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h00kI'm desparately trying to get netconsole to work properly, I've followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Netconsole "to the 't'" and I am unable to get netconsole to log between my netbook and laptop.01:52
h00kI've also tried a crossover between the two, manually setting the IP's01:53
h00kI cannot get my netbook to show that its receiving data01:53
h00kI'm getting a kernel panic and I'd like to try to track it down, nothing is showing up in the logs01:57
jk-h00k: does the device you're trying to debug have a serial port?01:58
h00kjk-: negative, thats why I'm trying netconsole01:58
jk-you're using netcat to receive?01:59
h00kI was trying netcat, also syslog-ng01:59
jk-yeah, stick with netcat for now, less to go wrong02:00
h00ksyslog-ng baleeted02:00
jk-so you're getting the 'netconsole' init messages in dmesg on the sender?02:00
jk-(from step 5)02:01
h00kjk-: I do see the netconsole messages, the last one being reported "device eth0 not up yet, forcing it"02:02
h00kand then I see netconsole: network logging started02:02
h00kso, apparently this is working. (this is since I've tried it last on a crossover cable between the two)02:04
jk-and the MAC address it shows is correct for your receiving machine? (do an 'ip link show dev eth0' on the receiver to check its MAC)02:04
jk-oh, it's working then?02:05
h00kI mean, netconsole reports as logging on the sender machine02:05
jk-yep, ok02:05
h00kthe MAC shows as correct (as reported by ifconfig eth0): HWaddr 00:22:15:75:be:9902:06
jk-so to generate some output from the kernel:02:07
jk-echo '?' | sudo dd of=/proc/sysrq-trigger02:07
jk-nothing showing up in the netcat?02:08
h00kwell, I'm on the receiving device now (wifi)02:08
h00kI...can't...have wireless/crossover going at the same time...can I?02:08
jk-hm, could you explain your setup a little more? you're using wifi on the receiving machine at the same time?02:09
h00kno, right now I have disconnected the crossover cable to go online and get some more information02:09
jk-ah, ok.02:10
h00kwhen I'm actually going to test it, I disconnect my netbook from wireless, plug the crossover in, and do it that way02:10
jk-you can use both at the same time02:10
h00kI've tried to generate kernel activity02:10
h00kI've tried to generate kernel activity by plugging in a USB device02:10
jk-just means you have to be a little more careful with the setup :)02:10
jk-yeah, that should work too.02:10
h00koh look at that.02:10
h00kI didn't realize I could02:10
h00khang on, lemme netcat02:10
jk-you need to make sure that eth0 is up and configured correctly though02:11
h00keth0 is connected as my static IP02:11
h00kto the sender02:11
jk-ip link show dev eth0 ?02:11
jk-ip addr show dev eth002:11
h00k2: eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP qlen 1000 link/ether 00:22:15:75:be:99 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff02:12
h00kso, lemme try that to generate some output02:13
jk-hang on, do the second command too:02:13
jk-ip addr show dev eth002:13
h00kI have netcat running: netcat -l -p 6666 -u  | tee ~/netconsole.log02:13
jk-cool, could you pastebin the 'dmesg | grep netconn' on the sender too?02:15
jk-if it's too tricky (ie, the machine isn't on a network), don't worry02:17
h00khang on, I can get it02:18
jk-sorry, 'netcon' not 'netconn'02:18
h00kalready fix'd02:19
h00ksurprised in this little using it it hasn't panicked yet ;)02:19
h00k(usb drive)02:20
h00kI mean, from what I can see, everything /should/ be working.02:21
jk-yeah, all looks good02:21
jk-on the receiver:02:21
jk-sudo tcpdump -ni eth002:21
jk-then generate some console output on the sender02:22
h00kfor example?02:22
h00kprevious example above?02:22
jk-echo '?' | sudo dd of=/proc/sysrq-trigger02:22
h00kecho '?' | sudo dd of=/proc/sysrq-trigger02:23
jk-then pastebin the output of tcpdump, if there is any02:23
h00kso, apparently that is working02:24
h00k er, wait02:24
h00knote: 21:23:35.760788 IP > ICMP udp port 6666 unreachable, length 5902:24
jk-your netcat isn't running then?02:25
* h00k facepalms02:25
h00kthere, it ran, netcat reported:invalid connection to [] from (UNKNOWN) [] 666602:26
h00konce I generated the '?' and dd'd it to /proc/sysrq-trigger02:26
jk-hm, you must have a different netcat to me02:27
h00kjk-: I did this: netcat -l -p 6666 -u | tee ~/netconsole.log02:27
h00kthat IP being my netbook (receiver's IP)02:27
