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loolojn: We dont I'm afraid09:04
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eFfeMhi, i tried to install mythtv on jaunty on arm, but it complains about unmet dependencies for mythtv-frontend and mythtv-backend, any idea how to get mythtv on my system ?10:09
looleFfeM: It might be that some packages failed to build to have the set of packages in mythtv installable; this might be better in karmic (didn't check) but karmic requires armv6 + vfp10:24
eFfeMi know karmic requires armv6, and I am on a sheevaplug which is armv510:25
eFfeMapparently people managed to do a manual build10:25
eFfeMone of the issues seems to be that mythtv does not like qt4 so if libqt4-dev is installed it won't build10:27
eFfeMdoing this now ...10:27
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loologra: I revamped most of the bits in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BabbageKarmicInstall which had become inaccurate; mind reviewing?  The link is broken but should work after release16:59
ogralool, looks ok, i was planning to add another subpage about how to switch install modes (oem, only-ubiquity, or if you feel like, integrity check) ... redboot-cmdline makes that easy17:02
JamieBennettogra: That would be useful as I was playing with redboot stuff at the end of last week to little effect.17:28
ograwhat did you try ?17:32
* ogra just discovered a bug in redboot-cmdline ... it doesnt like slashes in cmdlines :)17:33
JamieBennettogra: I discovered another, there is no documentation :P17:34
ograit only has two options17:34
ograerr, three17:34
ogra(the -o isnt actually needed on sanely set up redboot partitions)17:35
JamieBennettI was trying to change boot options with redboot-install but ...17:35
JamieBennettI gave up17:35
ograwith redboot-install you also install a redboot binary, kernel and initramfs :)17:36
ograits purpose it to create a bootable partition17:36
JamieBennettdoh :)17:36
ograyou just used the wrong tool17:36
ograi agree it should grow manpages though :)17:37
ograits on my lucid todo already17:37
JamieBennettI was also hitting a brick wall with fconfig :(17:38
* ojn feels brave and does a dist-upgrade from jaunty to karmic on the pegatron18:07
loolojn: tell us how that goes   :-018:07
loolOnly some people at Canonical have the hardware and they just use a karmic chroot on an external harddrive18:07
loolojn: The biggest issue is lack of serial console, you need a special adapter I think18:07
ograi think you might run into kernel upgrade issues18:08
ograuserspace should be flawless though18:08
ojnlool: yeah, of course the system didn't come with that. I should be able to replace the kernel using the fconfig tools though, right?18:08
ograif it breaks it will break in initramfs setup or anything else related to the bootloader18:08
loolojn: Yes; did you get kernel source?18:08
loolojn: Our kernels don't support this particular board18:09
ogra(or kernel package)18:09
ojnlool: no idea18:09
loolojn: Actually fconfig is for redboot configuration; you want "fis" to replace the kernel18:09
ojnlool: really? Hmm.18:09
loolojn: Oh wait18:09
loolojn: Your kernel is actually in flash on these18:09
ograyeah, we wont break it ...18:09
loolojn: fis/fconfig are userspace tools to replace stuff on a SD18:09
ojnlool: Ugh. double fail.18:10
ograbut the packages might fail to install/upgrade18:10
ograas i said, bootloader, initramfs or kernel ... one of the three will likely break18:10
ojnOk. I'll just archive the hardware until there's reasonable hardware support then.18:10
ojnback to the ti boards instead. At least I can upgrade those myself.18:11
ograits unlikely that we'll ever support initramfs less setups ... which i think the pegatron uses18:12
ogra(in the distro releases that is)18:12
armin76ojn: put gentoo on it and gimme access *g*18:13
ojnRight. I used initram-less setups all the time on ppc18:13
ojnarmin76: Want me to put speed holes in it first?18:14
ograright, ubuntu uses initramfs for way to many things in userspace ... the general distro stuff will go on using it pretty sure18:14
ograoem images that are tailored for a certain task (like the jaunty on your pegatron) might not ... but then you have a cut down in features18:14
armin76ojn: yes :D18:14
