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pittiGood morning06:57
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didrocksgood morning pitti07:03
TheMusoHey pitti.07:43
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seb128hello there08:47
chrisccoulsonhello everyone08:49
pittihey chrisccoulson, good morning seb12808:50
seb128hey chrisccoulson pitti08:50
seb128how are you?08:51
pittichrisccoulson: btw, are you still looking for things to fix? bug 389322 is making a lot of people unhappy08:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389322 in pidgin "Yahoo server authentication changed: Pidgin =<2.5.6 will not connect to Yahoo! servers." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38932208:51
pittithis needs a backport of the yahoo bits to hardy08:51
chrisccoulsonhey pitti / seb12808:52
seb128those u-d-d discussions are annoying08:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - i can take a look at that, but i don't know the pidgin code all that well08:52
chrisccoulsoni might be able to figure it out though:)08:52
Laneythat stuff was really annoying to backport to hardy when i looked at it08:53
seb128"don't ship karmic it's not ready, there is some graphical things some users don't like and dvd playing doesn't work perfectly in totem yet"08:53
seb128yeah, right...08:53
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i saw that one too08:54
chrisccoulsonand the replies to digest's are annoying too08:54
huatsmorning everyone08:54
seb128hey huats08:57
huatshey seb12808:57
huatshow are you08:57
huatsbusy busy busy I imagine08:57
seb128bit tired and waiting for karmic08:57
huatsbit tired too08:57
huatsand otherwise could be worst08:58
huatsstill waiting...08:58
didrockslut seb128, hey chrisccoulson08:58
huatsand very busy with the company08:58
seb128lut  didrocks08:58
huats(which is great I agree)08:58
seb128huats, ok, good luck, business is good for you now?08:58
huatsseb128, starts to be good08:58
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks08:59
huatsneed to see if it is just the end of the year08:59
huatsor if it will be like this early next year08:59
huatsbut the nov/dec are just madness :)08:59
chrisccoulsonhello huats09:06
huatshey chrisccoulson09:11
seb128I need to get used to see rickspencer3 so early there09:14
seb128I need to get used to see rickspencer3 so early there09:14
seb128hey rickspencer309:14
rickspencer3hi seb12809:14
pittihey rickspencer309:16
rickspencer3hi pitti09:19
rickspencer3jono, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8326264.stm09:35
rickspencer3good morning asac09:39
asacmorning rick ;)09:40
asachow is the london weather?09:40
davmor2rickspencer3: It's great isn't it, it's almost like a review :)09:40
rickspencer3asac, rainy, chilly ... so pretty normal09:40
rickspencer3davmor2, yeah, pretty cool09:40
davmor2rickspencer3: sorry for a second I thought that was the weather report for London :D09:41
rickspencer3pitti, good news wrt to the empathy patch09:42
* rickspencer3 crosses fingers09:42
pittirickspencer3: wrt. my report, or did you hear other positive ones?09:43
rickspencer3your report09:43
asacpitti: can we remove firefox-3.0 from the archive completely? or is it ok to have it superseded in universe?09:53
asaci have opened bug 46178209:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461782 in firefox-3.0 "remove firefox-3.0 from archive." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46178209:55
pittiasac: checking09:55
pittiasac: done, bug updated; thanks!09:57
asactoo bad that bfilter still rdepends on xulrunner-1.9 ... i think without that we could get rid of that too09:57
asacpitti: thanks could you chcek if bfilter is really the last that still requires 1.9?09:57
pittiasac: hm, I commented on that one yesterday, and there were a fair number of rdepends still (I copied checkrdepends)09:58
asacwhat bug was that ;)09:58
* asac searches09:58
asacpitti: sure that was xulrunner-1.9 bug?10:00
asacwe fixed two more rdepends yesterdayy10:00
pittiasac: bug 45619110:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456191 in xulrunner-1.9 "remove xulrunner-1.9 from archive or demote to universe" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45619110:01
asacfix released ... thats why i didnt find it10:01
asacmozilla-helix-player -> fixed in archive10:02
asacthen nevermind10:02
asacwe went through what we found in Sources/Pakcages three times10:02
asacsugar-hulahop is also fixed10:03
asacpitti: google-gadgets is build dep xulrunner-dev | xulrunner-1.9-dev10:04
asacthats ok10:04
seb128pitti, do you know where the bugs about floppy drives being listed in devicekit-disks when there is none should go?10:09
pittiseb128: usually that's a kernel bug (detecting an fd if there is none)10:09
seb128pitti, I reassigned 2 of those to devicekit-disks now10:09
pittiasac: there might be some false positives on the list due to alternative b-deps, yes10:09
pittiseb128: ok, will look10:09
seb128should I move them to linux? what log would you need?10:10
pittiseb128: dmesg and lspci, I think10:10
seb128ok thanks10:10
seb128I will ask for those10:10
asacpitti: updated10:10
asacpitti: the bug10:10
pitti"udevadm info --export-db" can't hurt either, I think10:10
asacits just bfilter10:10
pittiasac: ah, the rest is alternative deps?10:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456191 in xulrunner-1.9 "remove xulrunner-1.9 from archive or demote to universe" [Undecided,Fix released]10:10
asacpitti: yes10:10
asacpitti: let me double check the ones i said "fixed in archive" ... aka mozilla-helix-player10:11
asacand python-hulahop10:11
pittiasac: reopened, and sub'ed; please followup on the bug, will look in an hour10:14
pittiI'm off for a bit for a doctor appointment10:14
seb1282 hours to go through night bug emails10:29
asacseb128: how long was that night ... 3 hours :-P?10:30
* seb128 slaps asac10:30
seb128asac, that's not because you are slow that we all are there!10:31
asacseb128: i rather ment it the other way around10:31
asace.g. 3 hours sleep -> 2 hours bugs10:31
asace.g. too many mails10:32
seb128right too many emails that was my point10:32
seb1282 hours in the morning is crazy10:32
seb128usually it takes me half an hour10:32
asacyeah but would be even crazier if you just slept 3 hours10:32
asaci am quite openly saying that i cannot read all bug mail10:32
asaci can either do bugmail 100% of time10:32
asacor try to just spot the important ones :/10:33
seb128to be fair I had a long night break10:33
seb128ie I stopped at 7pm yesterday until 9am today10:33
asacthats efficient then10:33
asacor maybe means hat karmic is in good shape10:33
seb128well I just read quickly through desktop bugs10:34
seb128I want to spot things for sru-ing10:34
asacme too10:35
asaci will start doing 100% bugwork the next few days10:35
seb128I'm find a better balance this cycle between spending too much time on bugs or overlooking those10:35
seb128I try to read quickly through10:35