jk-yeah, my netcat won't accept -l and -p at the same time02:27
h00kah, that was copy/pasted from the ubuntu wiki02:28
h00kwhat is good to use..then?02:28
jk-netcat is good, just gotta figure out the correct options :)02:29
jk-is this an ubuntu machine (the receiver)?02:29
h00k-l is listen mode, p specifies port02:29
h00ku is udp mode02:30
jk-[jk@pororo ~]$ nc -l -p 6666 -u
jk-nc: cannot use -p and -l02:30
jk-there are two flavours of netcat though02:30
h00kah, okay02:30
jk-ok, sudo netstat -apu02:31
jk-see if you can find netcat listening on the right port there02:31
jk-(it's netcat-openbsd vs netcat-traditional)02:31
jk-ok, no netcat there :/02:32
h00kokay, there we goo.02:33
h00kjk-: thanks in advance for all of your help.02:33
jk-cool, working now?02:33
jk-it's listening on 6666, did you change anything?02:33
h00kno, I didn't02:33
jk-and what happens if you do the "echo '?' ...." now ?02:34
h00kjk-: netcat dies: invalid connection to [] from (UNKNOWN) [] 666602:34
h00ksame :/02:34
jk-i'm not sure why netcat needs that IP address02:36
jk-maybe take it out and use "-s" instead?02:36
h00kI don't know either, perhaps I should get rid of it.02:36
jk-.. or yeah, take it out altogether02:36
h00kin just using this mode: netcat -l -p 6666 -u | tee ~/netconsole.log02:37
jk-cool, looks better to me :)02:37
h00kthanks, jk-. I really appreciate you taking the time.02:37
jk-no problem :)02:37
jk-now see if you can pop the bug :)02:38
h00kso, the instructions on the wiki said to have the ip in the netcat listener, too.02:38
h00know lets see if I can get this sucker to crash02:38
pturingCan anyone tell me the new way to regenerate the control file?02:49
pturingused to be:   touch debian/rules.d/control.stub.in; fakeroot debian/rules clean02:49
pturingbut doesn't seem to work for me with karmic02:49
jk-pturing: just a guess, but touch s/debian/debian.master/ ?02:54
jk-ie, touch debian.master/rules.d/control.stub.in02:54
pturingok thanks for the link02:57
h00kjk-: thank you again for the help, I'll part the channel and perhaps be back, depending on what I find02:59
jk-h00k: no problem, good luck.02:59
pturingbtw, do you know the reason why Ubuntu builds loopback device support in now, while debian still has it as a module?03:07
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h00kjk-: I think its my proc04:07
jk-h00k: how so?04:12
h00kjk-: standby04:19
h00kjk-: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302528/04:20
h00kjk-: appears to be processor?04:21
h00kjk-: I think...not exactly sure how to decypher this04:21
h00kjk-: so, I'm happy that this wworked.04:25
h00kjk-: thank you very much, again.04:25
jk-any kernel output before your last paste?04:26
h00kno, that was it04:26
h00kjk-: prior to it was the '?' generated by myself04:26
h00kthen I was watching "Fight Club" to try to get it to kernel panic04:26
jk-it says to run it through mcelog --ascii04:27
h00kand sure enough, it did.04:27
jk-ah, ok04:27
h00kyeah, i'm doing that, its not showing any output, I should learn what its doing04:27
jk-but yeah, does look like something hardware-related. what machine is this?04:27
h00kjk-: Dell XPS M153004:28
h00kjk-: Intel T7250 processor, 3gb RAM, 200gb 7200rpm HD w/freefall sensor, nvidia 8600mgt video car04:29
h00kmcelog --ascii, is this something that I would run when i try to get it to die again?04:31
jk-no, you use it to parse that kernel output04:33
jk-mcelog --ascii < your-kernel-log.txt04:33
h00koh, oh, i get it.04:33
h00k<duh>, manpage04:33
jk-"Note that when the panic comes from a different machine than where mcelog is running on you might need to specify the correct architecture ( --k8 or --p4 or --core2 )"04:34
h00kjk-: I ran it through with the --core2 flag, it just appears to echo the log back.04:38
h00kthis is interesting  because its specifically saying 64bit kernels04:40
jk-h00k: hm, i don't know much about the MCE stuff, sorry :(04:40
h00kI am on 32bit04:40
h00kjk-: I'll check ##hardware, they appear to be arguing about gfx cards.04:41
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PiciTheres an upstream package linked on the ubuntu-meta package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta that's making the upstream description a bit weird.  If thats supposed to be there, then so be it, but I'm pretty sure that it should be removed.17:03

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