ojnogra: what's the approach to deal with the platform proliferation anyway? I'm hoping both marvell and freescale allow multi-board kernels, even if arm overall doesn't allow multi-platform (marvell+freescale for example) kenrels at this time?18:15
loolojn: Did I mention that your kernel probably lacks a flash driver?18:15
ojnlool: yeah, looks like this is a piece of useless junk.18:16
loolojn: I think the driver is ready "upstream" now but I dont know whether it's public18:16
loolojn: *cough* sorry; that should fix itself pretty soon though18:16
armin76thats why its free :)18:16
ojnlool: that's sorta moot since I can't even boot a different kernel as far as I can tell18:16
ojnlool: how? without a flash driver, how do I replace the kernel?18:16
ojnarmin76: sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it?18:16
ograojn, afaik the lange patches arent fully compatible with the babbage patches  ... which likely keeps us from having a generic imx51 kernel18:17
ogracool, my only-ubiquity install passed fine :)18:17
ojnogra: that will just be a world of pain then18:17
ojnbut i'm sure people will work on fixing it over time. or they will go insane.18:18
ograluckily thats in the realm of the kernel team :P18:18
ograi only use their packages :)18:18
ograso they have to find a way :)18:19
loolojn: So below the board you have DIP switches18:19
ojnyeah. i'm guessing it's just not top prio for the first platforms18:19
loolojn: You can make it boot on micro SD18:19
loolojn: Which is also below the board18:19
ojnlool: ah, cool18:19
ojnyeah, I noticed that18:19
loolojn: That's the setup which Efika MX / Genesi uses18:19
armin76can't you netboot it?18:19
armin76tftpboot, that is18:20
ojnnot sure of redboot has tftp client?18:20
ograit can get kernels from http at least18:20
ograbut you need to configure it18:20
ograwhich means you need access to fconfig18:20
ograwhich in turn doesnt support flash atm18:20
ojnor at least a serial console? :)18:20
armin76can't you do it on the bootloader itself?18:20
ograojn, well, if you have a proper redboot setup, redboot-tools will just work18:21
ojnogra: ok. I will tread lightly until I have a serial console available so I at least can recover from misconfiguration.18:22
ograojn, which means you need neither a serial console nor flash support ... use an SD card use redboot-install and redboot-cmdline with your own kernel and initramfs18:22
ojnogra: heh, ok18:22
ogrause the DIP switch method lool pointed out18:22
armin76serial console is cool18:22
armin76ojn: does it have vga?18:23
ograthen use an SD with redboot-install, your initramfs and kernel ... then you can use userspace/rootfs as you like18:23
ojnarmin76: yes, it has vga but the framebuffer driver initializes (late) in linux18:24
ojnogra: thanks, will take a look. need to order another microsd, the one I have I use on the overo.18:24
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BabbageImageFromScratch should largely get you going (you will likely need your own redboot binary too for lange though)18:26
armin76why didn't they use uboot?18:26
ograuboot is underway ... but still immature18:26
ograand redboot works ...18:26
ojnu-boot isn't exactly great either18:27
ograand is now configurable without second machine, at least on our images/installs18:27
armin76ogra: whats the difference between the babbage and lange?18:27
ogradifferent SoC same arch ... so different kernel patches and bootloaders18:28
ograneither was published in time to make karmic18:28
ograi want lange support aside babbage in lucid though ... so i hope to get kernel and redboot patches for next round18:29
ojnAnyone here with a nokia n900, btw?18:31
armin76ogra has one18:32
ojnI think I scared him away. :)18:46
suihkulokkiojn: try #maemo for n900 users18:53
Stskeepsojn, yes, it could run ubuntu, if you truely wanted :P18:54
ali1234it wouldn't even be that hard18:54
Stskeepswe have multiboot already, and when you have something poking the watchdogs..18:54
ojnyeah, that was a bit offtopic. Wasn't asking with anything ubuntu in mind for it, just looking for someone who has one19:12
Stskeepswe have multiboot already, and when you have something poking the watchdogs..19:15
JamieBennettojn: I have an n900 too, so does ogra and Stskeeps at least19:17
ojnJamieBennett: cool. see /msg. :)19:18
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