seb128use greasemonly a lot to quickly close duplicates etc10:35
seb128and milestone other things10:35
seb128what I really want now is a "I don't care about your bug" button10:36
seb128which takes the bug off the buglist or something10:36
asaci thought about that too10:36
seb128there is ton of valid wishlist I don't care about and we will never work on10:36
seb128or corner issues10:36
asacseb128: you could create a black-sheep account and then filter bugs out that have that user subscrbied10:37
seb128like "I get this issue after tweaking those 6 compiz options and those 3 gconf keys"10:37
seb128I could as well use tags...10:37
seb128no need of a fake account10:37
asacyeah but tags can be removed by others10:38
asacwhile others cannot unsubscribe someone10:38
asacso if you want a dead sink ... use accounts10:38
asacbut you ar eright. tags are probably good10:38
seb128yeah I think tags would be good enough10:38
seb128ok, done with bug triage now, let's do some iso testing10:39
asacoh iso testing10:39
asac... much neglected this cycle ... *cough*10:39
* asac gets an iso image for usb key test10:39
asacdo we know what happened to meeting time now that we are out of summer time in europe?11:00
davmor2asac: the meetings are still utc no?11:01
asacidk ;)11:02
sorenWhat is the blessed way to run stuff as root from .desktop files nowadays?11:02
asaci only know that it was always confusing ;)11:02
soren...for something that does not natively support policykit, of course.11:03
asacsoren: i think the idea is policykit11:03
asacand if not, there is only the good old way11:03
sorenasac: And what is that? gksudo? gksu? Something else that I've forgotten about?11:05
asacbut only 90% sure11:08
asacwe dont have that many apps that need root ... mvo ?11:08
* asac checks iso11:18
mvoasac: no, not that many.11:25
mvoasac: still some though11:25
asac_empathymvo: they use gksudo?11:25
mvowell, gksu11:25
mvoand we default to sudo mode there11:25
asac_empathysoren: see above11:25
* soren nods11:26
sorenmvo, asac_empathy: Thanks.11:26
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pittiasac, seb128: FWIW, I gave up trying to read all bug mail from all packages I'm interested in; it just doesn't work :-(11:39
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seb128pitti, you are interested in too many thing?11:39
pittiat least I now don't need to have a bad conscience any more about not reading hal bugs at all :)11:40
pittiit was one of those packages which get all kinds of weird sh*t11:40
mvoasac: I have a somewhat unusual kvm setup here, but there NM tells me my wired device is not managed. however it is added by something to /etc/network/interfaces11:42
mvoasac: eh, nevermind11:42
mvoasac: strange setup11:42
seb128pitti, I don't find hard to read bugs, it's usually like a 1 hour a day job11:42
seb128and I do stock reply on quite some to count one hour a day11:42
pittiseb128: I guess that's just enough to browse through and pick out the nasty ones?11:43
* mvo discovered with delight that qemu can do stuff like "pci_add auto nic model=e1000"11:43
pittiseb128: (which is fine; it's by and large what I do as well)11:43
pittiseb128: I usually browse through the web ui list for new bugs, though11:43
seb128pitti, yes, I'm not interested in reply to every issue users can have there11:43
seb128I just want to know about things that should be milestoned or srued11:43
pittiI'm not subscribed to apport/devicekit-disks/jockey/etc.; I just individually subscribe to the ones where I ask for more info11:43
pittiseb128: sounds fine; just ensure it doesn't ruin your mental health :)11:44
seb128don't worry ;-)11:44
seb128I also like to know what bugs are really active on launchpad11:45
seb128those are usually things users care about too11:45
pittiasac: ok, so want me to remove bfilter, too?11:45
seb128I would use the web ui if I had a I don't care button to filter things out of the bug lists11:45
pittiseb128: yeah, I guess that's a little different for my workflow; for apport, I look at all the new ones and set them to incomplete (and subscribe) or triaged, or close the ones I fixed in the meamtime11:47
pittisame for dk-disks11:47
pittibut I'm upstream for both of those, so it's a little different11:47
seb128the issue with that is that once a bug is triaged you sort of ignore it11:48
seb128it could get a thousand duplicate you would not notice11:48
seb128or comments rather11:48
asacpitti: yes. it hasnt seen any upstream release for ages11:52
asacand for the sake of getting the security nightmare out i think its worthwhile to drop11:52
asacmvo: figured what added something to interfaces?11:53
asacmvo: did you get my offer to fix apt yesterday ;)11:54
asacmvo: i wanted to factor out the "is_valid_filename_char" ... as it seems to be done in various places (and for preferences.d there is no "." allowed)11:54
asacso a) do you want that ... b) where to put such general utility funcs?11:55
pittiasac: want me to blacklist it as well? it was removed from debian testing, but not from sid11:55
mvoasac: contrib/strutil.cc or contrib/fileutil.cc11:55
mvoasac: probably the former11:55
mvoasac: good idea!11:55
asacpitti: afaik debian has xul 1.9.1 ... so if a new upload happens in debian it will probably for that 1.9.1 port11:55
pittiasac: right, debian has a "xulrunner" package and that's 1.9.111:56
pittiok, not blacklisting then11:56
mvoasac: I can do it between upgrade tests too if you want11:56
pittiasac: hah, bfilter never actually built11:56
asacmvo: no ... i want to submit at least one merge in my life ;)11:56
asacpitti: yes. because the js api changed11:56
asacit uses JS_..BranchCallback which wes dropped without any valid replacement11:57
pittiseb128: minor request: can you please subscribe me to bugs, not assign?12:19
pittiseb128: I want to avoid having all the incomplete ones on my +assignedbugs page12:19
pittiI'm subscribed, so I'll timely respond to them either way12:19
seb128pitti, ok will do, sorry about though I was not sure which one were reaching you nowadays12:19
pittiseb128: no need to be sorry, no problem12:19
pittiseb128: they both reach me12:19
* seb128 hugs pitti12:20
pittimerci! *hug*12:20
seb128pitti, and let me know if I should stop subscribing you to those keyboard and eject issues12:20
pittiseb128: oh, please continue to do so12:20
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pittiit seems that several people are affected by this "Multiple layouts in /etc/default/console-setup" issue12:20
seb128I think you know how to debug those bugs since you worked on some of this changes12:21
pittino idea where it comes from, but it's easy to set manually and thus not hard to fix12:21
seb128right, I was wondering if the installer can set several in some cases too12:21
seb128I see that you replied on the upstream bug about stopping to define cdrom entries in fstab too12:21
seb128seems it's leading to quite some issues12:22
seb128it also leads to have nautilus not refreshing it's view on eject12:22
