drbobbdtchen: on karmic here, updating regularly. Suspend/hibernate invoked from gnome menus do nothing, other than lock the screen21:46
drbobbjust a day before they were working fine21:46
RoeyPlugh: ah!  what was it specifically? Now I've finished installing mdadm, assembling my raid drives and mounting them21:46
RoeyPlugh: what was it?21:49
dekkongHello guys! I have a freenas server and now I am running Kubuntu Karmic beta... I also have a computer with ubuntu karmic. I dont understand Why I cant stream a movie from the server using kubuntu but i can using Ubuntu21:50
PlughI was asking to see the root statement and kernel line you are using21:50
Roeytitle           Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-14-generic21:50
Roeyroot            (hd0,0)21:50
Roeykernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=/dev/md1 ro quiet splash21:50
Roeyinitrd          /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic21:50
Roeyroot is not hd0,021:50
Roeyroot is hd1,121:50
PlughRoey, that is why I wanted to see what you had in grub.conf. I wondered if you had something set incorrectly21:50
Ubuntusemy sound does not work since upgrading to 9.10, it shows up. i just hear no output21:50
Roeythis comes from menu.lst btw21:50
PlughRoey, menu.lst and grub.conf are usually symlinked21:51
ubottuyes, I'm alive.21:51
dupondjeI added a mobile network to NetworkManager, but how you can connect to it now ?!21:51
Roeyoh ok21:51
monte48lowes!silverdrake11 test21:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:51
RoeyPlugh: so if I set it to (hd1,1)21:51
Roeywhat do I do aftr that?21:51
Roeyunder lilo I had to reinstal lilo after editing lilo.conf21:52
Plughthe root line should point to the partition with the kernel and initrd files.21:52
silverdrake11monte48lowes, that is that test?21:52
silverdrake11monte48lowes, i mean what is that test?21:52
RoeyPlugh: ok.21:52
PlughRoey, One of the nice things about grub is you can alter the configuration file and not have to reinstall21:52
RoeyPlugh: so my map looks like..21:52
Roeyroot@ubuntu:/# cat /boot/grub/device.map21:53
Roey(fd0)   /dev/fd021:53
Roey(hd0)   /dev/sda21:53
Roey(hd1)   /dev/sdb21:53
RoeyI want it booting off of (hd0,1) not (hd0,0)21:53
PlughRoey, the kernel line in grub.conf needs to say where the real root partition is located which you currently have set to /dev/md121:53
Ubuntusemy sound does not work since upgrading to 9.10, it shows up. i just hear no output21:53
Roeyfor that matter can grub boot off of a softraid partition??21:53
PlughUbuntuse: No need to repeat yourself so soon.21:53
RoeyPlugh: so I change it to /dev/sda, then?21:53
skreechBUGabundo: Yo!21:54
skreechUbuntuse: Muted?21:54
BUGabundohey skreech21:54
dupondjewho killed launchpad btw ?21:54
Ubuntuseskreech, no21:54
RoeyPlugh:  what about this weird notion it got somwhere that "root            (hd0,0)"21:54
BUGabundodupondje: who doesn't this days ?21:54
Ubuntuseskreech, hardware shows my card..21:54
RoeyPlugh: it would seem I need to change that to read "root    (hd0, 1)"21:54
PlughRoey, what partition contains your kernel and initrd files?21:54
dtchenBUGabundo: connectivity issues; the LP devs know about it; it's being investigated.21:55
dupondjeBUGabundo: you have any idea how to connect to a mobile network in NetworkManager?21:55
BUGabundodtchen: thanks, but I was joking :)21:55
dupondjeI added it, but can't find how to connect21:55
skreechUbuntuse: what does alsamix show from the terminal ?21:55
RoeyPlugh: as well as "kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=/dev/md1 ro quiet splash" to read "kernel   /boot/....root=/dev/sda2 ..."21:55
BUGabundodtchen: btw, turning off the RTP did not help with mute on but, but at least I don't hear as much glitchs21:55
RoeyPlugh: my partition is in /dev/md1 which maps to /dev/sd{a,b}221:56
kindofabuzzI've been doing updates since alpha 4 or so and everything is just getting sluggish. would i be better off reinstalling the RC or a Daily?21:56
Ubuntuseskreech, master,headphone,line,pcm all up21:57
PlughRoey: /dev/sda would refer to a normal (non-RAID configured) HD.21:57
PlughRoey: First, what partition contains your /boot files21:57
RoeyPlugh: at the moment, both /dev/md0 and /dev/md121:58
Roey/dev/md0 is this tiny 100-mg partition at the beginning of my partition table21:58
