* BUGabundo /usr/local/bin/xfcre76 BUGabundo | tee /dev/sleep00:50
dtchenbdmurray: as usual, #409819 is one of those now-useless bug reports03:10
dtchenbdmurray: it needs some serious love, ideally constrained to the reporter's precise hardware03:10
dtchenbdmurray: no, they very much are for that bug report.03:19
dtchenbdmurray: it's quite possible that the bug is currently incorrectly affecting pulseaudio03:19
dtchenbdmurray: ideally I need Andres to reproduce this symptom using the 20061026.2 daily-live, and I need his apport-collect -p alsa-base info. From there, we can determine whether it's a regression in linux, and if so, whether installing linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic resolves it03:21
dtchenerr, 20091026.2, of course03:21
dtchennot three years ago ;-)03:22
dtchenbdmurray: does that help clarify the murkiness?03:23
bdmurraydtchen: yes, I think so03:28
VXxedIs anyone available that can help me with my laptop fan issue?  I have it fully documented here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130073303:40
VXxedIs anyone even in here..?03:52
Hobbseeyes, but most people are asleep now03:55
VXxedAnd I'm never online earlier.03:59
VXxedWell, rarely.03:59
CryingFreemanHi, there! I registered a bug with the 2.6.31-14 kernel. The 2.6.31-11 kernel boots, but not the -14 version. I figured that was an ubuntu problem and not an upstream issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/46173709:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 461737 in linux "Kernel 2.6.31-14-generic does not boot" [Undecided,New]09:42
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Chorcaany protocol for when a bug is labeled a duplicate of a private bug?12:45
thekornChorca: I think this info should be in the activity log of the bugreport12:50
thekornthere is a link to this page at the bottom of the page,12:50
thekornclose to the last comment12:51
Chorcajust says it's been marked as a duplicate12:55
ubot4Chorca: Error: This bug is private12:55
Chorcathe bug it was marked as a duplicate of is private12:56
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iktOct 28 03:43:11 ikt-desk bonobo-activation-server (ikt-14421): could not associate with desktop session: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-dDE0RcgFZf: Connection refused17:14
iktthat is bad17:14
iktkeyserver down?17:30
VXxedHey, is anyone here who can help me with what I think is an acpi issue?18:41
davmor2VXxed: try #ubuntu or #ubuntu+118:42
VXxedMmf.  As useful as ever.18:51
hggdhVXxed: I have a bit of time now18:52
VXxedAwesome, you're still around18:52
VXxedAlright, so since you last gave me advice18:53
VXxedI boot into grub and realized that I had no idea how to do anything there, BUT I also noticed that the fan was on18:53
VXxedAnd it turns off as soon as grub switches out into Ubuntu18:53
hggdhok. First thing we need is to look at the boot log -- please pastebin the output of 'dmesg'18:54
VXxedOne sec, lemme log into irc on the laptop itself18:55
VXxedIt seems like there's more info than scrolling space.  Am I right in that?18:56
hggdhVXxed: 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit'18:58
hggdhthen 'dmesg | pastebinit' and write here the resulting URL18:58
VXxedSorry by the way for not knowing the basics, I'm just trying to get by for now18:59
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VXxed1hggdh, so what do you think?19:09
hggdhVXxed: sorry, got drawn on another issue. Looking at it now19:09
VXxedNo problem at all19:10
hggdhVXxed: this is a laptop? With 8 cores?19:10
VXxed..No o_O;19:10
VXxedThis is a T4020D tablet laptop from fujitsu19:10
VXxedSingle core 1.73ghz19:11
hggdhVXxed: a quick look does not show any boot errors, at all19:13
hggdhand more to the point, no acpi errors19:14
VXxedThat's...really weird.19:14
VXxedBecause as soon as Ubuntu boots out of grub, the very second, the fans shut off.19:14
VXxedAnd only turn on again at extreme heats where it's almost too late to be of any use19:15
VXxedWhich I'm guessing is because the sensors don't pick up any temperatures19:16
VXxedhggdh: I stumbled upon a link two days ago where a guy had a similar issue in arch linux, which he fixed by correcting his DSDT table..and I found an ubuntu-specific guide in the wiki for fixing it19:17
VXxedBut that looked like it was really far into the software core, so I didn't want to start messing around with superior approval19:17
hggdhthis *might* work, if there is a ACPI-related issue. It was/is common for manufacturers to put out crappy ACPI code19:17
hggdhyou could try it, if the DSDT is for the same machine19:18
VXxedThe link was for reconfiguring ones own19:19
VXxedSo it might work?19:19
VXxedHere, lemme send you a link19:19
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hggdhit might. The problem is to understand what the code does. This is where a the acpi.info link I gave you might help19:23
VXxed700 pages of documentation though..sweet jesus.  I didn't even know where to start reading19:23
hggdhit will get worse...19:24
VXxedWouldn't it technically be possible to look at a windows acpi for my laptop and see where it's picking up access to the fans?19:25
hggdhthere are some packages dealing with sensors, like lm-sensors19:25
hggdhVXxed: the ACPI (i.e., the DTDT) is the same19:25
VXxedErm, not sure if I related my findings on that to you19:25
VXxedHere's my whole thing19:25
VXxedPost #3 deals with lm-sensors19:26
hggdhyes. All you need to modprobe is i2c-i801, and adm102119:31