pittiyeah, cdrom in fstab is 3v1l12:23
pittiI just keep telling people to remove those12:23
* pitti cd kitchen && lunch12:23
* seb128 just back from lunch12:24
seb128pitti, enjoy12:24
kenvandineseb128, hey12:27
seb128hello kenvandine12:27
seb128how are you?12:27
kenvandineseb128, your last change to empathy, adding the symbols12:27
kenvandinebreaks building it12:28
kenvandinenot sure what is up12:28
kenvandineobviously it built for the archive12:28
kenvandinebut doesn't build locally, in pbuilder or in my ppa12:28
kenvandinei had to remove those12:28
seb128you already said you didn't have the symbols in your build log12:28
* asac lunch and errands bbiw12:28
seb128are those conditional to some build option?12:29
kenvandinei had to remove them to build it in my ppa12:29
kenvandinei have looked to closely12:29
kenvandinei do have the leak fix built into a ppa and asked folks to test12:30
seb128kenvandine, dunno about the symbol issue though12:32
seb128kenvandine, do you track bug #450290 too?12:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450290 in empathy "empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45029012:52
seb128kenvandine, it got another duplicate today12:52
kenvandineso about that one... do we have a way of looking for libs that haven't been updated properly?12:53
seb128what do you mean?12:53
kenvandinelike a failed update, leaving around old files12:54
kenvandinethat's kind of what they were suggesting was the case12:54
seb128which file would create an issue and why?12:54
kenvandinenot sure, but notice he re-installed and it worked fro him12:55
seb128that's weird12:55
seb128I would rather say it's a coincidence12:55
kenvandineyeah, this is one i know i had re-produced and confirmed fixing12:57
kenvandineor maybe the transition between versions wasn't great12:58
kenvandinedoubt that would be it actually12:59
kenvandinethis is from empathy itself, not libempathy12:59
seb128kenvandine, not sure if bug #459274 is the same13:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459274 in empathy "Empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke() when receiving a file through a jabber connection" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45927413:02
chrisccoulsonkenvandine - you sure that crash is not from libempathy?13:03
chrisccoulsonit starts because empathy_contact_list_get_monitor returns a NULL pointer13:03
chrisccoulsonand that then gets passed to g_signal_connect, which will make it crash13:03
chrisccoulsonframe 2 of the stack trace:13:04
chrisccoulsonmonitor = (EmpathyContactMonitor *) 0x013:04
kenvandinechrisccoulson, could be13:04
pittiseb128: do you know if bug 381116  is the same as bug 428884? I. e. does totem use g-screensaver --poke ?13:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 381116 in totem "Screensaver not inhibited while playing movies" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38111613:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428884 in gnome-screensaver "gnome-screensaver --poke functionality does no longer inhibit screen blanking" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42888413:22
chrisccoulsoni might have overlooked something really stupid here, but to me, it seems like EmpathyTpContactList doesn't implement get_monitor, which would make empathy_contact_list_get_monitor return NULL and trigger this crash13:22
chrisccoulsonbut i've only had a quick look, i should be doing work really13:23
Zdrachrisccoulson, to me the whole concept of EmpathyContactMonitor is wrong. I have no idea why we added that13:24
* pitti updates https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus13:24
pittirickspencer3: ^ FYI13:24
seb128pitti, I don't think it's the same issue13:24
* asac lurks on releasestatus13:24
* pitti removes obsolete and confusing commentary from there, please reload13:25
chrisccoulsonZdra - yeah, I don't know the empathy code too well, so I can't really have a well-informed opinion ;)13:25
chrisccoulson I just had a quick look because of a crash some users are seeing13:26
chrisccoulsonpitti - totem (correctly) uses the gnome-session inhibit interface13:26
chrisccoulsonlike VLC should do ;)13:26
pittiright, I figured13:26
kenvandinepitti, btw jcastro seems to be getting that crash with the leak fix version... so perhaps you are just lucky13:26
pittiwhich made me wonder why the totem one is "fix committed"13:26
pittikenvandine: entirely possible13:26
chrisccoulsonZdra - http://launchpadlibrarian.net/33599139/Stacktrace.txt is the crash I just took a quick look at13:27
kenvandinepitti, good news is he can very easily trigger it13:27
seb128pitti, the bug watch points to "web browser plugin doesn't inhibit screensaver"13:27
seb128pitti, which is fixed in 2.28.213:27
kenvandinebasically during a chat, he closes the chat window and then starts a new chat via the contact list13:27
kenvandineand it crashes13:27
pittiseb128: ah; but it would still fail because of 42888413:27
seb128pitti, so there is probably a mix of different issues there13:27
pittikenvandine: sounds familiar13:28
Zdrachrisccoulson, drop the libindicator patch ?13:28
seb128pitti, no, I think totem use the gnome-session api13:28
Zdrachrisccoulson, must be related to that, I never say such crash in upstream13:28
chrisccoulsonthat's not really an option for me at the moment, as I'm at work, and I can't trigger the crash ;)13:28
pittiseb128: ah, so it's not affected by the --poke thing?13:28
seb128Zdra, could you stop making such comments every day?13:29
seb128pitti, I don't think so but should be confirmed13:29
seb128Zdra, I could suggest drop empathy which would be almost as constructive13:29
asacjcastro: how do you reproduce the empathy crash?13:34
asacfor me empathy works ;)13:38
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seb128pitti, I can't confirm the totem issue there13:40
seb128pitti, I just tried it inhibit correctly screen13:40
chrisccoulsonWFM too13:40
kenvandineasac, here is what he is doing13:40
kenvandinehe is chatting with me and closes the chat window13:40
kenvandinethen immediately goes to the contact list and double clicks on me to start a new chat13:40
kenvandineand it crashes almost every time13:41
kenvandineempathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)13:41
kenvandinei can't reproduce that13:41
asackenvandine: jabber?13:41
asaci guess empathy doesnt support gpg ?13:41
kenvandineupstream thinks it was a leak, which was clearly there13:41
* asac wonders if he can migrate there13:41
kenvandinei fixed that13:41
asacyeah i remember that discussion13:42
kenvandinepitti was getting the crash pretty frequently13:42
kenvandinewith the leak fixed, it hasn't crashed for him13:42
jcastroasac: I just close a window and then initiate a conversation13:43
jcastroasac: so never when I respond to someone, only when I start up a conversation13:44
seb128kenvandine, want to do the sru?13:44
cassidyyou should really ship empathy
cassidyI fixed a lof of nasty bugs13:44