RoeyI don't want to use it at all anymore21:58
RoeyI want to boot with /boot and / both on /dev/md1 (which is /dev/sd{a,b}2)21:58
PlughRoey: A small partition like that is fine for holding the kernel and initrd files needed for booting the machine.21:58
RoeyI know but when I tried upgrading before I ran into space issue swith it.21:59
Roeyso anyway,21:59
RoeyI effectively do have grub also installed on /dev/md0 which is /dev/sd{a,b}121:59
Ubuntuseskreech, any idea21:59
PlughRoey, You shouldn't have a space issue unless you have other files in that directory, or have many old kernel versions in there.21:59
RoeyPlugh: it was something with apt-get craziness.  Anyway,21:59
RoeyI'm happy to do whatever it takes to just get my system booting normally at this point :)22:00
PlughRoey, My machine uses a 100Meg /boot and I have 5 kernel/initrd sets of files in it and still only 89% of the space is in use.22:01
dupondjecrash in NetworkManager22:02
dupondjegreat :(22:02
RoeyPlugh: so let's say we do this then.22:02
PlughRoey: I would leave the root statement pointing to (hd0,0)22:02
Roeyoh... ok22:02
Roeyeven though my root is not on any ,0 partition?22:02
Roeyit's probably on (hd0,1), right?22:02
PlughThe device map file for the machine may be wrong.22:02
RoeyPlugh: ok22:03
Roeybut at the moment I can't even boot grub22:03
Roeyfor som reason.22:03
Roeyso menus.lst never comes into play here I don't think22:03
Roeyit just hangs after displaying "GRUB loading."22:03
PlughRoey, grub needs to know where to find the kernel and initrd files. That is what you set with 'root'. In the kernel line of grubs configuration you say "root=/blah/blah..." to tell it where to find the full root partition.22:04
dupondjeOct 27 23:02:06 laptopjl kernel: [12913.888573] nm-connection-e[14460]: segfault at 5d00000056 ip 00007f6918a9c0c6 sp 00007fffdd72cb90 error 4 in libnm-util.so.1.1.0[7f6918a8c000+39000]22:04
dupondjecool :P22:04
Roeyso I have the kernel in /boot in /dev/md1 (which maps to /dev/sd{a,b}2)22:05
PlughRoey: If you aren't even getting a grub menu when you start your machine that is a bigger issue. Sounds like grub is not installed correctly, or it might be an issue with the device.map file.22:05
dupondjewhats best way to make a bugreport about the NetworkManager crash ?22:05
RoeyPlugh: hrm ok22:05
dupondjeI can reproduce it22:06
dupondjeand it sux :(22:06
skreechSo what's the deal with Ubuntu one?22:06
RoeyPlugh: how would I install grub correctly then?22:06
skreechcan I run an internal Server for my company?22:06
RoeyPlugh: and how would I get it to scan and generate a new device.map ?22:06
* BUGabundo joins #ubuntu-releaseparty, ready to kill some bunnies22:06
joaopintodupondje, ubuntu-bug network-manager22:07
PlughRoey: Did you install grub when Ubuntu was recognizing the HD's in a RAID configuration?22:07
Roeyoh.  er not that I know of.22:07
RoeyI apt-get installed from Intrepid -> Karmic22:07
Roeyand had forgotten to do do-release-upgrade frist.22:07
PlughRoey, you would have to give me version numbers. Distro release names mean nothing tom e.22:08
RoeyKubuntu 9.1022:08
RoeyPlugh: I went from 8.10 to 9.1022:08
PlughRoey, was the machine running in raid config with 8.10 before you went to 9.10?22:08
joaopintoRoey, you did relase upgrade using apt-get ?22:08
wyterzHello boys, Im new to Kubuntu.. Im trying to install the flash plugin for firefox but I keep getting this error Only one software management tool is allowed to run at the same time..22:09
wyterzI am not installing something else at the same time22:09
joaopintoI mean, the distro release upgrade ?22:09
ikus060Hi all, I've report the problem many time. I have alot of issue to use GLX with the nividia-glx-185. Does anyone have trouble with it nvidia driver ?22:09
Roeyjoaopinto: yeah22:09
Roeyhola joaopinto22:09
joaopintoRoey, that is not support and might cause you problems22:09
Roeyjoaopinto: bom dia22:09
PlughSounds an odd way to do things but maybe its just me.22:09
joaopintobom dia :P22:09
Roeyjoaopinto: you speak Portuguese?22:09
Roey*falo Portugues?22:09
joaopintoPlugh, it's a bad way, not odd22:10
joaopintoRoey, yes, but non on this channel, there is an #ubuntu-pt :)22:10
PlughRoey, yeah. Didn't sound like the right way to me.22:10
RoeyIf I reinstall I'll probably need the alternate CD (which I don't have at the moment) that supports md devices, right?22:10
