DanRabbitAnyone here with pretty good knowledge of the Murrine engine?06:03
darkmatterans what's so special about them? they look like the same craptastic animations we've had in *nix for a few years now :)11:13
raceneed dvd-disk cover to version 9.1020:15
thorwilrace -v20:19
kwwiirace: DIYMArketing on the wiki20:36
* kwwii returns from the hospital, btw...I am still alive ;)20:36
ckontroskwwii: Damn. I was hoping to get you camera and equipt. :P20:38
SiDikwwii: why were you in hospital if i may ask?20:45
ckontrosSiDi: Hemorrhoids20:48
knomekwwii, you mean too much beer? ;)20:51
kwwiiSiDi: they did an agiogram and heart catheter to check out some recent problems I had (a light heart-attack, and such)20:58
kwwiiknome: I wish20:58
SiDikwwii: aw, thats bad :/20:59
kwwiiSiDi: all in all, it wasn't a fun day, but at least everything went well ;)21:03
SiDithats the most important21:03
SiDii hope you'll be fine with your heart :/21:04
knomeme too21:04
ckontrosMan. You guys are too nice. :P21:05
mac_vkwwii: aernt you a bit young for an ischemia? i guess , pretty dietary habits or is it hereditary?21:05
thorwildoes the angiogram(?) make good material for a wallpaper?21:08
mac_vlol ;p ... would look awesome though21:08
mac_vhmmm ,.. anyone know how... [In nautilus side pane ] to place nautilus bookmarks on top and the rest of the filesystems ,trash below?21:16
nixnuxhi there22:09

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