seb128cassidy, right, it's on my "to sru" list ;-)13:45
seb128kenvandine, I was about to do it now let me know if you prefer to do it13:45
asackenvandine: where is the leak fixed version?13:45
kenvandineseb128, let me...13:45
seb128pitti, ^ do you think it's fine to fix libindicate and update in the same update?13:45
asaci assume it didnt end up in karmic?13:45
kenvandinein my empathy ppa13:45
seb128pitti, ^ do you think it's fine to fix libindicate and update the version in the same update?13:46
pittiseb128: sure, if the other changes are SRU compliant13:46
asackenvandine: have a .dsc?13:46
kenvandineasac, one sec13:46
seb128pitti, yes it's a bug fix only GNOME update13:46
pittiseb128: my opinion didn't change in the last 1.5 seconds :-)13:46
asacthx i can check too ... but inet is slow ;)13:46
seb128pitti, I added some words to clarify the "update in the same update" ;-)13:46
seb128kenvandine, ok13:46
kenvandineasac, https://edge.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+archive/empathy/+packages13:47
kenvandineyou can grab the source there13:47
kenvandineor debs13:47
asacheh. thatts not a .dsc, but thanks. let me grab it13:47
kenvandineasac, there is a .dsc there :)13:47
asacok out for a bit testing stuff13:49
asacNM et al13:49
seb128rickspencer3's reminding landed in my launchpad bugsbox14:08
=== bjf-afk is now known as bjf
seb128pitti, s14:12
pitti-EFOCUS, sorry14:12
seb128pitti, is it worth trying current iso or will we get a respin?14:14
pittiseb128: we'll get a respin very soon for an ubiquity fix14:14
pittiseb128: (OEM installer with encrypted home dirs)14:14
pittibut "trying" for testing is always appreciated14:14
seb128let me try the "reinstall but don't wipe user dir" on my netbook14:15
chrisccoulsonwow, i'm going to have to do a hardy install later14:26
chrisccoulsonthat's going to seem ancient ;)14:26
pittichrisccoulson: for pidgin? back when I did security updates, a mere chroot was more than enough for that..14:40
pedro_could anybody reproduce bug 404351 ?14:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404351 in nautilus "nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in exit()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40435114:42
pedro_i still don't managed to reproduce it here, it's getting a lot of dups and there's no easy way to reproduce it besides just login in14:42
pedro_we're still missing a good backtrace there though :-/14:43
* pedro_ kicks nautilus14:43
seb128I expect it's a crash at session closing14:43
seb128ie it's a non issue14:43
seb128we just don't know how to filter those automatically14:43
pedro_right i was thinking it was as session closing, because of the exit() function there, but the comments said it's at login, so i'm a bit lost14:45
seb128pedro_, well, you close the session, nautilus crashes, when will you see apport?14:46
pedro_seb128, good point14:47
kenvandinecassidy, just noticed something about bug 40853014:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408530 in empathy "empathy assertion failure: empathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40853014:54
kenvandinecassidy, it was originally filed against 2.26.1 which didn't have the libindicate patch14:54
Zdrakenvandine, the crash happens if EmpathyChat object is leaked. We fixed another bug in upstream that had that same issue14:55
kenvandineok, the leak was real for sure14:55
kenvandineand my fix did work for jcastro and pitti went quite a while without a crash but just got one14:55
jcastroI am still not crashed!14:55
kenvandineand jcastro could reproduce it very easily14:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - is bug 454487 ok for a SRU?15:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454487 in gnome-desktop "The program 'gnome-settings-daemon' received an X Window System error. During on a FreeNX server suring a session. The crash does not happen when xrandr plugin is disabled." [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45448715:03
chrisccoulsonstgraber has already tested the patch and confirms it works15:03
chrisccoulson(the patch is in my PPA currently, but i will prepare a debdiff later)15:03
seb128chrisccoulson, seems a good sru candidate indeed15:06
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks!15:06
pittichrisccoulson: sounds fine; how intrusive is it?15:07
pittichrisccoulson: i. e. regression potential for normal local usage?15:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - the patch is here: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/34294574/gnome-desktop_1%3A2.28.1-0ubuntu2_1%3A2.28.1-0ubuntu3~chrisccoulson1.diff.gz15:07
chrisccoulsonit just traps X errors when calling XRRGetScreenResources15:08
chrisccoulsonunder these circumstances, the xrandr plugin would be disabled15:08
pittichrisccoulson: seems fine15:09
chrisccoulsonthanks, i'll prepare a debdiff for that later15:09
pittiseb128: still planning/doing that test install on your netbook?15:12
seb128pitti, yes, I'm writting iso to usb key right now15:12
pittiseb128: the "keep old files" is broken right now unfortunately15:12
seb128pitti, want me to try something?15:12
pittiseb128: it doesn't clean up /var and /usr15:12
seb128oh ok15:13
pittiseb128: would be great if you could postpone that; I think we'll have new images in some 2 hours15:13
pittiand then we need to test that mode15:13
seb128thanks for letting me know15:13
pittinice timing15:14
pitticjwatson just found it15:14
hggdhseb128: it ends up that there was a hard limit of 100 cache pages for SQLite in Evo. A patch has just been commited upstream for 2.28 and trunk15:16
seb128hggdh, did anybody notice a different with other cache values?15:16
hggdhI had 3 responses from my query to evolution-hackers, all positive. This will only make a difference on large folders.db15:17
hggdhno negative responses15:17
seb128right, I'm just wondering how much difference it makes15:17
seb128rather curious than discussion the change being correct15:17
hggdhwe have not yet tested different cache sizes. The default is 2000, but I am not sure if I have a large enough DB to make a difference if I increase it15:18
seb128hggdh, pedro_: there is a zillion e-d-s crash bugs on launchpad btw15:18
hggdhwhat we did was simply take out the hard limit of 100 pages15:18
seb128it's new from this cycle, lot of random dbus crashes15:18
seb128not sure if there should all be dupped from one bug or something15:18
seb128hggdh, ok thanks15:18
hggdhseb128: will look at the EDS crashes15:19
seb128hggdh, I guess that will go with the next evolution update or sru in karmic15:19
seb128hggdh, thanks15:19
pedro_i'll take a look into that15:19
hggdhI agree15:19
seb128pedro_, thanks too15:19
hggdhseb128: depending on results, we might want to consider a SRU to Jaunty15:19
hggdher, backporting the fix15:20
seb128though I doubt many user will care about jaunty after karmic15:20
seb128it's not a lts15:20
hggdhoh, yes. Forgot, sorry15:21
kenvandineseb128, building empathy i get this:15:25