joaopintothere are specific upgrade cases for release upgrades that need to be managed by the the update-manager22:10
dmattPlugh: you can always count it from first letter K(armic)-9.10, J(aunty)9.04, I(ntrepid)-8.10, H(ardy)-8.04 and so on22:10
TronicThe regular CD supports md devices AFAIK.22:10
TronicMight not have mdadm on it, though.22:11
wyterzHello boys, Im new to Kubuntu.. Im trying to install the flash plugin for firefox but I keep getting this error Only one software management tool is allowed to run at the same time..22:11
wyterzI am not installing something else at the same time22:11
Plughdmatt: I did read there was a pattern to it but its not something I tend to remember. I more of a numbers man. :-)22:11
Roeyjoaopinto: if I try to re-install then with the normal livecd (for 9.10), will it reocgnize my md array?22:11
joaopintoRoey, I have no experience with RAID on Linux, I guess it should22:11
silverdrake11Plugh, maybe you can help me with this, I can can get into karmic with the super grub disk but how do I fix my grub2 error "no such partition" after that?22:12
PlughRoey: I downloaded the 9.10 install CD and just before it was going to check for partitions, I went to the command line screen and did a modprobe command to load the raid modules.22:12
Roeyoh ok.22:12
Plughsilverdrake11: just a sec...22:13
RoeyI'm in the livecd right now and have the raid arrays assembled (apt-got installed mdadm & issued 'mdadm --assemble --scan')22:13
Roeyif I try and install it by clicking 'install', hopefully it iwll detect them...22:13
TronicRoey: Anyway, if you have network, you may install software on the live environment.22:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456261 in network-manager "NetworkManager won't allow user to edit settings of Mobile Broadband connection" [Undecided,New]22:13
dupondjethere it is22:13
dupondjethe BUG :'22:13
PlughRoey, At the partitioning step it then asked if it was ok to use the entire disk for Ubuntu and showed the correct device name of /dev/mapper/isw_bfegefhaa_Vol022:14
BUGabundodupondje: you called ?22:14
Roeyand this was with the standard disc, Plugh, not that altrnate?22:14
Plughsilverdrake11: what partition contains the actual root Ubuntu file system, and what did you say as root in the kernel line of the grub configuration?22:15
dupondjeyea, don't know how I can connect to a Mobile Connection in NetworkManager ...22:15
spOwhy would karmic break your system?22:15
PlughRoey, yup. Standard download.22:15
PlughspO: it hasn't officially been released yet22:15
ikus060Is there any way to get in touch with people writing Nvidia driver ?22:17
PlughI discovered that Fedora 8 fails to boot if you it finds a partition (ie. with Ubuntu in it) that is set for ext422:17
Deathvalley122not until the 29th22:18
bjsniderikus060, what is wrong with it22:18
Deathvalley122I think the topic needs updating22:18
ikus060bjsnider, As I said before, I have a regression with it. With Karmic, any glx application crash with a seg fault.22:18
bjsniderikus060, contact nvidia about it. use their nvforums site22:19
bjsniderthere's nothing canonical can do about nvidia driver issues22:19
bjsniderunless they're packaging issues22:19
ikus060bjsnider, http://forums.nvidia.com/ ?22:20
Plughikus060: which of the three nvidia driver versions are you using?22:20
bjsnidergoogle linux nvidia forums22:20
silverdrake11Plugh, the /dev/sda5 partition contains my karmic, and I don't understand what you mean by "what did you say as root in the kernel line of the grub configuration?"22:22
ikus060Plugh, I'm using the nvidia-glx-185. but any way I have the problem with the 3 available drivers22:22
silverdrake11Plugh, what happend is that I deleted my jaunty partition and then grub2 gave me the error "no such partition"22:23
aj_444_I'm running Jaunty right now and want to update to the Karmic RC. How can I do this?22:23
Plughsilverdrake11: Check your grub configuration. If you deleted the jaunty partition, did you update grub to tell it where you installed Karmic?22:25
dupondjeaj_444_: update-manager -d22:25
BluesKajaj_444_,  install update manager if you don't already have it22:25
silverdrake11Plugh, see I don't know how to do that because this is grub2. In grub1 it was easy because all I had to do was type in "find boot/grub/stage1"22:26
aj_444_Thanks guys. I figured it out.22:26