hggdhyou do not seem to have smartbatt19:31
VXxedBut you saw what happened when I tried to run sensors :\19:31
hggdhyes. modprobe these two, and try sensors again19:32
VXxedAlright, lemme boot it back up19:32
VXxedI try not to keep it on for more than half an hour to an hour..get worried19:32
hggdhVXxed: you do not need to reboot19:33
hggdhload the modules, and try sensor again19:33
hggdhah. Sorry19:33
VXxedI just turned it off a little while ago19:33
VXxed1ronen@vxtablet:~$ sudo modprobe adm102119:36
VXxed1[sudo] password for ronen:19:36
VXxed1ronen@vxtablet:~$ sudo modprobe i2c-i80119:36
VXxed1ronen@vxtablet:~$ sensors19:36
VXxed1Adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 14e019:36
VXxed1Board Temp:   +0.0°C  (low  =  +0.0°C, high =  +0.0°C)19:36
VXxed1CPU Temp:     +0.0°C  (low  =  +0.0°C, high =  +0.0°C)19:36
hggdhVXxed: what version of Ubuntu?19:36
VXxed1Updating from 9.04 was the first thing I did to try to fix it..19:38
VXxed1Ironically, it shunned me from essentially all help.  Awesome :|19:38
hggdhVXxed: this, then, sounds like a real bug. I think you had one opened for this, did you not?19:41
VXxed1Indeed I did19:42
VXxed1But it would be good if you would look it over and see if there's anything I need to add19:43
hggdhbug #?19:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 461675 in ubuntu "Fans not spinning up..seemingly no ACPI information loaded" [Undecided,New]19:43
VXxedI'm adding the link to the boot log19:43
hggdhattach the boot log, it is better19:43
VXxedMmm, should I copy from the website and make a .txt?19:44
hggdhalso, attach the output of running sensor-detect, and the sensor run19:44
hggdhyes, make it a txt19:44
VXxed1Go right ahead19:44
VXxedhggdh: Should I include anything else, like uname -a or anything of that sort?19:58
iktanyone know where the config file is for gnome-system-log in karmic?20:05
hggdhVXxed: I do not think so20:15
VXxedOh.  Well, I'm adding uname -a, sudo lspci -vvnn, and sudo dmidecode20:15
VXxedBecause https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI said so20:15
VXxedFor filing bug reports20:15
VXxedShould I assign it to any specific package and/or person?20:20
dtchenplease do not assign bugs to anyone unless explicitly requested by the person.20:21
VXxedJust making sure20:22
VXxedThank you for all your help hggdh.  I'm glad someone was able to help me out with it...who knows where I'd be right now20:30
ikthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-utils/+bug/374320 <- do we send this upstream to debian ?20:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 374320 in gnome-utils "Gnome System Log Complains About btmp log permissions" [Low,Confirmed]20:36
iktbecause the help and man pages suggest it has been changed20:36
seb128ikt, you can send it to GNOME if you want20:39
iktthe thing is that it says in the man page the config file is20:39
seb128but I think there is already a bug about not displaying errors about logs not readable there20:39
ikt /etc/syslog.conf being the config file20:40
iktah ok20:40
iktbut /etc/syslog.conf doesn't exist locally20:40
seb128the config file is what?20:40
iktfor gnome-system-log20:40
seb128what is your issue exactly.?20:41
iktthere's no way to change any of the options20:41
iktit's just plain trying to read all the log files20:41
seb128what are you trying to change?20:41
seb128right, which is fine20:41
seb128it should just ignore the ones which are not there or readable20:41
iktthat sounds better than what I was chasing20:42
iktcheers :)20:43
seb128ikt, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56716920:44
ubot4Gnome bug 567169 in logview "could not open files error displayed for no good reason" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:44
seb128ikt, see that bug20:44
iktyeah that's the exact same bug I was on :D20:45
seb128ok good20:45
ZachK_hello all22:51
alex-weeejanyone know of USB Audio working on amd64?22:58
ZachK_alex-weeej, hmmm not sure23:19
alex-weeejZachK_, tested a Behringer UCA202 and it failed on 3 different amd64 systems but worked on one of the same ones running i686 jaunty23:20
alex-weeejclass compliant with no firmware23:20
alex-weeejabsolutely gutted23:20
alex-weeejwe were going to use it for our streaming server23:20
ZachK_alex-weeej, then i would say usb audio doesn't work...23:21
ZachK_bdmurray, help please..23:27
bdmurrayZachK_: with what?23:28
ZachK_bdmurray, how am i supposed to triage bugs if i can't set the importance of a bug23:28
ZachK_which is part of triaging23:28
bdmurrayZachK_: you can change the status of bugs after investigating them and if you find one that you need the importance set for you can ask someone in this channel23:29
ZachK_bdmurray, oh ok...i'm just trying to get into the bug control team which says that you need to have a list of triaged bugs...23:30
bdmurrayZachK_: it's possible to perform bug triage without setting the Triaged status or importance23:31
ZachK_bdmurray, ok...well i shall mail in my application then...will you be the one to review it?23:31
hggdhany of us will review it, ZachK_23:32
hggdhusually, at least two23:33
ZachK_now how do i keep a list?23:34
hggdhwell. You can write down the bugs, or keep the list in a draft email23:34
ZachK_ok..just making sure23:34
hggdhplease be sure to include what is the importance you would give to each of them, and why23:35
hggdhZachK_: the idea is to show us those bugs you consider the best work you have done on triaging. Please keep that in mind23:37

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