kenvandine- empathy_location_manager_dup_singleton@Base 2.28.1-1ubuntu115:25
kenvandine- empathy_location_manager_get_type@Base 2.28.1-1ubuntu115:25
kenvandine+#MISSING: empathy_location_manager_dup_singleton@Base 2.28.1-1ubuntu115:25
kenvandine+#MISSING: empathy_location_manager_get_type@Base 2.28.1-1ubuntu115:25
kenvandinewhich is the ones you added, should i push as is and let you try to reproduce that?15:26
seb128yes please15:26
seb128kenvandine, building, I will let you know in a minute15:40
seb128kenvandine, do you still plan to update the changelog? you dropped half of the NEWS summary apparently and you can probably close some bugs too15:41
kenvandineseb128, they are dupes from 2.28.115:45
seb128kenvandine, oh ok15:45
seb128kenvandine, empathy builds fine there15:45
kenvandineso weird15:46
kenvandinei had the same build failure in the ppa15:46
seb128what arch do you use?15:46
kenvandinelocally it was x8615:46
kenvandinethe ppa failed for all the arches15:46
seb128$ nm -D debian/libempathy-gtk28/usr/lib/libempathy-gtk.so.28 | grep empathy_location_manager_get_type15:46
seb12800049b20 T empathy_location_manager_get_type15:46
seb128in the build dir15:47
* kenvandine does the same15:47
sailorwie kan mij helpen, please15:47
seb128sailor, #ubuntu15:47
kenvandineseb128, returns nothing15:47
seb128kenvandine, ok, so for some reason the symbol is not in the lib for you15:47
sailormijn ubuntu os crasht denk dat het met ATI catalyst driver te maken heeft15:48
sailorwie kan mij helpen?15:48
seb128sailor, it's an english speaking channel15:49
seb128sailor, try #ubuntu or #ubuntu-<locale> for user questions15:49
sailorOkay sorry15:49
pittisailor: #ubuntu-nl exists15:50
sailoryou can not help me?15:50
kenvandineseb128, i bet you have libchamplain and geoclue installed15:53
kenvandineseb128, look at config.log, you are building it with location awareness15:53
seb128kenvandine, no15:53
seb128$ dpkg -l | grep libchamplain15:53
seb128libgeoclue is installed though15:54
kenvandineoh... yeah i think that is enough15:54
seb128weird that it did build in the official archive though15:54
kenvandinevery weird15:55
seb128I'm dropping those now15:55
seb128and adding some bug reference in the changelog15:55
Riddellrickspencer3: when is the meeting today?16:15
pittiwell, the wiki page says 1630 UTC, so it should be an hour earlier than last week (with DST being gone)?16:23
asaci would think so16:25
kenvandineso in 5m right?16:25
asacat least if we follow the calendar16:26
asacaccording to calendar its 6:30 ... still16:26
asaci would prefer 5:30 if everyone is here ;)16:26
asac... feel a bit tired today16:27
seb128the meeting should be in one hour no?16:27
asacno ;)16:27
bryce_rick is in london this week, fwiw16:27
asacno. the question was in 3 minutes or in 1h16:27
seb128we usually keep european time no?16:28
asaclast time there was disagreement of calendar and wiki we said wiki16:28
asacis the proper source for time info16:28
kenvandineshould be 1630 UTC right?16:28
asacthat says in 2m16:28
seb128no, 1730UTC16:28
pittiseb128: our wiki page says UTC..16:28
asac i think it should be 1730 in future16:28
seb128usually we kept constant european hours16:28
asacquestion is if we should use 1630 this time16:28
pittihm; I hoped we'd get it a little earler, but oh well :)16:29
seb1281730 collide with my weekly call with rick16:29
asacas wiki is the public source for the time16:29
asaci prefer 1630 ... so on pitti's side16:29
asacseb128: that feels like fixable16:29
pittiI'm fine with either, though; if 1730 UTC causes fewer conflicts, let's keep it16:29
seb128asac, it's fixable either way yes16:29
seb128I just said that until now we mostly kept constant utc times16:30
asaci am fine with both ... just would like to follow wiki today :-P16:30
seb128I'm there for the meeting if it's now16:31
rickspencer3it's now?16:31
asacwiki says so ;)16:32
rickspencer3my calendar says in one hour16:32
asaccalendar not16:32
seb128rickspencer3, we were arguing over it16:32
seb128rickspencer3, I said one hour but other say now16:32
asaci would prefer to follow wiki if everyone is here16:32
seb128we have the issue every dst ;-)16:32
rickspencer3I think Google Calendar is confused with different time zones16:32
rickspencer3ok, let's go16:32
ArneGoetjeplease stick to UTC, makes things easier :)16:32
asacvery good16:32
rickspencer3ArneGoetje, asac, ccheney,16:33
ArneGoetjerickspencer3: here16:33
rickspencer3pitti, seb128, br16:33
* bryce_ waves16:33
asac20-char column mode ;)?16:33
* pedro_ waves16:33
* awe waves for my last desktop meeting16:33
* asac waves16:33
rickspencer3no till?16:33
asacawe: 6 month is way too short :(16:34
rickspencer3awe's last team meeting?16:34
awewell, i'm not disappearing completely...16:34
rickspencer3hi kenvandine16:34
kenvandineawe, we'll still drink with you at UDS :)16:34
pittiawe: thanks for your work in our team; was a pleasure16:34
asacfor sure16:34
awethanks for having me.  i have a much better appreciation of what you all do.  ;)16:35
rickspencer3ready for the agenda?16:35
pitticcheney: likewise, will you return to desktop full time next week?16:35
rickspencer3pitti, ccheney the answer is "yes" ;)16:36
ccheneypitti: yes, pretty much been that way for the past two weeks to get OOo under control16:36
rickspencer3pitti, the first two agenda items were yours16:37
rickspencer3do you want to take it away?16:37
rickspencer3    * Check your bugs for things which should be SRUed16:37
rickspencer3    * Think about your personal lucid goals/wishlist until next week16:37
pittithey pretty much speak for themselves16:37
pittiso, for SRU bugs16:37
pittiI updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus today16:38
pittiand it seems there's not that much which needs urgent post-RC fixing16:38
pittibut if you have something, please go ahead and turn your bugs into SRU bugs (justification, subscribe ubuntu-sru)16:38
pittiand please already upload16:38
pittikarmic-proposed is open for upload16:38
rickspencer3what about the empathy crasher?16:38
pittiI'll review/accept those right after release16:38
seb128uploaded one minute ago now16:38
seb128I'm doing the paper work for the empathy update16:39
pittirickspencer3: the patch seems to make it better, but it still happens16:39
seb128kenvandine did the actual update16:39
pittithe original crash predates the indicator patch16:39
seb128pitti, oh, you got it again?16:39
seb128pitti, the original crash was fixed upstream16:39
kenvandinerickspencer3, jcastro could consistently reproduce the bug and my patch fixed it for him16:39
pittiseb128: once so far16:39
rickspencer3so I saw kenvandine's comment on the bug16:39
asaci think we should check a day or two if we can find the full fix for empathy16:39
kenvandinebut pitti did hit the crash one more time16:39
rickspencer3ok, that's good, at lease one crasher is solved16:39
asacunless folks say its fixed.16:39
pittiseb128: oh, I didn't try the new release yet, just the patch16:39
seb128pitti, no, I mean before karmic16:39