bjsniderikus060, is this a fresh karmic install or an upgrade?22:27
X7no audio since upgrade to 9.10, pulse audio shows up. so does my card. no output though22:27
X7but also no errors.22:27
ikus060bjsnider: it's a fresh one, then I migrate and the problem persist22:27
Plughsilverdrake11: I haven't used grub2. I've only got grub 1 on my machine. grub2 doesn't have a menu.lst or grub.conf file that provides the boot parameters?22:28
mzzsilverdrake11: running "grub-mkimage /dev/sda" (or whatever the right drive for an mbr install or partition for a boot record install is) may suffice22:28
mzzsilverdrake11: I meant grub-install, not grub-mkimage22:29
mzzsilverdrake11: or if grub itself still starts but won't boot your kernel: run update-grub222:29
silverdrake11mzz, ok so all I have to do is type in "grub-install /dev/sda"22:29
mandrewi would like to thank all good people here who helped me today22:29
mzzsilverdrake11: I think that's all I did to make my new hd bootable22:30
silverdrake11mzz, see what happend is i deleted my jaunty partition and grub started giving me the "no such partition error"22:30
Plughsilverdrake11: if you can get to the grub menu, you can give it the information it needs to boot. You can then fix the grub configuration after it boots.22:32
mzzsilverdrake11: well, try grub-install (after booting from a livecd and chrooting in). I think it's supposed to be sufficient.22:32
X7can anyone help me pulseaudio is properly configured, and shows my card. and shows output. but i hear nothing22:32
silverdrake11Plugh, well im already booted using the super grub cd22:32
silverdrake11mzz, i dont even have to do that. im already booted using the super grub disk22:33
JimmioX7: It wouldn't happen to be muted, would it?22:33
AlienPenguinis it normal that i get in console (karmic server) this message: * Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smbd only22:33
JimmioX7: Speakers on? Sound connected? Speakers set to the correct input?22:34
Plughsilverdrake11: ok. Usually when I've had the "no partition" error (with grub 1) I would just boot my machine, tell grub I wanted a command line and issued the root, kernel, and initrd statements to make the machine boot.22:34
mzzsilverdrake11: if the "super grub disk" is a grub 1-based bootable disk it won't do you much good22:34
mzzI don't know if there's a grub 2 equivalent22:34
JimmioX7: Headphones unplugged? If I plug headphones into the front of my PC, it turns off the back output.22:34
silverdrake11mzz, well it works as in im able to boot karmic22:34
silverdrake11mzz, but when I dont have the cd in my drive, i cant22:35
mzzok, so boot into karmic and run grub-install22:35
silverdrake11mzz, ok i just ran "update-grub2"22:36
silverdrake11mzz, ill reboot and see if that did anything22:36
mzzsilverdrake11: iirc it won't22:36
mzz(assuming the problem is what I think it is, if it's something different it might)22:36
silverdrake11still "no such partition)22:37
X7Jimmio, nothing works22:37
X7Jimmio, and pulse audio says its outputting22:37
silverdrake11mzz, ok now ill try "grub-install /dev/sda5"22:38
dupondjeI connected my mobile phone with bluetooth to my Computer. I selected 'use this for mobile connection'. I now see the MAC address of my device in NetworkManager, but I can't connect to it. Is there a way to debug this ?22:38
mzzsilverdrake11: if you install to /dev/sda5, not /dev/sda, make sure sda5 is the only partition marked active22:38
silverdrake11mzz, sda5 is my karmic22:38
mzzthat also assumes you have a boring mbr on /dev/sda that just defers to sda5, not a stale grub1 install22:38
mzzI usually prefer to install grub straight to the mbr for simplicity22:39
silverdrake11ok so then ill run "grub-install /dev/sda"22:39
silverdrake11mzz, ok so then ill run "grub-install /dev/sda"22:40
mzzat least imho that's the "if in doubt" command :)22:40
Plughhmm... just checked may laptop which is running karmic. It has grub 2 installed but the grub configuration file looks the same as with grub 122:41
dekkongomg I dont like KDE at all... back to gnome again :D22:41
silverdrake11mzz, "im getting invalid device" when I run that in the terminal22:41
Jaymacdo i have to do any special tomfoolery to get audio/video chat working with empathy? on msn or jabber protocols, if i right click on a contact, the video chat option is always greyed out22:41
silverdrake11mzz, nvm i typed in wrongt22:42
silverdrake11mzz, ok im restarting22:42
silverdrake11mzz, ok well it works22:43
silverdrake11mzz, since 3:00pm I have been trying to fix this, and now its almost 7:00pm. And all I had to do was type in a simple command.............................................22:44
silverdrake11mzz, just 'grub-install /sda/dev'22:45
mzzPlugh: may just be a stale config file. Grub reports its version above the boot menu (1.9something is grub 2)22:45
mzz/dev/sda, but yeah22:45
silverdrake11that was a typo22:45
silverdrake11mzz, thankyou very much mzz22:47
dupondjeNetworkManager: <WARN>  nm_device_bt_connect_cb(): Error connecting with bluez: Connection refused (111)22:48
dupondjeany idea ?22:48
dmatt!cake | mzz22:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cake22:48
BUGabundoI've seen that22:48
BUGabundodmatt: not yet :)22:49
joaopintodupondje, have you disabled bluetooth services ?22:49
dupondjewhere ?22:49
BUGabundodupondje: $ sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart22:50
Ian_Corneomg BUGabundo is alive!22:50
BUGabundoI'm always alive22:51
BUGabundountil I'm dead22:51
BUGabundoIan_Corne: see (09:53:52 PM) BUGabundo: howdy22:51
BUGabundobenn here for one hour now!22:51
dupondjejoaopinto: connected my mobile phone from the bluetooth wizard. On the last screen I could enable 'network connection ..' I enabled that, so there is a connection under my NetworkManager22:52
sburwoodI just got here, BU22:52
dupondjeBUGabundo: doesn't do anything :(22:52
skreechBUGabundo: And even then we can't be sure22:52
sburwoodI'm impatient to see the final version of Koala22:53
BUGabundoskreech: I guess you are a MJ fan :D22:53
BUGabundosburwood: I bet you 200$ this is FINAL22:53
BUGabundono changes in the next 2 days22:53
BUGabundoimages have been in QA all day22:53
BUGabundoready for branding22:53
sburwoodmaybe, but I'm still gonna wait til the official date22:53
skreechBUGabundo: Nope just getting ready for the Zombiepocalypse22:54
habananyI need help installing minefield on karmic22:55
sburwoodBU, are there two teams?  I have noticed that the versions ending in .04 don't work on my computer, though the .10 are prefect22:55
bjsniderskreech, your country is having an election?22:55
dupondjebleh :(22:55
sburwoodand that has been the same since 7.0422:56
joaopintosburwood, pure coincidence22:56
BUGabundohabanany: you need to get PPA22:56
sburwoodWhether it is FINAL, BUGabundo, I'm still waiting22:57
sburwood3x ... joaopinto22:57
BUGabundohabanany: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.3a1pre) Gecko/20091026 Ubuntu/9.10 (karmic) Minefield/3.7a1pre ID:2009102415572222:57
kosharianyone installed amarok14 (1.4) in 9.10?22:58
sburwoodBUGabundo, where are the images in QA?22:58
ubottuTo change the importance of a bug, you need to be part of the Ubuntu QA team.  see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuQA22:58
BUGabundohggdh: do you have the direct link?22:58
RoeyI trid installing to raid device and get this on boot:22:58
BUGabundo!ask | Roey22:58
ubottuRoey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:58
RoeyGave up waiting for root device ...22:58
Roeyok, got it.22:59
joaopintogoogle: ubuntu qa iso22:59
Roeythe thing is I gt this:22:59
RoeyALERT!  /dev/disk/by-uuid/...........(some big hash) does not exist.  Dropping to a shell!22:59
Roeywhat the heck is with this?22:59
TrunkzI'm trying to install 9.10 (RC) and im getting a few install issues. Firstly, when trying to get passed the 'set the timezone' screen, i get a ubi-timezone failed with error 122:59
Trunkzand next screen (usernames) get a similar error, as well as the keyboard page and the partition page just skips back to the timezone page =/23:00
RoeyUbuntu is just not installing here.....23:00
Roeyit's installing23:00
BUGabundo!google ubuntu qa iso23:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:00
BullHornGoogle search: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/23:00
Trunkzany ideas? :)23:00
Roeybut on bootup it gives me thatweird error23:00
Roeyafter GRUB times out23:00
sburwoodBUGabundo, I can't imagine giving any counsels here.  I am still trying to climb the beginning of the learning curve23:00
sburwoodanyway, thx23:01
dmattTrunkz: check MD5 sum and check the disc, if it is burned correctly23:01
Trunkzahh good point23:02