seb128what leads to the crash is a leak16:40
pittianyway, just wanted to point out the procedure for SRU16:40
kenvandinethere might be other leaks that cause the same problem16:40
seb128there was one in upstream code which has been fixed16:40
seb128and the libindicate has some others16:40
seb128we need to find maybe yet another codepath leaking16:40
pittiseb128: our patch + new upstream version together might well fix it16:40
asackenvandine: i looked at the patch and wondered why you didnt do the g_signal_connect_data thing to free the cb_data ?16:40
pittithe other piece:16:40
pittiasac: let's continue the details after meeting, shall we?16:40
asacgo ahead16:41
pittiI guess on Friday we'll all chill out and do something easy, like catch up on mail and something16:41
* seb128 is taking a vac day again16:41
rickspencer3are there other SRUable bugs that should be on our ReleaseStatus page?16:41
asaci will hopefully do holiday ;)16:41
pittibut for meeting next week I'm curious about everyone's ideas for lucid16:41
pittino fine-grained plans, just some rough ideas what you would like to work on16:41
rickspencer3pitti, I have discussed with many folks 1-1 about Lucid16:42
seb128lowering the number of rough edges16:42
pittiso that we can start putting together an UDS agenda16:42
* ccheney will be leaving this weekend for OOoCon16:42
seb128ie tackling annoying issues16:42
pittirickspencer3: oh, great16:42
seb128as we did in hardy16:42
rickspencer3but not everyone16:42
seb128do we need a real project ?16:42
rickspencer3seb128, not necessarily16:42
seb128or using extra time to polish what we have is one?16:42
pittiso, I thought it'd be nice to sit together and throw our main focus areas into the pot to get a first idea about what we'll work on16:42
asacfor karmic?16:43
seb128there is many bugs around for a while that I would like time to work on16:43
rickspencer3one thing I want is for people to get to work on something that they are passionate about at least onto a list of consideration16:43
pittiseb128: that's great16:43
rickspencer3seb128, if you are passionate about polish, that's fine16:43
seb128thanks guys ;-)16:43
bryce_rickspencer3, there is one kind of bad bug that might be worth an sru16:43
rickspencer3pitti, when should we start putting in blueprints?16:43
pittiseb128: I personally think it's good for people to have at least one pet project and not doing bug fixing all the time, but of course it's up to you :)16:43
bryce_rickspencer3, if you put a typo into your xorg.conf it locks up your system with the screen blinking16:44
pittirickspencer3: can we do that on our 1-1 call next Wednesday, after the meeting?16:44
pittirickspencer3: at least start on it?16:44
rickspencer3pitti, sure16:44
pittibryce_: that sounds like a good SRU fix16:44
bryce_rickspencer3, seems to be some interaction between gdm and upstart16:44
pittirickspencer3: [done with my two bits]16:45
bryce_pitti, there is already a bug about it filed against gdm16:45
bryce_pitti, ok I'll mark it as a release bug16:45
seb128it's a gdm issue, it keeps retrying16:45
pittibryce_: thanks16:45
seb128the old gdm has a retry counter16:45
bryce_seb128, actually, gdm does give up after 5 tries16:45
seb128oh, nice16:45
bryce_seb128, but then upstart restarts gdm16:46
seb128so there is a misleading bug open16:46
pittiah, bugger16:46
seb128ah, I see16:46
pittiI don't think it ever should, TBH16:46
bryce_it blinks *really* fast, it's kind of cool16:46
rickspencer3bryce_, is there a bug # for those of us watching from home?16:46
rickspencer3(or the office in this case)16:46
bryce_bug 44163816:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441638 in gdm "gdm main process keeps dying and respawning on reboot after karmic beta install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44163816:46
rickspencer3bryce_, thanks for the heads up, moving on ...16:47
bryce_it's easy to reproduce, just "echo 'foo' >> /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and reboot16:47
rickspencer3this seems rather bad16:47
rickspencer3that bug I mean16:47
rickspencer3speaking of which ...16:48
rickspencer3next item is release notes16:48
rickspencer3I just wanted to say "don't forget about release notes" ;)16:48
pitti^ for documenting major bug workarounds, etc.16:48
rickspencer3pitti, may I ask people to seek guidance from you if you have questions?16:49
pittiand if you want to do last-minute "new features" documentation, use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview16:49
pittiright; best is to come to #u-release and discuss it first16:49
rickspencer3I have one last item not on the agend16:49
rickspencer3as you may know, I am sitting in the office in Milbank right now16:50
pittirickspencer3: (agenda: add meeting time, please)16:50
rickspencer3the excitement here about Karmic is palpable16:50
pitti♪ let's do the karmic dance ♫16:50
and471mac_v: I have been starting to create a humanity theme for claws mail :-)16:50
pitti/msg rickspencer3 the fridge is usually filled well with beer, FYI :)16:51
seb128rickspencer3, how is karmic looking from milbank comments?16:52
pittiI bet everyone is bugging you about fixing their laptop :)16:52
seb128rickspencer3, not too many people complaining about things broken around? ;-)16:52
rickspencer3ok, so I wish I could tell all you folks how much excitement there is about the release, and how muh people here appreciate your efforts16:52
and471mpt: I just saw your latest tweet and I happened to be looking at that an hour previously :-)16:52
rickspencer3it's the opposite16:53
and471mpt: I never thought something I contributed to would be on the front page of BBC :-)16:53
rickspencer3seems that we are on the cusp of something big, and people are really happy16:53
rickspencer3and471, exactly, well put! ;)16:53
rickspencer3ok, so pitti had one last agenda item16:53
rickspencer3pitti, go ahead16:53
pittithere was some confusion about the  meeting time16:53
pittiour wiki says 1630 UTC, and fridge (?) adapted that to non-DST16:54
pittiso we need to decide whether we want to stick to UTC (always) or move with DST (keeping in mind that we'll move the southern hemisphere by 2 hours then)16:54
and471rickspencer3: an image on OMGUbuntu puts it even better :-) http://lh5.ggpht.com/_FJH0hYZmVtc/SubSNrGcgxI/AAAAAAAAEGY/B9c6LRaPt58/image_thumb%5B4%5D.png?imgmax=80016:54
rickspencer3pitti, this happens whenever the clocks  change16:54
ArneGoetjeto hell with DST! ;)16:55
* kenvandine thinks we should follow UTC16:55
rickspencer3pitti, may I ask you to make a recommendation and we can all stick to it?16:55
kenvandineseems less confusing16:55
mac_vand471: hi... mail icons? as in reply/forward and so on?16:55
awepitti, the fridge is UTC and is correct16:55
pittirickspencer3: I think we should just keep it at 1630 UTC all the time, unless it causes too many conflicts, but I do'nt have a firm opinion16:55
rickspencer3((keep in mind no matter what we decide, I will end up confused ;) )16:55
asaci am for constant UTC16:56