Trunkzi'll do that now23:02
Ian_Cornewhat's the command to update grub again?23:03
Roeyyou don't23:04
Roeyit just infests your system.23:04
RoeyOORGH *ptoo* this fucking grub.23:04
Roeyback when I used lilo it was much simpler23:04
Ian_Corneuse it then23:04
Ian_Cornestop whining23:04
BUGabundoIan_Corne: errr update-grub ?23:04
Ian_Corneaha :p23:04
RoeyIan_Corne: you don't have to update it I thought?23:04
BUGabundo!language ! Roey23:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about language ! Roey23:05
RoeyI'm looking at the /boot that the23:05
RoeyMy apologies23:05
RoeyI never curse on here23:05
RoeyI've been withotu a usable system here for hte past two days since trying to install kubuntu 9.1023:05
Ian_Cornemeh, i had to update because i remove the pae kernel23:05
Ian_Corneand the initrd links were broken23:05
X7I am having problems with alsa(pulse audio is working) also does not output anythign but it does detect the card23:06
Ian_Cornenothing really dramatic23:06
Roeywhat I don't understand is why there's no /boot/grub/menus.lst23:06
=== Flynsarmy_ is now known as Flynsarmy
X7Roey, if ur using grub2 its /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:06
Roeythat I have23:06
habananythanks BUGabundo, sorry, i was in the kitchen23:07
RoeyX7: I get a timeout from GRUB and then it drops me a root shell with an error23:08
RoeyX7: something liek "Gave up waiting for root device. ... ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/2ff..........(some big hash)..... does not exist.  Dropping to a shell!"23:08
X7Roey, open a pm. i got you.23:09
mikebeechamhey guys...just updated to Koala this evening...very smooth23:09
mikebeechambut one thing I've noticed (if you need to know), is that I cant turn off animations in compiz23:09
Roeyaye, thanks, one sec23:09
X7Roey, just fixed that today on my machine lol23:09
Ian_Corneok fixed :)23:09
Trunkzdmatt: I just checked the md5 hashes, both the same.23:09
Ian_CorneRoey: switch to use /dev/sdax instead of UUID23:10
Ian_Cornei've had people having problems with UUID's before23:10
benovicto disable ipv6: since /etc/modprobe.d/aliases is gone - should one edit blacklist.conf and add a line:"blacklist ipv6"?23:10
mikebeechamhi guys...does anyone know if ithere's a workaround for not being able to disable animations in Karmic?23:13
stardust1985hi, does anybody know which hour it will be released?23:13
habananyBUGabundo kitchen again , what is PPA brother?23:13
BUGabundohabanany: ^^^^^^^^^^^23:13
konamubuntu+1 rc isn't faster to boot on my machine23:13
konamgrub takes a couple of seconds just to show up23:14
RoeyIan_Corne: I'm using /dev/md0.... I dropped to a root shell on startup and saw that there was no /dev/md*,  implying that the md drivers never get loaded and that's why it can't find /23:14
konamand after that it isn't any more faster too boot either23:14
dmattTrunkz: and cd mechanic is OK? i had to use external, just check dmesg if there are any troubles concerning reading23:14
konamis the grub thing known?23:14
Ian_Cornewhat is that md0 device?23:14
Trunkzdmatt: I'm mounting it. (installing on vmware)23:14
RoeyOkay... I don't think the (soft)raid modules are loaded at startup, and I need that to see /.  I installed with the standard install disc.  How do I get this this system booting?23:16
dupondje-ok :) got it working now :)23:17
dupondje-the only bad this is. When I connect my phone with USB, it shows RNDIS device in NetworkManager, but I can't connect to it23:17
dupondje-while it does register a eth0 device23:18
vigoThis is neato23:18
dupondje-and ifup eth1 works ...23:18
=== dupondje- is now known as dupondje
dupondje[17069.319347] eth1: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:1d.7-5, RNDIS device, 80:00:60:0f:e8:0023:18
knarfixhey folks, i have some minor problems, but karmic is cool :)23:20
konamgrub takes a couple of seconds to show up... is this a known issue?23:21
konampopular or whatever..?23:21
joaopintokonam, that is not usual23:21
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as gh0zt
stardust1985konam: I looked to grub's bugzilla at savannah.gnu.org and I didn't find it reported23:22
Roeyhey joaopinto23:22
konamjoaopinto i know that grub was ok in the last version, i don't know what could be wrong now23:22
=== sun` is now known as gnome
joaopintokonam, it's a new grub version23:22