kenvandinerickspencer3, it's that pointy hair16:56
rickspencer3okay, it's pitti's call, and seems to be consensus16:56
and471mac_v: yup, so claws mail doesn't using the gtk icon theme, so all of the icons have to be packaged seperately (ie. reply forward) but also I have created some panel icons in the greyscale style16:56
pittirickspencer3: well, it's really a team decision16:56
mac_vand471: you've got the worst timing in the world ;p16:56
rickspencer3so 1630 UTC, but kenvandine will have to ping me and remind me next week ;)16:56
seb128rickspencer3, we need to rediscuss our weekly call slot then ;-)16:56
pittidoes anyone have objections against 1630 UTC?16:56
rickspencer3seb128, okay16:56
* ccheney likes it being set to UTC regardless of actual time that is decided on16:56
kenvandinerickspencer3, our clocks didn't change yet :)16:56
mac_vand471: just uploaded those icons yesterday ;p16:56
and471mac_v: hehe16:56
rickspencer3kenvandine, exactly, so I will be confused again next week16:56
and471mac_v: are they on the branch16:57
pittiI maintain tzdata and know how often DST rules change (ugh)16:57
kenvandinerickspencer3, oh right... it is this sunday :)16:57
rickspencer3pitti, seems the team agrees with you16:57
bryce_is it currently 1730?16:57
pittibryce_: 1657 UTC now16:57
bryce_pitti, no, is the meeting time set to 1730 currently?16:57
* kenvandine wishes google calendar could remember that :)16:57
ccheneybryce_: 163016:58
pittibryce_: no, our wiki has always said "1630 UTC"16:58
rickspencer3ok, let's wrap this up on a high note though16:58
pittiACTION: pitti to add a permanent record of this to the wiki16:58
rickspencer3Karmic is an epic, but epic release16:58
rickspencer3I hope everyone is very very proud of their contributions, and excited about the future16:58
pittikarmic's new features plus the polish/bug fixes in lucid -> awesome16:59
asacyes. i used todays live usb image and karmic is a great release.16:59
pittigreat job everyone16:59
asacnot enough sleep again, but you now see that it pays off ... and i am sure most users will think the same :)17:00
pittichrisccoulson: thanks so much for your hard work, too!17:00
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, thanks for your great contributions, Amaranth, didrocks, dtchen (too may others to mention)17:00
chrisccoulsonpitti / rickspencer3 - you're wecome17:00
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks, you really did rocking work this cycle17:00
seb128same for didrocks and some others ;-)17:01
rickspencer3any other business?17:01
pittiso, let's get this out of the door, sleep, have a great weekend, and then think about new goodness17:01
seb128do we know when lucid will open btw?17:02
* kenvandine keeps trying to re-install karmic x86_64 on this laptop, but keep getting derailed into empathy debugging17:02
asacseb128: not before we release ;)17:02
seb128asac, hey no hurry anyway17:03
asacor are you asking for upload queue? i would like to have it already too17:03
seb128I usually spend a week or two on srus17:03
pittiseb128: I guess a day or two after release, but as usual it will start frozen for the toolchain bootstrap17:03
* Amaranth is sad to not have any more updates every day :)17:03
rickspencer3hi tkamppeter17:04
pittilast thing, we need to re-roll iso images17:04
bryce_Amaranth, there's always xorg-edgers if you get desperate17:04
pittihelping out with testing appreciated17:05
rickspencer3pitti, ack, thanks17:05
pittithanks everyone17:05
seb128pitti, do we know when new images will be there?17:05
Amaranthbryce_: I need my usermode mode setting so no17:05
rickspencer3is anyone going to overlap with the Eastern Edition?17:05
pittiseb128: order of an hour17:05
rickspencer3I just realized that I'm going to miss that17:05
rickspencer3awe ?17:05
seb128rickspencer3, I don't think so, nothing urgent to do now so I will stop working not too late17:05
awerickspencer3, sure, i can attend...17:06
asacrickspencer3: the riverbank has wifi in the lobby ;)17:06
seb128asac, I think you just got volunteered thanks to your comment ;-)17:06
asac... or bar17:06
* seb128 runs17:06
rickspencer3awe, well, just let them know to look at the log ;)17:06
rickspencer3TheMuso ^ no Eastern Edition17:06
rickspencer3thanks awe <317:07
asaci am not sure... but i might really be around, but i could crash so i dont want to commit to that if possible17:07
seb128asac, I was joking17:07
asacgood ;)17:07
* seb128 hugs asac17:07
* asac hugs seb128 17:07
seb128you should get some well deserved sleep too17:07
* seb128 plans to do that17:07
seb128or maybe I will let some installs running while I watch tv or something17:07
asacyeah ... i reduced the daily dose of caffeine already ;)17:07
jcastrokenvandine: still 0 crashes so far, it's never gone this long!17:10
kenvandinewoot woot17:10
ccheneyjcastro: have you seen the weird resume failures on your x200?17:14
jcastroccheney: not lately no17:14
ccheneyjcastro: ok17:14
jcastroccheney: want me to test?17:14
ccheneyjcastro: i think maybe its more a case of really slow resume because i was getting them but then started waiting longer before power cycling17:14
jcastroccheney: just one time ubuntuone crashes on resume, so I filed a bug about that17:14
ccheneyoh i mean my system would not come back from resume at all17:15
jcastrooh wow, I've never seen that17:15
ccheneybut i tested a bit more and it seems to just sometimes take a long (> 10s) time to resume17:15
jcastrothat's odd17:15
ccheneywith the suspend light just blinking17:15
jcastroI don't think I've ever had a failure like that the entire time I've had it17:16
ccheneyif i manage to make it happen without actually resuming again i'll file a bug17:16
jcastrowhen my thing fails it's suspend that breaks17:16
tkamppeterhi rickspencer317:19
dtchenjcastro: / ccheney: what sort of suspend/resume failures?17:21
asackenvandine: so connect_data vs. just connect ... how is that supposed to work?17:21
kenvandineasac, i am not sure... i have a patch that uses connect_data but it doesn't do what i expected17:22
kenvandineso i didn't push that yet17:22
asackenvandine: whats the wrong behaviour?17:22
jcastrodtchen: I've been fine for most of the cycle, haven't had a problem in a while. ccheney's the broken one. :p17:22
kenvandinei had tried to get tedg to look at it yesterday but i guess he was busy17:22
kenvandineasac, well i am sure i am just doing it wrong :)17:22
asackenvandine: was that on top of what you have atm? or a replacement patch?17:22
kenvandineon top of17:23
asackenvandine: good. ... so i would think using connect_data and using the notification_free thing as callback might work. but i assume you did that?17:23
kenvandinethat is what i did17:23
asacand what didnt work?17:23
kenvandineit is never calling free_notification_data17:23
asacis that chat-window object finalized/disposed?17:24
kenvandinelet me paste it... one sec17:24
kenvandineit should be17:24
kenvandineasac, ^^17:26