habananyBUGabundo this is too much for a single day, maybe tomorrow, linux is like going back to school.23:23
=== gnome is now known as GNOME
konamjoaopinto yeah, i mean, on top of that :)23:23
stardust1985Im affraid that grub2 is not mature enough yet..23:23
Roeyjoaopinto:  so apparently the softraid drivers don't get loaded on bootup so GRUB never does find / (which is on /dev/md0, which is /dev/sd{a,b}1).  I know this because when it drops me to a root shell in a panic, I check out /dev/ and see no /dev/md* anywhere....23:23
Roeywhat to do?23:23
fuzzyHi! How do you add a sound theme in karmic koala?23:23
dupondjeok fixed :P23:24
robotti^has anybody used rEFIt boot loader?23:24
joaopintoRoey, erm, grub ? don't you have the kernel on a non raid /boot partition ?23:24
konamjoaopinto my machine is pretty standard and has always worked with ubuntu flawlessly.. this issue will affect some users and maybe then a fix will show up23:24
Roeyjoaopinto: it's on /dev/md0 which is raided23:24
Roeyjoaopinto: and the kernel is there23:24
joaopintokonam, there has been people reporting slow grub startup, it's probably reported, search on launchpad23:25
knarfixfuzzy: syst->pref23:25
knarfixi think23:25
konamjoaopinto that's what i first asked! i'm going to report it :)23:25
joaopintoRoey, erm, I am missing something, if the raid drivers are loaded from the kernel, how can you have it on the raid volume itself ?23:25
fuzzyya well theres the ubuntu sound theme, only theres no way (in that dialog) to add a new one23:25
knarfixlet me see ....23:26
fuzzy... i guess its gonna be busy in this channel tomorrow huh?23:26
Roeyjoaopinto: I have no idea.  I installed 9.10 just a half hour ago.  Thi sis a stock install.23:27
Roeyjoaopinto: this is what I'm suspecting given that I did not see /dev/md* when it dropped me to a root shell23:27
knarfixyes :)23:27
joaopintoRoey, erm, root shell, you mean busybox ?23:27
Roeybusybox ash shell23:28
Roeyafter it times out23:28
PlughX7, can you tell me what you told Roey? I have the same problem. I think I almost have it fixed (at least I think I know the issue).23:28
RoeyPlugh: btw I ended up reinstalling and I still have issues!23:28
fuzzyi suppose for those with the prerelease its just an update right?23:29
Roeyhi Trunkz23:29
Trunkzright, got mirc fixed.23:30
Trunkznow.. onto this23:30
PlughRoey, you now the exact same problem I have.23:30
RoeyI ran blkid23:30
Roeygot the ids for all the drives too23:30
PlughRoey, what do you see when you do --> ls /dev/mapper23:30
RoeyPlugh: ooh23:30
Roeyone sec23:31
fuzzycheck my desktop, been tweaking it since i didnt have much to do today23:31
Roeyubuntu@ubuntu:~$ cat  /dev/mapper/control23:31
Roeycat: /dev/mapper/control: Permission denied23:31
RoeyPlugh: there is only one file there called 'control'23:31
Roeyubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo cat  /dev/mapper/control23:31
Roeycat: /dev/mapper/control: Invalid argument23:31
fuzzyi just wanna model something of my own to put in there23:32
RoeyPlugh: so what was your solution?23:32
joaopintoRoey, if you get a busy box shell, it's the kernel which is not able to find your device23:33
joaopintoa busy box shell is a post kernel load minimal shell23:33
RoeyI can see straight away that the UUID in /boot/grub/grub.cfg is wrong23:33
Roeyand this was auto-generated by the installer.23:33
Roeyer wait now I am unsure.23:34
konamjoaopinto it has been reported by other people already23:34
joaopintokonam, right, I remember seing people here reporting...23:34
Roeyjoaopinto: so anyway,23:35
Roeywe know that the kernel cannot find my /23:35
Roeywhere do I put in the correct UUID?23:36
Roeyhttp://pastebin.com/m26244f16  shows the entry in grub.cfg23:36
PlughRoey, I said to type the command --> ls /dev/mapper23:36
Roeyubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ls /dev/mapper23:36
RoeyPlugh: that above23:37
Plughoh, then it seems that your system isn't recognizing the raid configuration23:37
RoeyPlugh, joaopinto:  so it's not reading the raid config?23:37
Plughah ha!! i got it!!23:39
PlughRoey, one of the things is your device.map file.23:39
RoeyPlugh, joaopinto:   this info (blkid table and grub.cfg) should make it clearer:  http://pastebin.com/m2863b6e123:39
RoeyPlugh: that's in /boot/grub23:39