kenvandinei commented out the call to free_notification_data in chat_window_indicator_activate_cb because it was causing an error in the unref17:27
kenvandineso i thought it was working17:27
asackenvandine: and you see the Finalize DBG output?17:27
kenvandinebut that debug message never gets printed17:27
Laneywhat if it wasn't?17:28
Laneywhat if it wasn't?17:28
Laneyexcuse me17:28
tedgkenvandine: Why don't you just put "cb_data" in the private struct, and then unref it when the whole object dies?17:28
Laneyaccidental input17:28
kenvandinemaybe it is getting called, just not when i think it should17:30
kenvandinetedg, i hadn't considered that17:30
asacfirst i would check if the window ever gets finalized17:31
asacanyway out for a few17:32
didrocksthanks everyone (just got my new passeport \o/)17:35
mac_vhmmm ,.. anyone know how... [In nautilus side pane ] to place nautilus bookmarks on top and the rest of the filesystem and trash below?17:35
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|capoeira
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pittinew ubuntu desktop images up for testing18:43
chrisccoulsonpitti - where are the images?18:53
chrisccoulson(that might sound like a silly question) ;)18:53
davmor2chrisccoulson: On the t'interweb :)18:54
chrisccoulsondavmor2 - really? ;)18:54
chrisccoulsonat cdimages?18:54
chrisccoulsonare they the latest ones?18:54
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks:)18:55
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jcastrois the gwibber auto-url-shortener broken for anyone else?19:45
pittichrisccoulson: what davmor2 said19:45
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks19:46
chrisccoulsoni probably should have known that ;)19:46
seb128pitti, thanks for taking over the gdm respawn bug20:24
seb128pitti, do you know if isos are good to test now?20:24
pittiseb128: yes, they are20:24
seb128ok good20:24
pitticurrently writing my usb stick20:24
* seb128 rsync20:24
pittiI'm off for the next hour for reinstalling my box20:24
chrisccoulsonheh, i suspect the archives are going to grind to a halt on release day20:39
* chrisccoulson must make sure his pbuilder is up to date20:40
seb128chrisccoulson, better to use mirrors yes20:45
seb128the archive.ubuntu.com speed is already slow for a week now20:46
kenvandinejcastro, do you have any specific url shortener selected?20:47
chrisccoulsonyeah, it is pretty slow now. i suppose that using a mirror is not so bad when packages aren't being updated as quickly. the mirrors won't be out of date by as much then20:47
chrisccoulsonwoah, hardy pidgin with the yahoo fix built first time20:53
chrisccoulsoni must have done something wrong20:53
seb128mclasen, hey, did you send you default location gnome-panel patch somewhere?21:07
seb128I'm trying to find the corresponding upstream bug21:07
mclasenseb128: default location ? thats just our panel config setting 'Boston' in gconf...21:09
jcastrokenvandine: anyone I choose doesn't work21:09
seb128mclasen, seems a good idea since the default can be by locale21:09
seb128mclasen, any reason that shouldn't be done upstream too?21:09
mclasenseb128: really, I want someone to finally finish the geoclue patch21:09
jcastrochrisccoulson: use a caching proxy (I just blogged about it if you want to check it out)21:09
mclasenseb128: I can give you the bug for _that_ if you like :-)21:10
seb128no, I know the one about that21:10
seb128somebody pointed to the change you have for order notify area icon21:10
seb128so I looked at your other changes and that one seems useful too21:10
seb128but right having geoloc working would be nice21:10
jcastrokenvandine: just had 2 crashers back to back. :-/21:11
kenvandinejcastro, i have another patch for you to test :)21:12
chrisccoulsonjcastro - thanks for the tip:)21:14
seb128mclasen, hum, an any reason you didn't add your change for the notification area order to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=531282?21:18
ubottuGnome bug 531282 in notification area "Allow to arrange icons in the notification area" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:18
seb128mclasen, the change you have seems quite different of the current upstream suggested change21:18
mclasenseb128: that bug simply did not come up. I am pretty sure I put my patch in a different bug21:19
mclasenalso 'allow to arrange icons' is pretty different from 'hardcoded standard order'21:20
mclasenseb128: my patch is a straight backport of  a gnome-shell patch21:20
seb128mclasen, right, it's in your .spec, thanks, I think the issue is the same though21:20
ubottuGnome bug 583115 in notification area "make location of status icons more predictable" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:21
seb128vuntz, ^ do you plan to do patches review soon? ;-)21:21
seb128there is quite some patches in bugzilla that would be nice to get upstream21:21
seb128though I guess upstream might not be much interested in GNOME 2.30 uses gnome-shell21:22
seb128still would be nice to have for distros that still use gnome-panel21:22
TheMusoYay, wiki is down.21:35
TheMusoHrm now it works.21:35
chrisccoulsonwow, i can't believe how dated hardy feels now21:55
charlie-tcaI'll second that21:57
chrisccoulsonit just goes to show how far along karmic has come:)21:57
TheMusoI'll third that.22:00
bryce_chrisccoulson, judging from the amount of ubu-jealousy/ubu-hate I'm getting from the more fedora-oriented xorg folks, we must be doing pretty well this release ;-)22:00
chrisccoulsonheh, do you normally get a lot of abuse then?22:01
bryce_yeah, off and on.  it's notched up a bit more than usual lately tho22:02
chrisccoulsonthat's a shame:(22:02
TheMusoShame that.22:03
bryce_what's funny is most of the stuff they've been harping on have been due to upstream changes22:03
chrisccoulsonwhat sort of stuff do they talk about?22:04
bryce_ah, issues caused by the new gdm was the most recent22:04
chrisccoulsonyeah, gdm has caused us a few issues22:05
bryce_also ubuntuone stuff, I guess they think "personal cloud" sounds silly22:05
chrisccoulsonbut some of those issues shouldn't be new to other distro's that have been using the new version for several cycles now22:05
chrisccoulsoni haven't made much use of ubuntu one yet. i suppose that i probably will if i get myself a netbook22:06
chrisccoulsonthats a good excuse to buy one:)22:06
bryce_I tried it when it first came out, but the icon would not stop being animated so I finally turned it off22:06
chrisccoulsoni don't think it's animated anymore22:06
bryce_I was going to set up something for baby photos for the grandparents, but they're all on hardy so no ubuone there22:07
bryce_facebook has suited the bill sufficiently so far22:07
chrisccoulsonit's maybe time to upgrade them ;)22:07
chrisccoulsonyou have a baby?22:08
bryce_yep, name's Dutch, 6 weeks old22:08
chrisccoulsoni will do at some point soon, if she hurries up!22:08
bryce_chrisccoulson, http://bryceharrington.org/drupal/dutch-announce22:12
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