FlynsarmyIn synaptic package manager in karmic all the items in 'package' menu are greyed out. how am i supposed to mark packages by task to install LAMP/samba etc like i did in every previous version?23:40
benjamin_okay, so I did an "update-notifier-kde -d" in order to upgrade to the 9.10 RC. All I get though is a little popup that says "No new upgrade available". Any idea what I'm doing wrong?23:40
PlughRoey, I'm coming from Fedora 8 which I had working with raid. On my machine the device.map file has isw_bfegefhaa_Vol0 for hd0 and I have no second hd entry23:40
joaopintoRoey, sorry, raid and grub2 are not my areas :P23:40
RoeyIhave updated the entry to include devices.map:  http://pastebin.com/m5e8ba99023:40
RoeyPlugh: ok23:41
Roeyjoaopinto: ok23:41
PlughRoey, that string of characters is what I see when I do the ls of /dev/mapper23:41
RoeyPlugh: I just see 'control'23:41
Roeyubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/mapper/23:41
Roeytotal 023:41
Roeycrw-rw---- 1 root root 10, 60 2009-10-27 22:54 control23:41
PlughOne thing that got me is that partitions for my raid devices used to be isw_bfegefhaa_Vol0pn, where n was the partition number. With Karmic, it is now ..._Vol0n (ie. no more p).23:43
PlughI just had to update that in the root= part of my grub.conf fiel.23:43
Roeybut at least you see yours23:43
Roeyso if you see http://pastebin.com/m5e8ba99023:43
dmattbenjamin_: i found alternative: do-release-upgrade -d23:43
Roeythat has blkid table, devices.map and grub.cfg.  Does it agree in your eyes?23:44
konamjoaopinto do you know why they included the new version of grub on this release? at first i thought it was because it looked prettier but it still looks awful (that shock i had it when i first tried karmic in the beta stages)...23:44
Roeyi.e. are my UUIDs set correctly in grub.cfg, given the UUID table in the output of 'blkid'?23:44
PlughRoey, I don't use the UUID strings. I prefer to use the /dev/mapper/isw_... references.23:44
benjamin_dmatt: "No new release found"23:44
joaopintokonam, the older version is no longer maintaned, and the new version supports new things like, booting from isos, NFS, encrypted boot, etc23:45
RoeyPlugh: I see /dev/md* with this livecd but not /dev/mapper.23:45
dmattbenjamin_: try to change to other repo, maybe yours do not mirror karmic yet23:45
joaopintobenjamin_, did you use -d ?23:45
benjamin_dmatt: what do i need to add? and yes, i did the -d23:45
konamjoaopinto oh, it was a no brainer then hehe23:45
PlughRoey: Hm... lets try something... boot your system and when you get dropped to a shell, type 'modprobe dm-raid4', then do 'ls /dev/mapper' and see if you get something other than control23:47
Roeyif I do?23:47
dmattbenjamin_: in kpackagekit, go to settings, and change server in download from23:47
Roeyand if I don't23:47
PlughRoey, then I won't know what value you will need to use in the device.map file and on the kernel line in grub.conf23:48
RoeyI mean23:48
benjamin_dmatt: okay, i'll install kpackagekit and give that a shot23:48
RoeyPlugh: *lol* I didn't mean it like that, I meant that in case I do not see any such file(s), should I do something?23:49
dmattbenjamin_: it should be installed by default23:49
RoeyPlugh: lemme reboot ;) I'll see you in a few.23:49
Roeybtw, thanks23:49
benjamin_dmatt: it's not, so i'm installing it now23:49
dmattbenjamin_: could be changed in any tool you use for package management23:49
darrendwhere are acpi button events logged?23:50
ac13is evince broken for anyone else? I haven't been able to open pdfs for a couple of days...23:53
benjamin_dmatt: what do i change in kpackagekit...?23:54
dmattbenjamin_: in kpackagekit, go to settings, and change server in download from23:54
ac13actually I can't even start up evince23:55
benjamin_there's no "download from" button or field23:55
dmattbenjamin_: sorry, you must hit edit software sources button first23:57
oorahi still had the screen flickering problem today, a while after reporting the but. guess i'll just try the final release live boot and see if its fixed, if not i'll just stick with jaunty for a while23:57
benjamin_dmatt: all I have is "Main Server" or "United States". It's set to United States right now23:58
oorahanyone else have the screen brightness flickering problem?23:58
dmattbenjamin_: that should be allright...23:59
oorahbrb gotta restart23:59

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